Happy Camper Pet Lodge

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Happy Camper Pet Lodge
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  1. Ricky 2023/09

    Happy Camper made the processes of daycare easy, my spouse dropped off the pup and I picked him up. They seemed to be in touch with the dogs and their personalities and seemed to care about their well being more than how many they could get onto the daycare floor. Excited to use them to board and will post a review for boarding after.

  2. Deborah Morgan 2023/09

    Awesome Staff.
    They are so caring and friendly. My baby enjoyed being there. It was her first time at a doggie day camp and they made sure that she integrated according to her needs.


    Pretty good boarding we’ve used for about 4 yrs now. The staff is very kind and they seem to be good with dogs of many types. I like the fact that they tell you, upon making reservations, what immunizations your dog needs before boarding. They even go the extra mile of obtaining the records from your vet. The place is not as clean as I think it could be but it’s not filthy. After all, it IS a dog boarding facility and my four-legged baby NEVER comes back with fleas or anything with which he didn’t come. I will continue to use HC for my boarding needs without hesitation.

  4. Holly Kinzer 2023/08

    I have left my dog there in the past and had good experiences. This time I came and the red haired woman at the desk was so nasty and rude to me
    I just left , not feeling comfortable leaving my dog with her
    I will never return to this business again

  5. Georgina Street 2023/05

    My dog leaves happy and is always happy to go in. The crew is very courteous.

  6. Holden Andrews 2023/02

    We have an 11 month old golden doodle. After a recommendation from a friend, we decided to board our dog here for 9 days (8 nights). Overall, we were happy with the customer service – the photos we got of our dog were great, they we accommodating to our feeding schedule, everything seemed to be going well while we were away.

    When we were discussing with the owners what we were looking for in where to board our dog for this trip, one of the topics that came up was brushing – which they had as a service listed on their website. I confirmed with them, via email that 1) they would be able to brush our dog daily (for a fee or not, we were more than willing to pay for this) and 2) we are very strict about brushing him, because we knew if he went 9 days without being brushed, he would get matted and then would need to be shaved down. We did not want this – we love our golden and his long, curly fur!

    We get him back on the 9th day, (which they were very accommodating letting a friend pick our dog up since our flight was late), but it was clear that he wasn’t brushed often or well during his time there. I understand part of that is subjective, but we took our dog to the groomer 2 days post-pick up (where we very carefully brushed him as best we could in the lead up time) and she confirmed he would need to be shaved down due to the matting.

    There were a lot of great thing about this place – but if you have a dog with long fur / a dog that’s a little more high maintenance, look elsewhere. It’s certainly frustrating that we gave our concerns about him coming back matted, were assured there was no issue, that he could be brushed, and then he comes home matted and needing to be shaved down. While we are thankful for the services provided, we do feel more than a little misled.

  7. Wendy Ross 2022/09

    Our doggy loves it there

  8. Kayse Modlin 2022/09

    We left our dogs with them while we were gone on vacation and they sent me updates and pictures every day because they knew how nervous I was about leaving my fur babies. We are actually getting ready to go to FL for a few days and will be leaving them at this place once again.

  9. Catherine Carter 2022/08

    Great with my dog. He likes visiting & having his nails cut ? …

  10. Bear Longus 2022/08

    excellent staff!!! they take great care of my baby…

  11. Diamond Fields 2022/06

    Always smelled of urine. My dog always came home smelling really bad. He also came home with a wound. ALSO he got kennel cough there.

  12. Eric M. “Em” 2022/06

    As you can see from my photos, my dogs had a great time. The staff is so sweet. And are always kind enough to send us pictures while we’re on vacation to let us know that they’re okay. The facility is pretty clean and well maintained. All the animals look very happy and content. We’ve brought them there over the past 3 years and couldn’t be happier.


  13. Laura Georgiadis 2022/06

    Owners are super nice. Reasonable prices.

  14. David Jones 2022/04

    My daughter introduced us to this pet boarding business and I am very happy she did! The staff really cares for all of the dogs that are left in their care!

  15. Patrick Riley 2022/04

    Trusted, great, safe place for daily or overnight boarding of your dog!

  16. Lauren Taylor 2022/01

    My furchild will never go anywhere else for daycare or boarding. The owner is amazing and the staff treats the dogs like their own.

  17. Heather Marshburn 2021/09

    I have taken my dogs to happy camper for over 6 years. Today we will find a new daycare, the women at the front desk is the furtherest thing from professional, a dog nearly attacked my dog and she yelled at me in return telling me I couldn’t come inside the office like I did, mind you I have been coming here for over 6 years doing the same thing. When your policy changes I suggest you give your clients time to adjust and make sure the information and rules are consistent through out your entire team. Sadly each of you have told me something different, Josie and Kaiden will not be returning. The situation this morning was uncalled for, I hope you get the red haired lady who can’t even practice basic hygiene out of there, I have hated taking my dogs there since she started being there and this morning was the last straw.

  18. Angie Mellgren 2021/09

    My pup LOVES going to Happy Camper! He gets so excited he starts barking two blocks before we get there. The staff is so friendly and they really do love all of the dogs. They take good care of my guy, especially when I board him.

  19. Rand Robins 2021/07

    My dogs don’t normally handle boarding very well but did great at Happy Camper. They were tired and happy when we picked them up after 5 days. Will be using them again when we start traveling.

  20. Thuanny Fields 2021/06

    Our little big Saint Bernard is a truly Happy Camper! We love how caring the crew is, always sending us pictures of our dog playing outside. We strongly recommend this place! The dogs have a LOT of play time and you can tell they have a great time while staying there.


  21. Jackie Gilley 2021/06

    I would highly advise to not bring your dog to Happy Camper. Our sweet golden went there for daycare when one afternoon they called us to let us know she had a “minor cut” but was doing fine and they put hydrogen peroxide on the cut (which btw is not suggested). We go to pick her up and there is a large open gash on her back, which required a vet visit, staples, and a cone for two weeks. When asked what happened, they claimed they were outside the whole time and didn’t see anything happen; it also “wasn’t caught on cameras”. There’s no way my dog injured herself, so beware of the aggressive dog that’s there and clearly running freely unsupervised. We are most disappointed in how the owner handled it; not giving our dog proper first aid care, downplaying the injury, barely receiving an apology, and no reimbursement for the vet bill. Please think twice before sending your fur baby here!!

  22. Richelle Ang 2021/05

    I have been bringing my fur baby here for a few years now. Not only are the prices affordable, but the staff is absolutely amazing! I was nervous since I’ve never brought my dog to daycare or boarded him. Avery reassures me how well he’s taken care of because he runs right in and is always so happy when I pick him up. Highly recommend Happy Campers

  23. Annena Ellis 2021/03

    My dog absolutely loves this place and they always remember him when he walks in. The staff is super friendly.

  24. Ailor Hatcher 2021/03

    So moved from my experience today had to write a review. From the moment of arriving my instincts said don’t stop! Entering into the lobby a strong smell of urine (mask) and duct taped holes on the floor.Looking out the window into the 2 play yards many dogs trying to find shade along fencing or anywhere they could and only noticed ONE water pail for each area. Not a human insight to manage the yards. They were probably in the ac. Air temp was 105.Didnt get a tour of the sleeping area was truly afraid what was behind “the curtain”!

  25. Emily Boyd 2020/09

    We love happy camper! Our pup gets to get all of his energy out in a safe and fun environment. Their hours are amazing and you can’t beat the price. We take Duncan twice a week and it’s his favorite thing. As soon as we pull in the driveway he freaks out. We love that they know him by name and periodically send us photos of what he’s doing.

  26. J M 2020/08

    Very friendly, took care of my pup well

  27. Sean Hill 2020/08

    My dog loves it here. The staff are caring and responsive to concerns, and my lab mix dog is worn out following a day here. Priced well too.

  28. Marquita Moore 2020/08

    Have a 5th yorkie took her in for a trail and they said she would not let them pick her up

  29. Freda B 2020/08

    My Son boarded his Old English Bulldogge over the Christmas holiday for 5 nights. after him doing a four hour trial visit which went well. The employees only sent one update on Christmas. When he was picked up his testicles were enlarged about 2 1/2 times their normal size, reddish in color with scabs!! (We have pictures) My son immediately treated him with antibacterial soap and bathed him. Fortunately, we were scheduled for a routine vet appointment the next day. The vet treated the area and prescribed pain meds and antibiotics to clear up the infection and removed scabs, which was painful for our dog and to watch. Not once did the staff acknowledge there was a problem, and they failed to call the Vet (whose information they on file) to have him treated. Additionally our local emergency called them to check and was told everything was fine.We opted to post a review on-line so that other pet parents/owners/handlers can be aware if planning to board overnight for an extended period. Thank goodness we sooner than later as the condition would have gotten much worse if continued to be left untreated. We had to pay additional monies at the vet over and above his regular vaccination charges. Never again…two thumbs down. Not a happy camper or customer!!

    The owner of Happy Camper pet lodge did reach out to us and was apologetic concerning “what may have happened” to Handsome Jack during his stay. Our concern was that no one noticed the change in his testicles or attempted to get him medical treatment or said anything about it when we picked him up. He is almost completely healed but it is unlikely that we will board him again overnight to avoid any future irritation and/or infections of this type.

  30. Kai Ulric 2020/07

    Left our dog here and they were wonderful with her!

  31. A.S. LoCurzio 2020/03

    My pup loves coming here for daycare! Friendly, caring staff.

  32. Chad Brophy 2020/02

    Great customer service and always professional.

  33. Camilla Hill 2020/01

    Our puppy Charlie literally tries to jump out the window when we pull into the parking lot because he loves it so much there. We love the people and they love him.

  34. Kyle Schwandt 2019/10

    My dog was recently involved in s fight while boarding. She was injured and they said they tried calling me but did not leave a voicemail. I was not aware of the injuries till I picked her up the next day. I immediately took her to my Vet where they treated two puncture wounds and her eye was also injured. Scuffles happen at these kind of facilities but not having the dog treated or informing the owner is not acceptable, I could have picked her up early or had someone else get her. Very disappointing.

  35. Christopher Tweel 2019/09

    Very solid daycare and overnight kennel.I really appreciate their relaxed attitude but still they keep a level of professionalism that I appreciate. I know that our dog always comes back tired and happy.

  36. Kevin Jones 2019/09

    My dog and I love it here! My dog always comes home happy and can’t wait to get there in the morning. She practically jumps out of the car before we even turn down their street. The Happy Camper team has gone above and beyond to help us in multiple instances and have been pleasant to deal with.

  37. Quentin Alexander 2019/09

    We’ve boarded our dogs there a number of times and the staff is friendly and our dogs are always happy there! We especially like the texted photos of the dogs during their stay!!!

  38. Heath Browning 2019/06

    Friendly place, guy with tattoos was visibly drunk, hope the owner is able to catch this in the act. It’s not good for the buisness , or the dogs. Owner is really nice hate to see him taken advantage of

  39. laura sokol 2019/05

    They’re affordable and allow Pitts, what more could you ask for?! My pup seems to enjoy coming here!

  40. Juan Gutierrez 2019/04

    We have been bringing our dogs on and off for the past 3 years (It’s very rare we took them, usually it was on vacation) and back then they always had an amazing time. This time around we put one of our dogs for day care a couple of days. On the final day on the way to day care my dog was acting a bit nervous. Usually he just lays quietly. I figured it was no big deal so I left him with the young man with a beanie at the front desk (who my dog really likes) and off I went. When I picked him up, the same young man greeted me and called on someone to bring me my dog while he stepped outside. While I waited, I heard a lot of yelps. I quickly realized this was coming from my dog. These were the type of cries he only makes when he is in pain. Problem is these cries lasted for more than 30 seconds. So another guy comes out with my dog and I visibly see that my dog is uncomfortable and comes towards me panting. I ask the gentleman what were those cries about. He tells me: “I don’t know, I think he is just happy to see you”. I reply with an “ah, I see. By the way, where is his jacket I brought him in?” He does not know, so I spot the jacket on the counter. This is when I see the jacket has a tear near it’s neck. I just walk out and leave. On the way home my dog seems releived. All I know is this: my dog has never in his 7 years of life cried out in pain due to “happiness to see me”. The only times he has cried like that was when he was on pain medicine due to a procedure and those cries lasted no more than 2 seconds. I am never returning and I hope that the owner keeps an eye on that employee.


  41. Annie Radigan Overton 2019/01

    I don’t write a ton of reviews, but I can’t say enough how grateful I am that Happy Camper is a part of me and my girls’ life. Maggie (my almost 1 year old black lab pup) has THE best time at HCPL. She’s completely wiped out from playing her heart out all day and is always so stoked to arrive in the morning. I had to board her this week & unexpectedly added an extra day to the reservation last minute. The staff is always so kind, the facility smells great (unlike others in the area), & I really love that they get to play outside so much. On top of all this, the prices can’t be beat. We’re some happy campers for life in this family! 😀

  42. DJ Stephens 2018/08

    Was looking for a place to board my dog when I have to travel for work. And have turned into a boarding/grooming/daycare client. Great staff, nice facility and extremely reasonable rates. They send me photos of my dog during his stays and grooming appointments. They have open daycare, but you do need to make reservations for boarding and grooming. Give them a chance and I am sure you will become a client as well and your dog will really enjoy it.

  43. Amairetto 2018/08

    The groomer Roger here, did a fantastic job on my little Maltipoo. I’ve taken him to many groomers but never really met my expectations, I showed Roger a pic of what I wanted and he delivered it! My baby, Toto is also a very anxious dog. He has separation anxiety and he’s scared of literally everything including meeting new people and dogs. As a puppy, he got attacked twice by other dogs so he goes into panic mode when he sees other dogs. When I dropped Toto off, he was trembling but when I picked him up, he was so happy and excited. He also ate the treats that the staff gave him so I knew that he was comfortable with them and that they did interact with him. If he’s feeling uncomfortable or anxious, he wouldn’t eat or drink, not even his favorite treats. The staffs and the groomer here were amazing and the pricing is very affordable. We will definitely be coming back again!

  44. Laura McNutt 2018/07

    My pup loves it there & they cut her nails for only $7


  45. Sam 2018/07

    Contrary to amcgrady ‘s review(which it seems like he hates everything except a Steak and Shake in Las Vegas) this place is amazing. My dog usually has anxiety when I’m not with her and the staff did a great job making sure that my dog felt right at home!

  46. Logan O'Dell 2018/06

    Great service and friendly staff! I highly recommend bringing your furry friends here!

  47. ben lowe 2018/05

    They cared for the dogs and the dogs and sent us pictures of them playing. The dogs seemed to enjoy themselves there.

  48. Maddie (Maddie000) 2018/04

    They took fantastic care of my little puppy!

  49. Rick French 2018/03

    Our dog absolutely LOVES it here! They spoil their guests so well, we feel bad taking him home. LOL!

  50. Laura Pence 2018/02

    They have recently gotten astro turf in all of their yards/pen areas. But the play groups are not always supervised.

  51. Anna Seaton 2018/02

    My boys have been at happy camper since the spring. Its affordable but I’m not sure they actually get much exercise in, since the come home with just as much energy. After a very recent, and incredibly rude, conversation with one staff member – we won’t be back. Hopefully it’s just one bad apple in the bunch, as I’m confident Preston leads a great team.

  52. Jenn Baltz 2018/01

    I dont know where to start..the staff here loves our babies and our babies are challenging…i love this place so much. Been taking our lil tater tot and Freya cakes here for awhile now and couldn’t be happier with their service and how happy they are to see them…thank you all for making out lil babies so happy while we travel the world..?

  53. Jami Cottrell 2018/01

    The best place in Richmond!

  54. DesignGrl X 2017/09

    So far, my dog is in love with the place. I have taken her 3 times, with varying lengths for her doggie daycare and she tried to pull me into the place today. Happy dog=happy dog mamma! I am scheduled to have her in for overnight stays soon and hope to have the same stellar customer service with her special diet needs and keeping her happy, active, and engaged while she stays. The owners have really done this place right and I hope they expand and open a west side location sometime soon. 😀 This is exactly the type of place I was looking for as a recent transplant to the area, and so happy my vet recommended it! All the dogs are super happy and you can follow their antics on facebook and instagram to see how your pup is doing with the other pups in daycare and boarding! Affordable prices with caring staff who know every dog’s name. Love!

    Edit: I stopped taking her shortly after this post because the first overnight stay (3 nights, 4 days) with them and my dog was in a fight and came home with a chunk out of her side, which they didn’t tell me about until I picked her up. I was willing to give them another shot because it sounded like my dog was punchy and became a bit toy possessive. It happens when a dog is used to being the only dog most of the time… However the next trip that I reserved with them…. They never got back to me and never answered calls or emails so I had to scramble to find a dog sitter at the last minute. They told me it was a problem with their email but I also called several times with no return call. They only got in touch with me again six months later and I had already moved on. In summary.. Seems good for day care or shorter stays but for dogs with any issues or longer stays… Not confident in the place. I now use an in home sitter that is fantastic!

  55. Mike Allums 2017/08

    Been taking my GSD there for a little over a year now. The staff are great and Nikki loves them all. I especially like Happy Camper because they aren’t too big. Took Nikki to another day care and they were great, but there were so many dogs Nikki would come home with diarrhea for the next couple days. It was caused by stress and nothing that the daycare did wrong, but I just couldn’t keep taking her there. Check these guys out; great service and excellent price.

  56. Kerri Rosana 2017/07

    We took our dog there once a week for daycare for a few months. She always seemed very excited when we arrived and happy and tired when we picked her up. They knew her by sight and name by the second week, which made me happy to think they had already bonded with my pup.

    Over the weeks we were disappointed that every time we picked her up she seemed to be in an asphalt play yard, with 20+ other dogs. She seemed perfectly happy, and all of those dogs seemed to get along very well, but pictured on their instagram and Facebook were always small play groups on AstroTurf. She came home with torn up pads more than once which was probably due to playing fetch on the asphalt (she is very toy driven and will play fetch until she collapses pretty much). We never said anything to them about this, so I can’t say if they may have changed her play routine or not…

    A few weeks ago she came home missing a nail. The whole thing had been torn down to the quick and she was clearly in pain. I called to ask what had happened and they told me they hadn’t noticed she was hurt. This shocked me, considering how much it must have bled (it was still bleeding some when she got home). We weren’t upset that she had the injury because she is a very active dog and injuries happen, but we were quite upset they didn’t even notice she’d been hurt at some point. It made us feel like there were too many dogs in the playgroup for them to pay close enough attention to each dog.

    On the plus side, they did seem to have true interest in getting to know the dogs and seemed to enjoy interacting with them. And they are very affordable for daycare.

  57. Ally Thomas 2017/06

    Happy Camper is the BEST pet lodging experience I’ve had in Richmond. The employees are attentive and take great care of my little Frenchie! Preston goes above and beyond and sends pics of playtime. Cannot beat the price and my dog comes home happy and well exercised every time! Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a place to take your pups!

  58. Jami Jones 2017/05

    Happy Camper is the best dog boarding/daycare facility in Richmond. I’ve been taking my dogs there for a couple of weeks now and they come home exhausted. Preston and his staff go above and beyond to make you and your dog feel comfortable. They make sure your dog plays with groups they get a long with. They also make sure that your dog does get to play even when they board. I’m so thankful to find Happy Camper Pet Lodge!

  59. Arvla Bellamy 2017/03

    They took really good care of my furbaby who Used a wheel chair

  60. Ashley Castro 2017/02

    Happy Camper has been providing exercise and care for the dogs in our rescue organization from the moment we opened. I’m so grateful to have such a kind and attentive staff to care for our foster dogs!

  61. Kenneth Fetzer 2016/10

    Happy Camper is great! It’s like half the price of most doggie day care’s. Been taking our dog there since he we got them and he loves it. They have artificial turf too so the dogs paws don’t get too hot in the summer. Highly recommend Happy Camper.

  62. Jeremy 2016/03

    We decided to try and take out dog here. We tried calling for 3 days, multiple times a day and no answer. Left messages, no call backs. We decided to do a walk in, our shots were expired (not there fault) so didn’t receive any services. I was just disappointed in the overall operation.

  63. martha anderson 2016/02

    Emily loves Happy Camper. So do I because it makes me feel great when I leave her there. Exceptional staff!

  64. Kelly Magruder 2016/01

    BEST place to drop off your dog! You know your dog is in good hands and having fun!

  65. Dana Skinner 2014/06

    We love Happy Camper! Our lab mix has stayed there quite a few times and she is always so happy to go. They have multiple fenced in areas, some shaded, for different play groups or individual play. The boarding kennels are a nice size, and they provide lots of attention. They offer many different home made treats, and they send you pictures while you are away. The staff is very friendly and relaxed, and they keep the facility nice and clean. Their fees are very reasonable and they even take some dogs on field trips.

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