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Grateful Paws Pet Care
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  1. Jenny Watkins 2020/11

    I have had great experiences with Grateful Paws after MANY not so great experiences with other companies. When I return from trips, my dogs are always calm and happy, which lets me know that they were well taken care of. I also love the adorable photo updates I get – some of the best pictures of my dogs!

  2. Marciano Villamiel 2020/11

    It may be trite but our pups are family members and I fully trust Kristen to take care of our furry family members for walks and pet sitting when out of town. Also she’s really flexible for last minute needs for walks, contentious-particularly these pandemic days. We’ve had Kristen do overnight stays and not only does she care if the pups and hang with them, she’ll take in mail and water plants. Highly recommend hiring Kristen for your furry family members.

  3. Emily Cherry 2020/10

    Kristen is the absolute best, and I completely trust her with my dog. She’s responsible and responsive, and my dog loves her! Added bonus: She sends the best pictures.

  4. Sean Baucum 2020/09

    Kristen with Grateful Paws is absolutely the best with my older dog as well as my cats. You can tell these animals mean so much to her & my animals look forward to their time with her. Kristen always sends us a great pic or two or their adventures & she provides great insight on the care & wellbeing of my critters, which I appreciate. I would highly recommend using Grateful Paws for any of your pet sitting needs or anytime you’re as busy as I am with work or other obligations, it’s great to know your pet is given some adventure time with such great care.

  5. dale johnson-raney 2020/06

    I could not say enough good things about Kristen and this company. She has taken care of our dogs many times and I have always felt very confident leaving them in her care. I know she truly cares about my dogs and will treat them with the utmost care and concern.

  6. Sabrina Picca 2020/03

    Kristen is trustworthy, dependable and a genuine animal lover. My two dogs and I adore her! If you’re looking for the best dog walker in RVA, call Grateful Paws!

  7. Ann Barry 2020/03

    Kristen has taken care of my two pups on a number of occasions when I went out of town. She always showed up on time at the house for their meals and walks, and showered them with lots of attention and love. Kristen even sent me photos from their walks, which always made my day!

    I highly recommend this service, and guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

  8. Maeve Johnson 2020/03

    There are not enough good things I can say in this one single review. Kristen really takes time and care for my dog and she has been the only one I have been able to fully trust with my defiant husky. She is patient and her communication is always so reassuring that my dog is in the best of hands! Even in these particular times of uncertainty, I can be certain that Kristen will be there for Potter ❤️ Thank you for everything- couldn’t have picked a better dog walker/care taker.

  9. Dawn C 2018/07

    Our older dog is extremely sensitive to change and strangers, and would be unable to handle the stress of being boarded or having friends simply “drop-in” to feed him and let him out. Bart’s spends quality time with your furry family member (“FFM”). Our “old guy” is happy to see us when we arrive home, but it is always very clear and comforting that he’s been well cared for and given attention in our absence. We also have a parrot that Bart’s cares for.

    Their services have been a life-saver, allowing us to easily plan family vacations without worry now (we’ve used the services more than once for a week or more). We have called Bart’s with only a week’s notice to request a week-long service with a “happy-to-help, glad-you-called!” attitude. You will be offered an introduction visit with your FFM (recommended) and an opportunity for a detailed discussion of what your FFM idiosyncrasies may be and what your expectations are. This will also include specific service requests for your house during your absence. From this visit, Bart’s creates a checklist to be sure everyone is on the same page and will have for future service requests. For future service requests, a “reintroduction” to your FFM is offered and the checklist is revisited to cover anything which may have changed.

    Of course, while pet care is the primary purpose of hiring Bart’s, there are other important value-adds worth noting:
    • Your house is also being visited regularly when on an extended vacation. If something were to go wrong while you were away, you have the peace of mind to know you will be notified. Ultimately, you not only get a pet sitter, but a house sitter.
    • If requested, your regular household routines (mail, packages, trash taken down/up) are being attended to.
    • Your house will be in as good or, as with our most recent service, better shape than when you left it (e.g. my “old guy” is shedding and I came home to my carpet being vacuumed – no, didn’t ask, it was just done (really, how great is that?!)
    • To the point above – and again not requested, just done – my “old guy” was brushed regularly!!!

    In summary, Bart’s is caring, dependable, responsive, detail-oriented, trustworthy, and exceeds expectations. You will receive a very earnest follow-up after services rendered to be sure you were satisfied with your experience and for suggestions for future improvements. It is such a breath of fresh air to receive such exemplary customer service and we could not be happier.


  10. John Kuhn 2017/10

    Awesome service. Professional, courteous, and responsible. 10/10

  11. Colby Bookman 2017/09

    So my girlfriend is out of town and I work 8-5 everyday an hour away. We have a 3 year old dog and a 3 month old pup. It’s not easy to get somebody to come check on the 3 month old every 3 hours or so, but Bart’s Barks LLC was able to. He didn’t just come take our dogs out to the bathroom and leave, but instead he came to our house and took our dogs on a walk, fed them, and spent quality time with them. All this when on a busy Thursday! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the services and care Bart’s Barks provided for my fur children in a pinch. I am 100% satisfied and would recommend them to anyone who loves and values their pups as much as my girlfriend and I do. I will definitely be using Bart’s Barks more in the future. Probably as soon as next week. He’s trustworthy, caring, and affordable when it comes to tending the needs of your dogs in times of need. Thanks Bart’s Barks, two thumbs up👍🏽👍🏽💯💯

  12. Genna Mirenda Henry 2017/05

    Bart’s Barks takes such good care of my little man! I can always trust them to treat our dog like another member of the family. Our pit demands a lot of loving attention and I am so thankful to have found Bart’s Barks to give him the care he needs!

  13. Samantha Ednie 2017/04

    I don’t ever worry about Daisy being loved when we are away, Bart always ensures she is well attended to!

  14. Cassie Knight 2017/02

    For years, Bart’s Barks has removed our biggest pain-point with traveling: pet care. It’s been a huge relief knowing that we have someone reliable to count on, no matter where we are or for how long. Bart is basically a dog whisper who’ll naturally carry-on a conversation with your cat, so expect your pets to love him (probably more than you)!

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