For the Love of Pete!

Google Rating:4.7

For the Love of Pete!
4.7 based on 6 reviews
  1. Nelson Aviles 2021/10

    Too much ice

  2. Lis I 2018/06

    I appreciate the expertise and the wide variety of items. Real dog lovers and experts.

  3. Elizabeth Lackey 2017/12

    Perfect place for a pup treat!

  4. Sharon Neal 2017/01

    Very helpful owner who loves dogs like I do!!

  5. Kenkosteckigmailcom k 2015/01

    Great, locally owned neighborhood pet shop. Fantastic gifts for dogs and cats, and the owner will order in and stock food specifically for your dog. Huge selection of collars, dog treats, toys, and pet beds. Best dog store in Richmond!

  6. hunter tate 2012/05

    A really unique pet shop. Nice that it’s locally owned and operated by really great people.

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