Little Man Tree Services

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Little Man Tree Services
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  1. melanie Renee 2023/10

    They do amazing work! I highly recommend this company to anyone. We had a lot of trees taken down and I’m so thankful to his team and son. Great work, and hard working people!!

  2. mx dad 2023/08

    Affordable and great work. We had a tree fall on our house . They responded quickly and got it handled. Cleaned up left everything neat and no damage to property

  3. c hizalan 2023/08

    I m 62 years old my experience that people very well best trees cutters in world for me blowing my mind super communication on time good for money best of the best truly

  4. John Rut 2023/04

    Don’t know how well his tree cutting skills are but driving is terrible swearving all over the road

  5. Richmond Steppers 2023/03

    Called them on Tuesday. Came out immediately and gave me a quote. Wednesday morning all three of my trees were cut. Very happy with the work. My husband was so happy that he has already called them out to cut a gum tree that we have in our yard. Thank you for your professionalism and getting the job done

  6. Teresa Beck 2021/10

    Did a great job, just him and his son. He’s done 4 or 5 jobs on this street. Reasonable

  7. C R 2021/01

    We just had a large tree removed from our front yard. Company was very responsive, quick with an estimate and did the job a couple days later. The price was excellent, lower than others in the area, and the job was done swiftly and very well. He filled in the area with topsoil and left the yard clean. Could not be happier.

  8. Dylan Campbell 2020/09

    It took him over eight weeks to perform the job and the work had a lot of issues. He left a mess in the yard with tire tracks everywhere. On top of that we paid him extra to move around some garden stones into the yard. He decided to pile them in multiple spots around the yard instead of in a uniform place like we asked.

  9. louis Lamphire 2020/09

    Called in afternoon, he showed up within 30 minutes, checked the trees that needed pruning, quoted a price. Returned following afternoon and work was completed in outstanding fashion. No surprises, no hidden charges, just plain hard working individual with great sense of humor. I will definitely utilized his skills again when needed.

  10. Jennifer Sok 2020/08

    My call was sent to voice mail and I did not receive a response regarding my inquiry.

  11. Eric Robertson 2020/05

    Hon and his son do great work at a fair price

  12. Mike Lamphire 2020/05

    LMT Company topped three river birch trees in a day and half. Job was completed as agreed upon and clean up area was great .

  13. Tanya Bowers 2020/01

    The worst, parked everything IN the yard, left tire tracks, they didn’t clean up after the job, knocked my mailbox, showed up two hrs late both days, refused to clean yard when I asked, and left the yard in worse shape then when they started.

  14. Qiydaar Pratt 2019/06

    Little Man is actually a local giant in the tree cutting business. Prices are always fair and you can rest easy knowing that they have all of the necessary equipment so that they don’t have to cut corners. They used a crane and bucket to fly around my cul-de-sac taking down trees from the top down. I had 4 very large poplar trees cut down, and will be hiring them for the next round.

  15. Todd R 2018/05

    Really FAIR PRICING. The owner is really hard working but you need to be a little patient as it is a small business, they are very busy and work is weather dependent. The Owner is really hard working. QUALITY WORK and very SAFETY ORIENTED.

  16. Monica Mann 2018/03

    He gave my husband an estimate, came out that Friday and had the huge oak tree down in a day. Came back to grind the stump and remove the shavings. Great service!!

  17. Fred Peer 2018/03

    My neighbor, who used your service, gave you me your phone number. I have tried to call numerous times, but I was sent to voice mail and your mail box has been full for over a week.

  18. John Fitch 2017/02

    He was going to do a brush removal job for me but sent me a text message 15 minutes before the time he said he was going to start , telling me he was unable to make it and that I needed to find someone else to do the job.

    “Need to get other people to do the work I couldn’t make it today”

    That is the text he sent. How irresponsible can you be! He should have at least called me to provide his explanation as to why he decided not to show.

    He is very difficult to communicate with wants to do everything by text message.

    I will not be calling him in the future????

  19. Jaycee 2016/08

    Little Man gave me an estimate, of which I took to other tree service people. All said they couldn’t come close to matching his offer. One said it was a steal. His knowledge about trees and attention to safety is impressive. He needed to do more work than expected in one part and didn’t try to increase the price. When he finished, I paid more then he asked for. It only seemed right.

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