Partner Veterinary Urgent Care

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Partner Veterinary Urgent Care
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  1. Roni Stewart 2023/11

    Very kind staff

  2. Jaclyn Nguyen 2023/11

    i took my pitbull husky, jamie, here urgently yesterday morning. she had a nasty eye issue that had me very anxious. the second i got into the door, i told them of our situation and that i had no appointment. usually, i expect to be turned away but i was instantly relieved when they said they could see my doggo. luckily i didn’t have to wait long. jamie was in great hands. we were separated when she was examined but i could hear everyone complimenting her and reassuring her. thank you!!!! it’s only been a day since we came and i already see rapid improvement in her eye


  3. Eric Waters 2023/11

    Was recommended to come here by my primary vet after my dog had an incident with another dog and needed stitches. Long story short, Dr. Jacobs and the whole staff were amazing and were able to get the procedure taken care of in less than an hour (and they saw us when they had 45 minutes until closing). After a very stressful event, this was the exact care my dog (and I) needed. I would not wish anyone to have to visit an emergency vet, but I would highly recommend Partner Veterinary!

  4. Allison Cassels 2023/11

    I cannot recommend this place enough, having now been to a variety of local urgent care clinics after a medical emergency for my cat (they’re all good but this place is the best imo). Every member of the staff is extremely kind and competent. Somehow, I find the visits take no longer than a normal vet and their prices are reasonable. They’re also really good about not making my cat sit in the waiting room when there are dogs which I haven’t experienced at another vet.

  5. Mark Souza 2023/10

    They are so nice to the human and 4 legged clients. Definitely recommend for emergencies

  6. Tanaya Russell 2023/10

    This place is the best! They took really great care my fur baby. They were really understanding and passionate and helped me calm down in a stressful situation. Shout out to Patricia, Hannah, and Sarah!

  7. bronta graham 2023/10

    They were so helpful yesterday. Even though my fur baby ended up being okay. They offered so much help. I was at VVC and they were terrible. This place deserves 10 stars if possible. I forgot who i spoke to. But kudos to you! Im the guy that called with the pregnant doggo


  8. Longrangelucy 2023/10

    We had to took our German Shepard to have porcupine quills taken out and every staff member was far more than friendly and professional. They truly cared about our pet. They did an excellent job taking the 20+ quills out and charged less then half the cost of another emergency vet in Frederick that was quoted. Great service and affordable prices they can’t be beat.


  9. Emily Cee 2023/10

    I called them on a Sunday when they opened for a possible feline UTI and from the get go, they were responsive and quick. Within minutes of leaving a message on their machine, I had a call back telling me to come in. When I got there, I was immediately brought into a room and had their team coming in to look at my cat. They kept me informed every 10-15 minutes with what’s going on, what they’re looking for, what the results are and what to look for long term.
    I was very impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness, and customer care.

  10. Lelah G 2023/09

    I went there today for our 19 year old cat Bruce to be euthanized. He was in his last days at home and he was suffering from stomach cancer. I do not even know how I called this vet or how I even drove there but I can say this.. these people NEVER Met us before they were the kindest people from the initial call to the very end. The vet and the staff were amazing . My heart is in so much pain that I am numb. I will say the staff and vet here were amazing and I will forever remember this day. Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart.


  11. Jacqueline Campbell 2023/09

    We had an emergency on a Sunday with our older mini dachshund that required stitches, she is all healed up now and doing so well all thanks to Dr. Abernethy and their team! They truly went above and beyond taking care of my baby and me through the whole process.

  12. Will 2023/09

    Horrible don’t waste your money here

  13. Ben Davis 2023/09

    I took my dog nacho there for repair of his knee after an ACL tear. Dr Roy Barnes was an amazing surgeon and such a nice guy! He put me and my wife at ease immediately with his great demeanor. Nacho is still recovering, but he assured us that the surgery has a 98% recovery rate and that nacho should get 95% of his athletic ability back after the surgery. I would highly recommend for any ACL repair! Well they don’t actually repair the ACL but the surgery corrects the problem.

    Update: Nacho just got a full bill of health! He is completely better! A few more weeks of gradually getting him back to full exercise and he will be as good as new! Fingers crossed that I don’t have to bring it back for the other knee!

    Update: just take nacho in for his second ACL tear repair. Everyone is still just as great as they were before!

  14. Carol Jamerson 2023/09

    Very professional, efficient, and caring urgent care center for animal care. Thank you for being a true partner in urgent care for our pet families.

  15. Meredith Avery 2023/09

    I called on a Sunday morning and they were able to get me in quickly. They were able to diagnose my cat’s issue and sent me home with some meds and it was a quick turnaround overall. Helpful staff and doctors.

  16. Em Bochette 2023/09

    We had a really sweet experience here. Since it was the weekend, we took our dog who had been vomiting and we called and made an appointment here. The appointment process, intake, everything was very straight forward and easy. They were kind and made us feel so comfortable, being sure to talk all of our concerns through and validate our concerns. We did not have to wait since it was by appointment only, and we left satisfied with the care we received. We definitely recommend taking your pets here if it’s not quite an emergency, but your babies still need help. Having an urgent care opportunity is so nice to have, considering emergency vets take the pets that need the most help first (this makes sense as a model, but it is so upsetting to wait an entire day for a pretty sick animal). This was exactly right for us today. Thank you!

  17. Lyle Kossis 2023/09

    The best urgent care place in town! Super friendly, highly competent, and extremely fast.

  18. Kaiela Clarke 2023/08

    I really appreciate the honesty and transparency that this urgent care had regarding my cats prognosis. Will recommend.

  19. Grant N. Martin 2023/08

    Took my puppy here yesterday and was so impressed by the quick, responsive, and thorough care he received. Dr. Abernethy in particular was incredibly helpful in sharing guidance and answering questions. No one ever *wants* to go to urgent care for their pet, but if the situation arises I can’t imagine a better place and staff.

  20. Cynthia Robbs 2023/08

    5 stars is not high enough. We brought our kitten GANDALF in last Saturday evening. The staff and Veterinarian were amazing. We brought in our very sick Kitten Saturday night and was given various options of treatment. We brought him back on Sunday were he stayed the day for IV fluids and more treatment. They then set up his Surgery for Monday with a local office. The team definitely saved our kitten and we are so thankful to have found them. Our little boy is home now and as feisty as ever.

  21. Rick Potts 2023/08

    My ex wife’s cat needed to be checked out for urinary blockage. I got fitted in quickly and when I arrived, they got Sirius in the back room asap. Then they took me back for some history info and very soon the doctor came in and gave me the results of the exam and things to do for him. Everyone was very nice and helpful.
    I was there for less than an hour. (Not necessarily the norm I’d imagine, but surprising). When I went to settle up, I realized I didn’t have my wallet. Very understanding and I called as soon as I was home to pay.
    The bill was very reasonable. $167. Not what I was expecting.
    Partner’s will be my go to place from now on.

  22. Jennifer DeFord 2023/08

    Awesome staff. I was able to come in right away. They took care of my cat within minutes of coming in the door. Dr. Perez was real friendly and caring.

  23. DetectiveCoating 2023/08

    The staff here is incredibly empathetic and the doctors are extremely thorough with their options and explanations. I couldn’t have asked for better staff if I tried. I was able to be confident in all of my decisions because of their thoroughness which means the world to me.


  24. Kiley Rowan 2023/08

    Even after giving me the most horrible news they were so kind to my family. They explained everything and were very patient. If your fur baby needs medical attention, don’t hesitate to choose this establishment.

  25. Brody Rotzoll 2023/07

    WOW! First off, I want to say thank you to all of the Partner Veterinary Urgent Care team, and huge shout out to Cody and Emma! Stuart (my sick puppy) and I are forever grateful for the kindness, empathy, and professionalism you all showed in what seemed like the worst time in Stu’s life.

    We were blessed with getting an appointment with Partner Veterinary Urgent Care after waiting for 9 hours and eventually finding out they “did not have time for us” at another “Urgent Care” practice off of Cary Street in Richmond.

    From the 1st step into the Partner Veterinary Urgent Care office we were greeted with smiling faces, helpful options and a true concern to do whats right.

    Shortly into our visit X-Rays were run and it was determined Stuart had an obstruction. It was a Sunday and very few if any surgeons were available to perform the surgery. The team at Partner did not let that stop them and they found us an option to keep Stuart at a hospital in Northern Virginia with a surgeon on call if we needed to go into emergency surgery. I had Stuart in Northern Virginia by 1 am, and promptly picked him back up at 9 am that morning to bring back down to Richmond.

    Partner had worked with the Surgeon that shares an office with them to get Stuart the necessary surgery. Not only that, the surgery was a fraction of the cost that we had been quoted by other offices.

    We are now on day 2 of the Stuart recovery and can not be more grateful for the team at Partner Veterinary Urgent Care. Thank you from Stuart and the family!

  26. Stephanie Ryan 2023/07

    I was amazed by how polite and patient all the staff was on a busy Saturday last weekend. I found a sick kitten and they helped me understand how to care for the little girl back to health. I’m thinking about switching vets just because this place was so much nicer. Dr. Abernathy is a 5 Star!!


  27. Ginger Lancaster 2023/07


  28. Brody Rotzoll 2023/07

    WOW! First off, I want to say thank you to all of the Partner Veterinary Urgent Care team, and huge shout out to Cody and Emma! Stuart (my sick puppy) and I are forever grateful for the kindness, empathy, and professionalism you all showed in what seemed like the worst time in Stu’s life.

    We were blessed with getting an appointment with Partner Veterinary Urgent Care after waiting for 9 hours and eventually finding out they “did not have time for us” at another “Urgent Care” practice off of Cary Street in Richmond.

    From the 1st step into the Partner Veterinary Urgent Care office we were greeted with smiling faces, helpful options and a true concern to do whats right.

    Shortly into our visit X-Rays were run and it was determined Stuart had an obstruction. It was a Sunday and very few if any surgeons were available to perform the surgery. The team at Partner did not let that stop them and they found us an option to keep Stuart at a hospital in Northern Virginia with a surgeon on call if we needed to go into emergency surgery. I had Stuart in Northern Virginia by 1 am, and promptly picked him back up at 9 am that morning to bring back down to Richmond.

    Partner had worked with the Surgeon that shares an office with them to get Stuart the necessary surgery. Not only that, the surgery was a fraction of the cost that we had been quoted by other offices.

    We are now on day 2 of the Stuart recovery and can not be more grateful for the team at Partner Veterinary Urgent Care. Thank you from Stuart and the family!

  29. Gabriela 2023/07

    Partner Veterinary Urgent Care gained a lifelong customer today! I called them in a panic and they were able to squeeze us in within 30 minutes. I even arrived a few minutes early and we were taken care of immediately with no wait. From the moment I walked in the door they put me at ease and took great care of my baby. The entire office from the front desk (did not catch his name) to the assistant (Patricia) and to the vet (Dr. Abernathy), everyone was knowledgeable, gentle, kind, and efficient. GREATLY appreciate this 5 star experience on what otherwise was a stressful Saturday morning for my baby. Highly recommend!!!

  30. regis slaw 2023/07

    Holy Moly! Every single solitary person in that office truly seems to be concerned about our pets. From front desk to doc, it was an amazing experience! My sweet cat, Tobey has a liver infection of some sort and they gave me many options of treatment. Dr Evans asked that I keep her updated on his progress or lack thereof. HIGHLY recommend this practice 💙💙💙


  31. Leah Simons 2023/06

    Thank you to Dr. DeVito, Jasper, and all of the techs and assistants who helped us this weekend. As an emergency vet myself I unfortunately ended up in the same situation that so many pet parents are in nowadays; trying to find care for an unexpectedly sick pet on a weekend. With the increased pet population and widespread staff shortages in vet med it is no small feat to try to find prompt care in Richmond. I know all too well how overwhelmed these hospitals are and that their resources have to be funneled to the most critically ill patients, leaving sick but stable pets with few options without driving great distances or waiting 6+ hours to be seen. Partner was able to fit my pet in as soon as they opened Sunday morning and collaborated with me for a diagnostic and treatment plan. Their cost was extremely reasonable and I was in and out within two hours with a pet who was already feeling much better. The staff was gentle and kind and I appreciated their low stress handling techniques. I hope for a better future in vet med where any sick pet can be seen quickly at the closest hospital. Until then, I felt very fortunate to have an urgent care as an option in RVA. Thank you again.

  32. Danny Kollman 2023/06

    I truly cannot express how impressed I am with the team at Partner Veterinary Urgent Care. From the moment I first spoke to Matthew via phone until the very end, after we had to put my dog down, Matthew and Katie were so kind, gentle, and caring to both Keiko and me. I was very upset and sad given the circumstances, but Katie was very supportive and reassuring that I was making the right choice. The room we were in was very clean and calming and was the best possible experience I could have had considering what was happening. Thank you very much for everything you said and did for me. You are both doing the work you were meant to do and I cannot thank you enough.

  33. Brenda Witherspoon 2023/06

    The staff is excellent and Dr. Miller is taking such good care of our 12 y.o. dog Sam who is battling cancer. I highly recommend this practice!

  34. Ricardo Penny 2023/06

    Dr Barnes, James River Veterinary Surgery – professional, knowledgeable and committed to providing high level care for our Jesse


  35. M F 2023/06

    Exceptional- Every Time

    Had to wait which is never fun but I’m ok with because it tells me they prioritize the pets that need it most. While my kitty’s abscess was serious it wasn’t immediately life-threatening.

    Equally important…they mean it when they put the welfare of your pet first. The cost of the original estimate was a little tough for me to swing. They worked with me graciously and my little fella still got exceptional care.

  36. Erin Fowler 2023/05

    Dr. Miller and her Onco team were so special to me this last month and a half. My 7 year old cat, Prismo, was diagnosed with Gastrointestinal Lymphoma. We decided to start chemotherapy, but after a month and a half he declined and I made the decision to stop treatment and put him to sleep. Dr. Miller made me feel confident and supported in every single decision I made, she was always willing to answer any question I had, and was always always honest from the very beginning. I was scared I was going to get a vet that would beat around the bush or not give me advice – but that was not what happened. Dr Miller was such an amazing guide in this horrible time. She let me know that I was doing everything right when I questioned myself. When I discussed putting Prismo down, she made me feel CONFIDENT that I was making the right decision for him. There is not easy way to get through this, but I cannot thank her and the entire team for what they have done for me. Although Prismo was a spicy boy, I hope they know he was so sweet and meant so much to me, and I appreciate all their efforts in trying to make him feel better.

  37. Carlton Kelly 2023/05

    Excellent care and staff!

  38. Mytu Nguyenle 2023/04

    Helpful and friendly

  39. Jill 2023/04

    Caring doctors and staff. They took great care of my Borzoi; treated him for an angry, swollen, salivary gland. He is feeling much better. Thank you!

  40. Kenneth Miller 2023/04

    Thank you so much for helping us out with our Brentley. You helped us in what could have been a scary situation. Thanks for taking care of our boy Brentley (and his momma) – Angela.


  41. paul xu 2023/03

    We’ve twice used partners for a last minute emergency. Both times they have been very quick and helpful. I would recommend them.

  42. Michela Worthington-Adams 2023/03

    Many thanks to Dr Melissa Miller! She did an ultrasound of my best buddy Merlin to make sure his tumor had not spread to his lymph nodes. Such relief they did not! Thank you for the knowledgeable guidance on this. Much appreciated l!


  43. Kendra Briscoe 2023/03

    My vet couldn’t get me in when my boy started showing lameness in his back leg. Partner did and they were fast and efficient. My boy can be skiddish and they were patient and loving with him. They discussed options and helped me understand what was going on. The vet and techs made a scary situation feel a lot less stressful for me.

  44. Nicole B 2023/03

    Our 4 yr old cat needed urgent care/treatment due to urinary issues. Partner Veterinary was a Godsend! Dr. Abernethy and the entire staff was kind, compassionate, patient and helpful with everything. They not only put my mind at ease, Dr. Abernethy took the time to talk with me about my cat’s medical issues, needs, causes and treatments. I didn’t feel rushed at all, or that my cat didn’t matter. There was about an hourish wait, but the clinic was very busy and this was not an unreasonable wait in my opinion. I will definitely be going to Partner Vet for any future issues with my cat, as well as recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thank you, Dr. Abernethy and the entire Partner Vet staff!!


  45. derrick ford 2023/03

    This vet was awesome. Normally when you need to go to an emergency vet there is a long wait and it’s super expensive. I called 20 minutes before arriving, and as soon as I got there I waited no more than 5 minutes to be seen. Their staff is super nice, understanding, and fast paced. I was only there for a total of 45 min, including treatment. Although I did have to pay a decent amount, it wasn’t as much as I thought, and I wasn’t charged for things I didn’t need. I would recommend the vet 10/10!

  46. Sean Green 2023/03

    Took excellent care of my ailing aged cat, Snowy. Thought he wasn’t going to make it…but several weeks later he’s still kicking! Great staff and vet. Would highly recommend.

  47. Terra C 2023/02

    your best friend will die because you dont have enough money

  48. Nora Correiro 2023/02

    Very kind and attentive staff, Dr. Katie was excellent and very helpful! My only complaint is we were waiting almost two hours for a fecal test (there was an emergency, which I understand, but it still felt like an excessive amount of time to wait for a fecal test.)

  49. Austin Tuck 2023/02

    Great, compassionate staff and we’ll informed doctors! We brought our kitty in super last minute for an emergency evaluation. It turns out he had a urinary blockage (which he has had once before). Thankfully no surgery is needed at this time. They gave great recommendations for prevention and diet/routine changes (which our previous ER practice had not suggested at all, ultimately resulting in another blockage). They did an ultrasound, x-rays, fluids, and sent us home with medications. They even gave us samples of the prescription urinary food to last us until our Chewy order is delivered. The cost was reasonable too. Highly recommend if you’re in a pinch to get a same day appointment.

  50. Sweet Angelie 2023/01

    Had such a great experience with an emergency with my cat! The staff are informative and very friendly!

  51. Beth Chassereau 2023/01

    Busy (and long 3.5 hour stay), but just thankful to be seen on New Year’s Eve!

  52. Matt Keller 2023/01

    Great help when needed the most.

  53. Meredith Clark 2022/11

    Although I am very grateful for the care my dog received, I do not appreciate the way my wife and I were treated. Our dog experienced a toxic reaction to eating acorns over time. He became weak, he was unable to stand up for very long, had a strong startle response, was drooling, etc. I called on the way there to make sure he could be seen. And explained that I had been with him ALL day and there was no chance he got into anything but acorns. Fortunately, we were able to be seen on Saturday. From the vet to the 4 vet assistants that came into our room, each one maintained that our dog was experiencing a reaction to ingesting THC. We repeatedly explained that there was NO way because we have nothing in our home that contains THC. We even had his urine tested in case he somehow found something on our morning walk (which was 7 hours prior to him starting to act “off”). His urine screen came back neg for THC and they STILL told us he was having a reaction to THC (“Sometimes, their urine screen can come back negative”). I said over and over again that he eats acorns and I have read several articles about dogs having toxic reactions. Mind you, my wife has dreads and I had on a festival shirt- so we may have been profiled. But my wife is pregnant. I don’t even clean with toxic chemicals. There is nothing in our home with THC. At the very end of our 3 hour visit, one of the vet techs finally said “yeah, it could have been acorns.” Luckily, subcutaneous fluids and a shot for nausea helped our poor puppy. I work in the medical field and I am aware that people aren’t always truthful about substance use. But we repeatedly explained that there was no way he could have consumed THC. We were trying to keep him from dying from whatever he ingested. Which was acorns.

  54. DARLENE Mason 2022/11

    Very polite and helpful

  55. Claire Tetrick 2022/11

    Incredibly friendly and caring staff. A welcome and much-needed addition to the veterinary options in Richmond.

  56. Elizabeth Mordica 2022/11

    The staff is really kind and personable, as well I requested an appointment around 4:00 PM and had an appointment for 7:30 pm which is so quick especially with vet shortages right now. My only conflict was that we went on a Monday night and had complications with prescription given but their offices are closed Tuesday – Thursday. Luckily someone checked the voicemail and called me around 2:00 on Tuesday to resolve the issue (which they did and I am very grateful for). But with them being closed, and the machine saying they don’t check voicemails until Thursday, I was already searching for other options. Despite this, the service was great, and the people were kind, if I were in this situation or similar one again, I would go back.

  57. Brandon Willis 2022/10

    Absolutely wonderful vet hospital. They saved my kitty’s life and I am forever grateful to them 🤎🤎 …

  58. Jack Mullikin 2022/10

    Very good folks

  59. Roberto Romero 2022/09

    A bit costly in comparison to other emergency or urgent services I used in the past, but their concept around urgent but by appointment prevents you spending hours in a waiting room. Great staff. Friendly and helpful. Sydney is happy now and that’s what they aim to do 🙂

  60. renee morris 2022/09

    Partner was absolutely wonderful to us today when we had to say goodbye to our beautiful cat of 17 years. The veterinarian and staff were all incredibly compassionate and accommodating. I can’t say enough about how they made a very difficult decision easier.

    Thank you so much 💜

  61. Bjorn Falk 2022/08

    Great service, everyone that I worked with was kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable. They took care of my pup and got me on my way within 40 minutes.

  62. Adam Nelson 2022/08

    Its a relatively new clinic, I’m told.
    I went there with a lil dog who ate some chili.
    They saw me in the same day.
    You can make an appointment very easily online, just select a time, give ur info and show up.
    135.00 for an exam, but it did give me peace of mind just confirming my suspicions.
    They’re professional and quick, so if your pet needs to be looked at in a pinch, this is the place to go.

  63. Maya “Misbah” Frost 2022/08

    Please don’t call yourself an urgent care when you can’t care for urgent needs. And I definitely don’t appreciate the sass from whoever was working the phones at 2:45 pm on Sunday 8/7/22 and the fact that you hung up on me. Not sure why your facility can’t provide alternatives. And also not sure how this facility has such high reviews.

  64. Hanna Keller 2022/08

    Staff was super friendly and nice! They got us in so quickly even though we should up with no appointment! Made us feel cared for and important.

  65. Cidney White 2022/08

    Visiting from out of town and needed my dog seen. I scheduled an appointment at 2:00pm and was seen at 6:00pm! Upon arrival the front desk staff were very welcoming and the building is so clean.

    The vet and all the vet techs were so gentle and kind to Buddie. Reasonably priced and they had us in and out in a hour! Highly recommend if you’re in need of a quick appointment.

  66. Carla Barnes 2022/07

    VERY caring and thorough. Mindful of economic factors and presented options to assist with that. As busy as they were, I never felt rushed or as if they were just checking off boxes with my pet’s illness. Dr. Evans really asked in depth questions to understand what’s going on with my dog; and she covered all of mine. Afterwards, Cody took quite a bit of time to cover EVERY detail of medication and diet & even printed coupons for the antibiotic we needed! Em and Ellen were very caring and added additional TLC for my dog, and for me, too. Thanks to all for a special experience at a tough time. That’s not easy to do. And all of you did it well. Highly recommend this team and this practice for urgent pet care.

  67. Lashelle King 2022/07

    I really don’t know where to start. The entire staff is absolutely amazing. The front desk staff is very welcoming and compassionate. It really shows that they care about pets and their human families.

    I’ll have to say though, I have never witnessed kindness, compassion, and skill like I have with Dr. Abernathy and Cody, a technician. My little Chihuahua CJ has been experiencing some G.I. issues, and they went above and beyond for him while patiently walking me through the entire process. They are true earth angels And I wish I could give them the world!

    I can’t forget about Vivian and Katie who were also very compassionate. I Wish I could remember everyone’s names. They are all wonderful. The facility is exceptionally clean and WELL cared for as well.

    When your pets are ill, there is an unhealthy amount of guilt that owners carry. Never once did anyone make me feel this way at Partner. I would 1,000,000% recommend this place of love to anyone who needs urgent care for their pets. This group is amazing. I seriously cannot recommend them enough.

  68. Michelle Slate 2022/07

    I am so thankful for this new veterinary clinic! My vet recommended them due to it being a Sunday on a holiday weekend. My dog was coughing a lot and they were super quick and sweet. They were able to see him and prescribe him something to help. If they hadn’t been able to see him I would of had to wait 2 more days. Highly recommend if you need immediate help!!

  69. Todd Long 2022/07

    They were very helpful and took very good care of our GSP Kennon who had a large laceration to his leg. He is healing well thanks to their good touch. Hopefully we won’t have to take him back for emergency care, but if we do, we’ll take him back there.

  70. Christine Bevilacqua 2022/07

    We were devastated when Dr. Julie let us know that our beloved Calico, Rosie, would not be able to recover from her condition. We took her in for some sudden labored breathing which turns out was tied a much more serious issue. She was 15 and her time had come. Dr. Julie and Cody took lots of time to gently explain everything and our options. They truly cared about our painful decision. We were able to cuddle with Rosie for a good while in a nice room (not in the back on a metal table as I had always envisioned these procedures happened). She was put to sleep while in our arms and in the most peaceful way. While heartbreaking, we could not have asked for a more compassionate team to help us through. I hope your fur-baby never needs Urgent Care, if they do this is the place. Thank you to Dr. Katie, Cody and the whole team.


  71. Lee Kimball 2022/07

    Referred there for removal of cancerous node on our dog. Great staff and care.

  72. Logan Whitton 2022/06

    Great service, was seen quickly and the staff were very friendly and helpful

  73. Morgan Tyner 2022/05

    This place is amazing! I highly recommend you send a pet here if you need urgent care. The staff here is so nice, welcoming, patient, and very helpful and knowledgeable. I was scared since my dog needed care but our regular vet wasn’t able to see him for 2 weeks. We got an appointment same day. Booking an appointment online is super fast and easy. They’re open later than most vets, cheaper than an ER visit, and they have several trained staff in house. My dog was able to see a surgeon same day with no referral. I recommend this place to anyone with a pet.

  74. Bobbi Kucinski 2022/04

    Thank goodness for these folks! My cat was very ill on Independence Day and they were able to see and treat him right away, and found a 24 hour care facility for us for further treatment. I’d give them 10 stars if I could!

  75. Thomas Witherspoon 2022/04

    Pretty good place. It is by appointment but they will look at your animal if emergency.

  76. Jennifer Corbin 2022/03

    Drs. Abernethy and Evans go out of their way to help animals and people; their years of experience and expertise lend confidence in a stressful time and their compassion is evident.

  77. Layla Georgopoulos 2022/02

    Wonderful staff and vets. Definitely recommend.

  78. Nancy C 2022/02

    Super nice and thorough staff. Very pleased with my pet’s care.

  79. Beverly King 2022/02

    Expensive but great care
    Get Pet insurance

  80. Avery 2022/02

    Everyone in this office is super kind and the veterinarian was VERY thorough. Your pet will get the best possible care here. This office is a bit pricey, but they definitely make it worth it. Thanks for helping my cat, Arwen! 🙂

  81. Boats an Hoes 2022/01

    Amazing place they helped my dog even though I was low on cash very friendly genuinely cared about the animals if I could give them more than 5 stars I would

  82. Gavin Harvey 2022/01

    very friendly staff that really cares about the well-being of animals. If you are in a pinch definitely give them a call because they worked me in even though they were booked. I wish they did wellness exams because this is the only place I want to take my puppy.

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