Holiday Barn Pet Resorts

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Holiday Barn Pet Resorts
4.4 based on 199 reviews
  1. Jee Young 2023/10

    Very satisfied with the customer service and care for the dogs

  2. Rebecca Gricus Thompson 2023/09

    If I could rate them 6 stars, I would. I’ve NEVER boarded my pets before, and we were pretty nervous about boarding our 4 cats while we have our floors refinished. I got 2 condos (2 cats each) with exterior windows. I was so impressed with the diligence of all the employees to catalog everything brought in, taking detailed notes on every food, treat, toy, bed, etc. We’ve come to visit almost every day, and every time we’re met with smiles and great updates on how the kitties are doing. I took a peek at their notes, and was so impressed that they keep detailed notes of whether they ate, drank water, went to the bathroom, etc. I decided halfway to move 2 of the kitties into the “presidential suite”- it has a huge window with a great view. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Holiday Barn for boarding your kitties. My only tip is to bring comfy beds and such to dress up their condo, and if your cats are big and/or bougie, consider the presidential suite! (PS there is one employee who always goes out of her way to greet me and never eye rolls how much of a helicopter pet parent I am- I’m going to find out her name and update my review soon!)

  3. M Gerrish 2023/09

    Very friendly and personal staff. Highly recommend.

  4. Linda M 2023/09

    Always feel confident is well taken care of.

  5. Timothy Chester 2023/08

    The facility and staff are the best. We will always take our pets to Holiday Barn for boarding and grooming services!

  6. Stan Garnett 2023/08

    Great staff who love our pets as much as we do!

  7. Candace Moose 2023/08

    Holiday Barn is Fantastic! Always clean. Staff is friendly and professional. I highly recommend both doggy day camp and boarding!

  8. Patrick Ramsey 2023/08

    I walk dogs for rover, and told my client that her dog needed proper training before I can continue walking her dog.. she proceeded to tell me that her dog went through extensive training here… well it appears as though the training was a failure and the dog doesn’t listen to anybody and pulls on the leash non stop. (From what I can tell , waste of money) train your dogs the old fashioned way

  9. Sarah Landes 2023/07

    The best possible place to leave your kitty. Both locations are super clean and friendly.

  10. Vernice Gaston 2023/07

    We were in VA for vacation and decided to take our puppy (Leo) to Holiday Barn for a week of boarding and training!!! Best decision ever! The staff was super nice, and the facility was very clean. Wish we had a Holday Barn here in GA.

  11. Justin Turner 2023/07

    We’ve used holiday pet barn for all of our dogs. They take such good care of them during their stay.
    They always can accommodate special dietary needs if you bring in your food. The report card are always nice to see after a stay so you know how your pet was while you were gone.

  12. Robert Thomas 2023/06

    Nice place

  13. Rajdeep Patil 2023/06

    Couldn’t find a small pet care thing

  14. Benjamin Sweeney 2023/05

    My dog Bubs does great staying here, even though he is an anxious old man. He usually wags when seeing the staff and comes home tired but happy and well cared for. It’s nice to be able to add activities a la carte for my dog’s needs.

  15. C. Townley 2023/04

    Had to board my dog an extra day unexpectedly – they accommodated without issue.

  16. None Needed 2023/04

    I wanted to thank Alissa for being so kind and supportive to me as a nervous dog mom. She took extra time to talk to me and help me prepare for an upcoming reservation. Delaney and Becca were also so kind. I love the options here for pups who prefer people over other dogs – there are so many options for fun time with counselors instead, which I really appreciate for my pup! Most importantly, I know my pup will be safe here. So far, she’s also returned each time without having picked up any illnesses – which is huge considering other places don’t seem as cautious and clean as Holiday Barn is!

  17. Emmalia Colendrino 2023/04

    The facility is clean and beautiful. We have a very nervous pup and the training staff, especially Zach, took the time to acclimate him and were amazing in teaching our Hiro. Definitely recommend!


  18. Cole Froehlich 2023/04

    Amazing staffers, incredible facility, and an overall fantastic atmosphere. My dog feels right at home!

  19. Darlene Marie Walker 2023/04

    Holiday Barn was all I thought it would be. Having known one of the original owners and her daughter, I had a lot of confidence in sending him there. Everyone is super kind, and the facility is beautiful! It’s much fun to see all of the pets lining up to check in; they all seem so happy and excited! My little Gino can’t wait to go in the mornings!

  20. Charlotte Shirey 2023/03

    Happy cat, liked the report card/notes we got.

  21. Sam Segal 2023/02

    The staff and everyone here is amazing!

  22. katrina hi 2023/02

    My fur baby absolutely loves it!

  23. Katy Phillips 2023/01

    We love Holiday Barn and there are so many reasons why. First, both locations are absolutely wonderful. Each pet I’ve owned has stayed there and they were always well cared for and loved on during their stay. They’ve come home happy and healthy. It’s so nice not to stress about the quality of care our pets are getting. Also, our current dog is a huge fan of the field walks and snuggles with the employees, especially the ones at Midlothian. Lastly, when my old dog died several years ago I got a card from the Glen Allen location (where she had primarily stayed) expressing their condolences. It was such a thoughtful and kind gesture during a rough time. We’ll always use Holiday Barn for boarding!

  24. Kylie Draucker 2023/01

    The only place we’ll take our puppies for overnight travel! The staff is always friendly and welcoming. The check in process is efficient. The puppies get total pampering with the facilities including private rooms with windows, tvs and bedding from home. A pool and other enrichment available. Our pups even got stockings on Christmas! We have also completed on site training that has been the same amazing experience. Highly recommend!


  25. Sgradillas 2023/01

    My baby has found herself and new place, the staff was so kind and loving to her. They even gave my a report card on how well she did, I will recommend then to all who have fur babies. ❤❤❤❤❤

  26. Marion Nixon 2023/01

    It was my first time boarding my 2 Scottish folds for 6 nights.
    When I went to first check it out ( before boarding), I had came in the late morning and was happy to know it was cleaned with bleach ( from the smell).
    I got a tour of the area for my kitties and it was nice to see that their rooms are all different in sizes. depending on what you choose along with how many.
    The girls I spoke to were really nice.
    To make it like home for my babies, I was able to bring their toys ( labeled) along with their beds and food.
    Holiday Barn requires their current shot info. to give them from your vet and you don’t need to leave a deposit for their stay, just pay in full when picking up. I even recieved a REPORT CARD for their stay….they passed lol.

  27. Madeline Lewis 2022/12

    This is the only place I’d trust my senior dog. The quality of care is worth every penny!

  28. Crystal Burr 2022/11

    This place is awesome!!!! The staff are very friendly and intuitive to the animals needs…I love the care my dog receives here.. I love the daily report card I get about my dog as well. Also, during covid they were excellent.

  29. linda mays 2022/11

    I like the friendly staff. The kennel area is clean, check in and out was fast. I received a report card for my cat’s activities. My only concern was my cat appeared skinny after his 11 day stay but, probably due to stress. I will use them again.

  30. Chris Marchetti 2022/11

    Wow! First impression is off the charts. Our dog is getting some training which there. Staff seems excellent.

  31. Lauren Westfall 2022/10

    Can’t say enough about how wonderful my experience with holiday barn pet resort was! Professional, Friendly, Clean!

  32. EDW Mess 2022/10

    First impression of this place was very good! I forgot my dog’s vaccination report and the lady at the front desk was kind and called my vet. All the staff seemed very friendly. I saw training with other dogs and the trainer looked very personable and skilled. I may consider training for my 2 dogs. They both got bathed, teeth cleaned, nails trimmed. They looked, smelled and acted fantastic when I picked them up. They even had a report card about their experience and behavior, and they passed! The part of the facility that I saw was very clean as well. Just based on the services I had done, I would recommend this place! We will be back and kudos to Brandi, the groomer! Thank you so much for making our dogs smell, feel and look great!!!!

  33. Taylor Tucker 2022/09

    I loved knowing that my baby was in the best care while I was away. Look at that face Khloie loved it!!


  34. Linda Saavedra 2022/09

    Great service. Beautiful facility. Very friendly staff. Would highly recommend.

  35. Lindsay 2022/09

    My dog has been coming here for about 6 months now and they have exceptional customer service! They put so much thought into everything. The enrichment activities are adorable. For mother’s Day they had the dogs paint portraits for their mom!


  36. Amanda Meredith 2022/09

    Really cool place

  37. J. Adam Whapham 2022/08

    I boarded my 1 and a half year old high energy dog at Holiday Barn for 9 days. I was extremely disappointed as it is not clear Holiday Barn only cares about getting your money and does not care about your animal. For starters, on top of the expensive boarding fee, if you want your dog to have any additional interaction beyond bathroom breaks, it’s $15-$30 extra a day. I paid to have someone play with him and I suspect they barely did. My dog doesn’t play fetch or with any type of balls. but yet, a comment on his card says he loved chasing tennis balls. I left him several toys to play with and it was clear they never gave them to him. I left clear instructions on how much food to give him, and the amount of food I got back suggest they did not give him enough as there is a lot left over. He also appeared to have lost weight. Lastly, since I picked him up, he has not left me side and literally will not get off my lap (80+ lb dog). He has always kept close to me, but never this close.

    I have let my dog in a different kennel (where I previously lived) that cost half as much to board him and had doggie daycare included. My dog would always comeback from that kennel tired and appearing to have had a good time. It was clear the moment I picked him up from Holiday Barn, he did not have a good time and I need to find a place that actually cares about him.

    The two stars are for keeping my dog alive.

  38. K Davis 2022/08

    “Leo” our Bernedoodle and his family loved this place. Our boy had an amazing stay and came back with a good report. We will be using more services in the near future. Thank you Holiday Barn!

  39. Kieona Walker 2022/08

    Very professional, excellent rates, and a great place to take your pets when traveling.

  40. Rochelle 2022/08

    My fur baby ACE is well taken care of at Holiday Barn. It’s a great feeling knowing that your love one is happy & secure. He plays so hard that he sleeps all day after. Oh, by the way, he brings home his art work…go figure:)

  41. Marjorie Johnson 2022/07

    Always a great experience. Feel and know our Rilee is safe and getting good care. Love this place!

  42. Angel Figueroa 2022/07

    I had my dog stay for 6 days. When I got my dog, I was in a state of shock in the condition he was in. He looked like he slept in a pool of urine for 6 days. My dog is 18 lbs and white all over. But when I got him, he was 2 toned, white on top, and from the belly down was yellow brown and smelled so bad he would have put skunks to shame.
    When I got home I had to bath him twice and he still has yellow stains on his legs. I will NOT be bringing him here again. For $300 I expected so much better.

  43. Yolanda Crespo 2022/07

    Love it

  44. Mrs. T-Mill 2022/06

    I liked it well enough. But my pet eyes was so red upon pick up. The next day I took him to doctor. He had to do benadryl and drops for 5 days. He’s better now. Maybe he had some kind of reaction. Also, i really don’t think he had a bath. He didn’t smell fresh. I wish they’d let you see where your pet is staying and send you photos daily or something if they’re staying more than a day or two.

  45. Wendy Mott 2022/06

    This was the first time I used the Holiday Barn Pet Resorts. The facility in Midlothian offered three options for my cat boarding. I chose the middle which was to have two windows for her to look out of during her stay. They took very good care of Maggie, (my tuxedo cat). I did call to see how she was doing while I was away, and they promptly sent me a picture of Maggie in her environment and status. It made me relax knowing I left her with this group. They also called me one day to let me know about her stools. They wanted to know if this was something unusual for my cat or not. I felt that they took very good care of her. The only negative was I did not know they would charge me for giving her Fortiflora and Hairball gel. Aside from that, I felt it was a very nice facility and the price point was fair. I would recommend bringing you feline to this establishment. I was away for 2 weeks so it was an extended stay.

  46. Kim Waters 2022/06

    Not impressed. We were really excited to try this place out after friends and family talking about how great it used to be. We splurged for a package with more bathroom breaks and space for our very active hunting dog and his brother. I booked an extra play time for our active dog as he needs stimulation. When they were picked up, there was no report how they did. I called back several times and when I got an answer it was apparent there was no record of how the stay went. Our dog did not get his play time as requested and I’m not even sure he got 5 potty breaks because we dropped him off at noon. I also was told a manager would contact me to help explain what went wrong, but never received that call. I felt very “fallen through the cracks” and I don’t think that customer service is worth how expensive this place is. Very expensive for little care. Clean lobby though!

  47. Kathleen Campbell 2022/06

    Our first experience and it was wonderful! Well be back soon.

  48. Michaele Byrd 2022/06

    My dog starts getting excited about a mile away. When I pull up at the door, she can’t get out of the car fast enough. She loves all the activities, and I love that she is well cared for, whether she is there for just the day or for several days and nights.

  49. Lauren Renee 2022/05

    I’ve never left my cat with anyone, ever. I was a little anxious about the entire idea but after speaking with Laura Lynn, brandalynn & emily … I felt much better about this company and their facilities.
    Even though they misplaced Jude’s collar, they found it and I full trust my cat was well taken care of. Will definitely utilize their services next time I’m in the Richmond area and needing to board my cat again.

  50. Clyde Coats II 2022/05

    The price is right for a super trim.

  51. Matt Miles 2022/04

    We stopped in just for a bit of information. Ended up with a tour and lots of questions answered. Extremely well run, clean, and caring place for your pet. We will be using them in the future.

  52. Larry Syverson 2022/04

    Our kitty had a great stay here.

  53. Melba T. 2022/04

    We love this place! Holiday Barn trained our pup Winston for 3 weeks and it’s been awesome! Winston is so well-trained and walking her now is really a joy. Dickie and Zach are very talented trainers, both for the pups and the people. They did more in 3 weeks than I did in 3 months. I feel like we’ve gotten a lot of good tools and basics for Winston as she continues to grow. This past weekend I took Winston to a small farmers’ market to test out her skills in a new environment. She did great! She was properly socializing with other dogs and people and behaved beautifully on and off the leash.

    Holiday Barn’s facilities are also beautiful and so clean. We ended up having to board Winston more than we anticipated during training, but the staff took that in stride and accommodated us. Winston came home happy and very excited to go back the next day.

    We plan to go back for more training as we need to (they also do swim training!) and it’s wonderful knowing we have this place as an option for boarding and dog day care for the future.

  54. Warren McGrath 2022/03

    We used Holiday Barn to keep Kallie for us while we were away at Universal Studio Orlando Fla. It was our first time “boarding” Kallie while we went away on vacation. She seemed to enjoy her time there and the resort was acommodating as our flight home got wayleighed just a bit. If we take another family vacay like this again, we will for sure use Holiday Barn again.

  55. Nancy Davila 2022/03

    Had my 2 beagles stay twice. They were looked after so well. Love the staffing. Shout out to them. Highly recommend. Also their grooming was great when we picked up our girl beagles

  56. Christy Place 2022/03

    We have a very anxious girl that we rescued about a year ago. She’s a 9 year old German Shepherd and is very high velcro when we’re home, so I was really nervous to leave her anywhere.
    She’s stayed at Holiday Barn a couple times and has loved it! She comes home happy, clean and healthy. I also get a report card of what she does each day, which is great.

  57. Bradley Chapman 2022/03

    They are awesome and take very good care of your 4 legged friends.

  58. Maggie Burke 2022/03

    I do not recommend using this facility when there are so many in the area. For starters, they NEVER communicated with me while I was out of town and they were caring for my two dogs. I had to call them and left two voicemails with the “care manager” – both of which went unanswered. In order to even make sure my dogs were alive, let alone, safe, I had to call the front desk and spoke to someone who gave me a report that sounded nothing like my two dogs. The worst part is my senior dog has tracheal collapse, which they are aware of as they needed to administer meds to her while in their care, but they used a slip leash on her, which I made sure to note that their harnesses and leashes needed to be used because of the condition. My poor dog has been hacking since picking her up and our vet had to prescribe her hydrocodone and confirmed that the slip leash is the likely culprit for her current coughing fits.

    I say save your money and go somewhere that over communicates and cares for your animal as you instructed.

  59. Alexander Eagle 2022/02

    Cost nearly $600 to board four dogs for one night and on top of that our dog came home with kennel cough, causing us to lose more money by missing a concert we already have tickets for. Really disappointing and ultimately a nearly $1,000 cost for a one night stay. Will never be returning. Hanover humane society is much better, have taken our dogs there for years. Can board them for a week for the same cost and they’ve never gotten kennel cough. Do better holiday barn.

  60. Sholom West 2022/02

    Wonderful place that has not only trained my dogs but taken wonderful care of them when am out of town.

  61. Scott Murphy 2021/09

    Gage love’s it here, always take great care of our pup!!!

  62. Brian Mann 2021/09

    We love this place! Our dogs love it and so do we.

  63. Aaron O'Dell 2021/09

    My Dog Sully is a changed dog after the first week of training. The facility is extremely clean.
    I would recommend that everyone should give Holiday Barn a chance.

  64. Wayne B 2021/08

    We have taken our dog here a few times. So far, no bad experiences and the dog seems happy. Although drop off was horrible, he didn’t like being placed in the temporary kennel and growled at staff until he was comfortable.

  65. Angela Sparks 2021/07

    Love this place.

  66. lisa marie 2021/07

    They are super awesome!! They did absolutely wonderful with my cat,they are the best, love that place,when I called to check on my cat they gave me detail info.they are Great!!????????????? …

  67. Bernadette Reilly 2021/07

    My dog has had training at Holiday Barn and goes to day camp. He looks forward to his camp days. His training was excellent.

  68. Jeffrey Pond 2021/07

    Our standard poodle pup, Ziggy, gets 5 star treatment when visiting the Holiday Resort. The words “barn” and “pet” I leave out because this place is a resort. Pool and play areas galore. Attentive and friendly staff. But the golden goose is their training program. Zach did more in 45 minutes than we were able to accomplish in 45 weeks. An absolute pro. And the kindness and understanding he has for not just your pet animal, but of the human animal as well (yes, it is the pet’s humans that need all the training we can get) that is next level. All of the same could be applied to Dickie, though I haven’t had as much interaction. But they both work in tandem to create a world class program that will surely have you puppy ready for any exciting adventure. And that adventure could be just heading back to the Resort to hang with his other puppy pals. Thank you for all you do for the dog’s humans, as well as the humans pets.

  69. Renee Lee 2021/06

    Our experience was not pleasant again this time. First, I was told misinformation that could have prevented my family leaving town due what I feel was an incomplete situation on behalf of a staff member. Thankfully it worked out, because we worked it out. Then my husband picks our puppy up and he slips thru a hole in the barrier and takes off. Thankfully he was caught. The staff makes he the remark they need to fix that. We get him home he is so parched didn’t seem to have water then he gets sick and has an uncontrollable bowl movement that took many hours to deal with.Let’s just say, I dealt with what appeared to be teenagers the whole time, until the fine gentleman at the very end. Needless, to say it was not a good experience.

  70. Kim Mahan 2021/06

    They took great care of my sweet girl! Easy check-in, great care and progress report

  71. Cynthia Mizer 2021/06

    Clark Moufassa is thoroughly spoiled at Holiday Barn! After his last visit, he VOLUNTARILY got in his cat carrier (parked in the garage) as if trying to tell us he wanted to go back!!!!!

  72. Toni Hysell 2021/06

    So, I wanted to get my Rottie puppy some training lessons. I enrolled her even though it’s pretty expensive . The 2nd day there I requested she be trained to walk on my right side.(I’m blind in left eye). On more than one occasion the staff continued to walk her on left which totally defeats the $ I pay for training and confused my puppy . Also , on more than one occasion I requested additional links be placed in her pinch collar and got push back from staff. I am the paying client here. And I wanted my pup trained to what works for me and the pup. After all this, I talked to the staff a week 1/2 prior about using the dog day camp. I was told to just get her shots updated prior, so I scheduled with vet. Thursday (today ) I call to set up days of daycare and find out I have to wait 5 days after her shots before she can come to camp. ?. Sure would of been nice to know this when I asked about it. Now I’m having to take off from work next week… Not happy with this establishment or it’s managements abilities to educate their staff

  73. Renee Smith 2021/06

    This is a five star resort for pets. The place is clean and odor free. The staff was friendly and helpful. They took good care of my particularly anxious cat. I will be using them again in the future, for sure.

  74. Jon Bingham (Meerkat Manor) 2021/06

    The dogs enjoyed their extended stay, and the staff was wonderful!

  75. Spencer Stitt 2021/06

    Are pets came back not cared for as we requested. For the hefty price I expect things we agree upon to be done.

  76. Jacob Lund 2021/06

    Camp is not worth the money you pay. The camp cards are the same generic saying everyday. “Fido had a great day at camp!”

    I’ve also seen the camp staff on their phones and sitting down almost every time I drive up.

    I’ll be looking into other options as this company only seems to care about $

  77. Adie Stafford 2021/06

    We dropped off our dog last week for a 1 week board and train program. He has all required vaccines – however, he came home with kennel cough. He hasn’t been eating since he came home and the vet said he got kennel cough while he was there. So on top of paying for boarding, we are now paying for a vet visit and antibiotics.
    I spoke to the manager yesterday about my concerns with the training he received (as there is not one difference) and received a refund for the training. We are very disappointed.

  78. Karen Farmer 2021/06

    Made Poppy a reservation for a visit at the Pet spa!


  79. Rebecca Evatt 2021/05

    We have a temperamental cat that has been troublesome in the past to board. She was not only loved by the staff at holiday barn but came back a different and more loving kitty. Would absolutely recommend and will be using them again!!!

  80. Goldie Culiner 2021/05

    Mikki has been at Holiday Barn for five years, training January 2016, weekly daycare since and has boarded. I am very pleased and highly recommend Holiday Barn South.


  81. Stephanie Goode 2021/05

    Have boarded an older dog and a younger dog with Holiday Barn. It is nice that you can customize your pet’s stay to their personality. Somewhat expensive, plan to add $500-800 to your overall vacation cost, but the dogs seem well cared for and happy when we pick them up.

  82. Cathy Grubbs 2021/04

    Holiday Pet Barn is so welcoming and took extraordinary measures to care for my two cats. My tortoise shell cat had developed a stomach ulcer of which I was unaware on boarding her. The attendants noticed that she was sick and called me immediately to discuss their findings. On my approval, they took her to my vet, returned her to her condo at their facility, administered medicine, and cared for her as they kept in touch with progress reports! There were no charges for this service when I returned home. I highly recommend this facility to anyone needing to board an animal.

  83. Andrea E.E. 2021/03

    We love the Holiday Barn! From boarding, to grooming, to training, The Holiday Barn is the place to take your pets. Everyone there greets us and our pups like we’re part of the family. In 2017 we adopted Samson when he was 10 months old (after he was rehomed by his previous family). He had a few bad habits such as jumping on people out of excitement and pulling on leash when walking him. After his training with Dicky, he no longer pulls or jumps and is so well behaved! In March of this year (2021), we brought Athena (also a Rottie) into our home. She was just 8 weeks old and knew we wanted her to go to Holiday Barn for training as well. She is now 7 months old and finished her basic training a couple of months ago. We are waiting another couple months so we can take her back to do more training such as off leash and anything else they can teach her. We can’t stress enough the importance of training your pups. An untrained dog is more likely to get rehomed and end up in a shelter, simply because owners didn’t care to dedicate the time and money to train their pups. We are so happy that both our Rottweilers are able to go with us everywhere without any behavioral issues. Athena even gets to go to work with me at the office every day! 🙂 We highly recommend this place to anyone for all their boarding, grooming, and training needs. Worth every single penny!


  84. Sarah Nash 2021/03

    We regularly take our dog, Bo, to camp during the week. It allows him to “get the wiggles out” so he isn’t too attention demanding when we have things we have to get done and don’t have time to run him ourselves.
    We also went through the Holiday Barn training, and Bo is the best behaved dog we have ever owned! We have 12.5 acres and love to have him outdoors with us, off lead. We are comfortable knowing that he is always within ear shot and responds quickly, and happily, when called!!

  85. Meghan Hogan 2021/03

    We called Holiday Barn when we were in a situation where we only had a couple days to find somewhere for the dogs to stay while we had some maintenance done on our apartment. We were really unsure about boarding our three boys for the day, as we have one anxious ex-shelter dog and two chiweenies, one of which has a habit of being a little grumpy from time to time. Our three boys had an absolute blast! Barnsey is fast asleep and still smiling on the couch, and they told us that the weenie dogs gave them no problems at all. And it even turned out to be cheaper that what I had guessed. Our boys will 100% be back, and we’re heavily considering putting Barnsey in day camp a couple times a month.

  86. Thomas Foley 2021/02

    The Holiday Barn creates a great environment for my dog. The management team is responsive and professional.

  87. ChUrChGoIn “-” GaMeR 2021/02

    Very pleasant atmosphere and the staff was very friendly, caring, and helpful for our little Persian kitten.

  88. Kristen Kenley 2021/02

    I’m upset because before knowing my cats care they said they will not take him because he is old. My cat acts like a kitten. The care he needed was feedings (slower throughout the day). He has no medications, no issues except he is loud. Before speaking with me over the phone, they assumed and will not speak to us. I am really angry about this. I don’t want to kennel my cat at my vets bc I wanted him to have space and a window. I’m really dissatisfied and really had high hopes. I hope others have a better experience.

  89. Sue Crews 2021/01

    Their training program is terrific. It is not inexpensive, but I think the money upfront pays in the long run. My dog is always excited to go there, and comes home tired. The trainers were very responsive to the individual training needs f my dog.

  90. Pamela Pope 2021/01

    My fur babies love the staff and grooming!!! They give it 5 pawfect stars!!!

  91. Alex Wilson 2021/01

    My dog loves going here. I used to work here so I know the care is excellent. I wouldn’t board anywhere else

  92. Jim Blizzard 2021/01

    pricy but our dog loves it here. best groomers in town…

  93. K C 2021/01

    Perfect place!

  94. James Fleshman 2020/10

    Always good ? …

  95. Kristen Stutt 2020/10

    We had such a wonderful experience training our dog at Holiday Barn with Dickie. He has such a passion for dogs. Our little Lady fell in love with him and Chappie. We really enjoy seeing them at events and during pack walks. I never dreamed our reactive dog could go to dog events and even listen to commands. It takes continuous work but she’s filled with pride!


  96. Betsy Hulcher 2020/10

    We have had excellent experiences with both boarding and day camp for our dog at Holiday Barn. They definitely have their act together!

  97. Gavin Pearce 2020/09

    Very nice staff! Very nice services! Very nice amenities! Granted this place is a little on the expensive side but if you don’t want your pet placed in a box until you return, Holiday Barn Pet Resort is what you’re looking for. For dogs they have different tiers of kennel sizes. They offer different levels of activities/services such as several walks a day, grooming, etc. I hated the idea of my spoiled doggo sitting in a box until we returned. They allow you to call and they will give you updates on your pet. They even gave us a report card afterwards that had very spot-on statements making me think they really got to know my dog personally! The thing that sealed it for me was a statement from a former employee that said they really do care for the pets very well there! IMO, if former employees speak well of the company, that’s a great sign!

  98. Lisa Cox 2020/08

    Great training and boarding program. Our girl had a blast!


  99. Stephanie Estes 2020/08

    The pack at HB know my Ellie and greet her with enthusiasm as soon as we walk in the door for a visit. They provide stimulating activities and make her time there as much a vacation for her as for us!

  100. Allison Hawkins 2020/07

    I have 2 boxers that have been going to Holiday Barn for the past few years, we have had great experiences with boarding, day camp and grooming at both locations.

  101. :Susan Ainsworth 2020/07

    I have left my cat there several times when traveling out of town. The facility is clean, welcoming, and well-managed. The 3-level “kitty condos”are far superior to typical cages, and the employees seen to genuinely care about my cat. She comes home as clean as she is at home (no fleas or other nasties). I highly recommend this boarding facility.

  102. Shina J 2020/05

    They took care of my cat Socks for about 4 days while I was in another state. And she seemed very comfortable when we picked her up. She wasn’t even hungry when she got home. We put her in the “executive”, I belie e it was called, kennel. She had an outside view from a large window. She also had a fish tank to watch at her leisure. And I liked that we were able to pay for someone to take her out of the kennel to play with her ever so often.??????I love Holiday Barn.

  103. Linda Terry 2020/05

    Huck arrived home smelling sweet and was happy! Holiday Barn offers many a la carte options for boarding.

  104. Angel Feggins 2020/04

    My fur baby really enjoy waking up and getting the opportunity to attend Dog camp. The counselors there are GREAT!

  105. Charlene Richardson 2020/04

    Molly did a wonderful job with my MaltiPoo haircut. I love the extra special touches like the hair bows and report card. The facility also has extra precautions due to the virus. Great 1st experience.

  106. Bill Cushnie 2020/04

    First rate pet care and grooming.

  107. Joanne Buchanan 2020/04

    Our Boston- Pug was behavior trained at Holiday Barn, has been to Day Camp, and groomed there. Everyone there – front intake staff, groomers, and trainers, genuinely care about their canine customers. M. Russell is a gem of a trainer! You are always greeted at the door, they have an efficient computer system so there is never any question of what you’re there for, and fees are reasonable. While the report cards might seem silly to some, we count on them because our little dog isn’t the warmest little girl, so it helps us to know that she had a positive experience. We wouldn’t take her to any other care place. Positive staff, excellent care, ridiculously clean facilities.


  108. Howard Bos 2020/03

    Holiday Barn is a great facility. The folks are all excited about taking care of animals.

  109. Carol Brown 2020/03

    My dog loves going there for his dogcation. Staff is tremendous

  110. Sarah Dicks 2020/02

    My dog love, love, loves Holiday Barn! That’s huge!

  111. Adam Tenbrook 2020/02

    Nice facilities, nice peopel

  112. L Robinson 2020/02

    I wish I had before and after videos of my dog to share, as anything I say would not do the trainers here justice. My rescue dog had a rough past, being used as a breeding hound before being tossed out. She was a very sweet but incredibly fearful dog and always hid in the corner. Bringing her here for the boot camp has completely changed her for the better. She has finally learned out to be a happy dog again

  113. Bill Wagner 2020/01

    These folks are the best. My dog loves this place and all the people.

  114. Dale Sams 2020/01

    We have been using Holiday Barn for many years. They have been a great resource for Poppy, whether it’s training or what she did that day. The staff is always friendly and are very outgoing.
    They are very committed to doing what makes your pet happy. I don’t know what we would do without them.

  115. Sultan Alhajory 2019/10

    مكان جيد

  116. Darrell Cousins 2019/10

    Friendly staff and nice accommodations.

  117. Kevin Chaplin 2019/10

    Our dog Bella loves this place. She gets very excited and practically drags me in the door.


  118. Gloria Guilford 2019/10

    Super facility, friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  119. Kristy Sumner 2019/10

    Took amazing care of my pups when I left them for the first time ever. Highly recommend as the staff was very kind and accommodating. They truly love animals.

  120. Angelitta Springer 2019/09

    I have a beautiful and loving Cane Corso named “Sugar”. Unfortunately, she has fear aggression towards strangers and most facilities are very hesitant to work with her upon first site. I was very nervous about how she would be treated with the staff at Holiday Barn Pet Resorts, but I couldn’t be happier. Everyone knows her by name and they get so excited when they hear she’s coming to stay. They are fully aware of her fear aggression and the trainer, Dickie, has done an amazing job working with her. Most importantly when she comes home, she’s calm and very well mannered. They extend her training while she is there vs her coming home a wild animal. They genuinely LOVE her and she genuinely LOVES them. I couldn’t be happier! 🙂

  121. Blake Brown 2019/09

    Regularly boarded my Siberian cat at Holiday Barn. He receives the full on spoiled rotten treatment. Wouldn’t take my cat (or dog) anywhere else!

  122. crane NiBlack 2019/08

    They take excellent care of our dogs.

  123. Brianne Cox 2019/08

    This was the second time I brought my dog here. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. The first time she came back skin and bones and they did not feed her correctly even after going over the food instructions.

    The second time we made sure they understood the food but she came back still skinny. They also DO NOT communicate the charges with you and charge you for things that they never discussed with you. And will make excuses and not give you your money back.

    I will NEVER take my dog back here and DO NOT recommend you taking your dogs here.

  124. Martin Tarbox 2019/08

    We dropped our dog off on Sunday to have her groomed. First of all, the fact we can have her groomed on a Sunday is fantastic. Secondly, they did a nice job she looked and smelled wonderful.

  125. Doug Braxton 2019/08

    I placed my cat Lucky here for 8 days over the Christmas Holiday. Prior to boarding I visited the facility – very happy with the cleanliness and services offered. This was Lucky’s first time away from home and he came back very happy. Lucky is a very energetic cat so I implemented the following services: Cat Fishing once per day and the Katio with Catnip Bubbles once per day. Also, you can call whenever you like to check up on your pet – menu option 3. Upon pick-up the staff placed all of Lucky’s belongings into the car – including Lucky. Highly Recommended!!

  126. Jocelyn Klinkhammer 2019/08

    I had my cat stay here for extended periods of time and could not have been happier with the experience. They have wonderful condos with windows, which she adored, and different play packages for every budget. I appreciated the report card at the end of her stays that showed she got play time, ate, and settled in comfortably. Highly recommend this to location!!

  127. Aric Mueller 2019/08

    Great facility. Not the cheapest of course but we have been very happy and our dogs love being dropped off.

  128. Marta Velez 2019/07

    I am grandma to a cat pet named ‘BELLA’, and my daughter couldn’t be more happy than having the peace of mind that her dear cat was in the best hands!


  129. Karen Powell 2019/07

    We love holiday barn, our dog comes home happy and tired and the staff seem to love all the dogs.

  130. Matt B 2019/07

    Great staff! They’re all are very friendly and really seem to care about the animals they’re responsible for. The facilities are the best I’ve seen in the Richmond area. They offer different boarding options from a more traditional kennel, to larger kennels, all the way up to presidential suites that offer beds, windows and TVs. They also offer lots of upgrades like play sessions, and swimming. Their grooming services are also great. I’m pretty particular about who I’ll allow to take care of my dogs, and they’ve met all of my expectations.

  131. Elizabeth Soccio 2019/07

    I would never recommend anyone to come to this place to watch over your animals. I recently had my pet stay there for a 10 days. When i came to pick him up it was obvious he lost a lot of weight because when we bent down this collar fell off his neck. The staff said my pet had been eating this week but the vet said he clearly had not been. He ended up passing away two days after staying here. Not that this place caused him to pass away but they never notified us because how he was doing and they never gave us a report card like they say they do. If they were the professionals with working with animals they should have seen that the animal who was limping and clearly lost weight and notified the family. Would not recommended leaving your loved one here if you care about them.

  132. Charles Feiring 2019/06

    I boarded my dog there previously,
    Dog had no complaints… 🙂

  133. David Easterling 2019/06

    My family has used Holiday Barn Pet Resorts on many occasions, but this was the first time my wife and I used them personally. Our vacation rental this year was not pet friendly unfortunately so we needed to find somewhere to board our almost one year old Labrador Retriever. Having family experience with them helped with the decision on taking her there. We were also able to make it as enjoyable experience for her as possible by adding swimming and play times. They were also able to give her medication to her and have her groomed before we picked her up this afternoon. She was happy, healthy and excited to see us when we picked her up. The prices are higher, but the facilities and staff make all the difference.

  134. Lisa Suggs 2019/06

    I appreciate the great customer service each time I visit HB. I feel my dogs are always well taken care of which allows me peace of mind anytime I have to go away and board my pups. I feel dog camp has been beneficial for my youngest boston terrier as we have noticed an improvement with his social skills with other dogs.

  135. Keara Meeley 2019/06

    Not capable of taking care of senior dogs. Overpriced as well. Waste of money, find a place that cares about your dogs.

  136. Jeff Lail 2019/06

    Wonderful staff with very professional trainers. Dickie and Melania did an outstanding job training our Great Dane. The facility was well maintained and Thor was truly pampered during his stay. Thank you!

  137. Cadel Linares 2019/06

    I will never again leave my dogs here. Sadly I don’t have any proof of this, but I am sure that they did not give food (or at least the food I left for them to give my dogs specifically) during their 5 day stay. I know both of my dogs (a German shepherd who is 1 and a half years old and a dachshund who is 6 months old) and I know that they didn’t eat their normal food. When they arrived home, they didn’t recognize the taste of their food and refused to eat, something that has never happened before. They lost a lot of weight and were noticeably thinner when I picked them up and they only want to lay down and sleep in a way that looks like they haven’t rested in days. They don’t want to play and they are still puppies. Their stool was a completely different color than it normally is. I haven’t taken the time to call them and ask them personally what happened because I know they are going to tell me that everything went fine and that they gave them the food I left for them. They are very lucky that dogs can’t talk. But us owners can recognize when something is really wrong.

    This is our third time leaving our pets at this place. On past occasions they have told us that it is not necessary to call before we leave our pets there. On September 27th we were received by someone named Kathy who treated us very bad and with a lot of anger because we didn’t call in advance. She started asking for papers for the dogs that they never asked us for the past two times they were left there (like the flu shot). She was extremely rude and told me to leave with both of my dogs. I asked her to help me out because my flight was later that afternoon and she told me that was my problem. Hearing all of this, I too became angry and asked her to tell me why she was treating me this way. Fortunately, someone came and intervened and we were able to leave our dogs there. I never thought they could treat a costumer this way here.

    The only thing I can do is never return to this place.

  138. Marilyn Kirkpatrick 2019/05

    Great care of your furry/hairy companions. We are always comfortable leaving our pets with the friendly staff at Holiday Barn. You can travel without worry.

  139. Barrie Shapiro 2019/05

    The only place where we trust to take care of our Mollie Sue when we go out of town! The camp program for our high-energy Norwich Terrier is terrific…with her group comprised of others in the same size range! We are Very comfortable seeing how she loves it! She is happy to see us when we arrive…and, like any child coming home from camp…happy tired! We opted for Holiday Barn Pet Resort after visiting a number of others. We appreciated the concern and care given for each pet…and, how happy the other “parents” were that we met!!! Kathy and Leeann educated us about how all shots had to be up-to-date and kept us informed on all aspects of Mollie Sue while there! A true A-plus facility with “heart”!!!

  140. Meghan Thompson 2019/05

    Very clean. Friendly efficient staff. Grandma and Grandpa were able to drop off our pets with no issues. My 3 dogs stayed together in a lodge and had a great time while we cruised to the Bahamas with our 11 month old. Thanks for watching our fur babies!

  141. Kathy Wilson Jones 2019/05

    If you can think of it, they already have it. Unlimited options. Loved the suites.

  142. Ericka Pierce 2019/04

    Erin the groomer is the best. Takes the extra time for my high matinence dog. Love her for it.

  143. Kasey Reneau 2019/04

    The customer service is on point.

  144. Melissa Clark 2019/04

    My frenchie, Jake, loves going to day camp there! He takes a nice nap when he gets home.

  145. Mike McClary 2019/04

    My dogs second favorite place

  146. Heather Placer 2019/04

    They take such great care of our dogs! Very professional! My pups love it!

  147. Francine Jakicic 2019/04

    I have been taking my dogs for 12 years for camp and boarding. Everyone there has been amazing. I know my dogs are always well taken care of there.

  148. Jacqui Griffeth 2019/04

    Holiday Barn is our dogs’ happy place. It is clean and safe with pleasant, helpful staff. We have used boarding services, daycare, training, and grooming all as pleasant experiences. My dogs beg us to go on vacation so they can enjoy their own!

  149. A Bizzles (abizzles) 2019/03

    Exceptional customer service from the sidewalk to the check-in. Everyone was welcoming! Our fur baby CeCe looked so clean (from the spa) and happy. We will definitely be returning.

  150. Jason Parrish 2019/03

    Amazing staff and service. My pups love it there.

  151. NF64 2019/03

    Great place to board your dog.

  152. Kristen James 2019/03

    I unfortunately will not be returning here. We dropped our dog off around 7, 730 in the morning and told us that she would be ready around 3 or they would call me if it was any earlier (already to long but that’s fine I get they’re busy), when I called to make sure he would be ready at 3 (I called around 230 because my fiancé was picking up and I wanted to pay) they informed me my dog wouldn’t be ready until 6. .. 3 to 6 is a bit of a difference , especially since he had been there since 7am!!! I asked why it would take so much longer, they informed me that the groomer doesn’t come in until around 10 o clock and she was running behind. If you know you have your customers drop off their dogs between 7 and 9 or 10 why wouldn’t you come in earlier so the dogs aren’t sitting around for hours waiting to get a cut. I’m very disappointed in this place, I have been coming here for awhile now and this was the last straw. Only giving two stars because the front staff is very apologetic and caring.

  153. Cat Pall 2019/03

    I have a very anxious rescue and I have brought her here multiple times. The staff always goes above and beyond to make sure she is comfortable. She is always happily watching when we pick her up. She is always exhausted when she comes home, but she loves it here. Thank you so much for that. She is always excited to go back!

  154. Violet Hinton 2019/03

    Minnie (black lab) enjoys her weekly day camp visit. Staff is always awesome to us.

  155. Dianne Reynolds-Cane 2019/02

    Dianne Reynolds-Cane, MD

    My miniature pinscher Matheo loves his stays at Holiday Barn. Gives kisses to resort staff who call him by his name during drop offs; and my dog does not easily warm up to strangers. Feels like an extension of a loving family. I love this place.

  156. James Catlett 2019/02

    Love this place.

  157. Amy Benson 2019/02

    The “pack” takes excellent care of my family’s kitty whenever we are out of town!

  158. deron turner 2019/02

    So much care and love for pets. A bit pricey, but so much worth it.

  159. Laura Collins 2019/01

    I refer everyone I know to Holiday Barn. The staff is professional and greet me every morning by name. The hours are what initially attracted me but the staff and their ability to exhaust my Brittany’s energy is what keeps me coming back!

  160. Anna Steidle 2019/01

    Lily has been going to Holiday Barn for 6 years. She goes every other week for a staycation and for extended stays when we are away on vacation. All the staff has been great, caring and attentive to Lily’s care. I realize Lily’s eating habits may be a little off compared to when she’s at home but that is to be expected and yes she may be tired from all the excitement from being around the other dogs but a day or two of rest and she’s back to normal.

    Cadel Linares, I cannot imagine that they didn’t feed your dogs or that you were treated any less than professionally. Everyone at HB is great, Dan, Carl, Erin, Bob and yes Kathi. They are required to see proof of vaccinations by law but it’s also for your dogs protection as well.

    It’s your choice to never return but you will not find a facility that compares to HB and their staff.

  161. Becky Racheau 2018/10

    The facility was clean and well designed. The cat area, which is the area we used was awesome, with its 3 level condo, window and fish tanks. Staff were all friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them!

  162. Gloria Ford 2018/10

    The best pet resort ever!

  163. Lisa Lugo 2018/10

    Awesome place to leave your pet!

  164. Mira 2018/10

    From 10.30am to sun 3:00p I was charged 128.00????? I didn’t ask for any extras and got them anyway??? Not cool!!!!
    If you have money to waste go there!!!

  165. Carter Shust 2018/08

    Dog trainers (Dickie and Melaina) are great. They treated my dog very well and she responded well to the training. They are a good team. The staff that worked up front was also friendly and vey helpful.

  166. Leah Zanetta 2018/08

    I have been coming to Holiday Barn South for over ten years. My pets have always received great care from the enthusiastic staff. I love the new state of the art facilities, and the services they provide. Management is always trying to improve customer and pet care, and they are succeeding!

  167. Barbara Smith 2018/08

    The staff is friendly and our Sadie loves going to doggie day camp there!

  168. Robin Patterson 2018/07

    This place is amazing. Our dogs always want to go and love everyone there.

  169. Marie Shannon 2018/07

    Highly recommend – I drive a bit out of my way (for 5 years) to take my dogs to this facility for boarding. It’s clean (even artificial turf outside in some places!), bright, cheery, fun and the doggie daycare option when boarding is great. I don’t feel an ounce of guilt when traveling anymore.

  170. Michelle G 2018/07

    We like the suites and so does our dog Echo….she gets treats and walks and even hugs if we want! They keep everything clean and will cater to every dogs needs. The staff is very friendly and the facility is big and nice. It is definitely a home away from home!

  171. Chelsea Lee 2018/05

    I wouldn’t trust my pets with anyone but the Holiday Barn pack! Awesome customer service and I can tell my pup has been well taken care of, clean and tired when I pick her up! Highly recommend!!

  172. Sandra Gentry 2018/05

    My dog is always happy to go to Holiday Barn. He goes in with his tail wagging and is excited to greet the folks who work there. I used another service in the past and had to almost drag him in on arrival. When I switched to HB, he became a much happier boarder. Thanks for taking such good care of my dog.

  173. Caroline Holtzman 2018/04

    Our dog has boarded here several times with the extra play packages. The most recent time our 20 lb dog lost at least a pound in a 6-day stay. We provide our own food measured out for each meal. She also came home with kennel cough and feces in her fur. Report card said everything was wonderful. It was very difficult to find a staff person to talk to and their only explanation was that maybe she was stressed and lost extra weight. We will not be back.

  174. Monica Byrom 2018/04

    My pup was well taken care of! Happy & tired. I don’t like having to pay extra for him to get playtime though. Something not right about that. But HB is a beautiful facility.

  175. Kevin Owens 2018/04

    Like a resort I would stay in for a Vacation

  176. Cheryl Spencer 2018/03

    I will never bring my dogs back there!!!. Both our for furbabies have KENNEL COUGH!!. Both sound terrible. It is heartbreaking to hear them coughing and hacking. Both had been vaccinated.

  177. William Sivels Jr 2018/03

    Outstanding and professional “Pets” care.

  178. Sharon Walton 2018/03

    Website invites you to stop visit meet tour faculty. Well after visiting I was not able to speak with a trainer and I was not able to obtain information on different programs. My name and number was obtained but the form was placed to the side. I was excited about my visit but disappointed when I left.

  179. Sabra Anne Lucas 2018/03

    My dogs love it here. They cannot wait to get inside & they don’t really act like they want to leave. My pups love daycare (I wish I could afford to take them every day.)

  180. Steve Bouchard 2018/02

    My dog was denied service because he does not have a “flu shot” My local vet advised this shot was not necessary and may have adverse side effects. Besides, the shot has to be given in two doses each year requiring separate visits to the vet costing you unnecessary expense. Quote I was given was $200 a year for a shot that is not necessary or required by law.
    I was asked to have the owner or manager contact me to discuss. Never heard back from them. Don’t take my word for it. Just search the internet regarding dog flu shots. What’s next chicken pox vaccinations for dogs?

  181. Jaqueline Diazzi 2018/02

    Best pet resort ever!!! I always board my dogs at Holiday Barn southside location.(I have a Doberman,Dutch shepherd and a miniature poodle) they all LOVE it!!!!They were also very understanding about my dobermans condition(Hypothyroidism) and besides accepting his titers/vet letter about his condition they also manage his pills when he stays with them. We trust & LOVE holiday barn pet resort. The facility is amazing!!! Clean & organized and it feels like a spa inside. When we drop off our dogs for the day or overnight they don’t even look behind, all they want to do is run in to play lol Thanks for all you guys do for my pets and I can’t get tired of saying how much We appreciate the Holiday Barn staff.
    With love,
    Loki,Hela,Thor,Jaqueline & Zachary


  182. Cindy Mitchell 2018/02

    My pets home away from home. Very professional, they have the experience to give you the best stay away from home for your pet

  183. Sheri C 2018/01

    The Bouvs love it here

  184. Carol Beth Buchanan 2018/01

    Charlie loves Holiday Barn, and I love the convenience and excellent service. Holiday Barn is WAG-tastic!


  185. Sheri Crawford 2017/10

    Great service attentive staff happy dog

  186. Strong Survivor 2017/08

    I took my pup there recently and for the $$$$ they charge my total experience should have been amazing! He’s a 5 month old Standard poodle. He only stayed 1 night. When I picked him up one of the girls went to get him as she brought him over to me and the other girl (who was taking my money) I heard the girl taking my money say”ewe he peed on me” and she was looking at me like??? I don’t know because he only dribbled a couple drops on the floor, he looked scared! He’s 100% potty trained, it’s not like he cocked his leg on her??? I don’t get it??? He’s a puppy, she works at a kennel but she seemed mad at me. Meanwhile I am mad because why is my puppy freaked out. He didn’t act normal until the next day. Thankfully he only stayed 1 night! Never again. I was considering multiple services if I and more importantly my pup were happy. They need to get it together! Hire hard core workers that can handle animals and be honest. My dog will be going to a farm kennel next time. Broughtons kennels. Working with animals is hard work! I know I’ve worked in this field. The folks at Broughtons are farmers and wouldn’t have batted a eye at a couple drops of puppy pee!!! Which the girl never cleaned up! She just got her purse and left like she was too good to be there! You people at Holiday Barn got to get your act together! Seriously!

  187. Marli Benedict 2017/05

    A hotel for your pet, very organized and professional. Great service!

  188. Chris Fenlon 2017/04

    My dogs love to go here. They are always well cared for and have lots of fun. The groomers do a great job.

  189. Andrea Butler 2017/04

    I was glad when I found this place. A resort for your pet. Staff members were great. They were very helpful and professional

  190. Ryan Gressett 2017/03

    I definitely recommend this facility. We take our pups, Lucy & Linus regularly and they always seem to have a blast. The price point is very doable.

  191. Taylor Randall 2016/02

    They do an amazing job of letting your pet feel comfortable and cozy while boarding and grooming. This is the only place I take my dog too!

  192. Mark Edmond 2015/07

    Holiday Barn Pet Resort is a wonderful place. I took my lil Sticks there for boarding and grooming. It was his first time away from me and he had a great time. The staff was very engaging and made me feel comfortable leaving him there. I fully endorse Holiday Barn.

  193. Jyuunin 2015/03

    I take my dog there all the time for camp. He truly loves going there, I’ve NEVER had any Issues with anything or anyone there. The staff is fantastic and you can really tell that they care and go out of their way to make sure your pets are well cared for. My dog also gets groomed there, they do a fantastic job with that was well. =)

  194. Tracy Wakeland 2015/03

    We have been taking our German Shepherd Zoe here since she was 4 months old, she is almost 2 years old now. She goes to camp and absolutely cannot control her excitement when she arrives and is worn out when we get her home in the evening. We have also used Amanda for training an she really does and amazing job. We really like that we could have a training session with Amanda at our home. The entire staff is wonderful.The events and goodies they have for the dogs make it all so much fun. It is nice to know we have somewhere we can leave our dog for the day without worry. Very soon we will leave her for an overnight stay and that is a huge deal to trust a company with that. Thank you Holiday Barn!

  195. Karen Kelley 2014/09

    After adopting a dog from the SPCA, I took her to Holiday Barn for training with Amanda. Amanda is amazing with dogs and I recommend her highly. She even goes out of her way to do a weekly “Pack Walk” at Stony Point shopping center, or Carytown to further train dogs to walk in a crowd! My very favorite treat for my dog is to send her to the 1/2 day camp at Holiday Barn and follow it with a spa treatment! When I pick her up, she is exhausted from playing with her new friends, and looks and smells great! There is no other place around that pays as much attention to detail, provides excellent customer service, and has a friendlier staff than Holiday Barn!

  196. Tommy Bluegrass 2013/07


    Our dog has gone here several times, yet this time as we dropped him off on our way out of town they rejected him because it had not been 5 days since his required shots (it’s been 2). So here we are stuck with desperately trying to find another place at the last second. Not only was this an extreme inconvenience, the employees were extremely rude about it not in any way shape or form trying to be accommodating.

    This was not the first time we’ve encountered POOR customer service, but it WILL BE THE LAST!!!

    PS. ALL other places we called did NOT have a 5 day period and gladly took our pet. The kicker – THEY WE’RE CHEAPER TOO!! And much nicer.

  197. Jeff Prideaux 2012/04

    We board our two dogs at Holiday Barn a couple of times a year and they always get excited when we take them there. They are well taken care of and always have the exact same energy level they had when we dropped them off. I highly recommend Holidy Barn.

  198. Jen Ronga 2012/03

    Holiday Barn is the best pet resort around. Our lab happily trots to the front door when we arrive. The owner is the pick of the litter and the staff is warm and friendly. When we vacation, we know our dog is in good hands with those who love animals.
    I would highly recommend Holiday Barn to family and friends.

  199. Bo Ewell 2012/03

    Fantastic Resort!!!! When we picked up our older dog, he was healthy and happy. It is wonderful to know you are leaving your pet in professional, kind and caring hands. From the moment you make the reservation, you know you have made a wonderful choice. They have many options that are available to make your pet’s stay as comfortable possible. Including the much needed bath for our dog! I love the report card you get at pick up. What a relief it is to have a pet Boarding facility of this caliber available to our pets! Thank you Holiday Barn Pet Resorts for taking such great care of our dog!!

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