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Little DogServices
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  1. Anne-Marie Worthy 2023/11

    We have been going to Little Dog Services for over 8 years (since puppyhood). They love and treat each dog like their own. I highly recommend them and their amazing staff.

    Some places may be fancier, but what a pet cares about is love, safety, and fun. Little Dog Services delivers.

  2. Linda Maxey 2023/10

    They have a Pet Care time you pay extra for that I like. They even write up a report on how your animal likes the care experience. Friendly staff too. You can feel that they care about you pet’s experience there. 🙂

  3. Olivia Donnelly 2023/10

    We LOVE Little Dog Services! Everyone there is so kind and it’s professionally run. I feel confident my pup will have a great day and be returned to me tired!

  4. ERNEST LITTLES 2023/10

    Great staff, very friendly and attentive work well with your dog clean facilities

  5. Maria Reuge 2023/10

    My doggie loves Little Dog Services.

  6. Fox Greenlee 2023/09

    This place is lovely. The staff make my day every time I pick my pup up with their kindness. And I can tell they truly care for my dog. Don’t bother with anywhere else. I switched here for daycare from a big chain and couldn’t be happier with the change.

  7. Katie White 2023/08

    My furry baby loves going to Little DogServices and all of the staff is so nice and friendly. They know my pup by name and even though she only goes once a week they always remember who she is. I’ve also boarded another dog I was fostering here and she had a great time staying overnight. I’d definitely recommend bringing your pup here 🙂

  8. Ginger Swisher 2023/07

    I am looking for a play group for my dog. I went to Dog Services and was told by a very pleasant woman that I needed to go to Little Dog Services, and explained exactly how to get there. It was clean and bright, and smelled great! I was very eager to go see LDS.
    I could not have been more disappointed in what I found there. It smelled horrible from the moment you walked in the door. Kind of a depressing place where I was met by a surly woman who couldn’t have cared less if my dog came there. She was completely negative.
    Just to see what the facilities looked like, I walked around to the outside play area. It was over 90 degrees that day. Each of the sections had isolated dogs in them who were panting horribly. I am not sure what the point of that was, but I was appalled.

  9. Gardner Phillips 2023/07

    Real animal doggie people

  10. Kash Dowler 2023/07


  11. Hannah Romero 2023/06

    They took care of my Flea so well. He was happy and they sent me a adorable report card

  12. Tiffany Burton 2023/04

    I’ve been taking my dog to daycare and he loves it🐕‍🦺 …

  13. Hernan Buezo 2023/03

    Great service

  14. Carrie France 2023/02

    The staff are amazing and very knowledgeable.

  15. Tommy Vo 2022/11

    We’ve been taking our dog for almost 2 years. Fantastic service who treat our dog like family. The staff here are some of the only folks our dog likes which means we’re here to stay! They’re very flexible with requests and understanding of situations that may arise. Josie is Hazel’s god mom.

  16. Amanda Faller 2022/09

    The staff here is so sweet, they listened when I relayed a bad experience at another daycare, and reassured me that they would make sure she was comfortable. She went right in and had a great day!! I loved the report card and pictures from her stay. We will be back!

  17. Sonja Jones 2022/05

    Domino loves this place! It’s our fav.


  18. Sundeep Tripuraneni 2022/04

    Best for the small dogs

  19. Julian Taylor 2021/06

    Horrendous service is an understatement. We gave this dog care service very specific instructions as to care for our dog that had been diagnosed with diabetes. Our dog spent a week with this service and we never got one call about his condition. It was not until the day we were scheduled to pick him up until we received a call that our dog was very dehydrated and in poor condition. We had to rush him to the vet and unfortunately he died hours later. This service is awful and I would not recommend unless you want your dog to be treated poorly.

  20. JAMAR PALMER 2021/03

    Been bring my pups here for years love the care the give them ❤

  21. Peter Kum-Nji 2021/03

    They are great! Super friendly and accommodating. Online registration makes things even easier.

  22. Vincent Eberhardt 2020/10

    I called this pet service to gather information on leaving both of my Shih Tzus while I go out of town for a few days. The person I spoke to really was a turn off as far as I’m concerned dealing with my pets. She didn’t really have the knowledge I was looking for an organised pet sitter service to have. The only reason I’m giving # stars is only because the individual seemed like a pet lover.

  23. Hayden P 2019/09

    Always welcoming and know my dogs name when I walk in the door.

  24. Hashem Dbouk 2019/01

    My dog loves going there. Employees are attentive and my dog gets lots of love and care

  25. Shel Horta 2019/01

    I’m fairly disappointed thus far. My buddy is trying out this daycare/boarding while I’m traveling and I’ve barely heard from this facility. I’ve called twice to check in. Second day left a voicemail which wasn’t returned. And the third day Matthew had barely an idea of who my buddy was and promised to send me a picture of my little pup before shift end-which didn’t happen. Three days now I’ve been calling to check in and either they’re understaffed or they’re under-interested. Either way I’m not due back in Richmond for a couple of days and I’m VERY worried. My buddy has been in daycare/boarding for years now in other states and this is the first time I’ve ever experienced such low response rates. Usually I don’t even have to check in as I’ll see a text or email letting me know how my pup is doing. I’m worried and under communicated with no recourse until I get back in town. I specifically requested an email to see how he was doing which was offered to me. I also paid for extra TLC (15 min 1:1 time for $15) to ensure my buddy has a good experience. But no call or email back and I’m not sure what the experience may be. This is the fist time I’ve left my pup at this facility and I’m hoping he’s ok until I get home. Owner: I’ve emailed and called. Please call me back.

  26. Thomas Slater 2018/08

    Very good as usual for several visits.

  27. Ginny Scott 2018/06

    Awesome place for boarding or daycare for Little Dogs! I guarantee your little one will sleep for hours after the fun that they have had here. Staff is great, clean and grooming has been added!


  28. Krystin Treglown 2018/05

    My labradoodle has been going to doggy day care here for about 2 months now, once or twice a week. I was a little put off at first by the customer service and lack of professionalism by some of the staff but decided to give them a shot. Both my neighbor and myself have been taking our dogs here but no longer will we. Both our dogs contracted kennel cough. When I called Dog Services to tell them they were very defensive and told me it could be contracted from anywhere (which I understand), however this is the only social time my dog gets with other dogs. The vet I went to told me I was among many others that have come in from Dog Services with a dog with kennel cough. I expected Dog Services to be more concerned and take some responsibility, but I received none of that. They also told me they have not had any reports of kennel cough, which is false considering my neighbors dog had it! Then the person told me they’ve been having sporadic reports of kennel coughs… I will not be taking my dog here anymore and I was just about to buy the bundle package or 20 doggy day care sessions—If they would have shown some concern or offer some sort of compensation or even a coupon, I might have reconsidered or at least not post this negative review. The manager did seem much nicer than the first person I spoke to. Also, my dog was given a bath here, ever since then he has been traumatized by baths. Lastly, they only gave me a picture/report the first day, the place smells like they don’t clean, and they refuse to let me see inside the kennel areas. My dog also seems like he hasn’t had any water all day after being there, which he never ever acted like when I would crate him for several hours. I will definitely spend $10 extra a day and go to Holiday Pet Barn. **My dog is also up to date with his Bordetella shot.

  29. Kinsey Ralston 2018/02

    These people are great, they love every animal that shows up.

  30. Susan Fitch 2018/02

    Grandpup loves it!

  31. Shantelle Brown 2018/01

    My dog seemed happy and I can tell he was well taken care of.

  32. Rivina T 2018/01

    I love their employee named maria i can tell she cares about our animals but that lady katherine she is rude.

  33. Brooks Godwin 2017/11

    I love the staff at Little Dog Services! They go the extra mile every day to make our dogs happy and safe. I cannot thank them enough for the special care they give to both of my dogs. Truly awesome!


  34. Heather K 2017/07

    I’ve given Little Dog Services an opportunity to remedy the situation and they haven’t taken it upon themselves to get back to me, so I am posting this review.

    I took my dog to daycare for the second time on Saturday and picked him up around 2:45 that afternoon. When I got home, I did a thorough check of him because he seemed to be covered in dried saliva and as you can see in the images below, he was either bitten or scratched repeatedly by another dog in his groin area. This is NOT okay and definitely not the result of normal play. No one mentioned anything to me when I picked him up. One of the scratches look fairly deep so I ended up taking him to the emergency vet where they disinfected him and told me to keep an e-collar on him for the next few days to prevent infection. They weren’t sure what exactly the cause of it was – either bites or scratches.

    I talked to one employee over the phone who, not only did not even express any condolences, tried to tell me that he was the biggest in the group and she didn’t see how anything could happen when they were “playing”. I emailed these images and was told someone would get back to me. Haven’t heard a thing in over 24 hours.

    Do not take your dog to Little Dog Services. This is direct evidence that they are not properly supervising or intervening in play when necessary. I even had told them that my dog has a tendency to be submissive and bring out the bully in more dominant dogs. It is obvious they are not dividing dogs into appropriate play groups as advertised. And if an issue does arise, they will not handle it in a timely manner.


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