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Optimal Termite & Pest Control
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  1. Patsy Saunders 2023/06

    Last fall, I started to notice for the first time, some unwanted pests inside my home.
    I searched on-line for a good pest control company. Marcus’ company had nothing but positive reviews. So, I arranged an inspection and extermination appointment with Marcus. He arrived on-time, was efficient, friendly, thorough and very reasonably priced.
    After his treatments, it was rare that I saw another of these pests and since he provides a quarterly treatment, the pest problem is practically non-existent.
    Highly recommend Marcus and Optimal Pest Control!

  2. Jane Vick 2023/03

    Marcus was great! He came highly recommended and he lived up to my expectations. Very professional, responsive, prompt and got rid of my rodent issue quickly! Very easily and enjoyable to work with. Will call him again for any issues.

  3. Veronica Flynn 2022/11

    Marcus was super helpful while helping with cockroach extermination at our rental house! He was very responsive, answered the phone quickly, and scheduled our appointment within 24 hours. Also loved that we did not have to commit to a monthly service (since this is a rental house, we felt a one time treatment would suffice). Highly recommend!

  4. Mark D'Amico 2022/11

    Marcus came quickly, was very polite, gave straight answers, didn’t over promise, addressed our special concerns, was careful of our pet, and have good advice. We’re happy to use him and his company again.

  5. Meg Traynham 2022/11

    I have used Marcus for years both professionally (I am a Realtor) and personally for my own home. He worked for another local company and is now on his own. He is extremely honest and responsive and knowledgeable.

  6. Hussam Abdelhalim 2022/11

    My apartment is bug free despite literally the entire building having pests of some sort. This man essentially created a deadly barrier around my loved ones to pests.

    Value greatly exceeded cost.

    Efficiency was downright scary, just took care of it while I was at work.

  7. Caitlin Collins 2022/11

    I’ve hired Marcus for termite inspections, ant & bug extermination, and most recently a mice issue. He is always quick to respond, I can get on his schedule easily and he does a great job explaining what he’s treating with. I’ve even had calls about other things I’ve thought were issues with this summer’s Cicada killers, and he told us while very large and scary looking, they weren’t harmful to me or my children and that within a week or two they would be gone and sure enough, they were gone within a week. No treatment necessary. He is very honest about what is needed and does not over charge or suggest any unnecessary treatments. Highly recommend!

  8. Randy Kirkland 2022/09

    Marc does a marvelous job! He’s quick to respond, has great prices, very reliable, on time, and does a very thorough and you really couldn’t ask for a better service! 12/10 recommend

  9. Tracey Oakley 2021/10

    I am very pleased with the service I have received from Optimal Pest Control. I am currently using them for interior and exterior pest control and have not had any issues. Affordable and reliable. I do recommend them.

  10. John Kirkland 2021/10

    I was having issues with some roaches and was recommended Optimal through a co worker. Not only did Marcus from Optimal help me get rid of the roach infestation, but he also did a full house inspection and even helped me with some wasp nests around the house. Great customer service and gave me tips on how to keep the pests away! Can’t recommend Optimal enough!!

  11. Grumpy Lawrence 2021/10

    Got tired of being a number with national places. He came recommended by a friend and I jumped! Very professional did an awesome job. He’s who ya call for routine pest control! He responded quickly and I highly recommend him.

  12. Steele Eric 2021/09

    Very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Marcus explained my treatment options and was very helpful. We will recommend him to anyone for their pest control needs.

  13. Karl Fitzgerald 2021/07

    Extremely professional and efficient. Always on time for each appointment. I had a pretty bad mouse problem and with days of the first treatment there was a big difference. No signs of any rodents since.

  14. Gigi Trevino 2021/06

    This company is amazing. The gentleman was very Responsive and quick to come and do the treatment I am actually using him to treat another home for me if you need any type of pest control call optimal pest control

  15. Tamera Moats 2021/05

    Marcus arrived on time, walked me through the whole process, answered all of my questions, and was very thorough spraying each room and outside the house. Very friendly, very affordable!! He made our “not so great” situation feel a little bit better!!

  16. M H 2021/05

    Love this company. They aren’t trying to upsell you are scare you into a contract like other big name pest controls. Very reasonable prices and super flexible.

    I was renovating a house on a tight timeline and they worked around my various other subcontractors’ schedule to make it work.

    I’d recommend them to anyone looking to get preventative or infestation treatment

  17. Debbie Collins 2021/04

    Had a tenant complain about bugs in our house. Marcus came right away and said the bugs were entering through the pipes in the bathroom. He did a treatment and we have not had any since. Highly recommend

  18. Ashley Gilliam 2021/03

    This company is so thorough and upfront about everything. We had a roach issue after our gutters were cleaned and they came in and inspected the situation in detail and then promptly fixed the issue with treatment that was non toxic for my pets and toddler. We have not seen roaches since! We definitely recommend them, their prices are amazing too!

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