OrthoVirginia Westbury Ortho On Call

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OrthoVirginia Westbury Ortho On Call
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  1. Debrah Davis 2023/08

    Derek was thorough and spoke to me at length about my injury. He reviewed xrays with me and gave me a lot of very helpful information. I deeply appreciate his discussion and information, which were reassuring. First rate!

  2. Keir Wenham-Flatt 2023/08

    Thoroughly dishonest and ineffective business.

    I have a decade of experience of working with injured athletes in professional sport, and I know enough to know roughly what the issue is when I’m injured, and broadly what the appropriate course of action should be.

    I came in for a knee injury and explained the mechanism, symptoms, my function, and that I was paying out of pocket for everything. I asked to be referred for an MRI, and was told that I would in no circumstances be referred without a negative X-ray first. I protested due to the extra cost, but relented because I wanted a diagnosis either way.

    After the X ray revealed exactly what I knew (my leg was not broken), I was then told by the PA that I would never get referred for an MRI anyway because “Nobody in our system will ever operate on a torn LCL unless it’s complete rupture, so you’d be getting an MRI for nothing”.

    I was then handed a token set of physical therapy exercises that in the words of a DPT colleague of mine “I would be embarrassed to prescribe that to a stage 4 cancer patient”. It was just incredibly lazy on the part of the PA and was done to check a box rather than actually provide any kind of help.

    Then, when I complained and refused to pay the bill after they ran up charges on me for an X ray I didn’t need, they referred me to a collection agency to pursue the debt.

    I hope the $70 is worth me trashing you on here and telling everyone in my personal and professional network to avoid your business like the plague. Had you done the decent thing and waived the fee, I would not be writing a public review.

  3. Anne Lytle 2023/03

    Excellent exam and explanation

  4. Mia White 2023/03

    Great staff, great Doctors. From the moment I walked in everyone was professional, kind and pleasant. When you are hurt, kindness and good care go a long way. Thank you!

  5. Chris Gibson 2023/03

    Walked in, very fast check in. I got X-rays by fast and knowledgeable X-ray techs. Kim Waters checked me over and explained what injuries I had. Drained 27 ml. of fluid out of my knee and a Cortisone shot. I feel great. Ortho on call ROCKS!!!


  6. Gauri Gulati 2023/03

    Excellent and efficient care that allows people to avoid the ED for ortho issues!

  7. Mary Dessypris 2023/03

    Dr. McGowan is one of the most caring physicians I have met in my life (and had a lot of procedures). He is attentive, answers all the questions puts you at ease. His bedside manners are impeccable. I am so lucky to have him as my doctor!

  8. Average Joe 2023/03

    Really no complaints they got me in and out pretty quickly. Seems like they have a well-appointed facility. Located across the street from Regency mall.


  9. Derek McCool 2023/03

    Everyone there was super friendly, I was able to get what I needed done quickly.

  10. Julie Anderson 2023/03

    I went to the Westbury Ortho On call location due to severe pain in my left knee. The intake process was efficient and we were in an examine room immediately. Since Dr. Dalton was able to access my prior x-rays, we did not need new images taken. So I was treated and after a discussion on knee replacement surgery in my future, we were done.
    Dr. Dalton is a great addition at this Ortho OnCall location.

  11. Linda 2023/03

    My appointment was fast for a Saturday and the staff was very friendly and professional. The PA-C Melissa Weeter found my problem quickly and did what she needed to do to help me. I got a written report and instructions as to what I needed to do next. It was a great visit.

  12. Nico Liberace 2023/03

    Wonderful staff, efficient, knowledgeable and comforting

  13. P. Alan Johnson 2023/03

    I would like to publicly thank Dr. Dalton and staff for the exceptional service. Dr. Dalton was knowledgeable and gave detailed advice. From the moment I entered and met the front desk staff to the time I left the appointment, everyone treated me with the utmost care! Thank you for the wonderful service.

  14. Eileen Bland 2023/03

    My sister suffered a knee injury ..took her to Ortho on Call .. Dr Vince Dalton gave her excellent care .. explained in detail the X-ray of her knees … he was very thorough and reassuring… very kind and great bed side manners ….highly recommend ortho on call

  15. Larry Boyd 2023/03

    I feeling better today.
    Thanks for your help.
    Very nice people.

  16. Jackie Baskerville 2023/03

    I did not have to wait to long for service. Everyone that I had a conversation with was great. I was very pleased with my visit.

  17. christine galli 2023/03

    Doctor Dalton went to extra mile to get me coordinated with an ER specialist When VCU was not helpful. Excellent Physician . Just like back in the day somebody cares to go the extra mile

  18. Jessica O'Connor-Petts 2023/03

    Took my 9-yo daughter here for diagnosis of wrist pain following a fall. Everyone who works there was professional and pleasant. The PA who saw us, Melissa Weeter, had a good manner with my daughter and took time explaining the x-days and diagnosis to us, answering all our questions, and recommending treatment. Very positive experience.

  19. Randy Vaughan 2023/03

    Walk right in. No appointment necessary. Friendly staff good doctors.

  20. Emma Holland 2023/03

    I was checked in, evaluated, x-rayed and check out within an hour! Amazing service!

  21. Lacey Kotula 2023/03

    Was seen quickly. Facility was very clean. The Doctor listened to my concerns and gave a proper diagnosis. Highly recommend over patient first or other urgent care for any bone or tendon pain.

  22. Al Brooks 2023/03

    Quick in and out, as much as is possible in a doctor’s office. One of my favorite doctors I’ve ever seen. She was thorough and had a great bedside manner and gave me a lot of information and was open to any questions.
    I would not hesitate to use this office again and would highly recommend it.

  23. Roy Carter 2023/03

    Great experience all around. Fast, efficient, professional service.
    Derek Tatum was very thorough and explained everything about the X-ray and what the course of action would be going forward.
    Extremely satisfied.

  24. David Childress 2023/03

    Have visited Ortho On Call several times and have always been pleased with the service and have had good results. My go to place for ortho issues.

  25. Nancy Robinson 2023/03

    Personal and thoughtful treatment and diagnosis. Thank you

  26. Kevin Van Natta 2023/03

    No wait! Friendly staff and they were very thorough before the PA came to examine me. Nicole was knowledgeable and professional and provided a very good diagnosis and recommended treatment.

  27. Matt Wilson 2023/02

    My wife and I have both used OrthoVirginia Ortho On Call. Very professional and caring staff. Great bedside manner as well as treatment outcomes. I highly recommend them for your orthopedic needs and recovery.

  28. Joy Herndon 2023/02

    Visit with Dr Dalton was professional and as always found the medical issue immediately! Treated me was our in no time!! Would refer anyone to the clinic! Staff was immediately to the point with no waiting!


  29. Mary b 2023/02

    Dr. Benson in the entire staff were professional, thoughtful, and kind. I felt heard, seen, and well taken care of. It was also really great to get printed instructions on how to take care of the injury for the best outcome. I would definitely recommend. Ortho Virginia.


  30. Pamela Atkins 2023/02

    Excellent service

  31. Frances Smith 2023/02

    We were seen promptly. Very courteous and efficient staff. Very attentive to our needs.

  32. Rick Pillow 2023/02

    Everyone so nice and very professional! Couldn’t ask for more.

  33. Ann Small 2023/02

    Friendly and professional. Nichol was attentive and explained things in detail. I would definitely go back there

  34. paula Dennison 2023/02

    Ortho. Va saw me in a timely matter , gave results, explanation, and after care in a very professional way. I would use them again.

  35. Meredith Wooten 2023/02

    My OrthoVirginia visit was excellent from start to finish. The front desk staff was helpful and polite. I was able to be seen promptly by Anna Greenlee, PA-C who actively listened to me as a patient and fostered a dialogue with me about my specific path to recovery. I felt as if I was provided the assistance and knowledge needed to feel positive about days ahead and the belief that a pain free future is achievable. I was provided multiple treatment options and in-depth explanations allowing me to make an informed choice about my treatment path without bias or pressure.

  36. Meredith Squire 2023/02

    Excellent care. Prescribed exactly what I needed therapy, balance, anti-inflammatories. Took quality time to listen and to give excellent after care instructions.

  37. Gregory Green 2023/02

    Dr. Dalton was friendly, thorough and gave me options for follow up treatment.

  38. John Wilmore 2023/02

    Very prompt in seeing me and listening to my history. Designed a recovery plan and got me on my way. Great experience.

  39. Robbie King (RobbieAreBest) 2023/02

    I recently stopped in for my first time after a sports incident. All of the staff was friendly and efficient. I was seen quickly and given a great amount of information about my injury and how to move forward in recovery.

  40. Eyes 2020 Mullen 2023/02

    excellent at all levels
    five stars

  41. Russell Lawson 2023/02

    Have been a patient here many times and throughout this practice have had great experiences. Recent treatment with PA-C Weeter exceptional, good diagnosis and explanation of treatment plan. Highly recommended.

  42. Georgia Thweatt-Johnson 2023/02

    Very professional and caring staff. I was seem quickly and my pain need was resolved. I would recommend Ortho On Call highly.

  43. Dustin Wooten 2023/02

    I’ve been dealing with back issues for 20 years. I’ve never had a doctor be so patient and not rush me out of the door. Or think I was just there for pain meds. She walked me through everything I needed to do and got me back on track. This review is based on Dr.Myricks care, and the staff at the front desk who made everything as easy as can be. For anyone who has suffered from back pain for years going from doctor to doctor,not once was I treated like I was just there for pain pills. You will get an honest answer and have time to ask questions.

  44. Matthew Lynch 2023/02

    The doctor did a great job.

  45. Michael Wilder 2023/02

    I came in for a knee issue. I was promptly seen and cared for. They actually listened! The care and support was beyond what I expected.

  46. Laura Harvey 2023/02

    I was able to get in super quick and the staff was really great! I even got X-rays pretty immediately.

  47. Deirdre Ni Bhroin 2023/02

    Really put my mind at ease

  48. Steve Gentil 2023/02

    Got a quick and accurate assessment of my sprained ankle

  49. Susan Cornell 2023/02

    My wonderful surgeon told me if my incision got wet, I should go to OnCall to have it re wrapped. So sad that Dr G Vince Dalton is so arrogant, condescending, and lazy; that he knows better than everyone. They really ought to close doors when they talk about patients too, I heard that they didn’t want to do it. So after waiting and waiting for what would be 5 minutes of his life, I left. My God, doc in box would have been better, and nicer

  50. saturday mourning 2023/02

    Dr. Dalton did such a wonderful job of assessing my injury, and treated it accordingly. He had a calm presence that definitely helped me, as I was very worried that my injury was worse than it ended up being. I definitely encourage everyone to seek treatment from OrthoVirginia, if you need it, and particularly from Dr. Dalton.

  51. Susan Steenrod 2023/02

    Anna was very thorough and kind. She was able to provide relief immediately and the follow up care I needed. I appreciated her caring nature.

  52. Chris Snyder 2023/02

    Amanda understood my issue and didn’t waste time addressing that issue. She was the ultimate professional in helping me out before I left for a ski trip the following day. The office was super efficient from the front staff to checkout. Great job by all!

  53. Kevin Tharp 2023/01

    Ortho On Call is always our go to when we experience an injury. We are always in and out within a reasonable time and everyone is polite and professional.

  54. Del Wilhite 2023/01

    Update to my review a few years ago.


    Once again! A STELLAR visit to Ortho on Call. Went in for a foot issue and saw Dr. Dalton. I wish this guy was my primary care doc!! Awesome experience and he knows his stuff. Very straight forward which I appreciated. Front staff was also amazing. Friendly, easy going, and easy to joke around with. Their techs were attentive, informative and friendly.

    Great place to have your concerns addressed and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone!!

    I cannot for the life of me understand the negative reviews! I was skeptical about this practice from the beginning, BEFORE, reading the reviews but my wife had been a patient here previously and assured me that the practice wasn’t a “joke”. I experienced a knee injury and especially after reading some of these “horror stories” in the reviews I was even more reluctant to go but decided to give it a fair shake. Office admittance staff was okay—but once behind the doors I was greeted and treated in a professional manner by multiple staff and a doctor who were not only thorough and friendly but also had a great senses of humor. I was treated politely and even though they said I was too fat for my height (6’1 and 209lbs haha) they didn’t harass me or tell me to come back after I lost some lbs as some of these reviews seem to suggest, lol. Good spot to get checked up. Maybe people have had bad days and were in pain when they wrote all the negatives but I’m here to tell you. Even with decent insurance I’ve been to REALLY bad practices. I’d give these folks a shot if you need Orthopedic urgent care. Don’t let the negative reviews fool you.

  55. Carolyn Tosh 2023/01

    Amanda Myrick, PA-C was awesome! She was so kind and thorough. OrthoVirginia continues to impress me with all of their doctors and PAs. I have been a patient for years now and the experiences with them just get better and better! I highly recommend them for all your orthopedic needs.

  56. Becky Barlow 2023/01

    I have seen Dr. Dalton over the years. I had 2 total hip replacements. I saw him yesterday for a shoulder issue and as always he knows what he’s doing. He is very patient with you. He will listen to you. I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Dalton

  57. Sylvia Cutchins 2023/01

    I had a very good experience at Ortho on Call. Everyone was kind, I didn’t have much wait time, and I was pleased with the outcome. I was there only about an hour. Thank you, Dr Dalton, and the staff there. I would certainly come back. The injection worked!

  58. Gladys Duke 2023/01

    Very friendly atmosphere, efficient and thorough! No wait time at all—just long enough to complete the paperwork! Would highly recommend!

  59. Shannon Martin-Fontaine 2023/01

    Great people and very helpful.

  60. Javier Benitez 2023/01

    It was a good experience. I didn’t wait too long. Dr. was kind and pleasant. Answered all my questions. If I get injured, that is the place I would go.

  61. Pamela Ann 2023/01

    I love this walk in clinic. Everyone is professional and efficient. I have been twice and both times I have been impressed with how knowledgeable and informative they are about my husband’s and my diagnoses. They are quicker than going to the doctor’s office.

  62. Jeff Morgan 2023/01

    Amanda did a great job diagnosing and provided me with a corrective action. Visit was quick and easy- all staff was very professional. Highly recommended.

  63. John Saylor 2023/01

    I was in severe pain from lower back could barely walk every one was very patient and worked patiently with me and were VERY professional will go back if I need to.

  64. Charlotte Shirey 2023/01

    Perfect solution when you have an early morning fall and need an X-ray and good medical advice and attention. from start to finish everyone was polite professional and positive. Thanks.

  65. Michelle Johnson 2023/01

    I visited the Westbury location. Dr Greenlee was so patient and helpful. Thank you for letting me cry and laughing with me too. It’s been such an awful couple of weeks. Her kindness was such a blessing to me. ❤️

  66. Marykay Stainback 2023/01

    This is the best thing going. It is so hard to get an appointment with any doctor. It is so in and out at Ortho on Call.A great way to get an assessment and follow up with an orthopedic doc. Amanda and all the staff are amazing. I have been pleased anytime I have been. It’s great for sports advocates who are always injuring something. Thank you for being there for us! Keep up the good work!!

  67. Charles Larus 2023/01

    I was glad to see Dr. Dalton. He diagnosed my problem and set me on a course to recovery. Thanks to everyone there.
    Charlie Larus

  68. Bernice Smith 2023/01

    The Service was awesome and fast. PA Weeter took the time to answer any questions we had and was very thoughtful when booking our f/u. My son plays b-ball and she was able to get us in and out and accommodate us with a quick f/u. Thank you PA Weeter!!!

  69. Mona Blom 2023/01

    I found this place a very pleasant experience. I was seen quickly and they provided me with appointments that I needed for further treatment. I definitely would go back there for a walk-in orthopedic treatment.

  70. David Henderson 2023/01

    Excellent service. No Long wait and staff is very courteous! PA’s are extremely knowledgeable.

  71. James Stygar 2023/01

    Melissa was excellent. She was knowledgeable, kind and professional. I felt confident in the entire staff.

  72. Sherri Sale 2023/01

    I was not expecting to be seen as soon as I was by the physician assistant. Diagnosis took place as soon as the X-ray confirmed the 2 fractures in my left big toe. The follow up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon was made while I was there. Ortho-On-Call kept me from going to an emergency room.

  73. Anne Creasy 2022/11

    Fast and good care!

  74. Deborah Odell 2022/11

    This dr and every staff member was so kind to me! I was not in a good mood , it was obvious and a lot of pain in my ankle. They helped me do the paperwork which was a lot and assisted in every way. The Dr was just as kind as could be and went by her first name, Rachael. Lucky I had not broken my ankle and she fit me with a comfortable device ti stabilize my ankle. Thank you staff at Ortho!! You made my night!! If all medical staff were this kind I wouldn’t object to dr care as much as I do so THANK YOU!
    Debbie Odell

  75. Sam Ikenberry 2022/11

    Great staff. Very attentive and professional. Was able to get in and out quickly.
    Exterior of the building was a little sketchy but once I entered everything was great. Will go back if another need arises.

  76. Alan Slater 2022/11

    Easy walk in process. Checked in, examined, X-rayed, and diagnosed all in less than one hour. Provided a thorough explanation of my condition and my options. Treatment was promptly administered. Feeling much better one day later. Highly recommend Ortho On Call and their staff.

  77. David dehart 2022/11

    Very understanding and professional, she gave me a shot of cortisone, hardly felt it. Two days later, my knee is much better

  78. THOMAS COLLINS 2022/11

    Great, Great, Great. Highly recommend.

  79. Brian Spencer 2022/11

    Pamela is amazing!

  80. Terrie Jackson 2022/11

    Very fast and respectful wish I would have went here before I went to the er they handle my incident with care and would recommend them to everyone

  81. Ursula Balsom 2022/11

    I had an emergency visit for an issue that had been plaguing me for weeks. Everyone was very kind and listened well. I felt relief within an hour of taking the prescription. I am so pleased…and I would recommend this office to anyone.

  82. Leigh Thornton 2022/10

    Melissa Weeter, PA was very thorough and focused on evaluating and helping, in a professional manner. She was patient with questions. I was very confident in her treatment plan, and it’s helping already, 1 day later. Highly recommend her.

  83. Daniel Moore 2022/10

    Was forgotten about for about an hour but after reminding them that I was there it was good. Think I checked In during a shift change

  84. Carol Mares 2022/10

    The PA had the best communication skill when facing someone in excruciating pain from a break. So well handled! I am very grateful to this person.

  85. Lawrence Reed 2022/10

    I was a walk-in patient yesterday and I was seen in timely manner. The staff was very professional and pleasant and did a great job! I recommend OrthoVirginia and my doc was Nicole Miller! Great customer service, professionalism and friendliness!

  86. Robert Jones 2022/10

    Excellent service, helpful explanations in sufficient details. Provided useful exercises to help alleviate problem.

  87. Private Private (Private) 2022/10

    Dr Hilinski explained my issue in full & answered additional questions. He also let me know the airports offer wheelchair service. That was a lifesaver since we had connecting flights to catch! Love his ‘bedside manner’.

  88. Alva Rose 2022/10

    Great service from reception, intake, Radiology, evaluation, treatment, and discharge. Fastest appointment ever. Rx was called in and waiting. Only concern. The front door was a little hard to access with crutches…ADA. Other than that, no complaints on the service.

  89. Martha Lawson 2022/10

    Great service but don’t feel like my diagnosis was right. Pretty sure a tendon or a ligament is torn due to the nature of what happened. I got 4 X-rays but they only show bone. I need a cat scan or mri. I’m not sure if they offer those or not. But if they did they should have offered me that choice.

  90. Tracy Charwinsky 2022/10

    Very Professional, great detail. Very nice. Highly recommend! Great care and very fast at getting good care.

  91. Jeanette Lewis 2022/10

    Melissa Weeter PA-C is simply the best.One day I couldn’t move or get out of bed without pain after her treatment the next day I could do my regular chores.Thank you so much Ms Weeter.

  92. Courtney Johnson 2022/10

    Ortho on-call was a lifesaver. I had gone to two other urgent care‘s before I went to ortho on call and they didn’t have an x-ray tech. My daughter fell and hurt her arm on the playground and I knew she had hurt something with as much pain as she was in. Ortho on-call got us and got us x-rays and got a scene and out the door within about 45 minutes. Kim Waters was very professional friendly with a good bedside manner and explained everything in detail that we needed to do. I’m impressed and I’ve been an RN for a long time.

  93. idocolor4u 2022/10

    Was a good experience and felt like they truly cared

  94. Jeff Gulosh 2022/10

    Friendly staff. I was in and out with x rays in less than an hour including all of the first time visitor paperwork.

  95. oscar shui 2022/10

    I did a walk-in yesterday and the check- in process was seamless. The staff was so efficient and I was very impressed at how professional and quick they were.

    I got back to a room and was seen in a short time. X-rays were taken and right after I was able to speak to my PA (Melissa) who was very thorough and helpful.

    I was in and out inside of 1 hour.

    I highly recommend OrthoVirginia and this location on Three Chopt Road

  96. Katrina LaBenz 2022/10

    She was thorough, very nice and took her time with my son. She even recommended to have him come back to see pediatric Dr. to ensure all is OK with my son’s knee.
    I would recommend her to another in need.

  97. John Pressley 2022/10

    Timely and informative

  98. Kelly Sharp 2022/10

    Ortho on call was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.I would highly recommend this place.Thanks so much.

  99. Tom Owen 2022/10

    Very positive. Staff did not waste time with working with me and arriving at Diagnosis and treatment.

  100. David Carranza 2022/10

    Melissa Weeter. She is incredible. She was able to treat and check my knee with a few simple movements and give me peace of mind. She was confident and truly cared about me as a patient. My visit took less than 5 minutes and I felt relieved. She’s a great asset to OrthoVirginia. Thank you.

  101. H H 2022/10

    The wait was very short and their website made it very easy to sign in ahead of our arrival. The PA was very good and took time to explain everything to us. The fifth star was removed only because we have to return to see an MD.

  102. Annmarie Cooper 2022/09

    Love the walk-in service everyone that works there is always so friendly and helpful in there many times with her kids and would go back

  103. JJ cruuuz 2022/09

    Personnel were friendly and professional and active listeners. Highly recommended Ortho On Call Westbury location for any urgent orthopedic needs.

  104. john thompson 2022/09

    Very efficient and professional. The did not waste a single moment while I was there. Every single item linked to the next. Explained everything as they went about each procedure. Had my past history and linked it to current condition. Extremely informative.

  105. Mela Pinchuk 2022/09

    Staff was professional, nice, and quick.

  106. Cotesworth Pinckney 2022/09

    This is a very well organized and efficient operation. I was interviewed, x-rayed, examined, diagnosed and advised quickly with helpful suggestions to improve my condition. I think I was done about an hour after I arrived.

  107. October Domari 2022/09

    Diagnosed and gave a great suggestion on the best way to help it heal.

  108. Pauline Crytzer 2022/09

    Dr. Tatum, was very helpful, took a lot of time to figure out the best treatment!!! Could not have been better Thank you!!

  109. Richard Hartley 2022/09

    A 10 of 10

  110. Craige Perry 2022/09

    Friendly and efficient. No wait time. Felt very taken care of.

  111. Stephanie King 2022/09

    The medical staff was very efficient and pleasant and seemed to care. Dr. Benson was a good listener and doctor

  112. Diane Jett 2022/09

    Dr.was very professional and thorough. I clearly understood what happened with my arm and the next steps. Staff was excellent as well.

  113. Amanda Core 2022/09

    Great experience. Friendly. Quick. Knowledgeable.

  114. Dena Currie 2022/09

    Everyone was super friendly, kind and caring. They got me in and out in a timely manner. Great care from everyone!!

  115. Linwood Manuel Jr 2022/08

    Excellent service, time In and out with ex-rays and information for therapy was exceptionally great

  116. Reginald Jones 2022/08

    I was impressed from the moment I walked into the office from the front desk receptionist to The physician that assisted me. This was a wonderful experience and I recommend Ortho Virginia to anyone that’s seeking orthopedic care.

  117. Markia Keith 2022/08

    I honestly have to thank PA.McNally. She goes above and beyond for her patients. I rather go see her any day. She deserves more than 5 stars. Thank you for listening to my concerns and acting on them. You don’t go unnoticed

  118. Jessica Jones 2022/08

    This place was amazing fast and very convenient!

  119. LaTisha Tyler 2022/08

    Everyone was so nice and wait time was quick. Thanks for all the help.

  120. Daren Huey 2022/08

    Melissa Weeter was fantastic!!
    I’m feeling better already.

  121. Shawkat Rana 2022/08

    Great to receive medical assistance as a walk-in, no appointment, and be seen immediately. Well staffed facility. Everyone was very professional and Amanda Myrick, PA-C, was thorough and excellent. Highly recommend.

  122. Angela Edwards 2022/08

    PA was very knowledgeable and helpful!!!

  123. Casey Hill 2022/08

    OrthoVirginia has been amazing in helping assist my family with some unfortunate sports injuries over last few years, flexible hours & quick professional diagnosis, we are all up and running again – Thank you Melissa Weeter PA-C!

  124. Violet Cox 2022/08

    Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. Very fast service in and out in no time and was able to pin point my injury and got me set up with everything that I needed.

  125. MM F 2022/08

    I am a healthcare peofessional as well and use to helping the patient. As I walk in, I am pleased on how sensitive are they in helping me with my needs at the time. The person in the reception area offered me a wheelchair knowing I was having pain in my feet standing and the rest follow suit providing the care I needed on my check up and until I got back to my car. Thanks guys!😊

  126. Jennifer McCuen 2022/08

    Aside from a bit of a gruff receptionist, my experience with ortho on call was exceptional! First, appreciate that both the nurse (Heidi) and PA (Kim) introduced themselves upon entering my room, made and maintained eye contact with me while asking me questions. I loved the TV in the room showing HGTV (brilliant! every examination room should have some light entertainment).
    Kim was fantastic! She took her time with me, examined me thoroughly and thoroughly explained the diagnosis in layman’s terms which I really appreciated. All in all, it was a stellar experience and would highly recommend ortho on call over any other urgent care for ortho-related injuries.

  127. Ron Totton 2022/08

    Great service. Very thorough.

  128. Mary Mueller 2022/08

    Every staff member was pleasant and professional. Fast service.

  129. paula Cosby 2022/08

    She was awesome she listened to my complaints did some testing and told me what she thought I needed gave me a PT order and referral to an orthopedic specialist

  130. Gabrielle Tretick 2022/08

    Literally the worst place ever. I saw Nicole Miller and she didn’t even xray my foot after I was sent there from the previous urgent care place I went. She said “I’m just going to call it a Sprain even though it’s most likely a nerve” and sent me on my way. I will never recommend her or this place.

  131. J W-R 2022/08

    Highly impressed, once I found out about it I came in and was done with my visit and procedure within half an hour. 10/10 will visit again. Very professional Physician Assistants.


  132. Johnette Brooks 2022/08

    I had a good time at Ortho on call everyone was very nice and professional the wait time was quick and the staff helpful.


  133. Nicole Moss 2022/08

    After dealing with a stressful back injury, I left OrthoVA in great spirits. I did a walk-in and the check- in process was painless, efficient, and pleasant. The staff was kind and so quick with their intake, x-ray, and with talking with me about their findings. They scheduled a follow up for me with Physical Training at another location and called my meds in right away with the pharmacy. I am impressed and will recommend this location to my friends.

  134. Diana Creasey 2022/07

    Very professional, polite, thorough, and compassionate PA.

  135. Steven Sigman 2022/07

    Dr. Larry was thorough, quick and got the pain and swelling under control for me. Very kind a personable staff at the Westbury location.

  136. Jodi Teitelman 2022/07

    I was seen quickly and efficiently. Got an x-ray, resulting in a clear diagnosis of my Achilles’ tendon injury, and discussed a plan for management and recovery with a friendly and knowledgeable PA (Kimberly Waters). I’d used OrthoOnCall a few times previously, and have always been grateful to know they’re available as a convenient, accessible and reassuring resource.

  137. Donna Jarvis 2022/07

    I did a walk-in yesterday and the check- in process was seamless. The staff was so efficient and I was very impressed at how professional and quick they were. There were several other patients there who was treated in the same manner.

    I got back to a room and was seen in a short time. X-rays were taken and right after I was able to speak to the PA who was very thorough and helpful.

    I highly recommend OrthoVirginia and this location on Three Chopt Road.

  138. LeAnne Lane 2022/07

    Kim was quick and thorough, gave me several options and I left feeling confident of her diagnosis and what I need to do. I would highly recommend her!

  139. Ron Klus 2022/07

    Very easy check in process. Check in staff friendly and professional. Did not wait very long to be seen. They had X-ray machine on site which is a bonus if X-rays are needed. I was seen by Melissa Weeter , friendly and professional and what I like about her she actually listened to what you had to say. Great place.

  140. Charles ODonovan 2022/07

    Had my fingers swell up for two weeks. They wouldn’t bend so I tried to get appointment at a doctor’s office. The earliest was Feb 1st. So I looked at urgent care places and found that OrthoOnCall was my best bet. I went and it was quick and professional and I will see a specialist in a few days. Very happy with this business!!!

  141. Veronica Ali 2022/07

    I was seen quickly greeted very professionally. The doctor was great she took time to listen to me and to evaluate the situation and explain to me what my treatment plan would be. The staff also set up a follow-up appointment with another ortho specialist to meet my need. Thank you for your great service!

  142. FISHEAGLE 2022/06

    This is one of the friendliest most professional places to go and get your aches and pains looked at. I always leave feeling more confident and with a game plan to get back to normal soon.

  143. Will Sapp 2022/06

    Wonderful experience!

  144. Alison Kent 2022/06

    The staff were professional, friendly, and efficient.

  145. Michelle Lambert 2022/06

    Process was quick and courteous. The tech’s were knowledgeable. The facility was clean and easy to get to. I would definitely recommend friends and family.

  146. MrFomez 2022/06

    Very satisfied with the care I received. PA Pal and the rest of the staff were friendly and2 professional.

  147. Wm M 2022/06

    I visited OrthoVA Ortho On Call after developing knee pain during a recent vacation. The entire staff was a pleasure – from check-in, nurse review, xrays and the consultation with Anshuma Pal. PA Pal did an excellent job of reviewing my xrays and offering treatment and follow-up options. Ortho On Call is open 12 hours a day and conveniently located. Highly recommended.

  148. Crystal Johnson 2022/06

    They have an efficient operating system. Everyone is very friendly and helpful there

  149. David DeArras 2022/06

    I had a great experience I was in and out in less than 30 minutes

  150. julia lovett 2022/06

    Did not have to wait at all. Was in and out pretty quickly. Everyone was very nice and attentive.

  151. Kimberly Gulasky 2022/06

    The patient care there was excellent from the front desk all the way through my whole visit everyone was polite courteous and very professional they were all helping one another it was nice to see the nurses helping the front desk as well as taking care of the patients teamwork!! I would recommend going there very highly thanks again to all the staff for helping me.

  152. Kristen Allen 2022/06

    Regardless of how busy they were, I was still provided with the best care! I looked just about everywhere for a doctor who could help me figure out what was wrong with my wrist. I’m so relieved I found Ortho on call!! Now I’m on strong meds and finally have a diagnosis! Thank you, Dr. Paige McNally!! 🙂

  153. Frank Galleher 2022/06

    Great experience. Dr. Greenlee was very professional and made feel very comfortable. She was very thorough with the medications she prescribed. It’s my second time there and I highly recommend OrthoVirgina to everyone.

  154. Karen O'Donnell 2022/05

    The care and professionalism provided by the staff and PA-C was exceptional. I did not have to wait long to be seen. X-rays were taken. The PA-C was brilliant in that she was able to interpret my health situation into my current condition causing my knee buckling and tendinitis. She addressed appropriate measures for pain even with my complicated medical situation. The instructions were clear and follow up was arranged. An altogether great experience- except for the bum knee!

  155. Ray Hoge 2022/05


  156. Arthur Heifetz 2022/05

    First rate clinic. Quick service. Competent, sympathetic staff. For orthopedic problems far superior to the emergency room and Patient First.

  157. Betsy Scott 2022/05

    Excellent care, well organized practice, literally no wait.

  158. Kathy Davis 2022/05

    Second time I’ve gone here it’s always been a good experience

  159. Lynn Seward 2022/05

    Service was above and beyond. Staff was very friendly. Ms.Greenlee is the best! Stupendous patient care!

  160. Shana Branch 2022/05

    I was able to be seen quickly and had total confidence in the Dr! They didn’t try to “upsell” me on crutches or unnecessary boots like other places have done in the past.

  161. Ron Gillum 2022/05

    Got in quickly was taken care of quickly. Feeling better. Within 24 hours. Very thankful for their help.

  162. Anne Stokes 2022/05

    Very friendly and professional staff, short waiting time, very knowledgeable medical professionals and helped me resolve my problem within 45 mins of walking in the door. This is my second time visiting this location and both times were equally good.

  163. Sheila Connelly 2022/05

    Went in for a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing a lot of pain in my mid upper back. Kim was great at going over my X-rays and explaining where the pain was originating from as well as listening to my concerns and questions. She was attentive and I didn’t feel rushed.She prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers and physical therapy which I will be calling today to set up a schedule.
    Overall positive experience and everyone there is really nice.
    Thank you!

  164. Anita Cone 2022/05

    My visit was very quick helpful and very informative.i would recommend this location as well.

  165. To Sta 2022/05

    My experience at Ortho va was very helpful and pleasant. Thestaff was very professional and nice. The doctor wasso sweet and kind andxreally cared for me. She explained everything. She was very understanding and provided great care.

  166. Richard Ellis 2022/05

    Fast, attentive, good treatment.

  167. shabad 2022/05

    I’ve used Ortho On Call twice and it’s been a great experience both times. Efficient intake, evaluation, x-ray and Doctor visit. I left feeling confident and better with a good plan. All the staff was nice and helpful, I was in and out in 30 minutes.

  168. Richard Villa 2022/05

    Quick,professional, friendly seevice

  169. barbara Pitts 2022/05

    Quickly screened me and performed X-rays. I only waited about 5 minutes to see the PA. The care provider (PA) was very thorough, gentle, instructive, and reassuring. I was given written/pictorial exercises that can ease my discomfort until I see a physical therapist (they provided a few contacts for this). A prescription to reduce swelling and provide some comfort for bursitis and exacerbated arthritis was given. I was told to follow up with my doctor who handles my arthritis and joint issues. Staff was friendly and efficient.

  170. N. Renée 2022/05

    I went to ortho on call and saw Dr. Paige McNally after a terrible experience at Henrico Dr. Parham ER and I have never been in such a loving and comfortable environment when it comes to healthcare. She was so kind and helpful over my back injuries and so was the X-ray technician, whom, I didn’t get the name of. The ER took X-rays and sent me out without any questions or compassion after figuring out nothing was broken. Dr. McNally took the time to ask me follow up questions to make sure nothing else was wrong internally, medication to get better, and even stretches for when I’m getting better. She also explained what was going on and that my pain and trip to the ER was valid. I’m so appreciative of her and the whole team. If you’re seeing this, thank you so much. Your kindness was such a light during such a painful time. You guys are the best.

  171. Tequia Abdulrahman 2022/05

    I informed staff I only had my child’s insurance number because we came straight from the field for a football injury. I asked could my mom stay with my son while I grabbed secondary insurance card but they said let’s see and took us to register…half an hour later, my son’s in agony, they asked had I tried to register online to get primary insurance card. They said they closed at 8pm and we had gotten there a bilt after 7:20pm. So yea anytime I have an emergency I will just opt for EMERGENCY ROOM! How can an insurance office NOT look up insurance? Thanks for the wait for absolutely nothing….

  172. orrin herzwurm 2022/05

    Quick and fast getting you into a room and comfortable. Friendly staff throughout. My Dr was awesome! Very knowledgeable and went the extra mile to explain everything to me! 10/10 will go back if needed!

  173. Peyton Kelley 2022/04

    Professional, kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. Great experience.

  174. maria farmer 2022/04

    Was fast and efficient service

  175. Kim Robinson 2022/04

    Was seen right away. Everything was explained clearly. Very nice staff

  176. Pamie smith 2022/04

    Everyone that worked there acknowledged me, very kind and helpful.my shoulder is finally pain free after 2 months of pain. Strongly recommend…

  177. Ivanova Irizarry 2022/04

    I had a very good experience at this department. Quickly received the test and treatment. Thanks to all, especially to PA Kathryn Oprandi.

  178. edwina westbrook 2022/04

    GREAT, knowledgeable info, and personable care. Very prompt service. I would recommend this office! I knew it was for me by the friendly reception throughout to seeing Doc Tim. Thanks to Everyone!

  179. Phyllis Jackson 2022/04

    Efficient, understanding, caring and professional. Knowledgeable and thorough.

  180. Melissa Manger 2022/04

    I was seen today and my nurse and all staff were professional and fast. So glad I stopped here and not the ER.

  181. Kathi Russell 2022/04

    I was seen on 5/12/22 by Kim Waters PA-C at Ortho On Call, Westbury concerning pain and bruising after stubbing my toe. She was very professional, understanding, friendly and I felt very comfortable with her. X-rays were done and I was diagnosed with a broken toe. She explained and discussed with me the steps I needed to take for pain management and healing. My experience was exceptional, short wait time and friendly staff as well. I definitely recommend Ortho On Call, Westbury.

  182. jennifer baldwin 2022/04

    The check-in was quick and efficient. Dr Harry Shaia and Penny were welcoming, thorough, and professional. They answered all my questions in a friendly manner.

  183. Patty Gray 2022/04

    Great service.

  184. Andrew Scarborough 2022/04

    I stopped in OrthoVa Westbury after taking a tumble and spraining my ankle and thumb. I arrived just as they opened at 9am, was seen almost immediately, and was headed home at 9:39am.

    Anna Greenlee, PA-C, examined me. She had the perfect balance of empathy and professionalism. She figured out what was wrong, got me a couple of braces, gave me thorough instructions both verbally and written, and had me on my way.
    I love that I can go to OrthVa and avoid an ER, and I think I get better care for injuries like mine as that’s what OrthoVa specializes in.

  185. John Meola 2022/04

    While it wasn’t exactly an emergency, these guys came to my rescue pretty darned quickly
    They were kinda busy for a Sunday morning but I figured I’d wait. After what seemed a very short interval the receptionist came outside calling my name
    Honestly it was a little embarrassing to be ushered into the exam room because there were people in the waiting room cradling body parts that were obviously in some distress.
    I mean I could’ve waited but they said no, go right in.
    The physicians assistant who came in promptly, Mr. Ford, was the poster child of bedside manner’s.
    He was meticulous and thorough and explained that basically I had a case of negligent foot care leading to stress issues causing massive discomfort. I actually felt kind of embarrassed but was so relieved at his diagnosis.

    In summary I cannot recommend these guys highly enough they really have to endure some bizarre encounters I can just imagine but in my case I’m giving them a High Five all day long.

    Considering the crapshoot that is associated with walking into any of the doc in the box clinics, these guys were notably way ahead of the curve

    Everyone from the receptionist to the x-ray techs and nurses were very professional and thorough. Ford pretty much confirmed the quotidian. I hope I never see these guys again but just in case I know they’re a reliable group

  186. Amanda Folabi 2022/04

    Everyone there was very sweet and understanding.

  187. Marc Verdi 2022/04

    The check-in process was simple, Abigail was very helpful, and Melissa was very friendly and knowledgeable, communicating information about the injury and next steps in a very understanding way. Very good experience!

  188. Jen Fields 2022/04

    Awesome place, very fast and professional/knowledgeable.

  189. Cassandra R 2022/04

    This was the best place to go to when your regular orthopedic doctor isn’t available. Pleasant employees and able to assist!

  190. Randal Watkins 2022/03

    Great care and expertise. Dr Waters, was very patient, reassuring and helpful.


    Excellent first-rate medical care and service. Very clean facility and well organized too. Saw a lot of teamwork too. “Hi there…,,I’m here for an X-ray on…., and then another Hi there, I’m here for…..” Doctor, Nurses and Assistants all worked together very well. Not noisy or loud either which is very relaxing for a patient about to have tests performed or read to them. Didn’t want to leave.

  192. Clarence Jackson 2022/03

    Walked in filled out some general questions, about 5 minutes later saw the nurse then the doctor soon after. Got xrays, diagnosed, treated & released with a follow up appointment made in the same amount of time I would have been waiting somewhere else.

  193. Debra Cole 2022/03

    I had a wonderful experience at Ortho. The wait was minimal and staff friendly and helpful. Nicole Miller was knowledgeable and put my fears to rest. She even ordered X-rays in anticipation of the appointment with the orthopedist. I could not be more satisfied.

  194. Edna Gelrud 2022/03

    Waited a short time after registration. My PA-C was very professional and I felt confident with her advice after the diagnosis. It was a much better experience than going to an ER.

  195. Michelle Bey 2022/03

    The staff was really nice and it was a quick process and visit.

  196. Nupa Agarwal 2022/03

    I was in extreme pain! They took care of me quickly and compassionately. They were all amazing! And it’s nice if you are worried to just get the x rays to make sure nothing is seriously injured

  197. Steve Oddi 2022/03

    I was a walk-in yesterday at OrthoVirginia- Westbury for shoulder and hip pain. 20 min. later, I was getting x-rays. 20 min later, Paige McNally (PA) saw me to discuss what the x-rays showed. She was thorough, knowledgeable and just great. She recommended a cortisone shot for the shoulder, for possible pain relief, and she talked with me about my hip and knee issues, as well as suggestions for the best surgeons to contact for knee replacement. She couldn’t have been more helpful. I guess it might have taken weeks, if not months, to have called and received an appointment with an orthopedic doctor’s office, to get the examination, the shot and the information I needed, instead of what I received in 1 hour at OrthoVirginia. The cortisone shot is already working well, which is buying me time, along with comfort, to plan future treatment. 😀

  198. Olga Kuzmina 2022/03

    The medical staff are very caring and attentive. Short waiting times for new patients. I recommend Orto On Call located at 8901 Three Chopt road.Richmond.VA 23229.

  199. Betsy Shires 2022/03

    Dr Benson is excellent doctor.He is thorough and gives practical explanations.This is a walk in clinic
    and I was seen quickly .I much prefer this to a general urgent care when the problem is orthopedic.

  200. Rel Harris 2022/03

    Dr. Greenlee was great. She listened, and made sure by the end my visit that I knew what was going on with me. Also referred me to where I needed to go to receive the treatment for progression

  201. Tameka Beal 2022/02

    Fast and friendly service. I’m glad that this facility is available instead of waiting for appointments or visiting ER.

  202. Joe Felton 2022/02

    The whole process was seemless from the online check-in to walking out the door after being seen. Melissa Weeter and staff were excellent. Thank you for the wonderful care.

  203. Kelli King 2022/02

    I felt I was given great care. I felt the Kim Waters PA-C really listen to my concerns and explain her findings in detail making sure I understood.

  204. Philip Dawson 2022/02

    Great, easy experience. Amanda was knowledgeable and had great presence. Got follow up scheduled easily.

  205. Charlotte Gonzales 2022/02

    Nice, friendly, clean environment and a Great Doctor and staff, and the doctor knows exactly what’s wrong.

  206. tracy woodruff 2022/02

    Wonderful, everyone was very nice

  207. Emily Anne Graham 2022/02

    Silly sisters dragging eachother across the kitchen floor led to nurse maid elbow in our 23 mo old. I was conflicted whether to go to KidMed or Ortho on Call bc of the age of my daughter. I wasn’t sure whether pediatric care or specialized Ortho was better. Going to Ortho on call was the best decision!! The front desk staff was amazing, Kathryn Oprandi was an incredible PA, and our sweet little girl was healed right away by the student with Oprandi. Although I hope we don’t have to return, I’m so thankful to know we have the option. I have told all of my mom friends how wonderful Ortho on Call is. Thank you for helping our sweet baby and easing my MaMa heart!

  208. Ronnie Spector 2022/02

    Excellent service and staff

  209. John Copley 2022/02

    Always professional, quick, and an extremely easy in and out.

  210. Kenneth W Langston Jr 2022/02

    Very Friendly and efficient ! Kim listened to my issues and was very helpful !

  211. Carol Cedeño 2022/02

    Son muy profesionales.

  212. Robert Williams 2022/02

    Always very good. Thank you Anna for taking care of me.

  213. Maribeth Lacy 2022/02

    Super quick, friendly staff.

  214. Amy Robinson 2022/02

    Fast, friendly, and caring. From the front door to the clinical staff everyone was happy to be there to help.

  215. Robert Jackson 2022/02

    Very professional staff showing individual care and concern. I was very impressed and would highly recommend this facility.

  216. Jen 2022/01

    We just had an excellent experience here. My young daughter injured her knee and needed to be seen as a walk-in. Everyone was very kind and professional, and the PA we saw, Dr. Saddington, was one of the best practioners I have ever encountered. She was extremely patient and thorough with the exam, explained everything really well, and was truly exceptional with children. We will definitely be back if, God forbid, we ever need the services of a place like this again. It was also nice to have a place to go that specializes in ortho issues so that we didn’t have to go in a building full of sick people in order to be seen for an injury. This place is a hidden gem!

  217. Cathy 2022/01

    Wonderful facility. I was seen quickly and treated with compassion. Great experience!

  218. Denisha Robinson 2022/01

    I was deeply unhappy about the service I received here today! If I knew all they were going to do was an x-ray and tell me to take Aleve. I wouldn’t have used there services. Glad I know it’s not broken but I knew that when I came in. Wanted to know what was wrong and what I needed to do. Sadly they do not have people there who answer those questions only people who refer you to someone who can. Smh

  219. Catherine Foster 2022/01

    Ortho on Call was very professional and prompt. They evaluated my injury and sent me on my way with good advice!

  220. beth rochkind 2022/01

    The P.A. Gets high marks for her kind demeanor and thorough interpretation of radiographs was comforting. The team in the front was neither welcoming or empathetic.
    The x’ray tech was great! I would definitely go back, just wish the greeting had been more welcoming f.

  221. Wilma Finney 2022/01

    This is a great place to go when you don’t want to wait for hours when you’re in.pain. Great customer service and polite. I’ve been here several times and I have no problem with what I need done. They are very knowledgeable.

  222. Daryl Perkins 2022/01

    Great Place…very friendly and helpful

  223. Vejetta Shabazz 2022/01

    The STAFF and Doctor were absolutely AMAZING. VERY pleasant experience

  224. Nancy Powell 2022/01

    There was a speedy check in with only a brief wait to be seen. The service was friendly, efficient, and professional. Immediately I was feeling better!

  225. jasmine awad 2022/01

    Kim was absolutely fantastic. So smart and so kind.

  226. Arnav Ashok 2022/01

    Great doctor and very attentive, quick, and made sure to answer all questions.

  227. Joyce Simpson 2022/01

    Very friendly and efficient very professional. I love this facility with child in sports we’d to use there services a few times. No wait time able to go get xrays and splents when needed. I just love this place.

    Thanks again
    Otho staff

  228. christian johnson 2022/01

    The staff was very accomedating and friendly. I also appreciate the great job Melissa Weeter did communicating my condition and next steps with me.

  229. Eugene Caine 2021/11

    I was seen very quickly and the staff was fantastic.

  230. Jim Nash 2021/11

    I had a hand and/or wrist injury (bone or tendon) from an afternoon of weekend yard work. Very unusual for me to get an ache or pain that doesn’t heal up overnight but…clearly this one wasn’t. Got a quick appt via the internet, was seen almost immediately by the nursing staff, and within 20 minutes had gotten 4 xrays. Can’t ask for much more than that! The Doc who diagnosed me was very knowledgeable, very genuine, and very thorough, taking a second look at my xrays after studying my hand for the source of my pain. She prescribed an anti-inflammatory and rest. Which was exactly what I needed. By Tuesday I was pain free! Great folks and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. My first time at their facility. I hope I don’t need them again but wouldn’t hesitate. My guess is their facility is better than most.

  231. Ronnie Terry 2021/11

    From walking in the door I was very pleased that I came to the Westbury site, it wasn’t until the nurse practitioner had to see me where I felt the quality of service dropped. She wanted more to be heard than listen to me. I understand I previously been injured & I’ve had one back surgery, But tell me for the last year + I been walking & running around in pain & not recognizing it & the very bad pain I’m in has nothing to do with the very hard fall to a concrete floor has nothing to do with how I fill. She also was acting as if I came there looking for a narcotic & I never brought up medication. Black man stereotype is what it felt like. I want to thank the receptionist / the young lady that bought me to examining room & the x-ray tech, very kind / understanding & professional.

  232. Alice Prior 2021/11

    What a great business model. Went to my PCP who sent me to Ortho On Call to start the process of diagnosis of knee injury. Walk in appointment went quickly and the PA Gretchen was incredibly knowledgeable and efficient and super nice. I GET PT and an MRI before meeting with surgeon.

  233. Stephanie Slate 2021/11

    Very efficient. Did not have to wait long, and all staff were very friendly.

  234. Kat Hurst 2021/10

    The staff is very friendly and very professional. Got in and out rather quickly.

  235. Megan Casey 2021/10

    Was seen yesterday- 1/23/21. Very impressed- fast and efficient. Staff was welcoming and friendly. X-ray tech and person who helped me with my splint were so nice. Saw Melissa, the NP, who took her time and explained my fracture in detail. Have appointment with ortho surgeon first thing Monday AM. Highly recommend!

  236. Shawna Simmons 2021/10

    Very little wait time, super friendly staff!!! Very pleased with my treatment plan.

  237. Samantha Gilroy 2021/10

    The best place to go for your ortho needs.
    They are orthopedics and specializes in injuries of the bones. Any time i have gone there has been nothing but professionalism
    That’s from receptionist, Medical Assistant, X-ray tech and doctor. I would definitely recommend ORTHOVirginia On Call.

  238. Jamal Thomas 2021/09

    Great service from start to finish!

  239. z N 2021/09

    Efficient, thorough, professional. Came here off of a recommendation for a bad sprain and couldn’t have had a better experience. Very pleased! Thank you!

  240. Annemarie Tull 2021/09

    Great visit with the PA (Peter) at the Westbury location. He was able to quickly and accurately diagnose my daughter’s foot stress fracture and give us a plan for moving forward. I’m an MD and was impressed with his knowledge and acumen! Have been here multiple times and will be back. 😊 …

  241. Captain Neems 2021/09

    Fast, friendly and helpful.

  242. Cassandra Berry 2021/09

    Excellent care from the staff.

  243. Wendy Kelsch 2021/09

    Went in for pain in knee. The staff was awesome, friendly, quick, felt like the really cared. However, the PA lacked empathy, compassion and understanding. Made me feel as if I was lying and imagining the pain.

  244. Myrt Quinlan 2021/08

    So fast and great service!

  245. XOXO 2021/08

    What a great place.. My right knee was painful and swollen.. But they took good care of me…perfomed x-rays, Ms. Cindy Runkle FNP was on the job..I can’t thank her enough..

  246. Bill Ramsey 2021/08

    Didn’t wait long at all. Overall a very good experience. The PA was very knowledgeable and kind. The x-ray tech was extremely competent.

  247. Rochella Lewis 2021/08

    I went to the Westbury location. The doctor was really nice and helpful but the receptionist is incompetent. I called to get a prescription filled and they claimed to put it in but they didnt. I had to call them twice. They didnt even acknowledge their wrongdoing. When they finally called in my meds they chose to send it in to a random CVS after I told them my preferred pharmacy. Had to make 3 trips to the pharmacy and have my prescription sent to the right place. Chaotic is putting it mildly. They made an already stressful time for me insufferable.

  248. Michael Gipson 2021/08

    The service was great and respectful not only that they had me seen with Nurse and. DR fast . I have not seen service at this Profession in awhile

  249. Eric Perricelli 2021/08

    Great experience. Very friendly, helpful staff. Was seen fairly quickly, and pleased with feedback and explanation/treatment of my condition.

  250. Frederick Ellen 2021/08

    Handle me well, and led me to a very good physician! Only thing I wish they’d done would’ve been to tell me to remove my ring. Finger swelled up and the doctor had to work hard to help me get it off.

  251. Anne Barker-Smith 2021/07

    My mom is 82, and hates Doctors, but this visit was both relaxing and problem solving, because of the friendly medical staff! The cause of her pain in her foot was taken seriously, identified as a potential stress fracture that could not be seen on film, but found by manipulation, and treated with a boot that has really improved her pain and outlook. Thanks for listening and getting us a solution!

  252. Robin Baxter 2021/07

    I walked into Orthova at Three Chopt rd. with upper back pain radiating down my left arm. Was checked in quickly, X-rayed and advised on how to proceed. Same day for orthopedic issues is a blessing that some general docs just can’t treat. If not for Orthova, the pain from spasms would have been an ER visit.

  253. Yolanda Amos 2021/07

    I was very pleased with my visit @ Ortho Virginia Ortho On Call. I was seen in a timely manner, treated with respect & professionalism. And most importantly my problem was addressed & I am feeling 100% better.
    Thank you all to the reception, triage nurse, xray tech & PA. You all are a great team!

  254. melva jones 2021/07

    Excellent care for our son.. I would recommend going to Ortho after Hours for any orthopedic injuries..pleasant staff.. follow up appointment given for the 2nd day post visit.

  255. Jamie Baker 2021/07

    I brought my husband to be seen for his knee. If the staff was not so amazing I would have walked out the door. The doctors assistant clearly did not know how to interact with a patient. The X-ray machine wasn’t working. The doctors assistant made a decision without the X-ray results. The X-ray was working. It wasn’t showing correctly in the computer. Still had to ask for results to be reviewed. Reschedule reschedule reschedule. Unless you want to just get an X-ray started for another visit with an actual doctor at Ortho VA then I suggest you skip this place all together. We now found out at another doctor that he has a torn PCL which apparently was evident on the X-ray ortho VA did on us and gave to us by email. Think thrice!

  256. Lorna Boyle 2021/07

    From walk in to walk out met by friendly educated staff who explained each part of the procedure and options as they took great care of me and set me up for a follow up appointment next week
    Well trained team with smooth sailing Thro the procedure with no unnecessary hold ups thanks guys

  257. Liz Brown 2021/06

    This was a easy experience with a high level of care. They were available and gave me all the options available for my care. It saved my from an emergency visit and waiting a week to see my orthopedic surgeon.

  258. Wendy Kelsch 2021/06

    Three Chopt Road location.

    I went into the office for pain in my knee. I was unable to bend it or put pressure on it after I twisted and felt a snap.

    The office staff were thoughtful, quick, friendly, and helpful. The X-ray technician was Amazing. She was concerned, nice, even accommodating to my pain and figuring out how to get the xrays with minimal pain to my knee.

    The PA was NOT empathetic, caring, thoughtful or concerned. She made me feel as if I was lying about my discomfort and did not want to listen to my concerns. Pretty much gave me a shot and stated it might relieve the pain in a few days or not at all.

    I explained to her that my work requires me to be on my feet for 8 hours, lifting boxes over 50 lbs, pulling heavy carts And twisting and turning. Her response was take Tylenol. I did not ask for pain meds just time to rest my knee. She had absolutely no concern or compassion.

    Needless to say I have no confidence in her diagnosis because she did not even put what she discussed with me in the final notes.

    Very disappointed.

  259. Samantha Piatt 2021/06

    I was first in when they opened, and first out. The entire process from beginning to end was less than an hour. The doctor was very informative and had a great bedside manner. I would recommend to anyone who needs immediate care.

  260. Julie Weissend 2021/06

    Very efficient. I was seen right away. The PA I saw was very thorough and communicated what my issue was and how to get better. I would definitely go back again but I hope the need never arises. Great job!

  261. Steven Bright 2021/06

    This was a great 👍 👌 experience EVERYONE WAS GREAT. I have any hesitation going back when needed!!!!!!!! …

  262. Claire Temple 2021/06

    I cannot fault the service we received today. The staff were fantastic. Everyone showed great professionalism, kindness, patience and great rapport with my 7 year old. Thank you for making our visit such a positive one.

  263. Ann C 2021/06

    I was extremely pleased with the thoroughness of the staff at this location. The x-ray technician let me look at my x-rays, as did the nurse practitioner. This helped me understand what might be wrong and what was not wrong, giving me a sense of relief. All staff were very kind and patient and took their time with me to discuss and explain.

  264. Mary Richards 2021/05

    Very considerate helpful at naf and a great help ain’t found my condition right away and help me

  265. Matt & Jen Hall 2021/05

    Ortho on call in the West End. went in today for help with bruised ribs, based on the suggestion of my primary care. I was in excruciating pain and could not sit down or I could barely stand. Absolutely no one in the office cared at all to help me…they left me standing in a waiting room, sweating badly and about to pass out from pain. The PA on duty was curt, rude, and after telling me I had 4 broken ribs, didn’t even offer to help me out to my car to get to the ER. She left me standing in a room and told me to wait for a CD of my X-rays to take to the Er and she wasn’t sure that machine was even working. Finally, as I was on the brink of passing out from the pain of 4 broken ribs, I just walked out. She said “best of luck to you”. The staff was more concerned about chatting amongst themselves than helping patients. I honestly can’t believe that an urgent care facility treated someone in agony with such disregard. I’m disgusted.

  266. Helen Torres 2021/04

    Worst experience I have ever had I sat there for 2hrs and was never checked on or anything then a lady that came in 2 patients after me was seen before I was. I got up and left I definitely will not be going back.

  267. Laurie Smith 2021/04

    The staff at OrthoVirginia On Call- Westbury is wonderful. They are friendly and efficient. Came in with sever shoulder pain and they quickly found the pain is radiating from a neck issue. Peter- PA, was great at explaining what was going on and what my best options were in order to alleviate the pain.

  268. Esmeralda Gaitan 2021/04

    Don’t go into this location. I went to ortho on call because I scheduled an appointment with OrthoVa, and they couldn’t see my son until the end of the following week. His therapist believed he had trigger thumb and I went in because I wanted a proper diagnosis and feel comfortable knowing my son would be okay before our appointment at OrthoVa. I was extremely worried about his thumb. I brought him in before my scheduled appointment at OrthoVa and my son saw the provider Sherma S Francis and she misdiagnosed my son with a fractured thumb. They attempted to put a splint on it but he removed it right away. They didn’t have anything small enough for his thumb so they attempted to fabricate one. They felt comfortable letting us go without anything placed because my son was content and wasn’t in any noticeable pain. Plus, he already had an appointment with OrthoVa the following week. They didn’t put anything on him when I left ortho on call. I didn’t want him walking around with a fractured thumb. I followed up at another practice because they had a sooner opening. So, I followed up at the new practice because I wanted to get something on his thumb right away since it was supposedly fractured. They told me he had trigger thumb and that his thumb was not fractured and even repeated a new X-ray so I was comfortable with the new diagnosis. I call today to speak with the provider at ortho on call and she changed her story and said she was sorry I misunderstood her. I asked her multiple times during our visit if it was fractured because I was in disbelief my son was walking around with a fractured thumb and she confirmed it was many times. I had the hugest mom guilt. She never admitted her wrong doing and was very brief and put the blame on me and said I misunderstood her. She now said he had a another diagnosis and that if his thumb was fractured there’s no way she would of let him leave. Which is completely false, she let me leave because they didn’t have anything for him and because he removed the only fabricated splint they attempted to put on him and because he was in no pain. She also had the nerve to say that she requested the follow up with the doctor who is a surgeon, I see this week and I told her NO I already had that appointment scheduled. I don’t see how a medical professional can be such a liar. It’s okay to be wrong. We’re all human but to not own up to your mistake is WRONG. I see many providers because of my son’s special needs and this is the worse treatment I’ve received. How can someone continuously lie and deny what they told me and place the blame on the parent? If you want a proper diagnosis don’t go here.

  269. Donald Oconnell 2021/04

    I went in to Ortho on call early Sunday morning. Was kindly met at the door to do the protocol for covid-19. After entering I was quickly administered to and was able to meet with an excellent PA Nicole payette. She was excellent in her services and knew exactly what the issues were and address them immediately. Very professional young lady ! I will always return to Ortho on call for my numerous ailments. I suggest them strongly!!

  270. Robert Davis 2021/04

    Last minute decision to be examined for back pain easy access and short wait. Answered my questions.

  271. Libby Herring 2021/04

    Had a great experience at ortho on call today! Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend for urgent ortho care.

  272. Franco N 2021/04

    The people at Ortho On Call are so helpful polite and professional. Thanks for being there when I needed you.

  273. Robyn Michelle Phelps 2021/04

    The whole experience st OrthoVirginia was very good. Knowledgeable, caring and professional staff members helped me through each step of the process, from check in, imagery, to evaluation, treatment , and making sure I understood what type of doctor I would need for more followup. And they sent me with a copy of the CD with xrays for the next doctor. I left with a prescription for physical therapy & eval, treatment so I could get some relief starting right away, while waiting to see the specialist.
    Great people make a significant difference in getting ligaments, muscles, bones back to their best version ….pre accident. I would highly recommend OrthoVirginia to family, friends and anyone needing evaluation & care for an urgent ortho matter . If you have a compound fracture you head to the local ER, but for smaller stuff, this works well; and during this time of the pandemic, having a choice to go here, versus patient first where so many people are sick with colds, flu, and maybe have the Corona virus, or are there for testing, this ortho clinic felt like a much safer option, with basically less than 10 minute wait time to be seen on a Saturday afternoon.

  274. Shelly T 2021/04

    No stars if I could. The front desk was helpful. The intake nurse was helpful and kind. One of the x-ray techs were nice, the other one manhandled me. The PA I saw was a joke. Very rude, Laughed at me when I couldn’t do part of her exam and was crying from the pain. I went in for back and hip pain. Couldn’t even use the medical terms of what was going on with diagnosis. When she said what she was prescribing (steroids) I told her I could not take them because they have a major interaction with another med I am taking. She laughed at me and said she never heard of this. Said she was still prescribing them and to get ahold of my prescribing doctor of other med. He specifically said NO STEROIDS. Very unprofessional, rude and I do not recommend going here. Most doctors would have researched the interactions and possibly prescribed something else knowing this interaction could KILL someone. She disregarded and laughed it off. Still in excruciating pain after driving an hour for nothing. IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE DO NO GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. Patrick Maloney 2021/04

    My experience was awesome while visiting OrthoVirginia at Westbury. The staff was friendly, professional and efficient. It operated very efficiently like a well oiled machine. My diagnosis was clearly communicated and procedure carried out well. I would recommend this facility to others.

  276. Susan J 2021/03

    Easy process and quick results. I’m glad I found them.

  277. Irma Rosen 2021/03

    Jeffrey Needy and the entire staff are great! This was my first time seeing Jeffrey Needy. He is friendly and diagnosed and explained my knee injury in a very understanding manner. Also, he set up appointment for physical therapy going forward. I highly recommend this facility and Jeffrey Needy!

  278. Jennifer Krug 2021/03

    Service was fast and friendly. X-ray technician was patient and thorough.

  279. Jake Clifton 2021/02

    This place is the best I went In on a Saturday with toe pain and Dr.Ford figured the issue out within minutes! The same day my pain has been relieved and I am as happy as can be! Thank you ortho on-call for providing weekend service as well as excellent service!

  280. joseph williams 2021/02

    They’re very professional and quick. I would recommend this service and I would like to thank all involved in my care. Thanks again and be safe.

  281. Robin Bastin 2021/02

    This location was fast and efficient. The PA conducted a thorough examination and I felt confident in her diagnosis. I would recommend this office to my family and friends.

  282. Tammy Williams 2021/02

    Friendly, fast and professional service. Loved being seen right away. Although, x-rays didn’t show anything, at least I was given medicine that’s helping. I’ll definitely need a MRI on this knee. I wish they had MRI capabilities. Blood pressure machine wasn’t working properly which is my only not so positive comment.

  283. Cathy Halliwell 2021/02

    Fast, efficient, and knowledgeable service and my provider had a great “bedside manner.” Great service…happy we have it here in Richmond!

  284. Tommy South 2021/02

    Very convenient and professional. Was in and out in an hour and got just the help I needed. Glad they are nearby.

  285. Melinda Davis 2021/01

    Absolutely fab, professional, courteous and speedy care at Ortho on Call. I was checked in, examined, got x-rays, and was splinted within an HOUR. Astonishing!!

  286. Andy Yvette 2021/01

    I was in extreme pain in my right knee. I learned about Ortho On Call and got there at 4:30 pm. I was ushered into x-Ray in short order. The doctor, Sharma, explained my x-Rays like no one ever has, and recommended a treatment. It was such a relief to get rid of the pain. Go there if you want to be treated like a human being.

  287. Christopher Pierce 2021/01

    I had a great experience. I was seen almost immediately and felt confident in all the staff’s abilities throughout. I went straight from check-in to x-rays to seeing the PA all within 30 minutes. The PA was very thorough and worked through all of my questions with me. Highly recommended if you have ortho needs.

  288. Gene Parris II 2021/01

    The staff at this location were so nice and knowledgeable and made my son feel so comfortable during one of the most painful moments of his life! Great experience all around, minus the broken arm…

  289. Melissa Hunt 2020/11

    Very unprofessional and very rude no compassion at all horrible bedside manner from the nurse not professional at all and the PA was not any better whole experience was horrible would of been better off going to the ER

  290. Zelda Brooks 2020/11

    I brought my dad in to be seen because he wanted to be seen ASAP with pain so I had to come with my 5 year old who was pretty irritable after school and not eating yet being tired cranky etc. my dad said the staff was helpful and professional but my only concern is that they have a little selection of toys for kids to play with in the waiting room and one of the toys was an ambulance that was very loud when you ran it across the floor. My son is playing with it and I noticed it was pretty loud and kept trying to tell him to make it a little quieter out of respect for others but he’s 5 so he’s going to do it for a couple seconds then go back to playing loudly. One of the receptionists came out and asked us to hand her the toy which was… fine but I just think it’s very odd to have a toy you know makes loud noise for kids to play with that are going to be loud 😂 she was very polite nothing against the staff but my advice would be don’t offer loud toys for children to play with in the first place if they are going to be a nuisance.

  291. LaDonna Browder 2020/11

    Great interaction with PA Pal!

  292. Barbara Capitaine 2020/11

    Staff were prompt and efficient in diagnosing my injury which was worse than I ever expected. I never dreamed that I had a fracture below my kneecap. I was taken care of with compassion and informed of my options. They took the time to try to teach me how to use crutches; however, I couldn’t because of recent replacement of my right shoulder. I left with a walker and several staff members helped me get in the truck to go home. Although I was in total shock at the severity of my injury, your wonderful staff helped me through this traumatic experience.

  293. Camille Alexander 2020/10

    I had hurt my back. They brought me back to a room in no time. I went for x Ray’s in just a bit. Came back to the room and just waited a few more minutes and they came in and diagnosed me. They didn’t have the brace I needed.

  294. Toni Duesing 2020/10

    The Dr was very nice, efficient, answered my questions and had a sense of humor.

  295. Sarah Louise 2020/10

    I had an AMAZING experience at this facility today. Check in was really easy, there was no line at all, and I got to answer all my check-in questions on a little tablet. Once I was given a room, I had several of the staff check in with me. Everyone was courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. I was able to quickly have XRays done, and a doctor came to examine me while they were developing. He listened to my concerns and history of the problem, and then he looked at the xrays and we worked together to develop a treatment plan. He made sure I had a followup appointment with an appropriate medical professional, and he was sure to be mindful of my insurance and cost when recommending treatment. I was able to get medication to manage my symptoms and a list of physical therapy providers that I can schedule with to treat the cause. I have not had a great experience with a medical provider in a very long time. I will definitely be going back for my ortho needs in the future. Thank you!

  296. Dexter Hurt 2020/10

    Took my soon for his athletic physical. They did a great job getting him seen quickly. Great visit and overall experience!

  297. Wanda Fleming 2020/10

    I wouldn’t go anywhere else

  298. Nancy Smith 2020/10

    Ortho on Call was such an easy and super way to be seen by professionals. Very little waiting time. Entire staff wss great. Doctor was very knowledgeable and explained my injury in words I could understand. Thanks to all who we “ON CALL” to assist me today.

  299. Billy Parish 2020/09

    Very prompt and professional. Everybody still has a sense of humor

  300. David Beauregard 2020/09

    It was good to be able to address a Non-life threatening sports injury quickly. The convenience is important. I was less enthusiastic concerning the brusk attitude of the assistant at the door. I understand Covid-19 cautions. I think they can be enforced without the drama I experienced. It is a matter of the practice practicing greeting patients in this temporary environment of extreme caution. Finally they made an appointment with the knee specialist in the main practice for three weeks out. He will likely make the final call on the knee and it’s problem. I am comfortable with that outcome. DRB

  301. Cynthia Farrar 2020/08

    No appointment, walk in, no wait. Staff professional and courteous. I highly recommend!

  302. Gray M 2020/08

    Probably a first visiting an ortho where the nurse practitioner never introduced herself, just walked in and announced it was a sprain without even taking the ace bandage off and looking at my foot/ankle. I only found out she was a nurse practitioner when asking was a doctor coming in to examine my foot. I gave 2 stars because the checkin and other personnel were friendly and helpful. Otherwise pretty awful experience with a provider. Maybe she’s gotten used to doing telemed and forgot how to meet patients in person?

  303. Josie Vessel 2020/08

    Service was excellent and professional

  304. Taylor Lilly 2020/08

    I went there about a week & a half ago in extreme pain in my hand and wrist. The staff was not friendly at all. The only good thing about this place was how quickly I was in and out of there. They concluded that nothing was wrong and it was just a sprain. They even told me to do exercises on my hand to get rid of stiffness. Then I had a follow up appointment at OrthoVirginia where the staff was incredible and they also said my bone was very broken and I will need surgery. I had the surgery today and was told my bone was broken very badly and seemed crushed. Don’t know how the doctor at Ortho On-call missed such a bad break.

  305. Lisa Clinger 2020/08

    Super friendly staff. Very quick to get X rays. Did not see a Doctor only a nurse practitioner. Did not get an answer to what was wrong. Just told to follow up with another Ortho doctor.

  306. Doug Couvillion 2020/07

    I broke a bone in my foot and was referred to Ortho On Call. Everyone I interacted with was pleasant and helpful. My waiting time was minimal and the care I received was great.

  307. Tom White 2020/07

    I just came home from this Ortho On Call location and I’m blown away by their efficiency, competence, professionalism and compassion! I got in and out in an hour and have an MRI appt tomorrow. The specialist appt is next week. It’s amazing how soon both of these appointments are. With past injuries I had to wait as long as a month for an MRI. Everyone at this office is great from the tech who checked me in, the tech who took me back to the room and got my information and the NP who treated me. The whole experience was amazing and I recommend Ortho On Call without reservation.

  308. Theresa Allen 2020/07

    The staff was amazing..everyone was friendly..I did not wait long..they explained everything and were so helpful and caring.

  309. Jennifer DeFord 2020/07

    Very quick and was able to address all my concerns. Set me up with a follow up appointment the same day.

  310. Evan R 2020/07

    Very convenient, quick and helpful. I’m really glad this place is here.

  311. William Cox 2020/06

    Staff was prompt and courteous

  312. Preston 2020/06

    The doctor told me I had a broken arm then proceeded to give me arthritis medication to manage the pain. I told them the medication isn’t working and that I was in a lot of pain but I was never given anything to manage my pain. I understand the doctors are worried due to the opioid epidemic in this country but when a patient is clearly in a lot of pain and will be for over a month the doctor should have given me something. If you are in real pain DO NOT COME HERE! I spoke to numerous doctors after this and every single one was shocked and told me I should’ve gone somewhere else.

  313. KNE 2020/06

    They were all very nice. I went back pretty quickly and got x-rays within 15 minutes of arriving. I was in and out. Would recommend them.

  314. Frank Boon 2020/05

    Great help
    Wonderful staff
    Saturday afternoon broke my finger dog walking
    Wondered what to do
    Then I remembered a friend told me about
    Ortho on call
    Dropped in was checked in , xrayed and treated
    In about an hour
    Knowable, Professional staff
    And avoiding the chaos of an er
    Hope you never need them
    But they’re great if you do

  315. Adi Saela 2020/05

    My god-Daughter was seen for a job work injury workman’s comp. The front office staff was very pleasant and to our surprise the PA Anthony Rodrigues was rude, condescending and did not explain anything. He did suggest that her foot pain was NOT due to the fact that a 300lb food cart rolled over her right foot but it was her weight. She was humiliated and embarrassed. I had her call back to the office to ask a question about paperwork that had been sent by workman’s comp and again the front office was helpful and kind and she was forwarded to the office manager. She left a message to share with the office manager about her experience. It’s been a week and no follow-up. This is an example that does not reflect the entire office but one bad seed.
    Update from visit 1 year ago… still no call back saaad

  316. Gayle Besosa 2020/05

    Easy access to orthopedic medicine. Excellent service. Greta, Nurse Practitioner, was great! Would recommend this facility to everyone.

  317. Hines Bettis 2020/05

    Everyone was fast and efficient, quick to put me at ease, I of course was thinking the worst, but I was given a better diagnosis then I could have hoped for, even when I pressed the nurse practitioner she put me at ease. Hopefully I will rehab quickly! Thank you

  318. Christy Carroll 2020/05

    The staff was attentive and timely. We felt very at ease asking questions and did not feel rushed. Overall we had a very good experience other than the results of the x-ray (which wasn’t their fault of course)!

  319. Peter Degraff 2020/04

    Fast, efficient, and quickly found and addressed the severe pain in my spine that I’ve had for a month!

  320. Debra Lusk 2020/04

    I highly recommend this faculty. Everyone was professional and very helpful. Was fast in and out in no time.

  321. Sarah A.B. Reimer 2020/03

    The front desk was kind and helpful, but I was asked personal health related questions by
    a medical assistant in the waiting room in front of other patients. This is against HIPPA
    and I requested to answer health questions privately. I didn’t see a doctor today, instead I
    saw a PA. He was not completely helpful after my exam when I requested a doctors note for
    a few days off from work to heal from an injury. I’m not sure if I would recommend this place.
    You kind of feel like a number and not a patient.

  322. tonya holcomb 2020/03

    I had a great quick professional experience! The best one yet and I have to admit this was not my first visit 😬 …

  323. Peter Knutsen 2020/03

    I slipped on porch stairs in rain at my leg was hurting after 3 days. My wife drug me to Ortho on Call and made me go in. They were friendly and efficient even with Covid-19 restrictions. I learned I had broken my fibula. They made whole visit efficient and helpful.

  324. Mr. G 2020/02

    Great service and very quick

  325. Sandy Akers 2020/02

    I went to Ortho on-call because I had injured my knee while walking. I was very pleased with the service I received, and they were able to schedule me for a follow-up with a Dr. at St. Mary’s within a few days.

  326. Charlie Mattax 2020/01

    While everyone was courteous and professional, they provided nothing in the way of medical care that I couldn’t have provided for myself. And I definitely needed more. No physician was available and they could not give me any quicker access to one than if I had called their appointment scheduler myself. Waste of money and my time when I was in pain. Would not recommend them if you feel that you have an urgent problem.

  327. Tracy Oliver 2020/01

    The staff was very friendly and accommodating.

  328. Margaret Duke 2020/01

    Ortho on call was very efficient and got me in and out within a hour of arrival. Everyone was friendly.

  329. Jeni Boyce 2020/01

    Friendly and helpful staff. Patient and informative PA. Got us in and out quickly. Thankful for the convenient location.

  330. ruth lavine 2020/01

    I had a great experience. Short wait time seamless care with positive results. The NP Greta was awesome

  331. K Sully 2019/12

    Fast and efficient with courteous staff.

  332. Lara Craddock 2019/12

    Not impressed. NP did not walk me through my X-ray and did not explain how she was evaluating the injury.

  333. Latricia Broaddus 2019/10

    I sat I. Ortho on call for over 2 hours for the PA Rodriguez to ask me why did I come in, they do not specialize in straight ortho injuries the company is just named ortho on all but they are like any a general urgent care and could not help me. PA states to me he can assess me and tell me what he thinks but it just a waste of my money….. this was very strange. Why is it called Ortho-oncall if none of the physicians are trained in orthopedics the sign clearly states Ortho oncall an orthovirginia affiliate. Think about you injury before you go there. I have been there several times and have never been told that; interesting.

  334. Tiara Butler 2019/09

    Came in with my daughter at 5:30pm. It is now after 8pm and we are still in the waiting area. This is ridiculous, should’ve went to the ER. We would’ve had answers and been home by now. Never again will we come here.

  335. Kathy Bonds 2019/08

    PA Rodriguez is the worst I have ever encounter. Waited 3 hours and he said there was nothing he could do for me. Let leave with my blood pressure 160/120. Rodriguez said I shouldn’t have come there. My impression was it was for ortho. Apparently, not.

  336. CaroleRae Spence 2019/08

    Staff was pleasant and efficient. Sarah Jordan was knowledgeable, thorough and listened to all of my concerns.

  337. Christopher Yousik 2019/08

    I woke up with debilitating pain in my knee. On crutches, I went to this Ortho On Call. I was in the exam room in under 15 minutes and I’m a first time patient. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. They took x-rays, drained my knee, injected a steroid, slapped on a knee brace, set up a follow up visit with a specialist, handed me a summary print out, and had me walking out on my own in a little over an hour. I could not have asked for anything more!

  338. Cami McCue 2019/08

    Super quick, amazing and friendly staff! Check out the sexy paper shorts you get so you can go to xray!


  339. Jeev 2019/08

    Saw the office yesterday. Felt like the receptionist and Dr. Rodriguez lacked some human connection. Very robotic. Other nurses were really nice.

    Giving 1 star because, the PA says he looked at everything and did not find any issues, while I had a severe knee pain and had my knee pop up sound.

    So I went to a chiropractor for a second opinion. She diagnosed that my knee popped out and asked me to come every day until I get it fixed. She was peronsable, empathetic and friendly.

    If you are in healthcare and hospitality industry, please be personable and friendly, have the people with right attitude and helping nature.

  340. C S 2019/08

    The receptionist, tech, PA, X-ray tech, etc. were all professional and competent. I had no wait time and was seen promptly. My concerns and preferences were heard, and a treatment plan that took those into consideration was created for me.

  341. Tammy S. 2019/07

    Gave up and left without being seen yesterday. 30 minutes in the waiting room and not one patient departed—they were obviously either short staffed or not moving patients through very well. 2 stars because I have received good care from them in the past.

  342. Jesse Andrews 2019/06

    If you go late at night they get you in and out pretty quick, but their receptionists are useless. I didn’t know what all the bad reviews were for til I had to call and deal with them on the phone.

  343. Jeffrey Wells 2019/03

    Went for x-ray on ankle. Very short wait time and friendly staff. Was in and out in 40 minutes. Definitely would go there again versus places like stand alone urgent care places

  344. Shakib Samadi 2019/01

    We had to wait like 900000 hours and it was not busy worst place ever

  345. E. James 2018/12

    Was seen within a reasonable amount of time and nurse practitioner was very nice and helpful. When I arrived I had to complete some info on a tablet and finished that and sat back down. The young woman at the desk (African american with LONG, bright, fluorescent pink nails) yelled out my name and that I had a $X copay. I thought that was very inappropriate and likely a HIPAA violation. Wouldn’t go back to that location.

  346. Mia Fripps 2018/11

    I had an excellent experience at this office. The doctor and staff were all very friendly and efficient. The doctor efficiently assessed the injury, did a great job explaining my treatment plan, and replaced my brace with one more suited for my injury. My pain was immediately reduced significantly. His assistant came in the room and clearly explained how to use the brace and even let me video tape him so I wouldn’t forget how to put it on. It is a walk-in office so I expected to wait however despite the busy evening I was happy to be in and out in about an hour and a half. I would definitely recommend them.

  347. Tracy Williams 2018/10

    I was very impressed with the care I received at Westbury OOC. The PA was more thorough than any Orthopedist I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend this office.

  348. Sarah Catlett 2018/10

    Unfortunately today was not a good visit. We went in and it didn’t seem busy. They did explain that the X-ray machine was down however we didn’t need an X-ray. We waited for a good 30 minutes to go to the back where there wasn’t one room occupied. The nurse asked questions and then said she needed scissors. She left the room and we could hear her having a conversation outside about other patients which was very unprofessional. 15 more minutes went by and she never returned to the room and a doctor entered. He made it seem like the reason we were there was bogus and then accused my son of just wanting the splint off of his foot and that’s why we were there which was completely and utterly not the case.

    I just felt the staff was lackadaisical, unprofessional in talking about other patients loud enough for us to here and had no concern for the fact that my son was in pain. Overall it was a very negative visit.

  349. Todd Rigler 2018/10

    I have visited Ortho on Call several times. Each time I am greeted by a clean waiting room and a pleasant receptionist. The wait varys just like many walk in medical service but it has not been unbearable. The nurses, techs, and doctors have always been top notch and attentive to my needs. I like that they have disposable shorts so you do not have to wear a ridiculous gown. I am not sure what happened to the other folks. Maybe they were in pain and this caused things to appear to be distorted. Highly recommend there services.

  350. Lauren Heffron 2018/04

    Great experience on Sunday. Monica in Radiology, and Scott Frank, PA were amazing. We left so satisfied with our visit. Thanks for such a great resource

  351. Marleeta Thompson 2018/04

    Staff was friendly at the front desk. On my first visit I was given some tape, a flat piece of
    silver metal (hollow). The tech did not put the splint on my right finger correctly. The splint had slipped off of my hand by the time I left work. I returned back the next day, and there again a different tech, same supplies, tape, apiece of foam cushion and a piece of hollow
    metal. I had to purchase an Ace Thumb Stabilizer from Westbury Pharmacy.

    Would not recommend any to Westbury Ortho On Call.

    P.S. When I registered I was told it be a 3hour wait, I get to the exam room and see all staff doing nothing!

  352. Tatiana D 2018/03

    Very poor experience. They only had PA’s today, which is fine if they can provide a diagnosis, but left with a diagnosis of pain and a referral to one of their physicians, so it was useless in my opinion. The worst part was, the PA was rude and condescending, even making faces at me as I was trying to explain something he didn’t understand correctly. He had a terrible bedside manner and a complete inability to listen to a full sentence. As a physician myself (which he didn’t know), I try to be understanding if a provider is hurried and the like, but you must listen to your patient to be a good provider in my book. He never did fully understand some things I was trying to explain since he couldn’t be bothered to listen long enough before jumping in and assuming he knew what I was going to say. I even heard him dictate misinformation in the records. I left feeling completely irritated and unheard, and unfortunately, my experience seems to match some others on here. Really unacceptable and would not go here again. Debating following up with their physician if this is a sign of how they operate.

  353. Shyam Kandoi 2018/03

    The wait time is ridiculous. Was taken in for initial diagnosis after waiting 45 mins. After initial blood pressure check they asked me to stay in a room for over another 45 mins before taking X-ray.

  354. David Hummel 2018/02

    Dr.Okay is a trust worthy Doctor. I have met many doctors and here is one who is very smart, cares, and will help you immediately if he has the tools in the office. Why the 4 out of 5 stars. The staffing/front desk/ and xray tech seem to be overwhelmed and take it out by being brash with their patients. Worth it however, as Dr. Okay is better then any ER Doc I’ve encountered

  355. Kirk Powers 2018/02

    This place is great.
    Thorough and professional.
    Allyson Hudson did a fantastic job of diagnoing my not so obvious wrist fracture.

  356. Jess Lewis 2017/11

    The Doctor was extremely condescending and rude. When asked what the price of the brace he recommended was he laughed in a demeaning way and said “I have no idea”. He never made eye contact with me or my step son. Very arrogant and not much help at all. The front desk was very helpful and respectful. Doc was a jerk.

  357. Larry Benson 2017/10

    Knee problem great service!

  358. Heather Williams 2017/10

    They only have one doc on Saturdays. Why not more? Wait time was ridiculous. I will not come here again.

  359. Tilfany Brown 2017/08

    Horrible experience! The wait time was over 3 hours! No communication to the patients waiting to let them know the accurate wait time😡😡I do not recommend this place to anyone. You are better off going to the ER! …

  360. Morgan Nagle 2017/04

    I almost didn’t go here for a gym-related knee injury because of the reviews, but I had a positive experience with everyone I encountered. Check in was timely, professional and friendly. The X-ray tech and PA that I saw were knowledgeable, asked pertinent questions, and came up with a satisfactory treatment plan.

  361. Jesse Williams 2017/04

    The front desk staff was nice. The Doctor came in and said I needed a brace, then walked out the door. Then the Medical Assistant came in to give me the brace. I told the Medical Assistant that I had further questions and that the Doctor walked out without stating he was ending the consultation. The Medical Assistant went to the Doctor and he said he is on to the next patient. I then left and the Doctor was sitting at the Desk on my way out. He told me he doesn’t have time to come back. How rude can you be? I came to an ortho urgent because my hand is in a lot of pain and I had concerns that were not answered by a medical professional.

  362. ahoco7 2017/02

    I am writing this review because I ALMOST didn’t go to Ortho On Call this past Monday morning, based on reviews found here. But because I was in great pain from rolling onto my foot, I went, and I am so glad I did. I arrived about 9:30 am and there were several people in the waiting room. The receptionist was pleasant and polite and although there was a wait, she kept things moving smoothly. When I was called, I was immediately taken to an examination room, BP checked, and told an x-ray technician would be there shortly. Within 2 minutes he came and took me to the x-ray room. He was extremely kind, pleasant, and efficient. As we returned to the exam room, he told me that a doctor or physician’s assistant would look at them and come talk to me soon. Again, I waited only a minute or two. The doctor came in, introduced himself, and told me I had broken a bone in my foot. He was courteous and answered all questions, explained clearly what the treatment and time frame would be, and told me that someone would outfit me with a boot. Again, a very short wait–the woman who brought the boot explained in detail how to wear it and answered all questions. I could not have been more pleased or satisfied with the care I received.

  363. Will Brennan 2016/10

    Horrible experience. One of their PA’s under Doctor Benson was extremely rude and demeaning. DO NOT GO HERE!

  364. danielle resnick 2016/10

    Strained back muscles on the right side of my spinal cord. Arrived about 12:30; had been there before but still had to complete the same medical history. Put in an examination room and a few minutes later a staff person came in and asked a few questions including asking me to rate my pain on 1-10 scale. Then I was told x-rays would be taken; waited about 15-20 minutes. Nothing to read in the examination room(good thing I had my book-on-tape). Sat in examination room for 15-20 minutes post x-ray and a PA(physician’s assistant) came in did a very good neurological exam; but the PA apparently did not know the small scar on my lower back was for a synovial cyst which was cited in the intake medical form. I was prescribed two meds: oxycontin for pain(every 6 hours) and cyclobenzaprine for muscle spasms taken once at bedtime. I did not use the former and the latter gave me heart palpitations that woke me out of sound sleep and continued for several hours. I called Ortho on-Call that morning saying I needed a different prescription because of the side-effects; the receptionist said she would place the message on their desk. 28 hours later no call back. I called again and the receptionist recognized my concern and put me directly through to the PA’S desk area. Spoke to a female who put on hold while she “checked with the doctor”. She came back in less than three minutes and said the “doctor” said there are no other medications for spasms than can be prescribed. And, I should continue taking, in her words, “the narc”(oxycontin). Actually, there are other medications that could be used and there is no “doctor” on the premises–PA’s.

    Reminds me of an old East Tennessee saying, “You can pee in my face, but don’t tell me its raining.”

    Good diagnostic experience but terrible follow up.

  365. Deborah Rogers 2016/03

    I was in extreme pain with my legs! The Ortho office, suggested I go here since my original appointment want not till Friday and it was just Monday!
    The doc was so arrogant, and bashing me because I did not bring medical information they needed! I had never been there before! I’m very medicine sensitive and can’t tolerate pain meds or antiflamtory. Which makes it hard to treat me! But he left the room, me in tears, holding the back side of my leggs! It was quite a while before one of the nurses came in and told me they set up an appointment to see a pain specialist (2 weeks) away??? That did no good at that moment! Finally, the doc came back and talked to me, soften his tone and voice, showed more concern, but sent me out the door with no other help! Got to my van, so upset, crying, ended up in a panic attack, which sent me into an asthma attack, took my inhaler, and cryed for 30 mints, until I could calm down enough to drive home! I was out $45 with no relief! This is what we get from these docs today! Do they really care?

  366. Carter McNamara 2013/11

    Wait time is my only complaint its just wayyyyyy to long.

  367. Lisa Paul 2012/10

    Had an injury and initially went to patient first. Spent all of 2 minutes with the Dr who didn’t do any sort of physical exam and literally asked what I wanted and just wrote the prescriptions I asked for. 10 days later I was still in a lot of pain and was out of pain meds. Came here upon the urging of a friend. Minimal wait time, t he Dr was with me for nearly a half hour and did a full physical exam and made sure I was well informed. They found a pronounced fracture of my tailbone. Highly recommend this place as an alternate to the ER or patient first.

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