John Rolfe Animal Hospital

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John Rolfe Animal Hospital
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  1. Joshua Landrum 2023/10

    I have never had a bad experience with this office. They have always been prompt and helpful.

  2. Jennifer McCarthy 2023/10

    Dr. Jeffers & Dr. White are amazing. We have been a patient there for many years. Our Lhasa Apso is a bit contrary and has had behavioral challenges. Dr. Jeffers has helped guide us in giving him corrective behavior to provide Finn with a happy fulfilling life. Katie & Lindsay (vet techs) are always so sweet and show such patience when handling him. He actually wags his tail and is happy to see them. Such sweet ladies! I highly recommend these providers to any pet parent!


  3. Cory Davison 2023/08

    We have a puppy and took him to get groomed. They quoted me an inaccurate price and then were absolutely rude to me when I wanted to pick him up. When I got there they would not give me my puppy and I had to wait for 20 minutes. The manager was absolutely rude and condescending to me. I paid the quoted price and they gave me my dog back half groomed. I will never be going back! Customer service is crucial and they don’t have it at this veterinary clinic. I left feeling taken advantage of and very frustrated. I made it very clear that I will not be going back!

  4. Kristin Weir 2023/08

    Great grooming service and took great care of our pups who had ear infections.

  5. Amber Foley 2023/07

    We bring our dogs for grooming and always have a great experience in that regard. We love our groomer and trust her with our dogs. The receptionist makes our experience during drop off and pick up less than satisfactory. She frequently makes it seem like we are inconveniencing her and is not pleasant to interact with. If it wasn’t for the relationship we have with our groomer, we would go elsewhere.

  6. Julie Litz 2023/02

    I love the doctors at this place and have gone to them for MANY years. Recently I had to cancel a grooming appointment because I was out of town and my flight was delayed (by 18 hours) for my return trip. I was not going to be in town in the morning to drop my dog off. I texted the practice as soon as I found out. I was notified the next day that I would be charged $20 for not giving a 24 hour notice. How can I give a 24 hour notice on something I did not know about 24 hours in advance? I offered to show proof that the flight was canceled and I was not in town at the needed time for drop-off. I have never cancelled an appointment in the past with them. I asked the receptionist to allow me to talk to the vet owners and that was not accommodated. They have lost a long time customer due to the rudeness, and inability to cooperate, from the receptionist I was dealing with. It is very unfortunate because I believe the vets are great and do not realize they are losing patients over these types of things. If you read this please consider another practice. There are plenty of good vet practices in the area and you do not need to go to an establishment that will not work with the human factor involved in veterinary care.

  7. MIKE HOUGH 2022/11


  8. Diane Oglesby 2022/10

    They took care of my girl. I took her to get spayed . They took their time to explain everything with her aftercare and we’re very caring and gentle with her. They were awesome!


  9. Strawberry Milk 2022/09

    i was able to get an appointment quickly for my 2 girls and am so thankful ! the receptionist was very friendly both over the phone and in person . the vets were extremely caring and listened to all my concerns . they were really gentle and patient with my cats 🙂 the price was good too considering all the services we got, i used to go to banfield and it was way more expensive and less intimate

  10. Jean Kuester 2022/07

    Friendly staff. Saw an awesome vet to to taken care of my kitty 😺 …

  11. Marlena Nicole 2022/04

    Took my cat here for urinary issues because the vet I regularly take him too was closed, they were able to get me in almost immediately. Were very helpful with explaining the issues and treating him. A few days later he was still having issues and I get anxious not having dealt with these problems before, I called and again they were able to get him in 10 minutes after I called (I know this doesn’t happen all the time) very helpful and gave extra treatments to help him feel better. They did a lot which isn’t cheap but I didn’t feel like they were price gouging me, I feel it’s priced fairly. Then the doctor called me to ask how my cat was, which I really appreciate being able to talk to Dr. Jeffers about what’s going on, it makes me feel better about how he’s doing. She asked me to call her again later this week to follow up on how he is which I also really appreciate. Will definitely be continuing to take him here! Staff is also super nice and helpful 🙂

  12. Cindy Blunk 2022/04

    Great staff!

  13. Melissa Turner 2022/03

    Excellent cat care. One of my cats has had a lot of urgent health issues over the past two months and all of the doctors have taken great care of him and gone above and beyond in communication. Both of our cats get great treatment here.

  14. Kariah Guilds 2022/02

    Best veterinary care I’ve ever experienced. From the docs to the techs to the finances, John Rolfe can’t be beat. I’ve taken three dogs here.

  15. Dr. Eerica Flippin 2022/02

    I am giving a one star because of the rude and attitudinal receptionist who works at the front desk. As a customer, it is our services that keeps her employed and the doors open. Hence, we have a choice of provider. If you require a mask and we dont have one on, dont be rude and attitudinal, just give us a mask. But instead you want to be rude, argue and be confrontational and not give us a .05 cents mask and I’m here to spend $4,000 on Bella”s ACL repair. Did I miss something here? If Bella was NOT in pain, I would have cancelled and had the surgery somewhere else. Who ever owns this place need to replace her, hopefully she’s not his wife. Thus, they are the first and last people a customer sees.

    Dr. Flippin

  16. Jody Myers 2022/02

    I cannot say enough good things! We bought a puppy from a breeder. 48 hours later he got very sick. We were scheduled for our 1st appointment on Friday and this was Monday. They took us at 4:30. Dr Jeffers was so kind and worked on him for 2 hours before recommending the emergency vet. She called several times to check on him during the following week. I think she saved his life He is now 4 months and has just finished his first round of shots. A healthy happy boy! The entire staff is wonderful!!!

  17. Travis Grady 2022/01

    Great staff 👍 👏 👌 …

  18. Brittany Rose Petography LLC 2021/11

    Absolutely love JRAH! Staff and vets are always wonderful and caring! They love your pets like they are their own!

  19. Ashley Conover 2021/11

    Very nice staff. Very informative and eager to answer all questions!

  20. Danielle Claudio 2021/06

    Dr. Jeffers and the staff at John Rolfe are excellent! I moved to Richmond during the pandemic and was given a recommendation to John Rolfe by my neighbor and they have not let me down. Unlike some other vet offices that I have been to in the past, I feel they care about the animal first and the money/business second which is something I search for in a vet clinic. The prices here are extremely fair for the services they offer and the customer service is on point. Thanks for making Zoey and Bentley feel so cared for!

  21. Audrey 2021/03

    I’ve taken my animals to this vet for a couple of years. Nurses and doctors are great and so thoughtful. I’m giving a 1 star review because there was a woman at the front desk who was extremely disrespectful to me when I brought my cat in for an emergency visit. I will never go back there.

  22. Nevine Anderson 2021/02

    They were very kind and able to squeeze in my pup last minute! Will definitely go back!

  23. Teresa Fitzgerald 2020/11

    Every staff member is kind, patient and knowledgeable! Will never go anyone else for any of my pets needs!

  24. Nicholas Pence 2020/11

    Very kind and knowledgeable staff that will work extremely hard to take good care of your pets

  25. Erika Marshall 2020/10

    Doctors and nurses are great but the receptionist at the front desk is passive aggressive and not friendly at all, or maybe she just isn’t friendly to a certain type of people, as I’ve seen her complete demeanor change when others walked in. Being in the medical field myself, I know first hand how the entire process from the front desk staff to the back affects your practice. It’s a shame; I’ve taken my other cat elsewhere just because I don’t want to deal with the receptionist. Your practice is a reflection of the people you hire.

  26. Ashley Stewart 2020/10

    Great team and super knowledgeable and friendly vet.

  27. Collin Edmond 2020/09

    The staff and availability is excellent, but it’s quite high on the price side of things. I highly recommend them unless you are very budget conscious.

  28. Dianne Vereen 2020/05

    After experiencing the worst animal hospital in Fredericksburg, VA who was all about money and didn’t care about your pet, my daughter found this awesome place for me. My dog Bonnie had been vomiting and experiencing diarrhea for over 24 hours due to eating a sock. When my daughter called the hospital even though they were booked they told her that they would squeeze us in. I traveled all the way from Fredericksburg, VA to hospital. Even though I was apprehensive when I arrived, because I didn’t even know what to expect since I had such a bad experience before. The staff greeted me with excellent customer service and was understanding to what was going on with my Bonnie. They even let me go back with my dog. I was impressed with the service. They are even affordable and flexible with their prices. The staff is very friendly and kind. Dr. Jaime Infantes is honest and does a great job explaining things. They really do care about your animals. I will be going back.

  29. Julia D 2020/04

    I have had many dogs in my lifetime, so far. Moving from where we used to bring all of our dogs, to a new a new area was a big decision on where our new normals would be. We came across this vet through other contacts and we couldn’t be happier. We had an old beagle that unfortunately had to be put down. The news delivered was the most sincere. I was able to spend as much time as possible with him before we had to put him down, they even had someone watch our daughter so my boyfriend could say goodbye without having her in the room. I have never felt so family oriented. Our puppy at the time, (typically a 2 dog household at all times) was at home and they take great care of her at all times! Any visit we have, they are available and free for how it sees fit for us. We even moved 25 min away and will be traveling to go to this vet because we love them so much. The staff is so knowledgeable, personable and totally understand life. Very educated on their animals and has always been there in need. (Our dog was allergic to something, at our old house and needed medical attention ASAP, twice.)

  30. Ciara Gaines 2020/03

    This place was the best experience! I have a Rottweiler who needs to be sedated when going to the vet which can be very difficult yet Nicole and Dr. Jaime Infantes did an excellent job! They were quick, thorough and handled my dog with so much care. We officially have a new vet!

  31. Steve H 2020/03

    Recently moved to the area and decided to take my 13 year old dog to JRAH. He needed his yearly vaccines and a general checkup, also needed to have dental surgery. Everyone at JRAH was pleasant to work with, the vets and staff took great care of my dog and the charges were much lower than expected for his dental surgery/tooth extraction. He required a follow up exam and surgery due to the nature of his issue and they covered that free of charge at a partner vet hospital. The doctors were communicative, the staff very nice. JRAH will be my go-to vet for the foreseeable future, my dog is in great hands when in their care.

  32. Claire 2020/02

    The only office both of my animals have loved. They’re happy to see the doctor and techs every time we come in and we have had nothing but the best care!

  33. Katey Ack 2020/02

    Very helpful. Clean facility. Friendly staff. Took great care of my dog. Will definitely be back!

  34. Alyssa Kelley 2020/01

    First, this is not my vet. I adopted a dog from RACC whom I am 100% impressed by and they had my new dog (Delilah) scheduled for her spaying at this animal hospital prior to my adopting her. I had a bad feeling about the place as I walked up, but I dropped her off anyway. To be fair, so far there are no medical hiccups with her surgery. It’s been one day, but she’s got a well stitched and clean wound! The doctors work seems to be great! On the other hand upon arrival to pick up Delilah I was given the wrong dog by the staff??? The dog the nurse tired to give me was a whole different breed and size, not easily confused. When I finally got Delilah she had fleas on her that I know she didn’t come with. I know this because once we got home there were dead fleas on my back seat. All of my animals are treated, so they were killed upon biting her, in my back seat. I’ve never had an issue with any vet returning my dog with fleas, and I’ve been to several in the area including an after hours emergency vet. I do not recommend this establishment and will not return, I LOVE my current vet, Bon Air Animal Hospital. All of that being said the doctors work seems to be spot on and my baby is healing well and I’ve only been this one time. It could have easily been an off day, but nonetheless I wanted to share my experience.

  35. Molly Sprouse 2020/01

    We have a rescue cat, Rosie, who gets very agitated when her nails are trimmed. But good vets have been able to get the job done multiple times. John Rolfe has done so successfully until recently. The last time they didn’t get all her nails, claiming she was uncooperative. This time, they gave her gas without even asking my husband’s permission, which he would have denied had he been asked. The bill was $72 for a nail trim, including some pills they claimed we should give her next time. It IS possible to competently and easily handle our cat without sedation, as I have seen a number of vets and vet techs do so. My genial husband didn’t complain because he just wanted to get out of there (after 45 minutes) and get Rosie home. Obviously, we won’t be returning to this practice that in my opinion is more dog centric than cat friendly, and lacking in communication skills.

  36. Ellen Garris 2019/11

    Great service, and they really care about your pets.

  37. Betsy Silvey 2019/10

    Great caring staff! In and out quickly

  38. Jodi 2019/08

    I have been bringing my pets here for approximately 2 years and have always received outstanding service. The staff is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They have been very patient with me throughout my cat’s illness, as well as compassionate and kind. I cannot recommend John Rolfe Animal Hospital enough.

  39. Kathy Dailey 2019/06

    Always an exceptional experience. Dr. David Boyd is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. He will be my pets’ vet for life.

  40. Nancy Robaina 2019/03

    Cheapest prices in town. Great staff and veterinarians. So pleased

  41. Melinda Collins 2018/09

    I originally called Dayton Animal Hospital, at 5:45p, for an emergency visit for my sick kitten. They couldn’t get her in until the following Monday, so they referred me to John Rolfe Animal Hospital. I called minutes before they closed, and they got us in for a new patient visit the very next morning (on a Saturday)! I was blown away by how personable the staff was from the very start. The tech, and Dr. Boyd were absolutely wonderful! The prices are more than reasonable, and I felt like I definitely got my full money’s worth of care. I will definitely be returning with the kitten, and our dog in the future for their routine visits. HIGHLY recommend!

  42. Amy Howell 2018/05

    The team at John Rolfe has always been so helpful and they truly have made a difference for our dog. So happy we have made the change to this clinic!

  43. Ray Ray 2018/01

    My lab absolutely loves coming here

  44. Hiral Gallimore 2017/09

    They treat my dogs like family. The boarding is also a great deal. It’s where I leave me dogs when we go on trips.

  45. Beth Dechent 2017/07

    We started coming to Dr. Willis because a local dog rescue gave him a high recommendation. On the rare occasion that we have to see another vet, the staff always tells us, first, before the visit. We have always had wonderful care from all the doctors, vet techs and staff.

  46. Josh Lindsey 2017/07

    I can’t speak for all of them, but the office staff and vet techs are not very friendly. We went there several times and saw a different vet every time so we never developed a relationship with our vet.

  47. Sarah Jones 2017/06

    Rude staff. Accuse you of being a bad animal parent and then make you feel bad because you didn’t do something the way they would have. They play a roll of caring when all they want to do is try to embarrass you. Bunch of no good snotty people here!

  48. Andrew Mcr 2017/03

    Thanks for everything all staff and especially to Dr. Willis. Great animal hospital!

  49. Lauren 2016/10

    Today was my third visit this month, and the second of which was the same day as I called for an appointment. My cat initially went for a relatively routine treatment, and then a follow up two weeks later. However today was another story; my cat has a history of chronic urinary blockages, and while his food therapy has worked wonderfully for years, any sign of straining while in the litter box sets off huge alarm bells! Fortunately the wonderful staff at John Rolfe Animal Hospital was able to see him within the half hour! My guy is a-ok (no blockages after all), and the care and sensitivity they showed not just him but me as well was greatly appreciated. As far as prices for their services, I’d say they are very fair and in just the range I expected. If I weren’t already committed to moving across town this weekend I’d make them my forever vet (maybe if we don’t like the new vet as much they will be anyway).

  50. Victoria Talotta 2016/09

    Had such a great experience! Nice clean offices, all the staff was super nice and very knowledgeable. My dog isn’t a huge fan of going to the vet. But they made him feel at ease and very comfortable. The vet Dr. Boyd really knew what he was talking about, answered all of my silly questions with no problems. Also it seemed like he was treating my dog like one of his own, which made me extremely happy!!! I would definitely recommend this vet clinic!

  51. LH Green 2015/12

    We are 20 plus years veterans of Gayton Animal hospital. We followed Dr. Tisnado to John Rolf Animal hospital where we connected with yet another talented veterinarian, Dr. Cathy Blanchong. Dr. Blanchong has helped our 14year old English Springer with accupuncture and other advice and services. Though we still love Gayton, we are happy at John Rolf too. Great people, great hospitals. Thanks.

  52. Jan Budryk 2015/01

    just a great group — doctors, techs and assistants. i have taken my cats and dog to them for years. they have even suggested ways i could save money on expensive procedures! when i had to have my cat Louie put to sleep, they couldn’t have been nicer — even sent a sympathy card. the kitten i subsequently adopted was one i saw in their window. (they also foster and try to find homes for strays.) i couldn’t recommend them more highly.

  53. Branden Boe 2014/03

    The staff at Gayton Animal Hospital is AMAZING! They are so thoughtful and smart. I have been to many different vet clinics over the years and found this office to be the most honest and caring. I have a relative who previously worked in this office who was also thoroughly impressed with the care that the staff shows to their clients (human and otherwise). She told me that all of the staff genuinely loves animals and treat the animals as if they were their own both in front of their clients as well as when the doors are closed.

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