Impawsible Pups

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Impawsible Pups
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  1. Anna Bastian 2023/09

    Miki is one of the best groomers I’ve encountered in the RVA area. My dog has aggressive tendencies and she knew exactly how to handle him. She didn’t even need to muzzle him, which is absolutely amazing! The idea of bringing our dog to the groomer was so stressful but Miki really calmed our fears.

    Impawsible Pups is a great place where employees are trained to deal with difficult pups and for you to bring your dog to a safe and calm place for them to stay!

  2. Rachelle Thompson 2023/08

    We have been using the services at Impawsible for about 5 years now. They take amazing care of our special needs girl (she is deaf). Their trainers and groomers are wonderful. The staff has gone above and beyond to accommodate use which was greatly appreciated during our last pregnancy when our little one decided to come 2 weeks early.

  3. Braeden Breen 2023/07

    🤷🏼‍♂️ Your dogs do not get water indoors while boarding unless you specifically request it. So when your pups sprint to that lobby water, you now know why! (Slander requires one to lie) …

  4. Lauren Tilton 2023/04

    Such a fan! So lovely to our dog, who can be a bit anxious. And love the groomer Miki!

  5. Tyler Smith 2023/03

    We have absolutely had the best experience at Impawsible. Both for boarding and training – they take incredible care of our dogs and make us feel incredibly comfortable when we leave them there. Our puppy did their puppy camp and two week training and it made a huge difference both in her manners and her confidence. Brittany and Valerie are incredible

  6. Katelyn Sinclair 2023/03

    Grooming services here are above and beyond others in the area!

  7. Katie Felton 2023/03

    We bring our German Shepherd Xena to Impawsible Pups for boarding. She can be a handful and we wouldn’t be comfortable leaving her anywhere else when we go out of town. They even seem to like her! The best is when they send picture or videos so we know what fun she gets up to while we are away. And they give her the BEST bath so she smells so good and is so soft when we pick her up.

  8. Jeff 2023/03

    Great place to take your furry family to spend a day! Well maintained and clean, can’t be easy with all the fur, but that’s a sign to me how much the staff actually CARES for your loved ones! Very caring!
    I’ve never had remotely close to a bad experience here. I once saw where they had a very timid dog, they were taking care of it by keeping it separate up front. The poor thing was scared but they were giving it individual attention and LOVING on it. Makes you confident that if my one of dogs had a bad day for some reason, they would care enough to take care of it and love it!

  9. Sarah Wenger 2023/02

    They do an excellent job grooming my large and energetic chocolate lab. Their boarding services and daycare are also awesome!

  10. Lindsay Ray 2022/08

    Used Impawsible Pups for their two week board and train program. Not only was my dog well cared for, but she had a great time and the trainers helped me address some of her behavioral concerns.

  11. Rachel Yates 2022/08

    The best daycare. Everyone there truly loves dogs

  12. Laura Pence 2022/05

    By far the best doggie day care place in the city. Everyone here has such love for the pups!!

  13. Taylor Pence 2022/01

    Best day care in Richmond. Hands down. They accommodate to your dogs needs and love them like they are their own. As long as I live here, I won’t go anywhere else.

  14. Thomas Chapman 2022/01

    Doggy paradise

  15. Emily Szentgyorgyi 2022/01

    Impawsible Pups has been incredible for my dog Reina. Due to several factors it was hard for me to properly socialize her when I first got her and then moved into a house where she would mostly play in the backyard with our other dog. All of this did not help her anxiety towards meeting new people and dogs. Impawsible Pups has been very patient with her and slowly each week she has become more and more comfortable there around the staff and has played with other dogs. She was successfully able to board overnight in July and for the longest time I worried she would never get to that point. I am so thankful to the staff at Impawsible Pups and the enrichment program that they do to help dogs like Reina have a better life.

  16. Edward Pelegrino 2021/10

    They are very good

  17. Karen Smigrodzki 2021/10

    The only place I trust to board my dog. She loves daycare here as well. She is safe, loved, and appreciated for her unique dog-ness.

  18. Joy Veney 2021/08

    Have been using their services on a weekly basis for over 2 years. My dog loves it!

  19. Zachary Shapiro 2021/02

    I would like to preface this review by saying that this is the first Google Review that I have ever posted, or any review that I left for public consumption for that matter. I truly believe that while a negative experience at any public business, restaurant, or otherwise venue, deserves attention, positive experiences warrant ten-fold that attention.

    I cannot recommend Impawsible Pups more if I was paid do so; Valerie and Hans- the proprietors of the establishment- are hands-down the most kind, well-rounded, professional and reliable people I have worked with in any capacity in Richmond, VA. They both take their profession extremely seriously, and it shows. Their knowledge and capability of animal training and behaviorisms is extraordinary, and their compassion for your animal is even beyond that. They recognize that your furry friend is not just a mutual priority- but an extension of your family, and they act as such. I would trust my dog’s health, wellness, training, and boarding in their hands implicitly, and quite frankly, if I had kids I would trust them in equal capacity with my kids. Please, stop your search for dog boarding or training and call Impawsible Pups- their staff is extremely well-trained, and Valerie and Hans could not be more genuine people if they tried. Congratulations- you have found your home for doggie boarding and care.

  20. Sam Welder 2020/09

    Brittney and Valerie are amazing people who really know there stuff with dogs. After my puppy Dempsey went through their program, he completely transformed into the most obedient, happiest dog who tried his hardest to be the best boy he could be. Every day he came home from training he was exhausted and smiling, and I loved the pictures they shared from his time spent there, I could tell he was so happy. I cannot recommend this business enough, after sending Dempsey through the program I insisted that my parents send their own rescue dog Kirby, and my girlfriend send her 2 year old Yoshi through as well and both dogs are total success stories. I loved how much the entire team seemed to really know and care for the dogs we put through the program. Between the daily report cards and the photo updates of the dogs while they spent time there, we always knew that they were being treated with the utmost care. The next dog I get will for sure be put through their amazing program. Every dollar was worth it. Brittney Schardein is a miracle worker!


  21. Anna Bender 2020/08

    We are so grateful to find a second home for our dog when we travel. Thank you!

  22. Matthew Hawkins 2020/08

    I have taken my dog to several different dog daycares and this one is my least favorite. There are much better ones in the Richmond area.

  23. Jim Rudick 2020/08

    This staff here have always taken great care of my dogs when we have boarded them there. Never any complaints.

  24. Becky Rayfield 2020/07

    My dog LOVES this place. He literally pulls on his leash to great the staff he is SO happy to see them!

  25. Alexander Z 2020/07

    When I lived in Richmond, my lab loved coming here. Very reasonably priced (especially compared to DC area), responsive trainers.

  26. Pamela Ferrell 2020/06

    The staff are absolutely wonderful! I’ve been trusting my 4 legged baby with them for several years.

  27. Sonia Macewicz 2020/06

    A wonderful gem. My foster is blind and anxious and he really needed a bath. The staff was caring and when we picked him up he was wagging his tail and u could tell they had spoiled him. Great experience highly suggest

  28. Paulina La 2020/04

    Their portal is convenient to sign your dog up for daycare and add-on services. I just don’t understand why there is constant barking every time I pick up my dog. No other day care I’ve had experience with have that much barking in the back. Are the dogs ok back there? Also my puppy literally got kennel cough here a few weeks ago. When I started to notice symptoms I called them to ask about it and they didn’t mention anything out of the ordinary. Come 1 week later they send a generic email that there were some reported cases. I emailed back to ask for a refund on the day my dog got it and have yet to hear back. They also don’t provide daily report cards as advertised when I first signed up. When I asked about it they said they were not staffed, but every time I come there are literally staff just standing around. It is so random when we get pictures. Another annoying thing is that they require you to take off their leash and collar and it’s such a hassle if you’re tag teaming dog pick ups with another person as well as wrestling your puppy to put on their collar. I really wanted to like this place because it’s spacious for my dog to run around however there are some improvements that can be made.

  29. Troy Lattimer 2020/02

    For the love of god, stop yelling at the top of your lungs to quiet the dogs. You are surrounded by other businesses who hear you yelling all day long.

  30. Mark Zebr 2020/02

    Not impressed

  31. Mike Ellison 2019/11

    Spectacular care and attention to our dog!

  32. Jason Ledford 2019/10

    Always great service at Impawsible Pups. We have an older dog that they take great care of while she stays.

  33. Kellen Shearin 2019/10

    The owner and staff are amazing.

  34. Shannon Carneal 2019/09

    Jasmine is an excellent groomer. My dog, Dasha looks clean and fresh again! Thank you for providing a great service at an affordable price.

  35. Nazarell Williams 2019/09

    Always great!

  36. Annelisia Wilson 2019/07

    Food is good. Atmosphere is fun

  37. Dores Smith 2019/05

    We take our dog here every time we have to go out of town. We are comfortable with the staff as well

  38. Joshua W. 2019/02

    Fairly priced and accommodating. Friendly staff.

  39. Bernie Peet 2018/10

    High 5! Good trainer. Thanks, Brittany!

  40. Susan Vornov 2018/09

    Our pup loves her summer camp!

  41. Steven Himelspach 2018/08

    Only gets 1 star because 0 stars isn’t an option. My dog stayed here for 6 days over July 4th. He came home with Kennel Cough, covered in abrasions, and a skin infection. A $120 vet bill later and he’s finally getting better. Apparently the smelly front office isn’t the only bad thing going on in this location

  42. Lynette Paoletti 2018/08

    I’m giving this a one star based on a visit I had there on Tuesday morning to possibly send my dog there to board. This is the day it down poured all all day. All of those poor dogs were out, for hours, in that rain. They were all soaking wet and miserable. There was one little dog under the ramp soaked and shivering his ass off. When I asked about that poor little guy, she said, ” he must be cold”. Oh, duh, ya think so!? I called two other places that same morning and they “must certainly” don’t send their dogs out in that weather. I’m sorry fire mama that your baby was treated like that. Guess showing up unannounced gets you the true picture. This place is a no fricken way for me.

  43. Ken Collings 2018/07

    In an industrial area. Not the greatest place for dog boarding.

  44. Yasmin Fotovat 2018/05

    This place is impawsible to book with .They refuse new dogs seems like a great business plan.

  45. Patrick Carr 2018/05

    Highly recommend, take great care of the dogs

  46. Steve Vornov 2018/04

    Our little dog loves puppy camp. She’s well cared for and enjoys recess with her small and little companions. Big dogs have a separate play area.

  47. Courtney Bell 2018/02

    My Pitbull baby girl ” EVA” who is 1 years old, have been GOING here for over a year now….. & she loves it, evertime she come back home, she is exhausted from all of the playing lol……
    This kennel is hands down my favorite, they open early and close late especially on sundays….. I LOVE THE STAFF ALSO….. They always give me funny stats on how my dog behaves! This is my go to whenever I need my Eva taken good care off when im out of town…..

  48. Josh Hastings 2018/02

    Awesome staff. Great facility. My dog is always very excited to go.

  49. Chris Holtry 2017/11

    The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. It’s very comforting dropping off your dog when you see the employees and your dog so excited to see each other. Good prices, great service.

  50. Amanda Silvester 2017/10

    I take my corgi here for daycare every weekday. He has so much fun and passes out as soon as we get home because of all the playtime. The staff who work there are amazing and I love how much care they give my dog while I’m at work.

  51. Kat Simons 2017/03

    Simply THE BEST! They have helped me raise Stevie Dee Dog Woof Love


  52. Arthur Coles 2017/02

    This is the only place I will ever use. My puppy loves it!!!

  53. Alex Silvester 2017/02

    My dog is well taken care of

  54. Keith Sanders 2016/08

    The staff here is incredible and truly cares about the safety and fun your dog(s) has while they are there. Every time I go, they remember me and which dog is mine! It is great to feel comfortable dropping off a dog at a place they love and I know they’ll have a great time 🙂

  55. jennifer glave 2016/07

    Absolutely The best!!! We had tried other places for our pup but Impawsible is the best. Lucy doesn’t want to come home when she visits her friends.

  56. Robert “Tom” Coltrain 2016/07

    Our dogs seem to like it a lot. We have a hard time finding a place where our super anxious dog is happy. She always leaves happy!

  57. Rachael Lubin 2016/02

    Two dogs have been for daycare and boarding. Great staff, you can tell they love pets and their jobs. Clean, safe, well organized. I wish there was a larger outdoor space for them to roam, but I understand it’s a city location.

  58. Jessica “KicknBlues-YesterdaysNews” Snavely 2016/01

    Took me at the last minute and cared for my dog couple days after my original return date. Seemed to care for the pets; lobby was a slight bit stinky with urine tinge, the staff I met could have been maybe a touch friendlier. The price was cheaper by a few bucks. My dog got a hot spot upon returning home, they said it was just hair loss. Good thing I have experience because it could have gotten worse than it already had gotten.

  59. Richmond “Lite98” Lite 2015/11

    The Best!!!!!! My dog does not even want to come home-She loves the staff and the other pets! Great groomer’s…Fun Play and Training Love them!!!!!! Dog Kisses ! Kat Simons and Stevie dog!!

  60. Shelia Dent 2015/09

    They love my Bailey and it shows. She’s so happy to go see her friends and have fun

  61. Molly O 2014/09

    We have nothing but positive things to say about Impawsible! The owners and staff are wonderful. Even our nervous dog feels happy and confident there!

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