La Rosa De Guadalupe

Google Rating:4.3

La Rosa De Guadalupe
4.2 based on 60 reviews
  1. Jenaro Frank 2023/11

    muy amable y muy Buenos servicios 👍 😉
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  2. Ruth Henriquez 2023/10

    Food delicious 😋
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Soft Drink, Tacos De Carne Asada, Quesadilla De Chorizo
    Parking space
    Plenty of parking
    Parking options
    Free parking lot

  3. Oji Moreno 2023/07

    🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 …

  4. Chantel Harp 2023/07

    Got what seems to be food poisoning from the lamb taco. Throwing up uncontrollably since I ate them yesterday. If the lamb is bad please don’t serve it.

  5. Jose Antonio Gonzalez 2023/06

    Autentica comida Mexicana, los mejores tacos en Virginia. (Google translate this) Trust me, I’m a doctor… OK, not a doctor, but I know tacos.
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  6. Stefan Demetriadis 2023/02

    Been traveling all over the world….From Denmark, Belgium, Hungary to Greece…Spain, Turkey, Australia, and more. Including Mexico and 48 states. This spot nails it! Authenticity is the real deal. You want tasty tacos and tortas, look no further. I was completely shocked that these flavors were available in Richmond, VA…on Jeff Davis of all places. Sometimes, you will find a needle in the haystack!

  7. Yesica Gomez camacho 2022/11

    Nada amable

  8. Bobbi Perez 2022/09

    Good food

  9. Paco Arguelles 2022/07

    Muy muy rica la comida recomendada 100 por ciento para los mexicanos no se para otras naciones
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  10. Katia Herrera 2022/07

    Acabo de comprar unas tortas de pastor y tacos ( los tacos estaban buenos y de buen tamaño),que más bien eran tortas de lechuga, las fotografías lo dicen todo, yo sé que es negocio pero tampoco se pasen por 9 dólares está torta y tanta lechuga
    Realmente malo


  11. Jose Villanueva 2022/07

    Total disappoint Asada wasn’t even real asada tasted like steamed meat the Alpastor didn’t taste like alpastor fooled by the pictures Ig smh
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  12. JC 2022/04

    The tacos here are literally blessed by la rosa de Guadeloupe, tacos Al pastor is a must

  13. Jeaneth Castellanos 2022/02

    Excelente servicio y todo muy delicioso lo recomiendo 100 por ciento.

  14. Miguel Ayllon 2021/12

    Not good, dirty place 🤮🤢🤮🤢 …

  15. karina lorenzo 2021/11

    Just great place. The people are so sweet

  16. fernando david 2021/10


  17. luis herrera 2021/09

    Las quesadillas son muy buenas!

  18. Ledesma Ledesma 2021/09

    El consume esta muy , bueno los tacos muy delicioso 🤗🤗 …

  19. Alex Fragoso 2021/08

    Buen servicio la comida esta muy bien

  20. Jose Zapata 2021/07

    Tal vez los mejores tacos de richmond, barbacoa, cabeza y pastor.
    Increíblemente deliciosos!👏 …

  21. Alberto Hernandez 2021/07

    Is. Nice place. Is. Good so. Far i hope. Keep. Doing. Good job

  22. Veronica Navarro 2021/04

    Cuando descubrimos este lugar era muy buena la comida,seguimos viniendo por algunos meses pero tristemente su calidad empezó a bajar,muy poca carne en los tacos,tortas y huaraches y no tenían el mismo sabor las carnes,las salsas a cierta hora por la tarde/noche ya no las rellenan,siempre tienen una buena cantidad de clientes y eso para ellos es muy bueno,pero como cliente y consumidores merecemos lo que pagamos(que por cierto no son baratos los tacos)y como somos una familia de cuatro pagamos mucho por la comida que recibimos hoy y no la disfrutamos

  23. Queendom Come 2021/04

    They have the best carne asada tacos…omg! And the toppings, salsa and sauces are fresh and delicious. I’ve put a few people on to this spot. Check them out!!!

  24. Jesus Montero 2021/03

    Good muy rico todo

  25. Anthony Macedo 2021/03

    love the in there

  26. Chilo Martinez 2021/01

    Mui bueno

  27. samaria salazar 2020/10

    Amazing tacos the handmade tortillas and fresh salsa honestly make them the best Taqueria in RVA

  28. Shawn Scheivert 2020/09

    Good little joint, unfortunately no rice 😥, carnitas are good torta looks amazing, that’s for later …

  29. Frank G 2020/07

    Not good.

  30. Tony Hill 2020/07

    The food was & is great and the customer services os wonderful a little slow but worth it. Only one thing I didn’t like ” no rice and beans”………hahaha

  31. No Idea 2020/03

    Good Food

  32. Bryan Guerrero 2020/03

    Best tacos I’ve ever had, This place is incredible !! God bless🙏 …

  33. Kevin Parks 2020/03

    Was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this hidden gem. Very nice staff, great food, and an ample supply of salsas, sauces, and other toppings. Drop by if you’re in the area.

  34. Erika Garridos81 2020/02

    El lugar está muy sucio, la atención pésima

  35. Amber Saunders 2020/02

    So fresh!!! Absolutely delicious

  36. kassandra sanchez 2019/12

    Muy rico todo

  37. redhead flames 2019/11

    Service was friendly and fast. Food was hot and very good. The toppings were fresh and the overall experience was very pleasant.

  38. Ricardo Flores 2019/10

    Best tacos made with hand made tortillas🤤😋 …

  39. Eric Sheffey 2019/10

    Best tacos I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to go back for more!

  40. Alexander Galvez 2019/09

    Good food at good price!

  41. Uriel Perez 2019/06

    You cant beat hand made tortillas 😋 …

  42. Marie Rios 2019/06

    I have had better. There is no flavor.

  43. Phyllis Walker 2019/06

    Its a “hole in the wall” place but the tacos are great! Fresh Pico Dr Gallo..mmmm

  44. Alexa Artavia 2019/05


  45. Joan Torres Serrano 2019/05

    The guy messed up our order and was in such a hurry to hurry up when there was no one else on line, but the food was good.

  46. Crystal Roberts 2019/05

    This may aw well have been a Street food truck. You have to put your own toppings on and the selection isn’t great

  47. Lorenzo Clemente 2019/01

    Muy bueno los tacos y las quesadillas

  48. prod. by YungFaux 2019/01

    Truly amazing food, definitely a must-have when in the area.

  49. Jasmine Walker 2019/01

    FRESH, amazing, authentic Mexican food! Don’t get discouraged by the surroundings – you will miss out! Not to mention the prices are INCREDIBLE – guilty of going at least 3 times a week!

  50. Im XD 2018/11

    Great food, cheap prices.
    Definitely worth checking out

  51. Amalia Ortiz 2018/10

    Son muy buenos los tacos

  52. Mauricio Lpz 2018/09

    Muy deliciosa la comida

  53. Andrea Hernandez 2018/09

    Very good Home cooked Spanish food!

  54. Jose Menjivar 2018/08

    Great horchata and aguas frescas

  55. Joel Proctor 2018/08

    Great food, excellent service and great prices

  56. Shay T 2018/06

    Was ok

  57. nayeli varella 2018/03

    Deliciosos !!! 😋 …

  58. Jaime Gonzalez 2018/02

    Muy buen lugar

  59. K. Butler 2018/02

    Tasted delicious!

  60. Hugo Vasquez 2018/01

    Excelente comida

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