H L Cooper Pest Control

Google Rating:4.8

H L Cooper Pest Control
4.8 based on 17 reviews
  1. FRVT BLVCC 2023/10

    Great guy with great services

  2. April Dickerson 2023/09

    Mr. Cooper is through and knowledgeable and very honest. I will continue to do business with his company.

  3. K Hattie 2023/08

    Very thorough, very pleasant and knowledgeable.

  4. Kevin Bohm 2023/07

    I have been working with Mr. Cooper for over five years now and he is excellent. He has deep knowledge of pest control, is courteous, fair, and just a pleasure to do business with. Mr. Cooper was able to get rid of a rat problem that I had with just one trip. I highly recommend him.

  5. Carolyn Hopkins 2023/07


  6. Shurelle Lowe 2023/07

    The Absolute Best. Very thorough!
    -Stephanie Lowe

  7. Ashley Gay 2023/07

    We have used Mr Cooper for our pests needs in our house the last few years. He is very well priced and does such an amazing job! No more suffering with pests in the home. He’s also completed difficult jobs for us, such as getting rid of a huge hornets nest. Definitely would recommend!!

  8. Ciara Jones 2023/07

    Love Mr. Cooper!!! He is sooo knowledgeable about pest control and very thorough with his services. One time I found a bug in my house and sent him a picture and he knew EXACTLY what it was, where it came from, how it reproduces, and what to do to get rid of it. He once did a bombing in my house and for months if a fly got in the house I didn’t even have to swat it, it just died on its own. He is wayyyyy better than those big box companies who just come and basically do nothing and he doesn’t put you under contract AND his prices are GREAT! He is also very technologically savvy with electronic payment options. One more thing: I asked him if he offered a mosquito service and while most companies would charge you for the additional service he let me know that I didn’t need anything additional because the stuff he used and how he sprayed already worked against mosquitoes and I was good to go! Highly recommend Mr. Cooper! 10/10

  9. Alex Madgar 2023/07

    Super easy and will definitely keep using in the future!

  10. Margaret Reynolds 2023/07

    Mr. Cooper is professional and knowledgeable. His price was fair.

  11. Jim and Jane Otto 2023/07

    Mr. Cooper is one of the best for doing not only a great job but being concerned that the customer knows what he is doing and how to know when bugs may be back because of all the rain.

  12. Tiffany Jones 2023/07

    I called Mr.Cooper on a Tuesday and he was at my house on Wednesday. Very professional. Will always use him. Came with shoe covers which I loved. Can back when I needed him. Thanks Mr.Cooper

  13. Michael Miller 2023/07

    We have used Mr. Cooper for the last four years to get rid of bugs in our yard and around the outside of our house. And just last year we called on him to get rid of a fairly large yellow jacket nest in a area that we were clearing. He is always pleasant, on time, professional, and cost competitive.

  14. Wan Iong 2023/07

    Mr. Cooper is very responsive. He gave a very candid assessment on what is really needed. Patiently explain all the options and provide good value service. Highly recommend his service.

  15. Robert Aman 2023/07

    Absolutely 100% professional and 100% committed to doing an excellent job. He is now servicing two of my kids houses as well. I highly recommend Mr Cooper.

  16. Brittney W 2023/07

    We have been using H L Cooper Pest Control for over a year. He is always extremely responsive, comes out quickly, and spends time getting to the root of the problem. We will continue to use him.

  17. Angela Drummond 2023/07

    Poor attitude, disrespectful I wouldn’t recommend .

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