Four Paws Pet Resort

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Four Paws Pet Resort
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  1. Anna Bender 2023/11

    Our dog loves coming here when we travel and cannot bring her. We feel very comfortable leaving her with Four paws and usually get her nails trimmed during her stay.

  2. Ðᶓẋƭᶓȓ Ȧʅʅḁḡḁḧṙᶓỉ 2023/10

    I have boarded my dog here MANY times, and they have always been great and happy to see him. He always comes home tuckered out from all the fun, and has never shown any signs he doesn’t want to be there. I highly recommend trusting these guys to look after your furry family while you are away. You can relax and enjoy your trip knowing they are safe and in good hands!

  3. meghan cote 2023/10

    The staff is beyond kind and have become like family to my dog and I, they always get so excited to see him and have been very accommodating on the occasions I have been late. Couldn’t recommend this place more

  4. Bree Verrill 2023/10

    Went to drop our dog off for his first time ever being boarded and they didn’t ask us any questions, didn’t ask if we had any questions, didn’t show us around or tell us what they do there, nothing. They just verified a couple of things and then took him without letting us even say goodbye to him and told us we can leave. It gave me a really bad feeling. We ended up having one of our friends pick him up after a few days because all of that was still just not sitting right, so I let the office know. But when our friend walked in, all he said was that he was there to pick up (my dogs name) and they just handed him over. Didn’t check his ID, didn’t ask any questions, didn’t call us to confirm. So literally anyone could have taken my dog if they knew his name and that he was there. Again, this is my first time boarding, so I’m not sure how other places are, but this just seems like too uncaring of a place and I don’t want my dog around that.

  5. Jennifer Conde 2023/10

    My dog Grover absolutely loves coming to Four Paws. He starts barking with excitement as soon as we get on Hamilton. I go to work knowing he is being cared for and he can spend the day with his canine pals. Emma and the rest of the staff are the best! Each dog is treated like they are a member of their family. for 13 years I have been using this location, it has always been excellent!

  6. Donald and Andrea Oldenburg 2023/08

    Our dog absolutely adores this doggy day care. Staff is friendly and prices are very reasonable.

  7. Margaret Fox 2023/07

    My 1 year old Boxer spent two nights, came home limping and smelling like urine. Had to go back the next day to get her sleeping pad and it was covered in pee. They didn’t communicate with me at all that she had been injured or had accidents in her room. My dog is crate trained and hasn’t ever had an accident in her bed, so it’s very odd behavior for her. She’s been boarded a number of times at other places and has never had issues like this. I don’t feel that this is a safe place for dogs to stay, I definitely won’t be bringing mine back.

  8. Thomas Porter 2023/07

    Our baby loves it. The staff is amazing and it super clean and really affordable.

  9. Michelle Beaudin 2023/07

    Don’t take your dog to the Ashland location. I was 1 minute late picking up my dog today and the doors were locked. A employee was in the parking lot and I asked for help. She was rude and belligerent. I can only imagine how she treats the dogs.

  10. steven [email protected] 2023/07

    My dog Dexter has been going to Four paws fan location since he was a puppy. I love the fact that he gets to play all day, unlike some daycares that keep them caged most of the day. Dex loves it there. It’s his second favorite place to be (home is first of course). The employees are very nice, but most importantly, I like the way they treat Dexter.


  11. Ryan Caruso 2023/06

    When you go in, can you see the dogs? Isn’t that weird? Shouldn’t they be happy to show off their pups having fun?

    I simply was not impressed with this place. I have been to a few doggie daycares in Virginia Beach, which were all very nice; I did not have the same impression here. Look at the photos first, as of 5/2023 there are no photos of dogs running around playing, no one really interacting with the dogs, the outside is just gravel with nothing for the dogs to do (except maybe one doggie pool?), and why are there no photos of the inside?

    When I picked up my dog, I heard her barking inside. This got me curious and so I asked to have a look in the back where she was “playing.” It was just a giant warehouse with a stone wall down the middle to separate the large dogs from the small ones. No one was back there with the dogs; they were all just staring at the gate. There was nothing for them to play with or interact with – just standing there. I understand why you can’t see where the dogs are; I think if people knew were they were dropping off their pets they wouldn’t be so likely to leave them.

  12. Michelle Angert 2023/06

    Four paws was amazing! My dog had the best time

  13. Jordyn Farizo 2023/06

    Everything was great! They accommodated us last minute and were all very nice.

  14. Donald Oldenburg 2023/06

    Staff is great, very friendly. Pricing is well worth it and my dog loves coming here.

  15. Cassidy Firth 2023/06

    My dog has been going here for 6 months. She gets SO excited when she realizes she is going to daycare. She comes home so tired. Highly recommend!


  16. Madeline Gaffney 2023/05

    I love bringing hazel to four paws! Hazel always gets excited to come here, so I know she is getting good care! I also love that I can get her bathed on the last day of. Boarding so she comes home clean!

  17. Stephanie Martinez 2023/05


  18. Gary T 2023/05

    Zeus our dog is always treated well and the staff pays attention during his stay. He requires medication and the staff administers it daily.

  19. Holly C 2023/05

    My dog loves coming here for daycare and boarding. I know he is taken care of by the very friendly staff and he is always excited run in there and play!

  20. Denise Howard 2023/05

    Friendly The clerk Tamani very helpful on what I needs are Clean lobby.

  21. Courtney Wright 2023/05

    We love daycare!! Daisy comes home so so exhausted and I’m so grateful for this affordable but top tier location!!!

  22. Eddie Anderson 2023/05

    Our lab Porter loves going to Four Paws. Super friendly staff and great location.

  23. Norah Hazelgrove 2023/05

    Our dog loves going here!

  24. Christopher Davis 2023/05

    My dog Loki absolutely loves four paws. It’s to the point where I open my car door and he is already at their door waiting to be let in. The staff is great and he is always worn out from playing all day.

  25. Jenna Pace 2023/05

    They take such good care of my pups! Especially my very shy girl. Both doggies have a blast when they stay here!

  26. Jessica Bernal 2023/05

    Friendly staff and clean facility, both pups are always excited to get down and go to doggy daycare, price is reasonable.

  27. Jamie Gunter 2023/05

    Tucker loves to go there for daycare and boarding. The staff loves him and he loves the staff. Loves to socialize with all the other dogs

  28. Kion Butler 2023/05

    Love this place! My dog has been here multiple times and loves It !

  29. Madeline Brass 2023/05

    My dog and I love 4 paws! She always leaves happy and I know I can trust them! Would recommend!

  30. Ariel T. 2023/05

    Four Paws is an amazing place to take your dog! The staff is so caring and supportive. They really took good care of my puppy in such a busy season of my life! I trust them to take good care of my dog when I bring him there.

  31. Celia Isbrecht 2023/04

    My dog just loves it, she just sleeps and sleeps when she gets home!

  32. Rhonda Carter 2023/04

    I have been coming here since March 2021 and I absolutely love it. The staff are very friendly and compassionate. My dog, Maximilian Spencer Carter, loves coming. Whenever we pull up, he knows exactly where we are and is ready to jump out. I love that the staff love on my baby.


  33. Katharine Blood 2023/04

    Been bringing our dog since she was a puppy! She always has a great time. Fantastic staff and unbeatable value!

  34. Eric Cordero 2023/03

    From Virginia Beach and decided to make day trip to Richmond. (VCU alumni) We also decided to take our 5 month old French bulldog, Kona, with us and dropped her off here for a few hours. Staff was super friendly and registration process was a breeze! They also didn’t require a “trial” like some other pet boarding places were. Will definitely bring Kona here again if we come back to RVA.

  35. Allie Tisone 2023/03

    My dog Blue loves coming here! The staff is always wonderful and very kind. I feel totally comfortable leaving my dog for daycare or even for a weekend stay. I recommend Four Paws to all of my friends!

  36. Alexandra Santoli 2023/03

    I take my room mate’s dog Kiba here all the time and he loves it! Always comes home so happy

  37. Avery Ashe 2023/03

    Zeni and I love it here! Everyone is friendly, and they love my crazy dog

  38. E Talley 2023/03

    Silas does fine there and they aren’t that expensive

  39. Kaitlin Mossor 2023/03

    Absolutely love this place! My fur baby has so much fun while she’s here!!

  40. Chris Burke 2023/03

    First time experience for me as I have never boarded or done daycare. The staff was friendly and gave me a tour with my dog. Facilities are clean and overall looks like a good establishment. So far so good… would definitely recommend

  41. Ferg Vacations 2023/03

    Absolutely great place to board your pets and bathing!

  42. Taylor Burks 2023/03

    Our pup is always super excited to go to daycare and super tired when we pick her up. She loves it.

  43. Brian Mills 2023/03

    Mellow loves it there.

  44. Julie Seabury 2023/03

    Great place for your dog. Mine l9ves it! Staff is very nice even at the busy times!!

  45. Rebecca Collen 2023/03

    We love 4 Paws! Mila can’t contain her excitement in the morning when she knows she’s going to “school”. The staff spoils her!


  46. Elena 2023/03

    Finnegan is my almost two year old golden and he loves going to play with all of his pup friends! Overall its a win-win for us because he has such a fantastic day and comes home all tuckered out. Finn loves four paws!

  47. Lee Hazelgrove 2023/03

    these folks are simply the best…our boy Nick never wants to leave…so much TLC!!!!

  48. Joshua Bernick 2023/03

    This is a great place to take your dog to daycare, and they have pretty reasonably pricing. I took my doberman/gsd mix to them, and my dog would happily go in, greet the staff, and walk on back. It gave me comfort knowing my dog was excited to go here, and she usually found a playmate that she would play with all day and come home tired.

    Staff are kind and very helpful
    Prices (especially the 10-day daycare pack)
    Facilities are decent
    Tired doggo at end of day
    Free treats for dogs and people at front desk!

    Dog comes home covered in slobber or may be a little wet if it rains. Keep a towel in your car.

  49. Matt Rawls 2023/02

    We absolutely love Four Paws! When we drop off Brinkley, he gets so excited to be there that he almost pulls off the leash. The staff is amazing and the facility is perfect.

  50. Victoria Bossa 2023/02

    We love four paws pet resort! We’ve been taking Luna there since she was a puppy and playing with the “littles!” She always has a great time and exhausted at the end of the day which is good for the humans at the end of a workday. The staff is always friendly and professional. If you ask how Luna did, the yard staff is able report. I especially appreciate how they could feed her lunch that we brought and give her an isolated space to eat and digest. The little doggy “stalls” are great for overnight boarding because it’s her “safe space” where she can enjoy her own bed, toys, etc. to make her comfortable while we’re gone. During the first boarding experience, we asked if we could get pictures of her and they were more than happy to oblige 🙂

  51. Jacob Ainsworth 2023/02

    My dog’s second home. This location has been amazingly helpful and my dog loves it. He goes to daycare as well as boarding when I am away.

  52. Julia Dawson 2023/02

    Since moving to the area, Four Paws has been such a gift for me and my golden. She is always eager to jump out of the car and run inside when she realizes we are heading there for daycare. It is so convenient to be able to board her there as well, with people, pets, and surroundings she is comfortable and familiar with. When it comes to our pet needs, there’s no one we trust more than the kind and helpful staff at Four Paws in the Fan 🙂


  53. Lisa Gerben 2023/02

    They always take great care of my bb!

  54. Joan Burroughs 2023/01

    Love this place! My pup is always excited to get inside when we arrive and the staff is always happy to see him. It’s also super easy to make reservations (online process is awesome), and they are really reasonably priced.

  55. Susan Melvin 2022/11

    The owners are breed discriminatory. They help perpetuate the myth that bully breeds are dangerous. They will not allow any bully breeds at their facility regardless of history, temperament, etc. They do not even allow them a trial period.

  56. Melissa Abernathy 2022/11

    Four Paws has been a lifesaver — my very active 4-year old shepherd mix needs playtime with other dogs at least once a week to take care of some of her excess energy. And when I needed to board her overnight during a family health emergency, the staff were there for me and very accommodating. Maya loves it here.

  57. Veronica A Andrews 2022/10

    They are so friendly and help full, my dog gets so excited when she goes and stay for the day or if I have to be out of town. Then if she need her nails trim and a bath here I get all done.

  58. Raven Sharrieff 2022/10

    Completely disappointed with staff AND ownership! My puppy stayed at this location from 02/12/2022 through 02/16/2022. When we came to pick him up, it was quite the ordeal to get him and his belongings. I have missing bowls (he eats a mix of soft and hard food) that I will probably never see again. If I didn’t specifically request the metal bowl, that would’ve been a loss. THEY LOST MY DOG’S LEASH. The associate said “Oh the person who checked him in didn’t log it. I can’t find it, so we’ll keep looking. If we can’t find it, we’ll send you a new one.” Any idea how long you will be looking before I receive that new leash or any call back?

    So, I called the owner, John. He gave the “we’re in the middle of COVID and haven’t had the chance to properly train staff” explanation. Also, said that he would do what it took to make it right. Most people would ask for some sort of reimbursement. I honestly would just like my things back, which I told him. He told me that he would personally look for my items and give me a call right back… I never received a call back. Nope, we will not be returning. No, we will NOT be recommending.

  59. Deb Capone 2022/09

    My pups have great care and come home tired! They practically jump over the counter to get in. Staff is great and flexible. Easy to make adjustments if needed

  60. Morgan Morrison 2022/09

    I was so nervous about boarding my older dog for the first time without another family dog with people that I didn’t know, but this was the best experience I could have asked for. My pup came back happy and energized and all the staff took wonderful care of him. The employee who checked me in the day of boarding explained everything to me in detail what to expect for my pup and answered any questions that I had. My pup had a bath and nail trim while there, and the staff even washed his bed before I picked him up. The staff there when I picked my pup up was friendly and let me know how he did. Will definitely be using Four Paws Hamilton St location again for boarding and daycare!

  61. Becky Cramer 2022/09

    They rejected my request to board my dog because has a little pit in him. He is not even a year old and has never been aggressive. He’s mostly lab and the request was then denied on email saying they were “full”. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

  62. Casey Hewetson 2022/09

    My partner Erica and I just started taking our goldendoodle Basil here a few weeks ago… we have now attended their daycare services 3 times now and Basil always comes back tired and holy after a day full of play! She is excited to see the staff when we drop her off and the staff has been so welcoming remembering her, we have been so happy with our experience!

  63. Savannah 2022/09

    Got a call saying they do not allow pitbulls or pit mixes of any kind. Our girl is a Staffordshire terrier, shepherd, and pit mix. Shes a scaredy cat and loves everyone and everything. Even had another dog try and get aggressive with her at the dog park and she just sat there and took it with no response. But no, people still think her genetics are a ‘safety concern’. Shes registered as a fricking service dog but nope doesn’t matter. ‘Aggressive breeds’ have been debunked, studies have been done, yet it still doesn’t matter to some people. If your company insurance doesn’t cover pits (the reason for why she is not allowed) then its simple- get new insurance.

  64. Patrick Callahan 2022/09

    These folks treat their pups like family. Our guy always comes happy and leaves tuckered out. Take your pups early and often! You won’t regret it.

  65. Rick Middleton 2022/09

    Disappointing. I made a reservation for my dog. The next day I received a call that they would not accept my reservation. I asked why. The reply was they could not disclose the reason. The owner only told the receptionist this without any explanation. I asked for the owner to call me and haven’t heard back as of yet.
    The call I received was at a bad time and my reaction was inappropriate for which I am sorry for.

  66. Sean Rutherford 2022/09

    Extremely helpful and accommodating for our dog susie!

  67. Tyler Bayer 2022/09

    This was my first time boarding my dog and I definitely will keep coming back! Everyone was so friendly and my pup seemed like she had a great time. 100% recommended!

  68. Jason Anderson 2022/09

    We’ve been a Four Paws family for years. Great location and such a wonderful staff. We always know our dog is in great hands when he boards at Four Paws.

  69. Sara Woznicki 2022/08

    Bellatrix loves it here for daycare! The staff are so friendly and she always comes home tired. She’s also been boarded here too and gets the same great play time as she does during daycare. Very convenient location too!


  70. Leslie Harris 2022/08

    We recently used the Scott’s Addition location to board our three year old hound for two nights to attend a funeral out of state. The week of the reservation, he broke his foot but the staff assured us when we called that they could handle him in a cast and cone – he’d just not have play time but would have his own space to stay calm and would still get regular outings. When we returned to pick him up he was filthy, reeked of urine, and his cast was stained and nasty. The cast had to be replaced by the veterinarian, which involved anesthesia. We realize that he needed a little extra attention that weekend but they shouldn’t have assured us they could handle it if they couldn’t care for him properly. He’s never had issues with incontinence, so clearly he was just left for extended periods without bathroom breaks. We will not be back.

  71. David Black 2022/07

    Our son and DIL have boarded dog here for some years and loved it. When we got a new dog, we decided to make the long trip to RVA and board Lady overnight. She had a grand time, apparently, and the staff is 100% friendly and agreeable. We could not be more pleased.

  72. Rachel Sheldon 2022/07

    Just picked up my pup after I got back from vacation today. He was excited to see me but I could tell he loved his time there because he wasn’t dying to get out! The dogs have so much social and exercise time indoors and out! It gives me peace of mind to know my baby is being cared for and active as opposed to lying in a kennel all day. Will never go anywhere else! Highly recommend!

  73. Serina bailey 2022/07

    Be aware this company has breed restrictions. I could not find this on their website. It takes 10-15 minutes to fill out the paperwork in order to be considered for approval or rejection.

  74. Adam Netherland 2022/07

    Our dog, Boomer, LOVES Four Paws Pet Resort. He has a trigger word now in “doggy daycare” and gets so excited to go to Four Paws. No lie, when we get off the interstate right by the kennel, he will start whimpering in excitement. The staff there is so sweet and caring, and couldn’t think of a better place to board our pup!


  75. Marin Watts 2022/07

    Our dog Frankie loves Four Paws for boarding and we do too! Frankie is a very timid rescue pup who scares easily, but he always seems comfortable at Four Paws. The staff are great with him, and he is always excited when we arrive. Last time I dropped him off, he didn’t even look back at me as I said goodbye! Bittersweet! We enjoy our vacations more knowing our boy is happy and safe!

  76. Franccesca Hagen 2022/06

    My dog loves going to Four Paws! She always seems to have so much fun and comes home worn out 😊 Highly recommend! …

  77. Emily Gilbert 2022/06

    You can tell that the staff truly care for the pups at Four Paws! I tried multiple doggy daycares in Richmond before choosing Four Paws – they’re great!

  78. Hebrewhammer305 2022/06

    Always nice and have not had issues with booking even during last minute reservations. Would definitely recommend.

  79. Sam Edwards IV 2022/06

    The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Best of all, my dog jumps and howls in excitement whenever I say “daycare” now – which is a pretty good sign.

  80. Maggie Grumbine 2022/05

    Four Paws has been very accommodating whenever I have needed to make a change to my reservation for doggy boarding. My travel plans were delayed, and they kept my dog for an extra day without causing a fuss. I love knowing that she is in good hands when I’m away.

  81. Gerry Alferio 2022/05

    Bugsy loves going to Four Paws on Hamilton Street in Richmond! They are very kind and gentle with him when we arrive. The staff eased him into the yard during his first visit. Now, he can’t wait to play with all of his new doggie friends and it seems that when it’s time to go home he wants to stay longer. I feel at ease knowing he is with people who care so much about the doggies under their care!


  82. Steve 2022/05

    The yard attendants are especially excellent. I would tip them if I could!

  83. Vivian Chiu 2022/04

    I love taking my puppy Pepper here. She gets to play all day and comes home nice and tired! Thanks Four Paws!

  84. Joanna Scott 2022/04

    My dog Lasso loves coming here! He is always happy to go in the mornings and comes back home tired and sleeps for the rest of the evening. Great option to give your pup some fun exercise while you’re at work during the day!

  85. Miriam Boukhira 2022/04

    My dog’s paws were bleeding after just a couple days of overnight boarding. She could barely walk and was on another level of exhaustion. The place doesn’t smell great and there is no outside grass area that the dogs can play in. Do not recommend.

  86. Ashley M. 2022/04

    We had an awesome experience with Four Paws Pet Resort. First of all the customer service was excellent! From the time I called, the staff were kind & pleasant. When I dropped Chloe off I discovered that the staff were very patient & welcoming. I picked Chloe up today & she seems to be doing just fine. They said that she fit in well with the other dogs. Also, during pick up today they handed me her blanket in which they washed for me 😊We will be bringing Chloe back in the near future!

  87. Miranda Bricker 2022/04

    Four Paws Pet Resort is the best! I take my Corgi, Harry, here for day care a few times a week & it’s a godsend. The staff takes good care of the pups, it’s super affordable, and Harry always comes home happy & worn out – he sometimes doesn’t even want to leave. Highly recommend!

  88. Caroline Byers 2022/04

    I love bringing my dog here for daycare and for overnight. They have indoor and outdoor space. I love knowing my dog can still get exercise on rainy and cold days. They have individual spaces for overnight stays and you can bring bedding, their food and toy too. Staff is also great and loving towards the dogs and remember names.


  89. Andy Mills 2022/04

    Our dogs, Mumford and Kiki, always have a great time when we board them here while we go on vacation! They get lots of time playing outside, and the staff are always very nice.

  90. Sarah Freeman 2022/04

    Be aware before trying to book: they do not accept all breeds, including pitbulls. My dogs are neutered, extremely sweet, and very well trained and were turned away without even a meeting to assess behavior. This information should either be disclosed more easily, given how common the breed is, or the policy should be amended.

  91. Connor Smith 2022/04

    Very helpful staff and our pup Skylar had a great time! Highly recommend this for boarding services.

  92. Aliyah Simmons 2022/04

    I am so please with 4paws on Hamilton . My sweet Luna went there for half day daycare and came home so happy and exhausted! She played her little heart out and was snoring for hours when she got home. I know she is in good hands when she goes and I am excited to take her for boarding ! Also love the online portal It makes everything so easy !


  93. Jill Zimmerman 2022/04

    Four Paws is the best! The staff is so friendly and accommodating, my dogs absolutely love going there. Highly recommend!

  94. Krystofer Soto Girau 2022/03

    Great doggy day care took my boy for his first time and he came back happy as ever

  95. Julie Tugwell 2022/03

    Our pup, River, had a great time staying and playing at Four Paws in the Fan. She is a German Shepherd so can be a little nervous with new people, but the staff were very friendly and made sure to make her feel comfortable.

  96. Hunter Knight 2022/03

    My boy Buzz loves it here! Living downtown very easy to get to and he comes home tired. Also the horsing is too notch.


  97. Krystofer Soto Girau 2022/03

    Great place that my dog loves to go to. I just started taking him and I think he really enjoys himself!

  98. Patrick Uhazie 2022/03

    Usually a reliable place for boarding in a pinch, but very disappointed with most recent experience and clear disorganization. Waited half an hour to get our dog, and he had two meals and two doses of medication left which means he either went a whole day without food and meds, or missed a meal and medication on two separate days.

  99. Lauren Smith 2022/03

    Our dog loves to spend time there, she has made friends, and we are very comfortable with leaving her there for long trips.

  100. Lucy Moniz 2022/03

    Four Paws is not a bad place. The get lots of playtime and affection from the staff. The thing I wish they would change is their is usually 2 people in the yards and the second person does the baths and nail trim so it’s really 1 person . That one person watches 3 yards when I worked there I brought up the fact that it’s dangerous for the 1 kennel attendant and dangerous for the dogs but it fell on deaf ears. If there’s a dog fight in the second yard that one kennel person has to run to the back yard and hope they get there before the dogs get injured. When there’s a fight all the other dogs get excited and sometimes they start fighting. It’s absolutely crazy to have 1 person watching at least 63 dogs . Kennel attendants don’t make much imoney so it would not cost allot to hire a few more people to watch the dogs in the yards especially for their safety. If that Four Paws operates differently these days I would gladly delete my review. That’s the only reason (a big reason) why I dont give this kennel 5 stars .

  101. Ema Laabs 2022/03

    Ran like a typical high school hierarchy with pretty much just as much chaos.. not very much structure usually and constant turnover means constantly having receptionists, managers, and attendants in a perpetual state of “in training”

  102. Jessica Foley 2022/03

    I take Keiko to Four Paws Pet Resort and she is always so tired afterward, you know she is out having a great time! The front desk staff is always so friendly and will certainly bring her back again!

  103. A Haley 2022/03

    Sally Belle gets excited every time we pull in to Four Paws in the Fan! She knows she’s going to have fun running and playing with her fellow pups and caring friendly staff. Flexible online booking and accommodating. Fantastic — Way to go 4 Paws! 👍👍🐾🐾 …

  104. R Hollemon 2022/02

    Love Four Paws! My dog gets to play all day and is always excited to come back

  105. Blake Casavant 2022/02

    Absolutely love this place. My dog Wallaby always comes home worn out and injury free each time (which is the only criteria I really care about). I’ve boarded him for several days and he loved it and now he goes 2-3x per week for doggie (doggy?) day care.

    Plus the people who work there are always so happy and greet you with a smile, which can rather nice after a long day of work. So two thumbs way up!

  106. k1ngme 2022/02

    Super friendly people, good deal of space for the pups to play and no kennel! It’s his new favorite place

  107. Doug Totaro 2022/02

    This was Coopers first time to Four Paws Pet Resort and they made him feel so comfortable that he jumped right in and started playing right away. Will be bringing Cooper back.

  108. Kennedi Brice 2022/02

    Thank you for keeping the pets safe and not allowing pit bulls who have been shown time and time again to act aggressively unprovoked. Amazing place. Would trust my dog here 100%.

  109. Jeff Buxton 2022/02

    I have been pleasantly surprised by Four Paws! Their Hamilton St. location is just down the street from my new job. I took our Bichon, Finn, there for day care because we had just moved to the area and I wasn’t sure about leaving him home all day. They took great care of him and he seemed happy at the end of the day. I also just recently used their boarding services when we went out of town for a few days. Again, they took great care of him. The staff are very friendly and genuinely love dogs. 🙂 I always know that Finn is in good hands there. I also appreciate their very reasonable and affordable prices. Four Paws is 100% Finn-approved! (see attached picture)


  110. Teddy Force 2022/02

    Juneau is always excited to go, and absolutely exhausted when she gets home. They are great! My only suggestion would be to send updates throughout a pets boarding – we want to know how our babies are doing!


  111. Karizma Hall 2022/02

    So convenient! My dog loves them, and he gets all his energy out during the day here !

  112. Anne Banton 2022/02

    We have had the best experience for our Squid at Four Paws Fan! He has so much fun every day and you can tell the staff truly love being with all the doggos.

  113. Amelia McLendon 2022/02

    Coco is very social . She loves going to Four Paws to see her two leg and four leg friends. After a full day of running and playing she takes a long nap as soon as we get home , gets up to eat and back to sleep. Thanks Four Paws.


  114. Shelley Dodson 2022/01

    Easy reservation process. My dog loves it and gets some much needed socialization.

  115. Matthew Buck 2022/01

    Denied both of my dogs based on one of their breeds without the offer of a trial period. No where in the sign up process, the boarding agreement, or on their website does it indicate they have a restricted breed list. An email claimed they had no room but they left a voice-mail claiming breed restriction. Confliting explanations makes me think its more personal prejudice and not actual policy.

  116. Mary Sherrod 2022/01

    Four Paws is the BEST! My dog is a rare breed and is often misjudged and has even been thrown out of previous daycares for being too barky. We’ve been going to four paws for around 3 years and love all of the people and pups there. They are so accepting and accommodating. If you’ve had bad luck finding a good daycare place in Richmond I suggest you look here!

  117. Audrey 2021/12

    Everyone who works there is friendly and it’s obvious they enjoy their work. My pup approves wholeheartedly which is all that matters.

  118. Megan Gray 2021/12

    Love this place. They are very personal with my dog and were very easy with the transition. He is a little timid but loves to come stay here.

  119. Warren Teller 2021/11

    They always take great care of my puppy Nelly. Thank you.

  120. Jeremy Kamtman 2021/11

    I’ve been taking my dog to this location for months and they’re always happy to have him! With the option for a bath and nails, my dog always comes home smelling clean and happy,

  121. Chris Wichman 2021/11

    Four Paws is our very energetic German Shepherd’s second home.. it’s so helpful to have a place we can take her to play on a rainy day for daycare or for boarding when we go out of town. Highly recommend to anyone in Richmond

  122. Allie Tisone 2021/10

    My dog Blue loves coming to playcare at the Fan location. She gets excited as soon as we turn into the parking lot and always comes home exhausted from a full day of playing!

  123. Kelly Lange 2021/10

    Our pup, Tycho, LOVES Four Paws as much as we do. The staff is great and Tycho always gets excited in the morning when we say “Four Paws”!!!?? Four Paws is affordable and our pup always comes home nice and tired from a fun day!

  124. Keano Carrillo 2021/10

    My dogs are always happy when we arrive for drop off. They know they are going to be well taken care of! All workers are extremely helpful and very nice. Great place !!

  125. Emily Bradley-Kane 2021/10

    We have tried so many Doggy Daycare & Boarding businesses in the Richmond area. Four Paws has by far been the best experience! The staff truly knows our dogs and always greets them with much fanfare. We feel so comfortable leaving our dogs with the staff while we are out of town; we know they are going to be well loved and cared for. I cannot recommend Four Paws enough!

  126. Olivia Askew 2021/10

    It has been so nice to have an affordable and reliable place for my dog at Four Paws. I have had to extend her stay multiple times before and it is always met by an understanding and accommodating staff. So thankful!

  127. Cyane Lowden 2021/10

    Luna loves coming to 4 paws. She is always greeted and welcomed with open arms. The staff is wonderful and knows her well. For day care and over night this place can’t be beat.


  128. Sarah Forman 2021/09

    Took my very skittish dog, “Eggo Waffles,” to Four Paws in the Fan yesterday for his first doggie daycare to try to socialize him more. I was nervous how it’d go since he’s so skittish, but it went great. The ladies at the front desk were all super sweet, they all came out and loved on Eggo and cooed over him and made him feel more comfortable. They assured me that he’d be watched and someone always monitors the dogs at all times. They told me they’d match him with other dogs his temperament too. When I picked him up, the process was a breeze. One of the ladies showed me a pic on her phone she took of my dog in the yard during playtime. I can tell everyone there is definitely a dog person and loves dogs and genuinely enjoys meeting new ones. I’ll bring Eggo back for more daycare, he was really happy the rest of the day and took many naps, so I think he tired himself out hanging out at daycare. That’s a win! Will definitely come back regularly since the care is great and the pricing is very affordable too! Thanks so much! : )


  129. Crystal James 2021/09

    I wish I hadn’t gone through them, they subcontracted out to ABC moving and they are the worst. They showed up to my house and were very disrespectful and inappropriate in front of my roommates. I had a list of items that needed to be taken first they immediately demanded an extra $650 there on the spot for one of my items that was pictured in the quote that I sent into four paws. I disputed that they agreed to continue moving the items a few hours later they demanded $500 in cash. Now they have my stuff they won’t bring it back they will deliver it until I pay them over $1,500. Worst experience ever I have called four paws and they say they can’t do anything about it they subcontracted my move out.

  130. Catherine Hossack Fraser-Orr 2021/09

    Brownie just had his 18th birthday and he still goes to Four Paws. Thank you John for facilitating him all of these years. And thanks also go out to your staff.


  131. Brad Hodkinson 2021/09

    Both of our hounds really enjoyed their stay, and they were very tired afterwards, which tells me they had a lot of fun 🙂

  132. Rachel Hott 2021/09

    My pup LOVES daycare and the staff at Four Paws. She gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot. The staff is very organized at drop off and pick up, and on the one occasion where it wasn’t, John called each person individually to apologize for the oversight. I also love seeing my girl on their Instagram, knowing she’s having a blast! If you’re looking for a great way to socialize your pet and have them sleep the next day, this is the right place!


  133. Shannon Ciucci 2021/08

    We started bringing our sweet old separation-anxiety riddled beagle here about a month ago, it has been a life changer. We bring him 2x a week and he is happy and exhausted and we can now leave him home on the alternating days without him destroying anything. The girls who work there have been so sweet and I know my little man gets all the love he could need there.

  134. Hayley DeHart 2021/08

    I absolutely love Four Paws to board my baby. I completely trust them and really appreciate the full days of playtime! He barely looks back at me when he gets dropped off because he’s so excited and he’s always exhausted when he gets home. I can’t recommend this place enough!

  135. terry rightnour 2021/08

    We have been searching for some time for a new day care/boarding place for our pooch. Thanks to a neighbors recommendation (thanks Pickles and Fiona!) we have found a spot we love. The staff is super helpful and we had our first boarding experience this past weekend. Novak can’t recommend them enough!

  136. Isabelle Jensen 2021/07

    I adopted a husky mix last February and as he’s grown his energy and need for exercise has also! I love bringing my pup Cooper to four paws! He is always so excited when we arrive and is always tired when I pick him up after work. The staff is very friendly, kind, and professional. I 100% recommend Four Paws to anyone looking for a place to board their pup or take them to daycare! They clearly care and love all of their customers and their fur babies.

  137. Kelly Smith 2021/07

    My pup loves it there!! He is always dirty and played out. He literally sleeps in the car on the way home.
    He loves seeing his friends!
    The staff also love him! That makes me happy.

  138. Taylor Weiss 2021/07

    My morkie Mikki loves going to four paws for the day! The girls remember he every time I drop her off which is comforting and my puppy has the best time! By the time I pick her up for the night she is passed out asleep as soon as we get home. What a great quality service at a price you can’t beat!

  139. Whitney Cole 2021/07

    I have taken way too long to leave this review! WE LOVE FOUR PAWS! Angus has so much fun and gets to run and play for hours on end. The first day we brought him, they managed to convince him to let them cut his nails (and charged nothing for the first time), which was 1) an amazing first impression and 2) a huge relief for a dog mom tired of wrestling with a 65 pound scaredy cat. He left that day completely tuckered out, which was beautiful. They send pictures often and give updates on how his day went whenever I come to pick him up. Such sweet humans, and a service worth every penny. Highly recommended!


  140. Maci Guercio 2021/06

    This location is great whether you’re dropping your puppy off for daycare or boarding for a longer duration! The workers are wonderful and genuinely care for the dogs. They provided daily picture updates the first time I left my pup. Love this place!!

  141. James McAlister 2021/06

    Every time I take my dog to Four Paws, He always has a good time, he is always exhausted from camp from playing. The staff always knows him by his name the minute he walks in the door. They are very reasonably priced and located in a great area with a huge play area in door and outdoor.

  142. Kyle Conrad 2021/05

    Logan loves it! Not only does he get to party all day with his puppy friends, but they always remember his name when he comes in. Super affordable for baths and nail trims, too!

  143. Ashley Walker 2021/05

    Great staff my dogs second home 😍 …


  144. Brian Ochoa 2021/05

    I have been happily taking my beagle to Four Paws for the past couple of months. Staff is always excited to greet him! He really seems to have a great time!

  145. Private Acct 2021/05

    My sister brings her dog daisy here and every time they come home she sleeps the entire next day. And it’s affordable. 5/5

  146. Jasmine Cortes 2021/05

    I think overall this place is great! They really seem to take the time to bond with your pet and are always happy to give an update on your pet when you call. Everyone has always been friendly when I call with the exception of a few staff members that will give an attitude over the phone. My dog always gets excited when we pull up.

  147. david gammino 2021/04

    Super sweet employees, who always greet my pup by name, with a great loving attitude

  148. Milad Hemmatian 2021/04

    Four Paws Fan has been so amazing for our pup, Cruz! We’ve been using Four Paws for the past 6ish months to board our pup Cruz when we’re on vacation or weekends away. We love that they post stories of the pups on their Instagram page so that we can stay in the loop, and they DM photos of Cruz to us directly as well! You can just tell by the look on his face that Cruz has SO much fun while he’s there. We’ll now be taking him in frequently for daycare to socialize with the other pups! Highly recommend Four Paws Fan!


  149. Ashley M 2021/04

    My pups LOVE going to daycare here! They’re always exhausted when I pick them up which means they stayed active the whole time which is a main focus for me. The staff is amazing and its such a great value for the reasonably priced stays. Best pet resort in Richmond by far!

  150. Courtney Williamson (Personal Mail) 2021/04

    Four Paws and staff have been nothing short of amazing! Yoko (our German Shepherd/Black Lab mix) gets so excited whenever we pull up and is always tuckered out when we pick her up. Four Paws is an excellent option for those who don’t want to crate their pets all day and/or who want their dogs to socialize more. We won’t take Yoko anywhere else! Thanks so much for taking great care of our little fur baby. -Courtney and Paige 🙂

  151. Paul Hamilton 2021/03

    Good service and good people. My dog always comes back tired.

  152. Gabriella Uhazie 2021/03

    We love Four Paws and so does our greyhound, Lockett! Our grey is almost 8 years old. Four Paws and their employees have gone out of their way to make him comfortable when he stays here. It is touching to see how much care they put into their work. They make not only Lockett feel like part of the family, but us as well! Given that Lockett used to race and was kept in a crate for an inordinate amount of time while in Florida, it is nice to know that Four Paws keeps him busy and lets him play with other dogs for basically the whole day when he is being boarded! He always comes home tuckered out! After having a negative experience with another boarding company, we are lifetime Four Paws fans and will be returning for the years to come!

  153. Erica Cousins 2021/03

    My two pups stayed for a night and had a great time. They are responsive and easy to work with. We look forward to booking again.


    Great Customer Service and my dog seems to love it!

  155. Hunter Demetriou 2021/03

    Company doesn’t even accept a trial run for Pit mixes. My dog has never had issues with other dogs/people, but still wasn’t given a chance.

  156. Samantha Bryanne 2021/03

    It was our first time leaving our dog in a pet boarder, and I think it went as well as it possibly could. It’s good to know that your pets will be cared for and given time to play with other pups to pass the time while they wait for us to return. Also they sent us pictures of her through their Instagram while we were away.


  157. CKW RVA 2021/03

    This is my and daisys favorite place in the world !!!!

  158. JD Smith 2021/03

    Staff was friendly acknowledgeable and very informative

  159. Shannon E 2021/02

    Our puppy Luna is so happy at Four Paws and is blissfully exhausted after a day playing with friends of her size. The office is clean, the staff is very nice and responsive. They’re excited to see Luna, and we love getting feedback from them. We very much recommend Four Paws Fan!

  160. Kelley Connelly 2021/02

    I very rarely write reviews for small businesses. If you have a dog that is already well trained, easy tempered and barely plays, then maybe this place is for you. But this daycare was a horrible match for my young rescued boxer. Several times he came back from daycare with wounds. No one would tell me when I picked him up. Though my dog plays a little rough, I was sorely disappointed that one, no one saw him get injured (he had a scar so deep that we had to get it shaved and go on antibiotics!), and two, no one told me about it/didn’t care to correct him. When the owner John called me to talk about my frustrations he offered to cover my dog’s vet bill. That was a very thoughtful gesture, but two months later I am still waiting on a check-even after following up on two separate occasions. The girls who work here are sweet, and my dog did love the staff, but they just could not provide what we needed. You get what you pay for here. Cheap care.

  161. Linden Walsh 2021/02

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about Four Paws!! The staff is amazing! Friendly, helpful, caring. And let me tell you, these people will love your dog just as much as you do! I feel super comfortable dropping my pup off for the day while I’m at work. And he gets super excited as we pull up so I can tell he loves Four Paws just as much as I do.

  162. Alexis Morgan 2021/01

    Very disappointing experience. I don’t typically board my dogs, and when I do I prefer somewhere with cameras/webcams so I can see how they’re doing. When I reached out prior to booking, they reassured me by saying they would text photo updates upon request and that they “constantly updated their Instagram posts and stories” and that I could check up on my pups there. Dropped my two dogs off on Thursday at 2pm and picked up Monday at 5pm. In that time I received nothing – despite calling and asking 3 different times on 3 different days, and expressing my disappointment each time that they’d made a commitment and weren’t following through. In addition, they did not post to Instagram a single time…. If you don’t do those things, fine, but don’t tell me you do to get me to spend my money with you. It was also nearly impossible to get someone to pick the phone up, which added to my frustration every day I tried to call.

    I might have gotten over that, but some other issues made matter worse. When I picked them up, the dog bed I’d brought was soaking wet and the bottom was covered in what looked and smelled like feces – guessing they spray the floors down with a hose and don’t pick things up. Paid for two checkout baths and unfortunately they still smelled like whatever was on their dog bed. The icing on the cake was when my female Frenchie came down with kennel cough two days later – have never had this happen in my life and pretty scary with a brachycephalic dog. I spoke with the owner who was very receptive and apologetic for his staff’s actions, confirmed they’d gotten another report of kennel cough from the same weekend, and offered me a future credit for services. I appreciated the gesture, but after the kennel cough and cleanliness concerns I definitely will not be returning – I just can’t trust them. Don’t wish any ill will, just sharing my experience so that others can manage their expectations accordingly.

  163. Ashley L. Slater 2020/11

    My dog absolutely loves it here! When I drop him off, I know he is safe and loved. He always comes home tired! Great place for boarding and doggy daycare.

  164. Dustin Pillow 2020/11

    After trying a few boarding facilities around town, this is by far the best. Super friendly staff, and my pup always comes back nice a tuckered out.

  165. Pamela Liddle 2020/11

    Our dog loves 4 Paws. He walks right in when I deliver him to be boarded. They are so good to him and always so polite to us.

  166. emiller1024 2020/11

    Our two golden retrievers absolutely love going to doggie day care at four paws. They leave our house with excitement and come home tired and worn out. I can tell that the staff really cares about my four legged children. Highly recommend this resort.


  167. Spencer Munro 2020/10

    I’ve taken my pup a few times and he loves it here! The staff is really friendly. Definitely recommend!

  168. Heath Fields 2020/10

    Boarded our pup here while we had a day out in Richmond. Looked like he had a great time and was well cared for by the staff. 4/5 due to a last minute notification that our dog did not have one of the requisite vaccines to stay. This led to some stress with finding a vet that would give him a last minute vaccine. That was somewhat unprofessional and almost ruined our plans for the day. Staff was apologetic for this hiccup though.

  169. Archana Pathak 2020/10

    Very attentive to my dog’s needs. The team is professional and it’s clear how much they love the pups. I feel secure leaving my dog when I have long days at work.

  170. Collin Schumpp 2020/10

    Our dog Riley loves Four Paws! She is always so excited when getting dropped off and picked up (almost jumps over the gate to get in there!) and then it’s straight to bed once we get home. Great place to wear the pup out while at work!


  171. Brittney B 2020/10

    I was nervous about bringing my puppy to daycare for the first time, but he did awesome! The staff was very friendly and he was worn out when he got home, so I know he played all day. I love that they interact and keep them busy all day. This was Milo’s first time at Four Paws, but definitely won’t be his last. I plan on buying the 10 pack to save money. I can’t wait to bring him again!


  172. kenny jones 2020/10

    When I pick him up his happy and tired

  173. Ryan Loughran 2020/10

    I’ve been very impressed in the quality of care and availability of four paws. They were able to accommodate my dog on short notice over Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas Holiday. My dog always come home exhausted and tuckered out from all the fun he had while at Four Paws Pet Resort – Fan Location.

  174. Stanley Sievers 2020/09

    Our puppy, Cannoli, loves coming to 4 Paws and the staff members are very nice!

  175. Chrissy Sherriff 2020/09

    My Cavalier Louie always looks forward to his day care times at Four Paws at Hamilton. The staff is friendly and accommodating.

  176. gerry hall 2020/09

    I’ve been boarding my dog here for many years and she is always in a great mood when I pick her up-she is also usually pretty tired too.

  177. Brenda Maz 2020/09

    My Bruno loves Four Paws for daycare. When I pick him up he is happy and tired from playing all day. I love that the staff knows him and pets and plays with him, I trust them to take good care of him. I recommend them for your pet care for daycare and grooming.

  178. Alexandra Miller 2020/08

    My pup is always exhausted after doggie-daycare. She loves going and it is an affordable option for a student. On our first day, however, we were never offered a tour of the facilities and the workers never introduced themselves. My pup definitely plays hard but that results in the need of a bath every time I pick her up cause she smells like the building. Overall, good, but I wish there were an app, an intro session, or a building walkthrough so you can see what your pet would be doing all day.

  179. L. S. 2020/07

    Benji loves his daycare days! The staff are so friendly and I know I’m leaving him in good hands, whether it be for the day or for an overnight stay. Highly recommend!

  180. JR Properties 2020/06

    Love this place, our two Goldens are always worn out when we pick them up so whatever they’re doing, please keep it up!

  181. Blake Bogese 2020/06

    Wonderful experience using Four Paws! Staff was great! Dogs super happy.

  182. Lindsay Cooper 2020/06

    This was my dogs first time being there and it seemed to go really well! They were very quick to respond to any emails. My dog seemed to have a good time and was well taken care of!

  183. Amy Clifton 2020/05

    My husband and I have had some trouble finding a kennel that makes us feel like our dog is being properly cared for. That is until we stumbled across Four Paws. The staff at every location is personable, professional, and passionate. They get excited when our dog walks in the door as if he were one of their own. We have used quite a few of their services including long-term boarding, daycare, and grooming. No matter that service or location, we’ve had nothing by wonderful experiences with Four Paws.

  184. Keron Turner 2020/04

    Good place for pet daycare.

  185. Marcus Foden 2020/04

    My fiancé and I both love this place but our dog loves it so much more. We’ve been taking our puppy here since he was a baby since we both work full time, and he absolutely loves it. He gets to play with dogs all day and it’s helped him socialize with other dogs and helped him grow into the least aggressive and cuddliest dog I’ve ever met. The staff is always super friendly and attentive and our puppy son lights up whenever he sees us turning into the parking lot. We’ve tried other daycares in the area and there’s nowhere he’d rather be!

  186. Zachary Moye 2020/03

    Wonderful facility where your dog will be safe from aggressive breeds that tend to cause trouble. Great policy. I hope more businesses follow this model!

  187. Gretchen Biernot 2020/03

    I started taking my dog here for daycare this week. I found the place very clean when I was given a tour, and all the dogs seemed very happy. When I picked up my dog, he was very happy as well. The staff are always very friendly and responsive to my questions. So far, we have had good experiences!

  188. Kate McConville 2020/03

    Okay. I am a high strung dog mom when I tell you my dog is my entire world you have to believe me.
    I decided to board my dog, Gunner, at Four Paws after some unexpected last minute travels.
    They were patient and answered all my questions. In the days coming to his drop off. The online portal made it extremely easy to book boarding dates.
    During his stay they sent me pictures and was blown away with how happy my boy looked! I was instantly put at ease.
    I’m so happy to have found a place that loves my pup as much as me, and place my pup loves.


  189. brian fitch 2020/02

    The staff is awesome and very kind and considerate. If you have a dog in the Richmond area and need daycare. Four paws is the best place in Richmond!

  190. Melanie Coghill 2020/02

    My little muffin loves other dogs! Although he has a “slight” case of separation anxiety, he is always welcomed by the dedicated pet lovers at Four Paws and given loving attention right away. The play time he gets at Four Paws is just enough exercise to give me time to regroup after work. Thank you to all the dedicated staff at Four Paws! You guys are awesome.


  191. debbie voss 2020/01

    Depending on the direction I travel, I have boarded my Yorkie, Spike at the Hull St location and most recently at Hamilton. The staff (at both) are friendly and helpful.
    Due to his failing eyesight, they seem to be gentle and careful when handling him. I know they played “fetch”, but are probably doing more fetching themselves, since he can’t see the ball. If so, much appreciated.


  192. Samuel Dobbs 2019/11

    Four Paws pet resort had the best service and was the most accommodating to our dogs needs. I will only ever take my dogs here in the Richmond area. We were really impressed and super grateful. Thank you so much!

  193. Darlene Link 2019/11

    good and reasonable

  194. Sandy Serio 2019/11

    Our dog loves this place! Very friendly staff, and the dog always comes home happy and exhausted!

  195. Katlyn Mateer 2019/11

    My dog loves coming here! I have been taking him for almost a year for daycare and boarding. The staff genuinely cares about the dogs and it shows with the care and attention I see towards my little guy. I’ve recommended Four Paws to friends and they love it, as well.

  196. Justin Sheldon 2019/11

    We love brining our high-energy dog here. They greet her by name when we do and she is exhausted and ready for sleep when she comes home. This place is great. Very convenient location.

  197. Lauren Kunkel 2019/11

    I love bringing my dog, Asher, here for daycare! They knew his name and my face within the first two weeks of us coming (2-3 times a week). They have the best daycare prices in Richmond and a discount for buying a bulk 10-day pass. They don’t charge extra to give Asher lunch that I bring for him – he has tummy issues. I’m happy that he has a yard to play in outside, even in the city, and a warehouse to chill indoors if weather doesn’t cooperate. All the staff I have interacted with have been wonderful – polite, friendly, and so sweet to the pups. I would absolutely recommend for daycare, we haven’t tried any other services yet.

  198. Doug H 2019/11

    I have been taking my dogs here for about 6 years. This place really has it all, they board, will bathe and trim nails, and of course doggy daycare has been my lifesaver. I would never take my pups to any other place because this facility has one big key advantage – their indoor space is just as large as the outdoor play area! I always leave here with a great feeling, knowing that my dogs have been well taken care of while I’m working. We always come home after a fun filled day, tuckered out; we eat well then chill together.

  199. juan andrew 2019/10

    Great and very friendly people, especially Tonya. My dogs love her . Thank you Tonya

  200. Hannah Goare 2019/10

    Great place for both doggie daycare and boarding for an excellent price. Friendly staff and my dog always comes back happy and ready for a nap!

  201. Jon Trosclair 2019/10

    Very accommodating; conveniently located; friendly staff. Can’t wait to pick my pups up.

  202. Gwyn Martin 2019/10

    I work next door to the location on Hamilton Street and have come in for the third time realizing dogs have been left outside all night long. Do they not know your pet is missing before they go home for the night? Last night it was pouring down rain while I listened to your dog crying to be let in!

  203. amanda sullivan 2019/10

    When we leave for Daycare in the morning my Walter is always so excited! I can trust the staff at four paws to care for my pup the same way I would and send him home tired from a full day of fun! Thank you everyone at Four Paws!


  204. Lauren Tulch 2019/10

    My husband and I started taking our dog here for daycare on a weekly basis in October. After the first few weeks of attendance, there was only positive feedback from the staff about our dog. We boarded him for a few days over Thanksgiving and called to make sure he was doing fine. Again, there was no mention of any issues. Suddenly, we received a call from the owner, John, on a Sunday night letting us know that they will no longer accept our dog because he is getting overstimulated and playing too rough with other dogs. We understood, as this behavior was not new to us, and relayed that we liked bringing our dog to Four Paws. After some further discussion, John agreed to give our dog another chance and said he would call back the next day. A week went by without a call. My husband tried calling several times and left messages with staff asking John to please get in contact with him. We received no response.

    We are left with many unanswered questions. If his behavior was an issue, why were we not made aware of this when we would drop him off and pick him up? Why were we told that everything was okay when we would call to check on our dog? Why were we given a “second chance” if it would not be honored by the owners? We are incredibly disappointed in the lack of professionalism shown by Four Paws and would not recommend it based on our experience.

  205. Dannie Mercuro 2019/10

    Our dogs always love coming here!

  206. Diane Andrew 2019/10

    We started bringing our 12-yr old dog to Four Paws when he was about 9 months and our 1 year old when she was about 5 months and they LOVE it. Every Saturday morning they wake us up, ready to go play for the day. We’re thrilled Tonya is back and we love the crew there – couldn’t be happier with ours and our dogs experience. They provide boarding, grooming/nails, and our dogs are exhausted when we pick them up.


  207. Jason Mosher 2019/10

    Can’t speak of how they take care of the dogs or if the dogs enjoy it because they participate in breed discrimination. I have wonderful 14 week old Pitbull puppy that I went up there today to enroll in doggy daycare for socialization and was informed that they do not allow Pitbull or Pitbull mixes in the faculties. I do understand that is a private business and have the right to refuse service to anyone however nowhere on the website have I been able to find this policy. If was up on the website I wouldn’t have wasted my time going up there. So this review is in hopes they at least publish the policies on the website to hopefully keep people from wasting their time.

  208. Jason Wilder 2019/10

    We recently adopted Piper from RAL but we had an out of town trip and couldn’t bring her, so this was her first time away from us and also her first real interaction with other dogs. She LOVED it!! They told us she did great and the play time definitely wore her out because when we picked her up and got home she was sleep within minutes. We’re planning on doing daycare once a week so she can keep interacting. The staff was amazing and the price is unbeatable

  209. Christine Minnick 2019/09

    Our pups love playing with their friends at Four Paws. They always come home exhausted which is nice 🙂

  210. Meghan Johnson 2019/09

    My dog loves going to daycare at Four Paws! He is always excited to go in and the staff always greet him and I so kindly. He is also a tired and happy boy when he gets home from all the playtime he gets. Would highly recommend for daycare to wear out a hyper dog or for overnights!

  211. Alison Arberg 2019/09

    We’ve been taking our 2 dogs to daycare at the Fan location for over 5 years and have always had a great experience! Our dogs arrive eager to play and come home nice and tired. The staff is very friendly and always gives our pups a warm and excited welcome. We feel confident in their abilities and methods, and we can rest easy knowing that they are providing good care and supervision while our dogs romp and play all day. Tonya is the best!

  212. Hailey Carnohan 2019/09

    I started taking my dog here about a year and half ago, and I immediately fell in love with this place. From the start the employees take time to get to know the dog as well as the owner. I have a high energy dog that sometimes needs reminders on how to use her manners, and they handle her very well. When I drop her off I know she is in the best hands possible while I am at work or away on vacation. Every employee is friendly, knowledgeable and has amazing customer service. It brings me and my dog so much happiness knowing how much everyone in that building cares for the dogs like they are their own. I highly recommend Four Paws for your doggy daycare and boarding needs.

  213. Marisa Watkins 2019/09

    The only place we take our dog to when we are out of town!

  214. Gordon Household 2019/09

    My sweet little Ellie absolutely loves her stay here!

  215. Tyler Coughenour 2019/09

    Took our dog there while on vacation. The staff was very accommodating when we called and collected all our information so we could simply drop the dog off. The nail trimming service was performed well on all four paws :). Would recommend for people traveling to Richmond and want to drop their dog off for some exercise and fun.

  216. Neil Van Pelt 2019/09

    I’ve been bringing Reuben here for almost a year now, and have had nothing but great experiences! They’ve always been accommodating to any unexpected/last-minute plans I’ve had, and he always comes home happy and tired!

    As for the opinion that matters most, Reuben gets excited as soon as we pull into the parking lot, and can’t wait to run inside to go play!

  217. David Ballard 2019/09

    My Chihuahuas love it here. Stayed for a week.

  218. Killian Miller 2019/09

    I love taking my pup to four paws! They’re so kind and she gets super excited when we pull up and is asleep by the time we get home!!

  219. Andrew Phillips 2019/09

    The staff is great and very sweet to my doggo! They separate big and little dogs and keep aggressive dogs away. Recommend to anyone.

  220. Sophie Eisdorfer 2019/08

    Great place to leave your pups!

  221. Shannon Hagginbothom 2019/08

    Great location, friendly staff, my dog loves going to doggie day care here!

  222. Eva Cross 2019/08

    Discriminates based on breed. Very disappointing to see in 2019.

  223. Cabel Newton 2019/08

    Four paws pet resort has been fantastic! They all love our dog so much, making it so easy to trust she is in good hands and having fun!

  224. Rick Fisk 2019/08

    It amazes me how happy my dog gets when we pull into the parking lot. He can’t wait to get inside. Once inside we are greeted by the staff and our dog is taken back to play with his buddies. The staff treats him like he is their own. Lots of positive attention. We are very pleased with the customer service and feel he is well cared for every day. I wish I could give them 10 stars!
    Rick Fisk

  225. Paige Riordan 2019/08

    Both of my dogs go to day care and board here. They absolutely love going here and go bananas when I tell them that we are going to “Day Care”. The rates here are very affordable which is very helpful when you have two dogs. My next door neighbor takes both of her dogs there daily and all four of them love to be able to play together.

  226. Mark Han 2019/07

    We were running late from traffic and they offered to stay later on a sunday so we could get our pup! Good, and clean!

  227. Alesha 2019/07

    It is very disappointing that this facility turns away a certain breed because they believe that the breed is harmful. Our dog didn’t even get the chance to attend here. We automatically received a call and email stating they do not accept pit bulls. Just to make it clear..Our dog has NEVER had any issues with other dogs or known to be violent in anyway. Pit bulls are very loving and big babies. There should not be a stereotype on pit bulls. I have worked for a doggy daycare and it has been other breeds that have been the one to start trouble. You should never judge a dog or categorize them. It is about how that dog is brought up. Working at a dog facility, you would think you’d be a little more knowledgeable about this. This is showing favoritism towards other breeds and is unacceptable.

  228. Jen Robbins 2019/07

    We’ve been taking our pup here a few times a week since we adopted her a few months ago. She gets so excited whenever she gets to the front door. The staff is very friendly and attentive. Best of all, I know Maisie is getting the activity she needs even when we’re at work. Thanks Four Paws!

  229. Karim Sultan 2019/07

    Reliable staff very friendly

  230. Betty Ragno 2019/07

    I boarded my dog for a week. He came home acting strange .

  231. Jacob Minnick 2019/07

    My family and our dogs love Four Paws!

  232. Natasha McIntyre 2019/07

    We love 4 paws♡! The staff is always friendly and my dogs always are well groomed and taken care of. It always smells good in there too. They have outside playtime if it’s nice and an indoor play area if it’s raining. This is my go to for doggie daycare!

  233. Rosanna Boljonis 2019/07

    This was our first time using Four Paws and our first time having our puppy spend time away from us. The staff was very friendly and sweet towards our dog. Our dog came home tired after a fun day of playing with the other dogs and was way less shy and more comfortable playing with other dogs after just 1 day at the doggy daycare! We will definitely be returning soon!

  234. Jamie Lynn Haskins 2019/07

    My 70 pound, 7 month rambunctious pup loves Four Paws! She can’t wait to get there and comes home tuckered out and happy!

  235. Samantha King 2019/06

    I brought my dog Roxy, a Plott hound mix to Four Paws when I was working very long hours. I will admit I was apprehensive because Roxy is a very friendly dog to both people and other animals however being a rescue she has a tendency to be scared of new people and places and sometimes becomes very anxious and overstimulated in large crowds. She is very calm and polite and gets a bit overwhelmed by hyper dogs which I know most dogs are that way when meeting a new friend. Roxy was a little nervous the first couple of days and the staff was so patient with her! She sometimes is scared of men, and one of the male staff went to take her back and she was clinging to me. The staff then went to get a female member who Roxy already knew to take her back and she was fine. They communicated to me that she was scared to go out and play with the other dogs but they waited with her in the porch area until she was ready. After about an hour they said she was playing and having a great time! I am so thankful to find a place I feel comfortable taking my dog and that will accommodate her needs.

  236. Jorge Schmidt 2019/06

    We live in Scott’s Addition so this location is super convenient and easy to work with. Both times we have booked has been week of our trip and they always have room for our labradoodle puppy. Thanks for taking care of Nacho when we are out of town!

  237. Chris Heidenthal 2019/05

    They were great! Took care of our boy for an extra night when our flight was unexpectedly canceled last minute.

  238. Aaron Jay Ledesma 2019/05

    Four Paws is the best! They always take care of our fur babies. The best part is when we pick our dogs up they are always well groomed, nails clipped and they sleep for days from how much fun they had! Your dog must stay here! They get soooo much play time with fellow dogs and have a blast.

  239. lauren levy 2019/05

    My little Leo LOVES Four Paws and everyone who works there! I am a first time dog mom and was terrified dropping him off the first day – he obviously can’t tell me if he is being mistreated and that thought really scared me. But bringing him back for day 2 I knew he was so happy because he RAN up the stairs and every day after that. Now he’s a regular. He loves to see his furry friends and the girls that work there adore him and treat him so well. I thank them every time for loving him as much as I do <3 Thank you Four Paws!

  240. sharmene schoolfield 2019/05

    I love this doggie daycare. The facility is clean and the staff are friendly and organized. They get you in at out in the morning. My dog is always exhausted when she gets home and that let’s me know that she had a good time. I highly recommend this pet resort.

  241. Michael Whitehead 2019/05

    Good people here! Took care of my pup. Couldnt be happier.

  242. Katherine Nelson 2019/05

    My dog loves coming here and is always nice and tired when I pick her up! Very convenient.

  243. Sara Poindexter 2019/05

    B loves going to camp at Four Paws 🐶 …


  244. Farah-Dale Morris 2019/05

    Almost always friendly staff and our puppy(4 year old boxer) always is excited to stay here and good and tired when he comes home!

  245. Margaret Smither 2019/05

    My older dog has been going to Four Paws for 10 years, and now my puppy is a regular. The owners truly care about the dogs and their “parents.” The staff is great. I wouldn’t entrust my dogs with anyone else.

  246. Bradley Glisson 2019/04

    The only place I feel comfortable leaving my girls. Great service great people and really great prices for what you get.

  247. Lisa Johnson 2019/04

    My dog loves this place! Her favorite is Tonya, she stays by her side all day. Everyone is pawsome!

  248. Andrew Like 2019/04

    I like this place but my dog absolutely loves it. He’s always extremely excited to see the friendly and attentive staff who take great care of him. Great people providing a great service at an unbeatable price. I couldn’t recommend it more.

  249. Amanda Norton 2019/04

    I have been taking my dog Marley here for 10 years. He gets excited and happy whenever we arrive. Recently started bringing my newest adopted dog Reese who is timid and scared in new surroundings. The staff has been extremely patient in helping her become more socialized in a daycare setting. Tonya, Lacey, & some of the other staff have been wonderful in helping her adjust. She now too is excited to see them and recognizes the building when we pull up. This speaks to the good work of the staff there as from the reactions of my dogs they are treated well here and are happy to go! (Which is not the case on trips to the vet). Thank you Four Paws for taking such good care of my babies!!

  250. Shirly Son 2019/03

    My dog stayed for 3 nights. When she got home, she had uncontrollable liquid stools for 2-3 days. She was lethargic and didn’t eat or drink for days. My apartment was a complete mess because she couldn’t control her bowel movements. I had to miss work so I could take care of her and take her out every 1-2 hours at night. I brought her own food and bed while she was being boarded. They told me the diarrhea was stress induced.

    The staff was incredibly nice but they did not bother to tell me about her diarrhea until I got home and noticed it. She had dried stool all over her fur in the back area and I’ve never seen her so sick and depressed. Wouldn’t recommend if it’s your pet’s first time.

  251. Paul Schlesinger 2019/03

    My pup loves Four Paws, he gets to play all day. The staff is great, very caring and professionals.

  252. Jan Lyon 2019/03

    just moved to the area and this was the first place in town that i’ve brought my dog. he seems very happy to go to daycare in the morning and the staff has been super kind, they let me tour the facility the first time I brought my dog in. definitely would recommend- especially because the pricing is so competitive

  253. David P 2019/02

    My dog whines and whimpers and pulls at his leash to get inside when I drop him off (always happy to be there). I assume it is due to getting to run in a pack with other dogs. If looking for a kennel where your dog will get exercise each day, this is it… assuming your dog is socialized and not aggressive to other dogs

  254. Molly Dunsmore 2019/02

    Our family LOVES four paws. Every time I’ve come to pick up my pup from day care she is EXHAUSTED and so content. It’s not five seconds before she’s fast asleep in the back seat.

  255. Megan Sandahl 2019/02

    We have been taking our now 9 month old Doberman, Mia there for a few months now. After about 2 times of dropping her off the front desk staff already remembered me and my pup. All staff are extremely welcoming and friendly which makes me comfortable leaving my dog. She always comes home very happy and sleepy which is great. We are very happy with the service and will continue to take Mia there!!

  256. Doug Hoard 2019/02

    My dog was came back to me cleaned and so exhausted from all the fun he had playing with all of the other dogs there!

  257. Anita Tomaziefski 2019/01

    Recently moved to RVA and was worried about finding a playcare comparable to the one my pup had been going to for years. They were happy to provide a tour on the spot and were able to provide me an update on how his first day went. On Nelson’s second visit, they already remembered his name! Everyone is welcoming and friendly when we arrive and he always comes back happy and tired. Grateful to have found Four Paws in The Fan!

  258. Bill Clare 2019/01

    Very impressed by the personal service. All the folks who meet us in the morning and afternoon are very caring and show they love what they do. My dog Milo runs to the front door to get in every day. No doubt he has fun and treated well all day.Highly recommend this facility to take care of your favorite canine.

  259. Sam Hyder 2018/11

    Great staff that loves dogs

  260. Alice Berkebile 2018/11

    My dog Farley loves Four Paws! I love that he has company during the day when I am at work.

  261. Heather Munns 2018/10

    I have been bringing my German Shepherd puppy Balto to Four Paws since he was around 3 months old and he loves it. He practically drags me through the door each time I go to drop him off, and the staff all seem to love him too. I have to travel a lot for my job certain times of the year and Four Paws always makes it so much easier for me. The staff were very upfront about what I could expect for my puppy’s first few visits as well, such as him being extremely tired from playing when I picked him up and having some slightly sore paws at first since they hadn’t toughened up at that point (they have crushed gravel in the yard for better sanitation, which can cause tender paws temporarily if your puppy has soft paw pads at first). One of the things I love most is that Balto gets to spend most of the day running and playing with the other dogs instead of being kept in a kennel most of the day like other dog boarding places.
    You can’t get this kind of service and true care for your pet at these low prices anywhere else. I can tell the staff truly love Balto and they always look forward to seeing him. I will be a Four Paws customer for a long time!

  262. Katherine Coleman 2018/10

    My dog has been coming to four paws since 2014 and has loved every moment! The staff is fantastic and extremely accommodating. Boarding and daycare are fantastic!

  263. Lynn Taylor 2018/09

    I was referred to 4 Paws by my neighbor. Roxy my Rottweiler has been visiting for over a year. These folks are super. They keep her active and engaged and give her a ton of love and attention. She had an accident while visiting and the entire staff stepped up to the plate to help her and resolve the situation. Highly recommend.

  264. Elliott Broaddus 2018/09

    Our pup came home happy and the staff are super friendly!

  265. Simon Newberry 2018/08

    Best place for my buddy when I have to travel for work!

  266. Megan Beatty 2018/08

    I have been bringing my dog here for daycare and boarding for years, he sprints out the car to go inside! Everyone is really nice there and remember him by name when he comes in. I did have one incident with my dog and another dog there, but they called me right away and offered any compensation if needed to go to vet, needless to say I still bring him back. Highly recommend Four Paws

  267. Lauren Chase 2018/07

    Lacey and/or Brittany are so welcoming and patient in the morning when Elle and I arrive. Elle is an energetic 14 mo lab who loves going to day care. She is sometimes a trouble maker, but Brenner, Sydney, and Tony are helpful when redirecting her behaviors. The owner John is responsive to feedback both positive and negative which is important when vetting the right day care. She is a part of this family and i would highly recommend taking your dog to play. Elle would love another friend.

  268. ashley bourne 2018/07

    Staff is very friendly and has been great working with our dog. He looks forward to going and it has been such a lifesaver for us.

  269. Butch Ldixon 2018/07

    Good an cheap

  270. Bishop S. JaNine Hyman, Ph.D. 2018/07

    Staff seems pretty friendly. They also appear to love the animals. However, many of them are clueless with regards to how to solve customer service issues and pragmatic problems. They do not appear to have adequate staffing often. The person at the front desk takes appointments, registers pets, works the back, and who knows what else. They frequently follow to fail instructions regarding at feeding and medication, and will quickly lie to cover their butts when they make mistakes with the pet, which is frequently. I don’t think animals who board overnight get ample attention or activity since staff is not there overnight. I use that location because it is convenient to my home. However, whenever I bring my dog, he dreads going in the door. He has gotten used to the staff, and quickly adjusts once hes there. Seems to be a fairly high turn over rate and employees they’re also.

  271. Jeffrey Snyder 2018/07

    I have been taking my dog to the Four Paws Fan location for about four years now and she still whines with excitement as we turn onto Hamilton Street. The staff are always friendly and make me feel comfortable leaving my dog there for daycare, or boarding. The prices are very affordable, too.

  272. Diana McDermott 2018/05

    Won’t even consider Pit bull mixes without meeting the dog. I think that’s narrow minded for a dog boarder.

  273. Morgan Walls 2018/05

    They always take great care of my small dog, and he returns home in a great mood and worn out from having so much fun! Can’t beat the price or the location!

  274. JOEY LIAO 2018/05

    Don’t bring your dog here! This is our first experience with this Pet Resott. When I picked up our dog, he was so upset. I noticed he was so scared to see one of the staff there, it is pretty obvious that she Striked my dog! And I found there are 4 to 5 Sores on his paws, that he even can’t walk normally.
    This is a dog prison!

  275. Missie Ailor Dusett 2018/04

    We have always had a great experience here. We’ve had minor issues- wrong harness returned, medication eaten by another dog- but they’ve always been right on top of things and eager to make it right. Our 2 dogs are excited when we pull up, and happily exhausted when they leave. Thank you John for always taking great care of our fur babies!

  276. Jonathan Oliver 2018/03

    My dog (chocolate lab) absolutely loves it here! The staff is always friendly and knows my dog by name. I toured the place first and there’s lots of room for the dogs to play, both in and outside. We take our dog another place often, but she’s always the most tired after a day at Four Paws (which is my goal for sending my dog to daycare)! If only they’d stay open past 6pm on weekdays I’d never take my dog anywhere else.

  277. Martha Schley Smith 2018/02

    Our Black Lab Wyatt LOVES going to Four Paws! We’ve been coming to the Fan location for over 5 years, and without fail, every time we turn onto Hamilton, Wyatt begins wagging his tail and whining with excitement. As a pet owner, you can’t ask for a better stamp of approval from your pup than that! Additionally, the facilities are well kept, cleaned often, well supervised, and have a friendly staff that greets your dog by name.

  278. Karen Andrews 2018/01

    I use Four Paws for doggy daycare and for boarding. They are great with my older dog, Chica. She loves going here and they take great care of her.


  279. James Luggen 2018/01

    I’ve been taking my little dog Billy to this location, most weekdays for a year and a half, and I’ve been very happy with their service. The facility is clean, the employees are very nice and treat my dog like their own. I would recommend this place to anyone.

  280. Katie Leary 2016/06

    We would give zero stars if we could. We took our dog to 4 paws pet resort fan location. When we first arrived, our dog was taken back and They were surprised we wanted to say goodbye before we left her. When we picked her up, our pup did not even care that we were there. It was clear she had been sedated; her eyes were void, she was just out of it. Once we got her home and let her walk around, we noticed her foot was hurt and she limped around tail tucked. I felt like I had sent my own child to an abusive caregiver. For a long time after, she was not her usual happy self. Not only did she come back hurt and clearly sedated, the people at 4 paws never mentioned anything about it. The whole closing was this is how much it costs and take your dog back. I don’t understand how you could not notice a clearly limping and hurt dog and not tell the pet owner if something happened or if something is wrong. I strongly suggest keep far far away from this place if you truly care for your dog.

  281. Callie Elmore 2014/03

    Best thing i’ve done for my dog. He doesn’t even look back when I drop him off for day care, and is always tired when I pick him up. Great deal and very friendly staff.

  282. Daryl Lopez 2013/07

    My family have been using the services of Four Paws Fan many times and we really love this place. My dog gets really excited every time I take him there and seems to love the employees. They always remember him and give him a lot of attention.

  283. Patricia Thornhill 2013/06

    The best thing about Four Paws is that they don’t keep the dogs in cages but in their personal “rooms”, and all the dogs love the facility’s environment which is clean and very compassionate to the animals.

  284. Donald Jones 2013/06

    I am really happy that Four Paws is here to take care of my dog. Most of the time I am out of town, and Four Paws is my dog’s second home. They treat him like family and my dog just loves playing and socializing around with the other canines.

  285. Lawrence Beckwith 2013/05

    I was really impressed after my dog’s trimming service at Four Paws. He really loves his new look and I was very happy since they also provided me with a great package for the service.

  286. Starca Horn 2013/05

    They give the best trim job in town to your dogs! I had my dog trimmed and it was worth my money! He really looks good and happy. Thanks, Four Paws!

  287. Ashley Bourbeau 2013/04

    Four Paws has all the amenities your dog needs when you leave him in their care. They have a good selection of dog food and the facility is very clean for your dog’s overnight stay. I am very pleased with their service.

  288. Chelsea Rose 2013/04

    When it comes to dog care service, nothing beats Four Paws. They have a good selection of services for the dogs at reasonable prices too!

  289. Collene Antonelli 2013/03

    Four Paws is the place to take your dogs while you and your family go on a vacation. You’ll be assured that they will be well taken care of and will be having lots of fun socializing with the other canines.

  290. Gwen Malley 2013/02

    I had my dog bathed and trimmed at Four Paws and he looks great! Not only that, they also gave me a great package which is really suitable for my budget.

  291. Kelli Thomas 2013/02

    Their facility is big and clean and the staff are very professional at handling the dogs. This is by far the best in town when it comes to taking care of your dog while you are away.

  292. Tommy Meredith 2013/01

    If you’re looking for a place to trim your dog, Four Paws in the place. They offer great packages for grooming and trimming of dogs and the quality service is really amazing.

  293. June Scholz 2013/01

    Four Paws has a variety of services to choose from and with reasonable prices too. My dogs came home from Four Paws Fan clean and happy.

  294. Amy Pettiford 2012/12

    Four Paws is the best when it comes to dog care. Their facility is clean and very organized. And the best thing is they don’t keep the dogs in cages!

  295. William Wormley 2012/05

    Very Pleased!!! My experience @ four paws was nothing short of excellent!!! It feels good to be able to leave your dog with folks who geniunely love and care about them. I would go nowhere else!!

  296. Carlos Fay 2012/04

    Great service! Everyone is very nice to my dog and me. I’d love it if you had staff spend the night. Guess that’s a lot to ask though. We’re very pleased!

  297. Benhail Praveen Bunyan 2012/01

    Great Place for pets. People at Four Paws truly care about pets. This facility is kept clean and is very friendly. The customer service is great . I am glad to recommend this place to my friends.

  298. M Sontos 2011/09

    The over crowding and under staffing of this establishment make this a dangerous place for your cherished pets. Pets have been known to disappear or be injured severely.

  299. Grant Cothran 2009/01

    The last time I went out of town to DC, I drove Kaiser up from Norfolk to Four Paws in the Fan based on a friend’s recommendation. It was a bit out of the way, but there’s not a single local boarding place that lets our puppy play like he can there. On request they let me take a tour of the facilities… the private ‘suites’ are a welcomed sight for an-SPCA adopted dog (we’ve tried boarders closer to home – all with cages – and if you’ve ever had a dog that came back depressed, then you know what I’m talking about). This trip I’m trying out the Northside location (just off 95)… even more room to run. The prices are reasonable until you remember that all-day supervised care is built-in – then it’s a true value.

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