Off Leash K9 Training, Richmond

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Off Leash K9 Training, Richmond
4.9 based on 127 reviews
  1. Pamela Steele 2023/12

    Post training comment: I’ve experienced no support. I was told there were Saturday classes to continue improvement and I have been unable to get a response. No longer think it was worth the thousands of dollars spent.

  2. Cora Owen 2023/12

    Austin was great to work with! He trained our 1.5 year old golden retriever who is full of energy and not always the best listener, but now we have ways to effectively communicate with her so she listens. He would send us frequent pictures and videos over the two weeks he had her so we could see her progress. I highly recommend Austin with off leash.

  3. Paul Hale 2023/12

    Stubborn 1yr old rescue to a much better behaved and enjoyable family member! 100% recommend this to any dog owner thinking about training.

  4. John Millen 2023/12

    WOAH. Austin was an amazing trainer. He listened to our issues. He devised a training plan. And he sent us VIDEOS of his training during the two weeks. This really kept us informed.

    I highly suggest you talk to Austin and consider their training. We can now take our Doberman puppy outside off leash.

    We can take him outside in our yard and he doesn’t run away.

    Just like Austin told us we need to keep the training up so that it can continues to be successful. Which we are doing.


  5. Smokey 2023/12

    Amazing what can be done in 2 weeks My dog is much more obedient and well behaved and is a pleasure to take on walks and activities. Thanks Austin.


  6. MacKenzie Williams 2023/12

    We are so thrilled with our 5 month old GSP puppy, Gunner’s improvement and progress. Austin was so good with Gunner, and he sent us a lots of updates about his training. Austin has been a great resource since we brought Gunner home, with checking in on his progress and answering all our questions. We could not recommend Austin and OLK9 enough!

  7. Leila Ward 2023/11

    Logan did a great job training my 3 y/o cockapoo, Solo. I honestly wasn’t sure the 2-week board and train would work because Solo is anxious and needy, but it did. Logan quickly bonded with Solo and trained him to sit, come, place, as well as several other commands. When we picked Solo up, Logan trained us on how to keep up with everything. I am grateful for Logan’s help and love that I can reach out to him in the future if needed.


  8. Brittany Gross 2023/10

    This is the second time I have used off leash and I could not be more impressed. Tyler Lopez is an amazing trainer and extremely patient when teaching us all the commands and making sure if we need any help he is there for follow up! I highly recommend using Tyler and Off leash!

  9. Eddie Fitzgerald 2023/10

    I left my baby boy with Austin, the trainer, for 2 weeks. We missed him dearly, but Austin sent us updates everyday with pics and/or videos. Upon picking our sweet boy up, Austin went over everything he taught our boy, and then walked me through how to do it. We left feeling very confident in our ability to keep up with the trains that our boy needs. Thank you so much Austin!

  10. Sarah E 2023/10

    Trainer Austin worked wonders with our Shepherd mix rescue. She got a major confidence boost to help her navigate being around other dogs, people, bicycles, cats, etc. Now we can walk her around our neighborhood using the techniques we learned and have more fun together. Austin was so understanding of our needs, kept us up to date and bonded with her (even though she is not friendly with strangers!). Cannot recommend the two week boarding program enough!

  11. Liz Grant 2023/10

    I cannot thank OLK9 and especially Austin, enough! We brought our newly adopted Betsy for training because we saw how awesome the training was for our daughter’s dog. Unfortunately, Betsy’s past had a lot of unknowns, but her insecurities and fears, we knew this would make her training even more challenging. We spent a lot of time talking with Austin and he took right to her day 1; he was so attentive to her and figuring out her strengths, and recognizing a scary moment for her. Every video, every text update, he always had such positive news during her board and train. Now that we have her home, she’s showing more confidence in everything she does and with her new training, she’s blossomed into one amazing pup! We cannot thank Austin enough for all his skill and effort to get her to where she is today!


  12. Libby Hinckley 2023/09

    My 3 year old lab shepherd mix Blaise spent 2 weeks with trainer Austin for the board and train program and it was the best decision I have made as a dog owner. Before board and train Blaise was not to be trusted around an open door in the house and was highly reactive around other dogs, now we take walks without a leash through the neighborhood. Everyone that sees Blaise now after board and train is shocked by his transformation into a polite pup. I was very nervous to be without Blaise for 2 weeks, but once I met Austin I knew that he was in good hands. He was very sweet with Blaise and I know that Blaise did not suffer from a lack of attention and love while I was gone. I received daily updates via text that I looked forward to every day and was able to see him progress throughout the program. Austin was easy to reach with whatever questions I had about Blaise’s training and his boarding while I was gone. The handoff at the end of the program was amazingly thorough and I left feeling like a confident and excited dog mom!

  13. Carol A 2023/09

    This experience with Austin was amazing!!!Leaving my 5 month old puppy with a stranger for 2weeks was heartbreaking for me. But with the updates, pictures, and videos I was able to see her excitement and how she was learning, which made all the difference in the world. The results we have after such a short time are truly amazing. I would recommend Off Leash training and especially Austin. He has a special touch with these animals. It just shine’s through and my fur baby definitely agreed. She loved him!!! 🐶

  14. Kristen Atkinson 2023/09

    We had a great experience with Off Leash K9 Training. Tyler Lopez took great care of our 3 year old boxer, Coal. Coal stayed with Tyler for the 2 week board and train program. Since being at home, we have noticed a vast improvement in Coal’s manners and behavior. We highly recommend Tyler for a wonderful traning experience.

  15. Yi Ysfoster 2023/09

    My husband and I did one on one training with Austin Meyer for our new rescue dog Snack, and it was amazing. Austin was patient and detailed oriented helped us become better dog parents, you can tell how much he care for these dogs. Snack made so much improvement! We trusted Austin and had Snack boarded with him for the 2 weeks training also. Snack went from a dog with huge impulsive control to a dog we can take him anywhere cause we know he will behave, our little family is much happier. Thank you Austin and Off Leash K9!


  16. Leon Lawson 2023/09

    Off Leash training is well worth it. I had Austin as my trainer and he was very helpful and hands on. He was active outside of training too, even providing me with his number incase I had any questions. When working with them, you can tell that they know exactly what they’re talking about. My dog has made substantial progress weekly thanks to Austin and Off Leash training.

  17. Ross Wakefield 2023/09

    We did the 2-week board & train program with Austin for our 4-year old Sumo and it was such a great experience. Austin was very patient with both Sumo and us when he ran us through his new commands after the training period was done. He gave us a very personalized experience tailored to Sumo’s erratic behavior. He also offered us follow up touch ups when needed. Sumo says thank you Austin!


  18. Carrington Hodge 2023/09

    I was nervous to send my dog at first, but trainer Austin was amazing. He always updated me about her progress through out the week. The main thing I wanted was for my dog to walk on a leash and now she doesn’t even need a leash. We get so many compliments when we go out about her behavior. Austin still checks up on us and answers any questions I still have.

  19. Kaitlyn White 2023/09

    Austin did an amazing job with Ruby, our Aussie puppy. Ruby has gone from an uncontrollable ball of energy to a well-mannered dog in just a few months, all thanks to Austin’s knowledge and patience. We did the Basic & Advanced package and are thrilled with the results. It is clear Austin is a skilled trainer that cares about the dogs.

    Having gone through the program with our other dog as well, I can’t recommend Off Leash K-9 Training enough for your training needs.


  20. Split Carson 2023/09

    Austin is an incredible trainer. He immediately connects with the dog and in doing so, the training comes together very fast. My dog came from a shelter and was very shy and skittish for a number of months. When the shelter shock wore off, she was testing the limits with everything. Resisting coming when called, darting after squirrels and deer and pulling on the leash were particularly tough problems. After the first session, she was reliably responding to come commands and by the last session, she was walking the neighborhood off leash by my side. Thank you Austin.

  21. Michael Guill 2023/09

    My dog did great with Austin. She’s really taken to training and seemed to have fun while away. Appreciated the frequent updates and videos documenting her progress.

  22. Anna Seaton 2023/09

    We’ve had an incredible experience with Off Leash K9, and specifically Tyler Lopez, since day one! Trainer Tyler worked magic with our two wild boys during a 2 week board-and-train. He communicated with us regularly, and sent pictures and videos to show the unbelievable progress they made. Not only did the boys come home well-trained, they were happy and well cared for during their time with Tyler. We’re so relieved to have a fresh start with our sweet boys! I cannot recommend Trainer Tyler and the Off Leash K9 program enough. Worth every penny!


  23. John Conway 2023/08

    Just picked up our 6 month old corso/pit mix from off the leash and what a difference! This dog went there and was very hyper and non responsive to commands.. after the 2 week boarding program with an amazing trainer named Austin he is a fine tuned pet now! The entire process from the communication to the result was amazing! Highly recommended this company and Austin. This is my 2nd dog trained by them and my other dog is 9 years old and he was trained at 5 months old and is still solid to
    This day , I’ll send every dog I own to be trained by this team of professionals! Thank you for the service

  24. Jeffrey Smith II 2023/08

    Austin was our trainer and did an excellent job. Our dog had been through the program in a different area several years ago but we had fallen out of practice and wanted to redo the basics. Austin did a great job working with our dog and tailoring the lessons to what our dog needed as some parts of the training came back to him quicker than others. We have had very strong improvements with recall and heel which are making our daily lives easier and keeping our dog happy. Highly recommend working with Off Leash and with Austin!

  25. Gizelle Siapno 2023/08

    Austin did a great job with our Wally, a 1 year old German Shepherd puppy. Austin worked with us before drop off and answered all of our *many* questions as first-time board and train clients. We were concerned about dropping off our dog for two weeks, but after talking with Austin we were confident in his ability to train and care for Wally. Throughout the two weeks, Austin maintained daily communications and shared pictures and videos of Wally’s progress. When we picked up our dog after two weeks, we were impressed by Wally’s improvement with heel, sit and down, and all of the new commands he learned. We were also impressed by Wally’s connection with Austin, and how well he responded to his trainer. Austin is also very good at following up with us after the two-week training. He has been very helpful with tips and encouraging as we attempt to maintain the discipline that Wally learned with Austin. We would recommend Austin and Off Leash K9 Training to anyone with a hyper and easily distracted pup.


  26. Sidney Pulley 2023/08

    We just picked up our pup, Shadow, from the 2 week board & train with trainer Tyler Lopez. Shadow went from having bad manners and endless puppy energy to having a job focus on and being a good listener! Over the two weeks you can tell he was being loved just as much (if not more 😂) than he was at home with us. I could not recommend this program with Tyler more! Totally worth every penny.


  27. Noel Swenson 2023/08

    Tyler Lopez worked with our pomsky pup, Carl, at the time 8 months old. Carl is a sweetheart at baseline but had some habits that made him quite annoying to be around. He’s an absolute angel now thanks to this training. Worth the money and peace 1000x over. Our relationship with our dog is pretty awesome now. Thankful to Tyler. Everything about this experience was extremely positive.


  28. Katie Sushinski 2023/08

    My very stubborn Husky Mix, Sky, loved training with Austin! He took very good care of her in the 2 weeks he had her and sent updates and pic/videos of her progress. He also took the time to chat with me beforehand to help ease my worries! She was a strong leash puller and he helped shape her into a successful pup whose heel is solid! He worked with me after I picked her up to make sure I felt good before I left with her and also taught me how to handle her stubbornness! 🙂 10/10 recommend for all dogs!


  29. Jason Murray 2023/08

    We had a great experience with Off Leash and our pup’s trainer Tyler Lopez. Nala had a lot of fun with Tyler, we got daily updates and videos of her progress, and the comprehensive transition training was great. We’re so happy to have a well-trained dog!


  30. kyle McLellan 2023/07

    We had a great experience with K9 off leash training. We did the 8 lessons with Austin as our trainer. It was a 5 star experience – Austin was energetic, answered all our questions and very helpful!

  31. Julia Sandy 2023/07

    I can not thank Off Leash K9 and Logan Elliot enough. After my husband died suddenly I was left with a 92 lb hyper, reactive and very strong lab. I had tried CBD chews, doggy ADHD meds, calming collar, weekly training lessons, and every kind of leash made.
    My son was worried she was going to hurt me. I could not control her, I had to much dog for me. I was thinking the only option was to re home her. I felt like I had failed her.
    I decided that Off Leash was my last attempt to make this work. I called Logan and explained all of the problems I was having through the tears and he calmly said it’s ok I can help her.
    I am attaching the video of our ride to be dropped off for the 2 week board training. She barked the entire ride.
    Logan would send me video and give me a progress report everyday. I could see her changing and I could also see she was happy her tail was always wagging. Logan was her new friend. It was also important that she was living with Logan 24/7 at his home, not in a large dog kennel with a-lot of dogs.
    Now I can take her quietly in the car, for walks, out to a restaurant, to public places and play dates.
    Thank you Off Leash K9 and Logan you are an amazing trainer and I will always be thankful for your help.


  32. Nannette White 2023/07

    I had Austin as a trainer for my dog Kyla Rey and he did a wonderful job with her, and she really liked him. The difference in her is amazing. I recommend Austin and Off Leash K9 Training, totally worth it!


  33. Austen Segura 2023/07

    Austin Myer was the trainer for both of my pups at the same time, from drop off to pick up and even after training was done he has been there from start to finish I’ll recommend this company to any one, after 14 days of working with them, I completely trust my dogs off leash and trust they are going to listen to every command! I take my pups everywhere with me now and have no worries.


  34. BECKY SNODGRASS 2023/07

    I am amazed at the difference in my dog Henry after his 2 week board and train with Austin. I was constantly updated on his progress via phone, text, video and photos which helped ease my anxiety with Henry being away. I couldn’t believe the progress that I was seeing with each update! He truly enjoyed his time with Austin and is so much more confident. Austin treated Henry as if he was his own dog. I highly recommend Austin and Off Leash K9 Training/Richmond. It was the best experience and Austin went above and beyond to help Henry. He is available to assist with issues/questions that I have while continuing Henry’s training with me at home to help me become more confident (because we all know training does not stop when board and train is over). I am just so happy with the overall experience and don’t feel alone as Henry and I continue our training journey. Words can’t express how happy I am with Austin and his knowledge of dog training/behavior. I can’t imagine anyone using any other company or trainer for their training needs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Austin!

  35. Michael Potts 2023/07

    Our 9 month old Staffy spent two weeks in the board and train program with Austin her trainer. She is like a new pup. She listens to every command and really pays attention to my wife and I. The best part is she wants to please us by following the commands and being obedient. I highly recommend this program.

  36. Kelly Triplett 2023/07

    I sent 2 of our dogs to the two week board and train with Tyler Lopez, and they came back much calmer, well behaved members of our family. Tyler thoroughly explained how to continue their training at home and made sure we practiced in front of him so he could guide us on better handling of our dogs. He sent updates often and it was apparent and appreciated that our dogs adored him. I highly recommend the program and highly recommended Tyler.

  37. Kerry Finley 2023/06

    My dog, Pinot, loved her time at the two week board and train program. Her trainer, Tyler Lopez, was great and sent me lots of updates on her progress. She was an anxious pup and already is showing more confidence in herself. This was a great way to ensure she was taken care of while I was on vacation and receive some great training!


  38. Bruce Melvin 2023/06

    Great first session with Dean on Sunday 4/2/23. Lucy our aussiedoodle, is on the road to being a great dog.

    Completed all 4 basic lesson sessions 5/3/23 and Lucy has transformed into a totally different dog. AUSTIN, the trainer for the last 3 sessions, (his demeanor and tone with Lucy was excellent) has given Lucy and Us the tools for a successful lifetime relationship. Recommend K-9 Off Leash to anyone that owns a dog.


  39. Jessica Stotler 2023/05

    110% would recommend RVA off leash K9 Training! Our dog, Bucky, was completely out of control. He never listened in the house, constantly pulled on the leash and had multiple other behavioral concerns. He’s super strong so that was very concerning to us. I’ve had friends utilize the boarding/training 2 week program so we decided to give it a try! It’s now been 8 months since Bucky completed the program and we are still impressed with the results. Bucky is a brand new dog! He listens, is a angel on the leash and seems much more relaxed and happy. I’m 7 months pregnant and can walk Bucky confidently knowing he’s not even contemplating pulling or putting pressure on the leash. Thanks Dean!!!!! You’re amazing!!!!!


  40. Edie Susnock 2023/05

    Tyler Lopez was our dog’s (Tippy) trainer. We have only had Tippy back with us for two days after her 2 week Board & Train with Tyler. We are amazed at what she learned while she was there. Before training, she was very reactive and anxious, and it was difficult to walk her around other dogs, and sometime even around people (kids on bikes, trucks, etc.) because she would bark and lunge at them. After her training with Tyler, she now walks next to us and doesn’t bark or lunge at other dogs. She is much less anxious now. He took her places and worked with her in his yard, and most of all, I can tell he really cares about her and loves animals. We didn’t want to leave Tippy for 2 weeks, but Tyler put us at ease. We talked several times before we committed to the program and he kept us updated throughout the 2 weeks on how Tippy was doing. We would definitely recommend him for training!

  41. Jennifer Davis 2023/05

    I’m so happy I decided to have my puppy trained with Off Leash K9 Training! I purchased the “2 week board and train” package for my 11 month old Golden Doodle, Indy, and her trainer was Tyler Lopez. I was nervous to have her be away from me for 2 weeks but Tyler ensured me that she would be in good hands. He answered all of my questions, explained how he would make sure she was safe during the training sessions in public places, and told me he would send update videos/pictures. When I first brought Indy to Tyler, she was a happy girl but she was extremely anxious and very much a puppy (leash pulling, jumping up, etc) and she just wasn’t listening to me consistently. I had tried to train her on my own but she is my first puppy and I realized that I needed help. Tyler made sure to work on her confidence around other dogs, people, and in new places. I was really impressed with this part of the training because it isn’t just a command you teach a dog. He took special care to help her confidence and this helped her so much! Her behavior around other animals (I have cats) has changed drastically. She is so much more calm and they are able to coexist a lot more happily now that she isn’t constantly chasing and/or reacting to the cats. Additionally, walks have been so much more enjoyable for both of us because she walks comfortably by my side without choking herself by pulling against the leash. There are often other dogs walking nearby and Indy stays calm and by my side even then. In addition to these amazing improvements, Tyler also worked with her on individual commands like “sit”, “down”, and “place” which are all super helpful and shouldn’t go unmentioned! She stays in these positions for any duration of time before I release her which is amazing. This includes her waiting at an open door and not running outside until I release her! Overall, Indy is a much happier dog (something I didn’t even know was possible) because she is less anxious and more confident. Of course I will have to stay consistent about working with her in order to stay sharp on her training but Tyler has built a great foundation with Indy and I feel confident that she will do great! He also made it clear to me that I can always reach out if I have any questions or need help working with Indy on something. This is super helpful and much appreciated. Thank you Tyler and Off Leash K9 Training!


  42. Natalie Noland 2023/02

    I can’t say enough good things about Off Leash K9 Training. Our trainer Dominique was amazing and very knowledgeable. I am so impressed with the results. Within 30 minutes she had made progress. She kept me updated with daily pictures and videos. This helped me not miss my boy as much. He did the one week board and train. I would definitely recommend Dom for any of your training needs.


  43. Thomas Globig 2023/02

    I never did the lessons like I was supposed to with my dog but she still listens when it matters and I’ll be forever grateful for the services provided here. We went five years ago and the things my dog learned still apply. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  44. Donna Hiteshew 2023/02

    In Dec Aspen, our 1 yr old Australian Shepherd, was sent for training with Off Leash K9 Training for 2 weeks. I am so pleased with the results!! While the two of us are still sharpening our skills together, she is like a different dog when I need her to be. I now confidently take her for walks off leash and she ALWAYS returns when called. She has been to Lowe’s and Tractor Supply without barking and lunging at other shoppers and I can vacuum all around her while she sits in place until released – when she immediately returns to herding the vacuum with a vengeance. She also no longer chases the chickens and horses. The transformation in two short wks was amazing!!
    Dean did a fabulous job with her training, loved on her for us while she stayed with him, sent us daily videos on her progress and is there for future support as needed. I highly recommend this training organization.

  45. Carson PARDUE 2023/02

    Dominique was my 10 month old puppy’s trainer and she was absolutely amazing. Went for obedience training and got a brand new dog back. Daily pictures and videos of her progress made the experience that much better. I would absolutely recommend to someone else!

  46. Haley michael 2023/02

    I have a 1 year old American bully XL who went to see off leash k9 when she was about 7 months old and we could not be happier with her and them! She can finally explore new properties off leash and I fully trust her even with distractions!


  47. Kimberly McNamee 2023/01

    My Great Pyrenees is about one and wasn’t the best on walks and had very selective recall, after two weeks with Andy the difference on and off leash is something I wouldn’t have imagined for my over eager pup!

  48. Eric Lowes 2023/01

    Marely did an amazing job training our puppy. His off leash walking, sit, down, and place commands are great and used daily. It totally transformed his behavior and he’s such a well behaved puppy in public now.


  49. Mark Petrini 2022/12

    Off Leash K9 provided excellent training for our dog. Dominique was our dog trainer for Clone. We couldn’t have asked for a better trainer for our little guy. He spent two weeks with her and he came home some much better behaved. The training he received was so good. We will do the training again if we get a new puppy.


  50. Cj Linton 2022/10

    Dominique is awesome! She did a great job with my deaf blue healer!

  51. Carrigan Kiley 2022/10

    I am roughly halfway through one-on-one training lessons with Dominique and my dog has already done a 180. When we started I was desperate for any kind of change, my Stella was less than concerned with what I had to say, did not like …

  52. Morgan Duffy 2022/10

    Marley is great! She worked with my GSP for 8 weeks. The last 2 lessons she met me at Home Depot and a dog park. She is very flexible if you need to change a lesson to a different day. She was so good with Maizie and it’s almost like I have a brand new dog. She learned so much and is well trained.


  53. Ron Mangano 2022/10

    I had my 9 month old German shepherd attend the 2 week board and train with Marley. I chose Off Leash K9 based on there great reviews and videos. I can honestly say this program and Marley exceeded my expectations by a mile! My wife and I were worried having her away so long. We received texts and videos of progress everyday. Sometime multiple in a day. After two days we knew our pup was in great hands and someone who genuinely loves dogs!!

    Every question we had along the way was answered immediately. Marley made us at ease with addressing any questions we had and also asking what was important to us with the training. I don’t think we could have had better communication than we had. Was honestly like talking to a friend.

    The progress and training was AMAZING. Marley had her responding to commands the first day. Each day we received what she learned. I think some people have a knack for training because I don’t think what Marley taught her two weeks I could have achieved in two years.

    When we picked her up everything was explained how to keep what she learned instilled. Marley had my wife and I perform all the learned commands to be sure we understood. We were worried it was going to be complicated to remember everything. Once Marley explained everything and had us perform it as well it became crystal clear and I feel confident we can do this!! Marley told us to feel free to contact her for anything moving forward. I know she was sincere and meant it. Great knowing the option is there and I definitely will take her up on it if needed.

    The day we took our pup home I thought she would be tired but like a pup she was full of energy. I took her on a mile (off leash) walk on trails in our neighborhood passing people and a few other dogs. I was AMAZED how good she did. I can not even begin to explain what a pleasure walking her was. And off leash!!!! If she strayed out a little I gave her heel command that she was taught and she immediately went back in position. A few people commented on how well trained she was as they passed.

    I know this is a long review but it is so deserving.

    Thank you MARLEY! You are awesome! And thank you to Off leash K9. Truly amazing trainers.

    You all are amazing and worthy of every 5 star review you have! Which is nearly everyone!!!

    Ron M.


  54. Christopher 2022/09

    Andy and his team not only trained our dogs but more importantly they taught us how to train and handle our own dogs. With his help we have changed the demeanor of our adopted greyhound and now she literally smiles at people rather than reacting aggressively. We would highly recommend their program.

  55. Stephen Wilmot-Doxey 2022/09

    My wife and I put Oliver in the 2 week board and train. Brendan did an amazing job with Oliver and sent us status pictures throughout the training. Now we can keep Oliver out of his crate without worrying what he’s doing and he can explore the yard without worrying that we’ll end up having to chase him down to get him back.


  56. Andy M 2022/08

    Our six month old Aussie Shepherd, Finnley, just finished the one week board and train with Dominique. What an awesome experience! Finnley went in with typical puppy issues such as counter surfing, pulling on leash, play-nipping and simply not listening. Dominique was very professional, and it was obvious that she really cared about Finnley and her training. Starting on day one, Dominique constantly gave us detailed updates with pictures and videos. Overall we were very impressed with Finnley’s major improvement! We would highly recommend Dominique and Off Leash K9 Training!

  57. Kelly Smith 2022/08

    We got a puppy who was having a lot of trouble listening and learning. He did not progress well in a traditional puppy class. My neighbor’s recommended Off Leash, and I am glad we did it. Our boy lived with Marley for 3 weeks and came back a transformed. Still a sweet, silly puppy, but much calmer and easier to take on a walk and live with overall!

  58. Margaret Mustian 2022/07

    Our golden retriever Honey just came back from 2 weeks of training with Marley. I would give Marley and Off Leash ten stars if I could.

    We were sent updates and videos of each training day.

    Each video shows the progressive lessons and the growth Honey was making along with Marley’s observations from the day.

    Marley is a natural teacher of both people and dogs. She listened to our concerns and tailored her instruction to our specific needs.

    After just a few days home, I can say with confidence that this training has been very successful for our sweet dog and for us!

    Marley knows dogs (and had her own dog trained by Off Leash). She knows the perspectives of the owner and the trainer, which makes an ideal training partnership.

  59. Cleopatra Booker 2022/07

    Dominque trained our two dogs at the same time. She was absolutely amazing and has transformed our lives. Max and Bear are two high energy dogs and I was wondering how she would train both at once. But she did it!!! They are good boys now. Easy to walk, listens, and even interacts around other dogs calmly. She sent photos and videos daily as she boarded them. This made it easy to trust her. This was one of the best decisions my family has made. We are so grateful! Now when I see owners “trying” hard to walk their dogs … I think to myself… they need Dominque!


  60. Stockyard Crossfit 2022/07

    We had Marley for a 2-week Board& Train for our 1 year old Cavalier King Charles puppy, Nuggie. We couldn’t be happier with the work that our pup did with Marley. We did not know how to instill a foundation with our young dog and he was sort of like having a little pest in our home. Prior to training we called him “No-Rules Nuggie” because he listened to absolutely nothing and we were constantly frustrated with him and ourselves for not knowing what best to do. After training we have a well-behaved young “man” who listens and follows our directions. Marley helped educate us to be able to keep up the work with him and practice this better behavior and knowledge of commands. He is a much happier dog now since he isn’t constantly getting in to trouble and not knowing how to listen, but best of all, he is a much more enjoyable pup to have around. This investment was truly a life saver and we absolutely adored Marley as well.


  61. Jessica Michael 2022/07

    We sent our 7 month old goldendoodles for the two-week board and train with Dominique over the summer and she was incredible!! As first time puppy parents, we were clueless, but she was super friendly and communicative from start to finish…it really put us at ease. She sent a ton of pics/videos and updates while they were there and spent time with us at the end to “train” our family on what the pups had learned so we could continue at home. The commands they were able to learn and perform within just 24 hours was impressive, not to mention what they learned by the time we picked them up. We were also pleasantly surprised by how much she got them “out and about” and used to different settings with other people and dogs…training facility, several parks, Lowe’s, etc…it was really great for both of them. I would recommend Dominique and Off Leash K9 to anyone…it was a worthwhile investment for the pups and our entire family! Photo credit to Dominique 🤗


  62. Michael Peddle 2022/06

    Dog has improved in weeks!

  63. ermncm 2022/06

    Dominique was wonderful! Her lessons were very organized and she was fun to work with. Remi would even get excited when it was time to go to class! Overall great experience!

  64. Colby Lane 2022/06

    Before off leash k9 my pup was jumping all over everyone and everything I had no control over her with distractions so I reached out to Andy Marshall and he assured me that he was the guy to fix all of that with his two week board and train so we set it up and of she went and it was amazing service we got daily updates and she was doing so good everyday and I will tell you Andy was right he did an amazing job I call him the dog whisper my pup is now focused and 100% off leash and 100% obedience I would recommend anyone and everyone to use off leash k9


  65. Doug Fraser 2022/06

    Our trainer, Dom, is the absolute best! We have done individual trainings and now a 2 week “board and train” with her via Off Leash. She is so gifted with dogs, and she has made all the difference in our two golden retrievers! Highly recommend Off Leash with Dom!

  66. Nathan Stables 2022/06

    1000% would recommend OLK9 to anyone wanting a calm, confident, well mannered dog. Dominique was able to take our excited, reactive Dalmatian Tux and turn him into the calmest, most confident, obedient boy. She texted and sent pictures/videos of his progress multiple times and day and always made us feel like he was well taken care of. Tux wasn’t consistent with any commands prior to training but now knows sit, extended sit, down, extended down, come, off, and how to heel. She has changed his life and ours forever and we will definitely return in the future. While training is an investment it is 100% worth every penny and more! Call them today to have your life changed ☺️

    Michelle and Nathan Stables


  67. Mary Thompson 2022/05

    Andy has done a great job with our Cooper. The difference in him is remarkable. I placed him in a stay position on our front porch while I did some things outside and he did not move until I gave him the command to break. No leash and right with me. I am so happy with the results!!


  68. Kate Lewis 2022/05

    I cannot say enough good things about our trainer. Dominique was absolutely wonderful!! I was so nervous to drop off my little guy for a whole week, but she kept us updated every day, multiple times a day, with videos and pics of his progress. Her video and picture taking skills were an added bonus! I would definitely recommend and use them again! ☺️

    Updated review 10/20/2022: Google wouldn’t let me do another review, but I wanted to add that we have now had Dominique TWICE (by request the second time 😉)!! I made the reservation literally the day we got our new pup home because I knew right away that we wanted her to go to Dominique. She is hands down, the absolute BEST!! We will send all of our dogs to her, and trust her with our precious pups 💯!


  69. Mills Babb 2022/04

    Completed a refresh training with Andy and Amber for our dog Packer. Andy and Amber made sure we felt comfortable with all the commands. Definitely worth the time and money, will definitely use them again for future dogs.

  70. Kim Fogarty 2022/04

    Brenden was AWESOME with our 6mo yellow lab. His enthusiasm and dedication were refreshing.. He gave us regular updates, pics and videos. Brenden was very detailed and patient with teaching ME! From day one we noticed a big difference in our dog.


  71. Matthew Jones 2022/04

    We started with a puppy consult with Matt, and he immediately formed a connection with our dog, Hazel. He showed us how to properly communicate with her to get her to listen better and put us in a good direction for training her until she was ready for a more intensive program.

    Matt was so great with her in that first session that we signed up for a 2 week board and train with him. Hazel’s a great dog, but she’s an Aussiedoodle with limitless energy and had a mind of her own. Throughout the program, he sent us daily updates, and we could tell she was progressing well. However, upon getting her home, she was like a brand new dog. She was still the same energetic and loving pup, but she was now incredibly obedient.

    Here’s a handful of things I was most impressed by:
    -Much less distracted and able to take commands when excited/in distracting environments
    -Full off leash recall. I can walk 100 yards away, and she will hold her place until I give her the command to come to me
    -No longer picks up everything to chew / play biting is gone
    -Able to heel in all environments while on leash, including stores and busy places. However, she’s also very good at heeling while off leash and will walk right alongside me. She doesn’t dart off anytime she wants anymore, and she no longer barks at everything that moves on our walks.

    Most importantly, she really enjoyed the training. In all the update videos, her tail was wagging with incredible excitement/happiness. Matt really emphasized praising her for doing well and formed an incredible bond with her. There was also a thorough debrief at the end where Matt answered all our questions and made sure we were ready to take her home and follow through with the new commands she learned. He has continued to check-in to see how she is doing, and we honestly could not be happier with the results. There are a lot of companies offering dog training in Richmond, but between the results of our friends’ dogs and Hazel, we have no doubt Off Leash K9 is the best.


  72. Brian Keeler 2022/04

    We a had Marley for the 2 week training of our 3 year old “wild man” Fynn! She did an amazing job training him so now we can actually walk him on a leash, he heels, places and comes on command. Also helped in reducing jumping on people and barking at everything. He gets easily distracted and that is much improved! Marley was outstanding giving us daily videos of the training in action with a description of what they covered and how he was doing every step of the way! She spent as much time as needed with us to be sure we knew what to do to keep on track with training. Off Leash was recommended by our Vet when we asked for drugs to calm him down around people and most important around our 2 year old grandson. Amazing results and worth the money!
    Lastly Marley has even followed up with texts asking how he is doing. It was nice seeing how he was doing the whole time and he looked like he was having fun and loved Marley!!


  73. Marlena Artis 2022/04

    My dog Chocolate was trained by Dominique and I am SO pleased with the results!!! Chocolate struggled with leash reactivity & having manners which all have improved immensely!
    Dominique was consistent in sending me updates throughout the day and always made sure I knew of any problems such as allergies and neck scratching. She is a super lovely trainer, very professional, informative, and caring, making sure I have everything I need as well to continue Chocolate’s training. I was really happy to receive a cute little video at the end of her 2 week program showing her progress! I sent it to all my friends/family who have experienced Chocolate pre-training camp and they were just as amazed as I was!! Thank you guys so much, I can now confidently walk Chocolate and show her more of the world!!


  74. Delu Moon 2022/03

    Thanks to Rachel’s wonderful lessons, my dog Neoma is now a pleasure to walk. Highly reccomend!

  75. Cathleen Carnahan 2022/03

    My Great Dane Winston just finished his 2 week board and train. I cannot stress enough how amazing this program and location is. Andy was amazing, he was extremely caring for Winston. Winston had aggression, was bad with strangers and kids, and bad out in public. When I got Winston back he was a completely different dog! He was happier and confident. Wagging his tale out in public and obeying every command. Thank you for all that you have done.

  76. Chris Roland 2022/03

    Marley did an amazing job training our 1 and a half year old lab mix Zoey. Zoey is an angel on walks now and it’s been so wonderful to see how much shes learned from Marley. Marley was absolutely wonderful to work with, sending us cute updates of Zoey’s progress every day and answering every question we could possibly have quickly and kindly. One particular example of Marley’s incredible kindness: while Zoey was away at training we were out of town, and Zoey fell ill and needed to be taken to the vet (not related to the training at all). With us on the other side of the country Marley went all over town trying to get Zoey seen as quickly as possible so she would feel better. Just far and away above and beyond what I would have expected. I cannot say enough about how amazing Marley is as a trainer and as a person.

  77. shiquana campbell 2022/03

    All my questions were answered, staff really caring and patient! And I will update after going and working with them in person!

    UPDATE: I got the pleasure of working with Dominique! My 5mo Dobie puppy Anubis took to her so quickly! I am so happy with the foundation she has helped set for him. She warm yet firm and a great instructor, made things easy to understand when working with us to continue Anubis’ training! She is an absolute blessing and I would recommend her to anyone! 1000%!

  78. Samantha Tieng 2022/03

    Off leash K9 Training was the best! They were very professional and accommodating to our special situation. Our dog Blitz went for pulling on the leash, jumping on people, terrible recall and stubborness. When we got Blitz back from 2 weeks of training he was like a brand new dog. Not to mention we also just had a newborn and Marley, his trainer, made sure the adjustment was smooth & even came to the house to drop him off because she knew we just got out of the hospital. Would definitely recommend this place to any and everyone!

  79. X. Natasha Lindeback 2022/03

    In my initial review I was a little disheartened because my dog was still reactive after her board and train and I was struggling dealing with it on my walks with her. This wasn’t because the trainer failed to address it but because she simply wasn’t displaying the same behaviors with me not around so there was nothing for him to address.

    Because of my initial review a trainer reached out to me and we set up a meeting so that I could have a refresher and get some tips on how to deal with my dog’s reactivity. It was a such a great training session and I left feeling much more confident in my own abilities and in the knowledge that with consistent work I’ll have a handle on her reactivity.

    Thank you to Matt for the initial training – he did a great job and based on the videos he sent me while my dog was with him it was clear the two had a good bond.

    Thank you to Andy for the refresher and renewed confidence.

    I definitely wish I had thought to reach out earlier. That is one of the bonuses of the board and train program – the trainers will provide refresher training at no additional cost.


  80. Iva Dance 2022/02

    Great trainers.

  81. Katherine Moussari 2022/02

    Dominique was wonderful because Nala is doing fantastic! We picked her up with no leash, came home and walked around the block while she heeled the entire time.

    I’m very pleased with the outcome and although we have to be consistent as parents, K9 has changed the rest of Nala’s life by giving her freedom!

    I highly recommend Dominique and K9 Off Leash!

  82. K. Connelly 2022/02

    My dog and I worked with Dominique and she was fantastic! I had done some training with my dog prior but couldn’t get her to stop jumping on people. Dominique helped me get this behavior under control in 2 sessions. I plan on doing pet visitation with my dog and Dominique has us well on our way!!

  83. Lynn Goodloe 2022/02

    If you have any doubt if Off Leash K9 training is the right program for you, let me tell you about my experience. I have been a dog lover (and owner) for years. While I have owned many breeds (from large to small), I currently have 4 Boston Terriers. My youngest pup proved to be a handful! From the day I brought her home, she proved to be very “strong-willed” but also “skittish”- never coming when she was called, not really listening to any commands. My daughter told me about this program. My pup progressed in eight weeks beyond my wildest dreams; Sadie learned come, sit, down, break, heel, and place. She went from walking ME to walking off leash. I can’t speak for all of the trainers but Dominique was the most caring, competent, & encouraging trainer I could even imagine. No question went unanswered. She was flexible during every session making sure that we focused on what was most important to me that day (what we were struggling with). And I wasn’t the only one that loved Dominique. Sadie went from running away from her to treating her like she was her best friend. If you have any doubts, let me encourage you to “just do it.” You won’t regret it!

  84. Mark Flatin 2022/02

    Rachel was so good with our six month old puppy. She is a such natural with dogs—like a dog whisperer! Our puppy took to Rachel straightway and my wife and I were blown away by the rapid progress she made training our dog. We got daily updates, photos and videos—which really allowed us to appreciate her progress. Rachel was also so joyful and enthusiastic—it definitely contributed to such a successful outcome. My wife and I were both very pleased. Mark Flatin


  85. Joy Sharma 2022/02

    Marley did an amazing job with our Goldendoodle Grogu!!! He is much more calmer with guests and less distracted on walks, consistent with commands and doing great with off leash walking. We received daily videos and he was always wagging his tail and appeared happy which was reassuring. Highly recommend Marley and K9 Off Leash Training Richmond for the two week board and train program!


  86. Melanie Thurston 2022/01

    we has Marley as our trainer for our sweet 7mo old (now 9mo old) German shepherd Konan ! she did such an amazing job with Konan and she has been following through with all old the commands that Marley has taught her. Marley is such a sweet and loving soul that is beyond helpful with everything. she had sent us Dailey videos of konans progress every single night and that was so helpful! if you all want to see Konan in her training it is linked of YouTube ! if you are thinking about doing this program please do it with Marley!!

  87. Drew Kohan 2022/01

    Dominique is an awesome dog trainer. We just finished sending our second dog through one of her week long training sessions and the results are incredible. Beyond the training around commands, Dominique teaches the dogs how to be calm and comfortable.

  88. Kristi Oliver 2022/01

    Had our second lesson with Marley today and Dakota is doing great! Marley really takes the time to listen to what we need and any issues we are having and gives us the tools we need.


  89. Lauren&Taylor Collins 2022/01

    Dean worked magic with our Great Pyrenees. He used to bark and run through any door left open for more than a second. Now he has excellent door manners, rarely barks, and now accompanies is every where he is allowed


  90. Leslie millman 2022/01

    Just finished our 8 Week Aggression package with our trainer, Matt. Our dog, Percy would nip at strangers , lunge and pull on the leash and generally ignore us . He was also afraid of his own shadow. Matt cued in to Percy almost immediately and identified exactly what we needed to work on. He gave us the tools to communicate with Percy and feel confident going out for a walk and having people come to our home . Run ( then sit, heel, down , leave it , place, and come!) to Off Leash and ask for Matt! You and your dog will be so much better for it!


  91. Alexandra Goodwin 2022/01

    I was at my wits end until I found Off Leash K9 training. More specifically, MARLEY!

    Shortly before moving here I adopted my dog Jasper who, despite being a total love bug when he knows you, has been VERY difficult and reactive on the leash. I’ve never had a dog with aggression issues and nothing I’d tried seemed to help.

    Of course, when we met Marley my anxiety melted. Instead of lunging or growling, Jasper was totally at ease with her right off the bat. He was quickly very responsive to her taking the lead and willing to learn. Marley was (and continues to be) VERY patient with not only training and working with Jasper but also training ME to be more able to help and lead my dog.

    When Jasper has been less receptive, or hits a wall (or we hit a wall) she has come up with alternative ideas and collaborated with other trainers to switch things up to adjust the training style that works better for Jasper specifically. She’s very quick to try to trouble shoot and figure out with you on what could be causing issues (past and present) and what can be adjusted.

    She consistently continues to be available for questions when I’ve had any and if she hadn’t heard from me in a while she checked up to see how things were going and if there were any areas that were needing help. As someone who “doesn’t like to bug people “ even when they say I can, this was a huge relief more than once.

    We’ve had so much progress with Marley since starting the program. She has eased my frustrations and given me so much to work with that it has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. She truly is fantastic and we are so lucky to have crossed paths with her!


  92. jamie coe 2022/01

    Today my saint Max and I finished up the 8 week training program. I am SO glad I finally signed up and did it! Before, I had no control over my sweet giant. I even ‘thought’ I had basic listening skills down. Through covid Max grew more and more reactive to people & dogs approaching or coming to our house. Eventually I was convinced he would end up eating somebody someday. Andy was such an awesome trainer! I knew I was my own biggest road block at taking control and Andy helped lay the groundwork for me to really make progress. My anxiety is gone. Max is certianly more confident. I was initially dead set that I could work with Max on my own. But biting the bullet and getting the help was the very best decision! Andy had a different trainer cover one of our lessons and he is so amazing at his job that I was skeptical of having a different trainer. Matt was equally as amazing! So you cant go wrong with any of the trainers. Forever greatful for turning my sweet boy into a completely different dog!


  93. John Mosier 2022/01

    If we could give 11/5 stars we would. We did the 2-week board and train program for our 5 month old pup. He came to Dominique with the typical puppy mannerisms. He left with great manners and the ability to walk both on and off the leash through the city and on the beach. We now can trust he will be safe and have the time of his life in off-leash situations. Dominique has been awesome throughout the whole process—she kept us updated with daily pictures and videos and has been available for any questions after he completed the program.


  94. Kelsey Watlington 2021/12

    Marley is the best! She always cares about our family’s preferences and functional purposes for training. We feel super comfortable working with her, and Dakota has made great strides in her training! Totally worth the money 😊 …

  95. Lynn Shelton 2021/12

    I admit that I was very skeptical when my husband suggest we do this with our mini bernidoodle but now I am a true believer. The ease of communication with the trainer during the training period is amazing. I received feedback, videos and pictures. I could see how happy my dog Cassie was with Dominique. Cassies learned so much and was treated with love and compassion. We just picked up Cassie this morning so I can’t comment on long term change in my dog’s obedience, but so far so good. Cassie is happy to be home but definitely is listening and responding better than ever before. I would recommend this training program to the most easily trained dogs to the more stubborn independent dogs. I give this program 5 stars for sure.

  96. chance hensley 2021/12

    We had been looking into training for our GSD that we rescued a couple years ago. He has been incredibly anxious around new folks and crowds, even after two years of being a part of the family. We knew we’d need someone who could really tap into his personality and Abby did just that. We were so pleased with her daily updates and videos and now that Dusty has been home, he’s a dream. They didn’t cure his anxiety, but they gave him some much needed confidence boosts and he’s been so good on and off leash in the weeks following his training. Biggest thank you ever to Abby and the team at off leash!

  97. Luisa Almonte 2021/12

    So happy I found them.
    I did research for weeks before considering a training class with anyone. My first puppy, Thor, made me realize how important it is to have training as soon as possible.
    Marley was an amazing trainer and guide. I had so many questions, and she would answer them all while demonstrating each session. It really felt like she listened to every word or concern we had and worked with us beyond what we paid for ❤️
    We would leave feeling so informed, the joy it brought me knowing why and how to train my dog was well worth the money.
    I would recommend this to any friend or family member because I know they work with love and care. It’s about teaching the dog without harming the learning relationship.
    Marley you’re awesome and I hope you keep the passion to help others, So appreciative of you and your kindness. Not once did I feel uncomfortable, and it’s led to me feeling so confident going out in public.


  98. Michelle 2021/12

    We recently finished our board and train for our 10mo golden retriever Tucker and cannot say enough great things about our experience with his trainer Marley. Tucker had typical puppy behaviors (jumping, chewing, pulling on the leash). I was very anxious about leaving him, as he’s never been away from home, but Marley instantly eased my anxiety with her kind words and obvious love for dogs. She reached out to us prior to training and gave a thorough review of what to expect and took the time to understand our concerns. While Tucker was in training, she even sent daily video updates of his progress. It definitely helped us get through the process and was the highlight of our days. When Tucker came home, his behavior was completely changed! His walking has greatly improved and he follows all basic commands. We have even able to take a trip to one of his favorite stores off leash! Marley has since reached out to check on Tucker and his progress. We love that Marley is always available for questions even after training is over. Highly recommend Marley and the Off Leash K9 team!


  99. Mark Rausch 2021/11

    “Unbelievable! We are thrilled with the results. Sandie is obeying all commands and the whole family is enjoying our walks with her.”

  100. Kim Gambill 2021/11

    I cannot say enough good things about Off Leash! My dog Theo is high energy and easily distracted. He treated my son like a litter mate and wanted to bite at him. I couldn’t take him for walks because I felt like he was going to dislocate my shoulder or elbow. After just one lesson, Andy was able to help me and Theo communicate better. Lesson 2 was a game changer! Our world had become so small because we couldn’t take Theo anywhere because he acted insane around other people and dogs. It was embarrassing and stressful! Theo is still working on his manners but now I take him to the park without feeling like I need to run back to the car for Tequila shots out of the trunk! I would 100% recommend Off Leash! Andy is amazingly patient and I have no doubt the other trainers are just as great! Thank you for helping my family become whole!

  101. Briar Attkisson 2021/11

    I had the best experience with Off Leash K9 Training. Brenden is AMAZING!! Moose, my 1 year old Bernese mountain dog is now able to walk off leash and listen to all commands. I am now able to take him to social settings and not have to worry. Brenden sent me pictures and videos daily to share the progress Moose was making. Absolutely incredible!!

  102. Charles Shade 2021/10

    We started with K9 Offleash training on Patterson Ave about 2 weeks ago. After the second lesson I have to say this was a fantastic choice on our part. Brendan is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about your pet and how to bring out the best in them. I would encourage you to seek K9 Offleash training for your let too.

  103. arbenz cruz 2021/10

    My Great Dane puppy is super happy and I am able to really enjoy him. Before training, it was hard to handle him and walk him into stores as he wanted to get into everything…pulling and barking at other dogs. He was always jumping on the kids, he didn’t know his size. Now, after training, I am able to go to the stores and he’s next to me always sits or lays down and let’s me do my shopping without having to wrestle him. Best money spent on him. My kids, they are able to enjoy him better and yes he outweighs them by over 50lbs so far.

  104. Aurelia Moniz 2021/10

    Dominique did an amazing job with our 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd. After 2 weeks training with her, he was a new dog! He is now a pleasure to take on walks and we can finally take him to social events, as well. I can not say enough good things about this program.

  105. Katharine Lucas 2021/10

    There are not enough words to express how grateful we are for OLK9, and Brenden specifically! He transformed our fearful GSD into one that is calm and confident, in only one week!!! He’s given us the tools and skills that we need to enjoy a life with our dog, outside of our home. We are so excited for all the adventures that are to come and even more excited knowing that Brady will be at our side during all of it. Brenden truly has a gift for working with dogs, and we are so thankful that we had the opportunity to work with him.


  106. Lena Vandevander 2021/09

    Awesome training for our rescue Shepard, Riggs

  107. Chelsea Paige 2021/08

    Loved working with these people!! They were all super friendly, patient, and well educated

  108. jared hines 2021/06

    Andrew Marshall did an excellent job with our dog. He sent daily update videos and text messages. Before the training our dog would pull during walks, bark at cars, package deliveries and other dogs. Now we can go for walks in our neighborhood without a leash having no issues. I highly recommend Andrew Marshall and Off Leash K9.

  109. Sydney Kiker 2021/05

    We did the 7 day board and train with Matt Albright for our 10 month old Weimaraner. Off Leash K9 was responsive to all concerns associated with the training and we are very happy with the results.

  110. Capt Rob Miller 2021/05

    Andy did a fantastic job with our 1 year old German shepherd/lab puppy. In 2 weeks he’s is leaps and bounds better behaviorally and actually listens to commands! Worth every penny.


  111. Henry Salomonsky 2021/03

    Sending my dog to get trained. There really friendly and great

  112. Jonathan Prather 2021/02

    OLK9 was fantastic. We have a good dog (14 month old boxer), but finding time to train her properly with 3 kids during COVID has been challenging. Dean was phenomenal and gave her the consistent structure she needed to become a wonderful pet, and the regular video updates and instructions were really informative. We’re so pleased with how we got her back, and she’s a happier dog too. Cannot endorse this team strongly enough.

  113. Sydney MacDonald 2021/02

    We cannot say enough good things about Andy/Off Leash! Our 10 month old GSD/Husky mix is the sweetest but most anxiety ridden dog we had ever met. After experiencing multiple bites on walks when she was overwhelmed and scared and having no luck with other trainers even being able to get close to her, we finally considered the 2 week board and train. We were very hesitant to send Marlowe away for 2 weeks but it was the BEST choice we could’ve made for her.

    Andy’s constant communication and patience with her and us during her adjustment period put our minds at ease. The transformation we’ve seen is insane, she has so much more confidence in public, with strangers, and around children. The socialization alone Andy gave her would’ve been worth it to us but not only is she more confident, she is also able to listen and obey her commands in what would’ve been previously stressful situations for her. We can enjoy walks together and not feel like we are waiting for her next anxiety attack. We feel like Marlowe’s quality of life has been improved. We highly recommend Andy to anyone with a dog with behavioral issues!

  114. Sarah Russell 2021/02

    My 7 month old German Shepherd attended the board and train program with Dominique and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Dominique was fantastic at communicating with me during those two weeks, and also with setting me up to be successful at home with our training. I highly recommend!


  115. Bridget A. Watts 2021/01

    Just Do It. These trainers were phenomenal, professional, and encouraging. Most importantly, their techniques changed my dog completely. We only did 4 lessons and our young Aussiedor went from being stubborn and too rough around our little kids to a dream companion. Best investment we ever made.

  116. Chelsea Holland 2021/01

    Our staffy, Luna, spent two weeks living with the amazing Dominique from OLK9 in Richmond. Dominique sent us videos & pics everyday updating us on Luna’s progress with responsiveness & off leash training. The progress was unbelievable. We never imagined we would be using an e-collar to safely walk Luna around our neighborhood but we do and she loves it. Such a great team & program.

  117. Katrina Young 2020/12

    Andy is AMAZING!!!!! My family and I could not believe the 2 week tranformation of my 3yr old Chihuahua Prince! Prince is very smart and loveable but can be overly protective and did not know how to handle that nervous energy. After his board and train with Andy, I can now take him walking in the neighborhood without him lunging at people or other dogs. Our time outside is much more enjoyable now and I can’t thank Andy enough for training us! He’s truly a gem!

  118. Chad Herndon 2020/11

    Brenden Doyle helped our puppy go from a fairly out of control Goldendoodle to a very responsive, well-behaved and not embarrassing puppy to have around multiple family homes during the holidays! We loved getting to see videos of her transformative progress throughout her 2-week intensive training. She clearly LOVED Brenden’s training and style; Brenden was very thorough in his explanations and handing-off session to help “train us” – including with our kiddos! We have a puppy who is an amazing part of our family & who now listens to multiple commands and is even more enjoyable to have as part of our crew –
    Worth every penny; quite a transformation!

  119. Gale Jewsbury 2020/11

    Brenden Doyle is a phenomenal trainer. My 13 month old Golden Doodle was very difficult to walk, wouldn’t come when called, jumped on everyone, barked for no reason, and didn’t listen. She grabbed things in the house and ran away from me.
    I signed up for the 2 week board and train with Brenden. I can not believe she is the same dog. I highly recommend this training.
    Brenden sent video’s her progress along the way. When I picked her up he took the time to go through everything I needed to know.

  120. Jessica Adams 2020/08

    We are so impressed with Brenden’s transformation of our French bulldog, Hank! Hank was as stubborn as he is cute – not responding to commands, nipping at the kids when he wanted to play, would not come called. Now he is listens and responds to everyone in the family, and is proud of himself for doing so.

  121. Mia Furfaro 2020/07

    We have a German Shorthaired Pointer who will be 1 this month. Since getting him last year we did all types of training programs but always left feeling like he needed more. It always seemed like he had the foundation of basic obedience but he would pick and choose when he wanted to listen. None of the previous trainings we did held our dog accountable. We came across Off Leash K9 Training and decided to do the training sessions. We have completed 3 sessions so far and still have 1 more and our only regret is not doing this training sooner. We have trained with Matt and Andy, but all of the trainers are amazing! They are beyond wonderful and they are so knowledgeable about everything. They are always willing to answer a phone call if we have questions. They truly care about the dogs success and it is a great feeling to have their support. Since the training, our dog has gained such confidence and has been able to enjoy so much more freedom outside with us. Thank you Off Leash K9 training staff for helping Boomer become the best boy! This training is 100% worth it!

  122. Krystal Casey 2020/02

    Brenden did it again! This is my second Sharp Pei I have taken to him for training. My baby Izmora is very independent and does her own thing. In short she does not listen to anyone but herself 🙄Brenden was able to connect with her as not just a trainer but as someone she saw as a friend which allowed her to enjoy her time training and not be defensive. She legit had no manners and knew no commands what so ever! She was all about snapping my fingers off to get the treat before her sister Delilah! My kids and I could not even walk her properly on a leash with out her dragging us arond! Now she is a complete well polish little lady! I am so thankful for the training Brenden provided for Izmora and Delilah and I look forward to being able to take both my girls out and about with them having manners and not being aggresive as typical Sharp Pei behavior can be. Hands down the best money I have invested and worth every penny! I would not recommend anyone else but K9 Off the Leash Training for you pet training needs! Of course I am bias because Brenden is my favorite but the whole team is awesome!

  123. Joy Hickman 2020/01

    My 7 month old German Shepherd, Luke, just came home from his 2 week board and train with Andy, and I cannot say enough great things about Andy and the entire Off Leash K9 program! When I dropped Luke off he was very hyper, anxious, and unresponsive to commands. When I picked him up I was shocked at his ability to control himself and his quick responses to commands. He is a new and improved Luke! This would have never happened if not for Andy! If anyone is looking to have their dog trained, run and call Off Leash K9 and make sure that you request Andy!!! Trust me, you won’t regret your decision!!!!

  124. Judi Fowler 2019/12

    There are no words to explain how amazing Trainer Andy is at his job. His knowledge base is phenomenal. His demeanor is perfect. I can’t say enough about him. He taught my puppy new commands in just minutes! The education he gave me to continue working with my dog is priceless. Originally, when looking into OffLeash K9, I thought it was kind of pricey. But I paid anyway, and now I look back and realize it is worth every penny! You definitely get what you pay for. And you are getting a lifelong foundation for obedience for your dog and an amazing relationship with your dog. Money can’t buy that!

  125. Fatima Alfaro 2019/07

    Sarah is such a great groomer, definitely recommend her!

  126. Gail Coltes 2019/07

    We couldn’t be happier with our experience. Brenden Doyle is a phenomenal trainer. Our 1 year old GSD was very difficult to walk, wouldn’t come when called, jumped on everyone and didn’t listen. We dropped her off with Brenden for the 2 week board and train and got back a changed dog.

    We went for a 2 mile frustration free walk today. She heeled the entire time. She lied down at one side of the dog park and stayed there until I called her from the other side of the dog park.

    Brenden was quick to communicate. He sent numerous photos and video updates over the course of her training.

    When we picked her up, he was very thorough in explaining the training and how to ensure our dog’s continued success. He was incredibly patient with my kids, and answered all of their questions as well.

    I would highly recommend Off the Leash K9 Training, specifically Brenden Doyle.

  127. Robin Usher 2019/06

    I feel as if I paid $2000 USD for a basic training course and e-collar. I asked a bunch of questions before signing up for the boarding style training; I wanted to have my 6 month pup trained to become a therapy dog. Communication was …

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