Humanitree Tree Service

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Humanitree Tree Service
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  1. Michael Ferebee 2023/06

    Luke was awesome. Responsive. Great price. Great work. Highly recommend and I will be using him again if I ever have any tree removal needs!

  2. Abhiram Harohalli 2021/10

    Humanitree is excellent. They responded fast, had full disclosure about the project, and were very professional in their dealings. I highly recommend Mr. Swenson and Humanitree

  3. Matt Happe 2020/03

    Had a great experience. We will definitely use Humanitree Tree Service again!

  4. Brad Baskette 2020/03

    I would rehire Humanitree in a heartbeat and will be recommending them to all of our neighbors. Extremely knowledgeable and professional, extremely reasonable and affordable, and they put in the effort to go the extra mile to ensure the homeowner is 100% satisfied. The owner, Luke, is present on every single job and is one of the most personable contractors we’ve ever hired. We had 3 large, mature trees removed from our property in the Huguenot area that required special care as they posed threats to powerlines and our home. In addition, they took the time and effort to ensure everything was cleaned up and spotless in our yard/neighborhood street. What a great tree service company serving Richmond, VA!

  5. Ethan Craft 2020/01

    Humanitree took down a tree for me last week and also a few trees for my neighbor. As our project evolved, Luke had to come out a few different times to update the estimate and he was always very responsive by call/text. We got quotes from 5 different tree companies and his quote was very competitive. A good mix of value and quality. I would recommend and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Humanitree again in the future.

  6. Filippa Trikantzopoulou 2020/01

    Mr. Luke Swenson came to the rescue when my older indoor cat got stuck up on a very high tree by the James river.
    After having exhausted all my other options of getting her down many hours after she first ran off, with nightfall coming and bad weather predicted overnight, I desperately reached out to Mr. Swenson and he agreed to come check the situation at around 8PM. Before even coming, he gave me a flat rate for the cat rescue that I found very fair and he proceeded to climb on a tree that was covered with poison ivy in order to get to her in the pitch dark.
    Though the rescue itself wasn’t as ideal as could be, because my cat decided to jump about 70 ft down and was sadly injured in the process (she will be okay), Mr. Swenson was amazing in his process and in helping me find my baby.

    I couldn’t recommend Mr. Luke Swenson enough for any services of the matter. He was professional, efficient, honest with his work, and most importantly, empathetic.

  7. Joseph McSpadden 2019/08

    Very prompt, very polite, and extremely thorough! Did a great job for a reasonable price. My wife and I were also very comfortable having him working at our house. We highly recommend Luke Swenson and Humanitree

  8. Jodi Humpage 2019/05

    Humanities came through for us when we needed them most! A neighbors very large oak tree hit our house (during a pretty damaging storm across Richmond) and humanitree came to our rescue when we couldn’t find anyone else, they worked with the utilities company to removed the tree as quickly as would allow. They were professional and wonderful to work with. I’d highly recommend Luke and his company!

  9. Loren McAdams 2018/08

    Luke is very professional, personable, fair, and he does outstanding work! He has a busy schedule, but he was able to squeeze us in on pretty short notice. He made us feel like a priority. We will definitely call Luke and his team in the future, if we need another tree removed!

  10. Melinda Drumheller 2018/01

    Highly recommend these guys. Very professional, prompt, knowledgeable, great pricing, and awesome cleanup. ? …

  11. Chris Keating 2017/10

    Luke did a great job removing our large trees. He is the rare contractor that does what is promised at the price quoted. He is also a really nice guy. We are grateful for his help

  12. David Dietz 2017/07

    I highly recommend these guys. Couldn’t be happier with the service provided. Very professional and showed up on time every day on the job. Out of 3 estimates they were the most affordable as well as the most professional. He did a pretty risky job taking down a 125ft tall Austrian pine tree approx 5ft from our house and had no issues. He actually cut down the tree by himself. Lol. Absolutely 5 star service!

  13. Steven George 2017/06

    Luke is the real deal! He came by on 2/9/17 when winds were an impressive and not normal 40+mph and cut down the tree. I thought he was going to reschedule or at least climb the tree with winds that strong. He gauged the windage and cut the tree from the bottom. He definitely know what he is doing. And like his website states, the cleanup was if he wasn’t there at all. I highly recommend Luke!

  14. Rebecca Covey 2017/05

    Luke did a fantastic job removing a dead tree from my property in a timely manner and for a reasonable price. He was professional, efficient and has an engaging personality. I would recommend him to my friends without reservation.

  15. Sarah 2017/04

    Very happy with Humanitree, specifically Luke. Not only did he cut down a large dead limb and remove all debris, he was positive and personable…things you don’t see a lot of these days. He even fashioned a temporary swing for my 3 year old son.

  16. Trevor Frost 2017/04

    Humanitree removed some branches from a large tree in my front yard. They did a wonderful job and the clean up job they did was superb.

  17. Bette Hafner 2017/01

    I give Humanitree 5 out of 5 stars. I could not have asked for better tree removal service. The crew was prompt, professional, as quiet as can be when power equipment is involved, and they didn’t leave until my yard was spotless. The best part was they took my large tree stump down to ground level, and I could not believe how smooth across and level they made it!

  18. Al Remetch 2016/10

    Luke Swenson, owner of Humanitree Tree Services, is an accomplished professional who knows what he is doing and can be counted on to do a great job.

  19. Zac Tetro 2016/02

    Good biz!

  20. Robert Nichols 2015/09

    Twice now, Humanitree has helped me to get rid of problematic and hazardous tree problems with no hassle, fair prices, and transparent communication. Luke has a passion for his work and for trees in general that makes the process somewhat fun, even if the situation you need him for isn’t necessarily the best one. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. Superb businessmen and fantastic arborist.

  21. Jules W 2013/06

    Even though they did a great job in 2011, they couldn’t return my call and e-mail from August 18, so I’d say they aren’t interested in the business any longer. Sorry to hear that.

  22. Leif D 2012/10

    HUMANITREE did a great job for me. Luke is a professional.
    Excellent work and competitive pricing.

  23. mary baker 2012/09

    After a recent storm, I had a tree that needed to come down. I called Humanitree at 4:30pm on a Friday and Luke was at my door 30 minutes later with a very affordable quote. I was not expecting that quick of a response! He got to work first thing the next day and did an awesome job, cleaned up nicely, and even made our tree stump into a bench – which we LOVE. I have several more trees that need to come down and I will not hesitate for a second to use Humanitree again. Thanks Luke!!

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