Hilliard Veterinary Hospital

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Hilliard Veterinary Hospital
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  1. 703Tyme 2023/11

    Rosey is the best, they always work with our schedule, and treat our pets like they’re theirs, we really appreciate that, and I believe Sasha and Rui do as well!!!!


  2. J Wanner 2023/10

    Our dog doesn’t mind going here despite hating car rides and places not the house.

    They’re all really good vets, know our animals by name and give us the best, most personalized care I’ve gotten from vets

  3. Sol Glo 2023/09

    The veterinarians here are great! My pup is well taken care of whenever we have appointments.

  4. Deysi Lara 2023/07

    Muy Buena veterinaria y son muy amables precios muy accessibles

  5. Jessica Williams 2023/05

    My cat Logan gets very anxious and upset when he has to go to the vet. It happens with some animals especially with rescues which is what Logan is. I was struggling to find a good vet that would take the time and care with my kitty and now I have found the best one. Rosey and Tammy are incredibly patient and nurturing with the animals. I know my cat is in great hands at Hillard Vet Hospital!


  6. Brian Phillips 2023/04

    I’ll always take my dogs to Hilliard Vet. Awesome group and affordable!

  7. Ethan Parsley 2023/02

    We take both of our dogs here and the staff has been great. Everyone is very friendly and treat your pets like their own. We love our local vet!

  8. Jonny P 2023/01

    This place is the best!

  9. Jessica Holder 2023/01

    Hilliard Veterinary Hospital was AMAZING! My cat is very anxious, and doesn’t take well to new people. Another vet turned her away. Said if she wasn’t on gabapentin to calm her down, they wouldn’t see her. Not Hilliard Veterinary Hospital! They took my sweet Millie on without a problem!

    The ladies at Hilliard took my cat in, loved her, and took care of her as their own! They made her as comfortable as they could! They actually took time with her. I have found Millie’s Home Vet! She will go no where else!


  10. Morgan Guerra 2022/11

    Dr. Lewis was able to fit me in quickly for an emergency appointment after a different vet had diagnosed my dog incorrectly and severely. She had great bedside manner with my dog (most people act overly cautious and scared because he’s a big shepard) and was much calmer and practical about his symptoms.
    It turned out Dr. Lewis was right, not the other vet, and her common sense approach saved me literally thousands of dollars.
    She ran blood work on my dog to confirm her diagnosis and when his blood work came back perfect (he didn’t need any expensive surgeries), she called me and walked me through his results and even followed up later to make sure he was doing well.
    She’s a good vet who cares about your animal and won’t prescribe an expensive and invasive surgery without cause.
    Thank you Dr. Lewis!

  11. william grizzard 2022/10

    Doctor Annabelle and all her staff are the most friendliest helpful I can see why everybody recommends this place So glad I switched last year to them

  12. Hannah McCollum 2022/10

    I brought my cat in for a medical issue because my previous go-to vet overcharged. HVH was able to get me the first available appointment that day. Throughout my whole experience, the nurse/receptionist did an awesome job of keeping me updated while my pet was in the back getting tests done. She explained up front what every procedure would cost, and asked if I would like to proceed each time. She even asked if I had pet insurance (I do) – it’s good to know HVH’s employees really care about doing everything they can within your budget.

    Dr. Lewis was great as well. She brought me in to look at my pet’s X-rays and explained what I was looking at. She told me my options for treatment and what to expect with each one.

    I would absolutely recommend Hilliard Veterinary Hospital to any pets in the area!

  13. Stephanie Crawford 2022/09

    We love Hilliard and so do our pups!

  14. m-rock a 2022/08

    Very nice staff I recommend them my dog loves the staff he does not want to leave when comes here very professional

  15. Steve Boschen 2022/07

    Dr Lewis and her staff care deeply for their clients pets. She always spends as much time as necessary with every visit and her staff is always fully engaged.

  16. Sonya Thomas 2022/07

    We love Dr Lewis! It’s always easy to get an appointment, and we always feel well cared for .I appreciate their covid protocol

  17. Linda Cook 2022/07

    Efficient and friendly and informative. Took good care of my pet.

  18. Jeff Patrick 2022/05

    Much better than the vet mill we used to take our pack to. Very kind people. Good service.

  19. Carlos S 2022/02

    Was just right. Everything was done by professional staff

  20. Chad Jones 2022/01

    Awesome customer service, very knowledgeable staff. Look forward to working together with the puppers!

  21. Spam Mail 2022/01

    The new girl is extremely rude and annoying. I used to love this place but now I dread coming or calling because I’m scared I’m gonna have to listen to her dreadful voice.

    I ask questions and she replies with an attitude and a sarcastic laugh. It’s extremely uncomfortable to leave my pets in her care if I can’t trust her.

  22. Wanda Williams-Lark 2022/01

    All of my pets go there. The staff is great and the vet is great. They are so compassionate and supportive when it comes to having to put your baby down.

  23. Melanie Hopkins 2021/11

    Took my cat Lana there yesterday for the first time and the staff was so friendly and down to earth. You can tell they truly care about animals. My cat is usually ten times more stressed at the vet but she seemed the calmest I’ve ever seen her at Hilliard. The services are very affordable and I didn’t have to wait a long time. I am super happy with our experience there and will definitely make this her permanent vet!

  24. yolanda henry 2021/10

    Wonderful experience

  25. Evelyn Stells 2021/08

    Super nice and caring vetanrian and assistant, Tammy is great!

  26. Renée G. 2021/08

    I came to Dr. Lewis yesterday because my regular vet and the emergency vet were full and I wanted my sick kitty seen ASAP. She and her vet tech obviously love cats and were extremely helpful and professional. I’m very grateful to them for fitting us in at the end of the day and getting lab results from bloodwork over to my regular vet very quickly.

  27. Butterflies 2021/07

    Called this morning with a problem with my poodles eye and was able to get seen this morning. Very accommodating and very compassionate to my dog and me. There’s not much that can be done for him but glad was able to get seen for a professional opinion.

  28. Lorra gibson 2021/06

    They are very good with 15 year old shih tzu. Nice people

  29. Juneasia Edgerton 2021/06

    Had an appointment for 2pm and have been waiting for 20minutes now ridiculous. This will be the last time I use this facility.

  30. Kenny G 2021/04

    Very nice people

  31. Kat Cruz 2021/04

    I took my puppy here in April 2021 after I first got her for just a check up and her initial rabies shot. They told me she was in perfect health, charged me hundreds of dollars for numerous tests, and did not even give her rabies shot. They told me to come back a week later since I had mentioned she had soft stool and they “didn’t want to cause any side effects” and then charged me an additional $150 to do another check up and administer her rabies vaccine. I didn’t like this experience and thought it was insane to charge me twice for an exam within a week of each other, but I paid it.

    I brought my puppy back at 6 months old for her spay surgery and was told that I need to begin her on heartworm prevention medicine and they sold me a one-month tablet of it. They told me to hold off on giving it to her until she finished with the antibiotics from her surgery. Okay fine, I waited a bit longer than that because she had diarrhea for a bit and I wanted to give her body time to fully heal. Fast forward a few weeks, I receive a phone call from Hilliard reminding me to come pass by and pick up her next month of heartworm medicine since they only gave me one month the first time. I call them back, asked them for pricing on the 6 month pack, and they tell me I can pass by whenever to pick it up. Since I had just given her the one they provided me from surgery, I knew I wouldn’t need another at that moment so I wasn’t going to go out of my way to drive there to buy it that same day. I had a whole month. In that month, I received a text reminder, 2 more phone calls, and an email all reminding me I needed to go to their office to pick up heartworm medication. And here we are to today, when I need heartworm medicine and don’t want to lay $60+ for it at their office, I order it on 1800 pet meds as a combo heartworm/flea medicine that’s highly recommended BY THEM EVERY TIME I GO because it is cheaper and more convenient for me to have it delivered to my home, and they send me an email from 1800 pet meds that Hilliard Vet Hospital has denied filling the prescription because my puppy needs to have a heartworm test, one that she has already had done there, in order for them to prescribe her heartworm medication.

    So Hilliard Vet Hospital has no problem harassing me endlessly to give THEM my money for this medication, but god forbid I order it online from another provider to save me time and money. It’s great to know that here is another vet that is so money-hungry that they do not prioritize my pet and her health and necessities over their own agenda.

    I’ll be taking my future vet visits to Dr. Taylor who’s assistants have already been way more responsive and professional than any I have encountered at Hilliard.

  32. K L 2021/04

    I wish I could give more than five stars. I started going to Hilliard Vet last year when we adopted a new puppy. They have been outstanding in every way: very knowledgeable; explains things thoroughly; just extraordinarily kind staff all the way around. While I’ve been lucky never to meet unkind staff at any vet office, I just want to highlight these people at Hilliard Vet because they really take it to another level. My dog had a medical emergency last week, where she ripped her dew claw out, and I was in hysterics. Not only did they take me in last minute, but they showed so much empathy and understanding… which really matters in moments like that. They didn’t make me feel crazy for being so worried about my dog. As for my dog, she loves them too—I’ve never had a dog that looks forward to going to the vet! All the praises for Dr. Lewis and her crew!

  33. Jane O'Neil 2021/03

    Dr. Lewis was great! Very nice & concerned about my cat & myself.

  34. Joyce Wells 2021/02

    Thay are very helpful and really care about your animal and you

  35. Charles Bell 2021/01

    Easy to deal with. Takes care all needs

  36. lorraine Jacob 2021/01

    Even thou we had to wait to see the vet, she was worth the wait. Dr Lewis and Tammy are so professional and down to earth at the same time. Our sick cat was given excellent care. We left there feeling good about going there. Great customer service and they genuinely love animals.

  37. Amber Lowry 2020/11

    Everyone is super nice and it is reasonably priced. I am a life long customer!

  38. Kim Murphey 2020/09

    New vet for my dog. They are awesome!! Always answer the phone, always upfront with charges and take the best care of my family member!

  39. LisaMarie Jimenez 2020/08

    Very caring and they only want the best for your pets.


  40. Matthew James 2020/08

    Staff is wonderful. The care given is excellent.

  41. A El 2020/08

    They’re very sweet caring people and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to take care of my baby neko

  42. Stephy Elizabeth 2020/07

    By far the best veterinary clinic. They’re so intune with both the animals and humans. They take such fantastic care of your pets as if they were their own. ♡

  43. Daniel Sop 2020/07

    Very caring, effective and affordable veterinary clinic. The staff actually cares and sends reminders and incentives when shots are due or upcoming. We take our two dogs there and they like it there.
    Would recommend to anyone.

  44. Ginger Patnode 2020/06

    Excellent care of my fur babies ❤

  45. dean simmons 2020/06

    Love this place ❤️.

  46. Douglas Bernaiche 2020/05

    I’ve never had a bad experience here, staff and doctor are kind and friendly and treat my fur babies well. Facility is clean and they keep up on my pets needs with their reminders. Kudos to you Hilliard Vet. They are also following covid protocol well, thanks for your great help.

  47. Matthew Kirschner 2020/04

    Friendly and professional.

  48. Funtime Maddie 2020/03

    Love these guys!! Dr. Lewis and her team are amazing! They have seen me through everything from whelping puppies to sending a fur baby over the rainbow. Last summer she saved another one of my dogs lives! They care and are committed to your pets health and well being.

  49. Stephanie Bowler 2020/02

    I have been coming here for over 10 years and Dr Lewis is the best! Ray has also been amazing over the years. King has been seeing them since he was a puppy and they always know exactly how to handle him when we come in. Highly recommend this vet!

  50. Donna Dougherty 2020/01

    This is one if the most compassionate veterinary clinic/hospitals ever. They care about our family

  51. Joe Crook 2019/10

    The doctor and staff provided the most kind and considerate end of life care for our beloved doggo and woofer.


  52. Sonya Owen 2019/10

    The staff is so kind and considerate. My family felt welcome and our furry friends are always well taken care of

  53. Susan Martin 2019/10

    Been going here for years they are the best!

  54. F TIME 2019/08

    Great place where you get the job done but don’t get taken to the cleaners. We will definitely come again when we have the need.

  55. Felicia Cegelski 2019/07

    Great vet and staff…soooo friendly and knowledgeable!!!!

  56. Amy Dunaway 2019/05

    friendly and knowledgable

  57. Rebecca Ahern 2019/05

    Love this place. They treat Oscar like he was their pet.


  58. Kiara Ridley 2019/03

    Super sweet staff.

  59. Leyda Ramirez 2019/02

    Great service they love and teach you how properly take care of the animals, We rescue 2 kittens,2 weeks of age one of them past away. We were able to take the rescue kitty to the vet she is awesome and is affordable veterinary. 100% satisfied with the customer service and the veterinarian is amazing.

  60. Lamar McDowney 2019/02

    Very good service every single time I bring my dog Mac here… The staff is nice, very knowledgeable and works well together. Just last month my Dog was feeling horrible, couldn’t keep food down, but after the visit my Dog is back to his normal happy self. I went back today to get medication for Mac (He was not with me) and the doctor (She’s the best) called Mac by his name and asked me how he was doing… Wow! To remember Mac by his name, ask about him, and to give me a card thanking me for being a client of theirs , truly shows me they care. I don’t take my Dog anywhere else for service, in fact I send other clients to them as well. Great, great service… Thank you Hilliard Veterinary Hospital

  61. Stephanie Witham 2018/11

    One of the sweetest most caring vets I have ever meet Dr. Lewis is a top notch vet

  62. James Conyers 2018/10

    Awesome staff

  63. Areatha Miles 2018/10

    love it

  64. Sandy Brown 2018/10

    Love this place, kind and caring staff

  65. Steven Boschen 2018/10

    Love this Veterinarian….Dr Lewis is the best and her staff is always helpful and friendly

  66. John Moon 2018/07

    A small but truly wonderful and caring Vet and caring staff veterinary office. We needed quick updates and vaccinations for our “Jake” before leaving for an extended trip. They very caringly accommodated everything needed! Thank you!

  67. Jo Beth DeVore 2018/04

    Love this veterinarian and so do my dogs!

  68. Madeline Lewis 2018/01

    TL;DR – This vet is ridiculously inefficient, didn’t listen to me about my dog, wasted an hour of my time, gave my dog a ridiculous amount of treats and won’t be getting my business again.

    Saw the reviews and decided to try this vet as we had just moved to the area. I will not be going back. While the staff was pleasant enough and the clinic seemed to be decently set up, I did not feel like the vet was at all respectful of my wishes as an owner.
    My dog did not need a check up, but she does get a lot of anxiety specific to thunderstorms. I have her on an anti-anxiety that works well, but needs to be given 2 hours before a storm hits to be effective. Unfortunately we don’t always get that kind of window in VA, so I wanted Xanax or another fast acting option for sudden storms and thought it’d be good to get our foot in the door at a new vet after the move. I was told over the phone that this shouldn’t be an issue and was feeling optimistic about my choice. Then I had the appointment.

    -The vet and nurse gave my dog SEVERAL treats, for no real reason. They insisted they were healthy and gastro-friendly, but I mentioned several times that I preferred giving my dog fruits and veggies as treats. Not sure why any dog needs 15 treats in one vet visit but ok then.
    -The vet mentioned a calming supplement as an option. I explained multiple times that we had already tried SEVERAL calming supplements, amongst other methods including, but not limited to: a thundershirt, crating her during the storm, wrapping her in blankets, creating a sort of “nest” for her to dig in, ignoring her completely/pretending like the storm wasn’t even there, playing, EVERYTHING. I made it very clear a simple supplement was NOT going to do it for this dog. Even so, the vet kept pushing this supplement constantly with unrelated examples of it working in other dogs. This went on for an hour as they talked my ear off about things unrelated to my dogs situation. This was beyond useless and a waste of my time. They clearly had no intention of discussing any options other than whatever they were being paid to push. I didn’t feel listened to at all. They sent me on my way with suggestions to “just give her the other medication earlier!” and “try a t-shirt that smells like you”
    -They told me that my dog clearly has terrible constant anxiety because she has “rub spots” on her legs. These are not from rubbing, simply from the pressure put on her joints in her old age. She doesn’t chew, has never chewed them and has had them for the two years we have had her without any changes. No other vet has ever had any concerns about them. It was offensive at best being treated like an idiot who didn’t know my own dog.
    -I had to actually ask to leave after being talked at for AN HOUR. Fine if you all have no real work to do, but I was not planning on spending that long, especially when they knew that they weren’t going to meet me even half way and just wanted to talk me into their bs supplement.
    -Finally, they told me my dog “was getting fatter.” She is a black lab who used to weigh 80lb. Her last two vet visits (NOT here) she weighed 68lb then a few months later she weighed in at 60lb. Today, she weighed 58lb. ???

    Never again.

  69. Amy Dean 2018/01

    Small hospital with a great vet, Dr. Lewis.

  70. Sharolyn Henderson 2018/01

    I love love love Hilliard vet hosp. They treat my dogs as their own. Great staff, great hours, great location, very clean and very cozy. My dog actually loves going to see them…now if that doesn’t speak volume!

  71. Eric M. “Em” 2018/01

    They have been so kind and gracious to me and my dogs. It’s a small practice but, they care.

  72. Michelle “Shelley” Cottrill 2017/11

    The Dr. is wonderful

  73. Nancy Hewitt 2017/07

    My kitty adores Dr. Lewis and all the staff. The facility is clean. They love their jobs caring for our pets.

  74. Sharon Kulp 2017/01

    I was going to another vet in the area for my dog with diabetes they kept out of the exam rooms, I decided to contact Hilliard vet at the first apt Dr Lewis sat on the floor and got to know him.

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