Patterson Veterinary Hospital

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Patterson Veterinary Hospital
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  1. Debra Corcoran 2023/09

    You won’t find a place any better! They really care about your pet.

  2. Kenneth Hudson 2023/09

    Don’t know about the new owner but the past Doc took excellent care of my lil buddy Blitz…

  3. Elise Renzetti 2023/08

    I love this vet! They are thorough, up front with all costs and transparent in communication!! I just got a new kitten that had tons of fleas and in my paranoid state they were incredibly gracious in helping me navigate ensuring my house didn’t become infested as well as quickly being able to schedule an appointment as someone cancelled! I could not be happier with these animal lovers!!


  4. tim edwards 2023/08

    I have not had Mr Kitty to any Vet in over a year and a half. The 3 Vet Practices I tried previously were noting more than ‘processing plants’ for printing money. I was seeking a HUMAN with a SOUL and a Veterinary license, who would personally handle and evaluate Mr. Kitty and listen to words from me relative to the Behaviors and Symptoms of the Sickness and Suffering Mr Kitty has.
    Dr Bayer, the owner and operator of this business, exceeded every desired expectation, as evidenced by Mr Kitty Herself. (Yes, I was fooled when I assumed this feral kitten was All Boy, over 2 years ago.)
    Mr Kitty NEVER SQUIRMED, FLINCHED or STRESSED – throughout the entire examination or treatment (2 long needle shots in hind).
    Mr Kitty is thrilled to have relief from her
    Suffering and knows Dr Bayer and his Delightful and Experienced staff are on her side when it comes to FEELING GOOD.

  5. Craig Smith 2023/07

    Best veterinarian I’ve been to in a long time. They are personable and friendly and really enjoy seeing my animals.

  6. Ellie Leonetti 2023/07

    They have always taken great care of my animals- both small exotics and my cats

  7. Hollie Marie 2023/06

    I can’t say enough good things. Very compassionate and they go above and beyond. They have been so accommodating and loving to my special needs rescue dog. As well as my cat and other foster animals.

  8. Ruth Matheny 2023/06

    I highly recommend!!! Vets and staff are professional, friendly, patient ( my 4-legged child can be trying sometimes) and helpful .

  9. Betty Salera 2023/06

    Reasonable prices and cosy

  10. Ali G (Freckles) 2023/04

    Dr. Minch is a compassionate, meticulous vet and always goes above and beyond. My dogs love her!

  11. Pete Waldron 2023/04

    Great staff and the vet is very practical. We appreciate his down to earth approach and candid appraisals. We’ve been going here through many pets and couldn’t be happier.

  12. Leanne Lass 2023/04

    Everyone is always helpful and fast! They truly care about our furbabies ..5 stars 🌟 …

  13. Christina 2023/04

    Do not take your precious bird babies here. Dr.Bayer does not know a lick about birds. Most definitely not a place for avian services. He should be sued for touching my baby when he isn’t specialized in exotics! So terrible a doctor with no integrity!! This place just wants your money. Take birds out of your list of care, immediately.

  14. MQm James 2023/04

    Poncho loves going to daycare and being groomed; Fantastic, friendly, clean and professional staff and Dr.

  15. Christy Neely 2023/03

    The staff treated my fur baby and I with such care and instead of being dismissive and saying were just overbooked to see my pup. I was concerned how my dog was acting and they found time to fit her in even as a first time visit. They called and transferred lab work from other vet. I highly recommend and even let them know I may be switching to have them as primary vet from here on out. They even sent follow-up message asking how my Mia was the next day on a Saturday. I feel their passion in caring for pets and that’s what makes them top notch in my book.

  16. William Riley 2023/02

    Dr Jerry always has the best care advise for dog Missy. Friendliest vet practice in town.

  17. Shannon T 2023/01

    Patterson vet was the 8th place I called yesterday to see my bunny that had stopped eating and they were the only one that fit us in (all the others said after the 1st). The whole staff was super sweet and my bunny who is naturally timid, loved all the attention and even wanted to explore. Plus the fact that they can be reached by text after hours was so nice to know if I had more questions or concerns that I could reach them. Even though it is a drive for me, I have found my new vet.

  18. Anthony Makela Jr. 2022/11

    Best vet in Richmond area.

  19. ha da 2022/11

    worst vet clinic ive ever been to. i took my dog in to have a bump checked, they took a sample and found it was inconclusive and wouldnt take another one in the same visit, then proceeded to stuff random diet supplements for my dog in a bag and charged me 200$.. then the mass got bigger and they told my father it was just fluid and nothing to worry about.. then it got bigger and we took it to another vet who told us its a tumor. Had they took an actual sample or did what i came for initially my dog might still be with me. Only reason id ever go back was if they could upsell my dog back to me.

  20. Brittany Sun 2022/11

    Ivan is horrible. Misogynistic, pushy, stubborn, rude, and a terrible person in general.

  21. Average Joe 2022/11

    This place is a godsend! They can usually get you in on short notice and the staff is very caring. Something to remember, as of November 2022 they still have mandatory masks requirement.


  22. Betsy Salomonsky 2022/11

    The whole family loves this team.


  23. Angie Nishnick 2022/10

    I love this vet. Luna comes here every so often for doggy say care, grooming and of course her checkups. The Dr and staff are excellent and caring. I recommend them often.

  24. Ashley Z 2022/10

    Dr Bayer and his staff go above and beyond and really care about your pets!

  25. Chris Wood 2022/09

    They are great! The staff is always happy and eager to help! We choose them for boarding as well!!

  26. Rochelle Klinger 2022/09

    They were able to neuter and vaccinate a stray kitten in the same day when we caught him, the ONLY vet of 15 we called who would. Caring and competent, thank you!

  27. Chris Bean 2022/08

    Staff an Dr were amazing Even Otto liked them.
    Thank yall

  28. Donna Wood 2022/07

    Great service!

  29. Jay Utz 2022/07

    Our primary vet had to shut down temporarily due to COVID exposure when our mastiff mix developed significant discomfort in walking and we were worried that he had major issues. They were able to work us in for an exam the same day we called. The staff was great, they clearly love animals. I would recommend these folks without hesitation.

  30. Natalia Semenov 2022/06

    Thank you so much for the quick reception and warm attitude to people and their pets.

  31. Katherine Waller 2022/06

    Patterson Vet is down to earth, they work closely w/the humans to determine best care, and are genuinely concerned for both the patients and their owners!

  32. Betsy Coppock 2022/05

    Excellent doctor, friendly staff. Great place!

  33. Gia Mitchell 2022/03

    We had seen Dr Bayer approximately 5 yrs ago when we had hamsters. He was caring, kind and compassionate then and I’m happy to report nothing has changed–same wonderful person and vet! The entire staff fussed over our 5 yr old rescue Chigi. It was so nice to see such love for our dog as well as all animals. Reasonable prices too!! They allowed both my husband and I into the exam room which is rare these days with the pandemic. We so very much appreciate it as we all suffer from some separation anxiety. You can trust Dr Bayer to make a correct diagnosis without unnecessary testing. Olivia is already feeling much better!! Thank you for your excellent care and follow up!! Ken, Olivia and Georgia Mitchell

  34. Lin Jane 2022/03

    Ivan is a terrible person. Horrible to do business with.

  35. plunket beirne 2021/11

    They are the best.

  36. Cindy Stokes 2021/11

    Awesome team, I highly recommend this vet for your pet!

  37. mdcantrell1972 2021/11

    The staff there is very friendly and caring

  38. Kathleen Bowman 2021/10

    From making an appointment to the end of the visit this veterinary hospital is tops! They took time to not only tell me what to do for my cat to recover but why. Friendly kind and very caring staff. So thankful they would accept a new client and see my cat same day.

  39. Jonathan Glosser 2021/10

    Inviting vet that paid high attention to our pets needs

  40. Angaire Lual 2021/09

    Such a great vet. Been taking my dog there since she was a puppy and I am not planning on switching. Very friendly and courteous staff.

  41. Bob Northern 2021/09

    Very pleasant doctor and staff.

  42. Meh jie 2021/09

    Always helpful and caring staff, curbside services making vet visits covid-worry-free too.

  43. Carol Richards 2021/09

    I had my first visit this week and we will be back. Very thorough and caring staff and Dr. B was great!

  44. Loadur 2021/08

    Called 13 times in a span of a month. Never got a call back.

  45. Steven Edley 2021/08

    They are all great there. I will be back.

  46. Hannah Feather 2021/08

    The staff there is amazing. Our dog recently had surgery, they were very nice, reassuring, and a phone call away no matter when I needed them. Everyone is very professional and nice.

  47. Maria Rebeca Heidbreder 2021/06

    PVH is the best animal clinic in town. I would not go anywhere else. Love, compassion, and efficiency for both pets and owners abound. My dog LOVES going to the vet!

  48. Brittnie Scholes 2021/06

    Staff are amazing. The animals deffiently come first. The treated my guineas so we’ll and my dog. Absolutely love them and pricing is FANTASTIC

  49. Matthew 2021/06

    Such amazing service and people! I was in and out with my cat in no time! Highly, highly recommend!

  50. Tammie 2021/05

    My cat has had recurring ear infections for a year. I decided to try Patterson Veterinary Hospital for a 2nd opinion as they had boarded her previously and I was very pleased. I am so happy I took my sweet cat to Dr. Bayer. He is so knowledgeable and immediately had a plan of action to treat and heal these repetitive infections. I wish I would have come to this practice last year! I’m so pleased.


  51. Rusty Coggins 2021/04

    The most caring & gentle end of life experience for our beloved & long lived companion. I wish I had had more composure at the time to express my gratitude to the entire staff. They made the very best of a difficult decision and were extremely compassionate to both the patient & human companion. Thank you so very much.

  52. Sarah Axley 2021/04

    Excellent practice where I take my bearded dragons for care. Everyone is so kind. Excellent customer service. Reasonable cost for services. Very knowledgeable.

  53. Trey Williams 2021/03

    Without a doubt, the best vet in the Richmond area. Dr. B and his team take great care of our Holly and Callie. They are always courteous, friendly, and will find ways to work you in if you have an emergency. We came across Dr. B when we had a mini-emergency, and haven’t even come close to looking for someone else. If you are looking for a caring, compassionate vet/staff – Patterson Vet Hospital is your best choice. Did I mention Dr. B does house calls? Seriously, who does this anymore – Dr. B does.

  54. Pamela McElrath 2021/03

    I love Pattetson Veterinary Hospital. Great doctor with Dr Beyer and a wonderful warm compassionate staff.

  55. Pamela Collier 2021/02

    Last Friday afternoon I had an emergency situation with my senior greyhound who was choking on a greenie. She was gagging, retching, frantically trying to swallow, having difficulty breathing, and agitated. My vet told me to bring her right in, but I remembered seeing this place very close to where I recently moved and thought I would try there first since my dog was in such distress and I was worried she might not make it to my regular vet. The sign on the door said to call before coming in. I frantically explained that my dog needed immediate help and was choking and the girl on the phone just said “sorry we are overbooked today”. I begged for her to please have someone come out to check her and was told again “sorry we cannot help your dog. You should take her to an ER vet”. She was very cold and had no compassion. What kind of practice would turn away an animal in acute distress? Fortunately, we made it to my regular vet and the Dr was waiting for her and assisted immediately and she survived.

    This is NOT acceptable and was inhumane. All vets are overbooked and short staffed right now, but you should never turn away an emergency.

  56. Melanie Leftwich 2021/01

    Staff and veterinarian are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient!

  57. Cara Marshall 2020/11

    After trying several veterinarians, I’ve found Dr. B and his amazing employees to be the most affordable, knowledgeable and fearless when it comes to chinchillas and other exotics. We stopped in for an abscess removal that would not be removed by our previous vet. I believe our chinchilla Is alive today because of the fast action Dr Beyer took. Very blessed and happy new customers!

  58. Linda Hoffman 2020/11

    Patterson Veterinary Hospiral is a wonderful place to take your animals. The care is excellent

  59. Nancy George 2020/11

    Small office..staff and Drs very caring and pay attention to details. I have never been rushed. It is a little out of the way.

  60. Chantal Brown 2020/09

    Dr Bauer is great , have never had any concerns with him. In previous years the support staff have been great but this year I don’t know what’s going on. They don’t have any record in my pet’s chart of the diagnosis the vet told me of when I called with questions and then acted like I didn’t know what I was talking about, asked about meds he recommended, was told none were recommended. Took a second visit less than a week later at full price to clear my questions up when the recommendations & diagnosis were the exact same, this time they just happened to write down what the dr said and get the meds strait. Costs have gotten way to expensive there, not sure if we’ll continue there or not.

  61. M. Hodge 2020/09

    We recently found this vet clinic because it’s near our house and our girl popped up with a bad ear infection one Saturday morning. They were able to see us immediately and they took excellent care of her. We’ve been back a couple of times for different little issues and we’ve always been impressed with their level of care and some of the unique tools that they use to help our dogs. The vet obviously has tons of experience is incredibly knowledgeable and really good with the dogs. One of my favorite things about the clinic is that they are always really prompt with their appointments, which honestly just increases the amount of times that we go there because it’s so easy to get in and out. We used to use another vet in town that we like but we always have to wait at least a half an hour for our appointment which gets really annoying. This place is awesome on that front and all others seemingly.

  62. BECKY SNODGRASS 2020/07

    Caring and loving staff!

  63. Peter “Pete” Fiedler 2020/02

    Good care given to my dog and staff was friendly and visit went smoothly. The only thing I was a little surprised about was the overall billing and no actual contact with Vet!

  64. Tonya Merhout Carter 2019/11

    Very nice and treated my animals with respect

  65. Jayleen Medrano 2019/09

    Quick and especially a nice and caring staff!

  66. Kim Cheshire 2019/08

    Most caring staff as I had to say goodbye to my four legged friend.

  67. Lori Brendlinger 2019/07

    My four animals receive great care at Patterson Vetrinary. Dr. Behr is a kind and caring veterinarian. He kept my cat alive through renal failure many times.His staff is caring and helpful.

  68. Celie Davis 2019/05


  69. Armin Hartmann 2019/03

    Friendly and competent staff. Manage to cut my dog’s nails without having to sedate her.

  70. Arvind Desai 2019/02

    We had come here with our cat and now a dog. The doc and the staff are very friendly and cost is reasonable and service is great.

  71. Rhonda Jordan 2019/01

    They are just really good, caring people.

  72. David dehart 2018/11

    Great Doctor, people at front desk couldn’t have been any nicer.
    All showed great concern for my chicken,,,yes my pet chicken!!
    She’s doing much better now

  73. Paul Wilson II 2018/11

    Very nice employees an my cat loves it there

  74. rush killips 2018/10

    Great vet. Great staff. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!

  75. Christian Simeroth 2018/09

    Dr. Bayer was very kind and conscious of both my dog and my’s needs. This is a quality hospital.

  76. Alice Myles 2018/07

    My dog macho always have very good visit

  77. Scott Zacher 2018/06

    We take all our fur babies here great and caring staff

  78. Gayle Turner 2018/05

    Dr. Bayer is terrific. Our dog, Goldie, strains on the leash to get inside to visit him.

  79. Tesia Zogran-Werness 2018/04

    I take my 2 dogs here and these guys are always great and friendly

  80. Christine Jones 2018/04

    I’ve been taking my cats here for a couple years now, and I couldn’t be happier with the level of care, experience, and attentiveness my cats receive. Recently, I had to bring in one of my cats for a gum procedure. I’d never had to have him put under before, so I was nervous. The vet gave me a cost estimate before I made the appt, so I knew what to expect for expenses (it actually ended up being less than the estimate). The receptionist gave me a memo with all of the information I’d need on his surgery day, including the schedule and procedure, so that I knew exactly what was going on throughout the day. When I went to pick up my kitty, he was so happy and healthy. It was a very comforting experience.

  81. Lori Lori 2018/01

    Everyone was so caring and nice when I went to them with an emergency situation and they never hesitated to help. They are all genuine people that care about you and your pet. I would highly recommendation to anyone. I really can’t thank them enough.

  82. Suzan Morris 2018/01

    They take good care of my family Slippery, Kuddles an Onyxisaboy

  83. Shawn Dalton 2017/09

    Hands down the best vet around. We have been bringing our dog here, going on 5 years now. Everyone is so nice and great with all the animals(and people) that come in. I can’t recommend them enough!!!

  84. Caroline Stone 2017/09

    Absolutely wonderful vet! We searched all over Richmond for a vet that truly cares and this is the one! Unfortunately, we are moving out of Richmond and we will miss this vet so much! You can always trust this place with your pet – they will always do what’s best for your animal.

  85. Sandrea P 2017/07

    Dr. Bayer is so very kind and caring. He made an after hours emergency visit to our home within an hour of notice. I would highly recommend him. Thank you so very much for your compassion during our stressful situation.

  86. David Simmons 2017/06

    Great as always.

  87. Bob Sherman 2017/04

    What a great place. Dr. Behr is so kind to our furry family members. His staff is top notch and are always concerned about their health and well-being.


  88. Ash Attack 2017/02

    Just wanted to thank the delightful staff at Patterson Veterinary Hospital for how OUTSTANDING they were with my difficult case. From the very first phone call they were the most helpful, caring, respectful, kind, down to earth people I have ever met in a business. They have stolen my heart. ALL animals deserve the care that these people give. AND THEY ARE CAVY SAVY!!! (they will see guinea pigs!) I called at least 20 vets that do not deal with guinea pig, and wouldn’t help me with my emergency case. She may have been able to be saved had she been seen sooner.

    I will be driving the 45 minutes it takes to go here for ALL of my animals from now on. This is an absolutely phenomenal vet!

  89. && 2017/01

    Dr Bayer is well knowledged with over 25 years of experience as a veterinarian. His fees are more than fair and generous. He makes time right away to get your pet in during an emergency. I highly recommend him and his practice. He exemplifies a country veterinarian who truly knows his patients!

  90. Gene O'Neal 2016/11

    My boss found a cute stray dog while doing a delivery. She was chasing him while he was going thru a wooded driveway. She gladly jumped in by just opening the door without acknowledgement. She was not wearing a collar but she’s to do mannerisms of of being trained of the basics, like sit.
    The Helpful staff at Patterson Veterinary Hospital help in finding the owner by finding the chip considering the collar was missing. After deducing which service uses the chip. The owner was located, contacted and reunited with the pooch by closing time. A great ending of the day. 8)

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