Patient First Primary and Urgent Care – Midlothian

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Patient First Primary and Urgent Care – Midlothian
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  1. Michelle Kimbrough 2023/11

    It was great. Thart’s why I continue to go there.

  2. Naomi Jackson 2023/11

    Went in for heartburn on a Friday evening. The front desk lady and nurse who took my vitals were extremely nice. It’s amazing because the nurse who took my vitals knew more than the doctor who saw me did. He was dismissive when I tried to explain to him how I was feeling. I’d had heartburn for over a week. He asked if it felt like something was stuck in my throat and of course I said yes, but he jumped to referring me a GI specialist. It was just stubborn heartburn. I just wanted some relief. When I told him I’ve had heartburn in the past, he claimed “well you can’t just assume that it could’ve been something else..” When my primary doctor literally said it’s heartburn, recommended Prilosec, and I felt better. However, the reason I went in was because I’d recently taken Prilosec and you can’t take it consecutively. At the end he said “you want a prescription for Prilosec?” I said sure, so I could get out of there. Even though you don’t need a prescription for Prilosec…Waste of time. It felt like he rushed through the appointment and was trying to put a name on how I was feeling without listening. Shoutout to the nurse who told “you have heartburn from eating so much spicy stuff.” She was more affirming than the doctor. I took a break from spicy stuff and was fine within a few days. Good thing I didn’t go to GI specialist when I didn’t even need to.

  3. Ms. Cheryl 2023/11

    I made two visits within 48 hours and both times received excellent customer service and care.

  4. Karen Vasquez 2023/11

    Staff and doctor take too long to attend the patients

  5. Alicia Ascencio 2023/11

    Just one star because of the doctor she is such as a nice person but the medical assistant are rude and mean !

  6. Winnie Johnson 2023/11

    Amazing and helpful.

  7. Curtis Meadows 2023/11

    This rating is about the doctors only. The front desk staff were very courteous and efficient. The people who bring you back and get your vitals and other information are very professional and kind.

    Now down to the doctors. I have been coming to this Patient First for at least 10 years and have always received great service. Now it seems that the doctors only want to hurry in and out and see as many patients as fast as they can.

    DR#1 I tried telling her the Ortho clinic would need more than 1 referral because of the different body parts will be seen by different doctors. Nope she said and only gave me one. Called the clinic and yep I need more than 1 referral. So now I have to go back to patient first again (pay another copay) to get another referral.

    DR#2 He told me that the clinic I had been going to for over 3 years was all of a sudden not covered by my insurance. I informed him that maybe he clicked the wrong thing because I was on my insurance website now and the doctor I had been seeing is listed. He said no he was right gave me my piece of paper and said call the office the next day.

    I called the patient first office the next day and they said the doctor was looking at the wrong thing.

    Once again the other staff member were great 5 STARS, but these 2 doctors

  8. Erin Connelly 2023/10

    From start to finish each staff member were do kind and helpful despite how packed they were. This location is by far the best experience I’ve ever had at any medical facility.

  9. deborah thorne 2023/10

    Pt First in Midlothian is by far the best urgent care i have been to.. all of the staff are courteous, caring and go beyond the call of duty to care for their patients. In fact, they do such an excellent job my husband and i have decided to use them for our primary care as well as our urgent care. Patients are treated with respect and listened to. In sum, i cannot recommend this facility more highly.

  10. Tonia Sharpe 2023/10

    Excellent Customer Service!
    Dr. West and the entire staff were amazing!
    Thank you for providing excellent customer service!
    T. Sharpe

  11. Jamie Neblett 2023/10

    My visit was pleasant to say the least. Every person was kind and respectful. I felt heard and was treated good. I always choose this Patient First on Midlothian to go to in between regular doctor visits. Would definitely recommend.

  12. jim newcomb 2023/10

    Very caring about me. Very thorough evaluation.

  13. Rob 2023/10

    Long wait times, mouthy front desk staff, and if you need paperwork you pay for and come to a separate appointment. Just go somewhere else, it’s not worth the hassle. They are LITERALLY combative if you need them to fill out paperwork for FMLA from a visit or something similar. Avoid unless you just want to kill a day.

  14. Diana Wilder 2023/10

    the physician and the rest of the staff were so friendly and they answered all of my questions

  15. Brooke Mauck 2023/10

    Had one of my better patient first experiences here. They were quick and friendly.

  16. Benjamin Randall 2023/10

    I felt really good about the treatment and care from this urgent care. This was my first visit and I know that I’ll be coming back, if I need to. Dr West and the rest of the team that attended to me had excellent bedside care! I recommend this clinic in the unfortunate case that you need to go.

  17. Ayana Davis 2023/10

    This was one of the best experience I have had at patient first. Normally I use your Mechanicsville location, which is terrible, but I was near this location, so this was the closest to me. From the receptionist at the desk, who was great, the intake tech, the nurses and my doctor everyone was very professional and friendly, which put me at ease. This location should be the model for all your locations. Even at almost closing, the service was exceptional. Please let all the staff know I said thank you.

  18. Sidney R. Edwards 2023/09

    So glad to chose this location. I received excellent customer service and bedside manner. I also didn’t have to wait too long.

  19. Matt (Deersky) 2023/09

    Great help, got in and out in under 30 mins

  20. carrie mcfail 2023/09

    Check in was great after that it went down hill I would been better off going to the er

  21. Jennifer Blair 2023/09

    They was friendly

  22. Shelly Los 2023/09

    Everyone from the reception to the nurse practitioner were wonderful despite it being a busy day- very kind and attentive- highly recommend!

  23. Gabsi Majdi 2023/09

    On 25th ,July 2023 ,I took my wife to patient first because she fell on stairs and broke her leg and she’s  pregnant .We explained that , more few times in the front desk .After a long painful wait , came our turn and they took her for X-ray , i asked the nurse ,we want to make sure our baby is good , when we will do the ultrasound ?The nurse didn’t want to give a clear answer and I insisted and he said , we don’t do ultrasounds .How a broken leg is a priority for a  pregnant women who fell on stairs ???you should have told us that from the beginning and we decide what’s better for us .
    That feels a betrayer to us , they only interest is making money ,not the patient concerns  , they make us wait in pain ,plaid us around and they told us that better to go to the ER.
    I have   visited PF many times but this experience is the worst , actually ,the staff there don’t sound that they know what to do ,how to treat customers and what matter the most .
    We had to do X-ray in VCU ER again and we paying for it twice .

  24. Joyce Nash 2023/08

    Staff at registration was polite and professional as well as the Physician. Thank You so much.

  25. Elizabeth Hall 2023/08

    I am so pleased to have this excellent facility so close to my home. I was treated for a UTI within an hour of being seen, and was able to buy my prescriptions right there. The staff is professional and friendly. Thank you!

  26. Lee Jones 2023/08

    Satisfied with your patients care

  27. Cheryl Christian 2023/08

    Dr. Edward Lewis was great.

  28. michael pierre 2023/08

    Very good, got me on the path to full recovery and filled the prescriptions I needed within minutes on-site for a very good price

  29. Ashton Foldenauer 2023/08

    Terrible. Using the last of my battery to write this review: I’m still sitting here waiting checked in about an hour ago. every time I come here I wait like 4 hours at the minimum. The staff has no clue what the wait time is and they don’t know what they are doing in the back they take forever to get stuff done. Go anywhere else just not here it is so so SO slow.

  30. Grace Kennedy 2023/08

    Ms. Tiffany, at the front desk, was the total embodiment of professionalism, kindness, and graciousness.

    She also helped me communicate with the physicians—as I was dealing with the very sensitive aftermath of pregnancy loss.

    Any company with her on staff should consider themselves extremely blessed that their patrons are in her care.

    What an Angel on earth.

    Ms. Tiffany and the other 3 people I encountered were very patient, kind, and seemed to listen with an open ear more than most medical professionals do. I am very grateful for my experience there today and will recommend this location to family and friends in Virginia. Thank you to the staff for restoring my faith in healthcare

  31. Grace Mercy 2023/08

    I was very impressed with the service given. This is my first time ever in life being without insurance, but they offer cost effective payment plans that gave me ease once knowing that. This location of Patient First is conveniently located from where I reside, it’s a very clean place too. The staff are professional, polite and knowledge. They made me laugh while I cried, it was comforting in spite of me being overwhelmed and nervous they were interested in me as to what had occurred. I hope I wouldn’t have to use any Patient First (not meaning this in a negative way), just saying it is reassuring knowing that if I did this specific location would be the place I’d go out of my way to get to.

    Thank you everyone
    God Bless

  32. Sep So Sweet 2023/08

    My experience was great! The staff and physician displayed excellent service. The wait time was a little longer than normal for me but other than that everything was excellent! Thank you so much!

  33. Brooklyn Nineoneone 2023/08

    Prompt.. friendly luv this place

  34. Cesar Ruiz 2023/08

    Signing in was very easy and the wait time was very low which made the visit go much faster than I expected
    I also really appreciated the care I got from the physicians, and the whole team was amazing, they made me felt very welcomed
    I would recommend patient first to anyone that needs a quick visit to a clinic for any medical concerns they might have but don’t want to go to a hospital room

  35. J Benner 2023/08

    Already shared a review! Not doing another

  36. Crystal Sidial 2023/08

    Very friendly staff. I saw a lot of new faces since the last time I was there, and every one of them were super friendly and welcoming. The girl who called me to the back to take my weight and blood pressure even made me laugh. I was in and out in less than an hour. The Doctor who helped me was super sweet too! Her name was Dr. TJ West.

  37. Alana Christina 2023/07

    If I could leave 0 stars I would…. The best part of this experience was my little chat with the receptionist… do NOT come here… you’ll be waiting for at minimum 2 hours… walking out after 2.5 hours at this very moment. Literally go anywhere else

  38. Emily Stanfield 2023/07

    Everyone is very nice and helpful.

  39. Carl Jones 2023/07

    This is a wonderful team of professionals. At registration I had all my questions and concerns answered by the knowledgeable staff. The tech at triage was caring and polite. The physician completed my total satisfaction with my visit. She presented a welcoming and caring feeling of my illness, and provided me professional care with a smile and humor that matched mine.

  40. Raymond White 2023/07

    Great I like the fact that even if you can’t see your primary doctor you can see someone

  41. camden4 Armitage 2023/07

    I was actually surprised with how great my experience was. I’m not a fan of Richmond, but the staff, Doctor and everything was outstanding!

  42. Corrie Steele 2023/07

    Friendly and professional staff. I was in and out within an hour with exactly what I needed.

    7/8/23 Update: Went in for a topical skin condition after seeing three other medical professionals (to no help) and got the most straightforward and helpful answer yet from Dr. Shujauddin Khan. He was very down to earth and did not try and recommend any dangerous or ineffictive medication like the others had. I am very pleased.

  43. Caitlin Stevens 2023/07

    Front office staff very efficient and friendly. Doctor was new but very calming and friendly and confident in knowledge and in treating me. Everything very well explained. Wait time a bit longer than usual but obviously busy and everyone was hard at work, making sure everyone was getting taken care of.

  44. jan harris 2023/07

    The staff is wonderful. The wait time is awful! A 3hr time frame and you wait for everything. At the end had to wait for my px, no one was at the window. The provider took all of 10 minutes, because all I had was an allergic reaction.

  45. Rakesh Mirajkar 2023/07

    Just amazing. Dr Shazia Samdani is extremely competent, confident and a gentle soul. I will recommend her to everyone.

  46. kara holland 2023/07

    I go here all the time. My daughter and I both. We are usually in and out in no time. There are times that we have to wait a bit longer than usual but it is very understanding as it is a medical facility that is a first come first serve and they do get busy. Not any worse than a hospital. We get very well taken care of and pretty much all of them know us. I recommend them highly! People have to have patience when it is busy!

  47. David Schneider 2023/07

    Although they take x-rays, they DO NOT take x-ray orders from outside doctors. They will ONLY take x-rays if ordered by their own, INTERNAL doctors.
    Limited handicap parking spaces. Handicap entrance.

  48. Tierra Faison 2023/06

    I had a good experience with Patient First. I was in and out in a timely fashion. The staff was very professional. If I’m ever in need of urgent care again Patient First Midlothian will be my first choice.

  49. jt taylor 2023/06

    Go somewhere else if you can very unprofessional.

  50. Muhammad safian 2023/06

    Wasted my 2 hour then they saying we are short staff

  51. Ashton Johnson 2023/06

    What a joke. Don’t go here. They will make you wait until way after it’s closed and still won’t see you. Waste of time, and money.

  52. Gabrielle Lawson 2023/06

    I was in and out in 20 mins. I highly recommend Patient First. I’ve been coming to this place for almost 10 years.

  53. Juana Perez 2023/06

    Excellent treatment, excellent service, and overall amazing workers. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 …

  54. Maheen GY 2023/06

    Extremely good

  55. Cara Kinning 2023/06

    The staff at this location are kind, efficient, and thorough. Google shows in real time how busy they are, and it’s helpful to check this out before going.

  56. quadmah ghazi 2023/06

    Please continue to hire stellar employees like the lady that took my medical information (Intake) and the doctor that helped me. I will be returning to this particular location if the need arises. Shout out to them !

  57. Jacob Rood 2023/05

    Everyone was super helpful and nice. It didn’t feel as cold or impersonable as a typical doctors office. The wait time was reasonable. I came closer to closing and they still allowed me to be seen and stayed past closing time to ensure I got care and treatment. Amazing experience!

  58. Sheila Scott 2023/05


  59. Jhordy Hernandez 2023/05

    Mal servicio tarda horas

  60. Emma Beachy 2023/05

    I waited 2 hours and then was told
    I was forgotten about as I see people
    Coming and going who had been behind me. No one came in to tell me the results of my strep test. A Doctor never came in to see me. Only a nurse and someone who took a blood sample. Horrible experience. Horrible.

  61. kimberlee myers 2023/05

    I came in on a Sunday . I got checked in quickly the two ladies at the front where very nice . The MA took my vitals I go into the room .As I wait one person keeps coming In and out for supplies with my curtain wide open . Once she was done I waited a hour . At that point I poked my head someone said we will be with you shortly. I waited another 30 minutes. Never saw the doctor not even an order put in for the test to be ran . Just nothing . By that point I had to leave due to an emergency . As I am walking out the women who checked right before me was walking out with discharge papers . I Would not recommend this location

  62. Cynthia Losen 2023/05

    I didn’t have to wait; everyone was fabulous. I love the way the women at the front desk remember me from previous visits.

  63. Parricia Jeffries 2023/05

    Fast and appreciated the service

  64. Tonia Sharpe 2023/05

    I would Like to thank Ms. Melody, Ms. Laverne, Ms. Regina, Mr. So, and Dr. Tong for providing excellent customer!!

    Thank you again!

  65. Christian B 2023/05

    Just so helpful and timely. I saw in Google maps that the wait time was short, and when I got there, it was only six people in the waiting area. Everyone was professional, compassionate, and helpful. I’ve been going since the 1980s and I never want to go anywhere else for primary care. I usually don’t like to go to the doctor for a cold, but this experience has been so encouraging, I’ll be coming to this location more often.

  66. Jimmy Christophersen 2023/04

    Took my wife there with both her arms swollen,red ,and hot. No bug bites. Dr. said there’s no infection. Idiot. So after a 3 hr. wait…no diagnosis.Never seen such incompetence. Had to leave there and go to the emergency room.Dr. Mokhtar Ould Morgan is the Dr. ( if you can call him that). The rest of the staff was ok…it wasn’t their fault.

  67. Cindy Gregory 2023/04

    Very friendly, efficient, professional. Always pleased with the service.

  68. SherryLynn Hill 2023/04

    My visit was very satisfy. Everyone was so friendly and professional and very attentive.
    And I will return if I have any non life issues. You guys rock.


  69. Eileen Ferre 2023/04

    I was seen very quickly, the staff was as sweet as they could be, and I was provided a service they’d rather not do. They did it gladly with a smile on their face.

  70. Kimberly Courtney 2023/04

    If I could give any fewer I would and Dr. (🫥) Andrew Cheney you and your assisting nurse have so earned this blight for the organization you represent. Once done with triage the good customer service ended and the disrespect and disregard took center stage. The nurse who came to call me to the back..OMG! SHAMEFUL!!To say the least!! Her entire interaction was nothing short of poor, unskilled nursing at its height. The frighteningly colored, chipped nail polish she wore should have been the tip off. I could go on, I won’t. I will do my best to never go to another Patient First again as I will do my best to make certain I post a review of the horrid practices of this particular practice on every review board to be found. I’m calling my insurance to see if the request for payment can be denied. Loud talking-in the back no less where people seeking urgent care are subjected to the nonsensical, insensitive and loud conversations about all things unrelated to health and wellness(how many Easter eggs are left for evening shift/I cooked spaghetti and tacos/I’m working a double). Even though we all randomly talk at work however in THAT particular setting, people seeking care should expect voice tones conducive to maintaining and preserving a healing if not calming atmosphere. At the very least decorum indicative of good care and customer service. Not here!! NOT AT ALL!! Was completely absent..long gone if ever was. Chipped nail polish…disgusting. An obvious sign of low-no self-care. Humph.

  71. Jhonny was 2023/04

    Long wait

  72. Lisa Nadey 2023/04

    Very truthful and caring

  73. Tammy Martin 2023/04

    I was in and out within an hour. Very friendly staff. Highly recommend.

  74. Yvonne Battle 2023/04

    The receptionist was kind of rude. The facility closed while I was waiting to be seen by the doctor and I opted to wait in my vehicle. Upon realizing that it was after closing time I attempted to enter the facility and repeatedly knocked snf banged on the front door waving at the receptionist whom repeatedly ignored me. After 3 minutes of trying to get her attention another staff member from the back came to the front door and advised me that I had to enter at the side entrance after closing. I feel that instead of ignoring me the receptionist could have informed me of this (I could have been experiencing a medical emergency or anything) I was extremely disappointed and felt completely invaluable and unimportant as a patient.

  75. Asia Rankins 2023/04

    I arrived at opening time after dealing with pink eye symptoms throughout the night . Tiffany , the young lady who checked me in was very sweet and welcoming as my eye sight was very weak . She also went above and beyond with assuring that i received a document that i accidentally left during the visit .
    As for the triage nurse ( didn’t catch her name ), not so much . She huffed and puffed as she took my vitals . This was not the first time I’ve experienced her behave this way so i expected this treatment from her .

    The physician Cheney , quite honestly offended me during the visit . As he examined my eyes i raised my hand to block the light as it caused my pain . The physician implied that i was a threat to him as he stated “ please don’t put your hand up as if you’re going to hit me”. I further questioned him on why he thought i would do something like that considering i was seeking treatment. He explained that he had been hit before , ect . I think that it was totally unprofessional to stereotype and prejudge me as a result of his experience with others . I won’t be returning back to this branch as i was truly offended .I’m

  76. Yas meen 2023/03

    I want to say thank you for everybody there

  77. Carol and Mac Todd 2023/03

    I was acutely ill but didn’t need an emergency room. After a reasonable wait, I was seen, diagnosed, and given the prescriptions my illness needed.

  78. Robin Allen 2023/03

    Everyone was very nice and helpful…I really appreciate the jobs you do

  79. Dawn Ward 2023/03

    From calling the regional corporate office and local center (Midlothian) for information to the intake and treatment by staff, Patient First was excellent. I hope that I continue to be impressed! I am new to Richmond and have found it extremely difficult to find a PCP so I’m very grateful for Patient First.

  80. Jayson Fuentes 2023/03

    Wow, I’ve been various Patient 1st across the Tri cities area in Richmond, and this one by far, is the best. Because of the location and tIme of year(flu season) I was anticipating waiting for 2-3 hours. I was in and out in 1.5 hours with medication in hand. The staff, very friendly and I noticed, quick to inform the public how to check in or if any assistance was need. They did this while functioning like a well oiled clock.
    My physician seemed she cared more than my own PCP does.
    Overall, 10 out of 10.

  81. Tameka Johnson 2023/03

    Great Customer Services!!!

  82. Indig. E Nous 2023/03

    Excellent efficient service/ All Staff Intelligent & Caring

  83. Dana Johnson 2023/02

    I feel like my visit was rushed, the doctor only went by what I said was wrong with me and ran with that .. I still feel bad and was prescribed no meds..

  84. Kathryn Krieger 2023/02

    Long wait but great staff!

  85. Jennifer Wake 2023/02

    Soooooo unprofessional ! Woman works there wearing scrubs with a matching bonnet. As in the kind you sleep in to protect your hairdo. I’ve visited this location twice (driving for the individual seeking care). Both times she was wearing scrubs (professional attire)with a bonnet (unprofessional) that matched. As an RN I would never, nor could I as hospital policy would NOT allow for such. I’m appalled at any healthcare facility that would allow this. I don’t care how great a worker you are appearance is the first thing noted by a patient. If you’re this uncaring about your appearance I certainly could not allow you to be in charge of making decisions about my healthcare. Where is the management, HR ? Also another office person was loudly talking about her personal life. Another chewing gum and making noise with it.

  86. Shawn Rozier 2023/02

    Everyone of your staff at all parts of my visit were wonderful. They were a great combination of kindness, competent professionalism, and quickness. You all have a great set up there. I will highly recommend you to my friends. Thanks for all you do!!!

  87. Sherry Brown 2023/02

    Excellent service. Quick service. Excellent TLC. Excellent staff team work. No issues, no complaints! Thumbs up!

  88. Sha Nelms 2023/02

    I was in there today with someone else. Talking about violation of HIPAA. They waited until the clients left and was talking about their situation. Good thing I didn’t know the people be cause I would have repeated what they said. I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS PATIENT FIRST FOR ANYTHING. The 2 ladies at the front window act like they are at a social gathering discussing their personal business loudly as well as clients business.

  89. Bill McDonald 2023/01

    Had very negative experience. Staff missed my wife’s kidney stone and treated her complaints with suspicion and condescension. On top of that, examination was rushed and a person in pain escorted to the door. I hope sincerely that we are not charged for this visit. Took my wife to vcu on the next day for proper treatment.

  90. George Masiello 2023/01

    The Nurse practitioner was wonderful as was the x ray tech. Great assessment and reasonable wait time in the room. Only 5 minutes on New years eve to get in a room. Clear instructions to go home with. The Next day the pharmacy was closed but a nurse on duty was able to move my Prescription to an open pharmacy over the phone in minutes. Thank you

  91. Denise Minor 2023/01

    Good service

  92. Kathryn Gorenflo 2023/01

    Very pleasant, efficient, timely, informative, and welcoming visit.

  93. Frances Broaddus-Crutchfield 2023/01

    Good medical care is always available. Patient First is a wonderful facility with good doctors who can quickly diagnose and treat or send a patient where he needs go.

  94. Jasmine Strowder 2023/01

    The wait was long but the service was great.

  95. Laura Price 2023/01

    Superior service from all providers. Attention to detail, unlimited patience, efficient but not brusque. I highly recommend Patient First and wish other medical services adopted your care strategy. Thanks to all of your employees for such outstanding work.

  96. Mary Arginteanu 2023/01

    kind and competent

  97. brett collins 2022/11

    The non dr or nurse people were very polite and accommodating. I can’t breathe with a mask on so they provided me with a face shield. My only complaint was there was quite a long wait. That however is going to be the case sometimes. Everyone there was very nice and polite.

  98. Bryana G 2022/11

    Fast pace, friendly and I love the waiting in your car idea.

  99. JohnJason Cecil 2022/11

    The staff is always friendly and professional and the Healthcare workers are empathetic and non-judgemental (I got issues) Great PCP for me since I can just pop in and make it happen usually with not a long wait time!

  100. Varun Keshri 2022/11

    The Front desk is good and so does the Dr.s behave professionally..BUT, nurse teachs are still learning and they don’t know how to behave with patients..not all of them bad but boy! Hope you don’t have a bad days to meet one of them

  101. Sadie Lippencott 2022/11

    Went for a cut on my finger that just wouldn’t stop bleeding. Most of the staff were super professional and kind except the nurse. Scolded me over and over, telling me the cut was small and I should of stayed home and bandaged it myself, despite me trying to tell her I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding and was just scared. I was holding back tears by the time she got done. Horribly unprofessional and just downright rude.

  102. sarah bryant 2022/11

    for how busy and chaotic it was everyone was so patient and collected. i currently don’t have a primary care physician since my change of insurance, and the majority female staff feels like such a safe and validating space. no one looked at me like i was stupid or not willing to listen when i spoke of the issues i was having which is the opposite of my experience when seeing male practitioners.

    thank you for creating a safe space for the health of your community and the hard work and long hours. i hope you know how vital and giving you and your time is to your community.

  103. Chris None 2022/11

    Came here after a minor car accident to get checked out. Worst experience I’ve ever had in an urgent care type facility. Doesn’t seem very busy but I’ve been waiting for over 3 hours. Still sitting waiting for a doctor now lol. No one can give me a time estimate or let me know what I’m waiting for. I think the waiting has made my symptoms worse.

  104. Lovell Flinn 2022/10

    I like Patient First very much!!

  105. willard evans 2022/10

    Great staff & the wait was not bad at all! They were busy!

  106. KinbakuStudio 2022/10

    Worst place for medical care. Just wanted some routine test done. Waited for 3 hours to be seen.

  107. Susan Bernhardt 2022/10

    I was impressed by the speed they got me seen by a doctor. Excellent service!

  108. George Gregory 2022/10

    Very Kind and professional!

  109. Daniel Robertson 2022/10

    You should be ashamed of yourself!!! Came here for a COVID test, ended up being forced to sit in a 95degree parking lot with a sick baby for over 2 hours! All because they insisted on a doctor visit in order to charge me more. People are sick, and you would rather bleed them out of their time and money instead of sticking to the moralities of a health professional. Your installment, and everyone like you, make me sick. You are what’s wrong with the world.

  110. Senan Al-Shutbi 2022/09

    If you want to spend more than 5 hours come here. Endless waiting

  111. LaQuetta Bridges 2022/09

    The care we have received was awesome

  112. Ebony Holmes 2022/09

    I’ve been to this location a few times. The intake process is very slow and typically spend 2 hours in a waiting room, and another 1-2 hours before I can be seen after being taken to an exam room. I had a deep cut on my index finger and there was no urgency to be an urgent care facility. There was also no estimated wait time. Should have just went to the hospital…

  113. Lauren King 2022/09

    Worst experience with a doctor by far. My husband, 17 year old, and 7 yr old went in for c/o sinus congestion, clogged ears, cough, etc. They were of course tested for Covid, and weren’t informed of their results. They were put into a very back room (understandable the 7yr old couldn’t stop coughing, I’m sure everyone was thinking COVID.) Dr. Jenkins came into a room with 3 patients at once, seems easy enough, however, she was so rude, barely spoke to my husband, didn’t inform any of them of what they had, except her comment that children rarely get sinus infections. She didn’t look in my husbands ears at all & he had c/o a clogged ear for over 3 weeks. She did look at my 17yr olds ears-and diagnosed him with otitis media. My husband said she didn’t discuss what was going on with our 7 yr old instead she handed our child the paperwork and PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE instead of to dad. She barely performed a half of a focused ENT assessment like she should have, had very little to no communication, was rude and didn’t fully inform her patients so they at least knew or understood what they had, or told them what she was prescribing. Yes she handed them the print outs of their visit/diagnosis/and directions for the script but didn’t verbally communicate any of it. And to make it even easier (on herself-I suppose) everybody got the exact same prescription-Augmentin -which yes I know treats sinus infection, ear infections and sinusitis, but gives the impression she didn’t care about giving good quality healthcare. Like my husband said, we rarely complain but this was beyond disappointing to hear about another doctors less than pleasant bedside manner. Good doctors are getting harder and harder to find. Is it so hard to smile, slow down and listen? And before you think I don’t understand…I am a RN, and think the way you treat patients is the most important part of the whole experience.

  114. S. D. Lock 2022/09

    All staff members were courteous and professional. The wait time is not fast, but reasonable considering the workload of the clinic at the time. The attending physician was quick but thorough with the examination, and had me out quickly. The front staff also printed me a slip of paper enabling me to access my own health records they have for me on their online portal, which allows me to engage in self-help and self-care without the need to be overreliant on them. I was very satisfied with my visit!

  115. El Jonez 2022/09

    Melonie Christian, Supervisor Tiffany and the Physician who read my PPD test were all Absolutely Amazing! Melanie could’ve easily turned me away, but she patiently attempted to pull up my insurance info after informing her that I left my card at home. She asked me to contact UHC, obtain my Member number and proceeded to assist me immediately. Supervisor Tiffany was great too! She was so efficient, she prompted me to skip the kiosk procedure and assisted me immediately. The doctor (I apologize for forgetting her name-Asian woman) was so upbeat and mannerable…had me in and out in less than 2 minutes..even complimented me on my scent. Great Job Patient First!

  116. CLF 2022/09

    Staff were very friendly and courteous. I also like that you can get your meds from their on-site pharmacy. The only issue is be prepared for a long wait. I was there for 3 hours – they are likely short staffed and I noticed they had much more patients than other urgent care facilities in the area hence the long wait time. I would certainly visit again if I needed care.

  117. Christian Morera 2022/09

    I’m always surprised at how fast I’m seen especially for just being a walk in. Had to get an insurance physical and it was late December so I assumed I would be there all day but nope, in under two hours I was seen and the facility was packed! More hospitals (is that the right term?) Should run like this place. Everyone was friendly but also moved with a slight sense of urgency, it was impressive.

  118. Joel Walton 2022/08

    No problems and they took me back fairly quick.

  119. Jen Crane 2022/08

    I have the utmost respect for the staff at this location. I was well taken care of and all my needs were met. Dr Samdani and Emily PA are an amazing team! X-ray Tech and others that helped me were kind and helpful. Thank you to all the Staff! So grateful!

  120. Joseph Byers 2022/08

    I waited 3 hours before being seen, wasn’t informed of the name of the physician seeing me, wasn’t asked about which medications I take, no X-ray was performed for my back injury, and no individual care was given to me as a patient. The employees were cleaning and closing around me and the physician had to come back and ask if I was allergic to anything. That’s basic SAMPLE; and negligent that “professionals” could forget to do that. I only went to patient first because I was required to for worker’s comp. A month from my injury and I’m still out of work. I truly believe that the poor care and treatment I received at patient first directly contributed to my continued absence from work. With even a modicum of care about my wellbeing and the staff just not wanting to go home instead, my recovery would be a week or two farther along. I would never have recommend patient first before this because of continuously awful experiences and I will now make it a point to keep other people away from patronizing your “clinic”. The generic “sorry for your wait, we’re better than that” letter was disingenuous at best. Please close.

  121. Maria Maris 2022/08

    I have been coming to the Midlothian Patient First for years (for urgent care) and it is ALWAYS a positive experience. Caring, efficient, knowledgeable staff. Impressive processing and simple but meaningful amenities, positioned from beginning to end within a relatively small building space.

  122. Aeon BloodMoon 2022/08

    A great visit. Awesome staff, they were very friendly and accommodating. The only issue was that I waited about 2 hours and 15 minutes. But honestly it’s okay because a lot of clinics are backed up, so I understand completely. I would highly recommend! Thank you nurses and doctors for all of your hard work, you have no idea how much it means to all of us <3

  123. Ashlie Banks 2022/08

    I was very pleased with my experience! I was in and out.

  124. Brittney Alexis 2022/08

    Everyone who works here is a superhero in disguise! I can’t imagine having their workload everyday. Thank y’all for keeping your community safe and healthy 💖
    wait times are always long at any patient first, if you are entitled and don’t want to sit and wait your turn then don’t come here. (I say this because today a Karen cutted in front of me, and then complained later on that they weren’t taking her quick enough 🙄)

  125. Schwanna Cooper 2022/08

    Always fast,friendly & clean. This is the best facility around town

  126. Denise Rich 2022/08

    Great location I’m a returning patient, convenient location and good staff. Staff has always been respectful, caring, and friendly .

  127. Tina Burton 2022/08

    I received compassionate and expert care. I was so impressed that I will be signing up for Patient First to be my PCP.

  128. PR3TTYGIRL 2022/08

    I really love this patient first everyone is so kind and caring the only problem is we had to wait 7 hrs to be seen and the bathrooms were out of order and they told us not to leave the premises. I’m not sure how to hold bodily fluids for 7 hrs. I think patient first needs to hire a cleaning person who specializes in bodily fluids to keep the bathrooms clean every 30 minutes because of all the people that they see who are sick etc. I do think they put out of order on the bathrooms sometimes so they don’t have to deal with it. So someone who specializes in it would not have a problem.

  129. Monique Gibson 2022/07

    The overall experience was great.

  130. Sams Mayar 2022/07

    Very slow and unprofessional. Waited 3 hours only to be registered and still waiting to be seen.

  131. PATRICK ATKINSON 2022/07

    Patient First is our PCP.
    I’ve been there for more than several years.
    My ,Significant Other,Marian Moody for
    atleast the last 13 years
    Michael Murray is our physician of choice.
    Your Staff has always been great!

  132. Marsena Latty 2022/07

    I was very pleased with the staff’s professionalism, and how very pleasant and personable everyone was, from the Registration clerk, on up to the lab technician and Dr. Jenkins! Each was quite informative where necessary, and quite helpful! I would highly recommend this Patient Care to others!

  133. Mary Mellette 2022/07

    Good care of the patients

  134. Brianna Bonilla 2022/07

    Every single time I’ve been to patient first I have been so terribly let down. I have waited at a patient first before for literally 5 hours to be told to come back the next day or to go to another urgent care. This was the first visit to patient first that I have ever been treated in a reasonable time, and have been treated with the upmost respect and kindness. I was seen and taken care of within 2 hours WITH my prescription. The staff is so kind and caring and the front desk lady that helped me was a literal angel. The RN and Dr that saw me were so kind and went the extra mile to make sure that they covered all aspects of what I was feeling. The meds were done so quickly and the Dr was able to explain to me how to use them. 10/10 recommend for medical care. The staff here is incredible.

  135. Rose Mizell 2022/07

    The staff and physicians at Patient First take the time to listen to you. They do their best to get the answers that will make you well. They treat you like you are important to them. With this time being so overwhelming to the medical profession, they are caring and professional.

  136. Tiffany Danna 2022/06

    Horrible experience they make you wait over 3 hours to be seen for a Covid test and then they charge $125 for an office visit the whole time you think you’re jus getting a Covid test. It’s high way robbery to charge people $125 for a Covid test just so the doctor can make money. Charging people who want a Covid test is sad and disheartening

  137. Javonte Harris 2022/06

    It’s was quick and smooth surprisingly. Especially due to the amount of people who were being seen and needed to be seen. I think I had interactions with maybe 3 or 4 staff member, and they were all down to earth and a joy.

  138. Keishonna Barrett 2022/06

    Swift , considerate, gentle and caring. My 3 year old and I were treated exceptionally well.

  139. Gerry W 2022/06

    Long waiting. My daughter was having a kidney stone that we did not realize. We had to go to Chippenham emergency before being seen. They cashed our check without rendering services.

  140. Sylvia Shaw 2022/06

    My first visit to a Patient First was in Tallahassee, FL in 2013. I had the same symptoms then that I am experiencing now. I was misdiagnosed at that time. Not even sure what she said was the issue, but it was not bronchitis. I returned to Northern VA, maybe 2 days later and shortly thereafter, I am at INOVA Alexandria Emergency Room with breathing path clogged with mucus, need an IV to dehydrate, and diagnosed with bronchitis and received steroid breathing treatment, antibiotics, inhaler and steroid treatment at home. Present day, 4/22/2022, I go to this location, yes I did not learn, but with regular doctors not testing for COVID, at least not my doctors office. I knew Patient First would and I was tested and all results returned negative for rapid test and PCR test sent to lab. All negative! Upsell for PCR, yes upsell as the PA was told by me and agreed, that with me being vaccinated and double boosted, doubt if is COVID. So I am not better by today Monday, and was given steroid tablets and antibiotics by the PA. Can I at least get inhaler? No mention of breathing treatment even though you can’t deliver it. Don’t know what you are doing along with cold bedside manner. I called asked and was told no breathing treatment being given due to COVID and message to doctor being sent and asked me for my pharmacy. After all day, no one called me back to tell me prescriptions sent to Walmart. Finally after getting through at 8 30 p.m., the unconcerned nurse states “well we can’t call everybody back and the Nebulizer, Albuterol and Inhaler all sent to Walmart, yes all 3 items” Called Walmart of course to confirm. First Walmart does not dispense Nebulizers!!!, Albuterol has to be Authorized, were you not aware nurse? Inhaler, drive out to Walmart at 8 30, Pharmacy close at 9 so maybe I can get some relief and sleep tonight??? Unprofessional, unknowledgeable, poor bedside manners MR. PA, just as cold and you should have arranged breathing treatment accordingly. I can hear my wheezing, and you had the stethoscope Friday??? But its all good, thank God for insurance and knowing where to go for top of line healthcare that I pay for. And I am not going to address the unprofessional nursing staff, loud, personal affairs being discussed (walls are thin) running over patients to go hug someone in the lobby. My one pleasant experience was the intake receptionist, made me laugh, very kind. I can’t recall her name, but she was the only highlight through this experience!

  141. Mary Blanton 2022/05

    The people here were wonderful. They were fast compassionate and efficient. What more could you ask for

  142. Te Revz 2022/05

    Only complaint is the wait.
    Depends on the day but lately every time I come I’ve had to wait for an extremely long time both in the waiting room and treatment room. My husband has better luck. As a result I only go when I really need to.
    For example I’m waiting to be seen for uti and I’ve been here for 47min with 15ppl ahead of me. Not a great arrangement for my situation and I need to use the restroom….
    Update: Been here an hour and min and counting…

  143. Shaba Mahan 2022/05

    Very nice and caring staff. Everything is wrong with me or my kids I will definitely come to this location

  144. Carl Schlaudt 2022/04

    I had to wait 3 hours, after being told to expect a one hour wait. Two hours in, when I questioned that, the nurse said “we have a lot of patients to see.” Nonsense– they didn’t have enough physicians, nurse practioners, or PAs on staff for what is typically one of their busiest days. They did have a surplus of nurses and patient care area staff sitting around discussing recipes– all while I was in extreme discomfort awaiting treatment.

    Also, when the nurse did my vitals, she neither expressed concern or sympathy for my condition or asked the seriousness of my discomfort. I was just a number or patient care unit to be processed. Empathy costs nothing.

    Next, I was put into a patient exam room for over a half an hour before being seen. I was freezing cold, and heard another patient also say she was freezing cold.

    Finally, the doctor never told me her diagnosis or what to expect for my treatment, or things to watch for, for when I might need more treatment. I’m not an MD, but I do know that would be minimal clinical practice for good patient care.

  145. Rachell Scott 2022/04

    Here @ Patient First. My daughter reports difficulty breathing and has a temp of 103….been here a hour with no follow up or staff to stop in and make sure she’s ok….this is not good care.

  146. Salawa Szenyai 2022/04

    The establishment was clean and staff was friendly. The wait time was long but there were a lot of people being seen. Overall, I was very pleased with the services I received.

  147. Lynda Richardson 2022/04

    Under conditions of perpetual crowded waiting rooms the staff was patient and incredibly caring! They are HEROS!

  148. Logan Park 2022/04

    We had a 4-5 hour wait but, honestly I’m not going to complain in the middle of a pandemic. Frontline healthcare workers are saints for how they’re paid poorly and treated worse by for-profit administrators and petulant covidiots alike.

  149. Shauntae Cyrille 2022/03

    Talk about horrible bedside manner. Do not go to this location. I’ve never been treated like this before. I came in for having a sore throat, neck pain, and ear pain for a week. The medical assistant came in to swab my nose and throat. I was waiting for my results and for the doctor who I never saw. Then another medical assistant comes to swab my nose for a PCR COVID test and then tells me I’m free to go. Mind you the Doctor never came in to assess me of my symptoms or did an exam. Healthcare has truly gone bad. These doctors do not care at all. I will not be returning to this location

  150. Emily Rice 2022/03

    OMG I love patient first the workers were all so nice and good at their jobs and the medicine they gave me already worked they’re so good!! Totally recommend and the wait wasn’t even bad. Definitely going there again if I have to.

  151. Sharon Baker 2022/03

    This is the best Patient First in Richmond. The staff are pleasant and efficient and they, in my opinion are genuinely interested in ensuring you get the help you need. Thanks for all you do!!

  152. Robert Cosby 2022/03

    They do a great! job never had any problems.🙂👍🏾 …

  153. Adam S 2022/03

    I have been to this location, and PF generally, numerous times. The best experience I’ve ever had was mediocre, and typically it’s bad. I’m writing this partly to remind myself not to come back.

    PF has mislead me repeatedly about the cost of services. They have been extremely pushy about being “evaluated” by a physician when seeking something as simple as a COVID test. The “evaluation” consists of perhaps three questions. Speaking as a healthcare professional myself, there is no medical necessity for doing such an evaluation, and the way they are done would not yield useful information.

    This is 100% about maximizing insurance billing, for no medically valid reason. It’s really gross. It’s in a nutshell what is wrong with American healthcare delivery, and it is absolutely why you wait so long for even basic things when you come here.

    I’m sitting in their parking lot right now. 2 1/2 hours ago they said they’d call me in an hour.


  154. Karen Imes 2022/03

    My visit today at PF went so much better than I expected. I went to a PF several years ago had a bad experience and I promised myself to never go back. Never say Never. Due to circumstances beyond my control I ended up there this morning. I got there around 8:10am hoping to be one of the first to arrive. Not so. Already the lobby had quite a few people waiting to be seen. I thought my, this might be a long wait. I was proven wrong.

    When coming in to PF I was warmly greeted. The Kiosk was easy to maneuver. The Triage nurse was gracious and warm. My wait wasn’t long as I had envisioned. The doctor was pleasant.

    So overall PF renewed my willingness to visit again if necessary.

  155. Renee Lessington 2022/03

    Great experience! First time at this location – didn’t remember visiting a Facility before, but they had a record of me going! This was so easy: In, processed, diagnosed, treatment plan, and Out the door – well within 2 hrs!! I definitely will use them for any future Urgent Care and perhaps Primary Care services!

  156. Laura Fischer 2022/03

    Such a helpful and friendly staff. The doctor was able to diagnose and help me feel so much better.

  157. Jackson Hall 2022/02

    Sign in is easy but the wait to actually register is very long. Center will stop accepting patients 3-4 hours before they close. If it is an emergency you should head to a hospital ER. Water dispenser is not available and the water fountain is unsafe.

  158. Bill B 2022/02

    Incredible visit. We appreciated the care given to my wife and son on our visit to Richmond. The care was second to none. Thank you for being there for us.

  159. Anita Green 2022/02

    Your Team out preformed Chippenham ER Staff hands down. Very professional and knowledgeable, and they listened to what I had to say concerning what was happening to me and came up with a treatment plan that did not have me seeking a second opinion a week later because I was getting worse. Thank’s you guy’s for your bedside manor and professionalism.

  160. Lateka 2022/02

    Wish I could give no stars horrible doctors and nurses unprofessional talking bad about patients so others can hear if you don’t like your job then quit!!

  161. Stephen Minus 2022/02

    Second time visit. Treated our elderly mom with great care and patience. From the receptionist to nurse Ward to Dr. Bettinger the great service was appreciated.

  162. Susan Carr 2022/02

    A great experience, got the exam, diagnosis and medication! I would recommend this location.

  163. Lisa Scott 2022/02

    I have visited here several times for illnesses when my PCP was not open. I have always had an excellent experience. Front desk staff is friendly and helpful. Providers are conscientious and thorough.

  164. Kellie Jordan 2022/02

    The staff at Patient afirst was just incredible when I brought my teenager in for panic attack. The gender options available for nonbinary, genderqueer and Trans individuals was inspiring and exciting for my child to see. Thanks for being so wonderfully inclusive and for having such a friendly and welcoming staff. We had a top notch experience here.

  165. Agnes Ijasan 2022/02

    Very satisfied with the detailed information given to me about my ailment and treatment suggestions.

  166. Jean Henson 2022/02

    I’ve been coming to Patient 1st on Midlothian Tpk (on and off)when I couldn’t get an appt w my primary since 1984 and I have always felt I was treated appropiately. Thank you for your care.

  167. Troubleman Zulu 2022/01

    I would have had a five star experience BUT Reeree (not her name, maybe) the nurse who took my weight my height and my blood pressure was rude, she stuck me in the head with the level on the height machine no apologies , she didn’t bother to record my height. When I asked if my blood pressure was in range (reasonable question right?) she snapped at me and told me it was high then figuring out she had the wrong attachments we took it again and it was decent, still snapping at me when I asked again. Reeree never gave me any clear instructions or information again snapping anytime I mistepped due to her poor communication skills( have a seat, NO, not there, there). The Frontline The intake crew ( I don’t wanna call them receptionist because they do a whole lot more than that) were kind, understanding, empathetic and patient with me because I could not raise my voice above a whisper. The Doctor was gentle and thorough and had me out door feeling better about my visit. Reeree, all I say is that, standing at 6’3 and 213 lbs (In case you missed it 😂) I felt as weak as a baby because I hadn’t eaten in 3 days so, I was a lil dazed and confused. I thank God I didn’t have the energy to match yours🙏this day. That bonnet, that damn bonnet should have been a signal of what was to come. I’m going to give you guys 5 stars anyway, only because I gotten half a cookie out a pack before and it didn’t make the other ones taste any different. I work in the auto business come buy a car and I’ll show how a customer is supposed to be treated.

  168. Tonjia Baker 2022/01


  169. Tarek Farouk 2022/01

    I have a very good experience over there.
    The nurses and the doctor were very welcoming and warm and sending positive messages.
    I have done COVID-19 test, and they have done many checks and done both the speed antigen test as well as the PCR.
    PCR was little bit delayed to receive the results but I still give 5 stars or even more if I could to doctor Shazia and the very kind nurses taking care of me and my wife.
    God bless them all.

  170. Raye Harper 2022/01

    Everyone was nice and competent. Wait time was too long

  171. Rachel Hood 2021/11

    Fast and friendly. Recommend for quick and thorough urgent care needs!

  172. Chanell Hudson 2021/11

    I usually have a good experience when I need to come here, but today was different. I came here at 1:30 and it is now 4:30. I went through triage smoothly and thry took labs. It took the doctor 30 minutes to see me, after I got dressed it took them almost 30 more minutes. I will not be coming back here.

  173. Mae Gabbin 2021/11

    I visited this site on 8/27/21 with shortness of breath, tiredness, and dizziness. My blood pressure was elevated. I was given a prescription for the dizziness and sent home. On 9/8/21 I went to the emergency room with the same symptoms and diagnosed as needing a pacemaker. Never again will I visit this facility.

  174. Sandra Alexander 2021/11

    every one was good from start to finish. The lady that registered me was very pleasant. The nurse that drew my blood was good, even though my veins are not very cooperative. The doctor was pleasant and appeared very knowledgeable. Also, the staff that took my vitals was very pleasant as well. Thank you to all!

  175. Laura Hartwig 2021/11

    The entire staff was fantastic very professional and caring about my issues.

  176. Catina Lane 2021/10

    Very long wait for simple testing. Everytime no matter what time I come in. No matter what location. *Went back for follow up this morning. Got there 30 mins. prior to opening. Much better experience. In and out quickly. Staff very nice.

  177. Hermon Maclin 2021/10

    Talk about fast service, I dashed to the restroom and they were calling my name. Everyone was warm and welcoming making me feel like I was in the right place to receive medical attention. Suddenly, everything went south. I stepped on the scale and I’d lost weight. Already skinny, I was visibly stressed about the weight loss. Dr. Jenkins assured me that I could very well remedy my situation and provided guidance on how to do just that. She told me that she’d be available if I had questions or concerns as I attempt to get up to a healthy weight. I drive past several Patient First locations to visit the Midlothian office because of their excellent customer service and care I receive each time I go there.

  178. J P 2021/10

    This was my first time utilizing this facility.
    I didn’t have an appointment, but it only took about an hour to see a doctor when I walked in at around 6:30pm. The seating area had two flat screen TVs to kill my time. There were two touch screen monitors where you had to input your personal information to register as a new patient. Everyone including the front desk receptionist (Justin) was very professional and friendly in nature. I felt welcomed and comfortable being at the facility and my medical needs were taken care of. Walgreen is also conveniently located right next to the facility where I picked up my prescription. In addition, during the visit I overheard a conversation between a patient and a doctor in a closed exam room area, where the doctor stated he would make her visit a free of charge since she didn’t have an insurance. I believe her visit was for her injured foot. This conversation made me feel like the people at Patient First really care about each person as a human being. I strongly recommend Patient First to anyone needing an urgent care or any other non-emergency medical care.

  179. Barbie Cope 2021/10

    Everyone was patient and kind to myself and husband. And we felt very safe. It has to be hard and stressful working in that business. No one should it.

  180. Norita Hatcher 2021/10

    Everyone was pleasantly polite, and very knowledgeable during this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope there is extra pay being doled out for the time and effort being spent on, which I am sure is a lot more clients being dealt with. 🙏🏽 …

  181. Helen Brunson 2021/10

    Very professional and efficient. All staff seemed knowledgeable and willing to assist me with my issue.

  182. Andre' Nelson (Dre) 2021/09

    This Patient First did right by me. Professional, expedient, efficient, and competent. I would reccomend this facility to everyone.

  183. Jacob Hood 2021/09

    Great service! Fast and friendly care. And meds on-site for the most part! Perfect venue for an urgent care visit

  184. Amy H 2021/09

    I was from out of town and needed care to a cut I received. The physician was fantastic along with the rest of the staff. Efficiency was extraordinary!

  185. Lakeesha Haskins 2021/09

    Dr. Murray is awesome.. I’m not a sickly person but when I come to him I know all is well.. Thank you Doc for all your help today and the Nurse that helped me to.. Thanks for Listening u heard me.. That’s what make a Amazing Doctor!!!

  186. melissa spealman 2021/09

    This is by far the most professional an nicest patient first i have been to. It was no bother for them to get my covid test done. Such a sweet lady she was VERY patient an always smiling

  187. Angelica Goolsby 2021/09

    I was very happy with how short the wait time was! I signed in and literally within 2 minutes they called my name to take my information. Then as soon as I sat down to wait they called me back and shortly thereafter, I saw a doctor. Everyone was extremely helpful, nice, and professional. I was also extremely happy and satisfied with how informative the doctor was with my dx. I will certainly return to THIS patient 1st if I have any difficulties or health issues in the Furture! Thanks so much! ^_^

  188. Johnny Despinis 2021/08

    Setting my appointment for covid-19 test on your website was easy. The “I’m here” email works perfect. Almost no waiting at all to get my test done. Very good.

  189. Clifton D. Graves 2021/08

    Very good service and the staff was professional and courteous, I was seen, X-rays, treatment, and out of there in no time flat!!!! Absolutely wonderful ❤

  190. James Deyerle 2021/08

    Although I was a little slow to be seen after arriving, I was in and out for my COVID test in less than 20 minutes. Per policy, I waited in my car until they called me on my phone, and then I was brought in, immediately tested, and able to leave.

  191. Kelly Davis 2021/08

    Excellent treatment!! Especially on New Year’s Eve! I am visiting from out of town and googled the urgent care and luckily for me they were open! I was so happy. Staff was phenomenal.

  192. Zorica Skoro 2021/07

    In the last 25 years this is the First Patient office l go when l have any health issues. I feel that my doctors and the nurses are always there for me, reviewing my chart, patiently listening to my complaining, and checking everything. Yes, sometimes l need to wait longer, but l understand that l am not the only patien at the moment and that they recieving necessary care as well. I prefer Patient First becaose of the fact that there is no scheduling and the office 14 hours availability!

  193. Star 2021/07

    Went in with a friend, the woman at the front desk was very rude. We stood at the counter, she ignored us and played on her phone. When we went to speak she cut us off, and proceeded to do it three more times.

  194. Lilyana Newman 2021/07

    Man, ill start off by saying I was VERY nervous about going to a Patient first for my illness tonight. I had a horrible experience at another location and it left a bad taste in my mouth altogether, I expected the same treatment and disregard that I got at the first location. However, this location was PHENOMENAL. From the front desk to the doctor who prescribed me the needed medications to get better, I cannot tell you how awesome these people were. I could tell they genuinely cared about my wellbeing and just about me in general. They were so accommodating and kind. I’m sure I don’t have to say this but it makes a world of difference when you don’t feel like you’re being pushed to the side or like you don’t know what you’re talking about and I never ever got that feeling for one second at this location. Thank you SO much to the staff here. It means a great deal to me that you were so caring and kind.
    *also let me mention I got there very late and was there an hour past closing time, I felt horrible for being the reason that they had to stay late but not a single one of them showed any kind of bitterness or foul feelings towards me. *

  195. Letitia Rivers 2021/07

    I’ve visited this location before and the service was great then; the wait time due to COVID was awful, but understandably so, keep up the great service and thank you for what you do.

  196. Edward Woodward 2021/07

    PA Murray is the best! Period!

  197. katherine Szawronski 2021/07


  198. Dodie Davis 2021/07

    Y’all are the “chick-fil-a“ of the medical world 😊 …

  199. Rosario Acuña-Hilton 2021/07

    Very clean and professional.

  200. Pamela Mcfarlane 2021/07


  201. LaDonna Blount 2021/07

    For my circumstances, I had a good visit. Everyone was compassionate and made me feel like they truly cared about my well being.

  202. Dhruba Shrestha 2021/07

    Worse! Worse! I had my PCR done without getting result for 4 days. Bettermed had it for me on same day. Thanks to them, my travel was secure. Besides, the guy at the front desk is the rudest creature on earth. Never recommend anyone.

  203. Pedro Correa 2021/06

    Everyone was very friendly and I was seen very quickly for a COVID rapid test.

  204. Attia tul Noor Shams 2021/06

    I wish I can give this place no star if I could. I came in with excruciating pain in my tooth, and it took 4 hours just to wait for the doctor to come and see me. They called me in and asked me to wait for the doctor which took more than an hour. I could hear the staff laughing, joking outside of the room, but not paying proper attention to patients when they really need your care is not very professional. I would recommend not to come to this place if you really need to be seen in emergency because you will waiting forever before you will be addressed.
    Moreover the place was not clean, there was no bed cover on the patient bed, and bed was wet with the previous patient’s sweat or who knows what. Such uncleanness and un-professionalism.
    Finally, when the doctor came he was very nice and listened to my problem.
    They need to properly train their staff or hire more doctors to speed up the process. It shouldn’t take 4 hours to see a patient esp when they are in pain. I’m sorry for the bad review but I was getting angry sitting there.

  205. Rhiannon Parsons 2021/06

    Feeling better today thankfully. They were very personable, nice and informative. Also pretty safe with their Co-vid precautions.

  206. rylee gray 2021/06

    Made me wait 45 minutes just to say they wouldn’t perform a physical for me because they didn’t agree with the surgery.

  207. Mar'Leta Jones 2021/06

    Michael Murray is one of the most educated and experienced physicians I’ve ever had. He is knowledgeable, expeditious, friendly, and efficient. The staff was also helpful and able to keep patients moving in a steady manner. It would be optimal to continually remove non-patients from the waiting room due to the very limited seating and social distancing. I will continue to be a patient while Mr Murray is there providing world-class service.

  208. Kenworth Rollin 2021/06

    The service here was pleasant, the staff was more than helpful.

  209. Chloe Spenser 2021/05

    I came in with chest and breathing pains. I was assessed quickly by a nurse and the wait to see the physician was not bad. The doctor was very kind and so was the rest of the staff.

  210. Margaret Jeffrey 2021/05

    In the past, I had uneventful experiences with this location. But the last time I was in for a visit, one of my ears was stopped up due to allergies. One of the nurses on duty roughly tried to clean them out with a machine. It hurt so much – that instead of one ear hurting, when I left both ears were hurting. She was so insensitive and rude I am changing locations. I don’t trust going in there anymore even though it’s closer to where I stay. The visit to me was so horrendous that I’d rather travel further to another location for my medical care.

  211. Pete Goergen 2021/05

    The courtesy, promptness, and professionalism I received exceeded my expectations.

  212. Diana LB 2021/05

    I am new to the that area and The lady on the phone was ‘very helpful’ to my concerns and needs today.The lady at front desk was nice and cheerful! My nurse was nice to…much needed at a time like this. So thank you to the staff today!!! Got in and got out….🙌😷 …

  213. Marianita Begonia 2021/05

    I have been a patient for the past 5 years and it’s hassle free. The staff is nice, quick and efficient.

  214. Cosmic Ginger 2021/05

    Even with the influx of patients due to COVID-19 testing they do a great job of keeping things moving. They’ve always been very kind, understanding and most every doctor is really good, helpful and thorough. I’m now using this location as my pcp.

  215. Aminah Gomez 2021/05

    Do not go to the place for a simple COVID test. They will charge you for a physician visit even though you only went for a COVID test and wasn’t seen or treated!

  216. luke howard 2021/05

    Very quick and thorough service. Really appreciated the doctor’s demeanor.

  217. Nicole Lederman 2021/05

    All of the staff were extremely competent and kind, and my wait was reasonable. If I do go back to Patient First, I will definitely use this location again.

  218. Desteni Penn 2021/05

    The male x-ray technician who took my vitals/x-rays and PA-C Lawrence Berndt were the most respectful and kind healthcare professionals have ever encountered. God bless them. They made me feel comfortable and at ease despite the pain that I was in. They are wonderful at what they do and I cannot thank them enough.

  219. Kiey Nash 2021/04

    Doctor David Zlotkin was amazing. Very knowledgeable and helpful

  220. Barry Harris 2021/04

    I would tell others about the great care i received.

  221. Tamara Nicely 2021/04

    Great place to go when you are sick. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

  222. Isaiah Tyler 2021/04

    Jammed my finger in a door and went to this patient first to have the finger treated and blood drained. After waiting in my car for over an hour I was taken into the back for treatment and put into a freezing cold room that I had to wait in for over 40 minutes before seeing a doctor. At that point the doctor just kept asking me what I wanted them to do instead of treating me and telling me what was needed. Also after I asked for the blood to be drained from my finger I was told all they could do was splint my finger and give me medicine as they don’t even have the proper tool to drain the blood and told me to go to the emergency room.

  223. Allison Duncan 2021/04

    I have always used Patient First Midlothian Turnpike as my primary care physician facility and am always impressed by the professional manner of all staff, the efficient operating process from intake registration to discharge, and also the congenial warmth the doctors provide which make me feel comfortable and at ease from start to finish. I have already highly recommend the Covid testing procedures to others in case my friends and family needs their services.

  224. nery ortega 2021/04

    Best experience ever , Tiffany treat us really good , best customer service

  225. John Deaton 2021/04

    Dr.s are very friendly and understanding, it’s my primary care facility! Love, love, love it there!!!

  226. Roy Towles 2021/03

    I was most pleasantly pleased with your entire staff’s professionalism and courtesy throughout my entire visit.

  227. Aarik Mickens-Dessaso 2021/03

    Quick and friendly service. Went for Covid-19 testing and was there for maybe 20 minutes from the time I parked to the time I left. Great people in this Patient First!

  228. Dezmen “Snoopy” Brown 2021/03

    This is by far one of the worst locations. I checked in at 632pm and it is now 830. I’ve been sitting here in the back room waiting to be seen by Dr Moore. There were two patients that came to facility for treatment after me but seen before me and are gone! If you are in real need of medical attention and desire common courtesy go elsewhere. Last month I was at this same location and the nurse had to make a referral appointment with another doctor elsewhere. When she called back with the follow up information she called my mother who is listed as an emergency contact and NOT a can be reached. My telephone number has been the same for 20 years and have been seen at Patient first for well over 25 years now. It’s time to go elsewhere. This type of treatment is totally unacceptable. If I didn’t have to leave a star, I wouldn’t have!

  229. Bill Shepherd 2021/03

    Checked in and immediately took my insurance information by a very pleasant staff member. I requested to wait in car due to covid 19 and after about 20 minutes a nurse called my cell phone and met me at the door. They immediately took all my vitals then I sat in the room briefly and Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins came in and checked me over a gave me a diagnosis and a prescription and a referral to a specialist. She was very pleasant and thorough and has a fantastic bedside manner. All in all the Staff at Patient First were very friendly and professional.

  230. James Mcgill 2021/03

    Staff a pleasure to deal with.

  231. Paul Flournoy 2021/03

    Refused to give me a sports physical because I am no longer in high school.

  232. Susan Palmer 2021/03

    This place is great! Friendly receptionists and all medical support staff were excellent. Loved Meghan the NP who saw me. Very pleasant experience and I appreciate all the extra effort the staff put in to make patients feel comfortable during this pandemic. You guys are HEROES!

  233. Anon Ymous 2021/02

    My wife literally just waited there with a suspected sinus infection for 4 hours to be seen by a doctor (whose English was very difficult to understand) who looked at her for 30 seconds (without checking her heartbeat, nose, throat, or testing her for covid, flu, or anything else) and then proceeded to prescribe her antibiotics because their records showed she had sinus infection last year. The doctor claimed they’ve been slammed with COVID cases, don’t go to this place unless you want to expose yourself to COVID without getting any actual assessment from a doctor

  234. Zahir Sahiby 2021/02

    I dont recommend this place.It takes them for ever to register you and see you. I waited more than 2 hours. The worse experience in my life.

  235. Tabatha Cozino 2021/02

    I believe it is very unconstitutional 2 demand that their patient wear masks, it is not a law but only a mandate. Their Fear is not my problem! I don’t have covid-19 because it’s fake! Got people out here running around scared of healthy people! I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask so they had me wear a face shield that was just as bad if not worse as the mask! Just watch, give it till February, and this covid stuff will be gone like it never existed! I guarantee it! It should be your patients constitutional right not to have to wear a mask. As long as they social distance oh, it shouldn’t be an issue!

  236. Drose Drose 2021/02

    Always check your bills. They charged me a late fee for a bill that was never sent.

  237. nikki scamporino 2021/02

    I had a nurse ask me how the “ baby got out” when telling her I miscarried. After that they not only did not treat my problem but didn’t take notes about my appointment so when I called to have my prescription fixed the nurse told me she “didn’t have on file I was on anything.” The doctor never put it in my file. How place wasn’t a disaster I will never go back

  238. Nissi David 2021/02

    Staff was not polite nor accommodating. My wait time was 5 hours and I still was not able to see a physician.

  239. Jennifer Banks 2021/02

    During the registration process, two employees stood directly behind the individual that registered me to be seen. I was not informed about any training or oversight for quality control being conducted. The individual didn’t inform the doctor I was there for a sick visit. The doctor did not exam me until I complained about the visit. The doctor thought I was there for a Covid-19 test. I wasn’t given discharge instructions for a sick visit. The visit was not Patient’s First Standard of Delivering Care.

  240. Snead XO 2021/02

    The staff is very friendly, informative and speedy in handling patients. I would definitely return to this location for treatment.

  241. Milton J Bowman III 2021/02

    Very professional and courteous service. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Every issue and concern was addressed by the attending physician. I would use Patient First again provided i receive the excellent service that I received on my most recent visit which I have no reason to believe would be an issue. I would also recommend to my family and friends. Thank you.

  242. Mytria Adams 2021/01

    To much to pay out of pocket just because you don’t have insurance and you have to have bp pills.

  243. Angie Gilley 2021/01

    Thank you for seeing me so quickly. Everyone here was very professional and nice. I’ll go back if needed and refer anyone that asks

  244. Laurie Valencia 2021/01

    Megan helped with registering my entire family this afternoon. She was unbelievably helpful and so kind!! The level of service was amazing. The staff was equally as awesome. They made my children feel comfortable and were doing an amazing job keeping things sanitized! Thank you so much!!

  245. Tiffany Ward 2021/01

    I went with my son and we were treated very well. All of the staff we encountered were knowledgeable and friendly.

  246. Kari-Anne Paradis 2020/12

    The facility is fine, I am just really confused why masking is enforced after everyone has had the chance to be vaccinated.

  247. Rachel Barlow 2020/12

    Clean facility but the wait time is ridiculous. My boyfriend went in for a COVID test and was told go back out the car and to call the number and press 5 and then was put on hold for 10 minutes and the lady didn’t even remember she had put him on hold.

  248. Kathi Russell 2020/12

    The Patient First Office was very neat and clean. The staff was very professional, friendly, patient and made me feel very comfortable. My wait time wasn’t very long.
    I felt at ease with Dr. Anna Dumont. She explained my test results and what I needed to do in order to heal properly. This location has always been my go to PFO and they have never failed me. Yes I would recommend the North Chesterfield Office.

  249. Keri Buyalos 2020/11

    Fast, caring and informative.

  250. Mary Elliott 2020/11

    Everyone was so nice and helpful even though I was so sick and all I wanted to do is sleep. I love the warm blanket they offered me while I was waiting..Keep up the good work.

  251. Angel Young 2020/11

    I haven’t had any recent issues here

  252. Cyndy Greenacre 2020/11

    I was seen for a wrist sprain and possible small fracture. Dr Priest was great! I felt well cared for during her thorough evaluation. Ms Betinna Fields’s helpfulness and professional but friendly demeanor at check in/out let me know I was getting great care from the start The medical assistant and the lady who took myXray were compassionate and considerate that I was in a moderate amount of pain. I am sorry that I can’t remember their names
    I have been going to thisPatient First for over 20 years; they have always take good care of me

  253. Sylvia Miles 2020/11

    I always get great treatment at Patient First, such wonderful staff members and doctors that work hard to take care of our needs. I highly recommend them.

  254. Mary Deal 2020/11

    Appreciated the kindness showed to me by the entire staff- from check-in all the way through my visit. Thank you!

  255. Joseph L. Annaruma 2020/11

    I was in and out within an hour, the doctor and staff were pleasant and efficient. Overall, I feel great and the cost was very reasonable. Highly recommended

  256. Richard Mandarino 2020/11

    The staff and physicians at the Midlothian Patient First is always very professional and friendly. Dr Greenfield has been my primary physician for nearly 30 years. He has always taken the time to listen to what I have to say and together we decide on what care I need. I trust him and the staff to take care of my medical health. I highly recommend the practice and Dr Greenfield!

  257. Sugerplum 2020/11

    I appreciate the quality and attention paid by staff at this branch so much whenever visiting the clinic. They are also very considerate in responding by phone to any issues that arrive after the visit and tests are completed. I am very happy to have made the choice to use them as my primary care physicians. Thanks to all who work here.

  258. Pedro Colon 2020/11

    Very quick and professional.

  259. HARRY DANIEL 2020/11

    Worst experience ever,my first time using the service, will be my last time, arrived at 12noon,got triaged at 12:30,was specific about if they would be able to drain a cyst on elbow(Popeye elbow), intake said yes, wait in waiting room till 2:50 before was taken in back to the other waiting room,saw Dr at 3pm,she informed me that they don’t do that procedure, very not pleased after I specifically asked intake and showed her a picture,,3hours wasted,AM WAITING TO SEE WHAT THEY WILL BILL MY INSURANCE FOR,MY VISIT SHOULD BE COMPED,

  260. Mina Tz 2020/10

    If you are worried about visiting a clinic (or anywhere!) during the pandemic, you’re like me. I reluctantly had to go anyway, when I had a bad reaction to some medication. But this clinic feels safe and clean, and proper precautions are taken, so that it felt like the last thing on my mind. The intake process was fast for me and only patients are allowed in the waiting rooms. Obviously masks are required and gloves and sanitizer are used. The staff here is really good. They really paid attention to my issues and didn’t rush me out. They were kind and knowledgeable. Nobody did anything to me without asking first, and I think that’s thoughtful and respectful. They knew what to do to help me, and they were patient and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. They brought me a blanket and drink and they gave me time to watch my progress with the meds. Taking the worry about the doctor and the location away really lets you focus on your own health. Here everyone was nice, smart and respectful so I only had to worry about getting better. It seriously makes a big difference. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of urgent care. They accept Medicaid and lots of types of insurance, and I think they can dispense some medications at this location. Dr Samdani is a great doctor, and her staff meet her level. Thanks for helping me today!

  261. Anne Nelson 2020/10

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND Patient First for covid testing. One week after test, still feeling sick, I had to call to track down my results. After calling, press 3 more long messages, press 4 hold, call back or leave message etc. I finally talked to a nurse who informed me my results were sent to someone else by mistake. I’m still not well.m husband went someplace else with same symptoms. Left with a Zpak and got results in 3 days. He feels good now.

  262. Nicole Baisden 2020/10

    Took my husband in to be treated for the flu. The sign in screens were disgusting and had a gross film on them. The lobby was packed full of people. People were blasting music off of their phones and being extremely obnoxious. We waited 30 minutes after signing in and were still not called to give insurance info. At that point we left because I could subject my poor husband to waiting longer on top of people blasting music, talking loud, and acting like they were raised in a barn. Patient First should not be allowing any of this to happen and I will never come here EVER again.

  263. Abdoulaye Dieng 2020/10

    Keep up the great work thank you for everything you all are doing

  264. Morris White 2020/10

    It was great!

  265. Grace james 2020/10

    1st time ever in patient definitely would go there again over er timing was awesome

  266. DKad 2020/10

    I’m glad I had the option to seek a doctor on a Sunday. The staff was very pleasant and the doctor was knowledgeable. I think I was there about 1 1/2 hours Total which can seem like a long time when you’re not well. I think that because I arrived early in the morning that helped keep the wait time down. Overall, it was a better experience than I was anticipating so I’d go back if needed

  267. Karen Mickool 2020/09

    Excellent facility. Great attention to cleanliness and social distancing. Front area staff and medical staff are excellent and very kind and caring. We have been very pleased with Patient First!

  268. Tina Muir 2020/09

    I came to patient first a week after an ER visit for my back. Here they listened to me and actually took the time to properly diagnose. Thank you so much for a great experience!!!

  269. Angel Goode 2020/09

    My TeleMed Visit with Dr. Greenfield was great and very convenient!
    Thank you!

  270. Erich Engel 2020/08

    Very pleasant experience, all the staff was very nice especially the receptionist. I was in and out in an hour and a half and got to wait in my car! Which is a feature I liked. Will be going here for all my urgent care needs. Very clean and professional, well done

  271. Steve Fitzpatrick 2020/08

    I went there today because I have been experiencing difficulty breathing. Upon entering I was told that I would have to wear a mask. I politely informed them I could not since I was having trouble breathing but I was told I would have to wear one anyway. I didn’t know what else to say so I left.

  272. Frank Evans 2020/08

    The staff was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely go back to this location for my medical needs.

  273. BE A CHAMP 2020/08

    Check in is fast and easy, you have to pay before see the doctor, to see the doctor you have to be able to wait at least 2 hours. I’m here from 1:00 pm and is 3:20 and I just pay .

  274. Karen denis Guardado 2020/07

    Cuanto cuesta la prueba yo no tengo dinero

  275. Patricia Green 2020/07

    My Primary care doctor is there & She is Wonderful!!! Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins!!!! Iv also met Sarah who treated me once when Dr Jenkins was & I found that is treated me just as Dr Jenkins would have, without knowing me!! The front staff & nurses I have had the pleasure of being helped by have also been good at helping me!!! As for my opinion it’s a good place to be treated!!!!!

  276. Khaled Najjar 2020/07

    I paid $124 just to talk to a doctor for 5 minutes and check my blood pressure the funny thing that if you don’t have insurance you must pay in advance before you see the doctor. The staff there they all look like angry people they have police attitude I told the doctor that they must change the name from patient first to money first. Very disappointed

  277. Janine Boyd 2020/07

    Everyone was professional and friendly. I had a very short wait time.

  278. Real Sauce 2020/07

    Visit on 11/2. Slow service, no one called me to the back after registration, place was NOT busy, had to leave without being seen. Luckily it wasn’t an actual emergency for me. Would give 0 stars if I could

  279. Emm B 2020/07

    Dr Miller is an outstanding doctor. I will go to this location and see him again. He has great bedside manner and he is aware of autoimmune illnesses. He was patient and kind and educational

  280. Brittany Bernardo 2020/07

    I haven’t even been seen yet but the gentlemen sitting at the front when you first walk in was walking around not wearing a mask.. and if he did have one on it was on wrong.. I already just want to hurry up and get out of here

  281. Deidre Thompson 2020/06

    They are always friendly at this particular facility.

  282. Darlene Dragavon, she, her 2020/06

    Dr Greenfield always listens carefully to me, before making decisions regarding care.

  283. Nalea (Ohthatsnalea) 2020/06

    The check in process is fast , but when they call your name and take you back to the rooms the wait for the doctor is always long ! I’ve been sitting for an hour and half and still waiting and only think I’m here for is for tonsillitis. Last time I came I wait for 3 hours for an doctors ! This definitely not a place to go if you’re looking to get in and get out !

  284. kristin jobe 2020/06

    I am the biggest fan at Patient First from day one. Absolutely everybody there is so professional as well as personable and could not ask for a better group of medical professionals.

  285. Erwin Tecson 2020/05

    Keep up the good work! The doctor and the staff are very nice.

  286. Tony 2020/05

    If you really like waiting, and I mean really like waiting you are going to love it here. You get to wait in so many different places! They will make sure to get your billing information quickly so not much waiting there but just you wait you are in for a good time. Then you get to wait in the lobby for an hour, that was exciting with HGTV the time flies by. Just when you are a few episodes into your new favorite show, your going to get moved to what I can only describe as a soviet era doctors office. Once you are assigned your cell you get to wait here for a minimum of 4 hours. No TV, no outside light, just you ,your phone to write a Google review on and your own thoughts. If you enjoy the parts of amusement parks before the ride where you wait in line, this is the place for you.

    I wish I had just stayed at work and passed away.

  287. Yeamy Pleasants 2020/04

    Excellent doctor, excellent customer Service

  288. Casey Pearce 2020/04

    The doctor and medical assistant were absolutely wonderful. The phlebotomist did a great job when drawing my blood. Her technique was on point! The receptionist was also very nice! Great experience overall and would recommend the Midlothian patient first over the Genito because of the wonderful staff. I appreciate that they took the extra time to make sure each patient was well taken care of!

  289. Andrew Wilson 2020/04

    I can’t say enough great things about this Patient First facility’s health care providers – they are all confident, knowledgeable, professional, experienced, and pleasant. I would not think of going elsewhere for my primary care.

  290. Ashleigh West 2020/04

    The worst Patient First I’ve been to. They can’t comprehend & prioritize the most simple of tasks. Waited for 3 hours just to pee in a cup, when in reality this simple task could’ve been put ahead of many others, considering we could’ve gotten in & out of here in no time… If you want to deal with people who have common sense, & not waste your day away, steer clear of this Patient First.

  291. Andrea Sanders 2020/04

    Worst attitudes of registrants ever. Choose Better Med over these quacks.

  292. Celyon “Shalonness” Fenty 2020/04

    Very convenient.

  293. Andy Sanchez 2020/03

    super clean, friendly employees, and fast service. i prefer to come to this location over a hospital any day.

  294. Alesia Todd 2020/03

    Dr. Moore was very professional, personable and courteous. He was efficient, knowledgeable and attentive to my needs. Would definitely recommend seeing him at Patient First.

  295. Doozie Davis 2020/03

    This Patient First is my go to place when I don’t feel well. The staff (from the person who checks you in to the doctors) are very professional, attentive and they are really nice. I would recommend this Patient First to family, friends and whoever is reading this review 😁 …

  296. Henry Blanton 2020/03

    The lobby was packed! The Staff all around was cheerful and good. The amount of people visiting this location was huge. You could open another location further west on Rt 60 and pack the house there also. Overall experience good. Just incredibly long wait times.

  297. ogpossum 2020/03

    The ‘check-in’ ladies are always positive and easy to work with. Wait time is never fun, but they seemed to be working efficiently and with a great attitude. The Doctor that I saw (Brenda P.) was great. Pleasant, informative and she DIDN’T hurt me…lol. A very messy splinter removal from under my fingernail and she didn’t make me flinch once. Felt very comfortable with the level of care.

  298. Linda Shawhan 2020/02

    The doctors and staff are awesome! I went in after a car accident and was seen fast an treated with care! I would recommend Patient First to anyone for urgent an regular care!

  299. Johnie Greenhill 2020/02

    I appreciate the professionalism. Wait time was less than 10 minutes. The building was very clean. The seating was Covid-19 apropriate.

  300. Cassandra R 2020/02

    The staff is great and very professional. The only concern is the wait time to see a physician. Other than that all else is good!

  301. Chenzira Lynch 2020/02

    Overall, I have no complaints. The staff was courteous and knowledgeable. I appreciate their level of dedication in providing the best medical service.

  302. Cameron Jackson 2020/02

    My card was billed $118 unexpectedly 1 month after visiting this location, which is the main reason for my low review. Would have been nice to have a receipt or discharge slip, I guess I have to ask for that. Wait was long but expected–they were busy and flu season was starting. In the end, this was a waste of my time when I should have been getting rest. They said I had an unknown virus and sent me home recommending the OTC meds I already had. 4 weeks later, I think I’m over whatever it was. It’s been 10 years since visiting Patient First, will probably be another 10. I’ll try another urgent care next time.

  303. V Simmons 2020/02

    Always a warm and courteous experience, they treat me like family

  304. abel guajardo 2020/02

    I wasn’t feeling good so my wife took me to this Patient First. My wife told the doctor that she just had the flu type a last week. I had all the symptoms but no flu test was given. The doc said a had an upper respiratory infection and gave me Tamiflu. The next day I was feeling worse so we went to our PCP Dr Jeff Dodd. He listened to me and gave me a flu test turned out I have the flu type A. Well sometimes connivence doesn’t pay

  305. Brenda Capen 2020/01

    My latest visit was for suspected bronchitis. I was allowed to wait in my car and I was called when it was time for my appointment. I appreciate that they are able to do x-rays, dispense prescriptions, and test for coronavirus as an extra precaution all at the same visit. The staff members were professional and thorough.

  306. Pat Brundidge 2020/01

    Minimal waiting time; staff and physician were polite, knowledgeable, efficient and professional.

  307. Edward G 2020/01

    Support staff seemed very nonchalant about a patient that needed help breathing. It was frustrating not being able to get a full breath, and I’m telling them I cant breathe, and still had to wait just to get my vitals taken so that the doctor will see me. Once the physician got in she was very quick about getting a treatment plan in place and I am thankful that she was there to take charge of the situation. Her support staff that night would benefit to have more of a sense of urgency. After all, patient first is an urgent care facility.

  308. Malik Lee 2020/01

    Very friendly staff. The staff here came in every five minutes to make sure I was okay, even with them being super busy.

  309. Sheila Harris Reyes 2019/11

    I have been visiting this Patient First (PF) for over 20 years. I initially began coming when I worked in the area. I was elated, when I realized that PF performs Primary Care, as well as Urgent Care Services. As a result, I designated a physician at PF to be my PCP. Throughout the years, I have found myself relocated to different areas of the city, often much closer to other sites. However, I have been so impressed with the professionalism, expertise and excellent Customer Service at this particular location, that I have continued visiting this site, although it is at least 15 miles away. I truly appreciate the service that the staff has provided to me throughout the duration of my tenure as a patient at Patient First. I happily recommend you without hesitation to my friends and family.

  310. Amada Cerritos 2019/11

    The staff are very polite HOWEVER, the wait time to be attended by a doctor is ridiculous.

  311. Jay Seees 2019/11

    Fast and courteous patient service. Awesome!!!

  312. Chris Norris 2019/11

    Patient First is at risk of a CYBER SECURITY breach. Please investigate ASAP!!!!

  313. Ariel Gutierrez 2019/10

    Llame y me atendieron gritando muy mal servicio al cliente

  314. Audrey Tapper 2019/10

    If they can’t help you, the Doctors will refer you to someone who can. We love Dr. Greenfield and staff. The wait isn’t usually too long. I agree this is the best location. They seem to care about their Patient’s.

  315. Pamela McNeil 2019/10

    I was very satisfied with my experience at this particular facility. Check in was quick, nurses were friendly & proactive. X-ray tech was friendly & helpful. Lab tech was friendly & quick with her work. Dr. Was very the thorough with her exam & I feel like she was truly interested in my well being. This was a very well run facility & everyone seemed to work together well which is very refreshing in the light of what you usually see in the medical field these days. Thank you to all who had a hand in my care.

  316. Sophia Brown 2019/10

    It was extremely busy/ crowded when I went. That was my first time going to that location, the wait time to see the Dr was terrible. But the quality of service from the treating Dr and staff was excellent. I love Patient first, but won’t go to that location again.

  317. Anam Rashid 2019/10

    Terrible they should prioritize with the severity of the patients condition my son was screaming with pain I had to walk out and go to the hospital after waiting a long time I asked how long it will be the doctor didnt even acknowledge my question I had to walk out and take my son to chippenham hospital where with in 30 minutes we were in and out. Avoid Patent 1st because its terrible place.

  318. Welp Alright 2019/09

    Everything was beyond welcoming fast and efficient. Definitely would recommend and thinking of making this location and Dr. my primary care

  319. pl f 2019/09

    Shocked that I was treated so badly at this location. All the doctors working that morning refused to see me because they had issues about something regarding my treatment but they only made a vague reference to it. I have been seen there a few times before over many years (by other doctors), with no issues.
    The lady taking my blood pressure was very rude to me. She snapped orders at me like I was an animal. I have cognitive difficulties and she treated me like trash. I didn’t understand why she got annoyed at me. She didn’t explain the behaviors required of me during the blood pressure measurement. I would have been happy to comply but she did not give me the information or opportunity to do that. All the medical staff present refused to see me. They had a nurse tell me to leave. I still can’t believe they flat out refused to see me, even though I’ve had no prior encounters with those doctors and no issue with any other doctor there, ever. She said I could come back later to “try” to see any other doctor. I had to work later and couldn’t come back. The medical staff couldn’t even show me the decency to talk to me in person to at least answer my medical questions or concerns. I had to ask the nurse if any of the medical staff would please still talk with me. They treated me like I was not worthy of help or medical care, I had to beg. When Jonathan Pender, a Nurse Practitioner did finally come to my room, he was judgmental and minimized my pain& experience. He talked about himself and dismissed my questions about possible other specialists I was thinking about seeing. He said he’d provide details about medical testing along with other information I could use to obtain the proper care but then he didn’t follow through. He did however provide incorrect information about speech and langue pathology and made it clear that he only recognizes PTSD in veterans NOT

  320. Tinkhani Ushe White 2019/09

    I have been a patient at this location since 1998 and I’ve always been treated with respect and attention no matter how busy it is.

  321. Carlos Merino 2019/09

    I appreciate very much the staff at the Midlothian location because they care about your concerns. Thank you as always!

  322. S Baker 2019/09

    “I was impressed with my recent visit to Midlothian PF. Check-in was very friendly and efficient. I was to the back in no time at all. Both the Nurse and the Doctor that I saw were very nice and quick to accommodate. My expectations were exceeded!”

  323. VintoW 2019/09

    I’ll be the first to acknowledge that usually the staff at Urgent Care clinics is not top tier. The intake process at this facility seemed to take longer than necessary. Some of the process such as history and current medication that intake staff usually handle was left to the primary professional (still not sure if she was an MD or PA). Seemed very tentative on treatment.

    So, very middle-of -the-road experience.

  324. Janelle Smith 2019/09

    Today, June 1, 2019, was the first time I visited the Patient First location on Midlothian in VA. I’m here from MD. The wait was alot longer than I’m used to. Dr Burton was a little inconsiderate to me. EVERY question she asked me she cut me off. For instance she asked me what meds I was taking but as I was answering she cut me off, she asked me what my symptoms were and cut me off as I was answering. I heard her giving her dictation and she filled in the blanks but really didn’t give me the
    opportunity to speak to her to tell her what I was feeling. I felt rushed to say the least. The staff was ok…nothing to jump up and down about.

  325. Karen Michael 2019/09

    I went in with a bad attitude because there was a long wait and I had cut my finger. They were SO NICE there. So helpful, so sweet and the check in person did a check to make sure I wasn’t bleeding too bad (triage). The wait was long (about 2 hours start to finish) because they are busy so it’s not a quick process but they were all working hard and I was really amazed at how wonderful they were – from the check in person who was just so sweet to my nurse to the doctor – all amazing. Highly recommend. Would definitely go back (but hope I don’t have to).

  326. Angelica Batista 2019/08

    Returned back on today Saturday, a nurse named Tazz Carroll was not so polite, placed me in a room which the Dr. advised her if she could switch the room for me & the nurse stated she could still proceed with the other room. I was put in a Gynecologist room when really should’ve been placed in a general room. I’ve been waiting now for 45 mins for someone to see me. So upsetting. I was here on Friday & that team treated me wonderfully.

  327. Vanessa Armstrong 2019/08

    They were very helpful and friendly and make sure I followed up with my primary doctor and told me to come back if my symptoms get worse, the doctor was great.

  328. Your Mom’s Blanket4827 2019/08

    I experienced very fast and efficient service and I loved that. I truly did not expect that. Everyone I interacted with put a smile on my face.

  329. Joel 2019/08

    Have been going to Patient First Midlothian probably over 20 years as they are my Primary Care Physician. The doctors, nurses and support staff are all cordial and professional at all times. You also cannot beat their availability 365 days a year.

  330. Crazy “blahblah” Blah 2019/08

    Waste of time and money. Avoid at all costs.

  331. Shawn Wilson 2019/08

    The xray technician needs work on her people skills. Remember she at work dealing with people who have concerns and/or are sick.

  332. Deborah Roberts 2019/08

    Dr. Moore was great! Evening lab staff so kind. I was very cold and she brought me a warm blanket. The receptionists are calm and professional.

  333. Temeka Turner 2019/08

    The staff is very friendly and helpful. The location is in a great spot. I have been going here for years. I will continue going there to help me and my family feel better.

  334. Ray Hudson 2019/08

    Dr. Daniel Moore was absolutely great! My wife and I were on the Midlothian side of town on a date and unfortunately my pain led me here. I was leary because I’ve never been to this location. However, the front desk staff was really pleasant and I went to the back area immediately. I did wait for over an hour to see the doctor, but it wasn’t too bad for a Friday night as I’ve waited much longer with worse experience at the horrible Short Pump Patient First location.

    Dr. Moore was very attentive, knowledgeable and his bedside manner was top notch! My wife was also very pleased with him. He even discussed with us our physician referral options and considered our preferences. He gave me the appropriate prescription for my pain and treatment. He even drew blood to do a test to determine or rule out a diagnosis. None of the Patient Firsts have ever done that for this recurrent problem. He even examined me for flat feet and took a thorough examination of my knee and foot. He didn’t just ask me what’s wrong and throw medication at me like most of the others MDs at other Richmond Patient First locations.

    Dr. Moore was a pleasant surprise and I’d have to say the best of Patient First to date.

  335. Renee Hill 2019/08

    Having recently moved back to Richmond I was not able to get an immediate appointment with my previous doctor. I needed treatment for sinusitis so decided to try Patient First on Midlothian Turnpike. I expected a long wait but was signed in, treated and out with meds in hand in under 45 minutes! Plus the offices were very clean and everyone was cordial and professional. Highly recommend this location!

  336. Donna Johnson 2019/08

    The staff is friendly and accommodating. I came in on crutches struggling and was offered a wheel chair prior to starting registration. As soon as registration was completed a chair was retrieved. The Medical Assistant showed exceptional care in ensuring that I stayed within my capabilities so as not to further exasperate my injury. Yet again a quality example of care. The doctor ensured that left with a clear understanding of the change in my medication and what side affects to look for. Another example of taking pride in providing top level service. Overall this was a great visit.

  337. Kimberly Morrissey 2019/07

    I wish there was a rating for NEGATIVE 10 STARS, or even A ZERO. Dr. Moore has been great, but my experience with the accounting practices here and the wait times are BEYOND UNACCEPTABLE. I gave the patient accounts department several opportunities to rectify the situation, and the person just reiterated my need to PAY A BALANCE I WAS PREVIOUSLY TOLD WAS ZERO — THREE TIMES OVER!. This is the WORST urgent care I’ve EVER been to and I will NEVER set foot in any patient first (huh! More like patient LAST) EVER AGAIN. If you want to roll the dice with your time and money, feel free. I don’t have enough of either to ever risk it again with this place. And before I get an auto reply wanting to discuss this more, your staff already rendered this null and void, a moot point. Have a nice day, and now I’ll wait to see how long it takes for my account to be credited, as the person at the facility has the information showing I was informed of a zero balance- AGAIN, THREE TIMES- prior to being seen today. I will make certain no one i know ever comes here expecting accurate charges and accounting practices… that simply does not exist here.

  338. Diane L. Harris 2019/06

    Every experience I’ve had at Patient First Midlothian has been 100% positive. It’s convenient and reasonably priced and every staff member has been great.

  339. Murray Ellison 2019/06

    Dr. Scott Greenfield is the most Patient ans Knowledgeable Doctor in Richmond. He has been my Primary Doc for more than 30 years. He is an Institution.

  340. Patricia Kelley 2019/06

    The intake associate was very efficient. The nurse was efficient & informative with the vitals. The physician listened & was on point with the diagnosis & medication treatment.

  341. James Lee Kidd Jr 2019/06

    A very good place for services

  342. Sandra Shearn 2019/06

    The staff in general are amazing but the true Rockstars are Tiffany and the other young lady whose name escapes me right now!!! I know the amount of people they see must be overwhelming but they never cease to amaze me – they have remembered my name! And they have such amazing personalities! Thank you!!

  343. Christina Canfield 2019/06

    Took my 3 year old for a possible ear infection… the staff was very friendly and it took no time to be seen

    The nurse was very gentle with my toddler and explained everything that she was doing and the doctor “checked” the toddlers stuffed monkey first to show what she would do with my toddler

    The only downside was that the doctor seemed a bit rushed… but it being an urgent care I don’t think it was that big a deal

    Overall everyone was nice and it was a good experience

  344. nitaj 2019/06

    Went to this location on July 1 because of allergic reaction. Eye was puffy and swelling. Dr Greenfield prescribed an antihistamine. On July 2, after the swelling had gotten worse, I went to ER and was prescribed prednisone and a higher dosage antihistamine. Nurse gave me a dosage of both medications in the ER. After waiting a while for observation, the nurse noticed a slight decrease in the swelling. Dr. at Patient First should have prescribed a steroid on my first visit. Had to spend more time and money on a second opinion when something as basic as an allergic reaction should have been taken care of on my first visit. Needless to say, I will not be returning to this location.

  345. Vincent Abbott 2019/06

    I use this location as my regular doctor and if I need medical attention immediately but not in an emergency situation. Recently needed xrays to ensure I didn’t break anything. Always extremely personable, helpful, and efficient. When needed they follow up to check on medical status.

  346. MQm James 2019/06

    Awesome professional and thorough staff and doctors on 4/27/19. Everyone was upbeat and knowledgeable at 10pm. I wish Leesburg Patient First was this courteous.

  347. Cristal Lake-Sanders 2019/06

    Walked in to get a Physical/Wellness Exam for a Health & Wellness Incentive program through my husband’s work and couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience. From the person I called and spoke with before I even went to the location to the person who checked me in to the Medical Assistant who took my vitals to the doctor with whom I met and the nurse who gave me my flu and tetanus shots, EVERYONE was super professional, very friendly, and extremely helpful. Would definitely recommend Patient First, esp. the location on Midlothian Turnpike, near Buford Rd.

  348. Shirley Williams 2019/06

    Patient First and I are 20 years strong.
    Dr Greenfield is my PCP. He’s wonderful.
    The entire staff is always courteous.
    They deserve 10 stars. Highly recommend.

  349. Catherine West 2019/06

    This practice keeps growing in what is offered to the patient. While waiting, I read a sign about offering use of charging station and other interesting offers. I do not know of any other medical who offers these amenities. Dr. Greenfield has a wonderful bedside manner and listens to his patients.

  350. Mikhail Strogonov 2019/05

    Absolutely outstanding service! I would recommend to anyone, and people as nice as they can be always always there for you in time when you need it most.

  351. Jackie Debois 2019/05

    I certainly felt better then when i got there. I feel that they took good care of me. And sent me home with medicine that I needed to get better. They are a good establishment. The doctors and nurses were wonderful I’m very pleased with my visit.

  352. Lorimi Almodovar Morales 2019/05

    Very Fiendly, Staff.
    Thanks For Everything!

  353. Lindsey White 2019/05

    Your office was probably one of the best offices i have ever visited. Everyone was extremely friendly, your facility was spotless and the time it took me to get in and out was amazing. You all are doing a great job and i would drive further just to come to this facility because i had such a great experience.

  354. Ruth Sangiuliano 2019/04

    I had a good experience at Patient First. I appreciate the hours and really like the doctor. The office staff went out of their way to help me with an insurance cost issue. They were patient and solved the problem. I felt that they were professional and took time to assist me with my medical issue and insurance question with cost. The appointment took longer but it was only because they are thorough and make sure you have medications when you leave so you don’t have to drop off and wait.

  355. Tulio Graciano 2019/04

    I’d give 5 stars to these guys because whenever I needed them, they were very efficient and helpful. The reason I give only 3, however, is because when I called the “visit charges department” and asked how much I owed, this guy named Justin basically refused to help.

    First he said I could find that on a piece of paper that they gave me when I came in 3 weeks ago. I told him the only thing I had was a referral to a specialist, my diagnostic and a prescription, and asked if he could look it up for me. Then he said “I can try but I don’t think I’m gonna have access to that information”, and placed me on a hold. He came back 1 minute later saying he doesn’t have the info but if I called the patient account, they would be able to help me. Then I asked him if he could transfer me. He said no and told me to write down the phone number. I wrote it down and double checked before dialing. I thanked him and wished him a good day. He said “no problem and hung”. Then I dialed right away only to find out that the number he gave me was wrong. Besides that, he sounded moody during the only entire call.

    I called again to the same department, but spoke with Meghan this time. She not only told me how much I owed instantly but also asked me if I wanted to be transferred to the patient account department to set up a payment plan. Thank you, Meghan. You have great customer service skills.

  356. It’sMeFiji 2019/03

    Horrible place. You will be waiting 2 or more hours just to get a physical done. Seriously the worst. I’ve been waiting from 3:30 and now its 6:28 and im still waiting. Not coming back!

  357. John Hawkins 2019/03

    As always, Patient First has exceeded my expectations and provided me with an outstanding experience. I came at a very busy time but was still seen relatively quickly the staff was very friendly and very helpful. They even had a cell phone charger which was a huge Plus thank you again for a great experience

  358. Betty Sanderson 2019/03

    I got excellent care there. Dr. Christopher Jones and Dr. Scott Greenfield are excellent doctors,the
    staff are wonderful too. The doctors are experienced,intelligent
    and have a good bedside manner.
    I would highly recommend going

  359. Sam Early 2019/03

    Outstanding service! The staff are all very friendly and professional, and my doctor seemed to have my best interests at heart.

    I am relieved to have found such a well-organized and kind office to manage my healthcare needs in the future.

  360. Dorota Petty 2019/03

    I had to use their services on a Tuesday. Went the first thing in the morning but was 8th in line. To my surprise the line moved really fast. Ladies at the front desk are very efficient. I ended up being in and out within less than 1 hour. Doctor’s (saw dr. Moore) and medication were on point. I followed his recommendation and by the next morning I was soooo much better. All the pain and symptoms I’ve been fighting for a week at that point, started fading. Thank you! So glad we have such a great facility within a mile from the house.

  361. Nelda Hall 2019/02

    The nurse and doctors were really good they checked me and I had bronchitis the prescription help me feel better.

  362. B. Lee 2019/02

    Went to have ears cleaned. Waited 1 hour in medical room before being seen. (At registration, they should communicate if short-staffed and/or running behind) Then, 2 more hours for cleaning. Finally, doc suggests putting softening agent in my ear for 15 minutes, which did the trick. After severe pain, I had to wonder, where was this idea 2 hours prior? However, the assistant and Dr. were very patient, considerate, and personable.

  363. heil b radar 2019/02

    Went here for work related infection. They clear that up quickly. On my way ! Thanks

  364. Megan jpk 2019/02

    I waited forever! It took them 3 hours to put a steri strip on my arm. It’s almost as if they forgot about me in the little side room they stuck me in. I wouldn’t recommend this location, and I will not be returning.

  365. T Blake 2019/02

    I just left there. I received prompt service and medical attention. Dr Thakor was very professional and attentive. She has great patient care

    . She diagnosed the problem by test and blood work. I was in and out in 50 minutes. The staff was great.

  366. Jeaux Royale 2019/02

    I had a great experience visiting patient first. The staff was beyond friendly, I felt like the staff got me in and out. Wonderful experience!

  367. Peter Alvey 2019/02

    Everyone there was polite and professional. The wait was short.

  368. Garland Swartz 2019/01

    Patient First has excellent and very Courteous personel. I have always thought of them very helpful and efficient providing the best help possible on a timely basis.

  369. Bobby Shiro 2019/01

    I had a good experience overall.I was checked in quickly and everyone was nice. I ended up seeing a P.A. and he was very thorough. Once I was seen I was out of there in 10 minutes. It was nice to get my meds on site as well so I did not have to go to the pharmacy.

  370. Walter Fick 2019/01

    Was in town on business and came down with a bad ear infection. Had the best urgent care experience of my life here! Fast, friendly, and caring staff took care of me and had me on my way to recovery! Can’t say enough great things about my experience!

  371. Patricia Brown 2019/01

    You have to wait so long when you get to the back for the doctor and all of the doctor are not good

  372. Vanessa Jones 2019/01

    Horrible horrible horrible place for medical care. I arrived at this location before two p.m. was checked in immediately and money taken for prior services not paid. That was the extent of the the Patient First service received. I sat in room six for 40 minutes without being checked on cared for or even thought about. Yes, wow right!

    When opening the curtain to room six and speaking to one of the fou (4) women just sitting the kiosks and stating that I was leaving the mood was go out that way. No, I’m sorry let me see if I can get some type time line for yiy.

    If you are sick and need “patient first” Care. Go to better med or the emergency room to actually be seen

  373. Sierra Payne 2019/01

    Second time coming here. Always had spectacular nurses. The first time I came in for a migraine/back pain and the doctor was a little older and very receptive and asked what I did to maybe cause the back pain and then gave me ample information about my ailments. The second time I came in for a cough that’s been going on for a while and back pain again. This time the doctor was mid to late 40s with a salt and pepper beard and he reluctantly gave me an xray and then told me to have a good day-no further questions about my back or otherwise. I’ve now been sitting in the waiting room for the better part of 30 minutes because nobody has notified me if I’m done or not. The location is okay, but I’m definitely asking who’s on shift next time.

    UPDATE- I had a wonderful mid 30s, female Indian doctor (I feel terrible I can’t remember her name for the life of me) who took over while I was there. The way she treated me was a complete turn around-listened to me, asked questions and provided helpful information for my back! Thank you for making my sick day go over a bit smoother!

    UPDATE- To the doctor who literally only listened to me for 5 seconds and then took a chest xray and didn’t want anything to do with me after that. Well I now have about $200 coming out of my paycheck because you obviously can’t use a stethoscope for 5 seconds and actually listen to me, like your colleague did. Because of that I’m short $200 this week. You should have $200 deducted from your check for absolutely no reason. If I ever go in there again I will be sure to tell you to get on your way and treat someone else. You are the type of doctor people have to be cautious of because you dont listen, pretend like I’m making it up, and then waste my time and money. Please find a different career.

    To people looking to get treatment here, I’ve had my good experiences but you obviously have to look out for this doctor. He’s the only one I’ve met to charge more for treatment which may not have even been necessary, but idk how many more doctors work here who operate like that.

  374. Sable Grayson 2019/01

    My doctor was amazing and really took his time with me. The receptionists were also very kind and not dismissive or rude like I have experienced at other urgent care centers. Thank you for listening!

  375. Kenneth Martin 2019/01

    Very professional. All the women in there are fine

  376. Karon Jackson 2019/01

    Worst medical care center, poor patient care, dont go to this center you’ll be wasting your time, health, and money !!!!!!!

  377. Queen me 2019/01

    I had a pleasant experience after such an unfortunate accident. They helped me to relax and it was convenient that they sent the prescription to the pharmacy right next door. I will definitely recommend this location!

  378. Claudia Serna 2018/11

    The waiting is horrible! Over two hours waiting and still no doctor. The service is terrible.

  379. Nata Beats 2018/11

    Very kind staff. Hardly any wait time and the doctor was very helpful.

  380. Arash Riazi 2018/10

    Doctors and nurses are great hiwever accounting departm is trible. My account has been sent to colletions with no fault of my own. And with their email system you cannot keep record of the email since it delets every few days. Storry short. I did wellness check whuch it should have been completely free or covered by my insurance but They messed up my account with Lab and they did not fix the issue since november of 2017 now my bill for 40 dollars is gone to collection again.
    And Last year i paid my copay in person they had my credit card they billed me again and they said it was for something else. I went inside and I paid IN PERSON but I still had to pay collection fee of $40 on 20 dollars copay to get the collection agency off my back even my account was paid.

  381. Charles S 2018/10

    Great urgent care experience. Second time at Patient First, first time at this location. Came in after 8pm on a Saturday when all other urgent care centers in the area were closed. Check in was very quick and efficient. They called me back soon after and did initial vitals check. Waited a little while for the doc, but expect that at any urgent care. Doctor was thorough, nice and also quick. Gave me prescription and got me out the door. They even let me know that their internal pharmacy wasn’t in my prescription insurance plan, so would be cheaper to fill at the 24 hr Walgreens or CVS (both next door to this place). Overall would definitely recommend.

  382. James Cane 2018/10

    The doctor was very considerate and had an exceptional bedside manner. He explained everything and answered all my questions. I wish more doctors were like this!

  383. M U 2018/10

    This facility needs to be checked for cleanliness. The doctor that was seeing my son said we would most likely catch the flu now since we were in a room where more than 10 other patients had been with the flu. Apparently the rooms aren’t sanitized or cleaned after every patient. They don’t even change the paper cover on the patients bed and there was even a needle left on a tray, tissues and paper work scattered on the floor. How is this facility not being monitored. You go in for an allergy reaction and come out with the flu or a norovirus. It’s appalling that no one is reporting how filthy this facility is.

  384. Zenaida Rice-Nelson 2018/09

    All staff that dealt with me were extremely kind and very professional.

  385. Chelle S 2018/09

    This place should only be used for urgent care matters (i.e. broken bones, flu or flu shots), and not as a place for regular health care. My last visit, I was there for 4 hours and my issues were not addressed at all.

  386. james hubbard 2018/08

    I was expecting the long wait you get from going to the emergency room but my visit was very pleasant and I was out of Patient First within an hour

  387. Melissa Salvador 2018/08

    Dr. Jenkins is a rock star! She has the uncanny ability to drill right down to solve your medical issue. Great bedside manner. I just can’t say enough about her. Definitely a highly valuable employee of Patient First!

  388. Joe Garofolo 2018/08

    Tiffany and Seymour make PF feel like you’re visiting your family doctor’s office. Very warm and caring.

  389. Jay 2018/07

    Contrary to my original believe, I was in and out fast, which is good. I am not giving 5 starts because their sympathy was not existing. I felt like a hazard and an inconvenience for them. Felt like they just did the bare minimum to get me in and out and still comply with requirements.

  390. Alan Crawford 2018/06

    Had a great experience. Staff was friendly and helpful. Didn’t have to wait too long. Loved having the pharmacy service in-house saving me time. Will definitely use again.

  391. Christopher Cayton 2018/05

    This was the best Patient First I’ve been too. They were quick and the staff was EXTREMELY pleasant! I will definitely go back to this location!

  392. Ava Hinton 2018/05

    I went to MedExpress to be treated initially and although the administrative staff, triage nurse and the Xray tech was very nice, I felt rushed and devalued by the doctor on duty. I was poked a few times by her and given some prescription meds and sent on my way. That’s when I knew that I needed to come to Patient First. At PF I am always met with kindness and compassion whenever I come in from the front office to the Medical Assistant, to the Xray Techs to the doctors themselves. Dr. Jenkins was an absolute Doll. She listened to my concerns and gave me some great some suggestions as to how to handle the pain. I will NEVER go anywhere else. Yeah the other place (MedExpress) may be newer and prettier, but Patient First always put patients first and that feeling of being cared about as a “person” and not a “piece of meat” is something money can’t buy! A million thanks to you!

  393. Kirsienyc 2mia 2018/05

    I was treated quickly upon being a walk in for severe back pain. The P.A. that saw me was knowledgeable, professional and warm. I left there with prescriptions for my issues as well as referrals to other physicians. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone.

  394. Michelle Hayes 2018/05

    First, the wait time was awful. As usual, patient first has no sense of urgency. My issue is them holding my credit card information and then charging me $152 dollars as my bill a month after my visit. I did not receive that bill in the mail. It was just taken out of my accout, resulting in an overdraft fee. The intake lady told me I would have to authorize larger payments (she said over 20 dollars), so I felt fine leaving my info with them. So I call, and the billing lady told me there’s nothing she can do because I signed a waiver, and it is not her fault I did not get the letter. I should have a say so when I am billed such a high amount. Also, everyone is just rude. And the doctor that treated me kept preaching at me. I am not at a religious hospital. This is patient first, leave that at home. Will NEVER go back. I would rather wait hours in an ER.

  395. Anthony Byrne 2018/04

    Sometimes they are overwhelmed by the amount of people they have to see but the doctors are always nice and attentive. They may be quick but they always seem to do what is best to get you back on your feet.

  396. Chris Mears 2018/04

    I did not like the nurses at all, 1st of all, one of them was yelling at people in the waiting room, when a kid was crying she yelled at him to stop crying in “her” office, the nurse who took me into my room was disrespectful.

  397. Gus Pecunia 2018/04

    Well organized, friendly and compassionate staff

  398. Sharon Eliasek 2018/04

    They suck, they wouldn’t even give me a flu test because I felt nauseous. Why are advertising this service.

  399. rooby doobie 2018/04

    It was great the receptionist tiffany was amazing and the doctor was very informative, the wait wasn’t too long and everyone seemed to have a smile for being around sick people all day, what more could I ask for!!

  400. Wayne M 2018/04

    Dr. Jones was outstanding!
    Everyone that I spoke with was also excellent.
    Had to wait a bit after I was admitted but there were patients there before me so it’s not a issue.
    The care I received was excellent.

  401. Ashley 2018/03

    The staff are awesome here. They have such compassion, personality, and caring spirits. Priscilla (intake staff) had a very calming sweet presence. Dr. Jones was simply awesome, encouraging, knowledgeable, thorough, and straight-to-the-point.
    My only recommendation is for the nurses to have a place separate from the patient exam area for their personal conversations. I heard a bit more than I probably should’ve concerning their personal views about people.
    But nevertheless, I highly recommend this patient first for the medical care and excellent bedside manner they possess.

  402. angelique moore 2018/03

    The friendliest, most efficient Patient First staff I have had the pleasure of meeting.

  403. Mary Graham 2018/02

    It was quick and easy and out in less then a hour.

  404. Amy Via 2018/01

    I had a great experience at the Midlothian Patient First (if you can really feel “great” while being sick). I had TMJ/TMD and was in a decent amount of pain, but didn’t have to wait too long to go back into a room and be seen by the physician. I think I was there for a total time of about an hour, and they were very busy, so I feel it was reasonable. Mike Murray was the physician who saw me. He actively listened to what my symptoms were and ruled out an ear infection, and then explained what TMJ is. I really appreciated that, even though he saw me quickly, he took the time to explain what the condition was and prescribed good, effective medications that helped relieve the symptoms in a couple of days.

  405. H K 2018/01

    Dr. Murray’s bedside manner was exceptional! He was so pleasant and thorough in his exam. The nurses and front desk staff were also very sweet, patient, and efficient. I also had to call back for issues with a prescription and they were super helpful. I’ve visited another Patient First and didn’t have the greatest experience so I was a bit hesitant, but definitely impressed with this location. I wish it wasn’t so far from my home!

  406. angi shaffer 2018/01

    I have been a patient at the Midlothian Turnpike office, have always received good care from Doctor Jones, and especially Doctor Greenfield. I have spent five hours there twice, but I would rather go see those two doctors, because they explain everything to you. I have been going there for at least two years. Tried to find an internist, or regular primary care, wasn’t satisfied with their bedside manner and not explaining the medical issues that I have.

  407. destiny b 2018/01

    It takes to long ..where are all the doctors at…I have been waiting for more than an hour…its also expensive..make that 3 hours

  408. Briana 2018/01

    My son was seen by Dr. Shazia Samdani apparently she only checked him for the flu. She claimed he was fine and he didn’t have anything. He had been coughing, sneezing with an on and off fever all weekend. We couldn’t wait for his pediatrician on Monday so we took him in to patient first. She said he was fine had no flu but probably would catch the flu now since we were there. Was she implying that your facility is a health hazard? Probably so, judging by how some of the patient rooms were being kept. Needless to say we paid for a useless visit because she didn’t do anything at all for my son. But the next morning we took him to his pediatrician something just didn’t feel right and his pediatrician diagnosed him with pneumonia. If we had gone by your physicians words our son would have gotten worse. This is unacceptable what kind of sorry excuse for doctors do you have working in your facility. Not thoroughly checking patients and just telling them they’ll catch something else by just being there? Seems to me she needs better training in medicine and patient care her bed side manners are horrendous.

  409. Jambu Krishnamurthy 2017/11

    Great first experience! I love the place! Everything was good, right from the receptionist to the specialists and the doctor! Awesome coordination among various entities! Blood drawing did not hurt at all! Blood work results came so fast!
    All in all I would give 100 stars if possible!

  410. Eastern-Reliability Technolgy-Group 2017/11

    Only get 1-star because it’s Google’s lowest rating. IF YOU ARE A RETIRED DON’T EXPECT TO GET HELP HERE. Even with a documented chronic pain they will take your money and waste your time but they won’t help you with a Rx refill. It’s sad that TriCare even refers veterans!

  411. Ava Hinton 2017/10

    Always a great experience when i come to Patient First. The staff is kind, personable, patient and knowledgeable. I always feel well taken care of whenever i come there.

  412. Laura Whaley 2017/09

    Staff were very thoughtful. Although, I had to wait awhile to actually see the Doctor (about 45-minutes), I found Dr. Jones to be very kind and thorough.

  413. Juan Carlo Castiil0 Alvarez 2017/09

    Por muy bueno.exlente.

  414. nesh jefferson 2017/09

    My service day was very excellent professional

  415. Barbi Partlow 2017/08

    Excellent doctors, PA’s and support staff. I would not hesitate to recommend this Patient First location! I was very impressed with the PA that saw me.

  416. Melissa Rawls 2017/08

    Everyone was professional, friendly and helpful. Will go back if I need their services.

  417. Just Chris 2017/08

    Patient first.. not really, I’ve never been treated that way I had been, straight up accused of cancelling an appointment despite proof of a confirmed appointment by voicemail, was also told I was “screwed as far as pain goes”. My Dr from Texas would NEVER have done that to me. One Dr in particular not too happy with, and had to beg for help (literally) to a female Dr. My insurance was screwed up, and they rotate Dr there like women rotate hairstyles, NOT good. So as a result of this “rotation of providers” I got flagged. Unacceptable. You made me wait over and hour to be seen, then accused me of something I didn’t do, when you finally came to see me, even had proof, and told me I’m screwed.. is this how you treat patients?

  418. Dexter Ramey 2017/07

    Patient First is a place I go when I can’t get to my PCP, but that does not mean quality of service is lowered at all. On Sunday 11/29/17 I showed up one sick man. From the receptionist all the nurses, the doctor all top notch. Took the time to explain everything and answer my questions. Yes the wait is normally longer than you own doctor, but they work as efficently as they can to process and heal

  419. nishabahen patel 2017/06

    Dr.jones is very very nice doctor ,

  420. Henry Bulifant 2017/06

    Always get service, try to go when the parking lot is not full. There are best times to go during the day.

  421. Giriraj Dave 2017/06

    Went in for an eye emergency and the doctor couldn’t tell what the problem was (other than saying that it looked like a possible case of conjunctivitis). They sent us to Chippenham Hospital (which was another joke btw, but that’s another story). We feel as if we were bilked, because I am pretty sure I would be paying a hefty bill for the visit that was worthless in my view.

  422. Alexa Boyer 2017/06

    We waited over an hour once placed in a room, and the staff basically wouldn’t acknowledge us and we saw many people who came in after us get treated and leave before we even got seen. Would not come back.

  423. Teresa McBean 2017/06

    When I go here it is usually with an acute issue that my primary care physician isn’t available to handle quickly. I appreciate the excellent care, friendly care providers and expertise I have experienced. Do you have to wait? Sometimes but it is a walk-in facility! I willingly wait for the time and attention I am given once seen.

  424. Dee Lee 2017/05

    The doctors and nurses were fast and efficient. They were knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs.

  425. Robin Ripley 2017/05

    The doctors and nurses have our whole family’s upmost respect.
    They all greet us by name and they even saved my husbands life years ago when he had a bad reaction to a wasp bite it was closing his airwave then my Husbands aunt went they discovered something was wrong with her lungs she had a cysts blocking 2 thirds her lung you sent her to get the MRI after you saw the x rays then I have been sick many times you gave me fluid when I was dehydrated and also when I came in my nightgown because I was too sick to get dressed one look at my purple fingertips and off to the hospital. I was in respiratory failure so yes we love Patient
    First and the people that work there and yes as you can see we trust them with all out family members they have always came been there for us and even after we moved we still went to that Patient First and will continue to do so for all my favorite faces and the loving hearts that the whole Patient First on Midlothian has. I am not planning on going anywhere else for our family’s private care because I love them and I want the best for them.

  426. Bri'Onna Taylor 2017/05

    Nurse Crawley is the best…!! That dr was kinda rude when dealing with a child….

  427. Wendy Ealding 2017/05

    Long wait (1+ hours) in exam room before I was seen with no idea what was going on. Finally got to see PA Mike Murray, who is excellent, this helped to offset the long wait. Receptionist Tiffany is a very nice lady, kind and compassionate and friendly.

  428. Felicia Shelton 2017/04

    Professional service and always good for fast and quick response to emerency medical needs that are not too extensive in nature.. I would refer this to anyone in need of quick medical assistance.

  429. Roxanna Payne 2017/04

    Fast and effective diagnosis. So glad I stopped and dealt with my issue at this Patient First

  430. Alex Jones 2017/04

    The people are nice, but you will have to wait and it could be a long time depending on what you are there for.

  431. Eric Gehler 2017/04

    Got in, 30 minutes to the back room,still got to back room yeah, now the real wait begin’s.. 25 minutes in back room waiting to see the dr for first time. The bad thing is we expect it. Joked with wife when leaving at 4 PM I would be back around 8 pm

    Tick tick No Doc. 45 Minutes in back room not seen yet.

    Awesome PA showed up 50 minutes into ordeal. She’s was great. Staff was great. waiting sucks. 2 houses to out door at patient first.

    Update, 2 months later, still had symptoms and complained out my ear ache, went to real doctor and he pulled the plastic ear bud out of my ear. That the patient first missed twice when looking and me saying there is something in my ear like an ear bud or something. Patient first, horrible it

    Fawn, you acknowledge the bad waiting experience but didn’t seem to address the horrible medical attention I received, nor the pain and additional suffering I went through because your Dr, didn’t see the EAR bud that was stuck in my ear after telling them twice I known one is stuck there and that’s why I came in. Your staff, ethics and general practice is a disgrace.

    Also buying those fake 5 star reviews by no face icon names with only 1 review, (this 5 star without a comment) in all the same month time frame to attempt to bolster your ratings, is not only obvious, but shows the incompetence of this entire facility, staff, marketing and ownership. Fawn, I assume by now you have left the company or have been fired,.

  432. Lakia Woods 2017/04

    The front desk receptionist was very quick with entering my into the system. All in all my visit didn’t take long and the entire staff was pleasant.

  433. Zerita Padgett 2017/03

    Intake was done very quickly. I had nearly no wait time to see doctor. I was in & out in about 20-30 minutes. Service was A+.

  434. sonja Author 2017/03

    I came in rather late from out of town, and the entire staff was so kind, professional, truly concerned about my health and not what time it was. Working with eye surgeons over 20 years, I can tell who cares about the patient and who’s around for a paycheck. Your very lucky to have such a great team in my opinion. The doctor made me comfortable right away which dies not happen often for me. Grest unfortunate experience.

  435. Chandler Hawn 2017/02

    Went there to pull a moth out of my ear. Almost no waiting time, open late, Dr. Christopher didn’t amazing job.

  436. Leah Oliver 2017/02

    You might have to wait long, but it is so worth it. I had first went to another urgent care who medicated me wrong. However when i came to Patient First the doctor was able to tell me how the other urgent care mess up. Pluse give me something for my sickness. After just one day from my visit, I feel ten times better. So thankful for the skilled and knowldgeable doctors there.

  437. Tarsharn Robertson 2017/02

    Didn’t know that I was going to have to wait 45 minutes in the waiting area, then another hour in the back. All for the doctor to come in and say “I will let the nurse know you are ready for you PPD”…..really when she could have stacked me while getting my vitals. Really don’t wanna go back to get it read, that might take 2hrs, but can’t start working until I get it done. Maybe if I go right before closing??

  438. Cindy Spain 2017/02

    I was very nicely surprised by my visit. I have favorite care providers, including Mike Murray, P.A. and Christopher Jones, M.D. but when my usual choice was overly popular, I had the good fortune to meet a new (to me) P.A.-C, Shannon Scott and was very pleased with my good fortune.

  439. Benjamin Xx 2017/02

    Yes, I had to wait about an hour. But, the wait just depends on the number of people that show up when you do. I got my bp, wt, etc taken, then an X-ray, then the PA examined me, and gave me an antibiotic that was filled there. All in all, it took me about an 1 and 1/2 hrs. I thought they did a nice job (I got better). What I really HATE is when I have an appointment and it still takes an hour and all the patients in the waiting room had the same appointment time as I did.

  440. Francisco III. O. 2017/01

    Very good staff, they answered all my questions and help me with all the information . No waiting time.

  441. Sharran Jamison 2017/01

    My personal opinion, this is the best location. Amazing staff.

  442. Jackie 2017/01

    Everyone there was so nice and polite. Doctor Jones took a lot of time to explain everything and I appreciate how thorough he was.

  443. Stephanie Vehrs 2016/11

    In and out in less than 20 minutes with prescriptions called into the CVS across the street. Great experience.

  444. Sharon Martinez 2016/10

    Dr Somerville is simply the best

  445. Mike 2016/09

    Rude nurses, doctor texting while we spoke…

  446. Julia Parker 2016/09

    Great expericence! Everyone was nice and sweet!

  447. Lisa Thach 2016/09

    long wait for the doctor to get back while waiting in the room forever for test results but everyone there was caring and kind esp Dr muminovic she awesome and easy to talk to anyone would be lucky to have her as your dr.

  448. Austin Crowe 2016/09

    My aunt went there several months ago due to severe morning headaches. After blood tests and the like the doctor insisted she was having stress headaches. This week she went to the ER with the continuing headaches. Finally, she was given an MRI and a large tumor was found at the base of her skull. Emergency surgery was successfully performed; no thanks to this facility.

  449. Samantha Tuz 2016/08

    The staff in the front is very nice and helpful but I feel like I’m waiting at an extremely packed ER. I waited over an hour the first time I came in and had to leave because of work. When I returned an hour later, they had a screw up in their system so once again, I’m waiting even longer…

  450. Lore DeAstra 2016/08

    Excellent staff – Physicians, Nurses, Administration and Lab. Can’t say enough good things about this truly caring facility, that has saved my life on more than one occasion. Such is life of an active person!

  451. Dennis Flannery 2016/07

    I’ve been sitting here in the examination room now for 50 minutes. I think I’m ‘ patient last ‘. I poked my head out at the 30 minute point and asked if I had been forgotten. I was assured I hadn’t. I’m not so sure now. … you would think someone might stop by, offer an explanation or cup or water, a magazine maybe? 55 minutes and counting. …

  452. Jai Dixon 2016/07

    Waste of time, rude staff. They have no respect for people and there needs when there hurt, a lot of those people should be fired

  453. Rob McElroy 2016/07

    Awesome, everyone was friendly, attentive, I was in and out in 25 min. I was treated by Dr Scott Greenfield, he was very nice and pleasant, and took the time to go over everything with me. Great place, clean, nice and fast!

  454. Esther Ramirez 2016/06

    Excellant Drs, nurses and staff. Been coming to them for more than 15yrs. Always treated with utmost care.

  455. Ashley Crone 2016/05

    Worst place to seek medical help best place to waste your time and money! This place is a joke, everyone is rude and unprofessional.

  456. Warren G 2016/05

    My experience at this facility was excellent. The staff was polite, professional and Dr. Somerville’s bedside manner while stitching me up made the inconvenience of an “emergency” on a Sunday evening go away.
    Smile and the world smiles back.

  457. Fern B. 2016/05

    I had a Dr.Anna George,,she was rude and very short with me.This woman has absolutely no business in the medical field,,or working with the public. She gave me the impression,,that I was a bother,,and she had better things to do . Ummm,,this woman works for me,,if it weren’t for us insignificant patients she’d be out of a job.
    P.S She also needs to brush up on her personal hygiene,,along with her bedside manner.

  458. Teeunya Baxter 2016/04

    I give it 2 stars b cause the nurses and front staff are great but the docter was extremely rude to me,her name is Alba Hussein (I no I misspelled that but that’s close enough)..after my hour long wait in the waiting room,I was told to wait in a chair in the back in the hall,no private room or privacy for me..the docter saw me for 3 minutes and was so extremely rude I walked right out the exit ,got in my car and called the complaint’s a shame a DOCTER would be so unprofessional an rude to a the sad thing about it was I wasn’t there for an emergency or anything complicated, I was only there to get my tuberculosis test read for my new job.

  459. tawana Mason 2016/04

    I like it cause I didn’t wait that long

  460. Lexis Hauls & Budgets 2016/03

    I came in because it was a Sunday and I wasn’t feeling well. The only person that was kind and professional was the receptionist Tiffany.

    The Nurse was very rude! I asked her what my blood pressure was and she said, “I thought you already seen it”. Even if I did, that is NOT how you are supposed to talk to patients. I work at a Hospital so I know how it is to work weekends and Holidays. No need to be unprofessional.

    Basically, I went there for nothing. My labs were fine. Wasted time. I could have googled my symptoms and treated myself. Awful service!

  461. Linné Diiorio 2016/02

    Tiffany at the front desk is awesome. She embodies true Southern hospitality with her greetings and overall demeanor. She gets to know the patients and always makes great conversation. I always seem to go during peak times, but at least they’re open when I need them. The docs are always great and explain everything thoroughly. I don’t feel like a number, even when they’re slammed. I’m a lot more patient with their wait times now that I’ve had consistently great service. -LD in Midlo

  462. Angie Watts 2016/02

    Being one who hates going to the Dr. I don’t have an established primary..after being sick for two days I had to do something and decided to go here. I was pleasantly surprised…extremely nice staff..from front desk (Tiffany) to the back…and in and out at right at an hour. Thank you for not being the typical “Doc in a Box” staff…this lady really appreciated that!!

  463. Harry dumond 2016/01

    I walked in and was havving an Asthma attack, the man at the front was very nice and brought me into the back right away. As soon as I got in a room a nurse took my blood pressure and said someone would be in soon with a breathing treatment. An hour past and not one person came back to see me. I got dressed and asked the nurse who was right outside the door for directions to the nearest hospital. She was very unpleasant and said their was one down the road about mile or so. I have been there before for the same thing and they where very good. But I would never go back. And never recommend that anyone else does either.

  464. Tyra Reyes 2015/04

    Kaia Rn is the worst manager ever we know RN ain’t your last name like LPN ain’t mine

  465. Kimberly Natale 2013/07

    Very nice staff! First time there and was registered, seen, and checked out in an hour! Definitely recommend this location. Thanks to all the staff, you were great!! 🙂

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