Patient First Primary and Urgent Care – Carytown

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Patient First Primary and Urgent Care – Carytown
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  1. Evan Cannon 2023/11

    Though it can be busy and there can be a wait, the staff have always been respectful and given me quick and accurate care. They listen to me when I say I feel confident about what I am experiencing, and I feel very safe as a transgender patient.

  2. Mae Sams 2023/11

    I am extremely disappointed with the physician, and will NEVER visit that facility again. This lady came in the room, asked me why I was there, glanced at me like I had a disease, and finally asked what medicine I was allergic to. She spent 3 minutes, at the MOST with me, then came back with prescriptions. I WILL NOT GET THOSE PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED BECAUSE SHE SPENT ONLY A FEW MINUTES WITH ME, AND I DONT TRUST WHAT SHE DETERMINED. She rushed me out of that place so fast, and now I have to pay an astronomical bill!!!! I will have to go somewhere else to visit a physician who actually cares, someone who asks questions, and allows me to do so. This lady clearly wants a paycheck, and shows no care/concern for patients! The visit was a waste of money and time, and I will dispute the fee.

  3. Kamryn Walker 2023/11

    Honestly we would all be better if this urgent care just closed. The doctors have no sense of urgency or care. Today i checked in at 4:56 and i’m leaving at 6:51 still without seeing a doctor. All they will successfully do is waste your time.

  4. Abby Picciano 2023/11

    My experience at Patient First was terrible. I was expecting a 40-50 dollar copay since my insurance was accepted and it was weird that you don’t pay upfront like other places which is awful that they just take your card and you don’t know …

  5. Aixa Lopez 2023/11

    Excellent care and service. They have on sight Xrays, lab and pharmacy. One stop shop. No appt. Walk ins only.

  6. Alex Roan 2023/10

    Sarah who took care of my stitches was amazing!!

  7. Morteza Farajian 2023/10

    I had to leave after 4 hours without getting any services or any estimates on how much longer I should wait. Four hours wait time is not normal by any standards. At least There should be a better system to inform patients at check in on how long approximately (could be a range) they should expect to wait. There are other facilities that patients can use if you communicate that simple information to them but if they leave after check in because you are too slow, you will still charge them for their unpleasant and unsuccessful visit. That’s not a normal practice.

  8. Chaneva George 2023/10

    Took my daughter to get her 2fingers she jammed (confirmed fracture by another urgent care because of an xray). First they was worried about a balance I had which is in collections(fell on hard times) I was not there for me and she had insurance. The lady registering her went and got a nurse to come look at my daughter. She glanced at her finger and said do I have any questions. I said excuse me. Questions about what? She said of why we can’t see her. I asked what was the reason. She said her fingers are not an urgent matter and that she can’t be seen because of my balance. Beyond ridiculous to turn a child away.

  9. Peige Keller 2023/10

    Absolutely love this location. Never had a bad experience there. I’ve been probably half a dozen times in the last 2 years and every time I’ve been everyone from the front desk to the nurses to the doctors has been extremely helpful and kind. I know people can be really impatient about wait times but they really are doing the best they can. I was in and out within an hour and a half today and I’ve never had to be there more than 3 hours before which in my opinion is a totally fair amount of time. The lobby is almost always packed so 3 hours honestly isn’t bad at all.

    Today in particular I want to thank Sherita at the front desk, the phlebotomist whose first name I can’t remember but her last name was White, the nurse Emily, and Dr. Lewis (and the nurse who called for my referral!). Everyone took really great care of me and they were able to get me a next day referral for a specialist. I haven’t found a primary care doctor yet but I also don’t feel worried about that knowing I have this Patient First to lean on when I need it. THANK YOU to everyone there.

  10. Jereffa Fleming 2023/10

    I received an awesome, knowledeable professional and outstanding experience with all of the medical professionals at Patient First. I will definitely recommend this location to others.

  11. Booch 2023/10

    Went to patient first in pain for a broken foot that happened at work. They gave me no medication for the pain and told me to take aleve. I called the next day to let them know I was in pain and needed something other than aleve and I was refused. They also proceeded to tell my job I should be ok to come back to work (as a courier) in two days as I’m on crutches and in a cast with a broken foot.

  12. Earlie Joyner 2023/10

    I was in and out in about 15 minutes. Way better than yesterday which had me there a few hours. Now I know it’s best to come in the evening.

  13. Amy M 2023/10

    This is the best urgent care I have ever been to here in Richmond. FANTASTIC from literally the moment I walked in. They were very attentive and very kind. I would HIGHLY recommend this Urgent care facility.

  14. Larry Luv 2023/09

    I had a wonderful experience on my visit with Patient First Primary

  15. Jill-of- All-Trades 2023/09

    Wait time seemed to be a tad long for the number of people in the waiting room (extremely few) in the middle of the day on a weekday. Check-in process was laboriously long for being an existing patient. PA seemed to be a bit too super fast, to the point he didn’t check in with me to see if there was anything else going on, only addressing my specifically requested bloodwork. That’s definitely efficiency at work. I accomplished what I needed to and everyone was polite and professional. Patient First has had, and continues to offer, a consistently good product over several decades. I am grateful I have easy access to their Carytown facility and services.

  16. Eric L 2023/09

    from start to finish it was a positive experience. Well done Carytown Patient First! Everyone was professional, empathetic and patient with me even though it was the very end of the day for these folks.

  17. Keli JoClure 2023/09

    It was super busy but the team stayed calm and organized. I really appreciate them and what they do. Please keep up the great work.

  18. Euphresia Patrick 2023/09

    Dr. Lewis great bed side doctor.
    XRay tech. She was so patient with me.
    Nurse took time to explain each process to ensure my understanding.
    Nurse that gave me the shot. She was very good in talking me through the shot.
    Intake person, she was so sensitive to my injury., although she needed to get me registered.
    Thank you , team work.

  19. RITA JORDAN 2023/09

    Everyone was caring, thorough and the wait time was swift. I appreciate everyone involved.

  20. Brandon Peck 2023/09

    This was the fastest visit I’ve ever had at Patient First. I registered when I got in, then waited in my car for under 10 minutes. I was in and out in under an hour for a serious wound, had stitches and a was bandaged. Thanks for the prompt and friendly help!

  21. emily ashman 2023/08

    went in for a terrible aura migraine and left with a long term debilitating injury. Nurse injected me in my sciatic nerve while doing a gluteal injection. i was in immediate pain and spoke up and she dismissed it. i even stupidly went back two weeks later for a follow up as the pain became so bad i couldn’t stand and the doctor also dismissed my concerns. now two months later , im in pain still everyday. finally got to see my neurologist and he said I have a SNI due to her negligence.

  22. Laurie Harrison 2023/08

    Phyllis quickly greeted me upon arrival, checked me in, and assured me someone would be with me promptly. Angela and Shalita (nurses) were fantastic -empathetic, professional, and efficient. Dr. Uppal was personable, clearly explained actions, and left me feeling confident in treatment/next steps. Overall, exceptional experience – wait time was minimal, and the facilities and staff were top notch! Highly recommend.

  23. Ciara Britt 2023/08

    I love coming to Patient First when I have something going on. Dr. Hutchinson is awesome! He always listens, is patient, very personable, and a great doctor. He even apologized for the long wait. As a person in healthcare those are all the key factors I look for in a provider. Thanks again!

  24. Rosalie McDowell 2023/08

    Everyone made me feel welcomed, even in my time of illness. Everyone was courteous, polite, friendly and professional. One of the best medical offices I’ve been to in VA.

  25. Timothy Sinaguglia 2023/08

    Positive and helpful. I’ve had some health issues that required me to return to Patient First on Thompson St multiple times, and was never treated rudely or made to feel that I was wasting anyone’s time. Dr Holmes and Dr Keener in particular have treated me with kindness and consideration. They gave me very helpful guidance in determining my condition and diagnosis. The entire staff has been amazing. I’ve been to quite a few clinics and practices in my adult life, and I would rate this amoung the highest. 10/10, recommended. Thank you!

  26. Paul Wyland 2023/08

    Things have changed this pf location is back in my good graces thank you very much for your efforts and in a timely and courteous manner everything was excellent

  27. April Bacon 2023/08

    Each time I have come to this location, I have received phenomenal customer service from the time I walked in until I checked out. The patients that were waiting to be seen were customer friendly as well.

  28. Latoya Bolling 2023/08

    This is the first time I’ve had a experience that wasn’t pleasing. I came in for a cyst on my finger that was in so much pain. I went to the er the day before I came to patient first and told it was an infection and I caught it at the beginning. I was told it had to be drained when the cyst appear. The next day it showed up and the pain was unbearable to the point I was crying!. When I came to the patient first. I was denied the drainage and I explained the pain was unbearable. I cried and all I got was a I’m sorry, but I’m not going to drain it. I was asked did I know how it will feel with a cutting tool on my finger. I responded it would at least take away the pressure I was feeling. I was still denied. I was given 800 ibuprofen and antibiotics. I took the medication for pain as soon as I left. Nothing would relieve the pain at all!! I ended back at the er 3am because of the pain even after taking ibuprofen and Tylenol. I couldn’t sleep, change my baby’s diaper or anything. I’ll come back to the facility, but I don’t think I want to be serviced by Dr. Huckabee. I wasn’t listened to
    I wasn’t heard even through tears. I wasn’t looking for pain meds only relief from pressure/pain. Wasted money on Uber

  29. Jordyn Brent 2023/07

    The staff was great except for the actual doctor (Ashley Greer) I saw which was a complete waste. Very cold, impatient, & lackadaisical …. will never go back.

  30. Melanie Scott 2023/07

    Bit of a wait but front desk staff were helpful and Dr. Louis was kind to me. I don’t have a primary care or insurance so this is the only choice I have when sick/injured. Appreciate the help.

  31. Monica Green 2023/07

    The Worst Experience Ever!!. No one weighed or took my blood pressure. I asked for tea twice, no response. Doctor Brent Miller was very Cold-Hearted. All he did was minimize my pain, saying that it was old age and arthritis, after telling him that it was uncomfortable standing and sitting for short periods of time. He prescribed several medications but didn’t want to tell me the side effects when asked. I will never visit that facility again.

  32. heba salah 2023/06

    This was the fastest and best experience I’ve had at this Patient First, thanks to Winston! Winston was very kind, caring, supportive, and funny. Definitely loved and cared about the job and it showed.

  33. Malinda Miller 2023/06

    Great care fast! Convenient and available when you need them!!

  34. Lor'Eena Crouse 2023/06

    10/10 recommend! Everything was amazing. I went in for rib pains and instead of them trying to just push drugs down my throat like most doctors do, they went above and beyond to make sure that I was okay and to try and figure out what the issue was. I was given this breathing contraption that actually worked within 2 days. Everyone there was above nice and even though I was there after closing, they didn’t try and rush me out. I felt truly cared for and taken care of during my visit. And my doctor was absolutely the best!

  35. Aaron Cross 2023/06

    My visit was pretty simple, just needed some allergy medicine. I work outside so they prescribed me the good stuff and I feel a lot better now. It was really fast getting an appointment, but I did feel a little bit rushed to leave. Overall they did what I needed so I’m happy.

  36. Marie Avalon 2023/06

    This is hands down the least caring healthcare facility I’ve ever been to… The intake person was unfriendly to the point I felt like perhaps she expected me to apologize for taking up her time. The nurse asked me one question with no follow up as to the details of the onset or severity of my symptoms. I never saw a doctor. After waiting for two hours I realized that even if I was able to see a doc within the next hour that I had zero reason to believe that that doc could be trusted to listen, care, or provide reliable medical treatment.

  37. Emily C 2023/05

    I had a great (if lengthy) experience. Quick intake, Matthew was efficient at explaining and putting in my info. Long wait time but that was expected of any urgent care on a Sunday. You can choose to wait in your car or in the lobby (which is very air conditioned, bring a sweater). Facility is nice and clean. Nurse (Josh) took vitals and was very helpful. Eventually waited and the doctor saw me, was able to pick up my meds at the office which was super convenient. Overall, would definitely go again if needed.

  38. A. Spencer Denham 2023/05

    Very satisfied from the beginning to the end. Thank you for the effort you put to make the patient feel comfortable and better also thank you for the follow up call.

  39. D M 2023/05

    I was happily surprised with experience that I had. Have never before going to an urgent care that operated so smoothly and professionally.

  40. brian christopher 2023/05

    Very long wait times but top notch customer service and patient care!

  41. Nancy Adams 2023/05

    Excellent experience – quick, friendly, well organized. Exactly what I needed for my situation.

  42. Ariana Clements 2023/05

    The company has helped me take care of myself for quite a number of years when I have had several incidents that going to an ER wouldn’t fix. They have been professional and kind each time and explained each detail of everything that I was going to be put through each time. They handled everything with the expertise and knowledge of their field.

  43. Clarence Harris 2023/05

    One of the nurses snatched a pen out of my hand today. After I confronted the nurse about it, her boss came and said how much more longer does he have in here. Rush me out when I am telling you to look at a camera to see your worker snatching a pen. Y’all are pathetic. Must be the color of my skin huh?

  44. JayMee Hubbard 2023/05

    I have been to this location several times and have had no problems, everyone was always nice. Today I saw Ashley Greer P.A. for the second time in 3 days. She has NO bedside manner at all. It’s as if she doesn’t like her job and doesn’t want to be there. She needs to learn how to have some compassion for people when they are sick. I will not come back to this location when she is working.

  45. Brittney Howard 2023/05

    It’s urgent care, it’s like the dmv of medical staff. Not everyone appears as if they hate working there but my X-ray tech sure did. I have already sent in specific details to PF so no need to go into detail here.

  46. Baker Guzman 2023/05

    I’ve been wary of doctor’s offices my entire life, especially after a disastrous stint circumnavigating the bowels of the Floridian healthcare system. But this was by and far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a physician’s office. A brief wait time, attentive and caring staff and physician(s), all of whom were astoundingly friendly, as well as open and responsive to any and all questions/concerns, and an overall aura of empathy and concern. Highly recommend this location.

  47. Jessica Butler 2023/04

    I don’t believe my comments or review will be taken seriously. Service and care was poor. I didn’t feel cared for as a paying patient. You run a buisness, maybe act like it. I will strongly make an effort to not return here.

  48. Miss K 2023/04

    I visited on 4/17/23 with stomach virus symptoms. Come to find out I was also pretty dehydrated from being sick..everyone made me feel so well taken care of. From check in, to bloodwork, and getting iv fluids. The entire staff was so nice & helpful! Thank you!

  49. Brian Hoxter 2023/04

    Don’t waste time or money here. Just go somewhere where they actually have staff to see you. Waited for over 2 hrs today and was never seen by a doctor so i left. Were they busy? Not at all. This location should be shut down.

  50. Jim seaton 2023/04


  51. Lea Buviour 2023/04

    Do not come to this place if you’re looking for medical staff that cares.

  52. Diane Cook 2023/04

    I was pleased and pleasantly surprised with the timeliness and care I received there. The doctor was thorough and patient answering all of my questions.

  53. Marseille Lol 2023/04

    Great staff

  54. Samantha Pennington 2023/04

    Don’t come here. Took my daughter here for an ear infection on Monday and Brent Miller forgot to write a prescription for oral antibiotics and only provided her drops. I had to call on Sunday because after a week of using her drops she still had an ear infection. When I called I was told she was supposed to have the oral antibiotics as well, came back to the same location to pick up the antibiotics and was told she had to be seen again just to pick up antibiotics. Also on Monday pus was visibly leaking from her ear and he said the eardrum was not visible. He then tells me to use a dropper to clean the pus out, which is fine but after sitting 3 hours and paying for the visit why did he not clean the ear out so he could look at her eardrum. He acted as if her ear grossed him out but he is a medical practitioner. He is also the practitioner in charge which is a shame. I asked to nurse several times if we can just pick up her medication she is sick, tired and hungry but the refused, my daughter had to suffer all week and now crying in the waiting room and the nurse did not even offer an apology even though she admitted it was a mistake on their end. They just want to run that insurance card again. Just go to a real doctor or at least a different location.

  55. Courtney Snow 2023/04

    Waste of time …They don’t care about the patients, all they can say is I’m sorry for the inconvenience, there’s nothing we can do for you.

  56. Brandy McArthur 2023/04

    I took my friend here when she was having issues with a medication they prescribed her. The nurses were dismissive, didn’t listen at all and didn’t want to do their jobs. They were horrible to her. Please take your friends and family somewhere else.

  57. Ethan Thomas 2023/04

    I visited this Urgent Care early September, 2022. My intent was to get quality and swift treatment. I was hesitant to see a doctor for my symptoms, but I nearly lost consciousness and decided it was time to go. Driving there was a blur. I managed to follow proper road etiquette and arrived safely. Typically I’d spare the dramatics as I’m the type to do my own stitches. I’ve received dog bites and scratches working in the veterinary field and cared for them on the spot. Haha, just trying to attest for my own stubbornness – I am not the faint of heart.

    Upon arriving at this Urgent Care (12 N Thompson St, Richmond, VA 23221) I was met with very a professional and quick admission. I was seen by a handful of people who provided excellent care. It turns out my temperature was 104°F. After some tests I was seen by a Doctor (I will edit this and include his name later). This doctor came into the room without any knowledge of the situation. Perhaps this is par for the course? He was asking me normal questions and belittling my answers. Anyone who’s able to read in between the lines could see this. This doctor gave me a Strep diagnosis and wanted to simply send me home with antibiotics that I stated give my adverse side effects. I requested medication to subdue the symptoms of strep but was denied. Prior to this described the severity of my discomfort, discomfort that I can confidently describe as genuine pain even reflecting in 2023. I remember the calloused gaze this doctor had. It took humiliating myself and needing to borderline plead for his care. He prescribed me an oral topical even after I told him how disabling the body aches, head aches and temperature fluctuations were. I felt as if I wasn’t of any importance or worthy of his time. This doctor made me feel like I had to work for his approval.

    6 months later I still look back and question if I should be ashamed for seeking care or even asking for stronger medication. I feel like I was profiled as a junkie taking advantage of him because I’m a young person with dreadlocks and tattoos. My partner – Who I met after recovering is studying to become a doctor informed me that it’s not uncommon for male doctors to provide biased care. My partner also provided statistics to support their claim.

    Honestly I’ve been scared off from visiting this clinic. It’s had a lasting effect on me. To this day I think about the pain I was in and the horrible care I received.

  58. Sharron Haggett 2023/04

    Excellent visit & Dr. Hutchison was attentive, thorough, and offered valuable insights for holistic consideration of an ongoing concern.
    Grateful to him and the Patient First Team at Carytown.

  59. Marc Rhodes 2023/04

    I have been to this location many times over the years and I dont think that I have ever had a good experience. I keep thinking that the next time will be different and I’m always wrong. Staff is generally cold and dismissive. I’ve received better bedside manner in ERs, as well as better general service in similar style health facilities across the country.

    I will never forget a trip I made for an allergic reaction that involved a chest x-ray that resulted in a call back from the technician trying to tell me that I had bronchitis… despite the fact that I literally had zero symptoms for it. Not even a fever nor a cough.

  60. Sydney Bauman 2023/04

    This is always my first choice when I need non life threatening urgent care. The staff is friendly and efficient. I always carve out two hours of time for a visit and I’m regularly in and out in less than that!

  61. Rus'michelle Ingram 2023/03

    It was very convenient and the service was excellent the nurses and doctors there was very attentive to my needs.

  62. Hannah Kate 2023/03

    i DO NOT recommend dr gupta. save time and money and go somewhere else. i was questioned whether or not i was diagnosed with migraines. which i was, but they are very distinct and self diagnosable. i don’t see my new pcp for a couple weeks and was hoping to get migraine medication for the migraine i’ve been having for 2 days. she not only questioned the fact i was diagnosed, but also told me not every headache is a migraine. i’m not stupid. like i said, migraines are very distinct and self diagnosable. and if she would’ve listened to me, i can’t take anti-inflammatory medication due to my anti depressant. she was no help at all. i was
    not seen or heard. horrible experience. i know what a migraine is and i know when i’m having one. i’m pretty sure i would know by now/would’ve been told by now if i needed to see a neurologist. drs do not care these days. and they don’t listen. if you get dr gupta save your time and request someone else. because of this i have to give one star.

  63. Antoinette Rogers 2023/03

    Thanks to Dr. Hutchinson for allaying my fears and helping me begins to heal and feel better.I am conforted, now that I have seem a doctor. He was reassuring and helpful.

  64. 804 Princess 2023/03

    All the staff was extremely sweet, and caring but out of them all Sydney stood out for me she was fantastic!! She was so sweet !! Offered me a warm blanket and asked me is there anything she could do to make me feel better. That for me was great customer service thank you Sidney please keep up the good work it will get recognized!!

  65. Nora O'Leary 2023/03

    I’m always happy with the staff and treatment I get when I come here that the days where there are longer wait times don’t hinder my experience.

  66. Jessica S 2023/03

    This visit was the fastest I’d been seen at a Patient First. Everyone I interacted with was personable and listened to what I was saying. I had lab work done within the first 10 minutes of being in my room and the doctor came to see me shortly after. Overall a great experience.

  67. David Plush 2023/03

    Poor service and huge bill. Not impressed.

  68. Gina M 2023/03

    It was unpleasant. Everyone I interacted with was very stoic and unfriendly. The intake guy was extremely slow and extremely stoic to the point of making me feel uncomfortable. The other intake person was finishing two people while he barely did one. He showed absolutely no ‘emotion – I felt like I was completely bothering him by coming in. The nurse who called me back was in such a hurry that I could barely get the words out to answer his questions. He rushed me through and it made me think he must be very busy. I then saw him sit in a chair that spins and turn and chat with other ‘employees. They were leaned back chatting and giggling. The PA who came in had a completely flat affect. There was no warmth or welcome feeling whatsoever. No one was overtly rude – just extremely unfriendly. I’m trying to think of other adjectives to describe their demeanors but words escape me. The woman who draws blood then came in and was so bubbly and friendly. It was in such contrast to the others that I made a point to thank her for how relieved I felt. I told her that she is really a great example of what it’s like at other locations I’ve been to. Anyway, I won’t be back. I will go to Patient First again but definitely not this location.

  69. Barry Stump 2023/03

    This location of Patient First provides the nicest, most professional folks I’ve had the pleasure of using for a variety of basic healthcare needs. They are always respectful and effective serving. I encourage any and all to take advantage of these “Pros” when you are in need!

  70. Will Carpenter 2023/03

    Can’t do much better as an urgent care

  71. Camille Brockington 2023/02

    10/10 Experience!!! This is the 1st patient first I went to where I experienced nothing but amazing customer service from the moment I walked in the door. The guy that checked me was very helpful and kind. The process was extremely fast as well!

  72. Ray Langdon 2023/02

    For an Urgent Care facility I think this is one of the best in RVA and the front check-in experiece is great until they put you in a room and leave you for what seems forever. You can hear conversations in the center working area which clearly lead you to feel a sense of non urgent. Just seems understaffed for size of this Urgent Care.

  73. Gregory Gwaltney 2023/02

    The whole experience went well. Despite the 2 hour wait between things because it was packed, everyone was congenial and considerate. The coloring sheets and tea helped pass the time while we waited for the results and doctor.

  74. Ashraf Al Gumaei 2023/02

    Where should I start. Here is my honest opinion and I will be really nice.
    This place is pure trash. Medical Clinics have three jobs: take care of patients, diagnose them (if they could), and genuinely care of sick patients. This place has ZERO of those! Doctors and PAs work like they’re paying you, with pure attitude of (I don’t want you here), nurses a just sitting typing essays and just gossiping about other patients, and finally you have the poor patient wait 5 hours to see a doc for 2 min, then let go without any help. I genuinely believe if you go there, you will not be sick anymore because of the trashy treatment they will give you.
    Please my advice as a human being, don’t go there. BetterMed is a great option that’s not too far from here and have WAY better treatment. You could even go to McDonald’s get treated better
    P.S: they also charge crazy fees upfront. Tells you a lot about the establishment

  75. Angela Davis 2023/02

    Not the best experience

  76. Robert Allen 2023/02

    I needed several things checked over before leaving on an overseas trip. Dr. Hutchison had a cordial manner–efficient but personable–and when the radiologist reviewed my x-ray later in the day and saw something, the nurse called me in the evening to alert me to it and to give me very specific guidance on follow-up care.
    I was very pleased.

  77. Kristina Constantine 2023/02

    This was my second time at this location and the waiting time was surprisingly short, only 10 minutes in the reception area and 15 minutes before a doctor could see me. I received proper care and advice. Happy overall.

  78. Ben Sagritalo 2023/02

    I can’t recommend Patient First Carytown enough! They genuinely care about their patients and went above and beyond to resolve my issue. I can only say positive things about my experience there.

  79. Deirdre Saffore 2023/02

    Quick, great care

  80. A R 2023/02

    Good. I like going to this clinic because they always care about the patient and show genuine interest in the service provided.

  81. Tony Chater 2023/02

    i feel like to should have more doctors on staff as the wait time to see a doctor is a long time

  82. K Vydra 2023/01

    First of all: GO TO CARBONHEALTH IF YOU CAN. Patient First is either full of overworked, underpaid healthcare professionals or people that should not be in healthcare in the first place.

    Last Saturday I called them, tearing up because of the pain I was in, asking if they had any appointments available. The receptionist said she did, I asked if they took my insurance (I’m on Medicaid, so I can’t afford much) and if she had a rough estimate of the copay. She said verbatim “Uh I don’t know, call your insurance?”. My epiglottis was inflamed, I couldn’t hear anything out of my left ear, could barely hear out of my right ear, and sinus pressure was so bad I could barely think.

    This response immediately made me choke up over the phone (more than I already was) and break down afterwards. I could barely hear let alone talk to the receptionist because of my symptoms. Calling my insurance at 6PM on a weekend was out of the question, especially since I could barely communicate in the first place. Her lack of empathy towards someone clearly in pain and struggling to speak blindsided me.

    I headed over to CarbonHealth and asked if they had any open appointments for the night. They unfortunately didn’t but the receptionist there was SO NICE and wished me well in getting better. I told him about the receptionist at Patient First and he was like “yeah I’ve heard a lot of complaints about them, I’m so sorry you had to go through that.” Why is a health service that I’ve never been a patient at treat me so much better than you guys?

    I ended up going to the MCV ER because of my trouble breathing and they were able to help me out immensely and were very caring of me. Turns out I had Covid even after negative rapid tests. Sucks I had to bog down the ER with something I wanted to go to urgent care for

  83. Aeron Spencer 2023/01

    If you come in when it is not busy, it’s great! However, if it’s busy, get ready to wait. And wait. And wait. I was waiting for 3 and a half hours before I was even seen by the doctor. I get that it is urgent care, but people that came in an hour after me were out before I was even seen. Considering that I had a concussion and had to be sent the ER, I wish I had just gone there first.

    Regardless, the people at Patient First were very nice. They did what they thought was best for me and I greatly appreciate it. When they thought I needed to go to the ER they called ahead of time for me so my wait time there was shorter.

  84. Sarah Crump 2023/01

    Great experience! Staff was efficient and super friendly. I was treated wonderfully.

  85. Thomas Hockey 2023/01

    Extremely long wait. Taken to a cubicle after an hour, waited a further 2 hours in the cubicle. Then the doctor just googled it. No sense of urgency at all among the staff. Do not use.

  86. Jonathan Cavanagh 2023/01

    The wait time to see a doctor is INCREDIBLY LONG!!! there were four people ahead of me and it took like 40min to get me in, then it took OVER an hour and a half (to the point where I had to ask if I was forgotten about) just for him to come ask a couple questions and give me a prescription……….. absolute unprofessional staff!!!! But as many personal conversations and dialog I was able to pick up there…..I feel like I know your staff personally and it doesn’t seem like they are AT ALL ON TASK ABOUT TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TREATED!!

  87. Max M 2023/01

    10/10 experience. Came in for an x-ray and the staff was very efficient and friendly during the entire visit. Definitely the best experience I’ve had at any patient first.

  88. Gavin Mayo 2023/01

    It was a lot of people there, A LOT! The check in process they had set up made quick work of this without making you sit in the lobby. I ran so many errands and got so much done during the wait time, came back, checked in, and got treated so smoothly. And the staff were excellent! I’ve been going to patient first since a young child, and ima keep goin!

  89. Caren Pressley 2023/01

    The physician was excellent. Could not have been more pleased. The staff was very nice and thorough but the wait time was ridiculously long and there weren’t even that many people in the waiting room. Somehow, the efficiencies and processes need to be carefully examined and worked through in order for me to use Patient First more regularly. Thank you.

  90. Elvis Fields 2022/11

    Everyone who I had contact with was amazing. Great overall. Glad the doctor trusted his gut and did the tests he thought necessary probably saved my life. Amazing experience all around with everyone.

  91. Theresa Steward 2022/11

    All the staff were so friendly and really put me at ease. It made the wait time fly. Would highly recommend!

  92. Alysa 2022/11

    Went inside to register and saw I was 12th in line, so figured it wouldn’t be top long of a wait. Got into a visiting room after 1.5 hours. Then sat in the room for an hour before I decided to bail. Who knows how much longer it could have been. They give the false sense that you’ll be seen soon by sticking everyone in rooms. Tech taking my vitals was also extremely rude.

  93. Daph Jean 2022/11

    Wish I’d known about this place sooner. Walk-in medical service that is clean, quick, with friendly staff and doctors.

  94. Michael McGee 2022/11

    Very clean, organized, courteous staff, and expected wait time was accurate and reasonable.

  95. Fletcher Boggs 2022/11

    I go here whenever I’m having a ~health moment~ and it is always a short wait, friendly staff, and good results!

  96. Ian Shelley 2022/11

    should be called Patient Last. this place is horrible.

  97. Amer Shurrab 2022/11

    I would give zero stars, but it is not an option. I wasted an hour and a half of my life, and never even got examined. I walked in, signed in and received a number indicating the order of registration and the order I would be seen. After about 15 minutes, it was my turn and I registered ok. Then kept waiting to be seen tracking the order on the website they provided. Eventually, they skipped my number, so I walked in from my car thinking it was my turn. Mistake, they don’t go by the numbers or any particular order, they proceed to seeing whoever they feel like first. I kept waiting, as they kept calling in other people who arrived after me. When I finally found someone to speak to, they said I will be seen “soon”, without any details. I left and will never return again.

  98. Jimmy Christmas 2022/10

    The medical team did a great job evaluating my condition. They told me what I didn’t have, but did not tell me what I did have. Less than 48 hours later I called Patient First Carytown and it was difficult to speak to a live person then it appeared that my condition was minimized. I made a simple request for the physician to prescribe me an antibiotic and send to my pharmacy, as I was traveling soon and needed relief from my symptoms. OF COURSE Patient First Carytown wanted me to come back in for another visit, which I had no time as I was traveling. I ended up going to another urgent care in Florida due to worsening symptoms. The prescribed any antibiotic, prednisone and a simple cough suppressant, which Patient First Carytown did not although I have been using this specific location for at least 10-years.

  99. David Craig 2022/10

    Everyone was very friendly making sure I was comfortable during my wait time. The doctor was very efficient in telling me what the treatment plan was and how to take care of the cut following the visit. He reassured that if I had any problems to come back in and they would take care of everything.

  100. Michaela Hartmann 2022/10

    The medical ‘professional’ called a burn an abrasion. Incompetent. I went to the ER instead.

    Office staff insisted I wear a mask even though the burn was on my mouth and cheek. I was trying not to rub it or introduce bacteria in the wound. That should count as a medical exception.

  101. Cynthia Miller 2022/10

    Overall it was nice. Was in and out in no time. Everyone was super nice and friendly

  102. Sylvia Torres 2022/10

    I waited for over 4 hours before I could be seen absolutely ridiculous. When I asked why was it taking so long, the staff was rude and blew me off. I will never in my life go back to this location ever. And if you don’t want to waste 4 hours of your life I wouldn’t go there either. If I could give them 0 stars I would.

  103. Ava Rollins 2022/10

    If I could give this urgent care zero stars I would. There are so many other urgent cares in Richmond so do your best to avoid this one at all costs. The way this urgent care is run absolutely violates a variety of HIPPA laws and in general the way this urgent care operates is unethical. I received horrible treatment, guidance, and care as a patient.

  104. Brenna 2022/09

    Nice people but I was there for over 2 hours waiting after being checked in

  105. Gabriella Johnson 2022/09

    I don’t usually write reviews, however I had a terrible experience at this Patient First today. The doctor or PA who saw me (I am not sure on her formal title) minimized my symptoms and said that I was overreacting. I came in with a fever and other symptoms, and she minimized what I was experiencing by saying, that I was, “In the hottest room of the facility.” I should not have been spoken to in this manner; her arrogance was uncalled for. I was not given a physical exam by this doctor, I left with no treatment or diagnosis, and was told to follow up with my personal doctor! SO (not) helpful! I was upset about other parts of my visit but do not wish to publicly post this. Do not go to this Patient First; your needs and concerns will not be respected.

  106. Christian Horlick 2022/09

    Extremely long wait. Patients who came in after me were seen first.

  107. A. Flowers 2022/09

    I was initially apprehensive about going to Patient First since this was my first time trying them out. I think my care provider seemed caring. I wish I could’ve seen the care provider I saw at first because upon my return for follow up, I saw someone different, and he couldn’t really tell if I had improved or not. Nonetheless, he did give me a referral should I need further care.
    I appreciate the options of their waiting room or my car. The staff was professional and pleasant.

  108. Morgan Carroll 2022/09

    Waited for over three hours to be seen, which i get due to the influx of covid etc. But then I was turned away because they couldn’t take my MD medicaid insurance. There should be some type of information when you check in if you are gonna be turned away after sitting a waiting for 3+ hours. Disappointed by the lack of information and consideration for time wasted just to be told to go the ER.

  109. S A 2022/09

    Dr. Navdeep and the attending staff were great.

  110. Joanne Pietrocola 2022/09

    I saw Dr. Qui., on Tues. 8/2/2022, he was very nice & listened to my concerns. Dr. Referred me on to an Oral Surgeon for the right side jaw pain. JMP

  111. Courtney Fleming 2022/09

    Check in was terrible. The lady who checked me in was so rude it made me cry. I couldn’t hear her so I said excuse me so she could repeat herself. She raised her voice to the point that everyone waiting and the other people that work there turned around to see what was going on. I filled out my paperwork and she then told me to put it all the way through to her side of the glass. Half of it was already on her side. I don’t understand the need to be rude. The next person who weighed me was rude as well. She came in to do my covid test and stood at the door and said “get up and sanitize your hands before I come in”. I’m not exactly sure what I did wrong but I was visibly sick and trying to get checked out and instead had two people be extremely rude to me. Highly dissatisfied and disappointed.

  112. Emma Wood 2022/09

    Don’t bother coming here unless you have a minimum of 2 hours to kill. It took 20+ minutes just to be seen by the front desk ladies. Then, we had to sit on the sidewalk outside of the building for nearly a half hour for them to call us back in. Came for a COVID test and have been sitting for nearly an hour waiting for the RAPID results. Nurse was very curt and rude and no one has any sense of urgency.

  113. Los Arcos 2022/08

    Doctor didn’t listen to my symptoms. Would not go back

  114. Mark Grubbs 2022/08

    Waited about an hour, courteous staff except intake person. Maybe she was just tired? This is a good Patient First. There were several young people visiting that day. I recommend it.

  115. Romeo Fly 2022/08

    Dont come here if u black. Stay away !!! The Dr wasn’t trying touch me or see what’s going with me

  116. Tabatha Cozino 2022/08

    Waited an hour to be called back after being told that we had to wait in the car because there were too many people in the lobby yet other people were allowed to sit in the waiting room even though we were told to wait out in the car. Also, it seems like since covid, everything else just seems so minuscule. I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and given only a throat numbing medicine for my symptoms. I was told to alternate between Motrin and Tylenol which do nothing for me so I asked if napison was okay and she said yes. But, just because I didn’t have covid does not mean that my symptoms were not serious. I feel like I can’t even breathe, my bronchioles are so swollen from coughing so hard that I am getting arm muscle spasms. They could have at least given me some cough medicine or told me to use a nebulizer or something. Covid is not the only thing that kills people, and treating other illnesses like they are minuscule is not helping!

  117. Beth Siewers 2022/08

    Worst service ever and so incredibly SLOW! Go somewhere else…do not waste your time! Not friendly either!

  118. Leonard Gillespie 2022/08

    Overall, excellent customer/medical services.

  119. Vaden Venge 2022/08

    I came in feeling horrible ready to be treated. Admin Kaitlyn answered the phone with me, a customer in pain, directly in front of her. Then she proceeds to help person on the phone for 20min. I don’t believe that is fair to my time because when I call I’m placed on hold often. I was offered.

  120. James Brogan 2022/08

    I go to Patient First because they listen and are very professional
    The doctors, nurses, and all the rest are very courteous
    Thank you

  121. Brandon Starks 2022/08

    They’re there for you if you need help today. May have to wait a while but it’s better than waiting 3 months to see a doctor anywhere else because they’re backed up with appointments. They’re also always pretty polite with me when I come here. I recommend this patient first.

  122. Genevieve Rowley 2022/08

    Horrible place, exceptionally long wait all the time for no reason at all.

  123. Margaret Davis 2022/08

    Not a long wait at all. I was seen pretty quickly once they put me in the patient room. Also, they kept bringing me like 6 heated blankets because I was so cold.

  124. Johnny Truth 2022/07

    Not sure who is training these nurses and doctors, but they had a hard time doing a basic DOT exam. By the time I met the doctor he was rude and only worried about me having a mask over my nose. Obviously he does not understand basics of cellular biology or virology.

  125. john bender 2022/07

    Everyone was super kind and supportive.

  126. Julieanne Jackson 2022/07

    I can’t give patient first enough credit.. wait times are minimal, the fact you can get certain bloodwork results done in the time you’re being seen and having RX on location is nothing but a blessing. Thanks for being awesome!

  127. Arina Kuster 2022/07

    Very sweet staff. I did wait to be seen for 4 hours with a raging fever, had to take meds before I was seen to bring it down. If you are feeling really really bad, please go to the emergency room.

  128. Mark Anderson 2022/07

    Very short wait time

  129. K Farineau 2022/07

    Expect to wait at least 2 hours before being attended to . And usually it’s just to prescribe ibuprofen . Awful
    Place .

  130. Abbieann Wagner 2022/07

    Me and my boyfriend went to this testing center when he started displaying covid -19 symptoms. It was fast, efficient and the staff was sooo nice. In times like these there is often irritation, miscommunication and slow working times. This facility worked hard and kindly to get us in and tested. They answered questions and were honest about the situation. We particularly like Kenneth at the front desk and the PA who evaluated my bf.
    Highly recommend this facility for all medical needs!
    *we were here during a winter weather warning and even then still had great care!

  131. Shayla Williams 2022/06

    Most urgent care places take forever but my visit was quick. Everyone was very professional! Very clean ! Very organized! Staff made sure I was comfortable.

  132. Rose Norvell 2022/06

    I don’t normally leave reviews but I feel like this time I need too! Absolutely the best patient first expiernce j have ever had. Everyone from the waiting room to all nurses lab techs and everyone I have seen minus the doctor because I haven’t seen them just yet which is fine I’m sure there gonna be wonderful too. But like literally beat expirence ever if I could I would make this the only patient first I ever visit! Thank you so much!!

  133. Wendy M 2022/06

    The wait was extremely long but….the staff and doctor were amazing so, the wait was worth it. Had an X-ray done right there. The staff and doctor were so professional and friendly. Thank you for fixing me up!

  134. Autumn Whispers 2022/06

    Great experience and the staff! OMG! The staff here is absolutely amazing! The staff
    and the am shift just made our personal experience at carytown very pleasant. A warm and friendly environment. However I found the wait time for the Covid rapid test results was to long for no patience at all me.

  135. Kira F 2022/06

    The receptionist was great, the PA (possibly?) who took my vitals and started my care was AMAZING, the x-ray technician was delightful, and Dr. Miller was a doctor. Maybe it was the fact that I was exhausted and in a lot of pain, but Dr. Miller’s whole attitude felt very much like I was taking up too much of his precious time. He seemed to have 0 idea why I was there and actually said the phrase, “Well, what do you want?” to START THE CONVERSATION. Who does that? However. The rest of the staff more than made up for his full lack of anything resembling bedside manner. I was able to be checked in immediately by the friendly receptionist and had basically no wait time at all which is great. I cannot sing the PA? nurse? Winston’s praises enough. Funny, personable, warm, and all around delightful, I can only hope that anyone coming into this clinic gets to have Winston check them in. Just an immensely reassuring and sweet presence during a stressful and painful time. My wait from there was comfortable and I felt very attended to. Getting all of my X-rays meant Kevin had to do a lot of little physical adjustments for my posture/pose/whatever and he was gentle and accommodating. Those first three folks 100% made for my positive experience.

  136. Sierra Latham 2022/06

    Everyone I interacted with was very kind and helpful, especially for a Friday night

  137. Reconcile 2022/06

    This was the most inviting and caring patient first first facility I have visited across the entire DMV! Thank you all for being so supportive and offering the best possible care.

  138. Sure Uare 2022/05

    I felt heard, diagnosed and cared for. Superb support when I was feeling poorly.

  139. Aidan Sankowsky 2022/05

    awful service. i had to go three separate times because of employees who were unwilling to be cooperative and considerate. i walked an hour to get a drug screening here, and was turned down for different, BS reasons, and it just depended on which sassy employee helped me. make healthcare accessible and compassionate, especially in a city where people are struggling currently and may not be able to PRINT OUT A COPY OF THEIR DOCUMENTS, even if they have viable pdf copies they can easily email. Tired of walking 2 miles each direction in the heat, and now i cant start work. Dont give attitude to your patients right off the bat, OR EVER, it’s unwelcoming and should cost you your job.

  140. Ricardo Ruiz 2022/05

    i went into patient first to deal with a chronic condition, i was attended by Dr.Tracy Roe . she made me feel not cared for, actively condescended, and alienated by the cost of medical care. i cannot afford a surgery that would remedy my condition and today in response to that Dr.Roe told me they would only give me a limited amount of medication to essentially force me into a situation in which i now have to troubleshoot how to afford proper medical care after already attempting that for seven months. Dr.Roe told me they won’t treat me or give me antibiotics again for my condition, thats ok I won’t be going back.

  141. Angel Owens 2022/05

    They are quick and convenient. A one stop shop for health care needs. Plain and simple

  142. Harrison Taylor 2022/05

    Waited over 5 hours and got no helpful treatment. Go elsewhere

  143. Penny Ngo 2022/05

    I had the absolute worst experience that I’ve ever had in a medical facility here at this location. The person that took me back, which I assume was the clinic assistant, called my name. I got up and followed her, and she never once greeted me or even told me her name. She brought me into a room and said “Sit down.” From then on, everything that came out of her mouth continued to be a command. “Give me your finger.” “Arm up.” She was angry and clearly miserable to be there. I wish it were just the horrific bedside manners that was the problem here.

    She checked my blood pressure while I had a jacket on. I asked if I should remove my jacket, and she said no. The answer should have been yes! You cannot measure an accurate blood pressure like this. She never told me what the reading was, so I asked her. She read a value that was high. Mine are always low normal. I asked her if she could repeat it, and she said no and left the room. When the doctor came in, he never once mentioned anything about my blood pressure. When I left, I saw that they had listed as a diagnosis on my paperwork ,”prehypertension.” This was absolutely inappropriate.

    I would never recommend this facility to anyone.

  144. Jefferey Wilkinson 2022/05

    I usually don’t bother to leave reviews but my experience at this location was horrible. The front desk was very unprofessional and rude. Their attitudes were not welcoming at all, there were certain things that I was confused about and instead of being informative and helpful I was given attitude and smart remarks. During the time that I was seated in the waiting room I also heard(couldn’t miss it. they were loud) the ladies talking about a client or person who works in the department as well very rudely. The doctor who actually seen me was great and swiftly got me in and out but the front desk customer service ruined the entire visit. They didn’t even ask me how I wanted to pay for my visit just assumed. Hoping if I have to visit here again they will have better customer service.

  145. J W-R 2022/05

    I nearly always have a good experience here. The few times when there has been a long wait or some other small issue really aren’t worth mentioning. The check in process is super easy on a large screen, you get a check in number by text that you can track on a webpage and wait outside or in your car, folks who work here are very courteous, and the place is very clean. Glad I chose them for my primary care physician. The only change I would make would be in the messaging system – it’s great to get messages from the system, but it’s cumbersome to reply to them because it doesn’t go to the center.
    I see some reviews talking about long wait times, and during the pandemic, this center sometimes had people standing in line outside around the front and the side of the building 30 minutes or more before they opened. In those cases, and when staff doesn’t show up because they are ill, it is beyond the control of the center. The last time I was here, the physician wrote the prescription for the wrong amount and I had to call back to get it corrected, but that was not a big problem because I didn’t need it right away. I would just verify prescription amounts before leaving next time. Another note: after waiting quite some time in the exam room during busy day, it would be nice if someone would check in once in a while to confirm they still know you are there.

  146. Sandra Thomas 2022/04

    The front desk staff was fine but the so called nurse did nothing. We came in for covid exposure. She almost put the wrong names on our simples.She made us do our own test. She would not come in to the room.She barely even looked at us
    And speak extremely low such a bad look. No customer service skills at all

  147. Jason Farneth 2022/04

    Waited 2 hours to see anyone, and at the end of my visit they refused to provide an itemized bill (cash pay). They said I had to confirm a payment plan before they would do anything. Receptionist was rude and mocked me while I was standing there juggling my 1 year old who was losing it after a 3 hour visit. Shining example of bottom tier medical care in Richmond.

  148. P Pollard 2022/04

    It was a busy evening when I came and I didn’t feel well at all. Everyone was attentive and took great care of me. I stayed way past closing with getting IV Fluids and the staff did not complain or make me feel anxious. I am very grateful.

  149. Erin Goodstein 2022/04

    A perfect visit! Came in with an injured ankle and luckily it was a pretty slow day – I was seen very quickly. The receptionist, nurse, x-ray tech, and doctor were professional, efficient, and friendly!! Lovely folks – would recommend.

  150. Benny 2022/04

    I am still inside of the facility & have been waiting 2 hours and no one has seen me. Genuinely thinking about walking out.

  151. Dane Cho 2022/04

    Like most health care providers, they will try to add on unnecessary services so they can charge you for it. Don’t let them. I went for a rapid COVID test. I was asymptomatic and I tested negative. They tried to also get me to see the doctor (why?) even though I specifically said I didn’t want to. They insisted, so I just walked out. You’re better off going to a pharmacy for testing.

  152. Elyse kanner 2022/04

    I’ve read through a lot of these reviews as your response is you are sensitive to patients time. This clearly is untrue and not a valid response to accurate reviews Catherine. I will not accept this response as the patient has waited feeling miserable and sick for 3 hours for Covid results. The ER at the hospital was very busy and they managed to see this patient and discharge them faster than the waiting process here. Do not go here, clearly they DO NOT care about how sick someone is.

  153. Meagan Erickson 2022/04

    I am not oblivious to the fact that wait times are going to be high right now. I was ready to wait and camp out until I could get seen as I was truly concerned with my condition worsening and was unable to get in with a primary care physician within the month due to recently moving to the area. I am extremely appreciative to the staff putting themselves on the line to help others throughout all of this. The intake nursing staff here were very kind and were the one element to this whole practice worth going back for.

    Despite this, I would not recommend coming here for any actual medical issues beyond needing a prescription for common cold or doctor’s note, etc. From the registration process to treatment, there is a lot to be done to increase productivity and care here.

    1. Give your patients some type of way to track their place in line. Don’t make them sit and wait and guess how much longer. 7 hours of that was stress inducing itself. Plus every 10 minutes or so your staff had to waste another 5 minutes explaining to frustrated patients that they could not give them a specific wait time, etc etc.

    2. Train your staff better at collecting blood samples. My arm had bruises all over it the next day from rubber band slaps and multiple arm pokes. I’ve never had this issue before even at a medcare express facility.

    3. Train your staff to listen to the patient, SEE THE PATIENT as a PERSON and not the information on a clipboard. The P.A., Ashley Greer, that was on my case came in and immediately questioned why I was even there and what they would even be able to do to help me. I literally just started crying because I just waited 7 hours, have been on the phone with PCPs all week and eventually was referred to a PatientFirst to to try to get some type of answers/immediate help and here she is saying she can’t do anything before getting any actual information from me.
    After minimal discussion, she gave me a number for a sleep specialist and she referred me to a weight management program without my knowledge until I stupidly called this referred doctor and found out it was weight loss program with a few months long waiting list. She also gave me a generic handout on ways to lose weight i.e. eating 500 less calories and walking more daily. NOT ONCE did she ask about my current eating plan, diet history, weight changes, exercise routine. I PERSONALLY requested blood work to feel like I got some information from the appointment due to family history of diabetes and thyroid issues.
    5. THESE KINDS OF EXPERIENCES are why people avoid doctors. This doctor didn’t consider what I was there for, the time I put into getting some type of care, how I was feeling–she saw the number of pounds and made personal judgements without any background information and she did what she could do get me out of there as quickly as possible so she could finish her night. I left feeling so helpless after this appointment on top of already feeling depressed not sleeping for weeks. All I can say is, as someone in the healthcare field and as one of your patients, is DO BETTER. This type of care leads to consequences that could have been prevented like suicide, strokes, heart attacks, etc. DO BETTER DO BETTER DO BETTER.

  154. Alicia Cruz 2022/04

    I don’t think I would come back to this location unless I absolutely had to. The employee who checked my vitals was EXTREMELY rude and dismissive. She asked me why I was there and when I tried to give her what I thought was a short answer, she cut me off and gave me attitude while rephrasing what I told her. Even when asking me questions there was an overwhelming amount of hostility in her voice. I repeatedly tried to be nice to her because I figured she was just having a rough day but she just blatantly ignored me asking how she was doing that day, I at one point I said something along the lines of “ya’ll are almost done!” (I came in to be seen after work so it was almost closing time by the time I was seen) and once again – absolutely no response. She seemed to be laughing it up with her coworkers but as soon as she had to interact with anyone else she switched to being disgustingly hostile. She made my presence feel like a burden. The X-ray tech and dr were both outstanding and super friendly but the other employee made my whole experience so almost unbearably uncomfortable I don’t know if it would be worth it to come back.

  155. Keith Burgie 2022/03

    This was my first visit and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. It can’t be an easy job right now, but every staff member I interacted with was patient and kind even if they looked a bit worn out and my questions were dumb. The facility was nice and wait time was reasonable (30 minutes or so).

  156. Stephanie Smith LMHC 2022/03

    It was fast and EZ and one of the most friendly yet professional visits ever. Also my first time having the courage to identify as gender queer and it was really appreciated to have my vitals taken by a gender queer person.

  157. kennedy shahan 2022/03

    I went here today to get my ear wax in both ears removed and Josh, the nurse who performed the removal, was AMAZING! he made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and i’m so grateful because I was really nervous. he talked to me the entire time and made sure i was doing okay and he completely fixed my problem. i loved it! 🙂

  158. Loretta Pearce 2022/03

    I had at least 90 people in front of me and for the time I waited, I think the staff did an awesome job getting people seen an served and diagnosed. The staff at this location showed good team work.

  159. Sallie Miura 2022/02

    This place is a great option when you need a timely test result. I have to give a big FIVE STARS to Dr. Carmen Holmes. She was caring, efficient and was simply an exceptional doctor. Thank you Dr. Holmes!

  160. Alex Parrish 2022/02

    Very fast and efficient, overall maybe a 30 minute wait before being seen. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I was completely done with my visit, and left with medication in hand, in less than an hour and a half.

  161. Gi Hang 2022/02

    I love this location, real cool people for sure, they cleaned my ears and all😂🤎🤎some guy with a lot of pens was funny. Imma come back just got him …

  162. Pamela Hock, MS 2022/02

    The staff here is incredibly disrespectful. The wait times are outrageous and when you kindly ask for further information they give you attitude like you work for them. If you really need medical care please go somewhere else where the “professionals” actually act appropriately.

  163. Lori KB 2022/01

    4+ hour wait in middle of afternoon. Ridiculous. At least warn patients that they may lose entire day waiting

  164. Elizabeth Ryan 2022/01

    I was seen by Derek Tatum for what I believed was pink eye. The nurse who took my vitals agreed it looked like pink eye. But Derek flipped my eyelid and found a scratch on my eye and told me I don’t have pink eye, prescribed eye drops and sent me on my way. Of course I am inclined to believe a medical professional, and he did not give me any warnings about it spreading to my other eye. The next morning I woke up with both my eyes crusted over as it was pink eye after all and had spread to the other eye. What he did was completely negligent, he misdiagnosed me and ignored my concerns, now my recovery period will be longer than it would have been if he took me seriously and gave me proper medical advice. I would not advise anyone to seek treatment here.

  165. Deanna CE Hayden 2022/01

    Always quick and detailed with your treatment. Never a problem when I go.

  166. Mr Man 2022/01

    Very few of the employees care about there job. We went in for a physical that usually takes 15-20 minutes at my normal doctor. We waited in the lobby for about an hour, then were moved to a room in the back and have been sitting here for 3 hours total.

  167. James Yang 2022/01

    I don’t usually write reviews but wanted to let people know about the experience here in hopes they can improve things and or prevent someone from having another like mine. I arrived at the urgent care with abdominal pain hoping to be seen in under an hour. I have been here for over 3 hours now and nothing has been done other than a urine sample and some blood drawn. I now have had to take off work for the rest of the day and still haven’t been seen. Frustrated that there is a clear lack of communication with the patients about what is going on and that I haven’t even been able to speak to anyone about my symptoms. If you need to be seen quickly or are in pain, go to a different urgent care facility or an emergency room if you can.

    Otherwise the staff seem relatively friendly and knowledgeable.

  168. Shaneka Charles 2022/01

    They are amazing doctor’s and nurse who gave me the best care. They didn’t took very long to diagnose my illness. I’m willing to come back

  169. Miylah Girl 2022/01

    I would rate the wait 2 stars because it took so long however meeting with Dr. Holmes was such a positive experience for my son and I! She was so so sweet and made my 5 year old feel much better with her upbeat personality at 6:40pm on a Sunday! Thank you Dr. Holmes 💗 …

  170. Ay Spruill (Yanna) 2022/01

    Everything was good with my visit. Very efficient and informative visit from start to finish

  171. Andrew Wiley 2021/11

    Very satisfied with the services I received there! Staff was highly professional. They took care of my issue quite well and made recommendations for further treatment.

  172. Natalie Kaminski 2021/11

    I was there for 3 hours for a rapid covid test. I waited in my car for 30 minutes before I could get checked in and then over an hour before I was called in for my visit. I had to call at the 90-minute mark from when I first checked in to make sure that they hadn’t forgotten about me. 5 minutes later I was called in for my visit. I was quickly given the test, but I sat in the exam room for another hour before anyone would come back to check on me. I had asked for water but was given none. It was horribly cold as well. I understand that they were short-staffed, but I felt that I was forgotten twice. Unfortunate considering I usually have a great experience at Patient First.

    It was also a major inconvenience because I was getting a last-minute covid test to be able to say goodbye to my Grandmother. I wanted to be safe exposing the rest of my family to me and the slight cough I had (allergies turns out), but because of the 3-hour wait for the test, I missed saying goodbye to my Grandmother by 30 minutes before she passed. That really sucked.

  173. Tiara Wyatt 2021/11

    The staff was pleasant people but I waited over a hour after coming to the back to see a doctor.

  174. Briana Blake 2021/11

    Majority of the workers spoken with were nice.

  175. Spencer Perry 2021/11

    PF saved my life by accurately diagnosing my DVT and sending me to a local hospital to ultrasound my leg, thus confirming my DVT and kept me in the hospital and from flying home to Seattle.

  176. Kelly Rios Santos 2021/11

    Absolutely amazing staff. I was well taken care of and finished in about 30 minutes.

  177. Nga Nguyen-Weaver 2021/11

    Consistently waited over an hour after vitals were taken, no matter the time or day. Other than that, the staff is nice.

  178. SH 2021/10

    Maurice Randall, PA, has a bedside manor that is completely unmatched within the healthcare profession. He is attentive, and he takes the time to answer questions and give in depth explanations to health concerns. He is compassionate and has so much patience with patients. I feel seen and heard as a human being when I’ve been cared for by him. He truly puts the care in healthcare. I would recommend him to anyone, near or far and recommend that they follow him to any practice that he is a part of because he’s just that good and these days it’s so hard to find good help.

  179. R Anders 2021/10


    A terrible, disgusting, highly unprofessional clinic. I would absolutely never return. I came in to get a COVID-19 antigen test because I need to travel and I needed quick results. It took over two hours for me to see a doctor and when I did I was informed that they no longer had antigen tests, which was a complete waste of my time and the only reason I came. On top of that, I had COVID symptoms so the clinic INSISTED on me getting and PAYING for a full check up, though I didn’t need one and I knew insurance wouldn’t pay for another one. They still forced me to to do an exam, and I had to pay OUT OF POCKET.

    Like I already mentioned, I only came in for an antigen test, which they had run out of. To recap- I waited two hours for no good reason, and now have to pay for an exam I DIDNT NEED, and now I have to delay my travel plans anyway because I STILL don’t have my test results from the PCR test … WAY after the time I was told I would.

    I will never ever ever use patient first again- this was my first time and my only. I will be telling everyone I meet- literally in random casual conversations- to never go here as well.

    The homeless people on the corner of broad in Belvidere could probably do a better job with customer service.

  180. Caleb Douglas 2021/10

    One word. Incompetence. The wait time for a simple TB test is going on 2.5 hours. After I leave this review I’ll be walking out.

  181. Amy Pennell 2021/10

    I cannot say enough by way of complements for the Cary town patient first. They were extremely efficient caring professional and just plain nice which seems to be a commodity hard to find nowadays. Thank you to everyone who works there you are much appreciated.

  182. Adrianne Bell 2021/10

    All staff were very friendly and answered all my questions thoroughly, especially the doctor.I can only imagine how exhausted everyone in the medical field right now must be so I can’t describe how grateful I was for the kindness and thoroughness.

  183. Burnic Sprouse 2021/10

    Worst experience I’ve ever had with patient firsts I was there for over 2 hours and walked out I had been in the back for 45 minutes and not a sole even checked on me once I asked how much longer the wait was it was 5 more people in front of me and they didn’t know how long my wait would be. DO NOT Recommend this place their speed of service and caring for the patient sucks! Have a great day now to the ER I go!

  184. Eddie Hoskins 2021/10

    Waited 4+ hours to get seen for a DRUG TEST! I still wasn’t able to take it.

  185. Richard Krabill 2021/10

    Very helpful and friendly staff 😊 THANK-YOU 👍 ☺ 😀 …

  186. Raven Dunn 2021/10

    Staff does not know how to be courteous to a transgender patient. Every time I ever come here, someone makes a big deal about me being a trans woman, even if I just go in for a cold or scrape.

  187. Ebony Loving 2021/10

    Carytown is always great to me.. Makes me feel like I am the only patience there..Registration was awesome my doctor 😷 was awesome
    .. That’s why I drive all the way from Southside to go to that patients first only… Love it …

  188. Linda Foster 2021/09

    I love Patience First. My primary doctor is there, they are always very friendly and helpful. The doctors are very good, and professional. They are very caring

  189. Alisha 2021/09

    The wait time was really long, but that was to be expected so it really wasn’t any problem at all. I was happy to wait in my car. The lady who handled my insurance and payment was really nice and friendly as was the doctor who I met with.

    The only real issue is the same issue I have every time I visit this patient first: the people who record your vitals are apathetic and cold. The woman who I was with barked one or two word commands for every step of the process. My hearing isn’t great so I had to ask her to repeat herself a few times. She seemed pretty annoyed. When I came back from giving a urine sample she was close by but didn’t address me again. I had to guess which room to wait for my doctor in and the patient bed didn’t have the paper on it, so I sat on the couch assuming I needed to wait for the paper to be changed. When my doctor came in an hour later, she rolled out the paper herself so I could sit down. As someone with a lot of medical anxiety already, interactions like this make going to the doctor that much harder.

  190. Kenzie Kincaid 2021/09

    Dr. Tracey Roe was amazing. She was very thorough and took very good care of me. She made sure I didn’t have any questions and was very patient with me. The wait time was long, but it’s to be expected with the state our world is in today. I appreciate you all so much and want to thank each person I interacted with that day, but I can’t remember all the names. Thank you Dr. Roe and friends!

  191. Abby Crocker 2021/09

    Do NOT go to this Patient First. I have tried to keep my patience with this practice but it has proven to me multiple times to be a poorly run, unprofessional office. I have come here for almost all of my illnesses while the past three years and have experienced waiting times up to THREE HOURS to be seen by a doctor, and have never been seen in less than 45 minutes of waiting, even long before COVID happened. Don’t get me wrong, I know all medical practices are up to their necks dealing with the surge in COVID cases, and I sympathize with that, but at this particular practice poor treatment of patients has been going on for way longer than a year and a half.

    I have a laundry list of bad experiences here but today takes the misery cake by far. I had what I suspected was only a sinus infection but went to get a COVID rapid test upon the request of my employer. After an hour and a half of waiting I was finally called back to have my insurance info taken, and then waited another hour and a half for the doctor to come in with my results (test results are supposed to come back within 15-30 minutes). I was then told I had negative results but was prescribed medicine I don’t need/didn’t come for, for said sinus infection. When the doctor brought back the documents with the prescription info on them there were two extra sheets telling me that my BMI is too high and that I need to lose weight (there were no other non-COVID related documents besides these).

    Excuse me, but that has NOTHING to do with getting tested for COVID. She had no right to make implications about my weight (I am 5’8/165lbs for reference). I feel all the progress I’ve made trying to be comfortable with my body has gone right down the drain. People’s weight is a sensitive subject that should be discussed in a professional way in the appropriate context, not backhandedly given to me in a packet without the doctor even mentioning anything about it.

    Thanks Patient First for making me wait three hours for a COVID test just to call me fat at the end. I am disgusted and insulted.

  192. Sanya Gulati 2021/09

    Terrible service. Super unwelcoming staff. I asked for a charger because my phone was completely dead after waiting 2 hours for my name to be called and the nurse said he’d bring one and didn’t. The other nurses were rude and cared more about other patient’s privacy than letting me know when the doctor would be here. I waited 2 hours for my name to be called after registration and another 45 minutes for a strep test to be ready. This appointment did not need to be 3 hours long yet I was stuck there from 4 PM – 7 PM. Just so careless and unprofessional. Had my symptoms been worse, i would be struggling.

  193. Chris Schmied 2021/09

    I’ve been using this facility since they opened, I’ve always received excellent care there and their customer service is outstanding.

  194. Kayla Ralston 2021/09

    I won’t lie the wait was rough lol. But honestly the amount of care and customer service everyone here has shown us has been phenomenal. We are here past when they have closed and they’re all working so hard to make sure we have the best care possible. I truly appreciate the staff here and wish them all the safety one person can wish on another.

  195. Miss Payne 2021/09

    Mikayla was great

  196. Trish FitzPatrick 2021/08

    Nurse Assistant Winston is wonderful. Very kind and careful as well as professional.

  197. Grayson Goodstein 2021/08

    Go to a real doctor who wants to help – terrible chest infection, called back asking for an antibiotic as I am coughing up massive amounts of green infected phlegm. They said, no. …

  198. Whitney Pillow 2021/08

    My visit was great! I cut my finger open but they really had their stuff together and were nice!

  199. Hannah Berg 2021/08

    I would give no stars if I could! I am currently sitting here, waiting for my two year old son to be seen. I have been here for two hours so far. He has a temperature of 103.7 and still no one has even come in! Never coming back

  200. Megan Bredholt 2021/08

    I dont know what the bosses are doing to the employees here, but clearly no one is happy and everyone is miserable. Give your employees more breaks and when you see they are getting cranky with patients suggest they take one so they can rest. I never go to this location for a reason, but thought after 7 yrs they may have changed. Nope – everyone is still miserable. Wish I had read the recent reivews.

  201. Ethan Kopczynski 2021/08

    I waited in the lobby for two hours to get a physical then they called me back just to say I had to wait another two hours. Could they not told me sooner? This place it’s the worst 0 stars.

  202. Raul Duran 2021/08

    Patient First has seen me through difficult times and I even visited for a variety of ailments during the pandemic. I always complied with the rules, which are typically enforced fairly. Depending on my location, I drop in to the nearest facility and it is a great convenience.

    Today I attempted to accompany my partner, who is generally doctor-phobic, into the Cary Street location. The front desk staff prevented this, citing Covid-19 protocols that have been, supposedly, enforced for the entirety of the pandemic as the reason for them insisting I wait in the car. They stated because of the risk, they couldn’t allow accompaniments and have not since the start of the mask mandate. I am unsure why it took both of the staff members to bark this misinformation at me. The lobby was empty, the parking lot was sparsely populated, and my partner and I are both we’ll past the 2 week period following our second Pfizer dose. Statistically, we are not a great risk for propagating the pandemic.

    Their choice to follow a safety protocol at this stage of the endemic necessitated that I drive to another Patient First location, one that my partner and I have actually been to several times since the lockdown started, where they were happy to allow us to sit in the lobby together and that I join my partner in the check-up room, which had been our standard experience through 2020 and 2021 for my own check-ups.

  203. courtney kitchens 2021/07

    The nurse I saw was wonderful! She was attentive and friendly.
    The doctor on the other hand was not. The doctor stood in the doorway with the curtain open, asked me why I came in, and then dismissed me to leave immediately. I didn’t even see the point in having the doctor “check in” on me.
    The wait time was minimal.

  204. Pete Rood 2021/07

    Been signed in since 4:54pm it is now 6:11pm at least a half dozen people that came in after me have been processed and seen.
    I was told that they have to take sicker people first, but I’m pretty sure they don’t know who is sicker than another person, plus half of these people aren’t even checking in just going back to get seen by a doctor.
    Some guy just walked in and was processed immediately and he’s not even ill.
    Not sure what the deal is but this will be the absolute last time I come to this location.
    I am still being ignored and people just continue to be seen before me.
    Newest update: I am still YES still waiting in the waiting room it’s 7:13pm over 2 hours and 15 minutes and I have watched at least another half dozen people that have walked in the door and are escorted to the back for their appointment.
    Guy came in 13 minutes ago and already proceeded and heading to the back while I continue to sit and wait.
    Confusing to say the least.

  205. Susanna Krawczak 2021/07

    My first time visit to Patient First in Carytown was a very pleasant one. I totally recommend, only if you need to. I went in just for a check-up as a newbie in town. All the staff and Dr. Kemp were very nice and extremely helpful. I am glad I found me a new doctor in town if we ever need one. God bless everyone for such a pleasant experience. Wishing everyone to stay safe.

  206. Kala Saliu 2021/07

    Everyone was very professional and helpful. The staff worked very quickly to make sure patients’ time were taken in to consideration. I would come back here again, if I had to.

  207. Pamela De Ridder 2021/07

    Despite dealing with the pandemic surge or people requiring COVID testing, everyone I came in contact with was patient, professional, and kind. Smiles on faces even at 9:30pm!

  208. kamilah hiwott 2021/07

    This place has been the worst medical facility for years!!! The wait times are unbelievably long for no reason the staff is somewhat friendly but the service is subpar!

  209. Patti Williamson 2021/07

    Carytown is the location where my family and go regularly for acute illnesses or anything that is urgent. We have been customers at the Carytown location for over eighteen years and are very pleased with the staff.

  210. Lea Bacharach 2021/07

    Very quick and professional.

  211. Rod Peterson 2021/07

    Unprofessional and a waste of time. One of the worst healthcare experiences I’ve ever had.

  212. Rory Francisco 2021/06

    I made my first visit in over a decade to Patient First this week to treat an ear infection. For the past two years, I have used your competitor BetterMed for urgent care. I will never come back to Patient First unless you introduce an online wait time estimator. I had to wait almost 90 minutes from check-in to the time I was finally seen by a radiologic technician, then another 30 minutes or so for the PA. The actual exam was about 90 seconds and the PA was rushed. If I could have registered at home and waited there instead of in your waiting room while I was in pain, it would have made the experience more bearable. Very disappointed with the wait, lack of online check-in and lack of wait time estimates.

  213. Jared Purcell 2021/06

    The people were professional and considering the amount of people and atmosphere of the place, the timing was great. It was a comfortable and (again) professional experience.

  214. Kimberly Brown 2021/06

    Great experience. I made an appointment in the morning for the same afternoon. I was seen within 5 minutes of my appointment time. All staff were polite, friendly, and professional, especially Liz, the woman who took me back to my room and took my vitals. I was in and out in less than an hour.

  215. Imani Adapoe 2021/06

    This was a horrible experience. My wait to be checked in was 1 hour and then there was another 1 hour wait to be seen by someone. The receptionist and nurse were great but the PA was another story. Nancy Dembicer was not very nice or compassionate. After my 2 hour wait I had a 5 minute appointment with her telling me that there was nothing that she could do. She did not listen or seem to care about my immediate concern. Please remind your staff that they are in the business of care. I understand that health care is overwhelming especially with COVID, but the least you can do is try to empathize with the patient you are providing care to when they are in front of you. If there is truly NOTHING you can do, at least you can say it nicely.

  216. Sam 2021/06

    Over 3 hour wait time, not even busy. Go somewhere else if you need actual care

  217. Adam Attallah 2021/06

    Goods: The receptionists and nurses were nice. They gave me a refund after a mistake on their part.

    Bads: Was prescribed medication I was allergic to despite telling them multiple times about my allergy. Was given conflicting advice about whether to wait 2 days or 5 days before seeking further treatment. Was referred to a doctor who does not have any openings until late December.

    If you go here, double check every piece of advice they give you and do NOT take anything they prescribe you without being sure it’s the right medication.

  218. Kay Christensen 2021/06

    Great! Courteous, professional and efficient. Great experience- I would highly recommend.

  219. Robert Redmond 2021/06

    My visit to the Carytown Patient First was perfect. I was in and out in an hour. The PA thoroughly examined me and gave me good advice. The non Physicians staff was prompt, pleasant and enjoyable. I highly recommend Carytown Patient First

  220. Tecumseh Williams Jr 2021/06

    Very pleasant staff from walking in location to seeing a physician and leaving. Very Professional!

  221. Andrew Payne 2021/05

    The staff person who registered me today was very friendly here. The PA who examined my likely tick bites on my right leg recommended getting an over the counter hydrocortisone cream to help reduce inflammation. Since I was overdue for a tetanus shot, I went ahead and got one today. The nurse who administered the shot in my right arm was very friendly. Another female nurse came along with that main nurse to my examination room. However, it seemed like I had to wait a while for them to be ready to come to give the shot.


  222. Aidan 2021/05

    The wait time was very long which I understand it was busy but it’s just something to note. Also when I received my IV the tech was very messy with the application. The tech should have used a cloth shield to avoid spraying. Just a thought….

  223. Caroline Flagler 2021/05

    The only people that were nice there was the PA, the pharmacist, and the lab tech. The medicaI assistant was by far the worst she was so incredibly rude and unpleasant. I was there from start to finish for 3 whole hours and 20 minutes it was a terrible experience. Especially if you’re sick.

  224. Me : 2021/05

    Exceptional customer service and patient care. Very deliberate in providing honest, efficient and effective care/treatment.

  225. Kathy Wine 2021/05

    Great experience!! EVERYONE was so kind! I highly recommend this location!!

  226. Julia Rhodes 2021/05

    The service I received was comprehensive and quick once I was in an exam room. Wait time was not overly long. Urgent care is never fun, but this was relatively painless!

  227. Jamila Patterson 2021/05

    We’re constantly being told how black women are disproportionately overlooked and not heard when visiting health care facilities and hospitals. This was overwhelmingly proven to me here today. I arrived at Patient First when it opened at 8am. I was w/ my partner who was asked to leave. That I had no issue with, especially with how COVID numbers are spiking. My issue was that, I had to wait an hour before someone registered me and then another hour before being taken back (which was prompted bc I went to the front desk to ask how much longer I had to wait). I came in for a painful eye infection, so my tears and discomfort could be seen all over my face. But I was assured that a doctor would see me quickly once I got to the back bc I had waited so long already.

    I am now in the back and have waited over an hour and a half and still have not been seen by anyone. So, my total time here so far has been three and a half hours. And not one physician has stopped in to see me. And I’m sure I’ll have to wait another hour or two once they run my labs. Disappointed is not the word. Black women…avoid this place like the plague. They DO NOT CARE for your well-being.

    – UPDATE: dr came in two minutes after I decided to ask someone else why the wait was so long and express my anguish. He took a quicklook at my eyes and diagnosed me w/ bacterial conjunctivitis and prescribed me antibiotics. After two days, the drops seemed to be making my eyes worse. Visited another practice and they swabbed my eye. Turns out I had viral conjunctivitis, which can’t be healed w/ antibiotics. Long story short, I’m feeling a lot better thanks to the second practice I visited!


  228. Chris Johnson-Hudgins 2021/04

    I am 66 yrs old and have had x-rays at least 5 to 6 times through out the last 30 years. I’ve been in pain in my lower back since September 2020 and Patient First found I had scoliosis & arthritis and it is what causing my pain. So I finally got the real reason I’ve been so much pain for the last 10 months. I finally know and can now work with an Ortho Dr. to get on the right track. Thanks to Patient’s First. Christine Hudgins

  229. Charity Woods 2021/04

    I have been waiting about three weeks for a refill of Flovent. They haven’t responded to the pharmacy’s 5 attempts. I now have a respiratory infection and am miserable. Thanks a lot Carytown Patient First.

  230. LovLee Davis 2021/04

    The registration,nurse and X-ray staff were absolutely kind courteous and very professional. The Physician on the other hand acted as if she had somewhere to go and made me feel as if she didn’t believe me when I was explaining my symptoms . I informed her of my excruciating pain in my shoulder and all she prescribed was a form of sleeve which I told her I was taking already. I definitely would ask to see another physician if I have to return. Other staff, EXCEPTIONAL !

  231. sidney gunnels 2021/04

    I was recently seen as a patient at the Cary St. location. I cannot believe the excellent care I received. From registration, to intake, to the lab tech, the x- ray tech and my physician, I felt completely confident in my care and in fact have not had such wonderful care from a Doctor visit in EONS. Throughout the calm approach, timely testing, and most appreciated compassion, I wanted to tell them how wonderful and appreciated every one of them are. These people deserve more than I could ever give. From every fiber of my being, Thank You to the Staff at Patient First Cary St. There kindness and especially their knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile will forever be in my heart. 😘

  232. Ify's Afrcan Hair Braiding Beauty Salon 2021/04

    It should be illegal to keep a patient waiting for 2 hours with no attendance, check in or update by the staff whatsoever. If you are going to this location or any other location, be prepared to give up 5 hours of your day. Very slow, irresponsive and time waist at all the patient first location in Richmond va I have visited. This one is the latest on the list. Hey “patient first” if you don’t have doctors or staff, please shut down already. You should be sued for keeping sick people wait for 2 hours. After I waited for 2 hours at this location, the receptionist reply to me was I have 13 people ahead of me. Some people were siting there for 3 hours. Most of them left angrily.. mind you there was no one being called up to be attended to and as per the receptionist they had 3 doctors. I had to leave without being attended to. Pathetic!!!!!!!

  233. L W 2021/04

    I immediately told the front desk at the check in that I was told it sounded like a gallbladder issue as I work at a medical facility. I told the MA and I of course was given an x ray and bloodwork. The doctor comes in and I again repeat myself and he proceeds to tell me that my bloodwork looked good and an x ray couldn’t see anything anyway. So why was it ordered and charged on my insurance? I was then told by the doctor to go to St. Mary’s and get a CT. I call and no order. I call Pt First and after being passed around 3 times, I was given an answering machine. When another doctor calls me, instead of just simply ordering the CT as was stated by the initial doctor, I am told to go to an ER and get charged 20 times the amount for a CT that Patient First could have ordered as an outpatient CT. It is truly a shame when all anyone cares about is how much money they can screw a patient out of and no recourse.

  234. Whitney Rheins 2021/03

    The practitioner who placed my ppd stabbed my arm twice. Nothing looks like I received a ppd. When I refused vitals as this is a ppd for work paid by the employer, the practitioner said I had to and when I refused again he said he would just write I left AMA. I corrected him and said you just document “patient refused” as AMA is a completely different thing. This was not a good experience and I’m a healthcare worker. I get it people are burned out but this was craziness just for a ppd to be placed.

  235. A. Parker 2021/03

    This was the best experience I’ve ever had at an urgent care facility. It was pleasant from the time I walked in to the time I left. Wait time was more than reasonable. Dr. Mike was great and the treatment he gave me probably saved my life. I am forever grateful for my experience there.

  236. emma 2021/03

    workers made my day, especially winston the nurse.

  237. Antonio Myers 2021/03

    They are so helpful and very respectful and care about there patients. They also are quick and good if you ask me I would tell people in that area or anywhere to go to them for sure.🙏🏾🙌🏾💯 …

  238. K Alferio 2021/03

    I waited 2 1/2 hours on Tuesday to get a COVID test. On Wednesday afternoon the nurse called to say I had left before getting my swab. After I described the nurse who took the swab, etc. she admitted that they had lost it. She told me I could come back on Thursday morning and go straight to the back so I wouldn’t have another wait. When I showed up. I was told I would have to register and wait over again. That is ridiculous. I didn’t lose the swab…they did. No way I am going thru that whole process again…and no way I will go back!

  239. Rondo Herron 2021/03

    First off they splinted my hand so lazy that it’s not healing correctly due the effort of the doctor making my splint… & the front desks people are really rude here and blunt about certain things if you have insurance problems they will send you to places as if you’re going to get a follow up and the place will look at you and say Patient first never even sent us information or scheduled any appointments.. they are a joke. What an embarrassment to go there

  240. Kim Hearn 2021/03

    I came in for a drug screening for a new job. The sign in portal at the front desk makes signing in easy, and the front desk staff checked me in promptly. I didn’t have to wait long before an assistant came to get me from the waiting room. He was incredibly personable and kind, and made what I thought would be a quick, dry experience so enjoyable. I had such a wonderful experience coming in for something so simple!

  241. Juan Little 2021/03

    Don’t come to this Patient First if you don’t have a hour and half to two hours to waist on just waiting to be seen!!! I’m currently sitting in the back room waiting to be seen by a doctor and it seems like everyone who works here is just having fun and joking around instead helping their patients as fast and as efficiently as possible!! Also while waiting no one has come to check on me or give an update on how much longer my wait will be!! It has now been over 2 hours!!! I am extremely disappointed in the customer service and this is terrible bedside manner etiquette. I have come here multiple times before and pretty much receive the same experience but, I guess that’s my fault for continuing to come back to the Carytown Patient First location!!!

  242. Samuel Ogburn 2021/02

    They didn’t want to treat me because it “sounded like a had Covid” and didn’t bother to check

  243. Mary Kathryn Severin 2021/02

    Patient First Carytown is my Primary Care Physician. I trust them with all my health concerns and records. Their billing department is on top of things, which is a great relief. I can’t think of anything negative to say about this practice!

  244. Siobhan Gamboa 2021/02

    Very accommodating and made sure to make me feel comfortable with a warm blanket while I waited for test results.

  245. Katie Ledbetter 2021/02

    They were quick, kind, and efficient! The best Patient First I have been to!

  246. Mira Anniballi 2021/02

    update: I sent an email to the email provided below weeks ago and never received a response. I guess they’re trying to pretend they care in public, but not actually do anything material.

    Their check-in software is transphobic. They force you to disclose your gender identity and then ask a “but what are you really” question even though that information was completely irrelevant to getting my knee x-rayed. To top it off, they don’t ask for your pronouns – which is the only relevant information relating to my gender. This resulted in getting misgendered several times. The staff whose attention I brought this too didn’t seem to care. It’s embarrassing for them in my opinion.

  247. Asia Bear 2021/02

    Just went this afternoon to get tested for COVID-19. I was in and out within about 30 minutes, as it was pretty empty, and the test was as simple as 2 nose swabs and not the brain stabbing nightmare I was expecting! I get a lot of anxiety at the doctors and (I believe their name was) Winston was so sweet and helpful 🙂

  248. Mark Ferrer 2021/02

    Friendly and courteous staff most appreciative and helpful,.

  249. James Tilton 2021/02

    My wife and I went in on two different days for a covid PCR test. We had flu-like symptoms. We waited hours. I had 13 people ahead of me – that’s not Patient First’s control, but they sure didn’t seem to move very fast or efficiently (after you got registered). I waited more than 3 hours. Our billings were very different for the very same activity (I was billed for a physicians visit of $275 but my wife was billed for a physician visit of $194 and then a physical exam of $45). The doctor who finally examined me was adequate but spent very little time with me. They did what I went there for, but It was disappointing.

  250. crystle c. 2021/01

    This patient first has held my paperwork for over a week for my job. My case manger even called them to see what was the happening. I’ve called everyday and its the same thing everytime. I’m still waiting. They are incompetent and very nonchalant about their job and shun things off to the next person to deal with. Don’t go here at all.

  251. Sheryl Baldwin 2021/01

    I always have good experiences with Patient First CaryTown.

  252. Andrew Williams 2021/01

    It was a pretty good visit. It was busy, but I was glad that I was able to wait in my car. This is a good addition to the system

  253. Emily s 2021/01

    Dr. Goreczny is a dismissive jerk. I’ve seen him twice and both times he’s sent me to the ER because he didn’t want to deal with me. This patient first is fine, the one star is really for Dr. Goreczny.

  254. Amina Ayoud 2021/01

    long wait times and rude and snappy staff. I’ve never had to wait so long to get test results in my life.

  255. Sam 2021/01

    I came in feeling extremely short of breath, and I was expecting a quick checkup. However, they took the most measures possible to figure out what was wrong with me and help me. All the doctors and nurses were so kind and made me feel safe. Definitely one of the best walk-in places I’ve ever been!!!

  256. Nancy Turns 2021/01

    Your review:
    Everyone I saw and everyone who worked with me was very kind and considerate. It took a long time, but I could see that they were very busy and doing every thing in an appropriate manner. The diagnosis and medication that were prescribed were accurate, and the advice I received from the doctor on what to check during the illness were very good.

  257. Elvenia Stafford 2020/12

    I walked in with a lot of pain and discomfort. I only spent under 2 hours registering and triage, then seeing the Dr. Who prescribed me a prescription and over the counter meds. I am very relieved and slept like a baby that night. The next day my pain was gone.

  258. Rob Rexrode 2020/11

    I tried Patient First when I first moved to the Museum District/Carytown area and needed to see a doctor. I expected it to be your typical urgent care facility. It is most definitely much more. After my second time there I actually made them my primary care doctor. No appointments needed, quick and professional service from the time you walk in the door until you are done.

  259. Arlene LERNER 2020/11

    There can be a wait which is understandable since there are no appointments. But the staff is wonderful – knowledgeable, kind, highly intelligent.

  260. Dana Watford 2020/11

    Everyone was super patient and kind. All of my questions were answered and I was attended to in a timely fashion .

  261. Herbert George 2020/11

    Fast, efficient, friendly, and empathetic staff. That simple.

  262. Tam Ramanda 2020/11

    I leave one star just for the lady in frond desk. She is very rude. And they charge me $223 just fore seeing my wound. I was told that I can make payment plan. Even though I asked, the front desk lady reject to make payment plan for me. Everyone knows that people facing financial problem in pandemic, but the front desk lady does not has this sense.

  263. Pollie Barden 2020/11

    I wasn’t feeling well at work and suspected I had a UTI. I am fairly new to Richmond. When I got home, I looked up drop in med places thinking I would have to go the next morning. I was pleased to find FastMed and it was open until 10am. I drove over and it wasn’t crowded. I was a pleasant and professional experience from start to finish. Everyone was knowledgable and helpful. It is definitely where I will be coming when need healthcare outside of my doctor’s office availability.

  264. Julie Kerr 2020/11

    ThAnk you for helping me late at night to get on the mend!

  265. Alexandra Paolicelli 2020/11

    my visit to carytown patient first was great I was spoken to almost immediately and checked in. maybe waited 10 minutes to be seen. good communication through the process 🙂

  266. Brianna Victoria 2020/10

    it was very quick and everyone was nice and professional. being able to get my medicine while here was super convenient

  267. Rafer Sprouse 2020/10

    You will wait forever, your conversations with your doctor, nurse and check-in person are not private and you will have to wait uncomfortably at the slow-pace the entire building seems to operate at.

  268. Alberto G Schiavon 2020/10

    Thank you for working during a pandemic. It is never easy, but you guys are truly everyday heros.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  269. Sharon Williams 2020/10

    My son went to this Patient First this morning, and the doctor wasn’t very caring at all. He did not even take the time to speak with him to find out the details about his injury or to explain the medicine dosage. Definitely needs to do better. Treat the patients like you care. Be sympathetic.

  270. Nancy Delph 2020/10

    They were nice and very helpful.

  271. Daniel Fiasconaro 2020/09

    The whole process took less than 30 min. Very kind and informative staff. 10/10

  272. Brittany Esteppe 2020/09

    The staff was extremely helpful and they saw me immediately. The price of the visit was much more affordable than I thought it was going to be. I am very pleased with how friendly the staff is! Thank you!

  273. Kirk Roberts 2020/09

    Mixed experiences. They bent over backwards to help me save hundreds of dollars on rabies shots compared to going to an emergency room, but I’ve also never had it take 2 hours anywhere else for a DOT physical, and at this Patient First, I still wasn’t able to walk out with my certificate (had to come back later to pick it up).

  274. L Sprague 2020/09

    I felt berated and judged by the doctor who saw me. I was not given viable assistance and felt dismissed. I have had positive experiences here in the past which is why I would still recommend it overall.

  275. Carol Lyn Brown 2020/09

    I am new to the Richmond area and do not yet have a primary care physician. Patient First was recommended to me. I was extremely pleased with my first visit. The entire visit was a pleasant experience. Thank you for being there.

  276. Julien Belair 2020/09

    Does not follow federal guidelines

  277. Gary Inman 2020/09

    Stress free experience! Gracious staff and very professional environment.

  278. Sophia Elliott 2020/09

    The doctor was very knowledgeable and helped provide the information that would best help my situation.

  279. Monti Datta 2020/09

    Computers are down. I’ve been waiting for
    or 90 minutes and intake staff appears to be calling people at random and out of order to serve. Little organization skills apparent

  280. Norma Fiedler 2020/09

    Because I am not feeling well, making the appointment on line and being able to take me right away was truly a blessing. Thank you!

  281. Carly Engler 2020/08

    Quick visit, got exactly what I needed! Everyone was very nice! Thank you!

  282. Alexis Clawson 2020/08

    By far the WORST Patient First I’ve ever been to. I waited for about 2 hours to even be acknowledged, as I watched people who came in after me get seen before me . Better off going to MedExpress !

  283. Whitney Randolph 2020/08

    I love this location and i enjoyed the hospitality treatment i received.

  284. Chyann Mealy 2020/08

    The doctor and assistant were patient with me while I was in a lot of pain. I really appreciate them helping me out to remain calm despite the pain during the procedure.

  285. Shar 2020/08

    Needed 12 stitches in my leg which I cut on glass. Was in and out quickly. Very happy with the service.

  286. Kiyante Faucher 2020/08

    I was checked in and checked out in a timely manner. Very professional employees and I’m more then satisfied.

  287. Mireya Guadamuz 2020/08

    Worst place ever!!! Had an emergency as I fell down the stairs and went in with class 3 ankle sprain. Waited 2.5 hours by the time I was seen. Told me To return in one week to evaluate. Upon return I saw the director and he said I needed to let it heal which would take approximately 6 weeks. 6 weeks rolled in and still could not walk. I saw an specialist to be told I needed an mri and possible surgery along with therapy. I have wasted time and God only knows if I did more harm to my lesion for “waiting to let it heal.” Do not go here!

  288. Crystal Clark 2020/08

    It has been awhile since I visited a Patient First facility and I was pleasantly surprised at my experience today. Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor was personable and professional. I would definitely return to this location.

  289. Amanda Mercer 2020/08

    I didn’t catch everyone’s name but everyone was phenomenal. Everyone seemed happy like they were enjoying their day and work which really was reflected in the care I received. I believe I caught one name, Winston? He was a rockstar and his communication was excellent with everything. I could tell everyone was busy but it was not reflected in any negative ways. I work in a similar field and so I understand how tough it can be sometimes especially with covid and everything. 5 stars all around- keep doing an amazing job!

  290. Celeste Deal 2020/08

    I needed to refill a prescription and my doctor didn’t have any appointments open for weeks, so I went to Patient First. The unnerving part was all the other patients wearing face masks. The good part was that, once I got thru the waiting, the doctor was wonderful, totally understanding about my problem. Brent Miller, M.D. is a great doc! The staff, too, were helpful and understanding.

  291. Gavin Kahler 2020/07

    First nurse I had was rude and soaked me with fluid. Follow up nurse (Winston) was awesome and should be given a raise.

  292. Barbara Driver 2020/07

    Friendly staff very professional

  293. Kellogs Corn Flakes 2020/06

    Everyone here is SO nice, especially the nurse assistant, and everyone respected my pronouns and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much

  294. Elaine Lichtman 2020/06

    I had a very positive experience with the Patient First in Carytown. The team received me quickly and everyone who engaged with me contributed to a very personalized experience. To top of the positive and speedy experience with the team, the facilities were immaculate and had a freshly cleaned smell throughout the whole office. I would definitely recommend this location to others, and will keep it in mind next time I need medical support.

  295. mark terry 2020/06

    I have been a patient at this location for many years never had a problem with service or wait time the staff and doctors are friendly and very professional I highly recommend this location if you want great service

  296. Craig Roberson 2020/06

    I really like Patient First! Tell Anne Pearson that Craig says Hey!

  297. Janet Clement 2020/06

    I have used Carytown Patient First for about 10 years for urgent care on weekends and after office hours when my PCP’s office has been closed. I have always received excellent diagnoses, care and attention by both the medical staff and office personnel.

  298. Michelle McNamara 2020/06

    PatientFirst uses your medical needs to manipulate you into disclosing your credit card information (they will refuse care if you don’t sign a form saying they can charge you however they want, whenever they want), to then scam you out of not only your money, but your credit score, and health, resulting in long term damages.
    There was complete lack of communication and refusal to disclose the financial cost of the visit. I was not informed of how much it would cost me until nearly 2 months after the visit. During registration I was rushed and pressured to sign forms without allowing me the time to read the terms. As I read through the details of the form’s binding agreement, they interjected with a short statement on the gist of the form and I was told to sign. I had read that my CareCredit card would be accepted on the website beforehand, but after arriving I was told that it would not be accepted and I was required to trust the employees as if they valued the quality of my care, which I later came to find was not the case.
    My only issue with the doctor was also the lack of communication on explaining the treatment plan resulting in guesswork on my part to figure out what was happening and what I needed to do outside of the brief generic statement on the pill bottle on dosage. I had noted to the doctor that I had never had strep before, nor have I had experience taking antibiotics before. They did mention to replace my toothbrush, however when to do so, and any other precautions weren’t made clear.
    Once I had received my positive test and prescription from the doctor, I was not acknowledged any further despite attempts to gain the attention of anyone at the front desk in order to ask questions regarding payment and exit procedures (if there was anything else needed of me before I left). After verbally requesting assistance with my concerns repeatedly whilst being ignored, I resigned to leave as it was evident that they would again refuse to address my concerns.
    It might not be relavent but a simple rapid strep test here was somewhere between $190-$200. It should be noted that I have health insurance and have never been charged hundreds of dollars for this test at an urgent care. Comparative to $40 for strep, mono, and covid tests, which had included a thorough summary of findings and plan of care to take home in addition to verbally providing me with information for the treatment plan, plus information detailing necessary safe precautions.

  299. LaMont Noble 2020/05

    Wait time was less than 10 minutes.

  300. fgilmont 2020/05

    Incompetence galore. It took four (!) people to take an EKG reading, and the results were still erroneous. They called an ambulance to take me to the ER and the med techs immediately noticed that the wires for the EKG were crossed. That’s after 4 people had checked and re-checked the setup three times, including the so-called doctor. The result of this mis-executed test was the largest medical bill I have ever incurred in my life, all due to their incompetence to execute a simple test.

  301. Meagan Toiaivao 2020/05

    I turned up an hour before close on a weekend, got seen immediately (nobody else was there), and was out the door with a prescription in roughly 30 minutes. Service was quick and capable. Never been to a Patient First before, so that 30 minutes included the time it took to go through registration. Never been to a doctor’s office that was empty before either, so I’m guessing I just lucked out. Still, a great experience.

  302. Richard Nelson 2020/05

    Very friendly staff.

  303. Amber Toney 2020/05

    The facility was very clean. The staff was friendly and happy to help. I was more than happy with all of the help that I received.

  304. Ki Johnson 2020/05

    This was really a pleasant experience during a difficult time. The facility was very clean. The staff was very helpful. It was very time efficient from the waiting time to being seen by the nurse, x-ray technician, and the doctor. I really have to give a special thank you to Winston for sitting with my son while I got my hip x-rayed. I really appreciate the kindness and patience they showed my son who is four and has high energy while they still cared for other patients.

  305. ashleigh stein 2020/05

    Loved the doctors, nurses, and staff! They were amazing, happy, upbeat, and informative. Thank you for restoring my faith in Patient First. I hadn’t been back in years after a bad experience and the staff now are amazing! Thank you!

  306. jon york 2020/05

    friendly staff, very efficient, could not have been better

  307. Tiffany Murgatroyd 2020/05

    Highly disappointed! Do not believe the false advertising that they provide primary care. THEY ABSOLUTELY DO NOT

  308. Lissa Smith 2020/05

    The staff and experience here were top notch. I would highly recommend their services.

  309. Jake Pyrope 2020/05

    Everyone was extremely patient and kind, my visit was quick and easy. The doctor told me upfront that the medication I needed would be more expensive there and let me go elsewhere which I really appreciated the payment plan is also nice when you don’t have insurance.

  310. Heather Parker 2020/05

    My experience at Patient First and Patient First Carytown has been mixed. Depending on the day of the week and the time of day, I’ve personally had varying experiences. All mostly positive. I understand that Patient First is convenient for walk-ins (so far the only option), and because of that walk-ins can have very long wait times. And the busier it is, the more rushed you can feel. Use your time with your Dr or PA very wisely. Come with questions and be prepared to ask them whatever you need because they can see so many people in a short time. You do have the option of going online to check their Dr schedules if you want to see a specific Dr each time by showing up in their time block, but so far there’s no option to set up your own appointment with a specific doctor. Again, it’s Patient First, not your local appointment doctor so definitely be prepared.

    At this specific location my overall visit has been as short as an hour and fifteen minutes (which is fantastic for any doctor visit. Especially after 5 pm) and as long as three hours (where my actual talking time with the Dr or PA was minimal, and mostly spent waiting). Again, wait times and seeing a different Dr or PA each time a patient visits is understandable with a more efficient based model like Patient First. Your wait time can depend on when you get there and the day.

    My visit 9/24/20 was incredibly pleasant. Everyone was kind and patient with me, and did their best to keep me updated, informed, and provide additional information. My Dr or PA went out of her way to make my visit a pleasant one. The check- in staff, and nurses, and everyone else there were kind as well. It just made me feel like they cared. When you’re feeling unwell especially these days it’s always appreciated when someone shows you kindness and sympathy. Overall, I would recommend Patient First and Patient First Carytown as a convenient go-to for patients, but be ready to wait just in case!

  311. Eve Cederbaum 2020/04

    Kind people, pretty fast and was given medicine to help inain the short term and a referral. Will go back (though hopefully not for a while).

  312. E.S. Chaplin 2020/04

    Great covid precautions and had me in and out super fast. It was nice to see staff clean in between patients and assist patients in practicing social distancing with in the facility.

  313. Tim Chavous 2020/04

    Very Professional atmosphere, very good customer service. I would recommend to anyone.

  314. Art Hungerford 2020/03

    I went in for a Covid test. I was seen within 10 minutes of my scheduled visit. They were very careful to maintain a clean and safe environment. The nurse was very pleasant and performed the test quickly. A doctor spoke with me for a few minutes, and I was on my way. They said that I should get my test results in 2 – 4 days by text. Overall, an excellent experience.

  315. Henry Robb 2020/03

    I had a COVID-19 test at the Patient First in Carytown. It went smoothly, exactly as advertised. I needed it for travel. I’m awaiting the results now. I believe the nasal swab test they offer, although the results may take a little longer, is more accurate than the rapid test offered at BetterMed. You essentially administer this test to yourself under the guidance of the medical professional. (They have to take every precaution against getting infected themselves; it’s understandable.)

  316. judith dyson 2020/03

    Dr. Irby at thus location is wonderful. Like her better than my family doctor!

  317. Stacia West 2020/03

    Nurses were great and understanding. However the doctor had the worst bedside manner ever. Told me that I was “milking the system” and didnt want to listen to a word I said. Never had this bad of an experience at a patient first.

  318. BE HK 2020/03

    Fast, efficient quality care!

  319. Kaleigh Carroll 2020/03

    Overall a great experience. They were quick and efficient and were able to pinpoint what was wrong so they could help me get back to feeling better.

  320. Morgan Harris 2020/02

    I was seen by Akilah, Winston, Jonathan Pender, and an X-ray technician. They were all SO kind and helpful – excellenttt bedside manners, especially for it to have been the end of the day. I felt like they cared and balanced professionalism with light conversation perfectly. Very grateful to have been seen by them.

  321. Cristian Romero 2020/02

    Very good service. They practice the social distancing, they have some chairs blicked and just is permit the patient inside. they have a lot of sanitizers to clean your hands. Never is crowded and you don’t need and appointment. People is nice and they will take a good care of you and your people.

    Muy buen servicio, ellos practican la distancia social, tienen sillas bloquedas para q no se puedan usar. Y solo se permite al paciente en el interior. Tienen un monton de sanitizadores para q linoies tus manos. Nunca esta demasiado lleno . No necesitas una cita previa. La gente que trabaja ahi es amigable y te cuisaran muy bien a ti y a tu familia.


  322. Patrece Young 2020/02

    Terrible. I saw one of the PAs, Ashley Greer, for a tooth / sinus infection. she was incredibly rude. lab results indicated an infection. swollen face and she told me to take Motrin.

  323. teri walton 2020/02

    Staff was friendly and courteous. Facilities were clean and orderly. Service was swift w/very minimal wait times. Doctor was attentive, patient, and responsive to my questions. I hope I don’t need to return, but if I’m in need of medical services, I’ll return to this location.

  324. Donna Fuller 2020/01

    I love Patient First in Cary Towne. Always helpful, polite and good doctors and staff. Why wait 3 days for an office visit to a parimary care Physician when you need immediate attention?

  325. Ks Kathleen Stewart 2020/01

    Quality Care

  326. Andrew McVeigh 2020/01

    great experience. very helpful staff

  327. Irene Kuykendall 2020/01

    The Carytown Patient First is always my first choice for urgent care. The staff is friendly, welcoming, professional and compassionate. I’ve been going for years and always feel cared for.

  328. PATTI RYAN 2020/01


  329. Madalyn O'Malley 2020/01

    Patient First helped me see a doctor quickly when I wasnt able to find a doctor in the area for months

  330. M. Snyder 2020/01

    I had to get help at Patient First three days in a row, due to a reaction to an insect bite. All three times the wait was short, most the staff was friendly, the place seemed clean, and everybody acted professionally. I felt comfortable getting help there.

  331. Josephine Campbell 2020/01

    My visit at the patient first in Cary town was one of the best visits I’ve had. They were quick with the best service. I recommend them to others 😉. …

  332. Virginia Anderson 2020/01

    Took there time and listen to me . Very professional and seemed like everyone cared for me to get better. I was very much so impressed and feeling better. Thank you.

  333. Bob McCarthy 2020/01

    I had a excellent experience at Patient First yesterday and a nurse called me today to follow up. I am very glad to have them in the Carytown area.

  334. Charles Stone 2020/01

    Extremely effecient

  335. Robin Grooms 2019/11

    I had very good service didn’t have to wait long. The nurses was very sweet they take time with you. They answer all my question they explained everything to me. I was very pleased. I will go back if I had to. Thank you Patient First

  336. sam 2019/11

    Very friendly staff and doctors. Much better than any Patient First I’ve ever been to. Will definitely be coming back when needed (hopefully not soon)

  337. Savit Vajpayee 2019/11

    Excellent all around.

  338. Monica Burlock 2019/11

    I have been to this location several times over the last 2.5 years, and everyone is always polite and professional.

  339. Rainie Nguyen 2019/11

    Worse customer service ever! I fell and sprained my ankle. I arrived their at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday night 9/29/2019, but my boyfriend forgot my wallet. So he drove back home because we live close to the clinic (9 minutes away). The front desk lady (I guess her name is Becky with glasses) was so rude, and kept asking me how far my boyfriend was. Oh come on! I came to the clinic for help and paid for help, not asking for free service. I didn’t want to come back to Patient First anymore. I hope the manager can talk to her how she treated the patient. It called “Patient First” I don’t think patients are first. However, physicians (x-ray tech) and doctor were nice and professional. Not recommended any friends or family to come there!!! Again worse, and worse customer service ever!!!

  340. Elsa Woodaman 2019/11

    I find the wait time to be short and the quality of care to be excellent at this facility! Plus, you can’t beat the convenience of getting the medication, when needed, on site.

  341. SJ 2019/10

    This is coming from someone who NEVER writes reviews but I felt the need to do so after my experience. Where do I begin? I arrived at Patient First this past weekend and waited almost two hours to be attended (which is fine considering the high volume of patients waiting to be seen). I was there for a total of almost three hours getting tested and waiting to get back some test results. The doctor told me what I had and prescribed medication so I was like ok, cool and called it a day. Four days later, I get a call from one of the nurses and she basically told me they had misdiagnosed me. I took medication for something that I don’t have which is REALLY frustrating. Now, I have to run around and find a doctor in town and figure out what’s wrong. Not a happy camper, save yourself the money this Patient First is not the best.

  342. William Streicker 2019/10

    As a retired physician, I was very pleased with the services provided me at Patient First Carytown. All personnel were friendly, compassionate and professional. Dr. Goldman was thorough in her evaluation of my illness and helpful in finding a low cost way to purchase my prescribed medicine. While I did spend a half hour in the waiting room, once in the clinical area, all tests and evaluations were done quickly and efficiently.

  343. Joe Vargo 2019/10

    Quick and easy

  344. Millie Bean 2019/10

    Very friendly patient reps and nurses!

  345. E. Gorman 3 (E.NORMOUS [WEEMSVILLE]) 2019/10

    Wonderful facility and staff. Very quick and professional. Welcoming and truely compassionate. I especially liked how Justin drew pictures to help me understand as he was explaining to me. He genuinely cared about not only making me better but teaching me about what was going on. I loved the experience i had at patient first and if i need to i will definately return back.

  346. Amy Heilmann 2019/10

    Can be a very long wait. Took two hours recently for a simple diagnosis.

  347. Jennifer Ward 2019/09

    This experience was great! The staff was wonderful! Although I was sick after leaving I felt that by following the given instructions I would be back to normal soon. I would visit this location again if needed. Great job to all!

  348. Susan Motley 2019/09

    I go here for primary care – Dr. Law is my PCP. The patient experience is always excellent! Thank you!

  349. Sarah Califano 2019/09

    When I showed up for work and could barely move due to back pain, my boss insisted on taking me to this patient first. She said it was fast and friendly! She was right!!! Everyone in this facility greeted me with a smile! It was fast, in and out in about an hour and 15 minutes including 5 xrays! It was as good as a visit to a doctor can be! My boss was right! If I need a doctor again this is where I would go for sure!

  350. Amy 2019/08

    Quick, friendly visit. Shoutout to Darlene who at one point was simultaneously inputting my info, answering phone calls, and processing payment and questions for other patients leaving. I was stressed out for her there was so much going on but she was pleasant and efficient throughout. The doctor was also nice and I was in and out in 40 minutes.

  351. L Q 2019/08

    Had a greaf first experience given the circumstances. I appreciated the compassion and respect from all medical staff. Thank you Dr. Shannon.

  352. C Tate 2019/08

    I went to Patient First several times over the last few months. I had a nasty cough that wouldn’t go away. I had tried over the counter meds for six weeks with minimal progress. From my first visit to my last, everyone was fabulous. Each medical professional took the time to listen to me. Understand what I had been taking and discuss options for next steps. I was a person, not a number.

    Excellent experience!

  353. Tray Smith 2019/08

    You guys were awesome it was affordable and and I’m looking forward to seeing you for the second visit next month

  354. Chris Wall 2019/08

    I left work do to a uncontrolled cough at 12p, it’s now 6p and they haven’t even listened to my lungs, and me constantly coughing up a lung. I’ve would have done better waiting at VCU then this b.s.

  355. Mia Smith 2019/08

    EDIT: I’m updating my review because Shantae was extremely helpful. I explained my situation to her and she removed the fees and reversed my bill from collections. Excellent customer service from Shantae. Thank you!

    Patient First sent my bill to a collections account, which turned $25 into $67 AND put a derogatory mark on my credit report. I never received the bills because I had to move out my apartment very suddenly. There was a huge mold outbreak in my complex and the Richmond Department of Health got involved. Ironically, my visit to Patient First was because the mold was causing me respiratory issues.

    Seeing as the apartment was unlivable, no one was there to receive the mail. I explained this to Patient First, but they were unwilling to remove the fees.

    Here’s why I have a problem with that:
    A) They had an alternate address on file where I also receive mail.
    B) They did not try to contact me by phone at all to inform me that I had a bill.

    If I had known I had a bill, I would’ve paid it immediately. I have a perfect credit report/score and I’ve worked really hard to keep it that way. Feels like they did the least amount of work the get the most amount of money out of me. Be careful who you give your business to.

  356. Patrick Swanson 2019/07

    Everyone in the entire office was rude and dismissive as well as demeaning. I cannot believe that this place is being operated with such a terrible contagious attitude that is clearly present among all of their employees.
    Will never be returning.

  357. Shane Noey 2019/07

    The staff were all friendly and helpful, service was prompt, and I’d like to thank them for helping me recover from my illness!

  358. Kimberly Shaw 2019/07

    I spent 20+ minutes and five phone calls trying to reach the nurse line to LEAVE A MESSAGE. I spoke to 3 receptionists who transferred me to a vm that required a mailbox number to leave a message. I explained this twice – was put on hold for 5 to 8 minutes… with no return.
    Unacceptable – I appreciate they are busy, i am at home with the flu, paid $120 to be seen yesterday and need to speak to a nurse about a cough medicine. This was the 2nd chance for this Carytown location. It is the last for me.

  359. Phoebe Marie Parr 2019/07

    This location is my primary care and that is because they are always very good at getting me fixed up or referred. Can’t say enough good things about them. The bad reviews astound me and I think it’s just that people/patients don’t understand how the insurance system works. They are now taking your payment information and running your entire bill through insurance co. THEN running your payment OR sending you a bill for remainder owed that insurance didn’t pay. They aren’t a charity and you must have your insurance card and license to get served so don’t leave home without it or expect to pay as a cash customer.

  360. Simon 2019/07

    Everyone I interacted with was extremely friendly and accommodating.

  361. Alexis McGrath 2019/07

    I always come to this location for my urgent needs. This patient first is the best urgent care I have ever been to! The providers and staff are all wonderful and knowledgeable.

  362. Kathy Upham 2019/06

    We were out of town visitors in need of attention. I inquired at a local diner and they highly recommended Patient First. We were impressed immediately with the intake desk. The RT who took my chest Xray and drew blood was kind, concerned and quite good. The PA was also friendly, considerate and professional. They diagnosed my issue and has us out the door feeling better in no time. I’m a retired nurse and fussy about care. The place was well set up and very clean. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs medical attention while visiting Richmond. Thank you all!!

  363. Lesley Greene 2019/06

    I asked one of the front desk reps a series of questions and she was very rude and hostile. Even the doctor who saw me that night was dismissive. I only had to come here for a pre employment tests and it was very inconvenient.

  364. Verba Loudd 2019/06

    A great place to visit if you have any medical issues. Staff and doctors are very friendly and professional, and they get you right in no long drawn out wait times.

  365. Evelyn Nunes 2019/05

    Quick and efficient. I went there on a Saturday morning (first time) with a pink eye. Everyone was friendly and it all happened quickly, which is good, but I felt that the consultation was rushed. I know it was a text book minor issue, but most urgent care is. I got all my questions answered, but it annoys me that I had to ask them. It was very good, but not great.

  366. Claude Cooper 2019/05

    I thought the staff and service were exceptional

  367. Mizante Purnell 2019/05

    Thank you ❤️ great staff && parking 😎 got my Dr’s note …

  368. Sammi Lanzetta 2019/05

    I waited in a room for an hour while my face was gushing blood and nobody said anything to me. I eventually had to leave to go to work and ended up super gluing my face shut because no one even came to check up on me while I soaked through an entire bandage of blood. Thanks a lot for your help!!!

  369. R K 2019/05

    Waited an hour and a half to be told that the doctor couldn’t help me. I was written a prescription for an antibiotic and sent away. An hour and a half to be ignored and sent away within 5 minutes. This, also, is the same doctor that misdiagnosed me months earlier. I will not be back and I will make sure that I let everyone know of my horrible experienceS.

  370. Charleen Klecak 2019/05

    Horrible experience! Doctor didn’t treat me properly and highly disappointed

  371. Mckenzie Woodard 2019/04

    Everyone was so nice and helpful!

  372. T J 2019/04

    The staff here have their good days of customer service and their bad ones. I’ve experienced both of these the two times I’ve been seen here. Not so much the doctors but the nurses. Based on my 2 experiences I’ve decided to never go back up this location. I overheard staff talking about how I was overreacting and being dramatic the condition I went in for. They could have at least waited until I left. Personal opinions should never be voiced in this type of situation.

  373. Johnathan Doe 2019/04

    If I break anything else I’ll definitely let you all know first 10/10 better and faster treatment than hospitals and other urgent care facilities

  374. Heather aka Rogue 2019/04

    If you want to spend a night at the ER, after waiting all day here… It’s the place for you! When you call back for advice about worsening issues, they’ll just tell you no one is available to help. Waste of time.

  375. Katie Moore 2019/04

    I had a very short wait time and was seen promptly by the registration staff, the staff who took my blood pressure, and the physician. I came to request a prescription refill and the physician I saw took time to ensure it was the right medication and dosage for me. I appreciated the thoughtfulness and helpful questions. I am looking for a new primary care practice and was provided info about Patient First’s primary care program.

  376. Andrew Tildae 2019/03

    Dr Hepner is the BEST!!! Takes time to listen and explain things!! … Staff is friendly and efficient!!

  377. Platoid 2019/03

    Everyone at Patient First Carytown is professional and compassionate. I’ve been going to Patient First Carytown for many years and they always treat me with courtesy and expertise. Dr. Roe is an outstanding physician who always takes time to listen and provide erudite and empathetic medical care!

  378. Bridget Herrity 2019/03

    Literally the SLOWEST place, no one is in any hurry and there is a total lack of professionalism. There is zero pride in their work, and I would be shocked if I ever saw an employee smile.

  379. Darlene Temple 2019/03

    Staff very nice. Doctors are friendly.

  380. Morgan Stephens 2019/03

    I went in for a simply tetanus shot. After almost two and an half hours of sitting in the patient room I was finally seen by a doctor. It only took 5 minutes. I will not be returning again.

  381. Sarah Peterson 2019/03

    This is undoubtedly the worst Patient First I have ever been to. The PA was exceptionally rude and unhelpful. She seemed annoyed by me simply being there. They also had me do unnecessary blood work that I’ve never had to do at other clinics for the exact same symptoms. After being treated rudely and putting up with tests I don’t think were necessary, they didn’t even help me, just rushed me out the door. I will never be back to this clinic again.

  382. Tom Hubbard 2019/03

    Everyone from the receptionist, to the nurses and the X-ray tech and doctor were great. Very compassionate

  383. Sherron Carlton 2019/03

    I’ve been to a few different Patient First locations before with varying experiences and this location (Carytown) has always been the best. Fast, friendly and effective.

  384. McAllister Rybak 2019/03

    Patient first is always my go to for urgent care. With my exams in less than 48 hours and a sudden bout of illness and the pharmacy closed, it was the best option. It was the only place open outside of work hours. I appreciate them for all they do!

  385. Steve P 2019/03

    Great, fast service

  386. John Bryant 2019/02

    Everyone I interacted with was overly nice and despite feeling very poorly, they did everything possible to make me feel comfortable while I was there.

  387. Jeffrey Ketron 2019/02

    Very pleasant experience; stopped by to ask for a quick analysis of a hopeful easy issue; super friendly nursing staff (both check in and obtaining vitals); efficient, thorough, and friendly dr’s assistant treated me as expected and I’m feeling better already (4/22/19).

  388. Patty C8ks 2019/02

    Have come here numerous times, but my most recent is definitely the last. Nurses and staff were incredibly friendly, but I cannot say the same for the doctors who examined me. Better luck trying another patient first.

    Edit: Received the same stock response the last 3 people in that position used. Don’t waste your time.

  389. Kim Chappell 2019/02

    I appreciated how quickly I was seen and being able to get my prescription there at the office.

  390. Captain Wet Beard 2019/02

    Everyone is always extremely friendly and professional. I’ve never had service remotely this good anywhere else. The staff always respects my time and gets me what I need in a timely manner, without seeming like they are rushing and while seeming like they truly care.

  391. Joshua Kennamer 2019/02

    I came in needing care for a sever undiagnosed illness, however, I do not have health care and could not afford to pay for the suggestions given to me by the physician. In the end I paid about $180 for six, I repeat, SIX pills that will hopefully work. I would have loved to get more attention, but it was my health vs my rent and bills and you already know which one lost out. It’s a shame I have to choose between being healthy and having a place to live. Physician was courteous and did what he could with what he was given.

  392. Kathleen Barrett 2019/02

    I always make Patient First my first choice for minor health issues. The offices are spotless, the staff are efficient and caring and the medical staff are excellent. In most instances you can get prescriptions there and save a trip to the pharmacy. It’s the best.

  393. Phillip Crowe 2019/01

    A very well-maintained medical facility with an efficient and upbeat staff. You can see who is scheduled to work that day on their website, so if you have a last-minute issue you can see if their open and if they have an MD working.

    Went there with a sore throat and received the appropriate tests resulting in leaving the location with the required medication and I was able to get my flu shot.

    Would recommend this facility for urgent care or primary care needs.

  394. Kyle J 2019/01

    Dr Miller is either a coward or an idiot. I have a painful abcess on my earlobe and he refused to drain it. Instead refered me to an ENT despite the fact that any idiot with a sterile knife could have done this. Now I have to schedule an …

  395. Sheryl Baldwin 2019/01

    I always go to Patient First CaryTown when I need general or urgent care. Facility is always clean, staff are efficient, no long wait times. This business model is a template for how to fix health care in this country. I always check the schedule to see when Dr. Brent Miller is on duty and go to see him when something needs to be “fixed”. They are open 365 days a year 8am-10pm so working people can get health care without missing work and without the expense of an emergency room visit. Buffet, Bezos, & Dimon should study this model for health care. Two thumbs up.

  396. MK 2019/01

    I thought my wait time was reasonable. The length of time I waited for the doctor was reasonable as well. Everyone I encountered was polite and I would return to this patient first.

  397. Dean Knight 2019/01

    I have always been pleased with my experience at the Carytown Patient First over the years and my recent visit was no exception. The whole concept is a great one for those who don’t have, need or want a PCP, want extended hours without appointments necessary, and seek quick treatment for non-emergency, non-critical situations.

  398. Ebony CLARKE 2018/11

    On 3/10/18 I went into patients first. I was in a lot of pain. The doctors bed side manners, let’s say they were non existent!! He spent no time talking he barely examined me! No compassion. He asked me to get undress, never saying well do you need any help! I had to wait until he came back to ask for help. Then he looks at me as if I’m infected with some type of god awful plague!! I left out that place feeling like a cheap piece of meat!!

  399. Davison Chapman 2018/11

    very short wait to see a doctor. Person checking me in was quick, efficent, and friendly. Dr. G was great! Really caring, reasuring, and listened to my complaints. I will recommend this Patient First and most definately Dr. G to everyone!

  400. Carlton Tyler 2018/10

    I gave a call to this patient first to speak with a nurse. She was very rude and short with me.
    Way to be proffional. NOT!!!!!

  401. Joe M 2018/10

    First time using a Patient First and the service was well above expectations. The Staff was friendly, caring, informative on the process and attentative to my issues. The Doctor I saw had great bedside manners and made me feel comfortable immediately. She was thorough in her exam, explained the treatment and made sure I left with understanding of my prognosis. Great experience with this Patient First.

  402. Libby Dozier 2018/10

    The staff are super helpful, I’ve been here several times, most recently for vaccines I needed for school. They helped me fill out my forms and get everything straight, they definitely went above what they had to do to help me.

  403. Amen Kahwajy 2018/10

    Always a pleasant and respectful staff there.

  404. Huy Trinh 2018/09

    Fast and attentive. I received a physical, tetanus shot, and bloodwork. I had attentive care and the PA who saw me was very friendly.

  405. Rob P 2018/09

    We were out of town in Va visiting family on Christmas Eve. The wife got ill. We now know it was a stomach virus. We called Patient First, in Carytown, Va. The receptionist was professional and polite. When we arrived, the place was neat and clean, modern technology to check in, and at this time it was not busy. All the medical staff were warm, friendly, and caring. I would def recommend this medical facility to friends and family.

  406. cindy smith 2018/08

    I have been going to Patient First where my Primary Care Doctor is for the past two years. I am thoroughly happy with the services I receive there. It takes a little longer but the convenience of being able to go on nights and weekends and the quality of services I receive far outweigh that inconvenience. I spend the waiting time paying my personal bills etc. So it is a productive waiting time.

  407. Christina Santos 2018/08

    Doctors and nurses are fine but always a super long wait. I normally wait at least an hour or two to see a Dr. Used to the patient first in west end where they get you in and out quickly.

  408. Erin Dears 2018/08

    Reception lady is a NIGHTMARE and the wait is long.

  409. Jeff Smith 2018/07

    For a walk-in clinic this place rocks. I have had great care & service the times that I have gone here. Also, the waits I have had to see a Dr/PA are very reasonable and are as good (or better) as what I have had at my normal GP. It is great having this asset in our community.

  410. Alicia Iykyk 2018/07

    Cheryl at check in was very patient and nice. She also got me checked in quickly & and explained things clearly about the payment.

    My xray guy was fast and friendly as well.

    Dr.Law (Lee?) Was amazing and he was quick I didn’t have to sit there in pain he did the exam explained everything and the medication and I was done. I appreciate all the staff and the professional manner. I was in a lot of pain and waiting and sitting around was not going to be good but all went smooth.
    Thank you ALL


  411. Sam Dittmar 2018/07

    This place will try and scam you.

    I initially wrote a good review for their service but I have changed my mind. After paying Patient First several hundred dollars, over a month later I am getting a bill for Lab Work that I know nothing about. There was nothing about this bill in my itemized receipt, and this is the first I am hearing about it.

    This place will try to SCAM you. If you can avoid it, go somewhere else.


  412. Sulin Allen 2018/07

    Bad doctor, very hurried and dismissive. Im an RN, so I know something. I went with a painful sinus infection, she did not bother to listen to my lungs or feel my enlarged lymph nodes. She put a 5 DAY HOLD ON MY ANTIBIOTIC script which means 5 more days of sinus pain before I could even start treatment. I have already waited a month since my viral infection to end to ask for an antibiotic so I do not have a viral infection, I know the difference. Don’t waste your copay by going here. I went to another urgent care and the doctor actually took the time for a proper assessment and gave me an antibiotic prescription right away.

  413. Jaymeson Rivers 2018/07

    amazing! the office was super busy today but they got me in an out within an hour. perfect balance of taking care of my needs but also getting it done in a quick amount of time. great first experience!

  414. Richard Lucente 2018/06

    Ok. So the first thing they ask for is proof of insurance. The process stops without it. But.. and this is important. All medical is supposed to verify insurance. But part of the paperwork we all sign is one that if one doesn’t have insurance one must pay. That’s for people that come in and pay cash. Apparently my policy canceled like one damn week earlier.. luck.they are supposed to identify that and then approach the patient upon discovery on how to proceed.
    My free yearly “preventive checkup and …ugh colnoaspopy. Blood work. Incurred a $3600 dollar debt upon me that everyone else in the country gets for free. Here is the killb shot. Not only were they unwilling to compromise when in good faith to accept cash for Some of it {30%} ( hey.the work was performed) but have continued after many months to just keep adding interest. Will not entertain anything other. How glutinous and so against the cannon of medicine. The jiffy lube of places that say “patient first” but what they mean are payment first.

  415. kelly latham 2018/06

    Horrible rip off. Secret charges. $300 to treat a uti. If you don’t have insurance in this country your screwed.

  416. Marty Carraway 2018/06

    First rate care without going to the hospital emergency room. The doctor and staff were very caring about my recovery would recommend to all.

  417. Brittany Heath 2018/06

    They treated me like I didnt have insurance. Literally waited 2 1/2 hours just to get blood drawn.

  418. Mason Curtis 2018/06

    Notably skilled and thorough medical care!

  419. Erika B 2018/05

    Everyone was incredibly caring and helpful, and seemed genuinely concerned about my condition, which I believe was tonsilitis. I had gotten to the point where I could barely speak or swallow, was in extreme pain, and could not even sleep. I was in and out of the facility in less than an hour and was prescribed medicine that immediately helped relieve all the pain and swelling, and treated the infection. The following day I felt 90% better, and it has gotten better every day since. Thank you so much to the wonderful staff!! Had it not been for y’all, I would have ended up at the ER.

  420. Rachael Ballard 2018/05

    I was charged when I should not have been. I was given a run around between calling emailing without a single response. I was never notified that I was being charged. This billing department is awful and will wrongly charge you. DO NOT GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD. They will charge you months after the visit without notification

  421. Lori Carrasco 2018/05

    Aside from a bit of a wait, I was treated like a queen (a sick queen) at Patient First. Quite impressive throughout the entire visit. My PA even helped me find a cheaper alternative for the medication I needed and offered several ways to include ibuprofen and over the counter meds to make my sickness a little more bearable. She was wonderful. Thanks for having masks at the front door for people like me who had the flu.

  422. Bri Woodbury 2018/05

    This is absolutely the most unprofessional place I’ve ever been to. They got me in and out quickly, but I’ve been waiting for a call back since Friday leaving my name and number and messages everyday with no call back.

  423. Jesse Hughes 2018/04

    I came in with a dislocated pinky…i left my insurance card at home…i asked the nurse if i could use my online insurance card and pulled it from my phone and she said no and tried to charge me $120. She treated me like absolute garbage and talked to me like i was an idiot. I have never ever been so disrespected. Whoever she is should be fired. I ended up leaving and going somewhere else.

  424. Wanda Simpson 2018/04

    Great experience. Short wait time – very professional.

  425. Brian RRVA 2018/04

    Unfortunately my leg is infected from poison ivy gone bad. It is hard to walk/move my leg. I came in for the proper treatment.

    Apparently Cigna did not pay $40 of my last visit. Patient First sent that $40 to collections which turned it into $80. I only found this out last night when I received the collection letter stating that they were going to also blast my credit score.

    Patient First refused to except my tendered Cigna copay and refused treatment without the collection of the $80 and their collection department is closed until Monday.

    Sorry, but if you have a patient in need of treatment with payment and insurance in hand, you should treat them, especially when you have a monopoly on the Doc in the Box market for a given area. The copay for an ER visit is over $100 and it wastes the ER’s valuable time treating something that is non emergency related. I am removing this company as my PCP and will figure something else out. I suggest you do too.

    *The staff is pleasant and caring from my past experiences. This is reviewing the policy of refusing needed treatment of a person covered under insurance.

  426. Laura 2018/03

    I went in to hopefully receive diagnosis and rx as I was in a lot of pain. I have been seen by them several times before over the years and even have them listed as my PCP of record. Forgot my insurance card. Despite the fact that my employer and insurance have not changed, refused to see me unless I paid the self pay charges up front which “start at $125.” I asked if I could pay copay and they could send the bill in the mail and I would call back with insurance info (this can be done at other facilities) and they said no. Very upsetting to seek care while feeling sick and in pain, only to be denied services for an stupid administrative issue. Will be spreading the word to avoid Patient First at all costs.

  427. Laura Corcoran 2018/03

    Completely underrated. This location and all of the Drs who work there are above and beyond: thorough, genuinely caring, and they take time with patients. I have seen every Dr there in the years I made patient first my primary care,and all if them meet this standard. Dr. Holmes was the main reason that I switched my PCP to patient first and refer you all to everyone.

  428. lah dea 2018/03


  429. Chong Park 2018/03

    Waste time And money
    Not good Dr. .!!

  430. Nicole Hughes 2018/02

    Went to Patient First for an accidental dog scratch during playtime (our pup got overly excited). Patient First reported this to Animal Control as a bite without our permission, so Animal Control came to our home to have our animal quarantined over an accidental SCRATCH. We did not even receive medical attention from Patient First for the incident, because they didn’t have the materials available to treat me. Instead, we were referred to a different Dr. My family and I will not be returning to Patient First for services again.

    *UPDATE: Patient First has reviewed the case and forgiven the balance due of $120 (portion uncovered by insurance) because I was so unhappy with the visit. Changed review to 2 stars to reflect that they do have a fair dispute resolution. Thank you, Shantae, for following up with me.

  431. Rory W 2018/02

    Depends on what physician you see. Some of the P.A.’s are very rude.

  432. Kelsey Mosley 2018/02

    From the front desk to the back of house nurse, the xray tech and the doctor were all top notch! They all were so pleasant, helpful, professional and very kind! I didn’t wait long and I feel that I was helped and taken very well care of. It was about the length of a regular doctor’s visit without all the fuss. The process was seamless and pleasant. I will be back should I need excellent care again.

  433. Preston 2018/01

    Entire staff was incredibly helpful and friendly but the wait was insane. I had to wait over an hour after my vitals were taken to see the actual doctor and it took another hour after that before I walked out of there. Would return again but definitely will have to plan a lot more time per trip.

  434. angelic smith 2018/01

    wonderful staff. in and out very timely.

  435. Kristine Sinkovic 2017/11

    In medical field so I knew what was wrong with me. I hurt my back and developed nerve pain in my leg. I went in to get medication to alieviate the pain long enough to finish my work day (nothing controlled but you need an Rx for the medicine). The PA said it was a muscle cramp or embolism. I said it couldn’t be because NSAIDs and Tylenol weren’t helping and the pain was running down the back of my leg in a straight line. Explained further how I can’t take NSAIDs for other reasons. He asked if I wanted muscle relaxers. I said no because I had to work and it’s not muscle pain. He insisted I get a nsaid shot that would fix the pain in 10 minutes and get an ultrasound on my leg. At this point I’m in tears because the pain is so bad that I said fine to the shot. Of course it did nothing. I left with an Rx for NSAIDs that did nothing for nerve pain. Went to ortho oncall (which is where I should’ve gone first but patient first was closer and I needed to work) and was immediately diagnosed with narrowing at L5 in my spine and given medication for NERVE PAIN! Basically, Don’t go here if you are really hurt. Go here if you’re looking for opioids or other controlled substances because that’s all they seem to want to give people. I can back those claims but that’s another review.

  436. Tony Garr 2017/10

    My wife went in with a sinus infection. They told her to wait 10 days and see if it clears up instead of just giving her a prescription for some antibiotics.

  437. Ann Price 2017/10

    I was happy and surprised how fast and easy it was to get the attention I needed… :>

  438. E BRAWNER 2017/10

    I had a great experience at the Carytown Patient First location today. The check-in process was fast and easy, I was called from the waiting room after minimal wait time, and all the staff I interacted with were helpful and friendly. Dr. Miller was very professional and did a great job on my sutures. I left completely satisfied.

  439. Victoria Lassiter 2017/10

    Horrible. I’ve been sitting here for over two hours and have seen people get here after me and leave before me. No explanation for the wait. Come on people.

  440. Hadley Kessenich 2017/09

    Waited an hour when they called everyone who came in after me first so I finally spoke up and the lady was very rude and knew she had missed me but said I would still have to wait until everyone else was seen first even though I had arrived before them. Everyone I spoke with was rude and not helpful. Will never go back there again.

  441. Ciara Jones 2017/09

    They were the worst!!!!!!! “The system” was the cause of THREE patients to get infront of me. NEVER AGAIN

  442. S Walter 2017/09

    I don’t know how they get away with it but they don’t send you a bill showing what they did and the charges. If you call Shantee, you will get a printout of the charges but no detail of the medical services provided. Even though our family has Anthem and an HSA and has paid every bill promptly, they require that you give them your credit card in advance to guarantee payment. And then…after sitting on a March bill for months, they send a statement with the amount due in July telling you within a couple of days, they are going to charge your credit card. Still no bill showing what this is for, Just the balance due because this is really all they are concerned about. So we are done with you.

  443. Sam Hall 2017/08

    Receptionist was polite, friendly, and very efficient. Nurses and x-ray tech were very kind, communicative, and professional. Doctor was thorough and patient with me and answered all of my questions. My experience was excellent.

  444. Natalie Kitchen 2017/08

    Slow service, been here about 7 times and have never seen a nurse smile. Try to force expensive procedures (X-ray and such) on you while under prescribing anything that would actually help you.

  445. Joe Fanelli 2017/08

    Lei is nice. Got right in… then I sat and waited in a room for 90 minutes to be seen for 1 minute. Deplorable for the staff to patient ratio. Save your time and money and go elsewhere. However Dr. Pell is great

  446. Mary Clanton 2017/08

    I called ahead to ask about wait time and the receptionist said there was no wait time at all. i got there immediately and I’ve been waiting 2 hours. I still haven’t seen a doctor. If they had just told me about the wait time I would have gone to a different place but now I’m stuck here waiting and I’m super sick! Not cool

  447. ** 2017/08

    Bait and switch. They state their billing caps at $299 then made me sign a black check agreement. I caused a fuss then they assured me the limit is guaranteed. When I am checking out, the bill is over $600. They claim it’s for the lab but the lab is supposed to bill me separately. Tried to read my services and refused to print an itemized bill so I could see myself. Now I’m waiting in the lobby for the bureaucracy to approve an itemized bill. 2 stars for the technicians’ skills and speed.

  448. Mary Massa 2017/07

    I do like patient first and I’ve never had a problem with patient first until I came to this one particularly. The past couple of times I’ve come here they’ve recommended “DayQuil” instead of actually giving me medicine when I was in actual need of medication. I’m here now because I have a uti and I’ve never waited so long to get helped. I understand being busy, but I’m actually the only one here. I’ve been here for an hour and a half and when I asked the nurse outside how much longer she looked at the computer for literally a second and said “you’re next” the. I waited another 30 minutes. The doctor then came in and I thought I’d be ready to go. Then i waited another 30 minutes for a prescription. Again I’ve never been so disappointed with a patient first. Everyone who works here is extremely nice, but I think I’m going to stop wasting my time and try a different location.

  449. chris stitt 2017/07

    I thought maybe some of these bad reviews were just people being jerks but after my experience today I understand. It wasn’t very busy but it took 1.5 hours to see a doctor (Dr. Roe) and was very rushed and high strung, I explained my symptoms of extreme life interfering allergies to pollen over the last two months and multiple infections and I need help.
    Got told to take Sudafed and Allegra (which I’ve been doing) and told to leave. HUGE waste of time and the Doctor was super rude. I’m so mad.
    The rest of the staff was polite and professional.

  450. Jason Land 2017/06

    Refused me because of a 68 dollar bill..Will never go back again …petty not wasting my time no more…

  451. Doj Shin 2017/06

    When i went in, the receptionist was fantastic. She was very nice and took care of me right away. Then as i walked in to get my height and weight, it was quick and then they put me in the room. it has been more than 45+ minutes that i’ve been seen. if i knew it was going to take this long (as i hear them playing in the back) i would’ve gone somewhere else. the nurse said she will be with you when she’s ready…. obv not because i’ve been waiting here for so long. this is just very upsetting.

  452. Allison Rinaldi 2017/06

    I saw Dr. Brett Law and he correctly diagnosed me with Shingles, wrote me a prescription right away and saved me from a lot of pain. Thank you, Dr. Law and the Patient First staff for helping me out. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your assistance.

  453. Mr. Teddy 2017/06

    Worst people ever, to assume someone is trying too get over, after a full conversation with the staff before coming, telling me that they already had my insurance information in system then to arrive they tried to make me pay out of pocket because no one is picking up at the insurance company after hours, then the staff has nasty attitude like for what. They could have easily put my credit card on file and confirmed my insurance information tomorrow during normal business hours.

  454. Victoria Layman 2017/05

    The speed to which I was checked in and then seen by the nurse was the fastest I’ve ever experiences at patient first – I was highly impressed.
    Dr. Brett Law is fantastic. Sometimes I worry about going to patient first because I never know which doctor I might get and many times before I have been misdiagnosed at this location, but I knew the minute I saw Dr. Law open the curtain that I was in good hands. He is very knowledgeable and attentive to your symptoms and then appropriately diagnoses you. He took the extra time and effort to send in a throat culture just in case we caught the sickness early to see if anything developed, and in the meantime he took the time to really hear my concerns and recommend a great medicine to help me combat some of my symptoms. It’s only one day out since I went to the doctor but I am already feeling better than I was from the medicine he suggested. I am really incredibly grateful Dr. Law was able to see me that day.
    I also want to point out that the lady who checked me in was funny and made a great effort to make a connection with me and make me laugh. She knew I didn’t feel good but we made light of the situation and I felt very comfortable with her.
    Lastly, I want to speak about the nurse. Usually the nurses that check my vitals at patient first are cold, have a scowl on their face and barely make any conversation. It seems almost as if they just show up for the paycheck but are miserable to be there every day. However, I had a COMPLETELY opposite experience with this nurse. She was smiling, bubbly, personable, and she seemed to really care about why I was there and wasn’t feeling well. Oh my god I almost forgot – an experience like this has never happened to me ever, but she asked me if there was anything she could do or get me to make me feel more comfortable before the doctor came in. Like the normal patient, I don’t really know what could be done and I think she’s just being her polite self, so I say “Oh I think I am okay, Thank you.” She replied with, “Are you sure? I could prop the bed up for you if you’d like.” I said, “Really?! Yes I think I would really like that.” She props the bed and I say thank you. She then asks, “Is there anything else I can get you? Like a blanket or anything?” Keep in mind at this point I was super achy and clammy- I didn’t have a fever but I felt like I did and was very cold. I guess I had mentioned that to her earlier when they ask you about your symptoms, but I didn’t expand, go into further detail, comment more than once, or complain I was cold. I responded with, “Woah I can get a blanket?!” She said yes and I replied with “I would really love that! Thank you so much!” She comes back in and lays the blanket on me…. IT’S HEATED. YES SHE JUST GAVE ME A HEATED BLANKET. OMG I WAS IN HEAVEN. I groaned with pleasure and said “Oh my gosh and it’s heated?!” She grinned and again I told her how thankful and grateful I was, because I was and I still am. I have been going to patient first in Carytown for 6+ years now and I can safely say this visit was by far the best one I have EVER had and far exceeded my expectations on every aspect – wait time, check in, personalities, care, competence, bedside manner, and going above and beyond to support their patients. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you because I really truly enjoyed my most recent experience. Thank you all again for your service, hospitality, and generosity.

  455. Stacy Franklin 2017/05

    Worse experience ever. Came in because this place was the closest urgert care to my job. Had my blood pressure taken by a co worker prior 133/97 not sure if the machine was acurate I drove myself. Got there and explained to the registrar that I was not sure if thst machine was correct. She walks away returns with a nurse in the registrars office tells me that 133/97 is NOT high an if I wanted I could go somewhere else. Currently writing this review from the hospital the machine was not acurate and my blood pressure was actually higher. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!

  456. Maria L. Sheehan 2017/05

    My experience with Patient First was favorable. The nurse and doctor acted very professional. I was informed by the doctor I did not need stitches for my leg abrasion and he proceeded to explain to me the way he was taking care with a special stitches cover that would blend after a while and be absorbed by my skin. This was done very professionally. I would recommend Patient First to anyone in need of medical care.

  457. Phil Card 2017/05

    They have always provided excellent service and no appointment required.

  458. Diana Jackson 2017/05

    The problem with not having competition is that you don’t have to put yourself out there with good customer service. Patient First is a necessary evil. Both the doctor and the person that takes your vitals where unfriendly. The vitals person, Carmen, seemed to hate what she was doing . Was on autopilot … totally checked out.

    Shanti, Please don’t extend your stock response. You should change it up a bit from time to time

  459. Kara Ross 2017/04

    The Carytown Patient First is the best in the city. Less wait time and the staff are professional. The doctors I have seen there are always knowledgeable and don’t make me feel stupid or gross. They are actually registered as my PCP on my insurance because I go there more often than anywhere else. Good basic doc for when you need immediate help without a visit to the ER.

  460. David Barnett 2017/04

    I always feel well cared for at Patient First in Carytown. All staff that I have been served by have been professional, courteous and patient.

  461. Randolph Godett 2017/04

    Friendly and pleasant staff, from registration to exit.

  462. Jacob Kinney 2017/03

    My visit was short and sweet. Everyone there was very helpful and nice. The doctor answered all of my questions and pointed me in the right direction. I would recommend this patient first to just about anybody. If you can make it there around the middle of the day, the wait time is not that bad. If you decide to wait after work and go in the late evening, you’ll probably be waiting a little longer.

  463. Chris Rayborn 2017/03

    After checking into the Patient First in Carytown and waiting for 30+ minutes. I left without seeing a doctor or notifying the front desk attendant. I received a bill for $106+ dollars for sitting in the waiting room. I’ve called the billing department twice now and the second time I called I was told, I signed a release which allows them to bill me. No service was rendered yet I received a bill. This should be illegal. Not to mention they had the chance to make things right, but decided not to do the right thing. DO NOT USE PATIENT FIRST!!!! There are plenty of other options. Poor service and billing department.

  464. Claus Ihlemann 2017/02

    Great service, very short wait, staff was friendly and proficient

  465. Johnathan deVos 2017/02

    I was pleasantly surprised by my first experience with patient first. I will be going back for any future healthcare needs.

  466. Scott Lata 2017/02

    Best patient first ever. Always super quick and friendly. I had been coughing for 5 days. I just thought it was a simple cold. They wanted to do an X-ray and they found out I had pneumonia.

  467. Raymon Jump 2017/02

    I went here for a work related injury back in February. I am using workman’s comp so it all will be covered. Turns outs they did not properly file my visit and I received a 71.80 bill for the braces on my hands which would be covered under workman’s comp. After 5 months and countless hours over the phone and two in person visits back to Patients First to fill out permission forms to have my records faxed to the insurance company, I have now been put into collections. This is the most unprofessional experience I have ever dealt with. Each person I talked to weather by phone or when I went in person assured me it would be taken care of. How can someone trust a business like this?

  468. Aaron Gunter 2017/01

    Absolutely awful experience. Sent my account to a collection agency after they had already been paid in full for a doctor bill. After calling to dispute it they refused to make any effort whatsoever to contact the collections agency to help get my name removed and a $41 “other charge” was being held under my name with the collections agency. Its a shame and petty that they would rather have client for 10 years share their negative experience online rather then assist them in getting a $40 phantom “other” charge waived. I offered to be tight lipped and sweep this under the rug as a mistake but after this experience I will never go back and will be sure to share my experience with any and all. Very disappointed.

  469. Chelsea Wise 2017/01

    Love Dr. Anna George!

  470. Mark Iovanisci 2017/01

    The young woman at registration was polite and courteous and the wait time wasn’t terrible Sherita the Nurse or Nursing assistant got the standards done, she wasn’t the most customer service oriented but she knows her stuff and just gets to business. A smile always helps but her professionalism was appreciated. Melissa the Lab Tech didn’t destroy my arm drawling blood which is always appreciated. Switch and accurate pokes are the best kind. The PA was awesome and chipper and got all I needed done. Overall solid visit. The wait time in the back and the just “moving through the motions” attitude of the staff is why I only give it four stars.

  471. Ilea Rickard 2017/01

    I had an amazing experience at this location. I accidentally cut my thumb and was so embarrassed about it but Kelly Amos i believe was her name made me feel so much better about the situation. I’ve never had stitches before so my doctor Shannon explain the whole procedure and actually had a great conversation with me during the process which made me think less about the pain and the incident. They had amazing customer service and they were very helpful. I truly appreciated it having them during my experience

  472. Paulyn Roman 2016/11

    If I could give this place zero or negative stars I would. We waited over an hour to be seen by a doctor and asked the nurses numerous times if one was going to see us any time soon. I brought my fiance in to be seen for some swelling in his eye and dizziness.

    After waiting for so long with no sign of a doctor in sight we walked out. Worst service ever. Definitely do not waste your money on this place.

    I also called Fawn, who has been responding to negative complaints on these Google reviews. I left her a message and am waiting to see how that goes.

  473. Michelle Behrer 2016/11

    I went to Patient First on a Sunday at 8:30am because I had a fever and was coughing at an excessive rate. I was immediately checked in by the receptionist who was kind and efficient. After waiting for about five minutes I was called to be seen by the nurse. The nurse that saw me was the friendliest person I interacted with at their office. She was caring, kind, and very professional. She gave me a strep test after taking my vitals. After waiting in my room for about 15 minutes, a different woman walked in. She worked in the lab and seemed a bit stressed, but still friendly. I asked her why she was taking my blood and she said it was probably to test anything viral or bacterial. After about 15 more minutes, I was seen by Ashley, a PA who worked there. She gave me a quick review of what had been completed and she gave me paperwork on what medications I should take. I wanted to get them through another pharmacy and it wasn’t a problem at all. The appointment took about an hour total which, in my opinion, is an appropriate amount of time for urgent care to take, especially since my case was not too serious. I just wanted to know how to get better and they helped me out.

  474. Vince Harvey 2016/11

    If I wanted to wait 10 years to be seen I would of gone to MCV !

  475. V Craig 2016/11

    The staff was friendly, everyone apologize for the wait.

  476. Diane Epstein 2016/11

    Good service. Caring, competent physician. Convenient location. Not too slow. In and out in an hour and fifteen minutes.

  477. Spencer Billups 2016/10

    Seriously though… Ive been here for 2 hours. An hour ago they were finishing up one person and would see me next. The new update (as of 15 minutes ago) is I have one person ahead of me and will then be seen. How does that happen? I’ve watched people walk into the main waiting room, they’ve come back and are now gone. How?

  478. Pierson Geyer 2016/10

    Very quick service. Friendly informed staff. They work with the resources they have well and try to accommodate as many people to help as possible. Urgent care centers often have irregular visitors but the staff here is very friendly to everyone I saw come through their doors.
    I did have a good bit of pain after getting stitches here but they had good follow up information for me when I went back the next day to ask about it and I can’t fault the physicians’ for ,y injury lol!

  479. xjazzyz 2016/09

    Takes up to an hour or more to see a doctor. First doctor I saw was okay, last few times saw doctor who didn’t speak much English and felt rushed. Insurance (BCBS) not covered. Don’t recommend.

  480. J P Welch 2016/08

    This was clearly one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had in a medical treatment facility recently. Every one of the staff working late on a Sunday night was very pleasant, competent and thorough. I was both surprised and elated. Thanks!

  481. Kyndall Williams 2016/08

    I am more-so writing this for a specific Doctor than for the entire experience. I went in for an urgent care matter and while I was given prescriptions for the issue I wasn’t given too much information on how to handle the infection I had or how long the recovery would take. I went back again because after 4 days of prescription nothing changed. Finally when my prescription was empty I went back a 3rd time because it was still not healed. That time I was seen by Dr. Carmen Holmes. She was amazing- so caring and nice, and she explained everything to me in detail. She even used a website to get me discount prescription meds from Kroger since she knew I wasn’t on insurance. She sent me home with extra wrap and medical tape so I could wrap/compress my infection. I was truly impressed by her. Thank you Dr. Holmes!

  482. 8 8 2016/08

    They took an X-ray and treated me well . Cost was within reason as well .

  483. Barton Cutten 2016/07

    If you value your time don’t bother coming here. Waited over an hour and a half for the doctor to waltz in for 30 seconds guess I have bronchitis and then hand me a wadded up collection of receipts and send me on my way. A few days later I called to see if the doctor could prescribe me something else as my health was not improving only to be told to come in and do the same thing all over again. My question is where can I send my bill for my time wasted. This place is the Walmart of healthcare.

  484. Matthew McIver 2016/06

    Dr. Scott was the best doctor I’ve ever had. Pleasant, efficient, friendly.. And she shopped around for me and found the cheapest place to get my medication. She seemed to actually… care. It was awesome. I was getting kind of frustrated from sitting ethereal waiting for a doctor so long, but she made it worth the wait.

  485. Howard Rose 2016/05

    I went this past Weekend with a totally blocked nasal airway for about a week. Provider spent 2 mins tops with me, never looked at throat, ears, glands…nothing buy my nose. She told me I was having an Afrin reaction and to take Sudafed, Flonase and Advil. 2 days later I am 3 times worse with cough, colored discharge…etc. I go here cause it’s convenient and work schedule makes it hard to get to primary care doctor. Won’t go here anymore…just don’t get personalized care.

  486. Matthew Bellinger 2016/04

    Shannan Scott is amazing! I never write reviews on anything but she more than deserved one. Super nice, very helpful and did an excellent job.
    I had a traumatic event in which i needed stitches and she knew it was a big job and wanted to make sure she took her time to get it done right.
    Her attitiude and friendliness was unmatched by any physician visit I have ever been to. She even helped me with finding a close by dentist in which would help with the rest of my issues.
    I have never felt so comfortable given the unfortunate situation I was in. Patient First is very lucky to have her. She is a one of a kind!

  487. Michael S 2016/04

    Worst experience ever! I waited 2 hours for a prescription refill, I finally asked for my money back and left. Don’t waste your time or money at this place. A VERY unprofessional medical facility. GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!! I wish I had read these reviews way before now. This place is a joke. The doctors that work here are bunch of rejects that can’t get a job in a real hospital. Here is a clip taken right from their website:
    Saving Time
    When you do not feel well, the last thing you want to do is wait. Patient First provides efficient service that meets your medical needs as well as your schedule. WHAT A JOKE!

  488. Robert Grant 2016/04

    Very nice place

  489. L.W WEST 2016/02

    staff was friendly & kind to me!!!! I had a bad infection, to which they were very helpful. would recommend this place if you need immediate care!

  490. Danielle Haas 2016/02

    Overall not a bad experience, even though I did have to wait about 30 minutes to get called back. The staff was all very pleasant from the check-in person to the nurse that administered my shot. I found Dr. Thakor to be very professional and thorough, and I left feeling like I received the best treatment available to me at 7pm on a Wednesday night.

  491. Dennis Flannery 2016/01

    Update to my first post, today, Oct 19. After a 2-hr wait (called back at 524pm, left at 735pm) I walked out and asked for a rebate. A Dr Jones scurried out a side door and said, “it’s your turn! “..i went home. .. so much for patient- centered care. ….am I in Canada?

  492. Catherine Hendrick 2016/01

    I’ve been here numerous times while living in the Fan because of its proximity. There have been times where I’ve felt like I’ve waited for what seems like forever for a diagnosis, but realize that time moves very slowly when you feel like crap and you’re in a doctors office.

    The most recent time, Dr. Melody Irby, PA-C came to my room to diagnose me after a flu and strep test. Her kind words, relatable personality, and calming explanations were a breath of fresh air from the general curt was and rudeness I am used to in the medical profession nowadays. I applaud the staff for making the best turnaround that they can, in the time that they can, as wait times seem like forever when you aren’t aware of all that the medical profession is taking care of behind the scenes.

  493. Richard Price 2016/01

    All I needed was a prescription refill and they denied me just because they were no longer were accepting new patients who had the type of insurance I have. What kind of bs is that? Never going to bother stepping foot this in POS urgent care again.

  494. rodney kight 2015/11

    the doctors are actually decent, but they are ridiculously understaffed and getting the nurses to look up medical records – call in prescriptions, etc………is absolutely terrible. This is corporate medicine – terrible service and greed runs the entire operation. You can’t even get them to call in prescriptions for blood pressure meds without an office visit because they want the money……..this is why our health care costs in the US ARE SO EXPENSIVE – greedy corporations like this……don’t go near this place – you will regret it

  495. Matt Juaneza 2015/10

    Only go here if you are in a pinch. Talking to some of the staff is like talking to a statue. Absolutely zero compassion in their mannerisms. I went in for a simple flu test. Signed in and waited in the waiting room for an hour. I could tell they were under staffed so I didn’t mind that. Got to the exam room, the nurse took a swab for the flu test and then the waiting began. I waited, and waited, and waited, took a power nap, waited some more. Then the doctor shows up, takes a look at the computer screen and goes “Oh, sorry, I think I’m skipping someone. I’ll be back.” in a very monotone, non-compassionate manner. I waited an additional 30 minutes in the exam room for him to come back just for him to tell me my result was negative, write me a prescription to bring my fever down and send me on my way. Total time spend there? almost 3 hrs for what should have been a simple 30 minute diagnosis. If I have to go to Patient First again, I’ll go out of my way to go to a different one.

  496. Gil Caldwell 2015/08

    I have been at this location for many years. This past weekend I went in for my regular checkup and bloodwork to renew my medications. In the past I had had a great experience. This weekend I was insulted repeatedly by the Doctor that I saw. I have used this practice for years due to my work schedule. It is time to find a new primary care physician.

  497. Allie Mann 2015/06

    I was hesitant to go here give the wide ranging reviews, but I did. They were very thorough, professional, efficient, and high tech. I had to wait about 35 minutes, but there were 10 people there before me. The doctor told me that they always have two doctors on staff, so I didn’t think that was a long wait. And I was able to fill my prescription there, so I saved another stop.

    I’m not sure why others have said it was awful, but I was prepared for it to be so, and it was anything but.

  498. Alex H 2015/06

    I’d only recommend visiting this clinic if you’re on your last leg, even then I’d just go to the ER. The doctors are clueless and wait times can be very long. Why is it that every time I come here, they never can figure out what the issue is and I have to be sent somewhere else for something minor.

    My last visit was the last straw for me. I’ll drive myself to Parham or Short Pump with two broken legs, just to be treated with dignity before I stop here again. Stopped in to get my prescriptions rewritten because unfortunately they were destroyed. Well, reception and the nurse gave me the run around and had me waiting for 2hrs. They checked my ID three times, and at one point kept it for 30mins for unknown reasons. When I finally got to speak to the nurse she was very condescending and just too rude for my liking. I was informed that my meds would have to be sent directly to the Pharm (even though, I suggested this 2 hrs prior) and that it was odd that I was not able to get the meds filled.

    You’d think I was trying to run a drug cartel and get more scripts for narcotics or something. Nope, just trying to get some antimalarials, drugs for allergic reactions and traveler’s diarrhea for international work and travels. The icing on the cake was when the nurse informed me that the doctor on staff didn’t believe in antidiarrheal meds and that I didn’t need them because she didn’t need them for her vacations in Mexico. Thanks, honey but I’m not vacationing, nor will I be in Mexico. I’m going to Zambia and would just like to be able to get my meds. Ended up not even being able to get the prescriptions; nonetheless I can expect a very exciting adventure abroad for all the wrong reasons. (:

  499. Isaac Carden 2015/05

    I will never go to a patient first again. Waited for an hour and forty five minutes only to have the doctor right a scrip thats not even available.

  500. Jason Gupton 2015/04

    These people are the worst, it may as well be a drive-thru referral pick up. The doctors make no effort to diagnose. I’ve had a constant headache for over a week now. When a blood vessel in my eye popped I decided to go get checked out. He talked to me for maybe one minute. There were only four patients in the place and two were seen before me so being in the weeds was not the reason I got so little time. He asked me questions, then interrupted me answering to ask other questions. He was paying no attention to what I was saying. Then he decided the answer was a shot of something, and get a second opinion if it returned. The nurse told me it would wear off in a couple hours. I’m a grown up, I don’t go to the doctor because I have a headache, I go to the doctor when I have a headache that has persisted for 8 days straight. The nurse suspected maybe it was a vision issue so she brought the kit in for him to do an eye exam. He never even acknowledged it was there. Several years ago I went to this location because of an intense pain that I later found out was an abscessed tooth, the dentist told me it was one of worst she had seen. In the pre-screen when I was asked what medication I was on I told them Zantac. I realize that it sounds similar to Xanax, that, paired with my accent, makes me always clarify that it’s the heartburn medicine. In another example of them putting forth zero effort she wrote Xanax. I was promptly accused of fishing for pills, after again clarifying, and sent away. You would be better off visiting a witch doctor than visiting this place. It’s the Wal-Mart of medical care

  501. Ryan Goode 2015/01

    Dr. Thakor is extremely professional and very knowledgeable, she was swift and confident with my procedure. I had an abcess that swelled to the size of a golf ball, she was jovial with conversation and kept my mind off of the fact that she was stabbing the massive infection with a needle 5 times, it was the most painful experience of my life but Dr. Thakor kept me calm and comfortable.

    After draining the abcess of blood and pus, she packed the wound and sent me on my way, I have never felt like I was better taken care of. I can’t speak for the rest of the Dr’s at this location, but Dr. Thakor is right on point, very professional, and gave the reassurance and confidence that I needed just by having a wonderful positive attitude and being knowledgeable to the highest degree.

  502. Brandon Powell 2014/12

    Patient First is well done urgent care. And for all the people saying “Ohh my problem only took 10 minutes, why did I have to wait an hour?” You had to wait an hour because 6 other people with 10 minute problems got there before you.

  503. Deborah Trumpet 2014/07

    I visited Patient First Carytown to find out if I wanted them as my primary physicians.
    The office was clean and the staff was professional. The doctor was thorough, well informed and friendly. I waited an hour to be seen but didn’t mind.
    I was impressed with how well they followed up with me after my visit & I love the fact that I do not have to take time off from work to see my doctor. They will be my first choice whenever I need care.

  504. J. R. R. Braden 2014/06

    I’ve been multiple times. The staff treats you like cattle, the nurses miss veins, the doctors don’t give a darn about you, and if you ever have something worse than their usual school-nurse complaints, expect the doctor to show undue amounts of excitement.

    Did the doctor brush an errant eyelash off your sweater? That’s surgery. That’ll be $600, please. Oops! It’s already in collections. Hope you like ducking the mafia!

  505. Janet Farmer 2014/04

    beware! my son went to Patient First in Carytown for a simple cold symptoms and ended up with a bill over $600. We were shocked when we saw the bill. The doctor saw a fleck of something in his ear and “offered” to remove it. Little did we know this was “surgery”. We thought the doctor made a mistake and asked the billing office to talk to the doctor but the office is standing by the outrageous bill. We even reported it to our insurance company as fraudulent and needed to be investigated. To put this into perspective, the cost of the “surgery” was three times what my actual surgery was for a bump recently removed on my back – injection, scalpel, and stitches. These people are obviously desperate for your dollars. At the very least, she should have said, “i can remove this but it will cost you over $600 or you remove it yourself for free”. I recommend going to St. Mary’s or Retreat if you have an urgent issue. They are just as close, fast, and ethical. You can trust St. Mary’s and Retreat. This experience has sickened me. It feels almost as bad as being robbed. Robbed by someone you trusted.

  506. Hilda LeStrange 2014/02

    Fast, easy, with friendly staff.

  507. Weldon Smith 2014/01

    Saw a doctor within twenty minutes without a previous appointment. Friendly staff, helpful doctors, will definitely go nowhere else for healthcare.

  508. Cawine Belle 2013/07

    I wouldn’t go there even if I was dying.. My employer sent me there for a physical they refused to see me to do the physical. Their excuse was I had an old and unresolved account with them.. Really! Idiots. I could understand that if had gone their requesting care for myself, but my job is guaranteed you payment…They should be closed…they are simply idiots…………….(My opinion) That account in question is already wrote off my Credit Report cause it was an old account. I had moved out of state a couple of times so I had forgotten about it until recently. Also in 2000 I rushed my two yrs old daughter in there after she had fallen down three flats of stairs. She had busted her bottom lip, where if I had pulled it just a bit her whole bottom lip would have fallen to the floor. Upon my arrival to PF they stopped me at the door because of the blood that was all over my kid and I. They told me to go to the ER cause they were not equipped to serve us…Again idiots. So from that time I made them no place to go for care, in any case they would see me anyway come to find out..They told me I’ve been fired..Idiots!

  509. J Kenney 2013/06

    I went in to get my thumb looked at; it was swollen heavily from an impact and I wanted to verify whether it was just bruised, or if there was a fracture. They were moderately busy when I went there, but they kept people moving through. The staff was polite, but very brief and to the point- Some people could take that as rudeness, but I’d rather they be brief and get me out quickly, than pamper me and waste my time and theirs.

    They X-rayed my hand, and the physician there confirmed that it was just a lot of bruising and that there was no fracture. The doc was very nice; she gave me some instructions on care and offered me a splint for protection while it heals.

    No complaints so far; will update if there are any issues with billing my insurer.

  510. Ryan Dowling 2013/05

    One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. Went in to see the Dr. and was charged the co-pay. Fine. After seeing the Dr. for 5 minutes and getting a prescription, they proceeded to charge me for the Dr.’s visit. Not only did I pay a co-pay to see the Dr. I was also now paying again to see the Dr. Then they were going to bill my Insurance company for the remainder of the fee for seeing a Dr.

    They steal money from people. Don’t ever go here.

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