Lucks Lane Veterinary Clinic

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Lucks Lane Veterinary Clinic
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  1. J Diane Morris 2023/11

    2 years ago the staff saved my male cat from dieing. He had a urinary blockage and they were able to treat and diagnose him immediately 🙏
    A few weeks ago we had to go in for a physical for my cat and I had to bring my dog in with multiple problems. Dr j.Heitzman was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My cat and dog are doing great 👍 😊

  2. Emily Nardi 2023/11

    Dr. Ernesto and his team are so compassionate and kind. I am very grateful for them as I had an emergency with my cat and I just drove him there and they checked him out without question. They were very empathetic and I can’t say enough good things.

  3. Suzy Allison 2023/11

    very unprofessional and lied about how much we had to pay then charged another 250 dollars once we were done

  4. Elizabeth C. 2023/10

    Great exotics vet. Was able to see all my pets. They see EVERYTHING from birds to reptiles, bunnie rabbits and even fish.

  5. Traci Albright 2023/10

    Our vet was unable to fit us in for vaccines we needed prior to boarding our dogs. Lucks Lane got us in right away and our babies LOVED them! The Dr actually got down on the floor to do their visit and play with them. It made them so much more comfortable and was the easiest visit we’ve ever had! We will definitely be using them as our vet from now on! Thank you Lucks Lane for helping us out and making our girls feel comfortable!

  6. Andrew Parker 2023/08

    Our dog has been ill for the last 4-5 days. I called his vet and they were booked for the next week and could not see him. I called this clinic and they were able to see him within two hours, and they also saw him the following day for a repeat evaluation. Very grateful for their willingness to make room in the schedule for our dog, and very happy with the care they provided!

  7. Kyle Hinton 2023/07

    Got a quick appointment. Friendly staff

  8. Eileen Hite 2023/07

    Staff are great, bakery awesome – very clean and well stocked

  9. melissa groome 2023/05

    Oh my God best vet ever! She took the time to talk to my fur baby and gave her time to get used to her. I didn’t feel rushed through this appointment. Amazing friendly staff, best decision ever!

  10. Kathie Brown 2023/05

    They were awesome with my moms little dog. Caring and compassionate

  11. Clinton Lewis 2023/03

    Friendly vet experience, small place. They have two rooms and move your through pretty quick. Very helpful.

  12. Elizabeth Hyde 2023/02

    They are great!!!

  13. Joni Baker 2022/12

    Wonderful Dr. and staff!

  14. Aaron dickerson 2022/07

    They took such great care of our copper and so much care to us. We love them!

  15. Linwood Pettis 2022/07

    Overcharged.. misdiagnosed ..I think hes only in it for the money… Run from this place.

  16. A Cooper 2022/07

    I had a emergent visit while in Richmond and just after a spay surgery (at another clinic) and they got me in for a drop off visit. I called 20 vets that day and only two could squeeze me in.
    The front staff were so friendly and kept me sane by getting my girl in to rule out any infection. Dr. Kraski called me to over blood tests and was thorough and pleasant to speak to. I work between DC and Richmond, but wouldn’t mind returning here for future vet services. Thanks again for you love and support to the human and the pup!

    Prices were adequate to any other vet I have visited in the last year. For blood test, stool sample, urinalysis, and vet visit, my total was $390.


  17. Darnella G 2022/03

    The staff is excellent and the vet is excellent. Very knowledgeable, kind and helpful! I like them….my pup probably doesn’t though lol

  18. Pamela Linegar 2022/02

    After having a horrible experience with another vet This clinic took us in two days. Very quick for being a new patient. My dog had to have her ear drained due to a hematoma. Did it that day and was quick gentle and very informative. I have found my new vet. The vet got in the floor with her since she is old and nervous to check her out. I love that.

  19. Deborah R. Evans 2021/10

    Well…I ain’t real fond of not being able to breathe. And standing outside because I choose, to breathe. The ignorant ones in power pushing all of our deaths, EVERYWHERE! Mainly the ones pushing all this insanity.

  20. Troy Wiipongwii 2021/03

    You would think that after patronizing his business since moving to chesterfield, the vet would have a bit more courtesy. Ive never met a vet who actively avoided communicating with you as you waved to get their attention.

    As I waited near my car for my cat, he came out and intentionally looked at the ground and walked all the way around to get in the car parked directly next to mine.

    The staff are friendly, but I am choosing to patronize a new vet. The vet is also clearly competent.

    I personally have little interest in supporting a local business with a non personal feel. Especially if dealing with traumatic experiences with your fur children. I also feel that I am consistently being over charged, while given too little follow on info.

    Wish the business the best. I am the only one with consistent subpar courtesy.

  21. Brittany L 2021/01

    Everyone is so friendly and really sweet. I’m glad I found this place and won’t be going anywhere else. Thank you for yet again helping my zelda ❤️❤️

  22. Jackie Farell 2021/01

    We just recently switched vet clinics and started going to Lucks Lane Vet Clinic, we just felt our previous vet just got too big for their britches and felt that our pets was just a number vs family.

    Second, this is much closer to our home and they have flexible accommodations. I love the bedside manner that Dr. Teskin and Dr. Kaski have – treating our fur babies like family and involving the pawrents in the process to help properly help diagnose.

    Best choice ever made!! THANK YOU!

  23. Susan Brame 2020/11

    This was Sasha’s first visit to Dr kaski and she was a good girl ❤️ Hoping I can go in with her next time! Thanks to him and his team!

  24. WBriand 2020/09

    Great people. Great pricing. They take their due diligence to diagnose the problem correctly and ensure the best for your pet

  25. Joe Reap 2020/09

    Very nice

  26. Eileen Stallman 2020/08

    GREAT vet and the staff are AWESOME.

  27. Kristen Corson 2020/07

    Wonderful and thorough veterinarian


  28. Nicholas Wilson 2020/06

    It is a good small time clinic. The front staff is great

  29. Mitch Medley 2020/05

    Great vet where their love of animals really shows!

  30. veronica annarumma 2020/04

    Great staff and doctor

  31. Eric Gibbs 2020/02

    Such a wonderful staff. They treat every animal like one of their own.

  32. Ashley Poegl 2020/01

    The staff is knowledgeable and nice – they have always made us feel comfortable.

  33. Victoria cullen 2020/01

    It was really well, I love my Doctor and the staff. I also love the location being nearby the neighborhood of families and the fur babies. I am pleased

  34. Austin 2019/11

    My cat recently got into a fight and he had an injured foot so we took him to this vet and they took care of him and he was given antibiotics for the injury. I love how oriented this team of people are, and it’s definitely recommended if anyone lives around the Courthouse area.

  35. Nathan Clark 2019/10

    Dr. Kaski and crew are great. They take amazing care of our 3 dogs and we wouldn’t use anyone else.

  36. Lori Arthur 2019/10

    I haven’t been to their lucks lane clinic in person yet, but their office staff is just as friendly and competent over the phone as their Amelia clinic, which is soooooo awesome that we drive 40 minutes to get there for an appointment, if …

  37. Kim McDwell 2019/06

    They are the best !!


  38. Erika Dendtler 2019/02

    Great staff and knowledgeable staff! I use them for all 3 of my furbabies and so does the rest of my family. LOVE THEM!

  39. Just Julia 2019/01

    Love this place. No shaming. Knowledgeable staff. Dr. Kaski is the best.

  40. Timothy Glenn 2018/10

    Great people

  41. Alecia Brooks 2018/10

    Everytime i go i never leave with a bill under $125 and my dog is pretty healthy.

  42. Emily Saggese 2018/09

    Excellent vet and vet techs! My anxiety ridden dog doesn’t necessarily like going there, but he’s not shaking or beside himself and the vet techs are very sweet with him. The vet has very practical advice as well and isn’t interested in writing a prescription for every little thing, which I appreciate.

  43. Nicole Botkin 2018/06

    Don’t know if it’s reasonable, but they were wonderful in a difficult time when we had to say goodbye to our family dog of 17 years.

  44. Joe Kennebeck 2018/05

    Great staff!

  45. Kristen Condrey 2018/05

    Dr. Kaski and his staff are wonderful

  46. Joyce Dabney 2018/04

    Dr. Kaski is great; an honest, upfront, down to earth person who won’t tell you your baby needs something just to get the invoice.
    As far as the rest of the staff, they are caring but not necessarily knowledgeable.
    I’ve been taking my dogs and cats here for about 10 years and after moving across town, he’s still who I trust.

  47. Haylee McElroy 2018/03

    My dog broke a tooth and it needed removed. I previously went to a different vet and they estimated 800 dollars to remove a tooth. I started shopping for a new vet and found Lucks Lane. They removed the tooth for 300 dollars and were so …

  48. Jonathan D 2018/02

    Make sure you get a full explanation of everything. They have a very misleading website and they will tell you anything to get you in the door. Once you are in, they will do their best to not honor their website or what they tell you on the phone. Not worth the time or trouble.

  49. randy shavis 2018/02

    Rarely too busy to squeeze in a last minute appointment. Folks are congenial…only question is are they charging too much… Can hardly escape any visit with less than 100 bucks…

  50. Pete DeWorken 2018/02

    Got us in quick when we needed to get vaccines updated before a trip. Great staff and super friendly.

  51. Marcus McCoy 2018/01

    Always good service and friendly staff. Willing to work with you on the bill.

  52. Janice Johnson 2018/01

    Have taken excellent care with my dogs.

  53. Danielle Robinson 2017/09

    Saw an ad for a free visit so of course I was intrigued. Went and will definitely make this my vet. The staff was very friendly and very informative; I ask a lot if questions and received just ask many answers. The doc was also really great, he explained everything really well and was very nice and caring even while giving my puppy a shot. 🙂

  54. Stephen Wilmot-Doxey 2017/08

    Very nice vet office. Staff are knowledgeable and willing to help.

  55. Kings WearsPurple 2017/07

    Been going here since 2001 with my cat curiosity. Excellent, clean & Precise


  56. Portnoy 2016/09

    Good location. Easy to park, access & simple for dogs. Quiet shopping strip calms nervous animals. Grab a King Tuts Weiner Hut take home while looking out the big front window at your waiting pet. Convenient all around.

  57. Vanessa Washington 2015/02

    took my 10 month old Puppy Jaxson to Luck’s yesterday. They were so sweet with him. They seem to be very caring and gentle. I’m happy that Jaxson now has a regular Vet!!

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