KB’s K9 Fitness LLC

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KB’s K9 Fitness LLC
4.8 based on 21 reviews
  1. Michelle Legg 2023/09

    KB and her employees are all fantastic. Always hesitant to have people in my home when not there, I haven’t worried one day with Erica, Cherish and Jordan, plus a few others who have taken care of my girl since August of 2021, during my long days. They work around my crazy schedule. They provide a written report after each visit with details on all activities and photos. If they are concerned about any aspect of the dog’s health or well-being when they arrive or during the visit, they immediately reach out to ask if it’s expected or if they should take action. My dog tends to piddle when excited and each of the fitness trainers has graciously cleaned up after her. Yes, she’s excited to see them. She loves their jogs and play time, as well as their rubs and hugs. And, KB reaches out if she sees there aren’t any scheduled visits to make sure she didn’t miss anything. She is also quick to respond and accommodate when my schedule changes. Can’t say enough good things about this group of individuals. Thank you for providing such wonderful care to our babies! So happy to have found you.

  2. Mary Heltemes 2023/06

    KB and her dog walkers take the best care of my Great Dane, and are so flexible with my busy schedule. They communicate and send photos after each visit. I cannot recommend them enough!

  3. Erica Lyon 2023/03

    This is truly the best job ever! KB is an incredible boss and cares so much about the clients and their pups as well as the amazing team of canine fitness coaches. It’s so rewarding to work with KB’sK9 Fitness! I love working outside in nature with all of the wonderful canine clients. KB is so attentive, understanding, and flexible and really goes above and beyond for her clients and employees.

  4. Katie Laine 2023/03

    Poor employer response.

  5. Jordan Jackson 2023/03

    An energetic business with a fantastic team, you won’t find better care for your dog.

    KB is kind, communicative and a phenomenal employer/ business owner. 10/10 recommend.

  6. Evelina Sungailaite 2023/03

    Amazing service!! Always kind and considerate.

  7. Cherish Morgan 2023/03

    I feel extremely fortunate to have found KB. Not only is she an accomplished caretaker of people and pups, but she genuinely looks after all who enter into her circle. Not a single suggestion ignored, not a single problem left unsolved. Our team all share a similar passion, we love what we do, and thanks to KB’s exemplary leadership, we get to keep at it. You won’t find a more loving soul to be in charge of caring for your K9.

  8. Whitney Green 2022/08

    Kb’s K9 Fitness is absolutely amazing. They truly love the dogs as if they’re their own. My dog waits at the door every day at 2PM for her walker to come by. They know how to manage larger more energetic breeds too and I always know my pup is in good hands and will get plenty of energy out on her walks.

  9. Kari Carlson 2022/06

    What a great company and service! They are so flexible and accommodating to our varying schedules. Great communication about everything and I love the updates you get after the walk. My puppy loves his walks and they have been a lifesaver especially when my husband and I both worked full time in the early puppy stages. Bear loves his dogwalker Erica! Not enough great things to say about KB’s K9 Fitness.

  10. Emily Yates 2022/05

    I am lucky enough to be one of KB’s original clients. I came on board in August of 2020 and have never looked back. As KB’s K9 Fitness has grown, they have maintained their premier quality of trainers, love for my pet, and professionalism. My dog has loved each trainer he has worked with (in fairness, it’s not particularly hard to win him over…) and so I have I. (I am harder to win over.) I have never once worried about my little guy while I’m at work because of the transparency of the company. The app allows me to track their walks, I get pictures of my dog each visit, and even a report of what “came out” during their walk. This business is Anxious Millennial Dog Mom Approved.

    Attached are a few of the daily photos I received recently.


  11. Deanna Webb 2022/02

    I’m so happy to have found KB’s K9 Fitness LLC! I have a senior dog and a younger high energy dog and they both equally love their walks and jogs with Brendan! Such an easy company to work with from online scheduling to getting amazing reports at the end of every visit. They’ve been a joy to work with and I know my 2 pups look forward to many more visits from them!

  12. Michelle Hobbs 2021/06

    I could not be any happier with KB’s K9 fitness. We have several dogs, and she is always very polite and professional and our husky loves her. Her new hire is a great addition to her company and I wish her all the best in growing the business.

  13. Mary Jean Russell 2021/05

    KB has been walking Abby twice weekly for over a year. We could not be more pleased with her caring and professional service. Top shelf! Abby is so excited for her walks. She waits by the front door, looking out the window for KB’s car. Note her out of focus tail wagging and wagging in anticipation! We HIGHLY recommend KB! 🐾 …


  14. Joe Murphy 2021/02

    WE moved into Mechanicsville last summer and needed someone to watch our large not extremely well behaved dog Lenny. We saw some reviews for KB and gave her a try. Well she was fabulous!! with daily text reports, photos a monthly newsletter and the photo of the month of him we knew we had made an excellent choice. Mary and I were so very happy with her work and only wish now that we are moving again that we could take her with us. KB should be your first choice for your furbaby.
    Thanks KB !!!!

  15. Robert bollenback 2021/02

    KB was outstanding with our little dog Izzy. We had never hired a professional dog walker before and did not know what to expect. The process with KB was great from start to finish. She came by to meet us and the dog and we agreed on a schedule and price. Once the service started, she was there on time every day. She provided pictures and updates of the day’s adventure when the visit was complete. On the last day, she provided a full size picture/certificate – a nice memento.

    Overall a fantastic experience. We would highly recommend KB

  16. Leah Mueller 2021/01

    KB takes wonderful care of my fur babies. She is responsible, reliable and professional. Would highly recommend her services!

  17. Traci Clark 2020/10

    KB’s K9 Fitness was an amazing discovery! I love KB and this business so much, that I almost don’t want to let anyone know how great she is, because I want all of her attention on my Charley! Totally professional, from understanding your pet, procedures in place, payment options, coolest marketing gifts for her new clients, and her rates are comparable (if not slightly better) to all others in the Richmond Area. She loves her job, which shows in how much she loves my Charley. Since having her in our lives, I feel less guilty about working and have less worry about Charley waiting for me to come home. If you love your pet, you should just at least do yourself a favor and check out her website. There are tons of options, and some time with KB K9 Fitness is better than no time. She’s stuck with our family, and Charley couldn’t be happier!!

  18. Kelly Volkert 2020/10

    We highly recommend KB for your dog fitness needs! Our experience with her has been amazing! You can tell she is truly dedicated to her business and ensuring the pups have a good experience. We have two pups with very different needs and she takes extra care of them. The personal touches in the walk emails and newsletters are so enjoyable. Thank you KB!

  19. Sandra Hendrickson 2020/04

    KB is a wonderful dog walker! Our dog Trixie loves KB and get’s really excited when KB comes to walk her. We highly recommend KB for her wonderful service!!

  20. Cheryl P 2020/04

    I love KB’s K9 Fitness! I am at ease going to work for long shifts knowing that my pets will be entertained, fed and taken care of when I can’t be there. KB is professional, no-nonsense, and dependable. She clearly knows how to care for pets and wants to do her best by them. More than that, she just LOVES animals – dogs especially. Clementine and Ivy know this, so they are always excited to see her. They love her and respect her – they even listen to her and do whatever she tells them to do! KB and K9 Fitness are trustworthy and passionate about dogs. I highly recommend them!

  21. Tish Anderson 2020/01

    We have a very playful, energetic Lab and on days that we can not walk her, KB has come to our rescue. Our dog is always returned to us a very happy and tired pup after a session with KB!”

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