Locke A. Taylor DVM

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Locke A. Taylor DVM
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  1. monica talley 2023/10

    Very caring people ,I love this place ,they are the only vets I can trust on ,thanks doctor Taylor

  2. Amanda Parker 2023/09

    Literally the best vet I’ve ever gone to. They went above and beyond for us. Dr.scott is hands down the nicest, most caring person ever. And they also do payment plans which is really hard to find now a days plus the prices are alot better than some others around here. I will always recommend them.

  3. Marta Egressy 2023/09

    Office of Dr. Taylor is taking care of my Portuguese Water Dog since my poppy came from Europe at the age of 4 month. We had many happy first class quality visits, advise and consultation for nutrition, prevention different problems, special care. Now in my dog’s advanced age we are successfully fighting unwelcome ailments again with help of Dr. Taylor’s office. Toby, my dog, underwent successful surgery on his hind leg performed by surgeon Dr. Owens. Both doctors, technicians and office staff helped us to recover, lead us through healing process. Now a new lump appeared and again the Dr. Owens was one to biopsy, run the tests and finally gave us a
    very happy news about absence of malignancy.
    During my time with Dr. Taylor all my coworkers transferred their pets to his office and they all stay with his excellent lowing staff, bringing all new dogs and cats to place where pets feel like home.

  4. Don Boswell 2023/09

    Locke Taylor DVM is absolutely the best veterinarian in Richmond. I’ve been taking my dogs there for over 50 years and my Dad did for even more years before me. Every vet Dr. Taylor has added to the practice over the years are the most expert and caring people I’ve ever dealt with. Currently Dr. Owens is my dog’s vet and I wouldn’t trust my dog to any other practice. There’s a reason they are consistently voted the best bet in Richmond.

  5. Marie Ficco 2023/09

    We had our first appointment with Dr. Ames today and we are so impressed! We brought two very different dogs to him, a pitbull mix and a mini doxie puppy. He gave both dogs love and attention and was knowledgeable about both. Down to earth, kind, helpful. Cherry on top was how affordable the visit was. Highly recommend!

  6. David Colgin 2023/09

    I have been with Joe Taylor for 60 years and never has he disappointed. Best vet in Va in my opinion

  7. Alex Ludlow 2023/09

    Always so nice and professional. Always willing to help. Been taking my animals here for years.

  8. Paula Jones 2023/09

    The only Veterinarian I trust to take care of my best friends


  9. Kara Murray 2023/09

    Dr. Owens and his staff are amazing! Left a message for the nurse after bringing our dog in for the first time and Dr. Owens, himself, returned my call which was phenomenal! We will never go anywhere else. Big thanks to them.

  10. Laura Matthews 2023/09

    The best! All of my pets have been patients at Dr. Taylor’s since I was a child. Dr. Taylor has also been a good friend to my family. We love Dr. Ames and Dr. Owens. My pups have been seen for vaccines, annual visits, allergies, and multiple surgeries. I wouldn’t trust anywhere else!

  11. Sallie Noe 2023/09

    Got my kitty well!

  12. debbiedollface 2023/08

    They took amazing care of my pug during dental surgery.

  13. Catherine H 2023/08

    I have only positives about Dr. Taylor and Dr. Ames. My questions are always answered and they have genuine concern for my puppy. The prices are very reasonable.

  14. Steph 2023/08

    Best vet ever!!!!!

  15. Ian Mote 2023/08

    Refreshing to have a local vet office who cares not only for the animals they see, but the pet parents as well

  16. Steven Ferguson 2023/08

    My dogs will never go anywhere else!

  17. Becky Pierce 2023/08

    Our dog had his annual well visit and vaccines today. He is also having some issues we needed to discuss. Dr Taylor, as always, listens, is non judgmental, and gives his recommendations. He is calm, supportive and so knowledgeable. He is absolutely the best!!!!! Been going here since 1999!

  18. Olivia Balas 2023/08

    They are the most lovely caring group to take care of your pet!!!!


  19. Sabrina Eggink 2023/08

    Thank you all staff members! I usually have high anxiety, worrying about my pet and how scared they must be. I as well am concerned dreading the worst possible outcome, that being said once i finally arrive the Drs. and staff put all my fears to rest. They are patient, kind, genuinely caring. I have brought 3 out of 4 of my timid cats over the last 8 mos. all of my babies did better than I anticipated. I believe because of the experienced the entire staff has. Thank You ALL!

  20. pam lindsay 2023/08

    Our little Yorkie was in respiratory distress and Locke Taylor physicians saved her. Excellent care,Excellent communication and on spot diagnosis every time. We have several dogs and the service is always above and beyond. Thank you so much for what you do!!!


  21. Tyler Sinsabaugh 2023/08

    My dog is 13, we’ve seen Dr. Taylor and his practice from the first week of ownership. Prior to that, growing up, my family used Dr. Taylor’s practice for our cats (my relationship as a customer goes back to 1993). This week I had the pleasure of working directly with Dr. Taylor. He is empathetic, kind, smart, and an excellent listener. I’ve been impressed with the staff, techs, and other veterinarians throughout the years. I no longer live in the area, and pass other vet offices to get to Locke Taylor. I’ve seen the practice grow from 1 office to 3 and gain the trust and respect of the community in the process. Without hesitation, I recommend Locke A. Taylor, D.V.M.. Professionalism, care, compassion, and relationships are strong here. Thank you.

  22. Lauren S. 2023/08

    I had to go in for an emergency visit with my dog. He was reaching the end of his life and needed evaluation and care. Dr. Ames was incredibly compassionate, understanding, and thorough as he explained everything and answered all of my questions. I could not have asked for better care for my dog.

  23. Morgan Byrd 2023/08

    We LOVE Dr. Jackson!!! I’m a first time dog mom who owns a black lab. Dr. Jackson has treated Sunny with so much love and care he doesn’t mind doing to see him. I’m so happy to know that my vet truly care for my Sunny as much as I do! Run to Locke A. Taylor, I promise you won’t regret it!


  24. Sophia Wormley 2023/08

    I took my dog to another vet and he has returned love the service he receives from them


  25. Carrington Lanier 2023/08

    Fantastic practice! My 160 lb Mastiff mix Tank is not always easy but they have taken great care of him and always given great advice for his care after visits.


  26. Marybeth Deitrich 2023/08

    Blue is a difficult patient. He looks like a scary dog but he’s a big baby. The compassionate and patient way they helped Blue cope with his fears showed me that they know what they are doing and that’s why I bring Blue to Locke Taylor.


  27. Ed Dinep 2023/08

    Have always received great care for my two dogs.

  28. Lesa Cole 2023/08

    I have been going to this facility for over 30 years. I am extremely pleased by each and every staff member. They are very caring and helpful and I could not say enough good things about them!!!


  29. Lucy Guerra 2023/08

    Thanks 😊
    The best service …

  30. June Goodrich 2023/08

    Dr. Taylor has been our veterinarian for many, many years and there is a reason we continue taking our fury kids to him. His level of compassion is like no other and his entire staff is the same.

  31. Billy Paskins 2023/07

    Friendly competent staff

  32. Daniel Chaa 2023/07

    Dr. Owens and Dr. Ames are the absolute best! So understanding, compassionate and loving. A++++

  33. David Gibbs 2023/07

    Been taking my Bernese here since day one because my parents have always taken their dogs/cars since Locke first opened.
    He got a hot spot so I called Monday and they saw him same day. A little meds and TLC and he’s almost healed up!


  34. Brenda Caudill 2023/07

    Everyone there was very friendly and knowledgeable, and they took good care of my pet.

  35. Kim Harrison 2023/07

    Dr. Habib always takes a lot of time with our lab, Berkeley. She’s very thorough and knowledgeable. I feel very confident having her as our Vet. She answers ALL of my questions!

  36. Dolores Kelleher 2023/07

    JOE TAYLOR is the BEST!!!!

  37. Patricia Hall 2023/07

    They were very considerate and friendly, thanks so much!!!!

  38. Denise K Mason 2023/07

    Awesome as always! Great service, very professional!

  39. Harriet Thomas 2023/07

    I have been bringing my pets to Dr. Locke Taylor and now Dr. Owens since the mid 1970s. I have never had a bad vet. Occasionally there will be a delay because of an emergency animal case, but I appreciate knowing that injured animals are quickly seen. I always appreciate down-to-earth advice and the careful check-ups by both vets and their assistants.

  40. Terri Lynn Myers 2023/07

    Dr. Taylor and his grandson Dr. Ames are the best around. I would not have made it through losing my senior lab without the support and guidance of Dr. Taylor.

  41. Cheryl Kaplan 2023/07

    A great vet practice.

  42. yogaenergytherapy 2023/07

    Time for some renovations.
    We love having a two room suite and full size refrigerator and freezer.
    However it’s time for Marriott to do some upgrades. Doors stick, carpet needs to be replaced, new bathtubs.

  43. Rose Lomax 2023/06

    Being a first time pet owner, first time at the Vet visit, it was outstanding. The doctor was so caring and as well her staff. My pet was handle so loving that made her accept her visit great.Thank you all so much.

  44. Emma Picard 2023/06

    Dr Ames is so caring and compassionate and thoughtful. He knows what he is talking about! They amputated his toe and he was very confident and reassuring.

  45. Jessica Knight 2023/06

    I’ve been taking my pets here for years. They are incredibly compassionate and helpful. We’ve been unfortunate to need 3 urgent care visits in the past month. If you are patient and willing to come in and wait, they do their best to work your pet into their already busy day. They are a very busy practice and it’s obvious why. They truly care about your pets.

  46. Sara Heath 2023/06

    Always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable

  47. E Barron 2023/06

    Friendly staff, nice place, very reliable veterinarian staff.

  48. Jeanne Michaels 2023/06

    Riley was seen by Dr. Owens for a limp post surgery. He is always kind, great with Riley and really cares about your pet.

  49. Shan McGyver 2023/06

    TLDR; There are good and bad things about Locke Taylor but I go SOLELY for Dr. Ames and the vet techs. I would recommend them for Dr. Ames alone. If he left, I would probably take my pets elsewhere.

    I’ve been taking my pets to Locke Taylor for 6 years. Here are the good and the bad things about them:


    1. Dr. Ames is hands down the best vet I’ve ever had. He has shown multiple times that he cares about me and my pets. I’ve been through 2 cancer journeys with my dog and my cat. He did their surgeries and him and the techs were nothing but amazing throughout the whole process from me sobbing after my cat was diagnosed with Lymphoma to fitting me in when I found more tumors on my dog. He is also incredibly patient and makes sure to take the time to explain things clearly, ask questions, and make sure that I understand what’s going on. The way he interacts with animals and owners makes it very clear to me that he is in this because he loves animals, not for money.

    2. The vet techs have all been very sweet with my pets. They clearly adore all of the animals they work with.

    3. Dr. Owens and another older female Doctor who have also seen my pets have both been very good about getting down to the root of the problems and explaining things to me in a way that made sense.

    Now for the cons:

    1. Dr. Owens originally said that one set of tumors on my dog weren’t anything to worry about right this moment, but now I have to have a second surgery on my dog to get them removed. This is not AS BIG a deal to me because it was something I should have clarified to begin with when I brought my dog in for her first surgery.

    2. Dr. Taylor is very kind, but I think that he should retire. He still does things very old school and I don’t agree with many of his opinions (like he thinks that diet is unimportant and has no bearing on IBS). I usually try to see any of the Doctors except for him, because he doesn’t explain things very well. I’m sure he was absolutely wonderful in his prime but it just seems like he hasn’t been keeping up with new vet medicine in the last few years, nor does he understand my concerns very well.

    3. The front desk can be pretty short sometimes. This isn’t a huge deal to me because I very much like to get to the root of the matter, but trying to get someone to call me back or get files sent to different places can be frustrating and difficult soemtimes. I feels like I have to hound them to get things done sometimes. Communication is just difficult. For example, when my cat was getting tested for Lymphoma, I had to call them every few hours when the results came so that someone could tell me if she had cancer or not. And then they had trouble sending the files to the oncologist.

  50. Lhen Warley 2023/06

    The front desk are all good greater, I think they can do better. Dr. Ames and all the assistant are very awesome, as a married couple this is our first time “fur parents” but Dr. Jackson Ames and his assistant are very helpful!

  51. Selma Davis 2023/06

    The staff was friendly and office was clean. Dr Owens was very good at checking her all over very well. He watched he gait as she moved so she was a little off. He then stressed the leg to see if she had any reaction or lameness afterwards. No signs of any permanent damage more than likely pulled muscles. Have her.rechecked if.it.happens again.

  52. micelle tate 2023/06

    I have been coming to this office for quite some time just recently got a new puppy. You will never ever find a better doctor, more compassionate, professional, kind, loving, and caring other than Dr Locke taylor . Today we saw Dr. Ames . He was extremely kind I like him a lot however the front desk staff is some of the rudest people I have ever seen in my life they don’t even tell you your total they don’t say hello they don’t tell you to have a nice day for that matter they don’t even look at you or acknowledge you’re hardly even standing there. I will always come to this vets office regardless, because of Dr. Taylor and Dr. Ames. It’s just a shame you have to deal with the faces that are the first you see when you walk through the door.

  53. Brianna Searles 2023/05

    Only giving one star because it doesn’t give me the option to give 0. I wouldn’t trust your pet ant in the care of these people, specifically Dr. Owens, much less your dog or cat. I do not understand how this place has 4.8 stars, maybe my dog and I were treated indifferently because of his breed but things that I asked be done while my dog was put under sedation were not done, it took me 3 business days to get in touch with Dr. Owens to ask about this and when he finally called me back he was extremely confrontational from the beginning of the conversation. He never spoke to us while we were there, a tech discussed our dogs results with us and everyone in the building besides the tech who discussed the results with us was beyond rude to the point that I’m confused why they even chose to work with the public. I could go in more depth but to keep it as brief as possible, I’m extremely disappointed and quite honestly shocked and confused by the 4.8 stars.

  54. Sierra Puffenbarger 2023/05

    Always a great experience! The wait was short and everyone was so nice!

  55. Rasheta G 2023/05

    I will not be brining my pet here. Reached out with a few questions and the receptionist kept cutting me off before I could finish talking. This definitely helped me make my decision to go elsewhere. Please take a class in phone etiquette.

  56. Sara Dozier 2023/04

    Friendly staff, thank you for taking care of Brownie ❤️

  57. Barbara Lucord 2023/03

    Excellent service from all the staff.

  58. Jennifer Brown 2023/03

    Update: Same great place, great people, great service.

    Friendly, communicative. They recommend things but don’t push if you’re not interested. Running a bit behind as the day gets later but still good service.

  59. Ric 2023/02

    Very prompt and very friendly and caring

  60. Matt Sherrard 2023/02

    Very nice staff!! Took great care of my dog!!!

  61. Purdy Girl 2023/01

    The front desk staff very unfriendly and unhelpful. Not very personable at all. Very disappointed in quality of care. Go elsewhere if you can.

  62. A M 2023/01

    Amazing veterinary staff. Highly recommend both of the locations that I have visited.

    I remember taking pets to this establishment as a kid! Wonderful to see their local growth.

  63. OneOfPurity 2023/01

    I am so done with this place after giving it a second try. I was recommended to come here and I did. But, now I’m not going back. The service is not good (disrespectful staff) and some of the doctors are not good. My partner and I don’t even feel welcome there when we take our cat. Two times I have been charged for things I did not ask for and luckily the first time the situation was fixed. But the second time made me furious as I have to pay for the check up at the end of the day. They continuously give my cat things without calling me before they give her anything. I even bought medications they recommended me to buy and they still have her another medication that didn’t work. But made me pay for it! Like do your jobs right. But, I do know it’s a capitalist world. But dang like the last time for the SAME EXACT CHECKUP I paid $90 but today I had to pay $140!!! All I’m doing is trying to take care of my cat but pay someone else’s bills !!!!! 🙄

  64. Kathy Weiss 2023/01

    Dr Owens was so great with our older fur baby! He not only listened to our concerns and questions, but took cues from our pet as to how he liked to be treated. He was very prompt in notifying us of the lab results. Highly recommend Dr Owens as a kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable veterinarian.

  65. Kim Johnson 2023/01

    Took amazing care of Wally! Hard to get appointments but was available when we had an emergency and for scheduled things

  66. Richard Larsen 2023/01

    Very nice and professional personnel that helped us with our new dog and advised on future visits.

  67. Richard Hamilton 2023/01

    Friendly staff and always helpful.

  68. Hannah Moore 2022/11

    Our dog was injured and we previously went to 2 hospitals that quoted 5,000 dollars for a surgery to place my dogs hip back into its socket, but we were told about Locke Taylor veterinary hospital and instantly fell in love with their service and staff, you can really tell how much love and care they have for animals, I 100% recommend them to anyone and everyone.Thanks to Doctor Taylor, Doctor Owens and his staff, my baby girl will be able to get back on her feet and run around in no time!! ❤️🙏🏾

  69. Joe Greene 2022/11

    Everyone Vets and staff are exceptional. Very caring and compassionate. We had our puppy there for a broken leg, on the 2nd visit some of the staff were calling her by name when she went in.

  70. John Moerner 2022/11

    Great staff and doctors… Highly recommend! 👌🐕👍 …

  71. Jennifer Joseph 2022/11

    I have been going to this practice for many years and I have never found another vet like them. They aren’t as expensive as others yet you get the same if not better service. They are all so supportive and understanding. Part of what makes me go back is the love and respect that they have for my pets. They put just as much effort into them as they would their own and that speaks so loud in my opinion.

  72. Tamera Mather 2022/11

    We moved across town and we started using a local vet. We used Locke Taylor previously. It was 6pm and my little girl dog cut her foot and noone would help her locally. So, I called Locke Taylor and they said bring her in now. We got there at 6:30 and they had her foot stitched up by 7pm. We are so impressed by Locke Taylor and our girl has totally recovered. They made us feel like they care about our family and we have someone we can depend on. They are here to help.

  73. Laura Georgiadis 2022/11

    Had a great first visit. Dr Taylor is wonderful and we especially loved June Bug who scored while my dog had her check up.


  74. Jimmy Wallace 2022/11

    Very caring and great vet . Locke thank you for your help and your time.
    Jake Wallace


  75. Matthew Natter 2022/10

    Awesome staff and vets. Very pleased with the service.

  76. Jeff Atkinson 2022/10

    Always friendly and professional.

  77. Sarah Holljes 2022/10

    We have been taking our 3 dogs to Locke A. Taylor for about 2 years now and have always found extremely kind and compassionate care. We tend to see Dr. Ames the most and he is truly a wonderful vet. 3 weeks ago I had to get our smallest pup, Tai in for emergency visit due to concern about an impacted bowel. While they initially discovered nothing of concern, Dr. Ames wanted to be thorough and meet with me to show him the spot on Tai’s tummy I was concerned about when I picked him up- and unfortunately it was then discovered he had a tumor on his spleen and liver. He has been quick to return my voicemails to the nurse for questions about Tai’s care in recent weeks within the same day and prescribe him pain meds that have allowed Tai to thrive and still be with us for the time being.
    This past weekend, our other dog had a sudden decline in all mobility and bodily functions over the weekend and when I called late Sunday night, they got back to be my 8:15 Monday morning to understand my concerns and fit him in for an ER appointment. Dr. Ames took great care with our Rascal and after x-rays and tests recommended us to VRCC for neurological opinion where we got in the same day. He also asked about Tai and was happy and encouraging about his progress so far. Once at VRCC after discussing options with Dr. Clarke, we made the heart wrenching decision to give Rascal peace and send him off to the rainbow bridge. Dr. Ames made a point of calling me as he was wrapping up his day after 8pm to check on Rascal and was so kind and compassionate about our decision.

    It can be difficult to get an appointment in a timely manner for check ups- so call in advance, but I will continue to take our two remaining pups there and any new members who join our pack in years to come. The vets and nurse techs are kind, compassionate and caring and if you call with concerns, they will do their best to fit you in same day even if its to drop your pet off, or to take samples to test- our 2 big dogs had severe tummy issues earlier in the summer and while they couldn’t be seen, I was able to drop off stool samples and get them prescriptions for infection same day. They provide excellent care and follow up!

  78. Lyn Pan Talley 2022/10

    I love the doctors & techs – my dog does, too.

  79. Rebecca Gouldman 2022/09

    Dr. Locke cost me over $2k in a preventable medical procedure. In the summer of 2020, I took my cat to my previous vet as I noticed she had lost some front teeth. They recommended I take her to a dental vet, as it could be signs of tooth decay. I was unable to get her an appointment by the time her next annual was due in October. By this time we had moved and decided to use Locke as our primary vet.

    I specifically asked about her teeth, and told him what my previous vet had said. He reassured me that her teeth were wonderful, and that I didn’t need to take her to a dental vet. This was at the time that appointments were curbside, so I didn’t see the exam. With hindsight, I’m doubtful he even opened her mouth.

    At her next annual, Oct 2021, he barely even LOOKED at her. He gave my cat her vaccines, gave her a pat down, and said she looks good! No heartbeat check, no opening the mouth or examining the ears.

    Now it’s February 2022. My cat is struggling to eat and showing signs of mouth pain. So I take her to a different vet, and they tell me that her teeth are full of signs of decay. She now needs to be SEDATED, and have most, if not all, of her teeth surgically removed.

    I can’t imagine the amount of pain I could save my cat from, and the amount of MONEY I’d save, had Dr. Locke been more thorough. Based on his recommendation I had stopped looking into taking her to a dental vet.

    Also, his best tip for a cat to lose weight? Feed her less. When I was already feeding her the minimum recommended number of calories, this is the advice he gave me to get her to drop 2 pounds. Starve her.

    I will not be returning to Locke Taylor, and I’d encourage others to look elsewhere for vet care.

    EDIT 6/29/22: It has been 4 months since my cat’s surgery, and she is still having recurring issues with infection in her gums. Her new vet has diagnosed her with refractory stomatitis. This can be caused when severe tooth decay goes on for long enough that it causes an immune reaction. My cat will potentially be dealing with debilitating pain for the rest of her life because Dr. Locke told me she was fine, and I trusted his ‘expert’ opinion. We now have to spend almost $100 a month on medication to try and keep her inflammation under control. I consider it worth the cost to keep her eating and happy, but 2 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to afford to pay for this medicine. Others aren’t so fortunate.

    I’m not sure if anyone at the practice has seen this review or not, but no one has reached out to me in any way. You would think they would at least apologize for the services we received, even if at this point there is nothing they can do for my poor cat.

    Please, look elsewhere for vet care.

  80. Deb H 2022/09

    The entire staff is compassionate when it comes to taking care of your pet. We truly wish we started going here sooner. Best vet group in the area!

  81. Dominique Maddux-Jackson 2022/09

    The staff there is very friendly. I made the difficult decision on 2/2/22 to lay my dog to rest and they were very understanding, kind and supportive. I was told if I ever needed to talk, they were there for me. I will continue to go there with any of my pets as long as i can

  82. Jean Paul 2022/08

    This was our FIRST visit to Locke Taylor. I must say that ALL of the staff at Locke Taylor DVM are very friendly, excellent and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Locke Taylor DVM to my friends, family and colleagues!

  83. Dylan Hunt 2022/08

    Really caring vet with great service.

  84. Angela Burford 2022/08

    Love them

  85. Maureen Huizinga 2022/08

    Love the quality of care and the sensitivity to expenses when you’re a lot of pets family. ❤️

  86. Hailey Koenig 2022/08

    I absolutely love this location. I brought my 5 year old pitbull in for emergency surgery and they did amazing with him I’ve also taken my other two into see this location also fantastic job . The vet I always go to now. Wonderful team work and very caring towards the animals and their humans.

  87. christine crane 2022/08

    I have been going to Dr. Taylor’s office for almost 2 decades with my Pomeranians. I have experienced several of their vets over the years and most all of them have been stellar to my babies. what is great about this place is Dr. Taylor. He has always been kind and a true vet with an open heart. He has passed that down to his staff. I love seeing Dr. Peace as well who makes you feel like family and then even today, Dr. Owens took time out of his busy schedule to help my baby that broke his leg. I have also had great experiences with Dr. Greenwalt who shows great compassion to her clients. Even their loyal vet techs have been amazing through the years, and I have enjoyed watching them grow up and learn to do amazing things. Stop changing because you all are a true diamond 🙂

  88. Connie Pryor 2022/08

    This vet is great! Very caring and helpful

  89. Anne Shields 2022/08

    The best is Richmond area

  90. Diana Walton 2022/07

    Caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and very professional…yet I feel like I am taking my pets to see a friend.

  91. Sophia 2022/07

    Doctor Taylor is a vet I’ve seen for over a decade and trust him immensely. From care to patience, he is truly a remarkable vet. The world is a better place because of him.


  92. Teresa Reams 2022/07

    Everyone at this office, as in the others as well, were kind, professional & courteous & focused on the care of my older lab. I appreciate their thoroughness of treating him so well & highly recommend this Vet’s office in any location available. Thank you!!

  93. Meagan Justus 2022/07

    Update: Been using this clinic for nearly 5 years now and I am still highly satisfied with the care my fur baby gets!! Best vet clinic in the area for my cat!!! When I first moved here I had to shop around a bit and tried 2 or 3 other vets. A friend suggested I try Dr. Taylor’s office and I finally found the right fit! The staff is WONDERFUL, they truly care about us, and they are affordable and willing to work with you as needed. LOVE LOVE LOVE this vet practice & Dr. Ames!!!!

  94. Janice Ray 2022/06

    Dr. Taylor and my family go back 30 some yrs. He is a compassionate, excellent veterinarian to his patients and their “parents”. Very thorough and kind.

  95. Kevin Donge 2022/06

    Our pet max was suffering from having bladder stone problems, he was unable to urinate and it was causing him pain, we had taken him to our normal vet and we’re told he would need surgery to remove the stones, but we’re quoted with a price that was unfortunately out of our budget,  We tried to get him seeing at other vets but everyone one else was full and no
    Availability. Luckily for us our vet who use to live in Virginia recommended Locke A Taylor. We gave them a call and explained the situation, they were also full, but luck was on our side and in 2 hours someone had canceled their appointment and they told us we could bring our pet max in, first thing in the morning.  So We drove 6 hours from N.Y to VA , but it was well worth it,
    Everyone at Locke A Taylor was so kind and helpful, the Vet was very informative letting us know how the situation was , what needed to be done and how to proceed afterwards, the surgery went underway and we were able to take max back home with us the same day,
    Fast forward max is doing great , no problems with him relieving himself. And he’s back to his old happy self,
    Just a couple days ago we celebrated his birthday 13 years old ♥️.
    We definitely recommend Dr Locke A Taylor and we definitely wouldn’t mind driving the distance to make sure our pet gets the best care possible.

  96. Bishop S. JaNine Hyman, Ph.D. 2022/06

    They have a decent size staff at this location. Most are friendly, warm, and professional. They have techs that are very good with animals and are able to do vaccinations and minor techniques, so you are able to book an appointment without having to see the Dr. This keeps you from having to book appointments so far out.

    Due to the large number of clients, it can get crowded and chaotic pretty easily. The vets that have treated my dog have been at least average, but costing me hundreds in meds that did not work (after I advised that they likely would not). The older vets are intuitively and experientially sharp when it comes to breeds, temperaments, and diagnostic impression.

    The wait times, even with an appointment, are often lengthy. They welcome walk-ins on Wednesdays (I think) and one other day.

  97. Gloria Jett 2022/06

    Doctors and staff very Compassionate no just to the animals they treat but to the owners as well. Prices are good and they will work with you.
    Like that they have walk in hours twice a week. Highly recommend Locke Taylor

  98. Joe S 2022/06

    Hands down the best vet I’ve ever been to. Growing up with a lot of pets I’ve been to a vet or 2.. These folks really care about your pet and it shows the second you get there. I was having some financial troubles when I brought my kitten with a broken leg there and they were so understanding and worked with me. I can’t say enough how awesome this vet is.. I would give 10 of 10 stars if google would let me. We need more folks like this in the world. 100% you won’t regret taking your furry friend here.

  99. Sarah Harmon 2022/06

    Grateful for Dr. Owens and everyone on staff. Best vet I’ve ever been to and will never take my pets anywhere else.

  100. Ronnie Shriner 2022/06

    Our one year old Golden had surgery this weekend. The practice was very accommodating and communicative before, during and after the surgery. We would highly recommend Dr. Taylor to anyone.

  101. Julius 2022/06

    Love this vet

  102. Dianne Pennell 2022/06

    We have such trust in Dr. Owens and would highly recommend him and the whole practice. Dr. Owens is knowledgeable, professional, always explains everything and we leave feeling comfortable in knowing our dog is getting the best care available.

  103. Dana O 2022/05

    The doctors are top notch with skill and bedside manner. Dr. Ames and Dr. Owen’s did a thorough exam and showed great empathy and educated me on what to expect. So happy to finally have answers after trying other vet practices. The prices are also a great deal less compared other vets so thank you for that. You have a life time customer.

  104. Lisa Busic 2022/05

    They are amazing

  105. Dee Sclafani 2022/05

    Love this clinic!! The best care for my cat!

  106. Mona Staudenmayer 2022/05

    Dr. Taylor and his amazing staff have been taking care of many of my pets since 1984. The same professionalism, love, and genuine care STILL exists in this veterinary office today! Back in August 2021, Dr. Ames (who is also Dr. Taylor’s grandson) was determined to help my feline, Frankie, get back to health when she had a sudden, near fatal, kidney issue. My King William vet was in surgery the day it happened and insisted I continue to urgently seek medical attention at an ER vet, if necessary, and to not delay or wait for her to be available later that day. My daughter (who also takes all her pets to Dr. Taylor’s) helped me make the necessary arrangements to be seen at the Woodman Road office. 6 months later, Frankie is back to GREAT health, and with Dr. Ames’ follow-up today, she continues to do well. By the way, Frankie will celebrate her 16th birthday this coming June! Locke A. Taylor, DVM continues to be a blessing to my fur babies for over 38 years!! =)


  107. Dusty Summerlin 2022/05

    These people are the best

  108. Georgia Thweatt-Johnson 2022/05

    This is one of the best veterinarian facilities in Richmond. The staff is always caring and compassionate to my pet as well as myself.. Very professional

  109. Nancy Blair 2022/04

    I’ve been taking my dogs to Dr Taylor for 50 years . The entire staff emulates his dedication and love for animals.

  110. Rochelle Alberti 2022/04

    This veterinary practice is one of the most caring practices….they treat each animal with respect and treat their health issues based on respect for the animal and the people who love the animal.

  111. Mark Powers 2022/04

    The Locke A. Taylor team rocks! Smooth process and very timely.

  112. Sherry Titus 2022/04

    This Vet cares about the animals. The office is very busy and the front desk staff is super patient and helpful. Dr. Ames is a Godsend dealing with our difficult cat. We know our older dog is in good hands. So glad we found Locke Taylor when we moved here two years ago.

  113. steve sikes 2022/04

    My Labrador had many challenges in her life. Two knees done, arthritis, then cancer. I would recommend their compassionate and speedy care to everyone. I lost her this week and still can’t believe it.


  114. Rebecca Parker 2022/03

    Wonder place

  115. Mike Garaffa 2022/03

    Efficient and kind vets and techs. Been going here for a little while now and its been a solid improvement over our last vet. They have a good network of locations in the area, too, which has come in handy.

  116. Ronnie Kelly 2022/03

    Locke Taylor is a great place. The staff and Dr’s are great. My dog had a bunch of sinus problems and his soft palate was too long. They fixed the problems and he is back to his old ways now. Love them

  117. Maegan Ransome 2022/03

    My dog began to have symptoms of what I suspected to be diabetes and I wanted him to be seen. The problem is that I am a traveling nurse and was going to be passing through my home to head to another area. I called and they were able to have him seen that day to accommodate my travel schedule. Turns out he needed additional testing, which they had him return for the next day. We were able to stay on schedule with out travel arrangements and he had great care by Dr. Ames and the staff. We truly appreciate his healthcare team there and continue to have great service when he needs them. Thank you!

  118. Nancy L 2022/03

    I’ve been bring my fur baby here for years the staff and doctors are friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable. Best place in Lakeside!

  119. Abby Branch 2022/02

    Best in Richmond,Va .Affordable as well.

  120. Joyce Wolfhope 2022/02

    Dr. Owen’s has been my Vet since 1991. He is THE BEST!! I drive by many Veterinarian offices to go to him.

  121. Larelle Carver 2022/02

    Your pet will not be denied care due to financial ability All staff are friendly .

  122. judy day 2022/01

    I went to Dr. Taylor when I learned my vet had closed. My mom had used him when she was alive 19 yrs ago and thought he was fantastic. I am sorry he wasn’t there on this day, but the folks there were great and gave my sweet “ Charlie” special treatment. I will be back and hope I get the chance to meet Dr. Taylor.

  123. Marc Vizina 2022/01

    Top notch from puppy care to customer service and even to their clean facility. You won’t find a better veterinary office in Henrico!


  124. Angel Sellers 2022/01

    I honestly cannot tell you how grateful I am to have this veterinarian office! I had never been there before and had an emergency situation. They took us right in with no hesitation. Thank you so much Dr. Carlisle and staff for your kindness and compassion. You make the world a better place.

  125. Christiane Rogers 2022/01

    It’s a perfect place. Great animal care; caring staff.

  126. Katrina Foreman 2021/12

    Caring staff, good place to take a pet to the vet

  127. David Kilgore 2021/11

    2 days ago I would have given a 5 star. Today not so much waited over an hour for them to call us in to euthanize one of our beloved fur babies.

  128. Steve Nixon 2021/11

    We’ve used these guys forever. Great folks.

  129. Wm Metzger 2021/11

    They take such good care of Oscar Cat. They are absolutely the best.
    When I say they, I mean everyone on staff.

  130. lisa beadles 2021/11

    I booked an appointment and my cat got worse and they took me same day and saved my cat, found the problem, gave meds and booked a surgery for a later date. Love them!!! Dr. Owens is amazing with my pets!

  131. Chanel P 2021/11

    I’ve been here several times and previously, have always had a great experience. Today… Was disappointing. I waited over an hour past my appointment time with five puppies in my vehicle and the excuse was “the doctor is running late”, which isn’t an excuse. However, they were very busy and I’m more than understanding that things happen so that, I can look past. I’ve never had that problem before with them and everyone is entitled to a mistake or two. What was really disappointing was that when the doctor (Greenwalt) came to my car she asked (concerning the litter), “was this a mistake or was it planned?” as if, because I am a young black woman, that it must’ve been a mistake because I can’t be an experienced breeder, right? I am never one to accuse anyone of anything unwarranted, but I truly believe that if I had been in her eyes, what she deems to be an “established” breeder – someone who is older and perhaps white, that I never would have been asked that question. Had she checked my files, she would have been aware that I’ve been there before with several litters. I feel that it was nothing short of an underlying prejudice or at the very least, ignorance. At that, after the fact, she says “let’s hurry up” like SHE didn’t have ME waiting for an hour. I guess we were not worth her time. Her behavior was unprofessional and perhaps she may need some training on how to interact with people, especially ones who have been loyal clients.

    With that being said, I refuse to let this one experience cloud how I view this practice as a whole. Aside from this, I have always felt welcomed which has kept me coming back. Dr. Ames is a wonderfully amazing doctor and we’ve always been happy with him. The prices are affordable and everyone I’ve come across has generally been pleasant. I still recommend them and continue to do so to my adopting families.

  132. Charlotte Johnson 2021/11

    Personal, courteous and Timely

  133. Irene Sultana Milli 2021/11

    Fantastic service

  134. Jan Williamson 2021/11

    What a great vet! Dr. Taylor is the BEST of the BEST … Brilliant!!

  135. Jack “Lucky” 2021/11

    Great staff, worked with us on payment plan, decently priced, love this place and would 100% recommend it if you need a vet

  136. Mel Burbage 2021/10

    UPDATE: I saw Dr. Ames today with both of my dogs. He is fantastic. Both with my dogs and me. He is nothing but amazing and so was his tech..

    My dog started itching extremely bad in her left ear at 4:00am. I called first thing when they opened and they were able to see her by 10:00 am. Dr. Taylor Scott was outstanding. The vet tech was also great. They really put your pets health first and give wonderful caring medical attention. Updated on 12/23/2109 again Lucy has another ear infection. Dr Owens and the vet techs were all wonderful. The front desk staff was great as well. Linda is very nice, pleasant and professional. I would give 10 stars if I could.

  137. Ashley Page 2021/10

    Great experience. Staff was knowledgeable and kind. They took great care of my fur baby.

  138. N & S 2021/10

    excellent service, really animal lovers

  139. Cynthia M 2021/10

    Top notch care! Ive been taking my animals there for over 20 years

  140. Juanita Stinson 2021/10

    I appreciate the fact that I was able to bring my dog in and leave for them to check, diagnose and advise. I was unable to secure an appointment and could leave him and they take care of him. However, someone cancelled soon after I arrived, which was within 30 minutes of my calling the office, and he was able to be seen. I have been using this Woodman Rd location for over 19 years and they are very professional, empathetic and the staff provides wonderful customer services.

  141. Moneke Mack 2021/10

    They have been great with care for my Shiweenie.

  142. Mary Persell 2021/10

    I have brought several of my pets to Dr. Taylor over the past many years. My doxie Tori is currently under the care of Dr. Ames, Dr. Taylor’s Grandson. Tori is a rescue with several issues, like her heart. Dr. Ames has been taking care of her for the past 5 years and I couldn’t be happier. He is so gentle, kind and very considerate of her and my feelings. I have known Dr. Taylor for a long time and HIS STAFF ARE THE VERY BEST THERE IS. Also very knowledgeable and considerate. I have never felt rushed, put out or left wondering if Tori has gotten the best care and she HAS!!! Locke Taylor and his staff are the best!!! Thank you for all you do!

  143. Neutron41 2021/10

    Everyone is so kind and helpful! Great value for exceptional service!!

  144. Joe Hairfield 2021/10

    Great customer service

  145. Nadia Gouldin 2021/10

    Knowledgeable and thorough, I would highly recommend them.

  146. Katie Paravati Pyzowski 2021/10

    The absolute BEST vet in town. Friendly, thorough, caring, and accommodating. They take excellent care of my fur babies.

  147. Paula M 2021/10

    Very good, and good pricing for surgeries.

  148. Crystal Williams 2021/10

    I love the staff here, they take care of your pet as if they owned them! Exceptional, high quality care! 10/10 recommend ❤

  149. Sandra Jackson 2021/09

    We’ve been taking our dog to Locke Taylor for years. This was our first time at the new Glen Allen location AND with the new COVID 19 protocols. The staff was quick, efficient and very good about keeping us updated as we waited in the car while they treated our pup. Highly recommend this vet.

  150. Dave Bennett 2021/09

    Best vet visit my dog and I have ever had. No rush you in and out, very thorough exam to understand my boy’s problem. Dr. Owen explain all things to me and made me feel confident in the approach to my boy healing, fully..

  151. Jim Barrett 2021/09

    Great vets

  152. Sal Rotondi 2021/09

    They have a great group of people who work there and care for your pet.

  153. NaturallyFlawlessLiving -Meloni 2021/09

    They are trying everything to keep my doggie alive and comfortable

  154. Tiffany Fijalkovic 2021/09

    The best Vets in Central Virginia, I was early to bring my pup to his appointment, and they got bubbs right in, the young ladies who I had interactions with were wonderful!!!

  155. Diane Turley 2021/09

    I just love the compassion of Doc Taylor. He is the real deal. I have used this practice for over 23 years. I had two who lived to be 14 and now I have one 8 and one 7…Hoping for many more years with them

  156. Bee Shields 2021/09

    Best Vet in RVA. Sometimes others don’t listen but you can always ask Dr Taylor

  157. Gary Dowell 2021/09

    Could not imagine taking my animals anywhere else.

  158. Eli Liniado 2021/09

    You cannot find a veterinarian anymore nicer and any more concerned about your pet.

  159. Kaitlyn LaVoie 2021/09

    I love my vet! They care so much about Lilly and as a dog mom, you really wouldn’t want anyone else caring for your animals!

  160. Aimee Reyes 2021/08

    Shhhhhh, let’s keep this a secret! This is the best vet ever. Drs Taylor (old school expertise), Ames (excellent young blood), & Owens (ortho specialist) are all PHENOMENAL. Their support staff is super awesome, too. I’ll bet the other vets are good, too, just haven’t seen them in the 3 years we’ve been coming here. We switched to this vet based on a friend’s recommendation & we will never use another vet office again!


  161. Amarinder Saini 2021/08

    I recently brought in a stray that we take care of as she was limping. I was a walk in and Dr. Sydner was the doctor on duty that day. She checked out for any injuries and said there weren’t any and send us back with just 2 tablets of pain killers. After 2 days, when there were no signs of improvement, I called and left 3 messages for the doctor to call me. She never returned any of my messages. I ended up taking our stray to VRCC vet and found an open wound which was severely infected. The only doctors I trust in this practice are Dr. Owens and Dr. Taylor as they truly care and listen to your concerns. I had dealt with Dr. Owens for my dog for years and no matter how busy his day had been, I still remember getting a follow up call as late as 8:30 – 9 O’clock. I will not be going back to Dr. Sydner for any of my pets.

  162. stayce thomas 2021/08

    Friendly, fast, nice. Always a good time

  163. Leigh Luscan 2021/08

    Dr. Lynch and the exotic pets team at Locke Taylor have allowed us to take better care of our smallest pets. The affordability has changed the quality of life we are able to provide for our rats and hamsters and we are so very grateful. I cannot recommend this team enough.

  164. Violet Beauchamp 2021/08

    Very good. Dr. Owens is awesome.

  165. Amy Miceli 2021/08

    I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Taylor and his associates. They are always kind and compassionate and make me feel comfortable leaving my pets in their hands. I live 30 minutes away and gladly drive the distance to a Veterinarian I trust.

  166. Vicki Satterwhite 2021/08

    This is a caring and compassionate environment to bring your pets. My Ellie spent the last 5 hours of her life being given criticaI treatment there, and unfortunately she lost her brave fight. The kindness and warmth of the entire staff made this impossible situation a little easier to bear. If I didn’t live 60 miles away, I would use them for all of my pets’ needs.

  167. Kate Hancock 2021/08

    I have been using this vet for over 10 years and never had a problem. Unfortunately that is no longer true. I have called 4 times over 2 weeks and every time the receptionist refuses to make an appointment for my dog. I said that I did not mind waiting 2 weeks for an appointment and she still refused to make the appointment. I was told twice that I should call at 830am and then I would get an appointment which was not the case. Both times I was told there were no available appointments. I even tried calling another location to see if the result was different but apparently this is standard operating procedure. I don’t owe them money and I have never had a negative interaction with the staff so I’m not sure why they refuse to make an appointment for my dog. I made an appointment somewhere else for Monday.

  168. Charlie Thomas 2021/07

    They provide great care for our puppy and are good at communicating with you. Everyone there loves our Corgi!

  169. Nancy Robinson 2021/07

    Our first visit went very well with a happy Max, compassionate staff aware of our family situation and our pet’s needs. We were in and out quickly, amazed at the reasonable cost. A very pleasant experience. Will definitely make this Max’s regular vet. Thanks.

  170. Sandy Akay 2021/07

    Great people. Really decent prices. Always go there.

  171. Sherri Volpe 2021/07

    Again, I called for a quote. I asked to make sure that is was everything.
    When I picked up my animals. I was 2x as much!
    The office mgr really needs to train her hep better.
    I was told when calling for a quote to ask for the nurse. REALLY, I how would I know to ask for a nurse. You you think the employees in the front would either know the answers or know enough to connect me to the nurse.

  172. Jane Simpson 2021/07

    I am very pleased with the way that they are handing the covid-19 restrictions. Very fast service and covering all my concerns.

  173. Karen Lavery 2021/07

    Everyone’s very friendly and kind

  174. Apex Realty 2021/07

    My babies were there yesterday and had great check-ups. No matter how busy, even with all the covid rules, all fur babies always get the attention, care and love as if they were the only one. I appreciate all that you do. Thank you for always caring.

  175. S James 2021/07

    Can’t speak highly enough of the team here, especially Dr Laura who has held my hand throughout the nightmarish process of transporting our pooch to the UK. This is a sequence of nit-picking regulations and deadlines, and Laura is 100% up to date with the rules, and totally reliable. She is also completely patient with me and my worries, and very kind to our doggie. The team have bent over backwards to accommodate us. I can’t thank them enough.

  176. sue roberson 2021/07

    BEST veterinary docs in Richmond! My cat was attacked by a dog. Multiple lacerations and broken bones. The entire staff was very responsive and compassionate. While the office was full of pets waiting for care they attended to her as though she was the only one there. Doc took the time to explain everything to me and even tended to the bite on my hand. I HIGHLY recommend Locke Taylor Veterinarians!!!

  177. First Last 2021/06

    Happy with the actual veterinary services, but everything else is really lackluster and it feels like it would be really easy for something to slip through the cracks. Not sure if I’d go back.

    My cat had a dental cleaning. Both the vet and her helper (not sure if she was a vet tech or something else) told me separately that someone would call me to confirm before any teeth were pulled (for cost and information reasons) or if they found anything unexpected. That sounds reasonable. On the day of the dental cleaning, the vet tech called and said “Everything went fine. And I pulled two small molars.” I was surprised by this (though I would have agreed to have them removed) and said so. His reply? “Gotcha. So I pulled those two small molars because they’re not that big a deal. I can show you the x-rays.” Not the best way to re-assure someone that what the owner is told is what happens. Note that I’m not the one that said I’d be called before any teeth were pulled; THEY were the ones that said that to me, twice.

    The vet tech said that he’d come out when I came to pick up my cat and would explain all that had happened during the procedure. Of course, he didn’t meet me but instead a young woman who worked in the front office met me…and read word for word some sentences from a couple of information sheets (which was zero added value, as I’m able to read).

    One of the payment ladies is pretty incompetent. Of the three interactions I’ve had with her, she’s messed something up during each interaction.

  178. Sarah White 2021/06

    We have been taking pets to Locke since I was 2-3 years older. They have always been great. They helped us determine best steps when our 17 year old dog had a stroke leaving him immobile and provided options (additional scans and testing, euthanasia, and other rule-outs) but also gave guidance about quality of life, likelihood of recovery, etc. I have lived along the east coast and have driven from Charlottesville just to take my dog to them. They are worth it and no other vet has compared. They have fair prices and don’t nickel and dime you for little things. If one doctor is unsure of something, they ask/bring in another and Locke himself has SUCH a way with animals. He can just put them at ease and handle even difficult pets. They have been nothing but kind to our reactive and nervous animals and treat them like family. Zero complaints. In the pandemic the vet generally comes to to the car to talk to you about the issues. Dr Owen recently brought out diagrams which we looked at on the hood of my car to help me understand an injury. Also Dr Owen has been amazing for or orthopedic issues. If you need a vet who treats you like family, this is it.

  179. Robin Breeden 2021/06

    We have been taking our pets here for prob over 20 yrs. All the dr’s there are great. They genuinely care about our pets. We have many friends, family & neighbors that also take their pets to them. We, Kevin & I won’t take our pets anywhere else. I can’t say enough good things about the doctors & staff. They have other facilities but we live closest to Woodman Rd. My daughter, Sarah brings her pets all the way from Goochland to Locke Taylor’s offices. They are very professional & send reminders & emails when it’s time for your pets to be seen. There prices are the best in town. If you are looking for caring veterinarians this is your place. You will love them.

  180. Martina Hodges 2021/06

    Best Veterinarian around! Locke Taylor himself is the best! He cares! Treats every animal as if they were his own! He takes his times, he listens, he will NEVER make you feel stupid! I could go on for hours!! Haha he is a blessing! All of his staff at the Woodman location are great!

  181. Robert Agee 2021/06

    Great job could not have been better 👍 will always return …

  182. Wendy Feldman 2021/06

    Several years ago they handled the passing of my cat with care and compassion. They are currently providing great care to my new pup. They are knowledgeable and professional. Really great services at affordable prices.

  183. Laura Edwards 2021/06

    Love this place they r amazing with my animals

  184. Corwin Filkins 2021/06

    The staff was very friendly and the doctor explained everything that needed to be done to my dog surgically. I was very thankful for their services and my dog is doing well.

  185. Ray Perry 2021/06

    Not excited about the covid policy, but they took great care of my pets in a fair amount of time.

  186. Nancy Parker 2021/06

    We have been bringing our pets to Dr Taylor since we moved to VA way back in 2003. He is professional and keeps everything 100% real, and we literally always laugh as he has had to rangle one or two of our pets to keep them still, (he jokes too) but he always stays so calm and gets the job done! Also since Covid has disrupted so much, the new way of bringing our pets is still just as easy (you just pull up and call with your parking spot number) and they literally take care of everything while you remain in your vehicle! The staff is always happy, friendly and you literally know that when they walk away with your pet, that he or she is in the best of hands! Shouting out to Dr. Taylor and his entire staff!! You are RVA’s top veterinerian team in our eyes and I can bet everyone else who is here leaving reviews!!!! Thank you all!

  187. Barbara Bivens 2021/05

    Great folks!

  188. Lisa Brown 2021/05

    Locke-Taylor is a 10. And always will be thanks for all your superb svcs, care and compassion. Y’all are the best. Love all of you!!

  189. Lynn Arvin 2021/05

    Dr Taylor is simply the best. Our family has been coming to him for years. The compassion and care is beyond words.

  190. Michael Katcham 2021/05

    I don’t just trust my pets with just any one. my vet at farmers referred me here ,and they are one of the best out there .it seem like all the staff is very great and nolible at what they do. I thank you for taking good care of my pets. To all the doctors and staff great job.

  191. Marsha Alterescu 2021/05

    I went to college with Dr. Taylor’s brother Frank.
    even in high school Dr. Taylor was drawn to becoming a vet. He worked with a loocal vet while in high school. At 83, I have had experiences with several vets, but none come close to Dr. Taylor’s skills, compassion, friendleness, and dedication to caring for amimals. His staff are of the same temperment as his which make it easy to work with them.I trust the different vets in Dr. Taylor’s Practice.’ All of my family have depended on Dr. Taylor for their pet care.Above all. I consider him a friend that I can trust. Ramon E. Pardue

  192. carolyn andrews 2021/05

    I had the wrong date.

  193. pat frasher 2021/05

    We were seen in-person and on time. Dr. Laura Vaughan and Dr. Jackson Ames were professional, easy going and took time to listen to my concerns/observations about my beagle, Pete. 2 Vet Techs showed me the proper way to trim Pete’s toenails using a new gadget I bought.

  194. Melissa Nyhammer 2021/05

    Excellent care for your animals. I have brought my children(cats and dogs) here for over 25 yrs. Love the new location. If you want the best care available for your animals, then bring them to Locke Taylor!

  195. Stephen Weis 2021/05

    I’ve been taking my dogs to Dr. Richard Owens for almost 30 years. I could provide several examples of why I’ve remained loyal to Dr. Owens and the staff at Dr. Taylor’s practice for so long, however the list is too long. So, I will sum it up this way: They have been loyal to my dogs and I, they treat us like family, and when I’ve had dogs that were really sick, Dr. Owens always thinks outside the box. He never gives up on my dogs, and has added time to their lives. I have never been turned away when my dogs needed urgent care. Simply put, they are good, honest, decent people and really do care about you and your animals. I highly recommend Dr. Owens and the other staff at Dr. Taylor’s practice.

  196. Mike Mayhew 2021/04

    Best vet around

  197. Dorothy Powell 2021/04

    Very uplifting. Dr. Taylor & his associates put me at ease, very empathetic. You can’t get any better than Dr. Taylor.

  198. MJ Wallace 2021/04

    My dog was spayed dew claws removed and microchipped even tho she is a diva everyone loved. Her antics got a good chuckle out of her being there.been highly thought of for 20 plus years.

  199. Jo Newcomb 2021/04

    I have been taking my pets to this practice for at least 40 years. I value their knowledge, expertise and kindness and feel like they are family.

  200. John Colley 2021/04

    Our girl received TTA surgery back in February 2021. She healed nicely as expected, but I must say the compassion, follow-up and decisive communication from Dr. Scott was more than we ever expected.

    If your pet is ailing do not hesitate to visit this practice. Thank you Locke Taylor and a special thank you to Dr. Taylor Scott.

  201. Styer Landscape 2021/04

    You can only do a payment plan if it’s an emergency.

  202. Shannon O'Leary 2021/04

    Best vet I have ever had. Kind, compassionate, reasonably priced. Always willing to help out and work my pet into the schedule at the last minute when they need to be seen. Like a family friend.

  203. naruto kun 2021/04

    I love locke Taylor ! He is the best vet in Henrico in my opinion! He is taking care of all my animals been with him for over 20 years. The level of compassion understanding and willingness to help in any way possible is something that is a dying art but he possesses it ! I wish other vets would learn something from this wonderful man. His first priority your animal although we do have to pay for services he will definitely help try to work things out to help you. I don’t think they’ll ever be another vet like him although I wish everyone could use him as a role model because he is the best! Thank you thank you thank you Locke A. Taylor🙌💙❤ you are truly a💝☯️

  204. Patricia Galvan 2021/04

    Only place I will take my pets. Bedside manner is wonderful, everyone is great and knowledgeable

  205. Hamilton Roye 2021/04

    Staff is always great with caring for our dogs, and ensuring we’re up-to-date on her meds

  206. J. Tucker 2021/04

    I am so thankful for Locke Taylor’s office. His veterinary associates and doctors are professional and kind. I appreciate Dr. Greenwalt making time to see my dog with no notice. She told me to come on over and made sure to get an x-ray of my sweet boy. She’s always professional on the phone and shows a sense of urgency. She is willing to address any questions, and her bedside manner is excellent. I’m very thankful Dr. Greenwalt is available to offer her expertise for all of our various animals.

  207. Sandy Gaskins 2021/04

    So appreciate the compassionate care the staff has provided our sweet pets over the years. The doctors will always take the time to listen to your concerns and explain care options. Thank you so much Drs. Taylor & Owens for being there for us during both the good & sad times!

  208. Deborah Draucker 2021/03

    Best vet in state!

  209. Cheryl Schools 2021/03

    Dr Taylors office everyone is very nice & explain everything of what they are doing to help make your pet better. I took my cat in cuz he definitely wasn’t his self. They took x-rays & gave him a few shots of meds & sent me home with meds for him & he was feeling much better the day after that. I have been going to Dr. Taylors office for about 15 yrs & wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  210. Andrea Worland (AW) 2021/03

    Amazing and really compassionate! They really do care and they also are not corporately owned as far as I’m aware. You’re the last of the good breed! The doctors are all very compassionate as well as the vet techs and the Front end staff. Megan was amazing last week when jackson got really sick. I really appreciate everything you’ve done! Thanks again Dr.’s Sydnor, habib, Scott I’m home, Dr. Taylor, and also Dr. Morgan for understanding my dilemma. I have nothing but respect for these people they are truly genuine and they do not charge up a storm

  211. danene brown 2021/03

    I have used Locke Taylor and Assoc for over 20 years with cats and dogs. They have always been kind, professional, and knowledgeable. I have no reservations about the care my pets receive there, and the fairness of their rates. I love their new patient portal app that helps expedite making appointments and dialogue with the vets!

  212. Nasdorachi 2021/03

    This is by far the best vet I have ever been to.

    I’m financially challenged and they worked with me to get my dog the care she needed without busting my bank account. 100% worth your buisness.

  213. John Williams 2021/03

    Great service

  214. Emily White 2021/03

    As always we had a wonderful visit today! We went for a check up with a laundry list of things to ask about and they did a great job answering all of my questions and provided us with fantastic service. My dogs get better healthcare than I do! I couldn’t be happier going to this vets office!!

  215. Dogs Only RVA 2021/03

    I’ve been coming here for years and referring my clients also. After today I will be looking for a new vet to treat my dogs. I called in because my dog is suffering with a very bad ear infection and they told me the soonest they could see my dog was November 16th!!!That’s 3 weeks away! It became obvious to me that there was no concern for my dog suffering. Luckily I was able to find a vet to squeeze us in today even though my dog has never been there before. What good are you if you are unavailable when my dogs get sick. This is not the first time one of my dogs has been in immediate need of care and they made no effort to get them seen. Just all business with no humanity. I personally could never turn a suffering animal away knowing I’m able to help.

  216. Jhene Denise 2021/03

    I took my cat here back in Feb. 2021 at the recommendation of his typical vet (Farmers) for a Urinary track blockage that almost killed him & they were a God send. Unlike most vet hospitals that will turn you away (even in life threatening situations) if you cannot pay the full amount of services up front, they actually cared about helping my baby. I did not have the best credit at the time he got sick and had just started my new job so I was on a financial strain & they actually worked with me while still giving quality care to him. It was a miracle he survived and I owe it all to this place. If you are ever in a similar situation, I 1000% recommended this place. They put your fur babies first as it should be. They consistently provided me updates on him, they checked in on him once he was released from their care, they provided the food he would need to lower his chances of this happening again and made sure I fully understand his condition & how to care for him moving forward.

  217. Becky 2021/03

    Great service as usual.

  218. Marjie Andrews 2021/03

    Best Vets around. Caring and accomedating

  219. Stephanie R. 2021/03

    Helpful and informative!! Did a simple exam for my pregnant cat and they gave me all the info I needed. Thank you!

  220. Jamie Wheeler 2021/03

    Dr. Taylor and his staff provide impeccable customer service. They are the GOLD standard.

  221. John Chisholm 2021/02

    Excellent service. Very good with pets..

  222. Abram Jackson 2021/02

    This place is always very busy. Be prepared for some long wait times. The care they give your pet is worth the wait though. I wouldn’t take my pets any where else.

  223. Megan Joines 2021/02

    The best vet experience i have ever had! They helped me and dog in a time of need with an emergency situation! We will be going back!

  224. LNaeem Akbar 2021/02

    Chloe was fully taken care of.

  225. Lisa Cooper 2021/02

    Best vet I have ever taken my cats and dog to. They really care about the animals.

  226. Jennifer Flynn 2021/02

    It is always a good experience!

  227. Mary Thurman 2021/02

    Amazing staff and I’m always shocked at how reasonable the charges are. Always honest and caring in the best and worst circumstances. I can not recommend them enough!
    If they could figure out how to make the animals enjoy going there, they’d conquer the veterinarian world!

  228. Otis Knight 2021/02

    I wouldn’t take my pet to anyone else!! Dr Owens is wonderful.

  229. Jenna Miller 2021/02

    I’ve been to this vet three times now with my new puppy (twice for shots and once for a travel health certificate). I’ve been very pleased with how easy it was to get an appointment and how each time I’ve been there, it was quick and painless. I’ve also called with questions and they always take the time to answer and calm my new, dog-mom mind. My pup loves going to the vet, so I’d call that a win!

  230. Alison Schorm 2021/02

    The most FANTASTIC man I’ve ever met. The office is great!

  231. aimee kiser 2021/02

    They were unbelievably kind. I had to take my sweet little cat to them. She had cancer. We had to put her to sleep.
    Everyone there was so good to us at a time that was so hard.
    I started going here with my Mother, almost 50 years ago.
    I can’t say enough good things about these caring people.


  232. Anthony Imholte 2021/02

    I recently had to bring my cat in for seizures. She ended up needing to be euthanized and the staff and Dr. Taylor were beyond supportive and caring. The service and respect my family received during that hardship was beyond what I could have expected. Those are the kind of people I want caring for my animals and I now refuse to go anywhere else but here.

  233. Evelyn McCrickard 2021/01

    I am 42 years old and every animal I have owned in 35 years has been a patient at Locke Taylor DVM. They are knowledgeable, patient, kind, and caring. They have walked with me through letting go of beloved pets and they have helped in situations of injured animals that did not belong to me, but were found.
    I can’t imagine having any one else care for my fur-babies.

  234. Wilma Hockaday 2021/01

    First time was today I was very pleased with the staff and service


  235. Molly Harrison 2021/01

    All of the doctors and staff at Locke Taylor are just amazing. They have evening hours, and also don’t charge (or overcharge) for many of the little things that other vets do. They truly love dogs and are reliable and consistent. Love these guys!

  236. Marlene Cruikshank 2021/01

    Took great care of my beloved dog

  237. Melissa Barlow 2021/01

    The absolute best vet in Richmond. They truly are compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. Their prices are much more reasonable than any other vet we have known. 10/10!

  238. Brandelyn Harris 2021/01

    They took such great care of my miniature pinscher, Jesse. I wasn’t a patient of theirs, called their office two hours before the closed in tears, and asked them to see him as I wasn’t sure he would make it through the weekend. They got me right in and immediately went to work figuring out what was going on with Jesse and action plan for us to get him healthy again. I’m so thankful to this practice and doctor Ames! They have my business for life! If you’re looking for experienced veterinarian’s look no further, Locke Taylor is a godsend!


  239. JwagstaffIII Wagstaff 2021/01

    Best Vet in Richmond!

  240. Kenny Cordle 2021/01

    The Doctors and Staff at Doc Taylor’s are the best. It’s been 10+ years since I’ve had a pet and needed a Vet and everyone that we have delete with at the Woodman Rd office has been the best.

  241. Kay Sams 2021/01

    I was very pleased with the COVID safety measures and how organized their system is. Everyone I dealt with was very communicative, caring and helpful. I am confident that my dog is receiving excellent care.

  242. Bruce Hamon 2021/01

    I really cannot say enuf good things about this clinic. I’ve had dogs every day of my life for over 77 years and I have never met a group of vets and their staff who are more dedicated to the well being of pets. I almost look forward to going there for the goodness I feel when I’m done. I have to say that one of the first times I went there I thought I was at Dr Doolittle’s! 😊 There was all kinds of animals and very few were restrained and they all got along. There’s something about the atmosphere there that lends itself to that.

  243. Linda Walsh 2021/01

    Great Vets at ALL the Locations. Have been a Client at the Woodman Road location for a Very, Very Long Time since the Early 80’s and
    It’s the Year 2021.
    Love Especially Vets – Locke A. Taylor, Owens Aimes, Greenwalt, Peace and the Great Other Vets at there 3 locations.
    Also Open till 8 pm on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. I drive over an Hour away since moving further West because of there Honesty, Compassion, Empathy, etc.
    Also Love and Shout Out to Daniel – Vet Tech.
    He has been there for me as well for 1 of my many difficult discussion, right by my side for my Dallas as well as Dr. Greenwalt.
    Thanks again.

  244. carolyn rutman 2021/01

    We have been going to Dr. Taylor since 1974 when we moved to Richmond. Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. Although the staff has changed over the years, it remains a very compassionate, loving group of people who take care of our pets. Dr. Taylor himself always makes us feel like we are long time friends and he truly loves animals. Thanks for the great service your provide!

  245. Andrew Davis 2021/01

    The staff are the best of the best! My German Shepherd was bitten multiple times by a Copperhead yesterday. They squeezed my boy in even though it was closing time! I cannot thank you all enough! Thanks to DR. Owen and all the staff that helped me. The swelling has already come down considerably since yesterday.


  246. Mackenzie Bolton 2021/01

    I love this place, their staff is so caring and thoughtful! Also, my dog locked me out of my car while I was talking to the doctor, and the staff offered me their phones so I could call someone, and they checked in on me to make sure I was okay while I was waiting for my spare key. This place is amazing.

  247. T.Y 2020/12

    Had an amazing experience. They did a good jobn

  248. Tracy Peilecke 2020/11

    The vets and nurses are always really good with the pets. They offered advice but didn’t force unwanted treatments.

  249. Miah S 2020/11

    Always professional and friendly, great staff that loves animals. Gave me a diagnosis and treatment plan for my 12 year old cat in less than an hour.

  250. Daphne King 2020/11

    Fantastic veterinarian clinic!!

  251. J M 2020/11

    The best, most affordable in the city

  252. Macha Dagenhart 2020/11

    They treat our animals like their own.

  253. Frank Reece 2020/11

    I have been bringing my pets to Locke Taylor for over 10 years and I have never once had any problems. The only things was they were always crowded and now that a second location has opened up it has alleviated that concern. The veterinarians there are all A1 superb in my book. I would recommend this vet for anyone.

  254. Joy Veney 2020/11

    They were so caring and saved my dog when he was attacked by another dog. My go to place for my fur baby

  255. Karen Sherman 2020/11

    Very caring Doctor, good care of pets. Reasonable prices.

  256. Sarah Lester 2020/11

    My basset hound tank has some weird autoimmune issues and got really sick and dr Owens was amazing… he went above and beyond to figure out what was wrong with tank and is now doing very well. Thanks dr Owens

  257. Bobby Becerra 2020/11

    They took awesome care of our injured kitty. Would definitely recommend!

  258. Mustafa Celik 2020/11

    Great staff and service. Only downside is a cramped waiting room, especially if there’s anyone with a larger pet there.

  259. Ryan 2020/11

    Great veterinarian, definitely recommend. They found the problem with my 18 year old cat that the other vets office didn’t!

  260. Alec Sorrel 2020/11

    Favorite vet I have ever used. Thank you Dr Owens and the rest of the staff at Locke Taylor. Great experience even in unusual times. Harry loved her visit!

  261. Krysta Burt 2020/11

    Took my ferrets for a check up, was concerned about one of their teeth hurting and Dr. Greenwaldt gave us some advice and it so happens to turn out he was just teething because he was still young. We returned this week and my smallest may have Lymphoma. Dr. Greenwaldt seemed very caring and made me feel comfortable. I feel the prices are reasonable and the staff is very welcoming.

  262. Sharonda Hurt 2020/11

    After having my pets at Susan Markel veterinary hospital i was quite scared about having to move them. My daughter referred me to Locke A Taylor. I was very glad that i did. They are friendly and provide great communication and information. And most importantly they are what i consider low cost. The cost was comparable to what i paid at the SPCA Susan Markel, one big difference is that I can reach a live person when i call and not have to leave a message that may or may not garner a returned call.

  263. Hayley Smith 2020/11

    My family have always brought our pets to Dr. Locke Taylor. I have felt that he and his facility gives the best care possible and have so much experience. I will continue to take my animals to this facility, thanks so much!!

  264. Rian Faulkner 2020/10

    I love this place! They are very friendly and are willing to help you financially. They do great surgeries. They have helped me with my dog and pet rats.

  265. H S 2020/10

    We’ve been bringing our pets here for 6 years. Since we moved to the area. The staff is knowledgeable, loving and soothing to anxious animals. They make sure to be straightforward and don’t run up your bill with nonsense. The prices are very reasonable, we’ve never felt overcharged or shortchanged for care or time with the vet. One of our dogs recently had a tumor removed and they performed the surgery at their new location and as anxious as he is normally, he was in great shape and they got everything in one go. They even brushed his teeth since he was already under anesthesia. Fantastic vets. We’re patients for life.

  266. Jaci Seay 2020/10

    We have been taking our dogs here for years and they have been great under all circumstances.

  267. Saundra Austin 2020/10

    I have been taking my pets to Dr. Taylor over 40 years. He has been a wealth of knowledge and aid. He sincerely loves animals and recommend him highly.

  268. Brian Keiper 2020/10

    Love these people!!! Super flexible and helpful in every way imaginable with my old English bulldog. Best experience I’ve ever had with a veterinarian.

  269. Amy Dean 2020/10

    We have been going to Dr. Taylor for a few years now. They are wonderful and Dr. Ames is very kind. They do work to help you and to provide solid care. They are reasonably priced, although some things can cost quite a bit if you have an animal with a more chronic illness. They have great COVID-19 protocol!

  270. Dana Perkins 2020/10

    My Guinea Pigs love this place. Great care of exotic pets.

  271. Albert Slayton 2020/10

    Friendly staff.. and very good with our fur baby’s Maximus and Harley

  272. Bobby Cockerille 2020/10

    It’s all about the animals here and they are always super nice. There are plenty of vets closer to me but i’ll never go anywhere else, thanks Locke A. Taylor team!

  273. Michael DiGaetano 2020/10

    I wouldn’t take my companion anywhere else.

  274. L Dunn 2020/10

    Friendly staff, didn’t hesitate to talk with me about my dogs care. I felt they genuinely cared about his health and well-being.. Definitely will make this my home vet. Kilo says doggy approved. Thank you Locke Taylor!!


  275. Cleo L Jeter 2020/10

    I’d rate Dr. Taylor’s at the top of the chart. Everyone is awesome, the vets, vet techs and office staff. We’re always treated like family.

  276. Robin Lewis 2020/10

    I am so pleased with Dr Taylor’s practice. The staff is so friendly and professional and treat my cat with the greatest of care. Fees for care are extremely reasonable.

  277. Kerry Smith 2020/09

    The staff at Locke Taylor veterinary are always friendly and professional in the way they care for our dog and cat. We have been taking our pets to their practice for 20 years now and have never had a bad experience. They have a great staff of doctors and technicians. Most recently we saw Dr. Lynch with our dog, Charlie. She was genuinely interested and very patient in the time she took to examine our dog and allowed me to ask questions. You can just tell she loves animals and caring for them. If you are searching for a quality veterinarian, I would encourage you to get to know them. You will be very pleased with the care you receive from their staff.

  278. P Orlandi 2020/09

    They made me feel welcome and didn’t overcharge me unnecessarily like most Veterinarians!


  279. Robin Pierce 2020/09

    Some of the best vets on the east coast!

  280. Cheryl Perry 2020/09

    Excellent customer service with entire staff. And, THE best vets!!

  281. Teagan Cassity 2020/09

    I take my guinea pigs annually and during emergencies to either Dr. Lynch or Dr. Greenwalt. Both take very good care of my guinea pigs, and are very knowledgeable about the care and maintenance of guinea pigs!! Dr. Lynch especially saved the life of my piggie, Eevee, when she became really sick with a URI and despite not having openings squeezed me in a few hours after calling. I’m so very lucky to have such caring and compassionate vets, and I would not recommend anyone else to take their guinea pigs to 🙂

  282. Nelson Crowe 2020/09

    The best doctors that really have compassion about you and your pets

  283. A google user 2020/09

    Locke a taylor is the best vet ever they were there for us for our sweet lucy i would recommend them to anyone they are the best

  284. Rebecca Kelley 2020/09

    I have been going to Locke Taylor for many years. He has taken care of all of my dogs. I would not go anywhere else.

  285. Barbara Denton 2020/09

    I having been taking all of my animals to Dr. Taylor for over 40 years and he is the best! I trust him totally with my animals.

  286. Stacey Brooks 2020/09

    The best vets & staff!! Always have a wonderful experience. They all genuinely care for your pets.

  287. Michael Menold 2020/09

    Fantastic 1st visit for our puppy.
    Dr Lynch was the best!
    We didn’t curbside drop off and dr Lynch called us and let us know how our Bailey did and what to expect. Very caring considerate ckinic…and very nice smooth carline, I mean parking flow!

  288. Paige Randolph 2020/09

    This is a great vet! I switched vets and was very nervous but this staff is so nice and caring and Dr. Ames will explain things in a way you can understand! They have different entry doors for the more rowdy animals as well so that helps with my rambunctious dog! I absolutely love this veterinary hospital!

  289. Cali Belvin 2020/09

    We always have great service and no matter which vet we see, it’s clear they care about us and our pets.

  290. Dolly Vaughan 2020/09

    I have been a customer for at least 30 years. I have always had good experiences. Dr. Taylor has always been so kind and his love and concern for animals and their owners is so much appreciated. I have never had a problem that they couldn’t take care of. Dr. Owens is also terrific at problem solving. I had a pit bull many years ago with skin issues. He was so kind and patient trying different things until we solved the issue. I always leave feeling satisfied that we are doing what needs to be done.

  291. Cynthia Fussell 2020/08

    The staff and vets are top notch.

  292. Andrew Schultz 2020/08

    Excellent veterinary practice with reasonable pricing and knowledgeable staff. Reception and office staff is also very cordial and professional. Not the closest vet to me, but why change if I’m happy and the pups are too? 🤷‍♂️ …

  293. Rick Mayes 2020/08

    I’m so thankful for this place; they take excellent care of our dog!

  294. Cathryn Bump 2020/08

    Great staff and doctors! They have always been loving and caring towards my animals.

  295. wendy gath 2020/08

    Everyone is very kind and understanding. I feel its all about my pets. Its been a long time since I felt a vet cared about my pet

  296. Joe Gransinger 2020/08

    They seemed to really care about my cat, and immediately ran tests to try and get her healthy again. We have struggled getting the local VCA to do anything for us, and this was a very welcome surprise.

  297. Sharon Watson 2020/08

    I love Dr Locke A Taylor he is good to my puppy Jada. And takes really good care of her. The only thing I don’t like when you call the front desk they are unprofessional. You have to hang up and call back to get a better person to help you. Orger the that I love my doctor.

  298. Amylynn Hurt 2020/08

    100 percent recommend. I wouldn’t take my pets any place else.

  299. Anne Tyler 2020/08

    Highly recommended. We have been bringing our pups here for over 10 years. They are very compassionate and amazing. I remember when we lost our beloved pup, Dr.Taylor sent us a letter and it was very touching. They have accommodated us so many times in the past for short notice visits. I can’t imagine going to other veterinary office to look after our pups.

  300. John Reisigl 2020/08

    They are very skilled and very friendly with your animals.

  301. Betty C 2020/08

    They are wonderful with our pets,came out and explained EVERYTHING they had to do to treat our puppy

  302. Jonathan Riggs 2020/08

    Literally the best veterinarian ever. They are always ready to help us with all of our animals. They are truly a blessing to our family and we highly recommend Locke A. Taylor to anyone looking for a loving vet for their family

  303. Paul Beyer 2020/08

    They love the bulldogs


  304. icg icg 2020/08

    Dr. Taylor saved my dog”s life. She needed an emergency surgery that other vets wouldn’t do. Very affordable. Thank you to all the team!

  305. Molly Harrison 2020/08

    Dr Taylor and all the vets and staff are stellar. Absolutely no complaints, other than that they are too busy- a testament to how awesome they are!

  306. Jena Bush 2020/08

    Dr. Lynch is always helpful, caring, and knowledgeable! During such a crazy time, the entire office has taken steps to ensure the safety of every family. We appreciate them so much!

  307. Susan Thomas 2020/08

    We are faithful life long members of this family operated business. Dr. Taylor and his grandson Dr. Ames are both superior doctors. We support this locally owned business even though we now have to drive out of the way to come here. The pricing is not as reasonable as it used to be but I reckon everything has it’s price. New offices and all. We still prefer the original location.

  308. Pejman Nikouee 2020/08

    I highly recommend Locke Taylor if you need a vet in the Richmond area. I honestly have nothing bad to say about them. I have brought my dog here since he was 10 weeks old (now 1 year and half) and he’s gone through all of his vaccinations here.

  309. Tammy Nguyen 2020/08

    Always a great experience at Locke A. Taylor Veterinary Hospital. They really care about your pet! All of their vets and staff are extremely friendly. Prices are always reasonable. We take our Quaker Parrot and American Staffordshire Terrier there. Highly recommend!

  310. J Box 2020/08

    Vets and staff are wonderful! Locations are convient. They are doing a great job working through Covid.
    Also, they have an exotic pet vet which is helpful to me as I have a Congo African Grey in addition to my dog.

  311. Betty Chanlder 2020/07

    They have been great. My furbaby Buck had to have surgery. Dr.Scott has been great in being there for any problem or questions.Buck came through surgery great and the healing process is right on time throughout. What a gifted young man Dr.Scott truly is. Recommend him 100%

  312. Jennifer Beavers 2020/07

    I have been taking my pets to this facility for 4 years now. They are always super nice and accommodating. They always are mindful of finances and do their best to make sure everything is done for my pet. Especially in this time of pandemic they remained focused and maintained social distancing. Thanks so much!!!

  313. INTEGRATED Power 2020/07

    I have always loved Locke Taylor. I think he is great! However, I am not very happy lately. The ladies at the front desk are rude! I have not been able to get any of my animals in the past few times I have had an emergency. Last time I had to go to Ashland Vet (I highly recommend). Now today I have an emergency, and they again tell me to go to an emergency vet and spend thousands when they are still open for another 4 hours!!!
    Called Betty Baugh’s clinic on Patterson Ave. They are working us in the schedule, and we are not even an existing patient!! I will probably switch now. I no longer have faith in this vet. Sad, I love locke taylor, but he needs new staff!

  314. Stef F 2020/07

    Dr. Ames performed a difficult spay amd Gastropexy on my dog without any complications. The staff are friendly, and the Veterinary services are very affordable! They also do a lot of work with local Animal Rescue groups, and provide top-notch care for rescue animals, too.

  315. Kristopher Klenotiz 2020/07

    Very nice people. Got us in in an emergency. Very reasonably priced.

  316. sue lessig 2020/07

    Locke Taylor is the best Vet around. They care about my animals and are very compassionate when we have to make very hard decisions.

  317. nonno yobusiness 2020/07

    Dr. Taylor gives straight common sense advice and helps not only pets but their owners. He must have a hand in hiring other staff because they are among the most competent and friendly anywhere. I always feel supported. I can easily recommend. So does my Gracie pup.

  318. Roy Jernstadt 2020/07

    Fast service. I arrived an hour early they got me in and out before my scheduled appointment. Thanks and I hope I didn’t mess up your schedule for the day.

  319. Tomeca Tollar 2020/07

    Good prices. Pretty quick service when you consider how many animals they see in one day!

  320. Laverne Jeter 2020/07

    The DVM and office staff are just like family. They’re very professional and personable. Wouldn’t take my kitties anywhere else. They’re the greatest. Thank you all for everything you do to keep my felines happy and healthy.

  321. chancie pittman 2020/07

    Locke Taylor has taken care of every dog I’ve ever had including my rescues. I had my 9 month old husky mix spayed today and even with the covid provisions I felt the same. The staff is always kind and understanding. The prices are reasonable and Locke is always genuinely concerned about your animals like his own.

  322. Jayo Banks 2020/07

    Very very informative and caring for your pet. It’s not about the money with this Vet. They have a genuine passion for your pet. Highly recommended by me.

  323. Teresa Jones 2020/07

    I came for an X-ray on my aging cat, upon recommendation of my visiting home vet. They worked me into the schedule on a complimentary basis, without making me fill out pages of forms. They took my cat from my car, and kept her in the office for a very brief time, returning her quite calm with no problem. The whole thing took just a few minutes, staff very friendly, competent and efficient. Their set-up for Covid procedures is impressive!

  324. megan benson 2020/07

    Kind, caring and attentive staff. 10/10 would recommend for your fur baby. Dr. Jackson Ames is who we love.

  325. Tom Gaye 2020/07

    Dr Taylor has an amazing way with his canine patients-always putting them at ease and treats them with a gentle hand. He has taken care of my special companion from 7 weeks old to present of 11 years. My dog loves Dr T and remembers him as one of our early pack members. Always voted “Best in RVa” for good reason. Woof, woof DrTaylor! Nanook

  326. Marie Rudd 2020/07

    These people are truly animal people. They take FANTASTIC care of my dog, Kane. They provide no-nonsense advice, and are happy to SHOW you how to do basic care tasks like cleaning ears. They have given me many helpful tips to keep him in tip top shape. Some friends, Kyle and Ryan Bishop, referred us here after a poor experience at another vet, and they have not once disappointed. My dog is my baby boy, so his care is my top priority, and they act the same way.


  327. David Davis 2020/06

    Friendly and knowledgable vet, good people!

  328. Janice Parker 2020/06

    The young lady that came out to meet us was wonderful with our Great Dane. We hope to see her again. Many thanks to Dr. Taylor and all of the staff.

  329. Elizabeth Birdsell 2020/06

    Always so helpful! I have six rats and I completely trust Dr. Lynch with their care. All of the vets are so dedicated to the well-being of your pets. I really can’t say enough good things about their practice! I also take my dog, Matilda-Lou and they always take such good care of her, especially since she is so so nervous.

  330. Elizabeth Suskind 2020/06

    We’ve been going to a few of the vets in this office for over 30 years. They’ve always taken the time to answer questions and explain things I didn’t understand. They are compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional.

  331. Mike Conway 2020/06

    Takes good care of my animals

  332. mary messler 2020/06

    We love Locke Taylor and have recommended this practice to many people. Have used them for over 25 years, and they have always treated our dogs well. We trust them completely.

  333. RJ Renick 2020/06

    It just doesn’t get any better than this. From the staff to the docs; it is a cordial caring place for my four legged sidekick.

  334. Joyce Wells 2020/06

    Fantastic service

  335. Jane Durbin 2020/06

    Dr. Joe is the best! He’s the most caring, considerate and knowledgeable Vet. He has a wonderful practice with the best employees. We just love him!!

  336. Tom Hale 2020/06

    First visit was a breeze and as a new pet owners made us feel much more relaxed. Thank you so much!

  337. Cynthia Hohman 2020/06

    My cat had an injury and his regular vet was overbooked and would not take him for another week! Said the only option was to wait until the the ER vet opened nearby which I’m sure would have cost a fortune plus it would have meant waiting several hours. I did not want to wait since I was worried about my cat and he was clearly in pain. I live on the southside and no one would take him. Locke A. Taylor was a name given to me by a coworker who lived on the other side of town. Not only did they agree to ‘fit in’ my cat, but their price was incredibly reasonable. And everyone was so kind. I can tell they are true animal lovers. They also had their covid procedures down to a science. My cat is happy and comfortable now. I wish I lived closer to this office so this could become my regular vet. I am considering it even though I live a good 30 minutes away. Thank you for helping my pet!

  338. Ian Brown 2020/06

    Very friendly and very affordable! Couldn’t ask for better service!

  339. Paula Pitts 2020/06

    Best Veterinarian of the state of Virginia. Staff is outstanding. I wish I myself could be a patient.

  340. Karl Philippi 2020/05


  341. Claire Hsieh 2020/05

    Doctors are fantastic, however, for each visit we’ve had to wait hours for routine check-ins. If they frequently get this backed up, then I would appreciate less frequent appointments. At this rate, what’s the point of scheduling? My dog sits in the car waiting anxiously for hours.

  342. Mike Poston 2020/05

    i have been taking our Dogs here for Many Many years and would never consider going anywhere else. Had to take our dog Ted for an unscheduled foot problem and they said to bring him and they would work him in. Doc Taylor saw him and made it seem Really easy to fix his problem. Dr. Lynch is Ted’s regular Doc to see and she is The Best – Ted loves her and so do we!!!
    Thanks a Bunch Doc Taylor – I recommend you guys to everyone i know that has a dog!!!

  343. Cindy Holsapple 2020/05

    I have been seeing Dr. Taylor since the 70s with my horses and my other pets. They have always been very attentive and responsive to whatever was going on. I have tried other vets and they have not met the standards that the vets with Dr. Taylor have. I highly recommend them.

  344. Amanda Corson 2020/05

    Dr. Taylor’s office has been seeing my pets for more than 20 years. They are friendly, courteous, and extremely kind. I can’t thank them enough for all the help they have given us for our pets! I would highly recommend them.

  345. Christina Farinacci-Britton 2020/05

    Competent, friendly, affordable, convenient, very responsive to emergency visits, staff is caring and truly love animals. Excellent!!!

  346. Tonya Lara 2020/05

    I have brought my cats, and now my new puppy here, The staff and Doctors are so wonderful!! My puppy is 8 years old, half blind, mostly deaf, and has limes disease. I brought him to the vet to get a better idea of what we were facing with our new baby. The Dr. diagnosed a bad ear infection and made up the proper medication to help get rid of it. My shelter dog loved her so much he even barked when \the Dr. went around the corner. Can’t get a better review than a dog who likes their vet!!

  347. lisa marie 2020/05

    They are the best ever,I absolutely love their service!!! They are SUPER!! THE BEST EVER!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 1000 Thumbs up!! …

  348. Irene Cook 2020/05

    I love everyone at Locke Taylor!! They are always friendly and willing to help. They take great care of my baby Cheyenne!! Thank you for all you do and keeping us safe in the world we are living in now!!!

  349. Jim Bud 2020/05

    Best veterinary staff in Richmond! I’ve had two “emergency” issues with my dog in the last four months. Dr. Taylor’s office was able to squeeze me in between appointments and resolve things for her quickly. I won’t go anywhere else for pet care.

  350. cathy harper 2020/05

    Best Vet office ever.

  351. Sara Cutler 2020/05

    The staff is very personable and caring. I feel like they always do what is best for my pets. Awesome people!

  352. Cat Edwards 2020/05

    Not open on sat, put on hold for too long, answer ur phone

  353. Theresa McGrory 2020/05

    My cat was sick and I didn’t have a vet, I called this vet at 2 in the afternoon and they still made room to see my cat. Incredibly caring and understanding staff. It is very apparent that they care, and they helped me and my family in a very hard time. I feel they did everything they could for her and for us, and I will be forever grateful. If I ever am in need of a vet again, I would come here again without hesitation and would make them my regular vet. Thank you for all you did for me and my Morticia.

  354. Molly Sorge Kirk 2020/05

    The vets at Locke Taylor have always taken exceptional care of our pets. Dr. Owens was fantastic when one of our dogs needed surgery, Dr. Lynch has always been lovely to see, and when we had to say goodbye to one of our dogs, Dr. Ames went above and beyond to make it as peaceful and painless as possible. I’ve recommended the practice to other pet owners numerous times.

  355. Judy Hushour 2020/05

    A wonderful veterinary clinic. The staff is friendly and so patient. The veterinarians themselves are the best! They are knowledgeable and so caring with my dog, who can be a handful at times! I can never thank them enough!

  356. Gin Steffen 2020/05

    The veterinarians at both locations really care your pet. I’ve been taking my pets here for almost 20 years. I love this group!!

  357. Ms. Jeanine Hernandez 2020/05

    Dr. Locke Taylor and all his staff are absolutely the best. I wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere else. This is a Veterinary Clinic in which they genuinely care about all animals. Dr. Taylor opened a beautiful new clinic in Parham Rd. but I still take my dogs to the Woodman office. It just reminds me of a good old fashion Vet clinic and besides, I like seeing Junebug -Dr Taylor’s dog.🐕 You’ll love it for your pet.

  358. Tatiana Grant 2020/05

    Great practice! Very kind and compassionate professional staff.
    We have 2 dogs and a cat. Our cat is very difficult and not friendly to strangers. Dr. Julie Carlisle was super great with him. She new exactly how to handle him. He did well and we were out of the office within 20 minutes.
    I am so glad we have Dr, Taylor near by. It has been a great comfort to know that our pets are loved and in good hands.
    Thanks you all!

  359. Gail Godfrey 2020/04

    Great staff and reasonable prices

  360. Matt Davidson 2020/04

    Locke Taylor sets the standard for animal care. When looking for competent professional care for your beloved family member, Dr. Taylor and his staff are the best. Never in a rush even though they see a high volume of animals. Charges are fair and options explained in detail. Now a second location on Parham @ Mayland. Take your pet to one or the other for professional care and a positive experience.

    May 22 Update. Making the best of a bad situation. Had to go with a checkup for a new dog. Happy to reconnect with Dr. Lynch and her professional manner but I long for the old way of doing business. Hope we can get back to what we have been accustomed to seeing at Locke Taylor’s practice. Sitting in the car and talking on the phone is no substitute for the fine personal service I’ve gotten in the past. Come on Gov, easy up!

  361. Yvonne Booker 2020/04

    They have the best doctors and staff I recommended


  362. Shay Jones 2020/04

    Best veterinarian service! I was not a current customer and called them the day my dog died because I had heard they do cremation. Without hesitation they took my information and told me to bring her right over. They told me to come to the back door so I didnt have to come through the waiting room. They got her out of the car for me and were very kind and sympathetic for my loss. Payment was not a priority, they just helped handle the situation at hand. I got her ashes back in a beautiful wooden box engraved with her name. In addition there was a cremation certificate, bookmark, memory booklet with fur clippings, and a clay paw print or her actual paw with her name and year on it. The price was only half what I’d expected. I’d heard they were a great clinic and I agree.

  363. LauraJim Dyer 2020/04

    We brought our kitty in for a number of issues. The staff and vet a) came to get her from our car, b) told us what she needed, c) suggested future steps, d) treated her issues and e) brought her back to our car to go home well treated and happy. She’s a cat, so that’s important.

  364. R B 2020/04

    Dr. Taylor & his entire staff were amazing and seemed to be generally concerned for Blu (7yrold Pitty) They were the only ones that told us to bring her in asap & we will figure it out together… She had pyometra ! If we wouldn’t have found them we wouldn’t have her now… Thank y’all so much for everything… Y’all are definitely the best & will be our vet for any animals we ever have regardless of you being 45min. away….

  365. Jeff Washington 2020/04

    The Vets and Vet Assistants are absolutely wonderful to work with. They are all very kind, caring, and compassionate. The prices are reasonable and they will work with you if needed to help you afford the best care for your furry family member.These folks truly love animals.

  366. Jessica Diaz 2020/04

    Really enjoy our vet visits to Locke Taylor. We are treated with respect by professionals. The staff, nurses, and Vet take great care of our pets when they are in their care.

  367. Martha Smith 2020/04

    Mr. Taylor and Arian were wonderful with Jax.

  368. Sandra 2020/04

    Nothing but great things to say about this clinic. We trust them and they take excellent care of our 2 dogs. Thank you Locke Taylor and staff for all you all that you do!!!

  369. Judy Lux 2020/04

    The Dr.s and staff are wonderful caring people. I am very comfortable taking my cat Boots there for any of my cats needs. Dr. Taylor is the best!

  370. Sandra Shumake 2020/04

    Dr. Taylor is the best vet I know. Have known him for many years and he has the best way with my dogs. One of my dogs is a challenge as he was abused but Dr. Taylor is great with him.

  371. Jeanneane Williams 2020/03

    Wonderful staff. I wouldn”t go anywhere else.

  372. Carol Wright 2020/03

    Wonderful staff and the best caring vets around!! Changed to this clinic and very happy we did!!

  373. Sharon Wright 2020/03

    I take my pets to Locke Taylor and I love to go there when I need to. I have been going there for twenty years. You can tell that they really do love animals. The office staff is nice but the doctors there are so good with the dogs and cats and they make you feel so comfortable that I cannot see me going to a different vet at all. I feel like my pets get excellent care and they were so thorough especially when your pet is sick and they take excellent care of them.

  374. Erin N 2020/03

    Great doctors and staff. Reasonable prices and excellent care!!

  375. Joann Carlino 2020/03

    A welcoming loving enviornment with the BEST quality pet care available. 😇 …

  376. Barbara DiMantova 2020/03

    There are not enough words to describe the devotion ,support , love and care that the staff at Dr. Locke Taylor’s office provides. I must give a special thanks to Dr. Lynch for never giving up on my new puppy Bradley which had parvo. She and the staff worked a miracle on him and he is now growing like a weed! Also for years Dr. Carlisle took care of my boy Tonka who left me Nov.4th 2019. She saw him though more than any dog should have had to. Then Dr. Greenwalt removed a tumor from my poodles leg yesterday and she is doing great today! Of course I could have never made it though all of this without the love and support from a very special young lady Rachel Strickland !!! She is one special girl and has a love for all animals and goes the extra mile to find homes for them. I would highly recommend anyone needing a veterinary to them . Thanks for all the wonderful service that you have given me over 20 years !!

  377. Tria Idleman 2020/03

    This practice is the best I’ve been to. They are always helpful and go above and beyond. I have been going here for years and they always put their patients first.

  378. Juliana Moreno 2020/03

    Best veterinary practice in town! I’ve been taking my dogs for 14 years and Dr Taylor and staff have always provided the best care for them. They’re so caring and loving towards every pet. Their prices are reasonable compared with other practices.

  379. Sam Charlton 2020/03

    I have been going to Doc Taylor’s for many years and have never been more pleased with care, kindness, and knowledge. Staff always polite and helpful. Anyone who needs a vet, I highly recommend Dr. Taylor DVM. Any of the doctors there, will give you best care & attention to your animal. Mykitty, Katie M. is still under his care at 21 years of age. NOW I HAVE ANEW KITTEN THAT WILL ONLY BE CARED FOR BY THE BEST VET AROUND. :=) THEY ALL AT DR. TAYLORS CARE FOR ANIMALS AS IF THEY ARE THEIR OWN. SAM MASTRANDREA

  380. Lesley Phillips 2020/03

    Such a great office! They really care about your furbabies. Great care and resonable prices.

  381. Jane West 2020/03

    I love to go here I know before I get there I’m gonna be taken care of and my pets are gonna receive great care from people who love animals and want the best for them

  382. David Baumann 2020/03

    I love this place they bend over backwards to make sure your fur baby is always taken care of I trust no other veterinarian in the RVA!!!!

  383. Judy Sweeney 2020/03

    Locke Taylor’s is the best veterinary around. Very caring and the best Vets in town

  384. Annette Sklar 2020/03

    They are so awesome we love these guys

  385. Lisa Hevener 2020/03

    These doctors really care about your animals. The most reasonable vet in this area.

  386. Holly Rhode 2020/03

    I can’t believe the number of times I’ve had to use their services for an emergency, and everyone from the front desk staff to the vet techs to the docs, has always been professional, and beyond kind and compassionate. And that compassion for the entire critter kingdom is evident in the diverse clientele I always experience in the waiting room, and the exceptional care we receive when being seen by any of the vets. We (my four legged’s and I ) wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else…..Thanks for ALL that you do!!!!

  387. Maria Zicafoose 2020/03

    Wonderful vet

  388. jeannie S 2020/03

    Wonderful staff. So caring.

  389. doreen villalpando 2020/03

    They are the gold – standard of pet care.

  390. Amy Martin 2020/03

    Dr. Habib was so wonderful in taking care of our fur son. She was thorough, informative, thoughtful and caring. Thank you so much.

  391. Marilyn Gregory 2020/02

    I have been going to Locke Taylor and his group for over 30 years. That says it all. Good group of people and I truly feel that they care about our animals.

  392. Nicole Vanover 2020/02

    I have been taking my pets to this vet for a few months now. They are wonderful with all of my animals!! The services are reasonably priced and the vets and staff go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met. I highly recommend them!!

  393. Tovelta Johnson 2020/02

    This is the best vet hospital everyone is so friendly…this Bella she loves it here


  394. Debbie Gillis 2020/02

    Was able to be “seen” via curbside appt. No appointment was available, so the wait was a little long. But during this worldwide health crisis, I’m so glad he was open, available and accommodating. Dr Taylor’s staff is the best. Mr Bentley is now on the mend. 💖🐱🐾 …

  395. Kevin 2020/02

    These guys and gals are wonderful. They honestly care about your pets and take the time to show it. Been going here for years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my pets.

  396. Patrick Zohab 2020/02

    From beginning to end the staff was super friendly, efficient, and loving to my boy. The only thing better than the young ladies who took care of us was Dr. Owens! He is caring, smart, and super great with animals!!!!

  397. *The Whatnot Hut With Nama! * 2020/02

    Wonderful vets and staff. Would not take my fur baby anywhere else.

  398. Ava Youngblood 2020/02

    One of the best doctors in Richmond! I highly suggest if you have had problems with doctors in the past

  399. Kellie Truslow 2020/02

    The vets and staff at Locke Taylor always take the best care and I trust the completely with my babies

  400. Jeannine Watkins 2020/02

    I have been using this vet for over 20 years. Class acts. Professional. Friendly and comforting.

  401. Linda Wieleba 2020/02

    We just moved to the area from Connecticut. We needed to establish a relationship with a new local vet. We we referred by a Facebook group for the area providing recommendations. We took our 13 year old cocker spaniel today for a meeting and prescription renewal. While we were there, they offered to update our dog’s shots instead of having to come back for a second appointment. I discussed other concerns, and the doctor did not try to upsell. In fact, he discouraged me from having her doggie tags removed given her age. The doctor and all the staff members were so nice, friendly, and welcoming. They took the time to answer all my questions and were very gentle with our fur baby. We are so lucky to have found such a great veterinary hospital after our relocation.

  402. Journey Basic 2020/02

    When I first moved to Virginia just about 8 years ago, it was hard finding a vet that I was comfortable with. I had a Parrot and 2 Dogs at the time and there is no such thing as an avian vet practice in Richmond. Locke Taylor is right down the road from me, so I took the dogs in for nail clipping and shots. The place was a madhouse!! OMG, I’ve never seen anything like it. Made me so nervous I didn’t want to go back but the care my animals receive from the likes of Doctor Greenwalt made me go back. I’m glad I did, don’t go on Walk IN days, make an appt .. it’s better. They love the animals they care for, they treat them as if they are their own. I’m glad I stayed and I will never leave unless I leave Virginia.

  403. linda macdonald 2020/02

    It has been a year since I posted this. Nothing has changed Still the best place to bring your pet. Even with Covid 19 they are there for us. Can’t thank you enough. The best place to take your pet. Every one is so kind and considerate. They have treated our Belle for over 9 years. I think we have seen every doctor in the office and would recommend any one of them.
    They explained every procedure to us and why it was needed.
    They know you when you come in and greet you very warmly. The office staff is first rate.
    We would recommend the office to any one and have done so. We will not take our dog any where else.

  404. Margaret Cairns 2020/02

    Always a good experience. Everyone is great to you and your pet

  405. Suzette Hagen 2020/02

    I have nothing but good things to say about this practice!! Dr.Ames spends the time to talk to me and takes care of my Dog Sheba as if it were his own!
    Thank You!!!

  406. Malcolm Barbour 2020/02

    The best vets and staff around. Dr. Owen is wonderful with our two basset hounds. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  407. Alvin P 2020/02

    I have been taking my “fur babies” to Dr. Taylor’s for over 25 years. Simply put, I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Competent…Compassionate…Knowledgeable…and Very Reasonable. Who could ask for anything more??? Thank you for your decades of service!!!

  408. Linda Shumaker 2020/02

    This practice is excellent in every way. We have three mini schnauzers and one is diabetic and suffers with bouts is pancreatitis and Dr Terry Peace is our favorite Doctor there. She will go above and beyond to help us take the best of care with Kady. She has even helped us via email to make sure her sugar levels are on spot and always is happy to help us do our best to keep her healthy. Our babies love her as much as we do. We go to Dr Taylor’s rather than go to a practice three times closer to our house because we trust them so much. You can’t do wrong choosing them for your Vets.

  409. Mary Kay Blair 2020/01

    Have taken three different pets to the hospital. We come every 25 days for a shot for our dog. Dr. Lynch always greets the dog even when the dog is only seeing a technician. Since we use online payments we never have to wait after the dog’s shot has been given. This really speeds things up. Our dog loves to come here monthly.

  410. Amy Montez 2020/01

    Love the doctors. Dr. Taylor is the best! Unfortunately…the up front crew aren’t the nicest. They dont try to help if they are about to close. Will make you wait over the weekend for emergency. I started going to ashland vet. They have been great! And open saturday! Will work u in no matter what!

  411. Lindsey Dance 2020/01

    Dr. Lynch was super comfortable and experienced with my Ball Python!

  412. William Donovan 2020/01

    20+ years we have been bringing the little ones, 3pups & 2cats. Also very caring at end-of-life decisions. They only let me give a ten, but I fell like giving a 14. Bill.

  413. Jennifer DeFord 2020/01

    Friendly service.

  414. Tanya Hart 2020/01

    I have been going here for years! They are the absolute best! Take excellent care of my animals! I now live in Chester and still cross the river!!!!

  415. Beth Angell 2020/01

    I was very impressed by the precautions they took for COVID19 when I recently needed to have my cat looked over for a growth on her chin. I was able to just park outside the building, they came out and took my information (wearing masks) and then took my kitty into the building and examined her. The doctor came out and discussed his findings with me. Then they returned my cat to the car, took my payment in for me (they also gave me the option to call into the office to give my payment over the phone if I wanted a totally contactless experience,) brought my receipt and medications out to the car and then I was on my way.

  416. Martina Hodges 2020/01

    Locke Taylor himself is the best vet out there!! Compassionate, considerate, knows his stuff! Won’t bust you open on the bill with anything un necessary for your vet visit! Genuinely cares about animals not sucking you dry money wise! He is the BEST!! We love you Locke Taylor!!

  417. Lorraine Fergusson 2020/01

    Impeccable care, work ethic. So compassionate and skilled. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. I’ve been going to this clinic for at least 15 years. So caring, concerned, as well as skilled. I remember my daughter catching an injured bird. She wrapped it in a hand towel and insisted I drive her to the vet’s office. She was around 8 years old. She marched up to the counter , held the bird up to the assistant. With a firm tone she told her to give the bird to the doctor. after they fixed everything that was wrong, let it go. And she wanted them to call us later that day to let us know how the bird was doing. The lady nodded, and took the bird without question. We did get a call later that day, the bird was doing well and they had set it free. My daughter made her mind up that day that she wanted
    to be a vet when she grew up. They never knew how they influenced her. There are many more stories concerning our pets and this practice…there isn’t a better one in Richmond.


  418. Lynne Douglas 2020/01

    Very nice and good Drs. Reasonably priced.

  419. Joanne Oliver 2020/01

    My father brought his dogs and I have always brought my dogs and cats to Locke Taylor,. I have a new puppy and she was nervous when we arrived but she never knew she got two shots and everyone loved on her. She was a happy dog when we left.


  420. Matt 2020/01

    These people are really bad at their jobs. Do not bring your pets here if you value their wellbeing.

  421. Lisa Harrison 2020/01

    They are just the best veterans ever!! They take such great care of my cat,love them!!😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍they rock!! …

  422. Terry Saunders 2020/01

    Dr. Ames is incredibly kind to my overly anxious dog. He is very knowledgeable and professional, and I feel like my dog is in very capable hands.

  423. Rick Kerby 2019/12

    Have been using Dr. Taylor for 35 years. Always, always very professional, friendly staff, and very helpful. Thank you Dr. Taylor, Dr. Richard Owen, and all the staff!!

  424. HEATHER HODGES 2019/12

    Absolutely unequivocally would recommend Dr Taylor and his staff to anyone I talk to. They truly love your animals and are not just looking to make a quick buck. Dr Ames, Locke Taylor’s grandson, came in on his day off and performed cancer removal surgery on my sweet girl. He was so comforting and compassionate during the entire process and I felt ten million percent comfortable with him. I drive almost an hour to get there and I would never go elsewhere.

  425. Lynn Payne 2019/11

    I have been to every vet all over VA then found Dr Taylor been here for over 10years because him & his Staff & Doctor’s are Superior to any other vet!!!!

  426. Lena Murriel 2019/11

    My dog had an accident and they were about to close. The nurse was so wonderful and kind and told me to come in just before they closed so that they can look at my fur baby. They gave him antibiotics and he was good to go. I love this office and their staff.

  427. Patrick Fischer 2019/11

    There is not another veterinary service around that can top this practice!!

  428. Catherine Cannon 2019/11

    We love the doctors here! Dr. Lynch is amazing for all of our exotic critters and cats. Dr. Taylor is wonderful with our dog. They are caring, knowledgeable and honest.

  429. Leona Hawkins 2019/11

    Compassionate care, this is the second time one of our dogs have been treated, and I have been very satisfied both times.
    The first visit was for a very serious condition, which they quickly diagnosed and got our pup into surgery.
    They began immediate care without asking for a penny upfront, and allowed me to make 5 equal payments on my balance – something you will rarely find.

  430. Deanna Davis 2019/11

    Love this vet practice! My dog, Bebop, has been struggling to feel better for a few weeks. The vets we have seen and the techs who have helped us have been caring and compassionate at every step! We are hoping for healthier days ahead for our special girl!

  431. Heather aka Rogue 2019/11

    Orthopedic specialist was there & treated our emergency right then and there. They always treat us well. They’re very busy, because they are great!!

  432. Maria Jose Bordera-Amerigo 2019/11

    All doctors and nurses are fantastic. The front desk staff is always friendly and courteous. Dr. Lynch has seen my dog for years and she is amazing. All animals are well taken care of. My only comment would be to move to a much larger office. The one on Woodman Road, while on a great location, it is too small for the amount furry friends that come to visit! Plus it looks old! (maybe built on the 70s?) Other than this tiny little observation, they are fantastic!

  433. Andrew Young 2019/11

    Very nice and knowledgeable staff.

  434. Katherine Clough 2019/10

    Dr Taylor is the best

  435. Elaine Farrington 2019/10

    We’ve been taking our pets to Dr Taylor for 19 years. Dr Taylor is genuinely caring & we trust him 100%. His love for animals is obvious and he is excellent at comforting pet owners in sad times.
    I was happy to learn that Dr Taylor’s grandson is following his grandfather’s footsteps. He’s learning from the best and destined to be a stellar vet!
    The front office staff works hard to accommodate all clients. I especially appreciate Joanne for her consistent kindness.
    If you’re searching for an exceptional vet practice, look no further.

  436. J. Glasco 2019/10

    Wonderful people.

  437. Sayra Kidd 2019/10

    They care

  438. chichi small 2019/10

    They take such good care of my dogs . If your animal needs a dr go here you wont regret it

  439. StephS Haze 2019/10

    I absolutely love LT!!!! I have taken all of my furbabies there, and have seen many of the different doctors that work there, and they all are so sweet and caring and compassionate,and very knowledgeable about every question I have ever asked. I recently took my Myrtle the turtle in to be seen bc she had not been eating and was very lethargic..I saw Dr. Lynch and Dr. Greenwalt, who both knew a lot about reptiles and could help me figure out what was wrong. Unfortunately, she was too ill to be saved, even though we had tried so many different things, and I had to euthanize her. I was at the office for almost 2 hours during this visit, and cried the entire time I was there. They came in to check on me multiple times, checking on my Myrtle, and even though they were extremely busy, they never made me feel rushed or like I needed to leave bc they needed to use the room. They let me leave out the exam room door bc I was so upset. I was even told to bring her up there the next morning to stay for the day to be monitored bc reptiles can’t be euthanized like dogs and cats, then I couldn’t get there after work so she had to stay the night. I picked her up the next evening, and the staff was so sweet when I showed up, knowing that I was devastated. A few days afterwards, I received a sympathy card in the mail, with short notes from Dr. Lynch and Dr. Greenwalt both…I cried all over again.
    No one ran me down when I ducked out the side door trying to get their money, and actually told me not to worry about it and they would take care of it later. That meant so much bc I was inconsolable and didn’t want to go up front and stand in line to pay.
    Every time I leave a message to get a return call, I always hear back the same day, no matter how busy they are.
    Their prices are very reasonable, too!

  440. Caughtafaygo _ 2019/10

    These people are in it for the animals. They will accommodate you as best they can and they work in less hours. great staff

  441. Greg Chapman 2019/10

    Great people that really care

  442. Bri Eberline 2019/10

    I’ve been taking my dog to see Dr. Taylor for five years. I switched to this office after receiving a completely ludicrous quote for a spay surgery from another local vet. Dr. Taylor performed the spay for a reasonable price and did a beautiful job. Since then we have used this office for all of our veterinary needs. There are many doctors on staff, all of whom I trust, and I’ve never felt like I was being upsold on services. The office has creative solutions for dealing with animals with anxiety or aggression, and external entrances to all the exam rooms. Great practice, can’t recommend enough!

  443. Gummie Bear 2019/10

    Dr.Locke A. Taylor is the Best

  444. Deborah Wenrich 2019/10

    I took my daughter’s hamster in for a mite infestation. When I got into the examination room and opened the box, I was astonished to see the hamster had escaped. I went back out to the truck and found the hamster 20 minutes later. I went back in to the vet’s office fully expecting to hear that I had missed my appt. and that I would need to reschedule. But they didn’t do that. They were elated that I had found her, took her right in, gave her a shot to kill the mites and medicine for her sores. They even taped the box shut for the 30 min. ride home. This vet’s office goes above and beyond, I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know.

  445. Anita Adam 2019/10

    I have been bringing my dogs to Dr. Taylor’s office for almost 25 years. There is no place that you can go that offers the compassionate care and skill that Dr Taylor, Dr Owens and Dr Aimes does. I will never take my dogs elsewhere. They will do anything and everything to make the lives of our pets better.

  446. Iris Schmitt 2019/10

    After dealing with an indifferent vet at another office, I took by dog to Locke Taylor after being referred by my daughter. Dr. Ames and his staff worked my dog into their schedule and took wonderful care of him. The cost of the office visit, labs, and medication was less than the office visit (nothing else) I’d just come from. They were wonderful and seemed to really examine and care for my 13-year old puppy.

  447. Matthew Kern 2019/09

    You won’t find any veterinary hospital better than Locke Taylor’s office!

  448. Brandi Morris 2019/09

    Dr. Taylor & his crew are absolutely amazing. I travel across town to see them & been loyal to them for over a decade. They are family!

  449. Wendy Voelker 2019/09

    Beat Vets anywhere!!!!

  450. Melissa Parsons 2019/09

    We have been going to Dr. Taylor’s office for about 2 years. Last December, we had to have our dog put down because of a large tumor. Dr. Lynch was so caring during the process and comforted us and our sweet Kirby. Last week, one of our puppies wouldn’t eat and quickly became lethargic. We were seen as a walk in by Dr. Ames. He was so gentle with our Bodhi and discovered that he had an obstruction in his digestive system. He recommended that we visit VRCC since it was very late on a Friday. He spoke to the doctor directly and sent all necessary tests that he had done to them. They were expecting Bodhi when we got there. Dr. Ames saved our puppy yesterday moving quickly with testing and by sending us to VRCC for surgery (corn cob removal). We are so thankful for his caring heart and knowledge. Dr. Taylor’s office is the best around. I won’t go anywhere else.

  451. Sarasusan D. El Amri 2019/09

    There is no better Vet office in Richmond.

  452. Pat Kane 2019/09

    Our pets have all been patients of Dr. Taylor since 1974. We have no complaints. He and his staff were the best then and nothing has changed. Knowledge, skill, kindness and compassion are always on duty.

  453. Eileen Greene 2019/09

    After traveling 9 hours in a car our poor big dog Cooper suddenly had a major anxiety attack and could not use his hind quarters at all. His teeth were chattering and his entire body was shaking. we still had an overnight and ten hours to home in Florida. Thankfully we found this veterinarian’s office open late. They took us in as an emergency, providing a stretcher and compassionate care. Dr. Sydnor and staff were loving and patient providing necessary lab work and medication to keep him comfortable. At no time did we feel rushed even though I’m sure we kept everyone there way past closing. It was a struggle, but we made it home. Thank you so much. Highly recommended Locke Taylor practice !

  454. Josh Riding 2019/09

    Best vet in RVA

  455. Michael Johnson 2019/09

    Great vet with fair pricing. You always feel like your pet is part of the Locke Taylor family here!

  456. elizabeth romage 2019/09

    I saw Dr Jackson Ames for the first time last week and I was pleased with the care he gave to my cat. I have been going to this vet for at least 20 years and would not go anywhere else.

  457. Christine Anderson 2019/08

    good care, nice dr

  458. Nkellyusa Kelly 2019/08

    I have taken my four dogs to a few vets in Richmond, and one year ago switched to Lock A Taylor. What a difference, they truly care! I trust them completely with my dogs. Dr. Ames is so kind and caring, (and everyone else there is amazing too) explains any health issues very thoroughly. They have been so kind to accommodate us every time we needed to come in. I appreciate the team so much and we are so lucky to have them take care of our dogs.

  459. Kaye Ferry 2019/08

    They are very compassionate. They always have your pet in their best interest. I wouldn’t take my babies anywhere else.

  460. John Page 2019/08

    Wonderful Veterinary Hospital, very caring staff. Would not trust our furry kids in anyone else’s care. They have been our vet for more than 15 years now. Thanks for the opportunity to share 💕 …

  461. Bill Warhop 2019/08

    This vet came highly recommended from two Neighbors, after I had a less than extraordinary visit last year at another vet near Lakeside. This visit was significantly less expensive, the staff was attentive and plentiful, and the doctor, I believe her name was Lynch, was great with my dog. I’m so glad I found this place for my old pup

  462. kay fitzgerald 2019/08

    I love Dr.Taylor and have known him since he started his practice. He has cut back his hours and I have started taking my dogs to his grandson Dr. Ames. My dog Bo is a real challenge but he was great with him. I will continue to take my dogs there.

  463. Jonny Kendrick 2019/08

    I’ve known Dr Taylor for over 30 years. He has taken care of all of my pets since i was young. I trust his staff, and I have rarely had any bad experience there. My pets health has always been important to us, so this vet is one I would recommend no matter how serious your relationship is with your animal.

  464. Evelyn “Sissy” Facemire 2019/08

    Very nice wonderful people and very knowledgeable vets.

  465. Susan Belden 2019/08

    Wonderful practice!! Dr. Peace was so personable and took great care of our sick cat! I was also pleased that our visit was affordable!

  466. Henry Campbell,Jr. 2019/08

    Very kind and quick

  467. Scott Robinson 2019/08

    Simply the best vet experience I have ever had. You feel like part of the family, not just a customer.

  468. Carol Nicely 2019/07

    I go to the clinic on Woodman, and they have been nothing short of great to me and my pups.
    They have taken the time to work us in and dealt with alllll my questions along the way. They also help the VGSR by being one of the only 2 vets who helps these dogs out in the Richmond area.
    I know it can be crowded and sometimes a lot is going on, but they always seem to keep their cool and make sure your animal is taken care of. I think the long lines speak to their ability to get repeat service, and people willing to wait to get proper and kind care.

  469. Psychology Bear 2019/07

    They were a little too busy and took all day to do her spay. They rushed us a bit, however staff was knowledgeable and friendly enough, and the price was affordable

  470. Dave R 2019/07

    Great people, fast, unbelievable service. I drive across the river to go there. Prices are very reasonable for anything your pet may need.

  471. tammy harrison 2019/07

    Been using dr Taylor’s office for decades as well as my mother. They are the only vet I ever recommend.

  472. Lys Devon-Baker 2019/07

    I have resided in Henrico for the past two years and have had only one other veterinarin care for my dogs, but her staff was mediocre and this particular vet’s prices exceeded my ability to care for fur babies. A neighbor recommended Dr. Taylor’s practice a year ago & we’ve been here since at the Parham location.

    Based on the few occassions I needed to bring my pets to Locke A Taylor for an appointment other than a wellness visit, I’m satisfied with the level of care offered & administered. My dogs are entering their senior years and while their health is not yet fragile, they do require a certain degree of attention and need medication to maintain their health and balance. The general reception staff are friendly – you are greeted as you enter the premise. The technicians are also friendly. The doctors & their assistants demonstrate a feeling a compassion for my dogs, as well as address their needs/issues/health thoroughly. I would recommend anyone to give this practice a chance if in need of a caring practice for their furry companions.

    There is only one note I must address. The wait time or apppointment can be long at times due to the degree of emergencies this practice seem to attract, as it is centrally located to most neighborhoods. While I’m not fond of being in a room for 45 minutes with my dog(s) waiting for the doctor to arrive – it does cross my mind that if that emergency were MY dog/cat, etc……. It’s difficult to assess how long that wait will be, but you always have the option to schedule another appointment. This is not being mentioned to deter your interest with Dr. Taylor’s practice. It is just an honest assessment in case anyone is interested in the smaller details.

  473. William Poole 2019/07

    Take our dog there whenever needed. Everyone working with animals are professional and very helpful.

  474. Maria Newell 2019/07

    This is such an awesome vet. They really care about the animals and they don’t try to bankrupt you while caring for them. Their prices are extremely reasonable.

  475. Jessica Fletcher (Jess fletch) 2019/07

    Dr Taylor is a Godsend and wonderful person. Will be going back with our 3 week old kitten, from now on! Thanks again doc!

  476. Maddy 2019/07

    I’ve now visited with my three rabbits and two cats. I’m very happy with the clinic and service so far. I had been recommended by the woman who rescued my rabbits (along with 4 others) and had them spayed/neutered here. We’ve only had check ups, but I felt comfortable with how they checked my animals out and analysis of my animals’ health. I do really appreciate that they have specific exotic vets. Both vets I’ve seen were knowledgeable and fair pricing. I wouldn’t recommend anyone that I wasn’t comfortable taking my babies to!

  477. Shannon “myers” Myers 2019/07

    Hands down the best vet experience in town! My family has brought our animals to Dr Taylor since I was a little girl. I have my own animals now and wouldn’t take them anywhere else! They’re extremely affordable, patient with you and your animals, and knowledgeable from the front desk to the vets and assistants. I’m only 26 with several animals, so I’ll admit I first tried the pet vet clinics to save a few dollars and also tried a vet that was closer for convenience. However, I quickly found it was well worth driving across town to Dr. Taylor’s because a great vet service is valuable and hard to find. My outdoor cat was semi-feral and is apprehensive around people. We don’t pick her up, so I was worried about getting her in for her vacs. It was a breeze with Rachel and Dr. Ames! Dr. Taylor’s practice continues to impress me. I see a few negative reviews below and can’t imagine anything like that here. I highly recommend trying them!

  478. Debra Taylor-Carty 2019/07

    Best care in richmond

  479. Jen O'Malley 2019/07

    I’ve been taking my pets to Dr. Taylor’s office since 1987. They’re always treated with kindness and compassion, from the dogs to the hamsters. I don’t take my babies anywhere else.

  480. Henri-Etta Burke 2019/07

    My new vet! I was pleased.

  481. Kathleen Habib 2019/07

    Everyone at the practice was kind and helpful. I also did not have to wait long before my dog was seen. The doctors and attendants were knowledgeable and they treated my dog as if she was the only dog there. Thanks for a great experience!!

  482. Debra Hughes 2019/07

    Great with my cats.

  483. Ann Marie Harris 2019/07

    Great veterinarian! Great reasonable prices! Lowest prices in the area for some services!

  484. Eileen Long 2019/06

    Staff is always friendly, they really care about my dog.

  485. Judi Darden 2019/06

    Have been going there for many years. Would not go anywhere else. Princess sees Dr. Peace. She is wonderful! I trust them completely.

  486. WilliamJ 2019/06

    We have been bringing our pets to Dr. Taylor and Dr. Lynch for many years and will continue to do so. In addition to Drs. Taylor and Lynch, the rest of the docs and staff are caring, compassionate people. When you find a clinic that genuinely cares about the welfare of your pet, works with pet owners in proper care of pets and shows genuine compassion when a farewell is imminent, you know that is where you take your animals.
    Bill and Kerin James. Brinkley, Maggie, Harley, Lola and Mamacita

  487. Debra 2019/06

    Love this vet! I have a kitty who has multiple health issues. They will take her in at a moment’s notice without fuss. Pricing is good as well.

  488. Carolyn Maddox 2019/06

    My dog was sick and had been seen by another vet. She was not getting better. I called Dr. Taylor’s office and Rhonda told me I could bring her in and wait until they could work her in. I was very grateful and went at the time she suggested. The wait really wasn’t very long and Dr. Taylor saw us and treated us as though my dog was his only patient. He is a very kind man and a good vet. Every member of the staff that we saw was accommodating and courteous. Thank you Dr. Taylor and staff.

  489. 12toxicvenom1 2019/06

    Great place with great doctors

  490. Mary Cary 2019/05

    Best vets around!

  491. Patti Brusoski 2019/05

    😊 …

  492. Karl Ziehl 2019/05

    More than just a business for them.

  493. Kathy Thompson 2019/05

    They are great there. Take time to answer all questions.

  494. Shirley Edwards 2019/05

    Best place to take your animals. Great staff! Won’t take my dogs anywhere else.

  495. Danielle Skidmore 2019/05

    Dr. Ames is fantastic. We first came to him in a very difficult time with our 14 year old dog nearing the end of her journey and he helped us more than he would ever know. Since then we will always return to him with our other dog and any pets in the future. Very humble and compassionate vet.

  496. Leslie Eddington 2019/05

    Always the best care..and super knowledgeable!

  497. Beth Kiteley 2019/05

    Great staff. Great vets. Great prices. They always take such good care of my fur babies❤️

  498. Julie Moore 2019/05

    Everyone there is so wonderful! Extremely knowledgeable doctors and staff. Always cheerful and very accommodating! Wouldn’t go anywhere else! I’ve unfortunately had to say goodbye to a few of my pets there and they were completely passionate about them and my feelings. Absolutely supportive staff there. Thank you for being such a wonderful vet!

  499. Veronica Kirtley 2019/05

    I have been taking our pets to Locke Taylor’s for years and have been completely happy with the doctors and staff

  500. Richard Brightwell 2019/05

    No other vet in my mind, Dr. OWEN

  501. Sue Ballance 2019/05

    Fair pricing based on what other vets charge.

  502. George Spieth 2019/04

    Best veterinarian care in Glen Allen, trusted them for 30 years with me dogs and cats

  503. Ric A 2019/04

    Finally, a great veterinian. Our cat says this is the best.

  504. donald korb 2019/04

    We have been taking our dogs to Dr Taylor since we adopted our first dog in 1978. He’s the best.

  505. kim Niel 2019/04

    Dr. Taylor is the best Vet!!!! He really takes the time and seriously loves animals and it shows. Friendly staff as well great office!!!! 😁 …

  506. Marcia Fry 2019/04

    We recently moved to Richmond and I had asked Nextdoor for vet references. Most I called were booked until the following week, but Locke Taylor has evening walk in available, which is a life saver. I didn’t want my cat to suffer any longer than necessary with an ear infection and fleas. Yay! Both my cat and I are very happy

  507. Tim Rencken 2019/04

    I am very thankful for Dr. Peace and Locke A. Taylor! I went here for a second opinion after a bad and expensive experience at another vet. After the previous experience, I did not think my cat, Cosmo, was going to survive. Dr. Peace at Locke A. Taylor took the time to really understand what was happening with him, and she thoroughly explained everything to me. The staff here provided amazing, affordable care, and Cosmo’s condition quickly improved. Thank you!!

  508. Acr Rca 2019/04

    I have brought two pets of the 5 to locke A taylor and the vets are great the staff is super nice! The only reason I am giving a 4 is because they have no late hours or weekend hours, I am forced to go to Dogwood Dell emergency at 10 times the cost and 1/10 the professionalism. Also trying to get someone on the phone for to schedule an appointment during working hours is next to impossible. I also tried email but nobody responded.

  509. Ginger Swisher 2019/04

    This is my third time at Locke Taylor, and I have been very happy with everything. Their gets are caring and the prices allow ordinary people to take extraordinary care of their beloved pets.

  510. Lia Mayer 2019/04

    Dr Taylor and Dr Owens (Dr Peace and a few others) treated my pets as their own. They never suggested unnecessary things and were always very candid. I also really like that they accept Carecredit. This credit card is only for my pets so I can always afford to give them the best care.


  511. Angie Imes 2019/04

    Always great service

  512. Lynn Scott 2019/04

    The doctors at Locke Taylor are great. They really care about your pets and the cost of the visits are really great compared to other vets I’ve tried. I’ve been here for years now and will go no where else for my pets care.

  513. blueice300zx 2019/04

    Dr. Greenwalt was great with my cockatiel, and he can be a real “angry bird” at times.


  514. Candice Rainey 2019/04

    I came in for the first time as an emergency walk in for my sick cat. The staff was great, I got back quickly and everyone was kind. My cat ended up passing away before the doctor came in, and everyone was supportive and wonderful. I will definitely go back when our family is ready for a new pet. Definite recommend!

  515. Helene Remaley 2019/04

    I brought my new puppy Noah in for a visit/shots based on a recommendation from two different people. They were amazing and I was in and out with 45 minutes. Everyone is extremely friendly, caring and knowledgeable!

  516. Amy Dean 2019/04

    I just went for the first time today. They took me as a walk in with my dog, who had a stomach issue. Although it took a bit of time to get in, they accommodated me and I do feel like I had excellent care for him while I was there. This is a very busy office for good reason. They are one of the best in the area. I highly suggest them so far based on my experience.

  517. Jennifer A Johnson 2019/04

    We have been taking our dog to Dr. Taylor’s for 12 years. We have seen multiple doctors over the years and everyone has been wonderful. When we ask our dog if she wants to go to Dr. Taylor’s, we get the same tail wagging response we would get if we asked her if she wanted to go for a walk or go to the dog park. She receives exceptional care and we trust them 100%. We highly recommend Dr. Taylor’s.

  518. Susan Warren 2019/03

    Best vet in town👏 …

  519. Benjamin M 2019/03

    Extremely friendly staff, laid back environment – reminds me very much of our old vet in the Northern Neck.

    Our dog is a champ when it comes to needles as long as Mommy or Daddy is holding him. He mostly doesn’t want to see it, just like most people. Doesn’t move a muscle.

    Another vet insisted on taking him away from us for a blood draw. They brought him back and snapped “he wasn’t above trying to bite us!” Gee, I wonder why. You took him away from the people that tell him he’s safe and it’s okay and poke him with a needle.

    Really appreciate the staff here listening to us and allowing me to hold him on our last visit. They truly care about their patients, furry and otherwise. ♥

  520. Regine 2019/03

    I have been taking my pet children to Dr. Taylor’s office for over 25 years. All of the vets are very good, compassionate, and supportive. Thanks so much for being there for us.

  521. Melanie Parrish 2019/03

    I have been a client of Locke Taylor’s practice since 2005 & my dogs (& I) have always received great care regardless of vet, vet tech, or front desk administration.

  522. Edith Curry 2019/03

    I have been a pet owner for over 40 years and could not recommend Dr. Taylor’s practice more highly. The entire staff are always responsive, compassionate, and provide the best care and at a very affordable price. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

  523. Stephanie Lynnette Ganzert 2019/03

    Best vet every they did a awesome job with my cat. I will always go for my animals needs

  524. Scott Lucchesi 2019/03

    Best vet in Virginia

  525. Bj Mashinski 2019/03

    Brought our pug Gracie in for having intense pain and heavy panting. We have been taking our dogs to Dr. Taylor and staff for over fifteen years and this was the first surgery. I couldn’t ask for better care and attention.

  526. Colleen Kelley 2019/03

    Been here over 2 hours have an emergency with my dog m. Her eye has popped out of her head and they keep taking walk-ins
    I am still waiting to be seen as many many of walk-ins and new patients have been seen and left I would not recommend this hospital for any EMERGENCY

    After a very long wait and come to find out that we were actually sent to the wrong place this is not an emergency hospital they were very gracious got her taken care of surgery went well everybody there is wonderful they took very good care of my dog very reasonably priced they care more about the animal than the almighty dollar I am extremely gracious for all the wonderful care my dog got I will definitely be coming back and returning

  527. Diane Healey 2019/03

    I have been going there for years….since Dr. Taylor opened his first practice. I recently adopted a dog from RACC and took her there to check her incision from having been spayed. As always, everyone was so helpful from the front desk to the vet and her assistant. They took time to give me good advice on care and feeding small dogs. Many, many thanks!

  528. Patrick Wells 2019/03

    I Love this place everyone was super friendly and kind at a hard time when your four legged children needs help. They Didn’t care all about the money MORE CONCERNED ABOUT PET. A true vet ! Please go see them

  529. Mary Mueller 2019/03

    The best place to bring your pets

  530. Sharon Fair 2019/03

    They have been a absolutely wonderful with my dogs!!!! Couldn’t ask for better care!!! Love Locke Taylor!!

  531. Tammy Wyatt 2019/03

    Dr. Owen’s was amazing with with our dog. He offered up suggestions for her care that really speeded up he recovery.

  532. Shaketa Speaks 2019/03

    Heaven sent Veterinarian Clinic for sure. I had nowhere to turn today and out of nowhere I was referred to this amazing animal clinic who was willing to work with me during a difficult time. The staff was great and they took good care of my baby. I will refer them 10xs over

  533. Kate Gilbert 2019/03

    I’ve been going to this vet clinic for probably 11 years. Dr. Sinead Lynch and Dr.Terry Grammer Peace are the most compassionate, knowledgeable vets ever. They helped me through the passing of two beloved pets and now have their hands full with my Molly. I’d never change vets. Ever!

  534. Janna Clare 2019/03

    Dr. Taylor and the whole practice was highly recommended to me by several people and I now know why. He was very attentive and knowledgable. I have been to two other vets for a persistent problem with puppy allergies. He was willing to try something different, so we will see how it goes. Everyone was very kind and all of the customers were happy, although we had a bit of a wait to be seen. His prices were very reasonable as well.
    I 100% recommend this practice.

  535. Dee Edwards 2019/03

    Awesome place loved everyone there. Will not take my animals anywhere else now

  536. Otis Knight 2019/02

    Probably one of the best veterans in Richmond.

  537. Linda Jones 2019/02

    I am always apprehensive about writing reviews unless I am absolutely sure about the precise details. I had taken my yorkies to Locke Taylor because of the good experience with Dr. Mason and Dr. Dolan which is why this situation has me perplexed. I made an appointment to have my two yorkies dental done over a month before the appointment of 12/27/18. We arrived and was told there was no dental being done on this particular Thursday but I was in their system for 1/3/2019! No one contacted me to make this appt change…(actually we were told different things depending on who we spoke with). After reading some reviews, I can see this has happened many times before…Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I spoke with Dr. Mason myself before making this appt; she diagnosed my little yorkie and I felt comfortable with her. The person who made this error never took responsibility (I believe it was Dr. Mason’s dental tech who was at the front desk with this nonchalant non-caring attitude). I was helped by someone else who came from the back (Bailey). What made me even more furious was I was told Dr. Mason was booked until APRIL. I was almost in tears as she told me they needed the dental. Then an appt was made with another doctor that had no bio, by this time I was livid. Very disappointed Dr. Mason!!

  538. Jennifer Duncan 2019/02

    All the vets at Dr Taylor’s practice have been wonderful! They helped us nurse an abandoned kitten with a broken leg back to health and kept the costs of doing so very low. They were so wonderful, I switched all of my pets to them, even though I have to drive 25 minutes further. Their pricing is exceptionally reasonable without compromising care. They don’t do procedures for the sake of driving the bill up. Even when they are busy, they will do everything they can to be sure your pet is taken care of.

  539. Bill G 2019/02

    Good vet one of the better ones in Richmond but never ever take your babies to Emergency Vet Clinic on Broad St ( or their other 2 locations) because they will let your pet suffer & die if you don’t have thousands to pay to alot of useless …

  540. Tammie Mcghee 2019/02

    I brought my Savannah cat to him for the first time last week perfectly healthy. some other vet that was terrified of her try to microchip her and did while she’s freaking out struggling trying to jump off the table and everything. she has not been herself and within the last 48 hours has not eaten drink or use the bathroom. she was brought to see doctor Taylor himself today after waiting 45 minutes he finally saw them and basically said is something Savannah cats do to give her time…. I am very upset and disappointed after all the rave reviews I heard about him. my Savannah is 6 years old and has been to a few different vets and never had one incident where there was any issue until doctor Taylor’s office. she even tried to attack me because of the stress she was enduring in that office. I am highly disappointed as Doctor Taylor himself did not seem to care about the situation and would never bring another animal to see him for any reason!!!

  541. Alpha Love 2019/02

    I recommend all my clients to Locke Taylor. Every vet there is experienced, knowledgeable and caring!

  542. Debbie Groome 2019/02

    The best doctors Ive ever known. My dogs were well taken care of and love Dr Owen’s.

  543. ScoobyRVA 2019/02

    Tried another local vet first because they were closer, big mistake. The building looks older from the outside but don’t let that steer you away. The vets and assistants at Locke A. Taylor were nice and caring. We’re went for shots and got charged for just that, no add-on fees.

  544. Erin Glisson 2019/02

    I couldn’t say enough how amazing this place is. The people are great and the best part is that they really care about your pet.

  545. Brenda Hudson 2019/02

    Been going there for 48 years!!

  546. Martha Gibson 2019/01

    Great atmosphere staff and care of your pet!

  547. Kayla Cooper 2019/01

    Everyone at Locke A. Taylor was very sweet and gentle with my very nervous greyhound-lab mix. I went during their walk in hours as a new patient & though they were very busy, they were clearly a well-oiled machine and seemed to get everyone in and out as quickly as possible.

  548. Lisa Townsend 2019/01

    The best vet around the Richmond area. I drive 45 minutes to take my pets to them. Because they care about the pet’s they see.

  549. Kenny J 2019/01

    This place is awesome.not only are there friendly take care of ur furry loved ones but there great prices and work with u on payments.CANT B BEAT.

  550. Sandy Watson 2019/01

    Took wonderful care of my puppy

  551. Quitta's Spiritual Chapter (LadyBug) 2019/01

    If you’re looking for an affordable vet, and friendly services this is where you should go. My dog was hit by a car and when I contacted Locke and Taylor (who had been recommended to me by a co-worker) the vet stayed and waited until I arrived (the office was closing and he was heading out) he put my dogs leg in a sling and set up a payment plan. We didn’t have to pay upfront. the next day we paid. They are very understanding which is great to see. It’s really nice that They really care about our pet babies like we do.

  552. Suzie Gray 2019/01

    Dr Ames is amazing, and always so welcoming!! He is always willing to help our little guy and answer our questions, definitely would recommend them!

  553. Kim O 2019/01

    Very kind caring ppl. Dr. Locke Taylor is a wonderful man who knows a vast amount about how to keep your sweet pets happy and healthy 👏🤠💗😊 …

  554. Sara Shelton 2019/01

    Great doctors – admin staff could be more efficient, effective, and friendly.

  555. Sandra Jones 2019/01

    I’ve been going there for 30 plus years. I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else. Dr. OWENS rocks. He takes time to know your dog.

  556. Jesyka Rolland 2019/01

    Took my cat to the walk in clinic to be put to sleep… I had heard nothing but positive things and everything is true. The staff was fantastic, so caring and understanding. Dr Taylor was beyond amazing. He kept me talking so that my mind was not focused on the upcoming procedure, explained everything, made sure that my cat didn’t suffer. His dog, Junebug, came in and gave me kisses and kept me company as I said my goodbyes. I have been through this several times, but tonight, even in the middle of the craziness of a walk in clinic… The time was taken to slow down give me and my baby the time we needed. I will be back once my heart heals enough to adopt my next baby. Thank you everyone!

  557. paul kimball 2019/01

    Best in Richmond.

  558. donna day 2019/01

    Thankful that these folks love animals as much as I do. I have been taking my animals to LOCKE-TAYLOR since 2003. Starting with Dr. Taylor through Dr. Scott., the staff has always shown me and my family love and kindness. Just recently had to say good bye to my baby, Bigbigs. Never did I feel so comforted than to have them say to me thank you. They are busy because they provide professional, caring service from beginning to end of life care. Let’s face it, these precious creatures are with us for only a fraction of the time we want them here. You can trust LOCKE-TAYLOR to provide T.L.C. to your pet and family

  559. DEBRA BOHN 2019/01

    Best vet around have always taken my dogs to Locke Taylor

  560. Michael R 2019/01

    Zooty loves this place
    ( picture is from her youth )


  561. Nicole Rachelle 2018/12

    The entire staff is so warm and helpful! I’m so happy and my puppy is all better! I’m never going anywhere else!

  562. Sara R. 2018/12

    The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I had a 2pm appointment and it ran a little longer getting in.
    Dr.s there are knowledgeable and care about your pets. Little pricey for supplements and dog food but it IS a vet.
    I would recommend this vet office

  563. George Blyakhman 2018/11

    One of the best vets I have seen.

  564. tony marston 2018/11

    Quick, courteous, and priced fairly

  565. AJ Bradley 2018/11

    The vet was very kind and helpful. A great place to take your pets!

  566. Evelyn McCrickard 2018/11

    I’ve been a client of Dr. Taylor’s practice since I was a small child bringing family pets and injured wildlife to him. Over time, I’ve developed relationships with other doctors in the practice who have loved my pets the way I’ve loved my pets… who are just as sad saying goodbye as I am when that time comes.

  567. Holly 2018/11


  568. Daniel Caffrey 2018/11

    Great vets. Great price.

  569. Michael Glass 2018/11

    Always take care of my pups.

  570. Charlotte Reeser 2018/11

    Best Vets, Vet Techs, lab workers & assistants in Richmond! Compassionate, caring, and definitely know their stuff! I would give you 5 stars, but your front desk personnel needs tweaking badly. They always have about 3-4 people behind the desk & you could stand there all day and none of them would ever acknowledge you. This happens every time I’m in there, whether to see a doctor, pay a bill, or merely ask a question. When they do finally help you, you feel like you’re bothering them. They need to be sent to customer service school. This has happened with my husband, too, so it isn’t just me.

  571. George Woodson 2018/11

    Best vet in Richmond!!!

  572. Daniel Bailey 2018/11

    The wait times are usually long even when you have an appointment. The staff is nice though.

  573. Coleen Shockman 2018/10

    I have been taking my dog to Locke Taylor for at least 6 yrs. This experience is making me debate going elsewhere. Made an appt for my dog on a Monday to get her vaccines updated on Wednesday. Confirmed appt the following day. Showed up for my 3:20 appt and they can’t find any sign of an appt. The lady at the front desk said she would “work me in” and was very dismissive when I began to try to ask what the issue was (ie how did this happen). Usual routine since my dog stresses out is we stay out I’m the car until they are ready. 20 mins roll by past my appointment that magically disappeared and I go inside to see what an ETA is. Again I get a very dismissive attitude when explaining that my dog is stressing out in the car due to their error. Currently sitting in a room full of boxes still waiting to be seen…40 mins past my appt. Pretty unacceptable. I still vouch that they are reasonably priced and have good vets on staff however they always seem to be busy and the front end needs some serious brushing up on customer service.

  574. Cheryl Desvernine 2018/10

    Great service

  575. Erin N 2018/10

    Always great pricing, super friendly and small wait time now that they have opened a second office!! Love the treatment towards our dogs and hamster!

  576. Randy Alley 2018/10

    Could not say more great things about a fantastic historic Richmond family business. Have been coming here on and off my entire life and they continue to amaze me with their understanding, flexibility and fairness. They genuinely care about your animals. Would highly reccomend

  577. Carole Moore 2018/10

    The best vet in the Richmond metro area! Caring, knowledgeable, and reasonable rates.

  578. Eric Mann 2018/10

    Best in Richmond

  579. H Iyvahn Gonzalez 2018/10

    The most compassionate staff and veterinarians in the Glen Allen location.

  580. Mike Byrd 2018/10

    Everyone here is very polite and love their jobs!

  581. Amber Traylor 2018/09

    Amazing doctors and nurses who care and want to help as much as they can

  582. Sorceress J 2018/09

    I am so disappointed with this place! I will most certainly not be coming back. I had a scheduled appointment and because they had gotten behind it took an hour before my pet was seen. I came in at 4:30 and didn’t leave until 6:30. I have a large size dog and he can be a bit grouchy at times as he is a rescue and he needed care that required sedatives. The vet and her assistants were extremely rude by telling me how aggressive he was. By the way my dog is very large and intimidating but has NEVER bitten or attacked anyone. Upon meeting my dog, the vet did not even want to touch him when he approached her to get a little affection. They failed to treat him for one of the issues I reported that he was having. After my dog was sedated, the vet was so afraid to touch him she used the bottom of her dirty shoe to shake/nudge him and then push him over(with her foot) like he was an old tire! She dug the clippers into the side of his face so hard and at the wrong angle that the blade popped off twice! I would have turned him over for her if she’d asked& shaved his face being that I am a pet groomer and retired vet assistant! I had to get on the floor and help put his muzzle on and restrain him while he was sedated because they were so afraid! I felt they were very rough with him. I am so dissatisfied and hurt. They were crazy busy, probably tired and ready to close the building and go home. I feel they did not show me or my pet any respect. They don’t have to love him, but respect the fact that I do. I was quoted a price and then it doubled at the end. I should have at least a discount for helping restrain him & put his muzzle on plus waiting over an hour to be seen! NEVER COMING BACK AGAIN!

  583. S O 2018/09

    Great doctors, service for dogs

  584. Robert Brock 2018/09

    This place need to be more clean there was poop and pee on floor last time was there and nasty poisonous spider close to my dogs foot I’m glad I pulled him off the floor but really what I’m mad about is that my dog had a twitching and his …

  585. James McMillan 2018/09

    Dr Taylor has been our family vet for 30+ years. Starting with my parents and now my wife and I. Nobody cares about animals more than Dr. Taylor. I highly recommend this business.

  586. Marc Opper 2018/09

    Absolutely wonderful vet, great doctors, great vet techs, and a truly great staff

  587. sherri Boyer 2018/09

    Very nice people

  588. Amie Gardner 2018/09

    There are very busy small office however their care is exceptional

  589. Jim Nash 2018/09

    Dr Taylor and his staff are blessings to the animals and community they serve. Such professionals and so kind. We have several of our own pets that they care for, we take strays to them, anything we need they handle with skill an unparalleled level of compassion.

  590. Average Joe 2018/08

    They fit me in on short notice and treated my dog with respect.


  591. Katie Sullivan 2018/08

    Always a great experience!!

  592. John S. Miller 2018/08

    If you have a pet this where you take it , The people are like FAMILY there

  593. Emanuel Boak 2018/08

    The best vet, hands down. Been taking my animals here for 18 years. They actually care about animals before finances. They work out payments with you, not a credit check. They do awesome work on the animals. Top notch.

  594. Victoria Walsh 2018/08

    Best vet in the area. Experienced staff for all kinds of critters. Very reasonable rates. I take both of my dogs there and send everyone I know to them. I used to have a pet tarantula, I was worried about her. I called to ask a question (turned out to be very minor) and received a call back in less than 30 minutes.

  595. Lynn Payne 2018/08

    Great People They Love there work and our Fur babies have gone here for decades

  596. Luke Armentrout 2018/08

    Always a great experience. You can tell that they really care about your animals.

  597. Karen Baber 2018/07

    The most caring group of people for you pet and you family

  598. Lucas Armentrout 2018/07

    They are always a pleasure to visit and are great with our animals.

  599. Gretchen Sutphin 2018/07

    Hard to find vets for small animals like guinea pigs. Super nice and super reasonable price for my little guys tumor removal.

  600. Jim Spillers 2018/07

    Best vet I’ve ever known, and I have lived in several states and nearly two dozen towns and cities.

  601. Valerie Belisle 2018/07

    Amazing team,treat your animals as if they are their own

  602. Kirstin Russow 2018/07

    Quality animal care and they really focus on your concerns and comments. Have been going here forever

  603. Dawn Davis 2018/07

    Very awesome vet. I have recommended quite a few people

  604. Ashanti Johnson 2018/07

    Will not bring my baby back

  605. Paul Kroog 2018/07

    Very good Veg. Had surgery on my dog and he explained everything to us.

  606. Katherine 2018/07

    This isn’t our first amazing experience at Locke Taylor but this was our first serious visit. Two of our dogs got really sick and had to hospilized for a week. We had a new doctor, Dr Morgan. She was amazing! She made sure we understood everything and was very sympathetic. Either she or another doctor called us in the morning and in the evening, even if the news on the dogs didn’t change. The whole office is amazing. I can’t thank them enough for saving our dogs. The cost was mangable for hospitizling two large dogs. They kept us in the know of much we were looking at for each test or medication. And they had a payment plan. We drive all the way from south side because we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our pets.

  607. Carrie Southworth 2018/07

    Best vet by far! I typically take my dog to the SPCA for her annual exam because the same vaccines are a bit more cost effective. But, for emergencies or walk ins i highly recommend Locke and and of the vets on staff, especialy Dr. Morgan! She’s taken amazing care of my pup <3

  608. Donna Collins 2018/06

    We called them at 10:30 to see if we could have a bird checked out that had escaped and was out all night and she said they were booked but we could come in as a walk-in. We arrived at this location at 11:30. We were finally put in a room at 1:40 and were told the doctor would be in soon. It is now 2:50 and we walked out. It would have been nice if we were told when the doctors go to lunch because we would not have arrived so early. Also would have been nice not to see so many other walk-ins arrive much later than us get in and out including a rabbit so I know it wasn’t just an exotic thing. So anyway, if anyone is reading this we would love a recommendation of another vet that will take birds.

  609. Jerry Bogin 2018/06

    Dr. Molly Morgan is the greatest and most caring veterinarian we have ever had. Our dogs love going to see her. She always has a great smile and happy attitude. Dr . Morgan has been taking care of pups since they were 8 and 9 years old. Dr. Morgan is a great asset to Locke A. Taylor DMV. The staff is professional and caring.

  610. Margaret Linden 2018/06

    They handle reason you bring your pet in and inform of whatever you need to know and treat why you brought pets in. They are very good with the people and esp the pets. They see animal with you and. don’t whisk them away and you don’t know if pet got shots or not….mine did not from other facility. She had to have 4 injections to be brought up to date. Shots I was told and I believe paid for, but records showed otherwise. Plus my pet loves going there!

  611. Shelton Díaz 2018/06

    My dog Rocky love this place! Thank you so much for everything!

  612. Brooke Deibel 2018/06

    Amazing vet office! I’ve been bringing my golden, Rocky, here for the past 9 year and never had a problem! 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  613. Gerald Lawson 2018/06

    I did not have appt. They slid me in with no question ask.

  614. Sherree Carter 2018/06

    Great service and the Veterans there are #1

  615. Murphy Lawless 2018/06

    Wonderful and attentive, they were able to see me quickly for an issue I was having with my cat and handled her gently. They kept her calm and kept me informed of everything they were doing. She had been displaying signs of a UTI and since receiving the antibiotics, has not had any issues since. I’m glad I went to them, since I have not had great experiences with other vets in the city where they were cold and uncaring to my kitty and the vets and Vet techs I have seen at Locke Taylor have all been wonderful and clearly love their job.

  616. Terry Cason 2018/06

    Took mama kitty to vet because no kittens born after almost 24 hrs of labor. Was told she wasn’t in labor. Needless to say 4 kittens were born that night. Mama and babies doing well.

  617. Jeanette Martin 2018/05

    Dr. Locke Taylor is an excellent veterinarian.

  618. Dawn DeLancy 2018/05

    Nice location but like other vets they’ll bleed you dry.

  619. Jeff Washington 2018/05

    These folks are in it 100% for the care and well being of the animals and their owners. This isn’t just a for profit center like other vets I have used in the past.

  620. Becka 2018/05

    Awesome caring and affordable

  621. Diane Munsey 2018/05

    Love this place so much I still stop by to say hello even after the passing of my dogs. Will be back hopefully soon, would not go anywhere else!!!!!

  622. Kellie Geoghegan 2018/05

    Go to Dr. Lynch! She’s amazing and very patient! The whole team there is amazing and really wants to work with you!

  623. Angelia M Kersey 2018/04

    Our dogs always get the best of care here. We have several medical issues with one dog and have to visit often, we are always well tgaken care of, the staff is always friendly and very helpful! Rivannah and Paisley 💜 …


  624. Adored Beauty 2018/04

    I didn’t have a good experience there, no one acknowledged me or my husband when we were in there. There customer service was not good at all I felt as if they didn’t care what happen to my dog and they didn’t treat my situation Delicately as they should have. I will never bring my dogs there again.

  625. Patty Finn 2018/04

    Used to have complete confidence in the vets here and wouldn’t go anywhere else. But they are so busy now that I no longer feel adequate thought is given to patient concerns, tests, appropriate meds and instructions for their use. Have experienced more than normal errors in billing, prescriptions, recordkeeping and testing, I believe due to rushing to get to the next customer. Pricing has become almost out of reach and differ based on the individual vet. Wait times can be hours. I appreciate that they try to see everyone who needs veterinary services and they have walk-in hours twice a week. I wish they had weekend hours, as emergencies often arise after current weekday hours. I would like to see them enlarge this facility, hire more vets, and reevaluate their pricing so more people can provide proper care for their pets.

  626. Lynn Harris 2018/04

    Absolutely the best vet! I left my last one after they did nothing but bleed my bank account. Locke Taylor answers your questions, they are thorough, they are respectful and yes they are very reasonable. They never judge (I own a pit bull). I rescued a kitten and a cat and they were extremely cooperative and went out of their way to help me save them. I cannot say enough good things about them.. oh and they provide late/walk in hours!

  627. Ginger Lemocks 2018/04

    The best vets around! Was very kind and caring for my little dachshund that was hit by a truck, helped me when other vets all they wanted to do was costly surgery. He casted his leg up and today you would never known he was hurt.

  628. Hazel Wright 2018/04

    Positively understanding people

  629. Ride Virginia 2018/03

    Great doctors, hot nurses

  630. Ashley Glass 2018/03

    Wouldn’t trust any other team with my fur babies!

  631. BEVERLY ROBERTSON 2018/03

    Best Veterinarian

  632. Melinda 2018/03

    Certain doctors are great. The building is old, and holds odors. The waiting room is small and becomes very crowded. With ppl and lots of dogs. Front desk staff doesn’t acknowledge you standing in front of them. There is no order.

  633. Gretchen Sutphin 2018/02

    There aren’t many vets that treat ‘exotics’ such s my guinea pig Critter. But I as so glad I got a second opinion here. Critter has a tumor and will be getting it removed this week at a very reasonable price with people I can tell that care very much about him.


  634. Pareesa Khan 2018/02

    They are amazing and are very easy to work with. Love the vets there and very friendly!

  635. Kim Clem 2018/02

    We love this vet office. We have been going there for over 20 yrs.


  636. Sug Graham 2018/01

    Dr. Taylor and his staff.
    Love animals unconditionally.
    Dr. Ames and Dr Taylor performed 2 surgeries upon my 11 year 7 month Cat, …

  637. Amanda Meredith 2018/01

    Amazing vet!!

  638. Eleanore Mayo 2018/01

    Love these people

  639. Leisa Lowery 2018/01

    Hands down THE BEST VET in all of RVA. PRICING is very reasonable and they will go out of their way to help their patients and the owners. My pup needed emergency surgery and had spent the night at Dogwood ER. They were pushing for surgery in the middle of the night, that would start at 2k and go up. I had them keep him stable till the morning and picked him up took him straight here and walked in no appointment or anything. They did the surgery, kept me updated through the day on him, and he came home that night with a fresh belly incision, a few meds and I spent less then 1000. Compassion and affordability are the main components to Locke Taylor and they encompass them daily. Great Vet!!!

  640. Garth Callaghan 2018/01

    A very compassionate and professional group! I love Drs Ames and Taylor!

  641. Brandon Powell 2018/01

    We have brought all 6 of our animals (dogs and cats) in for everything from check-ups through major surgery. We have been very pleased with our experiences, outcomes and costs every time.

  642. Charity Rupp 2018/01

    Awesome staff and have been wonderful to my sick chocolate lab.

  643. Doug 2018/01

    Great practice. No appointment necessary on Monday and Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm. Many vets. Reasonably priced.

  644. Betsy Bowles 2018/01

    Dr. Taylor has been my veterinarian for 30 years and the family vet since he went into business. I trust him and his staff with my animals. They are knowledgeable and kind.

  645. Catalina Diaz 2018/01

    They took good care of my baby bird glitzy.

  646. Timothy Adair 2018/01

    This place is great and caring when it comes to your animals

  647. Peggy Cameron 2018/01

    Great Dr!

  648. Lisa James 2018/01

    Kind and compassionate! I drive 30 miles to bring my dogs to this vet.

  649. Matt J (Crimson Solice) 2017/10

    The only vet in Richmond I trust. They saved my 🐕 life!! …

  650. Linda Young 2017/10

    Great vets as you can tell because they are busy.

  651. carrie durgin 2017/10

    Best Vet ever

  652. Paul Aneshensel 2017/10

    Professional service at a reasonable price. Able to be seen same day and they offer late hours.

  653. Sherri Baird 2017/09

    Dr. Taylor is the kindest person I’ve had the experience to meet. His love of animals is so apparent, which is very comforting.

  654. F. De Mascio 2017/09

    Awesome & compassionate veterinary staff.

  655. Jim Spillers 2017/09

    Best vet I’ve ever had.

  656. Martha Skraitz 2017/09

    Best Vet in town!

  657. Chris Evans 2017/08


  658. Rachel Shaffer 2017/08

    Yesterday I had my first appointment with Dr. Taylor and I could have been more pleased! From the very beginning I felt that the staff truly cared for my animals as I do. At the last moment I called and asked if I could bring in my second dog to address a separate issue and they were more than accommodating and understanding of my request. They are a small office and walk in hours can get VERY busy but that only goes to show that they are popular for a reason. I was given an updated quote of the appointment throughout and was very satisfied with the price of the visit. I compared the price of the vaccines and medicine to that of past vets and Dr. Taylor’s office is extremely reasonable if not competitive. He will become our regular vet for our three pets!

  659. Sarah35 2017/07

    Was packed but good services

  660. leah nesgoda 2017/07

    Friendly, experienced vets and staff. Have been taking my pup here for about 8 years.

  661. Jean 2017/07

    I have used Dr. Taylor’s veterinarian practice for over 16 years for our wonderful cat. I would recommend Dr. Taylor and Dr. Peace 100%. I will say, though, that the office is often crowded and extremely chaotic. And several times I either called to check on meds that should have been ready for pickup and were not, or dropped by to pick them up when I was told they were ready, and they weren’t ready. Dr. Peace, she is a gem! We used her exclusively for at least the last five years, and she is wonderful. Dr. Peace is compassionate, caring, empathetic, very understanding, and truly the best vet around.

  662. Naomi Kite 2017/07

    Have taken my pets, furry, feathery & slithery, to Dr. Taylor for over 30 years. He’s the most caring & empathetic vet I’ve ever run across.

  663. Chrissy Green 2017/07

    We had to make an exceptionally tough decision to have our older dog put down. I called Dr. Taylor’s office because I knew people had been happy with the care they received there. My husband and I were floored by the exceptional care we received. When I called the first thing the person I spoke with was to tell me how sorry she was that we had to make that decision. She went through the process with me and we went to the office that afternoon even though we had never been to their practice. When we walked in I signed in and was told we could wait wherever we and he were comfortable. We were able to wait outside with him and not make him go inside an unfamiliar place. They have outdoor opening rooms so we were able to go straight in from the exterior. Dr. Dolan came in and we gave him the list of issues that was just getting longer and not better. He was very understanding and compassionate. He walked us through the process and gave us as much time and space as we needed. We were told that when we were done we didn’t need to go back up front, we could just leave and they would bill us (keep in mind, we had never stepped foot in their office before). I have been around animals my entire life and these were some of the most compassionate and caring people I have come across. We cannot thank them enough for the care they showed to us and Hugo. Thank you.

  664. Roger Allen 2017/07

    Excellent service, first rate medical facility.

  665. Cody Brenizer 2017/07

    Great care with reasonable prices they really took care of my pup

  666. Darrin Perkins 2017/07

    Dr. Taylor tales great care of my animals

  667. Jamie Sichi 2017/06

    The staff is wonderful. It may get a little hectic in there but everyone is calm and passionate!

  668. Keila Viegas 2017/06

    Nice and friendly staff even with humans😃 …

  669. James Nemecek 2017/06

    Best vet in town, great staff and affordable pricing

  670. Michael 2017/06

    They are always willing to work with my family’s budget. Great prices. $2200 less than any other vet for surgery. Dr. Lynch is always on point!

  671. Crystal Pollard 2017/06

    They are amazing!

  672. James Martin 2017/06

    The only vet my pets like

  673. Matt Prosser 2017/05

    This is a well grounded, very flexible vet that doesn’t sell unneeded services and tests. I’ve been a client for over ten years and five animals. They will forever have my business.

  674. Margo Millure 2017/05

    We just recently moved to town and these veterinarians came highly recommended by a dog loving friend. My dog hates going to the vet and it was important for us to find a good one! We have seen 2 different vets so far and they were both equally wonderful with our labradoodle. The entire staff is friendly, the place clean, and they were on time and worked quickly without making us feel rushed. Couldn’t have asked for better.

  675. Tammy Smith 2017/05

    vets office and staff were very comforting in my live and my pets life as well.and even more comforting when a black lab laid beside my husband and my pet as to say your in good hand here ….thank you staff and doctor…you made her passing comforting…you are outstanding..

  676. D Medina 2017/05


  677. Kelsey Brooks 2017/05

    Absolutely, hands down the best vet in the area. I couldn’t have asked for more caring attention and help with an emergency situation with my dog. Dr. Taylor is amazing, patient, and kind. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through any of this ordeal without him. The prices are more than great and they actually truly care about your pets well being and are not just trying to sell you something or tell you what you want to hear to get more money out of you. If I could give this place a million stars I would. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! Thank you so much!

    Update: Again I can’t say enough about Dr. Taylor and tech Anna! I have been through so much over the past months with my dog Jefe and they have been there through it all. Anna has given me countless hugs and the courage to be strong for him so he can live a long and healthy life. Jefe had his front leg amputated last week, which was the eventual conclusion considering his injury, but he has thrived the entire time and continues to do so. I have a 3 legged dog now and this vet office has made sure to do everything in their power to make sure that he’s happy and healthy. From the front desk asking me about him EVERY time I come in to the techs giving him love in the hallway and of course the hugs and encouragement from Anna. Thank you everyone! I really don’t know how Jefe and I could’ve gotten through this without y’all.

  678. D W 2017/05

    Very nice and knowledgeable staff. Genuinely care about animals and do not offer superfluous treatments unnecessarily. Great people.

  679. Sherri Atkins 2017/04

    Took too care of Reggie the GP

  680. mathew lowe 2017/04

    love this vet been using them for twn years

  681. Henry Fussell 2017/04

    You guys are amazing. Such a wonderful staff for over a decade now. I love the new location and staff as well they are doing great just as you all have. Thanks again for being the best a furdad can ask for. See you all soon. Bear and Scrappy are lucky to have such a great team to take care of them.

  682. Scott H 2017/03

    One of the better places to go for vet services and they have walk in on certain days. It makes it very easy to work with after hours to take your pet in and not have to leave work for an appointment.

  683. Amber Edmondson 2017/02

    My gf used this vet for her cat since she was a kitten and never had issues so I decided to transfer my dogs and our new kitten to them but we have recently decided to go with another vet after realizing how awful this place is. Our new kitten had some serious kidney issues that she was born with so after taking her to Locke Taylor they told us she would need fluids, special food and medication for the rest of her life and that she wouldn’t have the longest life expectancy like normal cats. We were happy to make sure she had the best life we could offer so we got her on all the medication and food. About a year later she went downhill we took her to another vet who finally told us the real problem, she had and the problem wasn’t just manageable the only way she could live any longer was if she had a kidney transplant along with many other surgeries and care she ended having to get put to sleep after the vet explained this couldn’t be fixed and she was in pain, she was only 3 years old. Locke Taylor either didn’t feel it was necessary to explain what her problem was to use or just was to lazy to actually do there job. Not only that but my dog has a spinal issue that isn’t exactly curable but is manageable with pain medication at first when I came in to explain her problem they clearly didn’t believe me because at that moment she wasn’t showing signs of pain I had to basically beg them to figure out what was wrong with her so they went ahead and did xrays and found out she was obviously in pain( like I had told them over and over) so for 6 months I have been coming in to fill her medication and on the 6th month i was told she needed to be examined again before I could get her meds of course I was never told before hand that she needed an annual examination and I also assumed since I was told i only needed to manage the pain for the rest of her life she wouldn’t need another examination for this even at that point though I had already decided I wasn’t bringing her back after some old male doctor decided he wanted to tell me his backward opinion about bully breeds when I didn’t even ask (my dog is an American bulldog) don’t bring your pets here if you have any sort of bully breed or if they have a serious medical issue, you will be disappointed.

  684. Lisa Wilcox 2017/02

    Family orientated good doctors but u have to wait so long

  685. Patty Flemming 2017/02

    Brilliant, compassionate, and dedicated. I’d recomend them to everyone! Thank you Dr. Lynch for saving our Torque. <3

  686. holo 2017/01

    Locke Taylor is an excellent vet, however the knowledge of other staff seems to be lacking. Example, still using “extended release” antibiotic shots on cats that last upwards of a month. These shots have been deemed dangerous and unnecessary by most veterinarians.

  687. David Martin 2016/12

    If your pet is need of a vet take it here great place

  688. Andrew Mcr 2016/11

    Cozy atmosphere, good prices and attention to pets. Thank you for a good attitude, especially thanks to Dr. Payne!
    We wish her a pleasant maternity leave 🙂

  689. LISA MCMAHON 2016/09

    Dr. Taylor is the best veterinarian I have ever taken my dogs to. He is very kind and loving towards your animals. very through with examinations and doesn’t run up costs running tests that aren’t necessary.

  690. Celina Mills 2016/09

    We have been going there for a very long time with all of our animals and love them very much!! They care about the animal. I little expensive, but at lease the care to the animal is worth it.

  691. Raquel Rene' 2016/08

    I, Chip’s 2nd owner, took him so I could meet his vet. EveryONE was very nice, especially after Chip relieved himself in the lobby – upon arrival and before we left. #twice #DefinitelyWillKeepTHEMasourVet #mortifiedMommi

  692. Miranda Dodd 2016/08

    Dr. Peace is wonderful! I took my literally dying 2 year old cat there. I was told by another vet to take her home to die, but I didn’t give up. Dr. Peace was patient and kind. My cat has made a full recovery. I highly recommend her!

  693. Ronda B 2016/08

    We brought our dog here for a 3rd opinion after being told he had cancer without even testing him. One being the vet he has seen all his life of 10 years.
    We saw Dr. Mason, I cannot sing her praises enough. She treated him with love and compassion, not to mention she took samples of the area in question.
    Which is what had concerned us about the first 2 vets since they had not.
    It was refreshing and comforting to us as dog parents to receive the type of care she gave.
    Dr. Mason will remain our permanent vet.

  694. Paul Anderson 2016/08

    My puppy was ill today brought him into the vet. They were more concerned about money and credit card. Then helping my sick dog. They ran one stool test. Parvo test, pressed on his belly said he had a virus they ran no blood test on my dog I felt rushed out of the door. The vet gave me bag of fluids, antibiotic, and they gave him a shot to make his stomach feel better. They told me my puppy would be fine 6 hours later my puppy died and im burying him on thanksgiving. I will never take another animal there. And would not recommend anyone taking a animal there. They are about they money instead of helping animals. And my puppy died because they did not take proper means to check my puppy right instead I got meds I didnt need and a dead puppy.

  695. Michele Lisbon 2016/07

    my family has come here for years. Dr. Isaac was so friendly!

  696. Cathy Canoles 2016/06

    I really like this place – I drive about 45 minutes to get there even though there are several vets much closer to my home. Dr. Peace has been treating my puppy since I got him for both routine vaccinations and anything that comes up and she is excellent. The staff has always been helpful and friendly.

    It’s an older building but I’ve always found it clean and just fine. I like that each exam room has an opening to the parking lot. I’ve seen many reactive dogs use those exits instead of walking back through the crowded waiting room. To me that shows a well-thought out facility, and that the staff really understands animal behavior.

    I’ll probably always come to this office, even though it’s far. To me, it is totally worth the trip.

  697. Amanda Franklin 2016/05

    The staff is caring and they are willing to make payment plans so you can get the care your precious pets need and deserve! Will never take our pups anywhere else!

  698. Robin Kindy 2016/05

    They are “Always” busy. What does that tell ya?? Nice and friendly staff. The doctors are great. Would NOT go anywhere else. They are the BEST!! Very pleased😀 …

  699. Nicholas George 2016/04

    I have been taking my animals to this office for over 10 years. Dr. Taylor saved my cat from having his eyeball popped out of his head! The cat is alive and healthy today. They are always trust-worthy and very nice, especially Dr. Lynch. She has primarily seen my animals throughout the years and has always been a big help. They are often busy, but that is only because how great and spot on their service is. I will always bring my animals there. On a side note they also help adopt out abused animals or animals in need of good homes.

  700. Michelle “Micknell” D. 2016/04

    Staff is always polite. Great with our temperamental dog.

  701. Paul Vidonic 2016/04

    Simply awesome. We drive from Powhatan county to see him. The best!

  702. Cathy B 2016/04

    My dogs love all the people there, and that says volumes!

  703. Edgehill Civic 2016/03

    Always busy, but ALWAYS great vet care and caring staff! Still go there even though we have moved farther away.

  704. virginia palmieri 2016/03

    Everyone is so nice

  705. Brittany McGill 2016/03

    Best vest around. Dr. Taylor is always looking out for the animals!

  706. Christopher Helme 2016/03

    Quick and polite service every time.

  707. Larry Talley 2016/02

    Super cheap,very professional

  708. Jim Melia 2015/09

    This afternoon I took my 5 month old lab to Dr Taylor’s practice as she was having a severe allergic reaction to a possible bee sting. Dr. Payne immediately took Stella to an exam room and treated her. Everyone at the office showed concern for Stella and Dr. Payne gave her an injection that stopped the reaction immediately. As I walked up to check out and pay for the service I was expecting a $200 bill. I was shocked when I was charged $12. This service and pricing is completely consistent with my previous experiences at this practice. I can’t recommend this practice enough.

  709. Beverly Graubics 2015/08

    I have known Dr. Taylor and all his wonderful Veterinarians and staff for more years than I can count. During that time, they have taken care of all our pets, over 10 beloved doggies. No matter what problem, everyone there attacks it with all their extensive knowledge. Everyone there loves and takes care of all the pets as if they were their own.

  710. Brint Pratt Keyes 2015/07

    Always professional, his staff loves animals, and they’ve consistently recommended less expensive approaches when the situation allows for it. Solid.

  711. Ellen Scott 2015/06

    I have been taking my dog to Dr. Locke’s office for about 10 years, they have always been a reasonably priced, no frills place, but since my last experience going the price has creped up and the no frills is turning into providing my pet …

  712. gma Sib 2015/04

    The best vet. I have ever used. Dr Taylor was able to handle my 10lb. 18 year old Dashound with no problem. This old dog has never had nails cut without a mussel, But the Doc. had no problem. As if for some reason my Littleman felt safe and trusted the Doctor. No other Vet has every been able to work with my dogs with such patients and ease. The office staff was also very good and his price is reasonable. He also has walk in days you don’t need an appointment on certain days.

  713. Lourdes Belarmino 2015/03

    The best place to take your canine friends. Everyone is so accommodating and
    the best deal in town. We love Dr. Taylor and all.

  714. J. Miller 2015/02

    Doc Locke has been my families’ veterinarian since 1990. To this day – from vaccinating new pets to alleviating the pain in passing – Doc Locke Taylor and his staff has been there for us. Highly recommended – I’d be foolish to go anywhere else.

  715. Jackie Bishop Wells 2015/01

    Great staff, reasonable prices!

  716. sarahjay3 2014/04

    I can’t speak highly enough about this vet! They are the most knowledgeable and compassionate group of people that I’ve ever experienced or heard of in animal care. The office visits and services have to be the most affordable in the area. They have walk-in hours Monday and Wednesday 6-8pm. It gets really crowded for walk-ins, but that just shows how well loved they are, and they really move along pretty quickly. I recently had to let my dog go, and the people who helped us were more of a comfort than I can express. If you’re looking for a vet, this is absolutely the best place for you and your animals.

  717. Carter K 2013/11

    This is by far the best vet around. I have taken all of my pets there for decades and the staff is always friendly and the doctors actually listen rather than rushing you out the door for the next patient. They always take time to give my lab a treat and talk to her which makes her trip a lot less stressful. I would recommend this practice above all others in the area.

  718. stephanie Borger 2013/10

    I think they are a Wonderful Vet Which whom lets you make payments if you cannot afford the bill.. My poor Kitty Was bitten by a spider and the vet I took her to before failed to even shave the bite to see what was wrong!! This Vet Took the …

  719. Molly Templeton 2013/07

    I took my cat there when she had a cold in January. The pet store I got her from had taken her there when she’d been abandoned, so I figured I would stick with the place that had her records. We had to wait almost an hour, but it was flu season and they were short-staffed, so it was understandable. The exam room however, was filthy. My cat climbed into my lab at one point, and when she moved there was feces smeared across my sweater that she had stepped in. All the exam rooms also have a door that lead out to the parking lot, and the latch on the door in our room was broken. While this was not a problem for me, my cat’s not strong enough to push the door open, I’d very concerned if I’d brought a larger dog into that room.

    I decided to try another vet this morning due to the issues we encountered. I forgot to bring my cat’s records (my fault), but my new vet said not worry, they could contact Taylor Locke and have them faxed over. But when they called them, Taylor Locke said they had no records of my cat or myself ever being there. Nor did they have any record of the pet store visiting them in December when she was abandoned. Due to their apparent clerical error my cat had to receive her rabies vaccination and distemperment shot again.

    Not only would I not recommend their practice due the how unsanitary is is, but there’s a chance that your records will get lost.

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