Petco Grooming

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Petco Grooming
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  1. Rebekah Gilbert 2023/08

    Nick was so helpful and useful to us after we lost our dogs. Thank you so much!!

  2. Pat Ferguson 2023/07

    I looked forward to my 11lb. PekePoo’s appointment and have been going to the same groomer. I keep Baby’s care and vet appointments current. On my last visit, I mentioned that Baby had been diagnosed with liver cancer. (No changes in her behavior or grooming needs or food,etc. She only gets flea and tic med per Vet.) She was groomed as usual!
    I scheduled everything to prepare for this 12 noon appointment long in advance. They have my cell and land line numbers on file. I arrive only to be told that my appointment had been removed?? “Due to the fact that she has liver cancer.”??
    All of my planning and preparation as well as driving all the way there and back was for naught! Now I’m told that I need to bring a note from her vet that it is safe for her to be groomed!
    ALL of this could have been avoided with one phone call!
    I went immediately to the vet and got the permission slip.
    Too bad, they are all booked up!
    SO CRUEL and Unfair!!

  3. Dana Bumgarner 2023/07

    Very friendly

  4. Ashleigh Hankins 2022/11

    No one answers the phone. No one returns calls. Can’t book appointment in the app. I give up. My business will be going elsewhere.

  5. Coolcat Red 2022/05

    Always satisfied with the service that they provide. My dog is always groomed to my expectations. I highly recomend this place to anyone who may want to brig their pet.
    Petco at Staples Mill.

  6. Amy Clegg 2022/01

    I have been a loyal Petco customer for many years. Food, toys, treats and grooming. As of today, no more. For the last 6 months, getting a grooming appointment is near impossible. Twice, with an appointment, I have been turned away at the door because they didn’t have availability after all. This after an email confirmation and MANY text messages requiring MY confirmation. Beginning July 11 through July 18, I left 4 messages on the grooming department voice mail for a call back to schedule an appointment. I never received a call back. On July 19, I called and selected the store option, not grooming. A very nice gentleman answered and scheduled me an appointment for July 23 at 10:00AM. At 7:00PM on 7/22, I got a phone call from the same gentleman advising me that they had no groomers available for my appointment and the next available appointment was MONDAY AUGUST 1!! Seriously- 10 days later?? Mind you, I only get my dog’s nails trimmed… Literally a 10 min procedure. I would do it myself, but he is an 85 lb lab and he is not having it!

  7. Carol Clark 2022/01

    He looked so adorable 🙂 The associate was warm and affectionate toward my dog.

  8. I. Battle 2021/09

    Tiffany did an amazing job. The staff was kind and helpful understanding the needs of each pet is different. Learned so much with another groomer staff member as well. She was like a pet whisper. Just overall a wonderful energy.

  9. Benita Jones 2021/06

    The stylist did a beautiful cut and I as very pleased.

  10. Alexis Blechinger 2021/06

    my dog was very happy! lol thanks again

  11. Tiwanda Mason 2021/06

    Tiffany is always pleasant, ask questions and provides make the experience go well. This is my pets 3 visit with her and i have been pleased each time do to our interaction.

  12. Kristin B. Gupta 2021/05

    They took 4.5 hours to groom my 8lb dog, and kept her in a kennel for hours on end. I paid for them do de-gland her but they didn’t and I had to pay $200 at my vet to to it the same week. I am very dissatisfied. Pay the extra money and go elsewhere.

  13. Diana Weikel 2021/04

    We were so amazed how awesome our dog was groomed…he was a mess and now looks like a winner and strutting his stuff!! The price was reasonable . The staff was great!

  14. Cathleen Finnerty 2021/04

    great with my dog, courteous and quick service

  15. Tim N 2021/04

    My puppy looks great

  16. Michael Campbell 2021/03

    Accommodation of schedule and good service.

  17. Pam Melton 2021/03

    These folks are super great!! Was first time for my pup getting groomed but they were so patient & kind to my baby!! ? …

  18. Linda Crockett 2021/02

    Devon gives a great spring spaniel cut.

  19. Wayne Hall 2021/01

    They hook my dog cookie up. She looked spoon pretty afterwards. Great job crew. I’ll keep going back.

  20. Toni Maxey 2020/10

    I forgot the name of Franklin’s groomer however she was so incredibly helpful. A true star on the Petco team, of which this store has plenty.

  21. Michelle Spicer 2020/10

    I like how they listen to my needs and take care of my lil girl.

  22. Eileen Jones 2020/10

    The tech was very friendly and super sweet and gentle taking care of my dog Maya’s nails.

  23. Kay Sions 2020/10

    I always get great service at the Petco Grooming salon on Staples Mill Road. I went in for a nail clip for my dog and she was taken back right away

  24. Naeemah Washington 2020/10

    I’m mostly satisfied with the services I received there

  25. Marilee Tretina 2020/09

    Tiffany always takes care of my Luci.?? …

  26. Lakesha Barrett 2020/09

    Overall service was excellent! The job was actually completed (last groomer could not finish). She smelled good, fur was white, and she was dry. Not as much shedding…which is great.

  27. melinda pereira 2020/09

    Will takes time with Rusty when grooming him, he always looks amazing and smells wonderful.

  28. Betsy Werner 2020/09

    The employees were ALL professional and caring…

  29. Kirstin Hedgepeth 2020/08

    Lisa is great

  30. Barbara Bosoni 2020/07

    Katie, who took care of Callie, was awesome..she handled her really well & did an outstanding job

  31. Jessica White 2020/07

    They did good job in caring for my pet

  32. Susan Picone 2020/06


  33. Jacqui mcShane 2020/06

    I am never disappointed by the way the groomer, Tiffany, grooms my dog. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled in her craft.

  34. Gina Torres 2020/05

    My pup was very matted. Tatiana took her time with him. Ensuring he received breaks during grooming and despite how short his fur needed to be there was not one scratch or nick on my puppy. Thank you so much.

  35. Rhonda Malake 2020/05

    This is the second time Angela has groomed my dogs. Both times I have been very pleased with the results. She cuts them exactly as requested and their coats are very smooth and even.

  36. Nate Davenport 2020/05

    Dog looks great and smells great. He was a happy dog afterwards.

  37. Dusty Summerlin 2020/05

    My gal was great with Alex. Sorry I cannot recall her name

  38. Deborah Sykes 2020/04

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff

  39. Butterflies 2020/04

    Loved the cut!

  40. Molly Rossberg 2020/04

    They were very good with my dog, who doesn’t like getting his nails trimmed.

  41. Shy Dixon 2020/04

    I am going back to store later today for this issue… My male dog had a lot of drainage coming from his eyes when I initially pick him up from being groomed… I questioned the groomer and she dismissed it… once I got home I noticed him rubbing at his eyes a lot and then he just wouldn’t open them at all… and he had a lot of drainage coming out of them..I called Petco immediately when issue arised… I was instructed to call my vet and call them back… which I did… appointment was set for after hours same day with my vet at 7:30… which I have all documentation… called Petco to inform them of this and was advised to come in today and speak with management… which I am… my Tarheel is now on 3 medications… has conjunctivitis and an ulcer from shampoo being left in his eyes…and has to wear an E ring… I am far from happy with this experience… worst experience EVER! I will never bring my dogs back for grooming at Petco… and I have been using your services for a while… last time I had a bad experience as far as the cut went… and I gave your company another chance… but this time … no way will I ever put my dogs in harms way with your grooming services again… no way! Very angry and highly disappointed fur mother here!?

  42. Ginger Patnode 2020/03

    Very satisfied and customer service was excellent! These girls had a very busy day and still took very good care of our boy.

  43. Rebecca Doody 2020/03

    Super friendly groomer, took extra care of my pup who had a sore paw and got her nails trimmed in great time!

  44. Ricky Tatum 2020/02

    I like the cut that my dog.

  45. Reif Picard 2020/01

    You. Guys were awesome! My dogs grooming was superb and thank. You again for being open during this crazy time!

  46. Rilda Trahan 2019/10

    Tiffany did a wonderful job.

  47. Claudine Johnson Eaddy 2019/01

    Fair prices and good services. Though it feels like it takes a really long time to be completed. Typically he is there for 4-6 hours.

  48. Delores Smith 2018/10

    Worst haircuts ever. Showed picture of desired results before leaving the dogs. The groomer shaved both dogs. I could have done that. Returned the next day to discuss the matter. Neither the manager or groomer were present though it was only mid-afternoon. I was told the manager would contact me,it never happened. Poor customer service. I will NEVER bring my dogs there again.

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