Mosquito Shield of Richmond

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Mosquito Shield of Richmond
4.9 based on 73 reviews
  1. Beth Paris 2023/10

    Excellent service managed by professional and dedicated owners.

  2. Brooke king 2023/09

    Love these guys!

  3. nicholas Fessick 2023/09

    Very pleased with the service of the team. The frequency with which they treat is significantly more than other services. Communication is solid and the results are real. My wife loves to be out on the patio now that she is not under attack!

  4. Natalie Bruening 2023/09

    Thanks for keeping us mosquito free!


  5. Kiley Machart 2023/09

    My experience with Mosquito Shield has been nothing short of amazing! I moved in to a house with a shady yard near a lake, and after just one spray, you could tell a significant difference in mosquitos. After two, they were essentially gone! On top of effectiveness, the team at Mosquito Shield is great to work with. I am recommending them to all of my friends and neighbors!

  6. Michael Andrews 2023/09

    I was very happy with the service that Mosquito Shield of Richmond provided for my house this past Summer. Not only was the company active in their communications with regards to days of service, but the technician would alert me when he was on the way to the house.

  7. Maria R 2023/09

    They “walk their talk”, no bluff and I can finally see the difference in less mosquitoes on our back deck!! Highly recommend, good peeps and great honest service!

  8. Brooke King 2023/09

    Connor and Dana are great!

  9. Kristian Lindberg 2023/09

    Mosquito Shield has done an amazing job of keeping our yard mosquito free.

    We tried 2 other companies before with no success. They communicate well and show up on time.

    Thanks Mosquito Shield!

  10. Mark Fraunfelder 2023/09

    Took care of everything super fast!

  11. Jason Armogida 2023/09

    I got a one off service for a party, night and day difference in a normally mosquito-infested yard. Service was simple and very effective all in scheduling, understanding what was being sprayed (for concern of pets and plants), and a successful party without a single bite. I’ll definitely do the ongoing service for the future.

  12. Dawn Johnson 2023/09

    Mosquito shield made it enjoyable to be outside this summer! The service is extremely effective and high quality! I will use them again next year.

  13. John Pace 2023/09

    Amazing company that does great work and follows through on their promises.

  14. Michael Rawls 2023/09

    Mosquito shield of Richmond is a wonderful company. Their product works and their staff is amazing.

  15. Elle Lappan 2023/09

    Fantastic service. Not only did they get rid of the mosquitos, my dogs no longer were bringing ticks inside!

  16. Michael Shea 2023/08

    Great customer service and highly professional. Bill and the team are great to work with!!

  17. Kyle Corbett 2023/08

    I’ve been using Mosquito Shield for about 6 months now, and I haven’t had a single mosquito bite. I’m so glad that I finally found a solution to my mosquito problem.

    Their service is very professional. The technicians who come to your house are knowledgeable and friendly.

    Highly recommended

  18. Kevin Jonas 2023/08

    Their summer service is totally worth it and made a big difference in the number of mosquitos, bites, etc. in our yard. They respected our request to steer clear of the garden and flowering bushes, which still attract plenty of bees.

  19. Matthew Corbett 2023/08

    These guys are best, very professional, great communication. We needed our yard done before a party and they worked with our time restraints. 10/10 would recommend!

  20. Chad Gibbons 2023/08

    We hired Mosquito ? Shield to ward off the nasty infestation by our house south of the river where the population is insurmountable. It’s been quite a transformation from not being able to go out on the patio for morning coffee or a stroll around the garden to actually having use over the entire property. Now if we can get your team to treat poison ivy we’d have a match made in heaven

  21. Taylor Hutton 2023/08

    Great value and professional service. I love the text updates before every spray. It has been great to enjoy our backyard mosquito free this summer!

  22. Geri Isenberg 2023/08

    We have had a great experience with Mosquito Shield.

  23. Sydnee Khoury 2023/08

    I had such a great experience with mosquito shield! They are awesome!!!

  24. Alexander Steiner 2023/08

    My wife can garden again without being devoured by mosquitoes. I’m happy with their service and their reasonable cost.

  25. Sean Corbett 2023/08

    They are great!! Super knowledgeable!

  26. Kate H 2023/07

    Super pleased with Mosquito Shield of Richmond! We’ve been using Mosquito Shield for a few years now and have been very satisfied with this service. All of the technicians are professional, on time, and give notification when they are on their way. Business owners are local and very friendly , hands-on, and responsive. We haven’t had any issues with mosquitoes since using this service – highly recommend!

  27. Gregory 2023/07

    We switched to Mosquito Shield from our last service provider for two crucial reasons. First, they’ve been great with communication throughout the process; from signing up to letting us know when someone is coming by to service our house. Secondly their service actually works! We used to have a ton of mosquitos, and other pests like hornets constantly around our home. Since we switched, I don’t think I’ve seen a single mosquito or hornet/yellow jacket. Would rate higher if possible.

  28. Matthew Fogel 2023/07

    Far exceeds the service and experience i was expecting. Tried Masquito squad, they have a girl in the office that has attitude issues, you can tell they are not a good company

  29. zack dobson 2023/07

    Did not give me the time of day to even speak with anyone I’d give 0 stars if I could

  30. Caroline Porco 2023/07

    Mosquito Shield is the best!! They are extremely thorough and efficient, and their service is very effective! We will continue to use them for years to come!

  31. Jennifer Winn 2023/06

    This is an amazing service, we could not even enjoy our yard without it!

  32. Tracey Diggs 2023/06

    Always on time and they send reminders

  33. Bill Shepherd 2023/05

    Mosquito Shield comes out about every 2 weeks and treats our property, and we have no issues with mosquitoes at all. We are extremely satisfied with their service, and Brandon the technician has been out every time and is so friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend them for mosquito control.

  34. Katie Owens 2023/05

    Great communication with our first service! We knew exactly what to expect. So far, very happy with their service!

  35. Alex Marshall 2023/05

    5 stars, two thumbs up!! Best company in RVA for keeping mosquitos away! I can say firsthand that Dana and her team offer the best service available at the best price. I used a different provider last year and accidentally called mosquito shield to restart my service…and it was the best mistake I’ve made! Not only does Mosquito Shield offer more treatments/ more frequent treatments than other companies (keeps mosquitos from hatching all season long) they offer a better price per treatment! More treatments for less money??? It’s a no-brainer! If you hate mosquitos as much as me, do yourself a favor and give Dana and her local RVA team a call. You will be very happy you did, just like me! ?

  36. J. Tucker 2023/05

    Kind owners. Responsive.

  37. Lynette Brinkerhoff 2023/04

    I’ve just signed on with Mosquito Shield after using two other companies and requesting the service from a third company. They provide more treatments than other companies during the season and at closer intervals to get mosquitos at each point in their life cycle. They are super friendly and responsive and are all about customer service!

  38. Danielle Edson 2023/02

    Working with Dana and Connor has been the best and so effortless! They have been friendly, quick to get back to us and answer all our questions, and provide incredible service. We will definitely be sticking with Mosquito Shield every year!

  39. Eric jones 2023/01

    Dana & Connor are amazing people who are definitely working to your benefit! They are amazing and friendly people and care deeply about the work they do.

  40. Peggy King 2023/01

    I love to garden and to spend time in my yard with our dog, with Mosquito Sheild I no longer have to worry about bug sprays, or ticks and fleas (allergies) on my dog!
    Wonderful service! Brandon is the greatest!
    And the BEST part is … we can enjoy having guests over, entertaining outside, and not have to worry about everyone going home with irritating mosquito bites to remind them of our “hospitality”!

  41. Nancy Russell 2023/01

    We have problems with mosquitos and ticks in our yard. Thanks to Mosquito Shield we can be outside in the summer without getting eaten alive. Thank you!

  42. Chris Borton 2023/01

    Mosquito Shield has done a superb job of keeping our yard free of mosquitoes. Highly recommend giving the Mosquito Shield crew a call, they’ve been tremendous to work with!

  43. Charlie Venable 2023/01

    Excellent service. Tech calls when on his way so I can secure the dog inside. Tech works efficiently and gets the yard treated without a lot of wasted steps. Treats all areas, even a few I hadn’t considered. Very happy that I made the change from my previous provider.
    Technician is friendly and customer oriented so questions nor interruptions don’t bother him.

  44. Cathy Dyer 2023/01

    My daughter could not enjoy her backyard or front porch before we started this service to treat the Mosquitos!

  45. Timothy Holadia 2023/01

    Absolutely awesome customer service and experience. Communication is incredible and very satisfied with the service. I noticed a difference the very first day – NO BUGS at all. My family was able to enjoy being outside. I’d highly recommend them!!

  46. Monica Tremaglio 2022/11

    This service has been fantastic! I always get an email the day before so I can be prepared. I also get a text approximately an hour before so we can take our dog out. They are super courteous, polite, and timely! We have been able to enjoy our patio and backyard and they have accommodated all our requests. They have been wonderful to work with! Thank you so much for everything!

  47. Kunal Gandhi 2022/11

    Connor and his team do an excellent job with their business. They’re always on time and are very responsive.

  48. Olivia Fowkes 2022/10

    You never realize just how horrible mosquitoes are until you are plagued with them. That’s what happened to me last summer. I sprayed and sprayed- nothing seemed to work. As a property manager, this can greatly impact your tenants’ experience and cause a lot of angst. So I was more than happy to give Mosquito Shield a try this season- what did I have to lose? Well let me tell you I am one satisfied customer. Connor and his team have been fantastic. They are knowledgeable about the life of mosquitoes, how they breed, where they live and when to spray to keep them away all season. I feel like I regained an entire area of the property and my tenants have been able to enjoy their space without the need to reapply bug spray every 5 minutes. The team at Mosquito Shield are first class and I would recommend them to anyone!

  49. Daniel Haggerty 2022/09

    Mosquito shield is a life saver! Eating Cheetos and Fritos outside is much easier without the mosquito’s! Great company and friendly ownership

  50. Christy Lyons 2022/08

    We are always notified at least the day before they will be at the house to spray. Answer phone calls quickly. And my scheduled services have been right on time!

  51. Ariel Spagnolo 2022/07

    I can’t say enough good things about Mosquito Shield of Richmond! Not only are they incredibly responsive and kind, but they made my back and front yards feel comfortable and safe to be outside again! I usually get eaten alive by mosquitos throughout the spring and summer seasons, but have not experienced a single bite since Mosquito Shield treated our yard. Thank you so much for the peace of mind- I truly appreciate your team, and will happily refer business in the future.

  52. Paul Carpenter 2022/07

    Extremely satisfied with customer service and results

  53. Louis Frates 2022/07

    Incredible service and my home is big and mosquito free!! I can leave the front door open now and have no bugs fly in! Great job Connor!

  54. Juliana Murillo 2022/05

    Excellent service, great results! We’ve been enjoying our backyard ever since we started mosquito shield.

  55. Amanda Davis 2022/04

    We’ve been so pleased with this business. Mosquito Shield gave us so many wonderful nights outside this year- bug bite free! Connor, Dana, and their whole team were so helpful and informative throughout the whole process. Can’t wait to use their services again next year!!

  56. Stephen Sloop 2022/04

    Brandon did an excellent job and we have had no mosquitos/spiders this entire year. Excellent work from an amazing company. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone in the surrounding Richmond area.

  57. Sinisa Milanovic 2022/03

    Excellent service and always on time !

  58. Sheryl Herndon 2022/03

    We have been able to enjoy our deck and backyard this Summer without those annoying, pesky mosquitos! I really appreciate that Mosquito Shield treats our yard more frequently than many other mosquito companies – it has made a tremendous difference for us! Thank you!! Sheryl H

  59. Carrie O'Neal 2022/02

    Semi monthly random visits to spray for skeeters.

  60. Chad Davis 2022/01

    I highly recommend Mosquito Shield. We live on a lake and love our yard however we couldn’t enjoy it without being covered it bites. Thanks to them, it’s no longer a problem and we can enjoy our evenings outside again.

  61. Justin DeLeon 2021/10

    Awesome service and effective results! Would highly recommend. Excited for the coming summer nights!

  62. Liam King 2021/10

    Great Service! Technician always shows up on time and is very professional. Looking forward to being able to actually use my backyard this summer!

  63. CJ Polihronakis 2021/09

    What an amazing experience!

  64. Kerri Anderson 2021/09

    Mosquito Shield is a lifesaver as a new homeowner in Richmond! Connor was very helpful in answering all of our questions in a timely fashion. Definitely the team I would recommend for this service!

  65. Caroline Frost 2021/07

    Mosquito Shield provided excellent, professional service for my home and yard. They were efficient, professional, and explained their services well. This is the best experience I have had with pest control in the greater Richmond area! Look forward to using their services for many years to come.

  66. Todd Vandervelde 2021/07

    Technician was on time very knowledgeable and courteous. Treated our property and we are mosquito free. Great company to work with. Definitely recommend

  67. Felecia Plutz 2021/07

    I hate mosquitoes! So happy to be able to enjoy my yard with my family thanks to this service.

  68. Lexi Gihorski 2021/06

    As someone who dreads the humid months because of mosquitoes, I’ve been looking for a solution to a problem that’s affected me for years on end. Mosquito Shield was that solution, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! The process is quick, effective, and (most importantly) affordable. Connor and his team did a great job, and I could not recommend them more!

  69. John Otsuki 2021/06

    Great service. Connor provides wonderful service.

  70. Christina McFarland 2021/04

    Great service and pet and kid friendly.

  71. Casey Vandervelde 2021/04

    Easy to set up the service and they answered all of my questions

  72. brenden flora 2021/03

    Was skeptical before the service. My wife get’s eaten up and these Mosquito Shield came highly recommended from my mother in law. Fast forward our perfect summer nights are enjoyed with are two young children. We are not looking at our phones to see how long it has been until we can get back inside so we don’t continue to get eaten alive by the mosquitos that are typically out. In addition we have flowers in the front and back – i was told pollinating insects and other ones that dont bite that are good for your yard would also be exterminated (butterflies and bees are what constitute this thought) these insects are just as alive as they were before the treatments. Just as a bonus – our service tech Corey had to be one of the nicest guys around – generally most service tech interactions seem miserable to be around – so it was refreshing to see someone engaged and present loving what he does/company he is with. All in all a great experience.

  73. Teddie Bruening 2021/01

    Quick and convenient scheduling. Excellent communication and service. Money well spent! Looking forward to mosquito free summer nights in the yard! Thank you Mosquito Shield!

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