Lakeside Animal Hospital

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Lakeside Animal Hospital
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  1. chris hains 2023/11

    We had never been here before but had a little emergency with our cat and they were able to fit me in same day. The staff was super friendly and accommodating. Everyone from the front desk to the tech Harley. Dr. G was thorough, friendly and informative. We will be coming here from now on.

  2. Rick Pfamatter (Rick) 2023/11

    Excellent care.

  3. Shasta Wolfe 2023/11

    I took my lizard here a while back and I waited almost two hours before someone told me what was going on. Then when I refused to have him treated here and said I was taking him somewhere else they called animal control on me. They a rude and disrespectful. After they called they also offered me free service that I had to pay for before they would release my lizard back. I will never bring an animal back to them.

  4. Kelly Adams 2023/10

    We love Dr.Gonzalez and the team at Lakeside Animal Hospital! Dr. G is incredibly kind & you can tell she truly cares for each & every animal + their human.
    I took off 1 star because (like others have mentioned) they’re not great with the long wait times… but in my opinion, as long as I know that it’s going to run long before going into the appointment, I simply need to better manage my expectations. I believe Dr. G is (currently) the only vet on staff, so it makes sense that appointments run overtime. I’ve tried other local vets over the ~20 years I’ve lived in Richmond, but I always come back to Dr. Gonzalez. 🙂

  5. Mindy Johnson 2023/10

    I contacted this vet for an emergency visit for my guniea pig oreo. They were fast and able to squeeze me in the very next morning. Unfortunately oreo had to be put down 🙁 I can’t thank the team here enough for everything they did & for helping make this situation a little bit easier for me. I was devastated but i knew what was best for my piggie. They also sent me a card for my loss. I’m just so thankful for you guys. Thank you again.

  6. Stephanie Foreman 2023/08

    This is a vet that you should only go to if you have unlimited time to spare. They do not run their practice well at all. If you have an appointment at 9am, be prepared to wait until at least 10. They get 2 stars just because the veterinarian seems competent.

  7. Sarah Rogers 2023/08

    Thankful for Lakeside that see’s exotic pets including my rats!

  8. joanne blaszczyk 2023/08

    We are so happy to have found Dr.Gonzalez and Lakeside Animal Hospital. Dr. G and her staff make you feel welcome and as if your pet is the only pet they treat. They are knowledgeable, caring and compassionate! Their love for animals truly shows!!!

  9. Katrina Graf 2023/07

    The second star is only because the desk staff and techs are nice.

    The owner/vet here is only out to get as much of your money as possible and make you feel like a horrible pet owner in the process. She will recommend every test possible at every visit and then make you sign a waiver if you decline. She uses scare tactics and guilt to try to make you cough up all your money to her. There are other options for much better vets nearby. Please please look elsewhere. I don’t often write negative reviews of places but I feel very compelled to warn others against this place.

  10. sharon tulloh 2023/06

    Best vet ever!

  11. Peyton Lassiter 2023/06

    I only trust Dr. Gonzalez to work with my guinea pigs.

  12. Lisa Walter 2023/05

    I have a blue and gold macaw. Dr Gonzalez is always good. Bebop can be a hand full and the staff get the job done

  13. Shannon Garcia 2023/05

    This is the only place I take my rabbit in town. I had an emergency with my bun, and they were able to take me and my sweet bunny that very day between appointments. I waited very patiently and after maybe 30-45 mins I was seen. Dr. Gonzalez is extremely knowledgeable on exotic pets like rabbits, and for that I am very thankful. Not many exotic vets in RVA, so I feel truly blessed! I will say this location is very busy. The front staff and nurses answer phone calls literally back to back and do a great job assisting people as quickly as they possibly can! So for people inquiring to take their animals there, be patient for goodness sakes! Everyone is doing the best they can. I’ve taken my bun here a couple times and I’ve had nothing but pleasant interactions. Everyone from the front staff, the nurses, and the veterinarian were very helpful and kind and I cannot say thank you enough for what you’ve done for my bunny Donnie Darko! Thank you so much!

  14. Jeremy McCarter 2023/05

    Don’t miss your appointment with this place! I called to reschedule only to find out they charged me $68 for missing/rescheduling an appointment. After rescheduling they charged me $10 more than the original deposit telling me that’s their policy and prices went up in 2 weeks. Not to mention they’re spay/neutering estimate was twice the cost of everywhere else. Pretty ridiculous to say the least!

  15. John Anthony 2023/04

    Staff members (vet included) were very disrespectful to people reaching out for help for their animal. If you want to be audibly scoffed at by the front desk and called a liar after giving your animal’s history, this is the vet for you.

  16. Rebecca Gibbs 2023/04

    This vet told me to take my exotics home and watch them die after charging me $400 for injections I didn’t want.

  17. Ashley Taylor 2023/03

    Sadly this place went WAY down hill and we switched vets…I would no longer recommend.

  18. Ivy Wesson 2023/03

    Oh my goodness this is a great vet! They really care and are very knowledgeable. Staff is very friendly!

  19. Mallory Rochelle 2023/02

    This review is very overdue (but I promised myself I’d leave it):

    Capone had a great time at this Vet. (10-week old Yorkshire Terrier). It was his 1st and 2nd visits, so they were important & Lakeside did very well. The vet assistant even wanted to hold/watch over him while I ran to my car. It was more than I could have asked for. They recognized that dealing with an animals’ first visits are a big “to-do” not only for the pet, but for the owner. They were reassuring and treated me & him with respect. I could tell you horror stories of other vets who are less involved😩. It takes certain kind of people to do this kind of work and it is much appreciated that Lakeside has chosen well for its staff. Thank you And, again, sorry for very delayed review. Hope to see you again!


  20. Anna Wilkin 2023/02

    I’m new to the area and gave this place a chance. Their front desk staff are slow and the services are very overpriced. They made me wait almost an hour to return my dog when I had boarded him. They also charged $33 per night to board. I later found out all other boarding facilities in the area only charge $20-$26 per night. I really felt swindled. The second poor experience I had was when I requested they email my dogs vaccination records to me. I called them three times throughout the day and each time they promised they’d get the email to me by closing. They lied. They never emailed me the records. It was a simple request and would have only taken five minutes. They are just terrible. UPDATE: In reply to the owner response. That’s not my email. After several phone calls and providing it repeatedly your employees failed to spell it correctly. A simple sincere apology would have sufficed.

  21. Ash K 2023/02

    We’ve been going here since 2020 and are finally making a change. Things were okay at first, but it seems to have gone downhill quite a bit. I’m assuming they are short handed as the wait times are always outrageous even with an appointment. Some of the assistants seem to need more training, its frustrating to be asked if your reptile has ever been to a vet before when they’ve been seen there for the last almost 3 years regularly. Also being given a care guide as if I’m a brand new owner is slightly frustrating as well. These are all things weve discussed with the vet many times and a quick look through our chart could save everyone one alot of time…we had bloodwork done at our last visit and the results were emailed to me but the doctor never bothered to called to go over them…I will probably have the new vet take a look and advise if there is anything concerning. Called today and couldn’t get in for 2 weeks so we took it as a blessing in disguise and made an appointment elsewhere for today. Will most likely be transferring all 4 of my pets over to the new vet.

  22. Elise Clonts 2023/01

    Love taking my animals here! Everyone is so nice, wait time is always short, and the extended hours really help!

  23. LeaAnna Miller 2023/01

    Horrible experience. I have never been treated so poorly. Vet was condescending, rude , did a sloppy job examining my pet and only because we asked her to. I would consider this experience traumatic and medical abuse. What a terrible person who made my daughter cry and allowed us to leave with a sick animal and no treatment.

  24. Jenny Hoyt 2023/01

    The rudest front staff I’ve ever spoken to

  25. Steve Boschen 2022/11

    Way too expensive and over diagnosed

  26. Sharon Forrest 2022/11

    I’ve taken my pets (babies) there for many years and they have been taken care of.

  27. Juan Rosales 2022/11

    excellent highly recommended they love pets and their work is incredible for price it is super accessible I love it

  28. Althea Romero 2022/10

    They took great care of my baby Rocky and figured out how problem. Thank you!

  29. Hayley 2022/10

    They are the most amazing, caring veterinarians there are. My dog had an emergency from an unlucky accident and they moved their whole day around to fit her in for an emergency surgery that caused them to stay late after they had already closed. I will never take my dog to another veterinarian! I can’t thank them enough

  30. Brenda Lamb 2022/09

    The veterinarians and all staff I encountered at Lakeside Animal Hospital were compassionate and professional as they cared for my chicken and interacted with me. Our first visit was with Dr. Gonzalez who saw her on the same day I called. Our second visit was just over a week later and they also saw her that same day. They could have done surgery on her, as I had consented, but determined she was improving and delayed it. Surgery was ultimately not needed at all as she continued to improve under their care. I was allowed to visit her and I received regular telephone updates from Dr. Lenihan. The receptionists and techs were amazing as well! The value for the service was reasonable and I would highly recommend them.

  31. Brandon key 2022/09

    Just cause i had to wait and hearing that annoying bird in the process my time long and unbearable.

  32. Ashley Jones 2022/09

    I am so grateful that they work to get your pet seen quickly! Our parakeet was having some issues and they got us in quickly and provided great care for her and provided thorough information so we can continue care at home. Highly recommend!

  33. Kavya Graf 2022/08

    Super super disappointed with this vet. Every technician was condescending and acted as though I didn’t know anything or care about my animal. Would not recommend.

  34. julia leann 2022/08

    I would not recommend this place. I’ve been holding out on this comment for about two years now. Back on my puppy broke his leg I sent him to Lakeside animal hospital for a boarding overnight due to some family emergency reasons. When I went to pick up my dog the next day I was greeted with him and he was white with urine. When I contacted Lakeside animal hospital, the “ manager “ came to the phone and decided to tell me that that was not their fault and they didn’t know why he was covered in urine. I proceeded to argue with her, and then she hung up the phone and came out to my car and proceeded to cuss me out. I was very upset that this had happened and that nobody in the staff or a general building knew what was going on with my dog. He was soaked in urine, and so was his cast. He needed to be re-casted, so I had to come to another vet nearby and got him re-casted. I just called this location today to get my kitten set up for vaccinations, come to find out they have blocked and banned my account to where I am unable to book ever again in the future. I would not waste my time with this place seeing as they are very irresponsible with your pet & unprofessional as to not receiving any email about this. I do expect a reply from the manager, seeing as she needs to correct everyone that leaves a review to this business. I hope they find a more professional way to take care of CUSTOMER to bring in their injured or sick pets. You cannot get upset with someone for being concerned about their little family member, especially when they are left untreated, or not taken care of.
    Will be reporting this with PHOTOS that i still have and will be legally filing against this company.

  35. Jessica “KicknBlues-YesterdaysNews” Snavely 2022/07

    Pretty good animal hospital! My friend has a pet conure bird and it needed some shots and some blood work done, and I learned so much about him!

  36. Shelia Glass 2022/07

    I love the staff and Dr. Gonzalez at LAH!! They treat my reptiles with such great care and love. I have learned so much from them!


  37. Blkgent 2022/06

    Friendly staff, place smelled very pleasant

  38. Will S. 2022/06

    Great staff! They saw my bearded dragon on time and did a thorough examination. Lot of great information concerning issues and offered follow up support.

  39. Vane Leo 2022/06

    Highly recommend. They have a great care of animals with quick visits! They looked over my bird – beautiful – for two days and now she looks healthier and is getting better! All the care was very professional. They truly care about the animals and love what they do. Its comforting to have such an awesome place to visit for any animal help. Thank you very much to all the staff. We are very grateful.

  40. Nicolette Edwards 2022/06

    The only vet I trust for my hedgehog. The two hour drive is more than worth it and Dr. G is amazing. This is mine and the hedgehogs vet for life 🙂

  41. Danny 2022/06

    Very close to home. Went to put my 16 yo dog down and almost everything was great, the vet assistant treated my little buddy like he was her own. Then when they took him to the back to put the IV we could hear him yelping several times. It was heart crushing especially considering why we there, to keep him from suffering.

  42. Jamaica Bey 2022/06

    I was referred to this office from a patient from my job, number one flag I should have paid attention too, they ask for deposits for appointments which was kind of a shock to me, first appointment was ok on time but when it was time for payment i had to REMIND them of the deposit I had already paid ,they changed it , also since i was referred i should have gotten an discount of $25 dollars which i stated when the appointment was made, they came back with the receipt the amount was still higher than the vet i actually pulled him from which was odd, 2nd appointment the day before easter i waited over an hour for my dog to be seen no one advised me there would have been any delay the jus let me sit, i asked several times what the hold up was people came in after me animals where tended too and left back out all while im still waiting after complaining several times ms sherri i believe wanted to make sure she stated that she seen my boyfriends review so i’d make sure to make my own because as a PAYING CUSTOMER no matter what the review is it was unprofessional for her to go back and fourth with me… she stated she was there on her day off , which isn’t no one’s problem but hers, when the appointment was made the lady was aggravated because she was working alone seemed my dog just needed a vaccine but i didnt get a chance to discuss anything about my dog when in the office one of her nurses gave my dog in the injection in the back (so i didnt even see if the vaccine was given ) the still charged me for an office visit even though the didnt see my dog in an room from any doctor word of mouth spreads they didnt see my dog they came to the lobby and explained why there running late after we waited over an hour LET PPL KNOW PERIOD if theres a delay let ppl know time is valuable for everyone bad experience will no refer anyone here look at ALL THE REVIEWS just look atr the way the OWNER response back sad good luck

  43. Sarah Rose 2022/06

    Took my cat here for the first time for a senior screen and full exam a couple of months ago. They treated me like I had done something wrong and was a terrible owner because she had lost a lot of weight recently due to hyperthyroidism and kidney issues. The blood test was extremely expensive and they prescribed a medication for the hyperthyroidism. After a month of my cat being on the medication, there was no change and some awful side affects, like frequent choking and coughing. When I called and asked, they had no idea what could be going on with her and wanted to do more expensive tests. So I took her to another vet who found a massive cancerous tumor on her kidney and gave her a couple weeks to live. I knew there had been something worse wrong in the first place and if they listened to any of my concerns then maybe I could have caught the cancer earlier.

  44. Ashley Gibson 2022/05

    We love Lakeside Animal Hospital! They are always prompt and reasonably well-priced. We especially appreciate Rebecca, who has twice come out of grooming ‘retirement’ to help us with one of our fluffy, knotty cats.

  45. Evans Mandes 2022/05

    We take Jasper – our Dachshund – for all of his appointments here. Staff is amazing, techs and doctors are as well. Quality care.

    The best part about this location is the bird that greets everyone at the front counter. He makes out visits so much better seeing and hearing him.

  46. Sierra Puffenbarger 2022/05

    Juat a long wait to pick up, but otherwise pretty good

  47. George Ponton 2022/05


  48. digital manners 2022/04

    This was my first ever visit to a veterinarian, and my experience left me with some regret. I brought my pet female rat to this hospital to be treated for a serious respiratory infection. Symptoms included substantial weight loss, small appetite (soft foods), labored breathing, and being lethargic most of the time. She battled really hard, but sadly could not overcome the illness. I will try to be as objective as possible about how things went without letting the outcome color my experience.

    Negatives: Reliability, Trust

    There were two things that did not sit well with me.

    3 hours after leaving the hospital, the doctor called to recommend oxygen therapy because my rat was showing increased signs of stress from the treatment. I said to the doctor I agreed to try oxygen therapy for a few hours to see if there was any improvement. At the end of the day, I reached out for an update on whether oxygen therapy was helping, and I was told my rat was still breathing hard. When I asked to stop oxygen therapy, I was told the hospital charges the full 24-hour amount once it has started. I expect full transparency upfront on something that costs as much as the medication. This is not a good way to conduct business.

    The next day, I called again for an update. I was simply told my rat’s condition was worsening. Against the doctor’s advice, I chose to bring my rat home with medication rather than have her stay for what looked like several more days. When I saw her, she was moving but was even thinner than before her hospitalization. She was jittery and no longer wanted to eat any food. I realize respiratory infections can progress quickly and her condition could have deteriorated suddenly on the day she started treatment. A part of me wonders though what could have happened if I had brought her home to be medicated while she still had a small appetite. I expect the doctor to be more forthcoming about these changes. If she’s not eating, I really want to know about it so that I can consider other methods.

    Positives: Friendliness

    I thought the staff and Dr Lenihan showed genuine friendliness and care. After my rat was diagnosed with a respiratory infection, the doctor recommended to have her hospitalized with an aggressive treatment plan that included hospitalization and injectable antibiotics. I wanted to give my rat the best chance of recovery, so I agreed to everything in the plan except 24-hour oxygen therapy.

  49. Coach T 2022/04

    Been taking my puppy baby here for years. The staff is always loving, patient and kind.

  50. Von C. 2022/03

    Great people and love the atmosphere.

  51. Diomar Yair 2022/03

    Nod bad not so great, I can tell because o called and the customer service lee me holding for 15 minutes for a single person to answer a easy question, The lady was kind of rude since she just hang up the phone on me when I said that I was not going to make an appointment

  52. Marcello Romero 2022/03

    Great staff awesome place. They love what they do and you can tell.

  53. Bunlang tan 2022/02

    Great staff! Everyone is so nice. The doctor was very informative and gave me all the right information as a new puppy owner. Lakeside has a new regular!

  54. Uneak Tershai 2022/02

    Rebecca was very pleasant to communicate with when setting my appointment, today. Very efficient and professional call. We look forward to our first visit.

  55. Marc Wagner 2022/02

    Been a customer for over 20 years…Dr. G is great!

  56. Kayla Baicy 2022/01

    I was frantically trying to find a place to see my injured Guinea pig immediately. I was referred to them and called explaining and asking if they could see her which they said they could if I could make it in 15 mins. As soon as I got there they immediately took her back and examined her. The doctor and assistants were very thorough explaining everything and all her after care. It was such a quick and fast emergency visit and also VERY reasonably priced! They will be getting my business from now on!

  57. Mary Sue Orpe 2022/01

    affordable & great care 🙂
    my guinea pig dave thanks you a bunches <3

  58. Sean Voltz 2022/01

    Have ceased using this vet. Waiting times were often long, prices were often quite high, lots of pressure to get unnecessary vaccines and exams. When we’d had enough they updated our vet records and lied in the update in an attempt to make us look bad to any vet we go to next. Would not recommend.

  59. Tracy Henry 2021/11

    Our cat Spooky required antibiotics for an infection in his ear. I called the office at 2:50 and was seen by the vet by 3:30 the same day! We are new patients to the practice and this was our first visit. Thank you for promptly treating my precious cat.

  60. Granny Auntie suzie 2021/11

    Always helpful & accommodating, in and out

  61. Sarah Fierst 2021/11

    Dr. Gonzales was able to address the specific concerns I had regarding my bearded dragon and the cost was very reasonable.

  62. Dis Grazed 2021/11

    They’re very helpful, nice, and one of the very few local vets that care for reptiles, as well as the more common critters.

  63. Oscar Gutierrez 2021/10

    If you love your pet, I do not recommend that you take them there for any reason. I don’t usually write reviews but I felt I should share this so others proceed with caution. I took my bunny there because she was sick with one eye… they told me they had to do an operation on her eye to remove a larva that had gotten into her eye and I paid over 600 dollars to have the operation done. The day after the operation my rabbit died. I am very disappointed with this clinic because I lost my money, my time and my pet. I was never told that my bunny was at risk of dying after the operation. On the contrary, they told me that my bunny was going to recover and it turns out she past away the day after. I called to speak to someone in charge to make them aware of the situation but the response i received was the opposite of helpful or comforting. I was basically told that my bunny could’ve past away for many reasons, they even went as far as saying that she could have passed away because of how I gave her medications. I followed THEIR instructions on how to give her her medications yet throughout the whole conversation I was only given the impression that they were not responsible. Not what I expected at all. Beware.


  64. Sadie Wisham 2021/10

    Second time there with two young cats and they’ve been incredibly kind, and a very wonderful experience each visit. Would highly recommend.

  65. Sean Boyd 2021/10

    Helpful staff and very informative

  66. Francine Charlebois 2021/10

    Kind and knowledgeable staff and vet. Love it

  67. Kira Jamil 2021/09

    Very pricey if your budget is tight. I called to ask how much they charge their neutering service and the girl on the phone told me $60. I went to my visit and they brought out a bill for $400. If I knew that beforehand, I wouldn’t have came all the way there.

  68. Chris Darko 2021/09

    Great place, very friendly staff and Doctors

  69. Shanna Stevenson 2021/09

    My cat was limping and left leg was swollen. I called an emergency vet office. They we’re very rude and only seemed concerned about me paying. I called Lakeside and they got her in the same day. They gave me a very thorough diagnosis and gave her a very thorough check-up. The doctor was awesome and so is her staff! They gave me options instead this is what you need and nothing else. My baby will be having her surgery in the morning with Dr. Gonzalez and I am very sure that they will take the best care of her and she is now my new vet!

  70. Stephen Magnuson 2021/09

    This is my first time ever writing a review of any business. I would not take my pets to Lakeside Animal Hospital. Dr. Marissa Gonzalez saw my bulldog about two weeks ago. He is having issues with his eyes. During the scheduled appointment one of the tear tests they administered literally did not work. She then continued with the rest of the exam. After the exam was over she told me to bring my dog back whenever and they would re-do the tear test for free and made it seem like it was no big deal. When I brought him back she had her technicians re-do the tear test and I was charged $107… I wouldn’t have brought him back for them to do this if I knew I would’ve been charged for it. Very unprofessional. I will be taking both of my dogs to a different vet that isn’t trying to rip me off.

  71. Connie Sparks 2021/09

    Everyone here was kind and gentle. My daughter had to put her hedgehog to eternal sleep and they were so nice ans patient about it.

  72. Bronwyn McIntosh 2021/09

    Dr Gonzalez and now Dr Sweetman, as well, are so great with our two German Shepherds. We have been taking our dogs and cats here for nearly a decade and the level of caring and professionalism supercedes anything I have received elsewhere. I appreciate the breadth of their experience with a variety of animals too and I can see how busy they get, working long hours – despite this, the staff are always helpful and kind when I am stressed and struggling with a sick animal. Thank you.

  73. Jalynn Plummer 2021/08

    They lady’s that help me with my guinea pig are very gentle and sweet.

  74. Kelly Young 2021/08

    I’ve seen this vet several times, and I have to agree with all the other one-star reviews. They are overpriced and constantly trying to upsell you. As far as their knowledge of rabbits goes, it could definitely be better. And, they are rude–just look at how the head vet is responding to other reviewers here. Can’t wait to see how she tries to bully me too by publicly disclosing details of my rabbits’ medical history. Is this how they have such high ratings, by discouraging honest reviews? I do not recommend them at all and I will never be back.

  75. Papi 2021/08

    Great veterinary service for all animals. Very friendly staff. They take care of my reptile, bird, dog and nunerous cats! I wouldn’t go anywhere else and i will always recommend this practice. Knowledgeable Doctors, Assistants and CSRs.

  76. teresa price 2021/08

    Awesome Dr’s office.

  77. Ryan Iceland Thompson 2021/08

    They are great people and they are so kind and loving to your furry children. It was a great experience I would recommend anybody go to them.

  78. Kristina 2021/07

    Love the staff. They are so caring.

  79. Caroline Bowers 2021/07

    My dog was seen for the first time in November 2020 at Lakeside for a full annual exam, blood work and vaccines. 8/5/21 I called asking for my dog’s RX to be sent to Chewy as it always has been. I was told that they can no longer do that because it takes to much time. I was then told that I could pick up the written RX at the office. I asked if it could be mailed or emailed to me. I was told that I needed to pick it up because there is a $5.25 fee. I asked why there was a fee as my dog was seen in November and the RX should be good for a year. I was told that the vet would have to use an RX pad and take time to write the RX, and if it were mailed it would be an additional $1 fee for postage and time in mailing. The laws that govern pharmaceuticals states that payment cannot be accepted solely for an RX. Needless to say, I will be seeing another vet for my dog’s future care, and I will be contacting the board. Absolutely scandalous!!!

  80. Tia Hebner 2021/07

    I love how they care for our precious babies. Very good service. I will recommend people to come here. Thank you!!

  81. c g 2021/07

    For fourty years, I have owned cats and dealt with veterinarians. My experiences have been varied, but my experience with this veterinarian has been unique. Seldom have I been more dissatisfied.

    I brought 3 cats to be seen on a scheduled appointment. I arrived promptly or maybe slightly early. I was told to sit and wait, which I did for approximately an hour. The veterinary practice was not busy, there were no emergency cases rushing in, and other non-emergency cases were seen ahead of me. I suppose the other cases were all dogs which another vet saw. I mentioned in passing the unprofessional inconvenience to the assistant who finally ushered me into an examination room. Unfortunately this seemed to fluster her and the staff treated me as hostile and irascible.

    The principle reason I had come was that one cat in particular had a soft mouth and was suddenly refusing treats. I was concerned that the cat had a bad tooth or an infection. When the vet did arrive in the examining room, she proceeded to give the most cursory of examinations to the cats. I don’t think she spent more than a few minutes on each cat, for which I was charged over $50 per cat. The vet went on a monologue about long term care and preventive medicine. It was clear she was more interested in upselling me on a long-term veterinary payment/care scheme. She was quite insistent on rabies vaccinations, saying that, if she were to be bitten or scratched by one of them, I would be reported to Richmond Animal Control and liable for hefty fines. The cats were strictly indoor animals.

    When I asked why she didn’t bother to take the temperature of the cat with which I was primarily concerned, she said some nonsense about not disturbing the cat’s “dignity.” She barely glanced at the cat’s teeth too. After the so-called examination, I paid their bill of over $150 and looked for a more competent veterinarian.

  82. Michael J. Silver 2021/06

    We’ve had multiple experiences here. Most recently for our new pups. The vet and their staff were efficient, swift and courteous. Highly recommend

  83. Emily Evans 2021/06

    Best vet I have ever been to!

  84. Robert Bennett 2021/06

    Friendly staff, communicated well our chinchillas needs.

  85. Marcus Corpening 2021/06

    Ehhhh , not sure how they really do things around there but they don’t give the best advice or how to take care of an animal . They just seem like they want your money and you not asking questions .

  86. Steve Smith 2021/06

    They kept me waiting for over an hour.

    The vet refused to check one of my cats because the cat was upset. The vet wouldnt even let me touch my cat because if it bit me the vet would call animal control and get me a large fine. To be clear the vet threatened me if I touched my own cat to comfort her. I never touched my cat because I felt so threatened by the vets promise to get me a “big fine”. She wrapped up my cat in a towel and put her in the cage on her own.

    Any medical facility whether it’s for people or animals should be a non threatening and trustworthy place. The fact that they threatened to call animal control when i tried to comfort my cat is completely insane to me.


    Be careful of this vet. I am writing this after her response to my earlier post. She has written things here that are verifiably false. If you look at the other negative reviews you’ll see her try to shame other former patients who were not happy with her behavior. She accuses me of a “DNA helix” of twisting the truth when it turns out that she is writing things that she made up completely.

    Not only did this vet lie about me in this review but she also lied to me about getting medical work done for my cats. She tried to upsell me on very expensive medical work that my cats never needed. Dont worry I went to a different vet who actually checked my cats out.

    Marissa Gonzalez’s use of shame, insults, guilt, and the need to be right in her responses to me and others should be enough evidence for you to understand how this person operates.

    I would rate them 0 stars If I could.
    I would rate them 0 stars If I could.

  87. Kris 2021/05

    I have taken my very reactive deaf pit bull Cash there and I was so nervous on how he’d react but the bet and the vet tec took the time to try and get him to trust him and even said to just bring him buy sometimes to build his trust. They went slow and didn’t push him too far like other vets I’ve been to have and I really appreciate them taking the time to get to know my little guy.

  88. Thomas Seay 2021/05

    Very caring and concerned staff. Dr. Gonzalez was excellent addressing my concerns and explaining the outline of treatment. Was able to get an appointment the same morning that I called. Highly recommended.

  89. Maria Wagner 2021/05

    Love the care for the animals. The vets are wonderful!

  90. R z 2021/04

    So good to my babies!!! They totally nailed our annual check with social distancing!! Love them!!


  91. Christina Anderson 2021/04

    Dr. Sweetman took quick action to help my dog, Mya who was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur. I believe it is because of the professional, caring, and compassionate staff at Lakeside Animal Hospital that we still have our baby with us. I am forever grateful.

  92. Kurtis Pullman 2021/04

    I brought my leopard gecko, Sweet Pea, to this veterinarian last year. She had nerve damage in her tail and had to have it amputated. The CS people on the phone were wonderful, and after I explained the situation they took me in right away. It’s been a year since this accident, and sweet pea is flourishing. They really saved her life.


  93. Taryn Randall 2021/03

    I was honestly nervous going here for the first time due to some of the reviews. But I had an amazing experience with bringing my three guinea pigs to the vet for the first time. One is hairless and does not like to be handled, but they managed a check up and nail trim like it was a piece of cake. He was perfectly happy and not the least bit stressed out like I had somewhat anticipated. I waited about twenty minutes past my appointment time, but totally understand why after the level of care we received. I got tips on food and common issues to look out for and left feeling great about the visit. I’ll definitely be back and recommend. Thank you!!

  94. Pat Fox 2021/03

    You can always count on lakeside animal hospital to help. My vet was full and I had an emergency with my pup. They took her in and fixed her up with a loving touch and soft calming words. Thank you for being there!

  95. Monique Martin 2021/03

    By far the worst vet I have ever been to. Don’t waste your money with these guys. They constantly ask you to do more test so they have you open your wallet and let hands dig in. Run! Please read the responses. They do not even know what dog they are speaking of. Not to mention, they are giving out PERSONAL information to everyone on google. Check yourselves as this is illegal! Good luck ripping off your clients! I’m out.

  96. Michael McCoy 2021/02

    Great friendly staff!

  97. S 2021/02

    Always great. They genuinely all seem to care about your pets. A bit pricey. I got an estimate for a tooth removal for my dog that was $1400. Can’t afford that, but if it has to be done, they are the ones I will go to.

  98. Joanne Maloney 2021/02

    Highly recommend. They were able to quickly see our injured conure (next day appt) when 10 (TEN!) other vets we called either didn’t see exotics or didn’t have appointments for 3 weeks! Everyone was really friendly and accommodating, from the front desk to vet tech and doctor. I was told I could leave and they would call me to come back in a couple hours, but I expressed that I lived an hour away. They were very understanding and worked quickly to complete her x-rays and examination. The doctor went over the x-rays and options with me, and she was very thorough. I’m very thankful for the care they provided and that they were able to get our baby seen so quick. Thank you, keep up the great work!


  99. Amanda Westlake 2021/02

    I am so grateful for the compassion and care that we received at Lakeside. We cold-called after a dog attacked one of our chickens. They were willing to see us immediately, despite us not being an established patient. Dr. Gonzalez was professional and compassionate. I don’t know what we would have done. Highly recommend for owners of birds and other pets. Very grateful.

  100. crystal wright 2021/01

    I have a cockatoo and it is hard to find a vet in Richmond that will see him. But Dr. Gonzales is amazing with him and pays special attention to details. My bird has become less stress going to the vet each time because of the great care he gets here.

  101. Chris Lindsey 2021/01

    So I called to try to make an appointment because my cat had a severe problem the vet told me that they like to form relationships with their logos and everybody does payments pretty much since I was not a local that did not going to do payments with me but the vet said they would then the office manager replied with well the vet don’t make that decision all they care about is money

  102. stephanie graham 2021/01

    Had to take my daughters pet Rat for cremation services. Staff was very kind and respectful. They helped my daughter pick memorial items and were very helpful.

  103. Amber Delph 2020/11

    Always bring my two cats here for check ups, vaccinations, and nail trimmings. Very friendly and helpful staff. The doctors and staff really listen to you and your concerns. I have only had great experiences here!

  104. Carol Dillon 2020/11

    Have been a client since 2008. Friendly, compassionate folks! And my dog loves them!

  105. Nana V 2020/11

    Truly amazing staff boarding and caring for our beloved dog.

  106. Chip Cardwell 2020/11

    I have been taking my pets to lakeside since 2004!! Cant say enough nice things about Dr. Gonzalez and the staff. Dr. Gonzalez treats my pets as if they were her own and whenever she sees an issue, she goes into thorough detail about what needs to be done. Keep up the excellent work!!!

  107. Melanie Jones 2020/11

    Really good experience. The doctor was just amazing. Had a magic touch that my baby(Digit) melted into which, I needed to see after he’d been sick for awhile. Excellent instructions on home care + clear explanations of what was done in office.
    Her assistant was awesome as well. Asked great questions & listened well to my responses…her & the Dr made a good team.👏👏👏

  108. Mariyah Waits 2020/10

    I will forever be grateful to every member of the staff here for the way they helped save my dog after he was mauled, but especially Dr Sweetman. I cannot say enough about how patient and great she is.

  109. Moni Camacho 2020/10

    Absolutely love the staff and vets here. So friendly and great with pets. I love the fact that they seem to enjoy what they do for a living and it’s not just a paycheck…that matters so much in great service and they have it, and the helpfulness with all that knowledge they have with animals they are willing to educate you so you can better care for your little or big loved ones. Thanks so much for your awesomeness!!

  110. Deborah Hage 2020/10

    Top notch staff ! They take care of animals of all shapes and sizes.

  111. Erin Martin 2020/10

    We have been bringing our 5 yr old golden doodle here for a few years and love it! We just got a new golden doodle puppy and needed to get him in for a checkup. I walked in at 7 am on my way to work to make an appointment and the girls at the front desk were extremely nice and helpful with getting him in that afternoon! My mom took Henry to his check up with Dr. Gonzalez and he evidently had a blast! It is so great to know we have such a wonderful vet office right around the corner from our home! Thank you Dr. Gonzalez for taking care of our puppy Henry! <3

  112. EJ C 2020/09

    Friendly and professional staff very thorough. Took great care of my new cockatiel, Very satisfied.

  113. Darin Dill 2020/09

    They are very friendly and helpful.

  114. Carol Smith 2020/08

    They are pleasant caring and friendly. Dr Lenihan and Jessica are great with my to cats

  115. Haley Elder 2020/08

    Highly recommend! My regular vet couldn’t get my senior dog in for a sick visit for almost three weeks. When I called Lakeside and explained my concerns, they fit me in same day! The staff and Dr. Sweetman were so kind and patient. I appreciated their transparency about not ordering unnecessary diagnostic testing and they really took their time with my dog. I left with an eased mind and a healthy pup!

  116. Nohurt Nomo 2020/07

    Excellent specialist and staff

  117. Courtney P 2020/07

    Very clean establishment and friendly staff. Saw me quick. They were very attentive when discussing my pet’s issues. In the back room I could overhear the technician sweet-talking my cat while taking her samples. They prescribed a new food for her, and today for the first time in IDK how long I watched my cat eat a full meal like normal and not throw up, which eased my mind a lot. Thank you so much Dr. Gonzalez and the staff at Lakeside! I think we’ve found our new family vet. <3

  118. Crystal Loyall 2020/06

    Love Dr. G & Dr. L! The staff is always great too! Facility is super nice, clean, smells good! Inside has also been remodeled with an awesome waiting area (tables, chairs, tablets, TV, coffee, water and of course dog beds!) This team truly treats your pets as your babies, you will love them!

  119. John Raulerson 2020/06

    Great people

  120. Kevin Sims 2020/06

    A horrible experience!!! Dr. Gonzales cares about the all mighty dollar more than the animal and sure certainly treats clients rude and with disrespect if you do not agree with her decision or if you question any decision she makes. There are many other quality animal care options available but Lakeside animal hospital is not one.

  121. Catherine Smith 2020/05

    They love your furbabies

  122. Mandy Waggamon 2020/05

    So kind and helpful! As new tortoise parents it’s great to know we have support nearby if we need it

  123. REB Doomer 2020/05

    Had to bring my year old reticulated python here. Really great people, nice and friendly and not rough with my snake. Calling and setting up the appointment was fast and easy, very professional. Might be a two hour drive for me, but the price and care is worth it. Echidna loves everyone there!

  124. Mark Brown 2020/05

    Although I have not had the pleasure to bring any of my pets here, I have had to pleasure to work with multiple team members and management and it is wonderful to work with kind, patient and friendly people. No matter if your shopping or working side-by-side together. It has always been a reflection on how great a business is, by how they treat those who aren’t shopping. Great Team!

  125. Ashley Fisher 2020/05

    Couldn’t ask for friendlier staff. Love that they are so dedicated to the health and well being of their pet clientele!

  126. Lorelei Alexander 2020/05

    One of the only places in the area that does exotic pets and reptiles! The wait in the waiting room was a little longer than I anticipated, but otherwise a great place.

  127. Jeff Burgess 2020/04

    De Gonzales has taken care of my chihuahuas for 18 years. The dedication and level of service is incredible. I will continue to use her for all my animals healthcare needs. Thank you Lakeside Animal Hospital for your dedication to my extended family, Rassa, Little Girl and Toby

  128. Roxanne P 2020/04

    Highly recommend!! So many great things to say, first of all, they perform services for small pets which surprisingly not many animal hospitals do. Secondly, they saw my hamster (Mr. Hammy) immediately because he had an emergency and without hesitation they took care of him as soon as we got there. The staff was very thorough with providing information on his condition and last but not least their prices were reasonable and affordable. I have had plenty of experience with animal hospitals and their prices, and for the service this hospital provides, the prices are exceptional!! We were treated with respect from the moment we walked through the door and the atmosphere was peaceful and clean. The lady at the front desk made us hot chocolate and coffee while we waited for our hamster to be ready for pick-up. I will send my friends and family this way and am looking forward to my follow-up appointment. Thank you Lakeside Animal Hospital!!

  129. Oma Knitta 2020/04

    My kitten needed his extra claws removed, great service, friendly workers.

  130. L Clare Costello 2020/04

    Lakeside animal hospital vets are the best. The office staff are kind and generous with their time when there is an emergency. Always a smile and concern for the owners as well as the animals. The office is well managed. Thank you

  131. T Renee 2020/03

    I’m so happy I went here. I have a pet bunny. When I got him, I was told he was a holland lop, but it turns out he was mixed somewhere with angora or something in his genes that made his fur very long, and easily mats. It gotten to a point where I couldn’t really do anything without being afraid I would hurt him, so I looked for animal care from a place that has experience treating exotic or small animals. Let me say, ive had ferrets in the past, and finding a decent place is really hard, because most places just don’t have the experience. Lakeside was wonderful. I ended up also getting him neutered, and not only were they super patient with me, who asked a million questions and just being overly paranoid about my little one, but they were super amazing with the Bun-o. You can absolutely tell they care about the well being of your animals there, and want what’s truly best for them. They worked with both my budget and my schedule, and spent extra time going over maintenance and post surgical care figuring out a regular grooming schedule. I will definitely be bringing him back there!

  132. Jean Donaldson 2020/03

    Amazing vets and the team. I love the new look of the clinic. They are great with my cat.

  133. Ian 2020/02

    Expert, compassionate care for your fur baby. They helped my dog, and me, as she breathed her last breath. I will continue to take my future pets there.

  134. Samantha Dunn-Aida 2020/02

    I can’t say enough good things about the doctors and staff here. They love and care for my dog and make us feel so at ease that she is in good hands. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They just love her and know her by name and it’s a true small community feel. We board her here too when out of town and I can tell she trusts them and is happy there by how happy she is when we go!! It’s such a relief to know your baby is in such good hands. Thank you lakeside animal hospital!! Especially after our issues with our girl this week, we just can’t thank you enough for your love for our baby, your kindness and generosity. Clients for life. Love, Pisco’s Mom

  135. Rachel Schneider 2020/02

    I brought my leopard gecko, pebbles, in to see Dr. Gonzalez and she really taught me a lot and was very patient with me. The whole staff was so courteous and accommodating to all my questions. I would recommend this vet to everyone for all your animal needs!

  136. Juan Rivera 2020/01

    Where I take my pet


  137. Cynthia Barnett 2020/01

    Very friendly and competent staff which really matters when your pet family is in their care.

  138. Nathan Smith 2020/01

    This Veterinary hospital is fantastic! Everyone who works there is very nice and the doctors are able to assist with a wide variety of animals that not all vets can help with.

  139. Tamera Thompson 2020/01

    I’ve gone to Lakeside Animal Hospital for almost 20 years and have always had a good experience. The vets have always done an excellent job following up with phone calls to check on my cats after any kind of diagnosed illness which I really appreciate.

  140. Alison Hattorff 2020/01

    I take my two guinea pigs there, and I wouldn’t take them anywhere else on this side of Richmond. Dr. Gonzalez and all of her staff are knowledgeable, kind, and courteous. She has a genuine love for all animals, and wants to see the best for them.

  141. Mayela Mcclean Haughton 2019/12

    Dr Gonzalez is excellent ! They really care about animals. The staff is really friendly! The prices were extremely reasonable. We have a rabbit (Brooklyn)so this doctor really knows what she is doing! Fantastic service !

  142. Ashley Lopez 2019/11

    I love the services provided but I dont love how busy they always seem to be. The business seems to take away from my time there.

  143. Susie North 2019/11

    Dr.. was diagnosing my ferret with rabies when he really had cancer! He has passed away, but I will never bring another animal to her again!!!!

  144. J.M. Moore 2019/10

    I LOVE Lakeside Animal Hospital! Dr. Gonzalez is amazing. She is compassionate and more importantly extremely knowledgeable about a variety of different species. From dogs and cats to bunnies, turtles, other amphibians, and birds of all shapes and sizes (including my accident-prone duck!), she’s seen them all. Her staff is friendly, caring, and accommodating AND it’s by far the cleanest vet clinic I’ve ever been in. I highly recommend Lakeside Animal Hospital!

  145. Mamie Hinckle Metzger 2019/10

    When my Daisy dog would not get off the floor on her back, Dr. Gonzales and her staff got on the floor to check out her eye. They were so good assuring Daily and me that “all was well”. Daisy dog’s idea of keeping away from a situation is to lay down on her back and roll around. Didn’t deter Dr. Gonzales or her staff. Thank you

  146. Amber 2019/10

    Friendly staff. Clean office.

  147. Robert Adair 2019/09

    Awesome people

  148. LoveJah Azure 2019/09

    Doc and staff were great

  149. Wanda Young 2019/09

    Very kind staff and the vet took much time explaining options to best fit our needs. I strongly suggest that a true honest opinion is given here. They are not just about getting paid. They really care for pet needs.

  150. Carley Faett 2019/09

    I called and made an appointment for my Pitbull, Mona, and I called back to get pricing for vaccines (just out of curiosity, so I wouldn’t have ‘sticker shock’) Dr. Gonzalez answered. When I asked what the starting price was for vaccines, she was incredibly rude. I understand you may get that question a LOT but, there’s no reason to talk to someone how she did. Needless to say, I cancelled my appointment. I was looking for a regular vet for my pup, it definitely will not be here.

  151. Christopher Thompson 2019/08

    Dr Gonzalez is a wonderful caring knowledgeable vet and her staff are professional thoughtful and really care about your pets. They are caring and answer all your questions. The practice is always super clean and u r always greeted by smiling faces! Would definitely recommend them!!

  152. Liz Ramos 2019/08

    They are awesome!!!

  153. Kelley Peele 2019/08

    Very thoughtful & helpful vet in time of need

  154. tim robertson 2019/08

    We had not been for many years…Dr. Gonzalez is wonderful. They have remodeled and it is very clean and nice!!

  155. Allen Anderson 2019/07

    My bunny Freida loves Rebecca so much and she does a fabulous job grooming her!

    I’ve been going to Lakeside Animal Hospital for over 20 years and they always treat my babies with so much love and care!

  156. Wolf 2019/07

    Kind of expensive

  157. Edwin Lopez 2019/07

    Great doctor I think she’s Doctor Dolittle

  158. Stephanie Moody 2019/06

    Lakeside was very accommodating regarding my Taz today. Even though he passed on they were very professional and courteous every step of the process. They let us bring him in immediately and the second we walked in he had a team of professionals looking over him. After everything they let us sit comfortably in a room and brought all the paperwork to us. If you have exotic pets this is the place to go. They are knowledgeable and will talk you through every process. Thank you to all the staff that made a bad day a little more bearable.

  159. Janine Glasson 2019/05

    Had to visit here when our cats got sick after moving. They were able to accommodate us quickly and everyone when we came in for the appointment was efficient and courteous. Helped fix our poor little guys right up!

  160. Nancy Schadt 2019/05

    I was new to Richmond when I took my cat, Bella, to Lakeside for her yearly shots. The place was very clean and Dr. Gonzalez was kind and patient.. The visit cost more than I was used to, but no vet ever did blood work on my cats before! The assistant did explain about the procedure and cost so I could decide whether to do it or not. Dr.G.also got Bella back in her carrier by using a special spray. Bella hates the carrier but stayed in it after I got her home. I certainly will continue to go to Lakeside.

  161. Pierre Lepine 2019/05

    This is a great place to take our pets. Very knowledgeable and caring staff. I highly recommend them.

  162. Lauren Adams 2019/04

    Reasonable prices, grooming services available, great hours and you can drop off your pet for an office visit or grooming appointment.

  163. Abby Colebaugh 2019/04

    Lakeside Vet took wonderful care of my rat. Dr. G was very knowledgable, and the staff was so friendly and kind. I felt the price was also very fair. Highly recommend for rodents!

  164. Ricky Campbell 2019/02

    Very friendly and helpful.

  165. Kara Adams 2019/02

    Dr. Gonzalez and Bryan are nothing but incredible at what they do. As a pet parent to two guinea pigs, it’s extremely important to me that a vet knows little pets like mine as well as bigger pets like cats and dogs. Affordable and experienced exotic vets are difficult to find, but Bryan and Dr. Gonzalez are wonderful at what they do. My piggie Nora ended up needing surgery, but Bryan helped keep me calm and informed throughout the process. I’m forever grateful for their help and loving care, it means more than they know. Thanks, Lakeside!

  166. Dani Kay 2019/02

    I take my bunny rabbit here and they are very friendly, professional, and really care for animals that come in. They also have others services available at decent prices.

  167. Timmi 2019/01

    they put all false information on my file , and when I tried to correct it, the receptionist called me ‘ crazy’ and handed me off to the owner who refused to fix any information or even listen to what I was saying. Even denied talked to an animal control officer.

  168. PK 2019/01

    I’ll share these 2 experiences and you can decide about your pet care. My bird requires a beak trim about once a month. Found this place by calling around town. The 1st issue I had was having to go back within a week because the beak was not trimmed correctly. I was charged the complete amount again. I questioned the charge but paid anyway. My mistake was continuing to go here. I went there about 3 week ago so have beak trimmed. There wasn’t anyone there capable to get the beak right so I had to return the next day to see Dr. Gonzales. Beak was corrected on the 2nd visit without a second charge. I called for an appointment 7-3-2019 and got one for today 7-8-2019. I was put in a room to see Dr Gonzales for the trim. At that point, another employee of the office comes in to tell me there will be an increase to do this birds beak. Instead of $25, will be $45. She had the nerve at this point to ask me if I wanted to stay. Why didn’t you disclose that piece of information on the 7/3/19 phone call. Also, let me also put in this rating that they have my email and text message number. I got a text about my appointment today and get continuous emails about specials. Well after driving 35 minutes, I decided this is not the kind of care I want for my pet. Put my bird back in cage and walked out. I guess they were figuring on me just paying the difference once I was there. I prefer total disclosure even for my pet care. I’m done with this place. My appointment was at 12 and at 12:15 , I was still waiting for the Doctor to come in the room. I’m glad. Gave me time to think about how I was being treated. My time is just as valuable as hers.

  169. Jorge N (Nuts4d) 2019/01

    Very personable and they’ve added an additional veteranarian so wait times are shorter.

  170. George Plott 2019/01

    Great place to take your animals for first class care. Vets and staff are smart and on point.

  171. Matt Lestock 2018/10

    Recently completely remodeled facility, the staff was great and extremely helpful. We took our chinchilla for some tooth issues and the Vet was extremely knowledgable when explaining what was going on and what our options were.

  172. Ashley Hammock 2018/10

    Dr G and her entire staff was amazing and saved my dog’s life. My dog, Alice, is a rare Hamiltonstovare and a top wining show dog and they treated her like family. I know that Alice can be a diva but they embraced all of her quirks with a giggle. The entire staff was amazing when it came to off the wall testing requests that came in last minute. They were all amazing when it came to explaining everything that was going on and respecting my knowledge in that I’m not an average dog owner, as I’ve been showing dogs for 20 years now. Every person involved in dog sports should come to this practice as they embrace our needs without question. Dr G’s experience set me at ease when it came to the level of care that Alice would receive.

    Alice is now home and enjoying life.

  173. Jake Millhouse 2018/10

    They have treated me and my dogs with the highest level of care and respect. They are honest and friendly. Doc will tell you the facts without walking around a difficult answer or topic when it concerns your pet, and I really value that. New renovations are awesome!

  174. Daisy Moore 2018/09

    They know their patients

  175. Tamera Mather 2018/09

    Everyone was so incredibly nice to my sweet prince Butters!!! Finally, someone can clip his nails .Yay!!!

  176. Abby Norton 2018/09

    They are great with GUINEA PIGS! I’ve brought my two guinea pigs in and they were patient and very understanding when it came to my concerns. I’m not sure about other animals, but with guinea pigs they are a good place to go.

  177. Linda Phillips 2018/08

    My English Bull Terrier was rehomed to me after she had been attacked and became highly fear aggressive. The staff at Lakeside Animal Hospital were so very patient and reassuring to her! At first she needed sedation for her vaccinations but now she wags her tail at everyone and settles down for pedicures and her shots with no problems at all. I cannot praise Dr. Marissa Gonzales enough! Not only is she kind and patient, she is an excellent diagnostician! She picks up on even the slightest changes and is always spot on in treatment or recommendations. I could not be more pleased!!

  178. Shrika Tarrer 2018/08

    I am so discombobulated with Doctor Gonzalez you did that surgery and you knew that the dog had cancer if that was the extra! When I took my doggy to the er she was gasping for air because she was bleeding internally and severely anemic! She passed away in my arms; it hurts so bad it’s like a piece of my life is gone and still out if 3,000. I would have never thought this would bappen; I trusted you; I recommended everyone to you but it seems like you were just about 💰: I promise you won’t have good luck with it! Besides the way you treat your staff is ridiculous you addressed Amanda in front of people about her work ethics and that was so unprofessional! I am so hurt i just don’t want to do anything because my pet is gone! Thank you for nothing!!!

  179. Renee Taylor 2018/08

    Dr Gonzales and her staff are wonderful. I have a bunny , Tessie and we love them ! It’s hard to find a veterinarian that sees bunnies. I am so glad I found them. They are so good with my baby and so patient with me. Wonderful people. I would recommend them to anyone.

  180. Terry Cox 2018/08

    Muffin is always pleased to go see Dr. Gonzalez at Lakeside. She passed her glucose curve with flying colors this month! She also had a very nice grooming from Heather on Friday. She wants to tell all of her friends what a good experience she always has when she visits there.

  181. Ash Eli 2018/08

    I had a great experience. All of the staff was really great. I thought there was no hope for my grandmother’s cockatiel I brought in. They went out of their way to diagnose him knowing I had a small budget. Then they nursed him back to great health! Now he’s is flying around daily loving life! Many thanks to Lakeside Animal Hospital

  182. Lindsey MacMhaolain 2018/08

    I’ve been bringing my pets to Lakeside Animal Hospital for over ten years – and for good reason. Dr. Gonzalez, and more recently, Dr. M., as well as all the veterinary assistants and staff, have always cared about my animals as much as I do. In addition to excellent medical treatment, they go out of their way to give the animals love and reassurance. From cats to lizards and snakes, if my kids need care, I take them to Lakeside.

  183. Emily Pollard 2018/07

    Love the staff. Long visit time.

  184. Shannon Scheitle 2018/07

    I am very happy to have found this clinic. Dr. Gonzalez is very kind and caring towards my pets and from the looks of the waiting room is very well versed on many different species. I highly recommend her and her staff, especially her groomer, Heather, who is very talented and extremely kind to work with.

  185. Mary Jane inc 2018/07

    I took my dog here because he had a small cough they gave him medicine 24 hours later he was dead

    I’m really mad at this place

  186. Mikaela Beschler 2018/07

    Awesome spot. However checkups for your pet cost around $200 for only 30 some minutes. A pedicure would coat only $18 which i think is to much. I would pay $10 because it only takes 2 minutes. My husband gets oaid $15 an hour; so $18 would mean an entire hour and a half wasted in 2 minutes

  187. Don Woodman 2018/07

    Dr. Gonzalez is an amazing doctor and a wonderful person. I would never hesitate to trust my pets’ health to her. I feel she is the best vet in Richmond.

  188. Peyton Thompson 2018/06

    Had a great experience at Lakeside! Everyone was friendly and the vet and vet assistant were very knowledgeable. Dr. Gonzales took her time talking to me, assessing my cats and answered all my questions. The clinic was also very clean and looked new and inviting.

  189. Pedro Aida 2018/06

    Always prompt, professional and friendly. Bonus points for being within walking distance.

  190. Deborah Phillips 2018/06

    These people were awesome. I felt silly taking in a rooster but they just acted like it was any other day. They were gentle, kind and thourough. The vet called to check on Rooster as well. I will use them over and over and over again!!!

  191. Jessie Patterson 2018/06

    Took hours longer for appointment, and then didn’t give me any answer about my poor baby who see going to be blind for life now. But staff was friendly.

  192. John Correa 2018/06

    I have to say Doc Gonzalez is a great vet but new people since the place got a lift have a very poor customer service.

  193. Ashley DeShazo 2018/03

    Very good place. I had searched fire eroeroto find a good reptile vet, and the veteranarian who saw my sideneck Agrippa was very kind, talkative, and carefuk with both the examination, and my pet. When he was done, he helped me find the right prescription for the right price, and even set me up with some dewormer, just in case. Wonderful place! I highly recomerec it.

  194. Christine Sanchezlepe 2018/03

    Brought our new addition, ‘Chuckles’, (handsome little guinea pig), for a check-up. Staff & both veterinarians were so nice & helpful explaining things that were of concern to us regarding Mr. Wewewewewe. Don’t know if that translates well, but it’s his “I want more MINT leaves”!!! noise. Definitely recommend Lakeside Veterinary for ‘exotic’ pets as well as domestic.

  195. Barbara Smith 2018/03

    Bernie the hamster was sick and I call a couple of places and know one would look at him. Finally, I call Lakeside Animal Hospital. They gave me an appointment and the Dr. saw Bernie. He was given a few test and medicine and is doing great now. To me this place it’s cleaner then an human hospital and the staff is so nice and friendly. I love this place


  196. Julie Hebert 2018/02

    Drs Gonzales and McKercher recently treated my dog with concern and great care and compassion. I have been going to Lakeside forever – many generations of pets – and they have always been thorough, providing accurate diagnoses and treatment. Dr. Gonzales has been wonderful throughout the years and I am happy to have such a good trusted vet.

  197. Warren Wallace 2018/01

    Dr. Gonzalez is always super friendly, helpful, and professional. I’ve been taking my pets here for years.

  198. Randy Johnson 2018/01

    Highly recommend this vet. Dr. G and her staff are the best. They not only give the best veterinary care for your animals bit they also make the visit comfortable for them as well. They are amazing with all animals. We have a nice variety ourselves and they all love the folks at lakeside. And theres not a doubt the the staff love them as well.

  199. Nate 2018/01

    They were awesome with my rabbit. Knowledgeable, fairly priced, personable, and experienced. It will definitely be where I take him again. Would highly recommend.

  200. Michael M 2018/01

    Dr Gonzalez was wonderful. They got us in late on a Friday and took great care of my dog.

  201. lila rife 2017/11

    Dr Gonzalez is such a wonderful vet. She always takes the time to go the extra mile to take care of my pet and to explain things throughly. Her patience and care mean so much. The staff is pleasant and the clinic clean. I highly recommend Lakeside Animal Hospital to everyone!

  202. Traci Price 2017/10

    Been waiting for them to call back and even called 5 times during the week . Don’t care about the pets just money. Update finally got my pet in there no test was run just put them on antibiotics and sent them on their way. One ended up passing away. Why put them on antibiotics if you dont know what you are treating . And yes i was a client there . Under the last name price . I wont ever be returning to this place.

  203. R S 2017/10

    We have been very happy with Lakeside during the era of Dr. Marissa Gonzales (long may she reign) and her staff (for instance, Jillian is a gem, and she’s not alone, and the vet techs are great)–so much so that we continue to take pets there even though we now live on the other side of the river and it’s a hassle. They’re supportive, professional, warm. We also continue to board our dog there–he always is very cheerful when we pick him up–and to have him groomed and furminated awesomely, while he is being boarded, by Heather. Let’s see… There was the time when our oldest cat collapsed, a few minutes before they were about to close for the night, and I called and they told me to just get there fast, and then Dr. Gonzales and her staff all stayed late (on a Friday night!), just to get our cat (whom they had never seen before) back on her feet, while saving us a trip to the $$$ emergency vet. Or the time when we took in a half-feral, hard-luck case kitty, whom we were adopting, and he escaped from his carrier, right in front of the vet’s, and staff came running, unbidden, and helped me search the yards behind Lakeside, at length, with treats. Or the time when that same hard-luck cat, after he was found, was given top-notch care by Dr. G but at hard-luck-case prices. Or the time when still another kitty of ours was very sick and Dr. G (a) kept in touch with us over the weekend (b) then kept in touch while traveling to a conference (c) explained the all various possibilities fully, throughout the days when our cat was in and out of the office, and never rushed us nor pressured us to pursue costly measures or make one choice over another…in fact everyone was great during the sad run of events, which included, ultimately, our kitty’s euthanasia. PS: Yay for Saturday hours. PPS Also: Yay for the “office animals”…I appreciate that Lakeside is the permanent home, at all times, for several cats (such as Wren, who was a stray in the neighborhood) and also for several dogs that wouldn’t be easily adoptable but who deserve a nice old age nonetheless. Bravo, Lakeside.

  204. Karrie Hunter 2017/09

    I’ve been taking my cats to Dr. Gonzalez for over a decade, and I definitely wouldn’t change. Dr. G. cares about the pets, and understands that they’re family!

  205. Tina Martin 2017/07

    Extremely rude. Receptionist was too bothered about another vet recommending them for wildlife, never asking about the little bunny, no concern at all. She recommended animal control. Obviously they don’t care about animals or at least this employee didn’t. I worked at a vet for 15 years and no one ever treated a customer as if they bothered you. It’s one thing to be upset for being recommended for you don’t offer but to show no concern… No worries, you will never be recommended.

  206. Mary Keehan 2017/04

    Staff was friendly and professional. An emergency came in during my appointment so it took a little longer than planned but was well worth the time. They answered all my questions and explained everything they were doing. I didn’t feel like they were pushing extras, just doing what was best for my dog. I’m happy to return.

  207. Patrick Hickey 2017/04

    Currently under construction, was very slow at returning the dog even though there were only 2 other people there

  208. Susan Gandiello 2017/02

    I have been a client for 12 years. I am very pleased with the treatment of all my pets by Dr. Gonzalez and her staff. She takes her time and has lots of patience in a loving way with them. This past week my dog needed IV fluids, medication and observation for a couple of days, she got the very best care. I recommend Lakeside Animal Hospital.

  209. ADRIEL MUNFORD 2017/01

    Horrible experience. Took my sick cat here for the first time and was very disappointed. First, we had to wait at least 30-45 minutes to be called back into the exam room and there was nobody in the office ahead of us. Second, the vet we saw was not Ms. Gonzalez, it was some other vet lady who could barely speak English and seemed to be very new. It took another hour and a half for the vet and technician to take blood work, give my cat some IV fluids, and prescribe medicine. Thirdly, the sick visit cost $75 just to be seen by the vet, which is outrageous! The normal visit is about $65. I have switched vets to Riverside, and can have my pets seen for just $49 for sick and wellness check–all same price. Fourth, the vet office is so dirty and old. Riverside is new and clean! Would never recommend anyone go to this expensive, slow vet office, unless you want to be in the office all day and pay tons of money for horrible service.

  210. Dana O 2016/11

    Saw Dr. Perez as a walk-in for vaccines for my dog. Her and her staff were very friendly and very kind and gentle to my dog who has quite a bit of anxiety. Other vets have been unable to give vaccines in the past and we have tried medication before the visit, none of which worked. This vet and her staff took the time to slowly go through the process as to not cause more stress and it worked. I really appreciated the extra time and effort and getting the job done!

  211. LISA MCMAHON 2016/08

    Good animal Hospital however there is quick & constant turnover in other DVM’S . It is very difficult to maintain any type of rapport because of the quick turnover in staff.

  212. Andrew Mcr 2016/07

    Overpridced health certificates. Usually $60, here was $80.
    Waiting time was 1,5 hours!

  213. Te Lo 2016/06

    I dropped my dog off for a Wellness Exam and one vaccine. I was told the doctor would give me a call following his wellness exam to share how my dog was doing. Never heard from the doctor. There were no notes; no information was shared how my dog was doing. BUT THEY DEFINITELY CHARGED ME. Called today to get information on the dog’s wellness exam…the doctor is out of the office. “The doctor should be able to call you today….if not today…probably tomorrow.” (end quote).

  214. Bryan Hargrave 2016/05

    The best vet for birds in richmond.

  215. Redeemed Redeemed 2016/05

    Nice people very caring for our Lil fendi

  216. Stacie Markham 2016/04

    I have birds and so lakeside is the only place that I can take them..but even if that wasn’t the case I wouldn’t take them anywhere else. Dr. Gonzalez really cares about her patients, is very knowledgeable, and takes much time with them and with us parents. 🙂

  217. Charity Rupp 2016/02

    I took my dog there 3 years ago. It was really expensive compared to other vets in the area. When they called this year to schedule her shots again, I explained that I may have to take her to Locke Taylor because their cost were lower. I was honest and nice. The receptionist hung up on me.

    Not professional on top of being expensive.

  218. Katelyn Coyle 2015/09

    If I could give this place zero stars I would.

    To put it simply, don’t bring your reptiles, or likely any animal, to this clinic. I took my bearded dragon Muggle, here after he seemed to lose his appetite for a bit. He appeared healthy and seemed active for the most part, so I honestly just assumed we would be in and out as more of a checkup. No so.
    Our vet thought bloodwork and an X-ray were necessary. I wanted to do what was best for my pet so I agreed. This is where everything went really wrong.
    My pet was his normal self when he went in to the office. But after 10 minutes of “X-rays and bloodwork”, he was barely breathing, listless, and stressed. He couldn’t even open his eyes. The vet scrambled around and talked about things like tumors, and what we could do but it was clear she knew he was going to pass, and he did- as soon as we got home.
    I am not unrealistic. I totally understand the fact that my pet could have been more sick than I thought- but he was not dying when he came in to the clinic, and I have NO IDEA what they did to him that made him die of stress within a few hours.
    I was really upset, but I wanted to know more information. I paid over $300 for this visit, largely because they ran bloodwork and an X-ray. The vet had mentioned getting in touch with me on monday to check on him and starting him on barium to see if he would improve. Monday came- no phone call.
    Tuesday came- no check in.
    I was curious so I called in Wednesday to see if the bloodwork came in. The receptionist said it hadn’t but they would call when it did. At this point I just wanted some answers. I suspected something went wrong in their office- they might have taken too much blood, etc.

    I never got a call back about the bloodwork.

    I did get a call two weeks later to get feedback about our visit. I told the person exactly what happened- how we never had our calls returned by the vet, that he died the same day, how this was the first contact they had had with us in weeks about a pet that was supposedly severely ill. The receptionist said they would let the vet know our concerns.

    No surprise hear- I have yet to hear anything back.

    I so wish I had never taken my pet to this place- he would probably be alive right now. I totally understand that he might have been sick- but he would have lived longer, and been happier if I had never taken him here. I am sure of that. I received no warning beforehand that their bloodwork and X-rays could cause harm to my pet, and I don’t typically believe this procedure would stress out a pet to this degree. I believe that this veterinarian was fully aware that they made a life threatening mistake in their back room and and they did not want to admit it.

    Please don’t take your pets here.

  219. Jennifer Hendrick 2015/08

    Me & my boyfriend have been taking our ferret there for the past 6-7 months due to a referral from a close friend. The staff is very polite and nice. They make you feel welcomed & show love to all the animals that come through. The vets are very knowledgeable of all animals that come through. Overall, very happy my friend recommended this animal hospital.

  220. Stephanie Grimes 2015/01

    I was told the procedure would be $250 and I agreed and when I got the bill they added on $300 in extra fees I was not told about ($580 total). Later found out that one of the extra fees they charged me for was blood work (~$250) and the result came back incomplete due to insufficient blood sample. I was only refunded $80. On top of that I wasn’t able to talk to the vet for 2 days after calling multiple times and when I finally did she was extremely rude. I was told I was a ungrateful person for not appreciating that she saved my ferrets life, even though I started out the conversation with “thank you for saving my ferrets life”. I was calling to figure out way I wasn’t told about the extra fees and why I was never called on the status of my ferrets condition when she was in their care (I was only called once and that was for payment). The lack of respect they showed to me at Lakeside Animal Hospital was unbelievable.

    Save yourself the anxiety and frustration. I wish I knew what I was getting into when I took my ferret to this hospital.

    My ferret had another seizure and had the same procedure done months later and the total was $110 at Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital. Of course this infuriated me more to find out that Lakeside had truly screwed me over. I now know to do my research before taking my pets anywhere.

  221. Jay Bee 2014/09

    First and last time I will ever deal or recommend anyone to this facility. I took my guinea pig in for a simple procedure atleast that what they told me and my guinea pig died less than 24 hrs later. I don’t think the doctors have very much knowledge when dealing with guinea pigs and certain procedures.. I am very disappointed with there services

  222. Mary Koval 2014/02

    I called for information and cost of having my kitten neutered. No one ever called me back. I guess they have enough clients. Found a wonderful vet that responds to our questions.

  223. Jacob Joiner 2013/11

    Staff is very friendly and helpful, Dr’s are very knowledgeable and have been great with my puppy. This is the only vet I’ll go to in Richmond.

  224. Kayla K 2012/10

    I take my beloved and adorable chinchilla here as well as my sister’s sun conure. Our animals have always been treated excellently and the staff is always friendly. It’s never dull visiting because of all the interesting animals that come in, last time we got to meet a wallaby!

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