MedExpress Urgent Care

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MedExpress Urgent Care
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  1. X 2023/11

    Overall I was disappointed with my visit, however it wasn’t because of any one particular staff member. The staff is clearly doing the best that they can & it seems like they are not well equipped with what they need & this feels like a management/corporate issue.

    There were maybe 3 people in front of me & it took nearly 3 hours to finish getting care for something that was fairly simple. Only one person at the desk, maybe 2 nurses & looks like 1 doctor. 3 hours to receive “urgent” care when the building maybe had 5 patients in total is unacceptable.

    Again every staff member I came in contact with was clearly trying their best however it was painfully obvious they were short staffed and/or lacking training/supplies to get patients through efficiently & it is upsetting & unfair to them who have to endure these conditions. Not every patient is going to be understanding of this circumstances. People are being set up to fail.

  2. Claudette Ellett 2023/11

    I was really impressed with the services I received on 11/8/2023. The personnel were both friendly and professional. My wait time was unbelievable ~ in and out in less than 45 minutes; from the time of arrival and being seen (unlike other urgent care facilities). Hopefully, I won’t have to make many visits of this kind, but it will always be at your facility if needed.

  3. The rva Truth 2023/11

    Urgent care that does not operate on weekends is a joke. Should be called med expense because they are basically scamming you

  4. Reye's Xam 2023/11

    No I don’t recommend Latino people come this place they’re really bad with Latinos nurse yield to me and they were so mind the front desk nurses are so angry every time they see a Latino come in so in others words I don’t recommend to come here if you’re having a bad day please call out or don’t show up to work with that ridiculous attitude. Respect is not here.

  5. PHURY 999 2023/10

    this place and the people who work there are excellent. I brought my baby in for a checkup and they were fast and very caring. will come again. they are definitely faster than patient first.

  6. Maurice Archer 2023/10

    Two thumbs up. The best staff and experience ever I was in and out at the eastend location!

  7. lena love 2023/09

    Went to this place for the first time and it went perfectly well. Staff converse and laugh with u and pay attention to your concern with you .I dont know why they have such a bad review but I would be coming back again 🤩 …

  8. Laura Brevig 2023/09

    Every single time I’ve come here they’ve had some excuse not to see me. Oh we don’t do COVID testing today. Oh we only do urine and drug screenings on Thursdays and fridays.

    It would be a great place if they weren’t so unreliable in your time of need.

  9. Richard Tracy 2023/08

    I went to the one Nine Mile Rd. for a urine test for a part-time job. I had to wait almost an hour before they took me in. They seem under staffed.Very disappointed. Then I had to wait because the computer wouldn’t generate my print out. The sign out front said URGENT Care. LOL 😆 good thing I wasn’t bleeding. …

  10. Janice Graham 2023/08

    If you are in a time crunch (or just enjoy your time), DO NOT GO HERE!!! I was pulled for a random drug screen for my job and this is the location they sent me to. Let me just say, I spent 2 hours waiting to give urine, not blood!!! Not only was it a long time to get the test, it was a long time just to sign in. If I did not have to do the screen that same day I would have left but I did not have that option. When I informed them that I really had to use the restroom and asked for a cup, they stated that they were not sure if they could do that. The lady at the front desk told that I could go ahead and use the restroom and that she could give me water. If they were working with a limited staff it would have been nice to be told that while waiting to check in or even once I got to the window to check in. All in all, I gave 1 star because that is the lowest I could give. Prior to them closing and then reopening this location, they were much better.

  11. Detrice Hill 2023/08

    From Registration to the Nurse they both gave outstanding service. Very attentive,. I didn’t have to wait long. They both were professional and friendly. The facility was spotless. I would definitely recommend my friends and family visit this location for their medical needs.

  12. Lawryn Davis 2023/08

    I had a pleasant experience here. I went on a Wednesday around 5:30 pm and it wasn’t busy and the staff were friendly. They took care of me in a timely manner. I was satisfied with the care and help I received.

  13. K. Mckinzie 2023/08

    Stood in line for 25 min to get CHECKED IN….not to be called to the back…but just for check in, before I left. Only one girl working the desk and she had zero sense of urgency. Not expecting her to be an energizer bunny by any means, but sheesh. Before I left, I noticed a small sign on the desk(that you can’t see if you are back in the line where I started) saying they were not doing x-rays at this location..which is why I was there.🤦🏽‍♀️ I gave 2 stars because the facility is nice and clean.

  14. Willie Fitzgerald 2023/06

    Currently this location is being used just for drug screenings. Process was smooth and quick. The staff was also friendly.

  15. Meg Walker 2022/11

    I’m not sure what the real issue is with this place, but I was so excited to see this is finally a clinic that is close that this area could take advantage of using. Well … Ever since its been here, there has been numerous times I have tried to go there for myself & my child & it’s ALWAYS closed. I’m not sure what the real issue is here but it truly is a fail & someone really needs to step up and take responsibility to get this clinic open like normal businesses or shut it down completely. I mean really? Look at these reviews. Someone. Needs to contact the overhead for the company because they are failing miserably & it’s upsetting.

  16. Jazz 2022/10

    This place is only concerned about money. If you have insurance they also want a credit card on file. Doesn’t make sense. These doors will be closing soon. Staff was nice except the receptionist Cynthia. Bad vibes from her

  17. John Do 2022/05

    Just look at the rest of the reviews and stay away!! I’ve had a terrible experience with them and they can’t seem to get much right!

  18. Errick Jones 2022/05

    If I could give this place no stars I would. My 3 year old daughter is sick and has been throwing up this was the closet place home. They told me the wait time would be 30 mins which is too long in my opinion for a 3 year old it’s now been 2 hours we’ve waited and the only reason I stayed because I had to pay an old bill for her to be seen which was 160.00 if not I would have just left. Close this piece of shot down

  19. Skybluechris 2022/05

    The lady at the front desk was very unprofessional. She obviously couldn’t comprehend and just wasn’t customer friendly. I’ve been in customer service for over 20yrs so it’s very important to me. I went there because I wasn’t feeling well and it was close to where I live but I promise you that I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN!!!

  20. Racquel Taylor 2022/04

    Service is Horrible and slow. Seems like they just take advantage of the new arrangement to have patients wait in their vehicles while they do nothing inside. People like me who are only there for preemployment drug testing shouldn’t have to wait over 2 hours to collect urine. Go elsewhere.

  21. bill voigt 2022/04

    Worst place I’ve ever been. Receptionist was rude ,then I had to wait 2hrs an 45 min just to take a urine test???? Med Corp takes 6 min. This place sucks!!!

  22. Tywanna Jones 2022/01

    Worst experience ever for the past 2 weeks i have been trying to get a drug test done for a job. I call they say yes we can do it but then get there check in after waiting damn near 2 hrs they say we unable to do it due to staffing issues. Tried to go again soon as they open they still unable to complete. This whole clinic just needs to shut down unacceptable

  23. Jacquetta Nash 2022/01

    Excellent service in and out

  24. Robin Roberts 2022/01

    𝑸𝒖𝒊𝒄𝒌, 𝒏𝒊𝒄𝒆 𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒇𝒇 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑫𝒓 𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒚 𝒕𝒐 𝒖𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒏𝒅. …

  25. Willie Bland 2021/11

    They are very slow I been waiting over a hour for a simple drug screen. I’m trying to hold it. I explained it to the front desk and all I got was disrespect and attitude. Never coming here again.

  26. Akiba 2021/11

    Poor service, what kind of medical center has people sitting in their cars and you have to call to check in. The phone are busy and it’s 32 degrees outside

  27. Queen D 2021/10


  28. Jabari Subah Salem 2021/10

    I honestly wished I looked at the reviews PRIOR to assigning this as my location to complete my employment screening. The wait time is outrageous!

  29. Isaiah Marrow 2021/10

    Good service but very slow with patients seams like they are understaffed and poor time management my bladder was reshape a couple of years ago and can’t hold bladder to long and been holding it for a hr and a half just no compassion for patients that need to take drug test

  30. Mildred Robinson 2021/10

    Beautiful service

  31. Alvin Michael 2021/10

    Absolutey terrible customer service. Came here for help and was VERY RUDELY told to leave. Called in, receptionist had a very aggressive tone and suggested going somewhere else. Don’t have to tell me twice…

  32. Lady QWA 2021/09

    Very unprofessional and lack of care shown .

  33. Wade H 2021/09

    Denied people care

  34. Teresa Massaro 2021/09

    I had a vein ablation several weeks ago. My leg became infected from sports tape. Went MedExpress on Nine Mile Road. When I got there ;it was two cars in lot including mine. Called in to ask for help. Receptionist was very rude. Told me ;only one doctor was working. Briefly put me on hold; then told me that doctor said to go to Emergency Room., So what is the purpose of this so called clinic? It sure is not for anyone who is sick. Doctor will say Emergency Room. Seems like no one does their job at this place. So, no more visits

  35. shawntae turner 2021/09

    Very slow. If u have an urgent situation please go else where. Waited over an hour and still have not been triaged.

  36. Kristy Baugus 2021/09

    Amazing people and service. Not sure why they do not have a better rating because they are definitely 5 star worthy!

  37. Judy Walton 2021/09

    Called on a Thursday to inquiry about pre employment drug screening schedule. No available times for the day. Instructed to call back the next day to see if there is availability. Called next morning. No answer. Repeatedly called to schedule a pre employment screening. Line busy or “hung up calls”. See attached pictures of proof for two days of calling and no results. Had to travel thirty minutes to a different location for a pre employment drug screening.


  38. Empress Roni 2021/09

    So I took my son here felt that it was an emergency for him to be seen so I called and was placed on hold. So I hung up and walked in to tell them my son needs to be seen. I get told by the lady she is the only one working not true cause soon as my son and I sat down another lady comes to the desk and asks what are we there for. I tell her and she damands my son and I go back outside plus call to register . Then tells me it will be a hour wait . I ended up going to Richmond Community Emergency Room and we got serviced right away no problems at all truly satisfied. Med Express claims to be better than the emergency room and shorter wait times not true at all.

  39. Jasmin Johnson 2021/08

    Everyone was really friendly and we’ll knowledgeable. I came in closer to close and everyone was still in a very good mood and so helpful. No long wait time either, I got right to the back. Be aware because of Covid, no visitors and you have to check in from the parking lot. Not enough of an inconvenience to be annoyed. Would highly recommend.

  40. Octavia Fitzhugh 2021/08

    Came here last night for something minor and was in and out for the most part. Nurses were awesome as usual but the front desk staff, that’s another story. I’ve been here several times but never encountered the young lady who was just very rude during my visit. I had to call back to get my prescription rerouted to a different pharmacy and she was just no help. She also hung up in my ear so I’m assuming she was having a bad day. I wish I knew her name because she deserves this shoutout! Medexpress do better.

  41. James Wilson 2021/07

    The white lady that did my covid test was very rude, snatching the equipment off my finger and arm. I would rate this place no stars but yu have to rate at least one of them to write a review. They need to switch all the nurses or shut it down until they can find people who really care about people’s health. I wish I could have went over head and spoke to someone about her rudeness and her attitude, poor judgment on my behave. Do they not know if no one came her they wouldn’t get a pay check, God bless the patients.

  42. Lynne Harris-Terrell 2021/07

    No issues with doctor. Staff unprofessional.

  43. Crystal Maryland 2021/06

    I took my 7 year old daughter to the Nine Mile Road location to be tested for Covid. There was about an hour wait, but that was to be expected since I went as soon as they opened and no appointment was scheduled. The staff was very friendly and made my daughter feel comfortable and at ease about taking the test.

  44. CaliBronze 2021/06

    This establishment is trash. I waited over a hour just for the receptionist to say she’s not sure how much longer the wait will be…..AFTER WAITING OVER 1 HOUR AND SOME CHANGE YOU’RE UNAWARE OF HOW MUCH LONGER I HAVE TO WAIT…..This place is a joke…..Go to the actual hospital……Thank me later!!

  45. Cash Lindon 2021/06

    I went to this location, since its close to my home. After reading the reviews, I decided to call before going up there to get my DOT exam for my job. They informed me that I would be able to get my physical done and to call once i arrive. I called and they took my information and also I had to go inside to fill out additional paper work.

    Once i completed everything that they needed, they called me just to let me know that I wouldnt be able to get my DOT exam done. All of this couldve been avoided over the phone before i came up to the location. Then she asked if I can call tomorrow to see if someone is there for me to get my exam…no thanks.

  46. Philip 2021/06

    Convenient location. Haven’t had to “visit” there yet.


  47. Krys B. 2021/06

    Unprofessional, incompetent and unreliable. I just needed to take a drug test for a new job. Literally took a week to complete this simple task. Be sure to call before you actually go (for ALL their locations). Sometimes they abide by their listed business hours and sometimes they do not. Sometimes they do drug testing until close and sometimes they do not. Even after calling and speaking with someone don’t be too confident. Also, when they actually are open you must call from the parking lot to register and then proceed to wait in the parking lot for however long until they call you.

  48. Marcus “Co-Co” Massie 2021/06

    I just got off the phone with this place, and the lady whom answered definitely had a negative tone in her voice. It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

  49. Shaniqua Smith 2021/06

    Had a bad experience with them went there because I was having hot flashes called the ambulance in they referred me to go to medexpress to get urgent care the doctor tested me for covid said I was positive but I went to richmond community they did blood work in ran more test in everything came back fine all my vitals was good in everything so it was a lie

  50. Michelle Lee 2021/06

    The people in the front office are very rude. We don’t need people like this in this time of need. If you don’t want to work it’s other jobs out here… She need to be let go… Very rude…

  51. Eezy E 2021/05

    Slowest location I’ve ever been too and then the front desk people always have attitudes I’ve been in her for 3 hours waiting to take a drug test , it been atleast 15 people that came after me and none of them were emergency’s and there all gone now they really need to get a grip on their company , I feel as u should get the simple stuff like drug test out of the way first

  52. Daniel R 2021/05

    Good staff, have to be patient to be seen.

  53. Michael McIntosh 2021/05

    Horrible and unprofessional people who work there

  54. Bernita Randolph 2021/04

    Extremely poor service, I called asking for myself and a family member to be Covid tested. the person who answered was short and rude. After she told me to get covid testing we had to visit the center and call when we were outside, I told her We were already outside she Hung up before she could get any of our information.

    I called back and someone else picked up and took our information, after getting our information We waited over an hour without any follow up.

    I eventually called back and the same person who answered the phone the first time I called picked up. I asked was there and estimated wait time she said no there are 3 people in front of me and she did not know how long it would take , so I canceled the appointment.

    After I pulled off and drove away someone called the family member I was getting tested with and asked if we could come back at that point we were not close to the center.

    This is poor customer service and what makes it worse is the tone and attitude of the staff. If they do not want people to come there they should just say that, so people can take their business elsewhere.

  55. Chelsea Battle 2021/04

    SLOW is me being nice
    They front desk help is very unprofessional and rude
    I’ve been waiting over an hour and a half to pee in a cup …
    there are 5 others in the lobby all waiting for the same thing

    This should be an IN AND OUT service

  56. Andrew Bohannon 2021/04

    I went to several med express today one on Midlothian tpke and one on West Broad and Both were a JOKE! I finally ended up at the one on nine mile road and it was one of the most wonderful customer service experiences I have had in my life. The person Tiffany at the front desk was WONDERFUL. She was very polite professional and informative! She really made my day.

  57. Desiree Anderson 2021/04

    Very long wait time and not very professional. I waited in the waiting room for OVER AN HOUR. Nothing is urgent about this place. I would not recommend.

  58. Colleen Brittain 2021/04

    My husband and I went to this location to get tested for Covid because the other locations we normally go to we’re closed. While we did have to wait 3 hours before being seen, the staff, nurses and doctor were all very kind. Dr. Muthusubramanian was super! He took his time, and was very knowledgeable and compassionate.

  59. Keiona Johnson 2021/04

    Worst of the worst. I wouldn’t recommend them to my dead dog. My husband sought care here for a work place injury and was there over 5 hours. The customer service is horrible and Staff very unpleasant. I’ll rather take my chances with PATIENT FIRST or any Nearby ER before seeking care or recommending this company to anyone. MedExpress should be ashamed to have these so called healthcare professionals working for them.

  60. Ant Young 2021/03

    I have to wait for over an hour for a pre-employment drug screen!. I’m am still waiting…and have to go to the the bathroom. Smh, I eventually was seen. The Staff is great!

  61. Tanisha Kane 2021/03

    Took over a hour and a half just to get a simple drug test. They called people back that came in after me before me. It doesn’t make sense to have people that come in for just a drug test to wait over an hour and have them in the same line as sick people. From the other comments it seems like this is their usual.

  62. elmisha michelle 2021/03

    Arrived at 10am for a sore throat was told to wait in the parking lot until called by the Dr. Hour passed i called to check how long the wait will be , was told im next in line . Long story short its 6:58pm & im still waiting for a call to be seen.

  63. Matt Nelson 2021/03

    Writing this review as I wait. Been sitting here for a hour just to do a simple drug test. Literally nobody has been called in to see any medical staff. I really need to use the restroom. Several staff members aren’t wearing their masks properly either.

  64. blue fire 2021/02

    I will never go to this place again. I would give zero stars if I could. Got there at 6:30pm and didn’t get seen until 7:50pm. Didn’t leave until 8:40pm because I had to wait 15 minutes to get my 9 year old son prescription after I had to ask what was taking so long. The front deck lady asked me where to send it and they sent prescriptions to wrong location. To a pharmacy that was already closed. Not the 24 hour one that I told them. So now my son will have to suffer all night with a sore throat because the pharmacy doesn’t open until 8am and I have to be at work at 7:30am. Now I will be extremely late for work and my son will be late starting school just so I can pickup his medicine that I should be picking up now but can’t. Because MedExpress was closed, the pharmacy could not transfer to the 24 hour location.

  65. Jamila Bell 2021/02

    The front desk staff needs a hug or a pep talk because they move slow and the registration process is painstaking long. I was Told to call a number to check in and the number was busy for about an hour before I got through.

    On the other hand. Dr. Perez was AMAZING!! I’ve never had a doctor be more concerned and willing to help me find a solution in the small amount of time that I saw her. I wish she could be my PCP. She recommended probiotics to help with something I’ve been dealing with and thanks to her insight, I might actually be able to tackle this problem I’ve been having. 15/5 starts for her!!

  66. Micheal Ross 2021/02

    Very rude very cold people unless you are bad off go somewhere else their act like their in retail I should have read the other reviews 👎 …

  67. Mario Jones 2021/02

    The worst for medical care. They told me to go somewhere else without even looking me over. Oh they was about to close but let me in to tell me that so they could go home in time. Smh

  68. Trish Wagner 2021/01

    Will not ever go back to this location. Went for Covid testing and the doctor was completely rude and spoke to me and my kids so rudely. She spoke to me so condescendingly and huffed and rolled her eyes. Like ma’am I don’t want to be here but I’m following protocol and suggestion from my children’s schools and I have underlying health issues and were around my father who is ill, so I just want my damn tests. She acted like we were wasting her time, and inconveniencing her. Our insurance is paying for the tests just do them and do your job, every place is asking for Covid tests! If you don’t like it quit or get over it. Like we want to deal with this either. Horrible bedside manner.

  69. Carri 2021/01

    This is regarding the location on Nine Mile Road- Wow. This was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a medical facility. When you arrive, you are not supposed to go in, but call to check in. I waited on hold for 10 mins, only to be disconnected. I tried calling back and was placed on hold without even a greeting or a reason for the disconnect. I then went inside to check in. Again, one of the worst experiences. There were two Women supposedly working to check patients in. One refused to answer me when I told her I wasn’t able to check in over the phone, and instead just said she couldn’t help me. The other one just pretended that I was invisible and refused to even acknowledge my existence. Two other people walked in and tried to explain that they too were unable to check in over the phone. They received the same rude and horrible treatment. I left at that point, as it occurred to me that if the rude and lazy front staff were any indication of the medical staff, ( and I’m assuming they were, otherwise why would they tolerate the staff to behave so unprofessionally to people in need of medical attention) then I feel sorry for anybody who had no choice buy to stay. After I left, I went to Patient First in Mechanicsville and was promptly checked in and treated by the professional medical staff…the way it should be. It is absolutely inexcusable that ANY medical facility set up to serve the community is so inept and useless at doing just that. I would advise anyone to seek out any other facility or location. Convenience is not as important as competence. Shame on you MedExpress.

  70. Troy Dubya 2021/01

    slow. dinghy. often loses or can’t find paperwork. unpleasant undesirable customer service.

  71. Mary J. Brown 2021/01

    Wait time wasn’t bad. Nurse had an attitude problem. I went in because I was in pain these people wanted to give me antibiotics. No consideration of how much pain I was in. Basically it was take this and get lost. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

  72. christie shields 2021/01

    Great safety precautions! Very caring staff. Well worth any wait to be seen here!
    They positive and patient and quite knowledgeable!
    Thank you for being there for me and my family!
    I drive 40 minutes to have this quality care!

  73. Teje Kayy 2021/01

    The staff is rude, unprofessional and unknowledgeable when you finally get to see them. Also be prepared to wait at least and hour regardless of the nature of your visit. I will never go back to this location, just go to a Patient First instead. If I could give this place 0 stars I would.

  74. Jamicia McCollum 2021/01

    I arrived at the nine mile road location and was told to register from the car, I did. waited in the car for over an hr. Called in to remind them I was outside. Was finally called in to be given nothing but attitude from the nurse. She seemed to be frustrated because i was asking questions about the information she was giving me. The Physician was ok, but i dont think I will go to this location again.

  75. detra Baylor 2021/01

    Very slow and seemed fully staffed.

  76. Brittany Moss 2021/01

    I went there after I passed out, and they wouldn’t take me. Said I needed my brain looked at and I should go to the hospital. Went to Patient First instead, they checked my blood and saw my iron was really low. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just do that.

  77. Jessica Herbert 2021/01

    Rude office staff. They seemed to be very uncaring. I am also a medical professional and the job requires empathy for patients especially in an urgent care settings. I was very put off by the staff and their lake of caring for their patients. I am from out of state and was stuck in VA due to snow and just so happened to get sick while here. I hope to never have to receive this type of care anywhere I go. Go anywhere but here! If management reads this, please train your staff of patience and empathy with clients.

  78. Eboni Be 2020/10

    I never had a problem till today with the nurse who was in red because she decided to get smart because my address was different on my id um ik u are goin to let me wait on my appt for dmv so she smacks her teeth and slams her hand

  79. Rae Throw 2020/10

    Horrible customer service. I called to check on lab results and the receptionist that answered the phone automatically stated it takes 7 to 11 days for results and they would’ve called me if they had them. She did not ask me any further information such as name, type of lab test, how long I had been waiting, nor offer to check just incase. Seemed as if she just wanted me off the phone and did not want to help. I understand things have been hectic and frustrating because of COVID-19 but it’s still not okay.

  80. Sirenmermaid ocean 2020/09

    Horrible customer service…. I definitely don’t recommend coming here, lady in the front was rolling her eyes.unprofessional customer service

  81. kayleigh butler 2020/08

    I recently was testing for strep, I was there for an hour and a half. Front desk lady was pretty rude. There was very little people at this place, and it took FOREVER! Definitely will NOT be coming here again. The seating area was so uncomfortable, and when the doctor came in, he didn’t even KNOCK!

  82. Jai'Tyria Hatton 2020/08

    I see why this place has so many negative reviews!! PLEASE READ THE REVIEWS AND AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS. Staff is very unprofessional and rude. If I could give this place no stars I would. I came in to have a test done and was told to leave my sample in the bathroom and then I could leave. So I call a today after hearing NOTHING for a week and spoke to Sarah (who was rude, hung up the phone on me and seemed as though she was annoyed during the entire call. If she doesn’t like her job she should consider working elsewhere.) and was told I was put down as “left without being seen” when I was informed to leave my sample and then I could go. The nurse literally watched me walk out and said nothing! They also lacked the common sense to call me about the situation because my number is on file. Why would I come to MedExpress and willingly just give yall $25 dollars just to not be seen?? YALL TOLD ME I COULD GO. Now they want me to come back in and pay another copay when they were the ones that told me that was all I had to do. DO NOT COME TO THIS LOCATION. I should have learned my lesson from last time when they gave me medicine for acne instead of an antibiotic. I had to go somewhere else that same week and learned that I had strep throat no thanks to them. I will not be coming here again and I will tell everyone I know not to come here as well. PLEASE BELIEVE THESE REVIEWS THERE IS A REASON WHY THEY ARE MOSTLY NEGATIVE.

  83. Lydia LeF 2020/07

    Front desk is soo RUDE!!!

  84. Frances Knighten 2020/07

    How is it that they check you in make you wait a an hour and a half and then tell you all of a sudden they’re not seeing new patients. They need to get their game together. I will never ever recommend anyone to go there.

  85. t. molencamp 2020/06

    Anything but express, had quicker wait times at the DMV. Staff was friendly enough.

  86. Sharon E. Minor-Randall 2020/06

    I’ve been here 3 times and each experience was very quick, professional and I really felt cared for by each person I interacted with

  87. Tria Thompson 2020/06

    I took my sister to have a boil lanced. Dr did a good job, sister is satisfied with service ☺. Located near Walmart.

  88. Nikkol Smith 2020/06

    Literally the worst experience of my life. Really unprofessional.doctors talk more than they listen and didn’t help with anything!!! I wish I could give no stars.

  89. Janelle Monet' 2020/06

    Yeah, no… I definitely don’t recommend coming here. The lady in the front was rolling her eyes and neck and had an attitude as to why I was coming in. The wait was so long I could’ve went to two emergency rooms and been seen faster than them. Doctor came in and didn’t even knock, he just busted in the room literally and he seemed like he was rushing to get me out not because it’s express but because he didn’t feel like treating me. It seemed like he fake cared about treating me and didn’t even fully check to see my problem. I will not be returning

  90. Correy Twilley 2020/05

    You are not allowed to walk in even though that is advertised. You have to call ahead or they ask you to leave. You ARE welcome to wait in your car for your appointment.

  91. Yama Brah 2020/05

    Pulled in for a pre employment drug screen and only 3 cars in lot. Sign paperwork at desk and they said they will call me when ready. So far I have been here 1 hour and 45 mins waiting to give a urine sample and be on my way. Not sure what is taking so long to call me back. Won’t come back to this one.

  92. Brittney Ragsdale 2020/04

    I’ve been here over an hour for JUST a drug screen. I’m assuming i came in on the nurses lunch break so i still had 2 people in front of me once she came back. So clearly there was nobody else that could do drug screens! If you’re pressed for time i DO NOT RECOMMEND coming here!

  93. Aiyonnah Butler 2020/03

    Customer service is very poor over the phone and they’re rude.

  94. Derek Mosely 2020/01

    Had a lovely visit a few weeks ago but when I called to follow up today (as instructed by the physician’s assistant) I spoke with a rude, condescending woman who said they would not be able to re-fill my trial run on a PPI even though I am without insurance until the 1st of next month. So I am now without a concrete answer and without the prescription that was helping.

    Update: manager called, apologized, and directly assisted in remedying the situation.

  95. Roger Morgan 2020/01

    Very unprofessional. No kind of customer care over the phone. The people I talked to had an attitude.

  96. Jake Baber 2020/01

    Impatient front staff who seem to be hard of hearing. Only one person in front of me at check in and over an hour wait for a simple drug screening, while others who checked in after me were seen first and left before I was able to be seen. Ridiculous, the reviews here are accurate I promise

  97. sandra moran 2020/01

    two visits. little wait time, polite, knowledgable , very clean.
    My visits were for “pink eye” and a flue shot so am not sure what the care for more involved problems might be but I will go back.

  98. Ki Sims 2020/01

    I’ve never actually had a problem with this place until today. One of the doctors called me back for a follow up question I had, the whole 3 mins on the phone she was cutting me off every time I tried to talk. I barely got to say anything. The conversation was rushed like she didn’t even care what I had to ask or what I needed help with. The receptionist are always nice, doctors too but this one doctor I don’t know if she was having a bad day or something but she really needs to work on her communication skills with patients.

  99. Gwen Ashby 2019/11

    Service was good, only thing I would like to see is a sign sheet

  100. Walter Robinson 2019/10

    Very unprofessional staff. The two ladies at the front the desk on 05/24/2019 around 4 pm.

  101. Tish1228 Thomas 2019/10

    I’m really confused at the low rating. I went yesterday 5/23/19, really skeptical because I never went to one of these places before. I went because I slept on my arm wrong and it had been four days and I hadn’t got any relief.when I say this was one of the best experiences I ever had going to a clinic. Dr Dietz and his staff were simply amazing. I couldn’t move my arm a lot because it was was so sore and I mean from the registrar at the front desk holding the forms and moving them closer for me to sign and her sliding my debit card, to the triage nurse holding my grandson and showing she really cared. The X-ray tech was amazing she help carry my stuff and held my grandson while I had the X-ray done. Dr. Dietz so humble, thorough, caring. Explained everything to me and was on point with my diagnosis🥰🥰. He picked up my grandson when he ran off from me and when he put him down my grandson put his head on his leg and he picked him Up again. Then the triage nurse helped me to my truck by carrying my grandson and strapping him in his car seat😊😊😊. When I left there I was so overwhelmed with gratefulness to them although I cried from the pain for most of the evening lol,but once I got my medicine in my system by today I felt a lot better. So thank you so much to the staff and just know no good deed goes unnoticed, I will be back with a little token just to say thank you. I will recommend this place to everybody and I’ll Definitely be back if I need to😊😊😊

  102. Janet Tunstall-Taylor 2019/09

    Never have the proper staff

  103. Tiffani Cosby 2019/09

    I was given a drug screening from a job I was trying to get and when I saw we had a med Express in the area around me I was super excited. I was happy it was one less thing I’d have to drive out to mechanicsville for if I didnt want to go to an ER . When I reported there the front desk lady was so sweet . When i went back for my urine test the women seemed nice up until i couldn’t produce enough pee for the test(never had that happen before but it happens) the lady told me she doesnt understand why people (i assumed me as one of them) dont prepare for these test. Who the hell can prepares for a urine test? So I let it slide then she proceeds to tell me I cant leave or it’s an automatic failure. She can put me in a room for the next 3 hours till i can pee only giving me a tiny bottle of water every 20 mins . And it would be about an hour and a half before i could try to pee again because if i try over and over again I’ll be wasting her time. I can say this place is extremely unprofessional and I will take my family elsewhere when it comes to needing urgent care.

  104. Megan Thrower 2019/09

    Went at 11am on a Sunday, was seen before I had the chance to sit down in the waiting room. Had really bad swimmers ear, was checked out, a wick was placed to help get the ear drops where they needed to go. I was given really helpful tips on how to get the medicine cheaply instead of paying out the butt for it. The facility itself was super clean and everyone was really nice and extremely helpful.

  105. CorasHarvest 2019/08

    I went to this location around 10am today with obvious signs of a UTI which I’m familiar with because I have kidney problems. During intake, I told the nurse that I was allergic to “Bactrim” and “Cephalexin” when asked. Well I saw the doctor and he sent a prescription to the pharmacy. Low and behold it was for Cephalexin. I didn’t realize this until I opened it. So I called immediately to MedExpress and was told by the receptionist, Nichole, that he would call me right back. I didn’t receive a call so I called back (4:30pm) only to be blamed. I spoke with Michael and informed him of the mix up. He asked me why would I pay for the prescription if I’m allergic to it. 🤯 Then he told me that the pharmacy should have known I was allergic. 🤯 There was 0 accountability on MedExpress nor did I receive any type of apology. I recommend going to another location, maybe in the Westend if you want to be treated with any kind of respect

  106. Patria Young 2019/08

    This is the most u professional facility I have ever been in… the receptionist that do intake are very unaware and beyond distracted with their phone and talking about their personal business that they can’t even ask for help. They tried to blame it on me saying I had on earphones in which I wasn’t listening to a thing.. the lack of responsiveness and unprofessionalism is extremely offensive especially in a healthcare facility. Just to be clear please do not go here if you are expecting to be taken seriously . As a medical professional, myself, I am totally taken aback at this facility . The receptionist doesn’t even have on a name tag which is a state violation

  107. Juanita Taylor 2019/08

    I came in for an X-ray. ( sent by Midlothian facility). They assured me that I wouldn’t have to wait. Not so, but my biggest peeve is the customer service. Upon arriving, there was no greeting or acknowledgement by receptionist. Therefore, I was left to determine whether I should stand until being seen or have a seat. Finally someone came in behind me and she told them to have a seat. Luckily when it was time for me to be called to the desk, I was waited in the correct order in which I arrived. When I approached the receptionist, I greeted her with a hello, but she greeted me with a dry hi, and an expression of that said ,”what is it”? I noticed that she didn’t call anyone to the desk after she finished the last interview. Everyone had to pretty much weigh out whether they should just go up and sit down.

  108. Mimi Layne 2019/08

    I would give 5 stars only because of the receptionist and the nurse. The Dr I felt rushed me and also tried to diagnose me from my history of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I kept telling him this was a different type of pain. No xrays no nothing was done. I couldnt even do full range of motion. Sent me out the door with prednisone (which I informed him I have from my Rheumatogolist) and flexiril. I just feel when it comes to patient care it shouldn’t be rushed. I’m a nurse and it’s unacceptable to rush any patient.

  109. I’m JUS Fe 2019/08

    You would think because it’s a small office the wait time wouldn’t be so long but it’s horrible. I came in yesterday just to take a drug test for a job and waited for an hour before I left. I returned today and been sitting for awhile now (just for a piss test). It’s ridiculous and they should do something about it.

  110. Mark Paige 2019/08

    Katherine White is the worst and the service is terrible just to pee in a cup

  111. LilGrace 2019/08

    Very clean, very quick, friendly. The nurse practitioner I saw was super sweet & caring. Took her time, talked, listened & treated me very well.
    Cost more I thought it would. But again, quick & very nice.

  112. Kaitlyn Blackwell 2019/07

    Worst service I have ever recieved. Waited over an hour in the waiting room to be seen. Multiple people walked out that were here before me they said they had waited almost two hours. It impossible to wait for hours in a waiting room with a 3 year old especially when they do not have anything to entertain a child. I came here for quick and proper care and I did not get anything close to that. Very disappointed. Do not waste your time here.

  113. ShesBoricua 27 2019/07

    I went into the office because I was experiencing severe back pain, severe facial pressure, eye pressure, fever, and sore throat. The NP came in my room and said ” awww hun you look awful whats going on?” I told her my symptoms and she says ” open your mouth.” I open my mouth and she says ” you have strep throat and a sinus infection.” The wait time to be seen was ridiculous and then I was in the back for less than 10 min. No test were ran and now I have a bill for $130 after paying a $25 copay the day of service and all they did was look in my mouth. So they want me to pay $155 for someone to eyeball my throat. First visit to MedExpress and I will NEVER return again!

  114. Amanda Zicafoose 2019/07

    Been here 2 hours still haven’t seen a doctor…. Express? I think not!

  115. brien chavis 2019/07

    Staff friendly but waited over 2 hours to be seen before leaving and going to patient first

  116. Kassie Bordonie 2019/06

    Doctor was amazing but the lady up front was so rude and it was uncalled for

  117. DaSean Gooden 2019/06

    This Med express nurse at Henrico Virginia nile mile turn my mom away told her she was having pain in left arm and just said they just send her to hospital but people come to just be checked out. So yes bad service and anything happens to my moms holding yall accountable.

  118. Kareema Sakari 2019/06

    As a healthcare practitioner, I can’t say enough about my experience with this facility and the staff here…. my service was fast, professional and absolutely the best… patient care is definitely their top priority 😁 I’m a satisfied patient. …

  119. Chaney 2019/06

    Waited an hour to have a TB read. I had to leave and go back later

  120. Caprice Johnson 2019/06

    I’m giving a rating of 2-stars only because the young lady at the front desk was so sweet and so polite. I came here with my child for a possible spider bite, still here and have been for an hour and a half! This is entirely too long! I don’t wait this long at the emergency room! This is ridiculous! I read the reviews but wanted to go by MY own experience. Now I have to leave because I have my own patient to see this morning. You guys need to figure something else out this isn’t working. Saying you’re gonna coordinate with staff and management to keep this from happening and actually doing something about it are two different things. From reading the reviews and by my own experience, seems nothing has been addressed. Wish you luck but I won’t be back.

  121. Carlton Parham 2019/06

    Great place…Very Professional

  122. Shannon Nurse 2019/05

    After reading the previous reviews a was needless to say skeptical about coming here but I’m so glad I did. From registration to triage to the LPN they were exceptional and timely !

  123. Maureen Gilmore 2019/04

    When I arrived with racking cough, fever and night sweats I was told it would be an hour wait. THREE AND A HALF HOURS later I was still sitting in the waiting room coughing my lungs out. People have mentioned triage, I saw absolutely no evidence of that a being done, certainly not for me. I finally saw a nurse practitioner, x rays were done and the diagnosis was pneumonia.
    I was given a breathing treatment and three prescriptions, one of them a cough suppressant. That one confused me since it was important that I cough up as much as I could, not supress it. I was told to return in 3 or 4 days for follow up xray. Went back on Friday , there was only 1 person ahead of me, yet they took person after person who came in after me first This time I saw an actual doctor who told me 1. Repeat x rays were done 4 to 6 WEEKS after the first ones not within days. 2. I should have been on an inhaler from the first visit. 3. Don’t use the cough suppressant (I actually didn’t use it because it made no sense.) This is disappointing since it’s so close to my home, but not feeling good about this practice.

  124. Holly Brock 2019/03

    I went in yesterday because I was having a hard time breathing, they sent me to see a nurse practitioner, she never listened to my breathing she literally only said” can you cough? “And I coughed and she declared that I must have an upper respiratory infection and she prescribed something that I couldn’t have filled because it was for malaria, she also gave me a prescription for the equivalent of a children’s cough medicine that the insurance would not pay for, and some allergy tablets and I don’t have allergies.
    So they’re gonna get a $170 from my insurance company, and if the insurance company doesn’t pay for it then they have a copy of my debit card so they can take it directly out of my bank account, so they’re gonna get a $170 for literally making me sit there for an hour and then not doing anything I didn’t come home with any knowledge of what I actually had wrong with me or them listening to my lungs , there was no x-rays , there was no actual doctor, like i said she didn’t even put the stethoscope to my chest to listen to me breathe for 10 seconds , she just walked up and asked me to cough and walk back out of the Room so for that they got paid about a $170, and I came home with no medicine, no actual diagnosis. And then last night I started coughing up blood but I’m not going back to them.

  125. Marcus “C-O” Massie 2019/02

    I will not recommend this location to go to. This facility opens at 8a.m. during the week. I went on a Tuesday and arrived at 8. The door was locked at that moment,I later found out the doors should open automatically at 8. So the receptionist comes to door and says we will not open until the provider gets in. Then shut the door and went back to her desk. She left four people outside in 28 degree weather not once making the offer for the patients to come In even though the provider was running late. I then had to call another location and voice my dismay. That location had to call the location I was at,and then inform me that we was free to go in.
    This young lady is clearly not accustomed to handling patients and making them feel welcome.

  126. Mz. Lucky_1 2019/02

    I’ll give 1 star for the receptionist being honest about how my daughter & I were treated by Tyler Holt PA. during our visit today. I’ve been to this office a few times. Not because they have great service but out of convenience & emergency purposes. My visit today was awful! We waited for over an hour before being told they had no technicians to do Xrays…I feel like that information could’ve been posted on the door or somewhere people could see it, so they wouldn’t waste time waiting. While talking to the front desk receptionist I was approached by Tyler Holt PA. who came from out of nowhere, never introduced himself & was very rude and disrespectful telling me basically that I just needed to go to another location for X-rays…which I understood but it’s the way you talk to & approach people. He acted as if we were beneath him. The office manager was nice when I spoke with her about my experience, but doesn’t seem like she’s gonna resolve anything & the receptionist was nice & honest about how I was treated by Mr. Holt while talking to the office manager. There’s been a few physicians there that are totally disrespectful with a “I don’t want to be here attitude”. You have a few nice people there but this place is overall hardly ever prepared for or welcoming to patients.

  127. Michael Lynn (MikeLynnShots) 2019/02

    I have no clue what these people are talking about and why this place has such a low rating it is one of the nicest and friendliest group of people I have ever met.

    Very professional and friendly. Deshonda upfront is incredible! I’ve been going to patients first four years ever since I was a kid but I will be coming here from here on out! Great job guys thank you very much for treating me like family 👪.


  128. Antoinette Wade 2019/01

    The wait is horrible. I got here @ 12:30 they didn’t call me until 2:30. The nurse took my vitals and after she put me in a room. I still had to wait another hour before the Dr. came in the room. Take these reviews serious you are going to wait at least 3hrs before you are seen completely.

  129. Kia Simmons 2018/11

    The registration staff were so nice and patient but efficient. The nurses were kind and proactive. They seemed to really know what they were doing and how to work with an ailing toddler. Now to the bad… The doctors were grossly uncaring and incompetent. She seemed to get annoyed that my son (2) didn’t want to let her swab his throat. We waited about an hour for the doctor so come back and tell us she “isn’t quite sure what’s wrong with him” and we could “get a second opinion” if I chose to. They prescribed him nothing to ease his discomfort while they waited for the test results. They didn’t even tell me how long the tests take while they quickly shuffled us out without another thought. Due to my son’s increased discomfort I kept calling to see if there was a cream or antibiotic they could prescribe for him (his pcp wouldn’t because he wasn’t seen there) and they took days to return my call by which time I’d taken my son to his PCP and found out he has hay fever. Their doctors lack professionalism, empathy and general knowledge. I highly don’t recommend this place. I was disgusted by my service aside from the intake staff and nurses.

  130. sean brooks 2018/10

    So far so good.. was seen rite away.. been here about 1 hr so far.

  131. Tracy Fadely 2018/10

    Came in at 8:18 am and was out by 9 am. The staff was wonderful!

  132. Rachel Warrick 2018/10

    Don’t go here unless you want to be stereotyped by an uncaring doctor. Shortly into intake the mood shifted with the nurse and by the time the doctor finally saw me it was becoming clear they thought I was faking my knee injury for drugs. He ordered x-rays stating he knew he wouldn’t find anything, and claimed to not notice the swelling because my tattoos “were a distraction.” Can’t wait to get my bill in the mail for unnecessary x-rays and to give this moron a paycheck.

  133. D Crawford 2018/10

    From the front desk to seeing the Doctor, my visit was GREAT, and ON POINT. Staff SO friendly and was seen with under a 5-10 minute wait.

  134. Emilea Theodorakis 2018/07

    Office is nice and clean and the staff was friendly. Was seen pretty quickly even though it was really busy.

  135. Colleen Hague 2018/06

    I want to say THANK YOU to the ladies at Md Express and Dr Cathy. MY NIECE AND I where every happy with the service we received today. Thanks 😁 …

  136. Lorena Larez 2018/06

    Jut came in to Medexpress while on vacation and was treated so kindly. My wait was only 15 min to get in the back and the PA saw me 5 min later. If you’re traveling thru, this place works. Clean and professional. Thank you for helping me feel better.

  137. immanuel price 2018/04

    Welp, I am never going there again. I prefer people who can actually be professional like an adult.

  138. Harley Bonniville 2018/03

    An experienced nurse speaking… Went to get a school physical completed (literally like 3 pages with the most simple questions) and asked of they could do my physical. First, the lady said they could not do it because it is requesting titers, when clearly the titers were not needed because that portion was fulfilled. So the same lady went back again and came out with someone who claims to be a nurse and pointed to a section that asked “Does the individual have any physical or mental conditions, disabilities, or medical limitations….” and said we can not determine this so you will need to go to your primary care doctor! Seriously people that’s what a physical is! That is what you are assessing! If you can not perform a simple physical then what can you do?

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