Patient First Primary and Urgent Care – Short Pump

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Patient First Primary and Urgent Care – Short Pump
3.4 based on 505 reviews
  1. Aaron E 2023/11

    I have no complaints about my visit at all. The staff was all really nice and doctor that I saw was very knowledgeable, respectful, gentle and help me through a problem I was having. I will Definitely be recommending this location to my friends and family.

  2. Deja B. Howard 2023/11

    “The PA that assessed me was efficient, welcoming, and gave clear instructions. The nurse that gave me my flu shot was efficient as well. The nurse that triaged me was courteous and efficient. The worker that completed my intake was efficient and personable at such a late hour, which I appreciated. I am happy with my results and saw improvement in my condition within 24 hours.”

  3. Hannah Graham 2023/11

    Dr. Holt was very pleasant, cared about getting my health needs met and was very respectful of my time.

  4. Deanna Rachel Bobiwsky 2023/11

    Have received care at this location for over a decade, only had one issue but it was resolved promptly, highly recommend them.
    I did not catch her name, but last nights crew was 100% top tier service, everything done properly as well as kept us comfortable.

  5. Sophia Wastler 2023/11

    I find the staff here to be friendly and courteous. Glad they are nearby.

  6. Patricio Duran 2023/11

    This is one of the worst Urgent Care institutions I have ever been attended.

  7. Grace Stire 2023/11

    This was by far the best Patient First experience I’ve ever had. Every single person working was friendly and delightful and made sure I felt as comfortable as I could (even while having covid).

  8. Laurel Chalifoux 2023/11

    I had a very good experience at Patient First today in Short Pump.
    I did not have a long wait and they were organized, professional and caring. I recommend them.

  9. Bryant Smith 2023/11

    Great staff but expect to wait 2 hrs or more between the waiting room and exam room. I wish they post estimated wait times before signing in. I’d never go back.

  10. Froggy Dog 2023/11

    Overall the visit was fine but when a patient who is old tells you they have a sinus infection, they know they have a sinus infection. Just need a prescription and then can leave. Test for COVID, the Flu and whatever else are not necessary.

  11. Tiffany Eustice 2023/11

    The front staff were great and the nurse Amy was great, but Dr. Goode needs to think about how she approaches her patients. As a new patient the first thing she decided to educate me on was healthy eating for weight loss. As a health coach of 15 years, National Board Health and Wellness coach, personal trainer and certified wellness practitioner I couldn’t believe she automatically assumed I didn’t know how to do this. She didn’t take the two minutes to ask about me and find these things out. She wanted to educate me and move on to her next patient. I felt unheard and disrespected. I won’t be going back to this practice, but hope to find a dr. Who listens, still has compassion and wants to make a difference in the lives of others.

  12. Brian Campbell 2023/11

    The staff was friendly and the process moved much more quickly than the Midlothian location.

  13. Kathy Page 2023/11

    I’m delighted to now have access to have a portal to message questions and to even have Telehealth. Most importantly Dr. Owen and staff are caring and kind and listen. I felt I was given the time and attention I needed, not rushed in any way. Thank you.

  14. Mercedes Nash 2023/11

    The staff were amazingly friendly!! Very quick to check me in and out of my walk-in visit! Everyone spoke kindly, very patient, and explained everything without complicated words!!

  15. Greg 2023/10

    Nada Shahab took care of me and was beyond nice, and caring. The whole staff was very kind and explained everything. Thank you so much.

  16. Ambrid 2023/10

    Ive had excellent care at this location.
    Ordered all my labs and was very kind and attentive.
    Recvd a call the next day from a very nice nurse to check on me.
    Then received a call with my results, was given a plan, and a return date. I couldn’t be happier.

  17. Maria Gulati 2023/10

    Excellent service by all of the staff. Everyone was kind and helpful.

  18. Mr Mosby 2023/10

    Courtesy & Patient

  19. Arlene LERNER 2023/10

    My regular doctor was too busy to see me. Patient First saw me promptly tested me, took x rays and doctor made excellent recommendations First class experience.

  20. Bhrandi Tolbert 2023/10

    Amazing very pleased

  21. William Campbell 2023/10

    The Nurse Practioner was tbe best experience I have had in a long time! Will always see her. Intake staff were great as well!

  22. Belle 2023/10

    The overall experience is high quality professionalism with courteous, attentive and highly trained staff. Dr. Owen is superb with listening skills and knowledge that is extremely high. The phlebotomist is very experienced and top tier. The nurse and assistants are attentive, responsive and kind. The receptionist staff is amazingly patient, well trained and efficient. I am so pleased that I switched my primary and all care to Patient First at Short Pump. The hours and availability of care is simply unbeatable.

  23. Kim Adams 2023/10

    Quick registration but you better have boatloads of patience once you get in a room. Been in room over hour and seen no one

  24. Connie Reynolds 2023/09

    Dr Kolb was so kind and caring. The whole experience was great. The entire staff that I saw were very helpful. Thank you to all.

  25. Amy Griffin 2023/09

    I went in for excruciating pain from a fall. Because I have medication for spinal stenosis, a different pain from what I am experiencing, the doctor did not do anything to help me. I had to ask for a steroid shot to maybe help with inflammation. He said they only do oral steroids so I was sent home with prednisone. I do not have a history of drug seeking & he had a list of all my meds. Unacceptable. Nobody can judge my pain better than me. I was asked several times if I needed a wheelchair, yet I was not treated as someone in pain by the doctor. Do not see Dr. Mohlie. Everyone else there was great!

  26. 8486lholt 2023/09

    Friendly staff. Wait time is decent. Pharmacy on grounds is nice.

  27. Ladean White 2023/09

    Never going again was in so much pain arm was swollen they turned me away because of a balance I didn’t know of and the nurse was very cold and nasty I wish I would have gotten her name she told me there is a ER up the road wish I could give no stars

  28. Emanuel Harris 2023/09

    Friendly and highly professional staff!! Love this place

  29. Christin McPhetridge 2023/09

    I really enjoy seeing Dr. Owen, I look to see which location she’s at before I decide to go to patient first. She has a very uplifting / positive attitude, she’s professional and make me feel comfortable.

  30. W 2023/09

    Good job.

  31. Whitney Taylor 2023/08

    Waited 4 hours for a school physical. Very unprofessional. staff is rude and condescending. They claimed they were busy but every time I looked out of the room I was in they were just standing around chatting.

  32. whitney taylor 2023/08

    Rude staff. Long wait times.

  33. René François 2023/08

    Absolutely arrogant, unprofessional and sorry to say but stupid nurse I was talking to over the phone instead of helping started lecturing me. Cannot believe such people work in this profession where you are supposed to be compassionate and understanding. My mom is a retired doctor and she could not believe all the non sense that was coming from this lady. In her days such things would never be allowed, but I guess we live in modern days when nurses think they are smarter than doctors. Sorry but you are not!

  34. Molly McCaffrey 2023/08

    fabulous but wait is always rough at patient first . absolutely loved nurse practitioner i saw

  35. Stephanie Metheny 2023/08

    Rhonda was AMAZING. She really looked for other issues and took the time to talk to me. The reception desk and Eli were fantastic. They’re was one crabby old guy that gave me a speech when I called him doctor and he wasn’t one and that I hadn’t eaten all day when he first tried to get blood. He just seemed miserable. But everyone else being so kind made me feel better. I struggle with going to the doctor and because bedside manner is so important and difficult to find. Thank you Rhonda and Eli

  36. Christel Denicourt 2023/08

    Dr. Mirshahi, now retired – not by choice, was the best MD, I had the privilege to have as my GP for so long as well as Dr. Mohlie. Over close to 20 years, the MDs, PAs, NPs, and the nursing plus the administrative staff have been quite remarkable at Short Pump even sending my husband straight to the ER just after a quick glance at his face in the waiting room (arrhythmia). Obviously, great MDs and nurses can spot emergencies, make fast decisions to save a person. Honestly, I will still go to Patient 1st vs. the ER = they act faster!

  37. Whitney Tayor 2023/08

    The front desk charged me incorrectly and had to run my card twice. Then I had a 4 hour wait for a simple school physical. The doctor we saw was very unprofessional. They stated they were very “busy” but this doesn’t look busy to me. Does it look busy to you?


  38. Megan Harper 2023/08

    I came here after spraining my ankle. My first appointment was quick and confirmed my own diagnosis. The doctor and worker’s comp representative both wanted me back for a follow up which turned out to be an absolute waste of time. After I was checked in and had my vitals taken, I waited in the exam room for an hour and twenty minutes. And when I did finally get seen, I explained that it’s still sprained, still hurts, and I’m here for the follow up everyone told me to get. Take tylenol as needed I’m clearing you for regular duty. Less than 2 minutes. No recommendations for PT. I wasted my whole afternoon for this.

  39. Bruce Berberick 2023/08

    Staff and doctor were very helpful, took the time to explain process, test results were quick and everything was reviewed making sure I had a full understanding of results and next steps

  40. Brian A 2023/08

    Very nice staff. Dr Tyler is awesome! He made me feel really comfortable and set my mind at ease, I really enjoyed my visit with him.

  41. Sethuraman Ramanathan 2023/07

    I had a very bad poison ivy attack all over my body. So I visited Patient first on July 9th. The doctor prescribed Prednisone and Antibiotic for 7 days. Upon having the tablets I had adverse side effects yesterday night with severe headache and vomit. I went back to Patient first today morning to talk to the doctor about side effects and if it need any change in prescription. But they said this is again a new visit and I will be considered as new patient with all the fees again, in addition to waiting time. I highly don’t recommend this facility. They are eager to just get money from you rather than focusing on the treatment. It looks like prednisone has to be 14 day course, otherwise Poison ivy would rebound, but the doctor prescribed only for 7 days though I asked about it.

  42. Barbara Keir 2023/07

    I just moved here from Baltimore and I must say that starting right from the front desk, back to the gentleman taking blood to the dr. my entire experience was AMAZING….The staff was very freindly and supportive nothing like I have ever experienced before. I have never had this kind of experience before in Baltimore at Patient First….Thank you all for your kindness and help in answering my questions and listening to my concerns.

  43. Mahdi Mohammadi 2023/07

    I had taken my wife to this health center because she is pregnant, and my wife’s hands and feet were bitten by an insect and it was very itchy, and for a simple test, while no one was there before us, the nurse took us to the doctor’s meeting room and He kept us there for a very long time, it is not a good place for urgent tests and my suggestion is not and will not be this health center in any way.

  44. Brandi Frary 2023/07

    The doctor whom saw me didn’t seem too interested in talking with me about my tooth and the symptoms i had been having. Put me on an antibiotic that me nor my parents that I reached out to ask about it. Had to stop taking it because it made me feel un-normal. Will be seeing my dentist in next few days to get on a different antibiotic because I refuse to take that one. I highly recommend not going to this one and if you don’t have another option ask for a male doctor.

  45. Reg B 2023/07

    This has been a great place for my family of five over the years. Sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it’s not, that’s life. I’ve just read many of the poor reviews on PF and it’s mostly people’s unrealistic expectations on timing. PF can’t predict how many people will need care on a daily or hourly basis. I’m sure they’d like to be bigger and faster but what happens when things are slow? Employees still need to be paid. Consider thinking this way instead…all emergency doctor visits not requiring an appointment will be 2-3 hours on average, and if it’s faster then consider that a bonus. If it’s not worth 2-3 hours to have certified medical professionals evaluate you then maybe you’re not that ill or injured. If you can do it better then get in the business and get rich, otherwise get realistic and relax.

  46. David Fisher 2023/07

    Good experience

  47. Bria Bennett 2023/07

    I went within 1.5 hours of closing and was afraid of wait times but they were able to check me in within 5 minutes. Everyone from front desk staff, the med tech and the physician were very nice, helpful and made me comfortable with the assessment process. I was in and out within 1 hr with a prescription for my concerns.

  48. Debra Waters 2023/07

    Broke my foot Christmas Eve. Went to Patient First Christmas morning. In and out in 45 minutes. X-rays, diagnosed and walking boot. Staff professional and super pleasant. Referral to orthopedic doctor on Monday. 👍🏻 …

  49. Laura Wright 2023/07

    Efficient, professional, reasonable wait time. Everyone was very very nice and pleasant. I highly recommended Patient First at Short Pump.

  50. Tiffany Sherman 2023/07

    The visit was very pleasant, fairly short wait time and doctor was very kind!

  51. Alyse Brockbank 2023/06

    I was just there at 4:30 on a Thursday evening and they got me in and out in literally like 30 to 40 minutes. The nurse was great and got everything done quickly. The doc came in as soon as my results were read.

  52. Liz Krash 2023/06

    I am so grateful the Short Pump Patient First was open! It was Memorial Day and I needed meds fast. My only other option would have been the ER which was unnecessary. They have a lab and meds right there on site. Dr Owen was wonderful as was Eric at the front desk. I was treated and out with the med I needed in about 30 minutes. Thank you so much Patient First!

  53. Maggie Ward 2023/06

    I haven’t had a positive experience here. The wait times are always a minimum of at least 2 hours, if you’re lucky 1 hour. The staff is usually unfriendly- no matter how nice, cooperative, & understanding you try to be. It gets very to hard to be after all of those things after each time coming here it’s a horrible experience. I have heard many people agree too.

  54. Rajesh Gupta 2023/06

    There is no clear communication between patients and doctors. We went through a blood test for a child. They send us an old man to take a blood test and he literally pressed the finger very hard and my child was completely shewaring and crying for that process. People are literally not trained at all. Very bad experience and bad service by the blood sample-taking staff.

  55. Al I 2023/06

    There is no privacy. I just heard the entire conversation IN DETAILS from the next room over, while waiting to be attended. The patient’s personal information, which cruise she just came back from, what are her symptoms, the results of her tests and x-rays, the doctor’s recommendation…. everything! This is unacceptable! I’m highly concerned how much of my visit will be shared with other waiting patients unbeknownst to me! I’m filling a complain with their management!

  56. Thomas James 2023/06

    Dr. Aisha Nauman was an absolute delight!

  57. Jaylen Lee 2023/06

    It was great. The entire staff was wonderful from check-in to check out.

  58. Bruce Terry 2023/06

    Very happy with my visit

  59. Wade Perkins 2023/05

    Quick desk check in, quick screen, and thorough Doctor exam. Thanks!

  60. Totsie Jenerette 2023/05

    I had a good experience with registration. However, Dr. Edward Josiah Lewis MD was the worst doctor I have ever came across since I been coming to patient first. I told him about my pain that I was experiencing and what he gave me did not relieve my pain. I am in excruciating pain and he ignored my pain. Because of this experience I will not be referring any friends or relatives to patient first. No one should go through pain and be ignored. I plan to report Dr. Lewis to the Department of Health Professions due to his negligence to manage my pain after I called him to let him know that what he prescribed me did not work after I told him what worked for my pain in the past couple years that I have been going to patient first. This will be my last visit to patient first and I will make sure that my complaint get acknowledged. Dr. Lewis you should not be in practice if you ignore your patients after being told several times in the same day that they are in excruciating pain. You actually told the nurse that I should expect pain but refuses to manage it. I pray God have mercy on your soul because you do not have compassion for your patients. I pray for patients that are in your care.

  61. Juan Carlos Dominguez Koscina 2023/05

    Very fast, good service and simple process. Highly recommend.

  62. Elizabeth Motley 2023/05

    Friendly staff! Fast service!

  63. Suzanne Parr 2023/05

    The office was busy when I got there. But they took my vitals, did a strep, Covid & flu test, was seen by a Physician’s Asst, got prescription and was out in an hour. The combo Covid/flu test is great. I did not know they had PA’s on staff but I’m sure it is helping move patients through. I really appreciate that Patient First has picked up the slack for all of the doctors who are refusing to see their sick patients since the pandemic. Sometimes the wait is longer but at least you can be seen when you are sick. PCP’s won’t. They rate an A+

  64. Alexis Edghill 2023/05

    Great care everyone there was very helpful and nice

  65. Krista Reth 2023/05

    It was a great experience with a Dr even tho only an urgent care center.

  66. Cavaro 2023/05

    Was tracking pt. count during the day and came in when it was low so cant adequately judge how good the wait was but it was certainly faster than I would generally expect at a walk in clinic. Staff were quick, efficient, and had a good sense of humor. I would 100% come back for another x-ray (any any general treatment)….although ideally I won’t have to.

  67. walter Ford 2023/05

    I got here at 9 this morning I am still here at eleven-thirty no one ever mentioned how long the wait was even though they had access to at least 20 patients that were on the roster ahead of me. No one mentioned anything about the extent of the weight and every time I ask two and a half hours later they still can’t tell me how many people are in front of me. Yet they have them in on the screen and they have them in waiting rooms. It seems like I’m being kept here with the hope that the wait is right around the corner but in reality I could be here all day. They have the ability to tell how many people are in front of me by withholding that they realize I’m not going to walk out now that I’ve been here for two and a half hours.

  68. Casey Czajkowski 2023/04

    Very positive experience. All staff were friendly . Dr Cora Owen was wonderful.

  69. April Crenshaw 2023/04

    I always expect a very long wait time and always come prepared (snacks, charger, audio book, etc) Although it can become overwhelming, I’m grateful to be seen and cared for. Front staff were efficient and professional. Medical assistant was direct and proficient. Physician checked in to let me know how many people were ahead of me. Received my care, medication and I was on my way.

  70. Mahathi Yamuzala 2023/04

    Unbelievable wait times … there are only 3 people ahead of us and we waiting more than 4 hours to be seen . Visit this place if you have patience to sit around and wait for hours

  71. Kirsten Williams 2023/04

    I brought my daughter in at 930 and here it is 1:11 still haven’t seen a doctor let alone met a nurse that is actually polite

  72. John Heitmuller 2023/04

    I arrived at 6:30pm. The practice closed at 8:00pm. They did not release me until 8:45pm. They never seemed rushed to get me out because they were closed. I felt my exam and the tests I received were more thorough than I would get at my GP. The doctor seemed more concerned with figuring out what was going on with me than moving on to the next patient. Very professional and caring all the way around.

  73. Theresa Heiman 2023/04

    My visit to patient first was absolutely “Patient First’’. All of my needs were met, and I left with all my questions answered. Thank you.

  74. NKadi 2023/04

    I stopped using patient first as my primary care about eight years ago due the lengthy wait time you have to go thru before you’re seen by the physician, not to mention the time you have to wait to be called in to the examination room. Had to go back today to have a tick bite looked at and couldn’t find an early appointment with my present my primary care doctor. I ended up getting there 20 minutes before they open, and stand outside in the cold, to be one of the first ones to be checked, hoping I can get out of there as early as possible. Sure enough I was the second person to be checked in and yet I was taken to the examination room where I had to wait over a hour before Dr Mohlie came
    to see me, and on the bright side he was extremely nice friendly and very knowledgeable. I did complain to one of the nurses without getting anywhere. Apparently some things do not change, they’re fully aware of this ongoing issue and never bother to do anything about it. Above all they used to have friendly staff where now they seem to employ unfriendly staff who are obviously not too thrilled to be there, especially the ones at the check in desk.

  75. Mindy 2023/04

    I am very grateful for the way the staff handled my possible emergency. They took me right back and cared for me in the best way! Thank you so much!

  76. Laura Kassner 2023/04

    Grateful for the ease with which my concern was handled. My PCP couldn’t see me until next month.

  77. Stephanie Johnson 2023/04

    I’ve been here 2.5 hours and have yet to be seen by a Dr. There was only one person in the waiting area and I was brought right into a room. I was tested for both flu and covid. I still have no results nor have I seen a Dr. This is ridiculous!!!

  78. Christie Smith 2023/04

    Great service

  79. Sara Kaitlin 2023/04

    I go completely out of my way to come to this specific location because for the longest time I was treated quickly and kindly and meds weren’t an issue.

    Now I’ve been sick for a week an 3 days.. I’ve had to return twice in one week because of an ear infection I got due to a extremely bad sinus infection. Like to the point I’m still sick from it. Even after a whole course of z pack!
    Now after my ear experience… (That was horrible they flushed my ears with water and even while I was in so much pain they kept doing it..) I can hardly hear out of my left ear now and I’m getting told there’s nothing wrong….. I literally can’t hear normal out of my ear! How are you going to tell me nothing is wrong?
    I’ll never come back here. Or any patient first for that matter.
    On my way to the EMERGENCY ROOM now.
    Oh and prescribed me medicine I’ll possibly have an allergic reaction to!! 😂 I’ve been allergic to everything my moms been allergic to my whole life… And she’s allergic to this medicine too.. and even after telling the Dr that I got told “you should be fine. If you get gives stop the medicine immediately… Like are you so serious?!

    HOWEVER the staff was kind. I’ll say at least that.

  80. Twitch Vicious 2023/04

    This one hands down one of the best medical experiences I have had recently. The nurse who worked with me was extra nice. I really loved the staff and treatment.

  81. Cassie Martin 2023/03

    Asked for Advil or something for the pain and was never given the medication. When I asked again about medication they said the dr wants to see me first. I was there for almost two hours and was never checked on. I had to open curtain and ask for an update. If you’re in pain do not go here. It’s extremely slow. However, everyone was super polite and the doctor was caring or else I would have given this place 0 stars.

  82. Ernest Purser 2023/03

    My recent visit for blood test and prescription refill took 55 minutes. Everyone I encountered was polite and courteous. I will be going here again.

  83. Sara Beattie 2023/03

    I very well pleased with the time and quality of service. Thank you for helping me with my injury and recovery.

  84. Ryan King 2023/03

    Place is a scam. Make you run a bunch of tests that may or may not have anything to do with the reason you’re there. Asked me for a routine pregnancy test. I am 37 weeks pregnant. It was laughable. Finally saw the dr who tried to prescribe a zpack for my viral stomach bug. I reminded him I’m pregnant and I can’t take that. He laughed at his mistake. Then he wanted to feel my stomach for distention. All he felt was my unborn child’s butt. It. Was. Crazy. They just bill bill bill for tests and apply zero critical thinking.

  85. Annette Cleary 2023/03

    Recommend Patient First to anyone and everyone.

  86. jordan stacey 2023/03

    Terrible. Their nurse supervisor was a complete jerk.

  87. R 2023/02

    To much wait time to see a physician.

  88. Ashleigh Bronner 2023/02

    I arrived within 30 minutes of closing but no one appeared to be upset about that. Everything happened very quickly. I am glad Patient First is available because my work schedule makes it very difficult to visit my primary care doctor for concerns that are urgent but not severe enough to warrant emergency care.

  89. Gloria Tooley 2023/02

    All nice and very clean!!


  90. Q T 2023/02

    The experience was mixed. While the doctor was good, the wait was too long. 2 hour + of wait for 15 minute diagnosis is not something I recommend to anyone with minor issue and I am under the impression that Patient First may only welcome patients that have serious conditions.
    First, the tracking was very good when you were waiting outside but it had to be more transparent for admitted patients too. If patients are asked to wait, they need to know why they have to: be either there are more seriously ill patients being admitted or physician shortage, although neither excuse are acceptable from the waiting patients’ point of views because first come first served should be the norm. Granted that some exception could exist but it should not be the norm and the app should be able to reflect the situation so that waiting patients are informed. Patients should have the right to know how long they have to wait to make an informed decision whether they want to be treated at your facility or going somewhere else. Making patients wait for 2 + hours to get treated is not respectful of their time. If the goal of Patient First is to treat only patients of serious conditions then patients need to be informed also and they need to know in advance so that they won’t waste or agree to waste their time in the treatment room.

  91. Jennifer Sanchez 2023/02

    Staff was very friendly and helpful. Doctor answered all of my questions and I didn’t feel rushed through. This will definitely be my first choice when needing to see a doctor fast.

  92. Star Kim 2023/02

    This is the worst place, I came at 8:25 am this morning. It was only 2 people in front of me, check-in was very quick. However, the nurse swab COVID, FLU, and STREP, and it takes 1 hour and 40 minutes for the doctor to read the result. The nurse told me the test is going to take 20mins, what is taking so long? It’s not even packed here!!!!!! The corporate need to take look at how this facility runs!!!! I have to go to work, only came here in the morning, hoping this thing will be quicker than 2 hours!!!!!
    The doctor was nice to understand and explain everything

  93. Indira 2023/02

    They are very quick and took care of everything as part of covid.

    The doctor was so nice. My son didn’t even cry to take his flu shot. She made him so comfortable.

  94. Edward Barck 2023/02

    Excellent and totally efficient group of people. A very impressive medical operation.
    Thank you.

  95. Karen Rhodes 2023/02

    Overall a wonderful experience! Everyone was very nice & extra helpful! I was having a hard time walking & the initial nurse that took me back asked if I would like a wheel chair, which made things ALOT easier on me & much appreciated! Then when I was leaving both the nurse & the dr asked if I would like to be taken out to my car, which I happily accepted! They brought me right to my husband waiting out front in the car. Dr Holt answered all of my questions & was really good at explaining what was going on with me. Had a very positive experience!

  96. Dennis 2023/02

    Young woman with the cool david yurman bracelet was so kindhearted. ((Receptionist))
    Certainly give this person a raise. Made the entire experience much more pleasant, thank you.

  97. Miranda Stevens 2023/01

    My daughter and I were both patients. Our care was very thorough and the doctor explained the treatment and medications very well. She seemed genuinely concerned about ensuring my child and I get back to being healthy.

  98. Roney Pate 2023/01

    Just gotta quit coming here. Always waiting and waiting. I’m here now still waiting after nearly 3 hours. Been here many times over the years and it’s just getting worse and worse. Like the bad old days in emergency rooms.

  99. Ricardo Gehrau 2023/01

    After 2 hours a still waiting for a Dr

  100. Christine Patafio 2023/01

    I was so sick.
    They were friendly, kind and thorough

  101. Khalilullah Amarkhail 2023/01

    The doctor and doctor assistants have good behavior with the patients

  102. Jeanne Dawe 2023/01

    Staff very friendly and helpful. Speaks well for them sinse
    Hard to judge when I was c there at 8 am and tge place was already full full. It was very cold

  103. Susan Propst 2023/01

    I was visiting family in VA when bronchitis surfaced on Christmas Eve. I visited Patient First and received excellent care from Dr. Mohlie, and a good follow up visit with Dr. Yan. Great staff, reasonable wait time, and proactive treatment. Excellent urgent care solution!

  104. Roman Bhusal 2023/01

    I never experienced such delays in a urgent care. We spend more than 4 hrs for just to see a Nurse. My boy had a high fever but no one responded on time. A bad experience in healthcare provider.

  105. Fire 2022/11

    Please do not ho to this place. Drs here know nothing.

  106. Jim Johnson 2022/11

    The entire experience was a very pleasant one. Dr Kolb was very understanding of my situation and was able to take care of my needs. I will highly recommend Patient First to any I know needing a physician.
    Thanks for the great experience!

  107. Jeff Harrison 2022/11

    The doctor diagnosed me with Covid even though I told her I didn’t have it, and I didn’t have symptoms of Covid. Even after I tested negative, she didn’t change her diagnosis. She did a chest x-ray, which exposed me to radiation. I am a cancer survivor, and my doctor is hesitant to ever give me x-rays. She recently advised me against getting one. She also diagnosed me with asthma (although she didn’t put it in her report) and gave me an inhaler and some sort of breathing tube, saying it was the most effective way to administer the asthma medicine. The inhaler was defective, which was not her fault, but I went to my doctor the next day and found out that the breathing tube was for old people and very young people and that it is more effective using the inhaler directly. After spending the whole night at Patient First, I went home and blood started flowing out of my ear. My eardrum burst. Again, that isn’t her fault, but I still have to wonder why she would not change her diagnosis even after I tested negative for Covid and my lungs were clear on the X-ray. Basically, I had a very serious problem in one of my ears, which is what I went to Patient First for, and she radiated me and gave me a phony diagnosis.

  108. Ewura J 2022/11

    Mixed review. Very short time in the reception area but longest time ever in the exam room waiting for MD. I say mixed review because the staff, including the MD that attended to me were actually very polite. I’m not sure why a patient would be assigned to an exam room though and wait there for so long without any feedback.

  109. Patty Montgomery 2022/11

    Good service

  110. Amanda Longest 2022/11

    This was my first visit and it went remarkably well for being sick. Attention was given to me appropriately and everyone was very courteous and professional.

  111. Kim Bickley 2022/11

    I’m so glad I decided to come to Patient First today. I felt very welcomed and everyone was professional and polite. Everything that I had done was explained thoroughly in the way I could understand. I am highly recommending Patient First.

  112. Cameron Guthrie 2022/11

    We have been here several times for issues with self, and children. They are very professional, get you back to a room quickly and a doctor sees you in a timely manner.

  113. Aparna Karnam 2022/11

    I would never go back to this urgent care. I went to visit the doctor as i had severe burns. The doctor dint even take a look at all my burns , did not prescribe any soothing creams , instead asked me to take tylenol for it itching and to Meet a plastic surgeon for the scars in future. In general i have alot of respect for doctors as their words give a lot of comfort to patients. But this doctor was the worst i have ever met.

  114. Jean Venner 2022/11

    My experience from the time I walked in and until I left was great. Sign in went smoothly and during treatment I was given compassionate care. I was impressed to get a call the next day to check up on me since I was referred to ER. Thank you for your excellent care.

  115. Anil Swain 2022/10

    The experience was not a WOW experience at all. It was usual and does not give much.

  116. G Bonilla 2022/10

    Eric and Ms. Nguyen were kind, caring and very professional during my visit. I would definitely recommend this location.

  117. Neha Agarwal 2022/10

    Could give zero star if possible for lack of care and communication. Was told that my husband can pick up my Rx without me being present. When he went there the same nurse said she spoke to her supervisor and I have to be physically be present or fill another form out. She could have called and gave us this update instead of having my husband run around.

  118. Steve Boyce 2022/10

    This clinic is the way to go for minor issues like cuts needing stitches, cold or flu, or earache. Pus you can get meds right there which saves a pharmacy trip.

  119. IAVA 2022/10

    Zero Rating..

    Do Not Go there.

    Overall more than 5hours waiting for annual health checkup. 1 hour front desk waiting for registration and 4 hours waiting for 2 min physical examination by physician which is highly ridiculous.

    The poor organization, lack of communication, and general incompetence at this office were so disappointing.

    Don’t recommend this place to anyone.

  120. Dan H 2022/10

    Arrived at 7 pm with severe gastric duress. Staff took me immediately back to exam room, tried to make me comfortable. Preliminary vital signs were taken….waited 45 minutes to be seen by Dr….about an hour later got an injection to help lessen vomiting….waited another 45 min, or so…Dr. came back at almost 10 pm…hooked up ECG…claimed to see abnormal wave and told me that I had to leave (due to 10 pm closing time) and wanted me to be transferred by ambulance to a hospital..( that would take me right in and give me preferential priority, since I had been at the PF for 3 hours already..,.Ambulance took me to hospital, where I was triaged to the normal ER waiting room…sat there until 3 in the morning, without being treated.
    Got up and left….feeling miserable, defeated, untreated.
    The Patient First staff was attentive, courteous, and well meaning..but I feel they are better suited for band-aids and first aid than true medical care.

  121. Jenny Chen 2022/10

    I wish the wait time would improve, but every time I use Patient First, I end up spending a total of 2.5 to 3 hours for the entire visit from check-in to discharge. I only needed to get a COVID test this time due to a direct exposure. I wasn’t very sick and had a slight cough, but needed the test as I was responsible for a school event the next day. Check-in was quick, but once the nurse got me into a patient room, it took forever for a nurse or NP to come swab and take sample to the lab. When I had to take my sons to KidMed to get tested the day before and on multiple previous occasions due to direct exposure from teammates or classmates, we would be in and out within 30 minutes! I don’t know why it takes so long at Patient First. And this is for any other visits I had in previous years — to get an ear infection checked, sinus infection, basic illnesses that require antibiotics but not a full physical exam. Those visits should not take 2-3 hours! When the doctor actually comes to see me, it is only a 5-10 minute interaction. So the rest of the time, I am actually sitting in the room waiting… Every doctor, nurse, and staff at Patient First that I have interacted with in the past have been kind and excellent. But the wait time is simply too much. I will reconsider visiting Patient First next time, unless I am really desperate and have no other options.

  122. TS White 2022/10

    Commanders at the front!!!
    Great staff, the guy upfront who checked me in was awesome. I wish I could remember his name. All the staff was great. Thank you all.

  123. Jasmin Lim 2022/10

    I visited this PatientFirst location to get help for my mom’s high blood pressure and risk for pancreatic cancer. The staff and nurse who registered us, did the blood test, and EKG were amazing and super friendly. However, Dr. Yan was incredibly rude. She reacted aggressively dismissive to questions we asked her and made us feel bad for even asking. As a doctor, she should be more compassionate about people’s needs related to their health. It’s a parient’s right to ask about their own body and options available to her, and a doctor’s responsibility to be as kind and helpful as possible.

  124. Erin Burnham 2022/10

    I have never had a bad experience at the short pump patient first! Everyone from check in to the medical assistant to the provider are friendly, helpful and as efficient as they can be.

    I had to have a physical done and a series of vaccinations and testing for nursing school so I had quite a few visits over a span of 6 weeks and every time, it was efficient and friendly.

    I did have to wait a bit in the exam room for my visit on 10/3 but I was taken back quickly and once the provider saw me, I had my prescriptions and was out the door quickly.

  125. Nancy W 2022/10

    I was seen right away. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I would go again if needed.

  126. Arlene Goldberg 2022/10

    Excellent service, will definitely return if and when I need urgent care again.

  127. Lauren Yun 2022/10

    They over charge and make you do extra stuffs to charge more, even if it’s unnecessary. When you’re there as a patient it’s hard to say no for all the stuffs that they’re doing, not inquiring first but telling you that this will go to lab and additional blood work and stuff to figure out more.
    But the only reasons we had to go here is that they are open when other urgent cares were all closed.

  128. Sarah Curtis 2022/10

    I always have a great experience when I go to this Patient First location. Everyone is so kind and caring!

  129. Dymon McLean 2022/10

    The doctor didn’t take the time out to see what was wrong with me. She looked in my ears and said alright I’ll send some medicine over to Walmart for you and walked out the room. She was very rude i wasted my time going there. I will not be going back!!

  130. Arshiya Zameer 2022/10

    Avoid this Patient First under all circumstances! The staff and everyone are rude. They will make you sit for 4-5 hours to see the doctor. They wouldn’t even give the test results upon requesting multiple times.

  131. Sara Quick 2022/10

    Was in and out very quickly, no wait time. All of the staff were kind, cheerful and professional. I saw Dr. Molloy, who was very thorough and listened to all of my concerns and took everything serious to find the cause of my issue. Will definitely go back to this location if the need arises.

  132. Courtney Wright 2022/10

    Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. Completely neglected to run my insurance after three different phone calls with them. Then they just ran my credit card without any warning. Don’t go here if you like your money or your health. If they take the easy way out on billing, I don’t wanna know where else they cut corners. Trash operation and it smells weird too.

  133. Tom Hall 2022/09

    Great experience!

  134. Pam Doser 2022/09

    Friendly staff. They really cared about you as a patient and human being

  135. Sandra T 2022/09

    The wait time is almost always 2.5 to 3 or more hours and that is to see the doctor once you are in the room. Not counting the wait in the waiting room. Save yourself time and go elsewhere.

  136. Hannah Newton 2022/09

    This place was clean and welcoming. Even after 8 hours of waiting with a 6 yr old, everyone was very nice, polite, respectful. Each staff member knew their job responsibilities and did their job well. No one tried to rush me out, the doctors and nurse took the time and listened to all my questions and concerns. They helped my daughter and I feel comfortable, even offered my daughter some coloring pages and crayons while we waited for test results. They know how to handle large volumes of people. I understand that on a Sunday, right after a holiday, in the middle of a pandemic, and staffing shortages everyone exhausted and over worked. Also, knowing that this was the only place (other than the ER) that I could go and get help for my daughter and myself, I am super grateful for all the staff at this facility. If you plan to go here, go early and remember kindness is free, and goes a long way.

  137. A King 2022/09

    Dr. Kolb always does a great job and figures out things that others have overlooked…highly recommended and the lady at the front desk is very kind as well!

  138. Jagprit kaur 2022/09

    I took my 4 year old daughter to be seen on nov 20th 2021 as she was running with a fever. The nurse who attended us was so patient and gave my daughter time to settle down as my kids was so scared and crying. Whereas on the other hand, The Physician who attend my daughter, Dr. XIAOHUA YAN lacked compassion and bed side manner. She yelled at my kid so bad thats my child got scared even more and she started crying inconsolably. She spoke to me and my husband rudely and asked my husband to take my kid outside. She made me feel bad about my kid. This behavior is no way acceptable from a Provider.

  139. Beverly Cartwright 2022/09

    The receptionist/intake staff member Tiffany was amazing- a wonderful combination of compassion and professionalism.
    Unfortunately the physician was the exact opposite. Someday at some point in this doctor’s life she will be a patient. I hope at that point she receives compassionate care and never experiences the kind of care she provided to me today.

  140. Patricia beechler 2022/09

    I am very satisfied with my visit to Short Pump Patient First today on November 2 2022.

  141. Sharon Johnson 2022/09

    My experience at your office was very nice and friendly everyone was very helpful and pleasant the place was nice and clean just the environment was so comfortable and everyone made you feel they really cared the doctor was very nice and pleasant one staff member came out and check on me to see if my ride was coming I really appreciate that the place is just a nice place with great staff that deserves a excellent star for all that they do thanks so much well appreciated

  142. Kali Mcintosh 2022/09

    The short pump location is by far the best location. They were kind and respectful. They did everything they could to figure out what was wrong. The man at the front counter was super nice as well. Very personable.

  143. The Freckled Flower Farm 2022/09

    The staff was kind, they listened, they took action and the process was faster than normal. I liked doing the ‘waiting’ in the chairs with the TV’s and then having a faster time once I went back to be seen.

  144. Jose Florez 2022/08

    Great service, nice staff and quick turnaround on tests I needed. I was satisfied with their level of care for me.

  145. Maria Cosby 2022/08

    The staff was patient and very professional. I know they were overwhelmed with the large number of people requesting test. You had to wait a long time but you have to expect this in a walk in test site. I was pleased with my experience.

  146. Gregg “Gregg” 2022/08

    Got to patient first around 12:30pm. The lobby was empty and only a few cars. At 3:00, I decided to leave. I have a suspicious looking growth that I wanted to try and intervene. Not today. not at patient first

  147. Cindi Jones 2022/08

    They were very busy. I waited a long time, however, they were seeing people as fast as they could. I did not mind waiting my turn. I was thankful to have somewhere to go where I could be seen the same day and not have to wait a week or two for an appointment. The provider was very professional, thorough and caring!

  148. Katie Shimel 2022/08

    I went in last week on Wednesday. Yes it was busy… Because COVID and other illnesses or health issues. The staff was completely polite and kind. Yes it took time to be seen. Yes I had to wait some in my car to keep others safe around me. I do not feel as though I need to be angry for the wait. It’s an urgent care facility. I always expect a wait within a place that does not do appointments. I think the staff is so stressed out from being overwhelmed and overworked. Literally wish I could remember the names of the nurse, doctor and x-ray tech. But you all are my heros. Honestly I’ve never had a bad experience at this location. Please remember this is a very difficult time for healthcare workers. Remember when they used to be heros to us all in 2020? What happened? I still view them as heros. Thanks for all you do. Stay healthy, choose kindness.

  149. Michele Venable 2022/08

    Unfortunately I picked a busy time to come, and as a result had to wait quite a while for what is normally a short, routine visit. I was given the option to wait in my car which I took. This was actually a great idea, as it cut down on possible exposure to waiting room pathogens. While waiting I received two calls, once for the check in and the other for the visit, Each time I was seen right away.

    As usual, everyone was pleasant.

  150. Michael Monahan 2022/08


  151. Joshua Stanley 2022/08

    Had a major injury at work where a huge fixture fell on top of me..have been waiting for over 3.5 hours now and have still yet to see a doctor! I am in excruciating pain, and it feels like these people have not a care in the world! Don’t come here! Recommend going straight to the ER!!

  152. S F 2022/07

    Dr. Mirshahi is the best and I wish she could be my primary care provider!

  153. Tracy Felts 2022/07

    i was visiting family there and got very sick. i was treated with great compassion and care. i couldn’t have ask for a better experience considering the circumstances i was in. this was on a saturday evening also. they were great.

  154. Donna Dalton 2022/07

    I had fallen down outside steps which brought me to Patient First. A nurse met me on the sidewalk with a wheelchair. I was evaluated immediately and given X-rays. My wounds were wrapped and they even sent me home with extra bandages! I was put on antibiotics and given them right there. It was the most caring and professional team there…. I was in such pain, and they calmed me right down. Kudos to the nurses, doctors and front staff!

  155. kenner hotboy 2022/07

    Don’t come here unless you have unlimited hours to waste. Came in last month for a flu diagnosis.. waited 1 hour in the lobby and 3 in the room only to be seen by the doctor for 10 min. Here agin for a physical, came in super early to limit time wasted, and here I am again, sitting in a room for two hours to see the doc. Love the attitude and smug faces when I ask how much longer I will have to wait.

  156. Craig Patrick 2022/07

    My experience was excellent. They were courteous, at all times and very much on their game. The wait time was less than 10 minutes. The doc came in about 10 minutes after I was placed in one of the rooms. NO COMPLAINTS, none at all.

  157. Tony DeMatteo 2022/07

    I was very happy with my visit. The only possible to tractor was just how long it took. I was there for 4 hours but it’s flu season and we’re in the middle of a pandemic so it’s not something that really could be held against the facility. And everybody was very friendly and nice. The gentleman who checked me in was also named Anthony and made me feel a lot better about my situation. Nobody likes to be sick but I felt genuinely cared for.

  158. Brittney Mustian 2022/06

    Everyone that helped me was great and had a great attitude. Was really busy when I went in to be seen, but handled the chaos in a great and timely manner!

  159. Napi Ippolito 2022/06

    Staff went beyond what was initially asked (to test for flu A after exposure & symptoms began). They took many careful steps to ease illness they could see coming on fast & safely get me to exam room & to X-ray.

    Altho a couple members of the team apologized for total time of visit, none of it seemed wasted to me. The whole experience during a scary & miserable time inspired confidence in the thorough professionalism of the staff & was comfortingly kind in personal communication.

  160. Aiden Carter 2022/06

    DO NOT GO THERE! The AC system contains black mold. You can notice that on the air ducts grills. Beside that i was diagnosed wrong. I had RSV and they diagnosed me for something else. Does the city even inspect this place ?

  161. Jamesha Watson 2022/06

    This is one of my favorite patient firsts to visit everyone is always quick and efficient.

  162. Cassandra Coyle 2022/06

    Dr Mohlie is a wonderful doctor. He has been my primary care physician for years. I saw him at the Colonial Heights location, and followed him to the Short Pump. He has a great bedside manner and holds the patient in his best interest. He asks questions and LISTENS to what the patient is saying, in order to provide an appropriate diagnosis. He even completes follow-up calls, and letters, as needed. He actually cares about his patients, which is hard to find these days. I highly recommend him!

  163. Katherine Aldon 2022/06

    The wait is lengthy mostly due to COVID concerns but when it is your turn the staff is focused on you. Never seen anyone rude or impatient from intake to exit. Great dedicated people. Always cheerful and kind. They follow-up to make sure you are doing well.

  164. Shannon Hawkins 2022/06

    My visit was so nice. The lady who worked the front window was so helpful and nice.I wish I had her name.Maybe my time stamp when I visited would help pin point her, she was so helpful and gave me great info on having PF be my PCP. Kudos to her. My doctor R.Patel really took time and listened to me and addressed all my concerns. She was also very kind and had a great bed side manner. After seeing her I will use Patient First as my primary doctors office. I look forward to continuing to see R.Patel.

  165. Sherrill Kauffman 2022/06

    I was in pain, and it was too late to make an appointment with my GP. I tried 2 Minute Clinics and Better Med. I was told at each of these that there were no appointments. Although I had to wait at Patient First, the PA prescribed an antibiotic that worked. My fever broke the next morning and I was able to go on our family trip. From now on, I’m going straight to Patient First, if I can’t get in with my doc.

  166. Ashwin Raju 2022/06

    3 HOUR wait time. You get a room after waiting in the car for 1.5 hours.. Then you have to wait another 1.5 hours in a room where you they ask you to do all the wrong tests. I went with a skin problem and they asked me to do an x ray.. And I had to explain twice that it is a skin problem, when they realized how obvious the x ray was uncalled for. Then they made me do a blood test, where interns came in and tested their skills on my vein.
    Overall – Avoid!! Came in the morning and went back in the evening(3 hours wait time to see the doctor). Am never coming back again. I could have waited 10 minutes for an online doctor who would have given me the same prescription

  167. Robert Stewart 2022/05

    Been here for three hours still waiting for one shot and I am still waiting for it

  168. Casey McNeely 2022/05

    Fast service for a Saturday night. Everyone was friendly and empathetic. My family has been coming to this location for 20+ years.

  169. Michelle Goodman 2022/05

    They did a truly great job of taking care of my medical needs as they are my pcp.

  170. Cecy Cárdenas 2022/05

    So confortable

  171. Kumaresh Ramanathan 2022/05

    Very happy with my last visit,

  172. Lena Black 2022/05

    Long wait but good people.

  173. Joni Borrell 2022/05

    Covid King lives! Cant treat ‘regular’ illnesses for testing for Covid! I will go elsewhere to test for streptococcus….if I have it… I am getting a refund. Streptococcus is very dangerous if not treated . I am a nurse and am over the covid narrative..DONE!

  174. Linda Shearer 2022/05

    I was seen immediately due to a pre-existing and possible life threatening health history. I was dealt with dedicated proficient staff. I would like to thank Dr. Manerva for her thoroughness with my evaluation. I highly recommend this Dr., her compassion and concern was impeccable. I would like to thank Rowan for the excellent care she provided. I highly recommend this facility. In these health care demanding times, I feel they are worth waiting for. I thank all the employees for the hard jobs they do and the health risks they take daily. LLS

  175. Alexander Cerrone 2022/05

    I used Patient First Telehealth service (phone doctor service) on 01-22-2022 for three prescription renewals. I waited over an hour to talk with a doctor but that was understandable given the COVID environment. I talked with the doctor for about 15 minutes and the three prescription renewals were sent to my pharmacy. Last week I received a bill for $205 for the telehealth service. THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS … GoodRx charges $49 for telehealth service. A WORD TO THE WISE SHOULD BE SUFFICIENT!!

  176. Nicole Mix 2022/05

    Was in and out in less than 1 and a half hours with x-rays. Gave me a place to start with my source of my pain and treatment has taken my pain down about 70% already. Physician was caring and understanding and took care of my issue with expertise. Staff was friendly and efficient. I’m a cash patient and they gave me a discount and was willing to work out a payment plan. A++ all around!! Thank you!

  177. Dorothy Williams 2022/05

    Clean, friendly professional, prompt service. They also shared that things can get very busy but they try to spare everyone a long wait. They also have a pharmacy on site.

  178. Jessica Palmer 2022/05

    First, I signed in stating I wanted to be called on my husbands phone since I did not have mine. The nurses did not follow that instruction and called my cell phone which resulted in a longer wait time. After a little more than an hour, I decided to go inside to see when I would be called and this is when I found out they were calling the wrong number the entire time. The nurse made it seem like it was my fault, but I signed in using his number and even told the receptionist I was using my husbands phone – poor attention to detail for people who work in the medical field. I also have a problem with physicians laughing at me when I ask a question – guess they never heard of “no question is a stupid question”. I came to the doctor to see what is going on and that may result in me asking a “funny” question, but I didn’t go to school to be a doctor and I am asking for my own knowledge. This will discourage people in the future to ask questions. All I can say is I wish I had a better experience…

  179. Sam H 2022/05

    The only reason I am giving them 2 stars is because I can see the staff frustration and over working.
    Today I registered at 08:55 AM. for blood work and prescription refill.
    Vitals were checked at 09:23 AM.
    Got into a room at10:15 am. blood was drawn 10:40 AM. 11:20 am I am still waiting in the room to be seen by the provider which may not be a doctor. I asked the nurse when I am going to be seen. He yelled at me and said people are waiting for two hours to be seen. I told him it has been three hours for me waiting here. then he told me I am next. I understand his frustration maybe he is overwhelmed. I will not hold it against him. It is patient first that need to add more staff in busy locations. emergency room waiting was not that high. I understand corporate are in the market for the money but you need to provide good service to be able to justify the charges. I Hane ben next for the past hour. it is 12:20 now haven’t been seen remember I am the next patient one hour ago.
    Finally provide came to my room at 11:25. I have been seen by Dr.Tom did very good job listening to me he for the first time in patient first. explained my medications and what needs to be done. I was discharged at 12:45 PM. 10 minutes shy of 4 hours.
    On a previous visit my son went in at 04:00PM for ear pain. he was seen at 09:30 PM. they send a letter to apologize for the delay. however it is still 5 and half hours. obviously this is not a one time event. it is a trend. I will look for another primary care since this location is not keeping up.

  180. Keith Larkin 2022/05

    Eric (who checked me in and took insurance info) was TERRIFIC! So friendly! And the nurse Marc Jimenez was extremely nice as well.

  181. Geri Lavalle 2022/05

    Did not like having to wait almost 2 hours to get seen, especially when I told the receptionist that I was severely dehydrated and feeling dizzy and needed an IV. Also the website that showed the queue of patients waiting was inaccurate. My number was called but I didn’t get called back until 20 mins afterwards. However, I will say the service of the medical professionals and office staff was extraordinary. They made me feel very comfortable and explained every step to me. I liked how I didn’t have to leave the room to get blood work done. Offering drinks and warm blankets. And I also liked how they had a charging station for my phone. I hated the wait, but the service was phenomenal.

  182. Chris Rysak 2022/05

    The entire staff listened to me and was kind, empathetic, and courteous. I’m very fortunate to have received such amazing care in such short notice

  183. Kelsey Fisher 2022/05

    Anthony got me registered and was fantastic. I didn’t get the nurse’s name, but she was kind and helpful. Dr. Mirshahi has great bedside manner, clearly explained my medication and how to take it, and was thorough with the evaluation. Thank you

  184. Aanchal Manchanda 2022/04

    Waited for over 2 hours just to be seen

  185. Mary-Peyton Crook 2022/04

    The staff here works so hard, from before open until after close. Everyone was amazing. The wait is long because the pandemic is so bad, but they work tirelessly and urgently to help people as quickly as possible. They also gave me lots of good information and guidance. Thank you all SO MUCH for your hard work!

  186. Richard & Rebecca Honebein 2022/04

    I arrived with 30 people in line before the doors opened. The staff was very courteous, knowledgable, and efficient. Even though, there were a lot of people needing to be seen I was seen, evaluated, diagnosed, and had a prescription in less than two hours.

  187. Jonah D 2022/04

    We sat in the waiting room 30 minutes, then I was taken back and told I need to go straight to the hospital. 2 months later I am charged $298 on my credit card . I have insurance. I signed a paper saying I would be notified of any charges would be placed on my card, and I was not even looked at. $300 out of my pocket? Not today. Total rip off. Shady practices. Never go here. Go straight to the er.

  188. Beth Baldwin 2022/04

    Thorough, kind and caring. I had several follow up calls from nurses checking on my recovery.

  189. Aimee Tinsley 2022/04

    Super slow. Spent hours just waiting to see someone. We came in for a simple cold. As slow as this place we now have the flu. SUPER SLOW!!!!!!

  190. Kristina Rollins 2022/04

    Doctor Nauman and the entire staff was amazing! Was visiting VA for a softball tournament and daughter was injured. Dr. Nauman and staff quickly saw her and took X-Rays. Once it was determined our daughter had a broken bone needing surgery, the staff quickly referred us to nearest children’s hospital, called in all information and provided us with imaging results to take with us. We walked right into children’s hospital and were quickly seen there by orthopedics. Staff here was excellent, professional, and very caring towards my daughter.

  191. Dustin Gunter 2022/04

    Great experience. Very short wait time which was a nice surprise. All the staff were professional and polite.

  192. Kristin Kelly 2022/04

    My daughter and I got to patient first at 8:30 and didn’t leave until 11:41. On top of that the doctor we seen Dr. Leuy Tong had a horrible bedside manner, he was very rude and argumentative. I will never go back to this location again.

  193. Mark Damico 2022/04

    It was the most amazing experience I have ever had at a Doctor’s office, from sign in, to the vitals, to the xray, to the Doctor I could not have asked for more. The Doctor even took the time to show me the test results and the X-Ray and explained in detail what he saw. If you are not using Patient First as you primary care provider you should, I know I will. Great Experience.

  194. Daniel Killian 2022/03

    Slowest doctors ever. Been hear 2.5 hours already. They don’t care for anything!


  195. Ram Joshi 2022/03

    If you have alt option, DO NOT VISIT here.. one of the worst waiting period I have ever experienced in US.. Waiting period I’m talking abt after you are called inside for check up & not front desk waiting… PATHETIC .. There is no option to give zero rating..

  196. Vicky Spiller 2022/03

    Excellent service! Staff and physician treated our family like their own!

  197. Lauren Hay 2022/03

    This location is the best! Friendly, fast service. I needed to be seen and 1 week later my son needed to be seen. Both visits took only 1 hour and we had our medications. I HIGHLY recommend Patient First Short Pump!

  198. Veronica Vieira 2022/03

    It was a good experience.

  199. Monica Giles 2022/03

    Everyone was very pleasant and polite, during my time of illness. I had a very little wait and service was extremely fast. Clean and sanitize ready to go, if in need of quick medical help again, this will be my first stop. #1for emergency care

  200. Andrea B. Reed 2022/03

    I literally waited EIGHT hours just to get a COVID 19 test. I understand that numbers are at an all-time high, but that was ridiculous!!! There has to be a better way!

  201. Melissa Dixon 2022/03

    I’ve used Patient First Short Pump since it first opened. The facility is clean and we’ll kept; the staff/physicians friendly and professional. The automated check-in process is fast and efficient, and the wait times average the same as practices that require appointments. I would recommend PFSP to family/friends.

  202. Kimberly Morris 2022/02

    Thank you Patient First for Lady name Minerva! I really appreciate her she was so kind and went over and beyond! You can tell
    She really cares! Thank you so much Minerva!

  203. Joshua bowers 2022/02

    I was there a total of 7.5 hours I wish I was kidding but I’m not the staff is nothing but polite besides the front desk people they are extremely rude. I believe I got a false negative test due to everyone around me got sick once around me and tested positive but I’m now just self isolating due to the fact I don’t want to go through that hell again. Like honestly what’s going on here I even called them and left a voice mail with the office admin and she even said in her voicemail I will get back to you in 24 hours and this never happened. Only good thing about this facility is that they have amazingly nice nurses/doctors once again not the front desk people they are rude to everyone

  204. Vaneza Caycho Ñuflo 2022/02

    This place was comfortable, the guy who attended us was very nice. We went there to get a covid-19 test on Sunday night and the place was opened.


  205. Leah Wells-Marshburn 2022/02

    Extraordinary wait time ~5 hours on my most recent visit. Front desk check in clerk was very good, personable. Nursing and/or clinical support staff poor. They did not identify their roles, such as RN, LPN, NA. During the 2 hours of waiting in the exam room, no one updated me or stopped by my room to check if I was okay or to allow me the opportunity to request a blanket or pillow which I was not provided for 2 hours on an uncomfortable stretcher. I was not provided with water. I had to come out of the room to try to get someone’s attention for an update. When I came out, 2 staff were sitting talking at computers but did not make eye contact. I had to interrupt them to ask for an update. They did not apologize for not providing an update without being requested. No one told me where the restroom was (glad it had signage). The NP/PA was very good, apologetic for the wait, fast but thorough, provided appropriate education and helpful intervention. Checkout was smooth. Parking was good. The wait is understandable-ish but the lack of care by clinical nursing/support staff did not meet clinical standards. Not checking on a patient in an urgent care setting for 2 hours is dangerous.

  206. cummingsjn 2022/02

    I was nearly in tears from the pain upon arrival with a dead phone, the female intaker charged it up for me and told me there was a 3 hour wait. Staying in my car was a nice option. The wait time was almost exact. The nurse was kind, patient and gentle. He listened and didn’t rush through the initial vital readings. I believe it was Tyler. The doctor was also so kind and listened and explained my treatment plan very clearly. I received all medications on site and am feeling much better today. I am very thankful for the hard-working staff. Everyone was positive, kind, attentive and patient. I usually leave the doctors’ offices’ feeling upset that the doctor didn’t listen or even look at me — especially when I have “more than 1 thing going on” … I was nervous my positive COVID test would leave my sinuses untreated — no fear needed! Thank you very much for giving me medicine that works and your kindness ; I felt like I left a specialists’ office; no one seemed angry, overworked or upset to be on duty!

    Thank you! Thank you!!! (& the phone chargers in the room are great!!)

  207. Laya Ashton 2022/02

    Thanks team! You were great. I got in early so wait time wasnt bad at all for a patient first. Theresa who did my vitals was so very kind and had great bedside manner and was on top of keeping things sanitary. Theresa gets a 10/10 and Dr. tyler was also very kind and attentive to my needs. I felt listened to, and a lot of the time it is hard to find a physician who TRULY listens to their patients. 10/10 for all the staff i interacted with today. Thanks again.
    Laya Ashton

  208. Zainab K 2022/02

    Terrible! I had a 102 fever and I waited 3 hours to be seen, I also asked for a warm blanket several times and the nurse said no! I was given one 3 hours later in the room!

  209. Marjorie Beaudry 2022/02

    Very thorough! Pleasant employees.

  210. Tracey Dorsey 2022/01

    Intake staff not the problem. Here for back strain (work). I have been in a room for 1.5 hours and still have not been seen.
    If it wasn’t mandatory for work, I would just leave. Patient First would never be my choice for urgent care.
    5/13/22: Another terrible experience. 2 hour wait and all I had done were vitals. They said it would be at least 1.5 more hours. I left and went home.

  211. Phyllis Tyler 2022/01

    I love Dr. Sakina Mirshahi at Patient First in Short Pump. She possesses a wonderful combination of professionalism, caring and competence. She has a holistic approach to medicine and in her diagnosis and treatment of her patients she looks for underlying causes of illnesses.

  212. Amanda Torres 2022/01

    Brought our 3 year old and were told we were next and brought right back. Nurse came in and started the flu test and I was told someone would be with me in just a few moments. 2 hours later ask for an update as Noone has even acknowledged us since we first came in and were told to be patient. I understand being busy but not even having someone check in once after 2 hours in a room is a bit ridiculous!

  213. Phyllis Jackson 2022/01

    I was very pleased with every aspect of my care. I would definitely use you again. Everyone was professional, welcoming and knowledgeable.

  214. Dean Thomas 2022/01

    Literally never come here. If you’re sick or hurt go to your primary care or a hospital. These people forgot about me in a room for over 2 hours. Incredibly unprofessional and incapable.

  215. Raja Chattopadhyay 2022/01

    I am glad that I have this urgent care within driving distance from my home and most of the folks here are friendly. Quick diagnostics and prescriptions helps a lot. The biggest challenge is wait time – you will be sitting hours before doctor will come and check.

  216. 1little blueberry 2022/01

    As usual, we were very pleased with the attention and diagnoses and medication/advice we received at Patient First.

  217. 2Bloved 2022/01

    Everyone was so accommodating and friendly. I appreciate their patience with everything I was experiencing. I wish we could have this comforting experience each time we visit one in Virginia Beach!

  218. R Jackson 2022/01

    I waited 5 1/2 hours for a COVID-19 test. Majority of the staff and Dr. Tong was excellent. This facility is understaffed because it was only two doctors for about 40 persons. Another problem COVID testing is not done separately which is where the problem comes in. If testing was done separately you would not experience such extreme wait times. You have people coming in for other issues like physicals etc. which takes longer than a COVID test. The facility nor staff is not bad. Shame on the corporate office for overworking the doctors and staff with these grueling schedules!

  219. Judy McGlone 2022/01

    Was in the room over 3 hours even though I was the first patient in the building when it opened. I did need to deal with multiple issues, but they were discussed and treated in series instead of in parallel. However, all issues were eventually addressed successful on the day I wanted, not waiting for an appointment.

  220. John Cummings 2021/11

    Patient First is well-named. They reached out to me for the Covid-19 Vaccine injection appointment. When I got there, it went very smoothly, and the PF providers were competent and gracious and friendly. I had a great experience both times, and they were able to help my wife and mother-in-law get their shots too. I recommend them highly for their great service.

  221. Donae Johnson 2021/11

    Worst experience ever wanted for like two hours no doctor showed up with my results and will never come back here again

  222. Jacob Niner 2021/11

    Came here for a work related injury and told them I needed a drug test as well. I was never given the drug test by this location nor the other location in mechanicsville! It then lead to my employer foodlion to separate from me and I didn’t receive compensation for my time I missed. This place cost me my job becaue THEY didn’t do their job right! If you even get injured on the job go to the hospital. Stay far away from patient first I they do not care as evident by how they handle my workmans comp case. Lawyers have been contacted. Also shows how terrible of a place foolion really is and how they treat their employees.


  223. A C 2021/10

    I really recommend Dr.Mirshahi, she’s a great physician! And the waiting time was very short today

  224. Lee Harper 2021/10

    Shawndale Henley was so amazing at her job. She made me and my daughter feel very comfortable and welcomed. Will highly recommended this location to anyone I talk to.

  225. zakir Khan 2021/10

    I visited today this location I had rainy nose and had headache, the nurses ask me to covid19 test. Eventhough I told her I am vaccinated but I understand, she entered the nasal to my nose all the way to my brain so many time I still feel so bad in nose. She was very mad 😠 I am not sure why. Waited for almost 1 hour to get the results even nurse mention it will take 30 minutes. I am not going to come here anymore. I am not happy at all !!!! 😡😡😠

  226. Naiya Ray 2021/10

    This is THE WORST visit I’ve ever experience. We have been here for 3 hours for a sports physical. A SPORTS PHYSICAL that’s it! There’s no reason why the wait should be this long when we arrived at 8 am when they open. I’m writing this as we continue to wait for the doctor to come to the back. Needs better time management and more staff.

  227. G G 2021/10

    The guy that’s taking the information at front very rude I think he’s name is Anthony

  228. Cynthia Melrose 2021/10

    The staff had personal conversations regarding decor & furniture right outside the curtain. Very unprofessional -& loud. Complete disregard to the patients being in distress & hearing irrelevant decor convo was inappropriate! I waited 20 minutes while staff discussed accent walls, curtains & bedroom furniture!! 20 minutes without being updated about being treated. How long the wait was? What the hold up was? Anything. I opened the curtain to make sure they had not forgot about me & was told “no we don’t forget people”& then they turned around & continued to talk. It would have been nice to be updated “hey Mrs____ it will be about another 15 minutes. “ do you need anything “
    Are you ok ? – nothing

  229. Myla Spencer 2021/10

    The staff and assistants were friendly, professional and efficient. They are a great team.

  230. Jackie Elston 2021/10

    I appreciate the follow-up calls days after my visit to ask how I’m doing. Doctor’s offices don’t do that!

  231. Martina H 2021/10

    I had an excellent experience, the staff was friendly. The wait time was not long and the facility was very clean. Thank you!

  232. Cynthia Gettsy 2021/10

    I have been going to Patient First for years. Have always been pleased with my experience. When I went on September 13th, except for the intake tech who was lovely, I was treated by an entire staff of docs, nurses, and techs who treated me as if I was another pain in their already painful day. When I left after 3 hours of waiting in my car (1 hour), being tested twice for COVID (1 hour), and being treated without any decent human compassion by the doctor, nurse, or blood tech, I was exhausted and so very disappointed. I will not be going back to Patient First. I didn’t see any heroes today. Perhaps they are overworked and not appreciated. I read the company response to my review. I didn’t have such an issue with the wait but moreso the way I was treated. Interesting that you did not address that. Very disappointed.

  233. Randy New 2021/10

    I went for COVID vaccine (from wait list). Everything about the visit was managed in a very professional and friendly manner. The staff was exceptional, from door greeter, to person handling the seating, to the RN who administered the shot. Could not have been more pleased, as we’ve always been in the few times my wife or I have gone to Patient First.

  234. Muflah Alharbi 2021/10

    The patient was the first good clinic I went to a week ago due to the presence of pain in my right leg and the diagnosis was that it was gout. I found interest from all the staff, but the waiting time is long

  235. Gayzelle Thomas 2021/09


  236. Betty Elliott 2021/09

    Visit was for Covid vaccine shot. Well organized process! Staff very welcoming and efficient. Spacing and cleanliness should receive a high rating. My confidence in the staff and environment came easily within a short period of time. Thank you to everyone for efforts done right!

  237. Christina Goodwin 2021/09

    Be prepared to wait 3 hours just to be seen… the front staff were rude!

  238. toecramper 2021/09

    Kristina Davis THANK YOU

    I’ve been going to patient first for a few years now and generally have had good experiences but none match the professionalism and compassion I received from Mrs Davis and her associate Hannah

  239. P. Marlene LeClerc 2021/09

    Thank you for the follow-up calls. I appreciated the extended care.

  240. Sofi Randjelovic 2021/09

    My mother had the worst experience here and myself and brother second this. DR. AISHA NAUMAN deserves to have her license revoked. suspended. whatever the case because I have never experienced worse relay of information or skill in my entire life by a medical professional. My mother came in on May 20th for a fever and hives from eating something she had an allergic reaction to. At this location, they did blood work as well as a chest X-ray for her symptoms which all took around 5 hours. After waiting for hours for results and someone to tell us what was going on, Nauman strides into the room and says I quote ” I have figured it out. I know exactly what it is” and proceeds to ask my mother if cancer runs in the family. My mother is a cancer survivor clean 24 years. My mom then responds yes she survived cancer x-years ago. Nauman throws up the X-ray and jabs her finger at her lung and says there is “this issue right here”. Turns to my mother and tells her to her face she has cancer. says “I am so sorry to give you this bad news” then turns to my brother and I and says very sternly I QUOTE “Go home, pack a bag, immediately go to the hospital after, it will be a long stay” We are all hysterical, crying, appalled that someone, a doctor, would bluntly tell a patient she or he has cancer without any other reviews, without any second opinions, scare someone so horrifically and send them straight to the ER. We arrive at the emergency room at 9:30pm- we did not leave till 5am. We had her same bloodwork done, same x-ray, and the radiologist- the real radiologist and real doctor- told us that she is clean. nothing is wrong. and that her fever was caused from too much benedryl taken for the allergic reaction. This has to be some sort of medical malpractice. The nature of the way this scenario went down would absolutely cause me to question suing for pain and suffering that my 65 year old mother went through that night. I forbid anyone from my family or anyone in general to visit this god awful location with this god awful doctor ever again. Patient first proceeded to call the next day and say ‘they like to ‘check up on’ patients they send to the Emergency Room’ my mother angrily told them how absurd the treatment she received was and the lady on the other end ensure her that ‘their doctors make the best judgement possible with the information they are given’ CANCER? cancer was the best judgement possible with the information given? Not we see something here in your lung, maybe get a second opinion, maybe see your oncologist just to verify it is not serious? But the best information to give your patient was you have cancer? pack a bag for your long stay in the hospital? Foul. absolutely foul and disgusting and I will never visit this doctor or this location again. I am sick and sick of the way this was handled and I can only imagine how many other times this potentially has happened. This WebMD of a doctor does not deserve a medical license nor a job.

  241. Nahid Sultana 2021/09

    Patient First Service was excellent! But waiting time was too long it was 2 hours I had, because every spot they have only one person for more than 100 patients. Soon they should hire more physicians, nurses, technicians, lab workers and others staffs.

  242. Abby Novak 2021/09

    I went to this location after being recommend for a pre-surgery physical. After 2.5 hours I was told they will not provide this service. I completely understand that but think the front desk and nurse could have told me that and should be familiar with their services.

  243. Gaurav Kanoongo 2021/08

    This place is weird – they are asking for a doctor’s visit just for my prescription/insulin refill request despite the fact that my last visit was less than 3 months ago. My refill request via pharmacy was denied and I’m now struggling without insulin for more than a week.

    All my previous doctors used to refill prescriptions just over a phone call.

  244. Sean Gentry 2021/08

    Horrible. More Doctors than patients and still waited 2 hours to be seen.

  245. Ashley D. 2021/08

    I waited 1.5 hours to get a note that I could return back to work , when I should’ve received it when I initially visited. Other than that everyone there is nice.

  246. Prasanna Srinivasa 2021/08

    This was not my first visit to patient first but I had a similar great experience at a different location too. Kudos to patient first team and thanks for all the service.

  247. Gregg Smith 2021/08

    We came to Patient First for COVID Antibody Testing, thinking it would be quick based on advertising of the process. We were at your facility for two hours. Unacceptable.

  248. Elizabeth Courts 2021/08

    The staff and dr. were amazing with my daughter!

  249. C T 2021/08

    The staff from the moment I walked in to the time I left, and everyone in between, were all terrific. Everyone was polite, professional, friendly, personable, explained the process to me well, in no way hurt the area that was already hurting when they performed an examination and x-ray. I was very pleased. I think there were quite a few patients in today so the wait time once I was back in the patient area was a little longer than usual once the Dr diagnosed me after my x-Ray, but that isn’t something that would keep me from coming back to this location or to Patient First. I prefer Patient First to other walk-in medical facilities.

  250. Maria Leshchinskaya 2021/08

    Quite happy with the level of care I received here as a US visitor. However, I was told I would have to wait 25 minutes for the rapid COVID-19 test result while in fact it took around 60 minutes. Nobody came to see me and tell me it’s taking longer. It was a shame.

  251. Bsrnice White 2021/07

    Dr. Mohlie is very good and has wonderful listening and explaining skills. The staff at this location are friendly, understandable and treat you well when you are not feeling 100%. I am just pleased with how fast I am in and out.

  252. Brian Sciberras 2021/07

    From check-in to when I met with the doctor. This was hands-down my best experience of any patient first I’ve ever been to. Or urgent care facility. Honestly the doctor took her time to explain what was wrong with me. She drew a diagram. She made sure I understood. The check-in person started the visit off very pleasant informative direct into the point. Really this has been the best experience. My wife works in healthcare and I came home and told her how impressed I was

  253. Steve Armstrong 2021/07

    This was an outstanding Health Provider Service.
    The wait was a about 25 minutes. However, once the wait ended, things sped up. I went through three successive interviews with very polite, friendly and interested people narrowing the issues of payment, over all patient screening, and then quickly to the physician. It was as efficient and smooth as a swiss watch. The final diagnosis and course of action came in friendly quick order. I was not rushed, but moved along quickly including the X-Ray. I have been to a lot of hospitals and medical facilities as this one which was truly magnificent. The wait is understandable, because they appear quite popular with the other patients. It was my first visit.

  254. Dan Rosenthal 2021/07

    Anthony was able to check me in on a busy Saturday morning at the Short Pump facility. He answered questions, handled insurance and got me through the line with ease and caring comfort. On what could have been a trying, problematic and bureaucratic visit, Anthony took the lead and got me through to a practitioner quickly, seamlessly and with a smile. We need more Anthonys.

  255. Karen Harris 2021/07

    I had a covid test here, the staff is prompt, efficient and courteous. They’re doing a great job.

  256. Z_Old_Pavel Kosachevsky 2021/07

    The visit took 4 hours and with only 10 minutes spend with medical personal. I came to “Patient First” with the problem not related to Covid but was tested twice for COVID and after all, didn’t get any treatment or prescription. A total waste of time and money, it was a useless visit and I was exhausted and so very disappointed. It was my last visit to this “Urgent Care”.

  257. Megan Havens 2021/07

    When I came in I was greeted immediately. He was super nice and I was not doing ok so that really made me feel a little better. He took my information right away and my wait time was way less than I expected. The nurse and doctor all seemed compassionate which I am sure is hard when you treat a million people a day so I very much appreciated it.

  258. Angela Wray 2021/07

    Excellent experience! Thank you for excellent care.

  259. Stephanie Gasparo 2021/07

    The doctor, Mirshahi, was THE RUDEST doctor I have EVER been to!! No bedside manner at ALL! Yelling at me. Not listening to me. So awful!! I would never recommend anyone to go to this office in fear they would get her as a doctor. I cannot say enough how terrible she is. Just horrible.

  260. yaa nyantakyi 2021/07

    I came in with cough and X-ray showed bronchitis. I was coughing my lungs out. Told them I’ve tried all the over the counter meds and none relieved my symptoms. The MD looked at me like I was a crack head and told me to use honey and lemon. Like duh I’ve been doing that for the past two weeks with no relieve. He sent me home with just antibiotics and when I asked for a cough syrup that wasn’t over the counter he looked at me and walked away. Nobody even talked to me when I was there. All I saw was a lady came and took me to X-ray and then a man came and drew my blood non of them explained to me why I needed all these. Very unsympathetic people work there. I regret spending my money there. Bettermed urgent care is better.

  261. Molly Sharp 2021/07

    The vaccine clinic was very efficient! Good job!

  262. Carlos santos 2021/07

    It may be that I got lucky as there were not many patients in the cue but the service friendliness and professionalism were on par beyond my expectations. Thank you

  263. Mike McQuiston 2021/07

    Can’t say enough about the service and care. Thank you for all you are doing during this pandemic!

  264. Indig. E Nous 2021/07

    Excellent Front desk staff & All Medical Employees. Dr Noble Bicchara MD is an awesome excellent well-bedside mannered physician. He’s a good listener.
    Pump Road, Glen Allen, Richmond, VA location Patient First-

    1/29/2021 Short Pump, Richmond, VA

    Anthony, Dr R, Valerie & Teresa are professional staff members & did their jobs.
    Thank you for the sample Med Dr R. (Female physician)
    They are all open to questions.

  265. Aubrey Moore 2021/07

    Wait was terrible, but that’s not the staff’s fault. Every single staff member was pleasant, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable. Once I was finally in, they were very fast. Their precision and expertise relieved my normally significant medical anxiety. I felt that I was in very capable hands. 100% recommend.

  266. William Hoyt 2021/06

    Vaccine dispensing went well and they were very well organized

  267. rayNadia 9 2021/06

    The worst place to go to for a physical. All I wanted was a quick sports physical, and I’ve been sitting in this room for almost 2 hours. These “doctors” are just sitting around and putting people in these rooms where they’re waiting for a while too. UNACCEPTABLE! Don’t come here or any patient first ever, they need to go out of business because the customer service sucks. If the doctors were patients would they even come here? I bet they would with there lazy incompetent selves. 😒

  268. Nisole Chipre 2021/06

    The guy at the front desk was pretty rude and unhelpful. Luckily I encountered one of your kind nurses.

  269. asit pasawala 2021/06

    Every time Patient First is serving patient in good and in the interest of patient

  270. mohammed bairaqdar 2021/06

    I waited for more than an hour and the doctor didn’t come
    In addition, I left them without the doctor seeing my daughter

  271. George Sibold, IV 2021/05

    Dr. A. Kolb helped me out so much.

    Honestly the best experience I’ve had with a doctor at a patient first, ever.

    This guy’s intelligent, well spoken and kind. (I wish all doctors were like Dr. Kolb)

    I could tell he genuinely cared about my health.

    Before this visit, I always thought of CVS minute clinic as my go to for last minute health care. Now, thanks to Dr. Kolb, patient first is my go to emergency establishment.

    Great experience –

    Thank you Dr. Kolb.



  272. Tana Batzilla 2021/05

    I dont know if patient first wanted to become the unofficial testing site for covid but they got to me quickly and kindly. Told them my symptoms and was NOT treated like a radioactive leper. They brought me coffee (even tho I couldn’t taste it) and had little chargers in the room. They were friendly and made a really scary moment into a less unpleasant one.

  273. Nina Sandler 2021/05

    Please don’t go here. Just go to the hospital or anywhere else.

  274. Sandy Marad 2021/05

    Team was efficient, kind and informative. I did not wait very long to be seen and my issue addressed.

  275. Drnn Lou 2021/05

    Anthony and Valerie were incredibly friendly, professional, and efficient. Anthony got me processed quickly and gave clear instructions on where to wait and an approximate wait time (which was pretty much 0). There was a delay in my test due to an error on my part, but Valerie was patient and kind. She kept me at ease while trying to complete my test. I was impressed by how quickly I was able to be seen, and during my short visit, it was nice to see the staff supporting and conferring with one another. I thought patient firsts were crowded and slow with long waits, but the team at Short Pump was none of those things and all kinds of wonderful. 10/10

  276. Rob Brostek 2021/05

    Everyone was very pleasant and professional despite nearly a year of COVID-19 precautions and it being the Sunday after Christmas. It was a very good experience for me, although the condition that brought me there was less so.

  277. Ahmad Shekib 2021/05

    One doctor runs the entire hospital.
    I have been waiting for three hours to be called. Super long wait. I will never come here again.

  278. Nola 2021/05

    All of the staff were amazing amd took very good care of me. Made sure I understood everything and I got the care I needed. I would highly recommend this located to anyone seeking medical attention!

  279. yongshin park 2021/05

    I’ve spent two and half hour to wait.
    And staff are not friendly at all.

  280. Ashley G 2021/05

    I thought the doctor was extremely rude. When I asked her about my 3month old and the signs of COVID-19 in her, the doctor stated that she wasn’t her patient so she couldn’t tell me and then walked out of the room.

  281. Taneiyah Townsend 2021/05

    Came in yesterday to get paperwork filed out for 4/16th prior visit was forced to do another payment and appointment called a follow up for Dr Steve M. And his male registered nurse yesterday was rude shows no feelings. I waited 1 hour and 30mins for paperwork. I asked registrar Anthony how are they going to bill me for paperwork. He says if insurance won’t cover I’ll have to pay. I even overheard that male registered nurse with white Adidas sneakers telling other staff that he didn’t believe anything was wrong with me and I walked in seeming fine. I told the MA in hear for paperwork and she took vitals anyways. How disrespectful and humiliating to be brushed off and dismissed and disrespected while in pain and having to try and beg male RN just to allow me to speak with Dr for paperwork update without paying on another visit

  282. Varghese Mathew 2021/04

    Almost 2hr wait for a blood test.

    Horrible facility, they should change name to “Patient Last “ IMO.

  283. Good Anderson 2021/04

    I walked into this patient first less than a hour before closing and everyone was so pleasant (and funny)! The location was very clean and the staff were both thorough and quick. I will pass other patient first’s in the future just to visit this location.

  284. Steve Cambisios 2021/04

    Excellent service and care.

  285. William Giles 2021/04

    Came in right before they closed due to a work-related injury. They took very good care of me and never once complained that I was the reason they had to stay late instead of going home to their families. Very covid safe conditions as well.

  286. Steven L 2021/04

    My dad went into this Patient First this morning for severe abdominal pain. It took them 30 minutes to draw blood. Not as in, he waited 30 minutes for them to draw blood. As in, the process of drawing his blood lasted 30 minutes. Then, they sent him home with no diagnosis and no treatment apart from some painkillers, despite the fact that, by their own admission, he might have acute pancreatitis. He spent the rest of the day in severe pain, and is now on the way to the emergency room.

  287. edwin pruett 2021/04

    Had to go to this Patient First location yesterday and was treated for a human bite. Being bit is not a pleasent experience, but this Patient First deserves an A+ and 5 ⭐ + Lucky for me, they weren’t extremely busy on this day. Every single staff that I dealt with that day (receptionist’s, x-ray, shot’s, work related screening, the Doctor) was absolutely amazing. So friendly and professional ❤️. This isn’t my first time being bit. But it was more shocking and traumatic then normal. I was so Blessed to have gone to this Patient First. The staff made what was starting to be a horrible day, they made it so much better. Thank you all ❤️

  288. N M 2021/04

    *zero stars. Go to a different doctor, don’t waste your time here.

  289. debbie morris 2021/04

    Great place to go for quick, quality care. Fast check in, little wait. Problem diagnosed and treated. I arrived early and felt better by afternoon. An infection from a mosquito bite by my eye caused enormous discomfort and pain. Don’t wait to get your problem treated.

  290. Myrna Cano 2021/04

    Excellent staff and service

  291. Venu Nannapaneni 2021/03

    Worst urgent care near short pump. Support staff, Nurses are too busy with their personal calls or other things. Waiting so long in the room (almost 2 hours) and eventually saw the doctor.

  292. Pendleton Whisnant 2021/03

    My son is on the autism spectrum, so he can be anxious or confused when going to the doctor. Staff (particularly Lawrence Berndt) were kind and reassuring to him. Mr. Berndt was the best — he made an effort to connect with my son (after noticing a Star Wars button), explained everything to him and treated him with kindness and respect.

    Thank you all!! From the person who checked us in, to the X-ray tech and the person who took his temp etc —it couldn’t have been better. Well done! You have a great staff, who are clearly well-trained.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect going to a Patient First on a weekend evening during a pandemic — would’ve never known something that can be stressful for my son could’ve been so positive.

  293. Thong Nguyen 2021/03

    Well equipped,
    Nice and bright clinic!!!

  294. Samantha Stanley 2021/02

    The lady at registration (name started with a S) was extremely helpful, professional, and kind. The nurse and doctor who saw me were also very kind, attentive, and knowledgeable. Even at 9:30pm, they were rockstars and I’m very grateful for them. Thank you to them!

  295. Trifon Timchev 2021/02

    Not happy at all with the service. I intentionally requested what was the waiting time, because I was currently at work. My decision to stay and wait for the appointment was based on the front desk input for the waiting time which they assured me is not more than 45min.
    I spent 2- 2:10 hours before the doctor knocked on the door.
    Also there were other patients check after me and were called and left long before I did. My visit was for skin allergies, no test or additional things were performed there!

  296. LaMya Cowan 2021/02

    The doctors and physicians were great and all very sweet. They made me feel comfortable. From my check in to my vitals and throughout the whole examination. I wish I was a little bit more informed on my diagnosis however. I didn’t even know what my diagnosis was until I read the slip I was given after my check up. She did inform me of how to use my prescription but she didn’t explain really what was wrong with me and the wait was extremely long just for me to have a rash checked out. I was there from 11:30-2:15. Overall my experience wasn’t bad though.

  297. Angie Cabell 2021/02

    Do NOT try to get a physical here! My experience is very similar to the other reviewers but I was belittled by Dr. Yan for even asking for one. I also see the response to the negative reviews – save your breathe, it’s inadequate lip service. The entire country has “pivoted” and accommodated extreme circumstances far more effectively than this office. There’s never an excuse for rudeness. Shame on you Dr. Yan and shame on Patient First for continuing to ignore what appears to be a recurring problem.

  298. Gayle Hutton 2021/02

    Great front receptionist staff and nurses/assistants. X-ray woman was very helpful and gentle. Doctor was okay. I felt kind of rushed

  299. deepa chandrika 2021/02

    Worse experience… waiting like 3 hrs …

  300. Ethan Martin 2021/02

    Overall visit last over 3 hours with only about 15 minutes spent interacting with the staff, the intake associate did not register my statement that I was there for a workplace accident after repeating it several times, and so my paperwork had to be redone half an hour later before I could proceed. Staff was friendly and apologetic about wait, but Dealt with all patients in the order they came in, including those who looked to me like they required urgent care.

  301. Phillip Gracik 2021/02

    Waited almost 4 hours there for the doctor to misdiagnose my condition and spend 10 days seeing specialist for incorrect condition. Doctor spent less than 5 minutes with me, causing me to waste time having my condition corrected

  302. Lisa 2021/02

    The wait time can be long, which is expected. The staff was nice. The issue is how one doctor after the visit asked me to do a “favor” to help with my anxiety and depression. The doctor suggested using DōTERRA, a multilevel marketing company, to help such as lavender oils and other smells to help calm my nerves. This is unprofessional as the person who studied to be in the medical field trusts using essential oils from a MLM to help with a mental illness and undermines the importance of really taking care of those issues

  303. Isabella Jacob 2021/02

    Don’t go to this patient first. They leave you waiting for multiple hours and then bill you $175 for a rapid covid test. $175!!!! And they leave you waiting for over an hour JUST TO GET YOUR RESULTS. The staff Are rude, don’t listen to you, and if you’re uninsured they treat you differently. The Dr. who administered the test was extremely rude to me and wouldn’t listen to my financial concerns. I told her I needed the rapid test for work and she tried pushing mother tests on me. When I said I didn’t want them because I’m uninsured and would have to pay, she threw the papers down and told me to get out. I hate this place and will not be visiting again.

  304. stacy wilson 2021/02

    The docitir I saw Sunday was amazing! Called two days in a row takes two nurses was told I would get a call back over 10 hours still no call.

  305. S. Rose 2021/01

    The overall experience was excellent. New to the area and was elated this office existed in my time of need. Great staff!
    Thank you,

  306. kumar dvk 2021/01

    I was the first patient or I’m the only patient in the hospital but still I need to wait more than 30mins for doctor. Seriously they need to consider wait time of patients.

  307. cole sherman 2021/01

    Arrived at 11:30. Waited 1 hour and 30 minutes before being called in to just speak to the receptionist. 2pm came around and i was called in and sat behind a curtain. 3pm still have not been seen.

  308. Alicia Kutsch 2021/01

    If you value your sanity, avoid this location at all costs. First of all, this is the only place I’ve been to that does not do covid testing in your car. There is no special triage set up for covid and you need to wait with everyone else. I told them I was exposed to covid and they had me sit in the waiting room! It was absolutely packed. I eventually asked to wait in my car. This took TWO HOURS! Absolutely unreal. Will never, ever go back to this place. Mixing potential covid patients with other people wanting to be seen for other issues is hazardous. Avoid this place.

  309. John Asibia Duodu 2021/01

    Their services are superb

  310. Aunt Yaya 2021/01

    The doctor was a little “short” with me. I was feeling terrible but I felt like I was a problem for her. When she left out of the room she said a little phrase to the nurses and they all laughed and said, “you say that all the time” and I can hear them laughing as I walked out. I received a covid19 test and some kind of lidocaine for my throat. I cried when I got into the car because I was feeling so bad. I don’t normally complain but I had to this time. Her name was Sakina mirshahi

  311. Patrick 2020/12

    My first visit and experience at Patient First. Very thorough exam and diagnosis discussion. I was very impressed that I was able to leave with prescriptions vice going to Walgreens and waiting longer. Exceptional staff and medical care. My family and I will definitely return. Thank you!

  312. James Hadland 2020/11

    Staff were efficient, friendly and understanding. My visit was quick and they resolved my problem. Thank you 😊 …

  313. Corey Shimmel 2020/11

    This is the slowest moving patient first clinic. Complete empty room and it takes 2 hours to be seen!

  314. Tess Stansell 2020/11

    Went for my daughter who is two. Nurse maids elbow. The receptionist was very professional and welcoming, saying hello to every single person who walked in the door. The wait was about an hour and a half but worth it. When we got back they got right to work and we were put in ten minutes. The doctor was so good with my daughter and so were the nurses. Will be going again in the future. Didn’t order unnecessary tests or procedures. In and out.

  315. Wesley Raiford 2020/10

    I’ve waited in this waiting room for almost 3 hours for something simple to be looked at I’ve seen people come in an go before me an they’ve only been sitting here for 10 mins need quicker service

  316. Madeline McGrath 2020/10

    I waited an hour after being put in a room to be seen. The doctor moved way too quickly and ignored me and spoke over me. I had to move rooms for a different exam with the same doctor and had to wait almost another hour. Will be looking for a different primary care.

  317. birgit winther 2020/10

    The place inspires confidence. It’s pleasant and peaceful and the staff is very competent. Thank you

  318. Amanda Strong 2020/10

    I came in with horrible pain and left even worse doctor didn’t seem to even care

  319. Bladen Day 2020/10

    I appreciate the convenience of patient first and had a good experience for my clear cut bite wound workers comp complaint. However, I am discouraged that no one did a physical exam. My medical assistant was wonderful and did more of an exam than your highest paid employees (PA, DO, MD) that are employed to do just that. I am a medical professional as well and think any medical visit warrants a physical exam or at very least an auscultation. My PA was great in personality and ability to prescribe but she asked zero medical history questions and touched my hand skin once and that was all. I never saw a stethoscope. That was the exam. I was concerned about a metacarpal fracture and she barely touched me let alone do an assessment of orthopedic stability. Imaging does not replace an exam.

    Again a positive experience because I knew what needed to happen (I’m an emergency veterinary doctor). My experience with support staff and xrays was phenomenal. From a professional side though, it was a poor experience realizing that in human medicine my medical professional does not care about an actual physical, neurological or orthopedic exam in an urgent care environment.

  320. Karla Mossi 2020/09

    surprised on how easy and quick it was.

  321. Anand Sambamoorthy 2020/09

    Pleasant support staff and wait time was less . Doctor did attend the patient in quick time and addressed the need . Overall recommend the center

  322. Jadeangel17 2020/09

    Long wait for no reason, had no patients ahead of us and doctors were just laughing and talking amongst themselves, really? If you can wait to see your PCP highly recommend.

  323. Kate K 2020/09

    Extremely poor service. Staff was fine at first but not the most professional. When I gave my symptoms, they first person exaggerated them and made me take additional tests that were completely unnecessary. Waited over two hours to be seen and told they don’t know what’s wrong with me. When having tests done, there was no rapport and rather just shoved the needle in without warning. ONLY saving grace was Dr. Habib- she was very kind and personable.

  324. Helen Skakandy 2020/09

    No one wants to wait to see a doctor when they are feeling very poorly. I waited no more than 5 minutes to complete paperwork. The waiting room was clean and attractive. Once the paperwork was done, I waited another 5 minutes to be called to do vitals. The nurse immediately put me at ease with her friendly manner and knowledgeable process. The doctor I saw was very professional and extremely thorough and did not seem to be rushing to see his next patient. I was also given the option to obtain medication right there without needing to make an additional trip to the pharmacy. I highly recommend this Patient First location.

  325. Bonni-Jean Roe 2020/08

    Very friendly and efficient!

  326. Morpheus 2020/08

    It’s been a while since I had to come to PF since I have a PCP. Unfortunately, my PCP couldn’t get me in. Anyways I liked that you have provided a charging station with 3 different types of plugs to charge cell phones. I remember when the wait times were really long and my cell phone would die before I could get out.

  327. ed pho 2020/08

    Terrible place. Takes forever for a doctor to follow up. Have waited at least one hour or more on multiple occasions. Go elsewhere that’s worth your time and money.

  328. Andrew Li 2020/08

    Went there a few weeks ago around 7, the whole place was empty and the whole visit still took 3 hours. Was called back an hour later, ended up taking a strep test and had to wait till almost 10 to be able to finally see the doctor. The best part is that the doctor recommended me to get covid tested, and told me I can call the other location with 5 mins left before closing, then proceeded to walk out without saying anything else. I ended up staying after my call thinking he had other instructions, except I basically had to overhear the nurses outside say “he’s still in there on his phone.” I had to check if I could leave. A week later I ended up getting a bill from my insurance for a total of a little over $350, literally for a heart rate, BP, temp, and a stret test. I can guarantee that the next time I’m in a health scare I will probably risk dying before I have to go back to that hell hole that says they “care” about patients again. I am extremely sorry that I had to inconvenience the so called nurses or doctor there.

  329. Brenda Hubbard 2020/08

    Quick, painless, and isolated Covid 19 testing. Thank you!

  330. Lauren Weaver 2020/07

    Came for pre employment drug screen – was in and out within 15 minutes! Great experience!

  331. Stephen Howard 2020/07

    Waited an hour and a half with my daughter bleeding before the doctor saw us just to saw they didn’t have the supplies they needed to treat her. Total waste of time and completely incompetent staff. The lack of urgency at this urgent care is horrifying.

  332. Alicia Young 2020/07

    Had a “doctor” tell me that vertigo was not a side effect from an ear infection, while being unable to pronounce the name of my medication. Hopefully she isn’t there anymore.

  333. Christy Gilman-Booker 2020/07

    The woman who checked me in (I want to say Sheila, but I’m not positive) was exceptionally efficient, but also remained friendly as well. The nurse who took my vitals and did the flu swab was friendly also and explained everything clearly. (And the swab wasn’t as uncomfortable as I’d expected. Bonus.) Dr. Tong impressed me as well. As crowded as the waiting room was, he never made me feel rushed, explained everything about the diagnosis and the prescriptions clearly, and was happy to answer my many questions. He probably spent more time with me than my primary care physician ever has. As bad as I felt, I truly appreciated that. He should get an award for bedside manner. That was probably the most positive experience I’ve ever had a doctor’s office.

  334. Walt Smith 2020/06

    I went to the office at 8am sharp on Monday with a sinus infection. I got in and out of the office in 20 minutes, which was amazing. The doctor also suggested how to save money on my prescription. Thank you to the staff for helping me out.

  335. Scott Roberts 2020/06

    Front desk/intake staff very pleasant
    Nurses/ancillary staff all very pleasant and professional
    Doctor very pleasant/professional
    *did NOT have to wait long to be seen

  336. M W 2020/06

    A lot of trouble for a simple annual physical exam. It took literally 4 and half hours. The staffs are nice but I will not recommend this to be your pcp

  337. Faye Mottley 2020/06

    All Patient First’s take forever, no matter what I go in for. I’ve went for a simple TB test and still was there all day. I keep trying to give them a chance by going to different locations, but no difference. They take forever.

  338. Elvis Cypriano 2020/05

    I’m in a waiting room at patient first on short pump, when o got here 2 hours ago there was only one person in the waiting room, came inside had my vitals and blood sample take, and been waiting for a Dr. for more than 90minutes. Why does it take so long for a Dr see you? It feels like our health is not important, what’s important is the dollar amount that will collect from the insurance. Very disappointed with service provided by patient first. It will be on 12news and all over the internet, maybe improvements will be made in order to satisfy its patients.

  339. Jesse Torres 2020/05

    I came in the morning, right away I was helped. It took them about 5 minutes before the doctor saw me, evaluated everything and helped me. Everyone, from the front desk to the doctor’s aid were extremely kind and to me, that made a world of a difference. Highly recommend it here.

  340. Kathy Hawk 2020/05

    Very impressed w the staff and Doctor!!

  341. Ilse Velazquez (Nyokou) 2020/05

    Friendly staff and even with a computer outage they are accommodating

  342. Megan Baker 2020/05

    I got an ace bandage and crutches with my visit. Crutches had to be readjusted for height, and I was trained properly on how to wrap the ace bandage.

  343. jennifer brinkley 2020/05

    Dr. Kolb is an exceptional doctor. I drove past 100s of them 30 minutes just to go see Dr. Kolb because he is just that great. Dr. Kolb is kind, compassionate, honest, a gem amongst a sea of ordinary stones. Thank you Dr. Kolb for simply being you.

  344. Patricia Nackley 2020/04

    6/27/2020 – Great visit with Dr. Kolb!

  345. Willy Haskins 2020/04

    don’t go there if you need stitches

  346. Nikki Blythe 2020/04

    Probably the best visit I have ever had with a patient first, was actually skeptical about going but I was in so much pain. I went and was very pleased. Especially with the young lady checking people in, she was very kind and very professional, It helped a lot with especially how I felt, to being taken back for vitals, she was sweet and professional. The X-ray tech was nice and professional and answered my questions. The dr himself was very kind as now a days drs can be very abrupt due to people seeking for pain meds which was the last thing I wanted because I don’t like taken them. He was kind and explained his plan. Shot(the nurse that gave shot was sweet as well) and some steroids and I was on my way. Shot has helped a lot compared to the last two days, still a little pain but I was very satisfied and appreciated everyone’s kindness and professionalism with me. Only explaining in detail because I had worked in the medical field for over 18 years and you hear about the bad more than good. And if I have a good experience I want everyone to be acknowledged. Thank You Everyone 🙂

  347. Stiletto Life 2020/04

    Waited 4 hours (1 hour in the waiting room and 3 in the exam room). They took labs. I heard The doctor tell them to repeated the pregnancy test even though I told them I wasn’t active and then finally the Doctor (Sakina Mirshahi) saw me, didn’t really greet me, ran through my meds, had awful bedside manner and interrogated me with condescending tone instead of compassion. In so many words stated I was lying. She moved my hand around and decided it was joint pain. Ignore my upper arm pain in my bicep and did no X-ray for my complaint and just gave me a dose pack. I had to beg for pain meds Because I cannot take nsaids and Tylenol wasn’t helping. The meds given didn’t work. Will not return to patient first if that doctor is there.

  348. Ryan Shapiro 2020/03

    This place is very friendly and knowledgable. It’s my preferred urgent care facility in the area.

  349. Katie Brand 2020/03

    I took my boyfriend in after he had been feeling poorly for a few days. The receptionist was nothing but kind, friendly, and patient with both of us as we tried to navigate everything that she needed. We did not have to wait an extremely long amount of time and I’m glad they had taken precautions for social distancing rules. And that is where anything good about this visit ends. As he was called back, the first person we saw (assuming it was a nurse?) just set the tone for how the rest of the visit was going to go, and I am going to go through this step by step. Nurse guided him to scale to check his weight. Boyfriend asked if he needed to remove his shoes, nurse rolled his eyes and barked back a loud “no”. Next, went to get his height. Nurse very quietly said “this room” and barely pointed long enough for either of us to register where to go. Boyfriend is still under the measurement stick at this point. Instead of just speaking up, nurse turned and again rolled his eyes and yelled “go in to that room”. We go in, he gets on the gurney, nurse brings over stand to check blood pressure and temp. Boyfriend lifts his arm for the band to go around, no warning or instruction nurse AGAIN YELLS “put your arm on the stand sir”. Temp is taken fine. Few minutes later he comes back, swab in hand. Doesn’t tell either of us what he is testing for, just barks at him to open his mouth. No instruction past that or even a moment to adjust, nurse goes in to swab. Nurse then proceeded to yell because he gagged on the swab. Luckily that was the end of our interactions with this nurse. The doctor that came in was fine but we both felt that he wasn’t listening when we gave him the symptoms and kept repeating them back and telling him what he was feeling. So we spent another 20 minutes correcting him to make sure he was diagnosed correctly.

    I understand that right now with the pandemic and the fear surrounding COVID 19, health care professionals are under a lot of stress. I understand that completely. But when someone is coming to you, putting trust in you to help them, compassion goes a long way. Especially now. My boyfriend was already panicking and stressing that he may have Covid which in turn made him scared for me and my family. He was already scared enough, he could have just used a kind word from someone he was putting trust in. Instead, he was yelled at repeatedly, and ignored. I’ve been to plenty of urgent care centers and hospitals and have never encountered a nurse or doctor that didn’t listen when they talked to you, give you instructions as to what they needed from you, and treat you decently. Yes we walked out with a prescription and he quickly was feeling better but the experience for him was not in any way pleasant.

  350. Sean Winn 2020/03

    Nice place to visit for your time of need

  351. Donaé Jones 2020/03

    The nurse that I had was amazing! She really took the time to understand what I needed and where I was coming from. She was so helpful I preferred her over the doctor. However, the doctor was amazing too, just not as bubbly and personable. The doctor really did know what she was doing even though I was more worried to express my problems to her. She really helped and was full of wisdom.

  352. Kimberly Courtney 2020/02

    I have been to more than a couple of Patient First sites but this one is by far the best. The triage nurse I met with was super friendly and I didn’t feel like I wasn’t welcomed. The service to be seen was super fast.

  353. Christine Hooser 2020/02

    Went in for my immunization shots for VCU. Needles and blood make me INCREDIBLY queasy, and I have horrible, crippling panic attacks to the point where I will faint at the sight of a needle or a drop of blood. I was unaware that I also had to get my blood drawn to check for certain vaccines I received as a child, and I HAD to do this in order to continue with school. This sent me into a panic attack, and the doctors and nurses were so helpful. Shawn drew my blood, and he was so nice and so patient with me. He did a great job at making me feel safe and calm and reassuring me about how quick the process is and that nothing bad was going to happen. Genise was my nurse who gave me all of my immunization shots, and she, as well, was so kind and patient with me. The process was indeed quick and painless, and I overall did not have too much fun, but I did have a great experience with the staff. The doctor (Andrew Kolb) also came in a few times to check on me. What a great staff!

  354. S 2020/02

    There are the best

  355. Rene Smith 2020/02

    The staff at patient first short pump was amazing!!! There was no wait time and my test results were done fast i had a great experience

  356. Nishant Parikh 2020/01

    There is a long wait time for doctor to attend patient after been taken to room. That is frustrating.

  357. Ciara Gusti 2020/01

    Loved it except for the rude desk lady

  358. Esther Choi 2020/01

    I went in for a cough I had for over a week, there was no attempt to figure out the cause.

  359. Rumil Shah 2020/01

    The average wait time for this patient first location is 3 hours.

  360. Joselyn Kofroth 2020/01

    Staff are very friendly. The nurse who checked me in informed me the doctor had two patients ahead of me. Appreciate being informed. Even had a universal phone charger in the individual patients rooms. Thought that was cool.

  361. Janice Tapia 2019/11

    Provides Quality care and concern.

  362. Jaycie 2019/11

    What a great visit to the Short Pump location today! I am impressed with the staff, all were very nice, kind and attentive!

  363. Jacy Gimenez 2019/11

    Going to Patient First is so much more convenient then trying to see my regular doctor at VCU. Walk in appointments, short wait times, friendly staff, great hours, and I can get prescriptions filled there. I’ve seen Dr. Mirshahi twice and she is very sweet. My kids have been there a couple times and the other doctors were great too. I don’t see a reason to go anywhere else for sick appointments.

  364. Sam Samaha 2019/11

    I was charged $278 for absolutely nothing. The doctor was unable to diagnose my condition, so I was referred to the ER. I am very disappointed. Never again even if my life depended on it.

  365. Teliyah Anderson 2019/10

    Extremely rude nurses, giving them one star is generous.

  366. Victor Hernandez 2019/10

    No tengo ninguna queja de Patintt First al contrario me siento satisfecho del servicio recibido. Desde la persona al frente, las enfermeras y los Doctores todos te reciben con una sonrisa y las atenciones son super maravillosas. Me siento bien con Patient First.

  367. Ronojoy Dutta 2019/10

    When I sprained my ankle, the staff was very helpful and they were able to provide assistance in short time.

  368. Jenny Meredith 2019/10

    Brought my daughter here to be seen. Intake and triage were done in timely manner. Waited in waiting room for about an hr before being brought back to room, strep test was done but we have been sitting back here for yet another hr and haven’t been informed of results of strep test that should’ve taken 10-15 min! Haven’t seen a doctor, this is ridiculous! About to walk out, everyone working in back having full on personal conversations.

  369. Robin J 2019/09

    The wait in the waiting room was only 10 minutes. We have now been sitting in the exam room for SIXTY TWO MINUTES. what the heck!!! I cannot wait to get out of this place. It is Patient First hell

  370. Leesa Leesa 2019/09

    Ridiculous wait time, the Dr was disinterested….never coming back here

  371. David Fisher 2019/09

    Great and caring people. 5 stars or more.

  372. Chick Nonya 2019/09

    My husband and I went here the Saturday, waited for two hours, and was told by a rushed doctor there was NOTHING wrong but I demanded a flu test which they said was negative. Now its Tuesday and were back at another urgent care and his Flu test his POSITIVE. Are you kidding me? I cant tell you how much Id like to sue them for all the pain and missed work he has gone through. He could have been better and now hes sicker thanks to these incompetent morons.

  373. Satish Daddala 2019/09

    Terrible wait time. I was the only one in the waiting room when I walked in, was able to check in immediately. Nurse got the vitals, moved me to a room where Strep test was taken. Everything was going well until then. It took more than an hour for doctor to see me with strep test results. I have seen Strep results come back within 5-10 mins in other places.

  374. Logan Graves 2019/09

    Only giving this 2 stars because of the wait time. Wait time was short. The nurse was very nice. Once the doctor came in it all went downhill. Gave him my symptoms of tender lymphnode and ear ache. No other symptoms except a fever the night before. He checks my heart and asks if I have a heart murmur… I go to the doctor yearly and get a clean bill of health every time. He also proceeded to tell me NyQuil would not help with a pain or fever and I shouldn’t have taken it the night before. The doctor also assumes I have mono or strep. I’ve had strep before and had none of these symptoms. I refused the test. My boyfriend has also been there and they gave him pointless tests for kidney stones. He had no symptoms of kidney stones either. I could also hear the doctors laughing and joking about me because I refused the strep test. Walked out of there fuming. This place will milk every cent out of you the best they can. I’d rather wait for an appointment with my doctor or go to the ER than this place.

  375. Portia Pace 2019/08

    Friendly and fast service.

  376. Paige Castello 2019/08

    Registered quickly, taken to a room promptly. The medical assistant was the best ever. She had a very professional demeanor. She anticipated MD’s orders and facilitated them. I just wish I remembered her name.

  377. Curt Allen 2019/08

    Waiting longtime and they don’t see patient by order disorganized ,staff they don’t care and they don’t listen to your concern , stay away from this urgent care

  378. Kathy Baker 2019/08

    I left a message at 8:14am requesting a nurse to call me and called back around 10:35am when I didn’t hear from anyone. I was told my message went to the doctor and I haven’t received a call back yet because they are busy. It’s 1:19pm and still no return call. Unfortunately the doctor I always see is off until Friday.

  379. William Gerry 2019/08

    They have someone post a follow up with a number to make it seem like they take your concerns seriously. No one answers that number and they won’t call you back to try and work through issues with you, it’s all a P.R. front.

  380. Lauren Sloan 2019/08

    Had an awful visit today. The nurses tech and front desk were super sweet and amazing. But the doctors were awful they were rude. I was the 5 person in at 8am. It took me over 2 hours to be seen and out the door. They had an incident with a father and daughter that delayed them. I ended up opening up the door looking for some help and every single person ignored me. The doctors looked all right in my eyes and didn’t do anything. Instead they were having side conversations complaining about the man and his daughter instead of doing there job. I stood there
    For 15 minutes watching them talk and walk over
    To each other and whisper back and forth. It was absolutely awful. Finally when the doctor came in I had dr. Xiahou yan. Her bedside manner was awful she was rude and unable to answer my questions about medication and made me get my blood drawn and do a flu swab for mastitis. She ended up giving me medicine that I was allergic to and told
    Me I had to pump and dump for 10 days. I have never had a bad experience until today but I will never ever go back again. I would avoid her like the plague! I feel bad that I have to write this but the experience was so awful.

  381. Daniel Leonhardt 2019/08

    Very good experience. Friendly evening staff, Dr was top notch. Would recommend, for sure.

  382. C. 2019/08

    Go here to overpay for disinterested doctors and vague diagnoses. They decide before they see you what is wrong with you. And then they’re generally wrong. Go to a CVS Minute Clinic, they do the same care and you can save yourself money. I went twice, both times I felt judged, disrespected and neither time were my symptoms taken seriously or even addressed ( one diagnosis was wrong and the other wasn’t a diagnosis at all). Last time I went, two days ago, I went for stomach issues and the doctor wrote a referral to get my nose checked out. I’m still experiencing symptoms and it’s been over a month my since my initial botched visit before this. I’m overwhelmed by how poorly the actual doctors I’ve seen have treated me and how little they cared about my visit or my concerns. I also got cheated into spending $600 on a dumb technicality that is literally based on THEIR lack of communication skills, despite me trying to communicate otherwise. This location is emblematic of the problem with modern healthcare and should be avoided at all costs.

    Update: they don’t pick up the phone after they ask you to call when you post on here so don’t waste your time, it’s a shallow PR move.

  383. Rashi G 2019/07

    I had the worst experience with Patient First Short Pump. I and my husband went for an annual check up in Aug which is covered by our insurance. During the checkup because I specified some ongoing issues I have (which is what the doctor asks and you are suppose to provide) they charged me $120 that day instead of my co-pay of $20. Even after that they have been charging our credit cards with random amounts, both my husband and I used the same card and they charged us $75 is Sept and $189 in Nov after our Aug visit. We checked with our insurances and both of us should have only been charged $20 each. BEWARE of them guys and check your statements regularly. They can keep cheating you. I have reached out for a proper bill so that my insurance company and do a full blown review!

  384. Sara Walden 2019/07

    It’s been an hour and a half and no one has come in. Nice staff but I feel like there should be some warning of wait time.

  385. Melissa Proudfoot 2019/07

    I wish I read the reviews before coming here. I had a cut on my forearm the needed attention. And because they’re rushing patients in and out they barely let me say the time of day. All they put on me was a bandaid and said we don’t put stitches on animal bites. And wouldn’t let me say anything past that. IT WASN’T EVEN A BITE. it was a scratch. The reasoning they told me was because they didn’t want infection and in the discharge slip it said that infection was a probability regardless of the sutures or not. Anyways. I went to a different place for a second opinion. They gave me stitches right away.

    Edit** I have been told to contact, i have tried multiple times. Everytime I call it goes to voicemail. I understand that to be a common thing most of the time the other party calls you right back. But in this case. The answer machine hasn’t let me leave a message. It says leave your name and number and I can only get out my name and it replies “I’m sorry we cannot accept your message, to try again please press 1” so I’ve tried numerous times . Terrible expirience. Once again.

  386. Y Godley 2019/07

    I am pleased with my experience at the Short Pump branch. I had scheduled half-day to be there but was in and out. I had to find something to do before going to work. Today I noticed a significant change from past experiences. The doctor and staff, all took their time; I didn’t feel rushed, or anything. They explained everything to me during, before, and after. And they encouraged questions about my test results. Thank you, PF

  387. Bhaskar Reddy 2019/07

    I visited this facility at 6:30. Vitals taken care in 5 minutes after that waited 1 hour in front room and later taken inside room. After 5 minutes they took sample for strep test. I have waited another 1 hour 30 minutes no one showed up yet. I am not sure how long this visit will take.

    I feel if you visit this facility we need to allocate at least 3 hours of your time. This is greediness of the management. They kept few doctors and want to cover many patients.

  388. Helen Yarbrough 2019/06

    They were really busy so I had to wait a little while but once I was seen things went very quickly. Everyone was super nice and professional.

  389. Sanjeev B 2019/06

    I have been going to patient first for over 8 years. My last experience is terrible, on 02/12/2018 I visited being sick with fever. I was given medication that resulted throwing up back and forth. I went again on 02/13/2018 and was said it was mistake that they should have given nausea medicine along with that. I took it okay as my fate and came back. It took me over 1hr 30mins to see doctor and was just lying there. Like someone mentioned, Dr. Sakina Mirshahi didn’t even care to be sorry for the delay OR even care for the trouble I had with the improper medication. It’s my mistake that I didn’t sue.

    Patient first has never let me see any doctor without seeing my insurance and without payment (which is okay). I remember paying with my FSA card during my last visit.

    Today (11/27/2018), after 9 months I get a letter that I need to pay co-pay for both days ($30 per day). I spoke to customer service and mentioned that I don’t back away for $60 but asked to look at their system if there is any mistake. They said that my insurance didn’t return sooner which is a LIE because all my claims after were immediate and my statements are current. Who would keep receipts for $30 from 9 months? I spoke to supervisor as well and she wasn’t ready to hear me out or there is no proper explanation. Patient first is losing another connection.

  390. Maheswaran Kettimuthu 2019/06

    Please dont visit this clinic. They make the patients wait unnecessarily. They say first come first serve but they even treated patients behind us but made us to wait with fever of 103 more than a 2 hours.Additionally facility is maintained with cold room temperature I am not sure why they need to maintain so cold for an urgent care.

  391. michael patton 2019/06

    Waited in a room for 3 hours and repeatedly was told we’re up next, but we never were. Never saw the doctor. I’m sure this will cue up the very standard “we’re sorry please call us to talk about it” response from them, which is as detached and negligent as the staff and doctors working at this patient first.

  392. M G 2019/06

    The worst doctors in the area.

  393. A G 2019/06

    Quick to get you in a room but really long wait after (over an hour). Go here if you have time to kill because it’s going to take all day. Otherwise go somewhere else.

  394. Chris Cain 2019/05

    Patient First on Pump Rd is awesome! A friendly professional staff that makes you feel like you’ve been there many times. Always received great services.

  395. Sandra Wright 2019/05

    Dr. Mohli went beyond to help me as a patient

  396. Bilal Akbar 2019/05

    Worst experience. Came here for an x ray which was done in the first 15 minutes of being here however been over an hour and still waiting for someone to share the X-ray result.
    I hope no one has to ever come to this place!

  397. Patricia Harwood 2019/05

    Excellent professional medical service.

  398. Tiffany Murgatroyd 2019/04

    Still sitting in room approaching an hour and a half and I was ONLY one in waiting room…. nurse that was grim and abrupt sent in to grab blood before I’ve even talked with a doctor. UNPROFESSIONAL. No body should be doing anything until I have gotten to speak with someone. This is absurd

  399. Barbara Robinson 2019/04

    I was at Patient First for three hours. Over 2.5 of them were waiting to been seen by the doctor. The place was grossly understaffed with physicians or nurse practitioners Staff seemed very non-nonchalant of the wait time. If I had been told at the very onset that they were extremely busy and the wait could be excessive, I could have made a choice to stay or leave. I had already paid the co-pay so I felt I had to stay. This has left a very bad impression of Patient First. Please train your intake people to give patients and estimated wait time before registering.

  400. Savion B 2019/04

    Waste of time and money, will easily misdiagnose you, if you go once don’t go for a follow up go to saint Mary’s, not henrico drs office either

  401. A G 2019/04

    One of the nurses/lab techs obviously screwed up my paperwork. I had to sit there for over an hour wait for something should of took under 30 min. Thankfully Anthony stepped up to see what the deal was and got me out of there. He was respectful, and professional. If it wasn’t for him this review would def be 1 Star. Thanks

  402. Ryc Stine 2019/03

    Stopped by the other day to get my hand stitched up.

    This facility was clean, professional and staffed by some very nice people.

    From sign in to health eval, x-Ray to stitches, I actually enjoyed it. I mean, who really wants to be at Patient First?

    There will always be a wait no matter what. I mean, you’re not ordering fast food here, they’re taking care of people’s lives. So I take that as part of the deal.

    Anyway, thanks so much for your help…Looking forward to coming back…only if I need to.

  403. Mike Shaw (Mike Shaw Today) 2019/03

    Great care and attention by the CNS and the physician. Fast in and out ( weekday morning).

  404. Donae Jones 2019/03

    Shortpump Patient First was amazing. Had very friendly staff who were there to do their job, however, also to have a good time. They were very welcoming, I will definitely be coming back if I have another problem and can’t get to my doctor!

  405. Rosalyn Stokes 2019/03

    “Very professional environment, well equipped to take care of your medical needs. The wait time was unbearable but the staff did thier best to be pleasant and suite everyone needs and I appreciated that. The nurses and technicians were the absolute sweetest and the doctor was so nice and thorough. His bedside manner is excellent and he took his time to check me out, gather information, order tests and give a diagnosis. I felt like everyone that waited on me, genuinely cared about me. I would definitely recommend patient first to anyone who asks.”

  406. Jajuana Glenn-Berry 2019/02

    This was the worst experience I have ever had with Patient First. The receptionists carried on a full conversation before checking me in. I was the only patient sitting in the waiting area at the time. The doctor appeared shaken and was brief in his explanation of my condition. He sent my prescription to the Walgreens across the street that was CLOSED. My husband went back to PF to have the script sent elsewhere. That took 20 minutes. Once at CVS, that wait was another hour! The wait time at PF was unbelievable!!! It wasn’t even crowded. I’ve been to PFs with a host of patients and got out in a timely manner. Totally dissatisfied! Angry I got sick and there wasn’t another option for help. My advice…. travel the distance for help. They clearly do not value patients at this PF! The 2 stars are for the friendliness of the receptionist and DR.

  407. Cynthia Mazion 2019/01

    My experience was excellent from start to finish. The PSR that signed me in was friendly and courteous, very engaging. The MA that helped me during my visit was kind, informative, and made my visit there extremely pleasant. He went above and beyond to make me comfortable. The nursing staff was also excellent, bringing medication in a timely manner and seeing to my comfort. As always, Dr. Kolb was amazing.

  408. Kenneth Anderson 2019/01

    Initial visit was fine follow up feedback on test results left a lot to be desired.

  409. Amruta P. 2019/01

    Long wait times (3+ hrs before) and they do not warn you ahead of time.

  410. Treatment Accessibility 2019/01

    The wait was longer than anticipated; however, I believe that this had more to do with the higher number of sick people this year. The receptionist I feel could have expressed a bit more empathy and avoided what I perceived to be an unusual level of curtness when I misunderstood questions or volunteered too much information. Other than that, I had a wonderful experience at Patient First as always.

  411. Natalia Yeletskikh 2018/11

    Great, professional and efficient!

  412. Pankaj Sharma 2018/10

    I went in with flu symptoms and could not have expected to be treated better, right from registration to the flu test and everything. They were full but had an extremely good process of caring for everyone as quickly as possible. Highly recommend!!

  413. Laura Haller 2018/10

    So far, I’ve visited here for a computer eye strain issue and what I suspected was the start of Bell’s Palsy. While I’ve never visited during particularly high traffic times, I’d still like to say that they’re very quick about the check-in/paperwork/waiting process. I’m very grateful to have this place just around the corner from where I live because they were able to confirm my suspicions about my temporary facial paralysis and get me a prescription within 20-30 minutes. Very pleased with the care I’ve received here – will definitely be coming back for random health issues that come up!

  414. Taylor Walls 2018/09

    My doctor was very attentive and kind. Everything went smoothly and surprisingly fast, had very little wait time.

  415. Trinity Scholl 2018/09

    Worst customer service! Very rude triage lady. They run multiple tests without seeing if your insurance covers it. Bad experience overall. Never going to another patient first after this. Do NOT recommend!!!

  416. Charles/Adryana Slagle 2018/09

    Dr Shanthi Tatineni was awesome! She was very knowledgeable and had the best beside manner. She made sure my medication I am on would work with what she prescribed. The nurses and staff were friendly and fast. There was no wait. There was no annoying paperwork, simply very fast to the point paperwork. Also I got my medication right away in their clinic.

  417. Sarah Przybylski 2018/09

    Truly great staff and wonderful service. I highly recommend.

  418. Scott Harris 2018/08

    I have been to this location many times over the last several years and had very good experiences…but after a recent visit in August with “Dr” Sakina Mirshahi, I will NEVER visit another Patient First!! Ever!

    HINT: You have to actually look at a patient’s injury before dismissing it.

    It took three days for me to finally see my primary care doctor and get treated, which is why I would usually go to Patient First…but NEVER EVER AGAIN!

  419. Jeff Holcombe 2018/07

    The doctor, Shanthi, shook my bed while leaning on it after I told her I was dizzy and nauseous several times. I asked her to stop and she said, ‘Okay, sir’ in a incompationite tone. Then shook the bed even more. A practice of sorts I believe among incompetent doctors to see if patient’s are faking their illness. Strep and flu test came back negative, thankfully. I’m taking over the counter meds and feel the same or worse with all symptoms. I only wanted treatment for flu-like symptoms with a low grade fever of 99.x accompanied by a cough I’ve had for 2-3 days. She needs to try another profession where she doesn’t have contact with people. Finally went to another doctor 4 days later as symptoms didn’t improve and I have fluid build up in my ears. Prescribed zythromyacin and not taken to the cleaners through an insurance scam as any first year med student should have been able to see the problem.

  420. Sushma Nollen 2018/07

    I give 0 stars for this facility. They just make you wait for 1 hour and treat your for 2 mins. Doctors are not even kind they are rude.

  421. Thirugnanam Magandran 2018/07

    We just went for eye infection. Doctor didn’t even spend 3-5 mins but before doctor comes, they have taken all the test like height, weight, BP, etc even though we went for eye infection. They said it will be covered in the insurance but they have charged 185$ just for minor infection which naturally cures in 5 days of time. The charge is very high and also not that much for the service.

  422. Joey Mirabile 2018/06

    I went to patients first with cold symptoms. The cold started with sneezing, then congestion before moving to my chest and I was coughing up. Dr. The Bigelow was super friendly and prescribed a Zpack which has helped greatly . My son went today and saw dr Shanti Tastineni with the exact symptoms and was prescribed Zpack, but told not to get it filled until Wednesday after taking mucinex for a few days. When he got home we called them back because we could take mucinex WITHOUT going to the doc, but he doesn’t like to take it as he feels funny when taking it. We asked them to call in the prescription so he could get in his system and be ready for work Monday. She refused and when I asked to speak to the Doctor said she left. I asked to s peak with anotger doctor , saaid they were busy. Until this experience I have been very happy with Patient First, after this I will not be back.

  423. Ian Titley 2018/06

    Prompt, professional, efficient. I liked being able to see the doctor at the time best for me. Dr. Bigelow and her staff took good care of me.

  424. raju nadimpalli 2018/05

    Very friendly and Done Needful for my Physicals just on Walk in

  425. Brittney S 2018/05

    The Doctor and nurses were very friendly and thorough in there search to see what was wrong. I enjoyed their service and would recommend anyone to go there. Best care by far!

  426. RMC Alumni 2018/05

    PA-C Kellerher at Patient First Short Pump is one of the best medical providers in the country in my opinion. His bedside manner is wonderful, and his medical knowledge is second to none. I use him as my primary care physician and my oldest son who attends Vet School is about to do the same. Patient First is very lucky to have PA-C Kellerher on their staff and I feel very blessed to have him as my primary care physician. While he may not hold the title of “Dr.”, I would stack his medical knowledge up against any other licensed “Dr.” In addition, the CEO of Patient First, Dr. Sowers, is one of the most responsive Corporate executives I have ever encountered. A couple of years ago, I sent him an email detailing some problems I had experienced at their Short Pump location. Not only did Dr. Sowers immediately began fixing the problems, but he called me on two separate occasions to discuss the problems and to provide me with assurances that the problems would be fixed. Well, not only did he fix each of the problems I had detailed, but he put in place safeguards to help prevent the problems from occurring in the future. Finally, I will add that each of the physicians, Medical staff and administrative staff who I have dealt with at Parient First @ Short Pump are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The office has taken advantage of modern technology to help both the patients and the staff and their patient portal allows patients a secure way to access their own medical records. In my opinion, Dr Sowers has managed to create a healthcare provider that has taken advantage of modern technology but at the same time kept in place the old school principles of medicine where the patients come first and they are more than just a number like many other medical provides today that are run like assembly lines. I would strongly recommend Patient First as both an Urgent Care facility and a Primary Care physician.

  427. Drew Fridley 2018/05

    I don’t mind waiting three hours if there are results. I went in for a fever and they have no clue what the cause is so they prescribe an antibiotic. And referred me else because they can do very little tests there. If anyone would have listened to at the beginning, I could have known I was in the wrong place to start with. But no one really listened. They are broken records, repeating the same lines about insurance, and sign here, and have you been here before? It’s sad how little people listen and seem to care, I felt like a chicken on a factory farm, serving my purpose but ultimately, no one really cares.

  428. Courtney Morgan 2018/04

    This was a very quick visit in a busy flu season. The staff works hard to move patients through as efficiently as possible. Definitely a preferred Patient First site, when there are several in my area.

  429. Amber E. 2018/04

    Professional and Usually very quick. I use google maps to find the slowest times. I always see Dr. Barkley. She’s the best.

  430. Megan Roth 2018/03

    Went to this location for the first time today. I was not expecting much due to past experiences at Patient First and I was pleasantly surprised. Dr. Piya Barkley was the best doctor I’ve had at ANY Patient First. She listened to everything I had to say, was well-spoken, kind, and genuinely seemed to care about my well-being. She went above and beyond and I hope she gets a lot of praise from her superiors.
    The nurse that led me in and the nurse that gave me a bloodtest were very kind, personable people too. I unfortunately didn’t catch their names.

  431. Selvin Madrid 2018/03

    Even though they were extremely busy during my visit, I felt I was attended to in a timely manner. Everyone was very friendly which was refreshing since I had been feeling terrible and not in the greatest of moods. Glad I chose to go to Patient First and would recommend them to everyone.

  432. Ray Hudson 2018/03

    This was my first time at the Short Pump location and it was honestly the worst experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been to the Mechanicsville location and never any complaints. I waited 2 hours in pain and discomfort. Dr. Sakina Mirshahi was insolent and very short with me almost immediately. I came for a very swollen and painful throbbing middle finger and I suspected it was Paronychia. She examined my finger and told me that she would give me Bacterium medication and that was all she could do. I am a Medical Coding & Billing Manager, so I’m familiar with procedures and diagnoses. I pointed out to her that the finger was filled with fluid, obviously causing the pain. She denied it and said “there is nothing there, nothing to drained”. She then went to check my breathing and dismissed me. I was very dissatisfied and still in pain. She simply did not want to do the procedure and was being lazy and inconsiderate. She even told me to take an Indian spice called Turmeric.

    I then drove to West Creek Emergency Center and my wait was very short. Dr.
    Clifton Robinson was excellent and examined my finger and he made an incision in my finger. IMMEDIATELY, fluid and puss drained from the finger and had a strong flow. He then allowed me to soak in warm water to continue drainage and they bandaged me up and gave me some supplies.

    I wasted my time, copay, and health on Patient First Short Pump and am highly disgusted and disappointed. Dr. Mirshahi has awful bedside manner and is clearly among the lower incompetent rejects in her field.

  433. Barron Harlow 2018/02

    Wow. This place, according to its reviews, has obviously went down hill and I completely agree. My past two visits to patient first have been horrible and I have been charged incorrectly both times. My first visit I was charge for $60 worth of medication that I didn’t receive and it was like pulling teeth to get my refund. This most recent visit I was charged $20 dollars more for my copay. From the time I visited in April to my next visit in July my copay doubled because they are now filling it as urgent care? When in April it was an office visit? After speaking to my insurance as well as multiple people from patient first I was told I would receive a $20 reimbursement check in the mail. Then I get a letter in the mail almost a month later now that is stating they have decided not to refund me and feel they charged me appropriately. This will be the last time that’s I or anyone from my family visits a patient first again. I am predicting a money scam will be discovered soon for this location. Shame.

  434. Christopher King 2018/02

    Every time I come here. The same. Hour or hour an half before even getting to see a doctor. Who tells me the obvious why I am there then leaves for an another hour then come back and confirms why I am there. Then gives me medicine.

  435. Zak Mathews 2018/02

    Very patient and helpful with my confusion and issues, as well as working with my insurance.

  436. Mazid Siddique 2018/02

    Very bad experience , the lady doctor told that my wife had 2 fractures in her hand for small pain, when we showed it to another doctor he said there is no problem and the pain went away in couple of days

  437. Andrew Garcia 2018/01

    Everyone was friendly patient and helpful! Had a wonderful experience.

  438. April Sullivan 2018/01

    Unbelievably slow. Ridiculous. No matter what time you go, it literally takes HOURS

  439. Emily Gray 2018/01

    If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I took My daughter here for a sprain ankle, they took x-rays and then had us wait for an extremely long time , the doctor came in she told my Daughter and I that her ankle was broken and needed a boot. She also told us that she would need to see the orthopaedic and ro call to make an appointment. Ok fine Patient First charged me $300 the doctor didn’t prescribe her a pain medication or anything, and then to TOP it all off On Sunday the Nurse call me back to let me know the Radiologist looked at my Daughters xray and her ankle is not even broken just sprained . So please Tell me again WHY I CAN’T GET A REFUND!!!! This place is a FRAUD.

  440. Steph M. 2017/12

    Everyone was super friendly and accommodating. From the women that took my intake information to everyone in the back. You all made it the best you could considering how busy it was. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  441. Lynne Harrison 2017/11

    I have been a patient at this location numerous times in the past few years as well as a patient at the location in Careytown. I’m also a person who by profession handles professional liability litigation — med mal claims/cases — for numerous healthcare providers/hospitals/doctors.
    I’m mentioning this because that experience has provided me with a background in the kind of care that isn’t desirable and generates unhappy patients and results.
    Patient First has consistently provided EXCELLENT care at both locations every time I have been a patient. It’s true that sometimes the wait seems long but that’s the result of being a walk in patient without an appointment.
    I have always appreciated the care and concern shown to me by the doctors as well as the nurses and technicians who have treated me. There was one receptionist who was a bit snarky but she was certainly the exception.
    Of course, I cannot speak to the experiences of others, but I can assure anyone who reads this, that I have received EXCELLENT care AND follow up from Patient First every visit and truly appreciate the staff’s kindness, concern and care!

  442. Betty Conway 2017/11

    Friendly Staff

  443. Boris Rip 2017/11

    I would not recommend Short Pump Paitient First to anybody, if you have a chance to go somewhere else do that.

  444. Prathibha Raj 2017/11

    Writing the review while waiting to get care – I’ve been waiting here at patient first about 1 hour 45 minutes, initial check in was quick, however since then no movements, I see staff & they don’t look busy, I’ve been told they’ve 3 more patients before me but that was before 45 minutes – the service here is just unbelievable bad – you cannot make a patient who requires urgent care wait for 2 hours!! This is the result of inadequate staff & poor management.

  445. Roland “Top” Ramirez 2017/10

    Professional from the moment I walk in. I’ve been here a few times this past year, and my experience has been great and their attentiveness never waivers.

  446. Growing Spot 2017/08

    Got in right a way with no wait. Dr Kelleher was great! Felt he really listened, answered all questions, and cared.

  447. Sreehari Kottoor Madam 2017/08

    I would not recommend Short Pump Patient First to anybody, they just wanted to charge you and your insurance for nothing. We visited on 04/10/2017 due to a concussion and all they did was gave some injection/infusion (no idea for what) and referred to ER by calling ambulance and charged me $246.

  448. Alexander Zaslavsky 2017/08

    Fast, pleasant experience. Staff is caring, efficient and highly professional.

  449. Michelle Hoag 2017/08

    I left this place feeling so encouraged after speaking with the receptionist. She truly made a typical experience one to remember. Thank you Shelly!!!

  450. Jayaprada Rao 2017/08

    I had been there last year. Mustard seed went into my eye while cooking. I was unable to remove it and it was hurting. When I went to get it removed at patient first, they did blood pressure check , eye test and some other tests which I felt totally unnecessary , when the complaint is some foregin object stuck in eye. Later, the doctor removed the object from eye within few seconds and I felt so comfortable. I liked the doctor’s approach. she did a great job.

  451. gerri hampton 2017/08

    Nursing and Dr great the billing horrible they billed my credit card with out asking and stated they thought they had my permission very apologetic but what does that mean nothing

  452. Phillip Butler 2017/07

    Would have been 5 stars but I had to deduct 1 star for the extended wait time.
    The staff was professional and courteous and I would go here again.

  453. Colette Wright 2017/07

    I had an exceptional visit at the Short Pump Glen Allen VA location. The facility was picture perfect, and the staff was warm, friendly, and professional.

  454. mike rupert 2017/07

    We just took our four-year-old daughter there, apparently she has a sprained arm. Doctor Yan examined her and gave us no diagnosis whatsoever and recommended that we take her to the emergency room. She refused to comment on any idea of what she thought might be wrong with my daughter’s arm . The trip there was a complete waste of time and money. I will never go back. I cannot wait until Saint Mary’s opens up the emergency room in short pump.

  455. Kristen Costello 2017/07

    Short wait time – even on the weekend! Correct diagnosis and great doctor. I would definitely go back.

  456. G C 2017/07

    The PA (Dr Holt) misdiagnosed my condition as ‘viral pharyngitis’ and prescribed steroids for it…This would have nearly killed me if i Hadnt sought a second opinion. Thank god for general physicians over at the glenside medical association who were actual doctors. They diagnosed it correctly as a ‘Peritonsillar abscess’. I was referred to an ENT specialist who drained the abscess and gave me antibiotics for it.

  457. Rajesh Srinivasan 2017/07

    The process to do the initial checkin can be faster. In spite of proving info via self service kiosk, the check in process takes longer.

    Provide functionality via App to enter all the details and hold the line ( this is available for Minute Clinic ). Provide app to see the visit history.

  458. George Coy 2017/06

    Friendly staff and quick, compassionate service. I highly recommend this Patient First for all of your medical needs.

  459. Joni Dalton 2017/06

    Thank you!
    I was crazy bad sick with a stomach virus and everyone was great. I REALLY appreciated the IV fluids and warm blanket.
    They were slow as it was late on a Thursday night and I didn’t have a chance to sit down before the front desk had me checked in…then the nurse pulled me straight to the back without ever sitting in the waiting room. Everything was prompt and professional. I was so sick I almost passed out while telling the doctor how I was feeling and she was great about that. I was alone and scared because I felt so sick. She brought me a warm blanket. It was awesome
    Labs were done immediately. Nurse then came in and place an IV catheter and started fluids. She turned the lights off so I could relax while the fluids ran. I was comfortable and warm.
    I felt better when the fluids were done…which was after they closed and they didn’t hurry me out so they could leave.
    The medication I was prescribed is not one that they carry so I found the CVS at Cox Road that’s open 24 hours to fill it.

    Thank you guys!!!

  460. Genevieve Ivey 2017/06

    Came in at 8:30 for a physical. Waited 2 hrs before seeing a dr. Dr was very contrary. Go somewhere else.

  461. Merideth Watson 2017/06

    Got pin Bev

  462. Ryan Amidon 2017/06

    I called and asked if they were in network for my insurance and if they did routine physicals. They said they did but failed to mention that I would get charged for an Urgent Care visit when the routine service is otherwise 100% covered by insurance. Very misleading. Also, the facility was very run down and the rooms were not private at all. Felt more like a triage center.

  463. Connie Dye 2017/05

    There is nobody here, yet we have been waiting more than an hour already and haven’ seen the doctor. This is in sharp contrast to their competitor just a few miles up the street who gets you in and out quickly and efficiently. I should have known better. Go elsewhere.

  464. Bradley Smart 2017/05

    Great service, but wait time is always an issue. I understand not much can be done as it is an open door service and the doctors and staff do a wonderful job.

  465. Meghan Cobb 2017/04

    I had a great experience at this location. Quick service, they listened to what I had to say, and everyone was very friendly.

  466. Rachel Johnston 2017/04

    This was the best experience I’ve ever had at a doctors office or hospital! Everyone from the receptionist, to the nurse, to the doctor were extremely friendly, caring, and professional. After finishing up my paperwork with the receptionist I was taken back to the examining room in less than 5 mins, and 5 mins later I was seen by the doctor! Pharmacy is on site which is very convenient, last thing you want to do is wait around in a store to get your scripts filled when you’re sick.

    I absolutely loved my experience here and appreciate all the staff that made it a painless experience! I will definitely be returning and recommending to friends.

  467. Julia Kirby 2017/03

    I have always been seen in a timely manner. Staff always courteous and full attention from the physician or PA. Appreciate the convenience of onsite lab and radiology. I now use them for all my primary care.

  468. Dee S 2017/03

    The experience with the nurse and doctor has always been great. They are good with lab results and prescription med. I received the medicines before I left the facility which was great. The only issue I had was at the reception , with the blonde younger lady. She was disinterested , very curt and not rude in words but her body language was extremely rude.

  469. Mike Wood 2017/03

    Do not go here. You will wait forever and when you finally do manage to be seen you will receive subpar medical services. Horribly run.

  470. Way Lee 2017/03

    Wait for long long time. The front desk does not take her responsibility for her work. I registered for twice, she did not put my name in the system. When I went inside, I still spent more than one hour for waiting for doctor.

  471. manish kumar Jaiswal 2017/02

    The staff are really very slow , I went for allergy OPD APPOINTMENT, they took three hours to come my chance , and useless proscription 👎🏿 …

  472. Randy Hart 2017/02

    My customer service experience with Aaron in the billing department was very courteous and professional. He was extremely patient and resolved all my concerns in a matter of minutes. My experience with Aaron was by far the best experience I’ve ever had with any billing department. Great Job Aaron!!!

  473. Tina Dalton 2017/02

    I’m very thankful for the care, kindness, & compassion, I was shown by everyone.

  474. Lisa McLaughlin 2017/02

    Clean. This was my second visit and both times I have been seen quickly. Doctor made a quick and accurate diagnoses and I was able to get my prescriptions there instead of going to the pharmacy. Also, the TV’s are always on HGTV, so either enjoy or be warned.


  475. A Janati 2016/11

    This clinic should be called “Patient Last”! They are the most unprofessional, insensitive, and perfunctory group of people who should not be in the business of health care in the first place.

  476. JD Smith 2016/10

    Prompt attention from a knowledgeable physician. They eve

  477. DB Cooper 2016/10

    Never had an issue with excessive wait times. Doctors have been fine, all in all this is very acceptable urgent care facility. I have visited this facility multiple times over the last several years and will continue use them going forward.

  478. Vivek Sundarbabu 2016/09

    Had to wait long. Reasonable service.

  479. Richard Recupero 2016/08

    I’m giving a four star rating. I would like to know how the owner has made things better after speaking to the people that gave 1 stars. I understand people tend to only post negative feedback and forget to give praise these days. I’m heading over there right now. Been there before. They treated me like professionals.

    Update: well I updated to 5 stars.
    Here is why.
    I was very clear about my symptoms and issues. They took my vitals and did a focused assessment. They started with a simple and only slightly painful flu check. Came back negative. I was relieved as I have a 1 year old at home that I kiss all the time cuz he’s adorable!! Well here comes some jabs. Blood work and chest X-ray. X-ray came back positive for pneumonia and I got a shot and my meds are already ready to pick up down the street from my home.
    I was in there at 7 and out at 8:30 with the proper diagnosis and medications to make me all good again.

  480. Joseph Sissler 2016/08

    After waiting all morning for the VA to return my call I went to Short Pump’s Patient First. I found everyone from the receptionist(busiest person in the office) to the doctor helpful. They were thorough and explained ever step along the way.

  481. Fabian Vargas 2016/08


    A few months ago we went to Patient First and they gave my wife an inhaler to try for her Asthma. She eventually ran out so we called Patient First to get a prescription, they said she had to go in. This of course they do to charge a full doctor visit to write a prescription. O.k. fine. So we go on Tuesday, she gets the prescription. On Saturday the nurse calls and says she didn’t go for her follow up on Thursday, I tell her we were not told she had to go, she says she didn’t go and she has missed 3 follow ups (which of course doesn’t make sense). I tell her that nobody told us to follow up and that she doesn’t have shortness of breath, we just needed the inhaler and we got it. She says she has to go in for a follow up on Sunday, I tell her she can’t she has to work and she tells me “well if she doesn’t come for a follow up then she’s not getting any more inhalers” so I tell her are you seriously holding my wife’s inhaler hostage? Are you blackmailing me so we can get a prescription so my wife can breathe? Is this a medical facility or what is it? And the she just hangs up on me!

    I understand that for these people this is a business, they don’t care about your health. I understand that you have to go in every 3 months or so to get your prescriptions refilled and so they can charge a lot of money pretending to care about a human life, that’s fine. But we just went in 4 days ago, do you really need to call us and threaten my life’s livelihood so you can charge a few more hundred dollars with a fake follow up? STOP THE GREED!

  482. Robert Hamilton 2016/07

    Must be a bad day! Arrived at 11:35. It’s now 1:10 and have yet to be seen.

    I was correct… There was a patient with a higher level of injury. Visit was great! Dr. Frank is always friendly and takes the time to get it right! Thank you Dr. Frank!

  483. Wildflower Bridal 2016/06

    Thua review is actually for the Patient First on Parham Rd. As my review below states, I dont live in Richmond and therefore am unfamiliar with the area and got the locations mixed up. When I learned I mixed up the locations i copied and pasted this review to thw Parham Rd page, but I can’t figure how to delete this review, so I guess it’s staying: I had been feeling very ill overnight with flu-like symptoms. I was visiting my bf’s family (not a good time to get sick) and am thus unfamiliar with Richmond, but when I woke up the next morning I told him I thought o should go to a local urgent care. He took me to this one, and the service was exceptional. There was no wait (which is unpredictable and largely out of their control, but still was obviously a compliment to my positive experience there), the receptionist was very sweet and treated me very kindly. The nurse was a hoot and also extremely nice and his sense of humor kept my spirits up. Everyone was very thorough. They first did a throat culture to rule out strep, then they took blood work, and they even did a chest x ray. Dr. Martinez was very thorough and explained the results of my blood work and chest x ray to me, and specified what the levels meant for each item of the blood work and how and why this was informing his diagnosis. When asked if I wanted to get my Rx in house with them or whether I would like to get it filled externally, I asked him how long it would take to get it filled through them, and he said not long at all. Well he was right! The meds were in my hands before I ever left the examining room. From beginning to end, my experience here was wonderful. The staff are genuine, caring, professional, and polite. 24 hours later I am feeling so much better, thanks to them!

  484. Lynne Harrison 2016/05

    I’ve been a patient at both the Carytown and Short Pump locations for over 10 years. As someone who worked for one of the country’s largest professional liability carrier for doctors, nurses and allied health care workers, I have always been impressed with the care I have received and particularly Patient First’s follow up. It’s true that sometimes the wait can be longer than a person might like but no longer than I’ve had to wait when I had actual appointments with other doctors.
    I was a patient at Short Pump last week and very appreciative of the kindness of the staff and Dr. Bigelow in particular. She listened to my symptoms attentively and asked me numerous questions before she gave me her diagnosis and prescriptions. I think it’s great when you’re feeling sick to be able to get your meds right there!
    I’ve always been very grateful I can go to Patient First and know I’ll be given excellent care whenever I’m ill!

  485. T'Airra Belcher 2016/04

    I usually frequent this location and have not had any complaints however, tuesday night(5/17/16) I had a rather bad experience. I arrived at 9:00pm and I finished at roughly 10:30pm. The facility closes at 10:00pm. Once the doctor finished talking to me she stated “oh, come earlier next time”, I stated I was sorry but I came as soon as I could. She followed up with “no see, 7 people had to wait for you”. I feel that this was excessive and we could have simply ended the visit with goodnight.

  486. Viral Sheth 2016/03

    I don’t how people have been so generous to give even 2 stars to this facility. This doesn’t deserve any star at all.

    My wife and I visited this facility for our annual physical exams which are promoted for free by most insurance companies including mine. As soon as we checked in, we informed the front desk clerk who runs through patient’s insurance that we were there for “FREE” annual exams. To my shock, I started receiving bills (with outrageous amount) from them and their partners in crime – Quest Labs stating a billing code of “Urgent Care”. After spending several hours on the calls with different representatives, they are not willing to correct the code. As per my latest conversation with them, it is treated as “urgent care” and not “preventive care” because Patient First is not my primary physician whereas the truth is that Patient First is the only physicians facility that I have visited in the last whole decade. They are a RIP OFF. Avoid them at all costs.

  487. Deborah Robinson Lanham 2016/02

    I came in feeling very sick. I was seen very promptly and made to feel very comfortable. My experience there was the very best under the circumstances. I would like to thank Dr. Elizabeth R. Bigelow and the rest of the staff for the excellent care I received…

  488. Pamela Maxey 2016/01

    I saw Dr. Yan on Sunday March 20th…walked in complaining of shortness of breath due to what I believed to be a fractured rib in my right side. They were great about rushing me back due to shortness of breath and the nurses and medical assistants were great, even the receptionist, however the doctor obviously listed to NOTHING I said about rib pain and ordered a chest xray which only focuses on the lungs!!! Of course my lungs were fine and the doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis. I did get some cough syrup and an antibiotic. Asked for pain medicine and was told there was codeine in the cough syrup. Still being in pain I called my PCP and they sent me for the CORRECT xray, needless to say I have multiple (at least 4) fractures on the right side!!! If the doctor had just listened to my complaint of pain and not assumed I was a pill seeker I would not have had to suffer until Monday evening and she could have given me pain medication!! Now I remember why I always said Pt First is full of doctors that couldn’t make it in the real world, I will not be going back!! Bettermed urgent care is farther but a much better facility and their doctors actually listen to the patients!!

  489. Renee Reeder 2015/10

    The doctors are very friendly and knowledgeable, and willing to listen when I explain what is troubling me or what appears to be wrong. All the staff has always been friendly as well, and even when my wait has been long they apologize and offer warm blankets to bundle up in. For the most part wait times have been minimal, except for before Christmas. I have made Patient First at Short Pump my primary care doctors because of my satisfaction with their practice and flexible hours, and I trust the doctors there.

  490. Chloe Marrow 2015/08

    The wait time is UNBEARABLE. HIRE MORE DOCTORS!! You go to the waiting room and wait. A nurse finally calls you. Then you go into the room where the doctor will treat you to just wait. You see the doctor finally. Then the doctor leaves you and you wait even more until he/she reappears. All you do is wait, wait, and wait.

  491. S Jone 2015/08

    Nothing good to say about this place except the receptionists/cashiers are pleasant. Long waits, rude doctors in a rush and unwilling to listen to what is wrong. The doctor who saw me didnt even introduce herself and proceeded to tell me that the past several years of back care has been wrong and she “would never do it that way.” Absolutely will not go back. I’d gladly pay more to see someone who understands what back pain does to you and that ibuprofen is not a cure-all for pain.

  492. Sam Dan 2015/05

    Very very very long wait, more than two hours. Receptionist was very nice, nurses were very rude when I asked how much longer before I see a doctor. Doctor was nice and apologized for the wait. Worst patient first I’ve ever been in

  493. Laura Head 2015/05

    I went in the spring, suspecting that I had a strep infection. My wait was short and the receptionist was very friendly and sympathetic. Dr. Yan was most professional — as were all of the medical staff. Sure enough, I had a strep infection. She diagnosed me after a thorough examination and questioning, and she offered me the opportunity to purchase the medication there (for convenience and at the same cost I’d pay at my local pharmacy). Since my own general practice physician never has time to see me, I appreciate that Patient First is only less than two miles away. Thanks, Patient First!

  494. Sura Abdullaziz 2015/04

    The doctor did not give me time to ask questions, she was so tough and they charge me 213$ for just listening to my child chest.

  495. Stephanie Stevens 2015/02

    will never return. terrible staff interactions, told to deal with it, found out 1 week later by letter I was positive for the flu.

  496. Rick Hayward 2015/02

    In January I visited the Patient First for what I thought was an ear infection. The doctor treated me with an antibiotic that cost $30.00. After finishing the medication the problem persisted so I went to a specialist. During a five minute examination he identified the problem as being a fungus, not an infection, and treated it with a topical powder (which cleared the problem in a couple of days). He also explained that I could take antibiotics forever and it would have never corrected the problem as it was not internal. I contacted Patient First and told them I didn’t think I should have to pay their bill since I had been misdiagnosed. The specialist also provided them with his documentation. It took them 4 months to determine that they appropriately treated me, saying that the situation could have changed in the 13 days between their and the specialist’s diagnosis. They wouldn’t listen to my explanation that the delay was to allow me to finish the antibiotic they has prescribed. They may be cheaper in some cases but what benefit is cheaper when they don’t fix the problem? Really POOR SERVICE. I contacted an attorney but he said the $115 they wanted was less than the expense of a fight. So much for “docs in a box”.

  497. Bradley Grubbs 2015/02

    The only thing that rivals Patient First Short Pump’s laziness is their incompetence. I can only imagine their train of thought behind prescribing vitamins is my sickness would go away on its own or I would die, regardless my insurance would pay them. My visit was not only a waste of breath but a waste of 3 hours of my life.

    Next time I will go by the local Walmart to pay much less for Flintstone vitamins or whatever snake oil type treatment I can conjure up.

  498. Meenakshi Sankaran 2015/01

    Worst place ever. They make you wait for ages and simply don’t care about it. They stick you behind a screen and conveniently forget that you are there for hours and hours. I truly hate this place.

  499. Raju Prasad 2014/11

    Dr didn’t asked properly about illness. just gave antibiotics which was not helping at all. After calling RN, she told to come again and pay again initial visit fees.

  500. Chang Pan 2014/11

    Checked in was quick but the doc let u wait more than1hr then spent 1 minute to write u a description

  501. Ben Muh 2014/05

    I have been a patient of Patient First for many years now and Patient First is my PCP. I was just seen by a doctor by the name of Dr. Theresa A. Vannier this evening. I went in tonight with symptoms of feeling that my ears were full and painful and feelings of dizziness, throat and neck soreness. I have been feeling ill for the past 2 days and began to feel worse. Dr. Vannier came into my room and asked me my symptoms. She was extremely rough in her exam of only my ears and throat. She immediately concluded that I only needed Sudafed. She was very abrupt and hasty in her actions. Never was I asked anything more nor did she further her exam to feel my throat or neck. She was in and out a total of 2.5 minutes and half of that was spent typing into the computer. I have been sick plenty of times with sinus infections and strep throat to know that Sudafed was not going to be the answer. I am extremely upset and dissatisfied with her evaluation of my health as well as to turn around and have to pay another co-pay.

  502. Travis Bishop (T Bishop) 2014/02

    2 people in wating room still waited for 2 hours!

  503. Andy K 2013/03

    Waited for almost two hours (!) to see a doctor who spent five minutes with me. It was Saturday morning and it was very busy, but looked like only one doctor was there. As always was given anti-biotic (who knows what you have?, “come back if you’ll get worse”) and expect to see bill for several hundred dollars. US healthcare system sucks. Tried CVS Minute Clinic before, but they said they can’t help with my issue.

  504. Donald Roberts 2013/02

    Was 3rd. Person in stayed in the room a hour did not get seen by any one but the other six people did get seen

  505. Bill McLaughlin III 2012/07

    I’ve been here twice and never had any issues. Once was during the week, busy hours, lots of people in and out. I waited a reasonable time, paper work went smoothly, staff was laid back and helpful. The second time was a Sunday right before closing and no one was in a rush to try and get out of there and hurry me out the door.

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