Manchester Groom Saloon, LLC

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Manchester Groom Saloon, LLC
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  1. Donnell Scott 2023/10

    Really professional and compassionate towards my baby during the while process. Now my baby looks and walks like she’s hot stuff. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Juantina Moorman 2023/10

    Evelyn did an awesome job on my dog. She is so nice

  3. Toni Muzik 2023/07

    Great energy , great workers , and sing every song on the radio ! Lol

  4. angelle tejada 2023/07

    The ladies there were very friendly and accommodating!

  5. Demetrius Williams 2023/07

    Great work!!!!

  6. M 2023/07

    Excellent pet grooming business. Very professional and the owner and her team are very passionate about their work!!

  7. keevonie williams 2023/06

    Excellent service!!!

  8. Kellie Lofquist 2023/06

    Manchester Groom Saloon offers some of the BEST services, with their affordable pricing being one of their many fabulous perks. I have never seen a groomer be so kind, gentle, and attentive with my nervous 40 lb. pup at her nail buff/trim appointment today, and I am happy to say that we are already excited for the next visit after such a wonderful first experience!

    So grateful to have found some of Richmond‘s best groomers here in Manchester, and will be recommending them to everyone I know with a fur-baby ?.

  9. KylesAutoMobileDetailing Hammond 2023/06

    She does her thang. Support her she definitely knows how to make your dog look new!

  10. Jb Jb 2023/05

    Evelyn did such an amazing job with my dog. She was very knowledgeable and patient. 10/10

  11. Star Cooper 2023/02

    If anyone has a pet that has issues with grooming and anxiety Manchester Grooming is the place they are the best and they really do an awesome job and they are very professional. Thank you Manchester Grooming for a great job on my baby???? …

  12. Maya Styles 2023/02

    Customer service great, I love pinky’s cut and her nails polish was awesome. She’s acting boogie ? …


  13. Georgia Krapf 2023/02

    I love finding my local groomer! They are so friendly, and do an amazing job! My Pomeranian looks so handsome with his haircut! Their hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner smell so good and really made a huge difference. Im def going to be a repeat customer. Support local!

  14. Ashanti Wright 2023/01

    The self wash service was absolutely amazing! They have everything needed to get dogs clean and smelling fresh and the owner was very helpful throughout the process!

  15. tab brown 2023/01

    Great service love the self wash service Evelynnis awesome…great location will be returning

  16. Tiara Banks 2023/01

    I decided to come here when looking for new places for my pit bull, Gianna, after going to Petco. Gianna doesn’t like car rides or tight spaces so Petco wasn’t the best place for her. I brought her to Manchester Groom Saloon because it is a 10 minute walk from my house and seemed more personable. When I walked in, the two ladies working were very welcoming and nice to Gianna. My pitt is full of energy, and can be hard to deal with and manage. Evelyn was taking care of my dog and being very patient with her. She kept me updated throughout the appointment and gave me tips and advice. She sent me pictures throughout the appointment and tried her best to ease my pets anxiety. I will definitely be back here. The environment was perfect and friendly and my dog was nicely taken care of.

  17. Mel M/C 2023/01

    Evelyn knows what she’s doing! Our pups look & smell amazing! I’m super picky about who I leave them with and I felt so comfortable as soon as I walked in. The environment just felt right.
    When I picked them up, she showed me videos and pictures of both Rylie & Bo to show me how well they did in her care.
    I can’t be happier with this grooming salon! They’re affordable and do a fabulous job! 10/10 would recommend!


  18. Chrishawna Cotman 2023/01

    I have a spoiled rotten Yorkiepoo name Shadow and I was taking him to petsmart for his haircuts he only went twice first time was ok second time was horrible but my first experience at Manchester grooming with Evelyn was amazing she took her time with my baby! I know he gave her HELL but she handled it well and was patient with my fur baby he came out so cute. This was the best haircut he’s ever had!


  19. Marcan Robinson 2022/11

    She had patience with my baby because he is definitely full of energy and was prompt and very knowledgeable with my major. I need a new collar and harness and she had it there as well even had toys for my major to play with even though he was all over the place but I’m so happy she has the patience with him and the visit didn’t take long at all. That’s a win for me. If I could would give 100 stars ⭐️

  20. Bryan Sheely 2022/10

    Manchester Grooming Saloon was so accommodating! I was able to make an appointment, same day. The staff was exceptional!

  21. Alyssa Bickford 2022/10

    Took my dog to get her nails trimmed yesterday and was so happy to have found this place! My dog was much more comfortable than she has been with other groomers and everyone was so friendly. We will definitely be back. Thank you!

  22. Kimbreli Flournoy 2022/10

    They were absolutely amazing. The owner and her staff were so professional and patient. My dog does not like being groomed and can become very anxious. I tried two other places and no one was able to groom him due to him being so antsy. Manchester knocked it out the park! My dog looked amazing and she was able to go at his pace. I have found my new spot.


  23. Tonya Perotte 2022/09

    Wonderful experience! They are so nice and gentle with my fur baby Nina❤

  24. Jeanette M. Stone 2022/09

    Very pleased my first baby needed a cut because she is nursing and she fit right on in my fur baby is back to nursing as normal

  25. Sherhae Holloway 2022/09

    Love this shop! They have everything that you need to get your fur babies ready for the holidays and the owner is hands on with the clients.

  26. Delaney Prevost 2022/09

    The groomer that groomed my dog was so nice! She did an amazing job. My dog has never looked so good and the prices are great.

  27. Madison Drummonds 2022/09

    Manchester Groom Salon was excellent with my dog, Kona. She is a rescue and when I adopted her she came with quite a few quirks since she was hit by a car and suffered some nerve damage and trauma. I just moved back to the area and was trying to find someone I felt comfortable with and who understood that Kona is special and needed someone who was patient. I told the ladies a bit about her before and when we got there, and she did SO WELL with them! It was a proud dog mom moment for me. I’m so thankful for the ladies here that were very patient with Kona and set aside extra time to make sure she did not get too stressed during her appointment. I have already made our next appointment and I can relax knowing that she is in good hands. Thank you Manchester Groom Salon ladies! See you soon!

    The picture below is a very tired but very clean pupper! I could tell Kona felt much better after a little spa day!


  28. Chris 2022/09

    Nice staff and great job. ? …

  29. John Bowlus 2022/08

    Great service and the dogs loved it there

  30. S R 2022/08

    Adorable grooming facility where you can bathe yourself or they’ll do it for you. Everything is in its place and it’s set up for your pet to be put at ease. While getting a facial, they can watch animal planet.

  31. Victoria DeRoche 2022/07

    I couldn’t be happier with the care and cut my dog received at Manchester Groom Saloon. I’d highly recommend it!


  32. James Hannah 2022/07

    We had a great experience washing both of our big dogs here! Manchester Groom Saloon is very accommodating and the staff provide everything you need to effectively and efficiently wash/dry your pup. The self service aspect is very convenient with no appointment necessary!
    This is the new go to for keeping my dogs clean and healthy! Thank you!!!

  33. Ashley Jefferson 2022/07

    My dog has a bit of an attitude when she’s getting groomed. But they handled her with care. She went in looking crazy and came out looking beautiful.

    We will be returning frequently!

  34. Latiesha Battle 2022/07

    This is a wonderful business in a very dog friendly neighborhood. I love the attention my pet Kodi gets when he goes for his monthly grooming and weekly baths. The bathing stations are so convenient and best part You don’t have to clean up afterwards. If your dog is in need of anything check wit Manchester Grooming for fast and friendly service

  35. jasmine williams 2022/07

    I took my Rottweiler in to get her nail trimmed . The owner was super patient and kind because my dog was being stubborn during the service. I love this place and the services they offer. A Genuinely Dog Friendly Groomer .

  36. Laquea Carter 2022/06

    My girl Sugar is 11yrs old and can be very feisty.
    Ms. Evelyn and her team takes their time with her and are very patient. They treat Sugar as if she’s there own. It has been hard to find a groomer that I have felt comfortable with for Sugar but I believe we have found home ? …

  37. Antoine Winfree 2022/05

    Great establishment with professional staff ?? …

  38. Christy Williams 2022/05

    I’ve taken my Aussie to 2 other groomers looking for the right one and every single time I’ve taken him he never comes out himself. I’ve been super picky about where I take him since those experiences but today was our first visit at MANCHESTER GROOMING and this will definitely be his grooming home. Everyone is so friendly and understanding! He is very particular about his paws and they managed to do what they could while not making him uncomfortable. He’s quite the burst of energy and some groomers have made that seem like it’s a bad thing but not here! So thank you so much to everyone involved in his care. 10/10 recommend you bring your pets here!


  39. Sassy Jones 2022/05

    Everyone at Manchester Groom Saloon is so great and friendly! This was our first time and we are so happy with the job they did. We will absolutely be back!

  40. Molly Placido 2022/04

    Really grateful I found Manchester Groom Saloon! Evelyn and her team are incredibly kind and generous. They take their time and do a great job bathing and grooming. My dog would often come home anxious and with little cuts or razor burn when we went to other groomers, but that hasn’t been the case at Manchester Groom Saloon. They really time their time and do amazing work. Thank you Manchester Groom Saloon for helping my best friend feel his best and for loving him so well!

  41. April Bowden 2022/04

    Took my dog for a birthday spa day. The groomer was personable and professional. My dog looked great.

  42. James Harris 2022/03

    Awesome place. My boy loved it

  43. Danny Elfman 2022/03

    Did an amazing job with the grooming and customer service was awesome. Such nice people and great communication. Will definitely be back!

  44. Kimberly Lewis 2022/03

    Evelyn was wonderful with my very willful, 5 year old American Bully. She even got his nails trimmed and dremeled. Definitely recommend and will be back

  45. Iyanna Owens 2022/02

    Has great service and communication,I love that they are patient with anxious dogs.


  46. S. Ross Browne 2022/02

    The groomers at the Manchester groom saloon are consummate professionals. Far and away the most skilled dog groomers I have ever encountered and when they finished washing cutting and grooming Ginger it was like I had a brand new dog. I highly recommend them for not only their high degree of skill and their warm hospitality but for also being caring dog lovers. If this thing could give them six stars I would.


  47. Sara Messervey 2022/01

    My puppy and I had a wonderful experience visiting this groomer. I was so happy to find a self-grooming service within walking distance of my home, and it felt like a real-life Etsy store experience. The care products and treats provided were all carefully selected by the staff to provide quality products that were safe for my pup. I’m new to self-grooming, and the staff were really helpful with answering questions and providing support throughout and even played the music we requested so we could jam while washing my dog. I was so excited by the treat and bandana gift bag they provided for free at the end of our visit. Excellent service at low cost. And next time, I think I’ll see if they can groom her, because I was so impressed by the other cute pups they had taken care of at the salon. 10/10 can’t recommend enough!

  48. Laticia T 2021/10

    Great service!! Contact on Saturday to schedule and they replied back quickly with an appointment for Sunday. They are very professional and took great care of my fur baby!!

  49. Antoinette Mapp 2021/09

    “Manchester groom saloon has a passionate dog owner and has extensive experience handling dogs of all breeds. The owner is extremely professional, reliable and most importantly kind, loving and patient to all in her care. My dog visits her for a wash every 8 weeks as well as a full groom every 8 weeks. The company wash and blow dries are beautiful and her grooms are impeccable. I often get stopped by strangers asking where I get My dog groomed! In addition, The owner always takes the time to discuss the groom in detail each time to ensure all your requirements are met. I could not be more pleased with this company.

  50. Jim Davis Davis 2021/09

    The woman who run this business is first class across the board … my dogs looked like they came off a movie set when I received them!!
    Plus the fact that Evelyn is a really great person and love dogs.
    I highly recommend anyone to use her services with great prices to back it.
    Top notch experience every time we go

  51. Michael Mitchell 2021/09

    They did an amazing job on my dog Quest. One of the best groomers I’ve ever been to.

  52. Clinton Burton 2021/04

    I was a walkin and needed my dog groomed badly after taking a week long vacation out of town. The owner met me at the door and made my French Bulldog dog & I feel very welcome. The attention to detail and professionalism that I experienced was top notch. My dog felt very comfortable and the value for the service was well worth it. I will be a regular customer going forward.

  53. Sharon Hinds 2021/04

    A dog is the only thing on earth that Loves you more than he Loves himself.
    Great work and very professional.

  54. DeBorah Barry 2021/01

    Thank you Manchester grooming saloon for providing this place for me to groom my dog. She loves getting a bath so bringing her here was a no brainer. The DIY wash and grooming station made it convenient to bathe her and clip her nails. I love the quality grooming supplies you provide and the setup of the grooming station made her feel comfortable and relaxed. I recommend this place to all my dog loving friends and family. The option to DIY or drop off your dog for a doggie spa day is a must for all Richmond dog lovers. Give your dog the Richmond dog lovers experience and bring them to Manchester Grooming Saloon!


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