Patient First Primary and Urgent Care – Woodman

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Patient First Primary and Urgent Care – Woodman
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  1. Pamela Lambert 2023/11

    They were kind, courteous and professional.

  2. Bryan Henderson 2023/11

    They gave me a clear diagnosis of my problem and gave me medicines that arp. THe e working to clear things up. THe doctor also suggested red grapes for bllod pressure reduction, which I .thought was excellent

  3. Julie Moore 2023/11

    They are always so nice!

  4. Gerald Campbell 2023/11

    Everyone is very professional and doctors take the time to listen and answer questions.

  5. Rachel Condon 2023/11

    The people were great, but I waited an hour and a half for something that ultimately took 15 minutes, and until I was soaking my finger in water, I just kept bleeding through the paper towels. I guess it was just really busy that day.
    The nurse practitioners were really nice, and got me some tea. The person who processed me was patient and had a good sense of humor. The doctor was nice and let me yammer on about niche topics.

  6. Adam Gillenwater 2023/11

    The staff made my visit to get stitches much more enjoyable.

  7. Anitha Prakash 2023/11

    The front desk and the nurse was very friendly and polite, I saw Dr Abla M Hussein, I was so disappointed, not at all friendly, I had poison ivy rashes, she didn’t even look at it, so rude, kept asking her question , she walked out!! There was no empathy, I don’t care how busy she is, they need to make conversations, and make the patient comfortable, I have seen other drs in the same location, I never experienced that kind of service, I will make sure I will never see her again!! I love the woodman location, I will come back!!

  8. Janice Ryles 2023/10

    I always have a good experience with the Medical team at Patient’s first. The receptionists are friendly and professional. Although the wait times may be longer than anticipated, I realize that they’re doing the best they can to see all of their patients.

  9. LaTasha Salmond 2023/10

    I would definitely recommend this location and I would come back if I needed to! The staff was so friendly and accommodating and helpful. The young man that worked the front desk was so friendly and helpful and the facility was very clean. Even though I didn’t feel well, they all were so kind and did their best to help me.

  10. Jenai Turner 2023/10

    The Physician did not care about my concerns as to why I was there. He told me to call my OBGYN because there was nothing he could do. His interaction with me was less than 5 minutes. So careless

  11. Bernie Mcgrew 2023/10

    It’s always a very pleasant experience with the staff I might not be pleasant, but they are always. And I bet they need a break from some people too so they should get a raise.nurses and medical staff are all important so don’t take them for granite. I use the Woodman Road location as my primary care physician because they are the friendliest and most knowledgeable.

  12. Mike Fiasco 2023/10

    I was very pleased with my most recent visit. All the persons I interreacted with were very friendly, courteous and professional. I was able to be seen quickly and get the services I needed. Thanks

  13. Wanda Davis 2023/10

    The wait time was minimal and the check-in staff was very prompt. Dr. Carr was very efficient and pleasant to interact with. He was very thorough in making sure to find the correct prescriptions that would not interfere with my medicine allergies. I would highly recommend him.

  14. Shiloh Ring 2023/10

    Great visit. Cam here for a COVID test; the staff were all very nice people. There were no rooms available at the time my friend and I went there, so they took us back and took our swabs before having us wait in the waiting area for a room. Very efficient method that probably cut our time there in half.

  15. Falon Taylor 2023/09

    This is the BEST Patient First in the Richmond area. The wait times are reasonable, the care is substantial. The staff is more compassionate than at my PCP.

  16. Keren Sánchez 2023/09

    Muy buen lugar te atienden bien no son enojones son amables

  17. Angeline Coward 2023/09

    I’m very pleased with quality and great care I received today from the time I entered the facility through checking out!

  18. Keren 2023/09

    Muy buen lugar son amables

  19. Marcus Charbonneau 2023/09

    Excellent service! My visit was very fast, and very efficient. The tending nurse, (I forget her name), was so nice and super kind! The P. A. (Jenna Wingard) was exceptional, extremely friendly, very professional, and absolutely drop dead gorgeous as well! Overall, my experience was astounding!

  20. Ya'shar Yah 2023/09

    Everyone was very friendly, helpful and attentive to my needs. I was very pleased with the service I received on this visit. There were only two doctors and dozens of patients, so the wait time was long, but the doctor who treated me was very pleasant and patient, despite the many patients to see, and despite my condition, which took a minute or two more to work with me. I’m grateful to be able to come in without an appointment when I really need help. Thanks Patient First doctors and staff. I’m grateful for you all!

  21. Catherine Schoenster 2023/09

    They got me in and out quickly, the Doctor was wonderful and the office staff was kind.

  22. Dexter Hurt 2023/09

    Much better experience than I expected. The PA did a great job with diagnosing my issues.

  23. Corinne Dixon 2023/09

    I was put in a room immediately but the wait to see a professional was longer than I liked.

  24. Fei R 2023/09

    When you go in make sure you request not to get Dr R Wanderkar. I came in on a Monday with a list of blood tests I needed to do for Kidney, Liver and Cholesterol and had been fasting and hydrating all morning for the blood tests which I have had really bad experiences with blood tests from past medical surgeries and I let the kind nurses get as much blood they needed.

    Issue is that the doctor didn’t put in the cholesterol tests and then when the results came back Thursday and Friday they didn’t give me a call back to discuss the results like I have had with previous urgent care visits and I tried to message and now it’s been 6 days since my visit and the blood expired.

    The nurse I got to draw blood was really nice and then the nurse I get today on Sunday is so monotone and not sympathetic to my experience that I’m beyond upset. I now have to fast AGAIN and come in and proceed with another COPAY again. Ridiculous experience and would not recommend that doctor. MAKE SURE YOU GET THEM TO TELL YOU WHAT THEY ORDER BECAUSE APPARENTLY YOU CANNOT TRUST PEOPLE THAT HAVE 8-10 YEARS OF MEDICAL STUDIES TO DO SO.

  25. Brandon 2023/09

    I had a nice wonderful fast visit. I went for a upper respiratory infection and was in and out with x rays and labs drawn within an hour and 45 minutes. Staff was super friendly and nice to interact with and I was dreading going but was impressed. Thank you

  26. Garrett 2023/08

    Fast, and great care

  27. bonni gallion 2023/08

    Very professional and thorough. Dr. Johnson answered all my questions and addressed my concerns.

  28. Aimee Pelletier 2023/08

    It took 2.5 hours to be swabbed for strep.

  29. Mohammad Jawed 2023/08

    This is location has very very rude front desk. They do not follow up with patient even the Doctor told her do not take medication untill we call you for your result and he said in two days the nurse will you. Enen when we call the front desk customer service very RUDE.

    Location woodman Rd and Parhum Rd Patient First.

  30. Beth Jasper 2023/08

    Every single person I interacted with there was professional, pleasant and competent. Exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your great service.

  31. Breeanna Bowen 2023/08

    They listened to my concerns and treated me for my concerns.

  32. ChaserJones927 2023/08

    Patient First handles my medical
    problems that come along from time
    to time very well.

  33. Rosalyn Turner 2023/08

    Everything and everyone was great. No wait time to get registered or to be called in the back. Everyone was professional and kind. Gregory was fast and Dr. Emily Frank was excellent with my care and instructions

  34. Adventurous Wind 2023/07

    Terrible service! Their staff nor only doesn’t inform you of the total costs and fees, but sets up automatic monthly payments without telling you! Their billing reps are the rudest people ive ever talked to and even called me a liar! They need their licenses revokedand need to take a serious customer service training class before being fired!

  35. Gary Brooks 2023/07

    Everyone was friendly and professional.

  36. Tiger Eyes 2023/07

    I LOVE this location of patient first. Only doc I don’t like here is Dr. Jason James. He’s fine if you’re a guy, but women and non- binary folks may have some small problems with him not taking them seriously. As for other folks here, I especially love Dr. Pamela Gwathmey. Patient first can be chock full of patients but when it’s your turn, she makes sure to stay and give you the time you need. Other folks here are also great too. It’s also very convenient that you can fill your medications here and they’re open 365 days a year. This is so far my favorite patient first location.

  37. Shawn G 2023/07

    Was very pleased with my treatment at the Woodman Rd facility. The staff was very friendly.

  38. Justin Waddell 2023/07

    The wait was too long, over 2 hours from sign in to being seen by a doctor. Other than that everything was good.

  39. Alex 2023/07

    I come to this location whenever I’m having a health issue. The location is very convenient and the staff is very welcoming. The whole process today was quick yet was able to get it resolved. I was seen by Emily, I believe. Can’t remember her last name but she made my experience very personable and funny. She explained everything well and gave me a choice, which was nice because I avoided any needles. I appreciate everyone at Patient First.

  40. Lisa Muse 2023/07

    This Patient First is always professional and friendly. I always feel taken care of!
    Sincerely, Lisa Muse

  41. Janet Taylor 2023/07

    Patient First means patience. I have spent much longer waiting. So I am not mad.

  42. Michele Anderson 2023/07

    The visit went well, doctor and nurse listened to my concerns and now feeling better 😊 …

  43. Twanda Saunders 2023/06

    Everyone that had any interaction with me was very kind to me.

  44. Amanda Padilla 2023/06

    I was surprised how quickly the staff brought me in and treated me. The front desk staff and medical assistant who treated me were very professional and empathetic. This is the best experience I’ve had at a patient first ever. I would not hesitate to come back to this patient first in the future.

  45. Jayantilal Patel 2023/06


  46. Stephanie Coleman 2023/06

    Wait time was minimal. NP that saw me was very polite and efficient. Diagnosis seems to be very accurate. Overall pleased with my visit and would recommend this location. Added bonus that I could pick up my prescription here also.

  47. J. Tucker 2023/06

    The PA I saw today, Emily Frank, listened well and asked questions. Her concern for me was genuine and she took time to explain everything. I like that they have made it an option to wait in the car, especially when it was packed on Memorial Day weekend. I also appreciate that Patient First allows me to get my blood work done there on site and they were quick to get my prescriptions to the pharmacy.

  48. Taran Sonderborg 2023/06

    There is a massive ongoing problem that Patient First Woodman, & Patient First Corporate refuse to address. Billing is an absolute disaster. The level of Incompetence is inexcusable. Billing at Patient First constantly & consistently makes what insurance says are mistakes no billing office should be making, wait till the last minute & send their patients bills & harassing letters demanding that you, the patient, fix the problem, call your insurance or pay a bill that is their mistake. Sadly, this is business as usual at Patient First Woodman. Repeatedly Billing gets the name wrong, misspells a form, gets numbers wrong on forms, bills the wrong insurance (for instance, more than once they used a medication in treatment which should have been billed to whichever insurance covers medications, & instead billed my Primary instead. My Primary insurance was furious & told me ANY billing department should know better.).On more than one occasion Patient First Woodman hadn’t even submitted the bill to my insurance, or because they made mistakes on forms my insurance didn’t recognise it. (Also, insurance ALWAYS sends back a code that tells Billing THEY have made an error & what the error is. It’s ALWAYS been their fault that they weren’t paid easily & in a timely manner.)
    Every time I go to Patient First Woodman I’ve learned to point out the issues that Billing keeps making when I register, & most the time stop by office & speak to the Office Manager to head off any problems, to no avail. Being disabled, I don’t have the time, energy nor the information to do Billing’s job for them. Too, Billing gets paid to do that, it’s not my job.
    Additionally, Billing personnel are not remotely as caring, polite, & understanding as the rest of the staff at Patient First. They go ballistic when you point out they’ve made a mistake; they refuse to give you enough information to tell them where they’re likely to have made the mistake & how to fix the problem, & as I said it’s usually the same things over & over. So they could’ve been paid in a timely manner,, but due to their incompetence, & because it’s easier for them to send the patient bills to pay than actually doing the work correctly. Never have I actually had to pay a bill. It has always been their errors, & trying to work with Billing is nearly impossible. Rude, demanding, making threats, impolite, disrespectful & impossible to get along with, not to mention time consuming (they’d rather argue & demand that you just pay their bill) is the most polite things one can say about Patient First Woodman’s Billing personnel-Billing is not there to be helpful. They want the patient to fix the problem, & patients cannot fix problems for billing issues(which they already know) because patients don’t have the information to so do. It’s really a shame. Everybody else at Patient First Woodman are excellent. Billing, on the other hand…. Why Administration at Patient First Woodman tolerates the behaviour & level of incompetence in Billing is unfathomable.
    Should you receive a bill from Patient First Woodman, be sure to check it over thoroughly & run it by your insurance before paying anything. My experience is that it has always been their errors, & insurance has covered every penny every time, once Patient First Woodman finally submits the bill correctly & to the right insurance. Also, be aware that when ANY medical office is refused payment by ANY insurance, that insurance has already told the medical office what the problem is. Why these offices are not reading the codes & making the corrections on their own is inexplicable.

  49. Dana Philpy 2023/06

    Entire experience from walking in the door was diligent efficient and in a fast but thorough manner. My opinion of patient first is a 10 + out of 10. The location was in Richmond Virginia at woodman and Parham rd compliments to the entire staff for the visit could not use improvement in any area. I also want to note that it was a Friday evening upon my arrival 😁

  50. Childcare Provider 2023/06

    I was in and out of patient first within 20 minutes. Dr. Rosenberg was very professional. I have a bulging disc in my neck. i’ve had it for 40 years here very recently started bothering me again I decided to go to Patient First I did not want to deal with another week of pain trying to work. He gave me pain medicine and muscle relaxers. He went over the medicine with me. Told me exactly what and how to take it.

  51. Jordan Scott 2023/06

    Great service and nice people here. Thank you!

  52. James Myers 2023/05

    Best crew of nurses and doctors you can find anywhere. Professional, caring, and compassionate like few I have ever dealt with.

  53. Emma Zayas 2023/05

    Came in on a Sunday morning and was in and out in 20 minutes. I knew what was wrong and what I was asking for (steroids and antibiotics for a skin infection). I was seen by Dr. Wadnerkar almost immediately after the nurse took my vitals. He was professional and knowledgeable. Got the needed meds with no issues whatsoever.

  54. S Bradley 2023/05

    I arrived quite early, so my wait time was minimal. As I was leaving, I noticed patients started to fill up the waiting room around 9:45am. The registrars were personable and greeted me as I came in. Thank you for doing that!!! Take-in was easy, and the nurses were great. The PA came in and addressed my issue, gave options for medication, answered my concerns about drug interactions, and sent in my prescription. Patient First’s system is effective and efficient. I will return for any minor issues.

  55. D H 2023/04

    really helped my cough get way better. awesome job

  56. Brittany Darby 2023/04

    Everyone was nice. Great customer service . I was able to get treated fast and it’s always a plus to not have to make an extra stop to pick up a prescription.

  57. Katrina Holt 2023/04

    Fast and professional intake coordinator. The nurse was pleasant and efficient. The doctor was caring and compassionate.

  58. Shantisse Briggs 2023/04

    I want to thank the PSR’s at woodman for always being so helpful. When my Mother broke her ankle Cindy & Theresa were very helpful and I greatly appreciate them . To the MA’s you guys are always doing the best you can and I see that first hand , physicians Jason & Jenna were nothing but amazing in doing what was needed to assist my mother I am forever grateful to them ! And the nurse Shannon everyone is talking about her name is Shanny she’s a MA ❤️

  59. Arisleydy Parra 2023/04

    Excellent service!

  60. Lena Guyton 2023/04

    Everything went very quickly. All of the staff was very polite and understanding. I didn’t catch her name but the doctor that handled my stitches was especially polite and kind. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

  61. Paul Holland 2023/04

    I have used Patient First at Woodman several times and each time I feel they were very attenative, warm, friendly, and most importantly they were thorough. I felyt condience that they provided a sound diagnosis and treatment.

  62. Christiane Rogers 2023/03

    Perfect visit with knowledgeable staff. Clean and friendly environment .
    It was late in the afternoon and waiting time was 5 minutes!
    Professional medical personnel. Took time to talk to me.

  63. rockstar zaimat 2023/03

    Quickly called for service and I highly recommend this facility at woodman

  64. Maria S 2023/03

    Friendly service across the board. I’ve been here twice and each time recieved timely, friendly and helpful care!

  65. Angela Hendricks Art 2023/03

    I felt well accommodated during my visit. The physicians and staff were friendly and took excellent care of me. My wait time was short.

  66. Marjorie Valentine 2023/02

    My experience was very positive. I love going to this Patient First (Woodman) because everyone is very professional and friendly. Lora, the nurse, has been there for approximately 16 years. She always smiles and makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. Kudos to ALL the staff for doing a stellar job.
    M. Valentine

  67. Nabila Nanji 2023/02

    Excellent and thorough consultation with doctors.

  68. Dorothy Holland 2023/02

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Clean facility.

  69. S campbell 2023/02

    I was in an out in about an hour. Everyone was courteous and explained what they were doing and was glad to answer my questions. Great first impression!

  70. Indig. E Nous 2023/02

    Excellent efficient thoughtful service. Best Patient First I’ve been to & they return phone calls pronto! Thank you staff!

  71. Soudabeh Tazh 2023/02

    A professional team working together under one roof. 🥰 …

  72. TanzieeB 2023/02

    This was the worst experience I’ve ever had at this patient first. I chose the option to wait in my car because I have a terrible cough and didn’t want anyone in the waiting room uncomfortable. I had to register twice because they claim they called me 4 times and left voicemails. I did not receive a call or a voicemail. And I know they have the right number because I got the text messages telling me my visit numbers, 383 and 388. They wouldn’t admit that they called the wrong number. They just kept saying it was going straight to voicemail. My voicemail isn’t even set up so my phone would not have allowed them to leave 4 voicemails. I spent over 3 hours at patient first today and an hour of it was waiting to get registered. The staff up front are rude. The receptionist is VERY rude and kept cutting me off when I was trying to speak. Maybe this is just the service you get going to patient first on a Saturday. The doctor was great and so was the nurse. I had a long wait in the treatment area but had no problem with that. As soon as I saw the doctor, I was diagnosed and treated. The front staff will be the downfall of this place and it’s a shame.

  73. Yolanda Taylor 2023/01

    The staff which we interacted with were all great. We chose to sit in our vehicle to wait our turn vs the waiting area as there were quite a few people and we could not socially distance. The wait time was long but again, there were a lot of people there. If there is an opportunity for the waiting area to be expanded, it should be considered.

  74. Laurie 2023/01

    My whole visit was very efficient I waited in my car and they called me when they were ready. Staff was courteous and professional

  75. Karen Fox 2023/01

    My visit went very well. Everyone was friendly and professional.

  76. Daniel Killian 2023/01

    Fast and efficient.

  77. Larry 2023/01

    Staff was professional and took time to answer questions. Wait time good

  78. Cassidy Jesmer 2023/01

    Arrived at 5 and was finally seen at 7:30. I had a couple problems I was wanting to address (one including chest pain) but Dr. Molloy told me I had to choose one because they close soon. I understand long wait times, it was 5pm and people were getting off work including myself. I expected to have to wait. What I did not expect was to have that held against me and not be treated properly. I told the woman at registration that I needed to be tested for a condition that runs in my family, which requires blood work. No one informed Molloy of this and she seemed very irritated that I brought it up. She couldn’t tell me how much the blood work would cost or if my insurance would even cover any part of it. She sent me home with a bunch if medications but never addressed the actual problems i was having. This place is run like a business and not a doctors office treating sick people.

  79. F & R Production 2023/01

    I’m still here from 2.5 hrs with my wife they just waited us for no reason, 1 hr out side and 1.5 hrs they Call inside in room and Lady Dr came and tell us coming in few Minutes but she came after 1hr , this is not fare and there was not too much patients, very disappointed ☹️


  80. Eden Astleford 2023/01

    The wait was about an hour and 45 minutes and I had another appointment to make it to two hours after I arrived today. The nurse was fantastic and explained I was second to next to be called back to an exam room. She was so understanding and told me to let her know if I had to leave. I made it back to the exam room but I was about to walk out because it was getting close to the time I had to be at the vet. My cat has a strange lump and the deposit was expensive and non refundable. The doctor was so understanding and quickly checked me out then thoroughly explained what he thought was the cause of my ear pain. He even showed me a diagram of the inner ear while explaining. He sent in a couple prescriptions in case but recommended a few things for me to try at home first. I made it to the vet 8 minutes late but everything worked out. I was very impressed by the staff. My doctor today was Dr. Left Tong at Patient First Woodman Rd. Thank you so much for your consideration of my time even though it isn’t your problem and still going above and beyond to explain and treat my problem!! Truly felt heard. A+ to the nurse as well, I wish I could remember her name!

  81. Chris Pennington 2023/01

    I feel the staff was very professional and friendly. They were very helpful in all aspects. They were prompt and made sure to ask multiple times before I left if I could be assisted in any other way. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of their services

  82. Ashely Nicole 2023/01

    Overall, a good experience. I would visit again and/or recommend friends and family in the area.

  83. mz monika 2023/01

    It was my first time visiting and I will say everyone that helped assist me were very polite. They saw me in a timely manner. I would absolutely come back.

  84. Sherry Sorrell 2023/01

    The wait was minimal and the staff was very helpful, kind, and friendly, and most of all professional p. Already recommended to several friends!

  85. Mason 2023/01

    Honestly a trash place to go for any help. Wife went in with a few different things wrong and the Barbara Molloy told her to choose one to focus on because it’s 7:30 and they close at 8 (we got there at 5). So she just needs to choose one. Basically brushed over all of the symptoms and prescribed some random muscle relaxers. Didn’t listen to anything she said and just wanted to push us through the door. No real help was given and basically just told her she hurts because she works.

  86. Laura Cooper 2023/01

    Awesome experience! When you don’t feel well, patience becomes slim but the entire process was quick and seamless as always! This Patient First location has always operated under high standards!!!!

  87. Kris Edwards 2023/01

    This place is great. Walked in around 7 was out in an hour. I came in without my medical ID cards and the intake receptionist was so helpful and patient while I retrieved it from my chart. All the staff or professional and accommodating.

  88. Phil 2022/11

    It was fine. Wish they would’ve opened up the doors a little bit before 8 so I didn’t have to stand out in the cold, but the facility isn’t opened for business until 8 so I understand why I was waiting outside. Great visit otherwise.

  89. Joshua Ford 2022/11

    I’m sure there was a few challenges in getting the waiting time down with as many people as there were, but I feel that this branch did a fantastic job keeping it organized and fast. Thanks to all the staff for that!

  90. Ashley Young 2022/11

    We brought our 2.5 year old in after she fell and cut her forehead open. They were very prompt in looking at her and cleaning out the wound and a pediatrician came out to look at the wound and told us she would try to glue it.

    We waited awhile and finally a different provider came in and told us we needed to go to the ER for stitches. We informed him Dr. Malloy looked at her and said she’d try to glue it. So, they moved us to a different room where we waited for awhile.

    Dr. Malloy was great with our daughter and ended up being able to glue the wound. However, we were told that if she needed stitches they would not be able to do it as they do not have anything other than injectable lidocaine. This just seems ridiculous that an urgent care wouldn’t have a topical lidocaine product when they sell them in CVS!

    So, overall our experience with Dr. Malloy was five star, but making parents go to the ER and spend thousands of dollars because you don’t have basic first aid equipment is a little ridiculous.

  91. Tammy Davis 2022/11

    I was highly impressed how well this location handled the amount of patients. They were well organized, polite to customers- even when they weren’t , communicated clearly and specific.

  92. Khadijah Doe 2022/10

    I waited 2 hours for a ppd shot and the lobby staff where very rude.

  93. Diane 2022/10

    I have always had a good experience at Patient First. Mostly it has been for my kids but on Halloween night I needed stitches. The wait was fairly short and everyone was friendly. Their good humor helped me relax a bit. While I was sitting in the exam room I noticed a sign that said if you need anything let them know. A blanket, a drink, etc. There was a phone charger in the room. Nice.

  94. Candace Jeffery 2022/10

    I thank you for addressing my problem an will recommend you to everyone
    Very nice staff an doctor was very helpful

  95. Holly Dee 2022/10

    Receptionist, nurses and Dr were all equally accommodating, friendly and are great assets to your medical facility. Please recognize them for a job well done. They even used my name as I was finished with visit and was leaving. Just a fantastic team of people! Thank you a million times!

  96. Sarah Walker 2022/10

    I’m greatly appreciative of your medical treatment center. When I can’t get to the PCP I have, I have confidence in your treatment you offer. It’s so much quicker than the ER and more personable as well. Thumbs up!

  97. Yasaman Aghaeinejad 2022/10

    The young lady who did insurance at this location was kind and courteous. However, the 40 minute wait time when there was only 3-5 patients in the whole place was crazy. During the wait, we kept seeing the nurses and doctors walking around talking to each other about their personal lives instead of seeing patients. I’ve had good experiences at this location before but the wait time here is historically long, even when not busy.

  98. Jan Williamson 2022/10

    First time here and they were fantastic! All the staff was very nice and very efficient! Highly recommend!

  99. Tracy Wilson 2022/10

    This place was extremely clean with little wait time and very professional staff. I was also able to get the referrals I need it to other doctors from Patient First. I would advise anyone who cannot get a doctor’s appointment or does not have a family doctor to please utilize Patient First, it’s necessary for good health.

  100. Terry Cason 2022/09

    Dr. Andrew Kolb was the only one that could calm me down while I was having a heat related incident coupled with a panic attack!

  101. Iron Mike 2022/09

    Happy and I was care for both times I was there..excellent nurses and doctors. Thank you

  102. Taylor Stalnaker 2022/09

    Staff was extremely rude and treated me like I was an inconvenience. The receptionist was very disrespectful. I won’t be returning.

  103. p m 2022/09

    The doctor gave no advice on how to get better, no dianogisis, and no medicine. Ran two tests and both came back negative (covid and strep). I clearly have some type of bacterial infection in my throat. After this experience, I am deeply disappointed and very agitated. I am clearly going to be charged for my visit, but I received no care. And I clearly did not have covid so that was a wasted test.

  104. Alyna Banks 2022/09

    Wouldn’t come back wouldn’t recommend. Sat for an hour waiting on a drug test to get told it can’t happen over a last name issue. But the lady at the front desk didn’t say anything. Once in the back is when they refused tried to compare my life to theirs but that didn’t help the situation gave me different information saying they needed to call my company but then I needed to call. Made it seem like we were doing the test by saying I just need to let someone know to still have me leave. If your hurt, about to expire, need a drug test ANYTHING don’t come here I promise it’s not worth it. Read the other reviews if you don’t believe me. I will he going elsewhere for my drug test because here is anything but put together

  105. Patricia McKerns 2022/09

    My daughter called to get a doctor’s note at 830 am. Had to leave a VM. No one returned her call. So, she called again at 153. The nurse took her information and said would give it to the doctor and call when ready. At 545, SHE called again and was disconnected. Tried again and was told it wasn’t done. She was told they were too busy to tell the doctor before he left that she needed a note. So now she is in trouble with her job and has to wait a whole nother day to see if she can get it. what ashame you can’t get a simple note written in 1 day. I hope meds aren’t handled this way.

  106. J.A.Z _D.M.K 2022/09

    Thank you to the Patient 1st staff that helped me.

  107. Mimi Ilieva 2022/09

    The doctors at this location are great. However their billing department is absolutely atrocious. They’ve been sending my bill to someone? Not sure who? But definitely not my insurance since the insurance has said they STILL haven’t received a claim and my appointment was 11/1/2021. Visiting is not worth the headache dealing with billing. Go to your doctor instead.

  108. Ali Saleh 2022/09

    Staff from nurses to doctors are very nice and polite, front desk people are a hit or miss. The worst part is the waiting time, I been to this location for 6 times so far and average wait time was 3-5hrs. They only have 2 doctors at each shift. Waiting time makes you more sick.

  109. Arion 2022/08

    Fast, patient friendly. The doctor would let you know exactly what is going on and the way to ease you from the problem. No more extra time to spend on waiting or other paperwork.

  110. Tom Corcoran 2022/08

    Patient Last. Go elsewhere for your DOT physical. Wait time wasn’t bad and initial contact with PA was fine. Communication for some follow up tests was time consuming, frustrating and worst of all inaccurate. If you leave a message do not expect a call back within 24 hours, my callback NEVER
    came. The nurses try their best but “I think that’s right” or “Yes, that sounds right “ is not an adequate response to a very important,specific and seemingly simple question. When pressed, they checked with someone I presumed knew the correct answer and came back with totally inaccurate information. Don’t bother requesting a callback from your actual practitioner. A ONE MINUTE conversation with her would have given me the correct information. I give them credit for correcting the situation in the end but not without my STRONG vocal insistence.
    Many parts of our medical system are broken. Many of our medical personnel are more concerned with covering their a** and squeezing every last penny out of their schedules to feed corporate profits at the expense of patient care. Patient First? In many ways our medical system is becoming PATIENT LAST. (And don’t even get me started on our health insurance system!)

  111. Kelli Bergmann 2022/08

    I love how fast they are here. Also everyone is very friendly and professional. The doctors are empathetic and actually listen to what you’re saying.

  112. Lisha Lou 2022/08

    I felt like the overall staffing cared about my well-being. They did everything they could to figure out what was wrong with my knee.
    It was a very good vibe..everyone seemed like they like doing what they do. It was a good experience other than the issue that I had a bum knee.
    I would recommend This place to other people.

  113. Chris Jackson 2022/08

    The doctor was extremely rude and snarky with comments about my vaccination status. I do not remember the “Doctors” name but he was the only male doctor working on 1/01/2022 PM shift older Caucasian male I’d say early 60’s late 50’s. I’m extremely disappointed in the pushy suggestive way that he handled our brief encounter.

  114. Berley Woolridge 2022/08

    Wait time was short. Registration fast. Both physician and medical assistant did a wonderful job asking specific questions that helef them to conclude how to be treated effectively.

  115. Jessica Bero 2022/08

    Here it is JANUARY 2022 & I am still TRYING to sort out a billing issue from June-July 2021. Being that registration did not enter my daughters insurance information correctly, my credit card (she made me put on file- or my CHILD would not be seen) was charged OVER the LIMIT. Not only has this messed up my balance with my credit card- but MY CREDIT SCORE also! I have contacted PF, the insurance co, and the credit card company… NOTHING can happen until PATIENT FIRST send the BILL to the INSURANCE CO! Of course PF sent a bill with the WRONG NAME so it was DENIED the first time. ITS BEEN MONTHS!!! I am tired of being on HOLD and I am tired of being told 60 days! THIS IS AFFECTING MINE & MY CHILDS LIVES- We planned on (I worked HARD to BUILD my credit) buying a house early this year. Cant really do that when my credit score DROPPED 100+ points….

  116. Acts 1915 2022/07

    Rude staff, for the 3rd time. Giving this place a pass.

  117. Farah Khan 2022/07

    Always very nice polite and helpful.

  118. Marquita Williams 2022/07

    Slow slow service

  119. ELIZABETH HOFER 2022/07

    I went in as my doctor I normally see was off this week and they were fully booked with the only doctor who was there at the medical practice. I arrived at Patient First on Woodman and there was little wait for the registration and same with going back to get seen. Everyone was professional, friendly and welcoming. The doctor and staff really explained everything they were doing along the way. I was given antibiotics and sent on my way with everyone wishing me well. I would recommend them if your in need for any medical situation and your doctor is not available. Thank you for the wonderful help/service!

  120. Lillian J. “Lillie or Judie” Vazquez 2022/06

    In Patient First?, There is a wonderful doctor. I recommend them to anyone! I always take wonderful experiences with me when I go to Patient First. The staff is incredibly friendly and professional. Excellent Services!

  121. Casey Royer 2022/06

    Don was fantastic! Most gentle strep and covid tests I’ve ever experienced. He was very thorough in explaining everything he was doing and did so with patience and great care. Thank you, Don!

  122. Roger Cordle 2022/06

    When you go to a medical facility for sinus congestion that is quickly moving into the chest, it would seem a minimal standard that an M.D. would take a look in the nose and throat. Especially after the Covid, Flu, & Strep tests come back negative. Fail. No, look, no relief, no meds, no help.
    I did receive a follow up call the next morning with the idea that another DR would look into it and get back with me. Almost 6 hours later a nurse calls stating a DR wants me to return for a “re-assessment”.
    I’m afraid if the M.D. will not entertain the basics, how can I trust them for a “re-assessment? How long is a patient expected to be sick before the M.D. deems there may be more needed than a “teaspoon of honey” and BP advise?

  123. Adam Ballantyne 2022/06

    Overall great experience. Came here to have some glass removed from my foot, I arrived around 4 PM as a walk – in, signed in, and was able to wait in my car until check in, and after check in, until the doctor was ready to see me. After getting vitals, I worked with an X Ray technician who honestly did not have a good attitude whatsoever, very off – putting experience, but working with the doctor? Man, I don’t remember who she was, but she was one of the best I’ve ever worked with, extremely knowledgable regarding my situation, located the glass easily, and was able to take it out without a fuss. X Ray technician aside, this place treated me very well, and thank you Dr for your help!

  124. Nita Work At Home 2022/05

    Waited more than 2hours , left and came back and the wait time was still more than an hour. Frustrating! Luckily it was a follow up for my eye and I will try another location.

  125. Debbie Reynal 2022/05

    The staff was very thorough an informative. I appreciated the doctor’s advice and suggestions.

  126. Jenypher Jackson 2022/05

    Took great care of me!!

  127. Trinece 2022/05

    Everyone had amazing customer service skills! Definitely will be returning to this one if I ever need to. Carytown PF could learn a thing or 2 from this location.

  128. Jennifer Anderson 2022/05

    It was the best experience I’ve every had at a Patient First. Every one was extremely kind and helpful.

  129. doreen villalpando 2022/05

    They are the gold standard of patient care.

  130. Makeda Smith 2022/04

    I came to this location and completed registration at 1:46 PM with an automated SMS providing me with a link to look at the visitor tracker as I chose to wait in the car and was told staff would call me to go into the treatment center. After waiting in the car until 2:44 PM my instinct prompted me to go inside and ask for an ETA. After an hour, I was advised I was not in the system at all as a visitor waiting. I then had to register all of my information again as I did at 1:46 PM. Extremely disappointed, frustrated, while not feeling my best at all I calmed myself down from becoming belligerent and extremely irate. I was done with my appointment at 4:00 PM and given antibiotics for my sore throat with no diagnosis. I received no apology nor reason as to what happened as if no one had the capacity to even care. I do not recommend this location.

  131. Cynthia Bruce 2022/04

    Patient First has been my PCP for many years. When I had Medicaid, I was urged to get a “real” PCP. I was not at all happy! I called my insurance this morning and switched back to Patient First. Best care ever!!!

  132. Tammy Bryan 2022/04

    I love this organization! Everyone is compassionate and kind and there is usually not a long wait AND they have their own pharmacy, so there is no need to make another trip to a pharmacy when you aren’t feeling well.

  133. Tracey Townsend 2022/04

    I was very pleased of the care recieved.

  134. Lachelle Moses 2022/04

    We spent 5 hours at the location because of the demand for COVID testing. We understood that we would have to wait for an extended time. The staff was awesome in spite of that. 2 emergency issues happened while we were there and ambulances were called. Yet the staff was professional and displayed awesome bedside manner to patients. They even resuscitated a man that had stopped breathing. So scary. It made the overall experience better knowing that they dealt with the demand and showed compassion, professionalism and still did their jobs. Kudos to ALL staff at that location.

  135. robert Rempfer 2022/03

    Took way to long. Doctor who I should have seen couldn’t do stitches. So several patients went ahead of me leading to a much longer wait time.

  136. Ibrahim Yagoub 2022/03

    Parham & Woodman..
    Two times they messed up with my claims,
    First time, i was there under work compensation; showed all paperwork from my supervisor, guess what, they didn’t even filled with my company! I ended up paying for collection agency, Brook me leg & arm.
    Then the second time, they filled my claims under wrong category and my insurance denied the wrong claims, so i ended up paying almost $600,00
    They need to hire professionals, but for me it’s time to do my business somewhere else.

  137. Kathy Fisher 2022/03

    I had a long wait (in my car) but that was to be expected with everything going on The staff was very professional and personable! I went there because I was sick for a week and felt short of breath for awhile. It didn’t take very long for tests and x-rays but the PA took her time explaining everything. Thanks to them I found out I have a small patch of pneumonia and am being treated with antibiotics. Thank you for all your help!

  138. C G 2022/03

    Don’t go here. They will tell you to wait in your car and watch the counter on your phone, but after literally 7 patients had been treated after my number I decided to go in and see why they hadn’t called me back. There was literally almost no body in the previously crowded waiting room, everyone had gone including people who came in after me. Now, my problem is severe as I was bleeding from a UTI that I went to this patient first for about 2 weeks prior and it never went away. They lied to me and said they “didn’t forget me” but they “triaged so it looked like I was skipped but I wasn’t skipped” (keep in mind no one is in the waiting room so big fat lie from the receptionist and the medical staff). Not professional, not helpful, liars at best.

  139. Chris S 2022/03

    I came in for a routine once yearly health exam. I had my prescriptions transferred and WHAM now I’m hit with a big bill because this was coded differently. I specifically spoke with the nurse who assured me this would only be coded for the physical. Not Happy and will dispute this. I even called a few days after to get this corrected. Patient first claimed they were unable to change the code and could update it. Nothing of course. Your billing department Just empty ears and people trying to get off the phone asap….

  140. Amanda DeGrouchy 2022/03

    Jason James,PA-C is the absolute best. He truly cares about every single patient he sees. All the staff there is very good and very nice as well.

  141. Faith Barbour 2022/03

    The Patient First staff did a great job on servicing patients on Christmas Day. Although, it was a bit of a wait, we were able to get accommodated.

  142. Michael Gnat 2022/03

    I find Patient First a great place to start when experiencing physical difficulties. Their staff and physicians are well versed in the many issues they confront on a daily basis and have total trust in their diagnosis.

  143. Kiki Sama 2022/03

    There was a little bit of a long wait time but it was to be expected due to the holiday. The doctor was able to see me within an hour and be able to give me the medicine I need to combat the pain that I was experiencing that was just enough to get me to my dentist appointment on Monday and now I feel great

  144. phillip panchyshyn 2022/02

    Woodman Road location was great. Had me in, tested and out. Doctor was great. All staff friendly and efficient.

  145. Yvonne Lawson 2022/02

    MD Barbara L. Molly was rude and unprofessional.

  146. Trinity Bleu 2022/02

    I called In at 9pm to try to get a DOT physical as required by my employer which was needed tomorrow I got in at 945 at 950 the dot physician booted me from the establishment. If I could give less stars I would for a walk in center. Especially since I called ahead to squeeze in an appointment before arriving.

  147. Tricia Norris 2022/02

    Everyone was so helpful despite having a full waiting room and cars outside. They had a great attitude and we even had a few laughs. I’ll return to this location for sure!

  148. Rachel Moore 2022/02

    I recently went to Patient First in January to get tested for Covid. The wait was extremely long, however a couple of days ago, I got a letter from Patient First. I thought it was going to be a bill or something, but no! It was a letter from the CEO apologizing that my wait to get tested was so long. I really appreciated that letter and it was such a simple gesture. Company is going in the right direction. Thank you Patient First.

  149. Gayle Lewis 2022/02

    Quick and efficient. Staff very pleasant and helpful

  150. Hat Thein 2022/02

    I normally do not review places like hospitals, Patient First, Etc. But I do want to give a shout out to the Patient first at Woodman Road off Parham, for their amazing staff, the speed that they got me in took x-rays, EKG, blood, urine and then they give you a detailed report of each item. I was in and out in an hour and a half which is pretty amazing when you’re going to a doctor, hospital or treatment facility like Patient First. This place did their job and went above and beyond. Thank you to the staff and doctors. Hat

  151. Jessica Marie 2022/02

    I have used the location many times. Yesterday, they were {naturally} very busy. Upon arrival, I was immediately warned that there was a 2 hour wait before I’d even be registered. The lady at the front desk made sure to kindly set that expectation for everyone who walked into the door. During my wait in the lobby, I was so impressed at how she kept her lively, joyful, kind demeanor with every interaction. That 2 hours was approximately correct, and once I was registered it really wasn’t long until I was taken back, and taken care of. Dr. Jenna Wingard was helpful, efficient, and caring.

  152. Angie Minor 2022/01

    Yes, I did have to wait a long time but that was totally expected with all the COVID testing going on. They have a very safe protocol with check-in and waiting. I chose to wait in my car, they call your phone when it’s time to come in. Staff was very professional and nice. Very good experience. Would visit again if have to.

  153. Alissa Thorell 2022/01

    Everyone at this location was kind and courteous. Unfortunately, there was a combination of too many people for too few staff which led to it taking four hours for my sick child to be seen. I am thankful for the kindness of the staff but I would not recommend going to this location if you are in a hurry or have young children who are sick.

  154. Cathryne Novak 2022/01

    I went in with an oxygen of 55 and they saved my life.

  155. Julie Ballard 2022/01

    The staff was great and despite the volume of patients, I was registered quickly. The covid uptick definitely caused longer wait times, but Patient First is taking walk-ins, which very few urgent care facilities are doing. My visit was non-covid related so having a reliable facility to visit was vital.

  156. mary meagui 2021/12

    hoy fui al doctor, en la woodman rd. cuando voy a esa clinica, me gusta que me atienda, la doctora Pamela Gwathmey, o el doctor Jason James, para mi son muy buenos y atentos, siempre buscando y ayudandote haciendote preguntas sobre la visita, hoy 24 de julio, me sentia mal y no estaban ni la senora Pamela, ni el senor Jason, me miro uno que se llama Navdeep Uppal, mi primer idioma es el espanol, y hubo algo que no le entendi, se enojo y al contestarme cambio su tono de voz a molesto, la segunda vez trate de explicarle lo que el me pregunto, y se molesto con mi respuesta, y suspiro como cuando uno se enoja para agarrar aire, y se daba unos golpecitos con la cabeza en el mueble donde esta la computadora, me sentia tan mal de ver eso, sentia que que me estaba atendiendo gratis, y la senora Pamela y el senor Jason, son tan lindos, tan amables, me tienen paciencia y si no les entiendo, me repiten las cosas a modo que las entienda, ojala todos fueran como ellos de profesionales

  157. Phoenix Sage 2021/11

    Everyone was both professional and friendly. The property was super clean and supplies masks and hand sanitizer.

  158. Courtney Holmes 2021/11

    For the tough time that everyone is going through with the spread of COVID-19, the staff at patient first handled my testing and my concerns perfectly. The medical staff set me up with reasonable expectations from the beginning to the end and I do not have a single complaint. The Woodman location has consistently been the most professional medical staff I have had the pleasure of using at any Patient First facility!

  159. Janis Rosenberg 2021/11

    Great group of people – very personable and knowledgeable. Took time to explain things. Thank you!


    Definitely the best experience I have ever had in a medical facility. From the time I checked in til checkout everything was amazing. Check in was quick, pleasant and informative. My nurse was just amazing!! She is very knowledgeable about practices she really cares for her patients. I also really enjoyed my PA-C. He was a joy to speak with. He was thoughtful and encouraging while extremely helpful with suggestions in my goal of a healthier life..Did I say this process was smooth? Very smooth and quick. In these COVID times I was very surprised a visit could be this amazing..5stars!!!! Thanks to the Patient First Woodman team. I will be back!!!!

  161. Donna Bailey 2021/11

    The staff was very caring and professional when I had to get my COVID testing done!! Very efficient too!!

  162. Marilynn Vaughan 2021/10

    Very professional treatment. Turnaround time was prompt and efficient. Physician, nurse, and registration representative were kind and professional.

  163. Danny Carroll 2021/10

    Very professional, polite staff and the facility was very sanitary and instructions to navigate it were clear for my covid-19 test. In and out. Glad to have this place close to home.

  164. Sara R. 2021/10

    Went in on Monday which was a holiday and the place was packed! Too many folks with the flu (and I just needed something minor) so I went back the next day and only 2 people ahead of me! In and out in no time. Just don’t go on a holiday!

  165. Dana Clark 2021/10

    Quick and thorough service. Everyone very nice!

  166. Sara Tredway 2021/10

    Your doctor felt the need to give me paper work about being overweight when I came in for concerns of being sick. My weight had nothing to do with the reason I was there and I will NEVER return to this medical practice again. If I could leave them with no stars I would bc this place has such low standards for care.

  167. Naomi 2021/10

    First time in years going there so I didn’t know where to sign in had to figure it out why I gave 4 stars but other than that they did a great job

  168. Angel Montgomery 2021/10

    Everyone was very; professional, nice, caring, passionate and on point. I recommend people to come. The facility is very clean. Thanks for everything!!

  169. David Snead 2021/10

    Claims to have rapid covid-19 available. Only after test is administered hours later do they tell you they cannot offer you a rapid covid-19 test. Deceptive.

  170. Rebecca McCown 2021/10

    I’ve seen Jason James twice and he is fantastic. Communicates in a way that makes it easy to understand and he comes in with a calmness and happiness about him, which is reassuring when something is wrong. Highly recommend him!!

    Wait is always long here, which is to be expected with Covid and such, but receptionists and all healthcare workers are super nice and friendly. Never had a problem.

  171. Monica Dudley 2021/10

    Everyone was so helpful and friendly. I was in and out in no time!

  172. Phillip Lang 2021/09

    My experience was very straight forward. I appreciated the feedback I got about everything I talked about that day, and from the results of the xrays, etc. I very much appreciate the impersonal dialogue but still retaining warmth.

  173. Cristina Detres 2021/09

    I came in for a drug test and had to wait in a waiting room with multiple Covid positive people. There should be a section for healthy people in the waiting room. I felt very unsafe and insecure.

  174. Melissa Meadows 2021/09

    I came to this location for a covid test upon first being made aware of a possible exposure, also exhibiting symptoms of an increasing cough, fatigue, and muscle aches. I was told it was an hour and a half wait, I walked in about 2hrs and 15 min into waiting to find I was ironically being called in at that exact moment.

    I then sat in a room after the lovely woman took my vitals, gave me my rapid test, and I was left to wait.

    After 20 min of waiting, a different physicians assistant, the apparent one who physically processed my test, comes in to tell me that the 1 in 5000 chance that the test kit was faulty happens to be what is going on with My test….”it’s insufficient” -probably from the way you processed the sample.

    Her bedside manner then proceeded to try to control the situation in such a poor manner, that she completely misconstrued the comment I made about the fact that I, as a patient, do not have to divulge the politics of my job or how I go about my covid safety procedures to anyone in the room, because the integrity of my actions have zero involvement with the medical staff who’s job it is to open the swab package, let me do the swab, and take it in and process it in a machine with some liquids- that’s why I was there.

    The nurse that came in after her, I addressed the lack of appreciation I had for the experience just before her with the condescending/patronizing tone and attitude of the physician’s assistant.

    I then walked out without having any other tests done because the nurse wanted to try to control the situation and again try to speak to me as if I was not allowed to express the criticism of the fact that the PA literally overstepped a personal boundary of respect.

    Maybe picking patient first for a considerable gesture to have a test out of Courtesy for my profession was my mistake, but maybe patient first shouldn’t hire bottom of the barrel rejects who have garbage bedside manner to try to make non medical judgements on their patients instead of maybe just doing their job. Just a suggestion.

  175. Angela Cameron Robinette 2021/09

    Staff is awesome! I emailed a question i had about my labs, and in less than an hour I received a phone call explaining my lab results. A phone call!! I give them a solid A+

  176. Kate Chorney 2021/08

    The receptionist who checked me in was quick, efficient, and friendly. The sign-in computer system was efficient, and I liked that I could wait in my car and receive a call to come inside. Good social distancing was practiced in the waiting room. Once brought to the back, my TB test was completed quickly, and I was informed how to get the results. Total wait time was about two hours.

  177. Rachael Thomas 2021/08

    Overall the experience was great. I got checkin right away and was able to be seen by doctor. The wait time was more than I wanted. But with me and my 3 girls getting tested for COVID a long than usually wait time was expected. I would definitely recommend patient first to anyone who needs urgent care.

  178. J Michele Holmes 2021/08

    I was pleased with the treatment that I received today from all staff interactions. It was a very positive experience. I will continue to visit Patient First for all of my Primary Care needs.

  179. Ron Brooks 2021/08

    Patient First charged me $212.34 for nothing. I went in to be seen for illness. The Doctor came in a spent 2 minutes with me. No test or anything. I very unhappy with the out come. I filled a dispute and they said they were going to investigate it and don’t pay the invoice. Months later. The said the found nothing and charged me a late fee. They didn’t investigate anything. They just put it off and say they did to please someone. Very unhappy on this particular day and with customer service center.

  180. Michael Early 2021/08

    The PA Jason James was great! He started me on antibiotics and my dentist was very complimentary about his insight on what the underlying issue was. I have seen my dentist and will be going to a specialist since a root canal is in my future. Thanks for the great service!

  181. terry woody 2021/08

    Jenna does a great job explaining things & listens to my issues!
    The rest of the staff does a great job also.

  182. Joseph Maltby 2021/08

    The staff are efficient and helpful, but the wait times are pretty long for an urgent care.

  183. Steven 2021/08

    Awesome service like always. Yea you might have to wait but at least WE have the opportunity to have these kinds of services. Thank you

  184. Joan Robertson 2021/08

    With concerns about the COVID-19 virus, I was a little nervous going to Patient First. But, to my surprise I found a safe environment, everyone wore masks, all staff members were very helpful and attentive. I highly recommend Patient First for urgent care. Great nurses and doctors!

  185. Jamie Brooks 2021/08

    I went in because I have the flu. The doctor was great the nurse who took my vitals wasn’t so great I don’t think its a good idea for her to talk about politics while caring for a patient especially one who felt awful and was so scared it was covid. Very unprofessional

  186. Cynthia Fussell 2021/08

    Nice fast courteous service.

  187. Carla Berry 2021/08

    This visit was the best I’ve ever had at Patient First. Each staff member that I came in contact with was kind and compassionate when I was feeling terrible. The facility was clean and odor free and there was not a long wait for any of the services provided

  188. DayZ Auto Body Inc. 2021/07

    You guys are awesome love you all thank you for taking care of me 💘 always making me feel welcome 😊 …

  189. Andrea Torres 2021/07

    Exceptional service!..Everyone was very professional, courteous and efficient. I highly recommend the one on Parham Rd. location. They are great!

  190. Erin Hill 2021/07

    Every person I interacted with from start to finish, was incredibly kind and considerate, which was especially meaningful as I was in pain. Thank you!

  191. Wendy Nguyen 2021/07

    Super accommodating and transparent of the whole process, and made me feel welcome and safe.

  192. Oletha Calhoun 2021/07

    There were way too many people waiting inside and too warm.

  193. Valerie Robinson 2021/07

    I was in and out in less than an hour. The staff were amazing and pleasant.

  194. Peter B 2021/07

    Long wait for them to call us in for billing info of existing patient. Afterwards, we were given estimated 30 minute wait, gave phone number which was printed on receipt, took 70 minutes then they called a number on our account instead of the one we provided to tell us they are ready. Extremely frustrating.

  195. Keisha Winston 2021/07

    The staff was very friendly and the wait wasn’t long at all. Also was very clean and sanitary, thanks!

  196. Cecelia Price-Jones 2021/06

    Liked that they had a clean pen section and a used pen section. Also an option to wait in the car until called. Felt very comfortable when I saw staff had 2 masks on.

  197. Elsie Handy 2021/06

    Extremely helpful, went to the wrong Patient First, and they took me in and got my COVID test done, when I was the one who inconvenienced them. It was great!

  198. Kay Hatch 2021/06

    The paperwork piece went by rather quickly, I didn’t really have to wait in the waiting room. I didn’t favor my recall information being read aloud by the intake specialist as visitors in the waiting room could possibly hear my information. Dr. Tong was helpful. My wait time after meeting him was a bit long as I was only in to take one test. I’m not sure if there was a lot of visitors already in back or not which could’ve played a part in that time. Once I was seen it went very quick.

  199. Foster Nost 2021/06

    Been a few times. Have to wait for several hours at multiple locations for minor services. Always slow, crowded, and understaffed. Will not be returning.

  200. Eric Hartman 2021/06

    Staff is always prompt an VERY courteous. Jenna is attentive and listens to the needs of her patients and is very caring and thorough. Every visit was a good experience. Thank you for taking the time to care about your patients as people and individuals and not as numbers.

  201. Kendra 2021/05

    Patient First was the third such practice I visited yesterday. The first and second urgent care centers were open only for COVID-19 testing and did not accept my insurance, respectively. So, I arrived to Patient First in tremendous pain AND exasperated. My experience was wonderful! Facilities were clean, and all employees, from the front desk to phlebotomy, to x-ray, my provider, the nurse who administered my injection,… everyone was fantastic. Kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and provided excellent care. Loved the convenience of having my prescriptions filled there, rather than having to find an open pharmacy, make an additional stop, too. Would recommend Patient First and more specifically, this Patient First location, to anyone in need of urgent outpatient medical care.

  202. Rachelle A 2021/05

    Even though I was late for my COVID test appointment, I was still tested and everyone was really nice to me. The entire process was convenient and executed flawlessly. I would come back to this location again and would recommend it to others.

  203. Tara T 2021/05

    Every staff member with whom I interacted was both professional and friendly. I felt everyone was competent in their job and also enjoyed it. I was seen and treated in adequate time. Best urgent care facility I have ever visited.

  204. Zema Urmantseva 2021/04

    I am very unhappy with the service I got at Patient First. I spent more than 2 hours in the waiting room and then inside just to get my covid test. In 2 weeks I received notification that they charged my credit card in the amount of $359. I assume they didn’t bill my insurance company but even if they did, the covid test shouldnt cost that much. I would never go back again.

  205. monica redwood 2021/04

    This location is alway professional and friendly. I’m always satisfied when I visit.

  206. P. Martinez 2021/04

    You guys are like angels. I have never gotten a service like I received in Patient First at Woodman Rd.
    Unbelievable! The name is exactly what you guys do “Patient First”
    Thanks a lot, specially to Ms Jo & Mr Jason. What a marvelous way to empathize with people.

  207. Ashby Seay 2021/04

    Sorry excuse for a doc in a box

  208. Debra Martin 2021/04

    I arrived at Patient First with heart palpitations, resulting in a trip to the emergency room. I was treated with respect and efficiency from the time I arrived and appreciate that kind of treatment, as I was very concerned about my situation. I am one of those people who will wait things out as long as possible before I seek help. I was reassured by PF staff that I had done the right thing, and if I were to have another event like the one I experienced this past week, I would not wait as long to receive treatment.

  209. Bukuru Vivine 2021/04

    The waiting time is very long and I think something need to be done about it.

  210. Rengasamy Soman (Renga) 2021/03

    This hospital has some facilities and will communicate with patients fabulous

  211. Bailey Seale 2021/03

    I had a wonderful experience at the Woodman PF. Dr. Pamela Gwathney started me on an antibiotic and the told me just how to take it for less stomach problems. She also suggested I take a probiotic while I’m taking the antibiotic. I felt she really cared and wanted to help.

  212. Kayla Billadeau 2021/03

    I have loved my visit there! The PA that saw me was very kind, listened to my concerns and even remembered me from when I brought my daughter in and asked about her. I felt well taken care of and things were explained very well to me. Thank you!!

  213. kris krogulecki 2021/03

    Great representative checking us in. Quick and informative. The doctor assistance was also quick and set expectations of our visit. The Dr. provided clear explanation of the issue and plenty of take home knowledge and material.

  214. Jeff Bunn 2021/03

    I’ve been helped here for many years and have always had a positive experience. Thank you!

  215. Khori Peacock 2021/02

    The team at Woodman, were amazing. I was in so much pain, their kindness and attentiveness made it bearable. I am grateful.

  216. Shannan Hitchens 2021/02

    I came here Wednesday December 23rd. I was having allergy like symptoms weird taste in my mouth and my smell was a little off. I was there for like 3hrs, but I understood that because it was kind of crowded. I waited in my car until they called me in. They finally called me in, the nurse asked me what was going on and of course I told her. She then says “The doctor may test you for covid because you have covid like symptoms”. The doctor comes in ask what’s going on, I tell him and he prescribes medication for me so I’m like okay great, I’m glad I don’t have to get tested for covid. I then leave from Richmond to travel to my home state for the holidays still not feeling well so I go to the Patient first here I told them my symptoms and they tested me right on the spot and my test came back Positive. So instead of you all rushing just to get people out, take the time to actually see what’s going on with people!! I wasted money on prescriptions I didn’t even need. Normally it’s great customer service here but not this day!!

  217. Ashley Pontier 2021/02

    Every time we come here we wait for hours. For something that shouldn’t take but 5 minutes. When I look out the room I see at least 5 people just sitting there. It’s ridiculous

  218. Timothy Grant (Tim) 2021/02

    Fantastic visit! Staff was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Will use PF in the future.

  219. Alvin Sherman 2021/01

    The entire staff is attentive, caring, and knowledgeable. Best care center in Virginia.

  220. Jacob Boyd 2021/01

    Refused to treat the daughter of my wife’s cousin who was visiting in town because her 1 year old daughter didn’t have an ID. She didn’t even ask for the mother’s ID. It is my suspicion that she wasn’t attended to because the mother didn’t speak English. She had a fever over 100 degrees. Went to a patient first a couple of miles away and we were attended.

  221. Jamie Watts 2021/01

    I spent $129.00 for nothing! The Dr told me I could have Covid-19. I was given a Covid-19 test and it came back negative. I still don’t know what’s wrong with me. I was not told what to do for my symptoms. I asked what to do and was told to get some rest. He gave me a note to stay out of work for two days, which I didn’t need. People can still get sick and have health problems other than COVID-19. I will not be back.

  222. Asia King 2021/01

    I would recommend people to this location. They were fast, very professional and quick with my results.

  223. Tina Monroe 2021/01

    I was wating for approximately 3 hours…Its not their fault. It was very busy. COVID-19.I already know. All of the employees handled it well.I commend and appreciate all of them..

  224. Angela Jacobs 2021/01

    Rush Rush Rush. No consideration for people time. I was trying to get an insurance card number from my insurer because my wallet was stolen and the receptionist rushed us so bad we left. You can be expeditious without being irritating and worrisome.

  225. Tom Douglas 2021/01

    I was pleased with the receptionist that took my information, she was nice and helpful. The nurse, who has been there for years equally efficient, listened to me and also helpful. I liked the Dr. She knew what she was doing and explained the best methods going forward.

    Everyone knows with all that’s going on it’s comforting to have knowledgeable and helpful medical professionals to help.


  226. Diane Worden 2020/11

    We normally have had good visits here, but today (7.17) was not that. Had been diagnosed with Mono and told to return every week to be retested until the test was negative…today was the one-week mark. Waited in the exam room for an hour before the dr. stopped by and did a brief physical exam and said “well you can go back to work…“ Don’t I need to be tested to be sure I am not contagious? “Well, that doesn’t really matter. I will give you three more days off work…you can come back Monday so I can release you.” Come back? Nope. We will go somewhere else!

  227. Sharon N Kasibante 2020/11

    Very great with patients

  228. Kevin Richmond (GopherSushi) 2020/11

    I had previously tried another urgent Care facility. Patient First greatly surpassed in speed, friendliness and care.

  229. Mablene Avery 2020/10

    Upon entering as usual the front desk is outstanding in responding and demonstrate excellent interactions with clients. The Nurse was exceptionally pleasant, but upon calling back two days later and speaking with the nurse about my concerns, I was informed someone will be calling me back. I never receive a call which pose a concern. As a healthcare provider I took care of my concerns. The PAC that I was seen by , order a cream for my itching discomfort, but with no relief. I was informed the itching should Immediately take care of the itch, but it did not work. That was a concern. I had never had any concern until my last visit. I am not sure if I feel comfortable returning, but it was my first bad experience. I had always recommended this patient first, now not sure.

  230. Nitra Archer 2020/10

    Coming in the last hour has been great both times that I’ve done it, but this visit I was in and out in record time! Everyone was polite and acted as if it was the beginning of their shift instead of the end.

  231. Mike Beene 2020/10

    There have been two follow up calls from the nurses checking on me. That is reassuring and for that I will continue to use the Woodman road location as my primary care!

  232. Kristin Danielson 2020/10

    Reception was immediate and we did paperwork very quickly. Very efficient. Wait time was longer than average, but understandable because there were several people with coughs and a lady who came in with chest pain.
    Staff, nurses, and Dr. Arnold were great!
    I liked that you had my records on file from the other Patient First location. Very convenient!

  233. Logan Fink 2020/09

    The staff was friendly and courteous, and the wait time was very short. Highly recommend!

  234. Renee Ls 2020/09

    GREAT QUALITY SERVICE, Awesome Experience. I was a walk-in patient here at Patient First located on Woodman Rd. On 07-23-20 @1200 . My attending physician was Dr Duncan I have to say he is one of the best skilled healthcare personnel I have encountered in my life. He was pleasant/ compassionate/ receptive and knowledgeable which are essential components when interacting with pt/clients/customers. During my visit Dr Duncan provided the appropriate solutions to my care concerns/needs. He also made it a priority to include me in my plan of care, which you dont see much in healthcare but he is golden, one of a kind. I was given comprehensive information regarding my baseline assessment, preventative measures, and the continuty of care needs. This is a clear and appropriate example of service excellence combined with patient-centered care. Impressive performance. You make Bettermed Urgent Care look like McDonalds while Patient First is more like Chick-fi-A

  235. Betty Johnson 2020/09

    The doctor that I had was great
    .Dr. Freida

  236. Mrs James Fredericksen 2020/08

    I had been using the same PCP for 20+ years. Because of his office and lack of communication with regard to refilling a prescription, I had to take him to the Patient First. The doc was kind, concerned, couldn’t believe what brought us there, and now we are changing from the old PCP to Patient First.

  237. D S 2020/08

    Horrible front desk personal, extremely rude. Much better service at other locations.

  238. Lbj Johnson 2020/08

    Warm blanket was wonderful! I felt well taken care of on a Friday night! All staff that I encountered provided excellent customer service!!!

  239. Donna Tinsley 2020/08

    They recognized that I was very ‘uncomfortable’ and immediately got me to a room where they could start treatment immediately. They were available at all times. They were very understanding and concerned. I couldn’t have been more pleased, though I’m certain I didn’t seem as appreciative because I felt so bad. Everyone was amazing!!

  240. Bill Warhop 2020/08

    I took a rollerblading spill and a few days later tweaked something in my back getting out of bed. I usually go to the VA hospital for care but given COVID-19, I wanted to avoid that place. Still, the VA nurse triage suggested I go to the ER or urgent care, so I went to Patient First. They would only let patients in, everyone wore masks, and everyone was kind and thorough. For the most part. They took x-rays of my ribs, and the nurse practitioner reviewed them and did a relatively cursory exam. They said that a radiologist would review the x-ray too and contact me if anything was amiss, and no one contacted me, so I guess I’m okay. Still not sure if they’re going to charge me a copay for insurance; they said I’d get a text if they did. No text yet. The place was dead which was GREAT given the current pandemic. I didn’t feel like it was risky being there at all.

  241. Steve Boschen 2020/08

    I’ve been using this Patient First location for years as my primary care physician. They are always professional and though, occasionally, the wait is a little longer than I would prefer, I have always appreciated the level of care I receive with every visit. The wait is, obviously, a little longer, sometimes ,because other patients feel as I do. Good job Patient First, Woodman Road in Richmond, Va.

  242. Ralph Daniel 2020/07

    Staff was very friendly and helpful especially the nurse who took my blood. I’m very bad with needles but she was so good that I never felt a pinch.

  243. Dee Lackey 2020/07

    This facility is very nice, respectful, and responsive to the patients needs. Dr. Keegan is the best doctor ever. I’ve been seeing him for more than 30 years. He is an old fashioned doctor who truly cares about his patients, their families, and their lives as well as their ailments! He’s what a good GP should be!

  244. Mary 2020/07

    Been waiting for an hour now with my son who needs stitches no one has checked on him yet, at this point I’m wishing I had taken him to the hospital, I will not be coming back here ever again. I don’t understand why they have all these rooms and only one doctor this sucks having to wait like this shame on you Patient First for not putting every patient you send back to be seen First you should consider changing your name to patient whenever. If I had the time and money I would find to bill you for my time. The doctor that saw my son was very nice and took care of my son but I’m still mad at the time it took for him to see us

  245. Holly Williams 2020/07

    The nurse that did my vitals was very rude and had no bebside manners an was very dismissive an she had a very nasty way about her

  246. Deborah Johnson 2020/07

    My experience at Woodmans Patient First was better than any of the PF I’ve been to.

  247. Barbara Johnson 2020/06

    As I entered I was greeted with a smile. Service was professional,,, questions were answered by physician with clarity and the decor of waiting rooms were bright and cheerful.
    Excellent service..

  248. angiee0 2020/06

    waiting for the longest the women who was getting our information was rude and harsh she wasn’t having it waited for like almost two hours but than the doctor came super nice very sweet no problems with him but other than that i don’t approve at all the song was making me fall asleep and couldn’t get the women’s name but she was front deck on the right she just wasn’t having it at all i didn’t like it just that women her attitude was not it .

  249. Sharon Broughton 2020/06

    It was a very busy day at Patient First on Woodman Road. The parking lot was absolutely full.but the waiting area was pretty calm and quiet. I found the staff to be very efficient, helpful and compassionate. I was in and out, with my medications in hand, in less than an hour, including getting the results of my lab tests. There was not one wasted effort or conversation. Sounds funny to say but I felt I was welcomed with great hospitality.

  250. Dale Facer 2020/06

    This facility was wonderful at one point. This is my third visit in the last six months, two of the three visits I have been in the facility for over two hours without being seen by a physician or updated as to when or if I would be seen. From now on I’m charging fifty dollars per hour when I go there. This is b.s.

  251. michael Karuri 2020/05

    Friendly workforce, keep it up.

  252. Tonya Reneé Fulcher 2020/05

    Initially I was a little perturbed that the Dr never once came in to introduce himself. Especially since it was my research of his work history and patient feed back that led me to want to establish a medical relationship with him. But… I was so pleased and happy with the care I received from the Physician assistant, Jason and the entire support staff that I gladly give them all 10’s! The young lady who did check in was lovely and answered my questions thoroughly. The initial nurse and phlebotomist were delightful. Yes! I know I sound like I’m hyping them up but I was really impressed. Do not sleep on Patient First (Woodman) when it comes to Primary Care.

  253. Jeff K. 2020/04

    I have had to go there several times on account of my employer (injury, random substance abuse testing, etc., etc.). It is convenient since it is not far from both my workplace and my home. The people working there are always pleasant and – usually – get me in and out in a reasonable amount of time.

  254. Chris H. Davis 2020/04

    I went in for a precautionary COVID-19 test. I think the process seemed to be simple and easy. The staff was great and things seemed to be rolling as they should. A few minutes late getting in to start after having all of my ducks in a row and being slightly early checking in, but overall a good process.

  255. Anthony Batitto 2020/04

    Fastest I have ever been in and out of a Patient First. Great doctors and nurses!

  256. Tamara McEachin 2020/04

    We are in the middle of a Pandemic but I wished for some room for expediting results on a COVID-19 test. No rapid testing was offered.

  257. Alicia Iykyk 2020/04

    I came in after work & there was zero wait time! My Check in lady was quick & polite. The women who got my vitals was fast & friendly same for my doctor thank you all.

  258. Christian Schick 2020/04

    Quick and friendly experience with the staff at Patient First. The doctor was very nice and referred to my throat as being “very angry.” That seemed like a very sympathetic way to phrase it.

  259. Renay Barnes 2020/04

    As stated in the survey, I don’t understand when you are waiting to be seen, you are called back to do the vitals, weight, height, blood pressure, and then send you back to the waiting room because you don’t have a room available. So people in waiting room wondering why did you come back? Later to be called again when the room was available. Now that you’re in your room is where the waiting begins. My biggest complaint is if I’m having to wait in my room for about an hour or so, before any one acknowledge my presence and watching doctors and nurses seem to ignore me, I could have stayed in the waiting room and waited and watch T.V., that was available to see. By the time the doctor acknowledge me the reason for my visit changed, I waited so long my back begin to hurt again, so now the medication for the reason of my visit is now needing to include something for my back. I know this is Patient First and you can get busy, but if nothing else, just cut down on the time a patient enters their room and waiting hours before someone shows there care and there for you. Patients First is what it should be about.

  260. Roza 2020/03

    6pm I notice my eye was very irritated and red. So I decided to go to Patient First for the very first time instead of waiting to try to make appointment with my doctor the next day. Even though I was there for three hours it was no big deal because I would have been at the doctor’s office for 3 hours. Very friendly very caring and Great surprise, I could get my medicine there for my pink eye instead of making a trip to the drug store. Not looking forward to going back cuz I don’t want to get sick. But if I ever do get sick her I come Patient First

  261. Alonzo LB 2020/03

    Everyone was kind and showed they really cared. My nurse was the best nurse I’ve ever had. I dont remember her name but she deserves some type of raise or recognition.

  262. Hamid Sultan 2020/03

    I had the worst experience in my life at patient First, everyone of the staff were very unprofessional and they have very attitude.

  263. Molly Procell 2020/03

    Efficient, professional, friendly service. And-they have the most competent people I’ve ever seen to draw blood!

  264. Frances Rutledge 2020/03

    My experience at Patient First was very professional and wonderful. Everyone that I came in contact with were polite, patient, and very friendly. Thanks to the team, from front desk to out the door, that took care of my needs. Excellent and well done 👍🏾 …

  265. Ron Miller 2020/02

    Was well organized, friendly and efficient. Did not have to wait too long.

  266. Monica Crews 2020/02

    The staff was kind and exceptionally patient with my daughter who has special needs. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone in need because if “tender loving care” had a face, this location would be it!

  267. James Butler 2020/02

    Very professional and courteous. I feel that I received excellent care during my visit.

  268. Lynn Mooney 2020/02

    Stopped in for some routine (but necessary) stuff during this season when I DO NOT want to be visiting medical facilities due to Covid-19. They are doing a FANTASTIC job of taking precautions while seeing patients quickly and being courteous! Thanks so much!!!!!!

  269. Andrea Green 2020/02

    thank you Dr Rennie and Patient First for being there for me when i really needed medical care even when you call on the phone the receptionist is very kind and professional

  270. Email 2020/02

    Rude distasteful and insensitive to the actual patient. Felt like a pay check rather than care. No diagnosis just pills then pay!

  271. Sheronda H. 2020/01

    The staff, at this Patient First location, is great. They are efficient and extremely proactive with the care and treatment they provide.

  272. Andra Bennett 2020/01

    Very Good Service. The people are friendly and helpful tend to have your health and well-being in mind. I will use them in the future and thank them for their help

  273. Sunny Taylor 2020/01

    You never know what you are going to get when you go to a doctors office without an appointment (usually a long wait and a staff that is rushing)
    I was in and out in no time, all the staff front to back were great. I never felt rushed overall a great experience. Thank you

  274. Tyln Kitty 2019/11

    Very professional matter in a timely matter. I was checked in and they took good care of me. I was out in time.

  275. Grace White 2019/11

    The nurse called me the following day checking on how I was doing. That was a happy morning for me, that call was so valuable. This type of follow up is so significant, making the patient so important. Very seldom would this extra mile of concern extended. Members of the Staff are so pleasant. Thank you for your excellent service!!! Truly, “PatientFirst” Urgent Care is First!!!

  276. Dija Regine 2019/11

    I took my dad here to get a basic check up for a job. I dropped him off at 12 pm. I went to go pick some groceries up while he was in the office. I came back within a hour. He still hasn’t been seen yet. Long story short we didn’t leave until 4 o’clock. When I asked him what was taking so long. He said they’re excuse was that it was flu season. He also told me that it was suppose to be a returned visit for a job and the job was paying for everything. Somewhere they got it screwed up saying his insurance wasn’t going to pay for it. We just went to the parham on Mechanicsville turnpike 6 mo. ago and he was out with an hour.

  277. James Lewis 2019/11

    Forget this place. I basically just laid 250 for them to tell me what I already knew before coming in here. I didn’t walk out with any useful information or recommendations for how to fix my sore throats. Doctors rip you off just like car dealerships. Never again will I come here for anything

  278. N & S 2019/10

    This is one of multiple time I visited this patient first
    the wait time this time was very short and the service was good as always
    walk in and walk out pretty soon and satisfied.

  279. Rhoda Perozzi 2019/10

    I went in on a Friday evening with the flu and was amazed at how kind and caring everyone was. I wish my GP and his office showed as many signs of caring as I received at this Patient First.

  280. Jonathan Duke 2019/09

    I want to thank the entire team at Patient First. The entire team was so helpful through the pain I was dealing with. Dr. Anthony Martinez made the recommendation for me to go the the emergency room to receive a CT scan for appendicitis. He nailed it on the head so thank you very much!

  281. Dylan Milam 2019/09

    Very slow no matter when I visit what for usally wait in the waiting room do at least an hour then when you finally get taken back it will take another hour to see a doctor very pour service

  282. Krystal Adebayo 2019/09

    Always a terribly long wait.

  283. DelaRosa Dan 2019/08

    You guys basically over charge… and send us to see an specialist everytime[referral], . The copay is way more than the specialist will ask for and of course the price of the 1 hour service is extremely exagerated. And everytime you guys do a prescription it would just be an aspirin tylenol advil those sort of meds. On top of that i came out with not knowing what was wrong with my headache and abdominal pain. They all say if this continues go directly to the ER. Or if the pain worsens just pop 2 3 pills every three hours not more than 12pills a day of 200mg each.

  284. Nkellyusa Kelly 2019/08

    I would never go to this location again, they are extremely unprofessional. The Parham rd location is the better location. They gave me the wrong medicine and would not call me back and kept putting me on hold. They were rude to me when I called back a few hours later, and was still unable to speak to a nurse and never got a call back. I called Parham road and they were concerned and helped me get the right meds. I did not have to wait on the phone, even though I was a patient at the woodman location their only concern was getting the right medicine for me.

  285. Evelyn McCrickard 2019/07

    I’ve never had a bad experience at Patient First – Woodman. From checking in to being able to fulfill prescriptions there, my visits have always been beneficial.
    I rarely have to wait long to be seen and I always feel as though the doctor doesn’t rush through examining me.
    Today, the doctor noted that my prescription would likely be cheaper at my own pharmacy so he printed the script and sent me to save money. I appreciated that.

  286. Sameh Bisada 2019/07

    Thanks for help

  287. John Banks 2019/07

    Jenna Wingard is a Physician’s Assitant that works at this location. She has anger issues and a major attitude. I have contacted corporate offices about my experience today. The way she talked to me was extremely unprofessional and uncalled for. Stay away from Patient First. They do not care about you. You are a number.

  288. Mister Flirr 2019/07

    It was great. The doctor was very helpful and caring.

  289. Star Ciara 2019/06

    Waited almost an hour for a TB screening just to be told there’s no solution for the screening and to go to another patient first.

  290. Andre Williams 2019/06

    Love this place. First time here and this will be my primary place I go to for care.

  291. Erin Hogan 2019/06

    Everyone here was so friendly! I was amazed at how quickly I was seen and the services provided were great. I love that it is open so late.

  292. Molly Caldera 2019/06

    Ann was a great provider – she really listened to me and helped me feel much better! Thank you Ann! Also, thank you to support staff who got me lots of water and got me through the check-in process quickly!

  293. Gabrielle Chappell 2019/05

    It was my best experience at a patient first office. The gentleman at the front desk saw that I was in pain and made sure that I got the back as soon as possible. The nurse another gentleman took my vitals as fast as he could and got me into a room right after. Another nurse came in a did blood work and she did a fantastic job. She was the best nurse I ever had to get blood work she was in and out. The doctor was really nice she checked on me several times to make sure I was ok and gave me plenty of information. Thank you all so much.

  294. Ashleigh Bronner 2019/04

    I really like visiting the Woodman location. Everyone is friendly. I don’t feel like the doctor is rushing to get to the next patient. Also love that I don’t need an appointment because sometimes issues just happen and can’t wait for an open appointment time with my primary care provider.

  295. Joanna S. Buckley 2019/04

    Staff very attentive to my medical needs. The listened and worked diligently to give me relief for my medical needs. And I receive immediately attention upon arrival (5minutes). I know now to come to Patient First instead of emergency room. 100% better care. Thank you!!!

  296. Larry Ramos 2019/04

    Have visited various Patient First through the years. Woodman is the best ever. Kudos to all, from top to bottom for the reasonable wait times and superb care. Thank you.

  297. Tony Albano 2019/03

    Very clean facility with caring, efficient staff and procedures. Not sure what it will be like during cold and flu season, but if my visit today is any indication then this will be the place for your acute medical needs.Thank you for the prompt and competent care.

  298. Donna S 2019/03

    Reception staff is cold and unwelcoming. They quickly dehumanized me with their attitude. They seemed annoyed by their job, resorting to straight bureaucratic mode. Many of the medical staff inside walk around with masks on. Are they all sick? When I returned a few minutes after my visit to give the doctor a fax number for a referral, I waited a half hour for any of the medical staff to look up from their computers and acknowledge my presence even though they had been told I just needed to see the doctor for a moment. Patient First is obviously a misnomer for this center.

  299. Hugo Lopez III 2019/03

    Was very efficient, and everyone was so Freindly. I will definitely drive the extra time to visit this particular location again.

  300. Ratana Sam 2019/03

    Bad experience with patient first for the longest time but last night had no choice took my husband there cause he been feeling bad and came out with NOTHING so today took him to better med and he tested positive for flu and and had UTI. What a difference experience between the two places. I HIGHLY recommend BETTER MED they are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. Diaz Day'z 2019/03

    Always been treated really good nurses are very nice

  302. Dee A 2019/02

    I just want patient first to know that I really appreciate the staff there for caring about my needs and making sure that I got the best information for my needs before I left. And the follow up call I got this morning to make sure I’m ok, thank you.

  303. Alisha Parker 2019/02

    This location is always reliable. The staff is friendly and Ann PA-C is wonderful! Very personable and professional!

  304. Adam Holliday 2019/02

    Over all I had a good experience. Only two employee were rude, both were older white females. They were consistantly rude throughout the experience and were not the people treating me. As a human being and a retired physician, I am appalled by their behavior towards myself, a patient at the facility. They covered their names and constantly ducked away and gave looks directly to me as to say why are you speaking to me. They also starred at me and kept ducking away together. Very odd behavior. Otherwise, the technicians, assistants, and check in staff were all very professional and wonderful people.

  305. LaTonya Patron 2019/02

    I didn’t have a good experience based off the physician that seen me. She told me that she couldn’t refer me to a special based off my insurance. My insurance has nothing to do with her referring me. I went in to patient first because of an allergic reaction n my the back of my tongue started to swell. The physician looks in my mouth n ask me what was i referring to about my tongue. I get up n say i know im not tripping n fo look in the mirror n then point them out to her she says they ate taste buds i say well they are enlarged taste buds n they aren’t normal. And she looks as though im wrong n then tell me she is going to prescribe me some meds. I was so unhappy with my visit n nothing was resolved!

  306. monicah ndungu 2019/01

    Bad experience with a physician assistant provider at E. Parham patient first clinic, she needs to go back to school and learn that you can’t yell at patients because they don’t agree with your plan of care ( which I let her know), she told me that she is suggesting over the counter meds because they are cheap and much more affordable that prescription meds …and am shaking my head because being black does not equal to no money; I make 6 figures honey, maybe more than you can ever make at patient first so don’t use your prejudiced background to judge me. ( I wont put your name down because I don’t want to tarnish your name but you have to work on your prejudices or take a cultural sensitivity course so you can learn how to approach non white patients).

  307. S C 2018/11

    Fast, efficient, friendly and accurate one-stop-shop for diagnosis, lab work, and prescriptions.

  308. Dave Hancock 2018/10

    Great service at E Parham branch. HOWEVER Tanya at the N Parham branch was extremely rude and impatient with me when I called to ask questions about whether my New Mexico Presbyterian Healthcare coverage would be accepted. She said Pres was NOT covered as part of the multi-plan group. Initially, when she answered my call, I said good morning, how are you today? Her response gruffly and abruptly was: What can I help you with? I asked my question and without her finishing asking if she could put me on hold did so. She came back a few minutes later telling me, they don’t accept your insurance and hung up!! Not the best image For a new customer to have of your organization. Extremely poor customer service from Tanya at the N Parham branch Tuesday, January 30 at 10:49AM. Perhaps good training info for you. I also left a comment card at the E Parham/Woodman branch stating same.

    Thank you

  309. Millionaire Minded Movement 2018/10

    I was seen within seconds of entering the door. The receptionist was pleasant. The nurse was nice and EVERYONE was very concerned about me. Dr. Kolb was so nice and really cared about me. I was in and out within the hour with my Meds. Couldn’t have asked for anything better…..because I really felt bad and wanted to be in bed. I appreciated everyone sooooooo much.. I will be back if I ever need to.

  310. Dee Dee 2018/10

    I came in to Patient First after cutting my finger. Staff is discussing their lunch preferences, it is 10:49am. Really? I have now soaked through 3 paper towels and counting!

    Update: Wonderful NP came in 15 minutes after writing this post. She was extremely apologetic and went right to work with taking care of my finger.

  311. Alyse Trefny 2018/10

    The receptionist was very pleasant. I’ve been here before. However, I was seen yesterday, with a very bad cough. The doctor prescribed me something that hasn’t worked and I’ve been miserable. I called back 4 times today to be promised each time I would get a call back. Finally I had to call back, and the nurse I spoke with was absolutely downright mean. I do not recommend going here to be seen at all. They will put you on the back burner. And the way she made me feel was inexcusable.

  312. Maurice Dixon 2018/09

    Really nice ppl…in and out quick..

  313. Kenny Moore 2018/08

    In and out in no time. Doctor was courteous and professional

  314. Rob harrris 2018/06

    Horrible..I used to have great respect for patient first and their doctors. They have been my pcp (primary care physicians) for about 20yr. Until my husband developed the flu..My husband went into the Woodman center after doing a 24hr shift (first responder) with chills low grade fever and body ache..After sitting 45 minutes in the center he was sent home and told to by aspirin..My husband’s fever slighty increased so I called the center to request Tamiflu..I was told they would call me back..Two hours later I called again and was told someone would call me before closing..NO call back! Patient First is more like Pay Me First..They do not care about their patients!

  315. Daniel M 2018/05

    The staff were very nice and welcomed me right in. It was very clean and organized. Will likely return for my next check up.

  316. Ross Cortez 2018/05

    On December 2nd, 2017 this patient first “treated” my stitches. Dr. Wadnekar injected lidocaine into my hand and then exited the room. Soon after I passed out from vasovagal syncope. No medical safety precautions were taken (lying down, sitting in a safety chair, or catching my fall). As a result I have over a thousand dollars of medical expenses from hitting my head and taking an ambulance ride to the hospital.

    I have all the proof that it was PF’s fault, yet after personally contacting George Morrison, he said he “cannot justify rendering the compensation you are requesting”. I tried handling this the nice way but I’m considering legal action.

  317. Benjamin Malone 2018/03

    Got me in quick and diagnosed my problems fairly quickly. I’m a huge fan of their extremely reasonably priced in house perscriptions.

  318. Pranav Vora 2018/03

    Was there for my physicals. The staff was courteous , knowledgeable and explained each test done. Only thing there were long waits between in each test which is ok but i did not know what would be the next one or are all tests done until asked after waiting for few mins.

  319. Debi Taylor-Duvall 2018/03

    The staff was prompt and helpful. Dr Keegan was most thorough. I think I may switch to have him as my primary care provider!

  320. Mika Coley 2018/03

    Awesome service! Everyone from the check in staff, triage nurses and doctor were, friendly fast and thorough!

  321. Tiffany Smith 2018/03

    Everyone was nice which means a lot to me. There’s professionalism and then there’s the professional that is human.
    Thank you for a great visit.


  322. mackenzie warren 2018/03

    They are the best. ALL THE PHYSCIANS are the best especially when Jenna caught my UTI and kidney infection instead of thinking it was the FLU. I had signs of throwing up and fever, and chills & shivers and all… she wanted a urinalysis and she immediately got the LPN to hook me up to an IV because I am unable to hold water down or any fluids…

    So blessed to live so close to this Patient First!

  323. Cheryl Desvernine 2018/02

    Staff was working hard to accommodate everyone. Staff was friendly and competent.

  324. Amanda 2018/02

    Very quick response. All of the staff was very friendly.

  325. paybrian 2018/02

    I always have great service at the Woodman Patient First. I use that location as my primary care physician now too

  326. Dan Morrison 2018/02

    So the staff is nice and for our broken finger the staff was competent however our Urgent Care at home you can sign on and get on the waitlist before you even leave home and it gives you updates so you know the wait and when yo leave your house. Also a board inside so you can see when you’re next so that you can wait outside. It’s miserable to come in for a broken finger and leave with bronchitis because there is no well waiting room. I would have been happy to wait outside but they don’t come out to get you. So you have to sit (for us 1 hour) while everyone coughed and hacked around us. Pretty miserable experience for a broken finger and no ability to separate us (I asked).

  327. Mohamed Hassan 2018/02

    I got bounced around because of providers and then left on hold forever before I was sent to voicemail. Multiple times. Try another location/service if possible.

  328. Dustin Dyer 2018/01

    Been coming here for over ten years. The staff is always friendly and professional, and the doctors are knowledgeable and attentive.

  329. Shauna Bean 2018/01

    Best experience for a sick visit, got there when they opened at 8am, in and out 20mins with antibiotics. Everyone was very nice and doctor actually listened to me concerns with antibiotics.

  330. Nadine Rozier 2018/01

    My experience at the Patient Care on Woodman road in Richmond was pleasant. The staff was caring and courteous.

  331. XoxoJasmineLee 2017/09

    Amazing service! i was in & out & everyone was so nice.

  332. LISA MCMAHON 2017/09

    Everyone from reception, nurses and physicians are very friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Even though I felt terrible because of illness, ,the treatment I received made my visit more enjoyable. This office is very good about seeing patients very quickly, I experienced very short time period waiting to be seen.

  333. LaChelle Lewis 2017/08

    Great experience, despite the circumstances of the visit. Everyone was friendly and helpful. There wasn’t a long wait, and I was able to have my issues resolved quickly. Thank you to everyone that made my visit smooth.

  334. M. Beth 2017/08

    It is a friendly and respectful environment. The nurses and doctors are fantastic.

  335. Cathy crist 2017/06

    Experience was superior as always when we go to woodman patient first

  336. Tony Nthala 2017/06

    Friendly staff

  337. Shelley Greene 2017/05

    Friendly reception desk attendants. Personable X-RAY technician. Great service each visit!

  338. Teresa Scott 2017/05

    Dr. Broussard treated me great with dignity an respect I will come here again.

  339. Doris Butler 2017/04

    Professional and attentive staff. I’m a big baby when it comes to pain. The doctor made sure I wasn’t in any pain while she attended to my severely lacerated thumb. This was the 2nd time I’ve been there for laceration. So much better then spending multiple hours in the hospital ER. And much more affordable! !!

  340. Beth Manghi 2017/04

    One of the best visits I’ve had at a Patient First – especially as I arrived 30 minutes before closing. From registration to intake to assessment and diagnosis, the staff were polite, professional, and friendly.

  341. Brian Alfaro 2017/03

    From the moment we pulled into Patient First, they were accommodating and friendly. They got me a wheelchair, rolled me around, walked me through what’s being paid for and how much, and treated me with zero waiting.

    I currently do not have insurance, and the price to be seen and for x-rays was incredibly reasonable. The nurse practitioners and the physicians assistant that saw me were all so kind and offered me great advice.

    It turns out I broke my leg, and the PA felt honestly compassionate about my problem.

    Overall, this Patient First is by far the best thing about breaking a bone.

  342. La Mills 2017/03

    The service was great! I went in for one of their more intense pre-employment drug screenings late night none the less ( an hour and a half before closing ) it even ran 30 minutes past closing and they didn’t once complain and made me very comfortable!

  343. Marlynn Schwartz 2017/02

    Very friendly staff. Eager to help. Answered all my questions satisfactorily, and made sure that I understood. Also like that there were printouts of what the visit was about and what was discussed.

  344. Nancy Baum 2017/01

    Patient first has been my primary care physician for about 10 years. The staff have always been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable (minus one physicians assistant who treated me with disrespect and disdain) which is why I have given them a two star review instead of a one star. At the beginning of June I went to patient first for help with withdrawals off of a medication I’ve been on for 12 years and really needed help. Jenna Broussard was the physician’s assistant who entered my room, and without even introducing herself, said “we don’t write scripts for drug addicts”. I was not asking for a narcotic, just any medicine to help with the symptoms of my withdrawals, i.e. restless legs, body aches and chills, etc. She immediately assumed I had overused my medicine, and entered my room with unprofessional judgement, and a preconceived notion that I was an addict. I left being untreated and insulted, but yesterday I was insulted again by receiving a bill for a ridiculous amount that my insurance would not cover, and was told I had to pay it or incur late fees. I don’t usually write reviews and I would have left this alone, but Jenna Broussard not only felt the need to insult me, but to bill me for her contempt, and the privilege of being in her presence, while offering no help whatsoever. I have never been treated like I’m less than, or undeserving, and the fact that a medical professional (and I use that word lightly) wouldn’t listen, or treat me because of her own personal prejudice is completely unacceptable.

  345. BlaznSkais 2017/01

    I apologize now for the really long post but I’ve been going to this location for 12 years and, while not everytime, but often enough have had problems with them. This was just the last straw. This past year I had went to this location three times for two separate reasons.
    The first being that I was experiencing extreme chest pain and it was causing difficulty breathing. When I was signing in I was informed of a new way of billing in which I give consent for them to bill me automatically for any exams or medications they give me, I have happy for this new procedure (This will come up again later). I didn’t have to wait very long as there was only one person a head of me, but the wait in the room was much longer, but not the longest I’ve had to wait for the doctor to come in. He had a blood test and EKG preformed. The attendee that preformed the blood test was not gentle AT ALL. I was already in a considerable amount of pain and he did me no favors by jamming each tube in rather roughly. I’ve had multiple blood testing before, none have ever been painful. Neither the Dr. nor the attendee gave clear instruction on what they wanted me to do when they preformed the EKG and when I voiced my confusion on their instructions several times they never attempted to change the wording of the instructions so I could understand them. Resulting in a rather embarrassing moment for me that I rather not detail.
    The second time I went was some months later when I developed carpal tunnel in my left hand. While signing in I was asked to sign several forms. I was NOT asked by the desk clerk if I wanted to do the automatic billing and thought that as I had been to that location many times over the 12 yr I’ve lived in this area so knew I already knew about it. And I made the incorrect assertion that the consent form was among those I had been asked to sign. This happened again the second time I came in for this problem. I informed the attending Dr. that I was already taking anti-inflammatory and the exact dosage that I was taking. I informed her that I was in severe pain and what I was already taking wasn’t help in the slightest. As I am not a medical professional I didn’t realize that what she gave me was basically the exact same thing I was already taking but as one singular pill instead of multiple ones. The same thing I told her was not working. And would have saved me money had I known. Nor was I provided with or even offered any kind of pain re-leaver. She also gave me a brace to wear which did have the intended effect. She said that if the pain didn’t go away in about 2 wks to see a specialist.
    The pain went away in about a week so I stopped wearing the brace but kept taken the medication I was given as prescribed. I woke up two days after I stopped wearing the brace, barely tapped my wrist against the bed while getting up and the shock of pain I felt was 10X the pain I had felt before. I immanently went back the clinic. Thankfully the same Dr was in that day and saw me. Actually prescribed pain killers this time and told me that if between those and the brace if things didn’t get better by the end of the wk to see a specialist and gave me a referral.
    The same paperwork as before and during BOTH of these visits I asked MULTIPLE times if everything was good to go and if I needed to pay for anything and EVERY time I was told that, yes, I was good to go and didn’t need to pay. By way I DID swipe my card at the beginning of both of these visits. Yet about two to three months later I got a letter in the mail informing me that I had failed to by for my last two visits and owned them a good amount of money. Because of these instances and other issues I have had with this location over the years I will not be returning again.

  346. Gina Enache-raw 2017/01

    I am really happy that Patient First exists. I’ve visited the clinic several times as an alternative to E.R. and in lieu of a primary care physician, which I do not have one.
    Patient First staff and doctors are the best. They are always respectful and kind and listen to your issues.
    Thank you everyone at Patient First!!

  347. Gary Boyd 2016/11

    In and out in less than 45 minutes with prescription in hand! Great nurses and physician.

  348. Alejandro Briganti 2016/11

    Waiting times are ridiculously long

  349. Jennifer Daniels 2016/10

    This was the most pleasant visit I have ever had at a Patient First or any other Dr. for that matter. The front desk clerk was very warm and friendly and very efficient. I was checked in in less than five minutes and she even updated my info and merged some past visits from other locations. After registration, I was sitting down less than a minute when I was called back for my vitals. My vitals were taken quickly and a strep test was administered immediately. The Dr. arrived within 10 minutes and did a thorough examination and determined what was wrong. I received 3 prescriptions and she was nice enough to inform me that it would be less expensive to go to a pharmacy. I really appreciate her honesty and saved over $50 by going to CVS. I started taking the medications yesterday and am feeling halfway normal again. I actually slept through the night for the first time in over a week. I wish I would have gone to Patent First when I first got sick over a week ago. Getting in an out in 30 minutes with competent diagnosis from a Dr. is a rare find. THANK YOU!!

  350. Susan Vinacco 2016/06

    Great experience from check-in to check out friendly staff and knowledgeable. Not that I look forward to getting sick or injured again but if I do patient first will come first thank you

  351. Jane Cooper 2016/06

    Very satisfied. All members of our family have come to this location. The wait times vary but that’s to be expected. The staff is very friendly and thorough.

  352. Genevieve Gamboa 2016/05

    I went there when I was feeling very sick. The person who registered me was very friendly and nice. The nurse who checked me in was so wonderful, even gave me a hot blanket when I was laying down waiting. Even though I waited a while for the doctor and my test results, everybody there was wonderful and friendly. The doctor was very thorough in her examination, even going as far to take a blood test to make sure she didn’t miss anything. I love that there is a pharmacy on site so I didn’t have to go somewhere else. Especially since it was late Sunday night and I was by myself. Thank you all.

  353. Ginger Moorhouse 2016/04

    Went there last week feeling pretty miserable, chief complaint was sore throat. When the doctor came in, he had a mask on, and acted like he didn’t want to touch me. He said the rapid strep test came back negative, so it must be viral, but he gave me an antibiotic to take if I ran a fever. I did run a fever, so I filled the prescription. I have now been on the antibiotic 8 days and my throat still hurts, if not worse. I called the center to ask if they had sent the rapid test off to be cultured, since they often are not accurate, and was told no. The nurse asked more questions about how I was feeling, my throat and how many days I’ve been on the antibiotic and suggested I come back to the center to be reevaluated. No thanks, I’ll elsewhere. I need real answers!

  354. Chris Osuanah 2016/01

    Professional office, good bedside manners, one stop shop for tests, meds, and treatment. Dr. Christopher Deitz is current on best and newest practices, courteous, thorough, and very attentive to details. One of the best in this region.

  355. Kelly Jones 2016/01

    Everyone was extremely friendly. I felt I received excellent care!

  356. Alisa E 2015/08

    I usually never write reviews for anything but feel like I absolutely have to for this Patient First location. I have been to several Patient First locations in the past and this one is by far the WORST experience I’ve ever had. The first visit, I was prescribed medication that was incorrect and ineffective (I later found out it was for a bacterial infection not a viral infection). Since my condition was getting worse, I came back for a follow up several days later for the same doctor. I had to wait an hour in the lobby and then another hour and a half in the waiting room (in which that time no one came to check up on me, I had to find someone and ask what was taking so long).

    In the second visit, identical tests were performed and the doctor was not positive why the 1st medication was not effective and what was causing my issue, said I need to see a specialist, yet proceeded to prescribe me a similar medication to the first except stronger. The next day, my condition was yet again getting worse so I went to see a specialist on call and came to find out that all the medication that the Patient First doctor was prescribing me was for a bacterial infection, hence why it was not working for me. What is ironic about all this is that the Patient First doctor said herself that she thought this was a viral infection, so why the heck would you keep prescribing me the other type then! I am very upset with the fact that I wasted my time and money at this place and now they are twisting their word on what was told to me during my visits so I won’t be able to get my money back on all that useless medication I paid for.

    Do not waste your time and money here like I did!

  357. Free Agent 2015/03

    The front desk clerk we encountered yesterday was rude, crude and socially unacceptable. She has taken no effort to learn even minimal medical terminology to know what we were talking about when addressing our son’s issue. She kept insisting he was having shoulder pain but admitted she didn’t know what a scapula/shoulder blade is. As medical professionals ourselves we know the difference between a shoulder and the area between the tip of the scapula and the spine. There is a difference between stupidity and ignorance. We left and went elsewhere after dealing with her attitude and will never go to that site again, ever. The wait times as others have noted are terrible at the Woodman Road location. The wait times in the back can be just about as long as the wait times out front. We understand cover your butt medical care due to the threat of being sued. But I cannot think of time that we have gone there that regardless of a complaint either urine, bloodwork and/or xrays were done. I guess its all about the coding and the insurance paying the bill is what counts. We also don’t pay to get “what I think is wrong”, we pay to know “what is wrong”. And don’t bother posting about how sorry you are about how bad we were personally treated. If she were my employee I would have fired her on the spot. That clerk we dealt with is definitely in the wrong line of business which is helping people in a time of need. If you really cared, you would fix the negative issues that exist at the Woodman Road location and stop giving lip service.

  358. Sheraz A 2014/09

    If I could give less than 1 star, I would. My wife, my parents, and I have been there before, but the awful service we received there today, we will never be going to any Patient First clinic again. I took my dad in for abdominal pain and to get refills on two of his regular medications. Dr. Hedley and the nurses thought of every excuse in the book to avoid helping us. First we were told that they are not primary care doctors and cannot give refills on medication. I told them your website says we can walk in and make you all primary care doctor if we choose and that is what we are looking to do. Then they agreed to give 30 day supplies of the meds. Then, the doctor said she could not do anything for his abdominal pain since he has already had a thorough work-up by a Gastro doctor and nothing was diagnosed. She did not even check him out or do any x-rays of the abdomen or anything to make sure there was nothing going on. Doctors and nurses should be compassionate and know how to speak with people and this doctor and nurses definitely do not have that qualification.

  359. Brint Pratt Keyes 2013/06

    Prompt check-in, and good follow-up. Your wait, of course, depends on how many people are in line when you get there.

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