Pet Pleasers, Inc.

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  1. Sarah Humphries 2023/09

    Use them every time we travel
    Highly recommend. Mike has taken care of our cats for years!

  2. Mere 2023/04

    They’re an extremely reliable service, and I appreciate that they insist on appropriate paperwork for your pets, and that you have met and like your pet sitter prior to handing over a house key. I do wish I didn’t have to pay them via PayPal though, it’s just not very professional and I wish it was possible through their website instead though I understand credit card fees are probably higher.

  3. Janet Cole 2020/07

    Greatest pet sitting service ever! Have used them for years!!

  4. Reg Robinson 2019/02

    Things had gone well with this service and the person tending our pets until this May (2019). While on vacation we discovered the person had not followed directions which placed a pet in grave danger. The person was called to correct the problem which required her returning to the house later that evening. A door was left unlocked and open allowing a larger aggressive pet access to a small cat. When notified of the issue she became belligerent and indignant. Even blaming my daughter. My daughter had not been there since the sitter had left. Our children are grown and have left home though one occasionally visits. The sitter complained the entire time stating among other things how, “I not going to get any sleep tonight!”. It was around 9:00 p.m. not 2:00 a.m. She continued this behavior via phone and texts. It was not until we informed her that home security cameras had recorded the incident that she showed the first sign of remorse. From then until now, even after the service owner spoke with her the sitter has never acknowledged responsibility for her actions in accepting fault.

    Due to the lack of honesty, accountability and integrity of this person I can not recommend this service. Nor will we use Pet Pleasers so long as this person is employed. Accidents happen. However the one at fault most be forthcoming and accountable. She was not.

    On a positive note the owner was responsive and acknowledged the sitters behavior was wrong. It is only for this reason that my review is not a one star.

  5. Brock Vaughn 2017/08

    we’re big fans…we’ve used them for 3 years, for both daily service, weekends and vacations. A neighbor uses the same sitter, for cats and dogs. Blair’s the best!

  6. Marion Gurney 2017/08

    Everyone here genuinely cares about your pets wellbeing. I was paired with the perfect sitter for my crew, Mike. Mike is always willing to accommodate my quirky feeding times and cat personalities to give them a secure experiencevwhile I am gone.
    I feel comfortable that my cats and home are taken care of and never worry.

  7. Cathy Koch 2017/05

    Genuine family business offering exceptional customer service and great prices.

  8. Ashley Corbin 2016/01

    Cannot recommend this service highly enough! Our particular sitter is phenomenal – she makes sure our house appears lived in, pampers the daylights out of our dog and bird, and genuinely cares about their comfort. And she cares about us too! She constantly sends us updates and photos of our pets, which makes us feel incredibly at ease while we’re traveling. Thank you, Pet Pleasers!

  9. Martin Juergensen 2015/01

    We have used Pet Pleasers for the past year when we moved to the area and are very pleased! Much better than kennels which forgot to give medications and left the boys a mess also less stress. We have used them for trips ranging from last minute to pre-planned and have not had any negative issues to report and only positive praise! We love that our sitter is very personable, she also gives the dogs medications as required, someone to check in on the house, picks up the mail, take out the trash, waters plants if needed and also shares a status text while we are away to let us know all is well or if any issues to be concerned with which we highly appreciate! They also provide options to take the boys to the vet or grooming if ever needed. We highly recommend this group and service to all our friends!

  10. Billy K 2014/06

    I have used the services of Pet Pleasers, Inc. several times and have been extremely satisfied. The sitter with whom I have worked is first-rate. He always has a friendly attitude, listens carefully to my needs and requests, answers all of my questions, and provides high-quality service.

    The company’s fees are reasonable and they provide important “extras” that make your house looked lived-in while you are away (such as taking in the mail, putting out your garbage can, and turning on/off lights).

    I am happy to call Pet Pleasers whenever I’m going away for a long day, the weekend, or multiple days. It is such a good feeling to know that they are providing caring attention to my pets when I’m not able to be at home.

  11. Mary Helen Williams 2013/09

    This is a fantastic business! I’ve been using them for our pets for a few years and I have never been unhappy with them. Our pets are truly pleased to get to stay at home (and get spoiled by their sitter) and not have the stress of being boarded somewhere.

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