MedExpress Urgent Care

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MedExpress Urgent Care
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  1. Deborah N. Bailey-Raynor Ph.D-c MS MEd FACHE Notary 2023/11

    Great service and a friendly clinical team.

  2. Wayne Owens 2023/11

    Come here to have your temperature checked, because that’s all they’re willing to do for ya.

  3. Logan Jones 2023/11

    Charged $250+ to be told to go to the ER. With the symptoms I had there was nothing they could do to check me out.

  4. Jeannie Wallace 2023/11

    Had a 1:30 appointment and by 1:50 they still hadn’t seen the 12:30 appointment yet! I was told there would be a “short wait”. They were almost 2 hours behind. Nothing about that is short.

  5. hazel johnson 2023/10

    Excellent and friendly! The radiologist that was on call on sept14th was awesome also.

  6. Jorge Pezzat 2023/10

    Everyone was wonderful! They were pretty quick on taking care of me and everyone was so pleasant. Thank you!

  7. D Miller 2023/10

    Everyone was amazing, I was seen quickly, and it was super convenient. Oh and it was clean and updated!

  8. Ryan Mayer (ryanb45) 2023/10

    Received a bill before I received my results from my visit 2 weeks later. Don’t waste your time going here.

  9. Janey Hall 2023/09

    There is nothing EXPRESS about this place! If you need help expect to be waiting all day long!!

  10. Shaun J 2023/09

    I went to med express with leg pain. Because I had a bug bite, the doctor misdiagnosed me with cellulitis. She prescribed medication to help with the infection. Unfortunately, the medicine prescribed led me to the hospital with dehydration! I threw up, and couldn’t eat for two days and had to get an IV.
    I usually get the help I need, but the ER doctor said it wasn’t cellulitis, cause there was no discoloration. He then had to give me prescriptions to correct the problem due to the misdiagnosis! It upset me, because it turned into a week long ordeal, and treating something that wasn’t there. Thankfully vomiting was the only bad side effect. It could have been worse.

    The lady at the front desk was, however, amazing! In addition to helping me move around, she saved me pain by bringing my paperwork and anything I needed out to me in the reception area! She was amazing. But the doctor was just trying to get rid of me, and it did me no favors

  11. StephS Haze 2023/09

    everyone was so nice and patient.. place is extremely clean and organized. this place is my go-to for urgent care!!!

  12. Daizha Allen 2023/08

    Service here was not good. Waited 3 hours to be seen with an appointment.

  13. Teona Poole 2023/08

    The front desk manager and nurse who took my vitals were nice, compassionate and patient. As for the N.P., her bedside manner was not great all at. Very discouraging experience.

  14. Crystal Hawkins (Crys) 2023/07

    I prefer Med Express over any other urgent care. Simply because the wait times are not extremely long. They physician/PA are very attentive. They make sure your problem is handled before you leave and the staff is always nice.

  15. Michael Ellis 2023/07

    The people there are very polite and patient. Highly recommend.

  16. karen torrez 2023/07

    Everyone was polite, friendly and caring, including registration, RN and NP. Very good experience when you’re not feeling well and visiting from out of state. Shout out to the Broad street clinic in Henrico, VA.

  17. Nicole Rodriguez 2023/07

    Walked right in with my urgrent issue and was well taken care off my PA Courtney Dietz. She really cared about my situation and she LISTENED. I was treated as a person and actually helped. I got all of requested documents and rxs that i needed. PA Dietz remembered me from another location. 6 stars for her compassion and excellent advice for me to get well. Most importantly, she listened.

  18. Lisa Spurgeon 2023/06

    West Broad location in Richmond va…Wouldn’t help my husband at all..except to rule out covid, flu and strep. Dr said he has asthma but wouldn’t give him prednisone or an in office breathing treatment. I have asthma and thats two things they should have done at a minimum. Instead, he was told to go to the hospital….where he probably would have caught covid, flu and/or strep. Crazy!

  19. Kathy Short 2023/06

    Very professional and caring service starting with the receptionist to the nurses. Jordan my xray tech was great. Dr. Stephanie very caring and helpful.

  20. Jennifer Philip 2023/05

    I brought my four year old daughter to MedExpress Urgent Care tonight an hour before closing. I expected an exhausted staff they didn’t make me feel rushed. They were very nurturing and attentive. She had to take multiple test up the nose and back off the throat.
    When we walked in , she was so scared……when we left, she commented “ That was just a little bit fun”

  21. Yvonne Taylor 2023/05

    Nice environment friendly staff

  22. Judith Culver 2023/04

    Everything about our experience was excellent. Thanks

  23. Golden Mami24 2023/03

    I went the Midlothian location that advised due to needing an x-ray we would need to go to the Broad St location. We travel 27 min to get there, arrive at 7:02 when they close at 8:00 to be turned down for service. I walked in and requested crutches and the lady said “we aren’t taking anymore people. We have 2 in front of you so no more”. I told her that we were told to come from midlothian and she still refused service. Needless to say I was livid at this experience.

  24. Daniel Montrose 2023/03

    If your company states urgent care, you ought to take that seriously. This location says 8 to 8 everyday. We knew that we needed urgent care, so we arrived at 8. By 8:30 the doors were still not open and the answer we received was they were going to open but just weren’t sure when. We left and went to the PatientFirst a mile and a half down the road. 7 minutes after leaving this place, we were seen by an actual urgent care facility.

    Don’t go here unless you have the time – a lot of time – to wait.

  25. Sarah Fenton 2023/03

    The staff here is kind and helpful. I came in with severe sinus pain and was having difficulty finding my insurance information. The front desk staff was friendly and patient, working with me calmly as I panicked to find my insurance information. The triage nurse that took my vitals was also very calming and I waited for a very short amount of time to be seen, which I appreciated given my painful sinus state. The PA that saw me was also kind and asked thorough questions to understand my symptoms and provided me with great steps to remedy my ear infection. I wish this could be my PCP, I had a better experience here than with my regular doctors office.

  26. chip stevens 2023/03

    Very quick. The doctor and nurses had great bedside manners.

  27. moacir thiele 2023/02

    Would give 0 stars if possible.
    DON’T GO THERE! This place is stupid!
    I went for an X-ray. They weren’t even busy. I was there for 3 hours and it was seen for no more than 15 minutes. So I sat and waited for 2:45 hours. Let me say that again: DON’T GO THERE! THIS PLACE IS STUPID!

  28. Yvette 2023/01

    These people were very rude. The staff is horrible and talking very smart. I would not recommend no one to go here.

  29. Nakinda Morgan 2022/11

    Very nice and professional!

  30. Beshoy Habib 2022/10

    very bad customer service

  31. Blaine Lanum 2022/10

    Said they were open til8.So I called at 6 And they were closed all day.Change your schedule online!Good way to upset customers

  32. Clint 2022/09

    Was very helpful at first but with COVID and trying to find a primary care they can help one time but after that your on your own.

  33. A-ARON L 2022/09

    Showed up yesterday @ 5pm and was told they were done testing for the day. Come back tomorrow. I come in today at 1130am and am told they have suspended testing. She told me to try back in 4 hours. They close at 8p. This place is so unprofessional and im done with medexpress.

  34. Alex Antonova 2022/09

    I was waiting for 1 hour I just to find out I was not put in the system correctly. I lost my time and copay, very unprofessional!!
    If you feel very sick and need ‘urgent’ care, that is the worst place to go. The staff won’t even try to help you!
    Think twice when considering going there.

  35. gary myers 2022/08

    Very nice 😘and caring …

  36. Halle Jordan 2022/08

    I have been to this facility twice now and both times have been an absolutely wonderful experience. The front staff members were extremely professional, charismatic, empathetic, and welcoming. I have been lucky enough to receive medical attention from Elizabeth Sloan during both of my visits. She is a blessing to the medical field. I can’t remember the last time I went to a medical facility and wasn’t treated like a burden or nuisance. She really listens to your problems and has the most genuine and caring way of helping. If you are looking for a urgent care facility in the Glen Allen area, I highly recommend this location!

  37. Jamie Broughton 2022/07

    This place used to be great, I have been coming here since it was built. I brought my son dad and wife recently. Now after Covid this place is the worse medical experience I’ve ever experienced. The sign at the front desk says it all just read it anyone, they do not see kindness starts with them especially with sick and injured patients. They see it the opposite and will attack you first and let’s not even get into the procedure of even getting into the building, I have traveled to other countries easier.They have no idea how to work with mental health patients and let the families suffer their ignorance later.I did not once see an actual doctor on staff only poor trained PAC’s in my own humble opinion. After leaving there we ended up in the ER only to find out they almost caused a huge mistake that would have been life altering. In my opinion STAY AWAY AT ALL COST there are too many other emergency care providers that offer way better care and attitude.
    Do not believe me walk in read the sign at the desk in brown if you can before you get thrown out. After that you will get it. Never in my life had I read such a uncaring sign at a medical office. If you go then good luck.

  38. Cat D 2022/07

    Dr. Dietz was thorough and attentive, but when I called to ask about a side effect I was experiencing from my prescription, the staff asked for my information, told me someone would call back but then asked me to hold and put me on hold for 15 minutes. Then they asked for my information again using a tone like I was inconveniancing them and saying multiple times that the doctor was with patients and would call me later. Confusing and upsetting interaction.

  39. khalid alamyar 2022/07

    They are scaring to provide medicine.

  40. John Deas 2022/07

    One of the front desk women was very rude to me. I was there 1 1/2 hours before the place closed and still couldn’t be seen. Had to go back the next day. The doctor there was very competent.

  41. Amazon W 2022/07


  42. Git Mgr 2022/07

    Who ever receives phone call here for Covid testing, do you realize some people actually goes to work even we are sick. If we are exposed to person with Covid and we are not feeling good we actually need to get tested, I in during my lunch break and I’m not feeling good, my dad tested positive for Covid and she tells me not registering yet, went back to. I called 4 times during my work to register to do test and she kept telling me there no availability and finally around 3:45 called and she asked me if I’m outside or not and told her no and she refused to register me in. Remember after you register you wait as least 2 hours until nurse comes out to do testing. If it is first come first serve freaking register people who are calling in and they will be there when it’s time. It does not make sense to get there and get registered and be seen after 2 hours. Who ever answered my call was freaking rude, because of your attitude more people are getting infected just so you know. Again some of us work even we are SICK.

  43. Goshi Chaudry 2022/07

    Med Express is very Unreliable care center. They open and close unannounced. Bad bad company. They don’t care about people. Very bad business.
    Shafquat Buttar

  44. Stephen Jewell 2022/07

    They called to have me be in the parking lot by 2:45. It’s now 430 and they said there are 7 people ahead of me! Why would you want me here this early?

  45. Bill Hagwood 2022/06

    Shelby is great at her job. She was very attentiv.

  46. Veda Boswell 2022/06

    Extremely satisfied with my experience at MedExpress.

  47. S. Barham 2022/06

    Great service but too long of a wait. Only 4 people in the waiting room and waited a couple of hours to be seen.

  48. Brian Nou 2022/05

    The staff was friendly and helpful. The NP was a different story. It didn’t seem like she cared or took the time to do a proper physical exam or interview.
    I have been in the medical field for 28 years and am very sad in tune with my body, injuries and illnesses. She never took the time to listen to me and frankly didn’t seem to care. 2 stars due to the staff only. I won’t go back

  49. Ibtihal Ibrahim 2022/05

    Came to get a Covid test and was told I had to wait an hour. After an hour wait I called back, they gathered my name, DOB, insurance information, and what car I’m driving. The lady told me to wait by the phone and a nurse will call to bring me in. After 3 hours of waiting by the phone, no one called, came out or anything. I called them back wondering how much longer because it’s been FOUR HOURS already. She stated they tried calling both my phones multiples times, they didn’t have the right number for one and the other I never received calls or any voicemails. The lady kept trying to tell me that they verified the numbers during the first call and again, they didn’t. After burning my gas and waiting for 4 hours, I have to find another place. Why even ask what car I’m driving if you’re not going to come outside to check if I’m still here. Literally parked RIGHT IN FRONT of the building.

    I called back to update my contact information and a different woman told me she can put me on the schedule for that day.. after waiting 4 hours and 45 minutes in my car I finally got tested

  50. Temmeka Moore 2022/05

    Person (young woman it’s glasses at 630pm on 10/25)at window an hour and a half before close tried to deny me treatment because she said they may not be able to get to me. The online function said that be there an hour before close. She wouldn’t answer my questions and was very dismissive. Save yourself a headache and go to urgent care or Better Med. These people don’t care. Urgent care should know people will come in after they get off. So trying to stop people because they just don’t want too is unacceptable.

  51. P Auguste 2022/05

    This is the worse place to go. The Chinese nurse practitioner is A LITTLE RACIST… I went there because of some pains I had. She never picked up a stethoscope to listen to hear if the blood was flowing right. She just walked into the room with the diagnosis. I am guessing she is a sidekick. She looked into her crystal ball and was what was wrong. I paid 40.00 plus what they will charge my insurance to be told nothing. They don’t want lay down on the bed in the room I was told. It was not covered which lead me to believe it was true. With all my pain I sat in a chair.The room had a strong smell of bleach. I was told they have bo xray or ultrasound machines there. They couldn’t carry out any test. I should had demanded my money back.

  52. Victoria Parrish 2022/04

    Fast & Efficient staff

  53. Dominique Taylor 2022/04

    Nurses and providers are friendly and professional. The check in & check out staff are the worse. Immature, unprofessional, and rude to patients & family members. Do you think sick patients want to put up with immature staff while trying to get medical care? Healthcare is not the career for those three if they have the nerve to laugh & make fun of patients & family members. I have used this location before with no issues but the visit last night caused me to never go back. I will drive 30+ minutes to another location when needed.

  54. The ATF 2022/04

    Welcome to socialized medicine. Can’t go indoors to check in, can’t go indoors to do a screening, they can come out side to tell you they’ve called you but yet won’t offer for you to come inside. This is what the future of medicine looks like under democratic control. This is the worst place to go when your sick or injuries luckily I want bleeding out or I would’ve been dead after a 45 minute wait to actually get in. The service two other people after me before they finally reached me to come back in. Med express is a joke and will never use this facility or group again. When they let fear run their business its never good. This is not how a good working doctors office is supposed to be, you know it’s all for show and nothing to do with the virus. People keep living in fear it’s all good. Sitting in the room now typing this and the lights just went out on me this place is hysterical. What a waste of money and time.

  55. Johnnie Lewis 2022/04

    They care and are very kind and concerned. Thank you all at Med Express, for help .

  56. Ryan Dwyer 2022/04

    I went into this place yesterday due to a severe sore throat to get looked at, the lady at the front desk told me they wouldn’t see me unless its something serious like chest pains, etc. I’ve been to this location before for similar illnesses and never had any issues until yesterday. I’m pretty ashamed in your way of handling people that want to be seen with less “serious” issues, isn’t this why this place exsists? I would think that someone with serious issues would go straight to the hospital to begin with. I’ll never return to this place ever again

  57. Andrew Snyder 2022/03

    The amount of patients this staff is seeing daily is crazy. Thank you to all of you for your service to the community. They are very helpful each of the two times I have been to there. Thanks again

  58. Anne Gibbons 2022/03

    I was traveling out of country and wanted a more official Covid negative result documented. Dr. Arjun Muthusubramanian was amazing. He double checked the requirements for the country I was going to visit. He made sure the document he gave me was accurate and complete. He was so helpful, kind, and friendly. I could not have been happier with the incredible patient care and service I received.

  59. Jon Bailey 2022/03

    Very good experience. Short wait time, very professional staff. Took time with me and my daughter, so I didn’t feel rushed out the door. This is my new go-to office for those “no appointment” sick visits.

  60. Allison Sands 2022/03

    I came here for the first time for a quick blood sugar check. The front desk staff were lovely, as were the MAs and nurses. Thank you for being there!

  61. Colette Wright 2022/03

    The doctor’s, nurses, and the lab technicians are very professional, caring, and courteous. They are thorough and take the time to educate you on the results. They are a great team!

  62. M B 2022/02

    Such bad care

  63. Julieta Brain 2022/02

    Awesome staff and providers. They treat you with respect and compassion.

  64. Ziaire Barfield 2022/02

    Terrible place. It’s always something…. Horrible employees

  65. Daria Adamenko 2022/02

    Schedule said it was open so I drove for half an hour to see that it is actually closed.

  66. Ebony Raye 2022/02

    This location is the worst! On 2 diffrent occasions I was there and was turned away for service!! Once was about a month ago my son had a sprained ankle and the front desk told me they were not taking any more patients because it was too late and it would cut in to the time they would be closing and yesterday I took my twins there and was turned away yet again because the front desk told me they only had one doctor available and alot of patients so they have stopped seeing people(there were only 3 people in the waiting area). I have NEVER seen a facility that ALWAYS turns patients away!! this locations needs to be closed because they clearly dont want to work and is not in the business of actually seeing and helping patients! they are more concerned about getting off of work then they are about helping people. I took my boys up the street to Henrico Doctors Parham where the staff and doctors were actually willing to help patients and one of my twins had pnemonia and the other had RSV so thank God for Henrico Doctors. CLOSE THIS BETTER MED LOCATION the space would be better used for a parking lot than a urgent care.

  67. Shahin Ghasemi 2022/02

    Funny place 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😅😅😅😂😂😂 …

  68. Diane Forrest 2022/02

    I got very good medical attention only downside was about 2 hour visit but not too bad. Most walkin clinics are very busy currently.

  69. Deborah Gary 2022/01

    Checked in at 11 at 2 a nurse came out said 4 people were in front of me. Told her thats what i was told at check in. She said she was the only nurse. That was a lie spoke to a nurse that went to lunch on her way out. Spoke to her when she came back 30 minutes later. So the nurse lied to me saying she was only one. There was others. No recommendation at all from me for sorry place

  70. SheizNemesis 2022/01

    Originally I liked this location a lot. But the last couple of times I have attempted to be seen here have deterred me from visiting again. I have asked for help with the registration process only to have a finger placed up and took a step back and waited only to be told a minute or 2 later that I need to step to the side for someone else to be helped. One time I was told to wait out in the car as myself and my child were coughing and had fever. We waited for 2 hours and then when I walked back in to check what was going on the front desk staff told me they thought I had left. I told her no we’ve been in the car waiting the whole time and she said oh well our systems are down and we cant see you and suggested patient first as an alternative. This is such a step backwards and should be looked into as far as patient service.

  71. cecelia sheppard 2022/01

    I arrived there yesterday around 9 AM for Covid testing and was told that they’ve met their quota for the day and that they would re-open at 8 o’clock Thursday. I went back today arrived at 7:30 AM stood in line until 8:15 AM to 8:30 AM and then was told by other people online that there was a note on the door stating that they would re-open Wednesday December30. Several people online stated that they were told the same thing to come back today. I think it’s very unacceptable that they are telling people to come back on a day that they are closed.

  72. Yvonne Lawson 2022/01

    Caring professional medical staff, no long wait time. As soon as I receive my meds I felt much better and follow w/ my medical team.

  73. Gabrielle Vo 2022/01

    Went in at 9am didn’t get seen until 3pm. There was only 1 doctor on staff. She tested me for 4 different Colds: Strep, Covid, mono, flu all came back negative. Gave up and gave me random meds off what she believed could “possibly” help me. However what if the meds make my situation worse bc it’s not being treated properly. You are a doctor. You should work your hardest to find the issue. Towards the end when I started asking questions. She told me to stand up and let’s go “this should help” once again. I’m disgusted and disappointed in her service. She should not be called a doctor. If I’m paying you to treat and HELP me then do your job.

  74. Joel 2021/11

    Came here for a Covid test as a walk-in. Everyone I worked with (receptionist, nurse, & doctor) was on point and pleasant to interact with. Hope I never need urgent care again, but if I do, I’d come back to this location.

  75. Phyllis Sawyer 2021/11

    I tried calling them at 8:00 this morning when they were supposed to have opened no one answered the phone. I drove by there around 10:30 and they still weren’t open

  76. Jared Bornes 2021/10

    Came to the testing for the allotted time that a specialist requested. I was put on hold multiple time for 20 to 30 mins and had to call 30 times between phone being busy, answering machine and being put on hold for extended period of time. It wasn’t till an hour after my arrival I finally got on the schedule for an 2.5 – 3.5 hour wait(which I was aware of when I called earlier but I didn’t think it would take me an hour just to get registered in the parking lot). Then asking about typical avg patient times service times so I can see if i can see if I can run and get some food or gas the technician hung up on my face.

    Update: Once I got inside the nursing and physician staff were really pleasant. It’s just the registration process that needs work.

  77. Saba Rafi 2021/10

    The most ridiculous urgent care facility I have ever been to. Only reason I had to come here was for a pre employment drug screen. It took over an hour and the pre registration via car is unfair. A car arrived after me and she was admitted inside before I was since the lines are constantly busy. It’s 2021, have an online appointment system!

  78. Kingsley Okafor 2021/09

    Really don’t understand the purpose of telling people to call for appointments at 8:00AM (even tho the website clearly describes that there are no appointments needed) only to disconnect your phones as soon as you begin to experience high call volumes. This is the second day in a role the employees at multiple med express location (including the one located at Midlothian) have displayed that they clearly have no interest in doing their jobs. If you are lucky enough to get someone on the phone, she will attempt to bite your head off through the phone because you couldn’t reach someone at 8:00AM to make an appointment, even tho their parking lots are literally empty and they literally refuse to answer the phone.

  79. Tim Roth 2021/09

    Very impressed with the people and care I received. They are a first class group. The wait was reasonable and they know what they are doing. I would recommend this place

  80. Alex 2021/09

    Denied a COVID test after waiting two hours (and visiting the clinic three times to get an appointment). Doctor was rude. Would never go here again.

  81. Jackie Dempere 2021/09

    I am at their location and the place is closed “for operational reasons”.
    Checked again in Google and still says it is open.
    I am out of state and have traveled through high infected by Covid-19 states, so …

  82. Maya Weekes 2021/09

    It’s currently 8:20a.m. and google as well as the signs on the door says that they open at 8am. Doors are closed and locked, lights off and no one answering the phones. Very inconvenient.

  83. Shehryar Farooq 2021/08

    Friendly and quick

  84. Murtaza Kazmi 2021/07

    Went there for Sports Physical, they made me wait for 1 hr 30 min. Intially I was told that it will be 30 mins but then they said 10 mins and then finally after 1 hr 30 min I was seen.

  85. Alisa Demirova 2021/07

    Very slow service…. had to wait for hour and a half to get it. They didn’t seem busy at all. Looks like they don’t have capacity to handle multiple patients. Would go to another facility next time.

  86. Jordan Giddens 2021/07

    If I could give 0 stars I would. The providers here are a joke. I was seen THRICE in a span of a week at this location and I’m still sick with no medication to help?? I call to talk to someone to help me understand why I’m still sick (NOT EVEN WITH COVID-19 JUST CONGESTED AND YUCKY FEELING) and if I could get an antibiotic called in as a last ditch effort to feel better… I got told to go to the ER, and that I would not be prescribed an antibiotic, mind you this is after I shelled out almost $200 here in copays. If I was sick again, or better yet, if I was knocking on deaths door and my options were to come to medexpress or die of my illness, I would head straight to the funeral home and pick out my casket.

  87. Jules N 2021/06

    Amazing staff and very competent. it can be difficult to get ahold of them but this is no fault of theirs at all. it’s a crazy time and they are doing amazing work. everyone i spoke to was friendly and helpful and they took the time to answer my questions.

  88. Lauryn Ford 2021/05

    This was the worst experience I’ve had at an urgent care in my life! I went in for COVID testing this past week, and I was already feeling terrible but the experience I had at Med ex left me feeling even worse. When I called in to let them know I had arrived for my appointment Yvonne answered the phone with a terrible attitude. She had no patience, did not explain the process and repeatedly spoke over me and cut me off when I tried to ask questions. She assumed that I had Medicare/ medical because I’m from out so state and refused to see if my policy was covered. Then demanded my credit card number without explaining that I would be charged before even being examined. The whole thing felt like a tasteless money grab. The nurses were nice during my procedure which I was grateful for. But Upon exiting I asked for a paper receipt to send to my insurance because I thought I had been incorrectly charged. Yvonne then informs me that I won’t be able to get reimbursed from my insurance because they gave me the test at a discounted rate. None of which she explained or mentioned during our first interaction. I then proceeded to tell her that she did not give me enough time to explain my insurance situation on the phone earlier and she proceeded to argue with me in the middle of the office which turned into a screaming match. It was like she forgot she was at work! It was absolutely unbelievable. I’m standing in the middle of the office waiting room WITH COVID literally about to pass out and a nurse practitioner is screaming at me for not knowing the details of my insurance policy 😑.
    These people just want your money. Please save your time and go somewhere else.
    As for Medex- Yvonne is a liability. If You care about your reputation, customer service and if patient compassion is important to you she does not represent these qualities and should be immediately replaced.
    You have lost my business for life along w/ The business of my network of 10K+

  89. April DRL 2021/05

    I really liked this location. Everyone was nice, and the physician called to check the price of a prescription before sending it through. They were very professional.

  90. Tiffany Jobb 2021/04

    The only reason I’m giving them 2 stars is for one woman I spoke to during my experience with med Express. She was very nice and genuine. I have a cold and wanted to get a covid-19 test. I called that day and was told they were all booked for that day and to call back the following day at 8am to schedule an appointment. I called the next day and was told to come in at 11:30. As I’m leaving for my appointment they call and say they’ve changed from appointments to first come first serve and it’d be best if I came after 2pm to avoid a heavy wait time, no biggy. Then at 2:23pm I get a call saying they are now closed because the change resulted in too much volume and for me to come in tomorrow. Now I’m mad, but that’s not the end of it. Granted the lady I spoke to this day was very nice and knew I didn’t feel well. Then I call around 9:30 to say I was there to check in and get my test. The lady says we’re all booked try again at noon!?!? I attempted to explain to the lady my tries to get a test yesterday and she did not care to hear anything I had to say. All she kept saying was to try again at noon. I gave up. I will never recommend or use medexpress on midlothian turnpike again. It’s also very difficult to get ahold of anyone through their phone system. Sometimes it’s a busy signal or it’s a recording saying they’re too busy call again later and hangs up on you. Very frustrating and unprofessional. The least they could do is give you an option to hold or leave a message. I hope you have a better experience than I did.

  91. Francisco Gómez 2021/04

    I normally use a different facility/company for our pre-employment drug screenings but decided to use them because they were really close to our facility. The people were great and courteous, even when I was challenging their “policy”, and the results came back faster than the average. But… I sent “potential candidates” for “pre-employment” drug test. These candidates had very limited proficiency speaking English but had all documents, IDs and even a company COC form that they were given to complete the test. When they arrived, they were not taken care of because of their limited English. The personnel told them that they needed to be in the company of their supervisor or bring a translator themselves. These candidates called me and I talked to the clerk, but she said that It was a liability issue and they were not able to provide translation for the drug test process “per company policy”. I challenged that comment/policy by asking them if they (being a medical facility/provider) were not supposed to provide an interpreter based on ADA and/or under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The answer was that they were unable to change their policy even though there is a printed document/sign in their counter that states that they will provide interpretation per ADA. I ended up driving to their location to help. They let me translate even though I clearly told them that I did not know them personally and I was unable to act as a company representative for them since they were not employees, nor I was their supervisor (I am a recruiter They did not let another candidate translate even though he speaks perfect English, know them, got there with them and was able to complete the same drug screening because that person was proficient in English). But they let me translate everything, through the whole process, at the lobby and inside… Now let’s talk about HIPPA.

  92. Arek Tupko 2021/04

    Called in the morning to verify they do walk in COVID testing, as listed online. Was told I actually needed an appointment. Arrive ten minutes before appointment and get told it’s an hour wait, as they give priority to walk ins. Already confused as to why I was told to make an appointment if it would have been literally the same to just walk in. Wait exactly an hour and call to check on my status, only to be told it’ll be another hour. At this point I give up, but I understand. I tell the receptionist to remove me from the waiting list. I get less than a mile down the road when the nurse calls to say she’s ready for me. I tell her the situation and offer to return, but she tells me that since I left the parking lot, I’d be put to the bottom of the list…

    I’ve always used Patient First and intend to continue doing so. Everything about this location is poorly run.

  93. Denisha Robinson 2021/03

    The wait time is ridiculously long even if you call ahead and register. In addition, the women who work at the front were rude. Got lab test done they said they would call when the results came in it’s been over 2 weeks smh. Wouldn’t go here again

  94. Tanisha Miller 2021/03

    Waited over 2 hours for a drug test I highly suggest going somewhere else if you can.

  95. Excyntra 2021/03

    Go to BetterMed instead. I’m not sure why I’ve been waiting almost an hour to be called back for a specimen collection. I’ve never actually been to an urgent care center with so little traffic and such a long wait.

  96. Aliah Cherry 2021/03

    Customer service from clerks answering the phone is ridiculous. Completely unprofessional.

  97. Addi Dobbertin 2021/01

    The staff was so helpful and sweet when I had to get COVID tested.
    I appreciate them!

  98. Steve Daughtrey 2021/01

    Wouldn’t recommend for anybody. Had an appointment at 11:00am and had arrived 15 minutes prior for a routine DOT physical and wasn’t seen until 1:15pm and didn’t get out until 2:10pm. I walked into the office after waiting in the car for an hour and fifteen minutes and was told I was “next on the list” and that they operate on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Over an hour past that I was seen. Unsure as to why you make appointments if that’s the case. I understand not having an appointment and being understaffed at many medical facilities, and I’m ok with waiting alittle while past my appointment time due to occasional backups, but over 2 hours is ridiculous, and all for a routine “in and out” DOT physical. If you must go here, be ready to wait for an extended period of time, appointment or not. On the upside, staff was nice once i got in there.

  99. Farhad Heidari 2020/11

    I had an appointment at 12:40. I’m still here at the parking lot for their call to get in. It’s 1:25 now. When I called they said the staff are working on walk in patients.
    What is the point of making n appointment if they are treating you as a walk in!!!!
    If I didn’t have to I would probably leave.
    P.S the staff are supper nice 👍

  100. Sunshine 2020/10

    I visited this location after coming down with a severe cold. MedExpress staff confirmed my suspicions of it being the flu. The staff from the receptionists, the nurses and the doctor were all professional, but very friendly and personable. I even received a follow up call to see how I was doing. I would visit again and recommend MedExpress to others.

  101. Michael Holdren 2020/10

    I went in recently due to a foot injury. Everyone I encountered, from the check-in process, to x-rays, and diagnosis were professional, courteous, and extremely helpful.

  102. Dr. Shonda Harris-Muhammed 2020/08

    Extremely slow like all bon Secours centers/urgent cares

  103. Pam Blanton 2020/07

    This is poorly run call themselves an Urgent care facility and been denied 2x to be seen because they didnt have proper equipment or if you owe money or a copay will be refused to be seen

  104. Troy Dubya 2020/07

    Best location of 3 that I’ve been to in the Richmond area

  105. Lynn Cook 2020/07

    This was my second time coming here my first experience I bought my son and the receptionist was very pleasant and very helpful. The second time I came I was with my boyfriend and his daughter and the receptionist was rude and only cared about her phone the date was Feb 22 2019 at 3:26. Very disappointed.

  106. Frank DeVeaux 2020/05

    Online says they open at 8 am. Called 4 times Thursday morning the phone is not excepting calls. Smh!

  107. Lina Meikle 2020/05

    Flawed system. Arrived on a Friday mid morning to for a New employment screening, was turned away told the staff on site did not know how and to return on Saturday. Came back Saturday and waited 30+ minutes to check in with only one person shared of me. Again waited ten more minutes to have someone else come from the back to say blood work doesn’t go out on Saturday and I could return Monday. I stayed for the parts I could today and that being said the staff is friendly.

  108. Gutierrez Family 2020/05

    Have been here over a dozen times this year between my 3 children. I love how quick they are, we are usually always in and out within an hour or less. The staff is always friendly, we really miss Star. She went above and beyond and the kids love her! Dr. Michael Fogel has been my favorite so far! Highly recommend

  109. Cornelius Varone 2020/04

    Staff was friendly and efficient

  110. faith Simmons 2020/04

    Keep driving don’t stop the front desk was very professional. I did not exprience a course of treatment for my condition of pink eye as my prior condition unfortunately I am at home a follow’up call 72 hrs later from Dr. I explained my condition hasn’t improved and requested the same course of treatment administered from prior treatment. The physician stated the data wasn’t in my records. I was given oral antibiotics and eye drops. My eyes are red watery and not improving suggesting I come back is Not an Option Not There Ever.
    I requested calling in oral RX to assist my condition Amoxicillin. They didn’t feel I needed this 72hrs later.I have no improvement and follow up call came I hung up on this Facility.
    Never Ever Again.

  111. Christina Danielle 2020/01

    Overall, I would not recommend going here if you want to take a verbal beating for coming into their facility sick. My son and I felt so unwelcome here. It’s a nice and clean facility. However, the front desk woman is incredibly annoying and insensitive. She rambled on the whole time how she didn’t want us to touch her and get her sick. She is way too comfortable and thinks she’s building rapport by offending ppl. After speaking to an office manager days later, they justified her behavior to being “from New York” and she means no harm. We left there with a cover all cold pack but no real diagnosis from the dr. Back to patient first…NEVER AGAIN

  112. Shyama K 2019/11

    I just went to urgent Care. Had a very bad experience. The lady sitting in front was too arrogant. Don’t know what patient service is. Will spoil the reputation of medexpress. Had to go to a different urgent care.

  113. Aaron Bowyer 2019/10

    I have been here twice and I have had a good experience both times. The amount of time they get you in and out is extremely nice (especially when you’re feeling bad). It is my go to Urgent care now.

  114. Anna Delancy 2019/08

    I was in and out under 30 min as a first time patient. I stumbled across them in a google search for somewhere (ANYWHERE) but Patient First. It felt so much newer, cleaner, and friendly. I hate going to the Dr but this was a pleasant experience and when I have to go again, I’ll go to MedExpress.

  115. Al Dietz 2019/07

    Our family has used MedExpress on several ocassions and each time has been an excellent experience. From the greeting and check-in by the front desk to the examination by the doctor to the checkout, everyone is extremely professional and pleasant to speak with. And we’ve yet to have any problems with the insurance filing! There are plenty of medical places to chose from and we’ve had bad experiences at most of them. MedExpress is our choice for urgent care.

  116. Mia H 2019/07

    friendly, expeditious service.

  117. C Jones 2019/07

    Best experience I have ever had at an urgent care facility , definitely recommend MedExpress!! My boyfriend & I both were seen ,& were out within less than hour.. Great staff and Doctor !! Very clean & and they also called both of us to check how we were doing the next day..I will always come back here ,when needed that’s a Guarantee!!

  118. L Jones 2019/07

    The representative at the front desk was very nice. However I sat there for almost an hour waiting to get called back and the waiting room was basically empty. I had to end up leaving to pick my son up. I know if I had went to the emergency room instead I would’ve been seen a lot faster but emergency room visits are more expensive. I’ll definitely stick with Patient First if I need urgent care. It could’ve just been a bad day for staffing but a first impression is a lasting one. I won’t be returning.

  119. Shelli Jackson 2019/06

    Had a very good experience here. Everyone was so kind to me. I broke my foot so, of course I was very uncomfortable. They made sure I was as comfortable as I could be and got me in and out very fast. Thank you all for your kindness. Makes a big difference.

  120. Nicole C 2019/05

    Great customer service I walked in and got seen all within an hour. What I really loved is that they did a courtesy call to check up me. I went in on Friday and Monday which is today they checked to make sure I was feeling better and I do. I’m so glad I went there thanks MedExpress.

  121. K J 2019/05

    In and out in less than an hour and they even call to check on you a few days later

  122. Crystal Rsr 2019/05

    I came here on a Sunday morning and was seen immediately in and out in 30 minutes wonderful staff excellent doctor will be returning forget the hospital or ER. Med express is the place to go and just so you know for Medicaid holder’s that have United healthcare community plan our insurance is excepted with them five stars all the way

  123. Charmain Atkins 2019/05

    Great Customer service with the front desk and the nurse. But it took more than a hour to have a drug screen done. Waiting room basically empty with only myself and only one visitor ahead of me and he was in and out before I was able to be seen. Someone walked in to get a flu shot and was seen right away. Not sure what the issue was.

  124. S A 2019/04

    Had a great experience at this location. Very efficient process and great staff. I have used competitors in the area with mixed results and would highly recommend giving them a try.

  125. Baby geesus 2019/04

    The best front desk staff I have ever been serviced by. Also, the doctor and nurse were polite and answered all of my questions and I didn’t feel rushed.

  126. Kate Wilkinson 2019/03

    Great experience! Friendly and knowledgeable staff and the visit was very quick. Will be the “go to” for after hours visits from now on!

  127. Jessica 2019/03

    The ENTIRE STAFF WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, from the receptionist to the nurses & doctors.
    MedExpress Urgent Care located on Broad Street is a great place to take your sick kid. I decided to take my 2 year old son to MedExpress after several frustrating visits to KidMed within a 2 month period. My son had been having fevers on & off for a week, a cough that was getting worse, a runny nose & congestion. I found out there was a child in his class at daycare who had tested positive for strep so that had to be what my son had too, or worse than that the flu. When I first walked into MedExpress, I noticed how nice & clean it was and also it had a calm & comfortable atmosphere which gave me some comfort in bringing my son to a new place. As soon as we walked in we were greeted with a warm smile by the receptionist. She was sincere & sympathetic towards my sick son. We didnt have to wait long before we were taken back to a room. The nurses & doctors actually listened to my concerns and trusted my motherly instincts. So they immediately did a strep & flu test as I requested. My son had a fever of 101.3 so he was given ibuprofen (blueberry flavor) and had us wait until his fever went down. The doctor gave my son some stickers & praised him for being such a good patient. The ENTIRE STAFF WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, from the receptionist to the nurses & doctors. They treated my son & I with the upsmost respect & care that I haven’t experienced in a long time at an urgent care place. I will most definitely be taking my son back if he ever gets sick again. I myself will go to MedExpress if sick and have told everyone I know to go there as well. They also did a courtesy call a couple days after my son was treated there…just to see how he was doing. WOW..kidmed nor his pediatrician has ever called to check up on my son after he has been treated there.

  128. Evelyn Mims 2019/02

    Poor customer service first of all.I walked in and went to the widow and the young lady was on the phone so i waited and then i stood back some ,and she continued to talk on the phone,so i went and sat down and she looked at me and continue …

  129. Erika C 2019/02

    This is the best urgent care I’ve ever been to! The staff is caring, prompt and friendly plus Tyler, is PA-C knows what he’s doing. I’d choose this over the ER any day.

  130. Diane Andrew 2019/02

    Dr. Green was awesome. She knew her stuff, was professional yet friendly with great bedside manner. We’ve visited the West Broad St. location numerous times and have never had a bad experience.

  131. Amber Hodge 2019/01

    My greeting at the front desk was not pleasant nor professional. The two front desk ladies (didn’t remember their names) kept distracting eachother from typing in my daughters insurance information to talk about turkey sandwiches and what they wanted on the sub. Meanwhile I’m siting in the chair right in front their desks waiting for her to finish up my insurance info but she still stops typing and continues to look at her coworkers phone and talk about subs. However my daughter then throws up on their floor and that sure snapped them back to reality. Horrible customer service!

  132. Santia Nance 2018/11

    This place was AWESOME! I was having stomach issues for days and finally decided to go to the doctor. After calling who I consider my ‘primary care’ doctor and not getting an answer, I decided to go somewhere else. I’ve had AWFUL experiences with Patient First so I knew I wasn’t going there! And this place just opened nearby so I figured I would give it a try. I was in and out of there, X-ray and all, in about an hour. Everyone from the the girl in the front, to the nurses were present and helpful! Never had an experience like this one. They even called me a few days later to make sure I was doing okay! GO HERE!

  133. Mike & Kathy Nicholas 2018/10

    On April 3 2018 I went to this location for a leg/knee injury. I was promptly evaluated and within 10 minutes was seen by Dr. Catherine Northrop. Dr. Northrop was friendly and asked appropriate questions and made you feel she was concerned and committed to the correct treatment. I recommend this location for the entire staffs professionalism. If, I have a need, I will be back. ( The only suggestion for this location is the search feature on their web site is not working. This search allows one to find a location) Nice people!!

  134. Debra Joyce 2018/09

    Very Happy with my experience!! I went for a hand injury that was 9 days old and still in alot of pain. Place was clean, everyone was friendly. Dr took time to explain everything to me. All with a short wait time YAY!! Would recommend for anyone who doesn’t want to use patients first!!

  135. Heather Kennedy 2018/09

    I have been to a few other urgent cares and this one blew them all out of the water. The staff was so pleasant and answered all of my questions. They were very helpful in when I had some trouble filling the prescription at a CVS AND they followed up with me a few days later to make sure everything was okay. This place is wonderful and makes being sick a little less awful.

  136. Michael Hughart 2018/08

    A wonderful place that I have not had any issues with. They helped me with my concerns I had, verified everything was in order to be sign. Starr was outstanding with her customer service. The other ladies there were wonderful.

  137. Luvenia Bartee 2018/06

    Watch out for bogus billing at this place

  138. Dee Reese 2018/06

    Did a awesome job

  139. Andrea Cleary 2018/05

    Friendly staff, but I was the only patient in the whole facility and it still took them 20 minutes to get me back for a simple test.

  140. Cindy Clark 2018/04

    Not only were they utmost professionals with a great process in place, the staff was incredibly pleasant to be around! Dr. Dietz was awesome! Can’t say enough good things about this urgent care.

  141. Jacqueline Reilly 2018/03

    Professional , clean, would not hesitate to go back!

  142. Amie WanVeer 2018/01

    Great Staff – Quick -Clean

  143. Mike Levay 2017/04

    First visit and was in and out within an hour. Starr at the front desk was outstanding, and the doctor was friendly and thorough. Everything was explained plainly, they took a urine sample, wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way. Perfect.

  144. First Last 2017/02

    Kind staff, wonderful doctor! Will return if I have any more issues

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