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Helping Hands Veterinary
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  1. wiener dogs rule 2023/11

    Friendliest people on the planet

  2. Amber Taylor 2023/11

    I’m so grateful for Helping Hands. We made a trip there from Hampton Roads because the price of their dental cleaning is much more affordable than other local vet offices and so worth it! From setting up the appt to the day of the visit, they ensured that the whole process was easy and efficient. Everyone I encountered was kind and knowledgeable. My 8 year old dog Tequila was very anxious but the staff were all patient and sweet to her. I loved when I came to pick her up that the Vet who did her dental cleaning was there and gave her a sweet farewell. We could tell she seemed to really care and love animals. Overall it was a great experience and Tequila is recovering well with the thorough post op instructions we received. Thank you for all you do!

  3. Anna Blum 2023/11

    The staff at Helping Hands is so nice and helpful, and Dr. Talbott is incredibly talented and knowledgeable. She was able to remove an eyelid growth on our old Labrador that had grown back after being removed once at a specialty clinic (apologies for the graphic before and after images!). Three months later and so far, absolutely no sign of the growth recurring. The scar is basically invisible, and he never even had to wear a cone! Plus, the cost was less than 1/3 of what it would have been elsewhere. We are very happy that he’ll be more comfortable during the time he has left 🙂


  4. Risheema Gaines 2023/11


  5. Dave Fielding 2023/11

    Inexpensive discounted place to have work done on your pet.

  6. Anthony Brooks 2023/10

    Check in process for my dogs surgery was well organized and quick. I arrived from out of town and everything during the process explained prior to arrival was very accurate. The staff was very friendly and response to my concerns before,during and after his surgery. Very affordable procedure that did not break the bank. Highly recommended

  7. Allen Duceman 2023/10

    Great place to get surgeries done for your pets. It is cheaper than your regular vet with exceptional care.

  8. Devon Murtha 2023/10

    I had a wonderful experience getting my dogs teeth cleaned here! I drove down from DC for the great price and quality care and I wasn’t disappointed. My dog is normally quite scared of the vet, but was treated with kindness and care from the entire staff. The facility was also very clean. There were no surprise fees, and the whole process was easy and stress free (or, as stress-free as a trip to the vet with an anxious dog could be!)

  9. Heather Thorne 2023/10

    They were wonderful to work with and took great care of our sweet kitten!

  10. jemmairose eddy 2023/10

    The Vet whom I saw today was nice and honest. We came here before for fatty tumors removal and we had to come back because the Dr didn’t remove the growth that brought us to the clinic. We were told to bring Spike back and it will be removed for free. Today the Dr on duty informed me that the location of the growth is something she is not comfortable doing because it may cause more issue. I appreciate her honesty. She also stated that with Spike’s age it really is not good to put him under anesthesia unless proven to her that his liver and lungs are healthy. What I want for Spike is to have a quality life until his time come. Thank you Helping Hands for what you do.


  11. Debra R 2023/10

    Everyone my dog and I interacted with was so kind, caring and personable, All staff was extremely thorough and patient answering questions and giving instructions. I’m truly impressed with everything and everyone from the initial scheduling, to the assessment appointment, to the smooth intake system on surgery day, to follow-up communication. I’ll definitely take my dogs to Helping Hands for any future issues…it’s a gift to have peace of mind and total trust during scary, stressful times with our pets. It’s also a huge relief to have a more affordable but
    100% quality option for surgical procedures.

  12. Laura López 2023/09

    Jasmine’s Customer Service was excellent:
    – she was very kind to me,
    – she was very sweet,
    – very empathetic,
    – very understanding,
    – she looked for options to help me,
    – she treated me with dignity despite the fact that I have limitations with the English language.
    Jasmine made the difference compared to the staff on top of her.

    Thank you very much Jasmine.


    El Servicio al Cliente de parte de Jasmine, fue excelente:
    – ella fue muy amable conmigo,
    – fue muy dulce,
    – muy empática,
    – muy comprensiva,
    – buscó opciones para ayudarme, me trató con dignidad a pesar de que yo tengo limitaciones con el idioma inglés.

    Jasmine hizo la diferencia en comparación con el personal adicional a Ella.

    Muchas gracias Jasmine.

  13. BETSY SANCHEZ 2023/09

    Helping Hands was truly a God sent and a blessing! I chose this place because the ER hospital I first took my pet baby was taking advantage of people’s attachment to their pets and EXCESSIVELY overcharging. Once I got the diagnosis, I was referred to Helping hands. I called them at night time but realized they were closed so I did not leave a message, thinking I would call them first thing the next morning. A very nice lady (Jasmine) called me late that same night and told me they could squeeze my pet baby in the next morning. I drove 1 hour to this clinic and they informed me about the pros and cons of the procedure and treated my pet baby as if their own and took her right away. They were honest and tried their very best not to give any false hope. The next couple of days after the surgery was the icing on the cake! They texted and/or called to see how “the patient “ was doing. They did not have to do this day after day! They continued to check on her status for the next 3 weeks!! Not even the ER hospital I took her to in Williamsburg, (that overcharges people) even called to check on her status and you would think with the amount of money they charge they could take a moment of their time to do so)This has been an emotional and amazing experience and I am so glad I chose to drive up there for my baby’s emergency procedure. May God continue to bless the works of the Dr’s hands as well as the staff for all you do to take care of His amazing and beautiful creatures!!

  14. legzzalot 2023/09

    They saved my 10 year old cat when she had aggressive breast cancer. And they charged less than half what my regular vet wanted.

  15. Whitney Vejvoda 2023/09

    I took my two cats to get their teeth cleaned (one is 8 years old, so this is something I’d been meaning to do for a while). The cost is about 1/4 what I was getting from other places, and to put a cherry on top: their technicians are amazing. They clearly love animals, which is important to me because I love animals. And I especially love my two babies. If Richmond wasn’t 2 hours away, I’d bring them more often.

    I should add that both kitties have beautiful, perfect pearly whites now. It’s like the years of tartar build up never happened!

  16. Felicia Jeffries 2023/09

    My 2nd time using the dental cleaning for my dog and both times was a good experience. My dog was well kept and they did all the necessary dental work at a great price. It’s worth the wait!

  17. Lanette Givens 2023/09

    Helping Hands in Richmond VA assisted my dog Cinnamon with surgery, removing a large mammary gland. It was high risk as she was diagnosed with cancer. The surgeon was absolutely wonderful and had a warm and caring attitude. Cinnamon
    is doing great! Thanks so much to the Veterinarian and staff!
    From Lanette Givens

  18. Kelly Corsano 2023/09

    Amazing vet clinic!! The facility was super clean, all the staff were incredibly kind and helpful, and I’m very happy with the treatment my dog received. Would recommend!

  19. secret Within us 2023/08

    The price for dog spay is the same as any vet. No helping hands there. They say low cost what a lie.

  20. Linda Stocker 2023/08

    If you truly care about animals, this is your place!

  21. Danielle Scott 2023/08

    FOREVER INDEBTED TO HELPING HANDS. They were responsive, invested, and right to the point. We were in and out in 4 hours. Jasmine stayed late and helped us into the car. There were no extra fees (except for the late night fee), the price they quoted up front was exactly what was paid. Each staff member was kind, the facility was clean, we waited while the surgery was being done because the lounge was so cozy! I couldn’t find anyone else in the area to take him for foreign body surgery and I tried for at least a week. In comparison, this was as easy as ordering a pizza (seriously, even the intake paperwork was instant and online!). I’m thrilled. Thank you so much. You don’t know what I’ve had to go through to keep this dog in my life and it was nice to feel like someone was actually there to help after being turned away at all the other doctors, ERs, and hospitals this week. Now I can wake up from this nightmare!


  22. Kim 2023/07

    Totally worth the drive! Wonderful staff. Fairly priced. Everyone here genuinely cares about the animals coming in. Will use them again for sure!

  23. Jason C 2023/07

    Affordable day surgery.

  24. Volkan Aytar 2023/07

    Helping Hands and their team are awesome. They are very helpful, informative and transparent about the medical processes. Services are very affordable too. Highly recommended

  25. Yvonne Coates 2023/07

    I am thankful to have been told about the Helping Hands Veterinary Hospital in Richmond, VA. We traveled from out-of-town for my dog Emma to have a (2-part) extensive dental surgery. Dr. Talbott, her surgeon, is top-notch and one of the best in this business. She spent time with Emma and made sure she was cared for and comfortable. We love her. In addition, the entire staff is professional and wonderful, they talk through everything to make sure your questions are answered and that you are comfortable. They called to check on us after we returned home. My Emma was treated like a princess pre and post-surgery. This Hospital is the best!!! They are a 10-star if we could give that rating.

  26. Brianna D 2023/07

    Please avoid going here at all costs for surgery. I know it might seem like a cheaper and more affordable option especially if you’re getting CCL surgery but you will likely have to get the surgery again if you go here. I’ve now heard hundreds of horror stories, but I didn’t wanna believe it for myself. I had to take my dog here for a CCL surgery in January 2021 she never stopped limping for the two years after surgery and I called them many times asking to talk to a vet and they always just told me that it was normal spoiler alert. It was not normal fast forward Two years and I had to get the surgery again and pay another $4000 to have a proper vet fix her leg she hasn’t lived cents and it’s been amazing but I ended up having to spend $6500 because Helping Hands does a horrible job with the surgeries. My orthopedic vet in the many of them who I’ve met have all highly advise against using Helping Hands. They’re basically a scam.

  27. Dan Ryan 2023/07

    Got in ahead of schedule due to a last minute cancellation. The staff was efficient and thorough, never concerned for my dog’s well-being. I was able to pick my dog up from her dental surgery about 2pm. You can’t beat the price and care.

  28. Harrison Cartledge Jr. 2023/07

    The drop off does not reflect who arrived first at 7:30 a.m. There should be a ticket machine so those that arrive get served in order of arrival. I had cherry eye removed from my dog last year for $450. This year it was over $900. Serious jump in charges for the same procedures. Surgery worked out well.


  29. Elena Krasulіa 2023/07

    Great experience. I had my cats spayed, been worried incredibly much. But everything went fine. From the beginning: the sweetest and most attentive nurses I’ve ever met, easy to contact, the procedure was well organized. Dropped my kitties in the morning, got them in the evening, already awake and active. The doctor talked to me, gave the instructions, pills and answered all the questions. Proposed to call the clinic if there will be any issues. Also the chat support is a very convenient thing for contacting.

    Again: great experience and much appreciation to the clinic staff.

  30. Megan Funk 2023/07

    Thank goodness for Helping Hands! I’m so thankful that a more affordable option is available for dog dental procedures. I was not warned about small dogs and the problems with their teeth when I adopted my dog and the costs can add up very quickly. Helping Hands staff has always been very helpful and attentive in communications before, during and after the procedures. My dog has been here several times for dental visits and I would recommend them to anyone who needs affordable care.

  31. Ashley Santos 2023/06

    I cannot say enough good things about Helping Hands in Richmond, VA! Since my very first message to them, they were so kind, caring and courteous.

    On Saturday May 6th, our pup, Princess, was diagnosed with Pyometra. Our regular vet would not be able to do surgery until Monday. I knew that Princess’ life could be on the line and I couldn’t wait 2 days. I messaged Helping Hands at 2:30pm that same Saturda through TeleVet explaining that Princess needed to have a pyometra surgery. Jasmine responded promptly at 3:11pm. They aren’t open on Saturdays and even then, Jasmine made sure to take care of me quickly. I sent over all paperwork necessary and she was able to book me in for that same night at 9pm!!! I drove from Annapolis, MD (2 hr 30 min drive) and they were already ready for me!

    The process was very smooth. From the moment we got there, we filled out the paperwork and took Princess. Jasmine even gave us a list of recommendations of things to do in the area! We arrived at 9:30 and we were out before 2am.

    Dr. Kristen Talbott, if I could use every positive and uplifting adjective to describe you, I would!! Dr. Talbott was friendly and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. She answered every single one of my questions and quickly put me at ease.

    We are SOOO thankful and grateful for this amazing team! Princess recovered swiftly and is back to her old self. You guys are the definition of true heroes!! Your love, kindness and dedication towards helping and caring for our pets is evident with the work you do!


  32. Brianna Beil 2023/06

    Easy process getting my kitty spayed. Friendly and professional. Reasonable price for cat spay.

  33. Fernanda García 2023/06

    Friendly staff and reasonable prices. They treated my pet really well – I would come back here again.

  34. Melissa Collier 2023/06

    Helping Hands performed Cherry-Eye tack surgery in both eyes of my English Bulldog puppy and she is bright eyed and beautiful. Would recommend Helping Hands again and again ❤️


  35. Cindy Le 2023/06

    Thank you so much Helping Hands for providing wonder dental care to my two kitties, Mars and Saturn! From check-in to post-op, everyone was incredibly helpful and supportive. I really appreciated the phone calls for updates and procedure permission. The drive to RVA is always worth it for this clinic 🙂

  36. Janice Hart 2023/06

    Dr. Talbott and her team go above and beyond for the furbabies and their parents. I can’t thank you enough for looking over my sweet Rosie. If I need you guys again in the future, I sure will be back. 🙂

  37. Marlena Robinson 2023/05

    I’ve been coming side they were in the old location. The care they give the animals is still unmatched for that price. Although the prices have gone way up over the the years. But I do fear the x-ray package cost is untenable for some desperate owners just trying to do the right thing by their beloved pets with getting dental work done.

  38. Fam Gats 2023/05

    This was my dog’s first time with this vet. Their entire process was efficient and effective and made for a very smooth and pleasant experience. They respond quickly through TeleVet, which was convenient to me. Staff was helpful. My dog’s original dental appointment was 8 months in the future but let them know to contact me in case of cancelation. I was contacted 2 months later and got an appointment the next week. I already scheduled my dog’s dental for next year since there’s a big wait. Highly recommend them.

  39. Janna Turadek 2023/05

    Great customer service. They told me exactly what to expect before/during/after my cats dental surgery.

  40. Alan Boehm 2023/05

    We have been taking our dogs here for years. We like our interaction with all of the personnel. Always friendly and keep us informed.

  41. Barbara Robinson-Smith 2023/05

    They took excellent care of my fur baby, both operative and post-operative. Staff was caring and made me and my girl more relaxed.

  42. Maryjane Lasek 2023/04

    Friendly and courteous staff. From initial call until the day of appointment. I would highly recommend.

  43. Genesis Argueta 2023/04

    I brought in my little shih Tzu Paco for a foreign body removal and we were met with the sweetest and most caring staff, they completed his procedure within the time frame they estimated and I’m so thankful for everyone at helping hands for taking good care of my boy. I highly recommend this facility!

  44. Stef F 2023/04

    Although they book out months in advance, it is possible to get on a cancellation list. I was able to get Jake the Cat’s dental done fairly quickly.
    From start to finish, everyone I interacted with was informative, professional, and NICE.
    The Vet even talked with me for a minute about something unrelated to the dental, and told me that Jake is a very good kitty. How could I not love a place that recognizes how great a kitty Jake is?

  45. Jennifer Griffith 2023/03

    I don’t usually leave reviews. But these ladies are amazing and this place is run so very well. I recommend them highly! And you can’t say that much anymore these days. Very responsive. Great customer service and great care for your fur baby.

  46. Alyson Sylva 2023/03

    I can’t say enough about how wonderful Helping Hands is and how much my dog TankGirl benefited from our visit there. Helping hands has a wonderful two-tier dental surgery program. The first tier is under $500 and includes cleaning and removal of teeth that need it without x-rays. The second tier is a little over twice that with x-rays so the doctors can see if there is problems below the gum line. We chose the first tier because our dog’s teeth were so terrible I knew that most of them would be removed.
    Helping Hands does it all in one day, they come out to your car early in the morning and grab your dog (lovingly) And when you pick them up at 5:00 p.m. they are done and sort of awake. We got to spend a lovely day in Richmond Virginia while we were waiting. We were too far away to drive home. That’s okay though. We were provided medication for pain and antibiotics and within a few days of coming home TankGirl was a different girl! Hungry!! Energetic! I could tell that her mouth was not hurting her anymore and her breath was not hurting us, either 😄. Thank you so much Helping Hands!

  47. becky acree 2023/03

    The staff is wonderful. They were all very kind to myself and my dog, Bob. I would highly recommend them. Very knowledgeable and price was affordable. Thank you for the best experience.

  48. Yvonne Lepski 2023/03

    Our 10yo (very unfit) beagle was out exploring (with her dad) and twisted her leg just the right(wrong!) way- giving her a torn ACL. As a nurse I knew this was bad. Our vet estimated $6000 for surgery- which we would have paid but were having a hard time with. Fortunately he also understands life and its expenses and recommended Helping Hands. At a drastically reduced cost they could get our girl up and walking on all 4 legs again.
    They have a very efficient communication system with you through Televet Care. It took a while to get Penny scheduled due to her having some other medical conditions that needed to be assessed.
    We are only 1 week out but everything seems to be going well. We were so pleased with all of the special care and attention Penny received! Certainly we think she’s beautiful but who doesn’t like to see there baby being loved by others! I would absolutely bring my pets here again and recommend them to everyone!
    Here’s a pic of Penny getting her VIP trip up the stairs!


  49. Allison Shaw 2023/03

    This place used to be a God send. I’m not really sure why they call themselves affordable vet care with the enormous increase in their prices. They charge $75 for an evaluation, my vet charges $50, the 2 vets my dog has seen also charges significantly less for Tumor removal. The dental cleaning is over $200 more than it used to be. It’s just very disappointing.

  50. Patty Bogan 2023/02

    I brought my Barkley in for a dental Jan 2023. I cannot say enough good things about Helping Hands. The techs were very kind and thorough, making sure that I understood what was going to happen that day and during the healing process. It was amazingly affordable, especially in comparison to what others charge.


  51. Debbie Ashe 2023/02

    The staff is very professional and I feel they really cared about my dog’s wellbeing.

  52. Susan Tyler 2023/02

    This place deserves more than five stars! My cat recently had dental surgery at Helping Hands. The staff was incredibly organized, they communicated every needed detail with me, were prompt, and most importantly compassionate. It is clear that they (especially Brittany) love what they do and know they are making a positive difference in our world. I am extremely grateful and would HIGHLY recommend Helping Hands.

  53. AJ M 2023/02

    Exceptional service, very detail oriented and explained the procedure before we arrived, the costs in detail and what to expect. The were very efficient upon arrival and the text ability to stay in contact was so smooth and convenient. They called periodically throughout the day with updates and to let me know when to pick Mittens up. The price was unbekiefor the top notch service. Highly recommend.

  54. Kathy Wilson Jones 2023/02

    Excellent staff, excellent care!

  55. Yeselis Lewis 2023/02

    Helping hands saved the day again🙏🏽 this is my 2nd time bringing one of my pets the 1st time was in 2018 the other was literally a week ago, I’m so happy and thrilled those people are extremely professional very nice and always seem to get the job done correctly thank you guys …


  56. Brian Jones 2023/01

    It is 12 hours until my dog’s scheduled appointment for neutering. I have planned my week around this appointment, so that I can tend to my dog’s recovery. The representative informed me, quite casually, that scrotal ablation is not included, but could be added for an additional $350 (the quoted neutering bill was $500, so now $850). What? I’m sorry, I’m not a surgeon, and I don’t know what particular surgical procedures are normally done or needed or included… what are we even talking about?

    I am frustrated that this facility did not contact me sooner, or at least send an email welcome package, letting me know what options or whatever to expect. This appointment had been scheduled for two weeks; yet, I am contacted just 12 hours before the appointment (which is 2 hours from home). What a waste.

    The issue here is that trust was broken. I was trusting this veterinarian practice with the health and well-being of my furry friend, and at the last minute, I was being told that the intake documentation could wait until the morning (…), but “hey, let me go over our pricing options” from a salesperson. I have no faith that money is not taking a higher priority relative to quality of care. I feel betrayed by this practice, and it is such a shame.

    It is worth noting that this facility called me again, the day after posting this review, and that conversation left me feeling invalidated and labeled as someone who “is looking for an argument”… essentially doubling down on the poor customer service that resulted in this review. Helping Hands later assured me me that scrotal ablation is a cosmetic procedure which is “rarely” done unless the animal is well endowed. Well my pet is well endowed, but I don’t know if my definition of well endowed is the same as that of the vet. As the vet has not seen my pet, it would be impossible for the vet to give enough information to make an informed decision – a decision that I shouldn’t even be needing to make because I’m not the vet.

    I also find is somewhat amusing that the vet is calling themselves a low cost alternative, which charging nearly 10x what PETA charges, and while making a sales pitch for additional cosmetic surgical services, relying on the uninformed patient to make a hasty decision without sufficient information. That is not low cost; that is just like every other veterinarian practice, but with few services offered.

  57. Allie C 2023/01

    Staff is very nice and caring. Check in could be a bit smoother however I do love that they have a chat function to set up appointments etc.

  58. Karma E 2023/01

    I’m very pleased and happy that Helping Hands veterinary was able to help my Queen Bella. When I took her to her vet and he told me she needed knee surgery and he gave me the surgeon number I was devastated when he told me how much it will cost I knew I couldn’t afford the surgery. I started searching and I saw another place and Helping Hands once I saw all the bad reviews I got very scared and decided I was going with the other surgeon which was also affordable but after talking to the staff at Helping Hands the was so caring and nice I proceeded to go with them. They really were awesome 5 stars ain’t enough they deserve more they took care of my babygirl Queen Bella. I was so nervous and had mixed emotions thinking my baby wasn’t going to make it because they explained the risk of her being a bully but once Dr.Kelcourse called me and explained everything to me and all the knowledge and years of experience he have I didn’t have not a bit of a doubt she was in good hands the staff was very nice and answered all my questions and took care of my babygirl like one of their own furbaby. I would definitely recommend anyone to Helping Hands. My babygirl is healing well just been 1 week and she’s able to set her paw lil by lil down we still have a long road of recovery but she’s strong and she’s going with the flow of knowing she has to be in her kennel. Thank you so much to Dr. Kelcourse and all his staff I really appreciated everything you did for my Queen Bella. I really wish I would’ve met Dr.Kelcourse in person so I could’ve Thank him in person and not over the phone but I understand how busy it was that day. I just hope to see a picture of him on his website so I can put a face to his name. God blessed you all for your helping hands and giving my babygirl Queen Bella more years too come by my side because she’s my emotional support girl. Thank you all so much. Happy Holidays keep doing an awesome job. Glad I decided to go to your office wonderful experience. I was terrified with the no news it’s good news saying but I’m glad it’s over and me and my babygirl are looking forward for summertime 😊


  59. Colleen Hague 2022/11

    I cannot express how thankful I am to helping hands. I bought my 9-month-old Chihuahua in for a dental surgery she had to have 11 baby teeth removed on Monday 5/16 , my experience was incredible ! The staff was fantastic !! Even when I was told not to call no news is good news . I still called to check on my little girl the staff was very patient and very kind to this very nervous and scared parent. I would recommend this place to anyone without second thought


  60. Ashley Henry 2022/10

    Wow. Honestly one of the most wonderful veterinary experiences we have had as dog owners for nearly 10 years. We adopted a wonderful pom a couple years back with no knowledge of her medical issues. In doing our best to give her the best care at a rate we can reasonably afford, we were blessed to come across this wonderful practice and staff. Unlike some other vets we have had, they were outstandingly accommodating to our little girl and down to earth. They spoke to us and explained everything very well and with professionalism. I cannot thank them enough for truly going above and beyond the standard for our Rosie. They left an impression with us that won’t be forgotten. Cannot recommend enough, well worth the commute! Thank you!


  61. Perry Craig 2022/10

    My dog had acl surgery there 3 yrs ago he’s doing fantastic they were wonderful efficient and caring I recommend anyone who has an animal in need of major surgery to definitely look into them they were also priced affordable making it easy for me to pay

  62. Christina Davis 2022/10

    5 stars and not for the reason you might think! We drove about 3 hours to save compared to the local price. When we went to drop off our dog, the consult took longer than expected; the surgeon did multiple tests and then told us that she didn’t need surgery! It was misdiagnosed by 2 local vets and may have been spinal shock or a partial tear that was improving. Even though they stood to lose the money, they were honest with us! I hate to think that we might have spent $6,000 at a vet near us and put our dog through a surgery unnecessarily.

  63. Mel 2022/09

    I could not have better things to say about Helping Hands. I brought my cat in for PU surgery last week, and the experience was somehow incredibly positive in the midst of a very stressful week of medical emergency. A doctor was able to come in sooner than expected to get the surgery done because they weren’t comfortable making me wait. Everyone I dealt with, from the person on the phone, to intake, to checkout, was lovely and reassuring. They took great care of my baby boy, and I’m so grateful he was able to get the care he needed affordably. Thank you, Helping Hands! Mr. Business resents his cone and crate, but he’s doing so well.

  64. Heather Jones 2022/09

    Tried getting my cat PU surgery after being referred to them by my vet on a asap basis…receptionists were rude and disrespectful. told me the vet didn’t feel lile taking on another pu surgery because they dient feel like it despite how needed it is.. unprofessional. I believe the girls name was Alina who was rude when answering my calls. tried to tell me his surgey wasn’t important as well. I do not recommend this place. Shame on you.

  65. Brian Weldin 2022/08

    I had such a pleasant experience over at the helping hands veterinary hospital. During such a stressful time with major issues with my pup, they were able to successfully do the surgery necessary to help my pup feel better. Not only were they helpful but they were also so caring and kind. 10/10 definitely recommend this place.

  66. Melissa Stegner 2022/07

    Updating my original review 2 years later – I moved away from Richmond but still drive out here from DC to get my dogs teeth cleaned. Even when accounting for the cost of gas and a hotel for 1 night, I am still saving hundreds of dollars compared to getting my dogs teeth cleaned elsewhere. I trust Helping hands so much! And am so thankful to have an affordable pet dental clinic

    The most affordable place to get pet dental cleaning in all of Virginia. I’ve brought my dog to get his teeth cleaned three times now and they never disappoint.

  67. Margot Salas 2022/06

    I cannot express how beyond thankful I am for helping hand to exist. I live in NYC and after a 1k check up (urine, x-rays, sonogram etc)my dog had a huge bladder stone. They quoted me 3k for the procedure after already paying 1,500 in tests and what not. My dogs stone was so big she was peeing blood and had a UTI. After researching every vet in the tri state area, within days I came across HH. It was like too good to be true. I was trying to do extensive research bc the procedure is intense. Thank you to everyone who also left reviews bc without that information I wouldn’t have decided to make the trip to Virginia. After being in contact with HH they gave me the closest date available-within 4 days I was heading there. We stayed at a hotel in the area (recommended by HH) for 3 days to give my dog time to rest before heading back to nyc in car. Everything went great, I was hesitant to drop my dog off an over night hospital for the first night, since my dog kept whining the first night and I was afraid something was wrong. But thankfully she was better the next day and off we headed back to nyc. Within 1-2 weeks she got her cone and stitches removed back in nyc and since then has been on a special diet. HH saved my dogs life and I will be forever grateful!


  68. Christa Renzi 2022/06

    My friends vet gave a refferal to them for her cats PU surgery because he keeps getting blocked. She’s tried everything already and nothing is working. The receptionist at Helping Hands literally told my friend that it, “Didn’t sound important.” You don’t tell someone that about their sick pet. That’s so very unprofessional. And then when they called back they proceeded to tell her that, “The surgeon doesn’t feel like doing it.” Definatley wouldn’t reccomend them. Extremely unprofessional and rude.

  69. Michael Ko 2022/06

    Helping Hands was so helpful and caring throughout my whole experience. I live in NJ, and my dog, Gus, had a large growth that needed removing. After being quoted over 3k from my vet, I did some looking around and am so thankful I found this hospital in my hometown where my family lives. After a couple emails back and forth, I was able to set up an appointment and made the trip home to have the mass removed. Surgery went smoothly, and they called me the next day to check up on Gus. I will recommend them to my family and friends!

  70. Mary Emeigh 2022/05

    First time to Helping Hands and it was an absolute pleasure. Our “older” dog needed dental work, and we were recommended to Helping Hands. We love our regular vet. but, it was going to be very expensive!
    We priced through HH and they were much more affordable.
    When our dog was finished, we picked him up and brought him home with complete follow up at home instructions.
    The following day Helping Hands contacted us to see how our dog was doing. They answered all questions and gave solution if need.
    They even called us again, the following day to make sure our dog was ok?
    I am very impressed with their care for our Dog and how kind they are.
    Our dog is fine, and we are grateful!!
    Thank you Helping Hands!!!!
    Please feel comfortable going to them!!

  71. Noelle H 2022/04

    Helping Hands is wonderful, an absolute treasure! Because of their establishment, I was able to afford a surgery that ultimately saved my cat’s life. The doctors and staff were warm, knowledgeable and caring towards myself and my pet. I can’t express how grateful I am for Helping Hands! It’s solely because of the heart and mission behind this center that my cat will now live not only a full life, but have an improved quality of life as well. Thank you so much Helping Hands!

  72. Bmorej 2022/03

    This place is a scam.They use the same name as the “charitable ” organization they started as but under new management owned by UVA,more than doubled their prices but continue to use reviews from previous ownership. I drove 600 miles one way to have surgery after submitting photos only to have them tell me they’re not comfortable performing it.After gas,hotel, and time they are in no way affordable anymore.They are ridiculous with covid bullcrap directing you to convenience store public restrooms ? They wanted 175$ to pop a pimple on my dogs eye. They are fraudulently presenting themselves as affordable under the reputation of the prior owners .save your money and find someplace local.I would give zero stars if it were an option

  73. chantell galloway 2022/03

    Love what you all do, was there 12 yrs ago with my Willow, price, care, after care calls, your great n I thank you once again!!!!

  74. Barbara Abaunza 2022/02

    Very helpful and I appreciated the follow up when I got home.

  75. Joe 2022/02

    Affordable prices. The vet techs took good care of my dog after her teeth cleaning.

  76. Cori14398 2021/11

    I am so grateful for this place, my pups surgery went from costing over a $1,000 to $325.00. They did a great job, my dog is recovering nicely and they even give you a call the next day to see how your pup is doing. Thank you helping hands!

  77. Tammy Le Missey 2021/11

    They are amazing. I took my black lab there for CCL surgery. They were extremely caring. Highly recommend.

  78. leigh robbins 2021/11

    Helping Hands took excellent care of my rescue kitty. They treated him with love and spent much time explaining the procedure he had done. I would recommend them to anyone that needs dental care for a cat or dog.

  79. Katie Gray-Blagus 2021/11

    Fantastic staff! I was in a hurry to preform a life saving surgery on my pup- they fit us in, did not charge an arm and a leg, were quick and professional and compassionate. Now, my Bumblebee is still with us!


  80. Richard Evans 2021/11

    They are awesome they will help your dog nine is family 😊 …

  81. Melissa 2021/11

    I cannot thank Helping Hands enough for saving my baby boy’s life. I drove 10+ hours from NYC to VA to Helping Hands and it was 100% worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. My dog was presented with gallbladder disease, and needed his gallbladder removed. This is a specialized and (can be often) a complicated procedure. And if it’s not done, I was told by many vets that his gallbladder would eventually burst and that could be fatal. I was scared beyond belief. Unfortunately, I was quoted over $6,000 at his primary vet and between all of the tests leading up to the diagnosis, I simply couldn’t afford it. Helping Hands took on the case and I cried.

    They were informative, realistic, kind and attentive from start to finish. Obviously, this was a very stressful time for both me and my pup, but Helping Hands made the process go as smoothly as possible. They were some of the kindest humans I have met and truly care for your animals. They went through every question and reassured me that they were going to do everything they can to save his life. And they did! Fast forward a couple of hours and they informed me that Bagel’s surgery went very well. Though, he was not out of the woods yet. They recommended that we transfer him over to an emergency animal hospital, where they can monitor him overnight. The ER facility was fantastic and the next day he was good to go home!

    I know Helping Hands says they don’t see the cases go through after they leave the premises, but I’m happy to report that we are currently 7 weeks post-up and Bagel is doing fantastic. He is back to his normal self and I’m even happier to report that his liver enzymes are going down! Not that I had any doubts before, but the surgery was indeed a true success.

    We are forever thankful that a place like Helping Hands exists. I don’t know where we would be if it weren’t for their kind hearts and the ability to make serious surgeries, like the one Bagel needed more affordable for pet owners like myself. I would’ve done anything to save him, but I am grateful I didn’t have to decide between rent and saving my dog’s life. Truly, thank you. Both Bagel and I are deeply appreciative of everyone there!

  82. Sharon and the dogs brewer 2021/10

    I am impressed with every visit! Efficient, so kind to the animals. The covid set up is so good!


  83. Christal Spicer 2021/10

    Wasted 2 weeks and multiple in depth calls with this places staff to get there today and find out 99% of what I was told to do and money already spent was USELESS and my pet is still in the exact same condition.

  84. Luis Argueta 2021/10

    Affordable, very polite and friendly people. I recommend it you won’t be disappointed.

  85. Curtis Brown 2021/10

    They did a great job.

  86. marta flis 2021/10

    Great place, very helpful and friendly staff!

  87. Sharline Andreas 2021/10

    I have never been there so I don’t know why you sent me this

  88. Sabata Dupuch 2021/10

    Took my Cat for a Dental cleaning and teeth removal. Staff are very friendly and extremely caring for the animal.

    Price for Dental has increased dramatically over the past few years and for some people who really can’t afford Vet, even though Helping hands is allot cheaper still won’t help allot of people who have pets that cannot afford to bring it get pets because of price and no flexibility in affordable payments on certain high procedures. It could be allot more helpful for people who are less fortunate. On that note for non emergency procedures requires 7 month in advance otherwise you pay a large fee for allot sooner if needed.

    But overall experience was great.

  89. T. Cameron 2021/09

    Young fresh mouth girls at the check in. Think they are the Vets.
    In response to your reply. The review is not under a false name but my married last name. And yes, sometimes a little power can go to vet techs head.
    My experience was what I stated above. Because of that I chose not to bring my other two animals in for their November dental cleaning.
    It’s not what you say but how you say it.
    A couple of your vet techs that work the front have no front desk manners. My dogs and I deserve better.
    Thank you.

  90. Jamey Beckner 2021/09

    Words can’t express how wonderful these folks are, and the service that they offer. There is no way that we could have easily afforded the work done to our puppies, but they not only did it, but did so with great kindness and gentleness in their explanations. There were owners in front of us in line that had driven all the way from North Jersey. I’m sure they got a great experience too, and were recommended by other satisfied customers. There is a reason that people from all over the east coast make the journey to Richmond to use them.

  91. Vilma Posadas 2021/09

    Since the first moment I had contacted them I could see that they want to helping me with my dog Valy.
    Then when I took my dog to them I did feel comfortable the way the handle everything, and the next day after the umbilical Hernia surgery they even followed up my dog recovery …thank you so much for been there to give a hand to us.


  92. Shirley Chappell 2021/09

    After care instructions were fantastic.. what to expect of my pups recovery was spot on. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my adopted fur baby has bonded with me a little more because of hand feeding and creative ways to care for her.
    Cinnamon’s crooked little smile will melt hearts! I highly recommend HH to everyone who seeks loving and affordable care. Shirley and Cinnamon Chappell😊 🐕

  93. keegan hockett 2021/09

    I dont know which one of you angels thought of my kitten ( who needed 17 teeth pulled to be able to eat due to pain) when you called me to let me know a cancellation opened up and the wait time went from 5.5 months to 4 days, but this fluffy yellow kitty boy owes you BIG time. Thank you for helping him enjoy life for once!!! He is growwing and purring and CHOWING.DOWN. BIG. TIME. now thanks to you all. Words cant express the stress and worry and pain and starvation and hurt you have freed our little lion pride from. THANK. YOU.

  94. Heather Kizer 2021/08

    It’s hard to put in words how great this place was. I don’t leave many reviews but I had to on this. This place saved our dogs life. We drove 6 hours to get there. They were willing to do an emergency surgery on the weekend. Posting prices publicly on their website is a HUGE plus in my eyes. No other place does this that I know of. No blindsides here at Helping Hands. We got estimated quotes from 3 different places in our area and they wanted to charge 6-10k (3-5x more than what we paid here for surgery.) Super professional from the phone staff to the care that we received. Thank you Helping Hands for everything you did for us and our pet. 13 months later she’s still doing great.

  95. Christopher Washburn 2021/08

    I took my English Bulldog to Helping Hands a couple of months ago to have the entropion surgery on both eyes. The employees at Helping Hands were extremely helpful throughout the entire process and provided very clear instructions on how to care for my dog before and after his surgery. The healing process took about 2 weeks as the staff advised prior to the surgery but I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. His eyes look great, his vision has improved and seems to be a much happier dog on a daily basis. Thank you to Helping Hands for their tremendous work on my dog’s eyes, the professionalism from all staff members, and for keeping the price extremely low.

  96. D D 2021/08

    They are amazing! Affordable, friendly, great customer service, fast and did an outstanding job for my dog teeth cleaning. They took very good care of her. They truly care about animals. Her teeth are white! Thank you all very much. Your team is awesome and you all worked together to get the job done. Well done.

  97. Susan Harter 2021/08

    Unfortunately, I had to take my dog in to have a “cherry eye” removal done. During COVID 19, they had someone to meet you in the parking lot to check you in and they came to your car to take your pet. Upon picking your pet up, they will bring your pet to your car. They are fast at checking in and picking up. Their costs are 1/4 of the cost of a veterinary office and the people are pleasant to deal with. My dog is doing well.

  98. Jenica Smith 2021/08

    Absolutely amazing staff that genuinely care about helping animals. We went to get our senior toy poodle’s teeth cleaned and several extractions done and it went smooth as silk. Super affordable for the area!

  99. Ta'Adhmeeka Beamon 2021/08

    Amazing! Cannot express my gratitude enough for the affordable, dental care provided at Helping Hands. My 7 year old Shih Tzu furbaby, Django, was in desperate need of dental care. And though I love his routine veterinarian, I could not fathom paying the exorbitant amount they quoted me for a basic dental cleaning. Not to mention the per extraction price for pulling damaged/infected teeth. I started researching whether there was somewhere within driving distance of Alexandria, VA that provided more affordable options, and stumbled upon Helping Hands. Set out to schedule an appointment, and the process was super efficient and informative. They were able to get us in much earlier than expected. So we headed to Richmond last week, and I now have a much happier tail wagger on my hands! Even though he is still healing, I have noticed a much happier Django! They provided very comprehensive pre- and post-care and even called to check on him the day after. Needless to say, I am very pleased. The second best part of the entire experience is that when I calculated the procedure (w/ 12 extractions mind you), gas, food and an Airbnb rental for wait time, I still paid $227 less than what I would have paid for just the basic cleaning at his vet. I am already making plans for my youngest, Tsala, to go. Thank you for having such a caring and professional staff!

  100. Jermaine DeLeon 2021/07

    This place is a godsend! They took care of my 14yr old 4 legged family member for an operation that would’ve cost triple the price in my area. Words can’t express how thankful I am to have found them. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!


  101. Jennifer Falbo 2021/07

    PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!! I want this to go as far as it can. Helping Hands Veterinary Surgery & Dental Care of Virginia is now refusing to help Tex. I was on the phone with the “practice manager” and tried to find out why my appointment went up $95. I got a quote of $495 and then it went up another $95 Instead of helping me, she refunded the money to Companion Bridge (they did the fundraiser) and refused to give me any explanation. If you know me, you know I take care of my pets. When you share this, please tag Helping Hands Veterinary Surgery & Dental Care of Virginia so they know they unfair treatment. Even if you didn’t donate, spread this message. I want the owners to call me but the awful “practice manager” has blocked me from speaking to someone. She knew that I asked why the bill went up, and she became passive aggressive. I’ve made the public so everyone can share it

  102. C V 2021/07

    Helping Hands is a blessing. My cat Kiki needed dental extractions really badly. The vet offices I’ve been to wanted to charge anywhere from 1300-1700. There was no way I could afford that. I felt awful because I didn’t want her to be in pain anymore. Thankfully, I happened to find Helping Hands. I asked how much extractions would cost, and the total was $335! I couldn’t believe it because it was a price I can definitely work with! They took very good care of her and the instructions were very clear. She’s so much happier now, I’m so thankful for what Helping Hands does for pet owners and our fur babies. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! ❤️❤️

  103. Jeff Stewart 2021/07

    These are very caring people. They run an efficient clinic with attention to detail. And yes, they make it affordable to get the care our dogs need. We will be scheduling our next pups visit soon!

  104. Lor Cesp 2021/07

    I’m so very grateful for teeth extractions/job they have done for my baby, twice now. They are so friendly and willing to answer my concerns/questions at ease. Love their service, friendliness and flat rate affordable price. Makes it worth driving more than 1.5hrs there. Would highly recommend them.

  105. Ann Marie Daly 2021/07

    My cat, HeyMa, developed stomatitis and spent the last 6 months in increasing pain. The dental extractions that were recommended were extremely expensive. Then, I found Helping Hands. From my initial contact, the staff was kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable and showed excellent follow through. They took all of my nervous calls asking for additional information and were warm and caring.

    Yesterday, we drove from Philadelphia to Richmond for HeyMa to have her surgery. It was an absolute success. HeyMa is comfortable and loving and seems to only stop purring when she’s asleep.

    I truly can’t express my gratitude to everyone at Helping Hands for making my precious HeyMa so comfortable and returning her to the cat she was before this awful, debilitating disease took over.

  106. S.E. Hambleton 2021/07

    Great place. The people need a place like this to take their family that are in need of help. My Cats are my family.

  107. Tera Wright 2021/07

    Although, the vet techs are kind over the phone BEWARE They are biased against bully breeds!!!!!!

  108. Simone Williams 2021/07

    This my second time here. It’s been a few years and this time I bought my 7lb Yorkie for a teeth cleaning and a neuter. I was nervous because he is small and there is always a risk with any surgery.

    Although the checkin process has changed, their service did not. They were organized, professional and knowledgeable. I actually preferred the COVID procedures because it allowed you to wait in your car. You did not have to worry about standing in line and/ your dog interacting with other dogs.

    The vet tech was ver knowledgeable and most important transparent and up front about all of my questions. If you are uncomfortable with something, just ask and your question will be answered so you can make the best decision.

    Discharge was smooth and they provided detailed discharge instructions and called the next day.

    My Yorkie is doing very well. He ended up having a neuter and 4 teeth pulled and he was back to normal the next day.

    Thank you helping hands!

  109. Jo Ann Wilson 2021/07

    Everyone that I dealt with was extremely nice and understanding. My Great Dane needed emergency surgery. They were able to save my dog!!!! And the cost factor was way less than the vet office. I would recommend them any and every day!!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT HELPING HANDS

  110. Kathryn Drennan 2021/06

    Was happy to have found an affordable option for my dogs mass removal. However, his footlong incision site ended up opening up completely. Ended up paying triple the amount to get it fixed. Would recommend just going to a professional.

  111. Kenya C 2021/06

    I am so grateful that Helping Hands was able to help my Cinnamon. She had an dislocated hip, and the cost at other places was a lot . But I reached out to them and they was able to get my baby in for surgery. I am happy that it well and she’ll have a speedy recovery ❣️! Thank you to the wonderful staff that was so helpful in explaining everything! I appreciate you all !


  112. Courtney Dotson 2021/06

    Really love this place and these people working through the pandemic for pets. I’ve used them for dentals and other growth removal surgeries etc. My only wish is that they had the full hookup to a heart monitor for dogs that are older because we love using them and drive from dc to do so. I would be willing to pay a little more for each service if only they had that ability to monitor. I do appreciate that they told us our dog had a heart murmur even though it was Grade II and gave us ample time to call our vet and think about it in the parking lot during COVID. We opted not to do it for one of our dogs and went ahead with the other. Their check in check out process during covid is very efficient. Definitely recommend this place.

  113. castAspell 2021/06

    I’ve only visited their website and sent them an email. They promptly returned the answers to my questions. As it is this place does pet surgeries for about less than half the cost of normal vets. They are located in Richmond, Va and yes they see out of state animals.

  114. Hommy 2021/06

    I wish every single state in the U.S. had a clinic like this one. Our older fur-lady (as smaller dogs are prone to) needed several extractions and estimates were between $800-1500+. Well worth the drive to VA to have the extractions and scaling done for a nominal price. She was soooo much happier the following day, without the hurt in her mouth. HH staff are top-notch professionals. I am grateful for their services and glad to see they have been able to expand into other specialty surgeries as well. They are angels.

  115. Brenda Berisha 2021/06

    Great place and great job on my baby’s teeth!!

  116. Carol Adkins 2021/06

    Very informative and caring!

  117. Amanda Janas 2021/06

    Amazing place! Helping Hands takes fantastic care of our senior pups and their surgical and dental services are a fraction of other providers. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you for what you do, Helping Hands!

  118. SaltZ 2021/05

    It’s been a few years but I just want to say thank you so much for helping my cat! LuckDuck still going strong and living a happy life thanks to you guys. (:

  119. Tiffany Timberlake 2021/05

    The staff at Helping Hands were wonderful! From the initial phone call all the way until check out, they answered all my questions and explained everything throughly. My toy poodle , Wilbur, had to get several teeth extracted and they took such great care of him. When I called to pick him up they told me how sweet he was and how they had been playing with him! I know he was in great hands and had wonderful care.

  120. Sara Walker 2021/05

    I brought my 11 year old cocker spaniel to them for an emergency mass removal and spay, that most other vets refused to do or would have cost me about $9k at a specialist that I couldnt afford. These people helped my dog in a timely manner and made her comfort and safety their priority. I cannot recommend them enough.

  121. Angelica Valencia 2021/05

    I love Helping Hands! They have helped me with smaller surgical things in the past, but my big puppy needed a big surgery for the extraction of a stuffed animal and resection of his compromised 14 inches of bowel. Their communication with us and tbe other vets,, care, and compassion were all outstanding. I appreciated their upfront and affordable pricing models. Thank you for taking care of my baby!


  122. Holly Runion 2021/05

    Busy! Very professional, extremely nice and kind to your fur babies.

  123. Rachel Fitzgerald 2021/05

    I can’t say enough positive things about Helping Hands. From their checking process through their patient staff, great expertise, post-op care and their mission to provide affordable veterinary surgery, they are just impressive all around. We had a fantastic experience with emergency dental surgery for a geriatric cat. Other vets quoted us a range and could not guarantee price- ranges went from 800 to 1900 dollars, which is hard to evaluate with an older pet. Helping Hands gave us a flat rate price that made the decision so much easier, plus they were able to get us in for the emergency surgery right away.

  124. CARLOS TRUJILLO 2021/05

    Great place, I made a trip there all the way from Long Island NY, it was awesome

  125. Alexander Aviles 2021/04

    I had a excellent experience and is very affordable. The staff is very polite and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone with a dog .

  126. Marco Alvares 2021/04

    Our dog had a major teeth problem which was causing her pain, very bad breath, and eating issues. From the time our dog was received by the staff to the time of picking up, she seemed to be treated with kindness and love.
    I do not have much to say about the process, since to save funds and make ir affordable to get surgery done, there is no way to know more.
    But, the clinic did call the next day to find out how she was doing and to follow up on any additonal questions or instructions needed.
    We want to thank all the staff as our dog is much better, she is eating better, and she is so much happier than before.


  127. Maria Vales Rodriguez 2021/04

    Excelente servicio, muy buena atención para con nosotros y los animales, contestan todas tus preguntas, en cuanto a costos excelentes. Viajé desde NJ, para una extracción de piedras en mi perrito

  128. Daniel Burkholder 2021/04

    Very good care of my ruby they had got her in for her surgery am so thankful the the Dr’s an teches for all they have done for us


  129. Jan Stacy 2021/04

    Saved my service dog/ best friends life

  130. Samantha Holland 2021/03

    This place is wonderful. We took our dog here for an emergency foreign body removal surgery last week. All staff members were so kind and I could tell they truly do their best for animals in their care. Even though COVID prevented us from going inside with our dog I felt confident that they were taking very good care of her. Miss Chelsea was very honest and transparent with us about the risks of the surgery and we appreciated that very much. After surgery they provided us with our dogs post op meds (our vet said they would not do this.. they were wrong). We also took our dog back for a recheck a week later and they were able to fit us in same day and were so quick. We appreciate everything Miss Chelsea and Helping Hands has done for us. We would not have been able to afford this surgery if it wasn’t for this place, we are so grateful!

  131. Tracy M 2021/03

    These people are the best! They answered all my questions, made me feel at ease and comfortable driving an hour to take care of my fur baby. So much more reasonable than the vets elsewhere! That is due to them specializing in only a few things and not a full service office.

  132. TOLSON TAYLOR 2021/03

    So compassionate and caring. Thank you for your help!

  133. Heather Locke 2021/03

    I can’t speak highly enough of this place. Staff is friendly, professional, and I felt like my cat was genuinely in good hands. Their prices cannot be beat. My cat just had 8 teeth extracted, with antibiotics and pain medication, for a total of $400 with the e collar.

  134. Britney Miranda 2021/03

    This place is amazing they helped my 12year old bichon Leo, finally get his teeth done at an affordable price. I can’t be any happier with their service !


  135. Sams Gram 2021/03

    Excellent facility! With reasonable prices!! Well worth the 3 hour drive

  136. Kirk Roberts 2021/03

    Holy awesomeness! Yanked 5 teeth from old pit’s grill, she hasn’t been happier in 12 years, and it cost us less than half the “cleaning” fee at our regular vet.

  137. Merci 2021/02

    best ever ❤💯 …


  138. Mr Winklebottom 2021/02

    Amazing service! Loving and so professional!

  139. Peter Fisher-Duke (zepter) 2021/02

    Everyone was so nice. It’s very affordable and highly recommended especially for any dental work.
    I will add that they could use in them improvement in their check-in process because it was a little inconvenient waiting for an hour after dropping my pet off just to pay

  140. Lynn 2021/02

    After years of tarter build up on my dogs teeth, when they were through with thier appointment thier teeth were so white and clean, they looked as if they never had any tarter/issues!! Happy dogs, feeling better, and so happy care-taker and again can’t beat the price for the service!! True caring professionals!!!

  141. Sandra Grady 2021/02

    Great place offering important service at an affordable price. Very kind to me and my pets

  142. Lis I 2021/01

    I appreciate their business model to provide affordable dental care and surgery to pets. Our experience was great. Drop off and pick up were a bit lengthy but manageable.

  143. Aileen Colon, MBA 2021/01

    Helping Hands took amazing and exceptional care if my Sashi. I have a 7lb miniature Chihwawa with breast cancer. She had tumors that needed to be removed. One tumor was so large it burst and was open and leaking fluids. Her regular vet was so busy they gave her a surgery date two months out! I was so shocked and appalled over how they could even remotely think that it was ok to allow my pet to suffer that long with out even considering emergency surgery on her open and obviously painful wounds. It was utterly heartless and a business as usual attitude. Needless to say I won’t he taking her there. I researched Vets in the Orlando area and this place pulled up. When I went to the website I was impressed with their transparency on lost of surgery procedures and flat prices posted. I don’t know of any other Vet that does this. I immediately called and the staff was so friendly and forward on answering all of my questions. The girl on the phone (wish I would have asked her name) took her time with me and I did not feel rushed off of the call whatsoever as so many others do. The level of quality care and attentiveness was above and beyond unexpected and exceptional. Many can learn from this place on the proper way to treat people and their loved pets. The surgery was booked two days later and now Sashi is looking so much better and won’t have to suffer any longer waiting for proper care to come alleviate her pain. I thank God for allowing me to find this place. May God bless every single person working here who took such great care of my Sashi. Not to mention for a fraction of the price her regular Vet wanted to charge me. We are forever grateful! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!! I wish you all an enormous amount of great success!

  144. Danielle Purifoy 2021/01

    I’ve been taking my dog to Helping Hands for dental work since 2016, and it’s always a wonderful experience. They’re affordable, they take very good care of him, they give thorough instructions for his aftercare, and they always call to check on him the day after.

    Pre-pandemic, we were allowed to hang in their wonderful lounge with free coffee and TV. People come from all over the country and pin their home town on the map. As long as I have pets, I will bring them here. Highly recommend!

  145. XxSLYxTOTOROxX 2021/01

    Didn’t realize that charging over $1,000 for some added x-rays was “affordable” was quoted dental care without x-rays for $355 for the wait list. If your willing to cough up $545 though they can get you right in. If you want x-rays to rule out a list of problems they want to charge you $1,095. Seriously.. What a crock..

  146. olivia lobins 2020/11

    They took good care of our kitty at half the price of other vets. I recommend them. Very caring and answered all my questions and called to check on him the next day.

  147. Peter Rios 2020/11

    Want to

    say thank you to Helping Hands for their affordable services. Help save my dog and family from a lot stress both medical and financial.

  148. Michele Boyd 2020/11

    Wonderful staff! Excellent care!

  149. Melissa Renner 2020/11

    This place was so much more affordable and well worth the one hour drive down for the quality of car our dogs received! We have recommended them to others and will continue to do so!

  150. Dominick Mezzapesa 2020/11

    They saved my cat’s life. She had Pyometra and I couldn’t afford the emergency surgery that would have cost $1500. My vet called Helping hands and they not only saw her the next day, but they also performed the surgery at 1/3 the cost.

    Of course, as luck would have it, I had car trouble in the morning and I couldn’t be there at 7 AM. I was petrified that she wouldn’t be able to survive but being an hour away from my home there was nothing I could do.

    But an hour later THEY CALLED ME and asked if I could come in later? Luckily they were just finishing working on my car, and I was able to get to Helping Hands and my cat received her life-saving surgery.

    And just because they could perform the surgery at a lower cost, it didn’t affect the quality one bit. They cared for my cat so much they stayed 2 hours later from when they normally close because “Mama’s” temperature wasn’t where they wanted.

    So they waited until she recovered from her surgery to where they felt comfortable letting me take her home.

    “Mama” is doing great and I couldn’t be happier with the great care they gave my cat.

    Dominick Mezzapesa
    Yorktown, Va

  151. David Wallace 2020/11

    They were so kind and sweet. They go out of their way to make you feel at ease

  152. Asha “OshKosh” Daniels 2020/11

    They were very kind and amazing to my “new to me” 4 legged family addition. Very helpful in our time of need

  153. Mary Jordan Siebert (rvamary) 2020/11

    As someone who worked in this industry for almost half my life at one point I am HORRIFIED to see some of the responses to these one star reviews. As I actually know some of these practices, I will not be using this service, but come on!
    When one owns or manages a business there is a much better and more professional way to handle a poor review. People overreact, people sometimes lie….unfortunately. But a bad review doesn’t need to be handled in this manner. I have seen Dr. Pasternak at work, this was a long time ago, but it sticks in my mind enough to ward me off of anything that means her preforming surgery on any animal that is in my care.
    What makes me more sick, though, is the way that unhappy people are treated here. This certainly confirms a lot of the poor reviews. What owners/managers don’t realize is that the responses for a poor review tell people a lot about what their situation COULD look like, and I hope people are taking heed.
    People! Pay attention to the way poor reviews are treated. It is even appropriate to just not react, but to be putting specific information out there in an effort to “gotcha”, that’s low. And that means I am most likely going to be treated poorly if I have a disagreement with someone at that business.

  154. Evelyn Barnes 2020/10

    Very affordable and great work!

  155. Robert Moses 2020/10

    Great people dedicated to serving animals. Very nice waiting lounge with WiFi and snacks. Very reasonable costs for treating your pets.

  156. woodam11 2020/10

    Very quick and efficient even with everything going on. Staff is lovely and knowledgeable. Quality of medicine is stellar, with prices that make care affordable for most people. I live in NJ and it’s a no-brainer to use Helping Hands when my pets need care.

  157. bhanu dandu 2020/10

    Such a fantastic team! Well worth the five hour drive to take my dog there. I scheduled my dog for an emergency surgery with Helping Hands over the long weekend when most vets weren’t working. They were able to fit us in last minute and i was so grateful. The staff was so efficient, informative and courteous. They were great at communicating to me what needed to be done. The same lady that greeted us at 10am brought my pet out at 9pm, and believe me when i say she had the same energy and enthusiasm during both interactions. So impressive. Highly recommend.

  158. Steve Thomas 2020/10

    Wow, Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for changing our sweet Rudi! His breathe is amazing. He seems so much happier and you guys made the difference! 19 teeth pulled and the price remained the same! You guys rock and we so appreciate the work you guys are doing!

  159. J F 2020/10

    Hands down by the far the best option for dental cleaning and surgical needs.

    Employees are friendly and the veterinarian followed up after surgery, unlike my regular vet.

    I truly believe my furbaby would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the exceptional service and affordable cost, that Helping Hands provides.

  160. William Lopez 2020/10

    This is the were you pet gets a second chance in life.
    We traveled from Long Island NY, stay in a nice hotel, gas, tolls and food was less that a quarter of what the VMCLI wanted.
    My dog is doing great, the people at Helping Hands are wonderful.
    We are eternally grateful to all of them.
    Unfortunately in Long Island the veterinarian are too greedy, everything is $$$ and they take advantage of the love we have for our pets.
    Can I add more stars to my review?
    5 are not enough


  161. Kimberly Bravo 2020/10

    I want to say thank you so much for taking care of my fur baby Hauna. Amazing staff and fur doctors..


  162. Bonnie Kayser 2020/10

    I took my 8 year old German Shepherd here for exploratory abdominal surgery. The tech who checked us in and out was knowledgeable and patiently answered all of my questions. The surgery went well, and the mass was removed and sent out for a biopsy. We went home with clear instructions and all the necessary drugs. My dog has recovered well and I am very happy with their services.

  163. joe long 2020/09

    Very friendly, very reasonable cost and very efficient

  164. shani nicholson 2020/09

    This is an AMAZING place. It’s not many places or people like Helping Hands and the staff that works there.

  165. Purdy Girl 2020/09

    Very helpful with my fur baby

  166. Amber White 2020/09

    About 3-4 weeks ago my sweet Bella fell ill abruptly (like under 24 hours and she was on her death bed!) I took her to Ashland veterinary hospital who told me my dog had two sacs of infection on her uterus!!! And the surgery is$5000! I cried! Knowing that no way I could save my dog’s life…that I had to tell my children it was time to say goodbye… The vet mentioned helping hands…we got an appointment and took the chance of dosing her with antibiotics until they could get her in and the surgery was under $600!!!! Yes, they have a wait and yes it sucks but remember they perform over 60 surgeries a day and for people that can’t afford care otherwise!! Every single person that I dealt with there really cared!!!! From the check in guy to the nurse to the doctor down to the discharge! They gave me and my daughters hope when there wasn’t any! I wish I could give more stars because they really do deserve it!


  167. J M 2020/09

    Very caring, and helpful

  168. Krystal M 2020/09

    I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for this place! I have a 7 y/o min pin who has never had a dental cleaning and needed one desperately – she had an abscess on her face from a decaying tooth that needed to be extracted, but my local vets in FL quoted me around $1,800-$2,000 and that’s not something that I could afford – but I also couldn’t afford to put my sweet girl’s life in jeopardy by not caring for her teeth. After searching high and low for an affordable dental plan, I found Helping Hands (thanks to Google) and scheduled an appointment ASAP. I made a 16 hour drive from FL to VA the day before her appointment and drove another hour and a half the next morning to HH from where I was staying in Norfolk. There are good amount of people lined up outside in the morning but they are prompt with drop offs and they make sure everything runs smoothly. I also appreciate the fact that they make sure that there are no interactions between any of the animals for everyone’s safety. I was so nervous about sedating her the day of the appointment because of all the risks, but they were very reassuring to me and made me feel comfortable and confident about leaving her in their hands. They got done before the pickup time and explained everything to me and how to care for her for the next few days…and I only ended up paying $280. I couldn’t be more grateful to HH for being able to provide affordable care to those who don’t have the means to shell out thousands of dollars and for being so caring towards all of our babies. I will now be making yearly visits to HH to keep up with my sweet girl’s dental health and will never hesitate to recommend this place to all my friend & family. Thank you for taking such good care of my precious baby girl!

  169. Alex Janas 2020/09

    Affordable prices friendly staff clean facility. 10/10 I drive hours to get here

  170. Tracey Petrini 2020/09

    Great staff. Makes operations affordable for your fur baby.

  171. Tessy D (Tessy-Boop) 2020/09

    My Jack Russell, Brownie, needed an amputation and Helping Hands was there to help! With great love and compassion they took wonderful care of my girl. In less than 24 hours my little Brownie was up and already trying to play! They took her pain away and gave us a new chance to enjoy life!

    2020 update
    It’s been 2 years since I wrote this review and we are back in Florida, but I am still thankful everyday for the love, compassion, and help we got for our girl!! She recovered quickly and has never missed her leg. She’s even back to hogging the bed from me again. LOL Thank you to all the staff and doctors!! Between the wonderful treatment she received, the care they gave ME as I cried and they eased my mind, and the fact that they knew we were traveling thru the state and funds where scarce – they went out of the way to help me get help me find help for payment and I ended up paying nothing. If they had not been there with full support and compassion, my girl wouldn’t be with me today. Brownie is back to her playful and happy self since her surgery and has since become a chicken mother who has raised a flock of chicks, helping tend to them the last 18 months. Thank you all again ❤️


  172. Eusebio Villanueva 2020/09

    Transparency in cost of service.

  173. Leon Spencer 2020/09

    They charge entirely too much

  174. Matthew Wright 2020/09

    If your cat or dog needs surgery and/or teeth care/oral surgery, I cannot stop recommending this place…I have had one cat’s dental work done there and have another cat scheduled for September for the same thing…regular veterinarians …

  175. haruspex g 2020/09

    I’m very thankful for Helping Hands having an affordable option for surgery. We drove down from Delaware to hopefully get surgery for my parent’s dog. Unfortunately he was too aggressive, and we couldn’t get a muzzle on him so we couldn’t get surgery done. I completely understand why the staff couldn’t take him without the muzzle. The staff was kind and helpful, and they emailed me some resources to look into. My only advice for people traveling from afar is if you have an aggressive dog that needs a muzzle, make sure you can get the muzzle on before making the journey.

  176. Kevin Lange 2020/08

    Amazing and affordable. Roxy had both ACLs repaired 8 months apart and is doing very well. Thank you!

  177. Pearl Kim 2020/08

    100% worth the drive to see these folks! Don’t be alarmed if you’re told that the next availble appointment is 1 to 3 months out. Ask (NICELY) about their waiting list for next day cancellations and they’ll do their best to find the next available appointment. They’ve come through for me on 3 separate occasions but make sure you keep your word and show so they continue to offer that gesture!

    Thank you to the ladies of Helping Hands for treating my fur baby like your own! HIGHLY recommended!!

  178. shealia tyson 2020/08

    Affordable Nice Staff Awesome Treatment for Pets


  179. matt calligan 2020/08

    Professional, thorough, compassionate and man were they cost effective! Stayed over for two nights while our 8 y/o english bully had 12 teeth and an oral tumor removed. travel + surgeries were less than what our local vets had quoted for a single tooth extraction! Our bully has a new lease on life.

  180. Christine van der Merwe 2020/08

    Excellent communication, very professional experience, great waiting room! I drove 4 hours because their prices cannot be beat! Had teeth cleaning for both my dogs on the same day. Well we’ll definitely be back.

  181. Joyseline Arriaza 2020/08

    I want to take the time to say THANK YOU HELPING HANDS you guys are Angel’s.
    I took my dog to get a mass removal about 1 month ago.He has came a long way felt like his recovery was taking forever.But I will say this is the BEST affordable place for your furry baby to get surgery. Staff is amazing and not to mention the veterinary. Everytime I called with a concern they always sound concerned and would tell me to come in they would gladly see my baby Tyson.THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART dont know what I would’ve done without you guys. Yes they deserve 10 stars lolz you guys rock!! And the price is unbeatable.

    Attn. TYSON 🐾🐾🐾 And happy owner

  182. Angela Michael 2020/08

    On 6/5 took my cat to have a dental, and they were very informative at drop off which made me feel a lot at ease. Even when they fell a little behind schedule, they kept in contact and updated me on how everything was going which I REALLY appreciated! At pickup I was informed (which they did tell me it was a possibility) that he had to have a full mouth extraction. Even though it was late (about 11) and they worked a LONG hard day, they still took the time to review everything thoroughly and they were so sweet. He’s handling everything like a champ and even though it’s only been 2 days he’s as happy as can be and getting lots of rest. Thank you everyone at Helping Hands for everything and making my Sage boy good as new!

  183. Suzanne Hendrick 2020/08

    Our senior dog, Lacey, had to have 12 teeth extracted in the end. Our vet had hinted at 7 and we couldn’t afford their cost. It would have been doubled with the extra extractions. Lacey still won’t give up the details, but we could tell she was very well taken care of and loved on. I truly appreciate Helping Hands being affordable to give this older girl some relief from constant tooth pain. Thank you!


  184. Joshua Delgado 2020/08

    Affordable flat rate pet dentistry, they took great care of my dog and did a great job on his tooth extractions and cleaning. I suggest them to anyone.

  185. Valerie B 2020/08

    I’m so thankful for Helping Hands! They treated my older dog so kind. They thouroughly took care of every need he had at a reasonable price. I wouldn’t have been able to have all his proceedures attended too without Helping Hands. Thank you for being a vital service for all to come to for affordable vet surgery …from anywhere. I’m so grateful to the entire staff who cared for us thru the entire day.

  186. adriana perez 2020/08

    Excellent staff, great service. Thanks for all what you do.

  187. Indra Cabellos 2020/08

    Excellent service polite courteous and professional. The vetinarian staffmembers took care of my dogs needs. Thanks

  188. Blondie R 2020/08

    Im so thankful to this place. They help my Pug get fixed & her nostrils opened to breathe better at a reduced fixed priced. This place is awesome to hrlp the high cost of surgery to be resonable for everyone even if you are on a fixed income. Thank you very much Helping Hands Of Richmond Virginia🙏❤🐾 …

  189. Lorrie Hagan 2020/07

    talk on the phone about upcoming surgery. Ease my mind and answer all my question. I know my dog will be in good hands.

  190. Christian B 2020/07

    They do amazing work. Came all the way down from CT for the price of dental work and extractions. Can’t thank them enough for how thorough and kind they were. Very professional

  191. Daniel Szecket 2020/07

    Amazing people. Amazing service. Amazing prices. 100% recommended.

  192. LR Long 2020/07

    Love them!! They took EXCELLENT care of our fur baby. We appreciate Everything they do! Wish they could be open all week tho.

  193. Sheena Vince 2020/07

    Our cat Prince needed an amputation that in the state of Pennsylvania we just could not afford so we reached out to Helping Hands and they were amazing. They were responsive. The got him scheduled quickly took amazing care of him. Prince currently, he’s back up on three legs he’s doing amazing and he’s recovering well no complications at all I definitely would recommend it to anyone looking to get some type of surgery that they just can’t afford they were amazing and they took care of us and they took care of Prince even when he was on his worst behavior lol. They even called us the next day to make sure he was doing well. Something they do not have to do! I was impressed.

  194. Alston Rush 2020/07

    This is the best, most affordable pet dental care around. They saved me thousands.

  195. Debbi Maass 2020/07

    Helping Hands is a wonderful place. Not only are they affordable for surgeries and teeth cleaning, but they sincerely care about their patients! They do book very far out (3-4 months) for teeth cleaning, but I highly recommend them!

  196. Molly Fisher 2020/07

    Lowest cost and one of the best staff.

  197. Brandon Taylor 2020/07

    We drove 4 hours each way to have surgery done on Graham. It was literally a quarter of the price we had received from other places. It was 100 percent worth the drive. They were wonderful! Everything had a flow and was well orchestrated. The vet tech who met us at the car was more than helpful. She was polite and answered our 9 billion questions and concerns. The tumor was successfully removed and he is home doing well now. I thank Helping Hands from the bottom of my Doggie Dad Heart. ❤


  198. Tarasia Remhof 2020/07

    They’re wonderful and patient. Very caring.

  199. Wadi 2020/07

    Great experience! They took great care of our dog Sanaa

  200. Laura Krietz 2020/07

    An extremely impressive operation and business model. I drove 2.5 hours for my cats dental and so glad that I did! Not only for the cost savings, but also for the experience. After surgery Shannon was very thorough and explained the procedure and home care instructions. I was impressed with how knowledgeable she was and how much she cared about my pet and my concerns. In take was fast and efficient and all interactions with staff was pleasant. Highly recommend Helping Hands for any service they offer.

  201. The Chef 2020/07

    Wish I could give 0 stars, they dont seem to care about your pets. They gave me the run around regarding my dog and her surgery. They said they needed more info in order to do a mass removal, made me run through hoops after calling multiple times and then denied me after my dog got the evaluation they needed done at my vet and a specialist paying a total of $247 between both places just to have my dog looked at. Thanks for the waste of time and making me waste money just to tell me no.

  202. Katherine Ball 2020/06

    The most reasonably priced veterinary surgery I’ve ever encountered! The staff is great….knowledgeable, kind, and thorough!

  203. Raii Ross 2020/06

    Saved Gunnys life! Forever grateful

  204. Elizabeth Cataldo 2020/06

    Wonderful staff they took great care of my dog Prince

  205. Michelle Frantz 2020/06

    The staff was helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They were also incredibly efficient, especially with all the changes necessary because of COVID. I’m very glad I chose them for my dog’s surgery.

  206. Ron Bolinsky 2020/06

    Yes Halley and Comet. Unfortunately both have passed to the rainbow bridge but they lived long great lives.

  207. Wendy Bouffard 2020/06

    Fan tastic

  208. Andrea Kling 2020/06

    They are just amazing and always take great care of my pups 🙂

  209. Barbara Ferrell 2020/06

    They do a great service and practice socual distances coming out to get you pet

  210. Jared Struck 2020/06

    They took great care of our of dog while he was there for a very over due dental cleaning. We are at two weeks later now and he is so happy!

  211. Hollie Lewis 2020/06

    I took my boy here to get his ACL. The whole process was smooth and explained everything. Definitely worth the drive.


  212. Thunder Dolt 2020/06

    Great staff. Procedure was faster than expected. I was called before I was off work. My dog did well post-surgery, which was a concern since he is 12. He seems to be in less pain than prior to his surgery. It has only been 1 week today, but he seems to be healing very quickly. The staff has been great in setting expectations and providing information. I LOVE that I got a follow-up call from someone willing to answer my questions. Keep up the excellent work!

  213. Daniel Mont 2020/06

    Nice and friendly

  214. Justin Wood 2020/06

    Absolutely AMAZING staff and facility! They literally saved my dogs life! I had been quoted $7,000-$14,000 by a couple different vets until I found Helping Hands. There was no way I was going to be able to afford the other places and Helping Hands quoted me $1400 with everything which was doable on my end. Their prices are what they say they are on the website. There aren’t a bunch of extra charges when you go to pay the bill that you weren’t expecting. Just an amazing place!

  215. Jon Thomas 2020/06

    Simply fantastic! Affordable, caring, and organized for pet owners coming in just for the day. Everyone should be using and donating.

  216. Mary Harrell 2020/06

    They are the most caring and sensitive people

  217. Pam Heline 2020/06

    We took our sweet dog Maggie here based om others reviews because she had a torn ACL in her hind leg. “They” were not wrong. Helping Hands staff were super friendly and very efficient in their morning and evening pick up procedures. Our Maggie did great recovering from the surgery too; our local vet was very impressed!

  218. Josh Pugh 2020/05

    Just the way I like it. Upfront pricing, no upselling, no frills or hidden charges. Just what you need & nothing more.

  219. Adrienne Hymes 2020/05

    They could not help me with spade or neuter.

  220. Janet Rodriguez 2020/05

    I love helping hands they saved my baby life blue .if it wasn’t for them he wouldn’t be with me they were super friendly and nice with blue and me and gave me hope super affordable I went to other clinics and they wouldn’t go less then 4000 dollars for the surgery and for blue was 900 with his medication they truly are angels that saved my baby and I’ll always be thankful for taken us at last min cause my baby wouldn’t have made it another week . Thankyou soo much for alll you guys do I appreciate you guys so much and so does blue Rodriguez

  221. John Grace 2020/05

    Cannot say enough good things about this place! Drop off went smoothly and in a timely manner even though there was a long line of people waiting. I interacted with at least five employees from drop off to pickup and everyone was friendly and helpful. They call you to follow-up the next day. You can tell they really care about your pet’s wellbeing! I will definitely be coming back when I need to!

  222. Christina Loving 2020/05

    They are so amazing! I’ve been here three times and they are so reasonable priced.

  223. T Flippo 2020/05

    The people are so caring to all the pets and owners. I would recommend them for everyone that has a pet that needs surgery then go to Helping Hands.

  224. Katt Clark 2020/05

    Didn’t seem to care. Communication was terrible. I understand this is a low cost facility but low cost should not mean low quality service.

  225. Stephen McHale 2020/05

    My seven year old dog had dental cleaning/extractions and a medium sized tumor removal front the top of the back paw in late July 2020. Staff are efficient (despite pandemic-related intake and discharge precautions), they are friendly, they are technically proficient (dog is healing well), and they charge very reasonable prices. Next time one of my dogs or cats needs surgery, I will be back.


  226. Bonnie Bradshaw 2020/05

    I would have lost my girl if I had not found them. They went behind the call of duty and then sent us to another vet in Chesapeake closer to home after her surgery where she spent 3 days with IV antibiotics and more. My little great Dane 120 lbs is my baby girl and thinking I was going to lose her rocked my world. Thanks to Helping Hands she is still right by my side and talking up most of my bed.

  227. Sherri Norton 2020/05

    The absolute best for your fur babies. They are so caring.

  228. Melvin Clifton 2020/05

    Grace was admitted for pyometra surgery. My wife and I have been sick with worry since she was diagnosed.We are 24 hrs in and already see improvement.I actually cried this morning when she ate.Due to the fact that she went days last week without eating.I’m confident she will make a full recovery and i’m so grateful.God blees everyone and your pets.


  229. Joseph Barrett 2020/05

    Great place

  230. Marya North 2020/05

    Great experience

  231. Carrie Gilman 2020/05

    These people are helpful. Compassionate.

  232. Rob Hayes 2020/05

    Awesome service . Great staff . Thanks..

  233. John Paul Montervino 2020/05

    Great food fast

  234. Aaron 2020/05

    Brought my dog for surgery from Ohio because it was many thousands of dollars cheaper than having it done at home. They were so kind and patient, and it very much felt like I was handing off my dog to someone who truly cared about his wellbeing.

  235. Jasmine Fantastic 2020/05

    The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. The communicated with me regularly while scheduling dog’s surgery and with letting me know what to expect. I would feel comfortable recommending them to other pet parents should their fur baby need surgery.

  236. Dee C 2020/04

    I love these team. They are amazing at what they do.


  237. Vermon Phipps 2020/04

    We brought brought our big baby(9 yrs young) here for neutering services. Didn’t realize how many people from around the country come here because they are ridiculously affordable and the staff is awesome. COVID rules are in full affect as evident by the full parking lot for waiting. The staff were helpful and informative. They go to the vehicles and retrieve your family member and return them the same way after surgery. All aftercare information was provided as well as pain/antibiotic pills. Overall a pretty seamless day.

  238. Kate Paine 2020/04

    Professional, efficient, and incredibly kind staff. Highly recommend

  239. Faith C 2020/04

    Highly recommend! Great staff, clean space, affordable services. We really love this clinic. We wish it was closer. 😍 …

  240. Luz R 2020/04

    The staff were AMAZING they were very kind and professional and took the time to go over all discharge information and answered all our questions, for a fraction of the price I would have had to pay from my regular vet, I’m so thankful I could get my pet taken care of here. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HELPING HANDS

  241. mary m 2020/04

    Dr Talbott and her staff did a wonderful job helping my beloved Boxer. They removed a large aggressive MCT . The incision is very clean and my dog seems much happier! Thanks again for helping Bellaphina get rid of that nasty Tumor!!

  242. christina link 2020/04

    Good dentals and very affordable

  243. Dawn Fallin 2020/04

    Amazing staff, truly working miracles!

  244. Becky Troster 2020/04

    Plan to wait a few months for an appointment. We moved before we could visit. It was easy to make appointments and they return calls.

  245. Anastasia Lordes 2020/04

    These Doctors and staff members care for the health and wellbeing of your fur babies…full stop. I travel out of my state to Helping Hands whenever my little ones need care that requires skillful surgery that local vet prices prohibit due to extreme costs. My pets Angel and Jinx have a better quality of life after having procedures here, and for that I’m truly grateful to the entire team at this facility. If your local vet tells you that a procedure is impossible or the cost seems unaffordable, out of reach, or just plain ridiculous…please get a second opinion from Helping Hands.

  246. Teagan Cassity 2020/04

    Helping Hands has done three of our older dogs teeth. Cooper (renamed from Neko) was adopted with a severe case of dental disease that the adoption center would not take care of because they did not have the resources for it in 2017. We adopted him regardless, but found local vets were quoting ridiculous prices for the job. Someone recommended us Helping Hands and we called Helping Hands. I explained his case to the sweet lady over the phone and she told me that they were a 6 month wait out but that they would put us on a waiting list if something opened up sooner. She then proceeded to call me two hours later and tell us that they had a sudden opening for the following morning! They took such good care of Cooper (who sadly passed away in 2019) and he lived a very happy life free of pain thanks to their affordable dental surgery.

    We then proceeded to take our dog Petie to them in 2019 who was 13 years old at the time (now 14) and who just like any other older dog was starting to develop some dental disease as well. They were very attentive to our concerns of having an older dog placed under anestesia, and assured us that they would take good care of Petie. We are so glad we did it! Petie is so much happier with the rotting teeth out of his mouth and no longer scratches at his mouth! When my dad went to pick him up he said that Petie did not even seem groggy at all!

    Recently our sweet older rescued pekingese, Sasha, had her surgery. She was a very risky case going in being an older brachycephalic dog with a history of seizures, but her teeth was really bad and clearly infected. We actually regret holding off so long but were worried about the risks of anesthesia for a dog like Sasha. Then her risk case went up even more when Helping Hands did a physical prior to surgery! Come to find out Sasha had an undiagnosed heart murmur that had popped up within the past few months that was not there during her previous vet visit! They clearly explained what this meant for Sasha and the risks that went along with it. We were sure they were going to call off the surgery and worried about how unhappy Sasha would be waiting potentially months for a new appointment. However, helping hands told us that the vet still felt confident and was willing to still do the surgery if we chose to. They did not sugar coat it at all and reminded us that Sasha was a risky case before this. We decided to take the risks though because helping hands answered all our questions, and eased our concerns by the answers alone. They were also very kind, and we wanted to trust them to take good care of Sasha just like they had done for Petie and Cooper. We are so glad that we went through with the Surgery. It’s day 3 post surgery and Sasha is so much more happier already! She’s already back to eating foods, and is so much more energetic then she was prior to surgery. She still whines a bit at night time, I guess her gums bother her the most then, but the antibiotics and pain meds Helping Hands prescribes has helped with this! Not only is Sasha no longer in pain, but it’s thanks to helping hands taking all measures prior to surgery that we know about her heart murmur. We have plans to get it checked by the end of the month! Sasha could have potentially waited a few more months for her yearly check up with this untreated heart murmur if Helping Hands decided to not do the physical prior to surgery! Helping Hands has given three deeply loved and older rescue dogs a pain free life for the remainder of their days. Something that we would not be able to afford if Helping Hands did not exist! I recommend Helping Hands to everyone I know who feels like they can’t afford a surgery and recommend helping hands to anyone who reads this review! They will change the lives of your animals! Thank you Helping Hands for taking such good care of our babies!

  247. Laura Bretz 2020/04

    VERY caring staff who really wants what’s best for your pet. Yes they are low cost but they are NOT low quality! Our Trinket was treated so we’ll while she was there! They did a fantastic job with her amputation and her spay. They took amazing care of her and called the next day to check up on her. I definitely recommend them!


  248. Michael J Leone 2020/04

    Helping Hands was amazing! For $1,000.00 they removed bladder stones, did dental work and removed a lump from her tail. This would have cost over $7,000.00 in NYC. I am very happy I took the trip to Virginia. 6 months later and our dog is better than ever.


  249. Sheila Marshall 2020/04

    They were closed but the website was very heplful.

  250. Alisha Lowe 2020/04

    My kitty wasnt born with a developed right eye, so he will need surgery to fix it and close the hole in his face. My vet wanted to charge me over $1300 to do the surgery. Helping hands is maintaining the same high quality of care, but is charging me less that $500!

  251. Mike Wallery 2020/04

    They saved my baby girl !!!

  252. Scott Sperling 2020/04

    I don’t think that I can fully express in this post how exceptional the staff and service was.

    To the staff at Helping Hands, thank you for providing this affordable service. We were a bit worried but found out that despite being more affordable, you operate with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Thank you for your extreme kindness yesterday, timeliness, communication, and exceptional skills. Thanks for taking such good care of our baby, who is going to be just fine.

  253. Hope Jarvis (Hopie) 2020/03

    So caring

  254. Roger Caceres Iturri 2020/03

    I found Helping hands of VA on a goggle research. I had my doubts of driving all the way to Richmond (I’m from New Castle, DE) to get my dog’s surgery. However, since the first contact by email and then phone they showed me their professionalism. When the big day arrived (after a 5 hours drive) we checked-in. We were quickly taken care and was called around the afternoon to pick up my dog. They provided me the medicines and they were very detailed with the indications. Prices are amazing and they did an amazing job. My vet even took note of the place to recommend it to other patients. Thanks Helping Hands of VA!

  255. jeff Gibson 2020/03

    They are absolutely wonderful. Not only affordable, they are great with my dog and a pleasure to interact with. Highly recommend.

  256. Christin Bowen 2020/03

    I’ve been here with two of my kittys. They have been one of the best vets I’ve been too. Everyone working there was incredibly helpful through a very stressful time. They were literally the best and I will continue to stick with then when I need to. I’m beyond grateful for their support and help. Would definitely recommend.

  257. nancy smith 2020/03

    The ladies that helped check us in and check us out worked so well and fast!! They knew exactly what they were doing!! Our dog is doing fine after their care. This is my second time using Helping Hands and I highly recommend them!!

  258. Brie Ann 2020/03

    We took our aging MinPin for extensive teeth extraction. Not only was it extremely affordable but they took great care of her. She was skittish and scared but she left feeling comfortable and no longer in pain.

  259. Lori Abercrombie 2020/02

    Very helpful and affordable!

  260. William Schollenberger 2020/02

    Great place and half the price of NJ.

  261. Jessica Barningham 2020/02

    I’m so thankful for this clinic. We drove all the way up from Virginia Beach to come here, and it saved us around $500 to have Darrel’s leg mass removed. The autopsy even came back as a form of cancer, so we can’t thank them enough for getting good margins on Darrel’s leg and giving us peace of mind.


  262. Libby Pulley 2020/02

    They were wonderful with our Burt

  263. Janeen Vazquez 2020/02

    They took excellent care of my little one. Surgery was a success. They were very friendly and helpful.

  264. Cecy Target 2020/02

    We received the best care for our Cinnamon, hurts me that we weren’t able to save her leg but she was well taken care of. A Big Thank You to the wo default staff❤❤❤

  265. patrick gayle 2020/02

    Great staff

  266. Marcia Williamson 2020/02

    They did seem to be honest however, it’s questionable if they we’re trying to give us false hope as a week after visiting we had to put our beloved shandi down. She was full of very aggressive cancer. It may be the vet tec was just inexperienced. I would rather give them the benefit of the doubt.

  267. Allison Scott 2020/02

    Worth a drive. Super friendly staff.

  268. yolonda sayles 2020/02

    Saved our dogs life. Friendly staff I would definitely recommend 😍😍😍🐕🐕 …

  269. Erin Keith 2020/01

    I brought my toy poodle Khloe in for a dental cleaning/ tooth extraction. Everyone I spoke with was very kind and caring and took great care of my baby for a fraction of the cost of a regular vets office. Khloe is back to her normal self, and is clearly in less pain. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to everyone who took care of my sweet girl. I highly recommend Helping Hands.

  270. alpha wolf1996 2020/01

    Help my dog to walk again

  271. Gem 2020/01

    Amazing staff and doctor’s…they really care about your animal and your wallet.

  272. Tammy Gardner 2020/01

    Went with my daughter for ACL surgery for my fur grandson and they were very professional an caring. Also affordable


  273. savedinJesus1975 2020/01

    Thank you for being able to do surgery for our chihuahua, Diamond this Monday and blessings in Jesus name


  274. Jennifer Stewart 2020/01

    Thank you we have a vet appointment for her next Tuesday. Then will come see you for Christmas.

  275. Kim A 2020/01

    3 months ago, we drove from NJ to Helping Hands Veterinary office in Richmond, VA.. Our boy Ringo had bladder stones that needed to come out.. The cost for surgery in my area, and this was after the few visits we’ve already had, were outrageous!!! when I looked online for a better price for our pup, we found Helping Hands.. I wasn’t sure if making that long trip was a good idea, or even the right choice, but after we did, and Ringo successfully had his surgery, plus he was neutered, the care, love and price were WAY worth the drive! I would drive there again, if need be.. We just got a new member of our family, a little brother for Ringo, his name is Mac, so, who knows I may be driving to Virginia to get lil Mac neutered, sooner or later! They are worth 10 yellow stars! Thank you, everyone at Helping Hands Veterinary, from Ringo, and his family! 🐶


  276. terry marshall 2020/01


  277. Amy Jindra Rippy 2020/01

    Helping Hands saved my dog, Rafe’s life. He got a cat toy stuck in his intestines. They were absolutely amazing. I’m so grateful. Prices were half the amount of anywhere near us. Drove an hour, but well worth it. I’m so relieved we didn’t have to choose between finances and our dog’s life.

  278. Lisa Phipps 2020/01

    Awesome and very compassionate towards the animals.

  279. Christine Cafaro 2020/01

    This is the second time we’ve had to take our pup there. The staff is great and friendly. Rates are below cost honestly. I’m really glad they offer their services so people can get great quality care without sacrificing care for their pets.

  280. Whitney Roman 2019/11

    The staff are amazing

  281. Vani Vibes 2019/11

    It was a lovely experience!!! Well worth the ride!!

  282. Victoria Tims 2019/11

    The vet techs are all very friendly during drop-off and pick-up. The model is very no-frills and an amazing value, which explains why people come from all over the east coast to get affordable surgeries for their pets. We’ve had two dentals for our cats and saved thousands of dollars on extractions.

  283. Chris 2019/11

    Amazing concept, great staff, great prices! People come here from all over the country and it’s easy to see why. The waiting room is more like a cozy loft than a doctor’s office.


  284. Danielle S 2019/11

    Amazing!!! We left home in the middle of the night to get here bright and early for our small dog’s teeth cleaning! Check-in was seamless, staff was incredibly friendly, the facility was clean, they had coffee and soft drinks and recommendations of things to do… I could go on and on!
    You can stay there all day in the large waiting area, but we took the opportunity to explore Richmond for the day, which we enjoyed. When we picked up our pup in the afternoon, they went over everything clearly and thoroughly and patiently answered our questions! They even called the day or two after to make sure everything was okay!
    The whole experience was fantastic, and we will absolutely go again when our big dog needs a cleaning! It was worth the drive from Baltimore, and I highly recommend HH!!

  285. Bonnie Lynn 2019/11

    Saved me thousands in leg surgery for my dog. She healed well. No issues.

  286. R C 2019/11

    WONDERFUL!!!! Drove from the DC area after being referred by a friend to Helping Hands.
    Our 10 year old poodle mix was in desperate need of all things dental. After getting a quote from our regular vet (nearly $1500!), we booked with HH. You have to book a few months in advance because they are really busy, but it is WORTH IT! The staff are SO kind and professional, answered all questions, and ran the entire process like a well-oiled machine. We spent the day exploring Richmond while HH worked their magic and, at pick up, recieved a one-on-one review of how the procedure went, along with all necessary meds. The entire process was seamless and you just cannot beat the price, particularly because HH is so caring and nurturing! We even met a Dog Dad who traveled 8 hours with his pup for dental services! You won’t be disappointed. If i coild give Helping Hands 20 stars, I would!

  287. Tracey M 2019/11

    Efficient, affordable, full staff, easy check-in, knowledgeable check-out. My 12 yr old terrier had 8 teeth pulled and the remaining cleaned. She has fully recovered with no problems.

  288. Sara Smiley 2019/10

    Helping Hands is a professional and affordable surgical center for dogs and cats facing surgeries they might not otherwise get due to cost. The staff is amazing and Friendly, very organized and efficient. They reassure you and take excellent care of your pet. I’m so grateful to have this service available in Richmond. We met people who have traveled from many states away for affordable care for their pets

  289. Christin Parish 2019/10

    Amazing staff! I had to take my 10 year old miniature dachshund to get her teeth cleaned/extracted. They were friendly and open from the get-go! They explained all the paperwork to me and helped me fill everything out. As soon as the procedure was done they called me to pick her up. They took me into a room and explained everything they did for her and after-care instructions and assured me if I had any questions or concerns I could reach out at any time! Would recommend and have recommended to many. Thank y’all so much for taking good care of my babygirl!


  290. Ginger Swisher 2019/10

    Amazingly caring people, very organized which made check in and check out a breeze! Wonderful prices so you can do what you need to for your pet on a budget

  291. Jonathan Sisk 2019/10

    Very impressed with HH. The people were friendly, helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Their comfy and spacious waiting area is stocked with all sorts of goodies, games, snacks, beverages and WiFi. The surgeon came in and briefed me before the procedure and couldn’t have been nicer or more professional. Best part: the price was 1/3 of what my dog’s regular Vet quoted for the same procedure last year. Very reasonable. There’s a good reason people drive hundreds of miles to bring their pets here. (Originally posted to Yelp 06-08-2016)

  292. Dawn Richards 2019/10

    We took our pure bred 105lb Cane Corso there yesterday which was Monday, less then 24 hours later our dog is dead from a routine neuter. They only option they have told us is to have him biopsy that we have to pay for. They assured us they would like to know why he died as well. I asked them if there were any complications from the anesthesia or maybe a heart murmur that wasn’t noticed. They said everything was normal. There are several people on here who said there pet was given to much anesthesia. I’m wondering if that was the case. We were also told in 9 years only one other pet has died from a neuter. We have since then contacted a lawyer as we also asked for our money back. We were told they would find out and call us back.

  293. Travis Knotts 2019/10

    We are very pleased with dental surgery and deep cleaning for our Bichon

  294. Emily K 2019/10

    I would absolutely recommend this place. There was a line out the door when we got there and we were still able to check the pup in within 10 minutes. The staff was very informative and nice. They seem to really care about what they do! They played with him for a minute to make him feel comfortable before taking him back. Overall it was a great experience and the pup is doing great!

  295. Valerie Streets 2019/10

    I drove down from the D.C. area for my dog’s surgery and it was worth every second spent in traffic! My dog was very in need of a dental and had a growth on his eye that had been getting larger. I’d been very reluctant to move forward with the necessary procedures because of the $1000s in costs but more so because my “baby” is a 13 year-old pug mix, so the idea of anesthesia made me nervous. I really can’t compliment or thank Helping Hands enough! The check-in process was incredibly efficient, the staff were great to my visibly nervous pet, and the staff and facility are very accommodating for out-of-towners. I really can’t get over what they’re able to do for such affordable rates. While I obviously hope there aren’t more surgeries in our future, if the need arises, I will return in a heartbeat!

  296. Claudia Mcshaw 2019/10

    Quality and affordable veterinary surgical services.

  297. Danielle S 2019/09

    Brought one of our dogs here for their affordable dental cleaning in December and had a wonderful experience! We were the first to arrive, which was lucky, having driven straight down from Baltimore that morning!
    The intake process was smooth, the bathroom was clean and free coffee was much needed! Everyone was so friendly!
    We spent the day exploring Richmond and had a great time.
    When we went to pick him up, the young lady who brought him out (I wish I remembered her name!) explained everything extremely well! She didn’t rush at all, and patiently answered my remaining questions!
    We left feeling great, and though he was still slightly groggy, our boy was in good spirits too! He had several extractions so he needed this visit!!
    It took us twice as long to get home in rush hour traffic, but it was completely worth it!
    His healing went well and he was back to normal within a couple days!
    We already plan to return around the one-year mark, and have recommended Helping Hands to multiple people we know!

  298. Karen WaltonTaylor 2019/09

    This place is awesome. The customer service, and care that they provide for your pets is A+.


  299. L 2019/09

    Took my best friend here. They were professional and caring. Make sure to visit with the resident therapy dog to ease your anxiety. My boy is still here because of this place, thank you guys and gals!

  300. Nicole R. 2019/09

    Such a great place and staff!

  301. T Seck 2019/09

    My 13yr old maltipoo needed a very serious surgery and without the help of Helping Hands don’t know what we would’ve done! They were very thorough professional and compassionate to our needs and very comforting with all the concerns we had. Our baby made it through surgery and is recovering very well! Give thankhs for the relief and we highly recommend Helping Hands to any pet owner who otherwise cant afford surgeries for your pets!🙏🏾💙🐶


  302. Susan Stepanski 2019/09

    Until today, I have referred countless of pet lovers to Helping Hands in Richmond. I am a longtime customer and supporter of Dr. Pasternak and her work at Helping Hands. However, I just had a very uncomfortable conversation with a clerk who then had the phone grabbed out of her hands by a colleague who rudely raised her voice and wouldn’t allow me to get a word in. I couldn’t introduce myself or explain why I was calling — I asked her to stop talking so I could and she said she was ending the call. Customer service?? No. Customer care? No. Gone are the days Dr. Pasternak ran the place with compassion and love. She personally performed surgery on my Stella and gave me an additional 3 years with her, for which I will be eternally grateful. I don’t want to believe the business has grown to the point they lost their mission and sensitivity … I want to make sure Dr. Pasternak knows how the front office staff is treating long time customers who continued to make referrals. Shame on customer facing staff who have no customer facing skills. Shame on staff talking at customers instead of listening. Such a shame.

  303. Miriam Veronica Arenander 2019/09

    I don’t have an established vet as I’m newer to RVA, and one of my dogs had a small mass on his leg that I was worried was cancerous. I called them, and explained that I hadn’t had it checked by a vet but really wanted it removed. They were really nice on the phone, and we also emailed as they needed pictures of the mass prior to the surgery. I was able to get my boy in that same week, and the surgery went well. The mass was on one of his front legs, making getting good margins and closure of the site difficult, but the Dr was able to a good job (comes to no surprise as vets tend to have some awesome skill sets). I’m glad I listened to my intuition as it was a mast cell tumor, and I’m also glad this surgical service exists. The icing on the cake was that my sweet AmStaff boy was dubbed star patient of the day, and I absolutely hung the paper up on my fridge like the proud doggo mom I am.

  304. Julie 2019/09

    This is our 2nd visit to Helping Hands. If you choose to have your surgery here, please know you are dealing with a professional, experienced team that puts your dog’s safety first. We trust them with our 11-year-old lab’s health.

    We brought our dog in last week to remove two lumps and have his teeth cleaned. They charged us for two one inch lumps, but made large margins (about 3 inches) around the lumps in case they were cancerous. This was labor intensive process and they did not get paid for the additional margins—They just do it. Our local vet was just going to do a punch biopsy on the lump and charge us 10x as much. A punch biopsy would have been quicker, and we would have been ok with it, but what Helping Hands did went above and beyond.

    A quick tip for any surgery
    Take pictures of your dog after surgery and every 24 hours for a week or so. You will be able to see the progress your pet is making and if a problem arises, you will have a baseline photo to show a vet.

  305. Hazel Streamrift 2019/09

    On Thursday, My kitty broke his femur bone, and had to get his leg amputated.
    As a pet mom, this is extremely hard for me. Ive never had an animal get hurt or have to go to the pet emergency room, let alone have a whole limb removed. But Helping Hands was great. I traveled more than an hour to get there. The staff was super friendly and put me at ease. They have an awesome waiting room. Its more like a lounge or living room. Has tons of TVs, couches, pillows and blankets, game consoles, etc. My boyfriend and i played a few games, and then napped on the couches for a few hours. It was awesome.

  306. Carol Nelson 2019/09

    Great care for reasonable Helpful caring staff.

  307. Carlos Romero 2019/09

    Great vets. Pet lovers all the way.

  308. Alex 2019/09

    Professional, friendly, and most importantly took great care of my baby for his cryptorchid neuter

  309. Kenneth Goodwin 2019/08

    Gave excellent care to our 10 year old dog at a reasonable price. Highly recommend!

  310. Kelly Turlington 2019/08

    They did two surgeries on my dog and were very affordable for a rather expensive surgery. Atmosphere was great. They make feel comfortable and provide you with all the information you will need. I would reccomend to anyone who is in need of a more affordable procedure or surgery on their beloved pet.

  311. Sheila Cottle 2019/08

    We were fostering two kittens found in some cargo at my husband’s work. I called helping hands because one of the kittens had a very common hernia at its belly button. By the time they were done telling me what they would do they were wanting me to send nearly $500 on a kitten I wasn’t keeping! So NOT helpful! In fact, when I contacted other groups I was told it would only cost around $30! Go to helping hands if you want “help” throwing your money away!

  312. Kelly T 2019/08

    Moving to the big city rang home what a good deal our vet was in rural America. My friend recommended checking this out when we had to get my dog’s toe amputated. I had to make a day trip out of it to travel 2 hrs each way, but it saved me more than $1,000 in vet bills do to the high cost of pet care in the area. I recently went back with a friend (upon my recommendation) and she paid 1/2 of what the low end quotes were in DMV area. The staff there is great, takes time with owners to go over everything and allow you to ask questions. They can do this because, the vet who started it was tired of putting down pets because the owners couldn’t afford surgery – they make surgery affordable.

  313. Renita Thompson 2019/08

    Treated us with respect and very well organized

  314. Nathan Hebert 2019/08

    Amazing place with amazing people, we wouldn’t have been able to get our dog the surgery he needed if not for them.

  315. R D 2019/08

    My Boston Terrier needed a leg amputation at the femur due to a large tumor wrapped around his foot. I of course was worried about whether he would make it through surgery and wasn’t sure about driving 3 hours to Helping Hands. The amputation cost half as much as anyone quoted near me, the staff were all friendly and helpful, and they did an amazing job on the surgery. I hope I never need their services again, but would go again in a heartbeat. Thank you!

  316. Tgirl B 2019/08

    Thank you for this wonderful service, making surgery for our beloved pets safe and affordable.

  317. L Kormani 2019/08

    Long line to get in since they don’t have appointments but “time slots”-ish things, but it’s well worth it. $600 dental work elsewhere was under $300 here. I was in line with people from DC, another from Maryland. When it’s good, it’s good. My cat was finished early and she was very relaxed afterwards, despite her mild anxiety about getting her teeth cleaned. The staff provided a full report and helpful diagrams about what was done to her. My only complaint is I wish there was some way to get away from overly excitable dogs while in line, but that’s more of an owner problem than a business problem.

  318. Michelle Ashton Graf 2019/08

    Bless those that started this! They have it perfectly organized and the veterinary care is excellent! It’s nice that they provide a lounge for those that have traveled so far with refreshments – hats to all of you that make this service possible??

  319. Tracey Montecalvo 2019/07

    10000 stars! Staff, service, attention, from walking in the front door and seeing Chilli to being offered coffee by someone that had stellar manners and heart. I went from Massachusetts with my Shortbread so he could have a second stone surgery and he came through it wonderfully. And it didn’t hurt that the price here was so not even comparable that I was able to keep him in a motel close-by overnight to make sure he was okay to travel back home in 2 days instead of throwing him right on the bus AND I had money left over after we got medicine and all expenses were taking care of. I am not 20 anymore and I am still amazed at what happens when you leave the Massachusetts border 😶


  320. C.S. Griffel 2019/07

    Great experience

  321. Kristie Hudson 2019/07

    Very busy at the 7:30 drop off, staff was great helped everyone get where they needed to be, loved on the fur babies. Took care of what needed to be done. Would go back in a heartbeat.

  322. krystel lopez 2019/07

    Highly recommend affordable. They added a procedure to my pet for a good rate they get very busy but they have it under control. They take very good care of your pet they explain things in detail. There is so much good i can say but see for urself people come from all over the usa to help their pets

  323. Hillary Heslop 2019/07

    They were very professional, courteous, kind, and caring. They also made it cost effective do we could save our cat. Thanks Helping Hands

  324. Kiersta Barnes 2019/07

    This place saved our dog’s life. She was diagnosed with an obstruction in her intestines and needed emergency surgery. The animal hospitals in this area were quoting estimates of $7,000 – $8,000, which was insane. Who has that kind of money on hand immediately?
    Luckily, the animal hospital referred us to Helping Hands. When I left a message that night they called me first thing in the morning. The original doctor sent them the ultrasound and other information and they were able to get her in that day.
    They charge a flat rate for every single procedure. It’s all printed online and in the clinic. Her surgery was $855. The blood work was $80. No matter how involved the surgery could’ve gotten there were no hidden or extra fees. The prescriptions were included!

    She came through great; which was very important because she is an older dog with Cushing’s disease. They answered every single question we could possibly have and walked us through everything before and after the surgery, making sure we were completely informed. The doctor had amazing bedside manner and even explained details and decisions made during the procedure.
    I haven’t even mentioned that by the time everything was finished it was well after their closing time, yet the staff never once made us feel rushed out even though I know they must’ve been exhausted.

    We were able to bring her back that night to be monitored in an animal hospital close to home. They facilitated sending all the paperwork to our after care animal hospital as well as giving us a hard copy to bring to ensure thorough transfer of information. They can also provide recommendations in the Richmond area if you need your pet monitored in a hospital and don’t live close.

    They also called the next day to check and see how she was doing, even though she was no longer a patient and they weren’t being paid to do any post op monitoring.

    The people who work here are literal heroes. We were so lucky to live close enough to drive; I know that people come from all over the country and even Canada just to use their services.
    From the front desk, to everyone we spoke with on the phone, to the doctors and the people cleaning and restocking the food/snacks in the waiting lounge, they were all extremely friendly, helpful, and genuinely cared about everyone.

  325. Sarah Jenkins 2019/07

    Drove 2.5 hours with a howling cat in the car to get here after being quoted a large sum for dental work. It’s located in a very accessible part of Richmond, and the level of efficiency is outstanding! They understand that people come to them from all over, so you have an option to wait in the lounge, or you can go enjoy the city! The museum district is a 5min drive, so there’s plenty to do while you wait.

    Dental work on pets is notoriously expensive, and Helping Hands is a great resource for those of us that would like to be able to pay our mortgage AND keep our beloved animals happy and healthy. My little Bug got 13 teeth extracted (13!!!) for a flat rate, and seems to be doing exceptionally well less than 24h later.

    Thanks you all very much! Bug will thank you when she gets her voice back. 😉

  326. Tom Cook 2019/07

    If I could give 6 stars I would..

    Brought my cat, Zeke, in for surgery. I was very nervous, to drop him off as he is my baby. All the staff made me feel welcomed and relax, and were very accommodating in answering any questions that I had. You can tell that the staff cares about your fur baby as much as they care about their own fur babies. Huge thank you to all the staff for the confidence and support they gave me.

    Thank you!!
    – Zeke and Tom

  327. Michael Newlin 2019/07

    Exceptionally friendly staff. Affordable prices. They genuinely want to help animals.

  328. Jenny Chapman 2019/07

    Took care of my dog in need I really appreciate it!!

  329. Denise Sheffield 2019/07

    I would have never been able to afford surgery for my dog, and they made it possible! Top-notch care, and their process is seamless!

  330. Scott Gonyea 2019/07

    Amazing! Removed our dog’s eyelid tumor, bloodwork, biopsy of tumor, plus a full dental cleaning, including the removal of three bad teeth. All for $500. Dropped off at 7:30AM – picked up at 5:00PM. They saved us over $2,000!

  331. Jeanne Martin 2019/07

    My dog had to have a right leg amputation for a Brachial Plexus tumor. Our local vet hospital wanted nearly $5500 to do the surgery. We contacted Helping hands and had all his records faxed there. They said they could do it as long as they had all 3 docs on staff that day, so we scheduled it for a Wednesday. My son and I drove down from Pennsylvania Tuesday night and had him there for 7:30 am Wednesday. We were surprised to see all the other dogs and families waiting for the office to open. The staff knew exactly how to handle the crowd and the anxious families. I even spilled coffee down the front of me and they offered one of their staff shirts to me for free. Unfortunately it didn’t fit so I walked across the street to the salvation army store and bought one. The waiting room has games and puzzles and tv as well Video games. It was a very long wait 7:30-after 5 pm. My only disappointment was that we didn’t know when he went in and came out of the surgery and we stayed there all day since we didn’t know about the area or the process and were afraid to go to far. They had free drinks and snacks available for the families and lots of places deliver there as well.
    The staff was very gentle and caring with our dog as well as with this nervous mommy. I spoke with them several times on the phone before the date and again in the morning and didn’t feel rushed or that my questions were bothering them. After it was all done they assisted in wheeling him out on a gurney and got him in my SUV. We took him to the VRCC. Helping hands also helped us to find his after care place as well as suggestions for hotels for us
    It was a very scary thing for our dog and for us, yet Helping Hand was great at making us feel better. Our dog is now home and recovering. Cost for surgery was under $1000 with the pathology. And cost for 24 hour post op care at VRCC was under $500.
    Thank You Helping hands for giving our pup a chance.
    The Martin Tribe is very Thankful to all of you

  332. Jen DeLaurent 2019/07

    Best place ever!! Fabulous, knowledgeable staff, drove from Colorado to have my dog treated!

  333. Nova F 2019/06

    Helping Hands is not only affordable but also the best vet experience we’ve ever had. The staff is very kind and patient. As nervous as we were, we couldn’t have felt more confident that we were leaving our pup with great care. Our family came from out of town and none of us had ever been to Richmond. We weren’t sure what we could do to pass the time. Helping Hands has a local guide to recommend things to do during your visit. From museums to movie theaters, or even just to help you find your way to the nearest grocery store or coffee shop. The guide recommended an amazing local accessible park (Park365/ARC Playground) for us. Our child uses a wheelchair and we absolutely loved the park. If you’d prefer to wait at Helping Hands, they offer a huge waiting room with plenty of activites, drinks and snacks. Best vet experience ever and especially for a trying time. Thank you all so much!


  334. Glen Maes Sr 2019/06

    Go there 😎 …

  335. DuUnA K 2019/06

    Great volunteer work happening

  336. Vincent Blackshadow 2019/06

    They saved my rescue cat! Love them!

  337. Fox Mitchell 2019/06

    The vets here were very helpful and caring and helped my kitty with her bad teeth. It was relatively affordable considering what she had to do (dentistry for humans or animals never seems to be cheap), and I’m glad they were able to help her.

  338. Jon 2019/06

    Pender vet recommended Helping Hands to me for my dogs surgery. I was really impressed with the facility. They are very accommodating with all they provide and the great environment they have for people waiting there. The staff is extremely polite and professional. Overall, they were perfect and I definitely recommend this place.

  339. Tyrone Stith 2019/06

    Place is super

  340. Angela Bornholm 2019/06

    OUTSTANDING Care for your pet. Second time we’ve traveled from PA to get our older dog reasonable dental care. They are meticulous in their care of our pet.
    Upon discharge, we’re given pain meds if needed, antibiotics and a chart of the dental work that was completed.
    The facility is immaculate.

  341. Zoya Stoudenmire 2019/06

    Absolutely the BEST place to take your pets to. I did not mind the 2 hr drive for the price. They gave me outrageous pricing for teeth cleaning and removal of teeth where I live but Helping Hands gave me a flat rate fee and took care of my sweet Chihuahua to the best of their ability. Definitely recommend it.

  342. Greg B 2019/06

    Professional & courteous staff made the process my pet experienced as easy as possible.

  343. Dan Antignano 2019/05

    Excellent staff. Great care.

  344. Luis Rivera 2019/05

    These people are doing the lords work with pets cuz without them I wouldn’t have my Zoey.a thank you is definitely not enough for the work they do.


  345. Asking4AFri3nd 2019/05

    Just got off the phone. The BEST service I have ever encountered. I cannot stress enough that I am so pleased. I honestly can’t ask for better service than someone who actually cares. THANK YOU. …

  346. Dianne Bowen 2019/05

    Very knowledgeable staff

  347. P J 2019/05

    Loved loved loved them. Amazing beyond words!

  348. Mari B 2019/05

    I am extremely happy with the way princess our 14 year old senior baby got treated at this place she needed an emergency dental done so on Tuesday we took her in for her surgery and helping hands definitely did their job right price and 2 …

  349. Jean Kaufman 2019/05

    Kind staff and great service

  350. angela rose 2019/05

    Staff truly cares and very kind. Our11 yo labordane was very ill and they gave it their all. They are surgery only and do not do post-op hospital care. Unfortunately our sweet girl didnt survive the ride to a hospital for after care, but they atleast gave her a fighting chance. She passed being held and loved in my lap & arms. The empathy offered & efforts during this hard time will never be forgotten.

  351. Lab Lady 2019/05

    Recommended by a friend and they did a phenomenal job in my dogs teeth. She had severe plaque buildup due to my fear of her going under anesthesia due to an issue when she was younger, but she had no problems at Helping Hands. Thank you so much for helping me help her feel better at a cost that I could afford!!!!

  352. tracie kerr 2019/04

    I cannot thank Helping Hands enough. They reviewed medical records even prior to making the appointment due to a few concerns and they talked to me before her appointment and afterwards. They took wonderful care of my little Cocoa and have already called to see how she’s doing. This was my first appointment/trip from Chesapeake but it won’t be my last. I’ll be seeing you again soon for her sister.

  353. Doug Palmateer 2019/04

    They really care for your pets and have great prices for surgery

  354. Lauren York 2019/04

    Amazing. Cheaper costs for major surgeries. The staff is great.

  355. Greg Lingo 2019/04

    Helping Hands Vet Surgery and Dental Care is an impressive operation. I have a 10 year old Boxer that suffered from gum hyperplasia and an awful looking growth on the bottom of her chin. I had priced having her treated at my vet and it was over $1200. I had found out about HH through another vet and went by to have her evaluated. You are welcome to bring your pet in anytime between 12 pm and 2 pm, M-F, to do so. Their price was a little over $700. Certainly that is a significant chunk of change but the point of this review has more to do with than just pricing. This is one efficient operation. Everything was streamlined to perfection. My wait times for both the evaluation and pre-surgical drop-off were quick and the staff was courteous and professional. The tech I dealt with has very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Post surgery everything is taken care of. Antibiotics and pain medication were supplied at time of pickup with verbal and written instructions for post-surgical care.

    What is kind of cool is that they market to out-of-state customers calling it “medical tourism”. If your pet needs a couple of days at their facility to recover why not see the town? They have a lounge for out-of-state customers and even give out Richmond city guides for what-to-do while waiting for your pet’s care to be completed.

    So the greatest news is my Boxer is like a new dog! She recovered with no complications and has healed nicely. She has new-found energy and is playing like a puppy. We are really happy with the results. I would highly recommend Helping Hands for your pets surgical and dental needs. I also think these guys have a helluva franchise concept opportunity. Thanks again for doing a great job!

  356. Kent Fothergill 2019/04

    The caring and attention to detail shown my older dog and I were beyond expectations

  357. Mike Fox 2019/04

    You saved my Bajas life… what can I really say but THANK YOU!

  358. Dae Holley (Roselle Dae) 2019/04

    While on our drive from Upper Marlboro, my mom and I were very nervous for our dog Gazoo. When we arrived at Hellping Hands we were reassured that our puppy was going to be okay. He is healing well now, and we are closer to getting his stitches out! I recommend this center to any animal parent needing surgery, at a reasonable price, for their baby. Again the staff was AMAZ!

  359. Kimberely McKinney 2019/04

    Amazing! So glad I found this place. I drove there from Chesapeake, Virginia. It was well worth it for the price and care. Very nice facilities and the parent room is filled with everything you need to be comfortable while you wait for your fur kids to have their surgery. They also offer 10 percent military discount.

  360. Courtney Genco 2019/03

    We had a PHENOMENAL experience at Helping Hands Veterinary Surgery & Dental Care. We made the 3 hour drive from Maryland for our Husky/Chessie Haven to have a FHO surgery. We didn’t have an appointment, yet they were able to accommodate her and preform her surgery. We are so grateful for them saving her leg. The staff is so caring and just wonderful overall. I would make the 3 hour drive a million times again just to get this kind of care. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the facility.

  361. Dahlia Von Graves 2019/03

    I brought my cat here a few years ago and had a good experience. Which us why when my vet recommended my dog needed dental cleaning and a few teeth pulled i took him here. When i called i asked how much it would cost if they needed to pull any teeth. They told me it was included and I asked if they would call to let me know if he needed teeth pulled. They told me they would. My boyfriend took my dog in on june 5th and when he picked him up we found out they had pulled out 28 teeth. TWENTY EIGHT. neither my boyfriend nor i got a call informing us that they would pull that many. They left my dog with two top teeth. We also realized they sent him home with an iv in his leg. I am taking him back as soon as they open for them to remove this from his leg. My dog is about 8 years old and for him to be looking forward to a life of wet food because he has no teeth is cruel. “Helping” hands? More like butcher shop. I’m devastated that i brought my animal here and wasn’t ever recommend them to anyone. If you love your pet stay far away from this “affordable vet”.

  362. Scott Salvant 2019/03

    Their organization and efficiency are remarkable. On top of that each and every staff member was very personable and helpful. My dog needed an amputation, they handled each one of my many stressful and anxiety ridden calls in with great compassion and attentiveness. The facility is outstanding as well. Thank you to everyone involved.

  363. mama bear 2019/03

    Very belittling. The nurse was awfully rude.

  364. Alice Chappell 2019/03

    Drove my big dog 90 miles to get his ACL repaired for less than $1200. No where could I find the surgery less than $2000. Great service.

  365. Mary Snowsill 2019/03

    Amazing staff. Best vet care I have ever experienced! Top notch professionals! Thank-you for offering these services at an affordable price! You’re a Godsend.

  366. Robert Fritz 2019/03

    It was quite a hike from home. But they have a fully stocked lounge for you to wait, complete with a couch, TV, board games, Wi-Fi, coffee, water, and other refrigerated beverages. And they charged less for the complete dental care than my vet was going to charge just for the lab work. Staff was all smiles and very friendly. Did a great job on my dogs teeth.

  367. Katie Rehwaldt 2019/03

    Brought our 2 dogs for dental care on advice from our vet. The staff is incredibly friendly and efficient and the dogs were well cared for. One pup had a peice of stick lodged in his gum (for how long we have no idea!) which necessitated the extraction of his back molar. They provided the additional service, pain meds and antibiotics at no additional charge. We are so grateful to have this very affordable option!! It all would have likely cost 3 times as much at our vet! Highly recommend.

  368. Michael Bonner 2019/03

    Great, caring people and very economical. Normally “affordable” and “hospital” don’t go together without sacrificing quality, but the facilities were as good as any vet facility I’ve been in and the staff were professional, courteous and caring. I’ve had animal companions for most of my life so I’ve seen a lot of different facilities, Helping Hands was definitely one of the best hvet hospitals I’ve seen.

  369. Rose Wood 2019/03

    What an amazing experience we had with this vet. We drove 6 hours to get a splenectomy for our dog. They were able to take us next day and we only paid 1055 for surgery blood work and the mass to be biopsied!!!! The vets by me wanted 10,000. I truly cannot thank this vet staff enough for saving my Rambo 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 …

  370. Steve Taylor 2019/03

    A great blessing for my little princess and getting 10 teeth pulled for 300 bucks including her dog collar and prescriptions

  371. C S 2019/03

    Took my dog for teeth cleaning and neutering. The facility was modern and new. Very efficient and professional service. One third the price of northern VA clinics. Thank you HELPING HANDS!!

  372. Craig Reed 2019/03

    My Lab Bear was diagnosed with 2 thyroid tumors and would need surgery and treatments. Totaling about $ 3.000.00 . they require payment in full . I don’t have . could probably do it in 4 payments. But…they wilt work with me so now I watch my four legged Son get ate away with cancer…Slowly..

  373. Colleen Faini 2019/02

    Excellent vet care. The staff is very helpful.

  374. Taylor Peters 2019/02

    Great staff and service that is affordable to give your pet the care they deserve.

  375. Mitchell Carbonelle 2019/02

    Thanks for everything you guys are awesome

  376. Susan W 2019/02

    I called to get an estimate for a surgical procedure for my dog. The lady that spoke with me was very nice and empathetic. I was just a little disappointed that the pricing wasn’t really any different (or more affordable- as the website states).

  377. Louise Caruso 2019/02

    Good prices

  378. Mary Donahue 2019/02

    I’m so impressed with this group. From the moment of arriving, we were welcomed and they have an easy set up. They are super organized. The best waiting area that I have ever seen! The staff is super caring and helpful.

  379. Tim Taino 2019/02

    We drive up from Virginia Beach on the advice of our Vet. So glad we went there!

  380. Monica Grim 2019/02

    Helping hands are very affordable. If they find anything (tumors) they call to ask what you may want done. My suggestion would be if a fur baby is having a hard time waking up then let the parents know if there in the waiting run. I appreciate the phone call the next morning to check on my kids, especially my little man.
    Thanks You Helping Hands

  381. Laura Mejia 2019/02

    Best care given to save my pups life.

  382. Wilson Caton 2019/02

    Amazing place

  383. Adriana Tucker 2019/02

    This place is Heaven sent! My baby Toto had a large stone and had passed some crystals and had started to hemorrhage! I was extremely worried and praying for some help because the surgery was way to much in my area! My vet told me about Helping Hands and I emailed them late at night and they called me before 8am the next morning and was able to get us in! They providing us with a listing for after care as well as hotels in the area. My baby is doing great and they’ve even followed up to check on him! I can not thank you guys enough we will be back for a teeth cleaning soon!!

  384. Diane “Dianimall” Krassner 2019/01

    These folks took great care of our pup Sheldon and they comforted us in our worry over him. I am grateful that this option was available or we may have had to put the pup down due to the exorbitant veterinary costs.

  385. Sandra Davis 2019/01

    This place is amazing. I drove from Silver Spring Maryland to Helping Hands as a recommendation from the groomers I take my dogs to. It was well worth the trip! Friendly staff, plain communication with pet parents and bottom line affordable.

  386. Rena Fagel 2019/01

    I had a friend and a family member each bring their pets to helping hands. They are a veterinary dental and veterinary surgery center. They’re not going to do a wellness exam on your pet, they won’t do vaccinations and the like. you will have to send them those records. All they do is veterinary surgeries.

    My son’s dog needed three separate procedures. He needed a benign mass removed from his back, he needed to be neutered, and he needed a dental cleaning with six extractions. The total bill for all of these services was $1,200. this included the pre-anesthesia blood work to ensure that anesthesia would be as safe as possible. Those three procedures appear in the DC Metro area would have easily come to $4,000. They were caring, compassionate and attentive, and it was well worth the trip down to Richmond to ensure that his dog got what he needed.

    Their mission is to ensure as best as they can that no pet goes without care because of cost. They are hands down by far and away the best deal for their quality services performed by experienced vets.

  387. Nick Ho 2019/01

    What an amazing place, I cant be happier with the service and care that Helping Hands has provided for all my of my dogs. Wonderful concept and so beautifully executed.

    Thank you Helping Hands!


  388. Christopher Gibson 2019/01

    Went to Helping Hands a few days ago to get my dogs teeth cleaned; while under I also had two cysts removed at very low cost ($240 when compared to the $1900 I was quoted in Hampton).

    Service and staff were exceptional. Attaching picture of the sutures so show the great quality of their work. Well worth the 75 mile one-way drive for me to take them here. 300 miles total for pickup and drop off, still worth the trip.

  389. Valarie Hamby 2019/01

    Absolutely the best place to get certain surgeries done!!!

  390. Beatriz Gill 2019/01

    My poor little pup is a rescue who came to me with terrible teeth. Every dentist I took him to gave me an $1800 – $2200 estimate. Your clinic has been such a life saver. The process was easy and Barkley didn’t seem traumatized at all. I mean, he didn’t request a return it’s not Disneyland, but it solved his problem without issues and because it’s so affordable (included general anesthesia and antibiotic and pain meds in one price) we can return yearly for a cleaning. It was worth the 3.5 hour drive there. The staff was so friendly and the doc that greeted us in the waiting room was so nice. Great waiting facility. We feel blessed to have found you.

  391. Myrloch O’ The Blade 2019/01

    The staff is extremely caring and friendly. They are extremely knowledgeable and take the time to explain what is going on and the proper care of your pet.

  392. Kenneth Milling 2019/01

    Staff was courteous and the price for the service was outstanding

  393. Barbara Roddy 2019/01

    Excellent care for our doggies care. Staff is kind and very informative prior to surgery. Will use it necessary in the future.

  394. Jill Reid 2019/01

    I’ve taken all 4 of my dogs there. They are amazing!

  395. Lindley Bark 2018/11

    Very efficient, great service, friendly, and economical. Repeat customer with four hour round trip that I will do again. Highly recommend!

  396. Carroll Jordan 2018/11

    We love Helping Hands. All of my greyhounds have their dentals done there. The staff is so caring of each pet. We’ll continue to use them and spread the word about the great work they do.

  397. Alysa 2018/11

    Took my dog here to have his leg amputated because of a limp but extremely healthy otherwise. They have poor anesthesia procedures and gave us very little expectations when sending our dog home after the procedure. They didn’t warn us of any signs to look out. My dog died of anesthesia overdose at 4 am that night and the “24 hour” phone number was never answered all night leading up to it. We figured it was all normal symptoms of the anesthesia wearing off. Apparently not. I still get upset when I have to drive near this horrible establishment. If they had informed us of what to look out for, we would have rushed him to the emergency room and he could have been saved. This clearly happened because of negligent overdose of anesthesia. Unfortunately I didn’t learn this until days later. There is absolutely no reason my dog should have died that night. Please, PLEASE do not take your dog here for anything that requires putting your dog under anesthesia. Read the 1-stars, don’t risk your best friends life.

  398. kyledukes49 2018/11

    First off… There’s a review on here that has a lady complaining about the staff talking to the animals like “babies” and she got offended they called her 12 year old dog “a little old lady” and I just want to say, wow, I feel bad for her dog. One…its scientifically proven animals respond better and are very good at detecting tone in voices. And two… It just goes to show the staff genuinely loves animals, every one of them. This place is phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier. My dog tore her ACL and we drove 4 hours from Philly to get the surgery. Cheapest we found our way was 2,500$ and helping hands was 1,000$ with everything included, even alot of sedatives for my hyper 2 year old pit. We got there at 730 and there was a line of like 15 people with dogs waiting outside. If I hit the lottery I will be donating to this place. They also have an amazing lounge and a tour guide named Jake I believe and he was super helpful and thoughtful. Very cool city, we checked out the art museum and the holocaust museum. Didn’t get to check out the night life we didn’t feel comfortable leaving the dog in a hotel room. Also… Mia had some swelling and I called them to ask about it and emailed them pictures and I got a call back from them within 5 minutes. I love everything about this place they truly love animals.

  399. Christina Wright 2018/11

    Kept me from having to put my kitten to sleep. Offered affordable surgery.

  400. Carol Stemple 2018/11

    Vet with outdated techniques & dangerous practices. Vet refused to have conversation with me – was told this was their policy. I was left to discuss medical procedures with office staff.

    My dog has a hx of pancreatitis, elevated liver enzymes, & diabetes – all info that was provided in their online form prior to making appointment for dental cleaning. When contacted to schedule appt, I asked if blood work needed done prior to appt because of my dogs hx.- they said all blood work was done there on the day of appt – I asked if doc was comfortable anesthetizing a dog with his history & they assured me she was.

    The day of appt I drove 3 hours with 2 small dogs for dental cleaning for both. On arrival we were asked to complete a NEW medical hx form. I wasn’t asked typical questions – when did they last eat, when was last med, etc. They didn’t weight the dogs – instead asked me their weight. I requested the doctor contact me if the xrays show a questionable tooth needing extraction – they said “we don’t do xrays – we don’t even have an X-ray machine here.” I asked – how do you know if there’s an underlying infection? They replied that the doc “looks” at the tooth or if loose then it’s extracted. I was dumbfounded – they said if I wasn’t comfortable with their policies & procedure then I didn’t have to stay – after I just drove 3 hrs.

    I wasn’t sure what to do. I left the dogs & went to consider if this was really okay. Then, not sure that I included all hx on the second questionnaire, I called. I discussed the diabetes & they asked if I brought his insulin – I said no – they seemed upset & said – “you didn’t bring his insulin?” – I said no I didn’t because he didn’t eat prior to surgery & thus would not need insulin until evening when he ate again. She said “well we might need to give it.” I was becoming more & more uneasy with this facility. Why was there anesthesia without xrays – they didn’t ask key questions – no opportunity to talk to the vet – & they thought insulin important in a dog that hadn’t eaten? I discussed with the office manager, Jackie, who replied she didn’t think they were the correct fit for me. I decided to cancel the procedure & take the dogs home.

    When I picked them up, they had already given both dogs preanesthetic. They said I could take them home & they might be groggy. The med they used was Acepromazine – it’s contraindicated for dogs with liver problems!!! It is an outdated med rarely used anymore & then only because it’s cheap. Now I was concerned that my little dog would not be able to detoxify the drug. I had to drive home for 3 hrs without an IV to help flush it out of his system. I went straight to my vet at home – they were very concerned. When I arrived his blood pressure & temperature were low. My vet said he never uses that med as others are safer & especially not on one with a liver hx. Thankfully his blood sugar wasn’t low. In 3 hrs he had refused food & water. We decided I would take him home to try to feed him & keep him warm – if he still refused I would have to return for IV & hospitalization. He did eat & drink at home. We are praying the med they gave him doesn’t give him another Pancreatitis attack. I am so happy I got my puppies out of there. I’m also upset that this doc has positive reviews – perhaps from people with no alternative or who don’t ask questions or understand the modern updated methods.

    Update – yesterday my dog had diarrhea and today he has blood in his stool. I’m so angry they gave him a med that was inappropriate. Hopefully he recovers – of course after a huge vet bill that this facility should pay for.

  401. Tyrika Meade 2018/11

    They have poor communication with some clients My Mom took cat there from Dc and was turned down there was a miss understanding of dates the last time she was given is when she showed up then there mannerism after this was that her rating …

  402. barbara talley 2018/11

    Tanner needed dental cleaning and extractions, the staff was great and it put me at ease leaving him there. The staff was knowledgeable, caring and friendly. Blood work, cleaning and 3 extractions with medication very affordable only $260., our normal vet quoted over $400 just for the cleaning. I highly recommend this team of professionals to care for pets.


  403. Mike Smith 2018/10

    Awesome place. Cheapest prices. Took my dogs for teeth cleaning and lump removal. You get the medicine there, no prescriptions. Just wish they had a location in MD.

  404. BadVixen86 2018/10

    I cannot say enough good things about them! They have been a God send! We desperately needed to get our little dog, Mimzy’s teeth fixed. We had heard about Helping Hands through a vet friend, so we looked them up and called. As luck would have it, they had a cancellation and where able to see Mimzy the next day! (Not always the case, but we got lucky!) They took such good care of our girl. They ran tests, took care of her teeth, sent her home with meds, and called the next day to check up on her. <3 the level of compassion, care and respect they give their patients! I highly recommend them, even if you have to wait, they are the best!

  405. Bev Church 2018/10

    The entire staff are absolutely the BEST! The intake process is very fast and efficient. The owners who were there when I was there were obviously concerned about their pets. Many folks come from hundreds of miles away to get their pet surgical and dental care here. Without the affordability factor (although it is still a lot of money – but in my case HALF what my regular vet charges) many loving pet owners would be faced with a gut wrenching, impossible decision to end a pet’s life all because of money. The quality of care that my pet and all of the others that I saw was bar none – excellent! AND with real compassion. Fantastic! Thank you times a trillion to the entire process and ALL of the caregivers and staff. Our pets are SO important to us. I am exceedingly glad and thankful so much for this entire operation. I would give more than 5 stars, if I could.

  406. Theodore Johnson 2018/10

    What a great place to take your pets for dental cleaning in some surgeries plus other pet needs. The prices will shock you compared to a regular vet.

  407. Pete Farrington 2018/10

    Outstanding, affordable and efficient treatment for my dog who had to have an abscessed tooth extracted. They were approximately one-third the price of any other veterinary service I checked.

  408. Cat Hamlin 2018/10

    Awesome place, highly recommend.

  409. Janice Johnson 2018/10

    We took our 12 year old bulldog and our 15 year old pit for dental work and they did an excellent job – could not have been nicer from the front staff up to the one that explained the discharge paperwork.

  410. Steve Maroney 2018/10

    I am so greatful for this place. My dog would have been put down if it wasn’t for Helping Hands offering to do the surgery for a fraction of the actual price. My dog is 100% better now and thanks to Helping Hands.
    Thank you, the staff is the best.

  411. Carl 2018/10

    I took my beautiful baby kitty “Dallas” to their facility with a friend and I was very nervous at that time, however the staff made me feel much more comfortable and did such an amazing job taking care of her and getting the care she needed. The staff were very friendly and I would highly recommended anyone who needs lower cost care for their loved ones to take them here. I will definitely come back if I needed to have anything else done.

  412. Melvin Walker 2018/10

    An amazing animal care center..

  413. Kyle Dvorsky 2018/09

    This place is fantastic. My 11 year old dog needed a teeth cleaning (and subsequently 6 teeth removed) and three vets in the DC area quoted me at $500-750 minimum for the cleaning alone. With extractions it was easily estimated $1000 plus. While it wouldn’t send me to the poor house, that is still a ton of money to me. Even with a hotel room, dinner out, and gas, Helping Hands cost less than half of the lowest estimate from any vet. $260 ($60 for blood work because she’s old) for a full cleaning, tooth removal, and medicine. I can only imagine the $1000+ it would have cost at a full service vet.

    Everyone here was fantastic, friendly, quick, professional, and helpful. There’s a reason people travel from Miami or Ottawa for this place. Cannot recommend them enough.

  414. John Needham 2018/09

    Very courteous, energetic, helpful, & friendly staff. Very glad they were recommended to me

  415. Nathan Clark 2018/09

    Saved our dog for less than what the vet would charge. Still not cheap but definitely doable.

  416. Janet Rodriguez 2018/09

    Amazing people without them my boy wouldn’t be here god bless everyone ❤️😘 who helps this program for Thoses of us who can’t afford but love our best friend …

  417. Susan Graham 2018/09

    I took my 5 year old dog here for her first teeth cleaning. Growing up we never professionally cleaned our dogs teeth, so I thought it seemed a bit ridiculous to put a dog under to clean their teeth. But after reading more about it, the more I felt compelled to take my dog in. I tried brushing her teeth myself, but she was not a fan and I could not really get to a lot of her teeth. My vet quoted me over $500.00, which was more than I even paid for my dog. I heard about Helping Hands. They were half the cost. Walking in, the place is very clean and well staffed. They were very friendly and nice to my dog. They have a nice big waiting room with refreshments and a TV for people from out of town who wait. People drive hours to go here which also made me feel good about going! When I went to pick her up they explained the whole procedure and gave me instructions for her after care and a number to call if she had any issues. They even called the next day to check on her. My dogs teeth look great and her breath finally has no smell! 🙂 This place is great, and also offers other medical procedures at a lower cost that people can afford. I’m so glad to have found this place and am happy that places like this exist. A huge win for RVA!

  418. Venetia Smith 2018/09

    Let me TRY to keep it short. My 8yr old Akita Khloe, wouldn’t eat, was lethargic, to the point of not wanting to move…etc. I was losing my mind. Took her to the vet. SHE NEEDS TO HAVE SURGERY NOW!! It was Pyometra. I could lose her…I couldn’t afford it. After 2days, my best friend got the Google bug. “DIAL THIS NUMBER!” But it’s in Virginia! We’re in Delaware!…May 25th she had the surgery. May 29th, she’s back to her old self, minus the cone LOL!

    There is not 1 thing I would change about Helping Hands! Except to open open 1 in Delaware lol. I had no problems with staff. Maybe because I love to laugh and can be silly. If it weren’t for half or more off of the price, I would have lost my goofy Khloe! I love you guys down there for helping us, help our babies! Nothing but love from New Castle county!

  419. Jerry Gordon 2018/09

    Great staff and service

  420. Rebecca Clark 2018/09

    I have had my 2 dachshunds teeth cleaned here twice. It’s awesome that they offer this service at a low cost. The new location is awesome! Great lounge to wait while pet is being seen. I couldn’t believe that drinks and snacks were included. The staff are friendly and even call the next day to check on my pets. I wish they were closer to me but well worth taking a day off to get my pets taken care of.

  421. Ken Murphy 2018/09

    Outstanding service and customer care

  422. Erik Foster 2018/09

    Wonderful staff

  423. Katrina 2018/09

    Took great care of my dog!

  424. RJ Berg 2018/09

    Great folks, and nice knowing your affordable bill up front.

  425. Shekita Dyson 2018/09

    First, let me say this, I was very skeptical about this place because of the very cheap price. I was always told, “you get what your pay for”. I took the chance to have my dog Speedy abscessed teeth removed, I must say I was very pleased. The staff was nice and very informative. You could either stay there or they would give you places to go. I thought Speedy needed 1 tooth removed, but later learn that it was 8. I’m not angry, why, because I wasn’t ripped off, meaning they could have very well removed 1 tooth and sent us home for us to come back later to pay and additional $260 for each other tooth that needs to be removed. I respect that a lot because it lets me know that the love that they have for animals, they didn’t want to send an animal home to be miserable later on. Lini, was very nice and polite, she had answered all of my questions, and she was very patient with me, and my dog. I just had to give her a hug, because I felt that she was very genuine. I did let others know about this place, and should Speedy need anything major done, guess where he will go again? We were there 01/18/2018, he was drugged from the anesthesia until we got home, he looked so pitiful, not so much eating, very little bleeding, but I tell you, 01/20/2018, he was back to his old self, and eating his dry dog food as if he had those 8 teeth in his mouth. Thanks so much Helping Hands, you guys are great!!!!!
    P.S. Helping Hands did call me the following day to check on him. That’s what I like. 😉

  426. W. Jeremy Brown 2018/09

    Very helpful

  427. Angela Preddy 2018/09

    Thank you so much for what you do!! My husband took our dog for surgery and was very impressed on how things went. Staff were friendly and efficient, surgery went well and our Jenny is now comfortably recovering at home. You guys improved our dog’s quality of life and saved us over $2000! We are so appreciative and grateful and hope to share this with others. If we ever need surgery again, we will be back!!!

  428. Stacie Richardson 2018/08

    Amazing affordable vet surgery center.

  429. Lanny Bailey 2018/08

    These guys do great things for an affordable price. We’ve taken our dog for dental cleanings and removal of an eye tumor. The care was excellent both times. Highly recommend.

  430. Meredith Clark 2018/08

    Thank you so much for taking care of Sasha, our 5.8 pounds of fury! (Chihuahua!!!) When Sasha and I arrived, the person who checked us in could probably see how nervous I was and assured me that Sasha would have lots of visitors! Sasha is 12 and it was her first time “going under,” so I was very nervous. I think I had tears in my eyes…..she healed up nicely and she is back to her Chihuahua self!!! Thank you thank you!!


    The staff is wonderful and I will definately use them again.

  432. Jennifer Hinote 2018/07

    My dog had his ACL repaired here earlier this year and he is doing great! I work for a vet which unfortunately, does not do this procedure so I drove my pup 4 hours to go here and I just cannot say enough good things about it. I recommend this place to everyone and now so does my boss. Thank you!

  433. Andrew Castellano 2018/07

    Very helpful, a lot cheaper than our vet

  434. John Pintauro 2018/07

    Top shelf. Excellent people knowledgeable Clean environment
    Affordable. Friendly

  435. joshua wood 2018/07

    Cheap but I fear they either lack the equipment or care I had to take my cat to another vet after some dental work because she was in bad shape. But I like what they are doing at least someone is trying

  436. Gretchen E 2018/07

    On the way to dental work. The staff is amazing and the service is beyond compare. Such compassionate and caring employees creating a wonderful business.


  437. Brent W. 2018/07

    A great place to take your pets to for any low cost surgery center

  438. crystal matherly 2018/06

    Although I haven’t been since 2013, I had an excellent experience. Lulu is a 10lb miniature poodle mix, she was about 2 years old at the time and needed MPL (medial patella luxation) surgery. The lowest price I’d been quoted was $4000+ at the Virginia tech vet school. At Helping Hands, it was $995, plus about $150 for lab work, dental cleaning, and microchipping. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to afford this surgery until this year, which would have been too late. They did an excellent job, she’s very rarely had a dislocation since and hasn’t experienced any pain since healing. She continues to be just as spry and healthy as a puppy! I recommend this clinic to anyone and everyone I know who needs an expensive surgery for their fur babies.

  439. Amy Wilson 2018/06

    Such a great place and the staff is awesome!!! Very affordable I would recommend this clinic to anyone needing vet care for a fur baby. They really care about the fur babies and the fur parents.

  440. C. Green 2018/06

    I have taken my two dogs Neiko and Nandi to Helping Hands for both dental cleanings and then when each one needed knee surgery for a luxating patella. I have never had a problem with scheduling, check-in, or check-out. My dog Neiko did have some issues with his post-op knee where my normal vet wasn’t sure if the surgery took. So I called Helping Hands back and asked if they would talk vet to vet with my vet so I wouldn’t have to drive 2 hrs to Richmond. They did talk to my vet and explain what a newly operated on knee felt like and it would get stronger with scar tissue forming during healing. After I felt nervous still, they allowed me to come back the next day just so the surgeon could see for herself what my vet felt and let me know if everything was normal. Sure enough she said it was normal and then after a few months of healing my normal vet concurred. Whew. I love that Helping Hands worked with my vet to make sure my furbaby was healing properly.

    One thing I did after surgery with my two dogs was to make sure my regular vet saw them the very next day and then through follow-ups regularly until they were totally healed. I didn’t rely on Helping Hands for that because like they say upfront, they are not a full service hospital. I paid for a lower cost surgery, but I already had my normal vet ready and waiting to handle all of the after care. For example, one dog started eating at a suture line that was supposed to be tucked inside the skin. My regular vet put him back in the donut, clipped that exposed suture, cleaned the area, and put something to keep skin together so it would heal like it should. I didn’t have to call Helping Hands or drive back to them because my regular vet was ready. I would suggest such planning if you are nervous about going to a surgical site like Helping Hands. You put together your team back near you for after care and insist they call the surgeon at Helping Hands if needed. You’ll sleep a lot better if you do.

    I will be back in the future for Neiko’s future luxating patella surgery on the other knee. They are that good.


  441. JB Mitchell 2018/06

    A fantastic collection of people who really care about animals and making sure that they get very best care possible at a really affordable price. Although they put a great number of animals through at a time, they really tried to give you as much attention as they can. The care is excellent and the procedures done to my animals have been perfect.

  442. Courtney Griffin 2018/06

    Lifesavers. Period.

  443. Stephanie Carrero 2018/06

    Inexpensive, a little weird how things are done there but ultimately glad I went. My dog feels much better everythjng went smoothly and it was super affordable.

  444. Joanne Biddulph 2018/06

    Wonderful staff and doctors. Very grateful for them. Dental work on dogs are very expensive and they made it affordable.

  445. outspoken311 2018/06

    This place is fantastic!!! Took my 12 yo French Bulldog for a dental. Will definitely go again if needed. Do not hesitate to go here. They definitely care about your pets!

  446. Crystal Johnson 2018/06

    This place is amazing. They make it possible for low income families to have dental surgery on their four pawed loved one.

  447. kim concepcion 2018/06

    Drove 10 hrs to come to this establishment. I came 2 yrs. ago for my dogs teeth to be cleaned, they were fantastic, that’s why I went again this year. The vets, and staff are some of the best people I have met.

  448. Celeste Behsmann 2018/06

    What a wonderful blessing!

    I brought my fur child in for a teeth cleaning I’m still so thankful for the kindness and compassion they showed us and my other fur child that was just along for the ride.

    Definitely affordable and worth the drive. You even got to meet other people from far and wide in the warm and cozy lounge area.

  449. Birdie O'Hara 2018/06

    I’m really shocked at the treatment over the phone today. I’ve been a customer for years, and made the 3-4 hour drive with an overnight stay because they were worth it and helped my cats. Their slogan of “saving pet owners from economic suicide” seemed spot-on! But today, everything changed, all because I had the temerity to ask if they could get a urine sample while my cat, Miles,w as under anesthesia for a dental on Thursday.

    They could have just said “no,” but instead cancelled the whole appointment, which took months to get and already was rescheduled once. They claimed I needed to take care of his “condition” before they’d do a dental, but my vet asked this only as a professional courtesy, not because he’s too sick for a dental! And why cancel the appointment before I even have a chance to get you the records to prove it? Why not ask ME, his owner, what I want to do first? That would have been the polite thing to do. Or ask my vet to call theirs, holding it open. I could have done either today, days before the appointment.

    Receptionist was very rude – kept talking over me – and when I got angry and asked to speak to the office manager, hung up on me. Then I called back and asked for the office Manager, who was no better. She wasn’t interested in helping me solve the non-existent problem THEY created – only wanted to lecture me on “”respect.” Well, honey, try showing some yourself if you expect to get any back!

    I’ve seen some changes since this place moved from the old address – and think maybe they’ve just gotten too big for their britches, what with the new, bigger facility, higher prices, “emergency” appointments for more $, etc. Thinking back, there have been “warning” signs that they were becoming more exclusive in which pets/conditions they want to treat -even when the surgeries listed on their website are *exactly* what your pet needs!

    Could be they’re getting too busy or too big; could be the loss of some clients doesn’t make a big difference anymore; could be they don’t care so much about a few animals they don’t help. And none of that makes any difference if you can’t get past the pushy, obnoxious, rude office staff. I won’t be back. I’ll pay more; but maybe you get what you pay for, too.

    Update: I traded several nasty emails with Jacqueline Morasco, one of their “owners” and it was clear she’d appointed herself judge & jury over me. I was the “bad guy” and she was there to “teach me a lesson”. Well, you know what, they just proved they deserve every bad review anyone posts; and they’re all from the last 2 years since they’ve moved to their new location. I see from their comments to negative reviews that they *still* won’t take responsibility for their own actions – the mark of a bad business run by very immature people. See my above comment about getting what you pay for. Keep in mind they’ve killed/injured peoples’ animals, too – but they won’t tell you about that, of course….

  450. Royce Raju Beena 2018/06

    Trustworthy pet care , not too far from the city . Helpful and knowledgeable staff

  451. Colin Walker 2018/06

    Fantastic place. We are impressed at not only the price to clean and pull bad teeth on our dogs, but the employees are knowledgeable, kind and helpful. I cannot recommend this place enough. Incredible value and an incredible experience.

  452. Kandi De Medici 2018/05

    The Best!!!

  453. Cindy Mitchell 2018/05

    Always very infomative. Affordable as always. I knew my Sophie was in good hands.

  454. Andrea Jones 2018/05

    The employees are a great bunch of people & they took great care of my dog! I would give them a 100 star rating, & highly recommend them!!!!!

  455. Paula 2018/05

    Great care for your pets

  456. Jason Smith 2018/05

    brought my cat here for an amputation cause of a severely broken leg. when i dropped hm off there was nothing wrong with his mouth at all. he could eat hard food and meow. when i picked him up they said he had a possible cut in his mouth and to look after it. when i got home and was able to inspect it futher he had a dislocated jaw. somehow they injured his jaw and they denied that they did anything. i went back to the vet that had seen him first and recommended the place, they said yeah there was nothing wrong at all with his mouth except a little bit of tarter and appologized for us having to deal with a worse problem then we had before we went to helping hands.

  457. Sue Studds 2018/05

    This place makes keeping our beloved furbabies veterinary care affordable. And they give the pets wonderful attention, too, while there.

  458. Sarah Deighan 2018/05

    Affordable surgery saved a sweet little kitten from bone cancer. They took great care of him and they had a comfortable lounge where I could work remotely. The only downside was how far they are from me, which is really not their fault.


  459. Brianna Heller 2018/05

    They did a beautiful job on my cat Shiva. The enucleation went smooth and healed beautifuly. Wonderful and affordable

  460. Katy Ricalde 2018/05

    My 3.6lb, 10 month yorkie puppy was diagnosed with perthes and my vet determined surgery was required for her to have the best life. Her little bone already had necrosis and that is something you don’t want getting worse. I live in DC and everything is more expensive here. The places in my area were quoting anywhere from $3000-$5000 in total. In doing some research I found an ad for Helping Hands and so I called. Of the 4 places I called Helping Hands was the only one to answer all of my questions right away, spending 30 minutes on the phone with me addressing any concerns and going over the risks. I read the reviews and checked out the hospital online and I felt comfortable enough to make an appointment.

    My little Polly was well loved and taken care of while at Helping Hands. Her wounds look great and the scars are minimal. Polly is recovering incredibly well, already touching her little foot to the ground during short walks where as everything I have read show that most dogs wait 10-15 days post op before doing that. The absolute worst part of this surgery is the recovery as we also have a 6 month old yorkie puppy and Polly can’t really run and play with her for 4-6 weeks. She has to be in a crate for about 7-10 days and Helping Hands gave me some meds for her for crate anxiety which we have used and have been very helpful.

    Helping Hands went ahead and gave us some pain meds for her and made sure we were all set to follow up everything with our vet in DC. They also recommended an after-care facility for her to stay the night and we did that because of her size and to control pain. It was good we did as her blood pressure was low when we arrived at VRCC in Richmond. The after-care was almost as much as the surgery ($700.30 for after care and $995 for surgery) but because of the low-costs at Helping Hands we were able to afford the after care as well. We also had Polly spayed while under and they did a great job with that as well.

    The facility itself is very clean and large. The waiting room is great and you can wait for your pet or pick them up at 4pm. They even have snacks and sodas for pet parents. At 4pm the waiting room is packed with pet parents picking up their babies– all sharing stories of how amazing Helping Hands is and how they don’t know what they would do without them.

    My only grievance– and it’s not a huge one–is that they knew we were going to after care and yet they took her IV out. This meant not only did they have to stick the poor baby again (and they did it this time in her other front paw meaning she has two shaved front paws in addition to her back leg that was shaved for the operation now which looks silly/was probably uncomfortable for her) I also had to pay an extra $100 at the after care facility for them to start another IV. It was 20 minutes away– the IV port could have stayed in place just fine and it should have been left in.

    Again, I am so glad I found them. Polly is doing well and if anyone has any questions about the recovery follow @PollyandPippy on Instagram and message me. We are posting about her recovery to help others.

    Thank you to the entire staff at Helping Hands for taking care of Polly and so many other pets.

  461. Steph Whitehill 2018/05

    Took our dog in to have bladder stones removed. This place was very clean and very friendly staff. Price was fair. Has a client lounge for people waiting for there pets. Staff was caring and attentive. Also explained how the procedure was going to go and what to expect for the after care. Felt very comfortable there. They also had a fellow there named Jake who had a poodle (with multi colored fur) that would comfort and visit the customers that were waiting. This place only works off referrals.

  462. Kacy Craig 2018/05

    Great and efficient service at an affordable price! Will continue to drive an 1 1/2 hours to bring our dogs here.

  463. BarbaraJo Murray 2018/05

    Great veterinarians, great waiting room ,lots to see in Richmond. Great service. Have been 4 times for my animals.Wonderful prices, the best for any detailed, needed services.

  464. Tasbyha Amaan 2018/04

    Very friendly staff. As far as I know, this place is the cheapest and the best place to get a surgery done for your pet. I got my cat’s surgery performed very beautifully at a very low cost by them. I’m very thankful to them 🙏🏻 …

  465. roger hulett 2018/04

    Wonderful .they really care about your pet

  466. Rebecca 2018/04

    I took my cat in for much needed dental work. I ran this by my normal vet prior (who also regularly does dental work) and she said Helping Hands is great. I did have concerns about not being able to meet the vet before hand, but when I arrived a staff member greeted me, noted what my vet had recommended (there is a section for this on the info sheet), was very helpful and I left feeling completely reassured. Everything went great and the staff was also very helpful at discharge making sure I understood the post-op instructions. I would definitely recommend and go back. Thanks, Helping Hands! You are providing such a great service to pets in need!

  467. Ed Gish 2018/04

    Professional yet casual staff. A needed cost efficient service with a social mission.

  468. Alexandra Rynkiewicz 2018/04

    The staff were very helpful and my dog’s dental work was done very well. They followed up with me to check and make sure that he was doing well after. They had lots of ideas for what to do in Richmond since I am not from the area, and had a great waiting room with Wi-Fi and TV and magazines! Great place to get procedures done, and affordable too.

  469. Robert Hattan 2018/04

    This place is amazing. My dog Hazel split her tooth and local vets were going to charge $1200-2000 which I couldn’t afford. I drove two hours and it was well worth the drive for $260. I had a gentlemen in line needing all his cat’s teeth pulled and local vet was going to charge him $5k. He was considering putting the cat down but found this place and can afford $260 total for all the work. I am highly impressed by the friendly and professional staff. Overall, I highly recommend this place if you can wait to get an appointment.

  470. Timothy Becker 2018/04

    Dog had serious surgery ,( toe amputated). Staff was well trained and explained everything in advance. Very affordable especially considering we were unsure of the final outcome. ( possible cancer in toe).

  471. Andrea Hiett 2018/04

    Nice clean facility. Wonderful friendly caring staff!

  472. Pamela Soffos -DHS- Saint Marys County 2018/04

    Our experience at Helping Hands was very pleasant. Our pup needed a CCL repair and is a little over a week out from surgery and doing fantastic. The staff was very pleasant, helpful & efficient. We have already referred a friend & we will be back to repair the other ruptured CCL on the other leg in the near future. Thank you Helping Hands!

  473. Gwen Bazzrea 2018/03

    Tanner Dang-it Bazzrea is at home, slightly drunk, and seemingly wondering how he went to sleep and grew a giant clear cone out of his neck. His 10 year old master was so happy to see him after his surgery. Thank you all so much, especially Dr Jackie, for all of the TLC!

  474. nadia barua 2018/03

    They were amazing with my dog. Chocolate is now recovering super fast. Thank you guys so much!

  475. Jesse Vaughan 2018/03

    Great experience. Our dog tore his cruciate ligament. He’s a bigger dog and our vet quoted us $4000 for surgery. Got the lateral suture for $1000 or so.. 4 months out and dog is great. Just like new. Granted. It requires more crate time and recovery but totally worth it in my opinion .. your mileage may vary.

  476. Kevin Blamy 2018/03

    Cheap and affordable. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.

  477. Leo Tato 2018/03

    Competent, efficient and caring staff providing an important health care service to pet owners

  478. Cris Caruso 2018/03

    Affordable dental cleanings and surgery in a clean and caring environment. I trust my pups with these guys for anything we might need.

  479. Michael Ward 2018/02

    This was an excellent option for our dogs MPL surgery. Cost was 25% of our Manassas, VA Surgical center.

  480. gwendolyn meade 2018/02

    they stink and don’t care about your pet’s

  481. Paul Schoenmann 2018/02

    Awesome place and staff. Great prices and had a awesome experience with having our dogs teeth cleaned and surgery.

  482. Connor Attix 2018/02

    Helped remove the cancer in our dogs leg and give him a second chance at life at an amazing cost.

    Some of the friendliest people I’ve seen at a vet help guide you through the process quickly, and we had our sweet boy back in a few hours, loopy but healthy.

    Would recommend to anyone and everyone in need.

  483. Peter Parker 2018/02

    Omg, what can I say about this place and the people that work there….. They are all angels sent from heaven. My dog was, Diagnosed with entropion. I was recommended to have surgery done on both his bottom lid at the cost of $2500. At the time this was out our budget, but with Helping Hands, we paid only $380. They even help me find a hotel to stay in at a reduced price. I bought my 5yr daughter with me, and the staff helped me find fun things to do with her while we waited for our dog to come out of surgery. Everything went smoothly my dog is happy and doing well they call to check up on us. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that I found Helping Hands

  484. Gretchen Sutphin 2018/02

    Very nice and took time to explain care and follow-up

  485. Caswanna Meade 2018/02

    Outraged at the service my mom and my longtime family pet was given due to lack of communication from this facility. I would not recommend anyone take their pets here unless you’re into disrespect and severe disappointment.

  486. Amy Bound 2018/02

    This is a wonderful place to bring your pet for teeth cleening, surgery and etc. I highly recommend this place to any animal lover. Lost surgery and great staff. I will be returning.

  487. The KalelFan 2018/02

    Helping Hands is a nice facility that we will not use. The doctor was kind when we could not get the service done due to our dog’s elevated level, however, the front office staff needs training in how to communicate appropriately with humans, possibly some diversity training as well. First, the extreme vocal fry in their voices is almost condescending. Every person speaks at a tone that you would use with a 3 year old or no one at all. Second, the office staff should keep comments about my dog or any other that is not professional to themselves. Calling my baby girl a little old lady because her muzzle is a little white was rude (she is sable and 11 years). At the time our other dog, 13 years of age, was about to pass away, so you never know what a person is going through. Third, procedures for using Care Credit should be visible, by the sign with the cool treats for dogs in RVA (on hot pink paper no less), so that everyone knows what is expected. I think communication training would benefit the front office staff a great deal. UPDATE: No response from owners from over a month ago.

  488. Jason Yu 2018/01

    My adopted JRT needed MPL surgery and we searched online for a place to get it. My vet in Jersey was quoting $2500 per leg, and we were looking for a cheaper price regardless of where. We found this place in Virginia and the 8-10 hours of driving was definitely worth it! We dropped off our dog at 700am and picked her up at 2pm when they called us. We went around town for brunch and hung out at a local science museum! They even have an area with complimentary drinks, WiFi and other activities for you to do to kill time. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly and as far as I know, they treated our dog very well. They do not hold dogs over night and you HAVE to take your pet back before 4pm or you’ll incur fees. The prices are cheap because they don’t do overnight pet stays and what not which is fine. Overall, this place was great and when we get our dog’s next leg for MPL surgery done, we’ll highly consider this place again! 11/10 recommend this place!


  489. JanJan Lumpkin 2018/01

    Awesome, wonderful people who truly care about your babies and how you feel too! Affordable, and caring way to take care of our Babies!

  490. Tito Soto 2018/01


  491. Bonnie Leach 2018/01

    We have taken our pets for dental care. Very pleased!

  492. Anabelle Colon 2018/01

    Great people, great service. Thank you sooo much for doing my dogs entropion surgery she looks SO MUCH better! I couldn’t be happier with the results
    Her normal vet charged 2k they did it for only $365!

  493. Stephanie Morris 2018/01

    My little Amber wasn’t able to have her Dental Care. In her pre-op bloodwork, her kidneys were not doing so well and Helping Hands advised me that Amber needs to see her own Vet. Ultimately, Amber ended up being euthanized on 2-26-18, due to the illness Helping Hands found.

  494. Mela Asefa 2018/01

    What can I say….. I am so appreciative to find a place who has a genuine love for animals. People travel far and near because of the low cost care and passion that is given once you have decided to bring your pet for any kind of medical reason. I highly recommend Helping Hands, love you all so much and keep up the great work ! Bora (my English bulldog, 2 yrs old) says THANK YOU AS WELL ! She is now the bounce back QUEEN !! Exactly 24 hours after surgery, she was back to her loving self ! Many thanks HH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  495. Kathy Gammon 2018/01

    Great job with dental cleaning

  496. Robyn Backus 2018/01

    When my dog was suffering from Pyometra and we were debating putting her down, we were told about Helping Hands, and from my first phone call to them, the receptionists were extremely helpful when I asked questions about to schedule surgery there. We made an appointment with a vet and had the notes with the diagnosis and recommendation for surgery sent over on a wednesday close to closing, and they called right away on Thursday morning to bring us in for Lilys surgery. The website clearly states that to keep costs low, there is no interaction between vets and owners, so we knew that going in and the experience was exactly as expected. The surgery couldn’t have gone better and lily is doing very well! I would recommend this place to everyone who needs low cost surgery and emergency surgery for their furry family members.

  497. MG MG 2018/01

    The staff here is amazing. They took very good care of my dog Lance, (who has a heart murmur) who needed mouth surgery and neutering. I was nervous about it but HH helped to ease my nerves. Oh, and Chilli is awesome. Thank you Helping Hands.

  498. Mary Almond 2018/01

    My dog needed cherry eye surgery. My vet in Northern Virginia quoted me a number between 2 and 4 thousand to get the surgery done which was out of our budget but my dog needed help. After some frantic online searches I found Helping Hands and I couldn’t say enough about their service. They got Flame in two days later and his eye looks even better then the one that didn’t have the cherry eye and it was only $255 plus $60 for labs. I would recommend them highly and will use them for any surgeries we need in the future.

  499. Cathie Walker 2018/01

    The absolute best surgical animal hospital around. Excellent staff and surgeons. The care they give to our pets is top notch.

  500. Carla Walker 2018/01

    Top notch service. Professional, caring staff. Clean, comfortable facility with lovely waiting lounge. Highly recommend Helping Hands


  501. Charlie Norris 2018/01

    Great care for pets

  502. Lorraine Bott 2018/01

    I was a little taken back by the cheap prices and the amount of people waiting to drop off their pets. However, they were very organized and very friendly. The entire process was smooth and easy. I knew going in both dogs needed a molar removed. One ended up with 3 taken out. Both were given pain meds and antibiotics which was included in the price. I was given care instructions for at home. They gave me a follow up call the next day to see how they were. I was very impressed with the entire process. I asked around, friends from Facebook that had personal experience with helping hands and used reviews like this to make my decision and decided the almost two thousand dollar savings was worth the trip to Richmond. Now my dogs have better breath and a shiny smile!

  503. Andrea Kibler 2018/01

    Jagger was helped by these wonderful people. They made me feel welcomed immediately and comforted our family. We watched a video and they counseled us with Jagger’s transition. Great people!


  504. Laura Kimball 2017/12

    Took my dog here for a dental. In addition to saving me a ton of money compared to getting his dental at his regular vet, I was incredibly impressed with the facility and the staff.

    I felt safe leaving my pup in their hands and was notified promptly when he was finished with his procedure. I also received detailed notes about which teeth were extracted and why.

    Seriously, just awesome, especially for the price.

    Edit: I am indeed Eddie the Frenchie’s mom! Here is his smile (minus a few bad teeth).


  505. jerica greene 2017/11

    They did a great job with my emmy’s dental deffentley worth the drive to Richmond and the staff is so friendly and happy

  506. Tracy Quinn 2017/11

    Pricing is amazing

  507. Michael Norton 2017/11

    Outstanding care! Highly recommend a visit to Helping Hands if your pet is in need of surgery or dental care. We drove down from the D.C. area to have a tooth extracted and get our 10 year old puppy fixed as the quotes in our area exceeded $1200. Doors opened promptly at 0730 and our pup was admitted minutes later. We left the facility close to 1630 with medicine needed for continued care. Our puppy is still recovering but is back to her normal self. Thank to Helping Hands for the quality care of our family member!

  508. Heather Crognale 2017/11

    We brought in our cat for a hind leg amputation. I was extremely nervous about it, given that I can’t speak to the surgeon before the procedure, and spent the day virtually staring at my phone for updates, or the dreaded “he’s in trouble” phone call. But it turned out great! He’s 10 days post-op and doing tremendously well. I have a friend who’s a former vet tech and she was wowed by the sutures, how clean they were.

    I will say, however, that the drop-off/pick-up procedures are crazy. I was standing in line in the parking lot with my cat in a carrier surrounded by dogs waiting to check in. Not a comfy place for kitty to be, but if you miss that time frame they give you, tough beans. Then you shuffle up the hall to the door where one of the techs asks for the pet’s name and directs you to a door or a cubby to fill out paperwork. Then you stand around waiting to be called to an exam room where you sign a bunch more papers, confirm the procedure the pet is in for, and are given a slip to hand to the cashier. That’s right, you pre-pay.

    At pick-up, my husband was there, not me, so I don’t have all the details of how it worked, but because they say they charge an extra $75 for every 15 minutes past the deadline that you don’t pick up your pet, my husband was there an hour early. At 5 mins to 4, he was told our cat wasn’t awake yet, but he wouldn’t be charged extra. It was almost an hour later that someone gave him an update that our cat had actually been awake for an hour and was ready to go. That’s great and all, but keeping us waiting for an hour to find out he was even awake was a bit much. So that part was disappointing. Anesthesia makes me nervous anyway, so knowing he’s awake is a huge relief. I wish that communication had been smoother.

    They do provide take-home meds, but we ended up having to get extra from our regular vet because kitty doesn’t do pills.

    But, like I said, kitty is doing extremely well, no sign of infection, little bruising, and the sutures were expertly done. I will definitely come back for dentals and any other major surgeries we need.

  509. Alix Jansen 2017/11

    Our sweet miniature dachshund needed umbilical hernia repair & we were quoted around $800 for the surgery from our regular veterinary. Our vet recommended helping hands as a more cost efficient surgery facility.

    It was a 2 hour drive as we live 30 minutes outside of winchester; but we decided that at almost 1/3 less of the cost, the drive down there would be worth it.
    When I called to make an appointment, all my questions were answered, and I had an appointment made before the end of the call. Friendly, informative & easy.

    I had to leave fairly early in the morning the day of surgery, but got there with 15 minutes to spare before they would open for surgery drop off. They opened right on time.
    When I walked in, several friendly faces were there to greet & direct everyone, making “check – in” fast and easy. They directed me to one of the rooms, where someone would go over paperwork, and intake my dog. After saying bye to my dog, and paying my balance, I was greeted by one of their employees, near the waiting room. He asked if I was out of town, gave me a map and ideas on things to visit in downtown Richmond. He offered snacks and beverages, and was so kind! The waiting room is awesome, they have comfy couches, tv’s video games. Lots of cool things to do! I went around town for several hours and grabbed lunch, and was back to pick up my furbaby by 4.

    She is 3 weeks out of surgery and is doing so well. I highly recommend this amazing facility for those who are looking for cost efficient alternatives for their furbabies.

    Thank you Helping Hands for your amazing work!

  510. Tammy Tull 2017/11

    I traveled from Ohio because my dog needed ACL surgery. The cost in Ohio for this surgery was $4,000 At Helping Hands, it was $1,000. The drive was 7 hours but we did fine and my dog slept the entire trip thanks to sedatives. I had no other option than to engage Helping Hands due to costs. Sure, the recovery afterward has been a challenge, but this is something that they tell you in advance, so it was anticipated. Also, they advise in advance that treatment is immediately transitioned over to you, the owner and your regular vet. They also equip you with information that tells you exactly what to do for proper care. I followed what they told me to do, and now my 9 year old dog is 6 weeks post-op and healing beautifully. Helping Hands- thank you, thank you, thank you. With tears in my eyes, thank you. I can’t wait to walk her in the spring.

  511. Amy Currier 2017/11

    Super friendly, very accommodating for out-of-town-ers. My dog seems very happy even with his e-collar on. They gave me lots of information about Richmond which was very useful as I don’t know anything about Richmond. I will definitely go back there again for my animal’s surgery needs. They are also quite affordable.

  512. Briana Harvey 2017/11

    The co-founder Lori Pasternak has made many major mistakes with surgeries in the past. She was only fined $1000 in August 2016 by the Veterinary Board for 1) June 2012 – amputated the wrong leg of a cat because she did not look at the xray first; 2) April 1, 2014, administered anesthesia even though the presurgery blood test showed significant abnormal kidney function; 3) April 8, 2014, did the same thing that she did on April 1, 2014; 4) July 2014 failed to close a wound properly after amputating a cat’s leg. And Dr. Pasternak has been in business only 5 years. There are vets that have been in business for thirty years without being fined even one time. It is very scary that she had four major mistakes in less than two years. Dr. Pasternak did not dispute these accusations. Employees wear matching uniforms so it looks like a professional place. And Jake Pasternak (Lori Pasternak’s husband) greets you upon arrival. He is very hospitable. And they have a nice waiting room, coffee, and TV’s. But I can see that they are fast paced. The one girl at the counter who takes your money talks really fast. But she says the same thing to everybody. So by the time she spoke to me I had already heard her say it about 3 times. These vets are stressed to go fast as they can. They actually have painted on the wall rude instructions to the pet owner to behave or “there’s the door”. The instructions are cute. They say, “act like the person your pet thinks you are.” So you laugh until you read, “And if you can’t, there’s the door”. I don’t think I will be back. There are other vets at about the same price. The only difference with this place is that they advertise and provide more pricing information on their website than most vets. So they are easy to find. But if you search and search the internet, you will find other vets that give you just as much information online at about the same price. It may take an hour to find them on the 10th page of an internet search. I give 1 star for my personal experience which I had before I knew of Dr. Pasternak’s four major mistakes. There were errors made in the service I received but I don’t want to give the details. But I could tell in the short time that I was there that each customer is more like a possible “risk to their license” and not someone in need of their services. The perform about 20 dental cleanings per day and 8-10 surgeries per day (as was reported in a newspaper article from Dec 2015) and they only have 4 vets. So that means that if all vets are working, each vet is performing about 8 surgeries/dental cleanings in 5 1/2 hours if they don’t break for lunch. What is the benefit to going as fast and as careless as you can unless your motivation is only money. Also this business advertises heavily on Google. Google buries bad reviews of its advertisers. You can filter Google reviews to show you the worst reviews first.
    UPDATE – The owner’s response admits that they schedule animals for surgery without first getting all the xrays needed and then blames the client for being “frustrated” on the crazy assumption that the client only wants to get “in and out” fast. And notice that they know that their new “strict protocols” “frustrate” the client. After reading Moses Blas review, I now realize the reason why the owner claims clients are frustrated is because they are a restricted vet and not a full service vet. So the problem with frustrating their clients is not because of “strict protocols” but is because they can’t do what full service vet can do which forces them to send clients away to full service vet for anything including a simple xray. It is not a matter of “dotting their I’s”. It is only because they are not a full service vet. The owner claims that my review contains “serious untruths and misrepresentations” but doesn’t tell us exactly what is an untruth or misrepresentation. Anyone can ask for public records about Dr. Pasternak. I have posted images of the complaint against Dr. Pasternak by the Veterinary Board but Google will probably block them.


  513. Bernice D 2017/11

    My fur babies we in need of having their teeth cleaned and the staff were the best at assuring me they were going to be just fine

  514. Jessica Hashbarger 2017/11

    Excellent customer service. Great quality care for affordable prices. Beautiful facility.

  515. Allie Loyd 2017/11

    Great place! My senior dog (with a heart murmur) got a dental/neuter procedure done here. I was very nervous about it but they did a wonderful job and he’s doing great! Thank you so much helping hands!😊 …

  516. Danielle Wade 2017/10

    Rachel Davison, thank you for the information that you posted!! I see you did not receive a response. That’s interesting, bc even the other negative reviews did. I was considering them for my elderly dog with major dental issues, and had heard they came highly recommended and were affordable. I must admit your review, even amongst other great ones, has given me pause due to the magnitude of your experience with them!!!! I also read Briana Harvey’s review below, which you should read if you have not already! I was very excited about the prospect of finding help for my wonderful dog, who I love like my child, and getting her back into good health and feeling better, at a facility in which I could afford to do so(which is a great feat with my limited income and situation)!!!! I will definitely need to reflect on all of this information before jumping to place the care of my precious dog in their hands! 😟

  517. S. D. Lock 2017/10

    Not only are the prices far below what traditional vets charge, Dr. Pasternak’s surgical skill is also extraordinary! My dog got his knee repaired by my regular vet, and it took him 6 months to make a full recovery, including laser therapy, hydrotherapy, knee brace, etc. When Dr. Pasternak operated on his knee two years later, it took only three month for a full recovery… without any special therapy sessions other than resting. Amazing! Unlike other veterinary clinics, Helping Hands is always run quickly and smoothly, without the bureaucracies and headaches that plague non-profit clinics. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AT ITS BEST; kudos to the “Jackie-of-all-Trades” who runs the show behind the scenes. Helping Hands is what all veterinary clinics should emulate!

  518. Emily Estep 2017/10

    Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary has been amazing! My dog has had multiple vet appointments and emergency vet visits this past month. Nobody wanted to perform the tail amputation surgery that he needed, but they kept recommending I get it done for my dog. I was almost out of hope until I contacted Helping Hands. They were quick to take my dog into their care. After over a month of my dog being in a ton of pain/unable to sleep and absolutely miserable my only regret is I did not contact them sooner. Just 2 days after surgery he is eating and drinking and acting much happier. I do not review places often, but this place was too exceptional not to. They even called and checked on my dog the day after surgery! I cannot thank the doctors and staff enough!

  519. Amanda Zigmond 2017/10

    I drove here from D.C. because my vet said t would be $1600 to have my dog’s teeth cleaned plus necessary tooth extractions. That quote was a “starting price” and could be higher based on “what they saw.” Helping Hands charges a flat $225 for teeth cleaning and extractions. I was very impressed by their professionalism, cleanliness, and efficiency when I came in for drop off and pick up. My dog is older and had some problems, but the vet called me through out the day to update me on the issues. I would highly recommend this affordable option to anyone on the D.C. area.

  520. Andie Ma 2017/09

    All the vets in our state and surrounding were $3000-$5000 for the perineal urethrostomy surgery our cat needed to survive.  He’d had 3 blockages in a 2 week period and we’d spent over $3500 out of pocket in that period, so we had no way to finance his surgery.  No one would do a payment plan (utterly immoral), so we found this surgical center in our last-hope moment. Our experience with the center was oustanding.  It was clean, the staff were exceptionally friendly, helpful, gave us clear and thorough instructions for aftercare, and could tell that they absolutely cared about every animal that came in. Even though was a 4 1/2 hr drive for us, we intend to bring our pets to Helping Hands for every surgical procedure from now on.

  521. Tracey Kidd 2017/09

    Organized and great staff…affordable!

  522. Roseanna Dinterman 2017/09

    A dog I helped get placed in a loving home had some issues and he went here for oral surgery, when the pup was still coming off of the meds this business placed the little pug in a cage 4 ft high and didnt latch it shut. Due to their fault he fell on his head and had a seizure and had to be taken to er emergency for over night. Hopefully he pulls through! I wouldnt use them as they are NEGLECTFUL and I am telling my friend to sue for neglect! So is this why its “affordable” because its half ass care?? Im beyond pissed, I hope she sues!

  523. Dave Krug 2017/09

    Expectation were GREATLY EXCEEDED!! 5+ stars. I’m glad to see a place like this creating positive vibes and an incredible value overall!! The employees seem to enjoy their jobs and have good attitudes — great customer service. We came from Washington DC and will be back for sure when we need something. Thanks again Helping Hands!!

  524. shari rood 2017/09

    I just want to give a shout out to these amazing people who took such good care of my mini schnauzer Bodie. He has never received such amazing care. He needed to have 20 teeth extracted and two tumors removed. They did an amazing job at an affordable price. They sent him home with meds and followed up several times. I am so impressed with what they offer and the quality of the care and the kindness of the vets. I can’t recommend them enough. Bodie is totally healed and healthy again thanks to them.

  525. Deborah Cartwright 2017/09

    Well technically we didn’t even get a chance to come in there door. You see I called to set up and appt for my poor Samantha who has a torn acl and because she has arthritis the rejected her surgery. Than massaged me say it was because of her wait regardless they never even gave Samantha a chance and now because of that she had to wait. What kind of people advertise we can help low cost then come up with very excuse in the book. Very upset and will be getting to the bottom of this.

  526. Jen Allison 2017/09

    I am a little late posting a review. I was there with my cassie in 2015. But for some reason I was thinking about it and realized that I never wrote a review 🙂 When my sweet 11lb girl shattered her ACL I was devastated. I had no idea where I was going to the get the money to pay for her surgery , which was over $1400. Her regular vet told me that she was in a lot of pain and if I wanted her quality of life to be good again then she had to have this surgery. I heard from a friend about Helping Hands and decided to call. Within a week of me calling, she was already scheduled for her surgery. All I had to do was fax them her notes and xrays. The process was extremely easy. The morning of her surgery we arrived very early and dropped her off at the clinic, they took my number and said she would be ready before 5. We picked her up, she did great! It took about 6 months for her to gain all her strength and mobility back in that leg, but now she is wonderful and back to her old self. I would recommend Helping Hands to anyone who is looking for affordable, professional vet care.

  527. Mandy Martin 2017/08

    My cat needed a tail amputation stat. I was given 2 different rates, $100 and the $325. I was told my cats surgery could be done next day, then once they got the paperwork from my vet as requested, I was told they didn’t have the staff. They call me later that day (a Friday) and said if I could come then they could do it. I was headed to work and couldn’t leave. It broke me in pieces not knowing where to turn, esp on a weekend. I was then told 5 days later my cat could have his surgery BUT I would need updated blood work. I couldn’t even trust what they said at this point.
    Very unorganized, uncaring, and unprofessional. My cat is having his surgery in the morning elsewhere and I will never stoop so low as to deal with Un”helping hands” again.

  528. Michelle driscoll 2017/08

    If I could give this place a -0 rating, I would. There staff was awful and once my dog “died” there. On there table, they weren’t compassionate at all. They have not one sensitive bone in there bodies towards the animals in which they choose not to. Probably a breed thing. They over sedated my dog with the anesthetic they gave him to put him under. My dog did not go into “cardiac arrest” he was as you’d say…. Overdosed. I traveled 9 1/2 hours for them to take my dog from us. Knowing if we didn’t have the procedure done, we would have him put down peacefully at home. They were just money hungry. Again, there staff was awful and rude. Very inconsiderate. I have read so many bad reviews an heard so many bad things now. I just wish I heard before going there. My dog second chance at life, was taken from him. On behalf of what are actually careless human beings. They tried to put on a good show though. Point being, You all sucked.

  529. Julie Meisner 2017/08

    We traveled all the way from NYC to get to Helping Hands. It was a 6 hour drive and well worth it. “Turkey” is a 90lb. lab who needed his teeth cleaned and a lipoma removed. We went to Helping Hands because it was cheaper, but more so, they perform surgeries everyday on high risk dogs(larger and older 10 years +).

    The facility is located in an industrial area and has a clean, modern, vibe. We walked in at 7:30am – there were three dogs in front of us. The office is very organized and the staff seems efficient and thoughtful. The whole process of dropping him off took less than 20 minutes.

    We spent the morning hiking on Belle Island (what a treat).

    The Good: They called us mid surgery to give us an update and explained that they needed to pull 2 teeth. We felt confident that he was in competent hands even though we did not know anyone from Helping Hands previously. Turkey was ready for us by 3pm with sparkling clean teeth. We had complete discharge instructions and meds when we left. Totally efficient. They called us after the surgery yesterday and answered any questions we might have. Our dog is healing as expected. We are exceptionally grateful.

    What to Expect: Humans will probably not see a veterinarian. They perform and oversee surgery, but I did not directly talk to a vet. This is an innovative for-profit model without frills. This service is for people who fully trust Helping Hands. It fit our expectations.

    When we picked up Turkey, many of the dogs we had seen that morning were leaving too. Some trotted out the door like they had a spa day. Turkey had two surgeries and was still very wonky from the anesthesia and could barely walk. He had a few drops of blood coming out of his mouth, which we had prepared for by layering sheets in the car. It was challenging to see him like this. He cried in the car on the way home. Expect your pet may not be themselves when you pick them up. You will save up 75% , but you will have to be the aftercare or pay for it (they also provide a list of 24 hour aftercare providers).

    The next day he felt so much better.

    Thank you Helping Hands!


  530. Christie Bush 2017/07

    I’m a vet tech in NJ and only wish/pray a hospital exactly like Helpings Hands (HH) would open up near us. I would apply for a job in a heartbeat! This place is amazing in all aspects of the word!!!! Their underlying principles say it all…Making surgeries affordable so pets don’t need to be euthanized due to financial constraints. Some may think the care or abilities of staff are lacking since cost so affordable. I can promise you that is NOT the case!!!!! I experienced HH because of a client at my hospital in NJ could not afford to have a toe mass removed when it was small and simple.. The mass then evolved into a larger mass as time went on and financial situation got worse. They applied for help many times through charities to no avail, and the mass kept growing. Now because mass grew to the extent it was, the only option was to do a toe amputation and of course cost of surgery went up. I found out about HH through word of mouth. I contacted HH for this client on my own. Spoke with Jackie for a ½ hour ( I had tons of questions since I’m in the field). Contacted client. Lola’s surgery was done 2 weeks later ( approximately 1 ½ years later from when this began). Today is day after surgery. Lola already doing so much better on 3 toes then 4 with large mass. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART….. THANK YOU HELPING HANDS….YOU JUST IMPROVED THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR LOLA TO LIVE MANY MORE YEARS AND MADE HER FAMILY UNDENIABLY GRATEFUL OF YOUR LOVE AND DEDICATION!!!!!! WITHOUT YOU, LOLA MAY HAVE BEEN EUTHANIZED WELL BEFORE HER YEARS.

  531. CMS 2017/07

    Love this place, I would recommend this place to anyone! After our sweet Old English Bulldogge, Big Momma needed intimidate surgery due to a toy lodged in her small intestines, Helping Helps was more than accommodating. We called on a Tuesday afternoon after a standard vet check with VCA & from that point forward Helping Hands set everything up & the very next morning we took our two hour drive for the procedure. We knew right off the bat the cost & when checking out the amount due was the same original amount. The staff is very caring and very understanding, they expressed any concerns they have before and after the surgery. The actual place itself is very clean, very cozy, & with the the location of this building it has so many near by attractions. Post surgery they called to check on Big Momma to make sure she was healing fine & at one point in time I need some paperwork we misplaced & they emailed it to me within 15 minutes. How could we ever repay you!? Thank you Helping Helps for saving our gremlin face girl, if it wasn’t for this staff who knows where our girl would be today! On a side note: in the lounge there is a list on the wall for donations, is there anyway we could see that? We would love to donate to you!

  532. D Randall 2017/07

    Great visit, a minor error corrected but all around good visit

  533. Jonathan Nazigian 2017/06

    This organization is a godsend! We adopted our little “girl”, Duchess, a beautiful chocolate lab, last year at age 7. She had come to us with some serious dental needs, and it broke our heart, because there was no way we could afford the prices quoted to us from several different vets. My wife learned of Helping Hands, and we set up an appointment. The pre-op information was clear. The facility is immaculate. The staff was welcoming and (for us nervous parents) reassuring. Everything was explained clearly up front, including the full pricing, and the processing went quickly. They took such excellent care of our “Grandma Duchess”. Following her procedure, the post-op instructions were clear and they answered all of our questions. We left with all the medication she would need, and they gave us a follow-up phone call early the next day. Duchess’ teeth are beautiful now, and she is so happy–as are we! All of this for $260–a tiny fraction of what every other facility would have charged. We are thanking God for Helping Hands!


  534. Alysha Townsend 2017/06

    My Knight, my doggy baby, ate a huge piece of rubber and had refused food for over a week before I was recommended to this awesome place. I was able to get a same day appointment. While inside, they discovered a mass on his spleen. They removed it. They truly took care of my boy! My daughters are ecstatic to have him back home as am I. Thank you so much to all of you for EVERYTHING!

  535. Angelina Callahan 2017/06

    They saved the life of our 5yr old Rottweiler who is very dear to us. If it was not for Helping Hands she would not be here with us today. We owe a great debt of gratitude, thank you for being there!


  536. Vilma Herrera 2017/06

    I am thankful and pleased for the wonderful treatment that my dog received. He had dental cleaning and had 26 teeth removed. They sent him home with medicine and is recovering really well. I would highly recommend this place. Well organized, clean, and every one very friendly and kind. They even provide useful infiormatiion of things to do while you wait for your pet. Can’t thank you enough🙏!

  537. adam s 2017/06

    Friendly, helpful, efficient, thorough, superb all around

  538. Jennifer Brown 2017/05

    Thanks you Help hand my Ryu

  539. Allison Fortin 2017/05

    We brought our second German shepherd here to get a preventative stomach tack so she won’t get bloat and her teeth cleaned and again, was absolutely wonderful. Staff was great, very friendly. You could eat off the floor it was so clean. We were scared to leave her because she is not friendly with people, but they did a fantastic job handling her. She had a broken jaw before we got her as a pup therefore, her jaw is broken…but they cleaned her teeth and they look so beautiful. I highly recommend this place to everyone!!! The only downfall is my Sasha hates the e collar!! She is terrified of it.


  540. Sheri Uhlmann 2017/04

    Everyone there is so nice and very efficient!

  541. Phyllis Rowe 2017/04

    Excellent service and affordable, the work they did would cost between 500-1000 dollars. They did it for way less. I’m glad o found them.

  542. Rory Mackin 2017/04

    My pet had surgery for a fraction of the cost of other pet hospitals. No complications or problems.

  543. Steven Tillery 2017/04

    They made it affordable for my dog to get a much needed surgery, and helped me get there and within a few short hours he was home and eating like his old self. I would recommend them to anyone .

  544. Nashea Simms 2017/03

    Didn’t want to give one star!!!!!!!! Rude, nasty, very insensitive to the situation. Told me one price then went up on the price for my pup surgury. Told me to remember it’s life or death so either gt they money or good luck. First they said $1130 then when I called bk they went up to $1345 if I want the surgury the same day tht didn’t include pain meds or observation to mk sure he was ok….. or either I cn wait until Monday then they will do it for $800. Mind u they already knew the pup wldnt make it over the weekend. To let them know god is so good. I found a wonderful place on three chopt tht was cheaper, nicer& pain meds, overnight overvation & everything he needed was included for under $1000. So what yal were doing to be nasty somebody else had a heart & it got done

  545. Phil Nappi 2017/03

    My little shishon tore her acl on left rear leg a full blown repair in my area goes for 6-8000 dollars. Her leg was just dangling and we were starting to think the worse. Then we found helping hands on the Internet. We decided to give a call and they said they could do a certain type of repair that may work for just under 1000.00. That was in August and now in December she is running and jumping and back to being her old self it was so worth it they are so great.
    Do not hesitate to use their services they were professional and caring both to our dog and ourselves thank you helping hands!

  546. Talisa Schuyler 2017/03

    We found Helping Hands while price comparing for cherry eye removal. They were so reasonably priced we were able to get both cherry eyes removed for our bulldog at the same time along with dental work. It turned out there was more going on with our baby than expected and they did everything they could to help her and make her more comfortable. We are a week and a half after surgery and she is as beautiful as ever and everything is healing wonderfully. Their follow-up was wonderful too making me not feel like a crazy dog mom. I had one teeny tiny complaint though nothing with the doctors but rather when you have people coming in to greet and go over everything in the rooms having someone who is more capable with answering questions might help. The lady I had though good and all was just a little dry and couldn’t answer my questions… Just a little unnerving but everyone else made me feel very comfortable and answered my questions. Thank you so much for everything and helping my baby girl.

  547. Anne Marie Horvath 2017/03

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to all at Helping Hands for the excellent care given to my dog, Charlie during his dental surgery. I found all of the Helping Hands staff to be extremely professional and compassionate and, in general, the clinic is run like a well oiled machine. A rating of five stars is not sufficient ************************************************** !

  548. Rusty Wilson 2017/03

    Outstanding service and employees. Worth every cent. Thank you


  549. Teri Medley 2017/03

    My 13 year old Dachshund, Peanut, was having teeth issues. I got my boy as a rescue from an abusive situation. I knew he had teeth problems, but I had no idea how severe. I took him to HH on August 1st, 2017. When he was finished with his surgery, the vet tech said, “Peanut has had quite a day”. She proceeded to tell me he had 30 extractions!!! One week later, he is a different pup! Happy, energetic.. loving life! I can not begin to express my gratitude and appreciation to Helping Hands. A surgery which would have cost me between $5000-$6000, cost me $260.00!!! The staff was compassionate, friendly and well organized. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to this incredible organization. They make it possible to keep your four-legged family members in optimum health… for a fraction of the cost. Helping Hands has improved my little guy’s life tremendously.
    I will be forever grateful for their service.

  550. J C 2017/02

    I’ve made an appointment two months ago and I finally went to Helping Hands yesterday. I wanted to CLEAN my dogs’ TEETH at my vet in Virginia Beach but they told me the price will be over $500 per dog and don’t know how much will adds up at the end. That’s why I’ve had to search another place. Even though I wanted to clean my boys teeth asap I didn’t want to spend over $1000 for it so I called here and made an appointment. (They have a long waiting list..if you’re thinking to go here? You need to call asap!)
    I loved their concept that they don’t over charge and seemed THE BEST around this area as well!

    Visiting Helping Hands was fantastic. I needed to drop my dogs off at 07:30am. (Drove over an hour) Everything was done by 01:00pm for two dogs and I paid $480 for two dogs!!! (with military discount) I think that’s really GREAT! (They also take Care Credit!)

    They had a CAFE for the clients who need a place to rest while waiting. It has couches, coffee, water bottles, TV, and tables…etc
    Very thoughtful. I enjoyed being there.

    The only reason why I’m giving them four stars is..few employees didn’t seem professional at their job at the registers and who were welcoming us to check in when we arrived. I wouldn’t say they were rude but their attitude weren’t matching with the image of Helping Hands. I was just disappointed by few of them because I expected something better than that. (Just a heads up to you, Helping Hands. Something to make it better)

    Overall I would recommend Helping Hands to everyone who need to bring there dogs to get their teeth cleaned! My dogs are doing good and their TEETH looks great! So clean! Thank you, Helping Hands!:)


  551. LISA BRILEY 2017/02

    I was skeptical. You know if it sounds too good……Well this place is fantastic! We all love our fur babies and want the best..THIS IS THE PLACE! The staff was wonderful, kind and compassionate. It was absolutely spotless right down to the baseboards (I looked). No “funny” smells or anything. No, you do not see the doctors, but their clinical staff have all the information you need. Our chihuahua was not traumatized and the quality of care she received was unsurpassed.
    I have nothing negative at all to say and would recommend them highly. You can tell they love these critters and love what they do.
    I thank all of them!

  552. Daniel Lassiter 2017/02

    Our vet wanted to charge us more than 2X what Helping Hands did to do and ACL repair on our dog. Not only was Helping Hands WAY cheaper but we also didn’t sacrifice anything for it as their service and care was top notch! Highly recommend for anyone who needs a surgical procedure preformed for their pet!

  553. Anya S 2017/01

    Super friendly and knowledgeable, attentive. Beam came in for his teeth cleaning- they did great job; it cost $225 with blood work- as advertised (do not opt out of blood work- it’s very important before pet goes under during precedure). Doctor called before going ahead with the work to discuss blood work results. They gave me another call to let me know Beam is ready for pickup. Thank you very much!! Beam and Anya

  554. Theresa Snyder 2017/01

    I am sad to say I called to see if they offer surgery for an everted third eyelid and was told they do not. Then I sent email wondering if they could recommend an affordable facility that might as I can’t afford the over 2000 dollar estimate and received no response in almost 2 weeks.

  555. Robin Eisenhardt 2016/11

    I was in desperate need to find an affordable hospital to have my dogs dental done. I was getting crazy, outrageous quotes locally and I was worried that I would not be able to afford to get the dental done. I remembered seeing Helping Hands on a news program and looked into them. They were absolutely wonderful!!!! I have since recommended them to others that have used them as well. So worth the drive!

  556. Jeff Cole 2016/11

    Dropped our dog off at 730 AM, friendly staff, got a call Mc was ready picked him up after talking to a nice tec named Jessica. She explained everthing we should expect. He was a little groggy that night, but ok in AM. They even called to check on him the next day. Highly recommended!

  557. Scott Steward 2016/11

    The Dental facility in Baltimore wanted $2550 to clean my doxy’s teeth and do some extractions. I decided not to sell a kidney and make the trip to Helping Hands in Richmond. Worth the trip! $225 total and that includes blood work, a thorough cleaning, all necessary extractions and post procedural pain meds and antibiotics. We no longer have to put off our pet’s dental health because of the cost! What a godsend. Tnx Helping Hands for all you do!

  558. Silvia Barnes 2016/11

    I was very disappointed. My dog’s teeth were not cleaned AT ALL. They removed a bunch of her teeth and I’m not so sure she needed to have that many removed. But, the biggest thing is they claim that they will clean the teeth and then see which ones need to be removed. How did they do that if they didn’t clean them. My dog has yellow teeth and you can see the tartar build-up. She just had it done less than 2 weeks ago.

  559. Eighty3 Lioness 2016/11

    My cat, Kee-Koo, had extremely bad/later stage periodontal disease. My regular vet would have cost me $800 for cleaning and extractions, and that was just an estimate from what they could see. I happened upon Helping Hands because my best friend works next door to the facility and told me to call them. From the first call to schedule to the follow-up call I received, I couldn’t be happier. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I had seen the price for the dental cleaning plus all extractions online but couldn’t believe the price. I know I asked at least 5 times if the price was correct. Once we arrived we were given the utmost courtesy and the procedure was thoroughly explained again. The facility itself is beautiful; clean, color-coordinated, and spacious. Upon picking Kee-Koo up we were given discharge instructions, medications and I was told what teeth were pulled. Sarah-Jane was extremely helpful. Again, any questions I had, like the best way to give him his meds, were answered. A few days later I received a call from Helping Hands to check up on him. From start to finish I couldn’t be more content. Kee-Koo is now a happier, healthier, once again crazy cat. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done. I recommend them for any surgical procedure you need.

  560. Laurie Knight 2016/11

    My dog was referred to them. When I first called I was greeted by a ill mannered individual named Susan and she put a bad taste in my mouth. I of course decided to look elsewhere.
    After talking to most of the surgeons around the area and researching information and videos education. We were told that our dog needed a TLPO or a banding procedure to fix a torn CTL. We really did our homework and after seeing their female Dr. Youtube video we were sure that this proceedure would do fine for our dog. So my husband wanted me to give them another try. I called again and spoke to a different receptionist this time. She was kind and very helpful, not condescending
    and rude like my like encounter with Susan.
    So I had all records and information sent over to Helping Hands.
    BTW – not to mention both procedures were very expensive and we needed to come up with the money asap.
    Helping Hands procedure was the cheaper procedure but we were prepare for the TPLO more invasive surgery if needed.
    I was given a call by Helping hands to see where we stand and how to move forward.
    She called even spoke to me after hours.
    She was very nice. I told her since it was after hours I would call back Friday.
    I called back am on Friday, May 13, 2016.
    I spoke to a different person at the front desk and I explained we were ready to schedule the consultation and surgery. She said hold on and came back and told me that the doctor showed no drawer motion (which is required )
    and our dog was not qualified for surgery. I explained she must not be looking correctly that we just had all that information sent and I was talking to someone the afternoon before and we were ready to go. So, she looked through some paperwork and came back and said she didn’t see any paperwork. Okay
    This sent off flags in my head…these people are not organized…??? So I called my vet and asked them again to send them what they need. The vet receptionist said I have already sent it. I said I know but they first said they had it now they don’t. So she said OK I will send it again.
    Then that afternoon I called back since I hadn’t heard anything and asked if they have the information. The receptionist put me on hold and another lady got on. I am not sure if it was Susan but it had the same condescending tone.
    She said that she showed the doctor the information and the dr.felt that we could be making a expensive mistake since our dog was over 100lbs and highly active. I asked her why the change of opinions? I explained she is not a highly active dog. She said excuse me you told me your dog jumped from top of deck stairs to bottom. I said yes that is how she injured herself. But, normally my dog stay beside me in the house all day . I have a very small house and she lays around with me because I am disabled. She would hear non of it. She stated the vet surgeon will not treat your dog.
    OK first of all I am 48 yrs old and have had many dogs in my life. Matter of fact 3 were Saint Bernard 200lbs.
    Labs and a Ridgeback. Now my Labs and Ridgeback are highly active and I could understand the concern there….
    But like I said my dog …did something unusual and injured herself. ..BUT SHE IS FAR FROM ACTIVE.. I have a heart condition and was not going to let this rude person argue with me and get me upset. However, I believe it was handled very poorly by this individual and she knows who she is! I also had heard horror stories about the front desk while I was making my choice but I wanted to give them the benefit of doubt. Before was disabled I was a Regional manager over medical facilities. .14 up and down the east coast.
    I do find it interesting that they are above a 4 in ratings on tjis review site. But, I feel that this needed to be brought up and seen by doctors. .. this is not the way to make a successful practice. You obviously have some work to addressed at your front desk . Customer service and quality assurance should be at the top of your list.
    No phone call needed.

    Mrs. Knight

    We have found another do surgical procedure.

  561. Jaime Dymond 2016/10

    I traveled from Virginia Beach to have my dog’s ligament reconstruction surgery. She is a 7 year old, very active, pit/boxer mix, who I routinely take jogging and hiking. I was intimidated by the cost of the surgery and length of recovery time when she first injured her leg, but after speaking with the staff at Helping Hands, and a strong recommendation from my local vet, I felt it was a possibility for us. I am so happy I decided to go through with it. It has been about 6 1/2 weeks, and she is really doing great. She is still on restricted activity outside of the home, but inside of the house I can see she is no longer limping, and is able to play like normal. It has been a struggle lately to hold her back actually, as she is OBVIOUSLY feeling much better. The surgery seems to be a success, but more than that, the staff was very patient and informative every time I called with questions or concerns. Which was more than a couple times. Thank you Helping Hands Docs and staff!!!

  562. Janice Schechter 2016/09

    The staff and vets are excellent and take excellent care of your animals. I will definitely be back with the rest of my dogs!

  563. Andrew Sands 2016/09

    Need your doggies teeth cleaned. It is the best in the N.E.

  564. Angie Allison 2016/08

    My husband and I brought two greyhounds in for dentals. We loved the staff; and the professional, friendly treatment we received. Our vet quoted us $640 for one dental, any extractions would be an additional cost. I am so glad I learned about Helping Hands and plan to return for future procedures. Dash and Gracie are very happy too!

  565. Key Typer 2016/08

    When we took our new feline family member (a former stray we adopted) to our local vet, they recommended a cleaning and possible extractions, which sounded fine to us, until we saw their “estimate”. We were looking at possibly a bill the size of a mortgage payment and just not doable for us unless we saved for months and went without Christmas. Our 9 yo boy was tearful, but he was willing to forgo it for the sake of his new friend. It broke my heart. I was scared for our cat and knew he needed the care, but was skeptical it cost that much. After a Google search, I found Helping Hands. We had to travel quite a way, from another state, but we got to hang out in a fun city for a day, with lots of affordable nearby things to do. With help from the AWESOME staff there, we were able to have a great time while our little buddy got fixed up. We also had a great meal at a local hot spot. AND we only paid a small fraction of what it would have cost. It felt more like we took a mini vacation than that we had our pet’s teeth fixed! Our little guy was even done early when we went to check on him and he felt great after just one day of recovery (and he had a LOT done to his mouth). We will be taking all our fuzzy buddies there from now on for any dental they need. I highly recommend Helping Hands to anyone needing affordable dental for their pets.

  566. Shannan 2016/08

    These are some awesome people who are there to help. Our puppy had an obstruction and needed surgery. Of course we found out Friday night, and he needed surgery Saturday. No one was operating on Saturdays except the er, and we couldn’t swing the price. Thank you for coming in on your day off to help us. Our boys hare happy to have their puppy back.

  567. Samantha Chestnut 2016/08

    Amazing place. Affordable surgery. I have brought my pets here multiple times. Never had an issue.


  568. Linda Ciely 2016/08

    Wonderful experience. Took 2 of my 3 Great Danes for dental work. Was very nervous about putting my babies under anesthesia. They were so kind, caring and knowledgeable (the entire staff) which put my fears to rest, and they took excellent care of both of my big babies. Everything went so smoothly and all at a fraction of the cost of a regular vet office. I cannot say enough about Helping Hands. If I could give them 10 stars I would!! Thank you all.

  569. Austin Butler 2016/08

    My dog had to have torn Anterior Cruiciate Ligaments (ACL) repaired in both of her knees. Helpi ng hands did a fabulous job and were so caring and helpfull. They fixed my dog at less than 1/2 the price ($1,200/knee instead of $3000) and she is doing great with no further knee problems. Love Helping Hands!!!!!

  570. Hannah DAoust 2016/07

    Affordable dental and such friendly staff!

  571. nicole burns 2016/07

    Everything! A wonderful, warm & efficient staff. We drove 3 hrs for Melvin’s nasal stenosis & soft palate surgery. It was worth every penny. A week post surgery he breathes more comfortably & no more gagging or vomiting after eating or when playing. I could not have afforded these procedures in MD otherwise. I was quoted upwards of $3000 or more.

  572. Kelly Schroer 2016/07

    We brought our 3 dogs here to get their teeth cleaned. Our vet had an estimate of over $1200 for one dogs dental, we brought all three dogs here and the cost was under $700 for all three. The staff was very kind to our dogs, the business was very clean and the vet techs very knowledgeable. We are bringing our dogs here to get their dew claws removed and our labs eyes done.

  573. Kissy Gordon 2016/06

    They did a great job of taking care of our Bichon for his first teeth cleaning at age 12. Really appreciated the follow up phone call the next morning to check on how he was doing.

  574. Linda Thomas-Terifay 2016/06

    I live in Marlton, NJ and I made the trip down to Helping Hands. It took me 4 ½ hours each way. I took my 3 Pomeranians and my mom’s bichon down. Total four all 4 dogs was $900 or $225 apiece. They were dropped off at 7:45am & out by 2pm. I was very impressed when I got there. Staff promptly checks you in. Manager showed us the very nice waiting area, which they provide coffee, soda and popcorn. There are TVs, magazines, Wii, and games. He even gave us the local movie times. The vet called me 2 times to let me know 2 of the dogs need follow up appointments with our vet due to high liver levels after their blood test. When they were discharged, each had medications and detailed reports on what was done along with post-op instructions. They next morning they called and checked up on the dogs. Highly recommend!

  575. Steven Prosser 2016/06

    Thank you so much! You saved our dog’s life! Our Pekinese needed to have his eye removed due to a corneal ulcer. Our vet quoted us over $2,500.00, which we simply could not afford. Other vets required us to leave a message and wait for a call back. Your office answered every call we made. We were given professional service from beginning to end. Restrooms and waiting rooms were exceptionally clean. After finishing a meeting with the vet, we were provided with a map of Richmond and advised of things to do and sights to see during our stay in Richmond. We were given a call to inform us of the blood work results. We were given a call to advise us that the surgery was fine and our dog was awake. We picked him up at the scheduled time and all went well. After several days our dog is doing well and we just do not know how to thank you enough!

  576. Christina Farmer 2016/06

    Fast affordable pet care!

  577. Amanda Green 2016/06

    I am very happy , and grateful to find a affordable and very helpful. I do recommend. This place.

  578. Payton Paciotti 2016/06

    Amazing company and very nice staff

  579. Tari Richards 2016/06

    We have a 10 year old pug and he was in need of dental cleaning and extractions. They took such good care of him, treated him like they had k own him from a puppy.
    Would definitely take Duke back, even though they said they would make him a Redskin fan :-). Price and care is unbeatable. Thank you for your loving care.

  580. Tracy Callow 2016/06

    Having recently moved from out of the country, I knew my pup was long overdue for a dental. Helping Hands was very professional and non-judgemental, took great care of my dog, and did so affordably. I was driving from over 2 hrs away and was surprised and pleased at how helpful the staff was with offering to let me know what there was to do while I waited, where I could eat, and even the local movie schedules! My pup is so much healthier and happier now and I won’t hesitate to bring him again, and my other dog and cat.

  581. Kellie Bowen 2016/05

    Very pleased with the care they gave my cat! I would not have been able to afford to have my cats teeth cleaned if it wasn’t for Helping Hands! I highly recommend them!!

  582. Ed Lewis 2016/05

    My 14 year old Meg just aged in reverse! Raised as a bottle kitten, she was telling me that her days were growing short. The reviews on Helping Hands were encouraging, so on April 21, I decided to take an overnight trip from Philadelphia to Richmond for surgery on the 22nd and I’m so glad I did. Six teeth lighter, she’s happy and spry again, playing like a four year old. She must have been suffering quietly. I was most impressed with the care, staff, facility, in short – everything. All inclusive, no inflated extra charges, even supplied the meds to go home with for the entire recovery period…a huge wow in my book. Recovery was super smooth for her, hardly needed the pain meds they did such a great job. The cost to have her surgery in the Philly clinic and others I checked was not thinkable at this time so I’m glad to have found such a solid alternative. I’ll be taking my other cat in a few weeks for a cleaning and a chance to explore more of Richmond. I feel safe with Drs. Pasternak, Morasco and all the capable, dedicated staff. Wondering why so many of the reviews sounded alike, now I know. Happy people tend to sound…happy! Ed Lewandowski
    P.S. While waiting to check in, a fellow customer was clearly and loudly overanxious about her pet’s well-being and, as scared folks sometimes do, was acting out and demading impossible assurances. The staff respected her dignity and handled it as well as possible, even though she left unsatisifed. When bad moments are well handled, that tells you something. Bravo.

  583. Mandy Blake 2016/04

    My 7 year old dachshund Bronx had dental work with Helping Hands. The staff were so kind and did an amazing job! Thank you so much!!!

  584. Sarah Green 2016/04

    I love helping hands. I took my corgi, Sir Andrew to get a dental cleaning. They did an amazing job. Everyone was so friendly and informative. I was able to find the clinic with no problem and I enjoyed hanging out for a little in the “human” waiting room! They called to check on Andy the next day. It was nice they gave me all the medicine he needed so I did not have to stop anywhere on the way home. I would highly recommended Helping Hands to anyone. I have a new happy dog!

  585. Art by Monique 2016/03

    My two Westies needed dental care and the male also to be neutered. I called my vet and three local vets in Maryland to get a price for the procedures, and it was going to cost over $1000. Then I did a Google search and found Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care. Not only was I happy with the set up and the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, I was happy with the price. I even got a followup call the next day to check on my male dog.

  586. Seraphina 2016/03

    First time for my 7 yr old dachshund, Skyy, to experience a dental cleaning. I would like to thank the staff for the superb service and care. They also clipped her nails and that was a surprise bonus! A staff member also called on Monday to follow up on Skyy from her Friday appointment. Highly recommend their services. Only wish was to have been able to hangout in the groovy lounge area and waited. The staff was very patient with me and the restricted time I had to pick her up on a Friday. I think everyone was ready to go celebrate a 4 day weekend (4th of July). Awesomeness!

  587. Logan Wheatcraft 2016/03

    Very caring clinic, excellent prices, clean and comfortable waiting room. I drove 5 hours to have Bolt’s surgery done at Helping Hands, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Helping Hands saved my over $1000 for an excellent quality of care. Thank you!

  588. Eric Anderson 2016/03

    Bad clinic. Poor quality

  589. June Luck 2016/02

    My 9 year old Gracie needed major dental surgery. Helping Hands prices include everything.
    The staff is awesome. The facilities are really nice. Quick check in. Gracie feels so much better. Thank you Helping Hands💜
    . …

  590. Theresa Ruhl 2016/02

    I can’t express how happy I am with this establishment! My 5lb Yorkie/Pom (Zoey) needed a dental and I had 2 Vet’s tell me it would be $1000.00, and it could be more as she needed several teeth removed. Well Helping Hands did it for $225 and they were awesome! Now I can ENJOY her “puppy kisses”. By the way…I drove 5 hours one way to have this done, and m so glad that I did! I’m telling EVERYONE about them! Everyone there was just so nice and you could tell…they CARED!

    ***UPDATE*** My poor Zoey had Kidney Failure 4 days ago and almost died! The emergency vet I took her to was concerned about the dental she’d had done a month earlier at Helping Hands. The concern was, if someone wasn’t monitoring her vitals while she was under, and her blood pressure dropped…it could cause permanent kidney damage. We believe this is exactly what happened! I requested that Helping Hands fax Zoey’s records, which they did…and there was NO record of what her vital’s were during anesthesia. Which says they weren’t monitored! Her blood work done prior to the dental (the day of) were FINE…so she did not have kidney failure prior to this procedure. My baby only weighs 4.5 lbs so I should have MADE SURE someone would be monitoring her vitals during the entire procedure. I almost lost her because of this. And the Emergency Vet visit and stay (4 days) ended up costing me $2500.00!

  591. Doug H. in VA 2016/02

    I had the same dog to the clinic at 2 locations for routine teeth cleaning. Aside from the professional and unusually efficient checkin/checkout procedures, something else was noticeable :
    I got a call from the doctor to address something I had noted on my dog’s intake sheet. The doctor offered her finding for the tooth I mentioned and that level of detail and thorough attention to a client dog is unusual, especially nowadays. My regular veterinary clinic is very skilled and attentive. And to have that level of care and support for my dog from Helping Hands at a substantial discount in cost is something I want people to know about. Routine procedures, practiced and refined are much more affordable at Helping Hands. Tell your family or friends about this clinic and do your part to keep your dog and others’ dogs safe when visiting the clinic. It helps everyone and helps the dog relax when handled by friendly strangers.

  592. Maria addante 2016/02

    God Bless this office. My poor dog suffered with teeth that had been rotting and I’m sure much discomfort, but thanks to Helping Hands, I was able to afford the care and my dog seems so much happier. The staff and doctors are great! They kept me informed every step of the way and gave me all the information I needed to take her home. Plus, phone numbers in case I need to ask questions. Beautifully run operation and that’s what vet care should be all about. Helping people to take care and keep their pets with manageable prices. Thanks again Helping Hands, you made such a difference for me and my dog.
    Maria Addante

  593. Joann Dye 2016/02

    My husband took our two mini doxies for dental care last week. Our girls had never had dental work done before and their breath was really bad. We found out about Helping Hands from our neighbor’s posts on Facebook. After calling them we found out that it would cost us half the price from our old vet to get this work done, so we scheduled an appointment. My husband was so impressed with the treatment we received throughout this procedure. Our doxies were well taken care of. The staff was so friendly and treated our girls like their own. Helping Hands even called us the next day to check on our girls. I would recommend Helping Hands to anyone whose pet needs dental care or other surgery. Thank you Helping Hands.

  594. Steve Smith 2016/02

    Helping Hands is such a blessing to pet owners. When local vets want big fees for a teeth cleaning, Helping Hands is here to make it affordable.

    We drove from Suffolk to drop off our doxy for a teeth cleaning and spent the day in Richmond.

    Helping Hands is a clean professional clinic that you can trust with your loved pet. This will be a yearly venture for us.

    Thank you!

  595. Carolyn Jonasson 2016/02

    Unless you are already connected to this place, don’t bother calling. They are rude and insensitive. They called me this morning based on a form I completed online. When I called back, I had to wait on hold for a long time being bounced around from person to person, each time re-explaining my situation.

    When I finally got to the person who was supposed to help me, she rattled off the information already on the website, not taking into consideration the words I said or the message I wrote.

    If you don’t have the time to listen to your potential new customers about their specific situation and can give only rehearsed and canned answers, why even bother talking to anyone new? And, yes, this was the office manager so I couldn’t even talk to anyone else, but instead, I was just stuck with her attitude first thing Monday morning when I really could have just used an honest conversation about my dog’s situation.

    I don’t care how cheap your surgery is – I’ll pay double for compassionate care.

  596. Andrew Payne 2016/01

    Helping Hands is very customer oriented with friendly staff. They also did a follow up call the day after the dental cleaning. Our dog Nathan is much better off post cleaning! Thanks for offering this service at a discounted rate as compared to standard veterinary care!

  597. Karin Goslin 2016/01

    They are simply amazing, compassionate and affordable to the general public.

  598. Sean Wickerham 2016/01

    Wonderful staff and reasonable costs

  599. Amanda Barrett 2016/01

    My vet quoted me an estimate of over 600 dollars to get my dog’s teeth cleaned. An estimate meaning if he needed a large number of extractions it would be more. I really do like my vet, but that is ridiculous and more than I could afford. A friend who does a lot of rescue work recommended Helping Hands to me. They did blood work, cleaning, and four extractions plus a complimentary nail trim for $225. I still can’t believe it!

    They are super efficient too. I dropped my dog off at 7:30 and there was a line, but they were ready to roll. Everyone was SO friendly! When I picked him up, his tech, Meg came and explained to me how things went and what extractions were needed. She was so helpful and I will be honest that I teared up a little, but I bet she gets that all the time. I was so relieved that he got the care he needed and honestly touched that there is an organization like this that truly is all about helping animals.

    They did a fantastic job on all counts and my dog’s teeth look amazing! They even called and left a nice message the next morning checking on my dog, Charlie! I will be telling everyone I know with pets about the great work they do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  600. Giovanna cruz fritsch 2016/01

    My Daphne has 14 years and this was her third cancer. This time was on her leg unfortunately nothing that we could do, because Banfield just didn’t make a good job, not humanity at all. Caring Hands another vet place took over and they recommended us Helping Hands. We contacted them, and since the begining they were amazing. Unfortunately, I don’t have the name of the doctor, the good thing is that all doctors at this place are so ethical, professionals and a tremendous care givers. Since you are getting in this place you know everything will be ok. This happened in January 2016. My little one passed away 2 weeks ago. They were very accurate when they told me she will be with us around 6 months more. The scar was amazingly healed. It was a perfect job, they have to ampute her leg. I know that she was so happy her last 6 months. Helping Hands made a tremendous job of love and Caring Hands in Van Dorn Alexandria with Dr Planeta took care of Daphne with so much love on her last days. We all should support this institutions like Helping Hands that thanks to them we don’t have to put sleep our love one just becuase of financial situation. On other hands, we should have some organism that over sees places like Banfield in Falls Church, they told me that they can’t reliese Daphne’s information to Helping Hands if I didn’t do all the tests thatat the stimate were around 5,000. I sswithed to Caring Hands and Caring Hands contact themself and then I could take Daphnee, I regreat so much that i have to take my dog for so many years at Banfield, she always streesed out so much when she arrived at Banfield. Big difference with Caring Hands. I hope this can be used to really think about our dogs

  601. Joshua Mullins 2016/01

    I was told from my vet to call them and set up an appointment for getting a serious surgery that would help our cat from being blocked while using the litter box. They told me the usual schedule for it is one week out, in the process of trying to get all the information sent over to them I spoke with a tech there and they stated if we cant get our cat there within 2 hours of this phone call they won’t do the surgery and if we don’t do that the cat is dead.

    Edit: The vacation has been set up to take care of our cat during the time he was recovering from surgery.

  602. Natalie Neas 2015/11

    Brought my female pit bull Nina here to have surgery on both eyes for Entropion and to be spayed today. They did a wonderful job! Stitches look very nice and clean, there is little swelling and I can tell the staff took excellent care of my baby. They gave her plenty of medicine to make sure she’s in no pain and to prevent infection. I absolutely will return for any procedures my animals need in the future! This place is AWESOME.

  603. Abigail Ellis 2015/11

    I rescued a little teacup poodle from a puppy mill and Helping Hands was AMAZING with helping with her terrible dental situation and so kind and affordable – what a great organization – I recommend them 100%.

  604. Patti Bruch 2015/11

    I should be writing more rave reviews for this wonderful organization. I’ve brought many of my adopted greyhounds here for their dentals over the years. Most recently I dropped off 2 greys at 9 a.m., went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, shopped, went to lunch and received the phone call that my pups were ready to be picked up at 1 p.m.!! I live in Springfield and it’s worth the short trip. Saved me bundles, at least 1/2 price. . I feel very good that I can adopt another greyhound and know there is a place they can receive affordable surgery and get the care they deserve. Their toofers look wonderful and the staff is so caring and accommodating. Thank you Dr. Lori for all that you and your staff do. The Bruch’s in Springfield va

  605. Jenn Thomas 2015/10

    So, so thankful for Helping Hands! As a loving dog owner with a need for dental care for our rescue, Helping Hands was our saving grace. Not only did they offer reasonable cost but they also provided amazing, loving care to our beautiful girl. Thank you so much Helping Hands! Will be referring all our friends here.

  606. Kristin Lemon 2015/09

    I am so thankful for this clinic. My dogter Laney had to go to the emergency vet for Pyometra in the middle of the night. The Emergency Vet cost for her surgery was 2k +. They suggested going to my regular vet, however they were booked for the day. My fiance found Helping Hands online and they were able to fit Laney in for her surgery that same day. The cost was 1/4 of what the Emergency Vet was asking making it much more affordable to give Laney the care she deserves. While I understand why Emergency Vets cost so much and am thankful for them too, Helping Hands was a blessing. Their staff is helpful, confident, efficient and they even called today to check on Laney. What wonderful people, and what a wonderful place!!

  607. Randal Bolton 2015/08

    Our Jack Russell tore her ACL. We were recommended by a couple of friends to check with Helping Hands. Once we got referral and went to get surgery done, we were very pleased. The staff was great. They all seem to really enjoy their jobs. The post-surgical instructions were very well written and easy to follow (for humans, not so much the dog…she hated the e-collar and being kenneled).

    At eight weeks out from surgery, the same dog tore her other ACL when sprinted after some deer one night that were standing in our front yard when we were going out for potty break before bed. Needless to say we returned to Helping Hands for more surgery and great care.

    My only criticism is that staff did not identify themselves. Someone came and took my dog but never said who they were. Same when instructions were reviewed. Also after two surgeries I never saw the Doctor nor received any explanation of how the surgery went. I had to ask specifics about the surgery in which the Tech had to go get answers.

  608. Sheryl Bolner 2015/07

    My Dog Malibu received wonderful treatment for her ACL repair. The staff was absolutely
    wonderful from the scheduling of the surgery until they tucked her into my car after surgery.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to save my dog for a reasonable price.

  609. Carolyn Connolly 2015/07

    Wonderful experience. I had to have cruciate ligament surgery on my cat (this NEVER happens in cats; my vet said it was the first time he had seen a tear in this ligament in a cat during his entire career). I felt awkward about going to a different clinic so far away for the surgery, but honestly, $1000+ surgery does make you want to look at options.

    The vet tech staff were efficient and careful. They made sure they had marked the correct leg….they are always operating on pets with whom they have no history…and they told me all the available options, from pain management to microchipping.

    The surgery was quick and I had my cat back that same afternoon. When I went to my home vet for follow-up care, he was impressed with the quality of the surgical repair. He didn’t fault me at all for going to a surgical specialist clinic, and said the repair was every bit as good as what he could do himself (for 30% less!).

    Dr. Pasternak is wonderful. I’d like to have her cloned and placed in every major city in America. Do not hesitate to take your pet to this clinic for care! It is clear that they do what they do out of a love for animals. You WILL NOT regret it!

    Edit 8/15: The repair is perfect. Lying down with her leg stretched out straight…..the most difficult posture after this surgery…is her favorite thing. This is a wonderful clinic.

  610. Clarence fairbrother 2015/06

    We came down to have our Beagle’s teeth cleaned and to have a small tumor removed from his head. Based on the doctor’s analysis of Jeds blood work, we found out the tumor was cancerous. However, the Helping Hands surgeon go enough of the tumor that with the help of our local oncologist, Jed is still alive and doing well. We attribute that to the Staff and Helping Hands. Thanks and Jed also thanks you.

  611. Naoma ellis 2015/06

    Dr. Pasternak was so compassionate and kind when having to make a decision regarding our 4 legged child. She gave me all the options. The staff was equally as great. Highly recommend!!!!

  612. Heather Kennedy 2015/05

    I took my cat to helping hands for a dental cleaning and was very pleased. The price listed on the website was accurate (and half of what my regular very wanted to charge) and even lists everything that is included. She had no side effects from the intubation and they even have me some antibiotics for her gingivitis, which they didn’t have to do. they have me a copy of her blood work even called me a few days later to check on her. I will definitely be taking my other 2 cats to helping hands when it comes time for their dental cleaning.

  613. Carol Vaught 2015/05

    Helping Hands saved my Weimaraner Emma! I can’t give enough praise for the doctor and staff. Emma was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I couldn’t afford the excessive cost the vet in Leesburg, VA proposed. I found Helping Hands (2.5 hour trip from home) and they accepted Emma within 24 hours after reviewing her medical records and assured they could perform the surgery. The hospital called weeks after Emma’s surgery to check on her. I tell everyone I meet with pets about Helping Hands and the fantastic work they do.

  614. Bill MacDonald 2015/05

    I live in New Jersey, and my dog Milly had bladder stones, which needed to be surgically removed. The veterinary hospitals in my area all wanted in the region of $3,500 to do the surgery, which we couldn’t afford, as we had to replace both our furnace, and our a/c unit this year, and were maxed out. My wife searched the internet, and found Helping Hands would do the surgery for $655, and that included analysis of the stones. They are a 4 hour drive from where we live, but it was well worth the drive. They show all their prices beforehand, and there are no hidden costs.
    I got up at 3am, drove to Richmond, and was first in line when they opened at 7:30am. They called me on my cell at 10am, to let me know the surgery was complete, Milly was fine, and I could pick her up at noon, which I did, and was home by 4pm.
    I highly recommend Helping Hands to anyone who is within driving distance. They do great work, at a fantastic price.

  615. Toni Black 2015/05

    Thank the Lord for these people who care for our babies as we do! If owners can afford the surgeries and care that they could not with their local vet, there are less questions about the worth of their lives! I LOVE my baby boy… the way he came to me is unforgettable and he has literally made my life whole! I support and am so glad to have heard of HELPING HANDS! They were wonderful with Zander! I will never forget and will do what I can to spread the word about them!

  616. Katy Schmid 2015/05

    Helping Hands have done surgery on my dog twice (both for CCL tears, on each leg). They are wonderful. Highly recommend!!

  617. Rowell Jao 2015/04

    These people are amazing! My chihuahua wasn’t eating well due to several of his baby teeth still intact with his adult teeth all grown in. This was when he was about a year old. I drove all the way from VA Beach, around 2.5 hours away no traffic, to get him a dental with extractions of his baby teeth. They even kept his baby teeth in a little bottle for me lol. Also got his microchip done there as well. After dropping him off, I hung around the area visiting shops etc. I got a call early in the afternoon saying his dental was done and ready to go shortly after the call. My dog was able to eat properly since!

    A year or so later I brought my german shepherd to get his dental done along with my chihuahua again, this time driving from Maryland around 3.5 hours of a drive. My big dog’s dental was simple, but my little chihuahua had to have his bottom row of teeth extracted (actually they fell off) due to buildup from the spaces left from the extracted baby teeth. Two dog dentals for $350 total ($175 each) with extractions and medication included for my little chihuahua, an amazing service for an amazing price that would normally cost around $350-$450+ for just one dental/pet without extractions/meds anywhere else around the areas I live in!

    They also recommended where I could get my dogs neutered and their friends at PAL (Prevent A Litter) across the street were very economical in their fees! I was also able to get vaccines and heartworm testing and meds from them at great prices.

    I always recommend Helping Hands and their friends across the street to people even though I’m usually a few hours away, the drive is definitely worth it!

  618. Carole Moore 2015/04

    Helping Hands Vet removed a very large tumor from our 13 yr old yellow lab’s leg, and everything came out perfectly!

  619. Jack wood 2015/03

    My husband had to drive to Richmond from Edenton NC to save our yorkie poo on March 26,2015. No other vets in the surrounding area where we live would help until 800.00 was paid for an emergency C-section. My husband first went to PAL in Richmond but a vet was not there on Thursday so they sent him to Helping Hands. Thank goodness because she could have died. The staff there took him and Bella in. They were unable to save the 4 puppies because they were too big and 1 had blocked the rest from coming out. They saved our Bella’s life!! So much care and compassion that we will be forever grateful for! Love you guys!

  620. Brent Bray 2015/03

    They saved my dog. I can’t thank you all enough.

  621. Pamela Hannaman 2015/03

    My nearly nine-years-young Sheltie needed the plaque cleaned from her teeth (1st time in her life). The regular veterinarian’s office asked nearly $800 for this procedure; HHVS&DC charged only a fraction of that, making the procedure possible and better for her overall health. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

  622. Lanie Sider 2015/02

    My husband and I adopted a dog that needed medical attention. He needed surgery for both his eyes ( cherry eyes ) and need to be neutered. Dr. Lori did such a great job and was very impressed. The price they charge was very affordable compare to the other vets around the area. I highly recommend everyone to helping hands. They truly care about animals and not about the money.

  623. Rachel Meadows 2015/02

    I took my boxer to Helping Hands for a dental service and extraction of his lower right canine. The service was great. I dropped off at 8 am and picked him up at 2:30. My boxer was came through just great and after a week of antibiotics is back to his old self. I thought the staff was so professional and caring, and I was very comfortable leaving my dog in their care. I saved $1,200 over the estimate given to me by a local vet. I would drive the 2 hours to Helping Hands any time I needed serious veterinary care. Thank you Helping Hands!!

  624. Brian Noble 2015/02

    I traveled here from New York for a tail amputation surgery. This Vet clinic saved me $1,100! The staff is very helpful and caring of the animals. The process and surgery were performed quickly so i can have my dog back to help him feel comfortable and recover. There have be no issues post-op. I highly recommend Helping Hands. Carytown is really nice with an artistic feel!

  625. Tannie Herbertson 2015/02

    As the proud parent of three rescues and a single mom it can be difficult to meet all the needs that come up with our pets. Simple things as dental cleanings and extractions can be a bit daunting in the budget. Helping Hands took care of our beloved Myrtle at a fraction of the cost and she has a beautiful healthy smile again. You are a valuable and treasured service. Myrtle will certainly return when she needs it.Alexandria Herbertson.

  626. Helen Jenkins 2015/01

    I took my Greyhound in for Teeth Cleaning. Kattie’s teeth were the cleanest I have ever gotten back from a teeth cleaning. The care given to her was excellent. The cost was very reasonable! So very glad they are here in Richmond.

  627. Latisha's House Foundation 2014/11

    Our beloved black lab beagle mix got into the trash and consumed a whole chicken. He swallowed all the bones and by morning he was sick. Our vet in Williamsburg did an X-ray of his stomach. It was full of bones, many over 2 inches long. Our options were limited, trying to coat the stomach and antibiotics if he perforated. It looked pretty bad. We were referred to two emergency clinics, one in Richmond, and the other in Newport News. We were told “upwards of 5000 dollars”. I was crushed and called my mom, who calls Moses her grand dog, and told her to say goodbye. We were going to have to euthanize our Moses. Mom told me about helping hands. We called on Saturday, and by 7 pm Moses was in surgery, that saved his life. The bill was a little more than 1000 dollars, but we were able to put it on a credit card and bring Moses home. He is a treasured pet and member of the family. Lori saved his life. Our vet in Williamsburg was so glad that Helping hands exists. They will be referring other pet owners facing that tough decision to them. Thank you.

  628. Jessie Jones 2014/11

    We had taken our black lab to our regular vet to have him checked out because he had a small growth on his ‘bum’. He has had surgery there previously and it was reasonably priced so we returned. My were we surprised when they wanted to charge $500 for pre-op testing to make sure he was a viable candidate for anesthesia and then another $700 for the surgery. And if he wasn’t a good candidate, then what? Not perform surgery? Well there was absolutely no way we could afford $1200 for this surgery and I was beside myself. My Dad told me to check out Helping Hands because he had seen a TV special. So that’s what I did. I was so pleased to see that ALL of their fees are listed on the website and they are SO affordable!! We estimated his surgery to be between $168-$368 and it ended up being the lesser. When we arrived they took us to a patient room where 2 staff members quickly examined our dog and measured his mass. We felt VERY comfortable leaving him as we knew they would care for him as if he were their own. My lab is heart worm positive and they assured us they would take special care and not to worry that heart worm positive dogs have surgery all the time. We just want to thank Dr. Lori and her staff for being so amazing and running such a wonderful organization! This surgery would not have been possible without you!!

  629. Joseph Stacy 2014/10

    Our 8 year old female pug Kali needed ACL surgery, the orthopedic vets in our are we quoting $3200-$3600, something if necessary we could have afforded. Helping has did the AXCL cleaned her teeth and removed a fatty tumor for $1200.00 We also donated another $250.00. After the surgery this was some of the best follow up care we have ever had, Not in office visits but in caring for how the animal was doing and recovering. The vet herself returned calls and made calls herself to check on recovery. I wish I could use the as a everyday vet! Bravo

  630. kerpinbeans b 2014/10

    Helping Hands has saved both of our dogs’ lives by providing much needed surgery that we otherwise could not have been able to afford. One dog (dachshund) had a severely abscessed tooth and had to have 6 extractions. They provided the care for $250 that would have cost over $1000 at a regular vet. The other dog (chihuahua) had a cancerous tumor on her liver that almost took her life. That surgery was provided for around $900. It would have been over $4000 at another vet and would have been cost prohibitive. Both dogs are doing great and we are so thankful for the staff and doctors at Helping Hands. By no means is this a “discount” service. They offer top-notch care and the facility is clean, inviting, and well-managed. I recommend them to anyone who has pets in the Virginia area. Thank you Helping Hands!!

  631. YOUnique DESIGN 2014/10

    Absolute Angels from Heaven. Thank you for all you have done and do xoxoxo

  632. Leighann Boland 2014/09

    We’ve used Helping Hands twice now. Once for our cat who needed a growth removed and once for our elderly dog who needed dental care. Both times, we were so relieved to know that the procedures were not going to break the bank. All costs were given to us up front and we were even able to do a 6 month no interest payment plan through Care Credit. The staff is very good and obviously care a great deal about their patients. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  633. Jennifer Strotman 2014/09

    I took three of my pets in on the same day. One dog, two cats all need all needed dentals. The staff was friendly and caring. They understood my concerns, and the needs of the pets. My pets all came out of surgery just fine: with their ears cleaned, nails clipped and all of their teeth perfectly clean. Having multiple pets vet care can be extremely expensive. Having an affordable veterinarian perform necessary dentals is pivotal to the health of my pets. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be returning to helping hands for all teachers surgery and dental needs. Even having to drive from Fairfax, it was all worth it 🙂

  634. Alberta Evans 2014/08

    Thank you “Helping Hands” for taking care of my dog (Jewel Evans).
    I was so worried and I didn’t know how I would
    be able to afford her surgery. It is a blessing to have someone like you.Thanks for showing my dog so much love and attention and thanks for the successful surgery!

  635. Jeani Coleman 2014/07

    I heard about Helping Hands from a couple of friends who had used it and were very pleased. I did not have a need for it until I adopted an 8 year old cat from a shelter who had bad teeth. I didn’t realize how bad until my vet told me he needed cleaning and extractions. With 3 other pets which drain our pockets with vet bills, this was something I couldn’t afford and was a little perturbed that this poor cat was in such bad shape. That’s when I contacted Helping Hands. They were able to clean my cats teeth and extract 4 for under $300. My vet was going to charge over $800. The facility is amazing and everyone there is very helpful, kind, compassionate and professional. The surgeons are the best! I was able to make the round trip in one day and the overall experience, drive included, was a joy. I highly recommend them.

  636. Elizabeth Parrish 2014/07

    After a $200 office visit–I left with antibiotics and an appointment for surgery. I was faced with a $950 oral surgery “estimate” from my vet with exceptions noted. These included that a tumor was to be removed–additional fee, if I wanted it sent to a lab that would be additional as well.

    When I called Helping Hands the scenario that seemed to be so horrible at my vet all the sudden seemed rather common–

    At check-in the vet took my cat into the exam room to look at the tumor so I would be given an accurate estimate for removal (based on size). It was not a tumor, it was part of severely inflamed gums. Both vets looked at the same growth right?

    Story ends….$175, antibiotics and a healthy cat. When I compare actual services performed such as tooth extractions I would have been faced with at least $1300 at my vet.

    I watched other pet owners at pick up (I am the nerd who comes early!) they were relieved, grateful, tearful; some were from Northern Virginia, one from Maryland and me from VA Beach.

    I did read reviews and did as much research as I could prior to making my appointment. I read a negative review and it scared me; of course….but it was about process not about outcomes. This is a well oiled machine with positive outcomes and promises kept.

    I have three dogs in addition to this cat and now I have a family “surgeon” .

    Feel confident.

  637. Ashley Channels 2014/06

    My cat needed extensive dental work. The vets here in the DC area quoted me over $1000. Helping hands did it for $175 plus the optional $50 I paid for blood work. I am so thankful for them since I am a student and would have no way of affording this surgery without them. They did a fantastic job and my cat is recovering nicely. They were very responsive to all of my questions. Their fees are flat rate which is so nice too because you don’t have to worry about any surprises after surgery.

  638. Casey Biederman 2014/06

    Going to helping hands for my dogs dental, neuter, and removal of 4 teeth was a wonderful experience. The staff is friendly and helpful, the doctor and techs are caring and knowledgeable, and without them my dog’s necessary veterinary care would have been much more difficult to obtain. We live out of the state from them and, after searching in our hometown for comparable care, found that theirs was not only more highly rated but also much more affordable. We were lucky that we happened to be traveling to Richmond to visit family and just decided to bring our dog with us. I couldn’t be more pleased with their quality of care and only wish more places like this existed throughout the country.

  639. !* 2014/05

    If there was an option to give 6 stars I would! My dog and I had to rush from Maryland to have exploratory surgery on New Year’s Eve! The wonderful staff not only stayed late for me to get to them but they took such good care of us and were so patient and kind. I truly believe that the people here honestly work for the well being of our beloved pets and really do the best for them. Hopefully I never have to do this again but if I have to have surgery done on my pet I will definitely come back here.

  640. Will Parsons 2014/05

    Helping Hands Vet Surgery & Dental Care is an incredible service to have in the City of Richmond. Affordable Vet care is so important for our community and Helping Hands does a great job delivering this valuable service. Our dog Max needed a small growth removed and his regular vet quoted us a price in excess of $800. We probably would have considered leaving it if we had not found Helping Hands. They were very professional, caring and detail oriented. Our total cost was less than 1/4th of the price quoted by our vet. Max recovered quickly from his surgery and the incision is looking great. I cant express how lucky our city is to have this exceptional service. Thanks!

  641. Valerie Farrell 2014/05

    Not only did my cat get the care promised in their literature and online but they have this wonderfully funny mural on the wall outside their building that’s pretty good too. McDonald’s apparently thinks the clinic is OK because they don’t object to you parking there while you drop off and pick up and this mural is in their parking lot. While I’m admiring it, I met another pet owner and we struck up a conversation. An hour later or so we decided to get some lunch and then ended up going to the art museum together while our pets got treated. I’m not saying this will happen to you but that mural and time on our hands made our day. You’ll get a laugh if nothing else. The only wish I had was that they could have given more info on the blood work they did. They wanted me to have my regular vet deal with that part and that’s another vet bill – so, unless you have lots of extractions, you might not end up saving much.

  642. Cheryl Miles 2014/05

    We live in the Falls Church area but my husband took our cat, Oliver, to Helping Hands for eye surgery. It was well worth the 216 miles round trip. Oliver had his eye removed and came home already alert. We received clear written instructions for follow up care, including advice to give him extra TLC. Helping Hands called the next morning to check on him. The cost of surgery was significantly less than any surgery in our area. We are so grateful for the wonderful service. Thank you, Helping Hands!

  643. Jo Redford 2014/04

    Wonderful service at very reasonable price! My 8 yr old rescue Yorkie needed an oral cleaning and attention to some teeth that were diseased. I left her in the morning and picked her up that afternoon. She was a bit groggy, but she shook that off quickly as she “woofed” down a dinner of pulled chicken with rice. She had two teeth pulled, and tarter scaled off her teeth. Nice “puppy” breathe again!

  644. Beth Nolley 2014/02

    I brought two of my two dogs, 16-year-old Yorkie Peek-a-Poo siblings Lizzie and Jeannie, to the Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care clinic in Richmond, VA, and am so pleased with the results. Dr. Pasternak and her staff were compassionate, detail-oriented and obviously truly love what they do, and they are extremely skilled and knowledgeable. Things went beautifully for Lizzie and Jeannie, whose teeth were rotten and their quality of life was suffering because of it. Although Richmond was a bit of a drive from my home in Fairfax, VA, it was definitely worth it because Lizzie and Jeannie’s quality of life has improved already! Within 24 hours of their dental surgery, they were smiling, alert, eating well without any issues, and their breath was no longer stinky. Although they only have two teeth remaining between the two of them, they’re happy and now healthier thanks to the quality care provided by the staff at Helping Hands. The clinic’s low prices enabled me to afford the dental surgery that my dogs desperately needed.

  645. Veronica Garabelli 2014/01

    I was able to get my dog’s teeth cleaned for half of what it would have cost me at my vet’s office. Helping Hands helped keep my dog healthy without putting me through great financial stress. I also chose to get her microchipped while I was there. For only $35 bucks it was worth the extra money to help my dog return home if she ever got lost. I definitely plan on returning to Helping Hands if my pooch needs another dental cleaning or procedure.

  646. Linda Albers 2013/11

    We took 2 of our rescue pups that needed dentals before they could get adopted, and 2 of our own little dogs who needed dentals. We could not have been happier with the location, doctors, facility, and front desk staff. Our own vet in Northern Virginia wanted to charge $600 for cleaning and extracting one tooth, we got all 4 of the dogs done for $700! 3 of the pups needed almost all their teeth extracted due to the neglect of previous owners. They were all sent home with appropriate meds and their recovery went great. I have told everyone we know in the rescue industry and private owners as well about Helping Hands. I’m so glad we made the trip, it was a breeze on 95 and there was so much to do while the pups were being taken care of.

  647. Alison Harvey 2013/09

    This is a great group. I received several recommendations from friends in my animal rescue group about Helping Paws for my own cats dental work. Staff was wonderful. I took her in for an eval they were able to take her the same day. Cost was a flat fee (no hidden extras). It was much less than my vet, so I added a dontation to the fee. My cat was having issues the next day and I called and they said to bring her right back in, gave her an antibiotic shot after a quick evan at no charge. Just part of the wonder caring service at Helping Hands. I recommend them highly for dental work.

  648. Vickie A 2013/08

    This place sounds too good to be true, but it really is all that it’s advertised to be. They post their prices on their website and that’s exactly what you pay. The quoted price covers all your pet’s needs, including any medications they have to send home with the pet. I drive 1.5 hours to take my cats there but it has been more than worth it. My male cat had PU surgery there and it cost less than half what his regular vet was going to charge. Once he was in surgery, they called me to let me know that his teeth were really in need of cleaning, and asked if I wanted that done too. They gave me a “multi-procedure” discount on the teeth cleaning. A week later when I took him to his regular vet for a checkup, they commented on how clean his teeth were! The folks at Helping Hands really care about the pets and always call to check on them the day after the procedure. Helping Hands really is a blessing. I believe they even have a program to help those who can’t afford emergency procedures for their pets.

  649. Theresa Shiflett 2013/06

    We had a westie with a tumor in his ear. It was always draining , smelled real bad, and painful. They removed the tumor and cleaned the ear. He was 14 at the time and lived another 2 years with us. Thank you for helping us !

  650. Dre'a LC 2013/05

    This place is a God send. At the time my beautiful cat Paris was having urinary tract issues I was a starving student living in an area that was not considered the nicest part of town. When this emergency happened I had no idea what to do due to my financial situation. I was scared, and let down b/c I couldn’t afford to give my four-legged son the procedure he so desperately needed. Luckily, I had heard of a place called Helping Hands. It’s centrally located, and the whole concept of the place was amazing. It was meant for folks like me- whose animal was in a severe emergency, but needed good, quality medical care at a price I could afford. The doctor did an amazing job with my Paris- I don’t know what I would have done without this place.

  651. Jane MoonDancer 2013/04

    I have taken both my dog and several of my cats to Helping Hands for dental work. One of my cats broke his fang and just the root was left exposed in his mouth. Helping Hands removed it 🙂 My pets always come back with nice bright white shinny teeth. They have done extractions on several of my cats and they feel better and heal up great. The antibiotics and all extractions are included in the fee so that’s great! They give you a teeth chart that shows teeth that were missing before hand and teeth they extracted. Can’t say enough good things about the staff and vet. They really know what they are doing and they love animals!

  652. Wayne Houseknecht 2012/03

    We came down from Philadelphia, PA with our 110-lb. dog because every other vet we asked wanted $600-$1000 to pull one bad tooth. We came here because just getting the blood work and all needed extractions cost less than $200! Their staff is friendly and they explain everything that’s going to happen, when to pick up your pet, post-operative treatment, _everything_! They have a push-pin map showing where people have come from to get help for their pets. The furthest north was Montreal, Canada, the furthest south was Key West, Florida, and the furthest west was from somewhere in Arizona! If (God forbid) our big girl needs any more surgical work, you may be sure that we will be coming back to Old Virginny to visit these wonderful people again!

  653. Trillius Wiberg 2012/02

    My 9 year old cat Ella was suffering with teeth pain and I could not afford dental care for her. She was becoming very sedentary and slowing down in general. Helping Hands took care of her teeth, extracting four bad ones, for a very affordable 198.00. Immediately after her dental, Ella was acting like a kitten again, playing with her toys and chasing her brother. Helping Hands really changed her life! I am so grateful and cannot reccomend them highly enough!! The staff was knowledgable and friendly.
    Thank you Helping Hands!

  654. Sammy Fox 2011/12

    Affordable pet surgery. Saved many pets.

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