Hibachi Express

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Hibachi Express
4 based on 237 reviews
  1. Tomeka Williams 2023/12

    The Food was awesome I had shrimp,Vegatables,rice and noodles with the Yum yum sauce It was sooo good GO get you some you won’t regret it
    Dine in
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  2. Eli Johnson 2023/12

    We have been getting food here for years. The staff is always friendly and the food is amazing. We’ve never had a bad meal and never had bad service.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Hibachi Steak, Gyoza, Fried Rice, Hibachi Chicken

  3. Renee Johnson 2023/11

    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 1
    Service: 1
    Atmosphere: 1

  4. Jason M 2023/11

    Huge portions and tasty food
    Take out
    Food: 5
    Service: 5

  5. John Blobe 2023/10

    Owner was sooo sweet and the food was delicious! Lots of food and super fast.
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 4

  6. Irving White 2023/09

    Very good food, had takeout, inside fair looking need a little atmosphere on inside but food makes up for it.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 2
    Recommended dishes
    Shrimp and Chicken Combination, Chicken Hibachi

  7. jonnay robertson 2023/08

    Fav hibachi on the go

  8. CLIFTON DAVIS 2023/08

    First,this is not “standard”Asian food.This is hibachi cooking,they are a little different menu than “regular Chinese”restaurant food.With that in mind everything else was great,large portions,but some items are not standard,you have to order them in addition to.Fried rice is not a routine item,but my experience says everything was great.Large shrimp,fresh veggies,fair prices.Need I say more? Some will disagree with my feelings,but that’s how food and restaurants are.We don’t always agree,but once you try it,you will come back,sooner before later.Try them,you will not be disappointed 💪🏾👍🏾😎
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 4
    Recommended dishes
    Shrimp and Chicken Combination, Fried Rice, Chicken Hibachi

  9. Barbara Overton 2023/08

    I’ve been going here since they opened and it’s a must try place. The food is awesome, and customer service is great. The service you receive from the manager, words can’t express how great a person he is.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  10. Jacob Melton 2023/07

    Ordered a Chicken Hibachi with extra fried rice and my man absolutely filled the plate, really hooked me up. I was expecting one meal but this was easily two. Will be back, but the interior definitely could use a little work.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 4
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 4
    Recommended dishes
    Fried Rice, Chicken Hibachi

  11. Geraldine Hunter 2023/06

    Love this place he always caters my needs when I ask for certain stuff and how I want it thanks sir…
    Food: 5
    Service: 5

  12. Brenda Blanchard 2023/06

    My partner and I met up with a couple of friends here around 12:30pm on a Saturday in April. It was not busy but had a steady stream of people coming through. The service staff were super friendly and helpful. The food was delicious! Their yum-yum sauce was really good also and they were not stingy with it! They appeared to be going through some sort of renovations or construction though, so the interior looked shambly and messy. It definitely brought down the vibe. Overall though, I’d recommend going there if you’re craving hibachi and want it quickly!!
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 3


  13. Lisa Crawford 2023/05

    Nice place, great food, staff was nice.
    Food: 5
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 4

  14. Lamonie Dandridge 2023/04

    Chicken be on the dry side not juicy at all. Steak is extremely good.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 2
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5
    Recommended dishes
    Hibachi Steak, Fried Rice

  15. Kalitah Crawford 2023/04

    Each visit the food is freshly made
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Recommended dishes
    Shrimp and Chicken Combination, Fried Rice, Shrimp & Scallop, Steak & Shrimp Hibachi, Hibachi Chicken, Chicken Hibachi
    Vegetarian options
    There is a vegetable hibachi meal that is available

  16. Marvin Jones 2023/04

    Overall good place just can be busy at times which is expected and the restaurant is really only setup for takeout the staff is nice.
    Food: 5
    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 3

  17. J J 2023/03

    they will purposefully ignore your requests if you don’t tip. good thing WNB next door has fried rice also
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  18. Brittany Inge 2023/03

    I was very impressed with this place I just tried it for the first time and was very impressed with the quantity and quality!! My new favorite spot!
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  19. Leanna Blaylock 2023/02

    If I could give 0 stars I would because I just had the worst food poisoning in my life from this place. I ordered shrimp and scallops and I’ve been sick for 6 days now. I do not recommend AT ALL! 0/10.
    Meal type
    Price per person

  20. Toni Givens 2023/02

    Delicious hibachi at an affordable price! Super nice staff as well!
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  21. Tess Shipe 2022/11

    Food is always amazing!
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 4

  22. Caroline Flagler 2022/11

    I had to come on here and give the comments a rest. I am new to the area and didn’t know where to go for hibachi. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I was nervous because some reviews seemed bad but the 4.2 rating had me go anyway. I got steak fried rice with vegetables and yum yum sauce. It was actually really good! It’s the typical express Japanese place. Rice is fluffy, veggies are grilled, and yes steak was slightly chewy but I mean it was totally fine. The yum yum sauce wasn’t watered down and I loved it. I’d say it’s pretty good for how cheap it is. If you need a rating like a solid 6 or 7/10.

  23. John Krico the Barbarian 2022/10

    Generous portions. Solid service. Will go again.

  24. Twaquisha Williams 2022/10

    Limited menu items suck! Food exceptional thought.

  25. Elicela Rodríguez Cantarero 2022/09

    Muy rico todo su sabor exquisito
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  26. English T Warday 2022/08

    Great deal for the money!

  27. key boo 2022/08

    It taste flat wat happened to sushi???
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  28. Alita Williams 2022/08

    The food is good and you get a lot.

  29. Dustin Akers 2022/07

    Great food 😋 the best for hibachi take out very busy place so call your order in advance 😉
    Take out
    Meal type
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  30. 1stLady Finn 2022/06

    Customer service is on 0! Placed my order & paid online. Got there to pick it up & their was some issue with the customer who was already at the counter that took atleast 10 minutes to resolve! After he left, the manager/owner rung the next person in line up and gave them their order. I was up next but then he goes and calls out 2 order #s, 1 of them was there but she had come in after me and 2 other customers and hadn’t been waiting in line nearly aa long nor was her order already paid for! Not only that, he was extremely slow and didn’t seem to care about people’s time. I brought this to his attention and he said I was next. I asked for extra sauce and he tried to charge me a $1.50!! Let’s keep in mind we are now running on 20+ minutes since I have entered the building meanwhile my food has been sitting on the counter getting cold! I will never step place into this “supposed” establishment again!
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  31. Cassandra Pagan 2022/06

    Best hibachi hands down!!! Dont forget the yum yum sauce it completes the meal!

  32. Tomas López 2022/05

    Todo excelente y muy buena comida
    Dine in
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Food: 5
    Service: 5
    Atmosphere: 5

  33. Carrington Wright 2022/05

    My first time here and I had the chicken, rice, and veggies (extra yum yum sauce). The food was great and quick. The service was good too. Must try!

  34. Ashley Mcnair 2022/05

    This is the best place in Richmond and that yum yum sauce is so so good !!!! This place is a must try

  35. Destiny Lacy 2022/04

    I love the food here, everything was fresh and hot made to order. I especially like the yellow sauce that comes with the rice.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Dine in: Yes
    Outdoor seating: No
    Takeout: Yes
    Delivery: Yes
    Curbside pickup: No

  36. Lisa Bullock 2022/02

    They was so awesome when they first open and after time they begin to be worst and worst . I cannot believe what happened this time I got soggy water down rice . Like OMG 😳. I guess , I will have to find a new hibachi place they get zero stars from me . I had to change my review . …

  37. Lone Wolf 2022/01

    DISAPPOINTED. Shrimp had shells, rice was dry with little to no sauce, vegetables were over cooked. This place was recommended by a co-worker however, it failed to meet my expectations. When I returned the uneaten meal for a refund the owner of the business argued with me. I explained to him as a restaurant owner myself I would never treat a customer that way….he “yeah yeah yeah” me, in disbelief that I actually owned a business & reluctantly provided a refund. First experience will definitely be my last!

  38. Erin Honeycutt 2022/01

    I am elated to learn that this place is still open! I left the area 8 years ago and still CRAVE Hibachi Express. I haven’t found a place that measures up!
    The owner is an incredibly hardworking man that taught me a lot of kitchen skills many years ago!

    I’ve been back to visit over the years and can’t wait until the next time!

  39. tasteetish 2021/12

    Food always great and plentiful
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person
    Minimum seating
    Dine in: Yes
    Outdoor seating: No
    Takeout: Yes
    Delivery: No
    Curbside pickup: Yes

  40. Angelm Doswell 2021/12


  41. moms butker 2021/11

    Mind u. In typing this as im eating!!!! Ok so its def not worth 17$ & 1$ extra for 2 yum yum sauces (smh) but its good. Should be 11-13$. Not 17$

  42. A'makeal Caravan 2021/11

    average hibachi, the rice is very bland, but the yum yum sauce really balances it out. would recommend the salmon.

  43. Roxanne Finley 2021/10

    Price ok ..food above average

  44. Lela Meekins 2021/10

    I get the Salmon hibachi and add steak with double yum yum. Lol love it

  45. Antoinita Stokes 2021/10

    Never fails had the salmon shrimp chicken and steak. Worth the wait 🤤 …

  46. C C 2021/10

    Love their food . Online showed me a higher price than what they have if you order in person .

  47. L Mills 2021/08

    My favorite spot. The food is always on point.

  48. Keona Louis-Jean 2021/08

    Very unsatisfied fixed me and my friends order wrong gave her my medium rare steak and gave me her well done steak I tried to get a refix on both orders she asked for just broccoli and I’m allergic to carrots and food was cold and salty food very not good anymore help them please

  49. Makayla M 2021/08

    Was my first time trying this place out, and it will be my last. Everything was bland, the meat was way too dry and the steak was very chewy. The yum yum sauce was very watered down. I immediately felt sick after eating and went straight to the bathroom afterwards. Very displeased with the food and will not be eating here again.

  50. Hope Sloan 2021/06

    Food was Delicious

  51. Bloom Stump Removal 2021/06

    The best vegetable hibachi I’ve found in Richmond. Yum-yum indeed!
    Take out

  52. Isaac Marks 2021/05

    Great food! Terrific and fast service! Highly recommended…try it, you’ll come back for more!

  53. Andrew Eaton 2021/05

    Been going for years. Always phenomenal. Lunch prices are INSANELY good for amazing food. Best yum yum sauce in town

  54. Christine Armstrong 2021/05

    This place is just amazing!! The food is always fantastic and comes out quick. The staff is very nice and ordering is easy online. I highly recommend for a yummy dinner!!
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  55. deezy dabaddest 2021/05

    The food is always good and fresh love this place..

  56. Paulette Newman 2021/05

    We have been eating here since they opened. They’re surviving COVID-19 by providing pick up. The hibachi is always good and flavorful.

  57. Kayla Soety 2021/04

    One of my favorite places. Love the chicken hibachi plate w yum yum sauce

  58. Big D 2021/04

    The food is EXCELLENT cooked to perfection! And they are very nice I GO all the time lol

  59. Celena Talley-Willis 2021/04

    If I could have given this zero stars, I would. This is beyond ridiculous. It’s supposed to be hibachi salmon with all veggies and no rice. One thing they did get right was the veggies. However, did someone else get the rest of my salmon?

    First time trying this place and the absolute last.

    Waste of my money and time…geez!!


  60. Adrian Tibbetts 2021/03

    Food was terrible no taste bland nothing compared to any other habachi I’ve ever been to will never go back

  61. Holly Demby 2021/02

    Very good!

  62. Chany Bee 2021/02

    One of my house favorites the people are always pleasant since Covid they stopped adding the salad to the meal but I love the chicken steak and shrimp never tried the salmon but I will next time due to the reviews. The price is fair and the yum yum sauce is delicious I didn’t give it a 5 star because sometimes the chicken depending on whose cooking it I assume can be dry and the vegetable may be over cooked but overall I like Hibachi Express if those little minor here and there issues could be resolved Hibachi express would be one of my favorite hibachi spots

  63. Andrea B. Reed 2021/01

    Food was GREAT! I visit very often now! Has definitely become a favorite for me and my family!

  64. Dylan Florendo 2021/01

    Completely missed my wife’s entire meal and a complete side. Will update if they fix their mistake

  65. Brent Walker 2021/01

    Great Japanese food without the wait, unless they are very busy like they often were pre-covid. A little on the pricey side but very worth it. Definitely give this place a try.
    Take out
    Meal type
    Price per person

  66. Shields Movers And Staffers, LLC 2020/12

    Awesome food!

  67. Richelle Jackson 2020/12

    Great food

  68. RedWrath Karu 2020/12

    Yo Hibachi Express is the shiznez if you havent eaten here I highly suggest you to. Whether eating in or ordering to go the quality is superb. My husband and I have searched for the last three years to find a decent place for hibachi and this joint goes above our expectations. We have been getting food from here for the last two months and we wont get hibachi anywhere else now.

  69. Octavia Johnson 2020/11

    Food is ALWAYS great, drive 25 mins for it!!

  70. Crystal Connor 2020/10

    Still great food

  71. Lyberty Anderson 2020/09

    My wife and I tried Hibachi Express for the first time since moving back to Richmond. We both got the filet mignon and it was THE BEST hibachi I’ve ever had hands down! Great price, great food, this will be our go-to for take out hibachi from now on!!

  72. P 2020/08

    The foods still good, but they stopped giving out salads with the meal, so now it’s seems overpriced. At a hibachi restaurant I pay similar pricing and get salad and miso soup and a show. They need to bring back the salad or offer another appetizer option with the meal!

  73. Shannon Cannon 2020/08

    Delicious and fast!

  74. Shannon Robinson 2020/08

    Love the food here

  75. B K 2020/07

    Delicious as usual & they stayed open late for me too. Hibachi filet or steak and their yum yum sauce are good for the price.

  76. Fred Nelson 2020/07

    Better than hibachi box small place but it has authentic Japanese hibachi was it very good

  77. Ashley Brodie 2020/07

    Love this place…been going here for years, they have the best yum yum sauce around & they’re pretty friendly….They’re typically pretty busy so it’s best to call in your order bc the wait time can sometimes be long…

  78. Nicole 2020/07

    Not worth the price. The website details for content and prices are out dated. We called in a order for the Hibachi Express Meal with chicken, shrimp, and steak. The website indicated the price would be $17, and include fried rice and vegetables as well as a salad. When we arrived to pick up, the price was $18 and didn’t not come with a salad. The guy said the prices were posted at the door. I generally love hibachi, but the food we received tasted too sweet like it contained teriyaki sauce. Not worth nearly $20 per person.

  79. Brown Beauty Tarot 2020/06

    I love it! No complaints. I would just recommend you order your food before you go there to avoid the wait. I always Google search it and when it pops up it has an option to palce your order online.

  80. dieselyf injection 2020/05

    Great food Great service!!!

  81. Joshua 2020/05

    Highly recommend! I’ve tried other hibachi spots and none compare to Hibachi Express!

  82. Jalisa Collier 2020/05

    I love this Hibachi place!! Clean follow COVID guidelines. Call ahead always busy!!!

  83. Andrew Burton 2020/05

    The salmon was over dried and the rice was undercooked. The vegetables were slimy. Order online through Chownow and was charged extra for it. When brought it up at the restaurant they refused to match the price. Will never eat here again..

  84. Leslie Logan 2020/03

    Hibachi steak and shrimp is delicious.

  85. Hunter Roberson 2020/03

    This place has the best hibachi in Richmond. My food is always correct and delicious. This is the only hibachi place me and my wife can spend 20 bucks and have enough food for both of us to eat for 2 days.

  86. Wil Nitro 2020/01

    Food was alright, but the service and cleanliness were subpar

  87. Ann Nguyen 2020/01

    Best hibachi in Richmond. Big portion, fast, & friendly staff. Highly recommend

  88. Your Best Friend 2020/01

    Good. Price is reasonable. Will get you full. My favorite is the chicken shrimp and steak combo plate . Sheesh!!! Only thing i don’t like Is waiting outside .

  89. Jarena Younger 2019/11

    I love this place..fast service, good food.. I ordered the steak,chicken&shrimp and It was good.. Also they give you a large amount.

  90. Diarra 2019/11

    I used to love this place when they first opened. The food is good for the price, ranging about $10 – $15 depending on what you get and the portion sizes are excellent. 2/5 Stars because the below issue has been going on way too long.

    However, there is nothing “Express” about this place anymore. I waited over 40 mins for food that I was told would take 10-15 mins at the time of ordering. There were 2 people inside waiting for their order. Even considering phone orders it should not have taken 40+ mins. I had groceries in the car and to make matters worse the food was mostly rice and charred veggies. This has been a recurring issue that has only gotten progressively worse. My sister recently called in her order waited 10 mins to leave, completed the 10 min drive and still had to wait another 20 mins for her food. Ridiculous.

  91. Daulton Lermond 2019/11

    Alright, this is epic

  92. Alecia Brooks 2019/10

    Food is always fresh! Luv the sweet tea. And the young lady is always pleasant.

  93. B. Ferguson 2019/10

    Delicious food!!!

  94. Sassy Irish Girl 2019/10

    My first time eating here with my family. It was a Saturday at lunchtime, about 6 people staying around waiting for their orders. It took about 50 mins. to get our food. But what I noticed the min. we walked in the door was an unpleasant smell, not food. After a quick look around I could See the why. The floors, under the tables, in the corners, walls near drink bar was dirty! It was really bad, like it had not been cleaned in 6 months. If that was bad I’d hate to see what the kitchen looked like. We decided to stay & at least try the food. The food was ok, a lot of rice, meats were very tough & dried out. Luckily we didn’t get sick, but I wouldn’t go back. I like my restaurant to be clean! I’m just being honest. I’ve usually don’t leave a bad review but I think this place needs a good thorough cleaning.

  95. Rebecca Brannock 2019/09

    The quote time for wait is normally shorter than the actual time, however the food is delicious so I think it’s worth it!

  96. Latesha Coleman 2019/09

    Loved it

  97. Eddie Small 2019/09

    Standard hibachi, good stuff

  98. Chris Edgerton 2019/09

    Good food

  99. Allison S 2019/09

    Quick service, great food.

  100. KeAndra Evans 2019/08

    Ughhh stomach ache

  101. Libra Chauncey 2019/08

    Why do people give this place over 2 stars. It’s really not that clean and the food is nasty.

  102. Hustle Up 2019/08

    Going Friday

  103. CJ Craft 2019/08

    Hibachi “express”.. as in don’t hold your breathe waiting on food. Should have more pictures for their food. Slight over priced

  104. Jean Hill 2019/07

    Food was terrible…my chicken was hard and my dumplings were burnt…the absolute worst!!!!!

  105. B D 2019/06

    I ❤️ hibachi express.

  106. Dr Erica M Banks 2019/06

    Plate size is awesome for the price. Definitely enough food for two. Islf you looking for that warm and fuzzy feeling; buy a puppy- it wont happen here.

    But Food is super delicious…

  107. Alex A 2019/06

    The food was good. Had the chicken and shrimp combo with noodle instead of rice. My wife had the steak and shrimp combo with rice. We shared a fried dumpling appetizer. Everything was good. Order came with a side lettuce which I didn’t care for much, (it was iceberg lettuce) but very good food overall. Will definitely go back. It was after 8p.m. when we went, they don’t regularly mop and clean from what I saw. There was a smell but probably from the sushi. I found amusing that Hispanics did the cooking at a hibachi restaurant. Lol.

  108. Geri Jones 2019/06

    The food was amazing.

  109. Dawn Fallin 2019/05

    Ok They were out of chicken for lunch we were disapointed

  110. Taylor Dabney 2019/05

    My first time and it was great had steak and shrimp hibachi

  111. Miss Mousie 2019/04

    They are pretty good

  112. eliza Ces 2019/04

    Taste great and cooked fresh

  113. Tomekye Wilkerson 2019/04

    Delicious as always, great price.

  114. Sherry Sammy 2019/04

    Food is great, service extremely slow but the food is so worth it

  115. Everette Johnson 2019/04

    Food is amazing! Cost efficient. Clean Restaurant, great service.

  116. Zac 2019/04

    Too much rice. Not enough veggies and meat.

  117. fonte jones 2019/04

    The food was great and fresh

  118. Summer 2019/04

    This was my 1st time eating here. The food was good, however it took a long time to get it. But they cooked it to order and there were already people ahead of me so I understand why. Overall, the food is good.

  119. CRYSTAL ROSS 2019/04

    The chicken and shrimp with rice is delicious. As far as the vegetables I only get mushrooms and extra yum yum sauce. That’s is $13 and its enough for 2 or two meals. Very flavorful and the staff is always pleasant. I always get mine to go so I dont know about the dine in experience. But they have never disappointed!!

  120. Luis Lozano 2019/03

    Muy rico buen precio

  121. Lyn Sanders 2019/03

    Cold food on bar

  122. Gloria Cunningham 2019/03

    Freshly prepared delicious.

  123. mehdi Shafiei 2019/03

    The most wrong thing about this place is the word “express” in their name. It is not a fast food, it is slow and if you are planning to get your food from them, you should expect to wait for half an hour.
    The food quality, though, was fair and the portions were quite generous.

  124. ROBIN PURNELL 2019/03


  125. Billie Evans 2019/03

    The food is really good here, it’s what I call a little hole in the wall. There’s room for dining in but it’s mostly take out. Sometimes the wait is loooong. Very friendly folks working the grill, taking orders and managing the constantly ringing phone without showing real signs of stress. Just watching them raises my anxiety level!

  126. Leonard Taylor 2019/02

    Bathroom isn’t maintained well.

  127. Donita Lester 2019/02


  128. Miles Anthony 2019/01

    Love this spot! Chicken Hibachi is always delicious!!! 💪🏽 …

  129. Dj GON 2019/01

    You get what you pay for as far as food quality, veggies seemed pre-thawed but once I ate them it was really good. Food was very fast, as quick as you would expect from fresh made but the service exceeds everything this lil FastFood place has to offer! Sadie was very friendly and accommodating to my choices and even remembered to offer me a drink. Such a kind woman and I will definitely be back to catch light of her enthusiastic attitude!

  130. Paul Zaidel 2018/12

    They do a great job of cooking / also food is resonalbly priced

  131. Lamesha Clayton 2018/12

    First and last time! never order the salmon..it was overcooked and just enough to feed a 2 year old. And Definitely not friendly despite being told a 15 min wait that turned into 45 mins.

  132. Dorothy Washington 2018/12

    Great food. I would’ve given 5 stars but the grill is shut down early. The sign on the door states, closes at 9pm. They will NOT cook ANYTHING after 8:30pm. Ex: I watched a customer show up, after getting off work at 8:31pm and they would NOT cook anything for her, period.She even stated that it was only 1 min past 8:30. They apologized and she left dissatisfied.

  133. 鈴木朝日(龍) 2018/12

    Food in Hibachi Express is pretty good.

  134. Sammie Crumpton 2018/12

    Amazing food every time. We’ve been regulars for about an year now and they never disappoint.

  135. Mark Bowman 2018/11

    Best hibachi in RVA

  136. Jessica Weston 2018/11

    “Add ons” can be pretty expensive but the food is super delicious and large portions

  137. HotJrod Redd 2018/11

    Can’t go wrong with eating here.. Food is delicious and the price is very reasonable..

  138. Larry Dockery 2018/11

    Food is always on point. Can become backed up with customers but only proves the commitment to consistency. If you call ahead, you won’t wait long. You can eat-in as well. A clean, well-lighted place, that’s not too pricey, and always good.

  139. Shalonda Johnson 2018/10


  140. K Mines 2018/10

    Very good and filling for the lunch menu price. Not a fan of the yum yum sauce but my boyfriend loves it!

  141. RATING Guy 2018/10

    Pretty dang good hibachi. Just wishd it wasnt as pricy as it is.

  142. sasha brooks 2018/09

    Rice hard. Not worth it.

  143. Alexandra Paolicelli 2018/09

    Advertise for sushi but don’t have sushi. Not much flavor in food. Small portions compared to other hibachi places.

  144. Tasha Bouldin 2018/09

    Very friendly and nice people. Restaurant was clean and neat. I did have to end of paying 50cents for 2 extra sauces and the 30 mins I was in there waiting on our order, I did not see nobody else pay extra for sauce.

  145. Stephenie Felker 2018/09

    We waited quite a while for the majority of our order so two went without food for 10+ minutes after one of us got served. Food was flavored well, but meats were slightly overcooked.

  146. Toya 2018/09

    The chicken and shrimp hibachi is amazing!!!

  147. Reggie Wynn 2018/09

    Great Food. But order ahead by phone for take out.

  148. E.V. C 2018/09

    Food is good, steak melts in your mouth. They give you more rice and noodles then anything.

  149. Samantha Mckind 2018/08

    That smell inside tho

  150. Hazel White 2018/08

    The tables were filthy, the drink fountain I used to get a drink tasted like bleach, and the food was just okay.

  151. Nick K 2018/07

    Do yourself a favor. Go to McDonalds. Waste of time and money. It’s a joke how bad this “food” is. Imagine eating food at a greyhound station…

  152. Joshua Woodard 2018/07

    The most important part: The food is excellent.

    – The atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired. I wouldn’t dine in.
    – Wait times are pretty bad and often a lot longer than what is explained.
    – I would double check your order before you drive off. They have been known to make mistakes with orders.

  153. Giovonna Perry Ruffner 2018/07

    Great variety of food and desserts

  154. Jessica Wells 2018/07

    They always give you a lot of food for leftovers to eat later for a small price! My favorite hibachi restaurant!

  155. Eboni C. (Popup Chic by SA) 2018/07

    Service has really gone down since opening. However the food is still great when its not overcooked!

  156. Blaise Dunsmith 2018/06

    Waiting 42 minutes for “express” is some buns…

  157. Henry Dickenson 2018/06

    It’s a pretty standard hibachi joint. The hibachi steak was fine, but that’s all just getting the temp right.

  158. Michael Helms 2018/06

    The Best place in the area!!!!!
    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 …

  159. Ja Nell 2018/05

    The food is amazing and I love eating here

  160. Anthony Erdmann 2018/05

    The food was good but the restaurant needs a deep cleaning. Touching the table ruined my shirt.

  161. Mrs GeeGee Kirven 2018/05

    My last experience with Hibachi Express was the worst. I called to order my food and when I arrived it was not ready. I waited an additional 40 minutes for my food and was met with a bad attitude by the order taker/cashier. I must say that since they opened things have really gone down hill and I will not patronize this establishment anymore.

  162. KaLe'_ O 2018/04

    Great food

  163. Quetta Bowles 2018/04

    Love this place

  164. Jeanette Shelton 2018/03

    Fresh made to order in front of u. Quality meat! Get noodles or rice or both if ur like me. Love it!

  165. Tasha Meekins 2018/03

    Hibachi express is THE BOMB!!! Flavorful! Sauce is sooooooo delicious half of the vegetables that comes with the meal I don’t even eat but for some reason when I eat here it’s awesome to me! I’ve tried several other “fast food hibachi” spots they do not compare to this! My kids love it also!!!!

  166. Chandra Henley 2018/02

    Good Food

  167. Gay Small 2018/02

    Its Good. Lotta food for a good price

  168. LaBarbra Jones 2018/02

    When you order multiple meals sometimes it seems like they short the meat and try to split one meals meat between two entrees.

  169. Jay West 2018/02

    Delicious food and friendly staff. Get sit down style hibachi in huge quantities for a third of the price!

  170. Sessions XE 2018/02

    I just drove 20 minutes to eat here and I walk in at 10:30 on Friday (they close at 11) and told me they were closed. I was really excited but that was unprofessional

  171. von walker 2018/01

    Food was delicious

  172. Thomas Powers 2018/01

    Food not very good

  173. Cornelius Varone 2018/01

    It’s good food for a good price. Not quite as good as hibachi box on n Harrison

  174. George Fuselier 2017/12

    Best hibachi spot!

  175. Alex Ronan 2017/12

    Inexpensive hibachi style food, if you tell them exactly what you want they never mess it up. Great for a quick lunch, I usually do take out. Worth a shot especially with the prices that “real” hibachi restaurants like Kubuto charge.

  176. Tiffany Cardona 2017/12

    Authentic soups

  177. James GIles 2017/12

    Great experience with take out Orders.

  178. Chris Hamlett 2017/12

    Delicious vegetarian options at very affordable prices.

  179. Veronica Williams 2017/11

    GREAT shrimp

  180. Tykisha Booker 2017/11

    Nothing like the real thing…They only use teriyaki sauce

  181. Mary Randall 2017/11

    Food is great. The servings are more than enough to fill you up. Try the Hibachi chicken and shrimp.

  182. Gay Small 2017/10

    The Food is YUMMMMY

  183. Joseph Fogerty 2017/10

    Always consistent! Great place for quick hibachi!

  184. Portnoy 2017/09

    Fun. Simply that. Also a humble strip of stores. That’s always a positive.

  185. Kelly Rawllins 2017/09

    I love Hibachi Express. The food is good and it is fast but not rushed. I’ve never been charged extra for sauce. It’s a lot of good too. It’ll fill you up.

  186. Toby de Groot 2017/09

    When arriving at the Walmart in the same shopping center, my girlfriend and I pulled in and saw the whole entire store evacuate due to a fire alarm. Sitting there aimlessly, me and her were starving. We saw Hibachi Express on the way in so we decided to stop in. That’s when our lives changed for the greater good. I ordered the hibachi chicken as it’s a hibachi staple, and my girlfriend ordered age tofu and miso soup as she’s a vegetarian and is in denial of the mind blowing taste of meat. Anyway, the food took about 10-15 to make which isn’t an awful wait but when you’re sitting there smelling that heavenly aroma you get a little antsy. When the food came out I was in shock, this thing was PILED up. For 8 bucks you get chicken, fried rice, veggies, and salad and I swear this alone weighed at least 2 pounds. I’m honestly gonna skip talking about the taste because that’ll be another 2 pages of me just praising. Really though, fantastic food and a lot of it. Also it came with two containers of yum-yum sauce that I’m pretty sure was made in house. Overall this was value. Truly a golden hole in the wall find. The man working the counter was attentive and polite saying thank you and goodbye as well when we left. If you ever go to the Walmart off Sheila Lane, you better come hungry for hibachi.

  187. Ashley Hill 2017/08

    Love this place…..Food is amazing service can be very slow at times

  188. Kissena Brutus 2017/08

    Our chef was very personable and made our dinner experience very entertaining!!

  189. M McCann 2017/08

    Best priced Hibachi this close to the river! Food is great and service is just as fast. Would always recommend to anyone that enjoys hibachi style food and is on the go.

  190. E C 2017/08

    Only one group already eating, one person waiting, two ahead of us in line, but took 40 minutes to get food… Fried rice was bland, chicken was also bland and kind of chewy and sticky, hard to explain. Just not up to hibachi par. I would definitely not come back and just stick with hibachi box downtown by vcu

  191. kimberly jackson 2017/08


  192. Lavasía Hicks 2017/07

    Great Food!!!

  193. F Price 2017/07

    Great lunch specials.

  194. Lakita Morris 2017/07

    Great hibachi at a great price! The salads could use some work.

  195. Kendi Garcia 2017/07

    The food is soooo good!! If I didn’t live so far, I would go more often!

  196. lop_ZG 2017/06

    Didnt like

  197. Bobby ammo 2017/06

    Clean restaurant and well set out Buffett

  198. Eric 2017/05

    I have only ever had their hibachi chicken meal, but it is very tasty and has big portions!

  199. antonio marrow 2017/05

    Quick and great

  200. David Crump 2017/05

    Inexpensive and pretty quick. I always call mine in and have no issues

  201. Melissa Anderson 2017/05

    Food is good but service is very slow which is why I rated it three. Food is good.

  202. Leigh Fountain 2017/05

    Fulfills a need, no-frills Hibachi meals at a reasonable price. By no frills I mean one does not have to watch the chef perform his cutesy routine as one often was forced to do at old-school hibachi restaurants. Not a large or attractive place, but grill is visible and the food is damn good, if just a tiny level down (like maybe the fried rice isn’t quite as amazing as say, Kan Pai) from the fancy, sit-down, significantly more expensive places with frills as mentioned above. Great trade off in my opinion. The most important things, IMHO, the filet, the shrimp and the Yum Yum sauce are excellent, and that’s more than enough for me to continue to patronize this establishment.

  203. Tomika Cox 2017/04

    Their food is really good and they have friendly staff.

  204. Dwrayv THE TRUCKER 2017/04

    Good food

  205. Anne Culbreth-Wells 2017/04

    Great food and service

  206. Anisha Walker 2017/04

    They take too long to prepare food. They are NOT express!

  207. Pamela Garrity 2017/04

    Love it! Can’t beat the price for fast food Japanese! We go there almost every week!

  208. Ty Logan 2017/04

    This is quick and easy and a very good place to eat when your hungry and dont feel like cooking during the week or if you kust want to have something as a treat on the weekend

  209. Steven Thompson 2017/04

    Food was decent and at a good price, but the tables were dirty and the vegetables tasted like they were on the verge of spoiling. All leftovers were spoiled by the next day.

    Salad was the most sub par insult I’ve ever received from a dining establishment, worse than the ones I got with school lunch in elementary school.

    Can be fine for a quick bite, but you can get better food in the area for the same price

  210. Juan Ángel Tabora 2017/03

    Really good food

  211. Lindey Foos 2017/03

    Over nine dollars for a four piece spider roll? You’ve got to be kidding me. I literally watched the sushi chef cut the roll in half and give me only half the pieces. Normally a spider roll would be eight to twelve dollars, in a FANCY eat in sushi restaurant, for eight pieces. Trust me, I know my sushi…this place is ridiculous. I’ve had their Hibachi before and it is delicious, which is why I gave two stars, but avoid the sushi unless you feel like paying Morimoto prices for strip mall sushi! Also, they told me 25 minutes and forty five minutes later I’m still sitting here waiting for the hibachi portion of my meal and writing this review….not impressed!

  212. Dees Bailbonds 2017/02

    Service was very slow. People came in after us got served before us. The cashier looked overwhelmed.

  213. Nicole DeStefano 2017/02

    Great quick food

  214. Ian Brechtelsbauer 2017/02

    Always friendly, came here since this place opened and still the same owner. Always working extremely hard to maintain the store status quo. Food is usually generously portioned, but make sure you call ahead so you don’t have to wait!!!

  215. Kenise Ford 2016/12

    I love this restaueant. A cheaper way to the get the haba hi experience and taste.

  216. The Jersey Girl 2016/11

    I was looking for Hibachi that tasted just as good as the one I am accustomed to down in Waynesboro Virginia. Fortunately for me, it was just as good. The Hibachi Express meal with steak and shrimp was freshly prepared. Steak cooked medium well just as I had ordered. The rice was also firm enough and not mushy. I went on a weekday during lunch hour and the wait wasn’t bad as I thought it would be after having read some of the reviews. If you like Hibachi style food, I encourage you to give them a try as I believe you will not be disappointed.

  217. Kevin Morgan 2016/08

    Twice a week love this place

  218. Carleasa Montague 2016/07

    Everytime I went to this place the food was good until today. I ordered my food and went to pick it up. I live like 30 minutes away from this place. Got my food and didn’t open it until I got home. When I opened it I saw a piece of short black hair in it. Pissed me off…my mouth was set for this. So I call back not angry not aggressive. I told the person who answered the phone, the assistant manager that I had hair in my food. Then I was asked a series of questions related to how the hair looked, the color, and the length. So after being put on hold several times I was told to bring it back and they would cook me another one. I explained to the assistant manager that I lived too far and could I get it tomorrow. They tell me they couldn’t do nothing about it unless I brought it back today. So needless to say they have lost a once loyal customer. I traveled far to get this food. Not anymore.

  219. Marsha Gayot 2016/06

    Little unkept but food is consistent.

  220. Jordan Jackson 2016/06

    Their food is delicious, and the portions are plentiful. I will definitely be coming back. Great food.

  221. Daniel Bendele 2016/05

    Food is great. Call and order ahead if you can. It can be slow at times.

  222. kristi brown 2016/04

    Food always tastes great…i always mix the yum yum with the salad sauce and it tastes just like the real deal on the salad…the everything else ive tried is awesome

  223. Clark Management 2016/04

    This was our first time eating from this location. We decided to make the hike from Chesterfield as many people we know swear its delicious. We usually eat at a sit down,more expensive place in Midlothian called Kabuto Japanese Steaks and Sushi. We placed our order in person and they were out of Filet Mignon. Even still we made the hike so decided to still order.So one order was for regular steak and mine was for chicken.I ordered the Shrimp Tempura as an appetizer. He told us 30 mins so we went across to Walmart to do some quick shopping. Came back 40 mins later, food still not done. On top of that they don’t have an orderly way to track orders so we had to dig for our receipt to find order #.The Yum Yum sauce is too mayonnaise based for me but he loved it.No Sushi on Sundays which we didn’t know before going. Food was still hot when we got back home and good. We plan to try the Hibachi Box over in The Fan next and see how they compare.Hibachi Box seems to have a more extensive menu but they are closed on Sundays. Overall would eat here again though its not in the best or most convenient location. I much prefer staying in the Midlothian or West End area.Make sure you are prepared to wait 40+ mins for your food.I don’t wait that long at Kabuto Japanese Steaks and Sushi which is a sit down full service Hibachi.

  224. Desmond Eche 2016/01

    Good food, will recommend to everyone…Will also advice you call in ahead of time 😉 …

  225. steve rawlings 2015/11

    Love it

  226. Dan Bolling 2015/08

    Food is given in tiny portions.
    Staff is extremely rude.
    Orders are not taken correctly.
    If you ask for sauce on the side you will get a cup of frozen soy sauce.
    Heed this review if your taste is above Regular take out.
    This is the first time I have ever given a review,it was well earned.

  227. Stacey Cheek 2015/08

    The food is the bomb!! People are in too much of a hurry anymore, you want good, take the time to enjoy, relax, enjoy great food, slow down for once!!

  228. Dan Reitz 2015/05

    I go here at least once a week, and have been for the past year. I have never once had a bad dining experience, and the food is always amazing. Id like to comment on the two bad reviews I see…

    1) waiting. If you want food that is already made, go to the Burger King across the street. Even though “Express” is in the name, this is still a Hibachi restaurant!! All orders are prepared once received; so your rice, meat, veggies, sushi, all of it, will be cooked for you in real time. This may take 10-15 minutes. if you are pressed for time, just call ahead and order. I do that for all my visits, place orders for entire groups, and have never had an error.

    2) bad service. As said before I have been here half a hundred times, haven’t experienced anything bad personally, and I ask for extra sauce everyday. I won’t say they don’t make mistakes, I just haven’t seen any myself.

    The atmosphere of the place won’t win you over, its small and a little old. But I can say with 100% honesty that I have been to some very fancy Japanese Steakhouses before paying $20 for a Hibachi meal, and none of them are as good as Hibachi Express. Do yourself a favor and go.

  229. Maurice 2015/03

    Decent food for an affordable price. Get the lunch specials!

  230. Tim Fortson 2015/02

    My favorite spot. Excellent food. Flavor and and portions are great. Quality and quantity are extremely pleasing.

  231. Justice Rinaldi 2015/01

    The wait time is rather long since you go in expecting to have a quick meal. However, I have worked at a hibachi place and this is the best hibachi I have found in Richmond so far. The food is fairly priced for the quality you get and to be honest once you taste the food you won’t mind the wait. I suggest you just call in your order ahead of time and then you won’t have to wait and still get great food.

  232. Rosie Kelso 2014/10

    This place is awesome. Love the food here!

  233. Jason Doctor 2014/07

    Great Hibachi and cheap prices

  234. Jimmy Lane 2014/07

    They make fancy restaurant food at fast food speed and affordability. These guys work hard and put out an awesome product!

  235. Brittany Meyer 2014/04

    Be prepared to wait and wait and wait and wait.

    Seriously, every time I go to pick up food here I wait double/triple the length of time quoted on the phone. I was told 15 minutes, it has been 50 mintues and still no food.

    I also feel the portions are way too small for the price. I think this is the last time I order from here.

  236. Andrew Miller 2012/12

    I LOVE this place. The hibachi and sushi are delicious.

  237. John Lapke 2012/07

    In all honesty, this is the best Hibachi I have ever had.

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