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  1. Barbara Semple 2023/08

    I called Indeed Pest Control because it had so many positive reviews. Now I am adding my own. I spoke with Maurice in the morning and he was able to come out that afternoon He tackled a yellow jacket nest at the bottom of a big pine tree surrounded by pine needles. No evidence of them anymore! Great job, very professional, and easy on the pocket book.


  2. Taylor Roche 2023/07

    Maurice was thorough, on time, and kind. He explained everything he did and was polite and professional! Thank you!

  3. Travis Robinette 2023/07

    Outstanding service. Had a yellow jacket nest in my garage in a old pair of coveralls and in my front yard in the ground. Maurice handled the situation with complete professionalism. Certainly knows what he is doing when it comes to bees and bugs. Highly recommend took out the queen in no time


  4. Mary Pace 2023/04

    Maurice was punctual and well informed. Very easy to talk to and work with. Thanks so much and we will continue to work with him.

  5. carolyn miller 2023/04

    Brad was an absolute joy to talk to. Explained everything with ease. I didn’t feel rushed and learned something about wood bees. What a great company to work with! Thank you!

  6. Candace Edwards 2023/03

    Maurice provided very quick and affordable service! He was able to come out the same day and remove the wasp nests in my daughter’s bedroom window on the second floor. He was able to problem solve to figure out how to open the outside of the window and quickly remove the nests. I would definitely recommend his service!

  7. Octavia Nicholas 2023/02

    Maurice is always extremely polite and professional. He is my team’s go-to for termite inspections! He is extremely diligent and also very accommodating. I highly recommend his company’s services. ? …

  8. Lindsay Orioles 2023/02

    Awesome service by Indeed Pest Solutions. Maurice responded quickly when I called, and has been great with communication, service, pricing, etc. So far so good, and I feel like I’m in good hands with him. Thanks indeed, Indeed!

  9. Antoinita Stokes 2022/11

    Maurice is excellent at what he does. I have used him for property management and for any problems my family had had. I highly respect him for any pest concerns your family may have.

  10. Brad Smith 2022/10

    Maurice helped us get rid of a boxelder bug infestation. Not only was he a total pro, he was fun to chat with as well. Highly recommend.

  11. Zacch Allen 2022/10

    Maurice was great, extremely knowledgeable. Response time was impeccable! Definitely recommend to anyone in need of services!

  12. Miesha H 2022/09

    Very good work and got rid of my issue and came back when I needed them within the 30 days so I was very pleased with maurice who helped us.

  13. Connie Dabney 2022/08


  14. Rich Ubaldi 2022/08

    If you want an honest opinion for work to be done, then Maurice is the
    professional to call.

  15. Valerie Dillard 2022/07

    Indeed provides an outstanding pest control service. The owner is always prompt, professional and courteous and extremely responsive to emergent situations. I have recommended Indeed to several of my friends and family members.

  16. Laura Boylan 2022/06

    Wonderful provider! Prompt would be an understatement. We called indeed pest solutions and had someone at our house less than an hour later for a possible mouse problem. Maurice came and was professional, and patient as we walked through everything he had done. He made sure we understood everything and that our dog would be safe during extermination process. We will certainly be going back to them if we every have a pest problem again. Absolutely wonderful service.

  17. Audrey Shahinian 2022/05

    OMYGOSH!! Maurice is the best. Very professional and extremely thorough. Will recommend to everyone I know looking for pest control.

  18. James Wright 2022/04

    Maurice came today and was absolutely fantastic to work with. He was very detailed in his work and explaining everything after treating the outside and inside of our home. My son was home from school today and wanted to watch him work and he was great with having a little helper by his side and answering all his questions today as well. Absolutely recommend 10/10 service.

  19. Sandy Kile 2022/04

    Maurice was Professional, Knowledgeable and Excellent Customer Service! Signed up for regular pest control. Thank you Maurice!

  20. Devina Durney 2022/03

    I’m a Realtor and needed a quick but thorough pest inspection. Maurice was able to respond to my needs and supply the report THE SAME DAY! Good guy who serves with great service. I will keep him in my contacts for the next job near and around the Richmond area. Thank you.

  21. WANDA JACKSON 2022/03

    Mr Fox was a life saver. I called inquiring about an infestation I discovered in my kitchen and was referred by my neighbor to call Mr. fox. When I called he answered and I described my issue and he knew exactly what the issue was and what type of bugs. I was able to get an inspection the next day and Mr Fox was very through and able to pinpoint the nest. The price for the inspection was very reasonable and I was also able to get treatment the following day after the inspection. Mr Fox explained the process and was very timely with the job. I also liked that the treatment comes with a warranty. I will surely use his services if I need him in the future and highly recommend Mr Fox services.

  22. angela mitchell 2022/02

    Awesome service, takes care of insect problems and is very knowledgeable about the job. Highly recommended!

  23. jim schoonover 2022/02

    I can’t say enough about these people. Every aspect of service is top notch. Promptness, professionalism, reasonable pricing, you name it these are your go to guys for pest control.

  24. Carolyn Barksdale 2022/01

    Maurice was very professional. He performed an inspection inside my home and pointed out areas of possible entry. He also inspected outside my home and told me that mice were entering from the crawl space. I felt reassured that the mice will be eradicated from my home.

  25. Ebony Johnson 2021/12

    First time customer and very impressed with the service and Maurice guided me through every step of everything. I will recommend his business to anyone who needs help!

  26. Shawanna Fox 2021/10

    Maurice was very professional and on time. Indeed will get the job done. I highly recommend!!!!!

  27. Dorothy Petree 2021/09

    The best service anybody could ask for. Always has a positive attitude and helpful to any question. I would highly recommend Indeed Pest Solutions for all your pest needs, I wouldn’t use anyone else.

  28. Keith Starks 2021/09

    Excellent, professional service. On time, courteous and great value. Very pleased. Highly recommend.

  29. Mrs. Rogers 2021/09

    I am satisfied with my service Indeed Pest Solutions is very professional and very responsive whenever I may need additional service

  30. Peter Newsome 2021/08

    Can’t say enough good things about Indeed Pest Solutions. Received absolutely great services and will definitely recommend to others looking for Pest Control. Love the dedication by the technician and the level of care to solve our pest issues. Definitely recommend to those looking for a change or looking for great service!

  31. Being Bev 2021/07

    Indeed Pest Solutions is indeed your pest solution. We now use the services for routine care to ensure our home and the environment is safe. Where there was high ant and spider traffic, there is minimal to none now. So knowledgeable of pest and the recommendations he gives are valuable. He always remind us, if you need in between care, we’re just a call away. Listen… great, quality care and services.

  32. Tiffany Burton 2021/07

    So pleased with this service!

  33. Lisa Hoffman 2021/06

    Indeed Pest Solutions is my go to pest solution and Maurice is very professional, my go-to bug guy. He takes care of house inside and out, no job being too big or small. He is always very punctual and pleasant. I recommend him to all my friends if they ever have any pesky critters.

  34. Chi Love 2021/04

    Very professional & excellent customer service. He arrived on time and has come back for several visits to check the traps. So far it appears that whatever he’s done has solved our problem!

  35. Walt Mitchell 2021/04

    Love the service we get every time! Always professional and knowledgeable. Keeps the pests away.

  36. Patricia Cosby 2021/04

    This service has been very helpful in keeping bugs, flies, etc out of my house and away from my outside house. In addition to my house, he inspects and sprays my garage, patio, screened porch, around my windows and doors and etc. I am very please with this service. The serviceman, Maurice, is very friendly, knowledgeable, accurate and timely. If you find any strange looking creatures, he is able to discuss with you what they are and will come back and spray them and the area. I am impressed and please with Indeed Pest Solutions. I have shared my experience with family and they use this company and Maurice as well. ??Pat C. ??

  37. Bonita Thomas 2021/04

    Mr. Fox came out and explained to me what he was going to do. I had a lot of rats. I don’t see anymore . The price was great and I am so thankful for him.

  38. Monika Brown 2021/03

    Prompt and eager to assist. Educated me on services performed and how yellow jackets develop their nest. Highly recommend. We are lifetime clients.

  39. Donald Murray 2021/02

    Very professional and prompt service, always on time and does a fantastic job! Definitely recommend this service my family and I are very satisfied with indeed pest solutions!

  40. Dee Chavis 2021/02

    We had fleas and i had tried a couple flea bombs which did not work and inconvenienced us by having to stay away from home for hours. I called Indeed Pest Solutions and he explained the process and did the work 2 days later. We were AMAZED at the results!!!!! We were able to return home in 2 hours and saw NO FLEAS !!!!! There was no mess or smell and for the past 3 months no fleas..I would recommend Indeed to everyone.The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable , he put my worries to rest. I HIGHLY recommend INDEED.

  41. Sarah Lyon 2021/02

    Maurice was kind and professional- having pest problems can be so scary/frustrating and he was very reassuring that they could take care of it! He was thorough in asking questions and seeking to understand our situation before offering any solutions or sales info. During the service calls Maurice walked me through the procedures, safety measures, and likely next steps (getting rid of fleas is multi-step apparently!) When it came time for our two-week follow-up treatment, he called right away on time and came out right on schedule. It feels good to know that our home is better protected and that the fleas are gone!

  42. Sheena Meredith 2021/01

    Tackled everything thoroughly and fast with excellent attention to detail! Very professional and excellent results.

  43. Freezify 2021/01

    Mr Maurice was very professional prompt and his prices was affordable I was very impressed with him

  44. Tomeji Hawthorne 2020/12

    I am so pleased with the professionalism that Indeed Pest Solutions always exhibits. They are always prompt and address every issue or concern. Their price is fair, reasonable and comparable to much larger businesses and the service is unparalleled. Great business.

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