Patient First Primary and Urgent Care – Parham

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Patient First Primary and Urgent Care – Parham
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  1. Alessia Whitley 2023/11

    waited 4 hours to be seen very rude staff!!

  2. James Thomas 2023/11

    Very nice place I will recommend if u sick
    this the place to go to Dr.Kolb are the best

  3. Melissa Henry 2023/11

    I was very satisfied with every staff on board. Very courteous, and concerned for my well being .


  4. Lauren Goodall 2023/11

    Today I went in for a prescription refill and also routine blood work. The provider that I saw was Rupal Patel. She was extremely efficient and kind. I was very pleased with my visit.

  5. Gwendolyn Harris 2023/10

    I Was really Sick and besides one rude receptionist, I can say all others were very professional and Caring

  6. christina yates 2023/10

    Longer wait time then normal but they had a higher level emergency patient so completely understandable. staff also showed calm and concern to getting to next patients. I know that moments like that could stress an overwhelm but they kept a very good environment and where very apologetic and helpful to getting everyone needs met and comfortable. staff and doctor very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable overall very satisfied. wish them all success, health, happiness and love.

  7. a wms 2023/10

    I am so grateful for how compassionate ALL of the staff is here. They do great work each time I have been and always put me at ease.

  8. Dino Bazianos 2023/10

    Always well done! Thanks.

  9. Marc Vizina 2023/10

    Everyone was kind and the process was quick. Thanks for everything!

  10. Brian Gumper 2023/10

    Went in on 6/15/2022 for an appointment and paid my fee, no problem. Everything is all good. Or so I thought. Today October 1st of 2023 I am charged again somehow for said visit. This charge was paid on visit, or must be paid within something like 30 days of visit, so how in the hell am I charged again nearly a year and a half later for said visit?

  11. Jonas Kernaghan 2023/10

    I expect longer wait times when not going to my primary; and I know this is a busy season. I do not understand why it took three hours of my time. I was registered quickly; a PA took my vitals quickly, recommended two quick swab tests which I agreed to, then I sat in a lobby for an hour. I was called back to a room and waited another almost hour before a nurse practitioner got to me and helped me. I never saw a doctor, I never took my shirt off. If the diagnosis is so quick, I don’t understand the wait. Everyone was very nice and pleasant. Thank you to them, but your internal processes aren’t great.

  12. Patricia Weaver 2023/10

    Overall Pt First Parham Rd has wonderful physicians and care personnel!!

  13. Nina FiGil 2023/10

    I had to pay a totally exaggerated amount for sciatica pain. the dr. simply gave me an anti-inflammatory and I had to pay $205. They make you wait a long time.

  14. slowshow 9 2023/10

    Andrew is the best doctor that patient first has the offer, he knows exactly what he’s talking about, knows how to help, and make sure that you’re healthy and physically fit to do anything and everything.

  15. Danna Canelo 2023/09

    Ultima vez que vengo a esta clinica. Debido a la mala actitud y grosería de una enfermera, estoy pagando 200$ de mi bolsillo, no para tolerar la grosería de ella, como si yo fuera una tonta que no sabe entender las excusas de las escuelas.

    Last time I come to this clinic.. I came because dr. made a mistake on the dates where my daughter was supposed to be absent from school. and one of the nurses treated me very rudely, saying that my daughter had a virus and that she has to come back, when clearly the doctor said that my daughter is having an excusable day because she feels bad. I am not here to pay $200 out of my pocket for that behavior that I do not want to tolerate. SHe gave me the note very rudely and without apologizing for her bad attitude.

  16. Birma Guzman 2023/09

    Very friendly staff, did not have to wait very long

  17. Jeanne Hughes 2023/09

    Always there when I need them. More times than not I get sick when my primary physician is not available.

  18. Janelle Taylor 2023/09

    I travel from one side of town to the other for Dr. Kolb. He’s knowledgeable, and I’m comfortable with him and confident in his decisions for me as my PCP. Parham is always my go-to location because of him. The other staff are always friendly and kind.

  19. Kaylan 2023/09

    I’ve been to a lot of urgent care places, this was by far the best experience I’ve had. I needed an x ray and called several places. I chose this one based on the zero wait time and tech availability. They were so nice and kind. Usually these places treat you like a nuisance. But they listened and talked with me and made me feel comfortable. It was very clean and everything was done quickly and efficiently. Hopefully I don’t have to come back but if I do I’ll make the trip to this one!

  20. Mary Kay 2023/09

    Best Patient First every. Everyone was very concerned about my health. Dr. Chambers is amazing.

  21. Beth 2023/09

    The wait time before I saw the doctor was 2 and a half hours, but Dr. Kolb is worth waiting any amount of time for. He is an exceptional doctor. And the support staff is always excellent.

  22. Lynn Bowling 2023/09

    Quick, personable, professional and thorough! I am switching my PCP to Patient First Parham Road!!

  23. Meg 2023/08

    I was unhappy with the wait but they shouldn’t call you back if you aren’t going to get treated next. I have anxiety and it made it very difficult. I was just pleased with the knowledge and observation experience I had with the phisician that treated me. Although it made me uneasy she told me some possibilities and had me draw some blood on the spot so I know where to go for referrals. I’ve never experienced anything like that. I’m new to Virginia and that is something I will never forget. They have no doctors or P.A’s that will take the time to treat you like a real person and not just someone wasting their California time.

  24. Shayna Purcell 2023/08

    Felt comfortable during my visit despite the reason I had to come. Everyone was friendly, from the receptionist when I first arrived, the Med tech, and Dr.Holt, who was especially kind and easy to talk to. The lab tech and nurse supervisor were very pleasant too! The team work was noticeable as I waited, and from someone who works in a clinical setting, it means a lot to see staff work together.

  25. Gregory Charles 2023/08

    They lied to me and stole my money. I was overcharged. I won’t ever return nor recommend this place to anyone.

    (I spoke with Patient First after posting this review and they did not care what I had to say or do anything about the fact I was lied too. I won’t be returning or recommend this place.)

  26. Jenny Foudriat 2023/08

    In and out and feeling better, thank you!

  27. TJ Elberty 2023/08

    The registration was very good by had to wait over an hour once in the examination room. The nurse that provided the shots was very nice. Was out in 10 min once the Doctor cam in.

  28. Kathlyn Hastings 2023/08

    Fast, efficient, friendly and extremely happy with my visit!!

  29. Madeline Infantino 2023/08

    All staff was very friendly, efficient and helpful. All questions answered.

  30. Joe Little (Graphicon) 2023/08

    Patient First is amazing! It has been my experience that many in the medical community treat symptoms, but not patients… Rhonda Chambers and the supporting nurses on both occasions that I visited were kind enough to listen to my story and consider the scope of what I was personally going through. This was more the type of care that I needed. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

  31. Linda Edwards 2023/07

    Nothing but positive feedback. The team was awesome and wait time was minimal. Would definitely revisit.

  32. Heather Mitchell 2023/07

    Save your time and money. We went for a sports physical. Emily Frank PA had found a slight wheeze from seasonal allergies and ordered everything but the appropriate treatment. She ordered chest X-rays, spirometer, and sent us on our way. Stating to see the Pulmonary Specialists bc he might have asthma. Ummm my child is 16, never had a provider even mention that word. Never treated the seasonal allergy wheeze (from camping all weekend which we told her), and we were in our pediatricians office the next morning for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Filed a complaint with Brandi Peters. I was told the medical director would be contacting me, that was June 7th. Spoke to Brandy Peters in admin again today 6/19, she stated she didn’t know why he hadn’t called me. I have to subpoena the phone conversations they recorded of our complaint, they won’t release them to me. I have to bring a lawsuit to get those copies of the complaint calls. They charged my insurance and wrote off the bill that would have come to me. Great! But unfortunately I feel this is way more than a bill. I’ll leave this for the medical board to sort out. As a nurse for over 20 years I have never encountered this kind of neglect/indifference from a facility. I would not take your children there. Especially around closing time.

  33. Roberta Myers 2023/07

    I use Patient First as my primary physician & am always pleased with the service & care I receive.

  34. Casey Boxall 2023/07

    Everybody was very polite and professional. Things were done in a timely manner. All my questions were answered. It was a very nice experience.

  35. Catherine Hoert 2023/07

    Everyone was so nice!!!! The doctor listened to everything I needed to update him on and then was ‘all encompassing’ in initiating a complete plan for additional tests and changing my current med etc. I asked for his card so I could continue to see him as my primary care physician…

  36. A HUTCH 2023/07

    Well taken care of, minimal wait , all questions answered.

  37. Richard K 2023/07

    It is a good feeling I am just a half mile from the Parham Rd location and I probably feel too good about the doctors and staff there since my issue should have been taken to an emergency room in a hospital. Thanks

  38. R. Bryant 2023/07

    Everytime I visit it is perfect care. The front desk are quick and efficient the first person you meet is always important
    You see the team spirit.
    The nurses are always detailed in their exam which helps the doctor. The lab technician was comforting approach perfect stick everytime. The NP was complete and took time listening I can always count on the right approach to my illness they are up to date with
    Patient care. Thank you all for your work it is much appreciated!

  39. Vanessa Gore 2023/07

    Everyone was very friendly and helpful and had answers to help me know what was wrong and provided what I needed to help me feel better. Thank you.

  40. I B Spurious 2023/06

    Awesome experience!
    Concerned, responsive, exceptionally accurate, compassionate, communicative, efficient and effective.

  41. Natasha Scott 2023/06

    Service provided was excellent. The only complaint I have is the wait time to see a provider. Great friendly staff.

  42. Daniel Velasco 2023/06

    Great customer service, fast and good doctors

  43. Rachael Custalow 2023/06

    Everyone was very quick and professional, friendly and proficient. Took in my concerns and treated my problem effectively and efficiently.

  44. Sache P (imab0sslady) 2023/05

    I arrived at 9:30A and was not seen until 1:30P. I was highly disappointed in the way they were doing testing and check in. I wanted to have a COVID TEST done since I was in close contact to someone who had it and upon arrival, I was already running a high fever and my body ached from head to toe. I got called at 1:30P just to “register” at that point and had to wait another twenty minutes for a “room” — i will NEVER make that mistake again!

  45. Vicci Varner 2023/05

    The staff are very helpful and friendly. They spent time reassuring me and taking care of my problems. I would recommend Patient First to anyone needing care.

  46. Jamie Collins 2023/04

    Just skip the visit to Patient First and go elsewhere!!!

    I came in for some stomach pain and my annual labs. I used to consider Patient First a cheap and pretty quick option to get a check up and labs until this last visit…

    Upon check in, no one even looks at you or greets you, just a woman in a small glass room to pull you back to ask about health insurance who was more concerned with chatting with her coworkers than anything I had to say.

    After a 30 minutes wait in the waiting room, you are called back this time by a nurse that also doesn’t greet you. She takes your vitals, weight and escorts you to a visit room where you will sit for a VERY long time to be seen. I waited a little over two hours in the room before the provider arrived.

    After two hours of waiting, I was a bit anxious and annoyed but after meeting with the provider I wish I never came at all.

    NP Rhonda Chambers comes in to see me. Immediately started off by asking me my whole medical history because she had not looked at my chart prior to entering my room. A bit more irritated at this point, we address the stomach pain first, she starts explaining why she doesn’t anything that would properly diagnose what’s going on because all they have is an x-ray, not considering maybe a stool sample or even a healthy gut/FODMAP/anticandida handout than a GI specialist or getting a CT scan. Meanwhile she suspects maybe something pelvic, yet refuses to do an exam. I tried to explain I don’t have health insurance and I would love to find out if it is something indeed EMERGENT rather than urgent so I know if I need to go to the ER. Then she starts recommending a free clinic with even less resources than PF and had no recommendations of places I can go for additional care that she was recommending me to receive. I get a little upset and kind of say so if you can’t help, I feel like I should go somewhere else to get the care I need… That severely annoyed the NP and she decided to insult me as a nurse myself she thought I would understand her verbalizing her nursing process out loud. Then when I accidentally said antibiotic instead of antifungal in recommending myself treatment after being severely upset, she insisted on doing it again and asking where I work so she could rip into me even more for my lack of knowledge. Aftering being visibly in tears in frustration, she said I should also go find some talk therapy which she also doesn’t have resources for and would probably be too expensive without insurance….

    As a fellow healthcare provider, if someone is anxious, upset looking for care, it is never okay to belittle or degrade them for any reason. She should have more compassion and professionalism. But I guess if you’re judgmental and condescending to all the patients, maybe your workload will be less after no one returns…

    Anyways after an unpleasant discussion, she asks what else I need and I said a repeat of labs from the last ones I got one year ago, so she asked me to list which ones because again… She didn’t look at my chart. She ended up giving a prescription for cramping, ordered the labs then walked out of the room without saying anything. So confused if my appointment was over or not I walked out without anyone saying a word to me. At that point it had been over 3 hours…

    Will never come here again! The only thing that gives this clinic hope is the very pleasant phlebotomist who actually talks to patients and has a great attitude!

    Also after the $130 physical fee, you will receive a bill for an additional $450 for labs a few days later. They also hid my billing information from last year so I didn’t see they were overcharging me. Seriously go elsewhere! You can get labs done at a walk in testing facility, I was really just hoping for a nonjudgmental medical opinion and decent physical assessment but you will get neither at Patient First.

  47. charles kim 2023/04

    This place is so slow. If I could give them negative stars I would. Don’t go here if you don’t have all day to waste. They x-rayed the ankle and not the foot so had to go for more x-rays after waiting 2+ hours…

  48. Anwar Syed 2023/04

    Very good professional service, the way Doctor, and staff spoke was very good. Make me feel comfortable and prescribe medication what I need. Thanks and grateful to all team members

  49. Casey Czajkowski 2023/04

    I have been to 2 locations in the past few weeks due to an injury I sustained at work everyone has been great. I really like Dr Cora Owen. She is very caring and understanding .

  50. Josh Bell 2023/04

    There was no one in the waiting room when I walked in. I was registered immediately and then taken back to a room within 5 minutes. Once in the room it was less than 5 mins for the doctor to come in and I was out within 25 minutes.

  51. Rhonda Atkinson 2023/04

    I have been with Patient First for over 20 years & they have always treated me well. Wait can be a long time sometimes but I can come over when it is convenient for me & not miss work & that is priceless!

  52. David Pastran 2023/04

    The doctors and nurses at Patient First were kind, courteous and professional.

  53. Carl Vaughan 2023/04

    Great place and staff along with top notch service by all. Place is well maintained. Overall thought is outstanding.

  54. Scuba Steve 2023/04

    I took my mother here about 3 weeks ago. She has copd and gets chronic pneumonia and bronchitis. I told the doctor that the normal treatment is x-rays a steroids and antibiotics. She listened to her lungs and said she sounded good, as I was sitting listening to her gurgling flem with every breath. I know when my mom is sick because it happens often and I kknow the routine. She took x-rays and said she looked fine no pneumonia seen. And in the end she still gave her prescription for an antibiotics and steroids. Like I said she needs. Got a call the next day from the radiologist and she said she had sever pneumonia and to come back in. The doctor that she seen the next day saidvshe has severe labor breathing and recommended going to th er. From one extreme to another. First doctor said she was A-OK and the next one said she has to go to er. Went to her pulmonary doctor and he said she had bronchitis and gave her more steroids and said to call him if she has anymore problems. This was the worst experience at this location she has ever had. These doctors need to be more attentive and more patient observations. Wow. I am afraid to take her there again.

  55. Lawrence Scott 2023/04

    Today’s visit was among my best. From registration through interactions with the medical staff, everyone was good to work with. I came early in the day and that might be a factor, but even so, everyone took good care of me. No one was bothered by any of my quirks. I left satisfied with the experience. Good job and thank you very much.

  56. beverly jones 2023/04

    Very pleasant experience
    Clean environment
    Professional staff

  57. Tammara “Ara” 2023/04

    Patient First has always provided outstanding personal service and medical care. I would gladly wait an entire shift just to see my PCP (I’ve received medical care from Patient First for over two plus decades)

  58. Carrie Peach 2023/03

    Good over all

  59. Mohammad Reza 2023/03

    They are professional and doing best treat kids and women .

  60. Lisa Spain 2023/03

    I went here yesterday to get my refills and for a sinus infection. This was the worst visit I have ever had. I saw Dr. Aisha Nauman she was so rude. She never turned around from the computer to talk to me face to face. She would ask me questions and wouldn’t give me a chance to answer. I had questions to ask but I didn’t feel comfortable asking her so now I have to go back and see another Doctor so I can get my questions answered. I will never see this Doc again. I guess she doesn’t know what bed side manner means.

  61. Emily Grant 2023/03

    I had a great experience! Dr. Owen was kind, listened, and knowledgeable. The X-ray Tech instantly made me feel comfortable, and the med assistant who dressed my wound was very personable. I felt well taken care of and didn’t not feel rushed.

  62. KristaLyn Montrose 2023/03

    It was quick, efficient, and my issue was resolved thoroughly. I came here when a local MedExpress didn’t open as scheduled and informed me they did it know when they would open that day. It was a relief to come to Patient First and actually receive quality urgent care.

  63. Ben Faisal 2023/03

    Bring yourself a popcorn 🍿 to watch a movie inside because you will stay for a long time and they will tell you as soon as possible lol
    Today i spend 2 hours and still waiting not for a doctor but for Mr.president. …

  64. Joanne L. 2023/03

    In and out fast. Nice and professional.

  65. Cindy Spain 2023/02

    Mike Murray PA is awesome – I’ve been seeing him for 20 years or more – since he was at Patient First in Chester and can’t imagine having better care.

  66. Jose Gonzalez 2023/02

    I was the only patient there, and they put me in a room for almost 2 hrs before the doctor came in.
    I thought they had forgot I was there waiting so I ask one of the nurses how long before the doctor come,
    and rudely she responded just sit tight and wait she’ll come.
    It was a bad experience having to wait for so long.

  67. Abby H 2023/02

    Everyone was very kind and I received the care I suddenly needed (I’m pregnant). They ran bloodwork, let me rest, diagnosed 2 illnesses and happened to have the medications onsite.
    There was a problematic patient causing distress to others in the lobby and the staff/drs handled it beautifully. The line also went down pretty quickly for how many patients were ahead of me. I’m very thankful!

  68. R Nancy 2023/02

    Zero stars. To the old Black lady in registration that was rude to me and yelled at me while I was in crisis, you are not fit to work in that medical environment.
    I am a Black disabled woman who had a medical emergency, this was the closest place that I can get to in my time of need. You yelled at me as my heart rate shot up to 140 I was shaking, and struggling to get my ID out to you as I calmly insisted you get me a nurse immediately. As a Black woman that has to go through many medical barriers to get people to listen to me, your mistreatment and short attitude shows me you are in the wrong field. Thankfully, I was rushed to an emergency room by people that were more caring than you were. I almost had a stomach rupture. Nurses were apologizing on your behalf. It’s time for you to retire!!

  69. Arezo Yosufzy 2023/02

    I am good naw

  70. Theresa Boyd 2023/02

    From the time that I arrived, to the first person that I met, to the last. Excellent!

  71. Ruba Smadi 2023/02

    Thank you Patient first for your cooperation and fast treatment 🙂

  72. William Bradley 2023/02

    Thank you to Dr. Rose-Vallejo M. D. Who showed compassion and care in reviewing my symptoms. She took the time to explain her findings and how she would like to treat my diagnosis.

    She and the Patient First 2205 N. Param Rd. Team were a true blessing today, and I truly appreciate the care and compassion that I received from your facility.

  73. Joseph Bernard 2023/01

    This is the closest clinic to my home and I’ve selected them as my PCP.. but the wait time is really really really bad.. they make u sit in the treatment areas for hours before a doctor come and treat u.. it’s like u waste an entire evening if u have to just go for a minor issue or a routine checkup .. they send apology letters for long wait but no action taken to improve anything.. please do something to fix this wait times..

  74. Leanna Epps 2023/01

    I feel it was better than my pcp and I am thinking about switching my pcp to you guys because you get results and you find specialist in my area and on my insurance .

  75. Rob Wright 2023/01

    Overall it was excellent. The wait time was a little long but there were a lot of people there

  76. Lola P 2023/01

    The receptionist was very friendly and welcoming! While I wasn’t feeling well, she made my experience better. The doctor was very thorough and explained everything to me and confirmed that I understood all of the diagnosis, the prescribed medication, what the medication was for and how to properly take it. I rarely have had that happen to me while seeing a physician.

  77. Corina Gomez 2023/01

    Everything was good , just the waiting experience to long …

  78. Toby Chittum 2023/01

    Awesome staff. Dr Andrew Kolb is a gifted physician.

  79. Chris Williams 2023/01

    These bozos couldn’t doctor their way out of a wet paper bag! I believe they have a hat with diagnoses in it and pull one out for each patient. We’ve been told twice of detrimental results and followed up with a real Dr and they say nothing of the sort. Do NOT use these clowns

  80. Tiffany 2023/01

    Patient First verry good help me feel better

  81. Mandi 2023/01

    I am glad I came to PF Parham. They were very professional and genuinely cared about my issue. I was taken care of quickly and efficiently. When I left I had everything I needed.

  82. birgit winther 2023/01

    You all are competent and engaged. I appreciate the care you provide.

  83. minna rok 2023/01

    Always friendly and helpful.. The wait is not to bad but can get busy here

  84. jobert peron 2023/01

    Very satisfied, staff and doctors are very kind and professional and really take care of you!

  85. Nikki Feldman (KingsDominionGeek) 2022/11

    Parham is my favorite Patient First. And I hate going to the dr. Friendly staff. The people who draw your blood are always hilarious too.

  86. Avery Vox 2022/11

    BEWARE HORRIBLE FRONT OFFICE!!!!!! wish I didn’t have to write this review but what they did to me today is so wrong. First off, I want to say that this is nothing against the Dr’s in the office. I specifically came into to see my primary care. I knew it would be a long wait with COVID but I have a health issue and it was important. I was quoted two hours and told to wait in my car. 3 hours later I checked in and was told there would be 9 people in front of me. Another hour goes by I come in to share my concerns about my requested doctor leaving for the day. They basically said oh he left, they should have told you: the woman who registered me comes out claiming she warned me he would leave at 3. This was not the case as all she said was two hours at 11. Nobody cared I had waited 4 hours. Nobody apologized. They just kept making it seem like it was my fault somehow. I will literally never go back there again. This is also not the first time the one in registration is super rude to me. She should be fired and the whole staff could use a huge lesson in sensitivity training. Horrible.

  87. steelerkid894 2022/11

    Arrived at 8:15. Had to wait until 9:30 to be called back. Wait 30 min alone in the back and they take my blood – it is now 10, still haven’t been seen by an actual doctor(just the nurse). See the doctor at 11… been 20 min and still not discharged

  88. Tiffany Dabney 2022/11

    My experience was awesome from registration to checkout. The staff does well under pressure with the extreme patient volume. Everyone was respectful and pleasant. Shoutout to the receptionist she held her cool with check in. The Parham location ROCKS!!!!!

  89. Lauryn Hill 2022/11

    Good ! I feel heard going there. The staff are very friendly,always helpful. Actively listens to me and my concerns.

  90. Kiki Gray 2022/11

    Best medical experience I have had in years! Staff and physicians were kind, accessible, and professional. Very little waiting. In and out quickly!

  91. Michelle Goodman 2022/10

    Patient First is the best choice for your medical needs.

  92. Denise Hill 2022/10

    Despite the long wait ( which was not surprising given the social climate) the staff at Patient First was friendly, kind and efficient. As busy as it was, they treated me with care and made sure I was alright. Thank you Patient First at Parham

  93. Robert Griffie 2022/10

    It was great as usuall It just took from 1 to 8:35 pm to be seen and I was in excruciating pain due to having 3 fractured Ribs. Two were in the healing stage and the Right one was and is Fractured Number 7 Rib. Now the issue is I can’t get my meds from Wallgreens because it is New Years Day. Other then that I will and have highly recommended Patient First to many Like myself. I have extreme Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia and PTSD. This is the easiest way for me Other then Dispatch Health. Which is always my First Choice. Thank You for taken such good care of me and also my Family. Thank You Robert Griffie. PS there is no reason to get upset thos Covid has everything ans everyone Twisted. We actually had to leave and go to the ER because there xray doesn’t pick up enough and if they would have just sent me home instead. I wouldn’t have ever known my Ribs were Fractured. Thanx for goin the wxtra mile for me. Thank Thank Thank you foe putting my health first. I will always come here and recommend everyone I know do the same Thank You Again
    Robert Griffie


  94. Casey Dudding 2022/10

    Thank you for your professionalism.

    I appreciate everyone who works with Patient First and everyone who works there!!! My experience was a strong 10/10 points for being pragmatic and top-notch professional!!!!!!

    Thank you again.

  95. Shady roufaeil 2022/10

    These is the worst place ever, that people at the register are very rude, this place should working from 8 to 8 and first tome i arrived at 12 noon and i Wait for two hours and when i asked the lady she said your waiting time is 6 hours. I canceled my appointment and left, the second time i arrived at 7. Pm and that lady said we do not take more patients for now,when i asked her you are opening from 8 to 8 she said you do not put the rules here.

  96. Donna Dawe 2022/10

    I’ve been going to the Parham Rd location for probably 20 years. I’ve never had a negative experience in all of that time. The staff is super friendly and all of them offer exceptional care and service. I’m never made to feel rushed by the physician, which I really appreciate. Lab results come back quickly and referrals are easy to obtain. Overall excellent!

  97. Jasmin Sanchez 2022/10

    The front staff/nurses were very friendly and professional.. the Dr completely dismissed my girlfriends issue. She left crying… this is unacceptable.

  98. Karen Sundlun 2022/10

    I arrived at 12:45pm and left at 4:45pm (4 hours!!!). Granted, I know you were swamped but the whole experience took waaaaaay too long. The service I received was very good. The PA was especially kind and encouraging. Thank you.

  99. Yonv Awi 2022/09

    I am truly appreciative of the services offered.Thank you Mr.Baldwin for your professionalism and consideration. I certainly did not feel like just a number.

  100. jessica chambliss 2022/09

    Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable!

  101. Portia Pace 2022/09

    Had a great experience. Friendly and professional staff.

  102. Dave C 2022/09

    Possibly the worst patient first in the area. We went into a room at 1240pm and at 2pm walked out as the doctor didn’t come in yet. I refuse to wait 3 hours

  103. Kelley Allison 2022/09

    Everything was handled in a timely fashion by very nice, and caring people. They also managed to make me laugh when I was experiencing discomfort which helped a bit. Nice human touch — they didn’t make me feel like a number or an inconvenience.

  104. Fred Knoche 2022/09

    These people don’t know what they are doing. Their COVID tests are not accurate thus making them very dangerous. I have covid and my co-worker was exposed before I tested positive, she got sick and went to PF where she was tested and given a clean bill of health. She is now at home too sick to work but according to these wackos there is nothing wrong with her.

  105. Dale Vanderheyden 2022/09

    I will never go in Patient First again. I only went in to fill a prescription of Trazadone and when they took my blood pressure they thought my pulse was low and immediately did an EKG. Then the PA said I had an irregular heart beat. He made me cry and insisted I go to a Cardiologist. I did and my EKG is fine. I also bought a kadiamoble to track pulse and do EKGs. I do not have Bradycardia nor do I have an irregular heartbeat. Another visit a few years back they did an EKG and didn’t even give a reason for it. They are out for money! My numbers are both normal and good but they had to create a lot of drama and upset me for no reason. I will never go there again.


  106. Epitaph 72 2022/09

    Excellent service

  107. Jp Byrum 2022/09

    Took my son in on Friday July 8, 2022 to get stitches in his forehead he was hurt at daycare. We had Dr Emily Frank take care of him. She was incredibly professional, kind and put my son at ease. By far the best experience I have ever had at Patient First. I wish every Doctor there was as fantastic as her. Highly recommend.

  108. Mark Dozier 2022/08

    I went to the Patient First facility on Parham and could not have been more impressed. The staff, nurses and doctors were all helpful, caring, and professional. A “mini-rush” was occurring when I arrived, but to my surprise, I was able to see a doctor and have my paperwork processed in less than an hour. When I called the doctor back with a question later in the day, my call was quickly returned and insightful. Thank you Patient First for a first-rate experience!

  109. Nisha Gajramsingh (Pushparanie Sugalingum) 2022/08

    The wait was aweful, I sat in the parking lot from 2pm to 730pm waiting to be seen, other than that the experience was pleasant.

  110. Kristina Adamyan 2022/08

    Very Bad experience. Waited for 3 hours on Wed afternoon. How can a patient that is seeking medical help struggle waiting for such a long time to see a doctor… Need to hire more people …Poor management…

  111. Penny Jones 2022/08

    The most efficient Patient First I’ve been to. I was in and out quickly and the staff was super nice!

  112. I Burlock 2022/08

    A long wait to just to get a room then a long wait to see the doctor. However given how crowded it was, I am not really complaining. The care was very good.

  113. Rosalina Duplex 2022/08

    It was simple as always. All workers from front dest till the doctors are so pleasant and caring. Also today was much faster as previous visit anyway waiting time is pretty long. With all the rest is absolutely satisfied. Thank you for you work :))

  114. Catherine Owens 2022/08

    The staff really needs to be trained in sensitivity and empathy! I was suffering from a crisis and apart from the doctor I had (Dr. Kolb who was amazing) and the woman who took my vitals upon entry (who was also amazing), the nurse I had, Sandra, was INSANELY rude. She does not need to be working in this environment because she completely lacks empathy nor understands how to talk to people who are having dealing with a crisis.

  115. Kenya Perkins 2022/07

    Overall good experience

  116. Rosa Diaz 2022/07

    I felt good with the way that we attended. The nurses and the doctor attended really well. Keep up the good work. We felt satisfied by the way they attended us and how kind they were with us.

  117. Lisa Gagne 2022/07

    Friendly, professional and I love that they have everything there …

  118. mayank patel 2022/07

    Worst place ever short of doctors and you will wait 3-5 hours to do anything . After waiting 2 hours later doctor Sarah Cunningham come in with attitude and not doing job or loving her job,Patient First should look at this

  119. Tequia Abdulrahman 2022/07

    I won’t lie, receptionist said I had bad debt and couldn’t be seen. She first stated had to get nurse permission then I guess when she heard me call my daughter to bring my credit card she said let her know when she does. Oh yea, my bad debt was $3.16! Also, I came in for chest pain…mean surly older black lady definitely needs customer service training. Told me she “can only read what she sees” when I tried to update place of employment and asked if my current federal insurance was on file. Very unpleasant experience so I just went on to ER.

  120. Jon Beattie 2022/07

    Very efficient and rather swift tbh. They made me feel better just by behavior

  121. Som K 2022/06

    My whole family is a regular patient of patient first. Always had excellent customer experience. Except this time. Darlene Temple was the receptionist I am talking about. She is extremely arrogant. We expect a little bit better behavior from you. A bit disappointed. Doctor’s and other staffs are great here.

  122. Kayla 2022/06

    Upon arrival I was greeted by the most unprofessional and unkind “service rep” in my life. Her name was Cathy and she treated me like I was incompetent and taking up too much of her time in our entire 5 minute encounter for checking in. She asked for my social and I asked “the entire one or just the last 4” and her response was to go on a long rant about how she doesn’t need my social because she has her own and rolled her eyes, shook her head and sighed the entire conversation. A man came in obviously to see a doctor and she screamed “do you need to see a doctor”.. clearly he does you don’t need to give a condescending attitude for someone needing help. She made I and others already bad days worse. Admins should work on staffing kind people who don’t hate socializing or doing their job. The doctors and nurses, on the other hand, were exceptional and kind to me the entire visit.

  123. John Valleau (JWVIII) 2022/06

    Excellent treatment.

  124. Chrissy Edwards 2022/06

    Everyone is working hard and at their best. From the time I check in to the time I leave I feel comfortable and well taken care of!

  125. Caitlin Dillenbeck 2022/06

    I had amazing service. I recommend coming here to anyone that has an issue that can be taken care of in a decent amount of time. Everyone is really friendly and kind. I was very pleased with my experience there and was taken very good care of while I was there. I also wasn’t in there for a long time. They got me in and out in a decent amount of time. Thank yall for yalls amazing service!! I will ALWAYS use patient first!

  126. Beth Skillin 2022/06

    This Patient First location is our go to when hurt or sick. Dr. Kolb, all of the nurses, and the entire staff are friendly and compassionate. In my experience they’ve always gone above standard care to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible, right down to the warm blankets.


  127. Chuck Clouse 2022/06

    The attending staff was knowledgeable and thorough. I was very comfortable throughout the examination. Very professional.

  128. Pam Stump 2022/06

    Dr Kolb has been my primary physician for over 10 years. He has patience and kindness and confidence. His staff is top notch.

  129. Amanda Collier 2022/05

    Not happy at all just checked my credit score and they sent a bill that my insurance was to cover to collection so now my credit scored I low I didn’t even know about the bill and when I called to ask them about it nothing they could do when once again my insurance covered every other appointment but not that one money hungry

  130. Mubarak Vodel 2022/05

    Dr. Andrew Kolb is outstanding. He is adept in his knowledge and leaves you with a thorough understanding of your ailment. The staff are friendly too!

  131. Matt Jamie 2022/05

    Everyone I interacted with was kind and friendly. This was the best experience I’ve had a Patient First and was very thankful for everyone there!

  132. Ambrid R 2022/05

    Sarah Cunningham..awful.
    She needs a different line of work.

  133. Hicham Hammouch 2022/05

    very rude front desk lady treat me like a criminal shouting like she is working at fast food job the nurse was super nice and respectful the doctor did not even bother to check my son a joke doctor with no heart toward their patient they treat you like a number with no respect to their patient and the doctor hate to ask her questions she just wants to get rid of you very bad experience for my family.

  134. Ann Casey 2022/05

    I have been going to Patient First on Parham since it opened with Dr. Lucas in the 80’s. Now I try to go when Dr. Kolb is there. Your nurses and medical assistants are top notch and professional. They all take very good care of me at every visit and have for over 30 years!!!!!! Ann O. Casey

  135. Iana Wood 2022/05

    Speed up, I sat around from 830am to 130pm for a mmr and chicken pox vaccine. Your employees have time to talk and socialize with these wait times plus once you get to the back. You still wait even more time.

  136. E 2022/05

    This was the worst experience I’ve ever had here and I will never be back!! I waited 7 hours to be seen. After finally getting seen 7 hours later, my nurse practitioner Rupal Patel was the worst!! She was very rude and barely examined me. She was not thorough at all. She was rushing through my exam just trying to get me out the door not giving me a proper exam. She diagnosed me a sinus infection and would not give me an antibiotic. I even requested a cbc to check my white blood cell count and she refused. I did not receive any paperwork nor discharge papers. I requested a different doctor and they denied my request. I am extremely disappointed in the care I received. After being at your facility for 7 hours not able to leave you think someone would have apologized for the wait and offered you water! There was NO hand soap in the bathrooms and the paper towels were over flowing onto the bathroom floor. The facility is disgusting.

  137. Kevin Grahek 2022/05

    Doctor with pony tail is a complete SOB he should lose his medical license treating clients like garbage literally hurt me on purpose and then smiled about it

  138. kavi shah 2022/04

    Been waiting here since 12 pm and it’s 5pm now and still waiting in my car. This is just crazy. I have chills and and soar throat. 😭 …

  139. Laura Sandoval 2022/04

    Mala atención lleve a mi hija de 4 años dijeron que había pediatra ya en la consulta la pasaron con una doctora medicina general pésima atención de parte de la doctora, por consulta y una vacuna pague más de 300 dólares me dejaron una medicina y no me la entregaron en la farmacia porque el papel con el nombre de la medicina ni si quiera era una receta dijeron 👎👎

  140. Ben 2022/04

    I am very appreciative of the quality of service, convenience and pleasant setting.

    The wait was longer than ever and was a concern. I almost ran out of time and thought I might have to leave before seeing the doctor.

  141. Pattie O 2022/04

    Everyone was very nice, I was seen right away. Excellent service!

  142. Dana Crow Zedd 2022/04

    I waited 2 hours in the room before seeing the provider. It would have been nice to get updates.

  143. Scott Kresl 2022/04

    Just had a great experience here. Every staff member was super professional. Dr. Rosenburg did a good job diagnosing and helping me. This place really is a seamless operation. Highly recommend.

  144. Joseph Mosby 2022/04

    Thank you for a great experience going to the doctor can be uncomfortable thanks for making me feel comfortable

  145. Hamid Safi 2022/04

    If you want to see doctor you have to wait at least 3 to 4 hours
    The wait time will kill you even if they don’t have that much patients

  146. Manas Bhargava 2022/04

    Worst experience ever. Waited 4 hours just for the doctor to tell me that they can’t do anything. Straight up said “Nothing”. All the other employees were nice but personally that doctor was very rude and unprofessional. Please help yourself and go to some other patient first location.

  147. aimee kiser 2022/03

    Everything with everything was great and y’all were super fast I have no complaints whatsoever

  148. Daniel Smith 2022/03

    The staff worked tirelessly to make sure all of the patients were seen in a timely manner. I have nothing but respect for those front line workers, along with all the others battling this disease. Thank you for everything ❤️🙏🙌. …

  149. Cathy Abbot 2022/03

    My husband and I were so very impressed by the kindness of the staff and the facility itself. The efficiency of the complex process took us by complete surprise. At each stage there is a wait, but nothing like what we had been prepared for. Thank you sincerely for your excellent care when I needed it.

  150. King George Gutters 2022/03

    The team was helpful in checking on me to make sure I was well. I came in with mixed symptoms and they were diligent in doing tests and informing me to the best of their ability. I hope I don’t have to return soon, but at least if I do, I know the team will be kind and professional.

  151. Amy O'Callaghan 2022/03

    Josh (the holder of all the pens) was AMAZING. And when he wasn’t with me, I could hear him comforting and tending to other people nearby. What a great energy to have on the staff. Thank you Josh!!!

    Also, whoever the wonderful, expert blood-taking human was, she was AMAZING. if I could have her do every blood draw I ever need, I would. I told her I often have ‘challenging veins’ for people, and not only did she set me at ease by naming the 1 vein that showed up, AND teach me something new about my veins that may help future practitioners, she nailed the draw in 1 go and was super quick. I was feeling so poorly I don’t recall her name, but she’s going down in my memory as a uniquely effective and kind human.


  152. Vibekiller 2022/03

    It was felt nice , good environment and good people

  153. RaeAnna McCord 2022/03

    The physical who saw me seemed to show little care for my opinion in how I felt and seemed to blame my health concerns on smoking which I had stopped the moment I got sick which was over seven days. My concerns for my low white cells were pushed to the side and he seemed to care more about getting me out of his office than helping me. He also belittled my feelings and concern for the fact that my temperature keeps rising to 100-100.9 and dropping to 95.7-96.9 multiple times a day, that my cough makes it hard to breathe and feels like drowning, and that I am constantly feeling weak. He spent less than 10 min with me before deciding that I was being over-dramatic and only gave me an antibiotic to shut me up and not actually help me. The script he wrote is not an approved script for COVID which is what he assumed I had.

  154. sunflower123 2022/03

    We have always had great experiences with physicians at Parham location until this time. my daughter was have fever and coughed almost two weeks, we went to check if it’s covid, I knew we would have to wait for long time, no issue with that. After two tests and over two hours waiting, Dr. Cunningham rushed in, she showed very little care and chose to ignore me even I introduced myself as the mother. When I tried to tell her the situation, she started getting upset and telling me if the temperature is lower than 100.4, it is not considered as fever. Her attitude was so rude, not intend to listen any of patient’s description, literally stayed for 3 minutes and gave some prescription then walked out without looking at me when I said thank you to her.. She is very unprofessional and inadequate to communicate with people. I am very disappointed and will not recommend Cunningham to anyone goes there.

  155. Anise miah 2022/03

    2.5hr wait time just to get in the treatment? We are in 2023!

  156. Jeff Weinstein 2022/03

    Dr. Kolb was so kind and listened to everything I had to say. He has the best bed side manor I’ve seen.

  157. EventCreativeUS 2022/03

    TERRIBLE!!!!!! NOT A KID FRIENDLY PLACE!!!!! Worst experience ever. If you are planning to visit here with the kids, Make sure to pack lunch for your kids, have some snacks, activities, enough diapers, a blanket, and a pillow for the kids. They will make you wait over 4 hours and still not going to see you. If your kid gets cranky and cries, they will get irritated and they will make rude comments. After this review, I’m going to complain to their headquarters. Ridiculous.

  158. Ashley Cook 2022/02

    Got here at 2pm, waited for 2 hours just to even be registered. When I went in to be registered I told them how sick I was and that I had horrible chest pains and might have Covid. Then went back out to my car and kept waiting. 5 HOURS!!!!!! I finally go in because no one can answer the phone and the extremely rude receptionist says, “sorry still 10 people ahead of you”. I’m dying in pain at this point and asked if there was anything they could do and I get a cold shoulder. Absolutely NEVER going to patient first ever again. Waisted an entire day of my life with still no certainty if I have Covid or not. Now I have to go find somewhere else tomorrow.

  159. Christian D'Andrea 2022/02

    Harry Baldwin is that rare thing, a highly-skilled and wise medical professional who actually cares and takes the time to explain everything he’s thinking. He doesn’t just administer treatment; he administers peace of mind. Overall, I know I’m lucky to be healthy. But when I’ve had routine stuff like physicals or sports dings, I’ve gone to doctors who are supposed to be the area’s “top doctors” etc. etc… and, generally, they don’t match up to Mr. Baldwin. The other highly-rated celeb types tend to just write scrips for everything, as if it’s a knee-jerk reaction and as if drugs solve everything. Harry Baldwin (and his colleagues) are different. They are very busy, but they don’t let that be an excuse to skimp on the human dimension. I’m surprised to say that this urgent care facility was a considerably better experience than some of the super fancy hospitals I’ve been to. Thank you.

  160. Cal Gray 2022/02

    The care that I received from your PA Michael Murray was excellent. I had a 1.5 centimeter skin tear on my left thumb. It had happened the night before, but I had arrived too late to be seen that night. When I came in the next morning we discussed the options and although it had been longer than normally advisable to stitch a wound like that he was able to use one stitch and two SteriStrips to fully close it. It healed without issues in about two weeks.
    Without Mr Murray’s excellent care I would have had a large open wound that would have taken much longer to heal and would have been exposed to infection during that time.
    Thanks to all of your staff and especially to Mr Murray. My only negative feedback is that he failed to make me sign the pledge to always wear my work gloves when renovating my kitchen.

  161. Patricia Joaquin 2022/02

    2 hr wait time just to get in the treatment room on a slow day. Had to leave and go to the ER because i started feeling worse while waiting. 2 star because the receptionist was very nice. That’s about it.

  162. Tina Marie Thompson 2022/02

    Went in for help with pain management, and was considering using them as a primary care while I’m here I the area(19 months). The provider NEVER turned around to actually talk to me and exam me, matter of fact she never examined me . I had to ask “do you plan on turning around” She told me the same thing she told the two patients before me,” you need to call your doctor they are responsible for you, they know you” guess she didn’t realize so was she now that I’m sitting here in her office paying for service(out of pocket). If you like assembly line and generic medical care this place offers it. As a nurse and a patient it really saddened me this was the service that provider”provided”. Back where I’m from this is not the service my patient first provides. I sincerely hope this provider/location does better in the future.

    **Update**after reading a few reviews, I can see exactly what going on here. If you have an urgent non life threatening problem, this Parham road location isn’t the place to go, I would suggest another location or just go to a ED, these doctors are too comfortable with providing no actual personalized patient care and that’s very sad, this is not related to covid either this is an active choice to do just enough to say you did something, but nothing to actually help the patient.

  163. Sean M 2022/01

    Waiting 4 hours for some shots was extreme but all the staff was very pleasant. The nurse giving me the jabs knew what she was doing as I barely felt them even though I was nervous. I was actually going to leave a 2 star review on Google as I was waiting for the doctor but she changed my mind. My dad got the same shots in twenty minutes a different day so I know it’s not always like this. I’d come back.

  164. Myrt Quinlan 2022/01

    I have been to this location many times and have never been treated rude. The staff and physicians have always given me Excellent care and I highly recommend them.

  165. Charles Gresham 2022/01

    I have been coming to this Patient First since I was a child. I have always received great service. I highly recommend this facility.

  166. the zic show 2022/01

    Being able to wait for my appointment in my vehicle was great. Next time I will pick up some lunch and maybe take in a movie.

  167. Russell Lawson 2022/01

    Level of care and professionalism matched that of my primary care physician. Good understanding of my particular issue (laceration) and treatment was effective. Liked follow up by mail/email. Did not return as had transitioned follow up to my primary care practice. Was most appreciative of generous daily hours and PA’s willingness to send me home with additional dressings (bandages) for my wound.

  168. Dr. Dee Thomas 2022/01

    Fast, efficient and courteous even with long COVID waits.

  169. Jacqueline Lamb 2022/01

    Got Covid tested, saw the doctor, and got my meds in less than 2 hours. I arrived at 8:20 and I was done and out by 10am. They were all great!

  170. John Boushra 2022/01

    People are not helpful in there, went for some tests and after waiting 2 hours for check in they told me that I have to go somewhere else

  171. Betty Hopkins 2022/01

    I was very happy with everyone who took care of my during my visit. I especially like that I was called the next day to see how I was doing. Will recommend this place to others!! Thanks!!

  172. Ehab Saleh 2021/11

    The nurse said one hour waiting I’m wait with my kids 3 hours and other nurse not professional we feel she shaking hands and scierd when she take covid test for my kids and me

  173. Mohammad Anwari 2021/11

    4 hours in waiting room and 1 hours you have to wait inside the Room

  174. Stephanie Contois 2021/11

    Long wait– 2 hours! and the woman at the front who “helped me” was extremely rude and nasty. Definitely not coming back to this location!

  175. Chris 2021/11

    The doctors and nurses were great.The receptionist was extremely rude and insulting.I should have just walked out when she stated “ you people” as i paid the $120 to be seen.My copay is $15 for primary care and my primary Doc is at this location.Insurance will straiten it out buy why should i have do extra work for what my insurance card clearly states.Will be looking for new primary care doc and forget about my terrible experiance here.UPDATE!:Upon further review and response from patients first to this post.I reiterate my review and will tell you that this place is heartless.The administrative staff is just as callous as the receptionist staff .I still will no longer use their services.

  176. Christina King 2021/11

    I have always been treated very well and everyone is kind. The wait time was not a big issue, there were a lot of people who needed care and/or tests – its just a fact and I always bring something to read. My doctor did not rush me through but was thorough and caring as usual.

    I appreciate everyone there. Patient First Rocks!

  177. Charlene Cornell 2021/11

    Great service, I think Dr. Bachara is the best there!

  178. Charles Yeboah 2021/10

    Great physicians, exceptional customer service. Patient First indeed. Thanks

  179. Helen Yates 2021/10

    Such slow service. Waited in the waiting room for over an hour. I couldn’t just leave because they already took my vitals. Finally was seated in a room but it took another hour for the doctor to actually come in and see me. I’ve been here before over a year ago and had to leave because of the same issue. It’s insane. I’ve never had this bad of service at any other patient first locations before.

  180. Rich Forrester 2021/10

    I really liked the option of waiting in my car instead of the waiting room. When I was called to be seen I went right into a room. I was seen very quickly. I felt heard and taken care of. Everything was efficient and professional

  181. Megan McCleary 2021/10

    I was really pleased, I was able to get treatment, optimized care, labs, and my prescirptions all in one place. I didn’t have any hidden costs and everybody was just so friendly and nice! Nobody was trying to be rude and all my concerns were addressed. I felt cared for, and like my health was more than just a corporate sell out like it is at some places. I really liked it here, I even recommended my grandmother go here. I’ll definitely be going back

  182. Sylvia C 2021/10

    Great professional and timely service with wonderful responsiveness and care!!

  183. Ashley Eadie 2021/10

    I went in Saturday they took urine and blood told me to come back the next day they took my blood and urine again and ended up telling me to see my pcp. They did nothing to help me. Waste of my time and money and I’m still not ok

  184. Enrique Hernandez 2021/10

    Excelente atención, estoy muy satisfecho con ela calidad de servicio , buenos profesionales.

  185. Keegan Carew 2021/10

    This place is so slow I wish I could give it 0 stars. Don’t come here

  186. Leslie P 2021/10

    Came into patient first with covid like symptoms they tested me twice and both came out negative after 72hrs! They didn’t test me for nothing else well three days later I have covid and pneumonia!

  187. Lucy Ess 2021/09

    Lovely staff, healthcare providers, and doctors at this location. They were so incredibly busy when I was there yesterday, but through it all everyone who helped me was patient amidst pure chaos…. kind, personable, pleasant, and helpful! I hope to not have to return to Patient First anytime soon…but will definitely think of this location first, should I need to.

  188. Janice Fells 2021/09

    Professional and pleasant workers

  189. Jessica Mejia 2021/09

    All was great! I was there less than an hour and the late hours they are open was very convenient.

  190. Berkley Williams 2021/09

    Outstanding service ! Outstanding staff ! Patient first in my opinion is a great pillar of Richmond. One man’s dream has now blossomed across the East coast and stands to cross the entire nation. If the quality of care and staff are held to the current standard, it will become a pillar of America.

  191. Desiree J 2021/08

    Doctor great, triage nurse great, check-in clerk poor customer service skills. Don’t ask Tiana a question about the revised payment policy because she takes it as a personal attack and her nasty attitude shows it. What happened to that good old customer service? It seems non-existent these days.

  192. Xiao Sun 2021/08

    The visit took 4 whole hours. No one checked on me in between wait times.

  193. Andrew Platt 2021/08

    Y’all were very nice and patient with me, thank you! Y’all have always done a great job the past 20 years I’ve been coming there!

  194. Omniah Grace 2021/08

    By far the most incredible experience I’ve ever had at any urgent care, from check-in, triage, nurse and doctor were so pleasant, friendly and took really good care of me. Thank you for everything.

  195. Sarah Woodhouse 2021/08

    I received excellent care at Patient First Parham today!! The wait was long but that makes sense to me given all the appropriate concerns about Covid. It was excellent that you had the wait in the car option!! The woman who checked me in was very friendly and the woman training the woman who checked me in was excellent at training and also very kind to me. The phlebotomist was really so skilled and thoughtful. Got my labs on first stick and I’m not an easy stick. I worked with three different nurses and they were all great. Dr Cunningham was wonderful too. She has a really nice comfortable way with patients and she worked hard to get me the care that I needed. Thanks for being there.

  196. Lisa Yamin 2021/07

    I visited on Saturday and received wonderful care. I was told to follow up on Monday. When I returned it was clear the doctor had not bothered to look at my history. He asked where the infected area was, which clearly was on my records. He then examined me for less than a minute and went to prescribe antibiotics, which I had to inform him I was given on Saturday – this was a follow up visit. He said okay and told me to return AGAIN in two more days. I was very disappointed with the level of care and lack of attention I received during this appointment. I will not be planning to follow up at this location if I need to return in two days. It is a waste of time and a waste of a co-pay.

  197. Katelyn Etheredge 2021/07

    My visits here are always wonderful. The staff is so sweet and explains everything I ask. They wish me well in nursing school. All around a wonderful environment! I will continue to go here as needed. You guys rock!

  198. Stephanie Moriyon 2021/07

    All staff were amazing and friendly. Had a great experience here & got out quickly!

  199. Wade Perkins 2021/07

    I went to Patient First for a Rapid Test. I was able to walk in and the wait was short. Great experience!

  200. Zaria Tv 2021/07

    I came here late tonight and Brittany was so caring and kind hearted ♥️ She made me feel like I wasn’t alone and understood me. Even though they should be locking up for the night she still took her time with me and I am very appreciative of that. Thank you Brittany

  201. olga sanchez 2021/06

    The waiting time was due to the high volume of patients.
    Everyone was very professional.
    My Thanks to all the team of professionals you have to serve us in this difficult times

  202. David Stewart 2021/06

    At 1 o’clock they told me it was a 1 hour wait time it 4 o’clock and I still haven’t been seen and staff switched over and when I asked about the time they were rude as can be im not going here again

  203. Brittany Donia 2021/06

    Amazing staff and service!

  204. Ankita Agrawal 2021/06

    I waited almost 2 hours and not busy time but still they are very slow.. not giving proper answer. Not happy with this.

  205. alexia nelson 2021/06

    This place is a money hungry scam! I have Medicaid and they keep billing me! Trying to make me pay a bill that I don’t have to pay. I went to reception she asked for my Medicaid card not my anthem card. I end up getting a 300 bill in the mail… completely confused.. I called and the lady said that she will get it straightened out…. Few days later I get another bill for 200… I am a medical biller and it seems to me that people at patient first don’t know what Medicaid is or know how to do their job… period

  206. Ryan Jablonski 2021/06

    Dr. Kolb is truly a shining star among the RVA patient first network!! I moved to Va over 4 years ago and met him during my very first visit to a patient first location. I immediately switched my PCP to Dr. Kolb and couldn’t be happier with that decision. He consistently provides me with excellent care and wonderful information every visit. He is by far the SOLE reason I’ve kept coming back to Patient First for my healthcare needs.

  207. Leo Imperial 2021/06

    Don’t waste your money on these clowns and go to a real doctor. Paid $120+ to be told to go to someone else who might actually do something. Told that I needed to go to a surgeon for a bump that actually just needed some oil applied for a week to disappear.

  208. Lydia Rai 2021/06

    i came in to just get check up on because i think i broke my toe i got here at 12:00 and it’s now 2:30 and it seems as if no one has a clue what’s going on. the doctors asked me if i had my x rays 3 times now and i’ve been here for about 3 hours now. extremely unorganized.

  209. Jeanna Lynne 2021/06

    This was the first time I was at this Patient First location, or any other PF, and I was happy with my visit overall. The facility was clean and a pleasant place to wait for the appointment. The woman who checked me in was very nice and professional. The NP was courteous, professional and helpful in answering questions. The Dr was also courteous and professional and was able to answer all my questions. He also prescribed medication for my condition which is helping. The best part was getting the medication at PF so I didn’t have to go to a pharmacy and wait to start taking the medicine.

  210. Estefano Motta 2021/05

    Very poor Doctors! Bad service they never answer yours calls

  211. Courtney 2021/05

    Parham Rd, Richmond, VA

    Great Customer Service!
    A special shout out to your Admin Jalita, your nurse James & lab tech Janet. They were all courteous, professional, friendly, and I can tell truly has a passion for their field of work. May God continue to keep you all safe.

  212. Nura Karkadan 2021/05

    Too much waiting time while I was bleeding and needed stitches.

  213. Diamond Blathers 2021/05

    I visited patient first for a covid test and was very nervous. The person who did my nasal swab was very friendly.

  214. Anthony Allen 2021/05

    Told I owed money. Paid the money I owed. Months later, it’s telling me I owed more. Why wasn’t that mentioned when I initially asked? Using the excuse of “it was sent to collections in April” does not explain why when speaking to them in December, January, and March it was not mentioned. Not sure who’s at fault but Ive already been burned by poor customer service from this location so this was the final straw.

  215. Dan S. 2021/05

    MY DOCTOR REFUSED TO CLEAN AN OPEN WOUND!!! If you want proper medical care go somewhere other than here. I visited on July 20Purpose of my visit was to have some stitches removed that had been put in the week before. My doctor refused I cannot stress enough so I’ll say it again refused to clean an open wound. For legal reasons I will not post his name on here but trust me he’s pretty high up on the chain of command seriously they don’t know what they’re doing either that or there’s some kind of sadists I’d say from my experience the nurses were great I mean I guess as far as conversation goes as far as procedure they were pretty good to the doctors though need to get it together like they should probably look into getting medical degrees and basic sanitization procedures

  216. lee hargrave 2021/05

    Patient First-Parham in Greater Richmond, Virginia, is a model and exemplar of what a first rate urgent care center should be. The center is expertly managed and staffed by a team of top notch professionals. Wait times are relatively brief and the admission process is brief and courteous. Patient and staff safety are the foremost concerns with a focus on providing measures to counter the spread of COVID-19. Admittance to the clinical area is handled by nurses that take vitals and escort patients to comfortable treatment rooms. This is usually followed by a visit from a lab technician who collects a blood sample. These staff are highly welcoming and make the patient feel like a friend come home. The physicians are superstars! The Medical Director at Patient First-Parham is Dr. Andrew Kolb, a Patient First veteran who supervises this center and another in the Short Pump area. Dr. Kolb is the sort of professional every patient hopes for in selecting a physician. He is kind, empathetic, listening, and an expert in urgent care, with a formidable diagnostic skill set. The man has a heart for his patients. I am so impressed with Dr. Kolb that I go to him as my Primary Care Physician. Complimenting this superb doctor are supervisory nurses who are understanding and engaged, attentive to detail, and excellent in carrying out treatment orders. In all, Patient First-Parham provides care that is well-managed and profoundly compassionate. Indeed, no patient who enters their doors is a stranger.

  217. Susan Bernhardt 2021/05

    Excellent service, friendly and fast!

  218. Shady Roufaeil 2021/05

    They are friendly staff, sometime you have to wait longe than usually ,but it is good clinic and good staff.

  219. Susan Triggs 2021/04

    Lorenzo and Dr. Kolb are the reasons for my 5 stars. Lorenzo’s welcoming spirit and calming voice helped me feel I was in good hands. Dr. Kolb got right to the problem, and his reassuring demeanor made me feel better before I was really better. Thank you both for delivering such great care to your patients

  220. Lisa Light 2021/04

    Waited an hour there for allergy shots and then once I got to the back room, I was told to go to a different urgent care as they did not have someone who felt comfortable with giving them. I had been there a couple times in the past, and they were able to do so, although usually after 1-3 hours of waiting.

  221. princess piano 2021/04

    The wait was over 2hours. The doctor was rude and messed up the prescription I needed, making the pharmacy have to call for more information. I’m going to monitor when I come in to not get that doctor again

  222. Temeka Turner 2021/04

    Everyone was friendly and very helpful. They showed concern and compassion for the issue I was being seen for. I would go back again to this location to get help with my health issues.

  223. Jasmine Chiu 2021/03

    Really pleased with my visit here. I made an appointment to get COVID tested before a trip and they did my entire registration over the phone while I was in my car in the parking lot. They called me to let me know when I could come inside and I was done within a few minutes. Super professional and fast and they made me feel very comfortable. Thank you!

  224. Queen Taylor 2021/03

    Very bad service.

  225. Al Schaub 2021/03

    staff, nurses and doctors were empathetic & great. it’s the least i can do to thank them this way.

  226. Ify's Afrcan Hair Braiding Beauty Salon 2021/03

    You’d wait for 2 to 3 hours before the doctor will show up. Quick question, why aren’t there any doctors available to see the sick immediately after check in?

  227. Elle Mary 2021/03

    As a RN and patient advocate, I am extremely confused and saddened by the fact that the MD refused to prescribe any type of pain medication or analgesic remedy for my aunt. I accompanied her to this location as her medical POA. She was seen yesterday after sustaining a horrific fall. The Xrays appeared to show no acute fractures, however revealed a deeper reason for secondary or referred pain unrelated to the fall. My aunt who is an older adult has been unable to walk without assistance and has been unable to sleep or eat for 2 days due to severe pain. My aunt asked for something for pain to which the MD replied (you can take something OTC!)
    I was subjected to practically begging the doctor, asking him for a muscle relaxer (REFUSED) pain medication (REFUSED) steroid (REFUSED). I truly believe had we been Caucasian the story would’ve been different. There is a long standing disparity in our community and I’ve witnessed first hand doctors mismanage the complaints of pain of African Americans. PF Doctor, When you saw her spine did you not think she needed something to take the edge off? When you saw her frail body and understood the severity of her fall, did you not consider a smooth muscle relaxant could’ve aided in decreasing the severity of her pain? Better yet, when the nurse failed to assess her pain on a numonic scale, did you consider you should have? I had to take my aunt home, provide her with motrin and prayed over her. I’m sickened.

  228. Q Powe 2021/02

    I wouldn’t come here! 2-3 hour wait. No organization what so ever!

  229. Jade Housewirth 2021/02

    This location has been consistently helpful in the last two years that I’ve been going there. They always get me checked-in in a very timely matter. I have no complaints with their care.

  230. Brian Smithson 2021/02

    The staff is nice and willing to help you.

  231. shahjadi begum 2021/02

    Take so much time see patient . I came to check my sis in law pregnancy test they took forever to give us the result
    Time wasting here

  232. Theresa Chase 2021/02

    Everyone was nice and professional

  233. Cynthia R 2021/02

    Love all the doctors here. Fast and informative

  234. Jerry Scholder 2021/02

    P.A. did not review pre- exam notes. Excuse: “we are very busy”.
    Tongue ulcer: No explanation for it and no real info concerning prevention or treatment. Flu shot…no indication of it being done. Never mentioned if it was. Wait time 60-90 minutes. Small cold sore; prescription given for potential infection. (Tongue ulcer much worse)
    Blood test–great. Covid test–great. X-ray great. Chest pain/discomfort on breastbone not given serious attention. X-ray and EKG showed nothing. Lack of review of chart prior to visiting patient–unprofessional.

  235. Shawna Kahler 2021/01

    Wait time 3+ hrs. No one is coming or going just waiting.

  236. Matthew Freil 2021/01

    ZERO wait time for a COVID 19 PCR test. Staff called me when it was my turn to come in, was in the exam room for minutes prior to test being administered. Technician who did the swab was friendly, professional and FAST! 10/10 highly recommend for those who have the ability to utilize this service!

  237. Laura Parrish 2021/01

    I love going to patient first, not only convient but staff are awesome, never had any issues in the few visits I have made there.💯 …

  238. Phyllis Sawyer 2021/01

    Very friendly staff and very informative. They treated me well today

  239. lorentee crossley 2020/11

    Computer went down, so physicians was not able to look at my records like clock work I come in with sinus infection every year for past 8 years the physician did not want to listen that this commonly happens around same time which I usually get steroid and antibiotics. Physicians sends me home with nothing now I am worse off today. I will have to go to another facility to take care of my issues. Now because of this I will have paid $100 in copay which seems not to matter to a physicians that gets paid 6 figures, has no regard to us common folk. I am very disappointed in my visit I have been using your facility for 10 plus years and that has now ended. Appreciated your professionalism but yesterday was unexceptionable

    Thank you

  240. Debbie Johnson 2020/11

    Always get great care from Dr Lucas and the entire staff

  241. Samm Nikole 2020/11

    Very fast and efficient; also the lady I spoke with to get checked in was fantastic and friendly!!

  242. Marck Davenport 2020/11

    You either die from the long wait or your body heals itself from waiting so long. This is my second time here and each time I’ve waited over two hours to see the doctor. By the time they got to me I felt so much better, literally got over the flu in the time I waited. Witch doctors!

  243. Jennifer Lankford-Deguzman 2020/11

    Very thorough and answered all my questions. Very fast considering the current COVID world. Best experience as compared to other area patient first offices. Would highly recommend.

  244. Rachael Thomas 2020/10

    Very friendly staff. Got me in and out right away and even got my test results back in less than 48 hours. Have never been disappointed with them and will continue to go there when I need urgent care!

  245. Kathy Richardson 2020/10

    Your front end person was awesome- Kenyon is definitely an asset for your office!

  246. Trevor Jack 2020/10

    Went in with pain on rt side of ribs. Exhausted taken. Told it was constipation. Still in pain hrs later. Went to hospital and a nurse figured out issue. Doctor confirmed, was given correct mens. This could have ended my life if not treated correctly. I will be patient never at patient first. Not even as a last resort.

  247. Danielle Montoya 2020/10

    This clinic is Amazing! Both Dr. Kobe an Dr. Salehi (I hope that’s right) were prompt, kind, knowledgeable and so helpful! I went in with a horrible UTI and the whole team from front desk to nurses to the physician was friendly and sympathetic. The urine test was quick and they even dispense medications right then and there. Great stuff. I will continue to use them as needed. It’s a comfort to know that they’re there whenever you have a issue that can’t wait but isn’t life-threatening. 10/10 Don’t be intimidated, go try them out!

    I forgot to mention, the telehealth appointments are so quick and easy! They had 14 physicians on call. It took less than 10 minutes to get seen. Dr. Salehi was so kind and such a skilled professional. Easy and quick!

  248. Theresa Cotman 2020/10

    I can’t remember if his name was Mr Rex or Ryan but he was the friendliest person I’ve ever met. Made sure you were comfortable and tried to make every person that walked through the door laugh or at least smile through their sickness While I was waiting for the Doctor, I heard them calling to check on previous patients that had to go to the hospital after they left. Customer service at this location was the best I’ve ever had from start to finish! Thank you all!

  249. Him Harris 2020/10

    The guy that took my blood Kenneth is one of the VERY BEST i hate needles an he made me feel nothing he also along with the doctors made me feel at home when i was being treated i would recommend them to anybody above an beyond service.Thank you y’all

  250. Hang Hoang 2020/10

    I have been coming here for years. There was no issue until the last time I came with my husband and daughter. We have the same insurance but they charged us different amounts for the copay. I talked with the receptionist and a lady from the billing the department trying to find out what the reason was, they were extremely rude. Never come back to this place again. It was terrible. They treat you as if everything was your fault. Terrible customer service.

  251. Emma Cummings 2020/10

    I waited 3 hours and there were people who came and went before I was treated. The ER has a faster wait time that patient first. I will recommend bettermed or minute clinic before I ever tell them to go to patient first. Also if people can fall asleep in the waiting room around me waiting to get called back it’s a problem. Registration was fast but other than that it was very slow.

  252. Robert Kuhn 2020/10

    Very professional front to back. Long waits during flue season to be expected. Would recommend.

  253. Alicia Young 2020/10

    Yesterday was my time at this location, unfortunately for a COVID test. They were fast, professional, and friendly! The nurse who swabbed me was so kind and humorous- it really made me feel more at ease. I wish I’d remember her name. A cotton tip in your nose obviously will feel strange but it didn’t hurt at all! Many thanks to the amazing individual who made an uneasy situation less stressful.

  254. Antonija Kovac 2020/10

    Blown away by this service! So convenient, instant service, and saved me having to find childcare in order to get help! So happy!

  255. Tori K 2020/09

    Went there late at night , a couple hrs before they closed and I was very very sick. The male doctor gave me the wrong antibiotic (told me to take 1000mg 2-3 times a day) after 5 days I felt worse. Resulted in me having to stay at the hospital for 3 whole days.(until my blood was back to normal) the wrong antibiotic caused me to have inflammation in my pelvic area and flu like symptoms. I also had a ultrasound done at the hospital since they had no idea what was causing my pain?!?
    Correct answer: Wrong antibiotic from patient first.

    The hospital gave me the right antibiotic, then I was told that I was given the wrong antibiotic for my specific problem.

    I should have known since they didn’t give me any blood test or urine test. just my blood pressure and temperature.
    **** Just go to the hospital. PERIOD.

  256. Chavon Henry 2020/09

    Affordable for self pay patients!

  257. Holly Porter 2020/08

    Each person who interacted with me was highly respectful and professional. I truly appreciate the care I received. In particular, the nurse who did intake (vitals, etc.) was very gentle and reassuring — I truly could tell that I was her only focus and concern at that time.

  258. Monica Giles 2020/08

    Exceptional customer service, short wait time from check in to being seen by doctor or pa.

  259. Rick Wiener 2020/08

    Always got good results from Patient First.

  260. Jerry F 2020/08

    I hadn’t been there for years but I thought I had pink eye and needed it checked out. It was close to work and I assumed quicker than traveling to my pcp.

    It was over two hours after my check in time before I was seen by a physician! Ridiculous! Once seen I was out in 10 minutes. I don’t understand why I wasn’t quickly seen immediately and on with my day.

    And asking around I’m told by others that’s at all Patient First’s and all the time!

    The entire staff was pleasant but there is no reason at an urgent care center that someone should wait more that 10-15 minutes to see a physician.

    Not sure if I’ll ever go back there

  261. Kimberly Samuels (Kim) 2020/07

    I commend Dr. Kolb for retaining Dr. Patel to the Parham location! She is kind, courteous, attentive, responsive and compassionate!! I highly recommend the Parham location for its outstanding care for our community!

  262. Victor Perez 2020/07

    Your covid testing is amongst the best in the country. You’re fast. Thank you. I had tested at a named pharmacy and received results 21 days later. With patient first is within 2-5 days.

  263. Belinda Goodman 2020/07

    I love the fact that when you visit a patient first location they ask you what’s going on,and take the time to listen to everything you tell them. Also at least they keep accurate records of when you visit and what treatment you received. I especially like that the doctor actually asked about my health in regards to the last visit, even though it was a year later.That meant a lot to me.

  264. Bernard Moore 2020/07

    Patient first was calm and thorough with me in my medical evaluation. They listened to my concerns. I would recommend patient first, first to anyone and everyone. Thank you patient first!!!

  265. Edward Martin Jr 2020/06

    From the initial phone call, to the reception personnel, to the nurse and Dr. Kolb , my experience was amazing. Thank you ALL for being warm, professional, welcoming and accommodating during my unexpected oral/ tooth situation. I appreciate your assistance. Thanks for all you do during these uncertain times.

  266. Erika Morán Duran 2020/06

    At least I have been there 10 times and with my family and every time they have to come and take my blood 2 or 3 times. they need a better lab professional. every time i’m there it’s very awkward

  267. Animesh Saxena 2020/06

    Waited for 2 hours and came out without any medication. Place was not super busy though.

  268. Michael Cangelosi 2020/05

    They took a good care of me. A little long in waiting for the doctor, but overall they were polite and on-point with everything.

  269. Jennifer Myles 2020/05

    Excellent location and staff was super sweet. Doctor was awesome and great bedside manner!

  270. Micki Steele-Blair 2020/05

    I am here visiting family for the holidays. Patient First staff are friendly and helpful and always make me feel at home even if I am not feeling well. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

  271. Jackie Leabough 2020/04

    My husband and I went in the get COVID 19 test because Within 72 hours we were going out of the country the test results come back the next Day thank you we were able to make our flights

  272. Caroline Harvey 2020/04

    We had an amazing in-and-out experience getting flu shots as a family today. Everyone was efficient and friendly!

  273. Bree H 2020/04

    very friendly.

  274. CeCelia Y. Bell-Mohamud 2020/04

    Best docs office I’ve ever been to. Fast, clean, hand sanitizer everywhere! And love the lady who checked me in and the doc was quick and courteous and eager to get me relief and a referral to see a specialist. Thanks for being there when I needed you most!

  275. John Norton 2020/04

    The staff were very efficient and friendly. They took care of my issue, and had me on my way quickly.

  276. M. W. Davis 2020/03

    Efficient, professional service and very prompt test results!

  277. Chehala Hemmingson 2020/03

    I presented today for blood work due to a potential iron deficiency. I waited 2 plus hours once going to the back waiting for the doctor and then for the nurse to draw my blood. Just to be told that I needed to go to a separate lab facility to get these blood tests done (because they didn’t offer these tests in house). They told me to head to the other facility which closed in 40 minutes. (I have no idea what these multiple tests are for at this point). With out having any results or anything the Doctor ( David Duncan) told me I would have to go to a blood specialist at a cancer institute and that I should make the appointment today. I left my visit today not know what was going on, who was going to be calling me with my blood results, or why I was being told to go to a specialist at a cancer facility. I would not recommend this facility . The receptionist was the only helpful person I encountered.

  278. maeghan Hall 2020/03

    The physician, nurse, and person that checked me in we’re all very nice and sympathetic to what I was dealing with. I would go back to this location, no question.

  279. erick 2020/03

    I waited 1h and 20m just for a tiny thing wow.

  280. Yogesh Dhanapal 2020/03

    This is one of best clinics I visited .. doctors are caring and always spending time to explain.. I always visit them they never disappointed me till now.. I recommend this place

  281. Alexander Cerrone 2020/03

    I have been going to Patient First since 1978 when I first moved to Richmond and it has been my experience that they have always done a wonderful job! I highly recommend Patient First!

    During my most recent visit everyone from sign-in (Ms. L.) to nurse to physician Francis Kelleher, PAC, was super nice, professional, and met my every expectation.

    Great job, very professional!

    Thank you!

  282. titiporn montague 2020/03

    good service and friendly

  283. Ursula Balsom 2020/02

    Everyone I encountered was fabulous! Bettina was exceptional with what I needed and even offered me insight into an additional part of my life. I am very grateful for the experience. I know exactly where to come for any future medical needs.

  284. Morris White 2020/02

    I have been going to Dr. Mohlie for years. I follow him since he is always at one location of Patient First or another.

  285. Shelby Hughes 2020/01

    I was able to be seen and even get my medications quickly, I will definitely go back in the future

  286. Ally Hamilton 2020/01

    Long wait at the end of the night but the nurse who did my intake let me know that up front so it wasn’t an issue. I can’t imagine how busy y’all must be during these crazy times and if someone from the Parham office actually reads this, please know that I am grateful for everything you do.

  287. Jill and Dan JD 2020/01

    Great service, from the clerk who checked me in, to the person who waved goodbye when I walked out the door. Was in and out in under an hour at 8 pm.

  288. Molly McCaffrey 2020/01

    Always friendly, kind and professional. Wait based on amount of patients, normally very accirate wait time based on number of patients. The docs and lab tech have always been right on target for my needs.

  289. Dwayne Carter (WisdomChuck) 2020/01

    The experience was tolerable it took awhile to be seen, however, when seen, the process flowed as expected.

  290. Marjorie Pluviose 2019/12

    I am thankful for the overall service I received at this facility. I smelled the bleach thank you for taking the time to keep the facility clean! It is especially important now! I pray that God bless & protection the staff.

  291. J Opeka 2019/12

    The staff at Parham are SO nice! I was a little bit of a dumb dumb and didn’t get my skin PPD test read in time, and they were so quick to give me another one. It took less than 5 minutes! The doctor on staff ordered one right away and talked to me to make sure I was going to come in on time next time! That was very kind of them to take some time out of their day to help me out.

  292. Darris Johnson 2019/11

    Always skeptical about going to patient first, but this location was one of the best I’ve been to.

  293. matthew snellings 2019/10

    Just a fantastic experience from start to finish. Everyone that I saw, from the front desk to the nurses and the physician, were extremely nice and very knowledgeable. It was my first time at Patient First, and I’ll certainly be back in the future.

  294. Fran Smith 2019/10

    Great group of professionals, targeted analysis, timely evaluation, and all the needed meds to nurse me back to a healthy place. Thank you!!

  295. Jessica Miles 2019/10

    I am extremely satisfied! No disappointments here. I did wait for a while, but I am completely satisfied the service.

  296. Kelley Lorencki 2019/10

    The staff here was exceptionally friendly. I’ve been here three different times and this time I came in it’s my son who is a year old, I’ve had bad experience taking my kids place but didnt really have a choice when I’m sick, they were awesome. Everyone was nice with him. Gave me the answers I needed and provided exceptional care. I will be going back.

  297. Steve Redman 2019/10

    This was a very positive experience. I got very gittery and the staff calmed me down and helped me feel better. Thanks!

  298. ivy Roy 2019/10

    In case of emergency, we prefer going there.

  299. Bryan Davis 2019/10

    Over 2 hours waiting to see Doctor. If I had any idea it would take this long I’d never tried the this place. Delivery of services does not match their marketing. Staff are nice, but this is ridículous! Screwed up my whole day.

  300. Jessica Wilson 2019/10

    My mother had to go here when she cut the tip of her finger. Her wait time was less than 10 min. on a Saturday. She was accessed quickly and efficiently. The doctor and staff that cared for her were top notch and I would recommend this location.

  301. Margaret Franklin 2019/10

    The doctor never called my medicine in to cvs. N we waited almost 3 hours to be seen.

  302. kris jones 2019/09

    The majority of the time, a visit to the doctor’s office tends to not be a pleasant one. You are most likely feeling sick and vulnerable, not to mention, concerned about the expenses you might be incurring… Visiting this Patient’s first has been such a stark comparison to my many, many experiences at other other doctor’s offices. Both visits, I was cheerfully welcomed and checked in by LaTara. Her countenance was so very kind and joyful. Then I was brought back to have my vitals taken by a gentleman who was equally as pleasant. He had a bright smile and a wonderful sense of humor as he completed his responsibilities. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He then led me to a room to wait for the doctor. I was treated by Mary Kemp who I can not say enough good things about. I came in with a complicated medical history to which she actively listened and notated. She took my concerns seriously and treated me appropriately. She then gave me follow up instructions and suggestions. I came in a second time as a follow up and once again felt as if I was getting top of the line care. She is not only brilliant and efficient, but also caring and willing to go above and beyond for the patient. Thank you!

  303. Inez Byrd 2019/09

    Friendly greetings, fast service, excellent staff.

  304. Gerrit Coetzee 2019/08

    We are tourists and hav
    e no medical, so it was very important to get good quality and superb medical attention that we could afford. Thank you for that.

  305. Angela Dent 2019/08

    I would give a negative star if I could.
    The physician did not take the time to look into options for treatment and was confused with information given. I am very unhappy with treatment. She rushed and gave me prescription for steroids which I had just told her had kicked off my auto immune disease. Careless person!!!!!

  306. Allison Jones 2019/08

    My visit was absolutely amazing. I was very ill and tested positive for the flu. From the person that checked me in to the person that checked me out ; they really lived up to the name Patient First. The staff really made feel very comfortable. When the nurse put me in my room , she tucked me in with a warm blanket and dimmed the lights. Classical music was played to relax me while I rested comfortably waiting on the doctor. I like how the doctor took his time with me. He was very personable and explained what was happening to me thoroughly. I felt so miserable and they really eased my pain. Thank you Patient First on Parham Rd!

  307. Spencer Tibbs 2019/08

    Extremely friendly staff at that location. Was very comfortable the sweet lady who drew my blood was very professional and personable. I hope I see them all next time I go to the doctor.

  308. Pauline Auguste 2019/08

    This is the worse. I have been waiting to see a doctor for over 1hour. My back is hurting from sitting straight. I think I should walk out. Is there only one doctor here? Reasons I don’t come to this place. I am going to get me a primary care physician. NEVER AGAIN.

  309. Colleen Sadler 2019/07

    Although it was sort of a wait the staff and the Dr. Rosenberg were very caring and thorough, I appreciate there help very much.

  310. Ros H 2019/07

    I was misdiagnosed, given an unnecessary antibiotic. The physician’s flashlight was going dead (dim). He barely checked my eyes before diagnosing me. I had to go to my PCP the next day and get a referral to an eye doctor.

  311. Brian Mays 2019/07

    I had a great experience last night. I came in about an hour before closing and was expecting a long wait and tired staff. The young lady, Shana, who checked me in was so professional and courteous I made sure to write her name down so I could call management this coming week and let them know how impressed I was. The doctor was very professional and made sure to explain everything that he was doing and what to expect. I was very impressed with the whole staff and will definitely be recommending this location to others.

  312. Anne Thruston 2019/07

    Very efficient! The staff is great I have had no issues and its so convenient

  313. mehmedduric 2019/07

    I had a high fever at home where my thermostat was measuring 105f and they told me in Walgreens I need to go see a doctor as this could result in seizure and it is an emergency. I walked in this patient first, with someone’s help as I could hardly walk, only to be told that we need to wait at least 45 minutes. We tried to explain that this is an emergency after which the person who received us told us we can go to different patient first location on Woodman. I again said I can hardly walk and that person just said “Well, she is driving right?” with careless look on his face, completely indifferent whether I live or die. I wish I could find the name of the person who received us, but this is beneath of any medical institution and needless to say I won’t be going back there again.

  314. Joe Russo 2019/07

    Great visit and staff always awesome.

  315. Laura Jo Pike 2019/07

    The parham road location is my favorite. All staff kind, thorough, knowledgeable and they know their stuff!!!!!

  316. dakinfe mercy 2019/07

    The only thing I don’t like is that nurses tend to be so sarcastic laugh at patients for not reason they should do their job more professional and caring.

  317. Kelly Trobaugh 2019/07

    Efficient and quick. They anticipate your needs and get things done. Very friendly staff.

  318. Alana Reeves 2019/07

    I’m grateful to be able to see a doctor, when I needed to most. The staff and physicians were attentive and caring. I’m very satisfied!

  319. Nathan Pratt 2019/06

    I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly my visit went. Ordinary visits to urgent care clinics can be frustrating with long wait times, excessive paperwork, and hurried interactions with medical professionals. This was no ordinary visit! It was easy to check in, only the essential information was gathered, and I felt like the physician who saw me thoroughly evaluated my symptoms and fully answered my questions.

  320. Erin Graydon 2019/06

    I arrived this morning within the first hour of the clinic opening. When I was called back to register, Nikki was very sweet. She even called a nurse over to discuss my symptoms of dizziness and nausea. Natalie came over and said they would call me back as quickly as they could, which I appreciated. I waited 30 more minutes in the waiting room and another 30 in the exam room before a phlebotomist came to draw my blood. I hadn’t even seen a provider at that point. No discussion of my symptoms or an exam. Once I asked what they were drawing blood for (thankfully I have a medical background), and allowed it, I waited another 40 minutes before the PA came in to see me. While I appreciated his bedside manner and his exam/discussion of my symptoms, I wish I hadn’t waited over 90 minutes with my severe dizziness and nausea. But as my far as my visit today is concerned, my wait time is my only complaint. Every one was delightful to interact with and I would recommend this location but warn about the potential long wait time.

  321. Rob Lanphear 2019/05

    Quick, professional & courteous care with the appropriate amount of follow up – I would definitely head back.

  322. Joel Revilla Hernandez 2019/05

    Very professional team

  323. Paulo Cobo 2019/05

    The waits it’s a bit long. For the majority of the time I encountered friendly staff and doctors. On the second visit most of the staff was great until the people at checkout started to have an attitude about a question. Gave me an attitude about being at the checkout window and said I only needed to be standing there if I needed a receipt and said “do you want a receipt? Yes or no? “Ruined my experience. They seemed inconvenienced to work with a paying customer. That encounter ensured that there will not be a third visit. I didn’t mind the waiting or even the ridiculous amount of money spent on that place, but bad customer service is not something that will make me say good things about this place.

  324. Judy Mason 2019/05

    The doctor was terrific, and everyone was very helpful!

  325. Kyra Molinaro 2019/05

    Provides great care, though the wait time is always a challenge

  326. rachel ward 2019/05

    Staff is nice but the 3 times I have came here it has taken 2 hours minimum to get out

  327. Juan Gutierrez 2019/04

    It is very interesting how the service varies amongst locations. This location is impressive! Customer service, a friendly smile from everyone that saw me and very quick service too. Thank you all for your hard work!

  328. jay bee 2019/04

    My favorite patient first location!!! I’ll never go to another! Love them

  329. Alexis Brooks 2019/04

    Wonderful service and very thorough. Doctor explained everything in detail and provided suggestions for next step of care. With that information my PCP stated it was excellent.

  330. Karl Philippi 2019/04


  331. Star Ciara 2019/04

    This place should be called Patient LAST. After being told to go to this location after being told that the Patient First on Woodman was out of solution for TB screening, I got my screening done. I came back in 48 hours to wait almost a half an hour just for a piece of paper to be printed out and handed to me. Before I was even helped, doctors and nurses were rudely stepping all over me and asking me to move from chair to chair. I was moved at least four times until I questioned why do you all keep asking me to sit in different seats. Oh, and next time if staff wants to stand around and talk to each other about their personal business, at least do it discreetly in a corner instead of in front of your struggling patients.

  332. Melissa Foster 2019/04

    Waited an hour though the place was not very busy. Saw Dr. and she left in the middle of the exam and didn’t come back. Made a mistake in going here.

  333. Gitahi Mucheru 2019/04

    I called for a work related visit.
    Staff member who answered phone was polite, professional and recognized me the very first time I spoke.
    It’s as if I was the only patient (even though there were other patients) Every department I needed to go was the same.
    The difference from previous visit was noticeable
    Highly recommend

  334. Sarah Ledford 2019/03

    I came in with excruciating pain, everyone from the receptionist to the nurses, to the doctor were super supportive. I did not receive any shame or judgement related to smoking, weight, etc. I appreciate the open minded, caring approach of each person working here. I felt heard and cared for, which is rare in the medical world these days. Seriously considering making this my primary care place if possible! Thank you all!!

  335. RMC Alumni 2019/03

    Absolutely horrible experience. Prior to me receiving follow-up treatment at the Short Pump location of Patient First from a prior visit, the billing clerk refused to provide me with any treatment because she said there was an unpaid balance on my account. When I called my wife while sitting with the billing clerk, my wife advised that she had just paid the unpaid balance on the automated phone system and she provided a confirmation number. The billing clerk still refused to provide any medical care, stating that she had no way of knowing if my wife was telling the truth or not. In order to receive treatment, they forced me to pay the exact same amount that my wife had just paid on the automated system, which resulted in a double payment for the prior treatment. During my second treatment, the Patient First physician misread my x-ray which resulted in an incorrect diagnoses which resulted in unnecessary treatment in their office. A radiologist called me later that same night to inform me of the physician’s incorrect diagnoses. When my primary care physician saw the x-ray, she was shocked at the original misdiagnosis because she said it was so obvious. When I subsequently arrived at Patient First for a third visit, the billing clerk again refused to provide me with any medical care because she said that I had a past due amount owed. When I explained to her that I double paid for my original treatment which should have resulted in a credit to be applied to my second visit, she stated I had not double paid anything as their system only showed that a single past payment had been made outside of co-payments. I called my wife while sitting with the billing clerk, and my wife stated that both equal payment amounts had already posted against our checking account and there should have been a credit applied to the second visit. The billing clerk then refused to provide me with any medical care, and she refused to adjust the bill to account for the double payment of my first visit. When I spoke to a Manager, she checked their billing system and she stated that only one payment had posted on their system, even though my wife’s checking statement already showed two equal payments coming out of her checking account. When I complained about the fact that they were refusing to provide me with medical treatment, she said that she would authorize medical treatment only if I could guarantee that my wife had already paid all amounts owed. I explained that I didn’t know if she had paid everything owed or not because they only showed that one payment had been received even though the double payments had already come out of my wife’s checking account. I then left their office and advised that I would seek treatment at a medical provider’s office that was able to account for past payments. On this same date, my wife who is authorized to handle billing for my account, spoke to the manager and requested that the medical bills be sent to our home. Patient First then sent my protected health information to an unauthorized 3rd party in Yorktown, Virginia who notified me in writing about the breach. Numerous Patient First employees denied that a breach had occurred, and they did not admit that a breach had occurred until after I notified their General Counsel & CEO about the breach.

    I have filed formal complaints with state and federal regulators, and my health insurance carrier, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, for the many Patient First violations of state and federal privacy violations and illegal billing practices.

    If you want your medical information to remain confidential, I would find another medical provider and only use Patient First in the case of an absolute medical emergency.

  336. Emily O'Hare 2019/03

    I was in the office for over 2 hours. The wait to be checked in was only 10 minutes, but I waited another 50 before I got to a room and another 45 minutes in the room before I saw the physician’s assistant. I spent less than 10 minutes with the PA and left with a prescription. The office was not crowded, so the wait seemed excessive.

    Every staff member I interacted with was friendly, professional, and caring. The ability to have prescriptions filled there was convenient.

  337. becka keim 2019/02

    Came in on Saturday because I became sick am while traveling through VA. Let me just say I’ve never been treated so good not even at my home hospital. From the start of the visit everyone was so nice. Very professional, very courteous and I felt safe from the start. They did a few lab tests and diagnosed me right away. The PA I saw was WONDERFUL, very caring, very compassionate and he knew his stuff. Let me just say thank you. When your away from home and you get sick it’s scary enough but when I arrived there I knew I was in good hands. God bless you all and thank you for you excellent service. Rebecca Keim

  338. Justin Willis 2019/02

    Sat in an empty waiting room for 40 minutes only to go to the back to sit there for another hour and never saw or spoke to a doctor until I asked what was taking so long before I walked out. I saw several patients who walked in after me treated before me.

  339. Alexis Moran 2019/02

    I was in pain but not ER level pain. It was late on a Saturday night and Patient First was still open. I had an amazing experience it was quick in and out in under an hour had everything checked out (even needed some lab work and an xray) got a diagnosis and medication right there on site. Every person I encountered was efficient, friendly and professional. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.

  340. Mark Grubbs 2019/02

    Everyone did an excellent job. I’m very thankful and will come here again.

  341. Danielle Hellams 2019/01

    Facility was clean, staff professional and courteous. Very pleased with my first visit to the Parham location.

  342. Madison Carrington 2019/01

    Everybody was nice and I felt taken care of the ladies who took care of me did a excellent job! I really appreciate the warm blankets they bought my mom and I !

  343. Helen Rai 2019/01

    Brought a client who needed to use a language line/interpreter. They were very accommodating and kind (especially Stevie). I am so grateful!

  344. Elizabeth Motley 2019/01

    Very fast and friendly check in! Fast service and very clean rooms and equipment! I have used this location several times and they take very good care of you!

  345. ashley hogan 2019/01

    I came in today to get 3 follow up vaccines. I had to wait to be seen by the doctor first. OVER 2 HOURS LATER, the doctor finally came in for all of 3 minutes and only after i asked about the wait twice. The doctor gave me an obligatory I’m sorry and which was quite insincere. It is ludicrous that someone should have to wait that long for an appointment that lasts 10 minutes. I don’t know what is more irritating, the wait or doctor’s poor response.

  346. C Mail 2019/01

    Checked in at 6:30pm, it is 8:20pm and I am still waiting… I am just going to walk out of the room soon. Atrocious. UPDATE: They also said they accepted my insurance, to find out they just charged me $122! Horrible.

  347. Mary Gray 2019/01

    After being denied access to services last week because I owed money that my insurance has since paid, I was told I had to see a certain physician. I got there in time to see this specific physician who ended up leaving during the lengthy time I was waiting. I’m 9 months pregnant and use this Patient First as my PCP because I am also a nurse, in school to finish my RN-BSN, and the hours are convenient. I was told Patient First had the reputation of being “Pay Me First” instead of actually putting the patient first. I didn’t think I would be turned away from care 9 months pregnant with a headache and ear infection. I was sent a collections bill on top of this that my insurance has since paid (and was always going to pay). I have also contacted the local news because this incident has happened twice now and is unfair.

  348. Mohammad Salman 2018/12

    Waiting for ever for a physician to see me. It has been 1 hour 55 mins. I’m in too much pain. When I complained the nurse told me “I’m sure they told you there is long wait” that’s a lie the receptionist told me I’m next!
    Hate this place. Will never come back again.

  349. Terry Winn 2018/10

    I was not feeling well and was dreading the experience. I was pleasantly surprised out how personable the staff were. That trait, followed by true professionalism made my experience, under the circumstances, a very pleasant one. I would reccomend this facility to anyone in a medical crisis. Wanted to give five stars but nothing is perfect. 😃

  350. Denita Murphy 2018/09

    Everyone is so nice, nurturing, and caring.

  351. Rehanon Wood 2018/08

    While the wait was long it was only due to a huge increase in the volume of patients. You could tell there was even an increase in staffing but the flu epidemic had a lot of sick people in there. The staff was very upbeat friendly polite and caring even though it was towards the end of their day. They showed a large amount of compassion and did everything they could to help people quickly and with a personal touch. Everyone from check in to, intake, x-ray, nursing, and the doctors were superb!

  352. Desiree Jenkins 2018/08

    Read and scrutinize the credit card authorization form before you sign it. The receptionist may not be forthcoming in telling you that once you leave the facility, Patient First can and will charge your card WITHOUT additional authorization from you, for all services not covered by your insurance. Just an FYI. Beware!

  353. Charley Bruce 2018/08

    Fast, friendly and capable care.

  354. Benet Maher 2018/08

    Generally get to you quickly.
    Great docs 🙂

  355. Heather Jenkins 2018/07

    Always taken care of very well by the staff Love Doctor Lucas I love doctor Kolb. They’re always very helpful whether you’re there established patients or walking the staff there is great and very helpful

  356. E. L. 2018/07

    Suck, waiting 3 hours

  357. Roger Livermont 2018/07

    I have been coming her for a decade. Always had great service. Most times the wait is ok and my latest visit was only 10 minutes and once in a room was only maybe 10 more minutes. I’ve been real pleased.

  358. Wonkey Stinky 2018/06

    Warning to those using patient first they no longer bill you for any charges your insurance doesn’t cover they just automatically deduct it from your account without your permission. Very poor customer service. Right before Christmas they took money out of our checking the day before our payday without notice. Will not be going there again. Big shame the doctors and staff are wonderful but corporate does not know how to treat loyal customers. Have been using them for yrs.

  359. Melanie Spahr 2018/06

    My daughter went for travel shots. Got a notice a few weeks later saying they are charging my card. No bill showing a break down, what insurance paid or anything, just a flat amount. They also claim they submited to insurance but my insurance has no claims filed?

    Billing is questionable. Regretting recommending the location to my daughter.

  360. Ethan Johnson 2018/06

    The Physician’s Assistant knew his stuff and made me laugh several times, a feat considering my reason being there was no laughing matter!

  361. tamara sanchez 2018/06

    The staff was caring and had an overall great attitude. The service was quick and efficient. Thank you.

  362. Juneasia Edgerton 2018/05

    Worst service ever was there from 10:15 and by 11:45 still hadn’t been seen. I listened and watch the doctor visit every other patient that came in before and after me. I orginally came in with my spouse he was seen ahead of me and was completely done by 11:00. While i was sat in a room with blurred vision and headaches due to a facial cyst situation. As time got closer and closer for me to go to work i popped my head out and spoke with the nurse about when would i be seen. 30 mintues after that still no doctor. I just feel like they did not care to help me i was looked over on more than one occassion. Is my situatiin not important as everyone elses. I even called ahead of time and spoke with a nurse who told me to come in right away there was no line and 2 doctors on the premises so i would be seen quickly. Are you serious is my insurance not go enough? Is it because im black? I just feel defeated this process has took me over a year to even see a doctor about it because they creep me out. I fought myself tooth and nail to sit there so long without busting out crying. I can’t believe a heath provider would treat me less than an animal the local vet does better than this place. Im truly hurt that it seemed my situation was not taken serious. As I head to work feeling worse than when i went in there i think now what if something happens to me. Would these doctors even bat an eye. Truly sad day for me and this facility. I would like to reach out to there director if anyone can assit me with this please comment.

  363. Jennifer Garrison 2018/05

    The best staff ever, especially Kim she goes over and beyond for her patients, the most caring person I have ever met.

  364. Tammy Teefey 2018/04

    The staff was very efficient and professional. They answered all my questions and concerns. Wonderful experience!

  365. Mayuresh Jobs 2018/03

    It was quick and good service with great location

  366. George Gallagher 2018/03

    I had a serious medical issue and did not want to wait until Monday or Tuesday. I found the staff to be 100% capable and professional. I received wonderful care and I am grateful for them.

  367. Jody Crane 2018/03

    Quick, convenient, patient-centered. Great job by everyone we came into contact with. Kudos!

  368. Jessica Ryan 2018/03

    Everyone was so kind and courteous! From the lady who checked me in (Ro) to the medical assistant who assessed me, to Dr. Yan who gave me wonderful treatment, everyone helped ensure that I got the best care possible when I felt so bad. Keep up the great work!

  369. Dennis Robertson 2018/02

    Patient First always takes good care of me and the staff are great people who care.

  370. Bill Dickinson 2017/11

    Staff was very professional and office operations were very efficient. An excellent first-time experience at Patient First.

  371. J P Welch 2017/11

    Quick, efficient, cordial, respectful, thorough.

  372. Taylor Bowen 2017/11

    I was feeling at my absolute worst and was the first patient to walk in at 8am, so grateful for the good experience and for everything the staff did to have me feeling better and on my way. I don’t do well when I’m sick and got upset and cried over feeling so miserable. The nurse was comforting and they helped me in a very timely manner. I’ve been here before and will continue to use this patient first due to the excellent service

  373. Gail Dent 2017/10

    Sitting here right now for 2 hours waiting on doctor. People across from me check in after me and seen doctor before me. Not kool.

  374. Laura Schultheiss 2017/09

    I have never encountered a more friendly staff at a medical center!!!

  375. Stephanie Schmidt 2017/08

    I will never be returning to any Patient First location ever again. I went in Monday, February 20th for travel vaccinations. Everything went smoothly, however, the nurse practitioner did not fill out my yellow card (proof of vaccinations) correctly. It specifically states how to fill it out on the card itself, yet she did not follow the directions. As I’m traveling out of the country next month, and due to the tightening of immigration laws, international travel has become very intense – it’s not as easy anymore. I am certain that they would not accept the date written incorrectly, so I went back February 21st and asked politely to receive a new card with the date written in the correct format. The nurse practitioner filled out a second yellow card for me in the same exact format. I’m fairly certain she did this on purpose. I asked her why she did not correct the yellow card in the manner in which I requested. She proceeded to tell me that I am the first person to ever request this in her 4 years of experience and that she had no clue why I would need the yellow card changed. I politely told her that I would like the card fixed for a third time. Apparently, third time is not the charm. On the third yellow card, she left off a second vaccination I received. Later that evening, my parents called in and spoke with a woman named Sally who filled out the yellow card correctly for me and my dad was able to pick it up without a problem. I’m not sure why it took 4 tries to get this right. I am a paying patient and expect a little respect, especially when what I’m asking for is not unreasonable at all (especially considering immigration these days/traveling in and out of the country). I will never be returning to your location and am shocked at the lack of customer service and professionalism at your location and by your company as a whole. I certainly will never recommend your company to anyone – you can receive far better service elsewhere!

  376. Terri Walker 2017/08

    Always professional and trustworthy.

  377. Wayne Blankenship 2017/08

    The office wasn’t busy and I was seen in record time. Polite associates and doctor. As hot as it was during the day of my visit I was so thankful for the immediate attention as the heat was contributing to my sinus infection symptoms. Thank you!

  378. Terri Walker 2017/08

    The Parham Road office have been my primary care doctors since 2002. The service is excellent. I’m not patient, but they keep to the first come first serve which works for me.

    I’ve had a couple of serious health issues. I felt supported and they gave me excellent referrals.

    Don’t go in during peak hours, don’t expect non-humans who don’t work well together. Think about the stress and pressure involved or wait for a weekday appointment with a doctor available 9 to 5!

  379. Allison Morrison - Pentony 2017/07

    This was the WORST experience I have ever had. Let me first say the people were very sweet which makes this hard to write. I arrived at 5:20 pm to get someone to look at my poison ivy. Which I am very allergic too. Once I got there and signed in, I sat there for about 20 minutes before getting checked in. It was busy which I understand the wait. After getting checked in with my insurance I went and sat back in the wait room. It was around 5:50 when I got back to the waiting room. From there I waited another 20 minutes before I was sent back to get my vitals checked. From there, you normally go into a room. However, that wasn’t the case. I was sent BACK into the waiting room because all of their beds were full. I didn’t mind Again, I understand places get busy. I sat for about 10 minutes until i was called back to get my room. This brings me to about 6:30pm. Once i got to my room, I waited….and waited….. A face appears in front of my room (OH YEAH! I AM BEING SEEN) wrong. The man asked for name? Why, because they didn’t know who was in this room. Odd that a place who is suppose to put “Patients first” doesn’t even know a patients name or what room they are in. After the man left, I waited again. Around 7pm someone stuck their face in the doorway. They didn’t say anything they were just peaking to see who was in the room. Again, why is a business that is meant to help patients seeking out who this “Jane doe in room 6” is? Its me i signed in my charts are here. I am a person. I peaked my head out around 7:15 and asked a very nice nurse how much longer it would be. She said I would be next to be seen. Okay, thats fine. Once 7:30 hit, Hello Doctor! Bout time. He walks in and the first thing he says is “Im sorry i forgot your name walking down here” What is it with this place and my name?! Okay, whatever moving on. I told him that I am very allergic to poison ivy and that i needed something to help knip it in the butt so it wont spread. As he is talking he starts to sit down in the chair and then slumps down like we are friends talking in a coffee shop. VERY unprofessional. Finally, I got my medication and left. Like I stressed before, Everyone was very nice and I understand that places get busy. But to make a patient feel like they don’t even exist. That is what I am very upset about.

  380. David Dole 2017/07

    Never have I had such a long wait until now. People in pain and all they do is gossip.

  381. Mary Massa 2017/06

    BEST patient first I have ever been to. I had visited the one in carytown multiple times and found that they never met my needs and after reading their yelp reviews, I found out I’m not the only one who felt this way. I had hurt myself at work and had a friend drive me to patient first, I told her to go to the one in carytown, but she refused to take me there due to their poor customer service. When I came to this location, I totally forgot I was in a patient first. It felt like i was in he ER. The staff took the BEST care of me and made sure I was taken care of before letting me leave. They even took x rays and showed me exactly where and why I hurt myself to help me understand my injuries. Absolutely amazing.

  382. Betty Smith 2017/05

    Well satisfied with nurses and doctors. They are very kind and explain everything to your understanding. I am so glad I decided to go and see for myself.

  383. Theresa Burke 2017/04

    I was in and out in 25 minutes, with antibiotics for my annual sinus infection. No complaints here.

  384. Elizabeth Fordham 2017/04

    Super helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Very glad I went here!

  385. lasiamah 2017/01

    Travel clinic doctors are not knowledgeable. Sent my husband all over town on a wild goose chase for a yellow fever booster only to find the vaccine is good for life. Waste of time and money.

  386. Kathy Swarthout 2016/11

    When I first checked in, I found that I had an outstanding bill from 2000. Actually, my grandson was seen, but I was guarantor, so I was responsible. However, the bill was sent to my daughter (his mother) who was in the final stages of cancer. She didn’t respond to the bill and I didn’t know about it. The $34 unpaid charge ended up being $148+ which had to be paid before I could be seen. My husband gave his credit card to be charged. From then on, I was treated well. Harry, the PA-C, was quite pleasant. He even advised me to have my ask my PCP for a genetic enzyme deficiency that could influence more than my known medication allergies. I thought I had a urinary tract infection, but there was no bacteria there. He thought I had kidneys stones and an x-ray proved him right. He did given me antibiotics to treat the inevitable infection that comes with stones. The facility couldn’t fill the prescription, so I had to go to my pharmacy, which was closed. I picked the medications up the next day.

  387. john fitzgerald 2016/10

    After I moved to VA, the doctor not only wrote me a prescription to hold me over on my regular medication but offered a refill on top of that too. It was something simple but the service and manner of everyone involved was refreshing (especially after just making an out-of-state move). There was a decent wait until I could be seen, but that should be expected from an urgent care facility. It’s not fast food people…

  388. Claire McAuliffe 2016/10

    It was late in this afternoon and my regular GP office is closed. I walked in with chills, a killer sorry throat, and fatigue. Everyone was helpful and tried to make me as comfortable as possible. The nurse even brought me a warm blanket while I waited. I ended up being diagnosed with a throat infection/strep, and I was able to fulfill the prescription there. I am so thankful that the care was there from start to finish in a moment when I really needed it!

  389. Linda Simpson 2016/08

    Wonderful staff & Drs. I had no problems whatsoever.
    Treated with respect. Took time to listen to me.
    Thank you for all you do.

  390. Linzy Browne 2016/08

    No since of emergency or care. I dont know if there are to many nurses and not enough doctors but the staff stands around chatting about their personal lives with no concern to the patients who they dropped off in rooms to wait for service.
    The nurse who took my vitals was friendly, patient and actually listened to me. Thank you for recognizing my needs and doing what you could to help me.
    Patient First is my “go to” when in need of medical attention but this location will no longer receive my business and I suggest you do the same.

  391. Missy Reynolds 2016/07

    I visited Patient First on Parham Rd yesterday and had a great experience from start to finish. Dr Gooss was professional, thorough and explained the reason for my shoulder pain very well. He didn’t rush through our discussion but he was very succinct with my visit. I was extremely impressed from the gentleman who checked me in to the gentleman who took my vitals to Dr. Gooss. Great experience!

  392. Fares Almodaihsh 2016/06

    I would suggest them to rename it to be “PATIENCE FIRST” …. They are extremely slow people!

  393. NK Tran 2016/06

    It’s my preferred services for healthcare. In fact, I have been using it exclusively for the last 16 years. The office is open everyday, from 8 AM to 10 PM, 365 days a year, and no appointment is needed. The office staff are friendly and professional, while the physicians and nurses are competent and caring enough for a general practice.

  394. D W 2016/05

    i’ve been here about 4x since moving to the West End. each time the quality of the clinic has lessened.
    yesterday i waited for 2hrs to ask questions regarding a persistent cough (over 2 wks).
    i ran out of time and had to leave for work, so yes, i waited 2hrs with a gown on sitting on a table and was never seen by a physician or nurse practitioner.
    the front desk billing employee was apologetic and refunded my copay, but she couldn’t give me any reason for why i wasn’t seen.
    the clinic was NOT unusually busy (early Wednesday afternoon). families that arrived after me came and went.

    have PF remove stitches or give you a tetanus shot. don’t rely on them for much else.

  395. Sindhoor B J 2016/04

    Couldn’t give zero stars, so giving one star. My wife and I went for annual preventative care visit on 12/31/2016 and the patient first billing team did not bill our visit as preventative with my insurance Anthem. I have to now pay the co-pay for both myself and my wife, since they wrongly submitted the claim to Anthem as a normal visit.

  396. Kimberly Ryan 2016/03

    The doctor was excellent and even took extra time to talk to me about an issue unrelated to the reason I came in. (I came for a sprained ankle/injured foot and he gave me extra info about my high blood pressure.) The front desk person was attentive and caring, and helped me quickly.
    There were 2 nurses who assisted me. The first one was pleasant, but it was clear to me she was unsure of herself, since she called in another nurse each time she treated me, first when she took my blood pressure and another time when she was bandaging my foot.
    The second nurse seemed to be more knowledgeable, but she was completely unprofessional. She was seated outside my room in plain view of me and other patients while I was waiting for the doctor to come in and assess my injury. During that time, she was yelling across the area to another staff member about fast food places and where she was going after work, and she made a joke about giving herself diabetes with the unhealthy food she would be eating. I was in pain and did not appreciate my ears being accosted with her excessively loud conversation. I also thought it could be very offensive to someone who had that disease to hear a medical professional joking about it and taking it so lightly. This same nurse was the one who took my x-rays, and she acted professionally during that time.

    I came in very close to closing time at the Patient First location at Parham Rd. in Richmond, Virginia. I understand that everyone was ready to go home, but I still expected to be cared for in a professional manner. It is disconcerting that a medical professional was behaving in an overly casual way, and giving the impression that my injury was an inconvenience for her.

  397. Wildflower Bridal 2016/02

    I had been feeling very ill overnight with flu-like symptoms. I was visiting my bf’s family (not a good time to get sick) and am thus unfamiliar with Richmond, but when I woke up the next morning I told him I thought I should go to a local urgent care. He took me to this one, and the service was exceptional. There was no wait (which is unpredictable and largely out of their control, but still was obviously a compliment to my positive experience there), the receptionist was very sweet and treated me very kindly. The nurse was a hoot and also extremely nice and his sense of humor kept my spirits up. Everyone was very thorough. They first did a throat culture to rule out strep, then they took blood work, and they even did a chest x ray. Dr. Martinez was very thorough and explained the results of my blood work and chest x ray to me, and specified what the levels meant for each item of the blood work and how and why this was informing his diagnosis. When asked if I wanted to get my Rx in house with them or whether I would like to get it filled externally, I asked him how long it would take to get it filled through them, and he said not long at all. Well he was right! The meds were in my hands before I ever left the examining room. From beginning to end, my experience here was wonderful. The staff are genuine, caring, professional, and polite. 24 hours later I am feeling so much better, thanks to them!

  398. annonymous Patient 2015/11

    Worst patient fisrt ever. I use to regard patient first as an good urgent clinic until I visited the parham road center and was encountered a Narcissistic and stupid physician named Loucks, Clay – M.D. who think that he knows it all in his foolishness, score 0%c on bedside manners. treated and dischrged a patient with out discharge summary and even when i ask him about my discharge summary he told me that theer is non- and that i should wait for his dictation in two days on the patient portals. when he realized that he misdiagnosed me because of his stereotypical jusdgement and not based on medical assessment, ask the nurse to call me with updated result and mail the discharge summary which he said never exsited to my house. Loucks, Clay – M.D. is giving this clinci this clinic a bad name. and the nurse where scared to talk even when they realized that he was wrong.

  399. jose tovar 2015/10

    I had a good time everyone very polite and awesome and very promptly, they don’t keep you waiting.

  400. Paul Sheaffer 2015/06

    This Patient First is extremely slow. Nurses and doctors pal around as you wait to see someone. Came in because I needed a prescription for Malaria medication and ended up waiting for over 2 hours. They showed no discernment, everyone through the same cattle chute, lots of waste on both provider and patient ends. I’m actually writing this while I’m waiting in one of their rooms. Haha!!!

    And Fawn, don’t bothering responding to my review with your auto response. If nothing changes, you don’t really care.

  401. Michelle W 2015/04

    The checkout was awful. Rude and nasty woman basically called me a liar and then ignored me as I tried to explain why I could not pay the entire amount.

  402. nidheesh divakaran 2015/03

    The wait time is too long and last time I had you wait for 1 hour 30 minutes just to see a doctor for a cough

  403. Robert Siegel 2015/01

    I have been going to patient first for over 10 years, And have always receive excellent service. I usually see dr. Lucas who is an outstanding doctor. I recommend friends to see dr. Lucas often.

  404. got jeep 2014/11

    horrible. doctors are arrogant and ignorant, esp if they came from vcu or some va medical school (everything VA schools teach doctors goes against everything the Mayo clinic, Johns Hopkins, the WHO, CDC, American Physician and any reputable source prints or tells you. If Americas healthcare ranks 50 in the world, Virginia is the worst state for healthcare…despite what Virginian doctors think, theyll tell you how great they are, just ask one at Patient First!

  405. wraith3920 2014/08

    Called nurses on the phone. Refused to assist despite having records and deferred me to other facilities. I would say they don’t seem to want to deal with patients.

  406. Bradley Carson 2014/02

    I’ve been to Patient First at Parham Rd. a few times for regular outpatient needs. The staff are very nice and friendly. They were very good with keeping a short wait time and I felt like they delivered a very high standard of care. I had blood drawn and they able to get a fair number of lab tests done on-site and also some additional tests followed-up within 48 hrs. They worked with my insurance so I didn’t have to pay a lot out of pocket. The facility was also very clean. Great health-care provider!

  407. Addison H 2013/02

    I had a great time there even though I sprained my foot. They were always informing me on what was happening and what was going to happen. If you feel funny, even if it is just a cough, then you should definitely go THIS Patient First!

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