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  1. Linda Silver 2023/11

    Kelly has been fantastic with our Miniature Australian Shepherd, Chloe! She has taught her (and us) many helpful commands and Chloe just loves her so much. We were amazed how quickly Kelly was able to teach Chloe how to listen to us and be obedient. It’s been a joy working with her. She’s always on time and prepared for the next training lesson. We highly recommend her for any pet training needs you may have.

  2. Luciana Codella 2023/10

    Kelly 100% puts your pet first. She takes her time to get to know your pet and what works for them and she is honest with owners about how the work they need to put in when it comes to training. I will work on something for a week with my dog and he’ll get it 50% of the time and Kelly will get him listening in and doing the new command in one training session. She is really good at training and it shows. I highly recommend her for all your training needs. She has helped me with training my GSD from 4 months old to a year through beginner and then advanced commands.

  3. Bradley C 2023/10

    Kelly is an expert trainer and really helped my wife and I with training our Australian cattle dog puppy. She knew exactly what a working breed needed. Not only did she teach the commands but also showed us how to do them, highly recommended!

  4. Catherine B. Johnston 2023/08

    Kelly helped me work with my elderly rescue hound and his fear of thunder. She had so many great ideas and was patient and compassionate with him. She helped me work on my behaviors as a dog mom as well – and that was really important. She loves all animals and is talented at what she does and is all around a wonderful human.

  5. Bebe McDermott 2023/07

    Kelly is the best! My dog Dio is a rescue with a high trauma background. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much since his trauma was so severe but after the first session, there were already so many changes in his behavior and confidence. Plus, working with Kelly gave me so much confidence in being the best dog owner I can. We’ve had a handful of sessions now and with every session I see improvement. I’m so grateful to Kelly and cannot recommend her enough.

  6. Carrie Gregory 2023/07

    Our Hazel loves Miss Kelly! She is so kind and positive, and we have seen leaps and bounds in Hazel’s response to commands and in her anxiety level on walks and towards the TV. We still have some work to do, but I know that if we need her again, Kelly will be there!


  7. Meredith Smith 2023/07

    Kelly was fantastic with our labradoodle, Luna! We initially reached out because Luna was a counter surfer and had gotten into many foods that she shouldn’t have. During our first meeting I was super impressed with how quickly Luna responded to Miss Kelly! We had four sessions with her and have now received several compliments from others about how well behaved she is and that makes us so happy! Luna will miss her time with Kelly, but we’re so grateful for everything she did for us! Thank you!


  8. Shay Anne 2023/03

    Kelly, I can’t thank you enough.

    I have an English Mastiff, two Huskies, and two cats. Kelly was amazing with all of them. You can see her love and passion for animals the moment you meet her. She is amazing at reading a room the second she walks in it and is very personable. One of our huskies has bad male anxiety and my boyfriend couldn’t even look at him without him running away. This past session, we not only had the husky coming up willingly to him, but my boyfriend actually got to pet him on the head. I cried out of relief because just seeing that it was actually possible when thinking it never was going to happen… I can not believe the progress that we have had with our dogs and I encourage you, if you are thinking about using Kelly, to do so. Every session we have had with her we have learned something new and have been shocked at what she can get our puppies to do. We love you Kelly and thank you so much for everything you’ve done. We look forward to scheduling more sessions to see what else we can bond about with our pups!!

  9. dhiraj hinduja 2022/11

    Kelly knows and LOVES animals!

    We have a golden retriever Icy that has noise phobia and would run back to her den even when a toast popped up in a toaster.

    We did not have high hopes of our dog getting better and Kelly has turned Icy around. It’s like we have a different dog!

    Kelly has a deep expertise in understanding how dogs think, act, and react and we are always blown away by how much progress we make in just one session! We would highly recommend her!

  10. Alisa Jones 2022/09

    Kelly is absolutely, hands down, the most amazing and kind hearted person you’ll ever meet. I used her years ago after adopting one of our fur babies and was pregnant. She helped train our sweet girl and made it so much easier for us transitioning her into our home. Fast forward 7 years later, after adopting our next fur baby who needed someone who was gentle, patient, and understanding..who else did I call, none other than Kelly. She comes highly recommended from our family to yours!

  11. Rachel B 2022/05

    I can’t say enough good things about Kelly at Happy Tailz Dog Training! I rescued a dog who had been abused, which made him fearful of people (especially men). Unfortunately he ended up biting someone, and I didn’t know what to do or how to keep it from happening again. I needed help, so I set up some sessions with Kelly. And the changes in him have been amazing! After the very first training session I noticed that he was gaining confidence and becoming more relaxed, and now after a few sessions, it’s like he’s a whole new dog. And I’m happy to say that we’ve had no incidents since! Seeing the happy, sweet, well-adjusted dog he is today, really makes me glad that I gave him another chance. But I couldn’t have done it without Kelly!

  12. Katie Nicholson 2022/04

    My dog Beau and I had a wonderful experience working with Miss Kelly! Beau was very dog-reactive while on leash, making it difficult to walk him regularly. After a few months of positive reinforcement training, Beau and I both learned about dominance, respect, and patience. He is under wonderful voice command now, knows how to settle down when asked, and is overall much calmer and less anxious. While he does still react to dogs, it is much less aggressive-sounding/acting, and he has learned to leave it and move on! Beau isn’t and never will be perfect, but he is so much improved! And I now have the confidence and tools to move forward with his training on a daily basis 🙂


  13. Andrea Sutphin 2022/03

    We can’t say enough great things about Kelly and Happy Tailz. We were concerned about welcoming a new baby into our home and about how our mini dachshund, Hubert, would react.

    Kelly was able to pinpoint the issue right off the bat. She INSTANTLY put us at ease and taught us so many strategies for Hubert (as well as tips for our other two dogs). We saw improvement after just one session and can honestly say Hubert is much happier.

    She taught us how to help our dog(s), but most importantly ourselves. We’re so much more confident on how to help them through this transition and are so thankful for everything she did for our growing family!! 10/10 recommend!


  14. Amanda Swearingen 2021/10

    Kelly is AMAZING! Our family loved her and more importantly she helped our puppy and us tremendously with training. We recommend her to everyone we know who needs a trainer!

  15. Bree Kozlowski 2021/10

    I can’t say enough good things about Kelly. She helped us rehome and condition our dog Sylvester. He came from a hunt club who treated him well but no longer had a need for him. She helped us create a home for Sylvester and helped him make sense of his new world. He came to us riddled with anxiety and with no knowledge of what treats and toys were. He is now a dog that greets you at the door, gladly takes treats from your hand, and will cuddle up next to you even if you don’t want him to.

  16. Jennifer Judy 2021/09

    We had such a wonderful experience using Kelly to train our puppy Buster! Like many others this year, our family did the mid pandemic puppy rescue and we were thrilled to add Buster to our family. However, we knew with two young kids and the fact that we live near a main road it was imperative that we got help with training. Kelly was so friendly and responsive right away, and although her attention was on our puppy, she mainly taught us (in the nicest way possible!) ways to be better pet owners. Buster is high energy but Kelly helped us learn how to work some of that out with him through various activities and showed us that he is actually a very well mannered pup and picks up commands quickly! He is already getting rave reviews at his doggie daycare on how well he listens- and I can throw a treat across the room without him running after it. Kelly was a blessing during this crazy time and we cannot wait to watch our already well behaved 6 month old pup thrive thanks to her training!

  17. Sarah Freshley 2021/08

    Kelly helped us understand basic dog training and then built upon that little by little. Our puppy is now well mannered & we continue to use the same tactics and training she gave us from the start. She’s high energy & loves all animals well!


  18. Emily Hernandez 2021/07

    Kelly is an amazing trainer and kind person in general. She only uses positive reinforcement, meaning no shock collars. I LOVE this. While I was looking for trainers, basically all of them used shock collars and tried to play it off as no big deal.
    Her tips and advice helped me so much. I have a french bulldog puppy who used to have the worst separation anxiety, to the point where I couldn’t even brush my teeth or take a shower without him barking or crying at me. Now I can take a shower, go into the kitchen without him, and even leave my apartment for a couple hours while he’s in his crate. We’re still working up to me being able to leave him at home for 4-5 hours. Thank you Kelly!!!!

  19. Patrick Morgan 2021/07

    Kelly helped us acclimate our new puppy to our home and worked with our older dog to be a tolerant and cool-headed older brother. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a competent, considerate, and supportive in-home trainer.


  20. Harrison Baronian 2021/05

    We were looking for a trainer for our Hound Mix (Castle) and Australian Shepherd (Chessie), and were looking for someone who utilized positive reinforcement training (i.e. no e-collar). Kelly was the answer! Chessie and Castle each had different things that they needed some help with, and Kelly has given us the tools we needed to help with it all. Chessie and Castle loved every session with her, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

  21. Nelson Stammer 2021/05

    Kelly is awesome with dog training. She is professional, reliable and knows how to train the toughest of dogs. We have a wild little shih-tzu and she has taught it to sit, heal, stay, come, and the most importantly, potty-training. She even taught our little furball how to look at a treat on her paw and not touch it until we say so. She does all of this training with a positive approach; and that goes a long way with us. Highly recommended.

  22. Garnet Fryling 2020/07

    Kelly is AMAZING with both animals and people alike!! She truly has a deep understanding of animal behavior and how to make the training process fun easy and effective for everyone!! We are so grateful to know such a great trainer! Thank you, Kelly!!

  23. Cynthia Kirk 2020/03

    Didn’t listen very well, seemed rushed, expensive. All around disappointing. Maybe just having a bad day but cost a lot for a little to no knowledge.

  24. Ariel Kang 2020/03

    Kelly did an amazing job teaching my dog (2.5 year old rescue who had never received formal training) basic commands such as come/heel and desensitizing her from acting skittish in public spaces. It was incredible how much progress was made during just four sessions! Throughout the process, Kelly is thoughtful, patient, and easy to communicate with. My dog loves Kelly so much that she gave her kisses after each session without fail. We’ll miss her! Highly recommenced to anyone who’s looking for a wonderful trainer!

  25. Julie Gibbs 2019/11

    Kelly is a wonderful trainer… she’s training our dog and our kids!

  26. Phyllis Hustead 2019/11

    When i met Kelly, Pumpkin (my pug) had only been outside when she was very young (when I could catch her). She basically was an in-house dog. Kelly came to my home and taught her to relax enough so she could walk in and out the front door, up and down the front steps, and around the yard on a leash. Now, she is so excited when I come home -she is ready and wanting to go out. She stands and waits for me to attach her leash. We come back in, she sits and waits for it to be removed and she gets her reward. All thanks to Kelly’s patience and guidance. She has made our home a happier place! Highly recommend if you are looking for some advice /help with your furry family member.

  27. Joan Stromberg 2019/11

    My 4 yr old lab Guinness was a mess
    …but a loveable mess. Got Kelly’s card from my groomer and I must say she was the answer to my prayers. She is wonderful, experienced, loveable ( that’s from Guinness) and dependable. After 4 sessions she has done what I needed to do and then some. Guinness and I will continue to handle the last few problem areas. I would highly recommend Kelly to everyone. She is that good!!

  28. Luisa 2019/11

    Kelly got our 10-year-old Lab mix to get along with our new puppy and debunked the myth that “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks”. She’s also helping us raise our English Mastiff to be a good boy. They love her, and so do we!

  29. Angie Mann 2019/11

    Kelly is PHENOMENAL! We met Miss Kelly when my now 2 1/2 year old black lab mix, Tempe, was a puppy and she did some training with Kelly at a different location. She loved her and listened so much better to Kelly than to me. Kelly is energetic and LOVES dogs and their humans. When I follow her training, Tempe is an ANGEL!

    During our last training session, we walked by the pond in our neighborhood and wanted to see if Tempe would be interested in cooling off. Attached to a 100 foot rope, Kelly ROLLED UP HER PANTS and got into the water to help encourage and get Tempe comfortable with the water. So, add “teaching dog how to swim” to her list of things she excels at! She will go the extra mile for her clients and she is a complete treasure. I look forward to our next round of classes where we attempt to tame the wild 6 month old puppy we have and get him some better manners. Thank you Kelly for loving and training our animals.

  30. Emily Lewis 2019/10

    Kelly is awesome. She makes training a positive experience for everyone involved. So lucky and happy to have my pup training with her.

  31. Samantha Mabe 2019/10

    We’ve been working with Kelly since we adopted our dog 3 years ago. Any time we have an issue, Kelly is great about fitting us into her schedule and helping in just a few sessions. When we recently had a new baby, I knew that Kelly would help our dog adjust to the new baby so we could avoid problems down the road. Now the two are great friends! I recommend Kelly and Happy Tailz to all of my friends who need a dog trainer.

  32. Mark Fisher 2019/09

    Kelly is very knowledgeable and caring. She has done wonders with our Yorkie/Bichon mix puppy. Our boy absolutely loves Kelly and it is evident that Kelly loves him. She is very passionate about her work. So thankful to have found her.

  33. Jacki Picco 2019/09

    We love Kelly. Our boys love Kelly. We have two boys that are about 5 years old. Overall they are good boys, but they had some habits we wanted to break. Kelly trains the pups and their owners to work together. Having had dogs all my life, I have worked with several trainers. Kelly is one of the best. I recommend her to all my friends and family.

  34. Anna Smith 2019/09

    Kelly is awesome! We bought a package of six training sessions for our 2 year old chocolate lab who didn’t know basic commands and would bolt any time we took her off leash. By our third session, she was perfect with sit/down/stay/come, and by our sixth session Kelly had her heeling by our sides off leash at the park.
    Kelly is super friendly, flexible with scheduling, and on point during her sessions. You and your pup will love her! Thank you Kelly!!

  35. Charity Diesselhorst 2019/09

    Kelly has done an amazing job with both our pups! We initially reached out due to resource guarding in our 2.5yo Aussie from the new German shepherd puppy. After following her suggestions they’re peacefully eating in the same room and more!

    Our 2.5yo Aussie had a bad experience at another training facility and she helped us work through (and correct) those behaviors. Our puppy has mastered basic obedience and we’re continuing to work on healing. She also helped with potty training and sleeping suggestions! Both our pups love to learn and could not be more excited for Miss Kelly to arrive! We just finished our 6 sessions and look forward to doing additional work with her in higher stress situations in the future. It is so convenient that she comes to you which allows you to work on behaviors where they’re actually happening. She’s always on time and is also accessible if you have questions in between sessions.

    We’re so lucky to have been introduced to Kelly and recommend her to everyone with pets! It was worth every penny!

  36. Page Allende 2019/08

    A friend recommended Kelly to me and I’m so thankful! I have a 5 year old female bulldog who is an alpha and had never been trained. We are getting a puppy soon and I want to train the puppy for sure, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to at least introduce our older bulldog to some basic commands. Within an hour of Kelly training me (hahaha – but true – she does a great job of training me to train my dog), my headstrong bulldog was sitting on command without receiving a treat!? I couldn’t believe it! Kelly’s techniques are based completely on positive reinforcement, creating a stronger bond of trust between you and your dog. Each week my old dog is learning new tricks – and the best part is that she LOVES this learning and seems so much more relaxed knowing that I am the alpha now! Thanks to Kelly, my dog can finally relax and let me take the lead. My dog is happier than I’ve ever seen her!

  37. jessica ramsey 2019/07

    Kelly is the best dog trainer I know! My beagles r very stubborn and she taught Ava to sit in on training session! They love her!!!

  38. Alyssa Larsen 2019/07

    Kelly is down to earth, knowledgeable, prompt, and knows her stuff! My dogs love her, too! We’ve worked on simple commands, and now are working on not rushing the door, and general goodness manners for greeting guests. Their behavior is so much better, and I feel much more confident! Kelly does not disappoint!

  39. Sierra Lightfoot 2019/06

    Kelly did an amazing job with my year and a half pup! Him and I both learned a lot about training and becoming the best pup he can be from Kelly. He absolutely adored her by the end of our sessions. We highly recommend Kelly for all your dog training needs!

  40. jillbush62 2019/05

    I have known Kelly since middle school when I was coaching track. I was so excited to run into her now and then in the pet store. I have recently become responsible full time for my 3 year old Golden Doodle. She is so energetic but the most concerning habit was jumping on people. I am the primary caregiver for my 83 year old dad who has balance issues and needed help with listening etc. So who did I think to call Kelly at Happy Tailz. Her approach is so positive. Literally after a few visits she solved the jumping and listening and so much more. It is absolutely amazing how Dolly responds to her direction, she has been easier to train than the adult care team. I recently had to travel west to my father’s house and had to board her at a local dog bed and breakfast, the owner said she was a sweetheart and did not jump on her which is a habit she will not allow a dog doing so to return. I was so thankful because Dolly loved it there. Also my husband and I had screwed up the invisible fence training
    and so she was afraid to be in yard, Kelly fixed that in one visit. My friends and family who had known her actions before Kelly and after Kelly are incredulous at the improvement. Her help is PRICELESS

  41. Neil Carrico 2019/03

    Our 1.5 year old mutt ate the couch. That was almost the last straw for us. Luckily a friend referred us to Kelly. She immediately got results with our 1.5 year old in the first session. If anybody says you cant teach an old dog new tricks I’d say to challenge Kelly because she was also able to help us with our 10 year old. The principles Kelly taught us are straightforward and easy to implement. Our dogs listen now and we couldnt be happier. We would highly recommend Happy Tailz!!

  42. Elizabeth Boone 2019/01

    Kelly is absolutely amazing! I would recommend her to anyone looking for ways to teach your animals great behavior through positive reinforcement. She is professional and flexible, she made what I had thought would be impossible, possible, by coming to our home for our sessions and working with my insane schedule! Kelly was great at teaching Loki, us, and even teaching my kids best practices to improve their interactions with Loki. She is very professional. Her true passion for animals and what she’s doing is obvious and I cannot thank her enough for such an awesome experience!

  43. john nania 2018/12

    Ginny is well on the way to learning all the essential commands thanks to Kelly!

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