Home Sweet Home

Google Rating:4.3

Home Sweet Home
4.2 based on 264 reviews
  1. Raakin Ali 2023/12

    Nice place to gather with friends
    Food: 4
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 4

  2. Bay Parker 2023/11

    This is hands down my favorite bar in Richmond.
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  3. Greg Anderson 2023/11

    Food was amazing!! 10/10
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Fried Pickles, Chesapeake

  4. Brianna Victoria 2023/11

    it took me 3 years of living here to find a restaurant in richmond that’s truly my favorite/go to for really good, quick, affordable food. the wings are amazing for only being $11 and the fries and home sauce are also 10s. I will be devastated when their prices inevitably go up🥲
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Recommendation for vegetarians
    Somewhat recommend

  5. Samantha C 2023/11

    The food and service was great!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Tomato Soup, Mac and Me

  6. David Cary 2023/10

    Found this place doing a Food Tour team builder at work. been back several times. the food is always good.
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  7. Ahmad Shah 2023/10

    Such a bad experience very bad customer service will never come again.

  8. Nick Lo 2023/09

    Great vibe. Bartender is top notch. Drinks are perfect. And food is amazing 👍🏻
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5


  9. Allison Woods 2023/09

    Great bar, great staff, excellent place , amazing food, 10/10 recommend
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  10. Simon Kelly 2023/08

    It’s a hole-in-the wall bar but the food was very food.
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 3
    Recommended dishes
    Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

  11. Brian Corbett 2023/08

    Rachel was a very hospitable bartender the food is very good!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  12. Davina Aguilar 2023/07

    Great place, great people, awesome times!
    Take out
    Meal type
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  13. Kyra Williams 2023/05

    I was told this place is a dove but they have mezcal and such a clean bathroom!!!

  14. Oro Louis 2023/05

    Amazing bar!!! Good place to kick back and have a few… The prices are amazingly low!!! Got me and my wife like 6 drinks and 5 beers for under $50… Outdoor sitting… Reminds me of Cheers… Because everyone knows your name!!!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 4
    Recommended dishes
    Pulled Pork Sandwich, Wings
    Dine in: Yes
    Outdoor seating: Yes
    Takeout: Not sure
    Delivery: Not sure
    Curbside pickup: Not sure

  15. Jesse Andrews 2023/05

    Best bar in town 😘😘😘 …

  16. Sara Woodington 2023/04

    Definitely like a college dive/ diner/ hangout. Food was yummy!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Food: 4
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 3
    Recommended dishes

  17. Gregor Singleton 2023/04

    Always great service, a lively but comfortable bar space, and plenty of room throughout to find a spot for a small group to gather or a couple of people to have an engaging evening to themselves.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Recommended dishes

  18. Cynthia Geoghegan 2023/03

    A good time.

  19. Bryson Peek 2023/03

    Wonderful place to hang out on Cary St. Good food, good drinks, and they’re open late.

    The open Mic nights on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays of each month are a little raunchy so I don’t recommend going on those nights unless that’s your thing.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  20. John Moerner 2023/02

    Went to one of the few Washington Capitals bars in the area… met several people and had a great meal… unfortunately the Caps dropped one to the Knights
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  21. A V 2023/02

    I’ve eaten here a handful of times and it’s usually pretty good. The brisket grilled cheese is probably my favorite. I will say, at least for take out, the portion of soup they give you is itty bitty. Like it’s laughable that it’s considered a side. Last time I finally ordered the tater tot poutine for a cheat day and it was so bad I ended up throwing most of it out – the gravy was gross and absolutely flavorless. I would stick to sandwiches and fries here. Pretty good bar too.
    Take out
    Meal type

  22. Shadymist Kennel, LLC 2023/02

    They’re running a BOGO special right now, so I ordered it to try the restaurant. I’m really glad I did! I got the “mac and me” and it was really good! The grilled cheese was toasted perfectly! The bbq was a little sweet with a little heat, which was great! Tomato soup was tart and just right, (although only about a 1/4 cup of soup if that much!), but not a terrible deal for $10 on Postmates, probably less in store or ordering directly. It’s a bit of a drive from there to my place, so it was cold by the time I got it, but I can’t fault them or the driver for that. I will definitely order again!
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Recommended dishes
    Mac and Me


  23. Michael Fitz 2023/02

    I don’t know what it is about Richmond, but to me they have the weakest drinks in the entire United States of America. This spot lived up to that stereotype. In addition, wings were ordered and they were half-done and had to be sent back. Wouldn’t recommend.

  24. Donald Martinez 2023/01

    Absolutely loved this bar! Price is beyond fair, customer service was great, and food capped off a perfect visit!
    Food: 4
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  25. Steve Beck 2023/01

    Like most places, this one is better enjoyed in person. I got their food delivered via doordash. The grilled cheese was great, the poutine fries were good, and the crab dip was a little lack luster. I would recommend their grilled cheese sandwiches for sure.
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4

  26. Lucas Manweiler 2023/01

    Best grunge in Richmond
    Dine in
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  27. Greg Miller 2022/11

    Caps bar!

  28. Raven Smith 2022/11

    Went there last night and left with a bad taste in my mouth. The Bartender definitely overcharged me for my drinks. A rail shot, a 6$ Modelo, and a Malibu and pineapple that he told me was 5.29 “so like 6” WHATS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?? And that equaled $17.60 MEANWHILE my friend got two rail shots and two PBRs and her bill was less than an $8. Doesn’t add up. I’m upset it didn’t bring it up. Maybe he was afraid that a black person wouldn’t tip! I even saw him looking at me while I was complaining to my friend about it. Real messed up dude. I hate that I tipped him too. I’m definitely speaking up next time!

    Place was fun, definitely gonna watch out my charges tho with that particular bartender!

  29. Richard Bonie 2022/10

    Always meet great people there so I don’t mind being myself that’s fine 🙂 thank God for surrounding me with such a great spirit …

  30. Elliot Dondero-Pettit 2022/10

    Swing and a miss for us. I will say their fried pickle chips turned out pretty damn tasty. On the other hand, the brisket sandwich was so incredibly sad. I mean for $12+ you’d expect more than a slightly tough tiny sliver of brisket on your sandwich. Also took 20 mins longer for the pickup order to be ready than was told, although I don’t blame them to much for that. One day i may try them again but not anytime soon sadly.


  31. Tiana Scavone 2022/09

    Great vibes here. The love band playing was awesome. Looking forward to returning!

  32. Ginny Fraser 2022/09

    Absolutely delicious. Everything tastes amazing!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Recommended dishes
    BYO Mac and Cheese

  33. kent romska 2022/08

    Hipster heaven

  34. Kim Wyatt 2022/08

    Great place to go I made you feel right at home

  35. Jayton Howard 2022/08

    I would start off by saying some really great bar food, but honestly take the bar away from it and the food is just so good all on its own. The bar is also a great local spot with good service and chill overall atmosphere. But happy to just order tasty food from here any night of the week and stop in over the weekend for some drinks. Always a cool crowd hanging out having fun and love the patio area right out front in Cary street keeping Carytown a fun lively place to be.

  36. Alex Andrew 2022/07

    Great dive bar
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  37. Bill Lipsett 2022/05

    Tables were not clean. Food was greasy. The Brisket sandwich which I struggled to bite into didn’t even taste like it was cooked. Next time I’ll try someplace else.


  38. Treyton delaCuesta 2022/04

    Mac and me sandwich was amazing! Very nice staff and good atmosphere!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  39. Jacob Cross 2022/04

    Come for the various grilled cheese options. Stay for the friendly people, great live music, and pickled brussel sprouts. A great experience!

  40. Joseph Willingham 2022/04

    Absolutely incredible. Chris the bartender made us feel like regulars from the moment we sat down. My dad and I were visiting the area for the NASCAR race and absolutely loved our sandwhich and inexpensive beers. Delicious. Go here.

  41. I Bryan 2022/04

    Ordered here using Uber Eats. It was for 2 orders of Smoked Wings, received greasy Fried Chicken, with sauce on the side…generally, this restaurant is on par, but this the second time this has happened.


  42. Douglas Walter 2022/03

    Grate food, nice staff

  43. Andrew McGuiness (redtoorange) 2022/03

    Great food!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Vegetarian options
    Plenty of great vegetarian choices.

  44. Kevin Fortune 2022/02

    Try the Tattooine. I don’t know if I’m spelling that right.

  45. Matthew Gladden 2022/02

    It was very homey 😂 excellent people and drinks, didn’t have any food there yet
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  46. Seamus Carmody 2022/02

    Only stick to the grilled cheeses. If you order any bbq from here you will be extremely disappointed.

  47. Nick Tsardoulias 2022/01

    I was really skeptical about how adventurous the ingredients in their grilled cheese sandwiches were but I am so happy that I went out of my comfort zone. I shared the Yes Sir (Which had apricot puree) and the Upstate which had gala apple slices. They both worked wonders for the sensations and when combined with the tomato soup, which was also phenomenal, the entire meal felt very filling and unlike anything I have tasted before.

    Outside of the food being good the atmosphere was lovely and was matched with music that made the mood light hearted and hopeful.

    I would also recommend their Tatooine poutine!

  48. Dustyn Lecaroz 2022/01

    Amazing food. Amazing service. 10/10
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  49. Rosie Carter 2022/01

    Excellent food, focused menu, and a friendly staff.
    Amazing poutine!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  50. Jacob McFadden 2022/01

    Can’t say enough good things about this bar. Great prices, unbelievable food and they have an amazing open-mic on the first, third and fifth Tuesday of every month.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  51. Austin Buckley 2021/12

    Chill and diverse crowd, great staff. True neighborhood dive in the best sense.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  52. Con_man_07 2021/12

    I loved this place the service was amazing I had got the Carolina BBQ wi gs they were very yummy. Would recommend. Also saw this drawing on this table I thought it was hilarious.


  53. Robert Ouellette 2021/12

    Amazing food! Portions are big, and very decadent. Went on a night with a Comedy open mic and had a great time.


  54. Stephanie Magruder 2021/11

    It’s one of those hole in the wall places. They have a small menu but everything was really good.

  55. Heather Watson 2021/11

    Can’t go wrong with a Mac and Me!

  56. Dq Baxter 2021/11

    You like grilled cheese? If not then dont go here for food. Night scene is great tho.

  57. Maggie Vandeveer 2021/10

    Bar short staffed and rude, staff was drunk

  58. Alexander Boidock 2021/09

    Great place!!

  59. Carter Mccowan 2021/09

    Good place to relax and Great people to chat with over a club soda😎 …

  60. Needa Million 2021/09

    Food was absolutely garbage. The poutine was nasty the gravy had a weird taste. The mac and me had no flavor at all! Spent $37 on items that I threw away! The people were friendly though.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  61. Sara Sellman 2021/09

    I loved this place!!!! The bartender was amazing!!! The food was incredible!!! What a gem in Richmond!! Highly recommended!!! Not a large menu, but the items are so lovingly made for you. Flavorful and Elegant upgrades to classic dishes!!!👌🤤 my stomach is growling thinking about this food! …

  62. Alex Carter 2021/08

    My Favorite Bar!!!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  63. David Proffitt 2021/08

    She don’t know that this ain’t a place if it’s only two people in the whole place and the food was more than more expensive than the hospitality burnt ribs and poor service off the wall music.That didn’t go with the atmosphere.DiD Not feel AT Home.felt like a run down pub.from 1980orsomething.no big food to pick.Just no good.

  64. Adam Hamel 2021/08

    Nice small place. Service was handled by the bartender, and then was turned over to someone else later. Very cozy, but kind of dirty feeling due to the lack of cleaning.

  65. Don We at her head 2021/08

    Great atmosphere
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person

  66. Vincent 2021/07

    Forever the carytown spot

  67. Mr. AP 2021/07

    Very rude and unfriendly staff that serve food I wouldn’t feed to my dog.

  68. D. Waller 2021/07

    The service was pretty decent. It’s a nice place for comfort food. I got the brisket grilled cheese. It seemed a little overcooked. Overall, it was an okay experience.

  69. Marshal Turner 2021/06

    Hole in the wall. Limited menu, but what they do have on there is made right.

    BBQ was great and would love to come back when I’m craving some grilled cheese


  70. Paul Mills 2021/05

    Great service relaxing atmosphere I would definitely recommend


  71. Jerry Howard Jr 2021/05

    Cheap Beer

  72. Eli Christman 2021/05

    This place is a staple of my week. Happy hour makes their fair prices even better.

  73. Steph Lee 2021/04

    Strong pours, great prices and high quality bar food. Say what you want but you probably came to a bar to get drunk and this is one of the best to do that and also have a good meal.

  74. Ailsa Long 2021/04

    I’m afraid to say that Home Sweet Home was nothing like home. The actual restaurant was extremely dirty with splatters of unidentified liquid on the door, windows blackened with dirt and a sticker on the bench outside that said “Clean Kids Die”. Bad vibes. The food was digestible. I recommend keep walking into Carytown to find other choices.

  75. MH Butts 2021/02

    The server was great but the crab dip wasn’t..

  76. Mandy Malak 2021/02

    I ordered the Mac and me, and I guess I didn’t realize it was a sandwich. But it was supposed to come with tomato soup, which I never got. I also ordered the bbq sandwich with no slaw, and it came with coleslaw, and the bbq didn’t have much flavor.

  77. Raven Sharrieff 2021/02

    Just placed my first order here…. There was a hair on the top of the container. But an equally astounding question why is there a random goldfish in my sandwich container???

    And for clarification purposes, no I do not eat goldfish. I do not have children in my life, so there are no goldfish in my household.


  78. Ant Craft 2021/02

    Okay came to check out if this crab dip can compete with Yorktown Pub. Happy to say it absolutely is competition! The atmosphere is great feels like a Boston Pub in here! I rarely get early nights out gotta take advantage of the time. #carytownrva #homesweethome #crabdip #eatlocal #eatcrafty


  79. Tanya Moseley 2021/02

    The water was great. They did not have a good selection of food. McDonald’s has a greater variety. If you want to drink this is your place. The name is deceiving. We were invited here to eat after a funeral. We spent 2 hours nursing water.

  80. julian duran 2021/01

    Awesome food and great service

  81. Emily Clark 2020/12

    This quirky, artsy restaurant has different takes on the classic grilled cheese and tomato soup.

  82. Karen S Helmboldt 2020/12

    Bar menu food was lousy.

  83. Jessica Wiltshire 2020/11

    We ordered from here for delivery, I was very excited to try it out! The result was lacking. The grilled cheeses were great! However, the hummus had no taste (my roommate had to doctor it up herself). The Tatooine was depressing. Lots of tots but barely any cheese. Also is served with a thin onion gravy not brown gravy. My boyfriend is from Michigan and was very excited to have a taste of home. Ended up having to add more cheese and some protein, we just threw the gravy out. The goal was to stay out of the kitchen. I REALLY wanted to like this place, I’m super disappointed.

  84. Margo Singleton 2020/10

    This was our first visit at Home Sweet Home and should have known better when we asked to sit upstairs and the waiter/bartender said “look, about upstairs, y’all can sit up there but I’m not about to be running up and down the stairs”. However we decided to give it a try (not sitting upstairs) but when the waiter/bartender bought us the wrong drink and acted as if it was our fault, then hastily grabbed the drink off the table, we decided to leave. To make matters worse, the waiter/bartender ran outside behind us and began shouting obscenities at us! However, we remained poised and continued to walk away, obviously not a character the waiter/bartender exudes. The only reason Home Sweet Home is being rated a 1 because 0 is not an option.

  85. Matt Haines 2020/10

    Closed until further notice.

  86. Kristen Combs 2020/10

    Good food. Great patio and service.

  87. Tom Utendorf 2020/09

    Excellent service!

  88. Michael Sefchek 2020/09

    Super awesome!!! They allow dogs in withe the regular crowd. I went there on trivia night and the crowd was awesomeness!

  89. Theresa O'Brien 2020/09

    These five stars are for the brioche French toast. I never get anything else because they are amazing every time. I even tried to make it at home and not as good as this place.oh and the staff are so sweet

  90. Assia Benslimane 2020/08

    It was fun

  91. James Fort 2020/08

    Cheap beer, friendly staff, they’re just capitals fans…. But they’re still good people

  92. River City 2020/07

    Great drink prices. Front patio. Good smoked mac and cheese

  93. Elliana Dividu 2020/07

    Food was awesome!! I highly recommend. Staff is so sweet and it really feels like that bar that you just want to be apart of. I will absolutely be returning!

  94. Corvette Washington (Manachacream) 2020/07

    I picked up food their. Staff is nice especially the kitchen cook. Really nice guy. But I can say food must be really good cuz I am always picking up orders their. I heard there mac n cheese brisket sandwich is pretty good.

  95. Gregory Booth 2020/06

    Food was bland. Everything from the soup to the sandwiches had almost no taste.

  96. Wendi E 2020/06

    This ace seemed more like a local bar than a restaurant. It was during the pandemic so I will reserve judgemrnt. The bartender/ waitress was very nice.

  97. Snuzzles 2020/06

    Itbwasba great bar for some late night drinks having hitn3 bars before he drinks where on point 10 forn10 deff coming back


  98. Candice Gilbert 2020/06

    Went for the first time in Saturday morning. Food was good, service was good, nothing was AMAZING. I went with my husband and son, I wish there were more kid friendly options. It was also extremely cold in the glass area towards the front, we wore out jackets the entire meal, wish there had been some heat. We live in the city so when we come we want to go somewhere with a WOW factor, this wasn’t it.

  99. B T 2020/05

    One of my absolute favorite places in RVA! For food, drink, and having a good time this is an ESSENTIAL business to check out!

  100. Dre With the AK 2020/05

    If youre going for the drinks its probaly the best move because the food 👎👎👎
    Outside seating is nice yet small. …

  101. Eugene Pembleton 2020/05

    Just for take out but I loved the music. Food was OK but I liked the feel of the place.

  102. Erich Reimer 2020/04

    Such a delightful and fun little shop. They have a nice balcony and great grilled cheese! Very cozy place in the heart of the main Carytown street.

  103. Joyce Kim 2020/04

    Try the brisket sandwhich and fried pickle here, it is delicious! Great beer on draft and nice cocktail menu. Really like the front patio. Would recommend!

  104. Tracy Foren 2020/03

    The Chesapeake was the grilled cheese I’ve ever had. My daughter and I wish there was a Home Sweet Home in Virginia Beach!

  105. Christi Niermann 2020/03

    I woke up yesterday and absolutely *needed* poutine. Not sure where that came from (thanks, pregnancy) since I haven’t had it in years, but I needed it. A Google search directed me to Home Sweet Home so off I went. Before arriving I was a little concerned about the ingredients. I’ve ordered poutine before in Virginia and it came out with crumbled or shredded cheese instead of cheese curds and that’s just wrong. I sat down and ordered myself a plate of Totooine (poutine with tater tots instead of fries). I was pleasantly surprised that not only were there real cheese curds on there, but they were big and chewy just like they should be. As a former Wisconsinite, I take cheese curds very seriously (as should everyone). I’m not sure if this particular craving is going to crop up again, but if it does, I’m going to go straight back to Home Sweet Home. I’ll probably be back to try some of the sandwiches, too!

  106. natie bee 2020/03

    Good beer and pimento cheez

  107. Sam Kanczuzewski 2020/01

    Ty great place

  108. Joseph Watson 2020/01

    First time here. Its actually a cool spot to grab drinks and good food

  109. Kenny Gee 2019/12

    The sickest place to go for good drinks & great people!

  110. Blake Edwards 2019/11

    Friendly staff and delicious food

  111. Adrian W. 2019/11

    Home Sweet Home is a lovely little place to eat if you’re looking for something more laid-back near Carytown. I was a bit skeptical when I realized the menu is nothing but grilled cheeses — it’s an odd thing to specialize in, but I can’t say they didn’t succeed in offering some great sandwiches. The fried pickles were a tasty appetizer, and the side of fries were nice and crispy to go along with the entree. My grilled cheese came with a green apple and syrup for dipping, and it was excellent. The server did mess up our order a bit, but it was an honest mistake and she offered a discount without us even asking for it, so I can’t fault them for that. The interior can get a little cramped and loud depending on how busy it is, but Home Sweet Home is definitely worth a visit if you’re a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches.

  112. Justin Eshelman 2019/10

    Get the wings!

  113. Alex Stahlbuck 2019/10

    Food is incredible must try soup

  114. Richard Abernathy 2019/10

    Stopped in for late lunch today. Had the BBQ Brisket sandwich, brussel sprouts and fries. EVERYTHING was WAY too salty and overly greasy, but I didn’t make a fuss. I was hungry and in a hurry to get back home afterwards. I left disappointed cause the reviews looked really good on this place. Oh well….


  115. Betty Moore 2019/09

    Good food

  116. Mason Watkins 2019/09

    Cute decor, tasty food. Get the grilled cheese!

  117. Artem Bilous 2019/09

    Great place. We watched the game with the sound on. If you want to eat great food and watch a game, this place is the way to go.

  118. Ron Capps 2019/09

    I had the Mac and Me for lunch. It was a little too greasy. Service was pleasant but slow which is not a good thing when you have to get back to work. And, dirty paper menus is never a good thing.

  119. Rich R 2019/08

    Very casual good vibe

  120. Natalie Bastian 2019/08

    I got the Mac and me sandwich and was very disappointed. The bread was soggy and greasy and there was maybe one bite of bbq on it. Tasted like it had been sitting out for a while. The side of brussel sprouts I got was literally 3 brussel sprouts for an extra $2 as a side. Would not recommend.

  121. Gunnar Larson 2019/07

    Bar staff is friendly and attentive.

  122. Todd Shackelford 2019/07

    Heavy metal home cooking with a exotic flair. Don’t be confused, just try it and make your heart and stomach happy.

  123. Jesse L 2019/07

    Best little hole in the wall bar in Carytown.

  124. Lelia Graham 2019/07

    Get the brisket!!! Also, awesome bartenders 😎 …

  125. Sherry Sammy 2019/07

    Drinks was excellent, the jerk wings was omg spicy lol but good the service was excellent our server kimmy very friendly ,bubbly personality, great server great service very welcoming

  126. Spicy Peanut 2019/07

    Extremely cozy bar with a great draft list, friendly staff, and a great outdoor seating area with heaters! A great place to meet someone for a drink.

  127. Michael Knight 2019/06


  128. Zach Jordan 2019/06

    Thats grilled cheeses here are awesome! I got a mac and grilled cheese with pulled pork on it and it was the bomb!

  129. Corvette Washington 2019/06

    Female waitress with dark hair would always ignore me for some reason when ever I had to pick up an order so I had stop going their for awhile but just recently returned to pick up an order n she was their n in my mind I was like here we go but she acknowledge me n I was thank goodness I did not get ignored.

  130. luvizbubbles 2019/06

    It is a place that offer different variations of grilled cheeses. The sandwiches were great and it is not as cramped inside as it looks. The fries were a little too cripsy for me but tasted good. Is not badly priced at all.


  131. Katherine Carr 2019/05

    Delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup! Friendly staff.

  132. chris johnson 2019/05

    The best!

  133. Blair Sullivan 2019/05

    I loved the atmosphere, has a fun clientelle.

  134. Rachael Bell 2019/04

    Industry bar with decent food and a chill vibe. One of my favorite bars

  135. Tim Sullivan 2019/04

    I was looking for a smaller place with some atmosphere where I could easily read a book and maybe start up a conversation with somebody. This meet all of those needs. The bartender made the night fun while keeping up the talk. My choice of grilled cheese was there Riverrun.

  136. Ashley Wilkes (placatepoetry) 2019/04

    Came here Saturday night for dinner. Sat up stairs and there was a dart board so that was cool. Our waitress was awesome! Definitely the best service I’ve been given at a resturant. Food was very delicious and came out fast. They serve poutine!

  137. Karrah Avocoedo 2019/04

    This is our new favorite spot. The food was delicious, our waitress was truly a pleasure and the atmosphere was cozy and relaxed. We stopped in rather early Saturday evening. We indulged with the tater tot poutine, grilled cheese sandwiches and a few drinks! We’re already planning our return. Thanks for a great experience Him Sweet Home!

  138. Md Hossain 2019/04

    It’s good for local people.

  139. Justin Hobson 2019/04

    Great sandwiches and brunch, good drink prices.

  140. Sarah Rogers 2019/04

    It may be weird but one of my favorite things was the amazing late 90s/early 00s music. It switched between country to alternative, and it was as delightful as my Yes Sir sandwich.

  141. teee 01 2019/04

    It was terribly hot in this summer heat, but the food was great. I got the W.T.F. sandwich and it was really good. You get a $2 up charge to substitute the side of tomato soup it comes with for fries, which I think is a bit overpriced. The waiter was very gracious and attentive. I will definitely be returning.

  142. David Johnson 2019/03

    The place to going you’re craving a grilled cheese.

  143. danny wiedenbeck 2019/03

    Killer grilled cheese and tomato soup!

  144. Hannah 2019/03

    Ordered through UberEats. The Mac & Me tasted incomplete without the soup to dip into and I was still hungry after a $9 sandwich and soup. When the order says “comes with soup” it should really say, “comes with a shot glass worth of tomato soup”. The value is also not worth it when ordering for delivery, but maybe a dine in experience would be better.

  145. Jack “Lucky” 2019/02

    Great time there, the grilled cheese was amazing

  146. brady buffington 2019/02

    Cozy little spot if you’re lucky enough to get a seat. Defacto Washington Capitals bar. I watched the final game of the Stanley Cup here and it was a wild time. Would repeat

  147. Shayne Smith 2019/02

    A comfortable, friendly place. Worth a visit, whether during the day as a restaurant, or evening as a bar. Menu is straightforward and delicious, well executed and reasonably priced. Bar staff is friendly and attentive. They’re good people, they serve good food, it’s always a solid experience

  148. Alex Strauch 2019/02

    Great bar that serves up a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches and appetizers. Mac n Me was delicious but definitely heavy.

    I think Home Sweet Home is a solid drinking spot or perfect last stop of the night!

  149. John Burton 2019/02

    Great Moscow Mule and pimento dip!

  150. Andrew Tucker 2019/02

    Best grilled cheese/capitals bar in the city

  151. Tinika Darden 2019/02

    The drinks are appropriately priced and the bartenders are great!

  152. Sylvia Yancey 2019/02

    The Manager and staff is Supper friendly and the food is great.

  153. k 2019/01

    Home sweet home and ran into a friend of mine who is the person who will have to get together for a while now so we moved to a new house

  154. Chase Hall 2019/01

    The fries could break your teeth, grilled cheese sandwiches looked and tasted like something made in a dorm at 2am with whatever’s available and the soup came in small ramekins close to what you’d receive in a fast food joint. If this restaurant stays in business then anyone has a solid chance of starting their own.

  155. Lauren Knowles 2019/01

    Very cute place with a variety of grilled cheeses. Such a comforting sandwich. The tomato soup is served with a goldfish cracker floating in it. It’s a cute touch and a delicious soup.

    Vegetarians: The tomato soup is not vegetarian. It’s made with chicken stock. They clearly label that on the menu. So glad they do that.

  156. Kaytlin Pratt 2019/01

    Great spot. The grilled cheese with apricot jam is mouthwatering.

  157. J C M A 2018/12

    Good food cute little spot

  158. Jeff Wood 2018/12

    Cheap drinks and a fun place to watch a hockey game

  159. Futral 2018/12

    Definitely college bar vibes here, really good food.

  160. Corey Sapp 2018/12

    Relatively quiet place to have a drink no matter what day of the week. Bartender doesn’t let your drink run empty.

  161. Tara Francis 2018/12

    Yummy grilled cheese! I love the pimento and ham sandwich, but you can’t go wrong with them cheesy, gravy fries!

  162. C Zimmerman 2018/12

    Absolutely delicious food. Stellar service!

  163. Chloe Nordgaard 2018/12

    Service is a little slow, but food is fantastic.

  164. Julian 2018/12

    Cute concept with good food and beers. Menu is short but well curated.

  165. Jmick430 mc 2018/11


  166. Cristina Living 2018/11

    Amazing place. I like to visit this place on Sunday, the cocktails are so good, the attention is good. And sandwiches wow. I recomended this place.

  167. Timothy Roberts 2018/11

    Pretty good! A bit divier than one might expect. Sandwiches are the bomb. It would be cool of they put together some more unique vegetarian options. The bartenders are nice. I’ll be back to check out hehe comedy/open mic.

  168. Jeffrey Wrobel 2018/11

    Great little comfort food spot. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Can’t go wrong with either of those. Cosy.

  169. Cassondra Jackson 2018/11

    You have to go here! The happy hour has some great deals and the sandwiches are to die for. I recommend the Chesapeake!

  170. Lori Bischof 2018/11

    Oh my gosh!!! So yummy!!! Absolutely loved our sandwiches. Great atmosphere, everyone loved their dinner.


  171. Katherine Barotti 2018/10

    Great grilled cheeses.

  172. S P 2018/10

    Try different grilled cheese

  173. Yvonne LeFrancois 2018/10

    Hole in the wall type feel. Two floors with good service.

  174. B True 2018/10

    I’ve tried ordering food from here twice. First time the order was never made. The second time I called and the phone just rang and rang and rang….not worth my time.

  175. Christopher Millsap 2018/10

    Great grilled cheese. Me and my fiance come here regularly to enjoy the patio/deck with groups of our friends.

  176. Samuel Hall 2018/09


  177. Samuel Shafovaloff 2018/09

    Delicious food. Okay value

  178. Matthew Edwards 2018/09

    Good food good service good drinks bloodymaries were great

  179. Allen Earehart 2018/09

    Great selection of cheese sandwiches and homemade tomato soup.

  180. Chris McMillan 2018/09

    Always a good grilled cheese here. Any option dipped into the tomato soup on the side is so delicious. Nice little outdoor deck up front too so you can enjoy the weather.

  181. Dee Luv 2018/08

    Very comfortable.

  182. Jeff Mosh 2018/08

    Good coffee, nice beer selection, great food, cool staff. And hockey season so, so it even gets better? Can’t wait.

  183. Amber Sampson 2018/08

    Great food

  184. Jesse Merrill 2018/08

    Super good sandwiches, amazing brunch

  185. Hannah Wunder 2018/08

    The atmosphere was snug and warm and the service was personable. Poutine fries where delicious and satisfying. The jerk chicken grilled cheese was also very good, but the star player for me was the side of tomato soup which was probably the best tomato soup I’ve had in a long time!


  186. Steven Ramberg 2018/07

    Is….so delicious. Go there.

  187. Christopher Helme 2018/07

    Next level grilled cheeses!

  188. Chris Oswald 2018/07

    Service was meh, food was just ok

  189. Tavarris Spinks (Teevirus) 2018/07

    Simple menu of mostly grilled cheese. Cozy interior with decent beer selection.

  190. Héctor Navarro Martín 2018/06

    Grilled cheese is worth amputating a limb for. Very sweet staff.

  191. SayTan 2018/06

    Cozy little spot right on Cary Street in Carytown. Equipped with a bar and standard seating areas for small parties. All the food I have tried is great but their focus on unique grilled cheese sandwiches is by far the most interesting thing on the menu. They also make a ginger beer in house that mixes into a very fine Moscow Mule. I am a big fan of Moscow Mules so the ginger beer makes me particularly biased; I think anyone would agree that the grilled cheese here is bomb though.

  192. Cathy Field 2018/06

    Delicious brunch and grilled cheese options. Reasonably priced. Pitchers of Mimosas.

  193. Ethan Brown 2018/06

    My go to bar spot. Great grilled cheese and cheap beers! Chill atmosphere where you can hang with local Richmonders and not be bombarded but out-of-towers. HSH is the best!

  194. Tracy Ketch 2018/06

    Best poutine and grilled cheese I’ve had in a long time – service was friendly but kind of slow. Sat by the door and staff smoked out front so that was kinda yucky as it wafted in by our table. Bathroom was graffitied with curse words so didn’t want my youngest to use it and made me uncomfortable. Enjoyed the actual meal, not the space.

  195. Edmund Hannum 2018/05

    Good drinking and eating

  196. Ginger Malbrough 2018/05

    Loved the sandwich!

  197. Matt Kreitz 2018/05

    Good place, good food.

  198. Luke Day 2018/05

    It’s was an original solid idea. The grilled cheese was 🔥 …

  199. Brandon Brittle 2018/05

    HSH functions by day as a gourmet grilled cheese bar and by night as a dive-y hangout for locals. And that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. Don’t expect a ton of glamour here. Try the poutine or the Mac n’ Me. Also some of the best wings I’ve had in Richmond. $5 combo happy meals are the real deal for cheap drinks in RVA.

  200. Brooks Child 2018/04

    The menu is mostly grilled cheeses and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  201. Matt Waller 2018/04

    Great service! Good happy hour!

  202. Harold Jones 2018/04

    Great sandwiches, great beer. Comedy upstairs every other Wed.

  203. Edward Sorrentino 2018/04

    Delicious food and reasonably priced beer, mixed with a great atmosphere. Plus it’s the best place to watch the Caps.

  204. Celeste Gates 2018/03

    Simple quality food good atmosphere

  205. Rick Vollmer 2018/03

    Awesome drinking joint with lots of young locals. Smoking area on deck. Very limited menu, just wings and grilled cheese which were adequate. The emphasis in on the bar.

  206. Matt Wild 2018/02

    Home away from home ❤

  207. Diana Rodriguez 2018/02

    So I used to come here religiously for the roasted brussel sprout grilled cheese sandwich, but they took it off the menu. So it s grilled cheese tomato soup type of place. They are good at what they do, great service, outdoor patio, right on Cary.

  208. Shucky Oh 2018/02

    Food was actually really good!! I had a bbq sandwich with mac n cheese in it and a spinach salad with goat cheese. I can’t remember the names. Sorry! 😞 The waitress, however, was S L O W!!! It was on a Saturday around 2:30 in the afternoon. They weren’t very busy at all. I was the only customer downstairs and she just sat at the bar on her phone so I had to go up and ask for more water twice and eventually ask for more napkins and a to go box! My table never got cleared, I never got a drink refill without going to ask her for one and…she never got a tip! 😕👎

  209. Gina B 2018/02

    I’m always surprised that there aren’t many people here. The food is quite good. I first discovered this place on a Carytown food tour, and everyone in my party really liked the bbq and mac & cheese sandwich. I went last week with my nephew who is a very picky eater. I stuck with the bbq and msc & cheese with tomato soup. My nephew created his own with cheddar and bacon. He said the bread was just the right crispness and really enjoyed his sandwich with substitute of fries instead of soup. The fries had a very good flavor. I chuckled a bit at the quirky bathroom – painted with blackboard paint. Chalk provided by the light switch.


  210. Shannon Roulet 2018/02

    It was okay, I really wanted to like it and all the grilled cheese options are really cool but what I got was not really worth $11. I know you’re sorry my experience wasn’t top notch, so you don’t have to reply to this, just maybe yknow make the soup and grilled cheese warm next time. They do have a decent beer/cider selection though and the fried pickles were alright.


  211. Kay Morgan 2018/02

    I usually stop in once a week to play rock band on Mondays, and it only took a few weeks before the bartender knew who I was and what I ordered. It makes ya feel special!

  212. Anna Weaver 2018/02

    We met up with some friends here for a drink after dinner while in town. I heard about the grilled cheeses and saw one at the table next to us. So of course we had to order some for a ‘second supper’. OH my gosh they were amazing and I would absolutely recommend. Cool little spot for a beer but DANG that grilled cheese was the star.

  213. Greg F 2018/01

    GREAT BBQ sandwiches!

  214. Nicole Holstein 2018/01

    My husband loved his grilled cheese, but I got a salad that was mostly cabbage and the house red wine that was literally undrinkable-and I drink box wine on the reg!
    Moral of the story- order a grilled cheese and a whiskey or else don’t bother coming.

  215. Lyn Baker 2017/12

    Best picklebacks in richmond

  216. Adi Jakupovic 2017/12

    Tight knit place with some awesome grilled cheese sandwiches.

  217. Mahesh Tailor 2017/12

    Brisket sandwich was delicious. Kimchi on sandwich was an interesting twist and so were the pickled brussel sprouts.

  218. Kim Baughman 2017/12

    Gourmet grilled cheese with a cup of tomato soup. My hubby was looking forward to a Reuben that we saw on their website menu but when we got there it was not on the menu. It was a nice buttery creamy grilled cheese with meats of your choice.

  219. Gil Cintron 2017/12

    Came to HSH with some friends for my bday. I’d never been before and didn’t know what the menu was all about. Couldn’t have been happier. Great outdoor seating, amazing grilled cheese options, and awesome service. Love this spot!

  220. David H 2017/12

    Gourmet grilled cheese and tomato soup!? Count me in! This place is great if you need some comfort food.

  221. Avery Ashe 2017/11

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 …

  222. Adam Torborg 2017/11

    I was a little disappointed with my experience. We may have gone at an off time, and would be willing to eat here again, to give them another chance but the sandwich was surprisingly soggy and the tomato soup was pretty plain.

  223. Russ Mayes 2017/10

    Gourmet grilled cheese and craft beer… What could be better

  224. Robert Buchanan 2017/10

    They look out for other businesses, For example they have given shifts to Employees of Don’t Look Back in response to the recent fire.This Fire which as of the most recent intelligence reports I have received has closed Dont look Back for 6 months for repairs. Way to go Home Sweet Home.

  225. Thomas Chisholm 2017/09

    Fire fire fire

  226. Trish Connolly 2017/09

    Such a quaint place. Great people who work there

  227. lamar jackson 2017/08

    Waitress was rude

  228. Rent M. 2017/08

    Food was good. I recommend the Mac and Me. However my beer was warm and the restaurant seemed short staffed for a Sunday for brunch. Just the bartender servicing the entire restaurant.

  229. Shawn Weaver 2017/07

    Probably the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had.

  230. Victoria Raymond 2017/07

    3/5 mostly because they didn’t have a real dessert menu, just packaged store bought desserts. They also had a pretty limited beer menu which in RVA is a big downer. The poutine though was great and the menu was creative.

  231. Andrea Brewer 2017/07

    Tried this place after briefly meeting someone who works there. Gourmet grilled cheese! I was expecting to be wowed, but was disappointed enough to not give them a second try. First red flag was the water and cigarette overflowing bucket that greets you outside the front door. Inside, the server was a little too nonchalant, not really caring if we were there or not was the vibe I got. The only other patrons were folks who looked like regulars at the bar so our server was not busy. Our table was sticky and the paper menus should have been recycled long before they made it into our hungry hands; food stains and torn, it was laughable. When the server took our order he was less than helpful, again not seeming to care. We got fried pickles, which were ok, came with a super salty dipping sauce and were pickle slices instead of spears. My grilled cheese was good, but the chilled beet bisque was lacking. After a few spoonfuls I stopped trying to like it. Other folks liked their sandwiches, and the salad with the yellow beets was a hit. The crab dip was tasty, but when we asked for a container to take the dip to go, the server said “That’s specifically why we don’t do the crab dip to go.” Huh? I asked him “What is specifically why you don’t do the grab dip to go?” Server: “Because we don’t have a container to put it in.” I replied, “Well that’s stupid.” Server: shrugs shoulders. I was able to get a ‘regular’ box, which sufficed just fine to take the crab do to go. Did I mention the music was not only annoying but really loud? It was 3 in the afternoon. So, dirty, meh food and crappy server equals there are way too many restaurants in Richmond for me to go back to a mediocre one.

  232. Dani Girl 2017/07

    Super noisy but laid back hang out joint featuring a killer PBR + shot for $5 dollar bar special. Known for their indulgent comfort food like their mac and cheese and toasted sandwich menu. College crowd friendly and neato homestead ambience makes this place balanced in terms of vibe. Food is inexpensive, hearty, and veggie friendly (not quite vegan friendly though)

  233. Julia Pearl 2017/07

    Bat tender was excellent company while I waited for my takeout order!

  234. John Degaraff 2017/06

    Kitchen boys rule

  235. Jason No 2017/06

    Great drinks, nice staff, definitely going back!

  236. Iain E 2017/06

    Worst service ever! The wrong order was delivered, and when we called to see what to do, we were told “tough s#!+” . So yeah, Bryan the manager is literally the most rude person ever, and I’m no saint myself, but that is no way to run a business or treat a customer, specially one who order multiple times a week and spend lots of money there. You should’ve just had the wings sent

  237. Keith Kellam 2017/05

    Good, not great, food. Nice location and atmosphere.

  238. Scott T 2017/04

    A little taste of Canada in the heart of the capitol of the confederacy.

  239. Snyder Family 2017/04

    Neat little place! Food was AMAZING but the service was absolutely terrible!

  240. Christopher Stephens 2017/04

    Delicious and very creative grilled cheese! Would definitely go back.

  241. Anne Schons 2017/04

    I tried several beers and they were all great. I liked all the nooks and crannies for sitting. The ambiance was cozy and welcoming. Kudos to whatever playlist was on – it was hard not to sing along!

  242. Michael Ahr 2017/03

    Delicious grilled cheese and wonderful fries. Not plain but also not pretentious.

  243. Zeke Lancaster 2017/03

    This place serves some great creative takes on comfort food. Usually I just want comfort food to be normal, but they’ve got something special here.

  244. Peter 2017/02

    The food is amazing.

  245. Jamie Thomas 2017/02

    Such wonderful tomato soup and grilled cheese.

  246. Alex Coyle 2017/02

    I never cared for tomato soup until now. Yummy appetizers to hold you over until the grilled cheese comes out.

  247. Sadie Duke 2017/02

    Understated and delicious.

  248. Ashley Taylor 2017/02

    My go to spot to watch Capitals games

  249. Ben Hoover 2017/02

    great variations on grill cheese and an awesome place to watch Hockey. CAPS CAPS CAPS

  250. Colin B 2017/01

    Relaxed atmosphere with Rock solid grilled cheeses. Kicking it up from a kid’s snack to a great meal.

  251. Donovan Phillips 2017/01

    This is a fun little spot. Has seating outside, inside near the bar and upstairs. I often take clients to the garden grove brewery and then finish at home sweet home. Brunch and dinner menus are simple but you will always find a favorite. Service is usually pretty good for carytown.

  252. John Mathews 2017/01

    Great bartenders. Food options limited but good

  253. Greg Tyler 2016/12

    Pulled pork mac n cheese grilled cheese. Do I need to say anything else?

  254. Kyle Anglin 2016/12

    Grilled cheese and beer…need I add anything else to the rating. Great sandwiches, haven’t tried them all but never found one that wasn’t awesome and wash it down with some beer…count me in

  255. Scott Beaubien 2016/12

    For a place whose menu is made up nearly entirely of varieties of grilled cheese, they sure do know how to make ’em! The two dollar upcharge for only a handful of fries wasn’t worth it, so stick with the soup instead.

  256. Morgan Brannan 2016/11

    great happy hour and delicious grilled cheeses!

  257. Bennie “Utah” MacEntyre 2016/11

    our first visit here, will not be our last.. The grilled cheese sandwiches are great, some very unusual and tasty combinations… on tap beer in a place where you can still get a PBR..
    Great service great atmosphere love the old-school feel..
    parking is horrible in Cary town but it’s worth the effort….,

  258. Heather Deadrick 2016/10

    We recently went on a food tour with River City Food Tours and introduced us to Home Sweet Home.My boyfriend and I were blown away by their unique style of food and how they presented themselves. I ordered the Mac and Me sandwich and I swear I have never had a better sandwich in my life! Not to mention there was a side cup of tomato soup with a cute goldfish! We left with zebra cakes in hand as a parting gift from the restaurant. We have been back since and it was just as amazing as before. Thank you River City Food Tours for helping us find this wonderful restaurant. We will be coming back as much as possible. I don’t think we are exaggerating by saying we are addicted! I would highly recommend this place to all my friends and family!

  259. Mia Jones 2016/08

    Yummy grilled cheese and big portions. Covered patio is awesome. Great staff.

  260. Maxwell Kaye 2016/06

    Da best. Great drinks and great food.

  261. Andy Katt 2016/05

    Caps bar specializing in grilled cheeses and they’re d*** good too! Darts upstairs, TV and bar on ground level.

  262. Austin Oakes 2016/04

    A variety of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and a chill vibe. Check it out!

  263. Bob Fink 2016/04

    Definitely a hole in the wall type of place, but it was fun. More college age crowd. The grilled cheese sandwhiches, simple but really good. Prices were great. Service was good. Small place, can get crowded but overall, I enjoyed going there.

  264. James Ogden 2016/03

    Good food! Good service too.

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