Natural Paw

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Natural Paw
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  1. Beth Montes 2023/06

    Their tofu litter is fantastic! My new favorite litter. It doesn’t track, isn’t dusty, and the cats like it. It lasts nearly twice as long as my previous clumping clay litters. Easy to scoop, easy to handle.

  2. Kim Overhamm 2023/05

    I have multiple medical and behavioral cats and litter is one of the biggest nightmares! I received a donation of Natural Paw, so we put it to the test. With 22 litter pans, a side-by-side comparison was done with the natural grass litter we used previously. The cats loved Natural Paw, and so did I! NO DUST EVER! With many cats in and out of the pans, litter breaks down quickly. Before Natural Paw, smoke alarms and other electronics were killed by dust. Natural Paw has VERY LITTLE TRACKING, it doesn’t stick to the paws and go everywhere throughout the house, so cleanup is limited to the space where the litter pans reside, easily swept up! CLUMPS QUICKLY AND STAYS TOGETHER, better than any other litter I’ve tried! Did I mention I’ve tried them all? Clumps don’t stick to the pans or the litter scoop! I love that it’s a natural product, not toxic if accidentally ingested, and safe to flush. So, being totally sold on tofu pellets, I purchased other brands to compare. Most held up well, but some were dusty, and many didn’t control odor! A couple of the other tofu litters were really stinky and seemed to perpetuate the ammonia smell! Natural Paw CONTROLS ALL ODORS! While our holistic vet and I both prefer unscented in a medical cat rescue, we did try Lavender, and it’s such a subtle scent that it wasn’t a problem. It’s likely a high-quality essential oil, as well. The cats here, old and new, plus the humans, settled on Natural Paw for this rescue home, and have never regretted it!

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