Jones Veterinary Care PLLC

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Jones Veterinary Care PLLC
4.9 based on 135 reviews
  1. John Granderson 2023/11

    Jones Veterinary is literally the best vet I’ve ever been to, and I once went to the best vet in Springfield, Illinois, as voted on by readers of the Illinois Times.

    Jones offers flexible scheduling, friendly staff, and great prices. We have three healthy dogs, and it was killing us financially. Switched to Jones, and I don’t fear vet appointments. Their prices are awesome, and I always understand every charge. They never try to upset me, and even give me tips on how to save money.

    Dr Jones has done phone consultations and curbside visits when timing was an issue. They have earned my loyalty through their consistency and kindness. I love this place, and so do my dogs!

  2. Casey Royer 2023/11

    I adore everyone at Jones Vet. My deaf dog is very difficult at the vet. The staff there are patient and accommodating with her and give the best care. I trust them with my baby.

  3. Richard Myers 2023/10

    Dr Jones and his staff are fantastic. Not only are they affordable, but there is no question that they care about your pet and what is best for them. They are also very responsive. My family and I are very comfortable with our decision to trust them with our dog’s care.

  4. Walker Smithson 2023/09

    This veterinary clinic is hands-down the best I’ve ever visited for my cat Bean’s healthcare needs. The entire staff radiates genuine warmth, making each visit a delightful experience. Not only are they thorough in their examinations, but they also exhibit thoughtful consideration, always going the extra mile to ensure Bean’s well-being. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the top-notch care and attention that this team provides. Thank you for elevating the standard of veterinary care; you make all the difference for us and Bean.

  5. Susan Elizabeth Rorrer 2023/09

    Our two pit bulls receive the BEST care from Dr Jones and his team. Thankfully they are relatively healthy but one has allergies and that was easily diagnosed and solved with an allergy shot that is much less expensive than daily Apoquel pills. We have had several experiences with different vets over the years who always tried to up-charge us. The pricing here is beyond fair and the staff is very friendly. Chestnut and Chaussy love to go see their friends at Dr Jones’s office.

  6. CJ Callahan 2023/09

    Hands down the best vet I’ve ever been to

  7. Jim upt 2023/08

    I hear that they are great but they aren’t taking new patients.

  8. Shannon Stewart 2023/08

    Dr. Jones and his staff are absolutely amazing. He see’s all my dogs for the past 3yrs and I couldn’t ask for a more caring vet. He truly is in it for the animals. He was referred to me when I was looking for a vet during covid to neuter my boy. He took him right in and we have been going there ever since. Sometimes its hard to get in touch with them but if you’re patient they will get back to you in a timely manner. I cant thank Dr. Jones and his staff enough for all they have done for us.

  9. Christin G 2023/07

    Dr Jones is thorough, and his staff is lovely!

  10. Donald Bragg 2023/07

    Very caring for my dog that has seizures awesome doctor I recommend him to anybody he’s really helped us out his staff is awesome

  11. Gwen Barnes 2023/07

    I love taking my dogs here and everyone is very friendly.

  12. Colin Klimowski 2023/07

    THE BEST VET IN RVA. After a few bad experiences with some other vets, I brought my new puppy to Jones Vet Care. They are AMAZING! And have continued to be for the past two years.

  13. Adam K 2023/07

    They never answer the phone

  14. Lillian Coles 2023/07

    Great service and price

  15. Christopher Knaggs 2023/04

    Love it. Very reasonable and really care about the pets.

  16. Debbie Hutchison 2023/04

    One of the most compassionate vets I have ever know

  17. Melissa Monger 2023/02

    We love Dr. Jones and his amazing staff! The staff is so warm and welcoming and compassionate. Dr. Jones is very attentive and knowledgeable, our kittens love him and we TRUST everyone there to care for our babies!

  18. Lisa Roosa 2023/02

    I love this business. They are so responsive to their clients

  19. thomas desanto 2023/01

    I trust my pets with him – that’s about the best review I can possibly give a place. Both Dr. Jones and every team member I’ve encountered is kind, patient, and takes time to explain discharge instructions and answer any questions you have. I also think Dr. Jones’ practice serves a very important part of our greater Richmond community providing low-cost veterinary care to those in need, which is an essential and rare service in the world of pet care.

  20. Gabriel Brown 2022/11

    Great place, even better quality and care

  21. Donna Monte 2022/11

    Dr. Jones and staff are wonderful! They have helped my fur babies out so many times and they go above and beyond in my opinion. Thank you Dr. Jones and Staff 🙂

  22. Demetria Lindsey 2022/11

    Wonderful Veterinarian

  23. Brandon Acors 2022/11

    Amazing staff and doctor! I completely trust them with my two dogs after the amazing care I have experienced for the both of them.

  24. Gena star 2022/11

    Simple the best

  25. David Williams 2022/10

    I love them

  26. Tristan Clodfelter 2022/10

    Best veteranarian that I have ever come across. I brag to others all the time that my vet is the best and always provides affordable care.

  27. Jackie Stewart 2022/10

    CleAn friendly and caring place Taco let them cut his nails without a bite

  28. Mercedes Tarte 2022/09

    Dr. Jones always takes care of my animals. From the atmosphere alone, you can tell they love what they do. They do amazing work. Jones Vet Care will always be my recommendation for pet care in the Richmond area.

  29. Van Pearce 2022/09

    I cannot adequately express how amazing Jones Veterinary Care is. In terms of price it blows the competition out of the water. But on top of that Dr. Jones and his staff are so kind, caring, and helpful I was truly blown away. Everything they did to ensure that my cat got the best possible care was astounding. Couldn’t have dreamed of a better experience.

  30. Ronnie Evans 2022/08

    Very caring and professional

  31. Karen Long 2022/08

    Dr. Jones and his staff are amazing and have taken excellent care of our two shepherds for two years now. Dr. Jones’s patience, knowledge, and professionalism won me & husband over immediately and he and his staff continue to impress. We were on vacation last year, far from RVA, and had an incident – I called and explained what happened, Dr. Jones called me back and helped us so much! Even followed up in a few days with another call to see how they were doing. I have never had a vet give such personal service – nor any MD come to think of it!!

  32. Sean Mahoney 2022/08

    Dr. Jones is great. He communicates reasonably quickly and is friendly. Also, affordable when so many other vets have been raising prices. RAC recommended him when we adopted a senior dog a while back.

  33. Jasmine Harris 2022/07

    I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Jones Vet Care. The prices are unbeatable, and the staff is always very kind and helpful!

  34. 1anythingatall1 2whateveryousay2 2022/06

    Jones is the best vet!

  35. Tatjana Nunez 2022/06

    Absolutely love this place. Staff and Dr Jones are amazing all of my pets come here and any future pets will as well.

  36. Jeff Holloway 2022/05

    Awesome care. Dr. Bell is the best 👏 …

  37. laura mcghee 2022/04

    Amazing staff! They are so patient and easy going with everyone. Dr Jones is extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend

  38. Louis Errante 2022/04

    Great work ethic. Good for the Pets and People.

  39. Olivia Chappelear 2022/04

    AWESOME vet! All of the staff are great, warm, professional, and knowledgeable. Dr. Jones is amazing with our pets (dog & cat), and he takes the time to answer questions and explain everything very well! Truly a practice who cares about animals and not nickel-and-diming. Highly recommend making them your vet!

  40. Shelby Boeshans Peck 2022/04

    The best vet practice I have ever been to. Their care and understanding gives not only my reactive dog ease of going into the vet, but myself as well. They do an incredible job and are affordable. Highly reccomend!

  41. Daniel Alexander 2022/03

    Dr. Jones is literally sent from heaven!😀 I don’t know how we got so lucky to have found him but he the absolute best. His practice is very affordable and in a decent location. His employees are very professional and nice. We really appreciate just how accommodating/ flexible they have been with in these uncertain time. We have found our forever home🙌🏽!

  42. I L 2022/02

    Justin jones and his team are best vet in virginia. They have been treating my animals exclusively for over two years now. I dont know what i would do if they werent around. I signed into an old email so i could leave a review for another visit for a totally different issue with my animal. They really are the best. And i can say that with 100% certainty now after having to see another vet yesterday(sunday)for an emergency when dr jones was closed. Amazing. Im not the easiest person to deal with sometimes especially when my animal is in pain and suffering, and they have always been patient with me and really worked with me. If you love your animal this needs to be your vet, period. Professional fast and convienant. I cant stress how great it has been to work with them. They email me all of my lets lab work and test results ,prescriptions, reciepts. Makes it easy when you need this information during an emergency i had it right at my fingertips. It didnt do much good unfortunately because the vetexpress i went to was incompetent. Thank you dr jones vet

  43. Mack Flaherty 2022/02

    Dr Jones is the absolute best. He takes wonderful care of my dogs. His staff is outstanding as well. They are so kind to the dogs and always have a smile. Amazing veterinary practice.

  44. Darnell White (AL-B) 2022/02

    Awesome Place !! Very going ppl.

  45. Tatjana Nunez 2022/02

    Absolutely love this place. The staff is so friendly, Dr Jones is knowledgeable and personable. He is fantastic with all of my animals. I have 2 dogs and a cat and they will all continue to come here.

  46. Koren Lewis 2022/02

    Dr Jones is compassionate and wonderful with my pets. He has been fantastic at taking the time to talk me through things that I am concerned with and most importantly my pets love him too! The staff is also fantastic- RVA is soo lucky to have Dr Jones!!

  47. Deanna Cohen 2022/02

    Dr. Jones and his staff are the best! Always answers calls, and returns calls if needed. Cheaper prices as compared to other vets in the area. Upfront about costs too! My girls have had urinary problems and to get a urine test and meds are about $60-$80. Whereas going to other places costs an easy $200. Their mission statement is to provide quality care for low prices so everyone has a chance to get vet care, and they live up to it!

  48. Joe Vincelli 2022/02

    The absolute best vet in Richmond! Caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and affordable!

  49. Dana H. 2022/01

    When hit with a bad case of worms, Dr. Jones has always been quick to prescribe me meds quickly and affordably. I’ve also heard he treats animals? 🤷‍♀️

    But seriously-love this place. Here are some pics of a few of his “clients.”


  50. Rick Wilmoth 2022/01

    Very excellent at what he’s doing for the animal community

  51. Jean Westcott 2022/01

    What a great practice! Staff are friendly, and Dr. Jones is straightforward and caring for your pup. Their prices are very affordable, even for meds.


  52. Angela Kreitz 2022/01

    Only the most amazing quality of care and service from Dr. Jones. He is the BEST veterinarian our family has ever chosen hands down. He came greatly recommended and has surpassed all of our expectations at every visit. We are so grateful and confident in his care to our very loved dog.

  53. Patricia Braxton 2021/11


  54. Jack “Lucky” 2021/11

    So far my favorite vet, the staff is friendly and caring for the animals. they also give the best prices I’ve found for shots

  55. Darius Taylor 2021/11

    There alsome, my famaly we are bless to meet people like Dr John and his crew, thank you guys

  56. zero kat 2021/11

    I’ve recommended so many clients and friends to Dr. Jones, and never once have I heard anything but a wonderful report afterwards. Super knowledgeable, very caring.

  57. Anakonda 2021/11

    Can we give a million stars, please?! This clinic is really fantastic, like everyone else is posting here and on Facebook! Super clean, professional, and super friendly. It feels like home! And the price??! Well, cannot get any better than …

  58. James Grant 2021/10

    Until I started talking to some other dog owners I didn’t realize i was being charged more than double at my previous vet. Jones is great. No real line and super knowledgeable. I only wish baby olive liked being there just a tiny bit.

  59. Julia Bridges 2021/10

    Brought our pup here for about a year before moving away, and she loved it! We had completely positive experiences every time – with in person as well as curbside visits. Dr. and assistants were all professional, competent, and kind. Answered all my questions, never made me feel pressured when it came to making decisions for her health. Easy to schedule, and affordable!!

  60. Honey Harvey 2021/09

    I took my Vida for her 1st visit there 2 months ago. She had a severe allergic reaction to a flea bite and my poor baby was suffering so bad bcuz her skin developed a horrible infection. They gave her some medication to take home and within 1 week my baby was a different doggie! She was happy again! They did and awesome job!!! The staff and their care for our pets is amazing!!!!

  61. Janet Goode 2021/09

    Very nice staff.

  62. Carrie Pollard 2021/09

    The vets here are so personable and really care for your pet(s). Kind and caring people, highly recommend them! 🙂

  63. Paige Stigall 2021/09

    Wonderful people service vibe. Trust them to take care of all of my fur babies

  64. Melissa Harreld 2021/09

    Everyone I interacted with was so friendly. I definitely trust them to care for my pets.

  65. Cristina Alvarez 2021/09

    The girls who work there are not friendly and seem bitter but the doctor is good, patient, kind and very polite and above all and above all he is an excellent professional.

  66. Sean Tyll 2021/08

    I cannot thank Dr. Jones and his entire team enough. They are literally the most absolute caring, genuine, amazing, cost effective staff I have come across in Richmond. They are very busy, but the level of care is world class. Dr. Jones has gone WAY above and beyond to save my dogs life. He did her dental surgery at a cost effective rate, and her follow up care has been unparalleled.

  67. ayat abdullah 2021/08

    I’m just going to start off with the staff and how welcoming and easy-going they are. They do a great job at calming their customers and making sure that their pets are in good hands as well as proving that with actions. The doctor of the other is amazing when he called me and told me that he did examine Milo but didn’t want to fully go on with the check up since milo was frustrated and Dr. Jones already figured what the problem was and how to fix it. The staff and Dr. Jones are kind and I’m glad that Milo’s first vet is Dr. Jones!

  68. Erin Henshaw 2021/08

    Kind doctor, very reasonable rates.

  69. Lauren Sampson 2021/08

    Took my sweet Smokey to the vet for the first time and they were great. I didn’t wait long, they followed COVID precautions with a thorough cleaning of the room after every patient and masks were required. The vet was so considerate and gentle with my cat after I had been so anxious all day about taking her and if she’d be okay. So thankful I found this place, will be returning for checkups for her for years to come. 🙂

  70. Denise Carlyle 2021/08

    I really do like the Jones Veterinary, they answered all of my questions and they are very reasonable in price. Mr. Jones is SO AMAZING AND FANTASTIC!.THANK YOU GOR TAKING CSRE OF MY LEELEE!

  71. Sarah Wolfgang 2021/08

    Dr Jones and his staff are kind, and Dr. Jones is brilliant. He figured out what was going on with my cat and got him on a very affordable medication that greatly improved his quality of life. I had taken my cat to four other vets, and no one could figure it out or help. It took Dr. Jones 20 minutes and some very, very reasonably priced labs. Dr. Jones is wonderful.

  72. melaniechatham 2021/07

    My cat is nuts. Love him & I’m sticking beside him but my lil friend has anxiety/sweet anger issues. Dr. Jones was Soo very patient & kind. I recommend him

  73. Nancy Waldman 2021/07

    Dr jones fit us in when no appointments were available. He assessed our beagle and worked after hours to speak with another facility to have our dog x-rayed. He followed up via phone and email, and was so compassionate and caring. He is an excellent vet and I am happy that he cares for our dogs

  74. Dawn H 2021/07

    They were awesome! Looking forward to bringing my other pets here.

  75. Carol Suzanne Landers 2021/07

    Doctor Jones is the most Kind hearted caring Vet I have ever met. Dr. Jones and his staff are awesome and Caring. I think the world of them he took very good care of my little dog and my kitties and he is very reasonable and does care about each and every animal bless him and his clinic and all who work for him. I Highly recommend him He is awesome….

  76. sue saindon 2021/06

    They helped me out in getting some medical records sent to me for one of my foster cats!

  77. Heidi Kara 2021/06

    If you are in need a vet I highly recommend Dr. Justin Jones

  78. Virginia May 2021/06

    Not being familiar with RVA (city) streets and traffic, I missed the Jones Vet building, my GPS had me go up for the next street for my “recalculating” route, this 50 feet error on my GPS and traffic around me and closed streets it took me 22 more LATE minutes to arrive for two pets being fixed and one having a cyst removed. The staff were all amazing, took my LATE pets in and the work completed seems amazing almost a week into the surgeries. And the vets office smelled amazing, you wouldn’t smell any pets!!! How? I can’t even do that at my house with 3 pets. I’ve never appreciated the smell of any place with surgeries, pets, nursing homes, preschools, doctor’s offices and hospitals; however weird it sounds, I greatly appreciated the scent in Jones Vet Building. The staff said they sanitize often, but I’m telling ‘you” any place including my home and car and all buildings and businesses I have ever been in that have been using sanitizer or cleaning chemicals have never just smelled so nice and clean. I guess I usually kinda internally know to close my nose off/breathing through my nose when entering medical places, places with pets, preschools, nursing homes, hospitals and all, but with a mask on, I guess I thought I could breathe through my nose, hoping the mask would semi assist as a filter and when I breathed in the lightest but cleanest fresh crisp scent and saw the art deco seating and decor, I was just won over. The fact that the surgeries seem (because we have only had the pets back for almost a week, but still the surgeries went) amazing, was just icing on the 🎂 cake!! Thank you Jones Veterinary Care Team!! You are all amazing!!!

  79. Kassandra Neuendorff 2021/06

    I am very pleased with the treatment my cat receives at Jones Vet Care. They are extremely affordable. Very friendly, compassionate care and Dr. Jones explains everything well and works with you to find the right decision for your pet. 10/10 the best vet I have had for my pets.

  80. Nicole Botkin 2021/06

    Love the place! Took great care of my kitty babies! I highly recommend!

  81. Yami Robinson 2021/06

    They are very reasonably priced in addition to being very nice and professional. The only con I would have is that they never answer the phone. You always have to leave a message and wait for a return call.

  82. Corless Brown 2021/05

    The experience was wonderful. They were so kind and patient with my dog,and made us feel very comfortable. The cost were very affordable.

  83. Andre Brown 2021/05

    They are an amazing group

  84. El BEARDO 2021/05

    These girls are awesome! I expected trouble, w shots and nail cutting…the TOOKMIESTER, she amazing kitty! I never imagined her appointment would be so quick! Jones’ is THE PLACE! Cat loves these guys, superior service, VERY REASONABLE!

  85. Steven Thomas 2021/04

    Great care is given to both of our dogs. One can be aggressive when he feels threatened. We’ve been going to Dr Jones as long as we’ve had these dogs.

  86. Jo Zenobia 2021/04

    Hands down the best vet experience I’ve ever had. Everyone is so patient and competent. The appointments are quick and on time. I always leave feeling like my kitten is genuinely cared for. Any questions I’ve had have all been answered thoroughly. And the pricing is so reasonable and transparent. 100/10

  87. Ayzha Talley 2021/04

    My cat, Betty Draper, and I love Dr. Jones and the staff so much! They’re all very nice and professional.
    Come here and you can guarantee an in-depth examination of your pet, but they’re also respectful of your time. Dr. Jones always takes the time to hear out my concerns, and explains exactly what’s going to keep my cat healthy.
    They are the best and are very affordable!

  88. C H 2021/04

    Absolutely love the folks at Jones Vet Care. My cat can be finicky but Dr Jones and his staff are really professional and gentle with her. Really grateful that they’re in the neighborhood.


  89. Lucky Newton 2021/04

    Kindest workers here…Dr.Jones was very polite and professional they treated my Dog very well…

  90. Matthew Hyatt 2021/03

    Great customer service. Kind compassionate staff. Thanks!

  91. Sarah H 2021/03

    Was able to get an appointment for our newly adopted dog within about two weeks which was great. We were in and out very quickly, no long waits like we have experienced at our previous vet. Friendly and helpful staff. Very reasonably priced, but still quality care for our good boy. Definitely a great experience and I am glad we switched from our old vet.

  92. Stephanie Serage 2021/03

    Dr. Jones is knowledgeable, patient, and kind.

  93. D M 2021/02

    This review is LONG overdue.
    I reached out to them after picking up a Great Dane who was not in the best shape. They took my call 15 before closing. They stayed on the phone with me for almost 30 minutes, talked me through how to take care of her until her appointment, and also provided me with their email so I can ask any questions.

    She had her first appointment for vaccines two weeks later. I walked in nervous, with many questions, and a lot of money on my mind. They were so gentle with my girl. Answered all my questions (she’s my first dane and my first dog that wasn’t a family pet) and all her vaccines, heartworm, flea/tick were well under $200. The first 6 months of having my girl I harassed the staff non-stop with questions/concerns. I’m sure they hated me but they were always so kind and patient with me.

    After having her for 10 months I found another online dane in need. I fostered the nugget and they helped get him set up with vaccines and meds. Again, they were so knowledgeable, patient, and loving.

    I can’t say enough about Dr. Jones and his staff.

  94. t smi 2021/02

    I was there to have my 17 year old dog euthanized bc she had difficulty walking and was in constant pain even though she was on medication. He suggested to try carprofen for two days. I saw a huge change in her walking and she doesn’t whine as much (she’s a German shepherd).

  95. Teresa Rook 2021/02

    The staff was so very kind and explained everything to me in detail. Was very affordable, I don’t know what I’d have done without this vet clinic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And Julio thanks you too.

  96. Jaclyn Smith 2021/01

    Great prices, friendly caring staff. Great care and over all great practice!

  97. Brenda Mcleod 2021/01

    Very clean and professional office and the vertinarian is very good and very helpful.

  98. D is what they cal me 2021/01

    My new favorite Veterinary. Dr. Jones and staff were fast, friendly, and very much affordable. Also liked how clean the office was.


  99. Elizabeth Wiley 2021/01

    Dr Jones is a very caring Dr and surgeon

  100. Israel Lyons 2021/01

    So far this was the best vet experience i have had. Including exam and medication the visit was under $60. They worked my cat in when they had no available appoitments. Mr jones himself returned my voicemail on a day the office isnt even open. Wow. I was very impressed. Keep up the great work!

  101. julie dalson 2021/01

    Efficient and kind, knowledgeable and professional, would recommend

  102. Crystal Metzgar 2020/11

    Friendly and affordable

  103. Beverly Brooks 2020/11


  104. Norman IV 2020/11

    Neutered my boy (cat)! It was about three weeks ago now, and he’s been in great spirits since day one.

    Aside from doing a great job and rock-bottom prices (neutering was as low as some non-profits in the RVA area!) they treated ME great as well. As I’m writing this we are in the midst of a pandemic. This office took steps to assure social distancing, disinfecting, and communication of same was done. Truly a special experience.

  105. Queen me 2020/11

    The visit was very quick. The staff was nice and professional. The office was clean and they kept COVID 19 in mind with their scheduling and distancing. Everything went smoothly even down to the small fee that was due at the end of our first visit. Very satisfied👍 …

  106. Katlyn Bowman 2020/11

    My dog Poncho loves Dr. Jones! He is so patient with my excited little guy, and SO helpful and understanding when I ask a million questions. Poncho is always so excited to go to the vet! I highly recommend Jones Veterinary Care to anyone looking for quality and affordable care for their sweet fur babies!

  107. Nikki Longo 2020/10

    We normally use a house call vet because our dog has high anxiety at vets offices. But our boy needed a dental cleaning and after speaking with Dr Jones in the past on something separate I knew his office was where we wanted to go. He and his whole staff are devoted to the animals in their care. The office is clean and calming. Our dog was the least anxious he’s ever been in a vets office in his entire life. The cleaning and shots went great and he is feeling much better. It definitely doesn’t hurt that they are very reasonable when it comes to their pricing, I know it costs money to keep a vets office open but I did not get a sense of being price gouged with any of their services. They’re really serving a very underserved part of the community and I would recommend them to anyone with a animal family member in a heartbeat.

  108. Emily Boyle 2020/10

    This is—hands down—the best experience I’ve ever had with a veterinarian. Dr. Jones and every vet tech on duty were incredibly gentle and patient with my anxious pup. This is the most relaxed my dog has ever been with a veterinarian and the services were incredibly reasonably priced (I paid 86.5% more for identical services at a different clinic in RVA). Safe to say I’ve found an all time favorite and won’t be going anywhere else!

  109. Colton Wade 2020/10

    This is the first clinic I took my cats to, and will only be returning to this clinic!
    Very convenient location, easy parking, and the staff were very welcoming and made it such an easy experience for an anxious cat dad.
    After minutes upon entering I was guided to a close by room where the cats were examined and I was able to be in arms reach.
    The appointment was smooth and maybe took fifteen minutes for both cats.
    Thank you Dr. Jones, Kasey, and Leyna for the professional and friendly visit.
    Would recommend this service for any pet owners in Jackson Ward/ Carver.. all of Richmond period !!

  110. Misty Senum 2020/10

    Truly exceptional staff! Quality vet care definitely describes this place.

  111. Megan Hott 2020/10

    Had to call in for a last minute visit since my cats UTI seemed to get worse overnight, and they worked to fit me in the same day. Walked in and was very surprised about how fast Dr Jones was able to show up and look at my child right away. …

  112. Susan Sineath 2020/09

    Dr Jones and staff are terrific. Thank you for how you helped the feral cat we brought in. You are all so kind and fair priced. Wish there were more like you. Thank you so very much.

  113. Shing Han 2020/09

    Dr Jones and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They have literally stayed past their open hours for us and we were very new patients. The care and visit fees are very affordable and they are incredibly communicative, giving brand new pet owners like us peace of mind. Dr Jones focus is on affordable care because he truly cares about the animals! We are so glad we found his practice.

  114. Katherine Stuber 2020/09

    Friendly, professional, prompt, and affordable! Big fan

  115. Anna Kirby 2020/09

    We recently took our new pup to see Dr Jones and loved it! Very affordable and very knowledgeable, quick on return calls and appointment availability.

  116. Crystal Burke 2020/08

    I went in with my daughter and her dog, after reading the reviews and they are all true. My experience was so pleasant and Dr. Jones felt like family, you could feel how much he cared and his knowledge. The young lady manning the desk was just as great. A wonderful place, highly recommended!!

  117. Katie C 2020/07

    Dr. Jones is AMAZING!!!! Kind, Caring, Thorough, Thoughtful, Knowlegable, and he does everthing he can to provide quality service at the Lowest Costs possible. I have dealt with may vets in the past, and he is by far the best choice around!!!!! I highly recommend you go see him!!!

  118. Cheyenne Flint 2020/07

    Amazing staff, very kind and patient!

  119. kirby steele 2020/07

    The clinic provided a low cost neuter for my cat. Great service and he has healed beautifully. Highly recommend!!!

  120. Cheryl Crawford 2020/07

    Dr Jones and his staff are Amazing!!!

  121. johnny Owen 2020/07

    Awesome staff great vet care 💪😊🐈 …

  122. Matthew Taylor 2020/06

    We took our cat there for an ear hematoma. Dr. Jones was fantastic with both us and our cat. He told us the various treatment plans, and it was incredibly cost effective. We could not recomend him and his practice highly enough!

  123. Iván Carmona 2020/06

    Great place, extraordinary attention and care. Affordable prices. All in one. 100% recommended.

  124. Erica Mazzella 2020/06

    What an amazing experience. The Staff patiently let me ask all sorts of wild questions about their procedures and didn’t treat me like the whacko I’m sure I was being. The Staff was so nice and the space is inviting, very clean and organized. My cat was spayed and has had an amazing recovery! I originally had looked for Vets near me with good reviews; the fact that the prices are so reasonable was only a bonus. But the reviews don’t lie. This is a great place to bring your pets and I will definitely continue to bring my fur babies here! Thank you!

  125. : Joe : Bell. 2020/05

    : Very honest and compassionate plus Justin helps out if he can on his day-off.

  126. LaTonya Brown 2020/05

    The staff was very nice and the Dr. was very patient and took time tonexplain what he think was going on with my chihuahua Tango.

  127. Tj Scott 2020/04

    Affordable and amiable. Dr. Jones is the man!

  128. Tracy Johnson 2020/03

    I can’t say enough good things about this veterinary office. Dr. Jones is down to earth, knowledgeable and friendly. Their rates are excellent, and staff is friendly. Thank you!

  129. Ann Grundman 2020/03

    Doctor Jones is very knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner with the animals!! Very reasonable prices also!(

  130. Chris Frisby 2020/03

    In and out quickly, very friendly staff

  131. sara heifetz 2020/02

    I wish there were enough superlatives in existence to adequately describe just how wonderful Jones Veterinary is…Justin is the most caring and knowledgeable vet I have ever come across. He takes the time to really explain things and go into detail about what the options are to help you make informed choices and he really takes time to get to know you and your pet. His expertise and gentle manner with all animals have been such a godsend for us and our dog Oscar could not love him more! This is the standard of medical care that should be for all of us, animals and people!

  132. David 2020/01

    Excellent Vet. Always willing to take time to answer any questions. Prices are great and the dogs love him. Can’t say enough good things!

  133. Sara Gustafson 2020/01

    So far I have been to Dr. Jones 2x with my personal pets. Excellent rapport with the furries and really cares about the client, following up to make sure they and the furkid are doing well. I cannot recommend him more 🐈🐱 …

  134. Christine Anderson 2020/01

    no real wait, reasonable prices, nice staff

  135. Lucy Alexandra 2020/01

    I am so thankful for his affordable prices. He handled my cats with great care. Wish I could take him with me when I move!

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