Four Paws Pet Resort VI

Google Rating:4.8

Four Paws Pet Resort VI
4.8 based on 292 reviews
  1. Tony Johnson 2023/09

    Great place to leave your pets.


  2. Kelly Skasick 2023/09

    Called and scheduled boarding on 8/21, employee told me they would call our vet get records. Here it is 9/2 and Four Paws calls us for the records . Vets office is closed on Saturday- can’t get the records today so we had to forfeit are already paid for trip because of their lack of follow up and incompetence. We lost all our money plus our vacation. They said they were sorry- thats it! We are done with four paws and will not give them another cent but hey, they are sorry.

  3. Katherine Phillips 2023/08

    Breed discrimination! Pitty owners beware! They do not take any pitbull or pitbull mixed dogs, at the “company owner’s preference” we were told on the phone. Even though we boarded our pitbull mix with the Ashland Four Paws in 2018 and 2019, with no issues, now in 2023, they don’t accept any pitty or mixed pitbull dogs. This is an outdated, shortsighted, backwards, and prejudice business practice that should not exist in today’s world of animal care. Our dog is particularly passive and easy-going, not to mention he’s nearly 9 years old, but he’s a pitbull mix, so he’s unworthy of being considered equal to their services by breed alone. There is no information on their website that I found indicating their breed prejudices, but they revealed it via phone. If you’re caring for animals, especially dogs, in today’s world where there are MANY pitty and pitty mixes being raised in good homes and that have loving lives, then you should know it’s in the raising of that animal that dictates its behaviors and temperament, not their breed. Disgusting, shameful, and pathetic approach to animal care.

  4. Virginia Foster 2023/08

    My boys spent their first weekend at the Resort. I was anxious being that they had never been away before or interacted with other dogs before. They absolutely loved it ! They made some friends and played all day. They were happy little fellas. They will be going back for another visit soon.

  5. carolyncoleman618 2023/08

    Staff is friendly and attentive to the dogs!!

  6. Angel Rivera 2023/07

    They discriminate dog breeds SMH

  7. Anakonda 2023/07

    Thank you for being selective about dog breeds!! I would not leave other dogs with any Pit, Rottweiler, Corsa Cane, or the alike together, or get near them! Kudos to you. People who owns them, actually, people “they” own, should be responsible enough and keep them in their own houses. If a Pet Resort rejects them and Animal Control has issues with them, there ought to be a reason!!

  8. Josephine Cortes 2023/07

    As I am searching for a good 1st time overnight boarding for my 2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, it’s a shame to read the reviews that this place discriminates an animal because of their breed-makes me wonder what or who else they discriminate ? Pitbull breeds, when raised with respect and love are the most loving and loyal dogs just like any other dog, no matter the breed, which also means you lack the means to care for any dog. At the end of the day-animals are animals and ALL animals can be unpredictable. You should NOT exist as a business in animal care, or at all. The fact that you’re particular about certain breeds says a lot about you as a business and human beings! Thankful for that review and you’re response to the review-saved me in wasting my time!

  9. Crescent Moon65 2023/06

    Awful. I used to love this place. But now they refused to watch my new dog because she’s a pitbull mix. That’s racist. I don’t support racist businesses.

  10. Jose Fuentes 2023/06

    Fantastic place! My dog loves coming and the staff love seeing him. It gives me peace of mind that he is taken care of!

  11. Kathy Walsh 2023/06

    Jax had a blast there. He slept for about 12 hours when we got home. He was worn out!

  12. Jeff Beall 2023/04

    Great staff. Our dogs love it.

  13. Lorien 2023/03

    Do you holler and yell at your dog to get him to stop barking? Do you bang on objects or slam things together and yell loudly to get your dog to stop barking? If you do, or this is acceptable behavior for your pet, then this IS THE PLACE FOR YOU. If you’d like behavior and fear issues with your pet, this also may be the place for you. I’ve not taken a pet here. Full disclosure. I was at a nearby business, outside for about 30 min, and this place was a mess. A woman was constantly yelling at the dogs, banging on something loud, and banging and yelling together to “be quiet” “shut up.” Dogs were barking, not sure what else was going on, I would NEVER allow this treatment to a human let alone a pet. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this place caring for animals. I don’t want someone yelling at mine.

  14. Joshua Bernick 2023/03

    I used to take my dog here when I needed to go into the office and these are the nicest, dog-centric people you can meet. I asked if they could work on my dogs commands while I was at work and they were gleeful to do so. My pup, Luna, also got a good day-long play session with the variety of dogs that came in and would always exit through their gate exhausted and content. They do have some of the lowest (and most reasonable) prices around for daycare, just make sure to ask for the 10-day pack ID they still offer it as that saves you some money.

  15. Danielle Ray 2023/01

    Very nice people. I had a positive experience and I was impressed with how professional and helpful they were with answering any questions. You can definitely feel that they care about their pets!?❤️? …

  16. Sharelle Neville 2022/11

    This was me and my fur babies first time and she enjoyed herself and I was completely happy.

  17. S. H. Gray 2022/11

    Wonderful staff, our dog loves them and is so excited every time we go whether for a day or a few. It is such a relief when going on a trip to know she has great care.

  18. Martha Freismuth 2022/10

    Caring staff they make your dog feel comfortable while there

  19. Melanin MoonChild 2022/10

    My dog stayed with this boarder and he had a great time! They even bathed him and he smelled amazing!

  20. Cheryl Anne Williams 2022/10

    Our dog is always so excited to go!!

  21. Lily Betts 2022/10

    Another person affected by the pit bull ban, which is listed nowhere on their website. My reservation was accepted, then when I showed up — to a rather rundown building — they turned me away because my rescue “looked” like a pit mix, which they couldn’t accept because of “lockjaw.” This ban does not seem to affect other breeds that have been characterized as reactive or aggressive, such as shepherds or huskies.

    Being able to guess breed and temperament on sight and the concept of lockjaw are all myths, which I’d hope professionals who work with animals (such as the ones my pet had already interacted with and cleared of any behavioral issues) would know. While their policy certainly messed up my day, I am more than happy to be able to take my pet somewhere more informed going forward.

  22. Judi Jurey 2022/10

    My dog loves going here. She plays all day and loves it. She smells good when I pick her up. The baths are great too. Staff is always friendly!!


  23. Alma Johnson 2022/10

    My miniature schnauzer Champ loves Four Paws ?. After an overnight stay and a day of fun and play with the other pups he came home ready for relaxation. The staff were friendly and accommodating; Champ enjoyed his stay. Thanks 4 paws! …

  24. Jeremy Kamtman 2022/09

    This is the third Four Paws locztion I’ve used in Richmond over the years. They all consistently give quality service of my dog for all my boarding needs.

  25. Emily Davidson 2022/09

    Ranger really enjoyed his doggie daycare visit. He came home happy and tired. Will definitely return? …

  26. Maunone Tanner 2022/09

    I was very happy with my experience with Four Paws Pet Resort VI. From the initial online registration/appointment to the easy checkout, Four Paws is a very user-friendly facility. The employees are very friendly and are genuinely concerned with your pet’s well-being. I definitely recommend Four Paws and will return often.

  27. jnicho459 2022/09

    Great staff. My dog loves it here

  28. Gina Rogers 2022/09

    I was very nervous to leave my pet for the first time anywhere, ever. The staff was super supportive and friendly!! They took a video for me to see how my pup did and she looked so happy getting to play with the other dogs! I highly recommend Four Paws!!

  29. Colleen Bundick 2022/08

    The staff are all wonderful, caring employees! The facility is clean and the accommodations are great. The play time for the dogs is wonderful! We have no hesitation leaving our dogs here!

  30. Sarah Duvall 2022/08

    We bring our dog here for daycare and boarding! Whenever we pull into the parking lot he gets very excited and begs to go inside, so we know he loves it 🙂 they have great hours for daycare and their prices are very reasonable! What I love is that daycare is included with the cost of boarding – you don’t have to pay a separate fee, like I’ve seen with other doggy hotels. Their online sign-up system is really convenient to use and makes it easy to keep track of upcoming reservations.

    On a more personal note, we left our dog here while having our baby, and Four Paws made it sooo easy for us! They let us make a 2 week reservation and modify it as we went along while waiting for baby to come. Thank you, Four Paws, for taking care of our little fur baby!! ❤

  31. Brand Inlow 2022/08

    We love Four Paws and so does our dog!
    The rates are reasonable and the care is exceptional. We also get Luke bathed their occasionally and again price is more than fair. This is a great resource for us if we need a few hours to run errands. Give them a try.


  32. Miss Kaur 2022/08

    I think this place deserve 8 stars. This place is awesome. Oban’s loves to go there. And staff is extremely great.


  33. GeGe Beall 2022/08

    We LOVE Four Paws. My dogs are new to both daycare & boarding. After much research, we decided to give them a try. Well, the dogs love it. Before boarding, staff suggested we bring the dogs to daycare for a few days to acclimate. Great idea. The little one is a bit overweight & nothing seemed to work. Well, after a week of boarding, he’s lost weight in the best way possible: playing with new friends. now he’s a daycare regular. We were most concerned about the big senior dog who needs meds & can be unstable due to arthritis. He came home happy, healthy, more attentive & more stable than at drop off. The staff is very loving and kind and can tell you about your dog’s day. They also washed the dogs’ bedding before sending it home. What a nice touch. We just couldn’t be happier with Four Paws. Many thanks to you, Staff. We’re grateful, as are Ernie and Rico. Highly Recommend!

  34. Brittany Stavovy 2022/07

    The staff at the Courthouse Four Paws location are passionate, friendly, and outstanding!

    I never thought I would find a facility where every single staff member would care for my two pups the way I care for them. The staff were so gracious by answering all my questions and giving me a tour of their facility and play yards. Needless to say, I brought my two pups in the very next day for a 4 hour play period AND THEY LOVED IT. My pups were beyond excited to go back for round two!

    Thank you Four Paws – Courthouse for being true animal lovers and the best doggie daycare in the area. You not only provide fun, attention, and care for my dogs – but you provide this furrmomma with peace of mind that my pups are safe and happy.

  35. Traci Vaden 2022/07

    My dog likes going there and that is a big deal.

  36. Bob Lowry 2022/06

    Prancer loves four paws. They treat him like family. They are always very professional and courteous.

  37. rick wood 2022/06

    Was able to get lily in for thanksgiving at a reasonable price.

  38. Stacie Amos 2022/05

    I picked up my niece’s dog for the first time the other day and they made sure they looked at my ID and that I was on the list to pick her up. I think that’s great!

  39. Hank R. 2022/05

    Nice people, and our dog really seemed to have a good time on her very first daycare experience. We’re glad she now has a place to get together with her new four legged buddies.


  40. Dawn Jones Aubin 2022/04

    I recently started taking my dog Charli to four paws for day care. She absolutely loves it as I do myself. The employees are all very friendly and I feel comfortable leaving my dog knowing she is safe and taking care of. I will eventually board her there also. So glad we found this facility.

  41. Nick Mancini 2022/04

    Dog loves it here

  42. Vickie H 2022/04

    We’ve been using four paws for a while and we love it. My nine year old black lab has a great time there and is always excited to go.

  43. Elizabeth Caswell 2022/03

    I took my 2 pups here for daycare and boarding and they absolutely loved it! My dogs can be pretty shy but the staff are so incredibly friendly they immediately took them right away.

  44. William Broyles 2022/03

    Our lab was trimmed and bathed as requested, appeared quite happy, and was definitely good and tired when she got home. We used Four Paws years and years ago with our Beagle and had the same results.

  45. Rachael Saffore 2022/03

    I take my doggie to Four Paws on Courthouse Road everytime I go out of town and also for doggie daycare. The staff there is very courteous and professional. The pricing is very reasonable. I highly recommend Four Paws!

  46. Tiffany Matthews 2022/01

    We take our dog Koda here and he LOVES IT! They have great prices and do online reservations so you never have to worry about not having a spot for boarding.

  47. Nick Medina 2022/01

    My dog loved it here! I was only away for a few days, but having peace of mind that she was in good hands was great. I will definitely be bringing her again.

  48. Rita Edwards 2022/01

    Excellent customer service and dog care. I lo e this place!!

  49. E Bringard 2022/01

    We left our pup with them for our first weekend without him. Great experience, our pup seemed to love the place and people, and they did a good job checking on some concerns we had with him. Will likely start using them for daycare now, too!

  50. Melissa Watkins 2021/10

    My dogs love it here! Never had any issues and the staff is very friendly. Best rates also!

  51. Mary Ellers 2021/10

    my older dog has blossomed since attending. he is so much more sociable with people and other dogs! Reliable, professional and reasonably priced!

  52. Sandy Goode 2021/10

    Brought our new lab puppy here a couple times and he loves it! Comes back worn out from all the play time he gets and the staff are friendly. Competitively priced

  53. Jaimie Roland 2021/10

    We started daycare a couple months ago for our dog Rizzo and he absolutely LOVES it!! He is there 5 days a week while we are at work And every morning he is so excited to go play with his friends! The staff is super friendly and sweet and are so welcoming when you walk through the door. We love Four Paws!

  54. Brenda Woollard 2021/10

    Wonderful day care.I bring my dog here so he can play with other dogs. The staff is so friendly and care about each dog. Great setup for large dogs and small dogs.

  55. Andy Marshall 2021/10

    We recently discovered this gem and couldn’t be happier with the level of care our three dogs receive every time they go! Our pups can’t wait to get out of the car when we arrive. The staff knows them all by name and we would highly recommend Four Paws for affordable and quality pet boarding!

  56. Madison Burgett 2021/09

    This location was perfect for us and handled both our 1 year old puppy and our 10 year old dog with everything they needed❤️ (Even during a weekend of fireworks and a HUGE unexpected thunderstorm). Our pups were happy, healthy and TIRED? from all the fun they had during their stay. We’ve booked here twice now and have another stay booked in a few weeks! 10/10 would recommend?

  57. Suzie Morris 2021/09

    I had never used Four Paws for my two senior dogs (both are 14; one is super grumpy). They were so friendly to both the human and the pups and were very welcoming. They were even able to somehow get my grumpy boy to let them trim his black nails! It feels like a small miracle. ? We will definitely be back!!! …

  58. Jon Tucker 2021/09

    This place is GREAT. My dog, Marco, can run hot most days and they are super aware of dogs and their needs. Whenever he is hot they always give him extra water and take him inside. It’s nice there is a place I can take him and not worry about him. Staff is super nice and helpful!

  59. Laura Smith 2021/09

    I take my dog to day care when I work longer shift and he absolutely loves it! He gets excited when he knows we’re close and runs to go in. Everyone there is super nice and helpful for any of your needs.

  60. Patrick Good 2021/08

    Our dog absolutely loves four paws! The workers are excellent and greet us by name each morning. Rory comes home happy and tired from a fun day playing at daycare!

  61. Jamie Hodges 2021/08

    My two miniature dachshunds are always happy when they are dropped off and picked up. They have a great time playing with other dogs. The staff has always been wonderful.

  62. Janet Ragusa 2021/08

    Our dog Quinn absolutely loves going to day care at Four Paws, all we have to say is do you want to go play with other doggies and she gets so excited. The staff is very friendly, especially Jenai, she recognizes Quinn and calls her by name each time we go. Quinn and I highly recommend Four Paws Pet Resort!


  63. Lester Marcussen 2021/08

    Another dog infected my dog and others without them telling the owners about until we came to pick them up

  64. Ashley Sabisch 2021/08

    My boys copper and Charlie love going here for daycare! They show up excited and leave happy and tired out. The staff know them by name which makes me feel like they truly care for my boys and treat them well. I will be using them for daycare and boarding for a long time!

  65. Tamara Mcclellan 2021/07

    My fiance and I had Sophie and Kaly in another kennel. We don’t travel often but when we do, we look for a place that is going to take care of our girls. I am a HUGE worry wart when it comes to them. The last kennel we had them in left their blankets and them smelling like urine no matter the length of stay and the girls always seemed like they hadn’t slept all all. My girls actually came back smelling fresh and their things smelled clean. They also seemed happy when we got them, not tugging anxious to leave. I mean their tired but not exhausted and when we asked if they wanted to go back and play with their friends at their “camp”, they went straight to the door and straight to the car door already…they just got home. Everyone there was so nice and they actually all knew our girls and NEVER made me feel like I was bothering them when I called.
    Definitely going to use them again.

  66. Jen McElhinney 2021/07

    Jake has been coming to Four Paws since he was a pup. He jumps out of the car to get there where the staff spoils him. Good value and the best part is that he is not cooped up all day. Instead he plays outside.

  67. Jeff Deveney 2021/07

    We have a 4 month old Australian Shepherd who is active and doesn’t tolerate being home alone. We had tried another daycare and after 2 days she came home with a respiratory infection. We quickly moved her to 4 Paws and couldn’t be happier! She is excited and practically jumps over us to get out of the car and inside! The 4 Paws staff is friendly and just as excited to see our pup as she is excited to see them!

  68. Kira Koon 2021/07

    We have boarded our 2 doggies here and loved it each time. The staff are so warm and caring- we know they are taking good care of our pups!

  69. Lynette Grubbs 2021/07

    Piper loves coming to daycare every Friday. She gets excited to see her friends. The staff know her by name and are very welcoming.

  70. Sandra Wimbish 2021/07

    This has been a game changer for our puppy. I take him 2-3 times a week for doggie day care.

  71. Brandi Cejka 2021/07

    I began using Four Paws over the summer when I needed a last minute sitter. I was very nervous the first time around to leave my babies with someone I didn’t know. Needless to say I gave them a call the day after drop off to check on my babies. The staff told me they were having so much fun with the other dogs and were wearing themselves out.

    Since the first visit, I have booked a couple more times. As soon as we arrive to Four Paws my pups know exactly where we are. They get so excited to go see their friends and have so much fun! Upon pick-up my pups are always worn out from all the fun they had.

    If you need a place to board your pups Four Paws is the place to go! Friendly staff, fun environment, and bonus: the dogs are worn out by pick up time!


  72. Travis Snead 2021/06

    Our dog come 2-3x per week for exercise and to interact with other dogs, and she always runs in with her tail wagging to a staff that’s just as excited to welcome her. We regularly have her groomed as well, and they do a great job. It’s so comforting to leave her in such good care.

  73. Heather Gilpin 2021/06

    I have been taking my dog here for years for boarding and have never been disappointed. Everyone is so nice and welcoming to myself and my dog. I just recently started taking him for day care and am so glad I did. He is always so happy when he leaves and I know he is in good hands during the day!

  74. Austin Wells 2021/06

    Very very rude and wouldn’t allow my dog because of his breed but aloud a different dog that was part pit in there.

  75. Cherie Holshouser 2021/05

    I have been using them for daycare and a few overnight stays for over a year The staff takes good care of my fur baby. Staff is friendly and easy to work with. Thanks to all of you ☺️

  76. David Evans 2021/05

    Been going here for many years. Friendly staff. They have taken good care of our fur babies.

  77. McClinton LaQuanta 2021/05

    Only place I’ll trust my babies at while out of town ? …

  78. Amy Heilmann 2021/05

    My dog was tired out after a 4 day stay. Friendly staff!

  79. Jenny Fisher 2021/05

    Our dog, Angus, absolutely loves his vacations here! Went for one week and now every time he sees us grab his to-go box he is in the truck in no time ready to go play with his friends and be pampered by the staff at Four Seasons! ☺️

  80. Carol Herrin 2021/05

    We leave our dog at Four Paws because he loves to go and play with his furry friends. We love the staff because they are friendly and very helpful. Four Paws is competitively priced and offers half-day stays. We have used Four Paws for 3 years now and appreciate all of the staff members.

  81. Jessica Gentry 2021/05

    We have boarded our dog at another place locally and she came home needing a few days to recover so we were apprehensive about leaving our Luna at another boarding facility. Four Paws was recommended to us by some neighbors so we decided to give it a shot since we had two trips coming up. Our first trip we took Luna to Four Paws and she came home happy! I just dropped her off for our second trip and we were greeted by staff who remembered Luna and gave a great report on how she had done previously which really put me at ease with leaving here there again. I would recommend Four Paws if you need a place for your sweet pup to stay at while you are away.


  82. Boris Galich 2021/05

    It’s excellent place and my dog always is looking to go back

  83. Felicia W 2021/04

    Nice place to board my dog. He loves playtime and very affordable!

  84. James Diaz 2021/04

    Cameron and Loki highly recommend…


  85. Beth Webb 2021/04

    We took our boxer dog, who is 1 years old, on the recommendation of a coworker. He came home happy and exhausted. We are thinking of trying for boarding

  86. Erin Moon 2021/04

    Rebel and Remi have loved Four Paws for the past 10 years. The staff knows them, and the boys know they they are loved there. Everyone is super friendly; the boys are always exhausted when they come home ? which makes mama happy! Thanks for loving our sweet boys! …

  87. Charlie Legros 2021/03

    Fantastic place to bring your animal, very well trusted people. Only issue is some of the workers attitudes. But other than that great place!

  88. Tricia Tribble 2021/03

    My boy Stinker loves to come and play! He has high energy and he loves to go and romp and play with his dog friends! All have to do is say “fur friends!” And he runs to the door!

  89. Jon Bingham (Meerkat Manor) 2021/03

    Great place, staff was excellent, and most of all our dogs seemed to enjoy their stay!

  90. Missy York 2021/03

    We have been using this 4 Paws location since we moved to Midlothian in 2012. They take such great care of our 4-legged family member when we travel and she cannot come with us. She runs right in and everyone loves on her like she’s their own!

  91. Gabby Sergi 2021/02

    Our dog loves it here ! Highly recommended.

  92. Derrick Crawley Sr 2021/02

    My dog Dash love four paws resort. Staff is great and he really enjoyed it. ❤️❤️❤️

  93. John Myers 2021/02

    We love Four Paws! They take great care of our dog. The staff is friendly and always make us feel that our dog is getting great care while she is there.

  94. Katie Christo 2021/02

    I love being able to bring my energetic dog here to wear him out, especially in these summer months when I don’t wanna be outside. He comes home so sleepy, and they’re definitely the best value around here in terms of price/how long they can play for when they come.

  95. maxine gatto 2021/01

    Friendly staff. Easy to register.

  96. Martha Hancock 2021/01

    Highly recommend Four Paws day care!
    Lots of “happy tail wagging”when we leave them and all the workers seem so glad to see them.

  97. jennifer mcelhinney 2021/01

    Our Golden Retriever loves to stay at 4Paws on Courthouse Road while we travel. He is well cared for and given lots of love, so we can rest assured he is having fun.


  98. Estella P 2021/01

    Recent visit was awesome. Was unable to pick up Coco before closing during the holiday. It was not a problem for them at all. When I picked her up she was happy as a little lark. Although she was very reluctant upon arriving. (First time).

  99. Russell Hall 2020/10

    Four paws is great!

  100. Stella Morin 2020/10

    I’ve taken Charlie twice, he is tired when we pick him up, which is great! The people that work there are very nice and where understandable when we dropped him of the first time, I called a couple of times to see how he was doing! Reviews I’ve read were very helpful and we with Four Paws!!!

  101. Garland Alvey 2020/09

    We choose 4paws over holiday barn. They are so incredibly friendly and relaxed. Daisey always comes home happy. She gets excited everytime we drop her off. All good signs. We have to take out of town hopsital trips for our youngest and 4 paws is a dependable home away from home for daisy.

  102. reet beet 2020/09

    Our Dogs Eris and Bernienugget went to this Pet Resort. Everyone really cares for the dogs and puppies. Both the dog and puppy were happy to go there.

  103. eva papapaschalis 2020/09

    Our very large pup Riggs LOVES going here. Soon as we say the word daycare he runs to the door tail wagging mile a minute! They are always so friendly and genuinely excited to see him too. Highly recommended!

  104. Debbie Inlow 2020/09

    We’ve gone there for about a month and Luke seems to like it a lot. The staff is very friendly and great with him!

  105. Jeffrey Baran 2020/08

    This place is the best! Awesome, friendly staff!

  106. Meg Rosenberg 2020/08

    I couldn’t be happier with our 1st experience with Four Paws Pet Resort. They provided friendly service, had great pricing and they allow us to bring our dog’s bed and blanket with us. I think this allowed her to be more comfortable during her stay. I highly recommend the courthouse location!

  107. Nigga Cunt 2020/08

    Awesome place! Bring my dogs here all the time.

  108. Travis Wyatt 2020/08

    The only place my dog will go dog comes home worn out from running around and playing so much best boarding place in the area

  109. Patrick Hanlon 2020/08

    Tilly loves coming during the week while I’m at work to have some fun.

  110. M B 2020/08

    Puts the care of their animals first as a priority before profits, this is highly commendable and worth every star. Allowing problematic or aggressive breeds like most pet resorts is irresponsible. I commend this business for their responsibility and integrity.

  111. Julie Rhodes 2020/07

    I’m very satisfied with our visits to Four Paws Pet Resort VI! My big dog enjoys coming and gets well exercised! The staff are very caring people with a great understanding of how to take care of dogs. Thank God for Four Paws!

  112. Jonathan L 2020/07

    Safety is the #1 priority

  113. Natolyn Quash 2020/07

    Good value and experience for my dog. She was healthy and happy upon pick up for a weeks stay. Will definitely return for visits.

  114. Erin Moon 2020/07

    Rebel and Remi ADORE going to Four Paws! They go crazy as soon as we get close to the parking lot. They run in and jump up on the half door waiting to go in. They don’t even look back at me. I’ve left them for a few extended stays, and the boys are always exhausted and happy when I pick them up. Rebel has a torn ACL, and while it was healing I had to board him for a little while. At no extra charge, they offered to let him out for about an hour of supervised play, and then take him in to rest, another hour of play, take in to rest etc. When I called to check in, they let me know that he was doing well, but he was getting annoyed because he wanted to stay and play. They assured me that they would keep an eye on him if his leg looked like it started to hurt. I’m really thankful for the great care my boys receive here at Four Paws on Courthouse.

  115. Kevin R 2020/07

    As a Richmond native, I’m happy to know my shih-tzu has a daycare option that prioritizes her safety and well-being!

  116. Emily Good 2020/06

    This is the best daycare we have ever been to! Highly recommend!

  117. Eddie Doherty 2020/06

    When we travel we drop our dog off and he is happy to go there.


  118. Ni Ni Anita Whitley 2020/06

    I have been taking my dog to Four Paws for years and have always had a good experience. My dog loves to go there. I would highly recommend them!

  119. Joan Jarvis 2020/06

    Just took our rescue dog, Bonnie, for her first visit today and she loved it! She will definitely be going back for lots of play days this summer. The facility is quite large so she can get lots of exercise and fresh air. Very nice staff too!

  120. Stephen Peeks 2020/06

    I couldn’t be any happier with 4 Paws Pet Resort. My dog is so happy when we walk through the door. The staff is friendly, flexible and just generally great!

  121. Jamie Cubbage 2020/06

    My fur baby absolutely LOVES going here! He stands up and gets excited when he sees me driving towards the place. He has un ending energy so I take him every week to burn some of that off and he always sleeps good for at least a day after being there. They always greet him by name and are ready to get him off my hands as soon as I get there. I highly recommend them.

  122. Susan Wasyk 2020/06

    We have used them for over 15 years for my dogs. They get their bath and nails done as well as just play time. I’ve always trusted them with my pets.

  123. Kaity Colonna 2020/06

    Boarded our lab for the first time this past weekend. I put in a reservation online and the response was quick and hassle free. Krypto was tired from playing, happy, and smelled fresh and clean from the bath that he got before pick up. ? Staff was nice and made the transaction painless. I came in prior to making the reservation to ask questions and the staff member was so friendly and helpful. I would recommend.

  124. Paula Danner 2020/06

    We’ve been using Four Paws for many years and they know our dogs by name when we walk in! They take great care of our fur babies while we’re away!


  125. Sgradillas 2020/05

    They are so sweet with my babygirl.

  126. Beth Cutler 2020/05

    Sadie is always happy and tired when we pick her up!

  127. Valeria Laughlin 2020/04

    From Charlie browns mom says it is a nice place with friendly staff.

  128. Looter 2020/04

    I love this place. Friendly staff and good value. I appreciate that the ownership of this place admits that they are not the right place for pit-bull. Just like the AKC warns that even the most well-socialized AmStaff (a pit-bull type) should never be left with other dogs and the UKC acknowledges the dog-fighting heritage of American Pit-Bull Terriers, this place acknowledges that high-risk breeds belong elsewhere. I feel much better leaving my dog here than other kennels that are in obvious denial about pit-bull type dogs and their proclivities. I also work in insurance underwriting – I can guarantee they keep costs reasonable by denying boarding to high risk breeds. This is a decision that makes me feel safe and helps them save money. Thanks guys! We’ll be back.

  129. Daja Wright 2020/04

    I visit my in laws from NY every quarter and bring my dog Dallas here. He loves it and I can tell my pup loves the staff here because of his behavior when he returns home as a happy and tired pup. There’s no doubt he’ll come here every time we’re in VA.

  130. David Burke 2020/04

    Our dog Grizzly loves Four Paws. He has grown attached to all of the great employees their who really do love the dogs. He is always worn out from a fun day of play when we pick him up.

  131. Brenda Mason 2020/04

    Our dog loves coming here. Whether for a manicure or a sleepover, she’s always happy about it. The staff talk directly to their furry clients !


  132. DoubleD Deliveries 2020/04

    Takes care of our dog when we go on vacation. She’s still alive when we get back. Works for me.

  133. Roger Langford 2020/03

    They a re awesome to my dog and he loves it there

  134. Roy Brown 2020/03

    Friendly staff and cv my dogs love going there. First place I call when I need a place for my dogs to stay when in head out of town.

  135. Trevor Henry 2020/03

    Great place to let our dog get his energy out!!!
    Very reasonable prices! He loves it

  136. AboveThe Noise 2020/03

    Our rescue hounds LOVE going to four paws! Just say the word and they squeal and run around the house. Their group daycare is an excellent way for them to socialize and get plenty of exercise. We have also used them for boarding and the grooming services are great too.

  137. Jason Lowe 2020/02

    We have been bringing our dog here for more than five years for both boarding as well as daycare. They greet her by name every day and she loves going, especially for her ‘vacations.’ We wouldn’t take her anywhere else!

  138. Bishop S. JaNine Hyman, Ph.D. 2020/01

    Very friendly staff. Most seem to love pers. Seems to be a relatively high turnover rate because there are a lot of new faces, but they are always amiable and helpful.

    Whenever I take my dog, he is extremely overfed. He also drinks water excessively once he gets home. They do NOT follow individual instructions well. So measure your dog’s food and treats out incrementally in baggies, which they do recommend.

    Last time I went to pick my dig up, his white paws and legs were FILTHY. They did not attempt to clean the black mud off and needless to say, the dog got mud all over my car on the commute home. They stated it was muddy outside when they let the dogs out to play, and that the groomer was gone already. They did offer the dog a complimentary bath on his next visit. The price isn’t too bad, although they have had two price increases as of late.

  139. hal burnett 2020/01

    We took our dog Beau to Four Paws for boarding and grooming. He came home clean and happy!!

  140. Sandra Crissman 2020/01

    this place is awsome. Tess and Macie love their daycare. Facility was clean and did not smell. Staff was friendly and out going. My girls loved them. They also have a very secure area for them to play time outside.

  141. Steven BarK 2019/10

    My first time using a doggie stay care and I was greeted very well by the staff. First I noticed that the place is very clean….second is the staff are very loving to dogs( which is a plus) I left my dogs for two day… Third is when I returned to pick up my heckly & Jeckly they were happy and running around like dogs should, so I know that they was taken of with no stress. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS PLACE IN A HEARTBEAT

  142. Jennifer Corpus 2019/10

    We have brought our two dogs, Kizzy and Millie, in twice for grooming and they seem to love it! The prices are reasonable and and they didn’t hesitate to take in my Millie, who is a special needs girl.
    We’ll definitely be back!

  143. Trish Evans 2019/10

    Love love love the team at Four Paws on Courthouse. They are so good to the “Kardashian” girls! And they love seeing their BFF Harrison❤️Thanks to all and happy holidays! ? …


  144. Tammy Bassfield 2019/10

    My dog loves it.. Been coming here for some years.. They love my baby like I do.. Wouldn’t go anywhere else

  145. MaryAnne Bryant 2019/10

    Our golden retriever loves going to doggy daycare at Four Paws! Highly recommended. Staff is wonderful.

  146. wanda stanley 2019/10

    This is the best! It saved Remmy and me from a lot of pain. He was a mess when he was alone. They take great care of him and he loves them

  147. Teresa Gallegos 2019/10

    Its clean, the staff is friendly and they really care for the dogs in their care.

  148. Judy Frederick 2019/10

    Our rescue Baby, Finn, is quite wary of people and other dogs. However, he is happy and content to go to Four Paws for day care. The staff is always kind and responsive to him. I have tried other day care facilities in the area, but Finn seemed uncomfortable. Four Paws is a safe place for him!

  149. Emily Winter 2019/10

    The staff are very friendly and know the dogs by name! Sammy doesn’t even look back when we drop him off. Great place to let your dog get out some energy during the day. We have had a great experience with overnight boarding also. Recommend!

  150. Jessica Deleo 2019/10

    Our Aussie loves it there! They are always so sweet to her when we drop her off. She’s excited to go play with her laberdoodle friends and all the other dogs. I love that they take pictures of her and share them with us.

  151. Taylor Johnson 2019/10

    My dog goes to Four Paws for daycare at least 4 times a week and loves it! He loves the exercise and socialization. He comes home exhausted and happy.

  152. Tom Cavanaugh 2019/10

    The people are very nice and take great care of our little man. He loves it there.

  153. Doreen L 2019/10

    I needed last minute accommodations and Four Paws Resort saved the day. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Roxie, I’m sure had a wonderful time making new furry friends and looks forward to returning. Thank you for taking great care of her.

  154. Courtney Moore 2019/10

    I have had 2 dogs attend this facility for daycare and boarding. Both have been boarded for week long stretches due to long vacations. Four paws has had no problem with me calling to check up on my babies while they are away for long periods. They also don’t use kennles but have small stables almost for the dogs to stay in, which makes it more like home. Both dogs tend to have separtion anxiety and not eat when they are away from me, but that has not been a problem here. They get to play all day so they are hungry, tired, and ready for bed by the end of the day.

  155. Melanie Doherty 2019/10

    Our fur baby loves his visits to Four Paws! Playtime and lots of great love. They really CARE for him!

  156. Tirso Palomares 2019/09

    Very friendly staff and reasonable prices.

  157. Lisa Cashwell 2019/09

    My dog loves this place. The people there are fantastic. Would highly recommend this to everyone!

  158. Carrie Warr 2019/09

    Four Paws has always been amazing!! I have been taking Takoda here to them since he was a puppy and he’s almost 9. The staff are always super friendly, truly care and even call me if something out of the ordinary happens (like another dog ate everyone else’s food and could they give him some that they keep on hand.). I would never go anywhere else.

  159. Harold Kupper 2019/09

    I walked in and asked to see the kennel before I brought the dog. Nice and clean inside. Dogs always seem eager to visit


  160. Gene Davis 2019/09

    Four Paws has always provided great care for our dog. The staff is friendly and personable. I wouldn’t leave my dog anywhere else!

  161. Bryan 2019/09

    We have 2 chiweenies who are VERY particular about who they allow near them, but they LOVE the staff at 4Paws. Use them for daycare and boarding…. won’t take our “girls” anywhere else.


  162. Nicki Godwin 2019/09

    I’m so glad that I found Four Paws on Courthouse Rd. 3 years ago just after rescuing Daisy from CARE Rescue. Daisy has been going to Four Paws 3 times per week and 4 hours per day (due to hip dysplasia) for doggie socializing that she got used to in the rescue shelter. She absolutely loves playing with her friends rain or shine. I feel reassured that she is well cared for and monitored by a dog-loving staff who keeps her safe and inside a large play area when the weather is too cold, raining or too hot and otherwise plays in the large outside play yard.
    Thank you Four Paws.

  163. Felicia Jeffries 2019/09

    I boarded my small dog at this resort for the first time and he seem to enjoy it. I loved that this resort provides playtime?, my baby needs that! I boarded him at another resort and playtime is extra. Four Paws prices are reasonable, check in was easy and the front desk staff are friendly and very sweet. My baby will be going back again for long term boarding when we go on the next vacation . Thank you for taking care of my baby Marley?

  164. Michael Taylor 2019/09

    My dog has such a blast playing at four paws while I am at work. The staff there takes excellent care of the dogs and makes sure all accommodations with the owner are met. My dog always seems excited to go and play when we arrive at four paws and is exhausted when we get home. I highly recommend

  165. Octavia Heyd 2019/09

    My dogs love this place! They can’t wait to get there. The dogs have an outdoor and indoor area where they can play all day with each other. They have areas for animals who need outside but are not used to the other dogs yet. They are always supervised! My dogs (Danny and Ella) even like to stay overnight there. When I go on a trip I know that they are having a vacation too.

  166. Tracey Moore 2019/09

    We love Four Paws. I love that our dogs get to run free in the yard compared to other places where they are in a pen all day. Our dogs come home exhausted from playing all day. The groomer also does a better job cutting nails than the vet & Pet smart.

  167. Kasey Reneau 2019/08

    These people are seriously the nicest most caring dog lovers ever. My pup Tipsy always comes home exhausted which is exactly why I take her to daycare. Thank you guys for being great. The hours aren’t super long so if you work late you can luckily have someone pick your pup up for you as long as you call ahead. And the pricing isn’t too expensive. I like this place better than Dogtopia because the staff makes it what it is!!!

  168. Richard Apple 2019/08

    When driving our dog, Dooley, to Four Paws Pet Resort we must enter the parking lot from Courthouse Road. The street is heavily traveled and we must signal our intentions long before turning. Now, whenever we switch on the turn signal Dooley looks through the front window, then left, then right, looking for Four Paws. We love taking him almost as much as he loves going because when he returns home, he rests quietly into the evening.

  169. Soraya Wesner 2019/08

    My dog LOVES going to Four Paws!!

  170. Jonathan Calderon 2019/08

    Great service and friendly staff! Bring my dog all the time.

  171. Kimberly Quarles 2019/08

    I love four paws. Their staff is really nice, their prices are reasonable and they love on Biscuit whenever i take him. Great place!

  172. marcia whittingham 2019/08

    I have used them for daycare and boarding always excellent care for my baby Carmelo. Highly recommend their services.

  173. Zoraida Arboleda 2019/08

    I have been using 4 Paws on Courthouse Rd for 4 years. I love that staff know the names of our babies, Lucy and Ricky. I left them for Memorial Day weekend and I was able to call and check on them. I was feeling apprehensive about leaving them for almost 2 weeks now. She reassured me, “if you like we can let you tour the place whenever you like, we change their water every 15-30 minutes; we keep a separate play ground for the little dogs and if it’s too hot, they play inside “. I felt so much better! 4 paws takes really good care of our babies. Thank you!


  174. Zuzana Johansen 2019/08

    This was our first visit (Southside location) and we were very happy with our experience. It was very easy to schedule a convenient time for us to have our dog bathed and have his nails clipped. The staff was very courteous and the services were very reasonably priced. We will definitely be coming back!

  175. Joe Edwards 2019/08

    This little girl loves some Four Paws Pet Resorts. Ever time I go there I make new friends. The staff takes real good care of us while we are there. I love getting my nails done and a nice warm bath after playing in the yard all day. If you are a fur ball like me tell your parents about Four paws and maybe I’ll see you there.


  176. claire harton 2019/07

    My dog loves to go here and play with his friends. He loves going to daycare and has stayed the weekend with them as well. The staff is friendly, goes above and beyond! The place is always clean and I am never left waiting! The staff always greets my dog by name too. I recommend four paws midlo to anyone!

  177. Andy Powell 2019/07

    I was a customer with my prior dog for 13 years until he passed (A Dane/terrier mix) last year.

    This place is now despicable! I was refused boarding because my lab mix had terrier in him. I wasn’t told about this new “no pitbull policy” until I arrived to drop of, after disclosing the breed when making my reservation. This is a completely terrible way to do business, considering more than 80% of shelter rescues have some form of terrier in them. Thanks for making your meaningful contribution to the homeless dog situation. I’m ecstatic to take my business and my dog’s care elsewhere where he will get the love and attention he deserves.

    I actually applauded this place a few years ago when my Dane/”pitbull” mix was mauled by a lab while in their care for taking care of vet bills and waiving fees to make it right… i came back for years after… now I know it was simply negligence.

    You should be ashamed, you lost a once loyal customer for life! I encourage others to stay away from this intolerant place for blaming a breed (or even fraction-thereof) rather than their own negligence in supervising animals in their care apprioriately.


  178. Justin Sheldon 2019/07

    We have been bringing our high-energy brittany spaniel here for years. The Chesterfield location is very convenient to our house and the staff is wonderful. They know our dog by name and always seem excited to see her. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

  179. Rhonda Boyd 2019/07

    Four Paws Pet Resort on Courthouse Road in Chesterfield has kept my two dogs several times. Recently, for over a week, while we were out of town. They take great care of the pets and are very affordable. My German Shorthair has a bundle of energy and he received lots of outdoor playtime. He was very happy! I would recommend them.

  180. kelly williams 2019/07

    Avoid this place.. Horrible!

  181. Joe Finnegan 2019/07

    We have been bringing our dog to Four Paws for years. The staff is always welcoming and caring, and our puppy RUNS through the door to get back to visit his friends! Always a great experience.

  182. kenneth arkin 2019/07

    Each time I bring Smokey to 4 paws he has lots of fun. He also comes home exhausted. Great place to bring your dog to burn off their energy while you work.

  183. William Culpin 2019/07

    Four Paws is great with my dog Codie! He’s always happy when I go and pick him up!

  184. Whitney Whitmore 2019/07

    We have loved.m the convenience of boarding our dog here. They always are flexible with schedules and super friendly. We’ve used them for four years and never an issue. They stay on top of vaccinations and actually keep us on track with them. He gets so excited when w feel him he’s going and that means a lot to us.

  185. Semo “Ada” 2019/07

    The staff is always nice and helpful!

  186. Michelle Hipsher 2019/07

    When we first had the owners to meet our dogs, they were super friendly and answered all of our questions. They took everything into consideration and put us at ease. Each time we’ve taken them, whether for a day or for vacation, the dogs are happy, well fed and tired. Clean facilities and open running areas for big dogs and small dogs. Will return again and again!

  187. Debbie Henderson 2019/07

    My puppy loves coming to play with his new friends. While cotton is at four paws I’m able to get things done without taking time away from him. Four paws is great for both of us and the staff is great.

  188. Lorna Anzelone 2019/07

    We have been bringing Ella to Four Paws since she was 3 months old. She loves it and the staff are wonderful!!!

  189. Casey Kelly 2019/07

    Awesome experience with four paws pet resort. Professional staff. Highly recommend

  190. Suzanne Hoard 2019/07

    I took my beagle/dachshund mix to 4 Paws for a nail trim. Do to circumstances I was unable to tend to her nails for almost 2 months. A mess. The ladies there took such gentle care, and nails so so much better. Prices super!. I dont think I’ll ever try to trim my dogs nails myself again!

  191. David Boucher 2019/06

    An excellent facility for both day care and longer stays for dogs. Staff are very friendly and helpful.

  192. Molly Nuckols 2019/06

    Our dog couldn’t get in the door fast enough. All of the workers are so good with the dogs. Four Paws came highly recommended from several of our friends and we couldn’t be happier. Bring first time dog owners, we were hesitant to leave her anywhere, but seeing how much fun she has makes it easy to bring her there.

  193. Ashley Baker 2019/06

    My dog and I love this place!! My dog has been to many groomers but these great people are the only ones that can get his nails just right!! Awesome staff and facility!!

  194. Lauren Zachary 2019/06

    We have a very social dog that loves going to four paws. She gets so much play time and always comes home worn out and happy! We have used both the boarding and the daycare and had great experiences with both.

  195. Berkeleigh Ladd 2019/06

    We have taken our two puppies there and have been very happy with the personalized care!

  196. Nicole Espinosa 2019/06

    Great place to confidently leave our furry family member!

  197. Carla Dix 2019/06

    We took our dog Rowdy for his first doggy daycare day today. Great facility.

  198. Katherine Wilson 2019/06

    Our dog absolutely loves this place and so do we! The staff is great and we recommend them for boarding and daycare to all of our friends!

  199. jason buck 2019/06

    We have been using 4 Paws for years. Our dog loves daycare and boarding here. The people working there love on our dog as much as we do.


  200. Lauren Trumpower 2019/06

    After taking our fur-buddy to numerous other pet care facilities in the area, we found that she loved this place far more than the others. As her owners, it’s important to know that she’s getting plenty of fun and safe exercise with other dogs, the staff be knowledge and friendly, and when shes boarded overnight that she is comfortable and comdorted by her own items from home that are familiar to her. I would warn that usually a post-trip bath is needed, which they also offer as a paid service if interested!

  201. Sean S. 2019/06

    I am generally not one to write reviews, but this place is horrible. First, upon entering their “resort,” I get immediately turned away because I have a “pit bull.” Oh, but I do have documentation from over five vets who say it is not a pit bull. So I would not trust them with any animal medications needs since they might just give it to the wrong dog. Because since I am not one to judge, I decide to bring my smaller dog to the “resort” since I thought it would be a good experience for him. It was, until I get home and find out my dog has kennel cough and an infection on his coat under his fur. Then my supposed, “pit bull,” who is actually a golden retriever, gets it from my poodle. So thanks Four Paws Pet Resort! More like the kennel cough bacteria factory. I clearly made a mistake traveling from Short Pump to drop my dogs at this shack. Since I have overwhelming evidence and many connections to customers with similar experiences, I might file civil litigation just to see if I can get this place shut down. Since I am an attorney, why not have a little fun with it?

  202. Alicia Fanz 2019/06

    At our previous daycare, Lazarus would come home still full of energy but since we made the switch to Four Paws he comes home all played out. It’s clear he’s getting the exercise and playtime he needs. He loves going there!!!

  203. Jim Bostick 2019/05

    Met 3 of the staff after they suggested we come by with our dog, Opie, and tour before leaving him for a first time boarding here. All the staff seemed to really love dogs and made Opie feel comfortable right away. Four Paws has a great location for dogs of similar size to play together both outside and inside. We were sold, and left Opie to board a few days later. We will continue to use Four Paws for boarding and for day-care when needed. We — and Opie — highly recommend Four Paws!

  204. Jamie Bangert 2019/05

    I’ve taken my pup for a couple months now both as daycare and boarding and I’ve always felt comfortable taking my little guy there. I am not a fan of kennels so the fact they don’t use them was a huge plus! They are always very accommodating and always very friendly. My little guy loves to go, never any hesitations and is definitely getting the exercise he needs for his little active self!

  205. Lindsey Huffer 2019/05

    I have been taking my 2 year old lab mix to daycare here for several months now, and she absolutely loves it! The last minute or so of our drive there, she realizes where we are going and starts to get so excited. The staff is always pleasant, and I can tell they really love and care about her. Every time I pick her up she has the biggest smile on her face, and she’s fast asleep almost as soon as we get home. Four Paws has really helped with her socialization and behavior; there’s no doubt she’s getting the exercise and attention she needs while I’m at work! Plus, their rates and times are super reasonable. Check them out!

  206. Karrington Trix 2019/05

    Great place!

  207. Idalia Sherman 2019/05

    Gets so excited everytime we pull into the parking lot. Great place for your fury baby to release energy and get to play with other mates.

    The staff is really friendly and do a great job making my Berlin feel welcome. Did I forget to mention their grooming service is wonderful. Love the products they use, as Berlin smells good for at least 2 weeks.

    Try it for one day and see if this is a great fit for your pet.

  208. Patrick Good 2019/05

    We absolutely loves Four Paws! When we moved to the area we struggled to find a daycare that our dog liked, but since we found Four Paws she is wagging her tail and racing inside from the moment we pull into the parking lot. Thank you for taking great care of her while she plays! Very friendly and helpful staff as well.

  209. Angela C 2019/05

    I made a request to board my dog for about 5 days. I received a call from Valerie, she left a message stating the resort, doesn’t accept my breed of dog, and to call her back. Why do I need to call you back, if you’ve left me a VM saying my request is denied? Maybe you should take the time and make some adjustments to your site, and add that information. That would save people from wasting time, filling out the form and answering those questions. Also shame on you for declining dogs, based on their breed. Most places have owners bring their dogs in, and test their temperament with other dogs. My dog had been to daycare and boarded two other times with no issues. Funny that we just attended the dog festival and it was the little dogs barking and acting out, while my bully was chill.

  210. Kylie Kessler 2019/05

    My sweet girl Riley just got home after an incredible two day stay at the Southside establishment! I was slightly nervous to leave her at a boarding/dog sitting facility for our trip, however it was the best thing I could have done! The staff was very friendly and very helpful in answering any questions I had. They gave me lots of assurance that her comfort and safety were a top priority. Riley had her own suite that way she could feel safe and not contained while she slept. She also got to run and play all day with other dogs until they closed! I have never had a boarding facility play with her and it was incredible to hear they didn’t crate her up for the whole day. Riley is very happy and worn out, and I will definitely be using four paws in the future for day care as well as boarding! Thank you to the employees for taking care of my girl and caring for her with their upmost attention!

  211. Stacey Davenport 2019/05

    Our dog May loves going to play with her friends here! They always take great care of her, and she comes home so fresh and clean after her bath! Only place we ever take her.

  212. Erin Cooper 2019/05

    I looked around at a lot of resorts to board our dog for 9 days. I toured several places but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want my dog playing indoors all day, peeing inside and crated at night, I didn’t want my dog outside just 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time and in a kennel the rest of the day. I wanted him outside playing but comfortable at night. That’s exactly what Four Paws offers! My dog got to play outside all day and had his own bed and toys in a small “room” at night! It didn’t feel like a cold kennel. I called to check in on him and they told me about who he was playing with, his eating, and that it was too hot outside for the dogs so they played inside. I appreciated the observations they made about our dog. I couldn’t keep him at home while we traveled, but for me, it is the closest arrangement my dog could have that is like being at home and at a very reasonable cost!

  213. Hailey Gooch 2019/05

    My dog LOVES Four Paws. We have tried a few different day cares since moving to the area and Four Paws is by far the best. The dogs are separated by size and temperament and have play time outside all day unless there is bad weather, which really sets Four Paws apart from other day cares. When my dog is at Four Paws I know she is playing ALL day, not sitting in a crate. She is always excited to go to daycare and walks in with her tail wagging (which is not the case with some other daycares we tried). It is clear that the employees genuinely care about her, and all the dogs, so we never have to worry. When she is at Four Paws we know she is having fun, and that she is safe, cared for and happy.

    Also, Four Paws is a great home away from home when we have to go out of town, because we can board her there and know she is comfortable and in a place where she is familiar while we are away. We are so grateful to have Four Paws close by. It really is a unique and valuable resource for a family with a high energy dog. It enhances our dog’s life.

  214. Jasmine Ramos 2019/05

    Our pup can’t get enough Four Paws! Everyone loves her and treats her so well. She goes in happy, comes out tired…can’t ask for anything better!

  215. Ryan Merriam 2019/04

    We have been taking our dogs here for years and have always had great experiences. The staff are super friendly and know our dog by name. One time I picked him up and he was sitting on the receptionists lap up front as happy as can be! The prices are very reasonable considering the dogs are well cared for. No problems, ever and they have always had room for us even if it’s last minute. We will keep coming! Thanks so much!

  216. Amy Worden 2019/04

    HANDS DOWN THE BEST KENNEL IN RVA! My dog Charlie absolutely loves it here! He drags me in every morning and always has the biggest smile on his face and the best tail wag when I come to pick him up. The staff is always friendly and helpful. If you are like me your dog is your kid and I only want the best for my children. Four Paws is absolutely the best ❤️

  217. Andre Callis 2019/04

    Absolutely amazing daycare and boarding facility! After a couple of visits they new my fur baby by name when greeted and that’s all it took for me! ☺️

  218. Tracie Henderson 2019/04

    I take my dog mostly for daycare. She loves it. A happy dog is a tired dog. They treat her like family.

  219. Chuck Warr 2019/04

    Love love love four paws! ? We bring our husky here every time when we leave for vacation. He is never bored or sad when we get him back. The care takers take very good care of him while he is there and they offer other services as well that we get done every time. Can’t express enough of all the great things they do! Keep up the hard work four paws!

  220. Andy O 2019/04

    We have been sending our pup Annabelle to Four Paws Pet Resort for doggy daycare and she loves it! She is extremely active, so we knew we couldn’t keep her at home all day while we worked, but could not afford the higher-end options. This place is perfect for us. With their 10 day deal, it is only $15/day for all day play. Our pup returns home happy and exhausted every night, we hardly have to walk her again! The resort is clean and the staff are very friendly. Highly recommend!

  221. Tanya Gonzalez 2019/03

    I have been taking my 6 month old puppy here for day care and he loves it! When we arrive he is excited and can’t wait to go in. When he leaves he is still excited, but as soon as we get home he rests because he is so tired from playing all day. The staff is courteous and professional and learned his name and who he is quickly. I recommend them, especially for high energy dogs!

  222. Alfredo Arias 2019/03

    Awesome place and well taken care my dog is..super happy. Good value and military gets a discount! My is is tired but I can tell is from having fun.


  223. Virginia Moore 2019/03

    My dog Reggie just loves coming here!

  224. Allyson Peterson 2019/03

    Our dogs love to go to their “doggy daycare”. They come home absolutely exhausted and happy. The staff is always polite and know our dogs by name. We have been bringing our girls for years and will continue to do so!

  225. Joshua Cigna 2019/03

    Our dog loves this place! He runs direclty inside when we pull up, and sleeps all afternoon after we pick him up.

  226. Hannah Hernandez 2019/03

    Four Paws Pet Resort is absolutely wonderful! The staff here are so kind and truly seem to care about my pet. When I was first inquiring about leaving my puppy for daycare here, the staff was very informative and showed me around the facility. Ever since the first day I dropped off my pup, we have been hooked! The staff have always been very diligent regarding any personalized care requested. The facility is very clean, which is an important factor for me. All in all this is a great establishment for you to bring your pet!

  227. Allyson Hartley 2019/03

    Great service and very caring facility!! They have kept our dog for the past 2+ years during family vacations and couldn’t be happier. She loves her time playing with the other dogs! Highly recommend!!

  228. Brice Stidham 2019/03

    The staff are the nicest people in the world to deal with, our dog Cash seems to LOVE going there and definitely gets his energy out while he’s there. Great experience all around.

  229. Theresa Taylor Moseley 2019/03

    Left our pup here for 5 days. We were so nervous. She is a rescue and we had never left her before, much less boarded her. Took her in a few days in advance for a meet and greet. She was nervouse initially but warmed up to everyone very quickly. Dropped her off for a half day of llay a coulke of days before leaving her for her 5 day board. She was absolutely exhausted when she came home. She played the entire time. When we left her for her mini vacation, she was excited to be there. She did very well. No anxiety at all (at least not for her, me on the other hand, well…..). Four Paws will be our go to for all boarding in the future. The staff were so nice and so accommodating to our girls needs.

  230. Meredith Groff 2019/03

    Our big, energetic dog loves going here! He gets excited when we pull into the parking lot. The staff are great, they know us-and him-by name.

  231. Catherine John 2019/03

    The employees are always very nice and courteous. On several occasions they have taken particularly good care of Chase when he was injured after being boarded at another kennel. I don’t ever have to worry about him while he is in your care. Additionally he seems really excited when he realizes that he’s staying there.

  232. Danielle williams 2019/03

    My 2 little dogs practically scratch the door down to get in here ! They don’t even kiss me goodbye. They love it at 4 paws ! The people here love dogs and it honestly does look like much, but the dogs say it all! I trust their judgement. My dog also needs medication and the employees take great care of her. They are also nicely fresh and bathed when we pick up. Love it

  233. Jenny Plummer 2019/03

    We have been using Four Paws for years. We use the day care and the boarding service for vacation. Our dog has a great time playing. She is always well taken care of.

  234. Michelle hastings simon 2019/03

    They always are so good to my Bella and treat her with such tender loving care! We’ve been going to Four Paws for years and she loves it! Bella always leaves there so happy and content and I know she can’t wait to go back ? …

  235. Andrew Barnes 2019/03

    We’ve taken our three dogs here on a number of occasions and have always been happy with how the dogs have been taken care of. The staff are always on top of our reservation and any updates that need to be made to the dogs’ records. We would recommend for any short or long term boarding needs.

  236. Lauren Marston 2019/03

    We have taken both of our dogs here for daycare and boarding. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They love our dogs as if their own. One day of daycare wears our dogs out for multiple days!!

  237. tiny bubble 2019/03

    Reliable center for daycare, weekends or full weeks. Our dogs love it here.


  238. Steven Penny 2019/02

    Happy dogs and reasonably priced.

  239. Ronny Laughlin 2019/02

    From Deuces mom: Great place to have your dog #1

  240. Shawn Fields 2019/02

    Luna always comes home tired.

  241. Michael Locey 2019/02

    We have finally found a great doggy daycare for our pupp. You can definitely tell they take very good care of the animals. Added bonus- it is very affordable & they get a lot of play time! Nova is always super excited every time she walks in the front door of 4paws! Highly recommended !

  242. Sherrell D 2019/02

    I have been taking my 7 year old dog Diesel here since he was 4 mos…. the staff is always so helpful!! As a 1st time dog owner my relationship with them has been very helpful. My dog literally jumps out the car as soon as we pull-up. It warms my heart that I know Diesel is in good hands.

  243. Heather Cooke 2019/02

    Our dog LOVES going to Four Paws! He gets so excited when we pack his bags because he knows where he is going? …

  244. Jennifer Spiegel 2019/02

    All I have to say to my dog is “You want to go to doggie daycare?” and she is jumping into my car. My dog LOVES Four Paws!!

  245. rob maggi 2019/02

    Great rates and very clean. Macy is always a extremely exhausted after pickup!

  246. Coni Mccann 2019/02

    Sweet Pea loves Four Paws pet resort & so do her human parents!

  247. Kristin Westing 2019/02

    Staff is great! Price is great! My dog loves going to Four Paws! We get him back nice and tired and that great for us.

  248. Amanda Arkin 2019/02

    I won’t board my dog anywhere else! We have used this place several times before and we love it! Unlike other places they let you bring treats and a blanket or shirt that smells like us to help with separation anxiety. The prices are good and they will groom your pet before you pick them up. The best part is they aren’t in it just for the money. They love dogs as much as we do! Our dogs are our kids! We wouldn’t trust any place else to give them the care and love they need when we are away!

  249. Susan Kennedy 2019/02

    I have been using their services for years – with two dogs – and this place is great. I like it that they have both indoor and outdoor facilities so the dogs can be outside when the weather is nice. The staff is wonderful, they get to know all the dogs and seem knowledgeable about how to introduce a new dog to the group. And to top it off, it is close to my home and the cost is very reasonable compared to other facilities I have looked at.

  250. Vanessa Hicks 2019/02

    Great place

  251. Donita King 2019/02

    Our current dog loves Courthouse Road and the Ashland facility,, and out previous dog loved Four Paws as well!

  252. Mac McInturff 2019/02

    Same day availability. friendly staff. Sometimes forget to do nail trims

  253. Casey Williams 2019/01

    My dog loves this place! He comes home happy every time we’ve boarded him here!

  254. Emily De Luca 2019/01

    Our dogs love coming here and they are worn out when they come home!

  255. Niko Hines 2019/01

    My dog LooLoo loves coming here. She’s very shy and skiddish but they treat her like their own personal pet!! No complaints

  256. Rachel K 2019/01

    We have brought our dog, Tucker, here many times and I love that the staff always recognize him and are excited to see him. Makes it so much easier knowing we are leaving our boy with staff that will care for him so well. He always comes home smelling nice with soft fur after his bath and nail trim. We will continue to use Four Paws and highly recommend!!!


  257. Marquis Thomas 2019/01

    A excellent dog family place full of love and compassion for there doggy guest bright faces and always ready to help your dog and you build a better relationship

  258. Paul Dugent 2019/01

    We left our two dogs at 4Paws while we were on vacation. They were well cared for and the staff was very helpful and friendly.

  259. Kasey Reneau 2019/01

    My pup loves coming here! The staff is so friendly and helpful. I am so thankful to have found a boarding/daycare place that I trust? …

  260. Amber Kimmich 2019/01

    Love this place for my babies!

  261. Joe Whitmore 2019/01

    Great staff who genuinely care about the pets!

  262. kelsie neal 2019/01

    Four paws has been extremely accommodating and welcoming to out very energetic and at times difficult boy! Our pup is always super excited to go play when he walks in the door, and very tired when he comes home. Four paws has also helped us out with last minute boarding needs, they always do everything they can to ensure our boy has a safe and fun place to stay. We trust four paws and know its our pups favorite place to play!

  263. Richard Borean 2018/09

    So far they’ve been wonderful. Our pup races to get in when we arrive and then passes out in the car on the way home.

  264. Donna Bubb 2018/08

    I have always had a great experience taking my dog here. I have dropped her off for boarding as well as just for the day and she seems to really enjoy going there.

  265. MARTHA FREISMUTH 2018/08

    Great place to board your dog.

  266. D 2018/07

    They did a great job with my dog. Dropped him off for a week for boarding while we where on vacation. Super easy and fast, only took like 5 mins to drop him off.

  267. Judie Fajardo 2018/07

    We had to evacuate our home on the coast of North Carolina because of Florence. We boarded our thrree dogs here at Four Paws. The staff went above and beyond to care for them. Our old Lab has torn ligaments in a knee and our old Papillon is deaf. They roomed them together and took them out separate from the others to keep them safe. One dog ran out of medication and they took her to a local vet (who waived the exam fee!) And refilled it free of charge. The dogs were there 8 days, you can imagine the expense. They took one hundred dollars off the bill! Great place, great people. Thank you.

  268. Joshua Root 2018/06

    My dog loves this place. We have used it for both their playcare (doggy daycare) service & boarding.
    I’ve used other businesses before for the same service, but this is the only one where my dog will try to drag me into the establishment when we get there & is completely worn out when I pick him up at the end of the day.
    The staff is friendly & appear to know each animal by name. They come off as having a great deal of love for the animals. I would recommend this place if you need to let your dog get out some energy.

  269. Maiah Wright 2018/03

    My puppy was taken here without my permission by my ex and when I came to pick her up the manager of this establishment had taken my dog to her home and said she had been “re-homed” and that it was no longer my dog anymore. After calling the police, nothing was done! These people stole my dog! Never ever bring your dog here!!!

  270. David P 2018/01

    My dog claws his way at the doors to get inside. That’s all I need to know that my pup loves to stay here. We’ve had 3 dogs that all have loved seeing and running with their other puppy friends.

  271. Kim Hillmer 2017/09

    It’s fine if you have breed restrictions, but you NEED to post this or communicate that to people. I came in the night before bringing my dog in and told you his breed. Nothing. And all your website says is needs shots, is fixed, and is non aggressive to dogs and people. My dog fits all of that. Thanks for wasting my time for YOUR failure to communicate.

  272. Gladys Buckleman 2017/08

    Great facility. Very caring and engaging staff. Our girl came home very happy and tired which tells us she had a great time!

  273. Mike Hogelan 2017/08

    They have always taken good care of our spoiled dog.

  274. Henry Blakeman 2013/10

    I am really thankful to Four Paws for being able to take my pet dog for the weekend. I didn’t know where to leave my pet Joey in the city. Thanks to my friend who suggested me about Four Paws’ great services.

  275. Cheryl Wigel 2013/10

    My pet dog had a very good stay at Four Paws. He was pampered and given all the attention he needed from the staff. Quality care and clean service is always what everyone can expect from them.

  276. Patricia Thornhill 2013/08

    I just love Four Paws! It feels so good to bring your pet to a fun and loving environment every day. Even our dog likes being at Four Paws more than she likes being at home!

  277. David Howland 2013/07

    This place is second to none when it comes to taking care of your dogs while your gone. Their place is very clean and you will be assured that your dog will never go hungry since they have a good selection of dog food in their facility!

  278. Henry Davison 2013/07

    Four Paws is a wonderful place to leave your dogs! The facility is extremely clean, odorless and quiet. I have left my other dog at a few other places and worried all week about him, but not at Four Paws!

  279. David Spencer 2013/06

    Their facility is big and clean. They also have a wide area that they use to let the dogs run and play. I’m really glad Four Paws is here to take care of my dog while I’m away.

  280. Mario Creech 2013/04

    This is one of the best facilities in town to board your dog while you are away. All the handlers are well trained and very professional when it comes to canine care and handling,

  281. Shelley Muller 2013/04

    I left my dog at Four Paws for an overnight stay and my dog sure looks really happy during his stay there. The handlers are very professional at handling the canines and they treat him like family which is really great!

  282. Julie Hofman 2013/03

    If you are looking for a place to board your dog, then Four Paws is the best place in town. They have a clean facility and their staff are very professional and well trained when it comes to dog care and handling.

  283. Tasha Taylor 2013/03

    The staff at Four Paws are well trained and organized. They really do well in handling the canines with care and compassion. I really don’t have to worry leaving my dog at Four Paw’s care!

  284. Jodee Hazelton 2013/02

    Four Paws has excellent prices for bathing and grooming for dogs and I really love the way my dog looks after her trim job at Four Paws!

  285. James Goolsby 2012/10

    The staff is very nice and great with my dogs! They are knowledgeable and always friendly and cheerful.

  286. Ron Foster 2012/09

    The staff is so nice and great with my dogs! They are knowledgeable and always friendly and cheerful.

  287. Benhail Praveen Bunyan 2012/09

    Best Pet resort in Richmond. The staff are efficient and caring. The Four Paws Pet Resort is maintained clean and is very welcoming. Great customer service. I will take my Maltese here to get a royal stay. Friends< this is the place for your pet grooming and/or boarding!

  288. Dwight Ingram 2012/07

    I love everything about Four Paws, hands down! You guys are great – everyone should bring their dogs here.

  289. William Wormley 2012/06

    I had an awesome experience with these guys!!! The staff is awesome!! Always very friendly and helpful. My dog loves them too!!

  290. ethel timber 2012/05

    My pet dog is like a family member to me.In four paws, they bring assurance to their client that their pets are in good care . and my pet dog is a living testimony that visiting to four paws is worth and higly recommended to other fellow dog lovers..kudos to you four paws

  291. Herbert Walls 2012/03

    They’re open early and close late, which works great for people like me who are dropping off pets before work and picking them up after. Very friendly staff! I have an excellent experience every time I come to get my dog. He’s tired and has been cared for all day.

  292. Roberto Gomez 2012/01

    I trust Four Paws to take good care of my babies. Everyone knows me and my dogs and they genuinely care about all of us. Wonderful place and staff.

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