Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond

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Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond
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  1. Elizabeth Adolf 2023/10

    Couldn’t be happier with the staff here! My dog has feared vets for as long as I can remember and the vets and techs are both so patient with her. She even goes up and asks for pets now! Not to mention – my dog has had an undiagnosed autoimmune disease for years and Dr. Jones diagnosed her the FIRST appointment. I couldn’t be more grateful for the care they have shown my Nala the past few months and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy vet!

  2. Michele Gillette 2023/10

    Dr. Lord and her caring staff have kept my dogs healthy and sound for years. Alternative therapies work!

  3. Beth Williams 2023/10

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Lord for almost 20 years. She has always been the standard for excellent veterinary care, and the entire team at the Integrative Veterinary Center of Richmond provides that same level of thoughtful, individualized care. Every single person we have met at IVCRVA has been so compassionate and knowledgeable, and has taken the time to get to know me and my dogs. While all three of my dogs are very well-cared-for by this wonderful team, the care they have shown my 15 1/2 year old dog, Luna, has been extraordinary. A few months ago, we did not think she would make it through the summer. Now, after exploring changes in diet, supplementation, and receiving acupuncture, as well as surgery to remove a growth on her eyelid, she is like a new dog. She’s back to doing all the things she loves, like chasing rabbits, digging holes, and going up and down the stairs. We know we won’t have her forever, but with the help of IVCRVA, we also know that her golden years will be the best they can be!

  4. Mary Beth Eldred 2023/10

    Dr Lord and her staff are exceptional and knowledgeable. IVC offers many services unavailable at other veterinary offices and does not push unnecessary vaccines or treatments and gives options through diet and gentle healing modalities.They are reasonably priced in comparison to other vets in Richmond.

  5. Mary C 2023/10

    Great for integrated vet care. Our senior boy can get his meds, vaccines and accupuncture at one location.
    Knowledgeable and caring staff

  6. Katharine Chisholm 2023/10

    Our older boxer has been seeing Dr. Jones for acupuncture for several months and loves seeing her and the entire staff. He is definitely more comfortable after each treatment.

  7. yvette weaver 2023/10

    Dr.Jones and the vet tech’s and the front desk girls are so nice and take VERY GOOD CARE of my four legged son Roscoe He’s come a long way with his stomach issues. Would definitely recommend them !!!!

  8. Rachel Volentine 2023/10

    I’m *so* glad to have found IVC, and have been relentlessly recommending this practice to anyone who will listen. When my dog Leo started losing function in his hind legs, an MRI showed he had severe brain atrophy, and I was told by both his previous vet and his neurologist that there was nothing they could do. No recommendation for supportive care, just wait and see. After switching Leo to a balanced raw diet, his improvement was nothing short of miraculous, and I knew he would need a different veterinary care approach overall.

    Dr. Jones and the entire team at IVC not only provided an individualized treatment plan to support Leo’s functioning and quality of life, but provided me more detailed information on what Leo’s condition meant for him, education on their holistic approach, and ultimately, offered us hope where the others had not.

    The initial consultation/exam appointment was what every pet parent wishes for; Dr. Jones took her time to discuss Leo’s history with me in detail, listened to all of my concerns, and none of it felt rushed or hurried like in so many other practices. It may sound cliché, but you can truly feel the love and compassion for animals from the entire staff.

    I plan on getting my feline fur-babies moved over to IVC as well, and feel lucky to have found such a remarkable veterinary practice.

  9. Breakthrough K9 Training 2023/09

    Before IVC, we used Dr. Lord for her holistic expertise. She saved our Rottweiler, Dudley from cancer and, corrected an immune deficiency with him as well. Since inception of IVC, you cannot have a better alignment of the planets! Holistic and traditional medicine combined with some of the greatest vets! Dr. Lord, Dr. Dayton and Dr. Jones. The compassion they hold towards the animal and their owner is genuine. Between the doctors, techs and staff, the customer service is beyond reproach as well.

  10. Mark Severson 2023/08

    even though I was going through some things, this veterinary practice was here for my pet. highly recommend Dr Jones and staff. dont worry about the deposit, it’s worth it.

  11. Virginie 2023/07

    Love this place! Everyone is super friendly and accommodating, the waiting room is never loud, and in the past year both Dr Jones and Dr Dayton have taken excellent care of my four elderly cats. They are great at explaining what’s going on and brainstorming how to address complex issues, and they really put the cat’s comfort first. Definitely worth driving across town for!

  12. Joni Watling 2023/06

    We always get great care from
    Dr Lord and her crew. Highly recommend!

  13. Nell Gilliam Searles 2023/03

    Love this place. We take our 11 year old chocolate lab here for both veterinary care and also acupuncture. He is a happy and healthy old man thanks to IVC!

  14. Melissa 2022/09

    BEST VET IN TOWN! Brand new practice with experienced vets from previous locations who started their own full-service treatment center. Dr Dayton is our loyal vet of 10+ years for our golden and two cats.

    She saved our cats life over thanksgiving last year (complete emergency) and we will forever be grateful for her thoughtfulness. Plus, our pup loves to see her for check ups.

  15. Toni Duesing 2022/02

    As soon as you walk into the door and meet the front desk staff, you know they care about your fur baby. The Techs and Dr Lord are passionate about helping your dog live its best life.

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