Pet Paradise Richmond Airport

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Pet Paradise Richmond Airport
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  1. Sodenise Flowers 2023/10

    This place is so lovely. I took my baby there for the first time for a grooming appointment. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Beautiful facility. I plan to continue grooming services and will try their boarding services in the future.


  2. cfox20104 2023/09

    They treated my friends dog Bobo like a king!

  3. Elizabeth Lucas 2023/09

    I am boarding my cat. The facility is very clean and staff is friendly and helpful. Fuzzycat is in a multi level cabana, including a window. And they have the ability to look out a window into front desk?

    I’m definitely going to bring my dog for doggy day care. The outdoor play areas are amazing. There are 2 sections depending on size of dog. The small dogs have a smaller pool than the big dog area.


  4. Renee White 2023/09

    Great customer service. My dogs love it there.

  5. Gaston Arze 2023/09

    Do not use this service to board your animals! My cat was not properly fed during his stay at Pet Paradise (Richmond Airport). When I picked up my cat for the first time after returning home, I immediately noticed he weighed significantly less than I remembered. So, I checked the pre-portioned food I provided for my cat’s stay and exactly one third of the food remained. I then realized that Pet Paradise had neglected to 1) read the clearly written instructions on the bag of food I provided, and 2) failed to communicate internally about the verbal instructions I also provided when I dropped off my cat. As a result, they failed to provide my cat with basic care and I will never use their services again. When I called to complain about this all I was offered were excuses. About how it was a training experience for the staff, and about how he wouldn’t eat in the mornings. Not only should they have contacted me or my emergency contact about my cat’s refusal to eat, but I also didn’t pay to be a training experience for their staff. Training is their responsibility, not mine. My cat was dangerously under-fed when I received him back from their “care” and I will never recommend any Pet Paradise location to anyone else so long as I live.

  6. Derek Ward 2023/09

    I can’t stress this enough… verify your pet has actually eaten the amount they were supposed to. We picked up our dog and discovered she had only been given half of her food for the entire duration. The on duty manager brought out the printed directions and showed us where they were provided clear instructions on type and amount of food and admitted the staff just did not follow those basic instructions. Our dog was essentially starved while she was in the care of this location and they didn’t seem to really care about it.

  7. Jacquelin I. 2023/08

    We have two rescues. They have their issues. At the last minute, we needed day boarding. Usually, we use Hanover Your Pet. They are wonderful but this time they were booked. Pet Paradise accommodated us. The place is amazing! The staff is super professional. You can see the dogs having a great time in the pool! My dogs love the Pet Paradise.

  8. Racheal Sims 2023/08

    I’m not a fan of the communication, my dog was consistent here till one day they said he wasn’t compatible to play with other dogs. I asked what exactly happened and I was told they wasn’t sure, They said there was an altercation 3 other times before finally telling me on the 4th altercation something happened. They had an incorrect phone number for me on file however if I’m dropping off and picking up they could’ve told me the FIRST time it happened. My dog has been socialized since 3 months (he’ll be 2 in Oct.) and has played with all size dogs so to label him like he’s a bully and attacked another dog unprovoked is sketchy to me. Also not a fan of the customer service

  9. Alyssa Sharpe 2023/08

    My dogs both loved “meet the fam day.”
    Brought them back a month later for another day camp as we were going to board them for vacation a week later.
    Had to cancel boarding due to one of my dogs getting Kennel Cough. When I called they told me no one else has called and said their animals have it and they will let their manager know, nothing further was said.
    There is a review a couple weeks ago stating the same exact situation happened, so seems like this is a problem and other dogs have gotten kennel cough. Just be aware of this!

  10. Tricia Goins 2023/08

    They treat your dogs like they are family

  11. TimRuff TD 2023/07

    Friendly and caring staff

  12. Victor Robinson 2023/07

    Professional service

  13. Sammy Powers 2023/07

    Took my pup here for a “meet the fam” day before I needed to board a week after because I had a trip planned. Just a few days after she was there, for only a couple hours, she somehow got kennel cough. And I know it was from this place because she has not been anywhere else. So I could no longer board her and had to cancel my trip that I had planned for months. Very disappointing.

  14. Kylie Call 2023/07

    I booked a Saturday morning grooming appointment a week in advance and uploaded my dog’s vaccination records to their patient portal. When we got there, we were told that they do not accept vaccination records that are typed forms with fields dated in pen. I could not find anywhere on the website or patient portal that says they don’t take written vaccination dates. Even if I somehow missed it, they had almost a week after receiving my records to notify me that they were inadequate. They tried calling our vet—who is not open on weekends—even though I informed them that the records were from the animal shelter I got him from and the vet could not do anything about the records. We drove 40 minutes to get my shelter pup his first groom and left very disappointed. They asked us to reschedule which I declined.


  15. laura sokol 2023/07

    This facility is amazing compared to other places in the area. It is so clean, the amenities for the dogs are great and I love how the staff will provide updates throughout my dogs stay.
    Wait time for drop-off/pick-up can always vary but overall I am happy with the service. My dog comes home with a smile every time.

  16. Ian Savino 2023/07

    As much as I feel weird spending $45 for a them to babysit a dog, these folks take care of my pup Frodo well and they are almost always available short notice.

    Today is a great example when our basement is flooding because we need him to not whine all day trying to swim down there ?

  17. Justin 2023/06

    Me and my Fiancé brought our dog here for the first time, our dog has never been to a kennel and we were obviously nervous as she can tend to be shy and reactive because she was a rescue dog.

    We called to check up on her and the staff was so friendly and understanding. We watched through the cameras and we could see that the staff there was so kind to our dog and very conscious about how she was acclimating to being around so many other dogs. They pet her and comforted her as she was being overwhelmed by all the other dogs. They hugged her and treated her like I would have.

    It was extremely relieving to see the care, love and being aware of how our dog was acclimating.

    Extremely happy with their service and attention to detail and being conscious of what the dogs were doing and how they were interacting.

    So thank you to all of the staff from us.

    ALSO their communication with us was EXCELLENT

  18. Kimberly Le 2023/06

    Had 2 services here:
    1) boarding for 3 days 2 nights
    2) grooming (once or twice)

    – Facility looks clean
    – Staff was mostly friendly
    – Dog shampoo smells nice lol
    – Accommodated my dog during boarding when she was overstimulated & anxious

    – My dog was extremely dehydrated when she came back from BOTH services. This is crazy to even say considering I booked one of the pricy VIP suites for boarding. Also, I booked the pricy option specifically for the private room cams so I could watch her when she was inside the suite. I didn’t receive access to the private room camera until the very last night…
    – EXPECT POOR/LACK OF COMMUNICATION (I requested for someone to call me when her grooming appt. was done. I dropped her off early during the day (way before noon). Never received a call or text all day. I had to call them myself bc it was an hour before the facility closed…. Would they have called if I hadn’t?? Who knows lol)

  19. tangela raoof 2023/06

    Nice place

  20. Lillie Lattimore 2023/06

    Clean facility and my pup seems to love it there. He seems tired when he gets home too, which is a plus!

  21. Evan Turner 2023/06

    We have brought our Chessie here a few time for both day camp and boarding. The staff are friendly, the place is clean, and he loves the pool. We have had one incident with this location in which they fed him 1/3 of his instructed amount of food on a five-day boarding stay, so buyer beware to have them double check the instructions and maybe call them during the stay to spot check and ask how much your dog has had to eat. Ours was clearly written on the bag (photo attached) and they fed an 85 pound dog 0.5 cups of food each meal instead of 1.5 cups. I escalated the issue to management and was refunded $100 on a $587 boarding fee. My dog was lethargic for the next two days while we got him back up to his normal food intake, and we are trying to decide whether we will risk bringing him back here. 5 stars for the facility, 1 star for the negligence and service on this last trip, so 3 star review overall.


  22. Kizzey Wingfield 2023/05

    I love the grooming

  23. Josiah Hunt 2023/05

    This is by far the best daycare/boarding facility I have ever been to. I used to work at a dog daycare myself about 10 years ago, and Pet Paradise is just on another level. I bring my dog there pretty regularly for daycare, usually at least once a week, and he gets so excited every time we go there. He’s a 11 month old puppy and loves it. I’ve also had both of my dogs groomed there, one of them is a older small dog, and the service was fantastic for both of them and the prices for that are pretty much on par with other groomers. We also recently boarded all three of our cats due to some house repairs that were going on, and they did great, much better than we expected since our cats don’t handle change very well. The daycare and boarding prices are higher than some of the other local daycares around the city, but you get what you pay for: cameras so you can check on them on the app, a pool for the larger dogs, spacious boarding suites, and they assess any new dog’s behavior appropriately so you don’t have to worry about any aggressive dogs being there and potentially hurting your pet. Some other places I’ve been to don’t always test them out as thoroughly as they should, so I’m happy to pay a bit more to make sure my pets are safe and treated well.

  24. Laronda Williams 2023/05

    Sky loves the friendly staff. She looks forward to her visit and grooming.

  25. Nicole Rodriguez 2023/05

    The attendant at my time of visit was extremely rude. I asked more independent questions about cat boarding, and she sharply replied “it’s on the website”. I was immediately turned off and left the establishment. I live 1 mile from this business but I will travel 19 miles one way to Midlothian for better customer service. You fumbled a potential new customer. Great job.

  26. Anisha Hindocha 2023/05

    My dog Dill loved his experience at Pet Paradise this past weekend. I appreciated that they were able to book him at the very last minute when our other plans fell through, and the many add-ons (ice cream for example!) made the experience great for Dill.

  27. lexa hayreen 2023/05

    Very nice place. I took my puppy for a day and she love it . The staff is very nice and sweet with my puppy. High recommend

  28. Jessica WILLIAMS 2023/04

    My big boy had a blast meeting new friends!!

    Although I baby had a great time here I very upset with their lack of communication about their grooming policy. I scheduled a grooming appointment weeks ago and I my dog has visited before. It wasn’t until I arrive they tell me he can’t be shaved. They completely wasted my time. My dog is 9 years old and I have never been told shaving his hair is a safety risk.

    Super annoyed


  29. Jennifer Greene 2023/04

    Our dog loves it here. Great staff

  30. Jenn Schmidt 2023/04

    Nothing beats tired happy pups. We tested out the day camp and a dew weeks later did the board and camp packages. I loooove all the cameras and the ability to look after them while gone. They came home clean, and pooped. The place is well attended and we look forward to future worry free trips.

  31. Greg MARTIN 2023/04

    We took our mini aussie puppy here for a half day Day Care. The facilities are new, exceptionally clean and top notch amenities. Dogs who visit and stay here are truly getting a spa experience. Looking forward to taking our puppy back to get more socialized and make new friends. They offer grooming and vet care too.

  32. Elizabeth Clay 2023/04

    Great place, and I know my dog is in good hands. They have a small dog play area. Also, an inside kennel with an outside private run. The price is a bit high. One night, if you pu the next day in the afternoon, they charge an extra $20 on top of the $56. Day charge…

  33. Chelbry Borland 2023/03

    Dropped my fur baby off at 12 for an ultimate bath by 5pm I called only to find out that the groomer left and forgot to call me. How did u wash, dry, bush and do a facial scrub but forgot to call is crazy. The worst part is that no one else caught this until I called. So I questioned on if they walked or even took him to the bathroom. I’m going to say no because he used the bathroom 3x before making it into the house and the thirsty pant and dry tongue let me know he didn’t have any water. Disgusting! Yes u May contact me

  34. Gwen Fitzgerald 2023/03

    Unfortunately, we had a negative experience on March 25-26. My senior tripod dog was only given 1/3 of the food that I provided. Also, she failed the meet and greet with other dogs, so they provided one-on-one play with a human for a charge of $20; they were supposed to call and tell me and they did not (not a huge deal, but they didn’t follow their own policy). And finally, they gave her a haircut, without my requesting it. In fairness, I’m going to ask for one in a month or so — but it was not part of the boarding instructions.

    RE: the feeding. I labeled the food clearly and provided ONE PAGE of clear instructions. And I gave the instructions verbally, which they entered into the computer. They gave her none of the dry food or wet food that supplements it. And gave her only half the chicken and rice I provided. So in 30 hours in a strange place she had only about 1/4 of the food she normally receives. : (

    It’s a bummer. The place is gorgeous. The staff is nice. And they washed the hairy bed I brought! But I’ve lost confidence in their system to care compassionately for my dog. I called and spoke to the assistant manger, who was fairly apologetic and said she would inform the manager and talk to the staff about protocol.

  35. Angela Beach 2023/03

    Great atmosphere dogs love it there amazing staff 5 star pup hotel

  36. Alicia Marie 2023/01

    I’ve now had two really wonderful experiences with this place! I brought my cat to be boarded here for Christmas in a Cat Cabana. He never stayed anywhere before, and while he was nervous there, they took wonderful care of him. He came home totally happy—happier than he has ever been just leaving him with someone that comes by a few times a day. So that was great! Brought my dog to be groomed here today, another first, and it went incredibly well. They listen to what you want (and don’t want), and they all care for and love the animals here. You walk in the door, and the entire staff is friendly and genuine. I’ll be coming here for any boarding and grooming needs, without a doubt! So happy to live so close by this location.


  37. Melvin 'MJ' Johnson 2023/01

    Our two yorkies love it!

  38. Jasmine Frye 2023/01

    The grooming services is the absolute worst! Dropped my dog off at 8am & asked them to call me when she’s done so I could come get her. Never received a called but when I called to get an update round 3pm & of course they said she was ready. The next thing is they had me fill out a form describing how I wanted her cut to look & she looks the same as when I dropped her off. They need to hire better groomers who have years experience.

  39. Nick Ingraham 2022/12

    They clearly love what they do!

  40. joannwinson 2022/11

    The team at Pet Paradise is knowledgeable, dedicated, and amazing — especially Alex, the assistant manager. They did all they could to care for our “special needs” 14 year old Dalmatian with degenerative myeloma over the weekend. I toured the facility and loved that it was so clean. They listened and understood his serious health issues, and were still willing to take him in. They showed great flexibility regarding his serious requirements. However, my husband and I had seriously underestimated how hard it would be for Ike to be away from us for two overnights by himself. Alex did the right thing and called us to let us know he was having a difficult time and to let us know how they were trying to help him. We rushed back early to pick him up. Even though Ike probably wouldn’t want to go back, I will definitely take our next dog (whenever that may be) back to enjoy the staff, the pool, and the attention. We are very grateful that they were as attentive as possible to Ike and let us know immediately when there was a problem. Thanks so much!

  41. J D 2022/11

    Had a very positive experience here they cared for my pets excellently I could tell they had a great time and were very happy. I can also tell everyone there has a great love for all the animals and really appreciated their jobs especially stacia she was so kind and helpful through the process answering all my questions clearly and concisely. My pets can’t wait to go back!

  42. Cheryl Armstrong Grimes 2022/11

    Beautiful facility!

  43. Juan Torres 2022/11

    They are very friendly and caring for your pet, which is for us. We say our child ?. …

  44. Tania Andrews 2022/11

    Our pups, Bud & Lily loves this place! They have been attending day camp since the Richmond Airport location opened. They get so excited when we pull up. Their tales wag uncontrollably from the moment I pull into the parking lot until they bounce away with their puppysitters. I love that the cameras stay on all day and I can see the staff playing with all of the puppies. Also, my puppies still smell fresh when they leave camp and not because they are being sprayed with freshener.


  45. Janay Henderson 2022/11

    I love that they have cameras! I was able to check in on my pup throughout our vacation.

  46. Keisha Young 2022/11

    My pets favorite place. Great staff. Wonderful pet interaction. You can feel very assured your pet is being well taken care of and if you get nervous you can peek in on them with the pet cam.


  47. Cuffey's Cakes 2022/11

    MY nervous pup first time at daycare but ge loved it. Gad a good report card and a photo update.


  48. nancy elzie 2022/11

    An absolute Godsend!

  49. Andrea Stockman 2022/10

    Panini loved her stay and she will definitely be returning…


  50. K Davis 2022/10

    Took my boy Leo here and I love how they have live webcams where I can check in on him. He was playing have a great time!

  51. christopher harris 2022/09

    Great place to send your pet. They really cared for my German Shepard. I will return back. The staff was extremely helpful. I highly recommend peaple take their pets for boarding or day camp


  52. Deborah Rubin 2022/09

    Place is clean, our dogs werent able to play amongst the other small dogs had to be caged and were aloud to get a play time with a stranger/ employee unless your dog is fixed it will be caged. The smaller dogs werent aloud in the water pool like the big dogs only a play area. For those who have a big dog this place would make you and your dog happy at least during those hot days. I will go again after my Schnauzer is fixed and see if its a fit then, the Yorkie will not be coming.

  53. Melissa Albanese 2022/09

    They’re not qualified to administer injectable medicine in case of an emergency. Unclear what the point of the vet on site is, then…

  54. Abraham Martinez 2022/08

    They did a nice job on my shepherd

  55. Emily Miller 2022/08

    I never write reviews for anything, but I truly felt the need too for the wonderful experience we had visiting Pet Paradise (Richmond Airport). My dog got to go for the day for a birthday “treat/present” and had the time of her life. The staff here were absolutely wonderful with her, which put me at complete ease knowing she was in great hands all day. I absolutely loved the pictures and reports I got throughout the day on how she was doing. I truly cannot thank you all enough for being so wonderful with her and making her feel like the true spoiled princess she is. She had the BEST birthday with you guys ?❤


  56. Natalia Cifuentes Motta 2022/08

    I been there on August and let me tell you that I loved it. I was worried because it was my dog’s first time in a pet care and literally almost cried like it was the first day at school of my son lol. I could checked the cameras and that made me feel more comfortable. The place is beautiful, clean and definitely Ara will come back.


  57. Reggie Howell 2022/08

    Great staff

  58. Amber Jenkins 2022/07

    I left my German shepherd for day camp and she had the time of her life! The staff is super nice and extremely helpful. They definitely love our pets like we do. Sophie got a bath and blow dry and even still 2 days later she smells wonderful and is so soft

  59. ALISHA SHIELDS 2022/07

    I love it….Great atmosphere for my dog……

  60. Joseph Simpkins 2022/07

    When your fur baby is not a pet and is the love of your life and truly is your family, pet paradise is a way for you to express your love and give your loved one an evening or several days and evenings of peace and comfort. They will be treated with positive energy and vibes and loved almost as if you were there with them personally. You don’t have to worry about anything when you leave your family here, only that they may cry that they have to go back home LOL. Seriously don’t think about it twice got the kids off here and don’t look back as you come back and let them know they’re going back home now but prepare for some pouting LOL

  61. Martina Meekins 2022/05

    I was initially really excited about the opening of this location after hearing about the Charlotte, NC location. As someone stated, the building is beautiful and inviting so we as pet parents have our expectations set as high as they APPEAR to have theirs. After a 3 day stay (originally 4) I decided to pick my rottie up early. During the stay I checked hourly to finally witness a 4 min play with him, which should have been at minimum 30 min one-on-one. During that 4 min the employee did not interact with my rottie despite the fact that it was a one-on- one interaction with toys nearby. After the 4 minute outing, which I can only label a “bathroom break” the same employee took out a fluffy white dog and played fetch for a decent amount of time. After picking my rottie up a day early and searching his bag, there were still 3 individually packed bags of food, which means he was fed once in 3 days so obviously his feeding schedule was not followed. I gave specific instructions to feed him in the afternoon and each bag was packaged according to daily serving size. I was not informed that there was a 2 cup per day feeding limit even with me providing the food. The feeding chart that was completed was even questionable. The two supervisors who were present were very helpful in the moment but I have yet to hear from upper management about the lack of play time or lack of feeding. I am very disappointed by the inconsistencies and disregard of this”high-end” pet boarding facility and will return to the other facility without the glitz and glamor.

  62. Jade Housewirth 2022/05

    My dog has come for daycare and boarding and the team was easy to get in touch with for updates on how he was doing. Every time I pick him up, he seems very happy and been well taken care of. They are very friendly at the front desk and are willing to answer any of your questions. The facility itself is very clean and lots of space. My dog is older and he enjoys to have his alone time. They were able to be very accommodating for his personality. They have webcams that you can watch the staff interact with the dogs and they seem to be very present and loving.

  63. Sherman Brown 2022/05

    Excellence !!!

  64. Iva Dance 2022/04

    Great place for your best friend. Friendly front desk and serving staff. My pup loves it.

  65. Merlyn Villery 2022/04

    Very nice staff. My pet was taken care of exceptionally well. Highly recommend.

  66. Moriah A 2022/03

    Take your pet here! The staff is beyond kind! You can tell they actually love what they do! My dog had grooming while staying here and when I say his coat is shinny as can be! I wish I could add one more star! Again, thank you to the staff. Simply the best!

  67. Latoyia Rose 2022/03

    Was not made aware of any whooping cough vaccination needed before wasting my gas and driving there . No one advised what was needed before my dogs appointment.

  68. Donna Mitchell 2022/03

    Was looking forward to this place opening. looks very nice and staff was helpful.
    My bad experience started with making an appointment for 11:00 on line ,something I have always done on my day off. My husband called me at 9:30 to tell me the groomer wanted me there earlier. Jumped out of bed to get dressed.I got him there around 10:00 ….I asked how much for a groom I was told $55 I ran my errands earlier than I would have I got home after 5:00 waiting for a call to pick my dog up. Called my husband he went to get him at 4:30 he was ready when he went to the place No Phone Call!! and he said it was $65 after I told him $55 and a tip . I asked him what was the extra my husband asked he said it’s up to the stylist . So she got $65 and no tip.
    He is a black poodle I wanted a classic poodle cut pom head , clean face . It was an ok groom until I saw his tail it was a mess . I called the front desk to complain about his tail which is supposed to have a pom tail, I was told they could take care of it next time.I said there would be no next time.
    I’m a human stylist I never quote a price then add an extra ten without telling the client. I pulled my clippers out and fixed his tail myself.
    worst experience at a groomer.
    I will continue with Petsmart doesn’t take my whole day off and prices are reasonable , and can pick my time to arrive and get a call when he is ready.

  69. Dashawn Davis 2022/03

    Pet Paradise is the place for your fur babies. The employees are very welcoming, knowledgeable, and caring! I love this place

  70. Helen Silva 2022/02

    Employees are so welcoming and truly care about every animal that they come across. Always treating them as if they were their own!!!

  71. Fran Parra 2022/02

    My young lab stayed here for 2 days and I really wanted to love this place but after the passive-aggressive way I was spoken to at check out, I will not use them again. My dog is not spayed yet per vet advice, so I was advised I would have to pay $20 extra per day for one on one outside time. I was fine with that, but explain to me why I saw her in the group play area on Saturday afternoon? I checked every VIP suite and there was not a single dog in any of them, then the outdoor cameras which showed two dogs getting one on one play time, the pool which had no dogs and then finally the day camp, where low and behold, I saw my dog. Shame on me for not taking a screen shot. When I brought this up today at check out the lady checking me out, made it clear she did not believe me. She told me, “We have a lot of black dogs” and “There is no indication that she was put in the day camp on Saturday”. She then told me she would take just one day off and that’s it, in the tone of voice a mother uses with a petulant child. Even though the tone of voice she used was not disrespectful, her words were. I’m not going to tolerate someone making it seem like I was lying to save a measly $20. Thanks for making me regret not staying with the kennel that I’ve been using for over 8 years, just because your building is shiny & new. I’ll gladly take my $330 for a 2 1/2 day stay back to my old kennel.

  72. shalanda martin 2022/02

    I don’t like that i was charged am extra $20 for picking my dog up after 12pm. When we droped her off NO ONE said that. I was told to male sure you pick her up before 7pm. When I asked to speak to the manager (the black female with short curly hair)she had a oh well attitude and said she didn’t know what to tell me. It’s not ok to charge someone for something they knew nothing about and didn’t even give a sorry for the inconvenience. I never right reviews but this one needed it. The $20 wasn’t the issue it was the lack of understanding or caring.

  73. Dorsett Silver 2022/02

    It has helped my baby girl come out of her shell. She enjoys playing with the other dogs and loves the staff. They are some of the nicest most attentive staff. You can see their love for the dogs.

  74. James Kowalonek 2022/01

    What a great stay for my dog. We spent a lot of time watching him play with the other dogs on camera. The staff really seemed to care for the dogs. It is a little pricey but definitely peice of mind leaving your doggos there.

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