Mitchell Pest Services

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Mitchell Pest Services
4.8 based on 479 reviews
  1. JoAnn Adler 2023/10

    Andrew was wonderful

  2. Mark Condyles 2023/10

    They are quick to response and supper helpful

  3. Stephane Bryant 2023/10

    They were super nice and friendly. Answered all my questions and he bonded with my husband . He was super great with our animals too.

  4. james dedmond 2023/10

    Very efficient and therel.

  5. Helen Weinberg 2023/10

    I have never had such great service and all the employees are awesome! I had Orkin and I had all kinds of bugs everywhere and they were jerks. I’ve had Mitchell for less than a year, and I have found maybe 5 ants. and that is without spraying inside every time. I highly recommend them to anybody, and if I could get more than five stars I would.

  6. Allison Scott 2023/10

    This is my first time using the company. The technician was very professional and explained the process. He found the source of entry for mice and plugged the hole and set traps. Will follow up in two weeks.

    So far I am happy with the service.

  7. Robert Chiocca 2023/10

    Our service person applied insect and rodent killer to all accessible outdoor areas including 2nd story applications

  8. William Blackburn 2023/10

    Always on time, meets all my needs! Including killing a yellow jacket nest! Cannot go wrong with Mitchell Pest!

  9. LaFire 2023/10

    Got an awesome quoted price for pest treatment. They do same day services and are very good about accommodating my schedule. Every agent has been super friendly and professional! Most importantly, the treatments have been working!

  10. Sarah Hippolitus 2023/10

    I highly recommend Mitchell Pest. Everyone you speak with is great, but I want to express my appreciation of Keith, who is the manager, and Andrew, the technician. They are both outstanding service professionals. They are shining examples of great customer service because they actually care. And not only that, but it is clear that they are experts in pest management. They really take time to explain things, and they will answer any questions you have. Andrew was so thorough and thoughtful when he came over to apply treatment – he knows what he is doing and makes sure he is meeting the customer’s needs and preferences. He also is just a very nice person (as is Keith!). I am grateful for this company, as I have had a lot of stress with ant infestations in my new home. I trust that I am in good hands with them!

  11. Stephanie Persson 2023/10

    Friendly and knowledgeable! Very professional and great flexibility for scheduling.

  12. Louie Rucobo 2023/10

    Mitchell Pest Services came out and took care of a flea infestation at a house that I purchased. They were excellent to work with and best of all-no more fleas!!

  13. keefy6 2023/09

    Professional, patient and courteous. Responsive to follow up.

  14. Robert Cohen 2023/09

    The service person spent a lot of time assessing our ant problem and explaining it to us. He was very knowledgeable and thorough. A very personable young man.

  15. Tenille Goodman 2023/09

    Andrew did a fantastic job. He let me know when he arrived, perform the pest services and made sure I didn’t need any assistance inside. He cleaned up all the spider webs and put something special down to limit their reappearance. He even noticed that my dryer vent was blocked and brought that to my attention, preventing future issues! Definitely recommend his services!

  16. June Tatum 2023/09

    Mitchell Pest Services has great employees and wonderful customer service. Andrew was their representative in my home he was very knowledgeable thorough and on time

  17. kenya91b 2023/09

    I have never seen a company move so fast. Answered all of our questions immediately. We will have more to say after they get rid of our critters. If customer service and phone manners are anything to judge by, they had us at HELLO!

  18. Mike Keefe 2023/09

    Mitchell Pest came out to get rid of a yellow jackets nest. Multiple attempts with over the counter products were not getting the job done. One treatment with Mitchell took care of the issue. Would use them again.

  19. Chase Graham 2023/09

    I heard about this service from a friend of mine and I’ve got to say they’ve become my new favorite company to work with when it comes to getting rid of pests at my place. They’re fast, always on time, and they’re phenomenally thorough. Easy 5 stars.

  20. Michael Whittington 2023/09

    Great service and communication

  21. Ryan Wallace 2023/09

    You should invest in a hum device for your company vehicles. One of your employees must have driven past me at 90 just now south on 288.

    Yeah ok I’m driving 72 and they came up behind and then passed me but didn’t exceed 65. Your gps tracker is broken or you’re trying to save face.

  22. Aimee Watkins 2023/09

    How refreshing to have a company like this around today! Even when I was calling around initially to compare some of the other company representatives sounded bothered by the call. Every single person from Mitchell’s (including the owner Mitch that had answered the phone last few calls!) had been nothing but professional, understanding, and treats me like I’m the most important client. My mom has been having some trouble with pests and Mitch was concerned because they should have been cleared by the time I called asking how long I should expect. He explained other potential issues we may need to look for in order to fix the root of the problem outside which ended up being exactly the case! He sent Keith the area manager out who was just awesome. Again, so professional. So kind and personal. My moms little blind dog even loved him who is scared of more everyone. They have also come in-between services on multiple occasions previously when we did not know the main source was outside. No charge. I can not give Mitch, Keith, and the entire team enough kudos and let you know genuinely how refreshing their excellent service and care is. I think I have actually done maybe 3 reviews in my entire life of 53 years. And I took the time to write this letter. Hopefully that tells you there is simply no better company for your pest control needs.

  23. Todd Romer 2023/09

    Andrew was awesome

  24. Albert Kiebert 2023/09

    Great to work with, Mitch was able to help me get a second treatment for powder post beetles infestation at no cost.

  25. Emily Butz 2023/09

    Very helpful and thorough!

  26. Deborah Denton 2023/08

    Professional and very responsive.
    Easy to work with!

  27. Melody Eidson 2023/08

    We were very pleased by the work done by Andrew, with Mitchell Pest.
    Our service was scheduled quickly, and he arrived promptly and listened to us and did everything he could to ease our worries!!

  28. Ospreyman Lott 2023/08

    Very experienced and knowledgeable. Really couldn’t be better( coming from someone who ran a successful business for 20yrs.) Very highly recommend!!

  29. Steve Raymond 2023/08

    Andrew is Outstanding

    and I am very Happy he served here!!

  30. Maritza Enriquez 2023/08

    I called on a Wednesday and they were at our house the following morning to help mitigate a huge red ant infestation we had in our home!!! These guys were excellent to deal with!! From Chelsea at the office to our technician Michael, their professionalism and customer service were just amazing!!! Thank you once again!!!!!

  31. LoElesia Arcangel 2023/08

    Technician is very thorough and knowledgeable!

  32. Leila Taaffe 2023/08

    Jonathan was very helpful and took time to explain things before and after his thorough work!

  33. Hira (Xera) Animfefte 2023/08

    This is the third pest service we have tried and it is also the best. Phaly found some holes in the drywall that we missed in the laundry room and he also found a hole behind the stove in the kitchen. He sealed off the holes for us. No other pest service we’ve tried has done sealing. He also sprayed and set out traps, including one outside. We are very pleased with the service.

  34. Andrew Oliver 2023/08

    Andrew provided exceptional service. He listened to all of our concerns and addressed each one inside and outside of the home. He is very thorough as well taking the time to eradicate a huge yellow jacket nest that formed in some cinderblocks that had been terrorizing our dogs. Can’t thank him enough for the top notch service!

  35. Randall Wynn 2023/08

    Excellent service from Andrew today! He always gets ahead of the issue.

  36. Samantha Novo 2023/08

    Andrew was wonderful, did a thorough assessment and came up with great solutions! Everyone has been wonderful that we have contacted!

    Update: they are still amazing and Andrew is very thorough!

  37. Linna McAndrew 2023/08

    Jonah was prompt, friendly, knowledgeable! Was on time and very flexible with my schedule!

  38. Julie Hill 2023/08

    I appreciated the quick reply and speedy availability of the technician

  39. Don Large 2023/08

    Effectively investigated and applied appropriate trapping methods for a mysterious animal in our attic until we believed it must have escaped on its own. They are also providing routine insect control services which have been very effective.

  40. Lisa Phoenix 2023/08

    Very responsive and always prompt.

  41. Lauren Smiley 2023/08

    Technicians, Jonath and Brendan, did great jobs and answered all my questions! Would highly recommend.

  42. Shelby Brookings 2023/08

    Andrew at Mitchell Pest Services has been great to work with. I live in LA but grew up in RVA. I hired Mitchell to help with a rodent issue at my parents house, and Andrew has been our guy now on multiple visits. He is thorough, professional, and really knows his stuff. Highly recommended

  43. Elisha Magorian 2023/08

    Service man was running late but called in advance to let me know. Did all that I requested and suggested specific remedies to head off any potential problems.

  44. Norell Jensen 2023/08

    Andrew was lovely and took care of everything we asked for inside and outside the home. He was prompt and efficient and had a good sense of humor about everything. I applaude him for tacking our yellow jacket nest cause that thing was horrid, nasty and huge.

  45. Accounting Department 2023/07

    Good service, did a thorough job

  46. Ryan Hershey 2023/07

    They don’t follow instructions.

  47. Kevin Pool 2023/07

    Mitchell Pest does great work and communicates well – It is great that they service across the bay in Cape Charles! Thank you!!

  48. Zerui Wang 2023/07

    Good customer support, even I just did one time service! They still love to do me a favor for fellow up service with no extra cost. Chelsea and her team is amazing! So appreciate all done for our property!

  49. Anthony Penn 2023/07

    Ebony was friendly and knowledgeable. I appreciate having my questions answered and educating me about my service.

  50. Teresa V 2023/07

    The service we received was consistent with the reviews we read.
    Our technician was knowledgeable, on time, friendly, explained procedure and quite knowledgeable about the bugs.
    We’ve hired them for maintenance.

  51. Kelly Konvicka 2023/07

    Chelsea is great to work with! She always handles my requests immediately!

  52. Sara Lipe 2023/07

    They scheduled me quickly and Chelsea was very helpful. Thank you!

  53. Pablo DeOliveira 2023/07

    Phaly was very informative / professional / responsive. Answered all questions thoroughly and offered further recommendations.

  54. Rebecca Gay 2023/07

    Mitchell Pest has ONCE AGAIN, come to my aid!!! Twice this summer I’ve needed them beyond my usual scheduled service. Bees have been my problem recently. AJ came to my rescue!! He handled my huge bee problem very professionally, & QUICKLY!! Thank you, Mitchell Pest, AJ., & all the other great employees!!

  55. Jeremy 2023/06

    I have nothing but praise for Mitchell, the quality of service they offer is impressive.

    Within 24 hours of first calling Keith was at my building ready to begin treatment. He has been outstanding; very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond.


  56. Cynthia Martin 2023/06

    Problem is once you give them your contact information you will NEVER EVER GET OFF their text, phone call and email lists.

    For this reason I say AVOID unless you want a lifetime of aggressive sales calls.

  57. Reuben Jones 2023/06

    Mitchell Pest Services was not my first choice but thanks to the professionalism of their technician AJ it became my choice for pest treatment. He was very polite, helpful and his ability to explain the treatment process and expectation of services was great.

  58. Shannon Castelo 2023/06

    Initially I left a three star review due to a very unpleasant initial encounter. We were new to the area and looking for reasonably priced regular pest service. Although the pricing was great I do feel I was up-sold on an expensive termite treatment where the total cost over time was not made clear. There was no paperwork to indicate in writing what I had agreed to as it was all done over the phone. I guess I would have felt more comfortable had a follow up email come saying welcome and here is what we discussed. I hoped to get clarification when the technician arrived. However, that first technician visit was a disaster. They called me at the last minute to tell me they had a personal appointment and came to the property before I got home. I had taken time off work to make sure to talk to the technician but that did not happen. I failed to get my questions answered face to face and again no paperwork was left so I wasn’t really sure what had happened. The tech claimed he had gone i the crawl space but their answers to my questions made it clear they had not. Mitchel did send a follow up later which helped. All of this was about that first Tech and their lack of quality service and not the company overall. I have since navigated the portal and can find more information about my visits there. This portal as the main form of communication isn’t really my style and it wasn’t really made clear but I will use it. The third visit we had with Jonas was incredible. He was smart and talked to me about everything explaining it all in detail. I feel comfortable that he will be the human taking care of us moving forward. Jonas was great but it is disappointing that after that first disaster there wasn’t much follow up until I left a three star review then I got bombarded with follow up calls (mostly during the work day which I was unable to answer). When I finally called to get an inside treatment they wanted to talk about the review more than the ant problem I was having. All they seemed to care about was those two missing stars. All that said, we are happy to use this service as long as we continue to have the caliber of care Jonas provided. He was just the best!
    And I will use the portal. I would just recommend that anybody who signs up ask for a follow up email with conditions of service and all pricing in writing. Again maybe it was all in that portal and my GenX self missed it!

  59. Terri Powers 2023/06

    Great customer service!

  60. cindy woods 2023/06

    This company is awesome. They found the entrance for the mice that were invading my kitchen and the bats that were coming through my fireplace. They inspected every crevice of this house to solve my problem and worked tirelessly to eradicate the pests. I am also using them for mosquitoes and I haven’t been bothered by any. I highly recommend them

  61. Michael Pelletier 2023/06

    The tech came within the scheduled time period, was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable and even showed me some issues I was unaware of. A+ on the tech as he was awesome

  62. Kim Reid 2023/06

    They did a great job and were very thorough and polite

  63. Sharon Otero 2023/06

    I had centipedes in my yard and found some that might have come in the house via my dog’s coat as well as a few spiders. The yard was treated and inside my house will be treated in 2 weeks since I have a large dog. I was very pleased with the service, professionalism and knowledge displayed by Devon.

  64. Allen Waring 2023/06

    Looking for copperhead. The snake left it’s skin behind but had left the crawl space. The service man searched diligently but no snake. He spread Snake Away inside and out. We didn’t get the snake but our peace returned.


    Products not effective bugs still entering my house. I am so disappointed after spending $248.00 for poor products.


  66. Andrew Montgomery 2023/06

    I gots bees on bees on bees and they sent the friendliest dude out. He explained what he was doing and was very thorough. Great job!


  67. Bonita Kinney 2023/06

    Came on short notice on time with a good forewarning. Was able to address all my questions without hesitation. Worked quickly and efficiently. Does a good variety of services as well. Very satisfied with my service!

  68. ghislaine maith 2023/06

    So far so good. The exterminator was kind and explained everything he was doing. He also told me other issues he found that I needed to look into.

  69. Brittany Foster 2023/06

    Amazing over the top service! Andrew was extremely diligent and helpful. He noticed multiple areas of potential entry to my home and filled them with applying extra caulk, silicone, and brillo to it. It was like hiring a contractor to come! And all included in the normal service! Now that is five star customer service!

  70. Tanya Bentick 2023/06

    The technician took the time to explain our problems. He also was very professional and kind.

  71. Ashley seng 2023/06

    They came to spray for mosquito and left my backyard fence open. My dog got out and died. They managed to still charge me for that visit. This time was my dog, next time could be my child.

  72. Tony Crincoli 2023/06

    Very thorough and professional

  73. Tosica Matthews Figueroa 2023/06

    Used them today and had their service before. They are fair priced with great customer service.

  74. Beth Cautilli 2023/06

    Thorough, professional, informative and friendly!

  75. Janyce Olson 2023/06

    We have been using Mitchell services for several years and been very satisfied. While the initial issue of mice was dealt with they came on a regular basis. In recent years it’s been on a quarterly. agent Fred was our regular service provider for many years he has relocated so Jonath came for the first time and just returned for his second visit. He was exceptionally thorough as he remembered the house and knew where to look for traps set in my double garage as well as two floors and the basement in my home. Jonath is personable, efficient and friendly. I am very pleased to recommend Mitchell highly.

  76. Toni Clary 2023/06

    They young gentleman that came out was a very informative respectable young man who definitely knew his job. He came in and let us know what he was looking for and why with each part of the house he was inspecting at the time. Kudos to this Gentleman. Job well done.

  77. Ryan Flanagan 2023/06

    The came and did an extremely thorough follow up appointment!

  78. Nicole Edwards 2023/06

    I’m a first time customer. I called late Thursday afternoon, A.J. explained the process and scheduled me for the next day. Zach called Friday morning and came right out. He walked the perimeter of the house, explained what he was going to do and what to expect next. Everyone I dealt with was polite, knowledgeable and down to earth. Small businesses are the best!

  79. Leigh Johnson 2023/06

    Jonath & Brenden were wonderful. Very knowledgeable about the issues, fast and efficient with the treatment and let us know exactly what to expect.

  80. Geoffrey Thieke 2023/05

    The Mitchell team is always professional and easy to work with

  81. Kevin Malbone 2023/05

    The service technician was super cordial and professional. He took the time to answer all my questions and he explained everything thoroughly. Good follow up from the office too.

  82. Brenda Golden 2023/05

    Chelsea is very friendly, professional, and great to deal with. Jonath, Rene, and Alonzo are all very knowledgeable, respectful of the property and friendly.

  83. Linh Vo 2023/05

    I’m very happy with Mitchell Pest service. They are nice people. The Tech don’t mind to walk around to find my condo with me on the phone. I really appreciate it.

  84. Joe Timberlake 2023/05

    Always a pleasant experience for my real estate listings and personal properties.

  85. Tim James 2023/05

    Had a chronic problem with sugar ants. While I waited for a callback from another pest control, I called Mitchell. They came out next morning, treated our residence and within 24 hours the problem had significantly been eliminated. Thank you for the fast service and great results!

  86. Elizabeth Messick 2023/05

    Great customer service and communication! I love that I can set it all up via text.

    Not pushy at all with sales. Very informative.

    Chelsea was great!

  87. D S 2023/05

    we called Mitchell’s thinking we had termites. Jonath came out and after a thorough inspection determined they were actually ants. i appreciate so much knowing that i am dealing with a reputable, competent, and honest company. we are customers for life! thank you so much!

  88. John Orlando 2023/05

    Chelsea with Mitchell’s Pest service called me back after leaving a message a few minutes earlier. She was extremely courteous and helpful in scheduling treatment. So far, very impressed with their level of service!

  89. Follow, Will the Fame 2023/04

    Great quality service both during the treatment and when I had a million questions over the phone. AJ answered every one of them. They come out super quick too!

  90. Stani Stefanova 2023/04

    I have been using Mitchell Pest Control for 4 years going now and have always been happy with their services. I am scared of any crawling bugs so they have always managed to take care of that problem. All of their employees are super kind and professional. Today, I had the quartetly service done and met Lanina. I wanted to give her a shout out for being such a wonderful and filled with positive energy person. Excellent customer service skills and super kind! Thank you!

  91. Crystal Cannizzaro 2023/04

    Great place!!


  92. Jared Daniel 2023/04

    Chelsea was the representative who reached out the morning after my request for a quote. She was very helpful and was able to get us scheduled that day, so far experience has been great!

  93. Joseph Godio 2023/04

    Called for an estimate. Chelsea was very helpful and friendly. Great customer service.

  94. Emily Franko 2023/04

    Jarius from Mitchell’s Pest was just the best! He listened patiently to our concerns of an ant infestation and was well prepared. He took several steps to address the problem and couldn’t have been kinder or more knowledgeable! He explained everything he was doing and also gave us great advice to trim the bushes surrounding our house so they don’t touch it (prevents ants from coming inside). Jarius was good with our 2 dogs and made sure not to use anything harmful to them to treat the ant problem. We are very happy customers and look forward to less/no ants!

  95. Theresa Stuart 2023/04

    Great company and staff! Very knowledgeable and great value.

  96. C & L Eure 2023/04

    Mitchell has done a great job. I’m in landlord in another state. My tenants reported the service technician was very helpful, professional and very attentive to the reported mice problem. I spoke with the office and the technician to get a full understanding of the issue and the treatment approach. I must say Mitchell is committed to serving us in every way to resolve any concerns. We are very satisfied with their service.

  97. Robert McGavin 2023/04

    Outstanding service!!! Jonath was an encyclopedia of knowledge in his craft. He was very thorough and answered all our questions. He is an asset to Mitchell. I would give him a raise or a bonus if I could. I would highly recommend using Mitchell Pest Services and Jonath for your pest control needs.

  98. varuffin 2023/04

    Technician was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Excellent service

  99. Quan Kirk 2023/04

    I get advanced notice for our quarterly service and they are very responsive when I call with any issues.

  100. Debbie Carter 2023/04

    Mitchell Pest Service is the company to call! My entire experience starting with scheduling an appointment to the day of our inspection was absolutely perfect! I knew we were in good hands. Jonath, our technician, was prompt, professional, and very knowledgeable. He offered a turn-key solution to our wildlife issue and made us feel confident the issue would be resolved. I would highly recommend Mitchell Pest Service and Jonath.

  101. Matthew Martin 2023/03

    Fantastic experience during a very unpleasant event. Mitchell got us scheduled the next morning when many others needed days or a week+. Time was of the essence however because we had a dead animal in our wall. Jonah went the extra mile to take care of my family and I’ll never forget that. Couldn’t have been a better experience and I will use and recommend them going forward for any wildlife needs.

  102. Jack John Intagliato 2023/03

    Alonzo was awesome! He called ahead to let me know exactly what time he would arrive. He was very knowledgeable and professional and made sure to answer any questions I had. I would recommend this company to anyone!

  103. Diane Cook-Tench 2023/03

    Alonzo came to do the inspection after I’d heard sounds of squirrels, possibly in the attic or chimney. He’s a great person and did a through check of all areas. Sure enough, the squirrels are getting into the chimney as it doesn’t have a proper chimney cap. I’m working to get that installed now. I found the company to be very professional and prompt. Their work is honest and the people are great all around. I’d recommend them and will use them again if I have further issues.

  104. Maeve O 2023/03

    Courteous, thorough and professional. Took time to explain the process.

  105. Steph M 2023/03

    From the information call to inspections, the people at Mitchell have been great. The online portal is handy, the prices are competitive, and the service so far is outstanding. Looking forward to my first year with them!

  106. stephanie grant 2023/03

    Polite and to the point! Will definitely use them in the future! Wonderful customer service!

  107. Susan dubuque 2023/03

    Very responsive snd professional service. They took care of the squirrel in the chimney.

  108. Katherine Konvicka 2023/03

    I called on a Friday afternoon and their team was at our house on Monday! Great experience from initial conversation to meeting the team— super helpful. Excited to be ant free and will continue my service!

  109. Rebecca Banton 2023/03

    I called Mitchell Pest in a panic yesterday because we found small snakes under our craw space. They were out to my house in less than 24 hours. Alonzo was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with the snake(s) removal, and provided us the best service that would keep them away. We’re so appreciative of their efforts and couldn’t recommend them more!

  110. Brandon Dunkum 2023/03

    Extremely professional from the scheduling to the service tech. Tech took the time to explain everything he was doing thoroughly.

  111. Shelby Brown 2023/02

    Excellent customer service at a reasonable price. My tech Jonath was prompt, professional and thorough. Took his time to explain everything while solving my problem. I will definitely do business with them in the future and have already referred them to friends.

  112. Mahmoud Sir 2023/02

    Great service, friendly, competitively priced and competent… everything you want in a good Pest Control company!

  113. Jose Salinas 2023/02

    Great experience! Very professional, on time, respectful, and fast! Definitely looking forward to working with them again.

  114. Veronique Maith 2023/02

    The exterminator I had was very knowledgeable, professional and nice. I would definitely recommend this company.

  115. Althea Smith 2023/02

    Chelsea reached out to me less than five minutes after submitting my contact info on the website to schedule my first two appointments.

    Jonath came out the next day and was happy to field all of my questions during the initial service. He thoroughly explained the process for tackling my rodent issue. And was kind enough to fix a broken hinge on my crawlspace access door. One less thing on my to-do list.

  116. David Dicken 2023/02

    Patrick came right away and is very personable friendly same day service. Chelsea is fantastic handled everything perfect. Great experience. ?
    David Dicken …

  117. LEELA FITZ 2023/02

    Mitchell Pest bought our long time former pest control service, Gentleman Jim’s. We were hopeful the exemplary service we had with Jim, including how he treated our home for over a decade, would carry over with Mitchell’s (now in South Florida) and we are very pleased with our service. The technician, Michael, showed care, was professional and personable and was as thorough as Jim used to be. We will continue recommending our pest control service to others.

  118. meggies perks 2023/02

    Alonzo was so wonderful!

  119. Bonita Freeman 2023/02

    Price is fair and good for the quality of work that is received.
    Ebony is very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough at taking care of your home and securing your home from bugs and insects..
    I definitely recommend Mitchell Pest Services.

  120. Blake Cale 2023/01

    Alonso was great! Professional, polite, and he explained everything he was doing step by step. Excellent service.

  121. Emily COOK 2023/01

    Chelsea was a pleasure to talk to while getting set up for my pest control

  122. Chloe Ruddy 2023/01

    Chelsea went above and beyond to get us scheduled in a timely manner. She’s awesome.

  123. Lareina Consalvo 2023/01

    Great first impression answered the phone quickly

  124. Mark Hirsch 2023/01

    Everything about my experience was top notch. I was pleased to find out that they could actually send someone out same day! When Johnah (sp) arrived he was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, and went above and beyond to make sure we didn’t have anymore unwanted guests. I very rarely submit online reviews, but felt compelled to do so after this experience!

  125. Peggy & Wayne Plageman 2023/01

    Jonth (sp) was very professional and friendly. He sprayed in my house including the attic and outside. I was very impressed with his thorough work.

  126. Sara Rennicke 2023/01

    Chelsea was incredible! She was so helpful and it was so easy to get these horrible spiders out of our house.

  127. Denise Sestito 2023/01

    Professional, prompt, and courteous!
    I highly recommend Mitchell Pest Sevices!

  128. Luis Antonio Rodríguez H. 2023/01

    Very good service.

  129. kristina 2023/01

    Very detailed and really trying to help stop mice coming into my house.

  130. Ross Violi III 2023/01

    The Service Tech Alonso was very courteous and explained my treatment options thoroughly.

  131. Stacy Hicks 2023/01

    Jonathan was professional and polite. He performed a thorough inspection and advised me of everything he found along with recommendations of potential solutions. I would recommend Mitchell Pest Services.

  132. Andrew Perkins 2022/11

    Dalton DeProspero told me this is an excellent business.

  133. Josephine Saxton 2022/11

    Chelsea was so great! Very helpful!

  134. Tom Swift 2022/11

    Most positive first impression, both on the phone and at my home. I’m glad to have Alonzo as the primary rep and glad to have chosen Mitchell Pest Services.

  135. Claire Downey 2022/11

    Alonzo was very helpful and friendly, would recommend!

  136. Kevin Nelson 2022/11

    Dalton deserves a raise

  137. Sara Chabalewski 2022/11

    FANTASTIC service and went above and beyond to help with my extremely tight timeframe. I am a customer for life!

  138. Hassan Abbassy 2022/11

    Alonzo was absolutely AMAZING!!! Not only was he knowledgeable but he was kind, honest, and super helpful. He went the extra mile by going over the entire house from top to bottom. He explained everything in great detail and for me that was super important. He provided solutions and when things weren’t what he expected he looked at alternatives versus just throwing in the towel. We have a wasp problem and you can only imagine how stressful and dangerous this is especially when we have people who are allergic to stings. He was really the most professional exterminator I’ve ever dealt with. He made us feel like everything was going to be alright. The BEST customer service and his company should feel really lucky to have such a wonderful employee. He and his colleague Chelsea are the reason I signed up for quarterly inspections and why I’m sticking with Mitchell to service my home! THANK YOU Alonzo!!!!!

  139. Kenny Sclafani 2022/11

    Dalton the goat

  140. Finn Scott-Daniels 2022/11

    Excellent customer service!!!!!!

  141. Gavin Pitts 2022/11

    Dalton is the best

  142. Spencer Tibbs 2022/11

    Had a wonderful honest experience with Mitchell pest. They won’t try to upscale anything you don’t need and tell you how to do it yourself. Jonah is extremely educated and would welcome him into my home anytime!

  143. Josh White 2022/11

    dalton is the goat

  144. Kristen Killea 2022/11

    Alonzo was great. He did a thorough job, identified the issues we were having, and implemented a plan to address them. We will certainly use this company again and will request Alonzo to do the service.

  145. Andrew Barksdale 2022/11

    Alonzo was courteous and professional

  146. Reagan Brown 2022/11

    Chelsea was so helpful through the whole process. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends.

  147. Noel van Aartrijk 2022/11

    Alonzo is the best! Everyone who comes for maintenance treatments are always thorough, professional and friendly.

  148. Laurin Cassibry 2022/11

    Chelsea was super sweet and called immediately yesterday to schedule pest control services for today! She is super sweet and bubbly and was very informative.
    We will see how the pest control goes but so far Keith is very kind, informative, and professional and currently treating our home now.

  149. AJ Haines 2022/11

    dalton the goat

  150. Gavin Pollard 2022/11

    Your employee Daulton was fantastic and made me feel safe exterminating the hornets from my porch.

  151. Linda Cheatham 2022/11

    Technician explained process, how to eradicate the problem. Very informative, professional and helpful.

  152. Sammie Roberts 2022/11

    Dutch actually saved a cat from Andrew while I was there it was awesome. That guys the goat

  153. Tyler Schwarzman 2022/11

    Dutch is great

  154. Remi Schaber 2022/11

    Dalton is a very professional employee

  155. Stephen Sommer 2022/11

    Dutch DeProspero came out to my property and got these European hornets out of my barn. He was very professional and got the job done quick. Can’t thank him anymore!

  156. Paula Hawkes 2022/11

    Alonzo was very professional, and knowledgeable.. Glad I choose Mitchell for my pest control!

  157. Cristian Reyna 2022/11

    Dalton is an amazing employee

  158. Sydney Sommer 2022/11

    Dalton kicked my daddy long leg problem to the curb… thanks man!

  159. Ellison Hanna II 2022/10

    Dalton the goat

  160. Barbara Calderon 2022/10

    I give thumbs up to this company. They inherited me from Budget pest control and they made the transition effortlessly. They have been servicing me in Sheperdstown WV for a year now. Customer service is top when I call in and I normally speak to Jennifer. The young man that does my spraying is a 10. He’s professional and polite. I truly appreciate this company. Thank you.

  161. Stephanie Campbell 2022/10

    Great service and communication. Really wonderful people answer my calls and come to our home!

  162. Mary Holman 2022/10

    We have had a great experience with Mitchell Pest Services. Jennifer has always been responsive and the team has always been timely resolving pest problems as they arise. Would highly recommend!

  163. Bobbette Riggan 2022/10

    We had an aggressive muskrat that kept chasing our animals when they’d go outside. The technician came out to help and for a brief moment I feared the person may be injured however the technician prevailed and the muskrat has not returned. My family and our animals appreciate the help of this service.? …

  164. Joey Simon 2022/10

    Very easy to work with. They worked with my schedule. I called yesterday and they had someone out today to service the house. Very communicative and responsive.

  165. Bobby Bramwell 2022/10

    I called Mitchell’s pest control and talked to Chelsea. She was very knowledgeable and got me set up despite my busy schedule. Will 100 percent be referring Mitchell’s Pest to friends and family!! Great service all the way around!!

  166. Cruz Incorporated 2022/10

    We have used Mitchell Pest Control since we built our home in 2016. Due to a neighbor discarding food on their property, we observed a rodent on our property. They dispatched Alonso to service our property.

    Alonso was very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. He answered all of my questions and assisted replacing the covering to our crawl space.

    This is why we recommend Mitchell Pest Control and commend Alonso!!

    Cruz Sherman

  167. Aaron Lumpkin 2022/10

    Excellent! The Mitchell Team was able to schedule us last minute and they provided the report quickly. Thanks!

  168. Michelle M 2022/10

    They are always responsive to my concerns. Ebony, one of their technicians, is great at listening to my concerns and addressing the issue. She is thorough when she comes out todo our quarterly services.

  169. William Boyes 2022/10

    I give her all the highest rankings. Excellent communication and courtesy as well as detail oriented customer satisfaction.

  170. Alex Rooke 2022/09

    After calling on Monday, Alonzo came to our house on Tuesday for a home inspection and initial service. He was very professional and helpful, explaining what he was doing and how it would help. He also was clear about what future service visits would look like. It also feels like a big bonus that if we have any issues in between service visits, they’ll come out for free! We feel confident with the services they’re providing and are happy to have Alonzo working with us.

  171. William Dennis 2022/09

    Excellent service

  172. Megan McGhee 2022/09

    Friendly, responsive, informative – pleased with my decision to call Mitchell Pest Services. They scheduled next-day service and arrived within their time window. First service + 30 day follow up, then quarterly treatments. No contract. Technician was extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly answered all of my questions. Looking forward to continuing to use them for my pest control needs!

  173. Rose Murphy 2022/09

    Much better experience with Fred.. Great communication skills..Answered all my questions..

  174. Jim Davenport 2022/09

    I purchased my home in February 2021, did some major renovation for several months, & during that time had another Pest Control company visit my house twice. I chose Mitchell Pest Services, this time, on the advisement of my brother, who uses their services. I’m Glad I Did!

    Jessy was very thorough in all aspects of the job she performed. From the initial consultation & explanation of her purpose being there, the inspection, advisement of what needed to be done, to performing the pest control activities. I was amazed at the time spent, inside & out, as well as the thoroughness of the tasks she performed. I was also pleasantly surprised with the cost. So much so, that I signed up for quarterly services. I would Highly Recommend, Mitchell Pest Services. Thank You Jessy! You are a credit to your profession.

  175. Rebecca Brooks 2022/09

    Chris Fortune did a wonderful job. Thank you

  176. Janice Glass 2022/09

    This was the 3rd company I called to set up a termite inspection for the sale of my home. The first 2 companies told me they’d have to get back to me about scheduling but never did witching a couple of days.
    When I called Mitchell, their lines were all busy but the office manager called me right back in about 2 minutes. She set up my appointment immediately and gave me the best price too! Their prices were better, both the office support and the inspector were both very friendly and responsive. I was also happy to see a female inspector for the first time!
    I highly recommend this company!

  177. Madeline M 2022/09

    The young lady Courtney that answers the phone is always so friendly and pleasant. The techs that come to my house are always prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable!

  178. Zach Hayes 2022/09

    Chelsea was wonderful on the phone and explained everything i needed to know!

  179. Meg Silva 2022/09

    Wonderful service. Technician was on time and very professional.

  180. Catherine Mason Hammer 2022/09

    Very friendly and helpful from the start. Fred is a pleasure to work with. I’m glad we have their help!

  181. Nicholas Davidson 2022/09

    The scheduler, Chelsea, called promptly after I filled out their online form and was knowledgeable and polite about scheduling an appointment for treatment. Overall great experience so far and I am glad I chose Mitchell over alternatives in the area.

    Thabks, Chelsea!

  182. Darlene Burge 2022/09

    I’m new to this business, however, it was refreshing to see how quickly I received a response to my inquiry. I’m looking forward to receiving the services I elected from this company.

    August 13, 2021
    We were not home when our representative arrived and performed her tasks. Needless to say, we are satisfied and would like her to return and inspect inside.

  183. Katisha Kersey 2022/09

    Chelsea was very helpful getting services scheduled.

  184. Killian Riggan 2022/09

    Had an infestation of spiders in my shed where I store the lawnmower. Their employee Chris arrived on time, and was very professional and courteous throughout the job. He was able to finally get rid of those spiders for us, and now we can use the lawnmower again. 10/10 would recommend.

  185. Ronnie Lewallen 2022/09

    Installed new inground Termite bait stations.

  186. Talbert Dunn 2022/09

    I called to inquire about termite treatment last week and I was EXTREMELY pleased with how the young lady that handled my call was, so much so that I had to write her name down to remember to leave a review. Chelsea was very informative and personable during my call, although I ended up not using Mitchell’s service (my brother in law is a pest control specialist and was able to come to town to help me) I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have pest control treatment on their property. I will definitely be calling them back if I have any future needs!

  187. Jon 2022/09

    I found a massive number of Wasps had decided to take up residence in my parents’ attic. As this was much too large of a task for me to deal with, I contacted Mitchell Pest Services to see what they recommended. I had the pleasure of talking to Chelsea. She was very professional and knowledgeable. She presented me with all of the options and how much it would cost to take care of their uninvited, flying guests. Based on this interaction alone, we will most definitely be doing business with Mitchell

  188. Mike Harmon 2022/09

    Dustin did a great job. He was very knowledgeable and transparent. He arrived within the window and was finished quickly.

  189. Jonathan C 2022/08

    Patrick was very knowledgeable and helpful. Would use then again in the future thanks to Patrick.

  190. Tammy Van Dame 2022/08

    Chelsea Gleason is extremely professional and customer service oriented. Definitely recommend

  191. Dan Halloran 2022/08

    They were unable to help fix my issue because of the height of my house but they identified it and offered many solutions. They were so professional and helpful. Quality communication and ease of working with this group. Thanks so much!

  192. Stan Wallenberg 2022/08

    The young men that came were very courteous and respectful. Performed their job well and explained everything thoroughly ?. Signed up for a year’s worth of treatment. …

  193. Emma Eichinger 2022/08

    Mitchell Pest has been incredibly helpful to me in terms of helping keep my home pest and rodent free. The technicians are always helpful and professional, and it’s easy yo schedule service needs. Highly recommend!

  194. Bill Dadmun 2022/08

    Found a rodent in my house this morning. Tech was on site before 11am and provided bait traps in several locations. That should take care of it! After this past effort, I hired them for regular maintenance. They have been punctual and effective!

  195. Troy Baker 2022/08

    We had a great experience with this company!! They came out the next day from our appointment and sprayed our whole property for general pest control. He gave me some good advice for keeping pests away too. Overall very professional, timely, and a great quality – we will be using you guys for our routine treatment going forward!

  196. Becca Rhoads 2022/08

    Tom and Kia came out to help us with a rat problem. They were super friendly and Tom was very informative and knowledgeable over the phone. Also extremely honest as far as services that we needed, and gave a through inspection! Highly recommend!!
    2022 Update: we continued to use Mitchell pest, and I have so much more to add. We loved them so much we contracted them on our home and rental property. I don’t know where they recruit, but every employee of Mitchell is so great- super professional, knowledgeable, and very reassuring, and friendly. It feels very comfortable to have them in your home. We have had Ebony (sooo efficient and on top of things), and most recently, Alonzo (also so friendly and knowledgeable, answered all our questions!!). You can’t go wrong with Mitchell pest.

  197. Carolyn Finney 2022/08

    Chelsea was incredibly helpful throughout this process on top with informative on what she was doing and what i would need to do on my end. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is inquiring such services. i will definitely be passing her name and information on to many people i know. thanks Chelsea so much!

  198. Claire Robinson 2022/08

    Elimination of flies.

  199. Earth T 2022/08

    Great customer service, very responsive. Their technicians gets the job done.

  200. Wayne Lennon 2022/08

    Chelsea was very helpful getting our service set up during our call today. Looking forward to the service moving forward!

  201. Micah Johnson 2022/07

    Mitchell Pest Services is great. I have an account with them and can call them to come by whenever I have an issue that needs addressing. They are fast, professional and reliable. In addition, they have a new technician named Chris that has come by twice now and he is excellent! He’s personable, very professional and knowledgeable. When I called Mitchell to come by and look at some insects that had gotten into the house Chris was able to identify them almost immediately. He sprayed around our house and even went into our attic at my request just to make sure that they weren’t bat ticks…

  202. Nicole Williams 2022/07

    Kind, thorough, on time, professional. Very pleased.

  203. Adrian Ruecroft 2022/07

    This company was super responsive and helped me get an appointment to fit my schedule.

  204. Laura Bodt 2022/07

    I got a call immediately to schedule the service after filling out the online form. The professional who came to help was awesome and easy to communicate with. I’m mostly so relieved to be getting such great help with all the insects at my house. Great experience!

  205. Wynter Thurston 2022/07

    Trish was very thorough & explained a lot to me. She was able to advice me of the actions we needed to take in the restaurant , as well as her actions.

  206. Petya Stefanova 2022/07

    Chelsea was great to work with in setting my account with the company. She professional and answered my questions. Trish came right on time and was efficient in spraying inside and outside the house, and cleaning the spider webs. I look forward to working with Chelsea, Trish, and Mitchell company.

  207. Marlena Artis 2022/07

    Alonzo was very informative, professional and friendly, definitely has a lot of experience with this field of work. We are happy with their willingness to help and following up with quarterly treatments

  208. Bradley Reed 2022/07

    Mitchell Pest Control is very professional and effective. We use them for our regular pest control services and haven’t noticed any pest issues since we began with them. They always give us notifications before they visit, come on time, and their prices are very reasonable. I would recommend using them for your pest control needs!

  209. Kawand Jasper 2022/07

    Very, very impressed with their service, and customer support. I am a satisfied customer.

  210. Alex Brown 2022/07

    Mitchell pest control was super responsive and professional. I had Chris as a tech and he did a great job talking me through our treatment plan and was super friendly as well! Would highly recommend!

  211. sharmene schoolfield 2022/07

    Never called me back to follow up on what I needed. Someone was supposed to call me in 3 minutes… I’m still waiting.

  212. Scott Burnup 2022/07

    Everything about this went smooth and exceeded my expectations. When scheduling the appointment Chelsea was very helpful and knowledgeable about the process. The technicians, Jonath and Chris, were prompt and courteous the entire time. They were very clean and explained everything thoroughly for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone else who needs their services.

  213. Eleanor Keeton 2022/06

    Customer service is excellent!

  214. Abigayle Samuel 2022/06

    Alonso came out to my residence today & was great! Really appreciate him explaining the services to me & treating the interior and exterior of my home. He was on time, and very attentive when it came to my concerns. Thank you!

  215. Kara Dye 2022/06

    Friendly and professional technicians that go above and beyond. Highly recommend!

  216. Dude Guy 2022/06

    Very friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Chelsea quickly scheduled a service and handled all logistics.

  217. David DeFoggi 2022/06

    Recently Trish Bruno inspected our home for termites. While under the house, she noticed that There was some mold on the floor joists. She brought this to our attention and recommended we improve the vapor barrier and install a dehumidifier. She also described the difference between a vapor barrier and crawl space encapsulation. When asked, she indicated that Mitchell Pest update the vapor barrier/install dehumidifier and provided a quote. I appreciate the pro-active approach she takes to the service she provides! Thank you!!

  218. Grace King 2022/06

    Mitchell technician administered snake repellent and set bait traps for mice/rodents believed to be attracting the snakes

  219. J.D. Ingram 2022/06

    Chelsea was awesome.

  220. Rob Guarnera 2022/06

    Great service, responsive, very knowledgeable and reasonably priced. Highly recommend!!

  221. Travis Gardner 2022/06

    Mitchell Pest has been delightful. All of the people in the office and the techs have been top notch. Alonso came out to our house today. He was thorough, patient, and did a great job of explaining what he was doing and any options available to us. We are very happy with Mitchell Pest.

  222. Mary Rice 2022/06

    A++. We have multiple rental properties requiring special attention to each individual house. Mitchell listens, responds, communicates, shows up on time every time, and stays right on it! We changed from another large company to Mitchell bc we struggled to get on-going information. Mitchell tells us how the house is doing, rather than us begging for an update! Highly recommend!

  223. Karlie Vogt 2022/06

    Super communicative and always share a ton of information. Jonath Negron was our specialist and he was so thorough. Thank you!

  224. mtnmama 2022/06

    Helpful, professional, courteous, and come when scheduled. Flexible, informative help from the office when needed

  225. Jerry Nagy 2022/05

    Chelsea was very professional and informative. She was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions leaving me no doubt on what to expect. Thanks!

  226. Viola Williams 2022/05

    Alonzo was very polite and courteous, knowledgeable, helpful with my questions. I am pleased with the performance of the product thus far. I think that with a couple more treatments, things will be fine. We will know more as the Fall and Winter seasons come in.

  227. Kasra H 2022/05

    Great to work with!

  228. Tricia Boyes 2022/05

    Chelsea had excellent communication and courtesy as well as detail oriented customer satisfaction. I was very impressed by her responsiveness and professionalism.

  229. cheesebubbles yumm 2022/05

    Updated 10/22: Fred is always a pleasure, he and his teammates solved my bats in the attic issue and he services my house regularly. Very friendly, goes the extra step and appreciate his knowledge.

  230. David Curtis 2022/05

    Alonzo was very thorough and explained everything. He listened to my concerns and helped me understand the process.

  231. Coy Reynolds 2022/05

    Tech was great and answered all our questions

  232. kate yoffy 2022/05

    This was our yearly extermination. The tech was late, he did not spray the garage, and barely sprayed under the house. He was here 15 minutes at the most. We are very disappointed

  233. Nicho Evans 2022/05

    We had a baaaddd termite problem above the garage. Called and talked to Chelsea. She was very knowledgeable, answered all of questions and got the job done very fast. Will definitely use this company for all our pest issues in the future.

  234. Stephanie D 2022/05

    I used this company a few years ago for a termite inspection and had a wonderful experience, which is why I called them FIRST when I needed an exterminator this time around. It has been one disappointment after another now. They have not shown up more than once with excuses about why. They can never seem to find me in the computer and have to look and look, telling me they’re having computer problems. Every time. The guy who answers the phone is unprofessional and incompetent, chewing gum or eating and blowing hard into the phone. No sense of urgency or empathy and I know is causing this company to lose money. He HAS to be a son, nephew, or cousin because there’s no way they can record the calls for training and hear him on the phone with people and allow him to stay on! I’m done.

  235. Patty Peters 2022/05

    Very nice friendly customer service. Professional and quickly response and same day service offered Looking forward to working with this Company.

  236. Joe Sifer 2022/05

    Chelsea handled my case. She was excellent! She expedited scheduling and gave us pointed on how to handle things in the interim until treatment is completed.

  237. Charles Brewer 2022/04

    Haven’t had the opportunity to utilize service, but from what I hear, they provide top notch services with excellence and professionalism. Would most definitely be my go to for all pest services in the future!

  238. Edward Gleeson 2022/04

    Superior job done by their team. Chris was polite, timely and did a great job clearing out the insects out of my home.

  239. Melissa Martin 2022/04

    Highly recommend. Cannot say enough wonderful things about this company. Quickly came out for first service. Any other time I asked them to come back they were always there the next day. The technician Trish was amazing!! She was knowledgeable, professional, and prompt. She made what was a stressful experience for me so much better with her reassurance and humor. Always happy to see her at my door. Thank you for everything and being such a great business to work with.

  240. Christopher Robertson 2022/04

    Quick and through inspection of my future property

  241. Cody Ravallo 2022/04

    Very reliable, and thorough job. I highly recommended.

  242. Alma Dominguez 2022/04

    Chelsea was very helpful! She answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable. Service was great!

  243. Brian Cullen 2022/04

    We were having some pest issues, which Alonzo from Mitchell Pest Services was able to help us with. Alonzo was courteous, professional, on-time, thorough, knowledgeable, and frankly, enjoyable to talk to! We’ve used these folks before and we surely will again

  244. Matthew Evans 2022/04

    Very helpful scheduling appointments and flexible with time frame of availability to work with my work schedule.

  245. CRossM 2022/04

    REVISED: First review under pressure from the many texts urging me to review was good but now? It’s revised:

    1. Where is Mitchell Pest located? I wanted a local company but have collected (so far) 4+ phone numbers and all but one go to a recorded message that says we aren’t available although I called within the posted business hours. Then when one of the numbers finally did work the gal answers Mitchell’s Pest Control, please hold and when the call is picked up again it’s an answering service, not Mitchell’s at all!

    2. I paid my bill via credit card on the first day via phone directly to the office that the technician called-I assumed it was legit. But today, I got a bill so checking the credit card details it was paid to an address for a home in Lovettsville VA not Richmond, VA.

    3. If you post your hours then be there during those hours.

  246. Charles Armistead 2022/04

    Always super responsive and helpful! I highly suggest using them for any termite inspection.

  247. Daniel Blosser 2022/04

    I had a opossum die in my crawl space and the smell was just horrible. Alonzo came by, and without flinching, pulled it right out of there – it probably took him five minutes. He was a super nice guy, got the job done quick, and even went the extra mile to fill in some areas around the outside of the house that he thought animals might be able to get in from. All around awesome experience; Alonzo did an incredible job.

  248. Nathan Bergstrom 2022/04

    Our technicians were thorough in identifying any problem areas and ensuring we understood preventative measures to take between services.

  249. Justin Weber 2022/04

    Jesse was very prompt and professional. Highly recommend for anyone in need of pest control!!

  250. Michael Vanaudenhove 2022/04

    Waited until after they had missed a 5 hour service window to call and let me know they were running behind. Office staff seems great but service side messed up 2 separate appointments.

  251. Jim Woodson 2022/03

    I met Jessica this morning who conducts herself in a kind and professional manner. She performed her inspection properly and informed me of the results that she observed which I appreciated. She is a great asset to the company she works for!!
    Please let her know that I appreciate her Kind and Professional manner.
    Jim Woodson

  252. Stephanie clark 2022/03

    I’m passionate about hiring locally owned small businesses so was very happy to find them nearby. Was thrilled by how quickly my call was returned and appointment scheduled for service within 48 hours!! Thanks Mitchell’s!

  253. Sarah Nieburg 2022/03

    Chris came in and was great and responsive to my issues and needs regarding a fly and mosquito problem on both the inside and outside. He really is a true professional and took time to talk to me about what was going on and never once was dismissive. Thanks Chris!

  254. Tawana Olds 2022/03

    I have been using Mitchell for about a year and I’m terrified of rodents. Jonath came out to my home and was determined to find entry points and fix the problem. He was professional , knowledgeable, helpful, thorough and explained/educated me throughout the process . He even put my anxiety at ease with his compassion!!!

  255. Darius Graham 2022/03

    Legit.On time, in and out couldn’t ask for a better service thank you so much

  256. Kurt Wagenschutz 2022/03

    Although I didn’t use this business, I would recommend them to anyone I know. I talked to Chelsea and she was the most helpful and knowledgeable person I think I’ve ever talked to. She was able to answer any and all questions I had, and made the conversation pleasant to have.

  257. Brandon D 2022/03

    These guys are friendly, affordable, and always do great work.

  258. Kat DeFrank 2022/03

    Great service and answered all my questions. Thank you!

  259. John Bennett 2022/03

    Chelsea was very helpful when setting up our service by carefully explaining treatment plans, and Alonzo did an excellent job treating our home. Very satisfied with quality & service.

  260. Endre Branstad 2022/02

    I contacted them via their website and got a call back in minutes. Had a service tech out the next day. Alonzo was great, very polite and thorough. Definitely happy with my service so far.

  261. John Svirsky 2022/02

    Alonso was excellent. We would like him to come back again for all of visits.

  262. Sarah Hipwell 2022/02

    We’ve been using Mitchell Pest for the last couple of months for their full maintenance package. I’m genuinely someone who will only write a bad review if I’ve tried to express the feedback to the business directly first to try and come to a fair resolution. Unfortunately in this case, I’ve expressed my concerns in writing and over the phone more than once, and each time, no one even apologized for any inconvenience or tried to come up with an actionable solution. Since moving in to our small home in the West End, we’ve had a cockroach problem. Despite being very clean people, we can’t seem to figure out where it’s coming from. While we know this isn’t an uncommon issue to have in the city, we know there must be a source spot if we’re seeing one almost every day around the same area of the house.

    That said, each time this company has sent a technician out, he/she would ask us what we’d “like them to do” upon arrival, as if we’re the professionals and should know what/where they should spray…

    Last time, someone showed up without even a half an hour heads up and truly did not seem like they knew what they were doing. Which makes sense, considering the 3 or so times before that — the technicians didn’t bother to perform the “full” services promised. We are paying for interior and exterior, and each visit still left us with loads of spiderwebs at the doorstep and around the home, exposed entry areas (like under the sink in our old home) unsealed as discussed, and concern that the technician was just trying to get in and out quickly.

    Sadly, I don’t recommend this company at all, and really would like my money back (several hundred dollars) for results that only seem to have gotten worse.
    OCT. 2022 EDIT:
    The manager had techs come out again after this review, and they inspected the property more thoroughly and properly this time. This time, we noticed they left more pest preventative products throughout the house, which has helped a ton. I’m grateful that they’ve addressed the problem, and for this reason, I’m happy to keep using them. 🙂

  263. Nan Somasundaram 2022/02

    Much more effective than before we used this service. Dramatic decline in the number of roaches and ants. And they are always amenable to changing their routine and methods if one way does not work.

  264. Susan Farnsworth 2022/02

    I’ve used Mitchell Pest Services for several years and am appreciative of the efficient, thorough, and reliable service visits. The staff members are all considerate and helpful.

  265. Amanda New 2022/02

    Educated me on the process, what to expect, next steps, etc. Gave very clear, easy to understand information. Will use them consistently moving forward!

  266. Nicholas LoMele 2022/02

    Very professional and courteous!

  267. Ronda C. Smith-Porter 2022/02

    We will soon be moving to Virginia from Chicago into our retirement home that we just purchased. However, there is a spider problem in the home that needs to be dealt with before moving into the home and Jennifer was kind enough to insure my husband and I that this problem will be taken care before we move into our home. She was pleasant, reassuring, efficient and professional…she offered wonderful customer service.

    I will do a follow-up review once the extermination process has actually taken place.

  268. Emma B 2022/02

    Fred, Jonah, and Chris were representatives that came to our home on x2 separate occasions to inspect & treat our Richmond house for termites. They properly and easily explained every part of the process they were going to do, and throughly examined the home. I felt extremely comfortable and trusted by these professionals. I 100% would use again and recommend Mitchell’s services. Thanks guys for your thorough work and how simple you made this daunting process.

  269. Vuth Duong 2022/01

    Good experiences, was professional, friendly service, and thorough.

  270. Stephanie Strimple 2022/01

    Always prompt and curteous. Very trustworthy. We just leave it to them to keep our home pest free!

  271. Sara Monroe 2022/01

    I’ve been so pleased with this service! They are totally professional and arrived on time for my initial and follow up visits. We were given thorough explanations of everything and the theory behind the services they were recommending. They work without a contract which is amazing! The price is fair as well. I most highly recommend them. And my mouse issue has resolved!

  272. DRF 2022/01

    Starting off with Mitchell Pest Services after we had just moved here felt right from the initial phone call with Tom. I asked about pricing and he was courteous, professional and assuring that the tech he assigned would do the job we expected. Within a few days Jonath arrived and on-time. He did a thorough crawl space and perimeter inspection. Then he proceeded to do a very thorough initial treatment where almost every cob web was removed. He did not apply pesticide around the back deck area at my request because of the pup’s. He did assure me that the pesticides they used were not harmful to human or cacanine. We are very pleased with Jonath and have asked to have him return for the following treatment as they come due. We also had the Sentricon tubes put down due to the very high success rate they provide in preventing and eliminating subterranean termites. We highly recommend having Mitchell Pest Services provide an estimate for their pest preventative services. They offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly pest control.


  273. Carly Queen C Davis 2022/01

    Wonderful service. Great communication, will definitely recommend to others. Thanks!

  274. Jxkeybtw 2022/01

    Chelsea and Trish are amazing! Love our Mitchell team

  275. Shawn Thomas 2022/01

    Chelsea was very professional and accommodating. Our home schedule can be very challenging to work around but These guys are always here when i need them.

  276. Sydney Payne 2022/01

    Mitchell Pest is a great company. They have always been very accommodating with appointment times and any impromptu problems occurring in between scheduled services. I highly recommend.
    I continue to use them (over 4 years) and am still pleased with their service. Both Fred and Alonzo have been great.

  277. George Bess 2022/01

    Alfonso was vrry professional and very courtious . I liked his personality. Everyone ive met from this company knows what they are doing and will answer any question for yor. Very nice people who get the job done right. Wish there were more companys like Mitchels.

  278. Blake Nelson 2022/01

    Great Service!

  279. wayne Schell 2022/01

    Great people and great prices!

  280. Johnny Orem 2022/01

    Mitchell is fantastic and met all of our needs. Highly recommend their services!

  281. Jean Daniels 2022/01

    I called Mitchell based on my neighbor’s recommendation. Fred Douglas has served my needs with the utmost professionalism and with a cheerful smile every quarterly visit., The local Mitchell office coordinated Fred’s visits with my neighbor’s to save time and gas. He came when promised, did his thing efficiently and moved on with a smile to my neighbor’s. Every home owner needs Fred Douglas to serve their pest control needs with major support from Mitchell Pest Control home office. Thanks to all of you for a worthwhile experience.

  282. Gabriel Reis 2022/01

    Jonath Negron knew what he was talking about and answer all my questions and was very professional!

  283. Colin Costello 2022/01

    Very prompt service. Scheduled an inspection & pest control service in 2 days of my call. Chelsea was very helpful

  284. Will Hicks 2022/01

    Chris was knowledgeable about my issues and gave me good advice on how keep my home more pest-free in the future. Also a friendly guy and got along great with my dog.

  285. Laura Blankenship 2022/01

    I have been using Mitchell Pest Control for a while now, and find them courteous and reliable.

  286. Victoria Ball 2022/01

    I was at my wits end with mice in my house after the holiday break. Ebony from Mitchell Pest Services came out quickly and put my mind and worries at ease. Ebony was very helpful and professional. Would highly recommend Mitchell Pest Services.

  287. John Molster 2021/12

    Good response

  288. Abigail Roots 2021/10

    The company, & Michael, are pleasant to work with. We have a large yard and walked together to point out a few “hotspots,” but the entire yard and some bushes farther back were to be sprayed. I wasn’t keeping an eye on the lady spraying, but she was gone after about 15-20min. This is our first treatment. I thought it would take longer, but we’ll see how it turns out!

  289. MBJ 2021/10

    I went out on a limb and tried a company I wasn’t personally referred to and it was worth it. The team was responsive, honest, quick and very helpful. Pricing is also fair. Thx to our tech Jessie for explaining the process, what to expect and next steps. Great experience all around.

  290. Tyrone Stubbs 2021/10

    Great service and great company will continue to use.

  291. Ruby Johnson 2021/10

    I would recommend this company to anyone. they were very professional. The service was outstanding.The technician was very knowledgeable. She answer all questions we had about the treatment and explained the whole process. I would use this company again. Thank you for be so considerate and professional. The front staff who schedule the appointment was also very helpful and patient.

  292. Kyle Archuleta 2021/10

    RJ was super responsive, polite and professional. He responded to my first rat sighting right away and the next day when I saw a second rat was back out in less than 2 hours. It’s now been a week and my home is rat free. Highly recommend!

  293. Ben Elliott 2021/09

    Very easy transaction. Trish came for the second visit. She, just like the rest of the staff were awesome! Explained everything to me in detail. Really really enjoy and trust Mitchell and will not use anyone else!!

  294. Jacqueline Dance 2021/09

    Didn’t show up to my house. I was home all day and no one came – just checked crawl space, it had not been opened.

  295. Daniel Delaney 2021/09

    Great service. Trish Bruno was punctual and very helpful. Would highly recommend.

  296. Barry Gregory 2021/09

    Called today to ask about a recurring service. Chelsea gave me all the information I needed. As soon as my wife approves I’ll be calling her back to schedule

  297. Tommy Fessehaye 2021/09

    Really great service and extremely helpful!

  298. Jennifer Cataldo 2021/09

    Chelsea gave us a great rundown of services and information.

  299. Guy Engel 2021/09

    Trish from Mitchell Pest arrived and her professionalism shined. During COViD, she asked permissions at every step to match interaction comfortability. She explained more about the service than the agent who set the appointment and gave follow up advice beyond the program’s basics. Each call to Mitchell Pest, I want Trish. Through her, I will suggest Mitchell Pest to anyone.

  300. Adrianne Cotman 2021/09

    I will call to discuss a appointment

  301. Meaghan Alexander 2021/08

    I would highly recommend Mitchell Pest Services! They were so responsive, professional and thorough with their report. The office manager Jennifer was so helpful and they accommodated our needs in a timely manner. I won’t go anywhere else for pest services! Call them today! 🙂

  302. David Garcia 2021/08

    We live near the river and have a lot of bugs from the small forest behind our home. Mitchell’s has been more than helpful not only to treat, but also educating us when they come out. Everyone is polite, professional and seem to really enjoy their work. Our home is now a bug free zone since starting their treatment!

  303. Mark Yeary 2021/08

    I had a return call, and was offered better advice than a sales pitch. Thanks for not being pushy!

  304. Sherrie Jarvis 2021/08

    The Young lady was well prepared, knew the answers to my questions, even removed a dead mole from a yard that she found while doing the work! I will definitely use their services again again

  305. Shamarul Nasser 2021/08

    Amazing customer focus

  306. Mary Beth Meyer 2021/08

    Jennifer was very professional and super nice. She also explained what she was going to do, did it, and reviewed what she did. Very professional. And unlike other companies, she didn’t make me feel like she was rushed and had to get in and out.

  307. Lauren Crespo 2021/08

    RJ was incredibly calm, patient, and informative. He was thorough and made sure to do a complete job. His assurance really put us at ease and solved the problem quickly!

  308. Mike Luu 2021/08

    We had some issues, and Jennifer from the business reach out about the services. We talked, she was able to fixed the issue right away. Like the quick responses and was able to reschedule for a follow.

  309. Jon RatcliffeJonvb1946 2021/08

    Talked to Chelsea, very helpful!

  310. Danielle Scott 2021/08

    The scheduling is always super efficient and friendly. Jennifer is helpful

  311. Kevin Jackson 2021/08

    I contacted the Mitchell Pest Services in order to determine if the flying pests I encountered were termites or ants. The technician determined that the pests were ants and subsequently provided me with options for eliminating the ants.
    I was very satisfied with the technician’s professionalism, knowledge and advice.

  312. Lisa Flinn 2021/08

    Great Experience all around. Trish was awesome. I highly recommend.

  313. Jane Waldrop 2021/07

    Technician was thorough and explained everything.

  314. James P. Atkins Jr. 2021/07

    We have no pest, thanks to Mitchell.

  315. Jackie B Rose 2021/07

    Fred and Trish have done a great job helping me with an ongoing rodent problem. They were determined and were very successful. I enjoy seeing them when they come for regular service visits and for issues I may have.

  316. Sandy DeHart 2021/07

    They are great with communication and everything in done in a timely manner and technicians are friendly and on time

  317. Vanessa K 2021/07

    Customer service is always wonderful and courteous! I talked with Jessica and she was very informative and kind. Our family is very satisfied with Mitchell Pest Services. Definitely recommend!

  318. Scott Fogleman 2021/07

    Always do a great and fast job for us

  319. Linda Murray 2021/07

    Ebony was very thorough and spent a good amount if time covering all if the bases of inspecting and treating for pests at our home.

  320. Cassandra Falt 2021/07

    Mitchell has always been prompt and courteous. We have chosen them for our yearly inspections.
    We referred our son to them. They are great to deal with.
    Jessy was courteous, respectful and well trained. She explained what she discovered during our inspection. She made appropriate recommendation.

  321. Linda Throckmorton 2021/07

    I have been using Mitchell Pest for years for all my my real estate transactions. They are wonderful to work with and very efficient.

  322. Sonja Honeycutt 2021/07

    Technician was professional and did a thorough inspection. I’ve used this company for many years with excellent results.

  323. KEN WINTER 2021/07

    Did a great job, on time and service rep was great

  324. Lawrence Letter 2021/06

    Very responsive. Answered on the first ring. Very customer oriented.

  325. Amy Mears 2021/06

    I contacted Mitchell Pest Services to deal with an non rent paying ?️ who was using our attic to stay out of the cold. From the first call they were very helpful in getting an appointment set up and worked around my meeting schedule to find the right time. The inspector who came out called ahead and showed up right at 8 am. He was very thorough in inspecting the attic to identify the entry point into the house. I will definitely work with Mitchell Pest Services if we have need of their services in the future.

  326. Theresa Obrien 2021/06

    Ebony is knowledgeable, informative, and helpful in what is being done! Would highly recommend!

  327. Angel Evitts 2021/06

    Fantastic job of ridding our house of spiders!! We had a large number of spiders on our porch and back deck area. Mitchell Pest got rid of them all and I couldn’t be happier! Always professional and timely. Great pest control company!!

  328. Al Sanderson 2021/06

    First time using Mitchell Pest control. I was not overly pleased with service, and pretty much told what I already knew? Looked at the issue, placed 2 traps and left (Over $200). With a follow up in about 3 weeks, and check the traps every 3 months I guess, for $100. I could have went to Lowe’s and got my own traps and performed the service!

  329. Karen Harp 2021/06

    It is a pleasure working with them!

  330. Indira Boodram 2021/06

    Great customer service! The technicians are polite, respectful and very educated about the treatments they do. I had to reschedule my second treatment because of a rainy day and they were so awesome about rescheduling, no hassle at all! The technician informed the office and they immediately called me to reschedule a day that suites me. Hopefully the next treatment with help curb my ants situation! Over all I am happy with their services! I highly recommend them!!

  331. Travis White 2021/06

    Effective but I’d prefer separate treatments over a subscription plan.

  332. Sandra Blackburn 2021/06

    Trish Is an awesome employee. She did our 3 month service. She additionally killed and cleared all the spider webs all around our bay window. Great Job, Trish

  333. Beth Begley 2021/06

    Wow! Chelsea was great and very informative. ? …

  334. Jennifer Marshall Chung 2021/06

    Professional and friendly. Will use again

  335. Teresa Lyles 2021/06

    Did a great job very professional

  336. Dane Bailey 2021/05

    Provided timely service and were very friendly.

  337. Joanne Davis 2021/05

    The technician Fred in Richmond was prompt, kind, and professional. Thank you.

  338. Robert Gleason 2021/05

    Thanks for the help Chelsea.

  339. Margaret Giron 2021/05

    New to using Mitchell pest and already impressed with their customer service!!
    Talking to customers like they truly appreciate your business and they enjoy what they do!!

  340. Emma Johnson 2021/05

    Just received first service and between the home visit and phone onboard, I am very impressed! Very professional and thorough, and price is competitive.

  341. Erik Grotz 2021/05

    Used for a quick inspection and service, very professional!

  342. Lauren Moehl 2021/04

    My mother has used Mitchell for years and has loved them. We recently moved to their service area and setting up a free inspection, plus the annual warranty was so easy! Customer service was fabulous on all parts! Would highly recommend!

  343. James Brooks 2021/04

    Not only did Mitchell’s find pest issues that my former provider didn’t find, they also found a couple of plumbing leaks and took photos. Prices are very fair and everyone I’ve worked with has been friendly and professional!

  344. Jeanie Meikle 2021/04

    Trisha Bruno came this morning. She did around the outside of the house and in the house, and was great. She had to deal with my two ill-behaved dogs and showed great patience! She identified problems I didn’t even know I had and after showing them to me took care of them. I could not have been happier.
    However, she showed up at 10 am and the appointment was supposed to be sometime in the afternoon. I assume this was the offices fault.

  345. Robyn Paxton 2021/04

    We really appreciate the good work that Mitchell Pest does for us! When the mosquito treatments are done, we don’t see them at all thanks to Fred’s diligence in ensuring everything is completely covered, even the side yard on the other side of the fence! And this is especially important during pool season! They’re especially easy to work with on payment because we’ve set up auto pay for everything. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  346. Lauren Matthews 2021/04

    Ebony was my technician and was absolutely outstanding! Really went above and beyond to help and protect my house against bugs. I would call them again in a heartbeat! Fast, reliable, knowledgeable, friendly, honest… a really great experience.

  347. steven osder 2021/03

    Great service

  348. Becky 2021/03

    This review is solely based on my initial phone call with Chelsea. She called within 10 minutes of me making a web inquiry and was able to schedule an initial inspection and treatment for the next afternoon. She listened to my concerns and recommended a plan for my needs. Very prompt and professional.

  349. trevorlamar 2021/03

    The technician who came out was very professional and friendly.

  350. Teetee White 2021/03

    Service is good but just be sure it doesn’t run soon after treatment or money is lost

  351. EmailForced ByCell 2021/03

    They removed a huge birds nest that was in the siding under the roof of my porch. They were responsive, on time, professional, and a pleasure to deal with. : )

  352. Deirdre Williams 2021/03

    Great company and services. We get mosquito treatments and enjoy using our backyard again. Pest control has resulted in no pests, so two thumbs up (and a dog paw) from us.

  353. steph miller 2021/03

    The inspectors have been very helpful and not pushy. Useful information and reasonable prices .

  354. daniel truitt 2021/02

    Answered the phone and after explaining my needs was scheduled a timely appointment. The technician called and provided a time and arrived on time. Technician was polite and professional.

  355. Susan Palmer 2021/02

    Mitchell’s Pest is the best! First application all insects were gone. Michael Brown set me up with a great plan and Jessie the technician was so polite and wore shoe covers when she went in and out of the house. I highly recommend!

  356. willard coker 2021/02

    It didn’t quite do what I had expected

  357. Mollie G Lubetkin 2021/02

    Mitchell Pest is honest and local and very trustworthy. They spray every quarter and they’ve come out to help us with a critter. Their prices are reasonable, and they’re effective!

  358. David Brown 2021/02

    Prompt and professional.

  359. chris vitukhnovsky 2021/02

    I am very happy with Mitchell Pest Services. The staff is very courteous and friendly. They do a great job and always leave a note when they have stopped by. Great company to work with.

  360. Leslie Harrison 2021/02

    This afternoon I had the pleasure of speaking with a very knowledgeable associate, Chelsea. She was able to provide answers to all my questions and make some suggestions I hadn’t thought of. Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to pass the word on Mitchell Pest Control to all my friends.

  361. Grace Stanley 2021/02

    Would not use any other service very professional and knowledgeable. Courteous and punctual.

  362. Julia Wallenberg 2021/02

    We have used them for over 10 years. They have always been dependable and responsive.

  363. Lauren Freda 2021/01

    Super happy with the services provided! They are always on time, professional, respectful of the property, and a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend!

  364. murphyrcorn retdssw9yrs 2021/01

    They fixed a termite problem I had several years ago and come to inspect once a year. They are always thorough and courteous. Nice people.

  365. Keisha 2021/01

    Jessie did a thorough inspection of my home. She was honest about not finding any signs of rodents and did not recommend further treatments that I did not need at this time. She left her business card if needed in the future. Very impressed!

  366. Mark Clifton (MtnTrollChief) 2021/01

    Very friendly, no pressure sales. Quick, arrived earlier than svhrduled time, which is great because window was 5 hours. Would recommend

  367. IBringaDaRuckus 2021/01

    Chelsea really helped me out.

  368. Brigette Newberry 2021/01

    She told me how to catch the rats and left traps. Said she would come back and leave bait box and gas not . Said there were no termites. Whole visit lasted 39

  369. Maryann Bollman 2021/01

    I was scheduled quickly and the prices are very reasonable. Chelsea was wonderful on the phone answering all my questions and addressing all my concerns. Highly recommend!

  370. Elizabeth Downing 2021/01

    Called Mitchell because a bat got in the house and we wanted to find out how it could have gotten in, other ways other bats might get in, etc. Trish came out and performed a full inspection, pointing out the little spaces the little critters can get in and move around the house. She was helpful, punctual, and very, very nice. It was a great experience, and I feel secure that the home will be bat-free from now on. I highly recommend Mitchell, and will be using them for all of my pest services needs.

  371. Nicole Benjamin 2021/01

    I used Mitchell’s to inspect our home for carpenter ants. She came and did an inspection of the area to determine the best course of action.

  372. Dan Bettin 2020/12

    Fast service…polite technicians and customer service folks.

  373. Corry Young 2020/10

    Highly recommend Mitchell pest service!

  374. Peter Delgiorno 2020/10

    Very thorough and professional team. Came to our home and did some testing, offered a solution and that was it. Problem solved, no upselling and a very reasonable cost. GREAT local family owned company.

  375. John Gunst 2020/10

    Kia was so great! Very pleased with the entire experience!

  376. Sharon O'Neil 2020/09

    I have been using Mitchell Pest since 2004 when I moved into this house. They have always been friendly and professional and easy to work with.

  377. Tanya Wineland 2020/09

    Will work with Mitchell again!

  378. Courtney Stichka 2020/09

    Mitchell has always done a great job with our pest control. They were thorough, honest, trustworthy, and took pride in a job well done. Even when we were in between quarterly service and had an ant problem, they came right out and took care of it. Would highly recommend.

  379. Kelly Smith RVA Real Estate 2020/08

    Mitchell is always wonderful ! Been using them for years and Highly recommend !

  380. Barbi Hann 2020/07

    The team at Mitchell Pest Control has been great! They’re always here when they say they will be here, let me know what they’ll be doing, leave a note about the service and follow up if necessary. I’d highly recommend them!

  381. Nicole Reynolds Davidson 2020/07

    Kia is extremely knowledgeable and was very pleasant to work with! She explained what likely happened to cause our pest problem and was able to provide the treatments we needed immediately following her free assessment.

  382. George Vassey 2020/07

    Excellent response to my questions. Worked around my schedule. Technician was on time. Technician knew his job and did his job in a well trained manner.
    Highly recommend these people. I say people and not company because a uniform doesn’t make the man , The man makes the uniform. The people at Mitchell’s is what makes this company great.

  383. Carleigh Edwards 2020/07

    Kia did an amazing job! She was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with

  384. Heather Hall 2020/07

    Great price for such a large service! Highly recommended them! The technician was very polite and fast! Thank you!

  385. T 2020/06

    Great company. Very responsive and cheaper than other companies I called. Would highly recommend.

  386. Kendra McGruder 2020/06

    My family is very happy with our service! Kia is amazing and put my mind at ease! Very detailed and educated us alot on how to manage our pest situation! I give her 5 stars!

  387. Susan Ash 2020/05

    Have used this company for years. They are always professional, and on time. They do a complete job. And the few times I have had to call the office for appointments or a question, they are friendly and answer my questions.

  388. Tim Shelton 2020/05

    Their Tech was excellent

  389. Lisa El-Shall 2020/05

    I received prompt service and satisfaction with the outcome.

  390. Andy Edwards 2020/04

    Have used them for the last four years. I had the same two guys take care of me and it was like seeing an old buddy everytime. I had a couple of pest issues in between quarterly services and all it took was a phone call and they promptly came out and took care of the issue with no hassle. They have grown because they are great. Yet they still have the family atmosphere. Only reason I am cancelling my service is because I am moving out of the area. I would definitely reccomend this company!

  391. Curtis NEWTON 2020/04

    Fabst efficient and courteous service. Have used several years.

  392. Stan Proctor 2020/04

    This team has been outstanding. What started as a one off service has bloomed into a great business relationship. After they came out once, the problem wasnt solved, so they came out again and fixed it free. When I had them come back a few months later, they had one price but when I joined their service after the fact, they lowered the original price. Will continue to use them from here on out.

  393. Monique MsMo 2020/04

    I called to have a cricket problem rectified. I have spoken to representatives by phone several times. Each interaction has exceeded my expectation, as far as customer service.

    The prices quoted for the services offered seemed ok. I was charged $175 for my initial visit. It seems a little steep for spraying around the perimeter of the home. HOWEVER, peace of mind has no price tag! I’ll determine if it’ll work. I’m hopeful. ☺

  394. Sarah Jayne Jordan 2020/04

    If I could leave 0 stars I would! I would NOT recommend this company to my worst enemy. They lie about the prices and packages. They do not arrive when scheduled. They make up excuses as to why they could not come. They are not professional when contacted. For your sake, do NOT hire them. They are a headache, waste of money, and liars.

  395. Cassandra Michele 2020/04

    Even though today was the first day the technician came out, each employee I interacted with was professional, courteous and explained to me all I needed to know. Though I called several places for pest removal, I winded up setting up continuing service with them because I felt they were genuine, honest, courteous and professional. I felt confident that they were committed to addressing the service request I had but also committed to treating me like a valued customer. Thank you!

  396. Jesse Allese 2020/04

    Fred is awesome!

  397. Matthew Stehlar 2020/03

    Mitchell Pest has been great, coming on a quarterly basis, notifying me well in advance of each visit and treating problem areas as needed. I rarely have the issues I was having with ants taking over the kitchen and all around the outside of the house. Mitchell Pest adjustS to my needs for indoor service and responds quickly when ants start creeping back in to my home. Highly recommend!

  398. Latonya Harris 2020/03

    The ant issue we were having once Mitchell Pest came out last month I have not seen anymore ants!

  399. Little Boss XD 2020/03

    Service rep was Very professional Answered my questions.
    Did what was needed. Thank you

  400. Sarah Mendizabal 2020/03

    Kia is excellent! She has my house taken care of so i can live pest free 🙂

  401. Susan Farmer 2020/03

    Nakia Crawford did an excellent job communicating her arrival and she was a pleasure during the termite inspection. She told me she would turn in the information regarding the inspection before she left the parking lot.
    I had the WDI report in my inbox by the time I got home and returned to my computer. Would highly recommend this company!

  402. Trika Rose 2020/03

    The specialist was very professional and personable at the same time. Very knowledgeable. The treatment plan reasonable and affordable.

  403. Bobby Matthew 2020/03

    Kia was on time, very pleasant and down to earth. She explained the process very well and easy to understand. Good experience

  404. Cherita Paul 2020/02

    I had a great service from their technician Kia who put my mind at ease and had excellent communication.

  405. James Maddux 2020/02

    Great company to work with. I bought I house that had an expired warranty and they renewed it at the same price. They also will inspect crawl spaces that other companies say are too low to inspect. The inspector who came today was right on time and could not have been any friendlier. He even did some spraying inside where there was old termite damage just to be on the safe side. When my general pest control contract expires next year, I plan to switch to Mitchell.

  406. Marion Gurney 2020/02

    Super responsive, great quality, great value. Used them for years and they are consistantly professional and there for me. They even came out for an emergency when we found a nest of hornets in our wall! Highly recommended.

  407. Tim Mulherin 2020/02

    For the services they provided …they were professional…friendly….and respectful of our property and our pets.

  408. Irene Ziegler 2020/01

    Kia is great

  409. Lavinia Hurley 2020/01

    MPS was thorough, thoughtful in their approach, and easy to work with for their free consultation. Kia in particular was warm, professional, and very helpful.

  410. Peter Lyon 2020/01

    Moved to RVA and bought an old house, needed termite protection, and needed an inspection of my kids room for biting bugs. Every interaction with Mitchell has been friendly, professional and positive. They show up on time and have been kind and friendly. They charge what they say, and deliver what they promise. Good people.

  411. Hezekiah Butler 2019/10

    Mitchell Pest Services provided an excellent routine pest inspection on our home. They were timely, informative, and transparent with all the details. They offered a very reasonable package, IF WE WANTED and did not push anything. I certainly would recommend them to anyone.

  412. Virginia Layfield McAndrew 2019/10

    Fred was very friendly and professional. I highly recommend.

  413. DIY me channel 2019/10


  414. Daniel Redford 2019/10

    Local type company.

  415. Diana Lindgren 2019/10

    Very professional and friendly company, from the office staff to the Service Tech. Very pleased with the service.

  416. Deanna Miller 2019/10

    Kia was super friendly and helpful. A great experience.

  417. Devin Fian 2019/10

    We have been using Mitchell pest services for years and are always satisfied with the job done but our experience today with Kia was wonderful. She was incredibly personable, informative, and thorough. We’re very pleased with her customer service!

  418. Dechanta Bumpus 2019/09

    Kia is amazing. Great customer service

  419. Evan Ritter 2019/09

    Have been using for almost 1 year and happy with everything. Thanks to Kia today for doing my treatment.

  420. Mike Lisa 2019/09

    Punctual and knowledgeable.great customer service.customer for life!

  421. Melissa Payton 2019/09

    Fred is the greatest! Always on time. Makes sure we understand what he is doing and has done and always wears a smile! He is the face of Mitchell Pest and it is a great face!

  422. Natshawn Charity 2019/08

    Kia was a great help to me!

  423. lauren cash 2019/08

    I have worry free with my house thanks Kia

  424. Susie Daniel 2019/08

    Great experience with Kia today as she came to do my quarterly service. Professional and courteous, she addressed my concerns completely.

  425. Tiffany Harsley 2019/08

    Fred came out and was in such a hurry to get the job done I feel as if i was ripped off. The man acted like he was on something (not saying he was my son is overly active like that) but I think when dealing with peoples homes you should act like you are not in so much of a rush to answer simple questions. This would have been a 5 star review.

  426. Darren Phillips 2019/07

    Kia takes care of the job efficiently love her!!

  427. Baird Beers 2019/07

    Kia serviced my home and did a great job. She was super attentive to our needs, given we have young children and a dog. She was also very knowledgeable and informative. Highly recommend.

  428. Lisa Kunz 2019/07

    We much prefer Mitchell Pest Control to the national company we previously used. Kia came today and was very thorough and professional. She offered to inspect our crawl space, which we will take her up on this fall!

  429. Anthony Carson 2019/06

    Just a pleasure.The most profesional,curtious, and thorough company I have ever had the pleasure if doing business with.I will use to meet my Pest Control needs every single time the situation presents itself. Would and will recommend to anybody and everybody! Thanks again!

  430. Jorge Salgado 2019/06

    After a high pressure/fear based experience with another local company, we reached out to Mitchell Pest. My oh my, so glad we did. They were kind, helpful and knowledgeable. When they checked out our space, we didn’t even end up needing services. Saved us so much money and lots of stress- they are our go to from here on out- dependable and honest. Thank you Fred and Tom, you guys were the best! -Patience Salgado

  431. T’Kari “Kari” Grimes 2019/06

    Kia was quick and was on point!

  432. Dayman Parrish 2019/06

    Kid was friendly, great service

  433. Kim Harkess 2019/06

    Always a pleasure to have quick professional service from this company! Highly recommend this company to my clients.

  434. Amanda Castilliano 2019/06

    Fred was very professional when inspecting our home. Thanks for the great service, highly recommend!

  435. Destiny Hill 2019/06

    Thanks Kia, for all of your help !!

  436. Connie Cooper 2019/06

    Good folks to work with to prevent any issues!

  437. Kathleen Zehender 2019/06

    We’ve been using Mitchell Pest for many years. They’ve been prompt, courteous, and professional through years with termite problems and through years when all was fine. They’re very reasonably priced, too. Kia was here yesterday for our annual inspection and did a great job!

  438. Michael Carter 2019/05

    Nakia Crawford is very friendly and professional.

  439. Elizabeth Adams 2019/05

    Kia was thorough in her inspection of the house inside and out! She explained her approach and recommendations. Very happy with Mitchell Pest Services. We are repeat customers !

  440. Cache Steinberg 2019/05

    Great service. Kia, the technician, is a professional. She treated problem areas and identified ways to deter bugs in the future.

  441. Rachel Mcgill 2019/04

    Best customer service I’ve experienced

  442. Bonnie Snyder 2019/04

    Fred is so polite and courteous but even more, he listens to our concerns and addresses them immediately! He does both the pest as well as the mosquito and tick control.

  443. Rakesh Parikh 2019/04

    Amazing company! Fred came out and was so helpful. He understood my concerns and addressed the issues. Great company. Call them and ask for Fred!

  444. Zyquis Triplett 2019/04

    Thanks for help kia

  445. CAROLYN BRIDGE 2019/03

    Kia was my technician this morning and was great. Very professional. I will definately recommend this company..

  446. Erica Wilson 2019/03

    Kia was very professional, on time . Very knowledgeable about the bugs . I was also surprised that a female worker came out to service my home . I would totally recommend this company matter of fact i would recommend Kia .

  447. Kim Sears 2019/03

    Responsive, knowledgeable, courteous AND honest! Tom took the time to educate me on the phone even before setting an appointment. He came on time, was thorough and responded immediately with a quote. Thank you Tom!

  448. ecwirt wirt 2019/03

    Fred was very professional and courteous. As always.

  449. Jerry Lesleigh 2019/03

    The Workers Are Very Knowledgeable . Very Detail Oriented..Mr Carson,Pleasant and Always Respectful

  450. covey rise 2019/03

    Good company, reliable and easy to work with. They arrive on schedule and do a thorough annual inspection. When I replaced the decking on the front porch, they arrived on schedule to retreat the area under the porch. Excellent job.

  451. Corey Lowman 2019/02

    I had what I now know are termite swarmers in my Apt. I called Mitchell Pest Services and they were super friendly and knowledgeable. They asked me to text pictures and then immediately confirmed what they were. They gave some details about what caused them and what to do. Really helpful and friendly!

  452. Brittney Vandiford 2019/02

    Very prompt response time! Kia came out today and was wonderful! She was extremely thorough and did a wonderful job helping us understand the pest issues we were having. She was confident in her responses to our questions and was a pleasure to work with. Very pleased with our service!

  453. K O 2019/02

    Just had the pleasure of meeting Nakia for the first time excellent experience. She answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable about the business. She came and did my general pest services I am very satisfied.

  454. K Haskell 2019/02

    Fred came by and did a great a great job! Always so easy to work with Mitchell with Fred serving us.

  455. april johnson 2019/01

    Tom did a good job

  456. Sharon Coleman 2019/01

    I had ants for weeks and I did everything I knew to do to get rid of them. Finally I called Mitchell Pest Services and quick enough they treated my home and now I have NO ANTS! They even treated for a another bug while here and fixed tha too, great service at a great!

  457. Nora Jane Quinn 2019/01

    Both Tom and Matt were extremely helpful and thorough in troubleshooting our concerns and reviewing our options before charging us a dime. Great service, would recommend to anyone.

  458. Joe Russo 2019/01

    Good company and did a good job fixing the issues I had.

  459. Prophet Eddings Ministries 2019/01

    It is awesome!!!! I am returning!!! ❤

  460. Colin Walker 2019/01

    We’ve been using Mitchell for the past 4 months now and could not be happier. Kia was our initial inspector and she has been the one treating our office ever since. She has been prompt every time and came in to help when we had an outbreak of ants on the second floor, no questions asked. She is thorough, easy to talk to and has been very transparent about what she is doing and why, mainly in terms of what they are doing to keep the pests away. We are looking forward to a very long term relationship with these guys. Thank you and thank you Kia!

  461. Joanne Dale 2018/12

    Thanks Kia!! You were AWESOME and Professional!!!

  462. Richard Dorset 2018/10

    Lied about termites second company came out and confirmed!!! Stay away

  463. Donald Dickerson 2018/09

    Matt Stevens was very professional and took time to explain our quote in detail. We enjoyed meeting him and look forward working with Mitchell Pest Services.

  464. Patrick Conner 2018/09

    Great reliable service. I have been using them for years.

  465. Christopher Covellone 2018/06

    Great customer service, and phenomenal employees. They went above and beyond my high expectations. Sean Hardisty is great at what he does, and a real people person.

  466. Lara Foster 2018/06

    They overcharged me. They treated and now I have more activity. Remodeled area now has termite damage to wood.

  467. Jeane Bibona 2018/05

    Tom was super friendly and did a great job. He came out immediately after both times I called him and answered all my questions. Great company and great guy!

  468. Amy Evans 2018/05

    I finally decided to treat my back yard for mosquitoes this year. For the first time we were able to enjoy our back yard without getting eaten up. Don’t suffer. Call Mitchell and enjoy the outdoors.

  469. Helen Grice 2018/04

    My technician is always on time, works quickly and navigates my home and yard with respect to my needs. The service works, I’m so glad that I have the quarterly service as it takes care of all our potential summer visitors! The office staff are friendly and efficient, always letting me know in advance of the scheduled visit and following up afterwards.

  470. Dean Browell 2018/04

    We’ve had these folks for years now, and since our recent move added in the mosquito treatment on top of our usual pest control spraying. First off: I have never been more happy with a splurge purchase than I have with the mosquito treatment; it has worked great, and as people who love to enjoy our yard and the outdoors, it’s been incredible. But maybe MORE importantly, the service has been tremendous and always with a smile and an eagerness to accommodate. Fred in particular has always been fantastic and he’s taken care of us now for the whole time we’ve been in our new(er) house. Super thankful for the work you do and how you do it. Highly recommend.

  471. Charles Dye 2018/03

    Matt was very helpful in explaining what would be beneficial for us and what was not needed. No high pressure sales at all seemed like he just wanted to make sure we had no infestations. He gave us a few options to move forward on prevention and told us when we make our decision to just give them a call. Great guy

  472. Raven Newcomb 2018/03

    Matt Stevens came out to give us a quote. He was extremely knowledgeable and was very detailed in locating any problem areas. We are going to use their services in the future and they are super affordable. My husband is a Real Estate Broker and is even going to start recommending this company to his clients since he was so impressed. Matt is the man! I am glad I called! I called on a Thursday afternoon and we had a free inspection done and a quote within 24 hours! Wow!

  473. Debi Friedman 2018/03

    Sean came out yesterday to give a quote and was very responsive, knowledgeable, and courteous. He made my husband and I feel comfortable this is the reason we decided to use you all

  474. Fahad Mahmood 2018/02

    Tom Carson is very insightful and polite.

  475. Rebecca Hart 2018/01

    Great service.

  476. Krissy Natalini 2017/08

    Tom C is an excellent technician! Company is very prompt & professional & their services have really cut down on the pests in/around our home.

  477. Stacy Chambliss 2017/08

    Tom is the BEST!!!!!

  478. Bob P 2017/07

    Affordable, efficient and prompt service! Tom is very responsive and friendly!

  479. Gate Oaks Apartments 2017/07

    Excellent-I had 2 tenants with severe pest issues (bed bugs, roaches and rodents) and Tom didn’t quit until the problem was resolved. They are also the nicest.

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