Kinship Animal Hospital

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Kinship Animal Hospital
4.9 based on 142 reviews
  1. Austin Meadows 2023/11

    We had a wonderful experience during this check up. The nurses were very nice and attentive. The doctor was also very nice and very complimentary of how healthy my cat is and how well he’s growing. I felt very supported and encouraged.


  2. Moy Dumadag 2023/11

    The best veterinary care I’ve taken my pet to. The staff was extremely gentle, considerate, and informative. Would recommend them to anybody!

  3. Lauren 2023/11

    Excellent staff! They are welcoming from the moment you walk in. My cat is usually quite nervous to be at the vet but they were so calm and gentle it made her a bit more at ease. Definitely recommend!

  4. Cassandra Sherfick 2023/11

    Super friendly staff, easy experience. Made me and my pet comfortable. Very glad I come here.

  5. Kayla Torrison 2023/10

    I couldn’t ask for a better vet clinic for my fur babies. We are moving out of state and I wish we could bring Kinship Animal Hospital with us. They have always taken the best care of our two cats, even for last minute emergencies, and our cats are healthier than ever. Thank you for you love and care!

  6. Aspen DeRosa 2023/10

    The entire team at Kinship did an incredible job of making both my cat and I feel comfortable. The suggestions from the vet have helped my cat so much with his anxiety and moving-stress. I cannot recommend them enough!

  7. Green 2023/10

    We felt so well taken care of that it made me skeptical of my last vet

  8. Savannah Peck 2023/10

    Their service was amazing and they were very careful and gentle towards my cat. She is a skittish cat that doesn’t like other people, they didn’t try to force her/move her while examining. Overall 10/10

  9. Dayshauna Archie 2023/10

    This place takes very good care my puppy son and front desk staff is so friendly

  10. Hadee Makda 2023/09

    I truly appreciate the care that my cat received on Friday last week. I felt that the staff were kind and professional. However, I was disappointed that I had to wait extremely long to be seen by Dr. Kirkpatrick. My appointment was at 3:30 pm, but I don’t think I saw Dr. Kirkpatrick until 4:11 pm. In addition, she did not spend an adequate amount of time with Churro despite the delay. I understand how busy a veterinary practice can be. Overall, I appreciated everyone listening to my concerns about pet insurance and Churro’s health.

  11. Nathan W 2023/09

    Absolutely love this place! The staff is kind and outgoing. Best vet experience I’ve had in Richmond.

  12. G. Dean McCarthy 2023/09

    they are friendly in the reception area but their poor communication and banker’s hours are the reason for my low rating. They have a link on their site to make appointments but they clearly never check it so it’s useless. I requested an appointment almost a week ago, not a word from them. If you have a full-time job, I would not recommend them as you have to work around their schedule

  13. Matthew Nash 2023/09

    Friendly staff that seems to genuinely care about the animals that are brought to them. Affordable as well. Highly recommend!

  14. Matt Crooks 2023/09

    The staff were all wonderful and so friendly! I felt super confident my pup was getting quality care, the office was clean and comfortable, wait time was not too long, prices were fair, and by dog was not stressed out by the visit at all! 100% would recommend to anyone looking for quality, affordable care

  15. Sara Ehemann 2023/09

    Kinship Animal Hospital has been so helpful and patient with our crazy dog. Anytime I have a concern they have managed to squeeze us in for a quick emergency visit. Everyone is so polite, welcoming, and they genuinely care about your animal. I especially love that the hospital is primarily run by women, who make us feel more like family than any other veterinarian office we’ve experienced in Richmond VA.

  16. Andrew Myers 2023/09

    Really, really liked my visit. They took great care of my cat who hates being handled. They gave my kitty lots of treats and they were also as gentle as they could be. The staff was very warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable! 10 outta 10 would recommend

  17. Gil Mastrovito 2023/09

    Wonderful, caring vet and staff.

  18. Jared Thomson 2023/09

    And this is the first dog that I’ve ever had so I was very nervous and had a lot of questions. Everyone working here was so kind and patient and it made the whole process. So much better. Highly recommend.

  19. Amy Wisseman 2023/09

    Very friendly vet and environment. Appreciated the time and attention we received. Our cats received wonderful care and we felt heard hy the vet and technicians.

  20. Suzanne Griffin 2023/08

    The team worked so well with my very timid and scaredy cat. They were able to put him be at ease throughout the appointment and were very knowledgeable on how to improve his health.

  21. Katie Summey 2023/08

    I’ve been using this vet for the two years I’ve been in Richmond, and they are the best vet I’ve ever used. They treat our pets like family, and they are patient with my tendency to be a paranoid dog mom. I’m moving away from Richmond soon, and they will be on the top of my list of “best experiences in Richmond”


  22. baeleigh hamlin 2023/08

    I was able to be in the exam room with Mushu while she was checked out. The staff was super friendly and seemed genuinely happy to help. I haven’t had good experiences at other places so I’m happy my kitty has a solid place she can go to.


  23. Kyndall Williams 2023/08

    I switched to Kinship mainly for its location, but I am so happy I did! Our visits are always quick but thorough and the team is kind and happy to answer any questions. I feel very comfortable having my dog in their care. He does too- this is the one and only vet where I don’t have to drag him in- he’s actually chipper and happy walking in the door!

  24. Madison Hays 2023/08

    They’re always so sweet and kind with my elderly cat Cheepy. I always feel supported whenever I have any questions about his condition.

  25. Samantha Stevenson 2023/07

    We have always had a great experience at Kinship Animal Hospital. The staff are caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Kirkpatrick is always happy to answer our questions and takes our concerns seriously even if they are not a worry after all. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!!

  26. Jonathan “Thirteen” Woollard 2023/07


  27. Kathy Jackson 2023/06

    Professional staff; knd & attractive to the needs of animal in their care. Dr. Kirkpatrick is fabulous! Explain details very clearly. Five + Stars.

  28. Ellen Addoms 2023/06

    Good consult with Dr K, good followup, and helpful staff

  29. Laura Hayden 2023/06

    Super friendly and considerate staff with quick service and little to no wait. The exam room are the largest I have ever seen. I LOVED that they had a dog bed and cat tree in the exam room to help make your animals feel more safe and comfortable! We will definitely be going back to Kinship as long as we are in Richmond!

  30. Hannah Quigley 2023/06

    The staff are welcoming and always prepared for us. We are immediately seated in a room and someone sees us within five minutes. They make themselves available to answer any questions and are happy to discuss our pup’s care in detail. Second time at the office, and we are very happy!

  31. Sandy Hutton 2023/05

    Always kind, professional, thorough.

  32. Zoe James 2023/04

    I have nothing but good things to say about the team at Kinship!!! I have two babies, an 8 year old cat and a 4 month old puppy.

    My cat has gone for routine care 2 times. At first we went because the office was super close to where I lived. She’s always had a small mark on her eyeball that doesn’t change in size or appearance, but no vets have ever noticed or questioned it in the past. Within a few minutes with Dr. Kirkpatrick, she noticed the mark! That care and attention to detail was something I’ve never experienced with another vet. Now I live across the river but am happy to drive back for Kinship.

    I got my puppy about a month ago and had so many questions that came up before we could even get in for our first visit that the team was so helpful and answered over the phone. I’ve now had him for 4 weeks and we’ve already had to go in 3 times, twice because he got kennel cough. The team is great—knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions, and you can tell they really care about the animals.

    As long as I live in Richmond, I’ll be going here. 😊

  33. Jennifer Johnson 2023/03

    Dr. Kirkpatrick and Nichole have been caring for our Maltese for a few years now and it was a no brainer to follow them when Dr Kirkpatrick opened Kinship! I appreciate the level of care that Dr. K and Nichole have provided our pups through the years and the comfort and advice they’ve given us. They’ve been with us through the highs and lows of our pets lives and I cannot express how much we appreciate them.


  34. Scott Miller 2023/03

    Kinship is amazing! Whenever we walk by my dog wants to go in and say hi to everyone. You can’t find a better vet anywhere!

  35. Verna 2023/03

    The team is always friendly and helpful!

  36. James O'Dea 2023/03

    Can’t recommend Kinship enough. Whether its an annual checkup, tech appointment, urgent visit, or just a phone call, you won’t find a more professional and compassionate vet in the region.

  37. Sasha Bentley-Rohret 2023/03

    The staff at Kinship animal hospital is always incredibly friendly and they know how to handle nervous, big dogs! Their professionalism is on point, and they really seem to care about both pet and owner. The prices are reasonable and they’re really good about fitting you in if you have an urgent (non-life threatening) matter. I definitely recommend Kinship – best vet we’ve ever had!

  38. Michael 2023/02

    We love Kinship Animal hospital. They are always very nice and friendly to us and our little one. They make Halo feel very comfortable and at home with there pleasant and quiet atmosphere. They don’t over charge and they stay on top of Halos medication needs. We definitely recommend you bring your fur babies to Kinship, they won’t disappoint.


  39. Harlee Madison 2023/02

    This vet worked with my kitten very well,she got 2 vaccines and dewormed and didn’t flinch once. Everyone that interacted with her was very sweet to her, kind and handled her with care. This vet handled my kitten amazingly!

  40. Dorothy Pannell 2023/01

    My puppy need her shot do you do service dogs with paper how much do cost.


  41. Brandon B 2023/01

    They were able to see me without an appointment due to a mix up I had with the date. I had taken off of work so it was very inconvenient to reschedule. Really appreciate the flexibility and professionalism.

  42. Mike Beall 2023/01

    We bring our dogs and cats here. They take great care of our animals. They have a friendly and helpful staff.

  43. Kelsey Coleman 2023/01

    Kinship is the best vet we’ve ever used. Friendly staff, Dr Kirkpatrick is knowledgeable and doesn’t charge for unnecessary procedures. They adore our dog and treat him like their own

  44. Zoey Brightwell 2022/11

    This was my first visit to Kinship and I’m so happy I made the 2 hour drive to see Dr. Kirkpatrick! She is clearly passionate and invested in her patients wellness. Everyone we saw was happy, welcoming and knowledgeable. The Women at the front desk were prompt and loved on my Pup as soon as he walked in. They gave us a room to wait in alone as he’s not super friendly with other dogs. My
    Husky was in the middle of a coat blow and they were so attentive to sweeping up his trail of fur without making me feel guilty. Doctor K was thorough and answered all 2000 of my questions. She made time to explain all of her recommendations without making me feel guilty or like a bad dog mom like some vets have made me feel in the past. 200% will be back, I don’t even care about the 2 hour drive.


  45. Sara Haroon 2022/11

    flexible appointment scheduling, kindness, and professional knowledge all make this a great place to come to.

  46. JaLiza B 2022/10

    This review is long overdue! Dr. Kirkpatrick and staff were amazing. I took Brax in for a check up and vaccine updates and service was so quick. I love that they’re in the heart of Manchester and literally 1 block walking distance from my neighborhood.

    Considering the social distancing in place, they were great with handling my bulldog without me in the exam room. Dr. Kirkpatrick also recommended supplements for when I feed my him fresh foods.

    We have a visit coming soon & I’m sure he will be happy to return!

  47. Sara Brown 2022/10

    Dr Kirkpatrick always takes excellent care of our Eddie! He is very fearful at the vet but she is very patient and will always figure out a solution. We moved out of Manchester but will continue coming to kinship because of how much we love this place. Prescription refills are fast as well!

  48. Mary K. Westling 2022/10

    Great experience! Thanks Dr. K and team for taking care of Gracie!

  49. Eva Lopes Arantes 2022/09

    Amazing team, I would like to know them years ago! They saved my lovely cat, he was very weak, always had a lot of issues and now he is getting much better, I’m so grateful and really recommend the Kinship Animal Hospital!

  50. Alea K 2022/09

    The workers are so caring and really care about the animals they are treating

  51. Yanda Chen 2022/08

    Friendly staff and fair prices!

  52. Lee Moore 2022/08

    The setup process as a new patient was simple and straightforward. All staff members were helpful and kind, even when my pet did not particularly want to participate.

  53. Alexis H 2022/07

    Awesome staff and always able to schedule appointments in a reasonable amount of time. Fair pricing

  54. Shavonda Jackson 2022/04

    My Beamer can be a handful at times and the team there were very gentle and patient with him and a great clean environment


  55. joel ganshaw 2022/04

    We changed vets during the pandemic as we wanted to be in the building during visits and have the ability to consult with the vet; this wasn’t possible at our last vet but was at Kinship. With aging and sometimes sickly pets this was important to us.
    Everyone at Kinship has been great to interact with and communication has been very good.

  56. Sarah Wisseman 2022/04

    We love Kinship! Everyone we have encountered at Kinship is so kind. We’ve been to four different vets since we got cat and Kinship is absolutely our favorite! We appreciate the way our cat is treated and the respect we receive from the team. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  57. Nichole Herring 2022/03

    I love kinship! I have 4 animals (2 dogs and 2 cats), but their care of my special needs rescue has been above and beyond. Despite not having a diagnosis from specialists, Kinship has been able to successfully and affordably treat her. I’m very grateful.

  58. Brandon Abreu 2022/03

    Could not have had a better experience! Front staff were absolutely welcoming and kind and vet tech staff and vet were amazing. Great first time experience.

  59. Deborah Dugger 2022/02

    Everyone is friendly and they are great with our elderly dog.

  60. Leah Hopper 2022/02

    We got our dog last year and knew nothing about choosing a vet. We searched for highly rated vets near our house and found Kinship. They are always so kind and friendly and our dog LOVES to go to the vet. They always answer all of our questions and we have had only great experiences over the past year.

  61. Micala Parham 2022/02

    I was truly impressed by the friendly and helpful staff! They made my first visit a breeze and my kitten Bash enjoyed his visit also ! Thank you

  62. moli nyc 2022/02

    Rescued 2 kittens I found curled up together in near freezing temperatures at a rest stop off I-95.
    Richardson’s Rescue which uses Kinship Animal Hospital to look after their animals was able to find a home for these kittens.
    What better way to support an animal rescue group than by bringing your business to where it matters and makes a difference.
    I followed the above mentioned motto and brought my 11 year old Lab mix to see Dr. Kirkpatrick. She was caring and knowledgeable.
    My dog and 2 cats now have a new vet.

  63. Jacq Crowley 2022/01

    Kinship is wonderful!! Right near by, compassionate and reasonably priced, very thorough and considerate! Dr. Kirkpatrick is great!! I am so happy with the care I received.

  64. Dallas Dear 2022/01

    The fact that a vet clinic can’t handle a fearful/reactive dog and actually refuse to help it astonishes me. I’ve had many other vets have zero trouble getting blood. But the vet tech was not giving off good vibes from the second I saw her. She had an awful attitude and if I felt it, my dog definitely did.
    My experience with the staff was not good. I felt like a bother and chore and was just the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced with a vet clinic. 0/10 would I ever come back or recommend this establishment.
    They sent me an email telling me they cannot accommodate my dog. I replied asking if they can’t accommodate him at all or just the special requests I had. Never replied… 0/10 in common curtesy and decency.

  65. Shani Kent Hall 2021/11

    Thoughtful and knowledgeable staff.

  66. Sauntia Cotman 2021/11

    They were very professional educated and straight to the point but they can work on being more personal in terms of catering to the pet It did feel like they aren’t interested in bonding with the pet they did a grab and stab (vaccines) , I would have liked the doc to ask more question about the pets home life and temperament but otherwise good job.

  67. Joey Elswick 2021/11

    I don’t know how you could make a better choice for your pets. From the ease of getting to the location, to the friendly staff, the great Covid protocols, the kindness and care for my cat, and the amazing communication and check ins during the exam, I found this to be the exact experience I would hope for from a vet. You all are the absolute best!!


  68. Mr. Baber 2021/10

    Great veterinarian! My dog had a random limp and they were able to get me in as a new patient with an appointment within an hour or calling. Amazing!!!

  69. Alex Marshall 2021/10

    The only Veterinarian I can trust. They have a helpful positive atmosphere unlike other Vets I’ve visited in the past that just feel miserable.

  70. Maya Ferrara 2021/10

    I don’t know how you could have made our visit any better. I was so impressed with your office and staff. My dog is a special case. She is a rescue from overseas and has trust issues with strangers and vets. As soon as we arrived the environment was so peaceful. The receptionist was very kind and warm. Then the vet’s assistant came around a few times asking questions each time and offering my Zulu treats to gain her trust. The whole experience was unlike anything I’ve experienced. Dr. Kirkpatrick was so gentle and interested in my girl and her unique needs. The whole office was genuinely curious about her which I have never experienced. Then while in the room, I wasn’t able to go in for reasons of safety regarding the pandemic, I didn’t hear her growl or bark or anything. It was truly remarkable. I am so grateful that I was lead to this office. Thank you Kinship Animal Hospital!


  71. Latisha McRae 2021/09

    Lifesaver, and they take care of your family, clean, detailed, providing all information, so wonderful!!!! I’m thankful for them!!!

  72. Elli Mapstone 2021/09

    We love Kinship Animal Hospital! We adopted our cat Luna about a month ago and she was sick from being in the shelter for a few months. We were able to schedule an appointment quickly and the staff was friendly and so wonderful in caring for Luna. The office is very new and clean as well. Would highly recommend!

  73. Andrew O'Keefe 2021/09

    Very kind and attentive staff, convenient parking, clean office, and thoughtful care given to my dog. This is the third vet I’ve tried in Richmond and I’ll be sticking with her.

  74. Fabian Garcia 2021/09

    We love Kinship Animal Hospital. They’ve been Aces with our pup, Bentley. Much love Fabian & Sara.

  75. Kayla McBride 2021/08

    Love love love my vet and staff, they take such good care of my poodle!

  76. Megan Wolfgang 2021/08

    The entire staff at Kinship has been so welcoming, friendly, and informative. They were so patient with all my questions about my new pup and the communication has been great – whether it’s in response to scheduling an appointment, or explaining all the things that come with a new puppy – it really has been great! Highly recommend Kinship Animal Hospital!

  77. Chris Marshall 2021/08

    I just had my first appointment here for my cat today, she had an abscess and we were able to schedule an appointment and have it lanced extremely quickly. Dr. Kirkpatrick is excellent and shared all the concerns that I had about my elderly cat receiving treatment. She is doing great tonight and no matter what I know I took her to get the best care in Richmond.

  78. Olivia Claytor 2021/07

    I love the service provided to my furbaby by the staff. Thank you so much!!

  79. haley bauserman 2021/07

    Best experience i’ve had at the vet! The team was responsive, kind and knowledgeable. I called in a panic, but they squeezed me in as a brand new client and provided excellent care for my very anxious and sick kitten. Highly recommend this place for your pet!

  80. Sam Walmsley 2021/07

    When I called kinship animal hospital they were booked with appointments for the next few weeks. I asked the receptionist for advice and she helped me out by answering my questions about over the counter medication, and even suggested another location further from the city that may be taking walkin appointments. I was able to take my pets to the walkin place that day, but the care and respect shown to me by this location will not be forgotten! This will be my first place to call next time I need a vet.

  81. Tee 2021/07

    From the moment I walked in I was impressed. The wonderful lady at the front desk got my dogs name right on the first try. That’s when I was hooked. I’m just kidding. The staff at kinship hospital were hospitable and listened very patiently to everything we had to say about our dogs health problems instead of just brushing it off as ‘allergies’ like our last vet. They suggested different food brands for our dogs skin problems and gave us some antibiotics just in case. They ran tests and gave us medication that was 1/2x cheaper than our previous vet. They have good Covid health protocols and most importantly, my dog didn’t want to leave after being there for more than 5 seconds. She responded positively to the staffs cajoling, a first for her. Our first visit went very well and we will be making them our dogs primary care veterinarian.

  82. Luise Farmer 2021/07

    Great team….very welcoming and Rambo loves them!

  83. Jason Knowles 2021/06

    Excellent service!

  84. Richardsons Rescue 2021/06

    Professional, caring and knowledgeable.

  85. Rayven Nytingale 2021/06

    This is a newly opened veterinary hospital in the Manchester area and I am so glad they are here. I am a disabled woman and my animals are more than pets, they help me with daily life, so when I woke the other morning and thought my lovely Harley was dying, I was beside myself. I called them and explained what was happening and they tried to help me over the phone and told me to bring her in. Upon which time I explained I am on a fixed income being disabled and I was elated to hear the young woman say we will help your animal and work out payment at a later date. I was then able to walk the 3 blocks to the office and they examined my pup.
    Turned out she was simply very very lethargic due to a ligament injury, to which I nor they have an actual explanation, but she simply needed to take some meds and get plenty of rest. That was a little over a week ago and she is doing much better, and as I stated before they simply asked what amount of cash I had which was $35 and said that would be enough for the examination as well as the medication for Harley Quinn to take.
    The young women who work at Kinship Animal Hospital are a Goddess send and to them I will forever be thankful.

  86. Ismaeli Rodriguez 2021/06

    Recently moved to Richmond and found Kinship to be a good place because of their ratings. I now see why they have the 5 stars! Everyone there was SO kind and welcoming and the visit was quick. No wait time as soon as I arrived for my dog’s appointment and they were the best. Even when it came to my chihuahua’s nail trim, they were patient and worked so well together to get it done.

  87. Joseph Pfab 2021/06

    I had my puppy’s first vet visit here and he wasn’t apprehensive at all. They are awesome at making the puppy happy and at ease, plus it’s extremely convenient to have my vet just three blocks away!

  88. Tm4 Bama (tm4bama) 2021/06

    Great place for our pet.

  89. Lynn Garrett Farrell 2021/05

    Just moved to Manchester and visited Kinship for the first time. Could not have had a better experience. Dr. Kilpatrick and her staff were prompt, courteous, professional and extremely knowledgable. They spent a lot of time talking with us and examining our sweet Tucker. Would highly recommend the practice.

  90. Bailey Cheung 2021/05

    My dog hates the vet 🙁 and honestly she still doesn’t like this place (yet) but was noticeably way more calm! The homey vibes help a lot and the staff is incredibly kind. I also love that the office is in the city!!

  91. Austin Morthland 2021/05

    I felt that the staff genuinely cared about my cat and her comfort with the procedure throughout the entire experience. Everything was thoroughly explained and the staff was all super friendly! Thank you!

  92. Camara Brown 2021/04

    Me and my dog, Blueberry, just moved to the Richmond area about almost a month ago now. I’m so happy I chose to come to Kinship Animal Hospital.

    It was easy and quick to book an appointment( it only took about a week to get an appointment). Courtney was very responsive and helped make that process so easy. I really appreciate how they took COVID-precautions seriously, and I saw Courtney wipe down places where previous clients sat. Everyone wore masks at all times.

    Dr. Kirkpatrick was really knowledgeable, gave me excellent advise, and calmed me down a little when I was nervous about things that are very very normal. I asked alot of questions and Dr. Kirkpatrick answered them all with kindness and helpful suggestions.

    Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better first vet visit. It was pleasant, easy, and Blueberry got everything he needed. I left feeling like a more confident owner and that the whole team really cared about the health and quality of life of Blueberry and me.

  93. Kaitlyn Austin 2021/04

    Amazing experience! Everyone was so sweet and helpful. They gave me a care sheet and provided stellar recommendations. In addition, I struggle with cutting my dog’s nails and they did it for me. Highly recommend them!

  94. Kaitlyn Walker 2021/04

    I called last minute this morning because I found a wound on my dog and it needed attention quickly. The receptionist was extremely helpful and let me know that they were booked but would call back if they had anything open up. An hour later I was called and told they could see kora today. The waiting room was clean and the staff were all so friendly! They took care of my sweet girl and we were out within 30 minutes. We didn’t have to wait more than five minutes to be seen which is unheard of at any other vet office I’ve been to. Will only be coming here from now on for any of my dogs needs!!

  95. Laura Oberg-Hauser 2021/04

    Given Covid times I thought you guys did a great job maintaining social distancing and still making me feel like you cared about my pet!

  96. Olivia Surface 2021/04

    Great staff who takes their time to be thorough with explanations.

  97. Lexie Hunt 2021/04

    Kinship is the kindest vet office I’ve ever been to. They truly care about each pet and owner that they see and clearly enjoy their work. I’m so glad I found them!

  98. Wilma K 2021/03

    Peony loves coming to see all of you. Everyone is always so welcoming and nice. Take time to answer all our questions. We love coming here.

  99. Jock Cub 2021/03

    I would highly recommend this Vet for the care of your pets! They are a new clinic in the area so they have plenty of appointments available, and they were great with working with me when my cat got unexpectedly sick!

  100. Gabrielle Perretta 2021/03

    It’s hard to put into words how wonderful the staff at Kinship Animal Hospital is. From helping me say goodbye to my senior cat and oldest friend, to guiding me through nursing a stray kitten back to health – I cannot recommend them enough!

  101. kara manion 2021/03

    Kinship has a great team! They took great care in explaining the treatment plan for my dog and were so helpful with questions I had. Also, great location walking distance to my home. I will be using them from now on!

  102. Krysten Smith 2021/03

    Dr. Kirkpatrick and her team are beyond wonderful. They closely listen to all our concerns, call back quickly when our puppies get into something, and have the kindest “bedside” manner when it comes to taking care of our pups. We love them and are so glad to have found them!

  103. Jess Mount 2021/02

    We had only been living in Richmond for a few months when we were in need of an emergency vet visit. When another vet we had been to once couldn’t see her until the next day, Kinship was able to fit us in. We liked that even during COVID we were able to go inside and talk to the doctor face to face (wearing masks of course). She also did additional research when she thought she might need to amputate our dog’s tail and found out a partial amputation would be worth trying. The staff is very friendly and helpful and they also quote all charges before performing service meaning no surprises on the final invoice which is great.

  104. Kay Morgan 2021/02

    I love Kinship! They let me sit in the lobby and wait while they checked on my kitty, and were very communicative every step of the way. I needed a last minute visit when he stopped eating, and they called me back to alert me of a cancelation and got me in same day! I’m so grateful to the whole team.

  105. Em Bochette 2021/02

    So sweet and caring.

  106. Anne Dodson 2021/02

    Had a great first visit to Kinship with my new puppy! Everyone was very friend and knowledgeable and made sure to answer any questions I had and let me know they were always available for future questions. I know my pup is in great hands with Dr. Kirkpatrick, Nicole, and Courtney!

  107. Chris Bendsen 2021/02

    The staff were friendly and efficient. After being shown to a very clean examination room, everything went smoothly, including a training session on cat nail clipping. Miss Fluffy can be a hissing, scratching mess when messed with, but they were forewarned and were gentle and perfect with her. The bill was very reasonable. I have a mechanic I trust not to charge me too much; I felt the same way here. Thank you to everyone! The candy corn eye shadow was awesome! Happy Halloween!

  108. Liane Bain 2021/02

    I want to thank Dr. Kirkpatrick and her entire team at Kinship Animal Hospital. She took amazing care of our elderly cat. She and her team answered all of my questions and listened to all of my concerns. They treated and handled my cat gently – as his old bones and joints need extra care! Her perspective on how to care for my elderly cat’s needs came from a place of kindness and knowledge. Thank you Kinship Animal Hospital!

  109. Tanner Lester 2021/01

    Had such a good experience at Kinship. I brought my cat Rey for the first time and they treated her super well and had great communication with me.

  110. Alexandra Poulter 2021/01

    This was our first visit and came highly recommended from a friend. They are friendly and affordable… coming from our previous experience where there was much higher cost for same care.

    Very thankful to be working with this vet for our pups!

  111. Henry Griese (Henry) 2021/01

    Not a customer but Courtney is lovely and so kind to my dog when we come by on walks.

  112. Bailey Garrison 2020/12

    Kinship Animal Hospital always takes great care of my pup, Moxie! Scheduling is easy, their staff/vet is always friendly and pleasant to visit, and when I drop my pup off I know she’s in great hands!

  113. Walt Harper 2020/11

    Dr. Kirkpatrick and her team are awesome! They’ve made being first-time puppy parents a breeze. We’ve been blown away by their professionalism, helpfulness, and genuine care for us and our dog. We can’t recommend them enough!

  114. Emily Downey 2020/11

    I had a really wonderful experience taking my cat Oscar to Kinship. Everyone there was super sweet and friendly and when it turned out my poor guy needed a tooth pulled we were able to schedule a follow-up with no fuss. The operation went smoothly and I was 100% confident Oscar was in good hands the whole time.
    When I got the bill, it was exactly what I expected since their billing process is very transparent. The office is really clean, too, which was reassuring. They have become my new go-to vet!

  115. Erika B 2020/09

    I was so happy to see that a new vet clinic had opened in our neighborhood! We called to schedule two of our three cats, expecting some sort of wait time. Instead, Dr. Kirkpatrick was able to see both cats together the following day. The staff was super friendly and great with accommodating a masked drop-off and pickup out front of the office.

    I will definitely be bringing all three cats (and any future pets) back. Thanks Kinship! 🙂

  116. Dotti Rickard 2020/09

    The staff are professional and friendly. Nichole is second to none! She is the best vet technician I have ever met, and as a long standing pet owner, I know how important her role is in the clinic. Courtney greets you as you come into the office, making you feel very welcomed and comfortable! Sometimes the ride to the clinic with my pet crying all the way there can be very stress-filled, and it is great to see a friendly smiling face, when I arrive…thank you Courtney!

    Dr. K. sincerely cares about the animals in her care. She is professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. When I had concerns about the vaccine needed for my pet, she advised and informed me, putting me at ease, helping me to make the best decision regarding the medical care of my cat. Thank you Dr. K!

    They will let you come into the office instead of having you drop your pet off at the door, in this COVID environment. They practice social distancing and wear masks, along with their clients in the office. I much prefer this over having to drop them off and wait in my car. They also do a great job using disinfectant to help fight against COVID-19. Yea Courtney!!!

    If you are new to the area, or just looking for a new veterinary clinic with great staff, who really care about the animals in their care, along with their owners, I strongly recommend Kinship Animal Hospital.

  117. bleuuu96 2020/09

    I am so happy with this vet office! I was able to get my two kitties in for a checkup within the same day I called to make an appointment. The office looks beautiful and clean and the vet gave me lots of solutions for my concerns. I’m very impressed and I will definitely come back in the future if need be 🙂

  118. Mackenzie Nihill 2020/09

    Everyone here is incredibly helpful and friendly. My dog receives great, quality care. As a new pet owner, I have many questions and they are always willing to spend time to answer them. Highly recommend their services.

  119. Kieran Strei 2020/09

    We love Kinship! There is no place we trust more with our cats. If you are in need of an affordable, experienced and kind vet, I highly recommend!

  120. Jinelle Baldorado 2020/09

    My dog was having some severe issues with her teeth so I brought her in for a procedure. Kinship had great service and went above and beyond to keep me updated on her status during the whole thing. The staff was very friendly and made sure to walk me through the details of the whole thing.

    I was feeling really worried about bringing my dog in and getting dog-mom-shamed since her condition had gotten pretty bad, but the staff was very, VERY good and cared about relieving her of her pain and not focusing on what led up to that. That’s honestly the thing I appreciated the most about my visit. They made me feel very welcome and they took very good care of my baby. Since the office is across the street from where we live, she often gets excited when we walk by.

    15/10 rating! Will definitely be bringing my dog here from now on.

  121. Alina Kruse 2020/08

    Thank you for everything you guys do. Also, thank you for taking proper precautions when it comes to COVID-19. Solar loves coming in and thank you for taking care of him.

  122. Sarasvati Seixas 2020/08

    Very happy with the care my dog received here! I was able to get an appointment the very next day. The staff were courteous and attentive. 10/10 recommend.

  123. Alicia McManus 2020/07

    Such a fantastic practice, with professional, caring, and knowledgeable staff. I take both my pets here and have recommended Kinship to several friends in the neighborhood who are now also regular patients. The office itself is inviting, close-by, with easy street parking. All staff are really communicative and understanding.

  124. Lucy Hahn 2020/07

    Wonderful! As a first-time cat guardian, I felt right at home and so reassured by the care my kitty received at Kinship. The office is inviting and beautiful, with the highest attention to COVID safety precautions. My cat got an appointment just when she needed one, and Kinship’s caring and expertise shone through at every step of the way. Dr. Kirkpatrick is so kind and knowledgeable, and her whole supporting team is similarly amazing.

    They even offered to help me when I was having car trouble outside! They offered kitty and me a cool place to rest while we waited for AAA to arrive. I left feeling confident in our relationship, and receiving a sweet handwritten thank-you note made me smile. Thanks so much, Kinship! What a gem of a place.

  125. Steve C (Steve) 2020/06

    I found Kinship Animal Hospital (KAH) because one of my dogs woke up with an eye infection. I called my vet at the time and they told me because of COVID they were charging an extra $35 to make appointments. They sold the extra charge as a way to help you get in to see the vet sooner because of COVID and social distancing the best they could do was charge me more to get in sooner. So the total charge just to talk to the vet was around $85. I was first shocked that they were trying to capitalize on COVID then angry. They tried selling me with “oh your dog has an eye infection you need to see the vet you can’t wait”. I told them no. I called a different vet in the same area which was one I had also used before, and they were pulling the same scam. Exact same charge to see the vet, $35.

    I decided to try a new vet further from home. Which is how I found KAH. They were super nice, got me in the same day I called. When I arrived I was surprised at how nice and clean their office is. They’re all paperless so I didn’t have to fumble around filling out papers while I held my dog. They were super nice and attentive. I didn’t feel rushed …it just felt like my dog was their only patient. They were doing all the expected COVID cleaning, masks, etc. Oh and in the end, with cost of medication included, they cost less than my previous two vets were charging just to get into the office.

    I would definitely recommend them.

  126. Emily Ocasio 2020/06

    I am so impressed with the staff at Kinship Animal Hospital! They got my pup in within 24 hours, and took great care of her. They are all so friendly and informative! They even sent us a sweet handwritten thank you note! I am so happy to have Kinship right around the corner.


  127. Phil 2020/06

    My dog and I had a great experience here. The staff is really friendly and professional.

  128. d dust 2020/06

    My super-senior cats’ long-term vet retired and I was left to find a new vet to see them through their final years. I chose Kinship because of their professionalism, commitment to excellent, compassion and empathy in dealing not only with my cats but also when interacting with me.

    They took the time to actively listen, provided thorough and helpful information to assist with decision making, treated my cat appropriately and followed-up to see how he was doing after his visit.

    Additionally, the appointment was easy to make, they have an outstanding professional team, all proper covid precautions and protocols were followed, the space was clean and orderly and nearby free street parking was plentiful.

    I will not hesitate to return to Kinship in the future when my cats require further care.

  129. Mary Riddick 2020/05

    As a brand new dog mom, Kinship was a lifesaver! All experiences have been excellent and I mostly appreciate the time, patience and care they have given me and my pup Trixie. I find the vet extremely helpful and accessible— two valuable things to have!


  130. Imani Evans 2020/05

    Caring and friendly staff! Were accommodating in fitting me and my dog in for a visit. Glad we made this new facility our new home!

  131. Sallie Miura 2020/05

    I have lived in many cities around the US (and the world!) and I have visited many a vet. Kinship Animal Hospital is wonderful. They are caring, efficient and offer a good value. Kinship will definitely become my vet of choice for the future. Highly recommend.

  132. Taylor Zadai 2020/04

    Dr. Kirkpatrick’s office is the best ever. They care so much about the animals they care for, and Courtney, Nicole, and Dr. K always go above and beyond to help my dog, Penny. I can’t say enough good things about these guys!

  133. Kelly McCall 2020/04

    Had a great first experience as a new patient to Kinship Animal Hospital. Was thankfully able to schedule a next day appt for a kitten that showed up at our window! We fortunately found the kitten a loving home, but if we are able to have a pet in the future, I would not hesitate to come back to Kinship. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a friendly, accommodating, and caring animal hospital.

  134. David Guinn 2020/04

    We take our cat here because it’s super close, but this seems like a very well run Veterinary Hospital. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

  135. Liz Belte 2020/03

    Came here for my dog who had an eye infection. Staff was extremely friendly, super helpful, and it was not expensive. Would highly recommend!

  136. Nicole Jones 2020/03

    It was my dogs first the vet and Kinship made it very easy for me to step away while taking care of Ace. Were glad to be apart of the Kinship family.

  137. Peter Linnehan 2020/03

    Great folks. Our pup was having trouble sleeping because of tightness in her neck. Kinship saw us same day and helped us quickly transfer our pup’s records into their system. Kinship was ready for us and got our pup squared away so that she (thankfully) was sleeping again that night.

    We already have a couple more appointments on the books to catch-up on some shots.

  138. Derek Tresize 2020/03

    Pristine new facility with super friendly and helpful staff. Easily fit me in same day, and were most reasonably priced in town. Plus my pooch loved them!

  139. Bekka Noto 2020/02

    So far, I’ve really appreciated my experiences with Kinship! I recently moved to Richmond and needed to find a vet ASAP to get new prescriptions for my dog. They were able to book me within a few days and, although I wasn’t in the room during the examination, the doctor spent a significant amount of time talking to me prior to the exam about my dog’s health and history. He is older and has been having GI issues so I appreciated the attention and that it wasn’t just a cut and dry exam. They even hand-wrote me a thank you note afterwards! I took him back for some dental work which was honestly super affordable compared to what I’ve paid in the past. I would definitely recommend! I only wish they had more flexible hours after 5 and weekends since I work 9-5.

  140. Graham Jennings 2020/02

    Two cats; two great experiences. The fine folks at Kinship have been incredible to work with. Courtney was not only kind to my partner and I, but was also very on top of scheduling us promptly. Additionally, she provided documentation for relevant services before I would’ve even known to ask! Nichole was great to talk to as well – as a fellow cat owner, she provided us with knowledgeable solutions to some of our questions as newer cat owners. Dr. Kirkpatrick was as great with us as she was our pets – our cats came home comfortable and happy, which is typically not the case after car rides. The whole experience was also a reasonable price point for the top-notch treatment of our pets. I’m grateful for the care of our cats, and wouldn’t think to go anywhere else.

  141. Charles Campbell 2020/01

    We were given great, professional, and loving care for my lab/hound mix. I highly recommend them.

  142. Corey Boggs 2020/01

    I’m afraid I’ll write too much and look like a crazy person, so instead I’ll just say that some places are just special and Kinship is one of them. We learned more about our rescue in a last minute appointment than his first check up at another animal hospital. Dr. Kirkpatrick, Nicole and Courtney are just wonderful! You can tell they love what they do and care about the animals that come into their care and that makes all the difference. These are three amazing ladies and we are so thankful for how well they cared for George!

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