Mosquito Authority of West Richmond

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Mosquito Authority of West Richmond
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  1. hosna aly 2023/09

    I have been with them for 2 years and I am very satisfied with. They let you know when they are coming, they send a reminder. Very friendly and professional. They appreciate feedback and act on it. I recommend them.

  2. Bo Johnson 2023/09

    Great service and customer support, throughout –
    Steven serviced our yard and was very thorough, explaining his process and going above and beyond all expectations.
    Great job Steven, and keep up the good work!

  3. Fenner Entertainment 2023/09

    Great service all around!

  4. Kirk Collins 2023/09

    It seems silly to say that their service was life changing but it was. After 15 years of not being able to go in our yard and trying numerous products, Mosquito Authority gave us back our yard!

  5. Evelyn Harrington 2023/09

    I love being in my backyard so the mosquito authority is a must. I have used their services yearly for 5 years. They came out and treated then we had a severe thunderstorm the same day. I asked them to retreat by email and Tyler, Wyatt and Kwon came out the same day and retreated.

  6. Roger Pell 2023/09

    Service delivered on time. Advance courtesy notice is welcomed. Tec staff professional and capable.

  7. chris hains 2023/05

    Josh was great! He was very friendly and thorough. He listened and understood my concerns on certain areas of the backyard I didn’t want sprayed. He did a great job.

  8. Tony Vazquez 2023/05

    Theives, lots of favoritism, unorganized.Shady!

  9. Gerry Davis 2023/05

    Josh is a true asset to this company!

  10. Tamara Hardy 2023/03

    Thank you Dana for your assistance.

  11. Herbert Salmons 2023/03

    I used mosquito authority in the past and very satisfied. I am having them spray again this year. I just spoke with Dana who was very friendly and professional to have it set up for this year. Very pleased with this pest control company

  12. Peggy Trainum 2023/03

    Dana was our representative. He did a good job explaining things and when we get this service again we will use him again.

  13. Nancy Willard 2023/02

    Great customer service!

  14. Dena Lemelin 2023/01

    Super friendly! Cannot go wrong with a company that wants to actually help you and talk you through things.

  15. Glenn McDonald 2022/09

    I recent pleased my Mosquito Authority service on hold because I was planning on buy new home. Big mistake….taking longer to find new home than planned and mosquitoes are terrible. Didn’t realize how much service would be missed. Called Kerry at Mosquito Authority and she was great. Got me right back on schedule. Thanks!

  16. Deborah Seitz 2022/07

    Excellent service, excellent communication. There’s never a question as to when service will be or who the technician is. No bugs bite!

  17. Jordan and Tara Stacey 2022/06

    Decanter was incredible. They always are!

  18. Kim Spencer 2022/06

    I’ve used Mosquito Authority for a few years and have been completely satisfied with their service. Carrie who is my office rep knows what services I need and when to contact me. She is very professional and knowledgeable, but never pressures me to add additional services that I don’t need. The technicians communicate when they are on the way and when they are finished. I’ve never had to call them back for a re-spray but I know that’s an option. I would highly recommend Mosquito Authority for pest services.

  19. Ellen Coyner 2021/10

    We have used this company for mosquito control since at least 2014. They have always gone above and beyond in communication and service.

  20. Errica Watkins 2021/10

    The customer service is absolutely amazing. They make you feel more like a friend than a customer. During inspection they knew exactly the issue I was having and how to deal with it quickly! They were very knowledgeable. Thanks for a wonderful, friendly, and professional service for the past year and more to come.

  21. Bridget Witcher 2021/10

    I contacted Mosquito Authority to get an estimate on spraying for mosquitoes. I spoke with Carrie and not only did she quote me a price she give explained to my how the whole process works. I called a couple of other places and did not get the treatment and explanation Carrie gave me. That made my decision for me. Thanks Carrie.

  22. Cheryl Dawson 2021/09

    These guys get it all right. Communication, customer service and best off all, especially with all the outdoor time due to COVID, no mosquitoes! I highly recommend them.

  23. Courtney Shockley 2021/09

    Landon Johnson from Mosquito Authority is consistently exceptional! He follows up, follows through and is detailed in his work. He remembers we have pets, asks how they are doing, remembers if we had a home project in the works and compliments the decorations on the porch. He reminds us to keep the dogs up after he sprays because he cares. Landon is a breath of fresh air in the lost art of customer service. Well done Landon!

  24. Freda Parrish 2021/09

    Very professional and always keep me in the know. They show customer they are important

  25. Nancy Carole Snyder 2021/09

    I have used Mosquito Authority since 2017 when my husband and I moved into our house in Mechanicsville, Va. Every technician–without exception–was knowledgeable, polite, friendly, and on time! Customer service and communication were great. The girls in the office were always upbeat and friendly. I just spoke to Javin on the phone to stop our service because we are moving to Pennsylvania. However, I highly recommend Mosquito Authority!!! Without them, I would not have been able to enjoy our backyard. Mosquitoes love me!!! The feeling is not mutual!!! Thanks, Mosquito Authority!!!? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  26. Alice Farley 2021/08

    We have used this company for 2 summers and we are very pleased.

  27. Dorothy Scott 2021/08

    Mosquito Authority is a good professional company that I would recommend to anyone that has mosquito. My back yard was fill with mosquito I couldn’t go outside without getting bit. I’m glad that I called Mosquito Authority I can enjoy my back yard no more mosquito.

  28. Joan Sties 2021/08

    Awesome customer service, quick scheduling, and no mosquitoes ? …

  29. Nancy Sharigian 2021/08

    Kevin is an outstanding young man! He was prompt, offered excellent customer service and is a great new addition to Mosquito Authority. Be sure to have him service our yard each time!

  30. jordan stacey 2021/08

    Jen in the office was incredibly helpful and understanding. The technician that was sent out was very polite, timely, and great at explaining the process. I’d recommend this branch to anyone needing service.

  31. Tre Morris 2021/08

    Contacted this company to set up new services (previous provider went under due to the pandemic). The company was friendly, personable, and had my yard sprayed for mosquitoes in 2 days! Bryan was very friendly and arrived on time. We communicated via text to promote social distancing. He sprayed more than the previous company did and I’m 4 days in… no mosquitoes! I’d absolutely recommend this company!

  32. Chris Nystrom 2021/07

    Always prompt, thorough and friendly!

  33. Morgan Flynn 2021/07

    We have enjoyed our experience with Mosquito and Pest Authority for the last 5 years. We are surrounded by woods, and have a child allergic to mosquitos, so their service is important to us. They are responsive and accommodating, often making extra trips out to spray the yard. Customer service is top notch and you can tell they care about their customers.

  34. Linda 2021/07

    I was scheduled for a mosquito treatment but due to my landscapers was forced to reschedule my appointment. I spoke with Jenn and she couldn’t have been more accommodating and friendly. She offered me a few options and they are coming later this week. Very professional and welcoming. Wouldn’t think of using anyone else to keep me mosquito free.
    Try them. You won’t be sorry!

  35. Lorie Luffey Roberts 2021/06

    They also treat for ticks.. wonderful service.. always friendly.. and will come back at no charge if you are not happy with the treatment. I highly recommend them

  36. steve dickinson 2021/06

    Unfortunately, the weather has not cooperated well recently…lots of rain. Had a treatment scheduled, application was applied,..water seemed to wash it away. I made a call expressing that there were still mosquitos and they very quickly rescheduled a second treatment. I really enjoy working with Mosquito Authority primarily due to their customer service. However, their product works well too. I highly recommend.

  37. Margie Baker 2021/06

    Carrie was amazing! Explained the process in great detail and answered all of my questions! Hang on to her! She is an amazing employee! Excited for our first treatment!

  38. Susan Turkal 2021/06

    Jake was an excellent representative of Mosquito Authority. He did a thorough
    job! We recommend him highly and would like him to be our permanent guy. Thank you!

  39. Sherri Eggleston 2021/06

    I have been using mosquito authority for 3 years and have been thoroughly impressed with their product and service! Highly recommend to anyone that hates mosquitoes!

  40. Kathryn Quiriconi 2021/06

    I have been using Mosquito Authority for several years. I’ve experienced only great customer service from all employees encountered. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and professional. Although I haven’t called into their office often, when I do, the staff is very familiar with my account and preferences. When my son bought a new house with an out-of-control yard, they made arrangements to treat his yard within two days. Very responsive and great customer service!

  41. Robert Weedon 2021/05

    Jenn had a perfect answer to all my questions. And gave me information that I didn’t ask for but pertain to my situation and yard I signed up for the rest of the season great job Jen

  42. Robin McNeny 2021/05

    They really do eradicate mosquitoes but if one mosquito dares to invade my yard, all I have to do is call Mosquito Authority and they come treat!

  43. Carol Terrell 2021/05

    Excellent all around service provided by this company. Very responsive communication and personable customer service. No complaints here, only praises!!

  44. Jody Townsend 2021/05

    I feel that its important to inform a Boss, Manager or Company of an individual who works for them of a JOB WELL DONE!
    James Burkholder was in my yard on Wednesday, 23rd of June 2021 and was truely the first employee
    with Musquito Authority that I had not complaints.
    He sprayed all trees. bushes and non blooming flowers and started on one side of my yard and did the perimeter then around the house and garage
    planted bushes. He was very professional when I spoke with him upon him finishing.
    I watched him (like many others) only to make sure he hit all areas because some of your staff has been here and not done a great job and I had to speak with Tracy to make them come back out.
    Please make sure that James is the one who continues to take care of my property spraying
    as I would prefer him.
    He stated that the CEO trained him after I complimented his work. Thats awesome in itself but too bad he has not trained others.
    Kudos to James for a Job well done!!

  45. Anthony Melchiorre 2021/05

    Jenn from mosquito authority called us in response to an email inquiry about different types of biting bugs other than mosquitoes, and our questions involved technical aspects as well as administrative services. Jenn, started out by saying “you have been a customer for a very long time and…” and demonstrating that one actually keeps record of their customers, and cares enough to review their account before calling is a wonderful and refreshing way to provide customer service!!! This felt like an old fashioned interaction with a service provider that took pride in their company; and pride in their professionalism, and ability to help people! Thanks so much for reminding us of what customer service interactions can and should look like!!!

  46. Bill Lipchak 2021/05

    Bryan showed up at our house on time and went about his business in a professional and quality way. Unfortunately we were not able to interact with him because of Covid protocols but he let us know when he was done via a text message and asked if we had any questions. This quality and professionalism is why we are repeat customers and recommend Mosquito Authority to anyone who asks

  47. Melinda Lassiter 2021/04

    Jenn was fantastic to work with in setting up my service!! I was treated with respect and felt very welcomed.

  48. Liam A 2021/04

    We have used several mosquito abatement services in the last 6 years.
    None has done a better job at eradicating mosquitoes than Mosquito Authority. MA will not spray in the rain, they will come back and spray again for free if you still see mosquitoes in your yard after a spray AND they will avoid spraying areas at your request (fish ponds, etc). MA uses interactive communications to ensure you are satisfied. Lastly we appreciate that MA provides a choice of spray (organic). Will continue MA in the years to come.

  49. Patricia Leach 2021/04

    Great service. No mosquito problems

  50. KRISTY WILLIAMS 2021/04

    Best money I’ve ever spent! Love being able to spend time in my yard not getting eaten! I will continue to use this service annually!

  51. DanaMichelle Zeller 2021/03

    They have outstanding customer service and they are easy to get information from and schedule. This was a very smoothe experience AND we haven’t seen one mosquito.

  52. Ronald Marker 2021/03

    Excellent customer service. I have been using their service for several years for mosquito spraying. It works very well.

  53. Michele 2021/02

    The service representative, Jenn, was knowledgeable, personable and pragmatic when introducing me to the services they offer and setting up my first mosquito treatment and termite inspection appointment. There service offers a text message to remind of your next appointment which is convenient and there is no contract so you can cancel anytime. They are allow many different coupons to promote their services which most other places do not. Customer service is key and I hope they are constant with good customer service after the first mosquito treatment.

  54. Jahneakia Brower 2021/02

    I received impeccable customer service this morning. I was educated on their services and I was impressed. I would highly recommend them!

  55. George Martin 2021/02

    The technician was extremely knowledgeable and went out of his way to make sure all of my questions were answered thoroughly. He was also very friendly. The treatments have been effective and I strongly recommend this service.

  56. suzanne gomba 2021/01

    My experience with Mosquito Authority has been fantastic! They set up the appointment with me and called/texted to let me know the time they would be arriving within the hour. After the first spraying , I did not see any mosquitoes nor was I bitten by any! After the second treatment, I did notice a few mosquitoes here and there and called to just check in and see when my next treatment was. The representative was glad that I called, we reviewed possibilities of the problem, and was ready to schedule someone out to my house to reapply. I wish all customer service reps were as pleasant, would stand behind their product and be as responsive as this company has been. Thank you.

  57. Zorica Skoro 2021/01

    Today the re-treatment was completed by Tevonta. I witnessed the best treatment so far! He got into each corner of our property making sure that every spot is sprayed! I hope that his effort will pay off!!!!
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️? …

  58. Mark Hottle 2021/01

    I recently needed to reschedule my service because I was out of town when I was notified about my treatment.

    1st- I was impressed when I called way after business hours and a human answered the phone.

    2nd- Jenn followed up the next day to make sure I knew my request was received and my service rescheduled. She was super friendly and helpful.

    Thanks again for keeping the “Skeeters” away.

  59. Stacie Rice 2021/01

    Customer service is outstanding! Carrie is the absolute best! Friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. She went over and beyond to work with my schedule, and accommodate our needs! Highly recommend!!!

  60. Tiffany Barrett 2020/10

    The customer service representative was very professional and friendly. I was pleasantly surprised that we could start service as soon as next week.

  61. Leann Pohlman 2020/09

    Carrie signed me up on over the phone And was very courteous and knowledgeable. I am very much looking forward to starting their services on my yard and around and in my house.

  62. Gina Breeding 2020/09

    Very Professional and informative…not pushy at all!!

  63. Jackie Horst 2020/09

    He was very nice and did a wonderful job today.

  64. Kirsten Mullaney 2020/09

    We have been using Mosquito Authority for a few years now and absolutely love them. Every single person we have spoken to there have been so nice and personable. They are easily the best company we have ever used for any type of service for our house. We would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for pest control.

  65. Britney Archer 2020/09

    Carrie is so friendly and personable! They call back immediately. Excited to have a company with such great customer service.

  66. Tonie Stevens 2020/09

    The on boarding process was fantastic. Carrie was super informative answered every question above and beyond. I feel 100% comfortable with their services, payment, and professionalism.

  67. Golden Skipper 2020/08

    Awesome service! After 2 treatments my yard was mosquito free. There is a tree line behind my home with standing water. I was apprehensive initially but they did a great job.

  68. Damon Talley 2020/08

    I called for a quote and spoke with Carrie. She was very professional and provided excellent customer service. She gave detailed information about what was offered and walked me through the entire treatment process while answering any questions I had. Although my first service isn’t scheduled until later this week, Carrie made me very confident that Mosquito Authority is the way to go.

  69. Mandy Moore 2020/07

    This was some of the best customer service I have ever experienced.

  70. Love Mutty 2020/07

    Carrie was very helpful on the phone and answered all my questions about getting rid of the mosquitos in our yard!

  71. kimberlie London 2020/07

    My representative Carrie was very professional and thourough in explaining my planned service. Look forward to using this company!

  72. Frank Millionaire 2020/06

    Great customer service, confident in there ability to satisfy And I’ll have a guarantee against those pesky Mosquitoes. I couldn’t ask for more.

  73. Elinor Harrington 2020/06

    Kerry was very helpful and pleasant. She understood my concerns and quickly scheduled service for my pest problem!

  74. Anthony Tedesco 2020/05

    Jaquan was excellent, thorough and called twice to make sure I was pleased with his service. He is a superb technician, who went over and beyond to make sure I was a happy customer. Thank you!

  75. Jessica Helfert 2020/05

    I have been using mosquito authority for a few years now and I plan to keep using them! I used to get eaten by mosquitoes when I stepped in my yard, but now I am able to go outside and feel comfortable! I truly feel like a valued customer and I have referred them to many of my friends!

  76. Tony Cesaroni 2020/05

    It’s a great service and if there’s mosquitos before your next treatment, they’ll come back and retreat

  77. Cary Knight 2020/04

    We love Mosquito Authority! They are always reliable, put customer service first and if we ever need an additional treatment before a party or anything they are always so accommodating! That’s for all you do!

  78. Glitters Matter 2020/04

    Entire process explained with clarity! Very Knowledgeable and professional!

  79. Angela Palmer 2020/03

    The customer service is awesome.

  80. Odgen S 2020/03

    On June 26th mosquito authority sent out Jamal and today July 28th they sent out Jonath to complete my treatment on Bainbridge. Both Jonath and Jamal are very professional and thorough with completing the job. They both answered any questions I ask and listened to anything that would help them eliminate my mosquito problem. They are both wonderful examples of their company.

  81. Cait Cedor 2020/01

    As someone who has never had a pest service before, Carrie did a wonderful job of answering my questions and explaining the process to me. She was friendly, thorough, and understanding, and that in itself makes me want to give Mosquito Authority my business!

  82. Diana Schroth 2020/01

    We just hired them. She sounded professional and was responsive to my questions. Everything was explained in detail. Can’t wait to get rid of these mosquitos. Thanks.

  83. Annette Gibbs 2020/01

    The company was always prompt and evert time we had to contact them they were always friendly and polite. The best part of all of this is we did not have any issues with mosquitoes! Excellent

  84. Dominique Gits 2020/01

    I had a great experience signing up with Carrie she explained everything to me answered all my questions was polite very professional and I felt like I had picked the right company !! Thankyou

  85. April Parrish 2019/10

    The only mosquito control service that actually works! And I’ve tried a few. They work hard to earn your business, and they truly care. Looking forward to enjoying a mosquito free yard this season!

  86. Sarah Helber 2019/10

    Great service and responsiveness!

  87. Robin 2019/10

    We have been clients of Mosquito Authority for several years. Mosquito Authority is simply the best at what they do! Customer Service is priority! Satisfaction guaranteed is not just a slogan it’s a promise! No more bug bites! I highly recommend Mosquito Authority!

  88. Ruth Tanner 2019/10

    Jennifer with The Mosquito Authority has exceeded my expectations. She is exceptionally knowledgeable. I will be happy to refer people to her excellent customer care.

  89. Greg Dexter 2019/10

    This company has done everything they promised to do!!! Mosquitoes are a bigger deal than most Americans realize. My contracted malaria while serving overseas and suffered the symptoms his whole life. There is no cure. Mosquitoes aren’t just pesky bugs that make you itch!!!
    Thanks to Mosquito Authority and their great service in Richmond we are enjoying our yard without getting eaten alive.

  90. Marsha Faucette 2019/10

    Sitting on my deck right now having dinner because no mosquitoes are dining on me for three years now… my yard anyway? …

  91. Scott Vestal 2019/09

    It so nice that we can sit outdoors anytime of the day and enjoy being mosquito free. Thank you so much Mosquito Authority for you superb customer service and friendly staff.

  92. Rhett Costello 2019/09

    I have not seen a mosquito or had a bite since using you all.thanks

  93. Tonna Rogers 2019/08

    Treated my yard in record time from start5 the service and its the first time I can go outside bite free. Very professional service.

  94. harlangroom 2019/08

    I have not had one mosquito bite this season! Very unusual. We are so happy with this service. So are all the people who visit us. Thank you.

  95. Barry Welsch 2019/08

    Excellent service!

  96. Patrick Loth 2019/08

    Great detail and information provided on consult call. Answered all questions and got on schedule quickly. Will see how it all works soon enough!

  97. princess rosebd 2019/08

    Absolutely love mosquito authority ! Not only are their products pregnant women friendly but pet friendly as well. Not to mention they are affordable, flexible and very friendly. I love that they not only treat you for mosquitos but pets as well. They are just all around a good company. Definitely recommend giving them a shot if you are in need.

  98. anna Cousins 2019/07

    Amazing people

  99. Gwen Cole 2019/07

    I’ve tried them all and these guys are the best. The best at what they do and the best at caring about their customers. One time I scheduled a one-time treatment for my daughter’s bday party and they came the day before to treat. Then it rained. Then I got a phone call the next morning saying they were going to come out again to make sure it worked because of the rain, no extra charge. This is why I’ll be going back to them again and again.

  100. Jaimi Goldstein 2019/06

    I called today to schedule my first treatment with Mosquito Authority. The woman I spoke with (Jennifer) was absolutely wonderful. She was professional and also personable. I will post another review once they treat our yard. I have heard good things and have high hopes.

  101. Matt Sherrard 2019/06

    Customer Service was friendly and professional. Calls were either answered or returned promptly. Our first service was scheduled within the week.

  102. Joel Wright 2019/06

    Awesome customer service!!!!!

  103. John Saber 2019/06

    Everything was fine. Communication through rain delays was exceptional. I didn’t continue service because I think it’s to hot to be outside and I don’t think I even have any mosquitoes anyways.

  104. Gabe Pascarella 2019/05

    Carrie and Anthony are great people to discuss the services they offer. They are very customer oriented and very sensitive to the needs of their customers.

  105. Teresa Fries 2019/05

    Amazing customer service! Treats each customer as if they are their only one. They let you know the day before they come and let you know when they are on their way and when they’ve finished. Great communicators.

  106. Cara Collison 2019/05

    Carrie is amazing. And all the technections are awesome!

  107. Ed Stakem 2019/05

    They’ve been great. They let us know when they are coming and the treatment has worked 100%. It’s nice to have the guarantee that if for some unforeseen weather issue the treatment doesn’t work, they will be out quickly to fix it. I hope I don’t ever need it.

    Thank you, Mosquito Authority!!

  108. Crystal Foster 2019/05

    Very pleased with the service provided! I wished I had called sooner. Highly recommend this company. Everyone I’ve spoken to and have met have been incredibly helpful and professional. So glad I can finally go outside and enjoy my yard without being bitten by mosquitoes!

  109. Elizabeth J. 2019/05

    Good communication . Will notify customer by text and email prior to day they will be spraying or if need to cancel due to weather conditions. Very responsive to customer needs.

  110. Caroline Pinotti 2019/05

    Gives great service and follow up. With all the rain, no mosquitos .

  111. Melody M. 2019/05

    I spoke with someone and left a message for a return call and Jenn called me back within 10 minutes and gave me the best service ever literally. She educated me on the entire process and understood that I had an urgent need and expedited the situation as a priority. Someone came out within 35 minutes once I hung up the phone with her. I highly recommend using this company without a doubt. Also, one of the things that stuck out for me was their quality of work and confidence meaning if you see a mosquito which you won’t but if so they’ll come back out and re-evaluate everything and do another treatment at NO cost to you. Wow, how amazing. I’m so thankful I found this company and had the pleasure of speaking to Jenn who’s incredible.

  112. Cyndi Raines 2019/04

    We are pleased with the service we have received from Mosquito Authority for the last two years. Nice to be able to enjoy the yard without having the mosquitos!

  113. David & Judy Shires 2019/04

    Great first impression!

  114. Wendy Crafton 2019/04

    We are very happy with the service we have received from Mosquito Authority. Our yard is mosquito free even with all the rain we’ve had. Yay for summer cookouts and playing at dusk with the dog.

  115. Jenny D 2019/04

    Been with Mosquito Authority for a few years and would not change a thing. Great results and can enjoy my years without getting bit. Fast and prompt for all appointments. Also easy payment options to fit my needs.

  116. Helen Collie 2019/03

    These are wonderful people to interact with. Friendly, knowledable, and will go out of their way to please. We have used them for several years and have been very pleased.

  117. Terri Deel 2019/03

    Our mosquitoes were so bad and we don’t have any now. I definitely recommend this service.

  118. Brian Alling 2019/03

    We can actually play with our kids in the backyard without worrying about being eaten alive! They do a fantastic job.

  119. Tammy Eng 2019/03

    This company is the best by far. We contacted other companies and the customer service wasn’t the same.

  120. Amy Paris 2019/03

    Just signed up for service and it was a very quick and easy process! All of my questions were answered before I even asked!

  121. Kimberly Kirven 2019/03

    This is our first season with Mosquito Authority and we couldn’t be happier with the service we’ve received! Everything from the friendly courtesy telephone calls, service updates and emails, and follow ups has been exceptional. And we really appreciated the hand delivered thank you gift from Kravin’ Kernels! We would definitely recommend Mosquito Authority!

  122. Mindy Kinsey 2019/03

    Mosquito Authority is the only reason I can enjoy my yard in the summer. Before I called them, I couldn’t sit outside or play with my dog for more than a few minutes before I was covered in bites. Now, we can sit outside all evening without a problem. I also use their tick service to keep the crawlies off my dog. She was bringing them in regularly before (ugh!), but I haven’t seen a single tick since we started the service. Best of all, they’re nice people who seem genuinely concerned that I’m happy with the service.

  123. Lisa Parent 2019/03

    Jennifer was very helpful and explained everything so well

  124. Sabra Merwin 2019/02

    Friendly staff and finally able to spend some time in the backyard! Thanks Mosquito Authority!

  125. Michele Mulligan 2019/02

    Wonderful service, friendly, sitting outside more with NO mosquitoes ????? …

  126. Life on Bramble Hill with Tisha Lyn 2019/02

    Great service and product!

  127. Danielle Maxwell 2019/01

    Awesome customer service! Call yesterday looking for quotes and they got our business almost immediately. And they are already here spraying!

  128. Ethan VanLesser 2019/01

    What a fantastic product and service. My family can actually enjoy the outside with no uninvited flying pests. Thanks so much Mosquito Authority!!!

  129. Rachel Ritter 2019/01

    I had been dreading calling and setting this up because I thought it would be a drawn out process but it so easy and Jennifer is the best! Definitely will recommend to family and friends.

  130. julie byerly 2019/01

    Jennifer called to set up a mosquito eradication visit and was very courteous and helpful with my request. We have used Mosquito authority in the past before parties and have been very pleased with the results for the summer.

  131. Matthew Allen 2019/01

    Thank you for providing such great customer service!

  132. Becky Card 2019/01

    Great company with nice people! I am always notified before they arrive for treatment as well as given a detailed report on what was done. Best of all – NO mosquitoes! So glad I called them!

  133. Mandy Walker 2019/01

    Second summer using this company. Haven’t seen a mosquito in my yard since fall 2017. We are able to use our pool any time of day now after so many years of being unable to enjoy our pool due to constant mosquito bites. We have a very shady yard and there wasn’t any time of day when mosquitoes were not out.

  134. John Rezabeck 2019/01

    Great communicators!

  135. Olga Jackson 2018/12

    I have used Mosquito Authority a few times and every time received impeccable service. Friendly, courteous and professional with effective treatment plans. Highly recommend!

  136. Lauren Beach 2018/10

    Wonderful product and great customer service.

  137. Gregg Paul 2018/10

    We were constantly being bit by mosquitoes and could not enjoy our backyard and deck. We contracted with Mosquito Authority and have not been bothered since. I’m amazed at how well it works.

  138. Jennifer Scott 2018/10

    We decided to get treated for mosquitos when I was pregnant with our 3rd, zika virus was really scary to me. We had numerous companies come and first and nothing would happen sometimes they would even show up. Mosquito Authority showes up, explained things to me, and even came back when I saw one mosquito. I am definitely using them again in the spring. I was so so skeptical but really wanted to enjoy my yard. Since then I have had another baby, with 4 kids a yard is so important!!!

  139. Joe Cooper 2018/10

    Always willing to work with customer to provide the best service

  140. Holly Strom 2018/10

    Highly recommended. Professional and courteous. On time. Good customer service. No mosquitos!!

  141. Keith Boitnott 2018/10

    Before we contacted Mosquito Authority we couldn’t spend more than a few minutes in our backyard due to the mosquitos. We live near a lake with woods right behind our fence. I was skeptical about the effectiveness of a mosquito treatment but we had to try something. After the first treatment we were amazed to see only one mosquito during the hour that we spent outside. We have since had a second treatment and are able to spend as much time as we want outside without seeing any mosquitos. The service works extremely well and the company is a pleasure to work with. The technician notifies us in advance of each application. Great company!!

  142. Jennifer Perry 2018/10

    Mosquito Authority had been treating my yard for 3 years now. The customer service has been excellent as well as the service they provide. If we had any problems, when we called they always made sure that they fixed anything and most importantly made sure we were satisfied customers. We will always continue to get our yard treated through mosquito authority.

  143. Jordan Sommerville 2018/10

    We love Mosquito Authority! Customer service is excellent!

  144. Eduardo Cervantes 2018/09


  145. Charlie Burch 2018/09

    They are always show up when they are supposed to. They call, text, email and knock on your door to let you know they are coming, or when they get done. It’s not a bad thing but it is overkill. Service it great otherwise.

  146. Allen Sleeman 2018/09

    So far so good! Worked with them starting late summer 2017 and it definitely seemed to help. Off to a good start for the beginning of mosquito season 2018. Thanks!

  147. Kizmet Tavarez 2018/09

    I haven’t enjoyed my backyard since I moved into my home 5 years ago due to an overwhelming amount of mosquitoes. Mosquito Authority rectified that problem. A simple walk from the front door to the driveway resulted in multiple bites. I’m happy with the results provided. Not one mosquito bite this summer. Thank you for the amazing job!

  148. Gene Wayne 2018/09

    This service was great all summer! Highly recommend for anyone to try it next year if they didn’t this year.

  149. Karen Bryant 2018/09

    Norman from Mosquito Authority was amazing in the treatment he came to do for us. He actually cleaned out the standing water in the bird baths and lifted a flower pot back up on the deck that I could not lift because it was to heavy. I told him the deck cleaning guys moved it down and didn’t put it back up and he did that for me while he treated my yard !

  150. Glenn Robb 2018/09

    Great customer service and communication. Not to mention it actually works. Now we get to enjoy our outdoors.

  151. Melissa Banta 2018/09

    Everyone has been friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. It’s so nice to spend time outside without getting bug bites!

  152. Mateena Williams 2018/09

    The agents were really nice and helpful, helping me choose the right treatment. Especially with 3 little ones who loves the outdoors. 5 star company! Great company

  153. fuzzball67 2018/09

    The treatments have been wonderful. Our next door neighbor has horrible allergic reactions to mosquito bites, so just from our treatment her yard has benefited as well.

  154. Ryan Brooks 2018/09

    I can finally use my backyard!!! Mosquito Authority does a great job treating our property and has excellent customer service! If you live in the RVA metro area you need to be using these guys!

  155. Amanda Lyons 2018/09

    My backyard is typically full of mosquitoes, especially after it rains. I used Mosquito Authority prior to celebrating my wedding ceremony in my backyard and not one person at the ceremony complained of getting bit! I was so thankful we decided to use Mosquito Authority, they were prompt and very polite. Thank you for helping to make our wedding day so special!

  156. Angie Cooper 2018/08

    Service has been amazing! They are very communicative and friendly. Being able to use our outdoor space has been incredible.

  157. Hunter Marshall 2018/08

    We have used them for years and have been very pleased with the coverage, communication from the staff and it has allowed us to be outside with the family all summer.
    I have referred them to friends and family who have also been pleased.

  158. aaron tunnell 2018/08

    Very pleased with Mosquito Authority! Wish i had not waited so long. The yard was unbearable before. Not anymore.

  159. Will Stephens 2018/08

    I can’t say enough great things about Mosquito Authority. We were refer to them by our neighbors after we moved into our home and we have had nothing but a great experience since we called them. My wife and I really get to enjoy being outside on our deck all summer long without having to worry about mosquitos . We also are happy that the service includes coverage for ticks too. We have a large wooded area behind our house and we have a small dog, and we have had no problems with ticks as well. Our service technician is always very nice and gives us a heads up when he is coming to do our service. The customer service is also really good,when I call them they know we by name and I get great customer service. I would highly recommend Mosquito Authority to any home owner in the area!!

  160. Jane Patterson 2018/08

    I have been using Mosquito Authority for a few years, and have not seen any mosquitoes in my yard. It is wonderful to be in the yard, especially in the evening, without being concerned about mosquitoes. Their employees are always timely and very pleasant. I recommend them highly.

  161. Sunshine 2018/08

    Always want to help and please. Very pleasant people.

  162. Thomas Leonard 2018/08

    I have been using this service for years. I used to be able to go out in my yard with a heavy dose of bug spray but now I am able to enjoy the outdoors anytime I want!

  163. Kelsey Dziedzic 2018/08

    Always helpful on the phone and the treatment was effective even after periods of rain

  164. Levar Williams 2018/08

    Works good I enjoy being outside without having to get bites from mosquitos

  165. Gillian Chambers 2018/08

    I’ve been using this service for two years and it has been very helpful in keeping the mosquito population down in our yard, which is a big deal because my daughter has very bad reactions to the bites. They make it a point to avoid my butterfly bushes, so we still get to enjoy the bumblebees and butterflies without those pesky mosquitos.

  166. Gabriella Zorzi Ryan 2018/08

    I have no more mosquito bites!

  167. Kathy Blaska 2018/07

    Love Mosquito Authority. I can enjoy my yard and deck all summer without pesky mosquitoes. My puppy is also protected against mosquitoes carrying heart worms and also fleas and ticks. Money well spent. Great service. Highly recommend!!

  168. Janet Noel 2018/07

    Before we used the service it was hard to be outside very long. We have a shady yard, which is a great place for mosquitoes to live. There was a huge difference after the first treatment! Since they have been treating our property, we have had no issues with mosquitoes. We are very happy customers!

  169. Asser 2018/07

    Excellent service and very prompt and accomodating. We are thrilled with them.

  170. Bethany Stephens 2018/07

    Great customer service. The techs were very professional and thorough. They eliminated our mosquito problem within 2 treatments. We will definitely be using them next season. Recommend to anyone! Well worth the money.

  171. Amanda Armantrout 2018/07

    Best money I’ve spent! Being mosquito free has made my summer much more enjoyable!

  172. Jeremiah Brice 2018/07

    I definitely recommend the authority to anyone who asks me whose the best mosquitoe treatment company to go with: weather it’s for a one time event or weather it’s the whole summer. They aim to please & I am definitely one satisfied customer!

  173. Jenna Brooks 2018/07

    They are friendly, fast, and thorough! So nice to be able to sit in my back yard without being attacked by bugs. So worth it! Night and day difference the treatments make.

  174. CONNIE STANLEY 2018/07

    I am very pleased with this company. The treatments work very well.

  175. l fehleisen 2018/07

    Can’t say enough about Mosquito Authority! Bryan came out for a retreatment. He listen to me and did a thorough job of the yard! In the past I have gotten Carrie on the phone and she has been exceptional. She listens and you can hear the enthusiasm in her voice. She always follows up with a call to make sure yeour satisfied.
    When anyone asks, I always recommend your company. It’s a pleasure to enjoy the outdoors again!

  176. Sam Morse 2018/07

    We used mosquito authority at our home in Raleigh and after our move we were pleastly surprised to find there was a franchise in Richmond. Being able to use our entire yard sure beats a screen room!

  177. Emily Harrrison 2018/06

    We were very pleased with the service provided by Mosquito Authority. Always courteous and prompt and the treatment was very effective. Reliable, dependable staff.

  178. Katelyn Moneyhan 2018/06

    Great service

  179. Karen Ragland 2018/06

    Very friendly staff and always keeps you informed as to when they will be servicing your property.

  180. Deb Love 2018/06

    Professional and effective.

  181. Jonathan Dale 2018/06

    Good customer service, Good work, and excellent prices…
    I recommend these guys…

  182. Marvette Waddy 2018/06

    Love my yard treatments.

  183. Mike Gallagher 2018/06

    Brian did a great job yesterday. It’s kind of fun to watch a young guy work so hard to do a job right, good by mosquitoes.

  184. D. White 2018/06

    Great customer service!

  185. Celia Barrett 2018/05

    We wouldn’t be able to enjoy our backyard without Mosquito Authority!!

  186. Jim Van Derzee 2018/05

    On Saturday evening, we were grilling on our deck when we heard what sounded like lawn equipment. It was Mosquito Authority spraying our neighbors yard, which was less than 25 feet from where we were sitting. We all began coughing and sneezing from the pesticide that he was spraying. It is now 14 hours later, and we still have sore throats and headaches. I don’t know what kind of pesticide they use, but it is bad enough for the Mosquito Authority technician to wear a hazmat protective suit.

    It is discourteous and unprofessional not to at least make sure there is no one nearby before beginning to spray clouds of pesticide.

  187. Rob Baillie 2018/05

    These guys are GREAT! Our entire family can use our yard and not every worry about mosquitoes, ticks, fleas or chiggers.

  188. Donna Johnson 2018/05

    The Mosquito Authority is a great company to work with! Their treatment works and, in the rare occasion that I’ve seen mosquitoes between treatments, they have been great to come out to spray again!! I highly recommend them!!

  189. Kathleen Manuszak 2018/05

    I’ve been a customer for 2 years getting mosquito and pest control. The company is awesome. Great services and they truely value their customers.

  190. Steve Rula 2018/05

    Prompt, thorough, responsive and effective: My farm is surrounded by a 5,000 acre game preserve and yet I have no mosquito issues now. I don’t know what else I could expect them to do—-but I’m sure if I came up with an issue, they would resolve it for me!

  191. Nick Valdrighi 2018/05

    Great customer service and zero mosquitos!

  192. Jessica Marcus 2018/05

    The Mosquito Authority of Richmond has always been super friendly and incredibly responsive – especially as it pertains to our outside pets.

    Additionally, the service legitimately works. Without it, my son and husband (who are particularly attractive to bugs) would never be able to venture outside.

  193. Natalie and Bill Caffall 2018/05

    Mosquito free so far!!!!
    Looking forward to a summer without bug bites!

  194. Dave Gau 2018/05

    They were great to work with! Very helpful in scheduling to help us with a planned event, and in working with us to accommodate some extra concerns. The first treatment was very effective, even though there was tons of rain afterwards. Gloria and Heather and everyone we spoke with went above and beyond in meeting our requests, and were super friendly.

  195. Frances Frame 2018/04

    Thank you for the great service! Very professional and courteous! Thank you!

  196. collin 2018/04

    Groupon was misleading and I was upcharged a random fee to have them accept the voucher. Dishonest. Won’t be back after the treatment.

  197. Kayleen Lawrence 2018/04

    Wonderful customer service. Very happy with service

  198. Kendall Ruby 2018/04

    Very professional, timely and courteous!

  199. Alexis Scott 2018/04

    We had a great experience with Tony on Friday, 7/31. He was kind and friendly. We love Mosquito Authority!!

  200. Ronnie Etter 2018/03

    Gloria was great! Had a little mis-hap, she had the guys right back out the same day and had everything fixed. No Tics since then!

  201. T Phayme 2018/03

    What a great job Mosquito Authority has done!!! No bugs for me! Carrie and her staff have been wonderful!.. You need to be set up in all states across the country! I would definitely recommend you guys to all!

  202. Jonathan Dodd 2018/02

    Found out through Groupon about your services, got two treatments in my backyard, and haven’t seen a mosquito in weeks! Thanks mosquito authority!

  203. Hardeep “Grand Papadum” Ghataora 2018/02

    We first start using Mosquito Authority last year and it’s the first year I sat on the deck without getting bitten once. Excellent, friendly service, I’d recommend these these guys strongly.

  204. Beverly Beck 2018/02

    This is our second year with Mosquito Authority and just like last year we have had not one problem/bite with mosquitoes this year thus far. We love the service and the results. And every young man who has come to service us has been very kind.

  205. john barnes 2018/02

    We have been very pleased with Mosquito Authority. Customer service is great….they are always friendly and willing to help and answer any questions. We have enjoyed being mosquito free year and year and being able to enjoy the outdoors!

  206. Andrea Cason 2018/02

    Mosquitoes and other flying insects were under control immediately! Thorough and prompt service by the company and tech. Very satisfied with this company! I was able to enjoy and entertain on my patio

  207. Whitney Robertson 2018/02

    We’ve been very happy with our service. They’ve worked with me to be very careful about keeping water and pollinators safe, which is important to me, and they’re always very responsive in the office. Highly recommend.

  208. Mary Elizabeth Teller 2018/02

    I had called regarding a re-treatment for our yard due to rain. Carrie returned my call and she was AMAZING! Not only was Carrie able to schedule a re-treatment for our yard but she was also able to provide me with information regarding Mosquito Authority overall so I had a better understanding of our services. We also love that after only one treatment we were able to see a positive difference regarding the mosquitos in our yard!!

  209. Deena Ellen 2018/02

    We have been using Mosquito Authority for several years and love the benefits of it. We can spend time out on our patio and in the pool and actually enjoy being outside with out being the bugs biting. It’s money well spent.

  210. Tony Bausone 2018/01

    Great experience. No mosquitoes!

  211. Roxanne Globis 2018/01

    Carrie and her staff go above and beyond! Mosquito Authority reduced and eliminated mosquitoes so it could be enjoyed at all hours of the day. The Customer Service is World Class!

  212. Andy Sanborn 2018/01

    We have had a wonderful experience!

  213. John Sinanju 2018/01

    High quality and professional every time they treat my house-highly recommend!

  214. Billy Abato 2018/01

    I spent A TON of $ putting in a pool and then couldn’t enjoy it because the no-see-ums and mosquitos were trying to carry me away. Not anymore. Thanks Mosquito Authority!

  215. kelly clary 2018/01

    The office and staff are professional and polite. Great to work with. They follow up to make sure your service is working. As they explained, the mosquito’s dwindled greatly after the first spray and we haven’t seen any on our lot since the second. They guarantee it or they will do a return treatment. We liked them so much, we kept them when we moved.

  216. XNO 25 2018/01

    Always the best customer service! That’s why I come back!!

  217. Jennifer Berg 2018/01

    They were great to deal with. We set the appointment up with ease and they did a great job explaining the process and what we could expect. They arrived on time. And most importantly it was effective. My son would go outside and come back in with several bites, nightly. Now we’ve barely seen any mosquitos and he can go outside without getting bitten up.

  218. Mark Young 2018/01

    Fantastic product and the staff has the best customer service I have ever encountered from an organization.

  219. Linda Hollis 2017/10

    Mosquito authority was absolutely wonderful. Service was top quality and mosquitoes All Gone, Exceptional customer service and gave personal service with good information. Intend to use them next season so that we can continue to enjoy our yard. Thank you Mosquito Authority.

  220. Sheila Ungerer 2017/10

    Great to have peace of mind of deterring mosquitos and ticks from our child-filled, dog-filled yard! Excellent service and excellent work – no ticks over here! Thank you Mosquito Authority!

  221. Ann Moncure-Williams 2017/10

    Great, friendly, timely service. Not one mosquito bite all summer!

  222. Teresa and Greg James 2017/08

    Cannot say enough good things about Mosquito Authority! The customer service is amazing. I couldn’t imagine a summer without them! Because we spend so much time outdoors now, we even added a fire pit and patio to our back yard! That being said, were talking mother nature here with those nasty vectors of disease so you may get a bite or 2 however, from April to October I can say I received less than 10 bites. They came out each time the next dau…even at 8am memorial day. Normally, that would be in 1 evening for me! Be patient, you need at least 2-3 treatments to experience the full control. Only 1 will take care of 80% or so. So don’t judge after 1 coupon! I’m a forever customer.

  223. Stephanie Roth 2017/08

    Great service, and the associates are a pleasure to deal with. The best part is that you can do an individual service as opposed to having to sign a long term contract.

  224. Alisa Shapiro 2017/08

    Wonderful customer service and super easy sign up. Plus, competitive pricing!

  225. Andrew Beazley 2017/08

    Very professional team. Always checks prior to spray and will reschedule, as needed without any hesitation.

  226. Pamela Stump 2017/07

    A great service. I love to garden for pleasure but my main goal is to provide habitat for wildlife, especially pollinators. I have never used chemicals in my yard but the mosquitoes and ticks got so bad I could not enjoy being outside. I then heard about this company. They also care about the pollinators and are very aware and careful to apply products in a responsible way. I highly recommend their services. I do not need to wear insect repellent when I go out now.


  227. Kathryn Lowry 2017/07

    It works! Very reliable, and professional. Easy process, and they send a text the day before, and then call on the day they come right before they come.

  228. June Tuomisto 2017/06

    Very effective. Very easy to work with.

  229. Totally not A Russian Spy 2017/05

    Gloria and her team are fantastic. We have been very pleased with the treatment as well as the customer service we have received. This is our 2nd year using Mosquito Authority and we will use them again for many years to come!

  230. John McKenzie 2017/03

    This was our first year using a mosquito treatment company and we couldn’t be happier! What once was a sometimes unusable yard is now an enjoyable space, free from mosquitos. The treatments have made a huge difference and all of the employees are very courteous and helpful, even when it comes to special requests. This includes those spraying as well as those supporting on the phone. We will definitely use this service again next year!

  231. Charlott Sickal 2017/03

    This was my second season and i will be back next year! Their staff is so friendly, personable and professional and it’s amazing being mosquito free.

  232. Chuck Gallagher 2017/02

    Great service and it is always nice all summer long to me mosiquito free.

  233. Annie Arnold 2017/02

    We can finally enjoy outside in the warmer months! The treatments helped so much – no mosquitos for us!

  234. Gowri Mandgi 2017/02

    Great customer service! They do an excellent job of spraying our yard and the one time we had mosquitoes before a party they came the same day we called to spray again and followed up with us. We’re return customers and happy with the company.

  235. Diane Roberts 2017/02

    Mosquito Authority has a wonderful product (That Works!), excellent customer service and very friendly and professional employees! I would recommend them to all families that enjoy playing in their front and backyards. My two Golden retrievers love them too!

  236. Jaclyn Wood 2017/02

    Great experience. The folks providing service always give a courtesy call before coming out and the company does a great job of following up periodically to confirm we are happy with the services, which we are! Happy to be mosquito free!

  237. James Wilson 2017/01

    I made the switch from a competitor at the beginning of the season. Mosquito authority has been great. We’ve actually used our yard all summer.

  238. lauren foster 2017/01

    The customer service is fantastic as they are always friendly and helpful. We were happy with the service we received; it was very effective. The only reason we terminated our treatments was because we moved to an apartment complex. Would recommend Mosquito Authority.

  239. Mark Voelkner 2017/01

    Imaging mowing the law, playing in the yard with your kids, planting flowers, or sitting on the front porch … and NO mosquitoes! Thank you Mosquito Authority for making that happen! We also appreciate that you email and call before coming and even let us know when you arrive. Excellent customer service!

  240. Kate Reedy 2017/01

    Mosquito free yard as promised, and easy to work with on those occasions when I needed to reschedule due to other activities around the house/yard.

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