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Home Paramount Pest Control
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  1. Warren Chapman 2023/10

    My technician Ronney is great. He is knowledgeable, polite, on time, thorough, etc. He is the poster guy for quality service.

  2. Ley Watson 2023/10

    Our builder initially used Paramount for the termite treatment 25 years ago, and we have stuck with them since. No more.

    – All they want to do is up sell, almost arguing with you if you use a different company.
    – This year’s inspection was all about finding things to sell with minimal time in the crawl space and no external checking whatsoever.
    – In the past they destroyed our crawl space encapsulation, and put up a fight when we required them to fix the damage. (We should have moved on then.)

    Well, we will find a better company. What an absolute waster of $160.

  3. Luis Garcia 2023/09

    Got stuck in a year contract for roaches. Issue never got better. Technician would come to the house and spend no more than 2 minutes spraying in the inside, no follow up questions no signs of interest on whether their service was working or not. Called for a follow up service and they never showed

  4. Kimberly Hassmer 2023/07

    We have been so blessed to work with Ronney the last two years. He is kind and professional, good at his job and so knowledgeable! We have a tough case with ants and he’s always so helpful!

  5. Linda Rinaldi 2023/07

    Very professional and courteous. Took care of the bat problem almost immediately. Followed up on everything.

  6. Michael Hoy 2023/07

    I’ve been using Home Paramount for several years for general insect control and termites. Ronney Perry has been great to work with. He gets the job done and he’s great to talk to. I feel comfortable that he’ll fix any problems I’m having quickly.

  7. Howard Johnson 2023/04

    Very knowledgeable and kind and professional.

  8. Keith Johnson 2023/01

    The company lies to you and charges for fictitious charges

  9. Alla Panitkova 2022/10

    Do not recommend to deal with them at all. Back in winter/early spring we hired them to help us with rats in our rental house. It took 3 teams and 2 weeks get everything set up in first place as the 1st team did not have the right vehicle with them and the right tools, second team decided to service the crawl space only and did not bother going inside the house, the 3D team ( after multiple calls from me) finally came in and finished everything but… by that time my tenants already moved out as no one wants to live with rats for several weeks. But even after everything was set up nothing worked and no rats were caught. They literally were jumping on kitchen counters and furniture!! When I called to complain about the whole thing I was literally told that they “never guaranteed me anything” and there was nothing else they could do. I asked for at least some of my money back due to that poor service at that beginning and no results which cost me not only that $600 Bill for the service but I Also lost my tenants, the service manager promised to “look into that” and of course never called me back. I canceled the services with them right away and hired another firm which “guaranteed me the results ( or money back) and fixed the issue within a few days! Stay away from home paramount pest control!

  10. Austin Kinneberg 2022/08

    The “lowest possible” estimate I was provided was about twice as expensive as other places. Seemed knowledgeable, but I generally steer away from companies that appear to intentionally obfuscate the cost of doing business with them.

  11. jeff mcknight 2022/06

    Very reasonable pricing, quality service. Would use them again. Happy with my service.

  12. Roy Shumaker 2022/03

    Great service

  13. Bruce Clarke 2021/09

    Super fast service. Bugs all gone plus I finally have new insulation in my attic. Didnt know they offered that service.

  14. Robert Adams 2021/08

    My mother, 77 years old, called them because of a swarm of carpenter ants outside the house. Bill and his manager came out and did a treatment for the ants. They also went under the house and did an inspection, they found termite damage, but no sign of recent activity. They also recommended centroken stations outside the house. The damage under the house was old with no new activity. Anyway, $3400 later, we are in dispute over the charges and they haven’t contacted me back in almost a week. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE, THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE ELDERLY FOR PROFIT!

  15. Tammy Hershberger 2021/08

    Great company and people!!

  16. Marshall Martin 2021/02

    We have been long-time customers (10+ years) of the annual service. Whenever we have a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately (like the yellow jacket nest in our front yard last week), they come right out and take care of it. They send the same gentleman each time (Scott) who is friendly and professional. We really like this company.

  17. Zaid Mehdawi 2020/09

    They would come on time. Recently they focus to spray exterior only due to covid

  18. Gregory Finn 2020/08

    Technician was very friendly and knowledgeable. Treated our problems thoroughly.
    Wonderful experience.

  19. Kevin Gray 2020/07

    Great company. Very happy with the customer service, can always get the answer to my questions. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family.

  20. Lance Garland 2020/02

    Dennis does a fantastic job every time!

  21. Mitchell Portervint 2020/01

    Always responds quickly and gets the job done.

  22. Michele Laulette 2019/06

    Dependable, reliable, friendly and very helpful. Will explain options available and how and what will be done through any questions you may have. Exceptional company. Highly recommend to solve any pest problems you may have.

  23. T Allen 2019/05

    The guy that came out was amazing I needed an inspection because I was selling my home and I was able to get an appointment within the next two days I had called around and they had the best price also .

  24. Ricky Thompson 2019/05

    Home Paramount was on time friendly and very knowledgeable and resolved my mice issue in my attic.

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