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  1. Barbara Corson 2023/12

    Went online to buy a bag of dog food and could never finish the order. Very unhappy. I was not able to get a special discount or load my new credit card on the website. I ended up driving to the store to grab that bag of food and only got a small discount vs the bigger discount I was hoping to get. 🙁

  2. Tiffanie Martin 2023/11

    Awful grooming experience!!! My toy poodle haircut was butchered! He was cut so low it showed his skin. The groomers there are nice but some are unskilled. The groomer stated my dog was mated, which was totally untrue. My fur baby is groomed every month or two at the most. Very disappointed in the service there…


  3. Tashan Brown 2023/11

    This store helps us keep our pets healthy and strong, living as long as they can.

  4. Jeffrey Hinson 2023/11

    A nice selection of products for all pets, but the staff is exceptional and really makes each visit of value and pleasurable.

  5. k w 2023/11

    For all my FISH & WATER PLANTS LOVERS…. Please go see “ALEX” here at this store!
    I have been here all weekend to start my first fish tank up with GloFish…and he HAS BEEN MORE THAN HELPFUL! Not only did he give the right education about my fish, but also my tank “up-keep” information and products. I went to the PETCO Ashland store, at first and was completely told everything WRONG from head-to-toe.

    This weekend, Alex has been there every step of the way with helping me upgrade my tank, products, fish memberships, and even replacing my fish that sadly died due to the misinformation I was given at another store.

    Thank you so much Alex and be so passionate and helpful with your job. It’s people like him, who need to be recognized and I just want everyone to know how helpful Alex was during this whole weekend process. Everyday I came in and ask for Alex! Your amazing Alex and thank you again!!

  6. Bert Perkins 2023/10

    Went smoothly

  7. Terrisa Stucky 2023/09

    Always such a great experience at this store! Everyone is super helpful and very friendly!

  8. serinda patras 2023/09

    The employees were very helpful, knowledgeable, and welcoming.

  9. Mary Reed 2023/08

    I am leaving this review specifically for Andy. He delivered the best customer service I have received in years. He genuinely took an interest in me and my pets, was super friendly and kind, and definitely went above and beyond even though I came in right before closing. ( So sorry!) He never made me feel rushed and made sure I had everything I needed. He deserves the highest recognition! Thank you, Andy!

  10. Michael Barkley 2023/08

    Can’t make an appointment online for nail trimming because it’s a walk in service. Go to try to do a walk in and get told I need an appointment

  11. Аленка А. 2023/08

    Great customer service.

  12. Michelle Watkins-Kennedy 2023/08

    Nero is amazing and is knowledgeable about the animals she cares for

  13. Kayla Tarabay 2023/08

    Danny was awesome. He was so patient when I had issues with my roadside order and informed me of some amazing products to help keep my Bella safe. Thanks Danny!

  14. Lillian J. “Lillie or Judie” Vazquez 2023/07

    La tienda tiene un buen surtido de todo lo necesario para nuestras mascota .

  15. Deborah Morgan 2023/07

    The staff is so good with my dog…who does not like to go to the groomer.

  16. Leyda Ramirez 2023/07

    Horrible they sale mint product which is toxic to cats , try to return not allow to return horrible cats products selections.

  17. lew new 2023/07

    The employees here are not pet people and they don’t know how to run a company. Good luck with taking your pets.

  18. Tim Seigla 2023/06

    Very professional and caring folks who did a very good grooming job!

  19. Deborah Odell 2023/05

    Small staff but available but there when you need their help! Polite, suggestion so. Thank you Justin

  20. Catherine Revene 2023/04

    They had my product ready when I got there and Jacob, think that’s his name, was very helpful and gave me information on another product I will need. He was friendly, professional and personable.

  21. Jessica Noel 2023/03

    Customer service for grooming very poor. No one ever answers the phone. Parham location 23228

  22. M R 2023/02

    They so nice in this petco it used to be a nice store but now that helps all gone and people don’t help in everything that’s on sale. It’s not on the shelves all the time it’s starting to come down grade

  23. Tiwana Rountree 2023/02

    I went in there last night for a betta and all the poor betta cups were nasty the food had turned Black!! Dead fish in cups the fish area is disgusting!!!

  24. Bonnie Beverley 2022/11

    Great service and products available!

  25. Tracy Henry 2022/11

    Nice prices and nice ppl

  26. Gary Hossen 2022/11

    gr8 with my dog for her grooming – Tiffany is very sweet. Dont know others names but a woman with pink hair and man with a beard have also helped me in the past. Very nice staff all around- Gary

  27. sam 2022/10

    Anna was very nice and helpful!

  28. Kristen Rae 2022/10

    You can find anything on Amazon at least half off the price of things in this store and Amazon has a better return policy. Backwards.

  29. Kelsee Scott 2022/10

    My Daughter has been asking for a pet Bird since she was 5 years old. She turned 8 This past Monday and Hubby and I surprised her with a visit to Petco. The White Bird is named Snowy and the Blue bird is Lyric. I was struggling to put the condo together and didn’t want the birds in a box for to long. I went back to Petco and asked the Gentleman who helped me pick out the birds to also help me put the condo together. He went above and beyond to help me. It was Definitely a struggle to put together but after an hour and 4 people later our birds have a new place to call home. Thank you so much to Josh, Brandon and Ryan for all your help and Patience. It felt so nice to experience top notch customer service. Thank you!


  30. Sue Ballance 2022/09

    Always helpful and friendly. Beats the heck out of Pet Smart.

  31. cindy davis 2022/09

    It was kinda messy and didn’t carry much for dogs. So I bought a leg brace on Amazon. The employees were very friendly and as helpful as can be.

  32. V S 2022/08

    Seems like a bunch of kids who are more concerned with talking and goofing off then helping customers!

  33. Mike H. 2022/08

    Prices are outrageous! I was pretty much ignored, no offer of assistance . Very disappointing .

  34. Kierra Williams 2022/07

    If I could leave 0 reviews I would, this store is an absolute mess. From management (Krista) down to the employees. Unprofessional, and they treat the workers like trash. I will not be going back to this location and I will be calling corporate with these issues. Disgusting you guys, please hire a better team.

  35. Asen Dinev 2022/07

    This is the worst place to take your dog for grooming. Employees are nasty, argumentative, canceling appointments without proper handling and or notification. Never even received a call back to reschedule my appointment that was initially canceled. It’s just a big mess over there. Furthermore, the manager that addressed the issue should not be in that position and working with customers.

  36. Juan Rosales 2022/06


  37. Ether J Richardson 2022/06

    My Shih Poo was groomed and I was pleased with the care she received from Tiffany. Great job!

  38. Keonna Chrisley 2022/05

    Wish I could really put no stars, this place is the worst place to go to. Their management is terrible, I was waiting in line for over 30 mins. I think the managers name is krista, she should be FIRED!!! Their employees are extremely rude. They clipped my dogs paw and then put kwik stop on the wound. This team should really be terminated.

  39. Mel Scee 2022/05

    Ran in to buy the rats some treat snacks and ended up buying them a new hanging bed, too. It was reasonably priced and hopefully they won’t chew this one. Sigh. But why are rat treats so expensive? LOL!

  40. Colleen Lucas 2022/05

    The grooming department is weak at best. They discriminated against my 14 lb dog with a traumatic brain injury. At first wouldn’t clip his nails because he spins in circles. Then he nibbled like dogs do and they refused him. Bizarre. I called 2x and was hung up on 2x by the manager of grooming. She just….CLICK! Called back….she wouldn’t even speak to me. Just hung up. Zero professionalism. I will say the stores management was very kindand shocked as well. Do not get your pet groomed here. They don’t know what they’re doing. Its run by like teenagers? Who the heck knows???? Nothing like what a PETco should be.

  41. Cary Starke 2022/05

    Very helpful Associates Sales Staff, that pulled my one bag left ORIJEN Dog Food. Helped with current online issues I’ve been having with the PETCO check-out process. There are some Glitches making it impossible to use . But the Store saved the Day for using my PetPal points and the free bag of Food. $77.00 towards the purchase. *****


  42. Luci Levin Silva 2022/04

    Veterinário muito atenciosos

  43. Kelly Victor 2022/04

    Candace does an excellent job. Would recommend sending your fur babies here to get beautified!!

  44. Martin Hernandez 2022/04

    First time I came and had the worst cashiers service taking forever that I had to leave and never will come back so good luck with your business.

  45. Laura Salazar Guarin 2022/04

    Grooming review:
    Candace was great, she was nice and understanding. I haven’t had luck with my mini aussie grooming, I expressed my concerns and she showed she cared so I went ahead and scheduled with her. He looks amazing 🤩 …


  46. Tammi Keifer 2022/03

    Just took a nephew to look at the animals. Did not buy anything

  47. Deran Tolbert 2022/03

    This is the second time that boys have been cancelled on. And all that is sent to me is a cancelation text. No call asking when the next available would be good. Done with Petco.

  48. Sug Graham 2022/03

    I have only fount it on Chewy’s. No shipping cost at Petco. However they do deliver.

  49. Audrey Carroll 2022/02

    As I was looking around for cat food someone asked me if I needed help, which I said no, but it was nice to be asked. The cashier was really friendly and super attentive. I always have a great experience in this store.

  50. Paula Olive Ames 2022/02

    This is the worse place to take your dog for grooming, disorganize, they change appointment schedule as there convenience, the personal and attention is terrible, every single person said something different, excuses and more excuses, I have an appointment schedule they canceled without informe take me 3 times to go to the store an have one of my dog groom , now they give you a price for the service and when you go to pay, total went up doble of price, Ms. Candace the manager try to help by phone an confirm that the appointment was that day and someone change it, an give a discount finishing still more expensive as the price was told for the service.
    Today Saturday my other dog have an appointment, this young girl without experience said that they can’t perform the service because my dog need to go to a professional salon “seriously”, I as for Candace to see if she can help AGAIN and this young girl
    said to me that she is new in the position and she do not know the rules of the grooming department, Completely mess in that store.

  51. carter mccowan 2021/12

    Great people who help out even with the app set up as well.Thanks Petco😁 …

  52. Nikhil Ranga 2021/11

    I went for a Sanitary Trim and Bath for my puppy. Groomer shaved the entire butt area for my Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy, I will never use Petco for grooming again. You can clearly know that she lacked enough breed knowledge, anyone with prior experience would know you don’t trim the entire butt area on an Aussie, only a small area is trimmed so the poop doesn’t stick to the hair. His entire back is ruined and all I can hope is the fur grows back normally. She didn’t cut any hair on his pawpads as well.

  53. J M 2021/11

    I really want to like this place, because I know they’ve worked to improve their corporate image of “where pets go to die” from 20s years, but any time you go in they seem to have changed brands on a lot of things, and it makes it hard to trust that. If I’m going to feed my dog treats I want to know they’re not going to be out of business in another month because they got one big order and then ran off. It makes it appear that they’re just trademark names and repackage the same stuff into another corporate brand that they charge more for when it’s just the exact same product. Or maybe it’s just the corporate world and should give up on wanting to like it

  54. Valerie Sobers 2021/11

    I have issues with the groomers every time I try to get my dog groomed. This is the 2nd issue I have w the same store. This time I have a 830 am appointment and no one is there to answer the phone I seen a employee walk to the back of the store you would think they would stop to say something but they didn’t so I just stood outside w my puppy for 20 minutes for nothing. Never shopping there again & my dog will not be groomed there anymore. You guys suck!

  55. Steven Dillon 2021/10

    Great selection and great service.

  56. Christopher Coleman 2021/10

    Very nice staff and quality of products!

  57. Jeff Hooper 2021/10

    Good experience picking up an online order. Friendly staff.

  58. Karen G 2021/10

    Christine is an amazing dog trainer! My dog Sheila used to be sooo scared of people and would bark or cower when strangers came up to her! She is now getting pets from STRANGERS on COMMAND!!!

  59. Brandon 2021/09

    I was really satisfied with the products and the service. I’m making Petco my place for all the needs of my dog

  60. Julius 2021/08

    Great location

  61. Fernando Alvarez 2021/08

    Manager Jared was very helpful today. I’ve never seen a better manager from petco

  62. Michael Jeremiah 2021/08

    It was very easy to order, and when I call the store to let them know I arrived, they came out in about 2 minutes with my purchase.

  63. Sonny Jermeay 2021/08

    I was able to get what I was looking for…can food (of a particular brand) for our dog and dry cat food for our cats but all they had was hand held baskets available, no carts. NOT A ONE!!! All of the carts were filled with with store stuff. I saw at least 8 of them throughout the store all in various locations and not one available to customers. I purchased multiple cans. And the biggest bag of cat food…I had to make three trips to the counter to haul all my stuff to be able to purchase it.

  64. Ellen Eubank 2021/07

    Like it

  65. Sydney Yeadon 2021/07

    Got me what I needed quickly and kindly!!

  66. Bernice Wood 2021/07

    Love going get my fish and dog supplies

  67. Ether Jackson Richardson 2021/07

    I found the food without a problem and check was a easy.

  68. Nicola Little 2021/07

    Didn’t have what I was looking for. I was told by an employee that it would be back in stocks the following week and when I returned , still did not have it. The staff was very nice.

  69. Hannah Boone 2021/07

    Brandon in aquatics was incredibly helpful. He is obviously educated and it’s so nice to speak with an employee who actually cares about the well being of the fish. He helped me choose some healthy plants to update my tank and gave guidance on my aquarium plans. This is one of the few petcos I’ll continue to shop at.

  70. Carlos Martinez 2021/06

    I enjoy coming to all Petco stores, I always find what I am looking for and staff is always friendly.

  71. sateriam1 2021/06

    Employees was very friendly, kind and answered all my questions. Helped me find what I needed. Went above and beyond.

  72. Dean Stacy 2021/06

    They no longer take returns “due to covid” what? Can food can be sanitized and returned to the shelf. This is another example corporate is taking advantage of us.

  73. MH Butts 2021/05

    Great deals during the holidays

  74. Eric Hammond 2021/05

    Employees were friendly and helpful.

  75. Elizabeth Bowen 2021/05

    Jared and Karson are Awesome! Keep up the great work. Catey in grooming, you rock!

  76. Dahlia Von Graves 2021/05

    I love petco! The staff is friendly, they always have exactly what I need for my pets and the stores are easy to navigate.

  77. Michaela Jones 2021/05

    Great experience! Very polite workers, especially Jared. He was very helpful with my request.

  78. Annette Sklar 2021/05

    Staff is always willing to help. Always can find just what I am looking for. I have never gone in there and had a bad experience.

  79. K8 Strickland 2021/05

    2 employees made the stars. I wish I could remember the first girl’s name. she answered questions, spent time w me, got the ladder, retrieved the item for me and put it at the register. the cashier was Sam. she ws also super helpful and informative.Thank you!!

  80. charles boteler 2021/04

    Great pet supply store

  81. Paula-Jean Williams- Miller 2021/04

    Awsome customer service thanks

  82. Michelle Penn-Bagley 2021/04

    For some strange reason no matter how many times you repeat your order we always end up with nothing we order

  83. J. Tucker 2021/04

    Items were available and pick up was quick and easy.

  84. Bob Shearer 2021/04

    Great place for one stop shopping for your pets. Prices are in line with other stores.

  85. D deT 2021/04

    Becca and Frey are top notch employees and are a pleasure to work with when I shop

  86. Cheyenne Inman Inman 2021/04

    Loved the place clean fish tanks looked awesome and the help was very kind

  87. Patti Brusoski 2021/03

    Love Petco!

  88. Patricia Shortridge 2021/03

    They treated my dog awsome.

  89. James Phillips 2021/03

    Went in looking for some supplies for my rabbit and they didn’t have anything that I was looking for. They also had a cleaning crew in there while the store was open and they were in the way.

  90. Eli Christman 2021/03

    This store has a wide and varied selection of dog treats, dog food and pet accessories in general for all types. I am thankful and appreciative.

  91. Catherine clowers 2021/02

    my dogs really liked everyone who works there. Great service. No issues

  92. selema simmons 2021/02

    Worst sale person in the world tried to buy some fish and every thing I tried to buy you refuse to sell me. ask what I had in my tank than told me my fish are going to die because try are no in three I told her they are fine for three month a there nothing wrong with them. Then I was told I’m being rude because I didn’t want to buy what she want me to buy when to talk to the manager but she ran to him saying I was being rude to I left to go to another pet store I will never shop there again.
    she need more training your customers don’t have to fill their tank with what she want she not apart of their family
    I will always suggest everyone go to another store beside yours was as long as she is working the fish section

  93. Joanna “Jo” Gerbino 2021/02

    I didnt get the cashiers name, but she was FANTASTIC!!! I was looking for the food my cat usually eats, I was unaware of the package change and she was very much on top of it. I appreciate someone taking the time to help out, for sure when making a purchase for one of our furry family members. Kudos to this associate!!

  94. Saber Pendragon 2021/02

    If I could give you a zero star I would. This is just absolutely unacceptable. These tanks used to never be this nasty. But it seems as they’ve changed management and people there they’re lacking in taking care of animals. I even have pictures of these nasty tanks. And some even have fish inside it! It’s absolutely gross. I’m happy I never buy animals from here. And if the cat litter wasn’t so cheap to refill I would stop shopping here all together. I don’t recommend this store to anyone.

  95. Katie Jewett 2021/01

    Always friendly service!!!

  96. Arun Pothala 2021/01

    Best place to get fish with reasonable price.

  97. Jeanette Baker 2021/01

    We had two m
    Steak dishes. The steak was chuey had to eat. Everything else was great.

  98. David Hunt 2021/01

    Online ordering was easy. Merchandise was brought to my car in about 2 minutes after I called.

  99. Annette Ahrend 2021/01

    Great pet products with awesome sales. All kinds of pet products. They also sell live animals such as birds. I love this pet store. Dog food was a great price.

  100. Joyce Holloway 2021/01

    I adopted my 10yr old Yorkie mixed from SPCA and needed Dolly to get shaped up & get her a few things. Her groomer Mrs. Angie did a “SUPERB” job & my salesperson Ms. Karson was “FANTASTIC”! Staff is attentive, helpful, knowledgeable & resourceful. KUDOS!


  101. Sage Slaughter 2020/12

    The shrimp and aquatic plants are nice

  102. pam lindsay 2020/12

    Products are available and less expensive. The store is clean and the staff is always friendly.

  103. the lego jomnker 2020/12

    I had previously written a bad review for this store a few years back after noticing some worrying symptoms in a few freshwater fish, but since then I’ve found massive improvements and wanted to rewrite it.

    The new staff that have all been recently hired as of 2020-2021 are all so great and helpful, and it seems like the employees who take care of the fish and reptiles care and know what they’re doing. The fishtanks look clean and healthy and ones that aren’t doing well are appropriately under observation and not being sold to customers.

    I’m not able to speak for the entire store since I only come here for aquarium and reptile supplies, but its lovely to see how this location has turned around for the better in these past few months!

  104. soraya mejias 2020/11

    Organizado lo único es que no hay muchas opciones de marcas

  105. Kenny Jones 2020/11

    Very knowledgeable and helpful staff

  106. Todd Tate 2020/11

    They don’t kill animals love me the other pet store!!

  107. Jessica “KicknBlues-YesterdaysNews” Snavely 2020/11

    This Petco is right up the street from me. The animals seem to be cared for, the employees are friendly and helpful.

  108. Shawn Lindsey 2020/11

    They have a nice and friendly staff and decent pricing.

  109. T M 2020/11

    The cashier was friendly but the man working the floor barely glanced at me when I asked a question. His back was turned to me the entire time. It was almost as if I was irritating him. The cashier had to leave her post to come help me. I’m hard of hearing so it’s hard enough trying to hear people through a mask. Him having his back to me made it worse and I didn’t feel welcomed so I didn’t bother asking for further assistance.

  110. Gerald Williams 2020/10

    Great customer service

  111. Laura Harris 2020/10

    We went to add fish to our fish tank. In several of the tanks there are dead fish. Selection of larger aquarium decorations is nonexistent.

  112. April DRL 2020/10

    The associate’s were knowledgeable, and we could see how they cared about the small pets that we purchased.

  113. Zachary Parker 2020/10

    Bought my daughter everything she needed for some new fish, and Aaron was great with the girls and very helpful!

  114. venyse young 2020/10

    The staff in this store is always friendly and knowledgable. We bring our pup here for grooming and she always comes out looking fantastic!

  115. Donald J Hillbish 2020/10

    Good groomers! I think their price is a bit high. 20% odd coupon misleading, only applies to base wash. Any extras- de-shedding is not discounted!

  116. Alaa Hosn 2020/10

    Prices in store are much higher than online. I did not know this and went to buy Frontline for the fleas on my cats but the price was over double what it is in the store (in store about $62, online about $30). Due to the high price of Frontline in store I decided to purchase something cheaper which did not work and now my cats still have fleas. I cannot apply any other medicine for 30 days so I’m stuck in this situation. The “cheaper” flea treatment I purchased wasn’t much cheaper than the price of Frontline on the website. The first flea treatment I purchased also had horrifying reviews about killing pets, the second one I bought hasn’t killed the fleas. Go to a store that doesn’t overcharge you or use the website. I’d rather go to a new store though.

    Gave it 2 stars because the employees are very courteous and helpful.

  117. Desirae P 2020/09

    the store was clean. the staff was helpful.

  118. V Dubbs 2020/09

    Products were exactly what we wanted and the orders were ready for pickup in a very timely manner.

  119. Marilee Tretina 2020/09

    It’s my go to place to have my dog’s nails and fluffy tail trimmed. They have everything you need for any kind of critter.

  120. Heather aka Rogue 2020/09

    Store is nice, register guys seem to have left their brains at home most days.

  121. Ursula Balsom 2020/09

    The store was clean and inviting and Kate, our customer service person, was amazing. Very knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate.

  122. Abigail Wood 2020/09

    I went up to three workers asking if they had any Guinea pigs and all of them said that they don’t but they do have a guinea pig in the second very bottom cage right when you walk in the store. This guinea pig barely had food and absolutely no water and no hay

  123. Cynthia Derricott 2020/09

    The employees were very friendly and knowledgeable about animals. I have scheduled a tracking lesson with Enzo tomorrow. I’ve only had him for 4 days and I am excited about his training.


  124. Hedralissa 2020/08

    They have everything

  125. Terry Cason 2020/08

    Have finicky critters. Love the money back guarantee on their pet food.

  126. Marie Truda 2020/08

    Rachel is awesome 👍. She’s very helpful and professional 😊 …

  127. Marie Christophersen 2020/08

    Everyone is nice and helpfull and polite. So far never had a problem.🐾🙂 Max and I appreciate that. …

  128. Karen van Veldhoven 2020/08

    I came into the store to pick up a few items, primarily ones I don’t usually buy and the staff was friendly and more than willing to help me find the items I needed.

  129. Krystal Gauldin 2020/08

    The staff was very helpful very friendly they answered my questions and they were very polite and the staff intelligence about the animal or animals in there store is very wonderful if you have any questions don’t be scared to ask him though will help you

  130. Angela Loughridge 2020/07

    Knowledgeable staff

  131. Theresa Dandridge 2020/07

    Friendly people working in the store, always!!

  132. Ronda Fife 2020/07

    Good customer service and quality for pet needs

  133. Ajish Abraham 2020/07

    Friendly and helpful staff and great variety of items available..

  134. Jeanette Bill 2020/07

    Everyone was so friendly. The store associate that helped me find treats for my daughter’s kitten . If im ever back in Virginia I will definitely visit again

  135. Ursula Balsom 2020/07

    The store was clean and awesome. Our associate , Kate, who helped us was friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. She had also formed an obvious bond with our new furry and that was very special. The world is crazy right now, go to Petco Laurel and ask for Kate. Tell her Ursula sent you, it will make you feel so much better. ☮️, Love, stay safe and stay sane!😁

  136. Bobby Murray 2020/06

    Always have what I need.

  137. Shantal Mohammed 2020/06

    Never have any good saltwater stuff

  138. Debra Clark 2020/06

    Staff always very helpful!

  139. Amanda Murray 2020/06

    Friendly staff, clean store, and had what I needed.

  140. phil 2020/06

    Great staff and they had replacement parts for the petsafe invisible fence collar that saved me a lot of hassle and money

  141. Amanda S 2020/06

    My daughter’s and I love going here to pick up our supplies for our bunnies!

  142. Dorothy Wilkinson 2020/06

    Petco has quality food for reasonable prices. This store is always clean and well stocked.

  143. Liz Ross 2020/06

    They truly love animals


  144. Jean Washburn 2020/06

    It is very close to my home and the young man who helped me with multiple selections was knowledgeable and very courteous.

  145. Chris L. 2020/06

    I love this place, the employees are very helpful and they have a wide variety of food, toys, and accessories for almost any pet.

  146. I. Battle 2020/06

    Tiffany is so amazing!! She is an amazing groomer!! She is patient, kind and understanding. I know the staples mill location!!

  147. Kat Cassil 2020/06

    They always have what my Bestie-Dio needs! ( And then some)
    They always have his best interest in mind and makes me feel that my cat is the most important!😊
    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Love them!

  148. Amy Montez 2020/05

    Like it.

  149. D. Lig 2020/05

    Because the staff was knowledgeable and friendly

  150. Paul Schuler 2020/05

    Easy access. Price of product was ok.

  151. Matt Ford 2020/05

    Okay place I guess. Staff wasn’t to friendly at all and one staff member said she was sick and felt like she had a fever and should go home in front of customers.

  152. Dona LaMala 2020/05

    This Petco has been hit or miss for me. I have three dogs I take for grooming. There groomers range from novices to middle road. I don’t think anyone is a master groomer. My male dog hates it there, and left there in rare form after the last visit. I don’t if it was as the result of something that happened there, or what, but let’s just say I was concerned. I m giving three stars because the store staff and manager are very helpful. They are willing to assist when necessary, and work with you to find the best price and product for your furfam.

  153. Christian Sookdeo 2020/05

    My visit consisted of an unaccepted order from the store because the online system for receiving orders was down. I paid the price by having to go home and show a video to the store employees of my full proof of purchase since my order number wasn’t coming up from their store. I was told then by the manager i had to purchase the same order again in the store with the hopes of being able to get credit back for my very large $300 order. This was extremely upsetting and i wont be coming back to the staples mills store. I will be going to petsmart instead in Richmond.

  154. Denise Capps 2020/04

    Great service

  155. Jeff Litterst 2020/04

    Bought a fish here and he absolutely rules.

  156. Chris Edwards 2020/04

    Not a single employee wearing a mask. No more business for this store. Seriously?

  157. Tammy & Victor Lewis 2020/03

    Staff are great

  158. Henry Hall 2020/03

    I found what I needed easily.

  159. Linda Shearer 2020/03

    It was late and I needed help to find a dog food.

  160. Queen 2020/03

    Wonderful pickup experience, extremely fast and convenient.

  161. Elizabeth Ashley 2020/03

    The Staff were wonderful. Christine, the trainer, gave me lots of helpful information about caring for my new puppy. She is an asset to your team, and I hope she knows that. I’ll definitely be back.

  162. Earnest Bolling 2020/02

    Friendly staff

  163. Trik Stari 2020/02

    Overpriced. Had no ferrets.

  164. Teresa Gates 2020/02

    Friendly and helpful staff.

  165. Melinda Preston 2020/02

    Great service, good prices, guys select

  166. Renu Sharma 2020/02

    I bought the parrot from petco, the rep was so helpful. Greatly appreciated !!

  167. Happy Pappy 2020/02

    Because they had what I needed for my dog. The only bad point is the staff member who did not wear her mask over her nose

  168. Debra Hughes 2020/01

    Great visit

  169. Angela Scarberry 2020/01

    Very helpful!

  170. Susan Powell 2020/01

    It was clean. Staff was friendly. Choices were many.

  171. Bobbie Shelton 2020/01

    Only one person working didn’t get any info on my purchase of a live reptile and the light I bought didn’t work

  172. Wanda Harris 2020/01

    A score 8 because they always out of kitty milk or maybe they don’t order enough. But it’s a really great store

  173. Kristina Lynch 2020/01

    I stopped in to buy bugs for my bearded dragon. Upon checking to see how many live super worms were in each container, they were selling contains of 70 which literally had 3 live worms in it.. if that many were alive. I also grabbed a thing of hornworms which was supposed to house 4 live worms but in each of the available containers, atleast one was dead. In the smaller mealworm containers, of the 8 there, most were dead inside. I asked the manager for a discount to take them off their hands since most were dead and she offered one, but not enough to where it would have been worth it. The bearded dragons are also all housed together and missing tails and toes. If you know anything about reptiles, these animals cannot be housed together for this very reason. They fight each other and sometimes even die in the process. I was in a few weeks prior and noticed that one of the frogs for sale was dead in its water bowl.. floating. Like it hadn’t been checked in on in days. The temperatures aren’t right and most of the animals didn’t have food. I won’t be returning to this place, or any other Petco for a matter of fact. You all are careless when it comes to taking care of the animals and I won’t spend my money in place like that.

  174. Beatriz Hernandez 2019/12

    Encuentras de todo, para tu mascota.

  175. Karen Alley 2019/12

    The groomer was great!!!!!

  176. Sara Mulrooney 2019/12

    they were great

  177. JGW R.W.H. 2019/12

    No help when you needed it.

  178. Joejava 2019/12

    Love this store 😉😁👍👌 …

  179. Tweh Moses 2019/12

    Great place to find all my aquarium needs thanks petco

  180. BECKY DONLEY 2019/12

    Store very neat. Had what i went for. Cute masks for sale. Reasonable price

  181. Cynthia Schoonover 2019/12

    Order was ready for pickup very quickly, asociates are helpful and friendly, product was exactly we wanted

  182. Tina Groves 2019/12

    Wonderful friendly customer service they are just absolutely amazing in there I bought a bearded dragon and the customer service lady that helped me out was absolutely amazing

  183. Elizabeth Herrera 2019/11

    Todo las mascotas son muy bonitas y los empleados muy amables

  184. Ricky Campbell 2019/11

    Very friendly and helpful.

  185. Monica Simms 2019/11

    Great place to buy pet supplies.

  186. Mcguire u r osum 2019/11

    Odd layout , but overall just a pet store. Nothing spectacular.

  187. Robyn Harton 2019/11

    Although we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for, the cheerful, helpful customer service still made it a win.

  188. yansy murillo 2019/10

    Always great

  189. Pattie Patterson 2019/10

    Everyone was extremely helpful!

  190. Sally Mulrooney 2019/10

    Staff is always friendly and helpful

  191. Toya Jackson 2019/10

    They never have small rats and it’s hard to catch them with mice

  192. Jack Wagstaff 2019/10

    Nice store. The prices seem a bit high.

  193. David "Roscoe" Fauver 2019/10

    They were able to help me pick the right kind of food for my wife’s pet unicorn. A+

  194. Gene Cyr 2019/10

    I dropped my dog off at 230 small dog at 730 he was still not done and they were working on him not giving him the cut I asked for the manager ended up giving me my dog no charge that really did not solve the problem also they never gave my dog any water in all that time he was very thirty when I got him home

  195. Lucy Tailleur 2019/09

    I really like the shop.

  196. Jessica Kirkpatrick 2019/09

    I loved all the rats. They were so cute

  197. Connie Childress 2019/09

    The customer service was outstanding…the store was very clean!

  198. David W Kirk 2019/09

    We had our two dogs nails clipped…as always they were friendly and very professional. Thank You Petco for hiring a great team

  199. Ros Morton 2019/09

    I love going in here especially with so many people bringing their dogs in and I’ve never seen a dog fight or any dogs having issues with each other. The staff is really knowledgeable and friendly and the prices are reasonable..


  200. Yasser GRX 2019/08

    great service

  201. ROBERT WYNNE 2019/08


  202. Nardia Pane 2019/08


  203. CU2 Wootin 2019/08

    over prices per supplies

  204. rick smith 2019/08

    Great experience here

  205. Michael Hannell 2019/08

    Groomers are always friendly

  206. MisguidedGhost 2019/08

    The staff is very friendly and I always find the items I need for my pets.

  207. Edwina Word 2019/08

    Store associates were helpful and took time to listen to my need and help me find the right solution.

  208. William Poole 2019/07

    Visited this store to choose some dog food. The employees were extremely helpful, especially the dog trainer Christine.

  209. Betty Grissom 2019/07

    The people are nice, especially the dog trainer, Christine. The dog accessories are also reasonably. Store is clean. LOVE IT!

  210. Felicia Cegelski 2019/07

    Always the best prices on many items. Plus they have the speciality products for those pets with dietary issues or unique needs!

  211. Linda Allison 2019/06

    To high.

  212. Fernando Cordero Garcia 2019/06

    IT’s ok

  213. Bailey Moseley 2019/06

    Forgot if had cats or not. But still 5 stars

  214. Cynthia Bow 2019/06

    Nice location. Prices are extremely overpriced

  215. Charlie Carmichael 2019/06

    The Purina dog food is about 10% cheaper at petsmart.

  216. Luis Adrian Villarroel Duran 2019/06

    Good service, a lot of products and pets

  217. velta davis 2019/06

    My store always have what I need

  218. Mike Meikle 2019/06

    Expensive pet products but the staff is very helpful. A very large selection of pet items.

  219. Shayla Murphy 2019/06

    The staff we nice and willing to honor signing errors !!

  220. Richard Brightwell 2019/06

    They have all brands and what ever you’re need for all of your pets.

  221. Jabari Salem 2019/06

    Majority very helpful staff, I enjoy visiting this location.

  222. Ron Bagby 2019/06

    Stood around for 30 minutes for nothing waiting for someone to help with a fish selection only to leave empty handed wont be going back

  223. Hershman Hale 2019/06

    Always enjoy Petco; the staff is helpful, and prices are comparable to PetSmart. I can always find high-quality brands at Petco.

  224. angela gibson 2019/06

    Petco is great about returning things and I’m very happy to begin level 2 training with Christine and our puppy Luna.

  225. Jacob Lund 2019/06

    Most of the store is good and seems well cared for, but the fish seem to be neglected at times. I have seen multiple betta fish which have had swim bladder disease, just floating at the top struggling to move around. Whenever they have shrimp there always seems to be some half eaten corpses of some. I have also seen on multiple occasions fish that were dead or close to it. If you’re looking for fish I would recommend a different Petco.

  226. Rebecca Wall 2019/06

    Some of the animals have been there for a long time an example being the beta fish they’ve been there for so long they’re on sale, found a deal mouse twice, and also do they socialize their animals? I’ve never gotten an animal beside FIVE beta fish all at different times and they died within a week or if they’re lucky a month and don’t blame it on the fish tanks or whatever because we had a big fish tank for bettas and we only had about one to two in there at the same time and we always would clean it like every Friday and the filter was very good so I don’t know what killed them but it might have been how long they were staying at Petco. Thank you.

  227. Yvonne Cochran 2019/05

    Customer service is awesome

  228. Lady J M. 2019/05

    Always great customer service!

  229. Valerie Smith 2019/05

    Petco is perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing!

  230. Jack Bowzer 2019/05

    A great variety of fishes! Love those guppies!!

  231. Betty Grissom 2019/05

    I love the selection of the products. Prices are reasonable. Dog trainer is absolutely wonderful!

  232. olivia gollaway 2019/05

    Fix your hours. Saying you close at 8 and then saying “yeah no we are closed”at 7 is some trash. Planned the day to be able to pick up the things we need on our way home and instead got none of the things done we needed because you have inaccurate hours.

  233. Nicole 2019/05

    One lady walked by and I asked her a question about the fish, she was kind but she said she would get the fish expert and she would be right back. Waited 10 mins and no one came over there. Finally started walking around and found four of the workers just standing in a circle. One looked at me and went back to talking… Not very impressed for my first time in this store. Won’t be going back, just not friendly workers. 😣

  234. Leslie Montgomery 2019/04

    Great place

  235. Jeannine Watkins 2019/04

    Everything you could imagine for pets.

  236. Lamont Miller 2019/04

    Get ur Pet vaccinations & Health care here…

  237. J Martin 2019/04

    Pricey but good selection. Friendly staff.

  238. George Fisher 2019/04

    Big, corporate chain store. Walmart of pet stuff. A little disappointed to see dead turtles and fish in the tanks though. I know stuff happens, and beings die, but come on. Get rid of the bodies guys.

  239. Jeff 2019/04

    It was my first time at this Petco and I found it to be what I expected. Friendly staff and knowledgeable. Prices are good and they have a good selection.

  240. syed sadiq 2019/03

    Good stock

  241. Dennis Jordan 2019/03

    Something missing usually but still good stop

  242. Nicole C 2019/03

    Friendly and good customer service help

  243. Andrew Wood 2019/03

    Great Petco location! They have a great selection of fresh and saltwater fish and they’re always bringing new kinds of fish in so you never get bored!

  244. Felicia Berry 2019/03

    I think these employees really care to make sure you have everything you need for your pets. No matter what the problem is. I got a betta fish 9 months ago and (I think he was the manager) Matt helped me all the way through on what to do and how to clean and what to feed him. This is pretty much the only Petco I go to when I go to Richmond. I get my dogs food and treats here.

  245. Kimberly Smith 2019/02

    Good selection, clean

  246. Nichole Booker 2019/02

    The fish tanks need cleaning and attention

  247. Jillian Armstrong 2019/02

    Tried to buy some worms for my bearded dragon and ALL worms were dead. I asked if they had crickets, they said they were out, I turned around and found one bag of crickets that had some dead ones in it. They said “oh” and I asked for a discount since half the crickets were dead and they said no. Definitely don’t go here if you have a lizard, they don’t even check that section.

  248. Nezzy Nesbitt 2019/01

    Excellent staff

  249. Jo Beth DeVore 2019/01

    Great selection compared to PetSmart

  250. Martin Carrington 2019/01

    To expensive you can get most of the same stuff from Walmart or tractor supply for way cheaper

  251. Marshall Jett 2019/01

    Great staff! Helpful but not in your face.

  252. Susan Kilgore 2019/01

    Always a wonderful variety and always helpful. Only down side… I spend way too much money buying way too many things because my animals are way too spoiled!! Haha. But hey, I guess if that’s my only complaint… they are doing pretty great!

  253. FireTigressFL 2018/12

    Expensive. Period.

  254. keith hill 2018/12

    Always good customer service

  255. Karen Fox 2018/12

    Always have everything I need 😊 …

  256. Tammy Porter 2018/12

    Helpful staff. They are always kind and friendly

  257. Prada Luechie 2018/12

    They everything i need and they are always stocked. The employers their are very friendly and always willing to help.

  258. Aaron Simmons 2018/12

    Tiffany is the best groomer bella has ever had. She truly cares about our furry babies. Thank you tiffany

  259. Jim Benusa 2018/11

    Good products and friendly people

  260. Mike Maxey 2018/11

    The staff were more concerned with personal conversations than helping when we clearly needed assistance.

  261. Craig Dell 2018/11

    Staff are very helpful. I had a return and they were more then willing to help me.

  262. Kristina 2018/10

    Love the staff.

  263. Claudia Archibeque 2018/10

    Staff are very helpful and can always find what I need.

  264. Jenny Miszkonis 2018/10

    I had stopped going to this store last year because the customer service had gotten so bad -I’m happy to say things have changed! The employees are much more helpful and friendly now especially Kyle.

  265. mama bear 2018/09

    Friendly staff

  266. Madhu K 2018/09

    All your pets needs are here

  267. Michael Mangano 2018/09

    Very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. They train the staff pretty well.

  268. Sherri Kolivoski 2018/09

    Horrible experience. No results from complaints. I did not receive services I expected and was charged 3 x what I was quoted by groomer dept.

  269. Sallie Noe 2018/09

    Very convenient location. Prices a bit high, but usually have what I need. I’m a cat foster so always need something.

  270. Kristen Aldrich 2018/09

    I bring my golden retriever puppy, Jack, to see Ms. Frannie for training. She is very professional and works wonders with Jack. She is very patient and kind when working with him. She works with my schedule and we get along famously! The staff at Petco love seeing Jack and make it a point to come say hi while respecting his training commands.

  271. Misty Stout 2018/09

    This store was pretty far from where I live but my daughter had a frog that didnt make it and this was the only store in our area that had one to do an exchange. The store was clean and the staff seemed very knowledgeable and answered our questions. The exchange was no hassle. The frog we have now seems to be in good health. It was a nice experience.

  272. Terry Payne 2018/08

    Very helpful

  273. Suzan Morris 2018/08

    Everyone was friendly

  274. F. T. Gray 2018/08

    Always helpful staff

  275. Chris Chandler 2018/08

    wouldnt hurt the associates to greet you.

  276. Maryann Nuckolls 2018/07

    Out of product

  277. Martha Skraitz 2018/07

    They were so helpful.

  278. Lamar Green 2018/07

    They have everything for your loved ones (the pets that is) lol

  279. Duke'm 2018/07

    Excellent customer service but a bit pricey

  280. Scott Zacher 2018/06


  281. Michael Glass 2018/06

    Always do an excellent job with my pups

  282. Dave Whitman 2018/06

    Very nice place for animal needs.great people very helpful

  283. MeganMooBaby82 2018/06

    Very helpful staff. Animals always seem healthy. And my betta and catfish from here are doing great!

  284. Tammy Guzman 2018/06

    Very happy with the grooming side of this store. My dog is very unfriendly and does not like people touchingbhis paws or face…the lady manage to still get his hair cut. She told me he’s a bit of a biter but she still got it. Done. He looked so very handsome when I picked him. I was very impressed

  285. Daniel Balthaser 2018/05

    Nice to your pets

  286. Stacy Cleary 2018/05

    Great products and services

  287. Diane Dorene Ferguson 2018/05

    Very helpful ..
    Asked about getting happy jack products .

  288. Madhu K 2018/04

    You get all u need for ur pets

  289. Betty Moore 2018/03

    Good help

  290. sandy rigsby 2018/02

    Love their clearance section, such great deals

  291. Sarah Louise 2018/02

    Seemed out of stock on items, and all the tanks were low on fuzzies, but it’s a nice store.

  292. Teresa Marie Silverman Schmidt 2018/02

    The store is clean, neat, and well organized. The staff is very helpful. I’m in a wheelchair and still have no trouble navigating between the Isles.

  293. John Sommerville 2018/01

    The staff always offer me help 🙂

  294. Ashley Alvarez 2017/12

    Good selection

  295. Carolyn B 2017/12

    Always have what I need .

  296. Dianne green 2017/12

    Morgan sales clerk is rude and disrespectful and racist

  297. D W 2017/12

    Excellent service and s selection.

  298. Matt Starke 2017/12

    Great customer service and awesome employees

  299. Chip Anderson 2017/12

    Not bad for a big box pets store

  300. Jamey H 2017/12

    Good place to pick up pet supplies, friendly staff and does a good job on clipping our puppy’s nails

  301. Ashley Irwin 2017/12

    They do free water testing for tanks and the gentleman in the fish section seems knowledgeable about tanks, fish, and tank plants and never tries to oversell or talk you into unneeded products. My only concern is that the reptiles don’t seem to have enough humidity because I see some shedding pieces hanging on because the animal wasn’t able to do a clean smooth shed. The place is animal friendly so feel free to bring in your pooch. The staff is always friendly.

  302. Keith Kellam 2017/11

    This was my first visit to a petco and I had mixed reactions. While I did find what I wanted, I wasn’t really impressed with the selection. One of the first things I saw was the ferret display, which smelled really bad. The fish area had a large puddle on the floor. Other than that, the store was clean. No associate spoke to me while I was shopping. The cashier was moderately friendly, but i just may be too old to think nose rings and big ear gauges are acceptable, especially in a customer contact position.

  303. Patricia 2017/10

    Employees are always helpful!!

  304. Angie 2017/09

    Little expensive but friendly staff!

  305. Tee Tee 2017/09

    Rude and high as hell fa fishes thts is bout to die smh

  306. Michelle Hubbard 2017/09

    Wonderful employees, so very helpful
    I highly recommend this store.

  307. Michael “Meekheal” Ribakov 2017/08

    Just another petco

  308. Clarence Andrews 2017/08

    My dog Love’s this Petco.

  309. Sarah35 2017/08

    Got what I need for my pets!

  310. Terri Reed 2017/08

    Good store, lots of stuff for pets, just a little pricey.

  311. monica newbill 2017/08

    Got our new Guinea pigs, the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.

  312. Elsie Wagner 2017/08

    Petco is a great pet store. My dog get his best haircut there

  313. James Giaramito 2017/08

    Staff is very helpful. They helped find merchandise on the floor and price matched items during checkout.

  314. NK Tran 2017/08

    Very friendly/helpful staff, clean environment, a lot of product choices (for reptiles) – only sometimes there is no one at the checkout (roughly 10% of the occasions I visited which were at different times and days.

  315. Chris S 2017/07

    Very clean and lots of selection

  316. Georgia Coopersmith 2017/07

    The staff are always very friendly and the groomers are very caring toward my blind dog and do a good job.

  317. john fitzgerald 2017/06

    Always helpful people around the store and employees at the register are friendly.

  318. Bronson Mowels 2017/04


  319. April Thomas 2017/04

    Just went to browse

  320. WILLIAM SHAFER 2017/04

    A bit expensive for some basic pet supplies. They did have all we needed.

  321. miguel juarez 2017/03

    Buen lugar para mascotas

  322. Paul Garland 2017/02

    Good selection but expensive

  323. Brian Deel 2017/02

    Not a lot of dog toys and only carry certain brands of dog food

  324. Watch Next mix Gold 2017/02

    This is my first time going to this Petco and it has been a awesome experience the lady who helped me find my cat dewormer was awesome and there was no wait and everyone was helpful!

  325. Teresa DiServio 2016/12

    Lots of choices, brands, and helpful staff.

  326. Cristina B 2016/10

    I took my puppy here for a grooming. She got clipper burn from the razors. But it was not normal. They cut her in random places to the point hair won’t even grown back anymore. They shaved her bald behind her ears and under her eyes. I really wish I could post pictures of when I picked my dog up. I want to prevent this from happening to any other puppies.

  327. LISA MCMAHON 2016/09

    I love this pet store. They have everything I need for the care and feeding for both of my dogs. The sales staff are very friendly and helpful without being pushy.

  328. Chris Black 2016/09

    I would have given them 5 stars if they had the same treat bar as the location in Ashland. The larger gourmet treats to be exact. Other then that everything’s good, well stocked, friendly staff.

  329. Jonathan D 2016/08

    The service is okay, selection of animals could be better.

  330. Linwood Nichols 2016/06

    Petco Animal Supplies

  331. amanda staley 2016/06

    Helpful staff

  332. Patrick Wright 2016/05

    I hope this location can hang on until this corner of Staples Mill, Hungary and Hungary Springs can come back to life. The super Kroger across the street is helping as much as it can. It’s a solid Petco location with a large inventory.

  333. Desmond Suarez II 2016/03

    Adopted our car here. He is really great


  334. Jonny Kendrick 2011/01

    They have the best brands of dog food on the shelf, which is rare.. just a good store

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