Owens Richard P DVM

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Owens Richard P DVM
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  1. shirley jernigan 2023/09

    Dr. Owens is great, he is friendly and he loves the animals that come in the office. He is great with my dog Billy, he explains things to you and takes the time to answer your questions.

  2. Shayna Wolford 2016/03

    Best vet in rva

  3. Amy Taylor 2015/05

    Dr. Owens did surgery to fix our dog’s leg fracture and did a fantastic job. I could tell by his passion for what he does that he was really invested in our dog’s outcome. He was extremely kind and walked us through everything step-by-step to make us feel at ease with the procedure. My dog, who is usually nervous with anyone outside our family, was even at ease when Dr. Owens took him away to do the surgery. The value of this surgery was amazing. We were quoted $2300 more by our local specialist.

  4. Linda L Baker Smyth 2014/08

    Dr Taylor is the most compassionate and professional veterinarian I’ve ever dealt with. Yes, his waiting room is crowded and he’s always busy but when my dog was attacked by another dog he made the time to see him right away. He will work with you if you need to make payments and his staff is always pleasant. I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.

  5. Donnie Walters 2013/05

    They are a very busy vet office but the times I have been there was very pleased with the results. I will keep taking my pets there.

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