Iron Bridge Animal Hospital

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Iron Bridge Animal Hospital
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  1. R MW 2023/11

    I can not express enough how thankful I am to Dr. Dunnavant and staff for always having compassion with our fur family. This past Thursday we had to put our beloved Cocoa down and Dr. Cooke was so compassionate, understanding, and let us have that time with him. Although the heartache is still raw, the staff helped ease the transition and I couldn’t be more grateful to them. Thank you!


  2. Laura Horgan 2023/11

    Always loving care to my pets for the last 20 years ❤️

  3. Tommy C 2023/11

    Absolutely LOVE Ironbridge Animal Hospital. We’ve been taking our pets there about 20 yrs. The staff is always pleasant, and Dr. Donovan is the best. Even the “travel docs” are top notch and seem to know their stuff.

  4. John Duggan 2023/10

    Great place for pet care

  5. Patricia Lewis 2023/10

    Our kittens went there to get spayed, they are doing good. They were very nice and helpful and they also called to check on them.

  6. D W 2023/09

    They saw my cats quickly for their yearly checkup. The price was reasonable for two checkups and two pairs of shots. One of my cats peed in their carrier and the staff very nicely took the carrier, cleaned out the pee, and provided a temporary pee pad for the ride home.

    Will be returning for sure for my pet needs.

  7. tatiana montesinos 2023/08

    Love the staff, they genuinely love pets.
    And will tell you what you pets need instead of trying to sell you more.

  8. Kelise Allen 2023/08

    Do not take your pet here, they will waste your time and money! They just prescribe a ton of medication for your pet and expect you to drug them up in order to provide any service. Prices increase too often to the point where I started taking my dog somewhere else. Staff is rude and careless and act like they only want to help certain breeds.

  9. Malanie Brandt 2023/07

    My three Weimaraners get excited about going. They get wonderful care and the whole staff treats them like they’re glad to see them.

  10. Tyler Howerton 2023/07

    We’ve been customers for 20+ years, the vet himself has become increasingly grumpy and condescending. Today we had an appointment scheduled for 10:30. When I showed up the receptionist who seemed bothered by the fact that I was there, said my appointment was at 10:20 and that they had called yesterday but moms phone wasn’t working (nothing wrong with her phone, I don’t really believe they even called as there was no voicemail. Seems like a good tactic to extort late fees) Then I was told my pup could be seen but I would have to wait AND pay a late fee. Time to find a new vet. These people have ZERO loyalty or respect for their customers!

  11. Maria Muniz 2023/06

    First time visiting this establishment after moving here recently after adopting two wonderful dogs. Great facility, clean, efficient, everyone from the front desk, tech to vet, excellent!

  12. Clara Moran 2023/05

    Staff were great. Fast & efficient business. Very happy with their service.

  13. Emmy quinn 2023/04

    This is always a good place to take my dogs I love it here

  14. nicole crowder 2023/04

    We love Iron Bridge Animal Hospital. Whether it’s an urgent visit or a check up, the staff is friendly and amazing. Highly recommend.

  15. Lakeisha Austin 2023/03


  16. Lakeisha Austin 2023/03

    If you love your animal do not visit or trust this place. Took my dog there for care on February 3rd, he was prescribed all these medications, that did not help. His health progressively got worse over the course of 4 days. I contacted the office and they advised me to take him elsewhere this was all after paying them over $500. I finally scheduled a follow up appointment for 2/10. Then they canceled that appointment. 11 days after visiting this clinic and watching my dog suffer. I finally got an appointment with another clinic who actually cares about the well-being of animals versus just making a dollar. They advised me that he was at the end of life and their was no treatment plan. He died on February 14th. I love and miss my animal and I would have respected hearing that from this clinic versus just taking my money then being constantly unavailable. AGAIN…BEWARE.

  17. Joyce Monroe 2023/03

    The Vet and staff are friendly and professional. My dog was hurt and they wasted no time treating her.

  18. Mae B. 2023/02

    This place is absolutely amazing. The staff are incredibly kind and gentle with animals, even when my cat tries to scratch their face off. 10/10

  19. Blanca Guido 2023/02

    Es el mejor lugar buenos precios bien trato a mi gato lo vio la enfermera y el doctor estuvieron atentos y serviciales en todo momento y pude preguntar lo que quiciera lo recomiendo buen lugar profesionales

  20. Sierra Simmons 2023/01

    Always take good care of my kitty, Ally

  21. Elizabeth Clay 2022/11

    Always pleasant and takes time with my dog. Appointment is always on time and very thorough.

  22. Kathleen Henry 2022/10

    Awesome practice.

  23. Tammy Evans 2022/10

    My favorite place to care for my dogs. Always on top of everything and great staff. They love my pups and treat them with care.

  24. Carrie Burr 2022/10

    I recently moved here from Florida where I had the same vet for 20 years. I was so skeptical in finding a place that was going to make me feel comfortable 100%. Took a chance on Ironbridge Animal Hospital and was beyond satisfied. They took time, listened, really worked through the entire situation. My feral cat I brought in, who was brutally attacked, was cared for as was I. They send reminder emails for appointments and call you to check up. They sent a hand signed welcome letter thanking me for allowing them to take care of my pet. I will, without question, be bringing all my animals here in the near future and for years to come… Also, pricing was BEYOND REASONABLE!

  25. Norma Jean Matthews 2022/09

    The Vet told me I could blame President Bidon for his high prices.
    The Nurse was very nice

  26. Kathleen Walker 2022/09

    They took my baby in did what he needed no problem. Plan to deal with them from now on.

  27. Eric Lipshetz 2022/09

    They are great with my animals and always the most caring, professional and do what they can to ensure my furry friends receive the best possible care!

  28. Jennifer Tejeda 2022/08

    I was really happy with Dr. Dunnavant and his nurse. I was ridden with anxiety when I brought my Shih Tzu in for an evaluation and they really eased my mind and helped my princess Lady. Will continue to use this vet for all of my animals.

  29. Kim Grammer 2022/08

    No blood test results yet from my last visit. I’m more than disappointed.

  30. Valarie Embrey 2022/08

    Baxter loves it

  31. Natalie Crewe 2022/07

    Very professional…The staff members are so sweet…A smile goes a long way!!!

  32. Paul Hargrove 2022/07

    Love it

  33. Melena Paesa 2022/06

    I bought both my cat and my dog for their rabies shot and Doctor Jennifer Cooke and all the staff at Iron Bridge Animal Hospital have been awesome. They treated my fury babies so well and responded all our concerns and questions. Very professional and affordable price.

  34. Lauren Goodall 2022/06

    The doctor and tech girl were very dismissive to my concerns about my dog. My questions weren’t clearly answered when I asked about them removing mats from my dog. I got a response that they would have to sedate my dog. That’s unacceptable. The tech girl came across with an attitude like she really didn’t want to help me. When the doctor came in, he wasn’t very much help at all. He clearly seemed like he didn’t want to assist me as well. It seems like the only thing they care about is collecting your money. I’m definitely looking for another veterinary office ASAP!

  35. Tanya Nesgoda 2022/06

    Took my nervous dog in to get a check up and other. The nurse was nice but the doctor (who didn’t even physically see us) seemed to have an issue with us asking questions in regards to medicine for the safety of our dog. Whatever the issue the doctor had he let the receptionist know he would not see us period. So if you want someone that cares about your animal and cares about the relationship of owner to vet, this ISN’T the place.

  36. art feedback 2022/04

    Great place

  37. Ted Smith 2022/03

    Great place! Prices are very good!
    Service is wonderful!

  38. Erin Parker 2022/03

    Pleasant staff and veterinarian. I delayed my holiday stay and I was going to miss an appointment with my regular vet. IBAH squeezed me in and were caring and knowledgeable. My puppy especially enjoyed the chicken distraction snacks. It’s nice to now have a vet when I’m back home in Richmond

  39. dwayne williams 2022/02

    They’re great. Kind and honest.

  40. Roy Madden 2022/02

    Whatever you do, don’t ask any questions. The vet is more about ego than helping animals. He was visibly hostile over simple questions about dosage and cost.

  41. L K 2022/01

    Quackery. The vet insisted on a treatment plan not based on scientific study, and refused to consider doing a cancer exam, even tho this breed has a 37% mortality rate from cancer. Vitamin E does not cure cancer no matter how much your give your dog.

  42. Cheri Berman 2022/01

    I first became aware of IBAH through the Chesterfield County Rabies Clinic. I have never had the least bit of issue or concern with the care rendered here. I must admit I do not go to the vet every year but I don’t go to my doctor every year either. Certainly when there has been an issue that I felt needed a professional opinion this is the place to go. Easy, convenient, and not as expensive as many locations in the “upscale” shopping areas. Very pleased.

  43. Lynn 2022/01

    The staff is amazing and you can tell they really care about every animal that comes through the door. All of the veterinarians are knowledgeable and take extra time to ask questions so they completely understand your concerns. Then they explain everything in detail making sure that you do not have any questions before you leave. It is hard to find veterinarians these days that are both knowledgeable and generally care about your animals well-being. We love this place we recommend them to everyone. We would rate them 100 stars if we could .

  44. Michele Semeraro 2022/01

    Just relocated to the area and had a small emergency with my little tabby cat. They fit me in right away that morning and let me bring my other cat in later that same day. The staff was super nice, answered all my questions, and they were very reasonably priced! Will definitely be using them in the future!

  45. Marshall Nesgoda 2022/01

    Can’t give zero stars because the app won’t allow it. I hate that I have to be honest and tell everyone to find anyone else but this practice, but thats what I am compelled to do. When asking for simple clarification about the amount of medication to be administered the Dr. clearly did not want to hear our questions from the “back room”. Never saw the Dr., the nurse was sweet and after speaking with the Dr. in the back had hands visibly shaking. For the record we could hear the Dr. and will not only never go back, we will tell anyone who will listen to find a practice that cares more for you animals than just their ego and money.

  46. Stephany 2022/01

    Took my German shepherd to have his vaccines there and the staff and vet were really nice and professional, I will keep taking my dog there.

  47. Tina Jaramillo 2021/11

    Although the news about my kitty wasn’t promising the staff is very caring and received my panther with smiles and love.

  48. David Majors 2021/11

    Costs were reasonable and they cared for our dog though he is not the friendliest. Our dog did well with them.

  49. Marc Miller 2021/10

    Our cat had been sick off and on for a couple of years and we finally thought she might be nearing the end. The doctor looked her over and suggested a relatively simple treatment and our old cat is doing fantastic!

  50. salimapeacejoy Fafa 2021/10

    I love it! My little dog had gotten so aggressive where I use to take him and had to get sedated just to get a nail trim and his shots. Well the team at Chester Animal Clinic was able to do both without sedation. My husband even notice how happy he is now.

  51. Erica Hall 2021/10

    Fast, convenient and knowledgeable

  52. Wilktion Shaw 2021/10

    Great professional service

  53. Dobywulf 2021/09

    The staff and veterinarian were all very wonderful and very helpful in letting me do a walk-in appointment without any trouble.

  54. Marcus (sunrays) 2021/08

    I went with a friend and they had fast and friendly service. I was impressed 👌 …

  55. Tamie Slabaugh 2021/07

    Excellent service.

  56. Carl Robertson 2021/06

    I will give IBAH 10 out of 10 stars. Spirit my 🐕 never had a bad visited.
    Everyone there is above there game. If you or anyone you knows needs a good Doctor and staff that will listen to your dog 🐕 needs, please give a chance to help you and your bbf. …

  57. Scott Claus 2021/06

    Dr. Dunnavant is a kind, compassionate and honest vet. Highly recommend working them.

  58. Patricia Schaufelberger 2021/05

    The doctor there in Ironbridge is Mary a good doctor.

  59. Jodi Vronek 2021/05

    Amazing vet family!!! My cat was relaxed, never stressed out while there, and feeling better soon after his appointment! Very friendly and professional service from start to finish!!

  60. Vannessa Wilcox 2021/04

    New To this business. But loved the friendly atmosphere. Think it will be a perfect fit for my Furbaby


  61. Mike Austin 2021/04

    Very caring attention

  62. Cornelius Langhorn 2021/03

    We love our vet and all the staff here. They are always very personable and have a deep care for animals. I would recommend this office to everyone.

  63. Lillian R 2021/03

    They were very friendly, caring and helpful made my dog feel very comfortable 🥰 …

  64. Tony Bell 2021/02

    Best I’ve met yet. Since the new CDC procedures they take my dogs in and take care of them as there own.

  65. Opal F 2021/02

    Loving and caring staff ! They put your pet’s well being first. Highly recommend !

  66. Greg Facemire 2021/02

    After calling and leaving messages at other vet care facilities, Iron Bridge promptly returned my call and scheduled an appointment for the next day. We were called in at our appointment time and the staff took care of my pet’s needs. Everybody was really friendly and profesional. I would recommend them to everybody!

  67. Richard Rowe 2021/01

    Good place

  68. Deborah Willis 2021/01

    My husband and I have been going to Ironbridge Animal Hospital since 1997 because they are extremely kind and compassionate and moreover they are excellent vets. We have giant breed dogs and they know all there is to know about our dogs health care and well being. We are thoughly happy with Dr. Dunnavant and his staff, they are like family.

  69. Ricky Patterson 2020/11

    Very friendly people,treat your pet well

  70. Love Lee 2020/09

    Took my dog here to get a sono because she’s pregnant, even though we are going through covid, staff made it possible to get a sono, was very friendly professional and even let me listen to the heart beats.

  71. Kimberly Nuckols 2020/09

    They did a wonderful job with my dog Sully I started to see a big improvement the next day and they took the time to explain what was wrong and option’s of treatment of which was done that day wonderful place I would highly recommend

  72. Carrie Jones 2020/09

    They take the time to listen, write down all concerns you have about your pet, don’t try to up-sale you on anything unnecessary, and super sweet to pets!

  73. Rad Amazon 2020/08

    Very helpful giving me medical records for new dog just adopted from animal shelter

  74. Rosemarie Staggs 2020/08

    Prompt, clean and competent. Also has late appointments.

  75. Gloria Harris 2020/08

    Everyone is so nice and attentive to my problems.

  76. Charles Feiring 2020/08

    Fast friendly service. Just remember to call when you arrive while still in car, the staff will come out to get you when they are ready due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

  77. Sales Account 2020/07

    I brought my cat in and the veterinarian and assistants were all extremely kind and helpful during a stressful time. Will continue to take my dog and cat here and recommend to family and friends!

  78. Calley Bucka 2020/07

    Awesome staff! They definitely treat your pets like one of their own!

  79. Derrel Lane 2020/07

    Been going to Iron Bridge Animal Hospital with our pets for 25+ years. Always compassionate and caring. Would recommend for a great place to take your pets.

  80. Christina Pettis 2020/07

    Staff was professional, services were reasonably priced

  81. T. Miles 2020/06

    I made an appointment for my puppy and had to wait outside for about 8 minutes and then the girl came and took him but when she brought him back after his vaccination I ask her did she trim his paws? She said she forgot and took him back in and said it will be free because she had forgotten. When I got home and reviewed his new medical book I realize that they didn’t even weight him. Now I will call them tomorrow but I will not be going back.

  82. trapperearl 2020/06

    Awesome staff. My Gracie Ann loves them there


  83. Samantha Potts 2020/06

    Super helpful for getting a Chesterfield county dog license

  84. Letswinjeff1 2020/06

    Amazing place to bring my dog. They are so professional

  85. Jacks Corner 2020/05

    When I called to make an appointment they were able to schedule me one within two weeks and were friendly/reasonably priced. Good people

  86. Miss Lissa 2020/05

    Online it says you offer in home pet care but the receptionists said you don’t. Please remove this misinformation off your website

  87. Meghan Tedesco 2020/05

    I had a great experience from making the first phone call to the end of the appointment. My dogs have never ate treats while at the vet, but by the end of the appointment she was going back to the vet treats.

  88. Anon Ymous 2020/05

    Loving staff and Dr. Dunnavent is the best!

  89. Lamb Larry 2020/04

    I’ve been taking my animals to iron bridge now for a couple of years and I have come to respect the staff and especially the Dr and tech Sophie. They are both so knowledgeable and kind, I will only go there for my animals health care.

  90. Eric Mayo 2020/04

    Amazing place with great customer service who truly care about your animals.

  91. John Collins 2020/04

    Simple surgery return with clip toenails something I neglected

  92. Ilona Arrington 2020/04

    Everybody is very nice, helpful and professional! Definitely will be back with my fur baby!

  93. Kathryn Callihan 2020/03

    My boyfriend and I took our new dog, Hazel, to the vet for the first time yesterday. A little back story on Hazel… she is a five months old border collie/husky mix. Her first owner abused her to the point of breaking her leg. As her abuser was a male, she is sometimes skiddish around men. We did not know the extent of this fear until we went to Iron Bridge Animal Hospital yesterday. I had spoken to the receptionist and the vet tech about her history and they assured me they would let the doctor know. Her vet records, which everyone at the practice should have seen, had the leg injury documented. Whether they relayed the message or not, I will never know. Given how the vet, William S. Dunnavant Jr., treated her I’m assuming they either didn’t tell him or he didn’t care. He was very rough with her, even pulling on the leg that he should have known had been broken if he had looked at the records. Then he wanted to accuse Hazel of trying to bite him, which she did not. He requested we muzzle her, which Jesse was easily able to do. Jesse was in the room for the appointment so I would know if she had. He also very condescendingly told my boyfriend that “she was going to need a lot of help” and tossed him a card for a dog trainer. My point is that if you cannot handle a skiddish, scared 5 month old puppy, you have no business being a vet. She was also supposed to be micro-chipped at this appointment, but he refused even with her muzzle on because the needle was “too big.” I couldn’t be more appalled that he was rough with her, and then wanted to act like she was a bad dog. Hazel is loving, smart and sweet. She has been through enough and didn’t deserve to be treated so harshly. I would recommend staying as far away from this practice as possible.

  94. Robbie C 2020/03

    They took good care of our beloved cat during his repose. 🙁

  95. Mikhail Strogonov 2020/03

    Very nice 👌 👍 place, just a little expensive. …

  96. Mary Betty Danyi Andrasik Rodgers 2020/01

    Whatever year they opened they have been my Vet. For all of my pets, cats and dogs. If you didn’t like them: you were doing something in my opinion…

  97. Roxana Garcia 2020/01

    Great customer service from all the staff. The provider was very personable. I will continue to use this clinic for all of my dog’s health needs.

  98. Vee A 2019/11

    I definitely recommend Iron Bridge Animal Hospital. The doctor and staff are great and they were gentle with my not so gentle Snorkie.

  99. Barbara Mitchell 2019/10

    The doctor and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable about our pet’s conditions and how to treat it. They were very kind to our Abby which made use comfortable. We will definitely return to this practice.

  100. Susan Gardner 2019/10

    There the best . wonderful people.(workers).

  101. Edward Gregory 2019/09

    Iron Bridge Animal Hospital has been my veterinarian care for my canines for 24 years and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. The Vet and staff are professional, caring and excellent with my dogs.

  102. Michelle Bratcher 2019/09

    We have been taking our pets to Dr D at Ironbridge Animal Hospital for years. We love him and his staff. They take such great care of our fur babies.

  103. Nicole Bennett 2019/09

    Great place and friendly staff. Our critters love it here.


  104. Jessika Dillard 2019/08

    very accommodating, quick and good with the dog.

  105. Kiley Rowan 2019/07

    They were very kind and prompt when my dog was sick. They also gave me options. And reached out quickly after finding out about the xrays taken.

  106. ellen jahns 2019/07

    I believe this practice truly has my dog’s well being is a top priority to every one working there. They are very kind people who listen to me and understand what ever it is I am trying to convey to them about my dogs condition. I trust them.

  107. John Swales 2019/07

    Great atmosphere! The staff is awesome and always treat our dogs and cat really well. Even though I moved farther away from the office, we refuse to go anywhere else because they are that great!

  108. Lisa Robinson 2019/06

    Everyone is attentive, friendly, and knows what it is going on with our pets. They stay on top of preventive care so I don’t have to. The team members are organized, efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful. They have evening and Saturday hours which are great for us. The vets are great to work with. They listen, you never feel rushed, and give great advice. Everyone seems to genuinely love your dogs.

  109. Carol McNutt 2019/06

    Been dog patients since 1977… everyone there!! Kind, considerate, caring, compassionate. Not enough words to express how we feel.

  110. Joe Edwards 2019/06

    Great bunch of professionals dedicated to keeping your pets healthy.

  111. joanne Dawson 2019/05

    Very nice people and with patients also very concern of your pets health needs.

  112. Ernie Brown 2019/05

    Very friendly. Took good care of my pooch.

  113. Rhonda Herndon 2019/05

    Very kind and caring. I never felt rushed or like my fur baby was just a dollar sign. Plan on staying with Iron Bridge Animal.

  114. Lori Lohr 2019/04

    WONDERFUL, the BEST!!! So caring and professional!

  115. Toni Sorensen 2019/04

    Dr. Dunnavant and his staff are the best. They always show personal interest in pets and owners. They are very knowledgeable and up to date on vet care. I’ve been taking my pets here for over 20 years and I hope to that the care will continue to be as amazing as it always has been.

  116. Richard “Skip” Ford 2019/03

    They love our pets as much as we do.

  117. T J 2019/03

    They are amazing all around and have good scheduling when you call early for emergencies.

  118. Michael Elkins 2019/02

    Highly recommended!

  119. Teresa Burris 2019/02

    They’re always available, staff is super with my fur babies, and the docs are awesome! Thank you for being so great! 🥰🥰🥰 …

  120. Kasey Reneau 2019/02

    The vet tech was so nice and helpful. She took her time to explain everything to me. You can tell they really care about their customers. They even told me that they could sell me something for my dog’s eye goop but using contact solution or saline water at home would do just the same thing so they saved me money showing they are genuine people.

  121. Arlie Corbett 2019/02

    As always Amanda and Jennifer and the entire staff were great. They know Chester does not like to come to the vets and do eveything in their power to make him comfortable. All lead by a caring Dr. Dunnavant for whom we are grateful.


  122. Teresa Dokoupil 2019/02

    Beautiful people that love and truly care for animals ! Great to see my dog enjoy the vet and I trust his judgement ?!!

  123. Linda Brooking 2019/01

    They are Great for human & animal both.

  124. Toni Finnell 2019/01

    George is very comfortable going to Iron Bridge Vet Hospital. We are treated like he is a part of the pet family environment they have created there. The staff only gives kindness and the best of care.

  125. Susan Mills 2018/12

    Got a dog license

  126. Kathleen Sharpe 2018/11

    Friendly and helpful staff

  127. kevin pendergrass 2018/10

    Very nice staff and my dog loves her vet!

  128. Rachel 2018/09

    Such a great group of people.

  129. Mike W 2018/09

    Takes good preventative care of my dog

  130. MARK Bernas 2018/08

    Quick appts. Friendly staff. They really care about your pet.

  131. Edward Gregory 2018/07

    The staff here are always kind, professional, and they always have my dogs best interest in mind.

  132. chris bostick 2018/07

    Scheduled an appoint for a hematoma on my dogs ear from him paying to roughly with my other dog. Clearly I knew what it was and what it was from. Also scheduled a rabies shot for that day, because it was the only shot he needed to be up …

  133. Vera A 2018/05

    The staff was pleasant and professional each time I visited and the facility has always been clean and welcoming. The vet I saw was knowledgeable and compassionate and didn’t talk down to us. 10/10 will be going back for my other pets.

  134. Lisa Bailey 2018/05

    Dr. Dunnavant has been my vet for over 30 years. He is one of the most caring people I have ever met. The staff is friendly and get me in quickly if it’s an emergency. When it came time to put one of my precious pets to sleep, he shed tears also. He is the best, and I would not take my dog anywhere else.

  135. Janice Smith 2018/04

    Have gone here for years , Dr Dunavant is wonderful

  136. Wendy Salazar 2018/04

    Best vet we’ve had in 60 years as pet owners. He’s been our 16-yr-old kitty’s vet since we moved to Richmond 11 yrs ago. The staff is warm & caring. But the thing we treasure most about the whole office is the reverence they have for our animals. When we took Amelia to an emergency animal clinic (one of the staff at Iron Bridge told us where to take her when Dr D. was in surgery & couldn’t see Amelia) she had a critically infected abscess requiring antibiotics & surgery. After two weeks it didn’t heal. More surgery, another opening up, third surgery was needed. Came back again. We were so worried about her suffering. Dr. D. saw her & said he wanted to try her on a longer time of antibiotics. She started to act better in a few days. After two weeks she’s healed completely and is still with us.

  137. Neal Fedderman 2018/04

    Always a pleasant experience. They treat my dogs with extreme patience and care. Provide excellent follow up courtesy calls as well as efficient appointment times. Cared for my pets for over 6 years. No thoughts whatsoever of switching Animal Care facilities.

  138. Lara Crenshaw 2018/03

    Dr. Dunnavant has been my family’s veterinarian since the 1980’s. He and his team are so caring and give my pets excellent medical treatment. They are very patient and gentle with my oldest cat, who is very difficult to handle. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you, Iron Bridge Animal Hospital!

  139. S. Miller 2018/02

    Very attentive to my dog.

  140. Caroline Purdin 2018/02

    We love this clinic and the staff! They also use the PetSites app that lets me access my pets records and request appointments if needed. My dogs walk on it without a bit of hesitation!


  141. Tina H Polon 2017/08

    I have taken several cats to Iron Bridge Animal Hospital over the years, and they always treat my pets with care and warmth. You can tell that the staff and Dr D truly love the animals they treat. I have highly recommended them to many of my friends.

  142. Kimberly Cornett 2017/06

    Good vet, very friendly staff.

  143. Nancy Brown 2017/04

    Great vet and friendly staff!

  144. Frank R. Richardson, II 2017/02

    Great Vet for us for over 25 years

  145. Sarah Kerekes 2017/02

    I love love love Dr Dunnavent and his entire staff, wonderful people all of them. And the prices for our visits and medications for our dachshund with disc disease are the best we’ve found, bonus!

  146. Erin Till 2017/02

    Very disappointed. No one called to alert me that my dog needed to spend the night after his teeth cleaning. He spent over 24 hours in their care with very little food and water. Plus, they didn’t even take him outside in the morning. They gave me a discount for the issue – $22. How insulting!

  147. Amy Wilson 2016/08

    Too expensive!!! Check other places before coming here!

  148. Alexandra Fisher 2016/06

    Although I believe this facility to be pretty expensive, they do an amazing job with animals. We recently adopted our dog and had to take him to the vet 5 times within the first 7 days of having him. We love shelters by the way, this dog had some issues licking his neutered wound and we tried everything. I mean everything! Our dog ended up having to get surgery and when my husband went to pick him up, the doctor and animal shelter went in together and the surgery was free! We are forever grateful for this kind act and value Doctor Dunnavant’s opinion and expertise. Definitely recommend!

  149. Jason Lowe 2016/01

    Dr. Dunivant and his staff provide excellent customer service and care for our pet. She actually looks forward to going because of all the treats she’s going to get from all the staff!

  150. Whysteria69 2015/03

    I will not be coming back to this vet. I took my cat in to be examined because he has been sick and I was growing concerned, first their consultation was more expensive then the avian specialist I take my birds to, which is ridiculous, a regular vet being more expensive then a specialist was a shock to me.
    Then he proceeded to do the bare minimum for an examination, then gave off many reasons why he could be throwing up and said they needed to keep him overnight to run blood work and get him on an iv of fluids since he was dehydrated. They kept him for 3 days and when they finally told me I could pick him up I was told they had no idea what was wrong with him.
    A $500 bill to be told they have no clue did not make me a happy camper. I have since taken him to the clinic I take my birds (they have other vets besides the specialist I see but it is a longer drive and I was hoping a much closer vet would have been able to help) and they have already done a great deal more then this one.
    This vet told me my cat was very mean, when they gave him his iv and took his blood he bit a few people, which was a total shock, my cat is so mild mannered and just the biggest sweet heart, so when I took him to my vet I warned them but he was his normal self and hammed it up for them and was just an angel, I can’t imagine what this place did to my cat to make him so angry he bit someone.
    Last but not least they have horrible people skills, the Dr acted very condescending when we would ask questions and when we discussed money he really made me feel like he was looking down on us for wanting to know the price for each thing he suggested. My husband and I are not made of money and we will be eating the bare minimum and trimming the thin lines of fat we have left to trim on our bills to afford this visit.
    If you want a good vet, don’t go here.

  151. Robert Coghill 2014/02

    Dr. Dunnavant has been my vet for about 30 years now. I wouldn’t take my pet to anyone else. I found my first kitten shivering and injured under my bushes one very cold night. After deciding to take him in, we found Dr. Dunnavant for the …

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